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.1 B.SM11H, Proprlotoi.
General News Summary.
Interesting Home and Foreign Mewl.
Green B. Raum, Jr., son of tbe Com
missioner of Pensions, has been ap
pointed assistant oblef olerk of the Pen
sion Bureau.
The Brazilian legation at Washington
has reeeired a positive denial of tbe re
ported rioting In Bio de Janeiro.
General Rosecrans, Register of the
Treasury, In bis annual report for the
flsaal year ended June 80, 1889, shows
that during the year-there were Issued
81,500 bonds amounting to $108,884,850.
There were , cancelled 85,140 bonds
mounting to 8231,811,450. ,,. v
Among the Presidential appointments
on tbe Slst were the following: David
B. Miller, to be Marshal of the United
States for the Southern district of Iowa;
Lewis Miles, to be Attorney- of the
United States for the Southern district
of Iowa; J. H. Wilson, to be Attorney
of the United States tor the Eastern dis
trlot of Texas; James B. Beattie, to be
Chief Justice of Idaho.
The President has appointed Thomas
Clay McDowell, of Kentnoky, to be col
lector of internal revenue for the Sev
enth district of Eentuoky, In place of
W. C Goodloe, deceased. Mr. McDowell
was a son-in-law of the late Colonel
The Secretary of the Interior bas re
quested and received the resignation of
H. A. Phillips, chief of the middle divi
sion of the Pension Offloe. Phillips was
a friend of ez-Commlssloner Tanner.
Tbe Republican caucus to nominate
offloe rs for tbe next House of Representa
tives bas been called for November SO.
The President has appointed John J.
Ridge way, of Philadelphia, to be sur
veyor of customs at the port of Phila
delphia, and Thomas J. Powers, of Penn
sylvania, to be naval offioer at Phlladel-
The total value of exports from the
United States for the year ended Octo
ber, 1889, wcreS78,48,75!), against $878,
428,844 in 1888, and Imports 706,418,777,
gainst $722,978,841 to 1888.
Tbe steamship Leona arrived at New
York on the 80th with eight seamen
who were rescued at sea In an ope boat
The men were picked up off tbe coast
f Florida in pitiful condition: The
wrecked vessel was the schooner Mul
ford. from Key West for Baltimore.
Abraham Greenthal, better known to
tbe police as "General" Greenthal, died
t New York City a few days ago, aged
sixty-three years. He was acknowledged
to be one of the most expert pickpockets
In tbe dViuntry and was tbe leader of a
notorious gang that operated all over
tbe United States.:-.) .
Charles H. Wells, editor of JMxU, a
prominent trade Journal of Atlanta, Ga.,
. Aied recently at jSaranao Lake, N. Y.
Deceased was twenty-nine years old and
well known in railroad circles.
Edward Cunningham,',' millionaire
resident of Milton, Mass.-, was shot and
dangerously wounded on tbe list by an
Italian poacher whom be had ordered
front his premises. The Italian escaped.
A fire at Baldwlnsville, N. Y., on tbe
20th destroyed the Seneca Hotel and two
large warehouses adjoining, entailing
total loss of $250,000. Many of the hotel
guests narrowly escaped death.
Jake Bustard, one of tbe famous
Welsh mountain outlaw, died in tbe
Eastern penitentiary at Lancaster, Pa.,
on tbe loth, from consumption.
Tbe Lawrence National Bank of Pitta-
burgh closed its doors on the list Its
liabilities are given at $700,000; asset
are not stated. The failure caused much
surprise in financial circles, as the bank
was supposed to be one of the most solid
In the city.
Notioes have been posted In all the
mills of the Glasgow Iron Company at
Heading, Pa., announcing an Increase In
the wages of paddlera of twenty-five
eente per ton. Wages of all other em
ployee will be oorrespondlaglyincrekaed.
Walter F. Prey, half-witted fellow,
of Weymouth, Mass., recently killed the
three-year-old son of Philip Fisher by
burying him alive in the yard. Prey
himself told of the deed and showed
where the body was burled.
Isaac C. Schuler, casket manufacturer
and undertaker of Amsterdam, N. Y.,
has assigned with liabilities of $75,000.
At Gloucester, Mass., on the Slst Frank
Foster attempted to shut oft an electrio
light with wet iron gaff and was In
stantly killed.
Business failures occurring through
out the country during the seven days
ended November 82 number for the
United States 845, and Canada 82, total
877, compared with 885 the previous
week. For the corresponding week of
last year the figures were 898.
Lum Smith, editor of the Agents' Her
ald, of Philadelphia, who waa convicted
few days sinoe of libeling Anthony J.
Comstock, has been sentenced to six
months' Imprisonment , '
On the 82d David Harflold, the wealthy
and bigamous pawnbroker from Rich
mond, -Va., was sentenced at New York
to serve three years and eight months in
William H. Smith, colored, who shot
and killed his wife and then attempted
micide about two months ago, was con
victed t Pittsburgh on tbe lid of mur
der la tbe first degree.
Two men received fatal burns and six
others were seriously Injured by the
explosion of natural gas at Braddock,
' Pa., en the 834. The explosion waa
' teased by eareleasly lighting match In
U cellar of the residence of John N.
Kaeloch, where the gw araa leaking'
through an open va)r:i ib (pip
Wovt of the injured were children of
Air. Kaeloca.
The premature explosloa.pt a blast la
a Stone quarry, new Cataaabqqa, Pa,, on
t, 824, kUled William Bogh and Frank '
XJnrgh. ., A I
Fairbanks & Co.'s general store and
took at St. Johnsbury, Vt, was on the
82d damaged $75,000 by fire.
Work on the new Yale college gym
nasium was begun on the 82d. It is to
eost $180,000. ' Jj v y
'It Is reported thai during the past two
months options have been secured on
all tbe oheese factories In western New
York by the agents of a monster oheese
syndicate, believed to be mainly com
posed of English capitalists.
Rev. Rlobard L. Burtsell, a leading
Catholic divine and stanch friend of
Dr. MoGlynn.'has been deposed from his
offloe of "defender of the marriage tie'
by tbe synod of the New York dlooese.'
James Smith, New York City letter
carrier, whose wife bad 'deserted him,
on the 22d fatally shot his two little
girls, the oldest aged two years, and
then abet himself. He will recover. , ,'
At New York City on the 23d Mrs.
Hannah Southworth, widow, thirty
years old, shot and killed Stephen Pet
tus. She claimed that Pettua seduoed
her under promise of marriage. Pettus
was trustee of the Brooklyn bridge,
and secretary - and treasurer of the
Brooklyn Elevated road., He had wife,
but no children, i " "
Charles B. Wlgton, secretary of the
Glamorgan Iron. Company of Philadel
phia, was on the 82d plaoed under $18,.
000 bail to answer charge of forgery
preferred by John K. Fellows of the
firm of Pardee 4 Co. It Is stated that
Wlgton admitted to altering the date
upon note for $10,000, whloh is now in
the Commonwealth batik.
The village of Mlddleton and George
town, Minn., are stricken with violent
form of diphtheria. On the Slst there
were sixty-live eases and nine deaths.
Both places are quarantined and medical
aid has been furnished by the State
board of health. . . : v
On the SOth seven miners were buried
by fall of rock in the Buffalo mine, Ne-.
gaunee, Mich. ' A Swede named Olson
waa Instantly killed and two Finns were
fatally injured.
The Cumberland river convention met
t Nashville, Tenn., on the 80th, with
an attendance of nearly .100 delegate
from twenty-live counties of Tennessee
nd Kentucky. A permanent organisa
tion was effected and plans adopted to
secure tbe appropriation necessary to
make the river navigable. -
Tbe Augusta (Ga.) Exchange and the
City Council have Invited the members
Of the Pan-Amerloan Congress to visit
that city, the largest ootton center ia
the South. .... ; ,., , .1, ii
At the session of the Cincinnati Pres
bytery on the 88th, it was decided by
vote of 89 to 18 to revise the standard of
doctrine on infant salvation to read
thus: "All Infants dying In Infancy and
other elect persons are saved."
James Spurlock, ex-Treasurer of Du
bois County, Ind., committed suicide at
Jasper, that State, on the 81st bycuttin
his throat with rator. He had met
with heavy financial losses, and was be
hind several thousand dollars 1 settle
meat with the county. '.
Within few syytbr-Thk-oi1
trust has obtained ooatrol of 40,000 acres
of gas lands in Indiana. , President Bill
ings Is satisfied thst Inside of year the
eity will be supplied with natural gas.
Theo. B. Bailey, ex-cashier of the Se
curity Loan and Savings Bank of Chi
cago, 1 missing, together with money,
Jewelry and other property valued at
110,000, whlob he Is said to have fraudu
lently obtained.
B. M, Chambers, who recently killed
Attorney Frank J. Bowman, waa ar
raigned la the Circuit Court at Clayton,
St Louis County, Ma, on tbeSlst under
an Indictment for murder in tbe first
iegre.' He pleaded not guilty and was
returned to Jill. His trial Is set tor De
cember f .
On tbe Slst large crowd had gathered
at natural gas well near Washinrton,
111., to witness an illumination, when
tbe careless lighting of match caused
premature explosion. Five persons
were seriously burned, some of .whom
may die. ' i
The ore producers' convention finished
its labors at Salt Lake, Utah, on the Slst
by adopting: aa address .demanding the
free coinage of silver, tbe repeal of the
Bland law and the issue of silver certi
ficates on deposit of silver bullion. A
resolution was also adopted calling for
the union of 'the mining State, and'
Territories for mutual benefit
' While digging cellar at Paola, Kan,( .
on tbe 81st P. S. Count and. Julius
Clarry , were burled by one of tbe sides
of the excavation falling in. ' When dis
covered both were dead. 1 '
A hurricane passed over a portion of
North Carolina recently, doing consider
able damage. A pulp mill at Newbera
was blown down and two employes were
Wiled. ...... . .,,
An Empire City (Ore.) dispatch says
the tug Fearless was wrecked on the bar
near that place on the Slst George
Marshall, Captain James Hill, Engineer
Keating and two dock hands were lost
A street car containing nine passen
gers was struck by a railway train at a
street crossing In New Orleans on the
Slst Mrs. Beale jumped from tbe car
and wns killed. The other passengers,
including Mrs. Beale's three daughters,
were uninjured.
Adolph Loth dc Sons, wholesale deal
ers in gents' furnishing roods at St
Louis, have failed. Liabilities are sta
ted at about $220, 000, with assets of $180,
000. . The heaviest losers are Eastern
creditors. ,
The constitutional centennial celebra
tion at Fayettevllle, N. C. closed on the
83d, Senator Vance addressing 80,000
A rein of natural ras wis discovered
on the SSd near Erie, Kaa., at a depth
of 100 feet
B. C Wood, who recently obtained
notoriety by his alleged connection with
the famous ballot box contract cerlurv.
waa arrested at Cincinnati on the ISd.
The arrest was mads at the instance of
Governor-elect Campbell, United Bute
Senator John Sherman aad ConrreesmaN
Botterworth. It is said the disclosures
at the trial will Cause a profouad mbm
tjoa la political ctrola.
W. T. Dortch. aUtjr.flva years, ld. )
prominent member of the Confederate
State Senate, died recently at Golds
boro, a C.
The schooner C. B. Church, whloh left
Baltimore October 19 with coal for Boa.
ton, has been jiven up for lost byshep
owners. :epiau., j. i uallagher, the
master oi tbe vessel, was accompanied by
his wife and child, the latter little boy
aoout lour years oia.
At the session of the Methodist Board
of Church Extension in St Louis on the
Md, the treasurer's report tor the real
-envwed. total reoatpte $319,198.58; total
aisoursemeuta 5301,405.09. balance, $18,
108.60; net Increase $10,888.20. . The next
meeting will be held in New York.
, The Detroit iiUch.i jrend JurV hal
returned Indictments for bribery. and
official corruption against Alderman Ja
cobs, president of the City Council: Al
derman Burt, Republican leader In tbe
Connoil, and Aldermen Tlerney and
Merta.' The jury's presentment brings
out the existence of corruption In all
eity oontraots, wholesale jury bribing
and attempt of corporations to secure
franchises and verdicts by briber'. '
In the case of tie five Barnards sen
tenoed to be hanged for murder in Han
cook County, Tenn., Governor Taylor
cas granted an absolute, pardon to John,
Jr., and Elijah Barnard; commuted to five
years in penitentiary the sentence of
Clint end Anderson Barnard, and to ten
years that of old man John Barnard, Sr.
On the 88d freight train on the South
Share road got from the ooatrol of the
engineer as it was nearing Marquette,
Mich., on a heavy down grade. It rushed
through theolty at a frightful speed sad
plunged down a twelve-foot embank'
ment The engineer was aaught undeH
the engine and killed, the brekemah
was fatally Injured, and ten ears were
r ;
A Vienna dispatch of the SOth says
the strike In the mother of pearl buttoa
factories ia spreading. There, are. new
4,000 haads out Mother of pearl has
A Jl -. D.. C-1 1 v. -
totally destroyed the national palace,
together with all the goyeftimsnl MClf
Ives. , . ; r;,i liiu x
A' dispatch from Captain Wiseman,
dated Zanzibar, November SO,, states
that Heart M. Stanley arrived 'at
Mpwapwa on November 10. Besides
Stanley, all the European members of
uid BijnwwM Viiiu auuimg mutt Moimaa
and other missionaries have arrived at
Mpwapwa. All were well. . f
Tne israuuaa Parliament will m
early In December to elect a President
oi ine repuDiic ', tjfttlf
Samoa dispatches stathat Mafletoa
was rainataiea amia great rejoicing on
the 9th Inst The British, Garp'an and
American agent issued proclamations
recognising Malietoa as King. Fears of
a famine In Samoa have endL J f?,
Kev. T. Xewitt Talmage'and bis
American party were at Athena, Greece,
on tbe ltd. ' Dr. Talmage has secured a
corner stone for his new church in
Brooklyn from Mare Hill, where St
Honore Bolduo, a balllfl in tje
pioy or, tne aionireai iiaa.; u.y water
department hal absconded. The amount
of his defalcation will reach several
thousand dollars. t. ';'
A syndicated Berlin banks, has pre
emption far 10,000,000 marks, half of
which will be for compensation of all
the buildings ea the Schloas Freiheit
itraase, with the view of fulfilling the
desire of Emperor William to build a
monument to hi grandfather oa the
site. Tbe syndicate intends to form a
lottery of 40,000,000 marks, with prise
amounting to 80,000,000 marks.
. :
JLtAXIdl. '
. ImimrrH.Bultzbach, Philadelphia
clothing dealer, made an an assignment
on the 25th for. tbe benefit of oredltors,.
me iianumee are $235,000, and the
assets comprise tbe stock ia the- large'
atore ana tne ground ana DUUamg, - ..
Hon. Gbobob H. Pkxhixtox, of Ohio
late United States Minister to dorm any,
died at Brussels on the night of the
84th. He had a stroke ot apoplexy
about a year ago, and has been In lit
health ever sinoe, ....
A niAvii.T loaded freight train on the
Illinois Central railroad went through a
bridge near Aplington, Ia., on the S&th.
Art Dubois, engineer, and John Classy,
fireman, were crushed to death and the
train was badly wrecked. . .
Fbahc Harrison, for over twenty
years aa employe of the post-office at
Philadelphia, has been convicted ' ot
Stealing letter containing checks. '
A hatvbai. gas explosion occurred at
the residence of Hoott Hawthorne, In
Dayton, O., on the 85th, in which Haw
thorne and his wife and three children
and a lady visitor were killed and the
house destroyed by fire.
Thr Territorial insane asvlum at
Blackfoot, Idaho, was destroyed by fire
on the 24th, caused by a defective flue
in tbe baxement Fifty-seven out of
sixty-four inmate were rescued, while
two men are known to have perished
and four are mlaaing. The building was
partially destroyed. The loss la esti
mated at $10,000.
Tine trial at New York of Joshua Mann
and Mrs. Swlnton for conspiracy against
Robert Ray Hamilton has been set down
for December 8.
Thr Ilecla Iron Works snd several ad
Joining buildings in Williamsburg, N.
v., were burned on the 84th. The loss
Is estimated at $250,000, which is fully
covered by insurance.
Thk Juryln the contest over the will
of the late John Hoover at Washington,
D. C, on the 84th returned verdict set
ting the will aside on the ground that
Hoover was unduly infiuenoed. He left
most of his property, $50,000, to Cathollo
Institutions The will was oon tested by
his nephews end nieces.
Skcrrtart Tracy haa mad a.-,.-.
menU by which the navy will be fur-
nisnea witn tne brown prismatic powder
for large guns and the new smokeless
powder for smaller arms.
Aijikrt C. Rioorwat, of Illinois, bas
been appointed confidential olerk to the
OommlMloner of Pensions, vice Miss
Ada Tan Wi resigned. 1
A explosion la a drift la the 'Huroa
mine at Houghtoa, Mloh, on the 86th
killed two Finish mlnersT , ; , , - :
i Thr Dominion Parliament baa been
mmmoaed to meet on the 0th day of
January. ,, j , , ) '.-
Tiiic Vrealdea) haa appointed Frank
Hitchcock, of Illinois, to he United
Stetea Manbal To the Hon thorn district
X llllnui. ,n,
'I' :,
lallam I Ismll W
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I av timm, ae-M H av, ! H mw, a.
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ut him tMinniBil to to bur tomo oihr bo
claims to b luot as good, aeta-A. ana toobuta :i
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DhltM a muk saon aatstom. -
. i . . "
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()oiirh.w Lum
am-ui. U-w. rut khuum. u.tinsbi (
ibauvMU-m, timm WMkv ud ftlt Um mnt
mUn of lam Swauck oad bommm. lac mi bmuftltu t
l at Um SWMMk oad Bowalt. Mb mm imnfg
TKt) rm1ti.mmfr4mi4 bsyat orn torOowm, avWrdoaa 4
jiinaiav Kamrmcimttny.i9. i
ttnf tkaai tor 1 UM, asl than kavs tbofa ie-
mra airain. i sraA a KajJiuu. VUttaV i
1 haa asade la dltaaae of
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