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Columbia phoenix. (Columbia, S.C.) 1865-1865, April 12, 1865, Image 1

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?aily Paper $20 a Month. ) # "Let our just censure . j Tri-Weekly $10 a Month.
Payable in Advance. J- Attend-the (rue event."-Shakfpcare. } Payable ut Advance.
S J??A. SELBY. COLUMBIA, S. C;, WBDNES?AY, APRIL 12,1866. VOL. l.^N0.-12.
. ? T
The Dailv is iesu?d'every morning, except
Sunday, at $20 a month. "Tri"-"Weekly", Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday,.nt $10 a month, inva?
riably in advance. Single copies $1.
" Advertisements inserted at $6-per square (ten
lines) for each insertion.
. " run usnED
TBS uedej-signed bega to inform the'citizer.f
of Columbia and of tlie Sta ley. of ?outr.
' - Carolina at ?la. ge, that he has con.mei ce?! th?
tfsWZji publication of the COLUMBIA PBCDCJX.
-and trmts that this additional conti ihuUo-n tc
the sourc?j?of public bit? icc?, wi!! bess grate
fol to hisTeaders, as he trusts to make it vain
able-both to them and to himself. The tele
grama Of the Aeaoeiaied Ti ess will be r?gu!arh
published each norning, as will, be^aho. al
i , matters of inter?t ir. ei ved by th? mails. Tin
paper^will be. delivered regularly to. t:ity sub
- aertbers by faithful carriers, leims $20 pei
. month, in advance.
Th* TRI-WEEKLY PHON?X-nublishf.
every? Tu ?sd ay, Thursday and Saturday-wit
be mailed to subscribers in the country at $1*
a month, in advance. So subscription receive*
? fer a longer pened than three months. .
CV Pevtmasiers are authorized to- oct a
%ger.t?>, and will reserve ten p/r cent, as eon
mission*. JULIAN A. SELBY, .
Publisher, and Proprietors.
COLUMBIA, S. C., April 10, 186*. -
Proclamation. '?
IT. J. GOODWYN, Mayor of the city ?
./'Columbia, S. C., call earn?tl*"upon th
citizen* io aid the municipal atithoritie? in tri
preservation of order, p?age and law. TI
. laws made end provided for their maintenant
will be strict!}- enforced. It is, therefore, ea:
neatly requested th ut any and every encroacl
ment be promptly repotted to the prop?
oficers. It is a-source of deep regret to tl
executive that a laxity of morals existe amor
acme portions ai our inhabitants, inasmuch i
tliey aie daily trespassing on the right*?
others, whose enclosures are not secure by pt
pei fencing; also, on the ebade trees on the pu
lie Mitels The law in these instance*?, as wi
as ali lows for the piotection'of publie and p:
vate property, wilfbe enforced. ^
*. ' It JIBS also been reported that parties a
bringing into theVity spirituous liquors for sa
It is much to be deprecated that this source
traffic .should exist nt such a time, when o
.it. Ki*Htsnts statu in daily wont of food. E
voie measures against ?he ?etailing of liqu<
irvi*v be*i< sorted to, in Order to ttop thc spie
.i ibis gneVoju tyij; tiusting on an Alt-w.
Providence to sustain me in this our time
affliction, and relying on all good ettizens
aaaiaWthe authorities in maintaining order
our city.
-Qiven juidcr my band? thia foarth day
" April. J8?6. T. J. GOODWYN.
Ap?a ? _ .
Oar Refugee lana.
At Doko, we stopped to lunch. Sent in to
the house (which, frith all the buildings there
j and the chureh, ni e <-aved)to ask for water, and
was rait out a fine, glass Qf_niilk and bread and
I butter. She gave me more than "a cop of cold
I water." May alie 'not lose lier reward."
. A? .? e ?ppioacheS Killian's Mill, obi how
sad! The hospitable house gone; the busy mill
hufrhed; i o sfrn of comfort, industry or thrift;
d<rorari* II II ignii g around, heightened by the
thot-king del ria ?il thc railroad and the putri
lyS II JJ: cai eases of animals. From .Killian's Mill
to the Eiihuil s'of Columbia, the country being
poor tand-hill?. there was nothing lo divert
the energy ?>f the tn erny from the destrcctw*
of th? radicad, which seems herc to be more
c< nipieu-L? tier done, if I may use the expr?s
tioi-thr.n sn\ where ela??. Along the Chester
ard r'nitfu?! Fond, where.there w^re so many
fine 1 < nara ,??.d n:eh a field for pi?loge, their
work of 1 aili oed d? st ruction vus s?u clumsily
d? ne, it can in some placea be easily*repaired.
.In fact, so gr? al was their haste, that in one
place, thiet- or four miles of the load were
putscd enlim mt d. Tire load from Blackslocks
-now Hie h e.ul of it-oa n. I think, soon be got
in di der; hut furn Winnsboro to Cob mbia, it
rniihi I;? along and tedious undertaking. Peo?
ple, until for a long .while, have to loot it, aa
ih< y do new. We were able to relieve eight
?fto\??trinos cf their baggage, bringing it for
iht m in the wegen te Columbia. I was thank?
ful to Ve appiif? djl-at our entrance to Colum?
bia and the way to our home, led.not through
the dense-bumirg, the forest of naked cbim
nies. .lames U. Adams' fine, house we found a
wreck-also one of a row of cottages-before
we saw our own safe, beautiful and blooming
with its vines and flower*, na if no Yankee had
been-near it. We found the kind, good family
there we had left- in it, who, by their firmness,
courage, tact and presence of mind, under God,
bad done verv much to ?'?ye it-. Thc bouae anc
nil in it hod been, in a peculiar manner, com
nutted to the care ?f God before wedeft.it, ant
all the time of cur absence bom it, had beer
made the object of unceasing prayer. Vcrj
little was taken out of it-very little from, iti
occupant*; that is, compaintiveiy. Oh! how wi
that night, in our own home, thanked the Give
.of every good and perfect gift fcr preserving-u
this shelter! .
- We went, the first plate next day, to tb.
graveyard of the dear old church they ha?
burned, and "a white stone" there to*th* me
mory of je first martyr to Southern inde
Sen den ce, ' was undefaced. We had feared i
ad been crushed to atom?. Then, for the fire
time, our pent-up feelings* found vent in teart
But, oh! my church!-my beloved oW church! a
whose alfar I first took the vows of God upoi
me-where I was married-where my childrei
were dedicated to God by baptism-where the;
grew up, communed by my side-whare rn;
husband.officiated aa God's roiaieter-where h
preached every'Sabbalh to bia immense congre
gation of colored people-where he n:u.rrit
them, baptised them, administered to ther
Christ's broken body and shed blood. Oh! m,
?venerable, my sacred old church, the tears tbs
had burst forth at the sight of theaaved "whit
stone,** at thy charred and blackened w alli
burnt nron DIV cheeks na firp drop*, ?ml 1
knew then thal.God's holier ltwiignntioti would
?et avenge thut sacrriVgc and ruin of his- WG.-T.
oly temple. Yje*, 1 felt it no sin, with Paul, to
pray, "The Lord reward them neem ding te>
their works." M. M.
O.AA LBS; prime LARD.
LASSES^_. April ll ?
600 lbs. fine SMOKING TOBACCO.
26 boxes fice CHEWING .*
April ll_8__
A ??rd.
fpBE Fuhfcriher having returned to the oity,
JL will resume the Auction and Commission
business, and would respectfully eolicit'a eon
i tinuation of the patronage formerly bestowed
I upon him. Ord?rs*left at the residence of th*
subscriber, Washington street, or Joseph Sam?
son's residence. Richardson street, (Mayrant's
house, below State House,) will be promptly'
attended to. L. T. LEVIN.
April 10_3
For Sale,
llpWO large English BRUSSELS CARPETS,
JL one entirely new. "Can be seen at the
third door WeBt of Gadsden .street, on Wash?
ington. . _ ~a^r''"'' APr^ jj
~ ' A Cart? ~
*1 WILLcontinux?t?-Attei^to ?ales of*FUTtS ?
and ?-TCCUC, ?t I'i'j? i??c onie H?l? Ut ?UClICll.
Liberal advances made upon ?^articles sent t%>
me .for sale. For ?the ? present, apply ti my"
residence, Bridge street. *
Orders left with Mr. D. C. PEIXOTTO, ??
Mr. Waltev's residence, nextlo Shiver House,,
will be promptly attended to.
Good Garden Stfot for Rent.
FOR a fair proportion of the CROP, 1 will
rent three or four acresdftf the Aliena!
grounds, near the Greenville Railroad. The
crop must consist rf corn, per.?, pei aloes, 'i'i.e
lotis well enclosed, aid having a stream ul
wattr'mnni?g through it, umy ho u&ed a-; ti
: g'ood pasture after thc- crop iB^raAhoied. * "
j April 9 P T. T. TKEZEVANT.
ILL be foct nd on Gates strcetytbiee doors
below Lady street April 6 &.*
Barter! Barters !
TUE subscriber Ipili -exchange HIDES and
on favorable terms. . . JOHN IL HEI?E,
i April 1 . 6*

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