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?'h.e Question is an
st. j
^* Many a man hts puzzled his wi
; and sometimes a woman has joi
lim-in wondering whether or nol
women are flirts.
It is an old question, and one I
never seems to be answered in a '
satisfactory to al!.
Sometimes quite a young bach
will toss his head and with a worl<
wise air assert, as though there cc
not be any possible chance of misti
^Oh, all women are flirts.' ' To
this is to say that all women are va
conceited and dishonorable; fori
certainly vain to desire to attract
tendon just for attention's sake :
sorely it is far from honorable to '
admiration, and even love, with
deliberate intention of throwing
admirer over wheu it suits a whin:
-.do so. Therefore, be careful, yoi
bachelor, lest some, wise maiden v
has thought a few things out for h
self, will take you to task for this i
not allow your remark to pass as Hg
ly as you think it will.
The older man is a little more ca
ful in his aecnsation. Perhaps this
not because his judgment is more r
-tore, bat because he has somewl
departed from the conclusion he jun
ed at in his youth, and is willing
acknowledge that he really does z
It is by no means true that all TI
men are flirts. But it is true that
women are born with a desire for s
. i miration, lt is this desire given 1
' much sway that leads to the flirt.
Do you know the girl-I do-w
has a. host of admirers that she h
gathered about herself and yet w
will never he so happy with any
them as she will appear to be with t
fickle man who has devoted himself
some sweet and sincere - little ma
until she has come Iiis way and t
guiled him with th? smiles and poa
whose power is not accidental? It
her love of conquest-it is the flatte
of her vanity-that makes this plea
ant to her. No use to tell the hone
little girl , that it is the best thing
the world for her that she has learn?
how inconstant her sweetheart cou
4>e. The drop of bitterness is added
her cup for life, or, if not for life,
will be ? weary, long time un til she
again "quite certain that there a
strong men and true in the world.
Maybe, the flirt does not mean to c
a thing so unkind. I hardly thin
she does, for she is often more sil]
than designing.
I know a little story, and it is not
happy li ttl i story, you know th?
many, many true stories are not. Th:
is about a girl in a small town and
man, who told the little town girl
long time ago that she looked sweet<
in her pink muslin frock than tb
prettiest rose that blew in her sma
green-hedges garden.
The town girl entertained agues
from a near-by city. With all he
honest little heart, she wanted be
visitor to have a nice time. She wa
proud of the girl's accomplishments
and wonld sit by as quiet as a mous
and listen admiringly to the girr
bright chatter and wish that sh
1 'could feel so much at home arnon,
strange folk." All the- nicest mei
'. she knew were bidden to meet he
guest. Amoag them, of course, wa
the most desirable ''catch'' of th
town, the man who had told the li ttl
girl how much he admired and care*
for her. He sang with the visitin;
girl, and found it pleasant. He drov
with her, and never did time pas
more quickly. ? ?
Of course, the visiting girl was well
bred, and she did not deliberately ap
propriate the attentions that had al
ways been her friend's. At least shi
did not seem to. There was nothing
in fact, that her little hostess coule
define, and this is just the reason thai
before the visit was over the town gir
found herself wondering, after sh<
went to bed, why she felt so miserably
unhappy. It was a long, long tim
before she realized what had hap
The city girl went back home. The
particular man of this story missec
her, said so, and t .med once more tc
the little flower-like girl. But thingi
are not quite the same. I wonder ii
they ever can be, don't you?
If that visiting girl had not been s
flirt she would have taken pains /tc
keep somewhat in the backround; she
wonld not have been delighted to find
that she could outshine her friend anc
win from her her admirers. It is al
ways an unkind thing to show off one's
own wit and brilliancy to the hurt of
The flirty girl did not care in the
least for the men whose admiration she
had gained, but it delighted her foolish
little soul to find them flocking about
her to bid her good-by when the time
for going home had come, and I am
certain that as the train sped onward
she settled herself with quite a satis
fied air and smiled as she counted over
her victims. Perhaps her lips parted
One and it Receives
as she half whispered, "The foolish
fellows! I wonder if they thought I
cared.'' Not once did she think of
the possible heartaches that had come
to her girl friend. True, it had oc
curred to her that possibly she was a
bit jealous, but the girl with a dispo
sition to flirt never finds the jealousy
of another girl unpleasant. And alas
for the pride of the girl who lets it be
guessed by word or by deed that she
is! She may be told, you know, by
her rival, that it is her own fault if
she is not as much admired as she
wishes to be.
The recognized flirt is not the dan
gerous flirt. It is the one. like the
girl of my story, who brings men to
doubt the sincerity bf women and to
boldly declare that "all women are
flirts." The recognized flirt has a
j long list of admirers; all her women
friends know that she has and ex
pect her, to always add to the list,
even from among their friends. They
know that she will never do any seri
I ons harm, and so they do not object.
Beauty and winning ways cannot
hide the ugly little twist that is in
the character of either the man or
the woman ?irt. There may be a
charm and fascination that will lead
us to follow for a time, but it isn't
lasting, you may be sure. Sometimes
it is of long enough duration to lead
one on so far that life ever afterwards
hasn't that charm that it possesses
for those of us who have always found
human nature trustworthy.
My girl with the laughing eyes and
the smooth oval cheek, with the dainty
figure and fetching frocks, be glad
that you are so attractive that your
very presence gives pleasure, but
train your little heart to be faithful
and true. Do not after sipping the
sweets of admiration come to find your
pleasures'in counting over the con
quests you were able to make while
away from home for a long and happy
stay through the glowing days of sum
mer. The true and womanly woman
finds pleasure in the consciousness of
one true love, but never in^ the thought
of a host of lovers that have been
lightly won and may be just as lightly
It would not be fair, it would be de
cidedly unjust to say that all men are
false because one has not been true,
and it is just as unkind and certainly
as untrue to assert that all women are
flirts. But as I have said the love of
admiration being part and parcel of
woman's makeup, it is easy enough
for her to be led into little acts of
folly that will put her in danger of
I being called a flirt.
; Once it was the fashion for women
: to be thought weak and foolish. Now
j even men resent this. Men really ex
I peet great things of their women folk,
; whether wives, sisters, daughters or
sweethearts, and I think it is certainly
too bad when we disappoint them.
Once upon a time a woman might
have smiled and simpered and accepted
it as rather a compliment when she
was called a flirt, but the same is not
' true to-day. 0, man, we do not smile
indulgently when you say that all wo
men are flirts. We are quite willing
to admit that some may be. But for
their existence you must bear your
share of - the blame. You, you know,
are the moth which flutters about the
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each other more and more all the
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which is fifteen months old, had an
attack of diarrhoea accompanied by
vomiting. I gave it such remedies as
are usually given in such cases, but as
nothing gave relief, we sent for a phy
sician and it was under his care for a
week. At this time the child had
been sick for about ten days and was
having about twenty-five operations
of the bowels every twelve hours, and
wc were convinced that unless it soon
obtained relief it would not live.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diartheca Kemedy wa3 recommended,
and I decided to try it. I soon notic
ed a change for the better; by its
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healthy.-C. L. Boegs, Stumptown,
(Himer Co., W. Va. H?rs?le by Hill
Orr Drug Co.
Conducted by tho Indies of the W. C.
T. TJ. of Anderson, S. C.
Moral Force of Lan.
Under a government by the people
the laws are supposed to reflect public
sentiment quite accurately. A lax
law betokens a lax moral status, while
a high and noble law indicate good
moral fibre. A law that justifies evil,
or even tolerates it, reflects discredit
' upon the legislators that enacted it.
Legislators are supposed to be chosen
because of their intelligence, integrity
and sound moral character. The high
er the standard of the laws they enact
the nobler the honor reflected upon
their character. It is invariably true,
in America at least, that the enact
ment of vicious statutes brings a leg
islature into disrepute.
Laws should be educational as well
as corrective. They should exalt cor
rect ideals as well as to reflect just
convictions. Laws are made for evil
doers. They should be in advance of
average practice, and should represent
the best thought of the best olasses.
The law of God presents a fine illus
tration of this idea. It requires of
man the best conduct and thc best
moral condition of which he is capa
ble. No man can be better than the
divine law requires. It is a trans
cript of the divine mind, representing
God's wish concerning man's practice.
Wesley says the moral law is "an in
corruptible picture of the High and
Holy One that inhabiteth eternity.
It is the face of God unveiled * *
a copy of the eternal mind, a trans
cript of the divine nature." Every
time a man measures up in any degree
to thc requirements of that law he
helps to reflect the lofty thoughts of
the great law-giver. "Thou shalt
love the Lord thy God with all thy
heart, and thy neighbor as thyself "
is the picture God shows us of the
ideal man. It is a photograph of the
original sketch by the Master Artist
pf the most beautiful thing in the
universe-a creature reflecting the
noblest thought of the Creator.
The laws of men should be modeled
after the laws of God. They should
represent all that is pure, lovely and
of good report in the best society.
They should be stimulating to good as
well as corrective and repressive to
evil. The idea that no law should be
enacted which is higher than the pub
lic sentiment behind it is as reprehen
sible as the idea that all law should be
repealed which is not strictly enforc
ed. Both are parts of an evil whole.
The application of this principle to
the law of God would result in the
cancellation of' the entire code. Hap
pily, men of sound judgment do not
stoop to the serious consideration of
such a course. The apologists of
wrong-doing are the croakers who
croak for lenient statutes and who
seek to stain the honor .of high legal
ideals. Much of this sort of croak
ing has been heard :<:i relation to pro
hibitory laws, and unfortunately-it
has had mischievous effect in many
instances, resulting in the repeal of
wholesome laws and thc substitution
of measures which foster thc liquor
traflic with its lotig train of moral
Were the common adage, " You
cannot make men good by law," car
ried out to its logical sequence, every
precept of Jesus and every command
of Jehovah would be obliterated from
the sacred page. History shows that
men have been made good by law, and
and it is the purpose of every law
bearing upon human conduct to make
better citizens, better neighbors and
better men generally. Instead, there
fore, of lowering the law to the level
of vicious practice, v c should seek to
raise the practice to the high ideal of
the best legislation. The precepts of
the law arc these : "To live correctly,
to do an injury to none, and to render
every man his own." All law-abiding
people exemplify these precepts, and
law-breakers should be compelled to
do so. Hold up the law. Make it a
praise to the good and a terror to evil
doers. Enforce it to the utmost ex
tent possible, and show by educati mal
work in thc form of agitation and ex
planation, that further enforcement
would be for the best good of thc
greatest number.-Michigan Christ ian
In The Police Court-Tried and Judg
ment in Its Favor.
Some time ago Judge Andy E. Cal
houn, judge of the police court of At
lanta, had occasion to pass a sentence
that was gratifyiog to bim, and if
people will take his advice much suf
fering will be alleviated. Thc judge
is subject to nervous sickheadaches
and dyspepsia. Here is his sentence:
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sick headache and have found no rem
edy so efectivo as Tyner's Dyspepsia
Remedy. If taken when the headache
first begins it invariably cures."
Price 50 cents per bottle.
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Tyner's Dyspepsia Remedy Co., Atlan
ta, Ga.
- Nell: "Cholly had thc audacity
to kiss me last night." Belle: "Well.
I like his cheek!" "So do I; it
wasn't a bit rough, like some of them
Quickly cure constipation and re
build and invigorate the entire system
-never gripe or nauseate DeWitt'?a
Little Early Risers. Evans 1'harmacy.
Southern Summer Resorts.
To one who has seen the mou
region of North Carolina it seer
credible tha,t so many thousan
people, in quest of pure air, ma
cent scenery and healthful surr
ings, should annually flock tc
Adirondacks of New York ant
White Mountains of New Hamps
These latter resorts do not compt
any respect with the North Cat
country. Their so-called moun
are dwarfed by those of the
North State," while, as for 1
trout streams, hunting grounds
landscapes at once gracious and
jestic, there is no approach to a
Yet, year after year, our p<
journey in regiments to New
and New Hampshire, spending
sums of money for mountain cotl
and summer fare, while within <
teen hours of Washington is a rc
infinitely more attractive in every
-better for health, for bodily <
fort, for outdoor sports, and for g
fication of the artistic senses. E\
body knows or has heard of Ashev
Thousands have enjoyed its won
ful scenery and have been restore
health by the life-giving atmosp'
and the balsamic zephyrs wafted f
the mountain sides. But how
know or ev;en guess that there a
hundred possible Ashevilles in :
sapphire land-some on the Piedn
plateau, others higher up-and 1
magnificent lakes and clear stre
filled with trout abound on every s
There is a district larger than
State of Massachusetts, easily ac
sibleby rail, well provided with ex
lent inns and the most pictures
driving roads, and with room for t
of thousands of summer homes
the most beautiful locations iniagi
ble. The area is as large as tha
Switzerland; the climate is moro erj
ble and wholesome; the opportunit
for healthful outdoor life far m
abundant and attractive.
Northern people have beguu to
cognize the Southern States as refu
from their killing climate during F
mary, March and April, and beaufci
residences are springing up in Aik
Thomasville and such points in i
interior, while all along the coasts
Florida and the Gulf, as far west
New Orleans, splendid and luxurh
hotels are to be found in icreat nu
hers. But for the heated period I
tide of travel turns "ver northwa
with its concurrent stream of mom
I notwithstanding the fact that in we
ern North Carolina there are loft
mountains, more gracious valle;
greater opportunities for fishing, hu
ing and open-air recreations, and t
most bracing and beautiful climate
the world. This can be accounted J
upon only one hypothesis-that t
people generally know nothing of t
unparalleled beauties and resources
North Carolina. %
Virginia has fared much better
respect of having her attractions ma
notorious. For generations past su
resorts as the Old Sweet, the Grec
brier White Sulphur, Capon. Orknc
Rock Snon and others of like far
and character have enjoyed a nation
reputation, while of later years sui
magnificent sanitariums as the Ba
County Hot Springs have taken rai
j with Carlobad and Aix-les-Bains. F
j more than half a century the Cree
brier White Sulphur establishmei
has been a center and a common mee
ing ground for the old Southern ari
tocracy, and there the best society i
that section has been always ty pifie
and represented. The field of Virgil
ia health resorts may be said to I
completely occupied. In North Cart
lina, with the exception of Ashevilh
which has no summer season, we ha\
J simply a magnificent territory aB y<
practically unexplored.- Wasltingto
The Rev. W. B. Costley, of Stocfc
bridge, Ga., while attending to hi
pastoral duties at Ullenwood, tha
8tate, was attacked by cholera morbus
He says : uBy chance T happened t
get hold of a bottle of Chamberlain'
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
and I think it was the means of sav
ing my life, lt relieved me at once.'
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he asked after she liad made the usua
promise.'' ,;You may if you wish.'
she replied, "but if you want the mat
ter settled, ] would advise you to se<
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nerves, a clear brain and a healthy ap
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will accept you when you propose 'i
Has she given you any encourage
ment ?" "Well, rather. You know
she's an only child, and she told me
last evening that her father had often
wanted a son.1'
Hamilton Clark, of Chauncey, Ga.,
says he suffered with itching piles 20
years before trying DeWitt's Witch
r Hazel Salve, two boxes of which com
pletely cured him. Beware of worth
less and dangerous counterfeits. Evans
- The man who is shadowed is apt
to have a good deal of light cast on his
Prayed to Recover Lost Gish.
NOETIIPORT, h. I., August S.-Jas.
Brewster, a clerk in the store of Ste
phen Morris, found on Saturday a
small package lying on the floor of the
store. When he examined it he found
that it contained $105. On Sunday
afternoon Mrs. James Leonard, of
Eastport, called upon him and said
she had lost $105 and was sure that
it had been lost in Mr. Morris' store.
She described the money that Mr.
Brewster had found and identified it.
Mrs. Leonard said that when she
discovered her loss on Sunday she at
once went to her room and prayed that
it might be restored to her. She said
she knew that she had visited but
three stores, and so she wrote the
naines of the stores on three pieces of
paper and after praying she picked
out one of the slips of paper with her
eyes closed. The name of Mr. Morris'
store was the one she found in her
I hand when she opened her eyes, and
then she said she knew where she had
I lost the money.
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of all Blood Diseases and
In every test made S. S. S. easily
demonstrates its superiority over other
blood remedies. It matters not how ob
stinate the case, nor what other treat
ment or remedies have failed, S. 8. B.
always promptly reaches and cures any
Cures the Worst Cases, 'vstt^t?zggst?
blood diseases knows that there are no ail
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-is the only remedy that is guaranteed purely vegetable, and contains no
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afford it, and the poor gn there, also, because they can afford it.
Everything NEW and UP-TO-DATE.
Jewelry Palace, next to Farmer* and Merchants Bank?

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