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Threatening Tomorrow.
Spectacles and Eye (Masse t
At vfry low prlCM, CnUiind
ni now wqii tb can & jou.
Chairman Richardson Set Delegates Wild by Mentioning
Adjourned Until 3:30 O'clock.
Kansas City, Mo July 5. (Spl.)
At 10:10 p.m., Cliiiiruiuu Jones, Sec
retary Kllliiinn, Ceorge Fred Wllllnuia
and others bald then would be no mi
nority report and tho 10 to 1 platform
-voilld be adopted without uppolitloli.
Everything points to the nomination
of Tow ne, and the platform will con
tain a specitie declaration In favor of
the fire and unlimited coinage of sil
ver at the ratio of IIS to 1.
Kansas City, Convention Hall, July
ft 01
P. Oouventiou'wi's called to order at
1 1 o'clock. Long before !():;!() the parts
of (lit convention" hull bet npnrc-foi
l-peelalors wan .tilled hut (ho delegates
were slow In arriving. Theio will un
doubtedly lie two reporlb on thu money
plank and II In expected to take up the
entire morning. Shortly before 11 a.
w., the Texas delegation appeared with
a long Hag pole, beailng tliiee l "
of horns of steers, with a placard!
"Texas ''r0,u00 Democratic." This
cieatcd a gieat demonstration. Hx
Uuv'ernor Hogg of Texas, was Intro
duced before order w.ms resloied, and
notwithstanding Mr. llogn's iourtul
voice, he was unable to make himself
heaid, except hj those directly in front
if hliii. Whenever tin audience caught
the wauls Hi lo I, or Imperialism,
trusts or monopolies there was a roar
of approval. Tim congestion in the
ball is as gieat as ever, spectators, of
ficers and visitors almost coming to
It was ll::w when Uov. Hogg con
cluded, then theie .vveie.erles for 11111.
mid cheers and hisses. Chairman
Itlcliardsou huirledl.v bioiight tin Mis
hum I favorite lo the front, lion. A. S.
Dockery. Major 13. K Rose, of Mil
waukee, was next called to the plat
form. Mayor llo-n sa'ld 1 o believe'd
that this government should tell lOng
liiml she would not be nllovved to pro
ceed in war with South Africa, until
she proved that she was fight. This
belief met with approval. After the
conclusion of the speech, there were
more erics for Hill, but tho band
drowned them out by playing "Star
(Spangled Banner" and "Dlxlp.' At
l'';10 the Hon. .1. C. MuCullough, of
Indiana, was called to tho platform.
At 12-18 he concluded. C?eo. Fred
Williams move (hat ii commuted of
nine lie appointed to confer wlfh the
Klher ItepublTcttiis and Populists now
meeting In Kansas City. Tho motion
wns seconded ami carried. Tho com
mittee was appointed. At 12:25 J, II.
Williams, of Illinois, spoke brltly. At
1U:80 Gov. J. C W. Beckham, of Ken
tucky, was Introduced. He got three
long cheers. Ho spoke brlelly and
charged the Republicans with misrule
In Kentucky. Joshua W. Miles was
next Introduced, Soon after the iiu
uoupceiucnt b.v tlKitii on the platform
tlint, the platform committee would not
Endorse Free Silver.
Committee Held an
- Night Session.
Every Effort Made to
Defeat Plank.
he toady to report for some time, ad
journment, was 'taken until 11:80 p.m.
Recommended By Committee on Re
solutionAll Night Session.
Kansas City, Mo.. July S.r- (Spl.)-The
radical element, after an all night scs
blon, decided that 111 lo 1 will be In tho
Democratic platform. This was rec
ommended by the resolutions commit
tee. The committee vvnsMn session exact
ly It hours. The members met at '2:30
jeslerday afternoon and wore In bos
slou imflf mfm. ' At To'clock'thcy-ric-couvened
and adjourned at 3:30 a. in.
today. The plailk recommended by Cob
Brian, calling for a specllic endorse,
of 10 to 1 was adoplcd by a vole of '0
to a I. Here Is the vote lu detail:
The Vote.
Yes Alabam.i, Arkansas, Colorado,
Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Ken
lucky, Maine, lassacliusotts, Missouri,
Nebiaska, Nevada, New Hampshire,
Oregon, Not Hi Dakota, South Carolina,
t'tah, Vermout, Washington, Wyom
ing, Arlzoua, Indian Territory, New
Mexico, Oklahoma, Hawaii. Total -0.
No-California, Connecticut, Florida,
(ieorgla, Illinois, Indiana, Loulsnua,
Maryland, Michigan, 'Minnesota, Mlbv
lsslppl, New Jersey, Nev York, North
Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Uhode
Island, South Dakota', il'enuessee, Tex
as, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin,
Alaska. Total 'J I.
Not voting: District of Columbia
and Montana.
Against Bryan.
The result shows thnt A'an Wyck of
New York and Carter Harrison of Illi
nois voted against Bryan. It was the
bltteiest kind of n tigi, while It last
ed. Chapman, of Ohio, offeied the mo
tion to Indorse the Chlnigo platform
wlthoitt specltically Indorsing the, 10
to 1 plank.
Ex-Governor Stonq qf Missouri, of
feicd a substitute, a specific endorse
ment of 10 to 1. On this Uno the bat
tle was waged for hours
Augustus Van Wyck of New Yoik,
nnd Carter Hat risen of Illinois led J lie
light against 10 to 1. They pleaded
with the delegates - not to force tho
plunk upon the coiivejitlou, as it would
ruin tho puffy It) Jfovv York. Van
W.vck made tlfo strongest ItPlienl lo tho
south, and warned thnufof tho danger
of ii'fui'io hill III unsii-i'f the lo-eloctiou
uf McKluley. "
Senator Daniel, of Virginia, Sin
clair of West' Virginia, Carter Harri
son of Illinois and Victor Broughtou
of Alurjlnml, assisted him,
Opposition Forces.
Th main snfi'lu') .In opposition weio
by George Fred Williams of Mnssa
chuselts and Heniilul' Blackburn of
Kentucky. Tley art loyal Br, flu men.
Bryan's Name Convention
Hauser of Montana was in the room
and pieparcd to vote again 10 to 1 up
to the last moment, when he retired
because of a telegraph message from
William Jennings Bryan.
Congressman Nowlauds of Colorado,
was lu the room during tho contest,
all hough he is n Silver Republican aud
not a Democrat. After the committee
adjourned a sub committee consisting
of Blackburn, Metcalfe, Cilrard, A'an
Wyck, Stone, Williams, McCJettrlck
and Tillman was chosen lo draft a
platform with the 10 to 1 plank lu It.
When the committee got to work last
ev cuing and the closeness of the vote
.Wilt developed,. tliesJnJorent..0C Ihe
whole convention centered upon Its
Everything Else Forgotten.
The vice presidency was torgolten
for the time being, though every one
knew that Senator and Chairman
Jones and other Bryan lenders wero
working for Stephenson '-despite the
known predellcliou of the leader him
self for Towne.
Senator Money, who left the hall for
a few minutes at 2:15 o'clock this
morning, nearly two nnd n half hours,
before the vole was taken, said ha
thought I lie vote would be reached
within an hour.
"The vote will be close," said he.
'Whatever proposition carries, wll
have no more than two votes to spnia
All Guessing.
It. li. Metcalfe, of Nebraska, Bijan's
mouthpiece, came out of the. committei
loom at 2:50 and said Utah appeared
lo speak on both sides. What she
would do icmiiincd to bo seen. If tho
committee had decided against 111 to 1,
Hr.vnu's friends weio lo go Into caucus
to decide vvhnt should be dono in re
spect to his wishes. J. W. Toinllueou,
of Alabama, it 10 to 1 man. i-amc ut
at 3:'3 aud said!
"We will beat thera In convention,"
which was legnided as vlitually an ad
mission ot Ueteat,
At tlie same time Senator Money
who Is opposed to u speelllc plank,
said: '
"1 think wo will win out by about
one vote."
Augustus Van Wyck stipulated when
he went on the committee that In case
of defeat so far as New York vyas eoi)
cerned, the matter would not no tak
en lulu the convention. In couueqiieuco
pinctlcnlly all of New York's 72 otes
feel good
l Tn Tint WMthert ' I
I . .w , ,v..w.
i Eat...
.j. There'; a reason.
1 mn 'iv"jv"
Largest JSxoIubIvo- Dry
Goods Storo
Every Day in July
Bargain; Day on
155-167 S. Howard st.
will be cast In favor of the platform
with the silver pluuk In it,
.Since the action of the phtforru com
mittee, the general sentiment here now
favors Towne for vice president.
As Agreed Upon After g. Vigorous
Kansas City, July .". . The silver
plan); agreed upon Is a-j follows: "We
relorate the demand of the platform of
1610, for an American llnajiclal system
lu'odo by the American people for
themselves, which shall icsturc aud
maintain a bimetallic price level, and
us part of such system tho immcdlntc
r.-st of free and unlimited coinage of
silver, and gold nt the present degnl
ratio of, 40 to 1, without waiting for
Die aijlj''cjuspntQtgi''W)j:r uMmu'
When William Jenning Bryan's Name
Was Mentioned.
'Kansas City, Mo., July 5.-(Spl.)-After
a tumult of joy, over the men
,ton of Wijllam J. Bryan's name, by
Tcrmnncilt Chairman Richardson,
vyhlch lasled !25 minutes, Democratic
National convention adjourned at 11
o'c(ock last night to meet nt 10:S0 this
'morning. The motion was put to the
convention hi dumb show,for no mortal
umn could make himself heard, and
'Mr. Richardson with a resounding
vvlmck of Ills gavel announced the ad
Journment. If there had been any
se'rlqup business before tho convention
It b tjoiibtful whether It could have been
transacted.. As a matler of fact tho
convention hud no business to do. The
committee on icsolutlons wos holding
,i. 'meeting ntt he Kansas City club to
straighten put tho 10 to 1 tnngle, ana
thin meeting lemalned In session until
(lie first dijvvn. The attendance wns
j;rouer If possible, than at tho day ses
spn. As many women as men seem
ed tp bo seated lu the hanked el rein
llin gnllarles, and their gny summer
dresses In tho vivid light guvo an oper
rtilo effect to tho occasion. There were
tfuuin bouuilful faces nnd tasteful cos
tunics. Tlo delegates were punctually
'In th'olr sen l 8:' "mi Tempmary
Cliulrmau Thomas wns on the platform
with a big silver water pitcher in front
of lu. At S:lXi the gavel full, shut.
r . 'j-
ting off ii baud In the north gallery,
which was playing wlcli typical tunes
ns "Hullo My Baby," and "My Hon
olulu Lady," with rag lime.
Aroused Great Enthusiasm He De
clares For Old Ratla.
Cha Irman Thomas, after pounding
his stand for live minutes was heard
to say that ex-Governor John P. Alt
geld, of Illinois, would address th
convention. Ho was put on to kill
time, the committee on resolutions not
being rtady to report. Theio vvos a
great hurst of cheerlngvvhen Altgeld
took the platfoim. This was a tribute
to his Intellectual povverp, nnd his
mnguetlpm as an orator. In the vast
hall he fulled to make himself well
undeistqod. ThPii there vvor gallery
cries of "smoke up'nnd it was evi
dent that the Nemlsls' o'f Carter Har
rison was tempting the same fate that
had overtaken the Mayor of Milwau
kee. But as he went on his voico'(.'iew
stronger nnd his periods enforced by
vigoious gestures aroused tlioe w-ho
heard them to applause. Among the
things ttial Mr. Altgeld said were:
"My fiends, many years ago It was
settled that this nation 'onld not be
pait slave nnd part free. Today we
are here to declare that it cannot be
part citizen, part subject. (Applause.)
"Agaiu, my friends wc ate hero to
declare that when our fathers, I'-'O
odd years ago, protested against taxn-
Hon without representation, when they
protested ngnlnst the greed of power
and resolved that we were eternally
right, the American people arc uotf
In'thc J ear 1000. going to bay that our
Revolutionary fathers were wroug,
and thut we have been wrong ro.r 12o
"Now, my friends, I concur with
these men who say we want to win
this year.- And let me also say that,
we stnud by our colors "wc will win'
thib year. And let me also stay that,
If we weaken, it we begin to trim, if
we begin to make nice adjustments,
then, my friends, wc will lose the con
fidence of the progressive people of
America, and will be defeated nnd de
spised. Fortunately, our great leader
has stood like u rock in the ocean
beating back the storm. Why is that
for the Urst time in tho history of this
republic, the Democracy of America
from ocean to ocean has risen up lu
favor ot one mun, and there are not
twenty-five delegates In this conven
tion who could hnvo come here unless
their-people believed they wero com
ing hero to support thejuan who Is the
choice of tho Democracy of America.
This great Democrat who Is today In
tho hearts of the American people bus
gotfen (hat hold upon them because
they have confluence lu his sincerity.
(Creat applause.)
"Let llm waver, let him hesitate one
moment, and he will cease to be the
Idol of the peopje. He. will fall and
be despjscd. l
"The Republicans hve declared em
phatically for the Kngllsh gold stand
aid. Now, if we tnUetii position thnt
seems to admit doiilt where will we
be? Where, why we will be In the po
sition of the doukey which, having
been placed between two bundles of
hay apd not having sutUelent Intelli
gence, not hn lug fiufflcieut force -of
character lo decide which to go to,
stood stll nnd starved to death. What
will we gain? Let me ask you this:
You pay you want. to win. So do we.
What will vve g aln by allowing any
thing to happen that ran be construed
by the enemy Iqto a dimming position?
Why, my'fiicuds, the radical element
of the DemooiVc Pilj'ty will lenve us.
Thoy have, no confluence In us If wo
do not hln ml nm Vo are destroyed
on that .Jinm"; .and will hedestroyed
on tho ofhor hand fpr within twenty
hours after 'We takulmt position the
opposition prijss wHj.tjidaculc us clenr
oil' the, political llol.j;
"You cannot deceive anybody, Sup
poso jou leave out It) to 1. Will you
get aiijtliliiK? (Applause.) Wll you
gather any votes. Will you fool any
body that wayV Why, no, my friends,
no. Hiding the head In the sand while
the body Is exposed in the air simply
shows the species and the habits of a
bird. Jt has never jet been incepted
bj mankind as nn emblem of wis
When Mr. Altgeld asked if his audi
ence thought any one would be fooled
by an attltmatlon of free colnAge there
were shouts of "no" from all parts of
the house. After speaklug thirty min
utes he stopped nhiuptly amid enthus
iastic cliP'-rlng. ' After the election of
pcimntieut officers. Chairman Richard
son's speech and a '-'' minuter tumult
nt the meuiioii of Bryan's nam tho
convention adjourned uiftll 10:30 to
Makes An Eloquent Speech In Ac
cepting Chairmanship.
fn arceptiric Hie chairmanship of rhe
contention. Congrciiunu J. D. Rich-
(Continued on page five.)
Business of Recorder.
His Annual Report For
Last Fiscal Year.
Gain Evidenced In Value
Real Estate.
Price Per Acre Advanced From
$42.44 to $63.
Figures For 1900 and 1899 Re
port For Month of June,
County Recorder Alliug has com
pleted his annual teport for the last
fiscal year ending June at), 11HK).
It shows a marked Increase in the
business of the otHcc. The documeuts
tiled this year are more nuiperous and
the nggtegate consideration is far in
excess of thnt of Jb'JO.
By making a comparison of the
amount of money paid for form prop
erty it is seen that tho average value
of land has Increased from 512.44 per
acre lo ?( iter acre, a gain of $1U50
per acre.
The ilgurcs for 1000 follow:
Deeds llled: "370. Consideration,
S;t,7a3,'iO'.l.8'J. average price per acre,
Mortguges llled, 'J022. Consideration,
Mortgages cancelled, 1S70. 'Consid
elation, $2,1) J 0,077.03.
Lenses, 105; consideration, ?109,
701.42. The figuies for the 'preceding flfal
jenr weio:
Deeds llled, 1744; consideration, 12,
815,532.82. Average price per acre,
MorlgagcF tiled, 2774; consideration,
Mortgages cancelled, 1748; ccnstderii
tiou, ?2,0W,357.08.
IVoases.-SW. Consideration; $fit,578 SO.
Tho Rccoider's teport for the past
month follows.
Deeds. 220, consideration .. $302,007.15
Mortgages, 2ir7, consld'atloh 316,564.03
Cancellat'ns, Iti'J, consld'at'u 377,0S.".37
Leases, 11. consideration. .. J.ri,85S.07
$ 4
There will be a Speolnl Com
munication of Akron Lodije,
No. 83, K. & A. M Friday
Jnlvtl, beginning nt 4:80 nnd
7 :!' p, m. Work In the Master
Mason's degree, All Masons
are cordially invited.
V. K. Langdon, W. M.
Attost: A. K. Roach, f3eo'y.
Feature of Fourth.
Little Going on In This
City Wednesday.
Akron People Visited at
Other Places.
Three Trains Carried Crowds
to Canton.
Various Resorts Enjoyed Big Day
An Elaborate Outing.
Fourth of July this year was one of.
the gniclest aud warmebt ever known
In the history of the city. The elabo
rate celebration at Canton attracted
over l.SOO Akronlans. They went In
two special trains leaving the Lnion
depot as the second and third sections
of the 0:05. Companies B. and F of the
Lighth regiment and the Knight ot
I'ytliins were the marching organiza
tions which accompanied them. Ak
ron -was prominent in the procession
and contributed materially to the suc
cess of the day. The C. T. & V, rail
road, however, handled the crowd in
very poor shape. Tho return trains
did not arrive In Akron until three
o'clock and then several hundred peo
ple were left in Canton because oC
lack of passenger cars. Those who re
mained in Akron were cither driven
to the neighboring lakes or to the se
clusion of their own homes by the In
tense heat. The lakes were all crowd
ed offering n varied program of sports,
music and dancing. Fireworks were
featured at all the resorts for the eve
ning. The most elaborate plans in
Akron for a day's outing, were those
made by the Portage Golf club. In
the mornlug a sweepstake tournament
was scheduled. Mr. K. B. McCruin
was the winner. Mr. H. L. Barnes
finished second and Arthur Latham
third, lu the afternoon Messrs. 13. B.
McCrum aud Arthur Latham, Who
had qualified for the tlnals, played for
tho championship of the club. Mr.
McCruin won 0 up with 4 to play. In
the evening tho club enterlalued Its
friends with a display of tlrevvoiks.
The display was not as elabmate as
planned. This was duo to the fact that
a large part of the tile vvoiks did not
arrive until Thursday morning. At set
piece "Welcome" and three boxes of
other article? worn found In the ex
press office today. These boxes con
tained the fuses that weje to bo used
in connection with some of the pieces
that weie on hand. Under the circum
stances tlie display was excellent.
Single Fire.
The only Fourth of July fire reported
was at the residence of Mr. B. Y.
Whitehead, 'J05 roplar. A gasoline
stove caused the hU?e. Box 412 soujid
ed the alarm and Nos. 1 and 4 respond
ed. Damegc slight.
Cures all STOMACH, BOWEL and
BLADDER disorders, ouVea EC55E
MA, purifies the BLOOD, retjulatea
the LIVER nnd KIDNEYS, orlt;er
ntos CONSTIPATION, and remoTea
all klndB of WORMS.
Korak Oil ,
cures all pain. Price
salo by all druggists.
ISO'o.- Fo
Wholesale AgenU. . j
i l.
i n
. .i. KffyKkto.' - fc iiJi&&A d "- -"
fr-Wk-J &-&!&..'. MtMfilM ? &;
vit .il!3jJ-fc' iH l!k
n' if,
gu, Aift.,.
1 VM ii&Jiikt v

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