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SjMottalat and Ej GUuM
At vrr law nrlnnn. OaII
ndie Ijow won we cm
For McKinley.
Unofficial Returns
From Counties
Increase Plurality of the
Net Gain In the State of
Democrats Carried Twenty
Eight Counties.
Made a Great Fight In City of
Two Congressmen Added to Republi
can Majority.
Unofficial returns, from ovory county
In the State, glvo President MeKlii
ley n plurality of 72,381.
The tabulation shows that tho Re
publicans carried sixty counties and
made gains In 73 aggregating 20,709,
while the Democrats carried 25 coun
ties, making gains In 11, aggregating
-0,703, the .difference Jn,tt liege figures
showing a net Republican gain of 20,
000. These gains added to McKinley's,
plurality of 51,100 of four years ago
give the Republicans the State by
71,115. The remaining three counties,
Richland, Miami and Monroe, may
either increase or reduce theso fig
ures. It Is expected that the plurality
will bo nearer 70,000 than 72,000, when
the official count shall have been made.
Gen. Dick Intimates that McKInloy's
plurality will bo about 70,000.
The Democrats make their heaviest
gains in Cuyahoga, Hamilton and Xu-
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r i r
Were Elected In Idaho Bryan
Carried the State.
Boise, Idaho, Nov. 8. (Spl.) The Re
publicans concede tho election of Bry
an electors In this state and the elec
tion of the whole fusion ticket.
Boise, Idaho Nov. 8. (Spl.) This
Shite Is still In doubt, although It looks
as though Bryan had carried the. Stata
by a small majority. It may require
the official count to decide it. Tho
Legislature will bo fusion, meaning
that Democrat or Populist will sue
cecd Senator Shoup, Republican.
Says He
Will Not
go to . the
Washington, Nov. 8.-(Spl.)-Wm. .T.
Bryan 'will uot be n member of the
V. S. Senate, oveu If tho Nebiaska
Legislature Is controlled by tho fusion
Democrats nnd Populists. Tho Repub
licans arc still claiming to have car
ried the Legislature but tho latest
returns appear to far tho fuslonlsts'
Word has been received hero by in
timate friends of Mr. Bryan positively
declaring that ho will not be a candi
date for the Senate and that ho
not accept eleqtlou to that body, even
If the Legislature should du'slre to "give
It to hlin,
While this appears to bo Anal so far
n present conditions go, It would not
bo surprising If consldcrablo pressure
should be ui might to bear upon sir.
Brjuu to chuugo his mind, If t should,
really tuin out that tho ftulonlstH con
tiol tho Nebraska legislature.
Mncoln, Neb., Nov. 8 -(Spl.)-W. 'J.
Bryan declares that ho will not seek
n f.eat in the U. S. Senate If tho No.
braska Legislating Is controlled by tho
Democrats. lie has given tho follow.
Ing Instructions to Stato Committee
man .T. O. Dahlmau, who is a closo
personal friend: '
"If yon hear any of my friends talk,
lug about putting mo-Into tho U. S.
Senate, In caso weearry the Lcglsla.
turc, you may say officially" that under
no circumstances would I accept tho
office, even wer it tendered me. I
made my fight for (ho Presidency and
I lost. I nm not golug to take other
men's positions from them."
Invited to Texas to LiveProfessor
.ship Tendered.
Houston, Tex., Nov. 8. (Spl.) It Is
said hero that "W. J. Bryan Is coming
to Texas and will reside In Austin.
Tho health of one of his children was
improved much hero last winter and
it is said that Bryan remarked at tho
time that In case he was defeated ho
would come 'to Texas as ho knew the
people of tho State loved him. Thoro
is talk of offering him a chair a& pro.
fessor In tLc State University.
The Returning 'Hero.'
Instead of Having Jolli
fication, ,
ih '!,. -
Akron Republicans Will
Welcome Dick.
They Want Him to be Governor,
-Some Day,
Or a United States Senator And the
General's Willing.
Gen. Dick's boom for U. S. Senator
will be Inaugurated at As-senibly-hall
Friday night. ",
Tho managers 'of the Summit county
Republicans announced today that a
reception would bo tendered Gen. Dick
ou his arrlvnl in tho city.
Ho will return to Akron from Cleve
land, where he goes to confer with
Senator Hanna, on the Valley lallro.id,
at 7:U5 o'clock. Ho will bo met at tho
depot by tho U'ghth Roglmcnt band
and the Phst Voters' 'dub. An Imi
tation to citizens generally has beeu
Issued. They aro to, bo given tho prlv
llego of Joining In tho parade.
This portion of tho reception will
follow the arrlvnl of tho Goneral: Ho
will be escorted Irom tho depot to
Assembly hnll, wheie "promlnout"
Republicans nro.to sound his praJses.
iio will respond provided they do not
occupy too much time. ' It has boon do
elded that this will be a fiist-class op
portunity to burn tho balance of tho
fireworks now oh bond. It wns found
that there wok ;i eousldorablq quan
tity of roman candles, etc., left oer
from tho "Prosperity" parade. How
to get rid of theso has been a touble
somo question. Tho committee hit
on the happy thought of' using them In
connection with the Gen. Dick recep
tion. It Is learned that In caso the Sen.
ntorlal boom does not Inflate as road,
lly as Gen. Dlok hopes, he will plaea
himself, in tho bauds of his friends and
go nfter tho npmlnnUon for Governor,
Klther one or tlip other, lie looks upon
bolh as stepping (Hones to tho Pros
Is Electoral College.
Idaho Stepped Into the
Democratic Column.
Nebraska's Legislature Is
Still In Doubt.
Sen. Wolcoti May Enter the
McKinley's Plurality on Popular Vote
New York, Nov. 8.-(Spl.)-Fuller rer
turns Indicate that the electoral vote
will stand as given by this association
yesterday morning 202 for McKlnley
and 15o for Br an.
Idaho, which was in doubt yester
day is toduy apparently safe In the,
Democratic column, but by a reduced
majority. There aro still rival claims
for Nebraska, though tho Republican
electors have the best of It on the face
of the Incomplete returns.
Demociats In Nebraska say the offi
cial couut will bo necc-sary to deter
mine the complexion of the legislature.
Republicans claim a majority of 15
on Joint ballot. In ouy event, Mr.
Bryan will not bo sent to tho Senate
through an nnte-electlon agreement.
The endorsement of the Admlnlstin-
tlon has been Impressive. Several
states gave their electoral vote to tho
'Republican national ticket and elected
Democratic stato officials.
Latest returns indicate that McKin
ley's plurality on tho popular vote will
be Increased. The losses Jn the east
seem tojiave been moie than balanced
by gains In tho west. Tho returns to
date Indicate that McKinley's plurality
on tho popular vote, is about 710,000
against G02.100 In 1890. The Leglsla
turc Is In doubt in Delaware, with tho
chnnces slightly in favor of the Re
publicans. In Colorado tho victory of the fusion
lsts wipes out Senator Wolcott'p
chances of leturning to1 the Senate. Ho
may bo cared for in McKinley's now
The Republican plurality In South
Dakota is 14,000. Tho return of a Re
publican to succeed Senator Pettlgrow
is assured,
Kentucky is probably Democratic for
tho stato and national tickets.
Failed to" Arrive In Time to Vote For
. Their Nominee.
Columbus, O., Nov. 8. (Spl.) If tho
train bearing sixty employes of tho
Sells-Forepaugh clicus had arilved in
this city on tho time, the election of
Emmet Tomklus (Rep.), would have
been assured.
Tho sixty men had leglstoied by
affidavit, nnd by fnr tho greater pro
portion of them were Republicans, As
tho election of a Congressman will be
decided by a dozen votes or less cither
way it goes, it will be seen that thoir
non-arrival had a vast denl to do with
the local election. Tho train wus de
tained by a wreck.
Legislature Elected For West Vir
ginia Big Pluralities.
Parkersburg, W. Va., Nov. 8. (Spl.)
Last night Republican Stato Chairman
Dnwon cavo out the following state
ment: Th Republicans lmvo ejitottd
SI members of the Legislature nnd thp
Democrats 10, vrltli four members ttfl
In doubt. Eloveivout of 13 Senatorial
district, are wifely Republican, with
one yet doubtful. Theie are six Be-
publicans nnd soven Deraocnft hold
lug over In tho State Senate. Wo have
elected all four Congressmen by the
following majorities: IJovencr, First
district, 5,200; Dayton, Second district,
2,007; Gaines Third district,- C.020;
Hughes, Fouith district, ?,'012; cstl
mated on this basis of returns now in
SIcKlnley's majority In the Stato will
bo 20,071. '
White's majority will bejnbout 1,000
less than McKinley's.
Carried Third District
. Margin. I
Dayton, O., Nor. 8 (Spl,) Revised
returns from three counties, compos-
ing the Third Ohio Congressional dls.
trlct, indicate the election of Col. R,
M. Nevln, Republican, over U. F. BIck.
ley, Democrat, by n. majority of 112.
Both sides claimed tho election yester
day. 48 PER CENT.
Bryan Made a
Gain In
Boston, Nov. 8. (Spl.) The revised
vole of the State shows a Republican
loss of 14 per cent and a Demoeratia
gain of 48 per cent. -Bryan is 35,000
nhead of the State ticket. -
A Democrat or a Populist Will Sue
" cecd a Republican.
Boise, Idaho, Nov. 8.-J(Spi.)-Tho Re
publicans concede thlsSrtate to Bryan
and also tho electidnSof tho entire
fusion ticket, iucludlnd?(Congissben.
Wlini nTc.fl nnnnuln.n fillInn mnlnnlfif 1
the Legislature. Fronrftho complex
ion qf tho legislative returns it. looks
ns if Fred Debols has aulear aiajorlty
of tho fusion strengttlMHo'will prob
nbly be eected,.on41)t&rAtOKiUtt,
Of the returns up to 2 o'clock today
Bryan has 12,638; McKlnley 11,734;
'Glenn, fusion for Congress, 12,071;
Morrison, Republican, for Congress,
11,010; Hunt, fusion for Goernor, 12,
310; Stnndiod, Republican for Gover
nor, ,1,453. Total ote of stato about
Of Filipinos Looked For Within Two
Paris, Nov. 8. (Spl.)-vAgoncillo, the
Filipino representative here, said today
that the election result In the United
States was not a disappointment to
him. He soys imperialism is clearly
nupqputar despite tho result and that
the Administration must end the war
by grouting the Filipinos their Inde
pendence, lie expects It In two months.
In. Kentucky Would be Decided In
Yerkes' Favor.
Frankfort, Ky., Nov. 8.-(SpI.)-Thero
is talk here that Yerkes will contest tho
election In the Stnto courts by attack
ing returns In sovcrnl Democratic
counties, ou the gionnd of Irregular.
itles. Tho Republicans now have a
majority In the court of appeals, since
the election of Judge O'Rear to sue-
coed Judge Hazolrlgg, nnd thoy say
thny would only be paylug tho Demo
crats back, In their own coin for con
testing and taking the State offices !ast
Made a Speech on the Silver
Alton, His , Nov. 8.-(Spl.)-Tho stu,
dents of Montlcello soniluary observed
tho' election of McKlnley yesterday
with a special program at tho school.
Gauipnlgn oddreim ware made behind
barred 4aora.
Ml(s Butt Brynn, dumjfctar of flip
Pompwatlu nominee, rm cwllcd iwa
to defend the sliver Issue, nnd de
livered a Icuglhy address on the sub-
Will Soon be Issued.
Old. Time Democrats Will
Will Unite Upon Dec
laration of Principles
Which Will Insure Success
Four Years Hence.
Whitney Says the Party Must Regain
the Old Battle Ground.
New York, Nov. 8. (Spl.) A new
Democracy, a reorganization of the
party, with tho temporary Issues elim
inated. Is advocated by men who have
held high place In tho party's coun
cils. "Their views on this subject were
obtained by the Journal, which yes
terday sent messages to leading Demo
crats lequestlng them to voice "their
opinions as to the causes of Bryan's
defeat nnd to suggest n bails for the
reconstruction of the party.
Don M. Dickinson, postmaster gen
oral, under Grovcr Cleveland, gave
the surprising Information that such a
movement was already under way.
Ho stated that previous to the election
a meeting was held In New York to
discuss tho reorganization of the party
and it was jcsolved to Issue a call
signed by Grovor Cleveland, W. C.
Whitney, -Abram S. Hewitt nnd other
prominent Democrats as tho first step
to bring this about. Mr. Dickinson
was here a few days before the elec
tion and had a, conferenco with ex
President Cleveland.
Wm. C. Whitney, In his reply, men
tlpns no such meeting. Ho says that
free sllvcr and imperialism were re
sponsible for Bryan's defeat and adds
that when the Democracy surrenders
to a man who twice loses New York,
Now Jersey, Connecticut and Indiana,
"our old battlegrounds, by majorities
unprecedented in il)o history of our
country, it lit evident that rigorous
measures In the way pf repudiating
false Gods and? false principles are
Abram S. Hewitt, the "father of tho
gold Democrats,!' said 'he had heard
nothing of Mr. Dickinson's projcct.but
thought It a sensible thing to do and
that it ought to bo done.
Don Dickinson in his staement says
that a call will be issued In two weeks
appealing to all Democrats to unlto
upon a declaration of principles on
which tho party can be assured of vic
tory four years henco,
Nothing has been heaid from ex
Presldent CIoelan'd,
Says It's Too Early to Talk of Re
organization. Washington, Nov. 8. (Spl.) It is too
early to talk or even think about re
organizing the Democratic party, said
Senator Gorman of Maryland today.
"The defeat was so overwhelming
and the knockout so complete that wo
must hac timo to recover our breath
before making ony predictions or cal
culations as to the future policy of tho
Democratic party. H 'is not fho time
to indulge u Incriminations or re.
criminations,' but wo must accept tho
result as tho calm and deliberate Jndg-
rncnt of tho voters of.itbo country
after dqep consideration of thIr own
Individual lnt,rcitA.
"As I look At It W HXUt ttaq
brovffht nboyt by the wmbjnea ef
forts not only of the owners of great
commercial opterprlfie. and the em
ployers of large forces of working
ployers of large forces of working
leople, but by the votes of a majority
ivl 0'ime:il.& oo
Opening Sale of Holiday Stook
of Leather Goods.
-Largest we have ever
BILL BOOKS, Etc., Etc.
In nil the new and desirable leathers, including Walrus, Sea Lion,
Elephant, Monkey, Turkish Morocco, Rococo Oalf, Rococo Mo
rocco, Persian Agate, Plain Alligator, Horn Back Alligator, Liz
zard Morocco and Calf.
Your attention is called to our stock of fine Mexican Hand
Carved Leather Goods in Purses, Chatolains, Music Rolls, Bolts,
Toilet Articles, etc. Also Beaded Bags and Purses.
IVI. O'lMEUfc. & OO.
of operatives of tho great establish
ments and tho working classes general
ly which Joined with the plain prac
tical business people Indicating that
It would bo unwise to disturb tho
prosperity of the present by "experi
menting with a new administration,
which was pledged to reverse and set
aside all of the practical buslncbs .ad
vantages now enjoyed by the great
mass of industrious people.
"What Mr. Bryan's future inten
tions may be, I have no means of
knowing, but he may conclude to re
tire from the center of tho political
stage for the present and rest content
with two gallant but unsuccessful of
forts to rescue the presidency from the
grasp of the Republican party."
Bryan's Detea'Furnislies the Desired
Detroit. Mich., Nov. S.-(SpI.)-Post-master
General Don M. Dickinson
said yesterday';1 that before the votes
were counted In the Presidential elec
tlon.,a.mp.pjlng was held IptjT'lY'jjflj'ork
at which plans wero discussed and"de
cld'ed upon for tho reorganization of
the Democratic patfrSfl&WltfilnWo
weeks a call will be spread broadcast
throughout tho Jand appealing, 'to all
Democrats, sjjrcr an.d gold, to unlto
upon a declaration of principle on
which tho party can be assured of Tie
tory four years .hence Signatures of
promineut Democrats In.erery State In
the Union will be attadftedi(othe call
and among tho naroeWte'Jb.osc ot
Glover Cleveland, 'wjnYfl.VV hlfcnerand
A. S. Howltt, of NW York. While
the call has not as yet been fullyform
ulated,the contest will be practically
as follows:
"The reorganization oiithg Demo
cratic rtt.V$!?B ?jKPe8,5ta
both ele8,Uem3Ulc farf
tho silver and gold njen. It was only
tbiough Bryan's defeat that tho de
sired reorganization could be brought
about; hence. It wafljtJijU tbjsjear tlq
gold men gave their strength to Mc-
f i t i '. , . i
Klnloy instead of setting "np a candi-
date as in 189(1. Now, that they have
unloaded Bryan, they will bid adieu
to their temporary allies, the Repub
lican party, and don the sword and
buckler of tho old fnshloned Democrat
ic type."
Is In Favor of a Reorganization of
Chicago, Nov. S.-(Spl.)-Ex-Governor
Horace Boles, of Iowa, who was a can
didate for tho Democratic presidential
nomination In 1896, has sent tho fol
lowing stntement to a local nowspaper:
AVoterloo, Iowa, Npv. 7. "It is high
time that steps were token to re-organize
the Democratic pirty and return
Its destinies to the hands pf tho old
nnd tried leaders. My views In this
matter aro well known, for I have,
for four years or more, beep advocating
In speech nnd lotter, a rehabilitation
ot Democracy on lujea of a iaf and
honest policy wkltfc wevld brief t J
the jypport at all the who beltav
In It underlying ud historic princi
ples of right nnd Justice, ?o defeat
les of defeats, when It Is flghfrili;
or her
on defensible ground, can Injure the
People1! Pboo No. VM
shown, consisting of-
true spirit of Democracy but tho party
can bo brought near to Its death by
following strange gods. The Demo
cratic party can never be found ready
to Indorse the Republican policy of
Imperialism nor the protection of
trusts, "its mistakes can bo corrected
and it can be made once more to wield
a powerful force In the government, If
wise counsels can prevail In reforming
Its line on the true principles of Thorn
as Jefferson and Andrew Jackson."
The Title Would Not be Pleasing to
Wall Street.
New York, Nov. 8. (Spl.) Wall
Street does not take kindly to the talk
now going the rounds, booming Hanna
for President in 1004. The general
Impression seems to be, that Roose
velt will .'tun next time, with Hanna
to pilot him through.
Believes Votes Were
Traded In Chicago.
He Declares Bryan to be .Strongest
Man In Party.
Chicago, Nov. 8. (Spl.) Bx-Gpver-nor
John P. ARgeld declares that Tues
day's election was won by the corrupt
use of money, and that" 40,000 ille
gal voters had been registered) that the
city administration had made no effort
to weed out these oter and that ho
had been informed that there was a
e'j.pn In Chicago, by ? which, tho
Mean's 'were to DMijveqjtfllt
this fall with the understanding that
it would be returned to the Democrats
In the spring.
Altgeld also declares fhesecond de
feat of Bryan will not result In com
plete reorganization of the Democratic
party. ."Bryan," he says', "is 2,000,000
votes stronger than any other man in
the party and if we cannot eloct him
v,u cannot elect anybody. The lesult
simply shows that money can conttol
the American elections. The issues
have nothing to do with it."
Is Writing His Annual Message to
Washtngton.Nov.S. (Spl.)-Presldeuti
and Mrs. McKlnley reached here at
S:1G this morning. Both were In ex
cellent spirts. Tho Prcsldeut wjll re
sumo the 'completion of' his messAgi
to Congress Immediately. It Is aliendy
iu skeleton form. The emphatic en
dorsement of his policies, at tho polls,
will probably causo tho. President to
deal wlt,b tho Philippines, China and
other vital questions In a fljnier tone
than otherwise.
Will Land In Holland Instoad of
Tie Mtijuo, Nov, S.-(pl.) It a io
ported that the Dutoh government wHI
hove the cruiser Geldcrland which Is
bringing President Kruger to Europe,
come direct to Holland liihtead of
touching ut Marseilles, where Krugec
expected to disembark.

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