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Th A.lama Htivam
uuder obligation to it for the very latest papers
, Irom the eastern cities.
The American Express Company has onr
J thanks for He dally favors in the shape of the
. err latest eastern papers.
' , Council. Phociedihoi. The City Council
met, last evening, and reoelved the report of the
. City Solicitor on the bill of William Baud in
.the esse of Simon Fought e. William Uaiid.
The Solicitor gives It as his opinion that the el
tv is In no way responsible for the bill. The
" 71
report was ordered to be filed. . i
By resolutions offered by Mr. Btrruta and
adopted, the City Civil Eogineer was direoted
to prepare the necessary plats and estimates
for constructing a sever on Fourth street from
.Rich to Stato street; for extending Spring street
' sower from Front'slreet to the north side of
Long street eewer ; and for the extension of the
Peter's Run sewer.
An ordinance was Introduced by Mr. Butlm,
. and read the first time, for grading and paving
" the sidowalks, gutters and crossings, and for
grading and macadamising the roadway of High
streot from the north line of the city to the north
side of Mound street. '
Mr. Ebirly presented the petition of John
Jacjbj, stating that tho Colombia Hook and
Ladder Company were Indebted to him In the
sum oi $66 37, and that to secure himself he
was competed to seize upon their hooks, lad-
. ders, 4.0. , and asking the Council to purchase
the same for the use of the cltv. Referred to
the Committee on tho Fire Department.
By a resolution offered by Mr Riur.and adopt-
' ed, the President of the Council was authorized
, to issue the note of the city to Messrs. Silsbt,
Mtndihs It Co., of Seneoa Falls, N. Y., for
4.500, for the Steam Fire Engine recently re
! celved, payable in one year with six per cent,
Mr. BuTTLia effered a resolution that the
broken stone now belonging to the city be dlvid
ed by the Polloe Committee equally among the
different wards, and that the same be removed
by the Street Commissioner, under the direction
of the said Committee, as it may be called for
by the Committees of the different wards Re
ferred to a Committee consisting of Messrs.
B otitis, Douty, Ccmctock, Ebirly and Stack
ing. Adjourned.
Ths Atlantic Monthly fo FissrjAar. The
first article in this number of the Atlantis is on
"German Universities,' embracing an account
of the study and government in the great and
renowned institutions ot learning in Germany.
The interest In the "Professor's Story," as it
draws toward the close, increases. It has al
ready been published by Messrs. TicknorA
Fields, of Boston, the publishers of tho AtUntie,
in book form, under the title of "Eliii Vcnnib,
.a Romance of Destiny."
The third artiole in the March number of the
AtUntie is on "Gymnastics," in whichjthe claims
"ot the art of generating firm rausole and strong
nerves are ably vindicated. The old notion that
there is a necessary connection between a sound
body and a sound mind is not yet quite obsolete.
The poems in this number are "Land Look'
ed" and "Be'uiud the Mask." The latter oon-
" tains a beautiful thought beautifully expressed.
"Two or Three Troubles" is a very pleasing,
lively stoT, the first installment of whioh is
given in this number. "The Harbors oi the
Great Lakes" forms an interesting supplement
to the ' article on 1 'The Great Lakes" la the
February cumber.
"The Man who Never was Young" tells his
own story, and cannot fall to find many sympa
thizers among those who have had a similar
sad experience. What a warning to those who
undertake to train the young, Is contained In
the words with which the narrativo closes
"Wo to the Mm who has had no Youth."
.' The remaining articles are "The Men of
Schwyz"; "A. Nook of the North," and "Dia
monds and Pearls." The last is a historical
. disquisition, containing lively and interesting
sketches of the most noted diamonds and pearls
in the world, and those most distinguished for
" wearing such costly ornaments. '.'
"Reviews and Literary Notices'1 close the
.Atlantic for March, which, taken altogether, Is
inferior to none of its predecessors, and this Is
saying a good deal where so great excellence
has been heretofore attained.
CMr. R. F, Watieton, Superintendent of
the Cleveland Industrial School, gave an exhi
bition with twenty of bis pupils, at the Hall of
the House of Representatives, last evening.
The exhibition was a creditable one. Messrs.
J. A. Foots and IIaevit Rice, ot Cleveland,
gave an account oi the organization and history
of the Industrial School of that city. It takes
' the children who eannot be got Into the common
Sohools, and by providing for them a substantial
dinner, holds out an Inducement to keep them
in school or at work all day. At the close of
the meeting, thanks were tendered to Mr. Wa
tieton and his daughter for the exhibition of
the results of their experiment, and to Messrs.
Foots and Rice for tho explanations they had
ET It Is certainly cot very pleasant and in no
way very creditable to our city to not the fact
that the polloe were busy on Sunday last la er
resting persons for disorderly conduct, and that
on Monday morning, the Mayor's offlcs was
crowded with these offenders against tho law
and good moral s. Most of them, wo learn,
paid their floes; but the payment of a fine or
serviee on the chain gang is but a poor oompen
atlon to society for the Injury ioflioted by an
evil and vlolous example. Some of our young
men, we understand, are occasionally implica
ted in the proceedings before our Polloe Court
W hods these cases are few and rare, and that
wo shall hear of them no more. : ""
Court or Common Flias. In tho ease ol
SiioLD ts. Oaoss l at., on trial yestmday, a
verdict has been rendered for the defendants.
i The Grand Jury are still in session, but oxpect
to fiuien tneir labors this evening, or to mor
row morning. (;( , n . .
' lit
IimsisTiNO. If houaekeepers really under
Stiod the grant difference that exists between
mnerens oranos or oaieretue, as to quality
purity, and consequent reliability and bWthfoi.
ness.tbey would uot long be without the best
that is manufactured. Ds Land & Co. 'a Sale
ratus costs vou no more than eov of the inferior
articles which are in market. - He is ulog a
new process of reflnins Ssleratus, by which all
Impurities are removed. This process Is In use
at no otber establishment in this country. Th
quality of the Saleratus produced by this pro
cess is very superior, ana it is last becoming very
popular with intellisent housewives. Di Land
6VCo.'s 8aleratus Is for sale by most grocers and
storekeepers. . Manufactured and for sale, at
wholesale, at Falrport, Monroe county, New
v. m principal grooers awo wnoieeie;il.
Arrivals and Departures of Mails.
Halls tor New York City, Bolton, Albany,
Pittsburgh, etaubenvllle way. Cleveland, Zanesville,
Newark, Granville, Washington City. Baltimore, Phila
delphia and MewOrltani, close dally (Sundays except
ed) at 7 o'oloek p. ni.
A through atall tor New Tork an I Cleveland clotei
dally (Sundaya excepted) at 1 o'clock p. m.
0. 0. k 0. B. K. way stall closes dally (Sunday! ei
septed) at 1 o'clock p. m.
Central Ohio Way Mall closes dally (Sundays excepted)
at 1 o'clock p. m.
Cincinnati way Hall olotes dally (Sundays exoepted) at
1 o'oloek p. m.
Chicago, Dubuque, Delaware, Marlon and Worthing
too Hail eloees dally (Sundays exoepted) at 1 o'clock
p. m.
Mails forXtnl. Springfield, Dayton, Toledo, Cincin
nati, Indianapolis, XoulsvM. Bt. Louie, and Detroit,
closes dally (Sundays eaoepted) at IU p. m.
A thraurh mail to Xenla, BprlDifleld and Cincinnati
aloaaadallv fgnndavt excepted) at 1 o'oloek p. m.
Urbaaa, flqua, Ttnin ana union uiiy meu oiowe oauy
(Sunday excepted) at 7 o'oiooa p n.
Laaoaattr. Lowan. Nelsoovill. OiroleTille, Ohllllcothe,
Portsmouth, Washington, 0. H-, Athene, Marietta and
Hllliborouih.'ttalls close dally (Sundays excepted) at7
o'clock d. m.
Xaat wav Mall by National Road to Zanttvllls, eloaei
da It (Sundavt excentedl at 11 o'clock a. m.
namsDurgti alalia eioae iiauy (ounaaya exocptea; at i
o o lock p. m.
Alt. Vernon Mall, br wav of Wesfervllle and ftanbury.
Oloees dallv fSnndav executed) at 1 o'clock p. m.
humid Mall clotei saliy(Hunuayi excepted jai i ocioci
Malla from Mew York. Beaton. Phlladelohla. Albtnv,
Pittsburgh. Cleveland. Dayton. Toledo. Xenla. Detroit,
Springfield, Oinolnnatl, Chllltcotbe. Bt. Louts, and all
. ana o clock a. m.
Mailt from Indiananolla. Oblcaro and Dubuaue. arrive
a :w a. b.
Malla from Waahlnaton Cltv. Baltimore. Wheellnr.
ZaneiTllle, Newark, BlaubenTllle, Mt. Vernon, and the
. U. B. a. way Uatl.arrlTe at o'clock p. m.
Way Mall from Cincinnati, arrtvee at 8X o'oloek p. m
Lancaeter Mail arrlTea at 3K o'clock o. m.
aet Way Mall over the NaUooal Boad. arrives at 11
o'ciocs am.
Mt. Vernon way Mailaniree at 11:00 a. m.
Mall from Dublin arriTee at 8 o'clock p.m.
Urbane Way Mall arrlree at 8 o'clock p.m.'
Herriiba gh Mali arrlvee at 11 o'clock a. m.
Office deliTerv onen ever dav (eacCDt Sunday.) from
1i o'clock a. n. to S o'oloek p. m. Open on Sunday,
rrom in to V o clock In the morning, and from 0 to 0 In
JOSEPH DOWDALL, P. M. Rail Road Time Table.
L ITT lb Mum k. OoLoxttii k. Xima H B.
9.15 P. M.
J 30P. M
9.45 A. M
1.40 P.M.
I:J0A. M.
Accommodation....... 0.10 A. M.
No Six S.30P.M.
Night Express ...8.45 A.M.
Xxprsat and Mall 3.00 P. M.
Night Jixpreat 3.U5 A. M.
CnrnuiOmoB. B. ,
Ixpram Train 1.00 .. M .
Mall Train B.40 P. M.
8 30 A.
9 SOP.
PimsDxeB, Ootcmoi k Cuicwsati B. B
Xxpnee Train 3.00A.M.
Mail Train S.tuP.M.
9.30 P. M
8:80 P. M.
OoLomne k IrouXANUt B. B.
lOolumbut. Plqua St Indiana B. B.J
Bxpreta Train 8:10AM.
Bxpreat Train ICiSP.M.
11:10 A.M.
Who will suffer from Foul Humors. Sores, or
Disease of the Skin, when such certain remldies
aa MoLsan's Stsinotaiko Cordial and Blood
Poairiia, and McLean's Voloahio Oil Lini
ment can be so easily obtained. The Cardial
will purify the blood thoroughly, and the Lini
ment will cure any sore. Bee the advertise
ment. . ...
Gdiansbt's Balm Will, as certainly as you
apply it, cure Neuralgia, Rheumatiim, Ague in
the Breast, Burns, Scalds, Fresh Wounds of any
description, Bites of venomous Reptiles and In
sects, Salt Rheum, &o. Price 25o. a bottle.
O See adrertisement of Prof. Millie's
Hair Invigorator in another column. ,
Stimulating Ougueut.
For the Whiskers and Hair.
The eubacrlbera take nleaiura In announcing to the
Oitlsana ol the United Stalea, that they hare obtained the
Annex for. and arc now enabled to offer to the American
publio, the above juttlvooltbrated and world-renowned
article. The
a .
prepared bv Da. 0. P. BELtlitQHAM. an eminent
nhytlciau of London, sad is warranted to bring out s
IMCR set or
. Whiskers or a Mustache
In from three to tlx weelct. This article It the only one
of the kind uaed by the I rench, and In London and Pans
it is in untrertal uae.
It la a beautiful, economical, soothing, yet stlmnlatlne;
compound, aoUnt aa if by magie upon the roots, earning
a beautiful growth of luxuriant hair. If applied to the
tcalp, It will our aiUMim, and cauie to iprlng up in
place of the bald tpota a fine growlh of new hair. Ap
plied aooordlng to dlreolions, It will torn sen or towt
hair park, and restore gray hair to ita original color,
leaving It soft, tmooth, and flexible. The "Onockt" la
an inditpentable article In every gentleman 'a toilet, and
after one week'a use they would not for any consideration
The tubecrlbera an the only Agents for the artiole In
the United Btatet, to whom all ordera mutt be addrateed.
Price One Dollar a box for aala by all Druggtite and
Dealer! ; or a box of the "Unguent" (warranted to hare
the deaired effect) will be tent to any who deiire it, by
mall (direct), aeenrely packet), on reoelpt of pries and
pottage, 91.18. Apply to or addreaa
" DRcaatSTS, See.,
feb30dat6m 24 William Street, Hew Tork.
to and ruon
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
Ths Montreal Ocean Steamship Company's Brat class
full-powered Clyde-built Steamers tail every Hat
nrdatr from PORTLAND, earning ths Canadian and
United Statea Mail and passengers,
norwegian, , north american,
bohemian, anglo-saxon, - r
north briton, hibernian,
Canadian, - - nova bootian.
StatmceC, Cheapen! stnd Quickest Can
Tcyunce irons
Rates of PaneaKe to Europe,
30. 800, SSO.
Will sail from 1IVKRV00L every Weaneeday,
and from QUBHEO every Saturday , culling at
LONDONDERRY, to receive on board and land Mailt and
Pateengera, to and from Ireland and Scotland.
II rlueta Biaamere are bunt of iron. In water-tight
compartment!, oatty each an expeiieoced Burgeon, and
every attention la paid to the comfort and accommoda
tion or paaaaoxara. At they nroceed dlrtct to LON DON.
DJSRY, tha neat risk tod dilar of calling at Bt. John's
Guugow paatengtrs are furnlihed with rartniaaan
uww w mju mn iMiuuouuerry. ,
tu'urn ucaeis granted at reduced ratea. -
Certiftcatee issued for oarnlna to and hrlnrlnv ont naa.
Hng.rt from all tha principal townt of Great Britain and
ireiuu.ai rm nwj oj mis una ot steamers, and
leaving uivvrpwi tij wna. .
Sight Drafts tot I and stpwarda pay,
- lana or wane.
Vor eastaie. anplv tt ths Offtos B3 RRnin.
WAY, New lojrlt, and 19 WaTUH SJX.,
Llverpeelt u , '
. . BABEL k tEABLS, Qeneral 4 genu,
' nolO-lydat SuUtman Offlcs, Columbus, Ohio.
I at Staple Article, will furnish amnlovmtnt to
raw active men to act as agent, tor tneir nouie. A
preference will be given to thoea who are well acquaint
ad In tha district for which the snnlv. .. .
for whioh services they are willing to pay a sal ry
$000 to $300 per year, and Izpsates.
for Invtitetpsrilculaiiaddrsts (
- W. B. MOREHOUaB k CO. ' j
' . . I and S, Xxchanss Plies,
)an30-d3a. -J-l..-. ,. .. . i4rteyfolty( jt. j.
GOLDEFV lIILfc shirts,
All eitee and qtialitia,: Bi)v .' I
atlalitifta: Ktan utiva Birrina
7Tio ' " "v BAIN at BON,i
' , , . , o,EoutiBifgtrael.
[Conclusion of yesterday's proceedings.]
After duwuaaion, Mr. Polk moved to modify Mr. Hemp
blll'a amendment, to that It would read, "all Btatet with
drawn from the Union, the Poitmuter General have
power to dltoontlsua the poatal terries," which was lott
i to 30.
Mr. HemphlU'i amendment was lott t against 30.
' The bill then piawd 34 agalntt lH '
ATta Meaart Anthony, Bayard, Blgler, Bingham,
Chandler, Olark, Oollamer, OrltUnden, Dixon, Doom-
tie, Doualaa. Durkte. Veaiendeo. I'tch, loots, loiter,
Orlmet, Bale, Barlan, Johnton, of tennenea, Kennedy,
King, Latham, Pearee, Morrill, Seward, Bimmone,eum
ner. Ten Eyck, Xhompion, Trumbull, Wade, Wllklns,
and Wilton 34.
Naya-Meters. Bragg, Bright, Green. Hemphill, John
ton, of Arkaneaa, Lane, Alaaon, Mieholaon, Polk.Powell,
Jt Ice and Wigfall lit. - '
Mr. Powell explained that ha would have voted for
the bill to auapend lha poatal atrrioe, but couldn't for
the bill, after amended, giving inch general power.
The muwellaueout appropriation bill came up
The Senate considered the amendmenta mads la Com
mittee of the Whole.
Mr. Greene ofleied Die Ohlrlqut amendment, adreca
ting ita adoption. After toma dlKUuion it waa disagreed
to S3 to S5. '
The amendment providing for a Cuitom Bout and
Foitofflca at Bt. Paul, Minn., waa lott.
Mr Himmont offered an amendment repealing an act
prerentlng the Secretary of War frompurehaalng patent
ed arUclea.
Mr. Peare said It had been rtpealtd, except lha por
tion relating to fln aunt.
The amendment wet adopted.-
A meaaage waa receded from the Home that the Tariff
bill had pawed, apd taking a committee of conference on
certain amendmenta.
After an other unimportant debate, the bill pitted.
The Territorial bill waa made the order of the day for to
marrow. Adjourned. -
The amendment impotlng per pound on coffee,
and on tea 4o., with an addition of 10 per ceat. ad talo
rem, wat rejected 3S agalntt 147.
Sereral gentlemen made brief explanaUont.
All the amendmenta, except that relating to warehous
ing, being noted upun, Mr. Branch noted to adjourn,
which wa rejected. lis then moved to table the wars
boute amendment at a tett yoleon the bill. Loit 3
again, 1 101.
au the senate t amendments, excepting that taxing tea
and coffee, were eoncorred In.
A commltua of oonfercnoe was appointed oa the
Mr. Stanton lucseeded In aettlna hit volunteer bill be
fore lha llouae, which will be the fl.it bnilueia to-morrow.-
Mr. Woodruff orciented a netltlon of oitiieni of Mid
an town, uonnecticnt, tgaintt altering tne vontutution
CSlvtd and oiderrd lo bo be printed.
Mr. Thompson protoiiled a petition In favor of the
uniwoafo uompromito.
Mr. Dixon prtiemed a petition in favor of the Border
Biaie retoiuttont.
The Joint resolution, to repeal the ittolutlon la favor
of Oeoige Usher, wat taken up and pitted.
The Oregon War Debt bill was taken up. and on mo
tion of Mr. Ltne.acoaimitteoofcoofertncawaiappoint
ed on tho amcLdoient of the House.
The bPl for the orKALiiatloa ot the Territory of Colo
rado waa taken up
Mr. Oreen moved that lbs fienalt concur in thsamrnd
mnt of the House.
Mr. Doutlaa onocsed tha smlndment of the TTouia.
The Ilouw amendment wat agreed to yeas S8, nsys
Tha bill to organ'se lbs territorial government of Ra
tafia wat takta up and paesed.
The bill to ormuiit the Territory of DaeoUh was taken
op and passed.
A committee or conferenco waa aooolnted on tha dli.
agreeing vote ef the two Houses, on the smendmentpiao
lng a duty on tea and coffee.
ine rest route bill wat Utken np.
of Illinois, rose to nrrsant a ntitinn ni
520 Totert of Illinois, praying for the adoption of the
peace propositions heretofore submitted by himself.
Mr. Edgerton objected. Mr. Kellogg waa surprised
that any one should be unwllllna to allow an emraision
of the people, while we are beini hurried Into the raO.m.
Itiet of civil war, and the disruption ot the attornment
Mr. Kdmrton rsnlled: Tha rentlcmftn m,M kmimi
the pet itlon under the rules.
Mr Davit, of Ind., pretenled a petition from that
State, tlgned by men of Sll parlies, in favor of ths Crit
tenden proposition.
The Sneaker cresented the nroeeedlnrt and rMnlntintta
of tha Pennaylvaoia Democratic Convention. Laid on
tile table.
The boost took up the volunteer bill.
Mr. Howard, of Mlchlean. resumed hit ramarka fai fa
vor of it, which, he argued, merely gave a construction
to the Constitution already in existence. It iu the
duty of Congress to put Into the hands of tha President
we meant oi performing nil duty, and to point out the
mode In which he should do It. They could not be re
leased from this obligation. Be renealad that tha Vmai.
dent should hare the power to execute tha Oonttltulion
In all ltt polnta. The highest duty of a government,
which datea far anterior lo all onitltuUoa,lt to preserve
ltt existence. .
Mr. Pryor said It wis tha purpose of lha dominant par.
; plslnly manifested and openly avowed, to drive
tnrougn tne Din by we pressure or an Irrepressible rule.
Aa thia waa a foregone oonelGslon. ha honed It would
patt at once, to tha end that the people of Virginia and
the South may be aroused to the perils which menace
their destruction. Ht defiantly challenged them to as
tame the attitude of hoatiliiiti, corresponding to their,
bloody detlgna. He knew the Republican party are re
solved never to recognize tha Independence of seceded
Btatet, nor to turrender the control over tha captured
fortt. In short, they are resolved to permit tha South no
no other alternative bat submission or suhjufrstlon.
Mr. Cnrtlt laid that Mr. Pryor had Indulged In a sham
of declamation and denunciation, timilar to that of his
oolleague, Mr. Bocock. Tha Kepubllcans were accused
of meditating coercion, when everything they had dona
and aald had no such bearing. The gsntleman expressed
the hops that the bill would speedily past, for ths pur
pose of arousing Virginia and the South.
lie aid not tnui ineu to reason, to the Ml! or to Con-
great, but to tha Convention of Virginia and to tha as
semblies ot the Boulh, who art taking action against bit
own mother country. The gentleman'! own ttatement.
tnatauonreaeracyexltts within the United States, should
Induce us to draw around nt all lha means ef power and
protection we can oommand. If we are a nation, we
ought to thow it. What art the pillars of government!
uooaneta, wiedom and power. There can be no govern
ment without power, and no power without sanction, tht
omission of which weuld be men advice.
The bill now oendlna wat for meant of defence and for
the take of peace. He contended there waa notblna- un
constitutional In the bill, which only extended the pro
visions ei tne existing laws.
The Arkansas Convention Election.
VinBt)rn, Ark.,feb. S5. Arlansu la eonfldentlv
believed to have gone largely agalntt secession. The
West and Northwest, at far as beard from, la nearly unan
Imoua. She ts for co-operation with the Border Slave
f I. Burnt. Feb. S3. Returns from 10 counties In
sontntrn Arkantas, thow them to have gone for a Con
vention, and secession candidate! are elected. It la con
ceded that tha majority for a Convention will be from
four to five thousand.
The Interruption of ths overland malls In Texas was
earned by a party of Indians selling tht ttock, destroy
ing the property, Ac. One driver wat killed.
Atatiraii, feb. S3. Ths taturna from Arkanna art
favorable to holding a Convention. Thua far thirty te
cetiionliti, M conditional aeeeislonleta, and between 15
ana vusubmisslonlstt are elected.
From Texas and Mexico.
Ntw Oslxaxs, feb. 23. The V. 8. property In Texas
hat been quietly surrendered to tht State authorities and
toe federal troopa allowed to leave the state with all
facilities. Ths property telxed Is estimated at about
l 3U0.000.
Tha steamer Tennessee, from Vera Crut.Ieb. 81. has
arrived .
Mr. Pickett baa returned the Consulate, and came a
panenger wiui tne exiled msDops.
The Oonstliutlonsl government waa fait being inooasa
fully reoognlzcd. A circular bad been issued to tha
Ststes to enter Into no mora arrangements with foreign
powers, and reclaiming Ibe treaty making power for the
federal Government. Tne army It lo be reorganised.
biotnu scuemes oi colonisation nave Men arranged. ,
Arrival of the Pony Express.
fT. Kuaircv. Feb. M The California Overland Coach
and Pike's Peak Express Ooaoh, pastsd here at 5 P.M.,
cringing tne following items:
. DtNvaa, leb. xl.lha mills In ths Oregon mines
ara getting rapidly to work, a few warm tune having
giveu a partial supply ol water In tha gulohea. Slatting
powdor and oandlet ara almost out of the market, and
one Is ae neoeisary as the other, aud both art indispensa
ble in tne tnarte ana amte
A large exploring party for the Qtlla and Arltona
country will set out on a six months' expedition.
ine wtatuer is mnu, tnt iron oat of tat ground, sna
farmtrt are plowing.
From the Pacific Coast.
Ths Ariel, from Aiplntall. 16ih.hu srrlvsd with 170
pasaengere and one mil lion dollars in speoit.
. uuajaquu aatei oi me it.o give a tumor that Mos
qulra bad beao defeated, and that Oottago was in the
hsnds of the government. Another rumor eaya that
Moiquira with 4 000 men waa about lnvadir g Bogota.
Tha Bishop of Cardinal had excommunicated Presi
dent Gardiola, wha bad declared tha former aa out
Gaoetl who that J. L. White. It it'll In orison, await
tng aentsnos; bat the impression is. that ha will be ac
quitted. The s teamen garanss and thNeragantett were at Cai
ho, January 3V.
BM.Tlalotg.Teb. 5. The Oharleaton OoorUr un:
Fort Sumter b- Iched forth Its Saucj salute of Jt gun on
tt iMuiug wu viriuaay ,
MorroomRr, Feb 2J. A rasolutlin waa adnntad
Congress Instruttlsg a eiimmitte to Inquire Into tha
pretenieonuiiii n or rublt Lands. -
The oommittaa onpermueut aonitltntloa will report
Wednesday. . , , ..
The following ara tha appointments! Postmaster Gena-
rai,unry r. uietv Attorney General, J. P Benjamin;
uommissiouvra w rrotningwa, W m. A. Browne: M . j.
Crawford and John Forsyth. It It rumored that Mallory
will ss Dvarcwr w ui nirj, -i,
Ksw TosK, Teb. U. Tba United Statea Olrtralt Oeurt
to-dav. In tha ease of tba Indian True Bonds fraud., dla-
tolvad tha Injunction, daaiding that tba Government
wat bound where tha bolder of tba bond reoelved them
without noUci. ot fraud, snd ths Vailed states has re-
rliwM. '
Washington News and Gossip.
' WAsrruniTon, leb. 45-Kr Ltaooln vUlted ths Senate
and House thla afternoon. In company with Mr. Bewaid
Ilereatad oonalderable atlr, and many crowded around
U wtlcoma him, especially u us iiouae. lit tv
but .1 ttm nlnntca.
Mr. Llnooln alto vUlted the Jaitiosi ot tha gnprame
Oourt.tn tha oonaultaUon noma.
A telegram aaya despa tehee to the Department from
General Twlgga announce that ba had surrendered to
Tessa all the forts, ana arms ana munuioni of war In
that State.
WAiaixoTOR, Teb. 90. Despatches to the Government
report a larae exnadllion leaving Galveston lor lha ma
Grande, consisting ot tlx eompaniee from Galveston and
Houston, and two from tha interior. The oblect la de
clared to ba prelection to the frontier In the event of
u. B. troopa being withdrawn. Vol. vord, an old Rao
arer. oommanda the reiiment.
It It pntnmad hire in army otrclea, that Lieut, Sum
ner will ba promoted to tha eommlaiion dishsnoiel
and arandoned by Gen. Twiggs.
Despite exoitlng rumora brought to the city last nlihf.
Mr. Lincoln slept and reeled well. To-day, President
Bucnenan, sir. Stanton, and outer prominent Democrats
called on him. Lord Lyona, and the Mlnlatera from
franca, Russia, Pruttla. Spain, and elsewhere, left their
cards with Mr. Llnooln; aa did alto the Becrttarletof the
various Legislatures.
Gen. Scott. Mr. Seward, and several prominent Re.
publican Senators, vera closeted with him thlamornlng,
concerning oeremonles connected with the inauguration.
At a general Levee given by Mr. Lincoln, several
hundred gentlemen from all saotlomof the country paid
their respect! to him. . --I . -
xnit r. 11., ba visited tne senate and House of Ren-
Mr. Wood, the manager of the Presidential trio, called
to report thla momina to Gen. Boolt. The General told
him that everything bad been dene salt should have been;
that ha approved ef every step, and that Mr. Lincoln did
exactly aa ha abould have dona when ha left Harrliburg
aou came tnrougn via Baltimore.
xniormation it before proper minorities tend nr to
prove that an organised band of aw men have sworu that
air litncoln snail never eleen in the White Hon,a. A
detective, who Joined them, aaya the plan it at follows:
ins enure nana are to occupy a position as near tha Pras-
dent on tnanxuratlon dav as they can obtain: ana of
their number, standing In lha can tra of them, Is to shoot
nr. aiinooin with an air gun. wnen tne crowd of men
aroanu tne etiassln will to nlda nim ai to render detec
tion impotilblc. further dotal la may he obtained to
night, for many reason! It It deemed advisable to with
hold definite Information.
A document e-aa handed to Mr. Lincoln to-day. signed
by a majority of the New Tork State senate, headed by
tha Lieutenant Governor, recommending Mr. Colfax for
Postmaster General. Mr Lincoln observed that this wat
very strong, and that then teemed a very general dealra
In maoy parte of the country that Mr. Colfax ihould bava
imposition inaicateo.
The Peace Convention bat bean in testlon sll dsy Ths
uoui. waa toe most tpirnea wnicn nat yet occurred. Mr.
Ouihrlaand some of his friends necsma to muh nit.
ed that they left the hall and signified their Intention not
to go oacx. ine uenvenuen atone time wat nearly
v,bmiuB up, out uvtior counsel prevailed. Mr. uutnrle
subsequently returned, and business nroceederl. a ,ma
members stated that nl bt setsl-n wat probable. Intra
la no bone of an adjournment totmorrow.
The Government trtms to have made mora than one
"" get possession or null lor. funds In the New Or
leans Mint. Pott Muter Oeneial Hint, on tha 1Q In.,.
drew on Mr. Gulrot Assistant Treasurer of Louisiana,
for 9300,000, but bis draft, like that of Secretary cu's)
Waibimot , feb. SJ The third clauseof Mr Guth
rie a pr .po.uion wai oebaied by the Conferen-s to day.
wiiuoat a vote. A session Is being held to-night.
rJ i, maaiug w come to a consideration on
the subject.
The War Department to day reoelved corroborative
dlspatchea 'hat Geneal Twltgt bad surrendered to the
Ttxn au'boritlM all the Government military property
in hit charge. Seeretary Holt La I dispatched oiders to
rclteta him, but tb-y could not have ariived.
The most tellable report! of ihe constitution of Lin
coin i whlnet it; heearl, Beoeta'yof State: Bates, At
torney Genrrai; Gilmer. Secretary of tha Navy; 0. B.
Smith, eemetary of ha t terlor; Welles, Pott Master
General; Cameron, fe-ireury of tue Treasury.
WtmiioToi. feb. 110. 'l'hedlpaicb,r-,ivd yeiter
day by the r-aoretary of War. Inloiming him that Geo.
Twlggt hid turrendered the mlli'ary nroperty lo the rrv
olutioniita in Texas, was f om the Cnmmissiary of rub-
eistenca, and dated at . lie adds, that as a loan.
the ute o f the Government meina of trantportatl on waa
allowed to take the federal troipe to the seaboard ind
they vera permitted to take 3 or 4 cannon and their tide
The Secretary received thli morning tha document!
from Texas, shoeing that ai early as the 7th of f ebruary
Gen Twkgs was entering Into negotfatloni with the
Teiani for the turrender of the military property.
Col. Noble wat several weekitgo appointed to succeed
General Twiggs, aa Chief of tha Military Department of
i"'.??' " lpPettr had not reached there at the
time of General Twins' surrender. hM
by Government authorities here as one of the most dlt
graceful and atrocious acta committed by Ihe atoestion-
The Peace Conference was in session until ona or two
0 clock this morning. The spirited debate previously
commenoed continued, and during the night proceedings,
many If not all ihe amendment! were voted down, leav
!S"s ,Ub!!nU,1!?t Mr' aothrle'e proposition with mod
IS,. i.TirM "J!' w" In Oommittea of tha Whole,
but it will ba voted on definitely to-day.
RicBMoitn, Feb. 26. A strong speech wai made in the
Convention yesterday by Mr. Moore, of Rockbridge, in
Gov. Letcher'adlitrlct.ibe substance of which waa la
Imical to the right! of Virginia, and tha whole South,
and tut people of Richmond. It wat decidedly Union In
ltt tendency, and eiroagty agalntt tha action of South
Carolina. Tha secessionists posted billi calling every
true Southerner to attend an Indignation meeting
Musio wsj engaged, and 1500 persons assembled near the
Exchanga Hotel, and ttrong Southern speeches were
made by Delegates to tha Convention. Xx-Gov. Wise
7 .J". "" oalw" nnweu. The meeting adjourned
to the SpoUwood House.where mora speeches were made
An attempt was mads to burn afr. M i..s i.,..
kwiiob aemonsrration. a-otten nn hw nmrttmm in thm
fro business and telling iutereeta. , -
BicnuoKD. fab. S3 Tha flAnTatfltfAn ratssakl.J
today. """""
Mr. moora offered resolntlnna Hnn4ina
agalnet further wrongs, opposing tha African slave trade,
opposing ; dlreot taxation, approving the Orlttenden Reto-
uiii, aniiiui wai H men or a eimiiar compromise Is
not adopted,VirglnUwlll be ready to enter Into a compact
With SUch StAtei SS will una tn annh nnn.n.A-.l.. ..j
uT !W 0oDttitncf axeludlng alldisaireslng States.
Mr. Moora advocated his nmnnaitinn .. u.,t.
, f ( , muy nmm IIUI1CU
to by Mr. Gooda. favorlna- aecanlnm ...ij..
We excitement in tha galleries, which were cleared, and
the Convention adjourned. ,
Two Men Killed.
feb. 25. 1 1 ahnnt 1 rvMl-
, - w w.vn VM EWP
day morning, aa three men, named Geo. Bremen, Andrew
farrell and Boyle, were patting a atreet In tha olty of
Carbondale, they wore attacked by a man named Martin
Glnaon. Tha former waa Instantly killed, farrell fatally
tabbed, and Boyla dangerously Injured. The weapon
"" siiiis oowte-xnire. Ho due can be ascertained
for tha deed; aa all the partlet, it is said, were aober
JS?.f ,'ed"Btat being defeated In his purpose
silling all three. Tha murderer passed through here
on hu way to Wllkeibarre joaterday . , , -
Attempted Suicide.
NiaAKI, K. J. Feb. S3. Tha Olrr nnti nn ... tv.
acena of an attempted suicide on Saturday night. A man
and woman engaged a room together, and largely partook
of laudanum; both, however, anrvtvad. ihmih ih.
tuffered much. The man'a name it aald to ba Moora,
connected with tha Zlna Worka, and H nspeoitbly con
nected hero Snd in New-York. Tha woman it unknown.
The oasa appears to be shronded in mystery. Strong
efforts bava been made ts tuppreaa the affair.
XT. aSASNKT. Feb. 26. Mr. Vnit'i nib lnl. f
are wagont, irom Bt. Josspn to Pike 'I reek, passed early
thla morning, being tht first of tha aeaaon. Tba teams
wire In good condition. Weather alear and warm.
Tha California Overland Coach and Pike's Peak Ex
prase Ooaoh pasted atSA. M
Dnrvta, S3 Miclng prospects ara dally Improving,
and qnarti mills will toon ba turnln out ann.i,ir.hi.
iu. raying uiggingi ara now being worked along tha
Hat. .v ..l:.. , . .Li , . 0
. aiuviiunwuiGf auvrw lull Cliy. , ... ,
PaiLintxrRta. feb S3. Yonn A
tenoed thla morning to ba hung for tha murder ol Robert
vrawiora. ne made a tpeech to the Court, denying hit
guilt, but making admissions that ha wai in tome wsy
vvuufVtfU W1U4 UifJ ellBi,ira
KAUIOa, N. 0.. fib. 28 Tha Leililatnra adlourned
yetlerday morning. There It tome talk of an extra
ss.sion, if me events of ths nsxttwo weeks art unfa
vorable ror a compromise.
Bos-row, fab. 23 Iu North "ridge water this morning
a usn named 0' Brian killed hie wila by catling her
luvaiwi-inii aiivmpwi uuiuccessmjlf to SuOOl
Vsw York, feb. 25. Decrease In loans. SG4I 81:
Increase In specie, 1023. 220; decreaas la clroulatlon.
wp vioi ujcrease luueposiia, ejoil.uo. -.
k Xenla R. R. Newsboy would be pleated to Inform
the publlo that the Cincinnati Kv-nlug Tlmee it received
regularly tvarv day. at 9 30 aud 9 14, P. at. Fertcns
can nrocuie them by calling oa ,
feb. 19 dlw-d. h, ' ' . Deaf Mutt.
jan 89 dtf
J. c.
la store for sale by
34 Blateemaa Building.
Magdalen finuth't Estate. -,
tba undersigned baa thla day brea annolnted bv tha
rrooaiw uourtoi srauBiiDiiuuni,uuio, aomtntatrmtor on
the eotat of Migdslent Smith, late of aald onuntv da-
osaaeu. - iiauvit BISHOP.
Dated February IStn, 1HUI. 3tw
X closing np hit old builnesi at ansa, and hone that
all persons having unsettled aooounta on bit books will
glvt trieta unmaaiaia aiteauon. - -
noio - r. hair.
I J agant Blbtxmt, In peat variety ,t - BAIN'S,
1 c - - ., Digs street.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Feb. 26.
fLOOR Recelntsof a.42Sbbli: market onlet and nn
shsnged; aaleeof 7,t00b- a at B5 13(2113 90 f onupeilxe
State; 83 30Cs)3 for extra Btate; 3ia9 lorsu
perfloe We.t'rnl S3 3033 30 for oommon to medium
extra Western, and (300(83 00 for inferior to good
shipping brands extra Round Hoop Ohio; Canadian
Hour dull and drooping; sales 300 bbla. at 5 30-
RYE fLODR-iletdv at E3 KS4 10. " ' '
WHEAT Recslnta of 7.037 bush: marl.et lUady with
moderate export demand; aalea 43,000 hush, at Sjl,2S
S1 So in atoreand delivered for oommon to choice Mil-
wukee Club; 1,K4 delivered for Canada CluD.
RYE onlet at 65(ai68o. . .
BARLEY quiet; salet SO.COO buih. State at 70c73.
CORN receipts JD.ti.4 bash. ; market dull ana oroop
Ing; it let 40,000 bush, at tt'MctSOl) for old mixed wee
tern In store and delivered, 01s for new do at R R
Deoot. -
OATS dull at 33X937 for western Canadian and
PORK firmer for metil sales 330 Mils, at 17,25 for
mesa, i,7 i for prune.
UK Kr dull and unchanged.
CUT MEATS quiet and eteady.
L4RD firm, talet ISO bbU. ttc.10i.
BUTTER In fair requett at 10-SHo for Ohio, and II
Wive rorotate.
CHKRnB ttetdy atvSlluxo '
WHISKY active and firm; aalea 600 bblt at 18c.
COffEB In good demand and firm; 1,000 baga aold
In lots at 1213io; 100 bags Maracabo at Mo.
SUGAR steady, with mora demand; tales 300hbds
Cuba at a'jesxo; sw do . o. at sje
ihulasoko vteiay. nut ouiet: no sales.
STOCKS aet.ve and blsher. Money and Exchange
nnonanrsd. Cb. at K. 1. su; Del., L. a w. ei; ual.
k Cb. 73tf; M B. 15), ; do quoted 33 X N, J. 0. 115;
M. C. 59X; Htr. WM: N.Y.0.78K; Hud. 49; Read
ing X; N. J. 132; HI. 0. scrip t-Sitf; Toledo 33; 0.,
n. u ii liar, m Donue i u. an. w. liar.
Sd bonds 0t; Brooklyn Water loan 100X; Mo.O'tOS;
xenn. 70; Tt nn; Treasury is per sent, notes litt
Cincinnati Market.
ff LOUR Tha trade Indioaiea nothing new. Transao
tlona were for small amounts, at about the range of our
last quotation, running rrom 14,30 to (3 30 loriuper
floe to choice extra fimlly.
w UK AT Is not easily Bad at SI 00 ner buih for red.
or ai WKAil.10 for unite, nut many or the Real millers
have Hopped grinding because of the withdrawal of wat
er fr-m the canal, and ara consequently Indifferent aljut
ouylng There were a few purchases made for shipment,
and tht market thut nominally sustained at 11,0291,03
for red.
CORN In esrlt taken ittadllvit 33c. Buveraof
theiled have curtailed their operation! and consequent
ly raited down tne down the tone of tha market, though
prices ara left nomlcally as last quoted.
0H are In but moderate demand, and Ihe market
is wi-nout ine at tnKo.
baulk nxxi are notti in fair demand, and Dimly
maintained at lat quotation!.
wiii-nx is nrmat Mo.
A good feeling prevail! la ths Drovlsion market main.
talned by a fair enquiry for baenn and I'eady confldenoe
on the part of holders as to other ar'lolet. Prices art
about aa 1-st quoted, but offers to buy are mostly re
trlcted to the figu-ei quoted three day, ago. There
were liberal lalet of nacon at 9Jc for lldrt; and 7','o
lor inoomers; vx, sfiiaiw is in many lnstat,ces aiken.
Salet of mess pork wen made at 8 73 for country
10 87 it tha prevailing flinre, and 1 17 for city packed.
bsii dim as aro auaro Hsu,
LAKO i, m-ctive but very firm at9;.'5E9Wc. Buv
era offer 9o Bulk meat Is held firmly at 0X(a)8Kc
itn. uom., ita. so.
Cleveland Market.
February. 25.
FLOUR talef S3 bbli extra tt SI 53: 133 do at Si 87k
and SO ol.lt rluhle extra red at Sj5 00
DYE VI OU sale SU Kbit at S3 30.
WHWAT tteariv- with aalet of 2 carl red on track at
SI 08 8 cart at SI 07. and 1 car white at 1,18.
iuin-aa-ea irar at ooo
OATS lower; tiiet tear at 23c.
hUTT KR sales 4 bbls at Up; 2 do at 12c.
EGGS aalea Sbblt at lOSlOXo.
from tha Newt ork Observer. 1
At all partlet manufsctnrlna Bewlns- Machine! are ob
liged lopsy Mr. Howe a license on each machine aold,
and ara a to compelled to mike returns to him, under
oath, as to the number aold. his books aive a correct state
ment, from this reliable touroa we have obtained the
following itallstlci. Of the machines made in tha year
1839, there were sold,
By Wheeler at Wilton 21,303
" I. M. Singer at Co 10,053
" flrorer at Baker 10,280
(bowing tha aalet of Wheeler k Wilson to be doulU
those or any other Company."
Awarded the highest premiums at tha
United Statea f lira of 1838, 183S and 1800;
alto at tha
Ohio State f aire of 1850 and I88S;
and at nearly sll tha County f aire In tha Stats.
Our nrlcea. at the lata reduction, nr om Iou at nttv
lock fttcA machine now told, and but a tilde higher than
i interior mo wreaa main men maantu$, now
forced upon the market.
Lock 8tich the only one which cannot be raveled. It
la Auxa on Born Sins of tha a-ooda. leaving u rUnt nr
shainonth undtr.tidt.
AU marjiintt varrantta 3 wears, and iiutrttcUrm
given In their use, free of charge.
It. CHARY,B1 High St., Columboi, 0.
dec3-2awd3m&wCm Pike's Opera Houte, Cincinnati.
JAB. at. M'KEI.
Na. 34 North Hl(b Streets
BH3ARB, E-ro . Eto. Our Stock has been purchased in
Eastern Oitiea during tha Panic '
and onr main endeavor will be to offer Inducementa to
tAHU MU1JSKS which are not exeeled by any House in
the Olty. - dscSA
Superior Oriental,
fine Kanuter, '.
four A cot, (extra)
American Shag,
Bird's Eya, (Union) ,
In packages; alao, Kenlnoky fine cut In barrels and half
barrels, in store ana ror sale ny
febll 34, Btataaman Building,
SheriS's Sale.
James Cherry, Guardian, etc.
llan, Ao.,1
: stal. )
Gideon Yandemsrk
Sale by order of Court.
13 to mt direoted from tha Oourt of Common Pleaa of
f ransllo county, Onto, I will offer for aala at the door of
tba Court House, In tha city of Columbus, on
Saturday, March 30th, A. D. 1861,
between ths hours of 10 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock n
m., tha following described real estate, situate In tha
county of franklin, Stat af Ohio and city of Oolumbua,
and branded and described aa followit In-lot No . seven
hundred and ninety-tight, (796; situate on the north alda
of friend street, aud being tba second lot east of fifth
street, and fronting oa friend street, sixty-two aud a half
feet by ona hundred and eighty-seven and a half feet
pnrta to Cherry alley, being the rull lot of BY;, feet by
lo'ttei- Fpnusa at aja,wo.
robZK-aiaxwta u, vr. tturg HAS, Sheriff,
Printer's fees II JO a by Ed. Davit, Deputy.
A. J. Olark fc Co
- va.
' Common Fleas. -
JD to ma directed, from tba Court of Oommon Pleaa. of
Franklin uounty, unio, 1 will oser for aala, at tba door
ot the Court House, la tha olty of Oolumbue, on .
Saturday, the 30th day of March, A. D 1861,
between 'he hours of 10 o'clock, A. M.. and 4 o'clock.
P. ., tba f-11 -wing dewrtbad real estato, lituat hi tba
County of franklin, and Stat of Ohio, to-wlt: Lot No
8. tub division of out Lot No. 39,1a the city ot Colum
Appraised at EUW.og
tt. W. BUnrHAK. Sheriff.
febOT dtwtw By la. Davie, Deputy,
Pilnttr'efeeit3 00. ,
Sheriff's Sale,
John W. Baker .-.
v.- j " Superior Coari. , i
Joseph B. Btewart, etal.)
to at directed, from lb Superior Court of
Franklin county. Ohio, I will offer for tale at tba door
of tha Court llonse, la tbt aity of Colombo, oa
Saturday, the 30th day of March, A. D. 1861,
betweaa tha boars of 10 o'oloek a. m. and i o'oloek p.
m..the followlnt- dettribed real estate, aitnata In tha
county of franklin, and State of Ohio, to wit: Tha
undivided one half of In-lot No. 83), In iheoltj of Co
lumboi, Delnf tne interest or Nancy Harney in aald lot.
SSwV ' , u'ii'. ,
SX-m m f ' " Kd' '
' ' t'"?V,V:. 1 " ' -:!ru
StreDgthenin Cordial and Blood
The Ctreateas BcBaeslriia The) flsl
" ' AND
ly a Klentlftc and
Vegetable Compound,
procured by tha dbftil
lation of Roots. Herbs
and Barks, Yellow
Dock, Blood Root,
Barsaparlllt. Wild
Cherry Bark and Dan
delion enters Into Its
iVfore Taking" remedial After Taking.
; i ;. Mm. .
principle of each Ingredient Is thoroughly extracted by
my new method of distilling, producing a delicious, ex
hileratlng tplrit, and the moat INf ALLIBLE remedy for
renovating the diseased system, and restoring the tiok.
luderlng and debilitated INVALID to HEALTH and
Will effectually tare
Chronic or Nervosa Debility. Dlteaaea af the Kidneva
and all diseases arising from a disordered Liver or 8 torn
sob, Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Inward Pilee, Aoklityor Slck
neaa oi we Btomaen, yniineas ot moots to the uead, Doll
pain or awimming la tha head. Palt-.tatloa of tha Heart
fuUneee or Weight la the Stomach, Boor Eructations
Choking or auffoeatlng feeling when lying down, Drvneas
orienowueaior uieBKinauo syea. wight Sweat; in
ward Fevers, Pain in tha small of tha back, chest or alda.
Sudden flushes of Heat, Depression of Bplrita, frightful
Dreama, Languor. Despondency or any Nervosa Disease.
Bores or Blotches on the Skin, and fever and Ana tot
unuitana vever.i - -
Over a iriiiuen ef ttvttlea :.
Have been aold during lha last elx montht and In no In
atanca baa it failed in giving entire aatitfaction. Who.
then, will suffer from Weakoesa or Debility when Mr
LSAH o BlBENUTliENinU OOUU1AL Will CUie you 7
No languaxa can convey an adequate Idea of tha hnmev
dlate and almost miraculous change produced by taklug
this Cordial in lha diseased, debilitated and ihattired
nervout tvttem, whether broken down by excess, weak by
nature, or impaired by sickness, the relaxed and unstrung
uigiuiiMiiiuii is resioreu 10 lit prisuno noaiuanu vigor.
Or others conscious of Inability, from whatever causa,
will And McLean a Strengthening Cordial a thorough
regenerator of the system; and all who may have Injured
Uiemselvee by Improper indulgences, will find In the Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
Te the Ladle. '
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
Is a sovereign aud speedy cure for
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, incontinence of
Urine or Involuntary Discharge thereof, falling of tha
Womb, Giddiness, fainting aud all Diseases incident to
There is no Xlatake About it. '.
Buffer no longer. Take It according to Directions. It
will stimulate, strengthen and invlgomte you and cauat
tne bloom or health to mount your ciieex again.
very bottle it warranted to give aaiu'acuoa.
If your children ara aickly. ounv.or afflicted. McLean's
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust. Delay
n t a moment, try It, and you will ba convinced.
Oactiom. Beware of Druggists or Dealera who au
try to palm upon yon aoma Bitter or Baraaparilla trash
wmcn uiey can buy cheap, by aayin, It la just aa good.
Avoid tuch men. Atk for McLean's Strengthening Cor
dial, and take nothing else It It the only remedy that
win purity tne mood thoroughly and at tha aame tuna
strengthen tha system.
One tablespoonful taken every morning futing, la a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chilli and fever, Yellow
rever, or any prevalent diseases, it It put up in large
Price only tl per bottle, or 8 bottlei for S3.
Sola Proprietor of this Cordial, :
Also McLean Volcanic Oil Liniment.
Principal Deuot on Ihe oorner of Third and Pine streets.
St. Louis. Mo.
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
Tnt belt Liniment In tba World. Tha only safe and
certain oure for Oancera, Pilee, Bwelllngt and Bron
chitis, or Goitre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of tht
uuscles, unronlo or inflammatory iinaumatism, Bttir
neas of the 'joints, contracted Musclet or Ligaments
Earache or Toothache, Bruises, Sprains, Wounds, Freeh
Cuts, Ulcere, fever Sores, Caked Breasts Sore Nipples,
Burnt, 8cal.lt, Sore Thoat, or any Inflammation or Pain,
no difference bow severe, or ho long tha disease may
bava existed. McLean'a Celebrated Liniment la a car
tain remedy.
Thousand! of human beings bava been aaved a Ufa of
decrepitude and misery by the use of thla invaluable mad
nine. .
Will relieve pain almott Instantaneously, and It wit
cleanse, purify and heal the foalaet to rat la an inoredl
ly abort time.
Fer Horses and Otber Animals. -
VeLean a celebrated Liniment Is tha only eafe and re
liable remedy for the cure of Spavin, Ring Bona, Wind
galls, Spllnta. Unnatural Bumpa, Nodes er Swelling. It
will never fail to cure Big Head, Poll Evil, fistula. Old
running Bona or Sweeny, if properly applied, for
Bnralna, Brultea, Scratches, Bore or Wound, Cracked
Heels, Chafes, Saddle or Collar Qalli it la an Infallible
remedy. Apply it as directed, and a cars la certain la
every lnttanoe.
Then trifle no longer with tha many worthies Lini
ment offered to you. Obtain a supply of Dr. McLean's
celebrated Liniment. It will cure you.
J. II. JTIcLEANs Sola Proprietor,
Oorner of Third and Pine Streets, Bt. Louis, Ho.
for aala by all druggitt.
ferealeby , . ROBERTS A SAMUEL.
augSS-dAwly " Columbus, Ohio.
nanntaetnrera ef all kinds ef Per-
table and statienary Sltaani Eas
glnea. Haw mill, uriat Atilla,
dec, Ace.
LAXXit BODLSTStatm! tt. at T. MLAKD T Stolen:
UACBIKS CO. Btatmlll! MR AD t OR D ,
tt CO. Btatmtlltl
Our Portable Engine and Saw Hill '
Was swarded the first premium of ISO at ths Indiana
State fair for laC0 over Lane k Bodley't on account of
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
and superior character of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Engine wai awarded at the same fair
the first premium of S AM). -' -
Our Portable Engine was awarded tha tint premium of
V luu at uia rair at mempnte, lean., over aiianuy t uu
vall'l, Columbus Uachin Co'l., and Bradford k Co't.,
by a committee or practical Kaiiroad Bugineert.
f or prlc and terms address
W1LLABD WARNER, Treasurer,
decS-dawlyeoltv ; Newark, Ohio,
JtOS. 1, J, ft and 7 K . BTT AW 8TEKI,
Oiler for sals their celebrated '
!-:.-:. '' ' AND SQ ARE
Being highly recommended by the first Professors and
Musical Amauuraof tbe soaatry, aat v " .
vitii -- -
INSIEOMBVT - - . ,fc , t T !
. . if nAananiavita . I
. " - - FIVKTtAM.
Tn ot futidioaa coatomtr aiay rely apoa baini
plsssed In every respect. .
Xenaaiwarai. vroa a.iaMBVU.
SBUlBa at WIB8TIR, Agent,
estSStlydw... u , :,. Colombo. Ohio.
Ajid Blank-Book BLftaufanttuer, )
taarll-411 .,-,;. . . r . '
A son JAMBS ADflEft BAIN, at partner in nf kasl-
SMi. ahlnh IU.Ii.m.(i.. Kk Mnui-tnd amine tha Arm
Of Rain Ac Son. . P. BAIN. 8 bonlh Hlih St.
,1 Ooltunbns, f th 1J. 11. il.,, 'M
" J?,'gf-?-"-tflyfl- -a I era
ScrpfulaorKins Evil,
js a constitutional disease, a corruption of the
blood, by which thia fluid become vitiated,
vealt, and poor. Being; in the eirculaUoft, it
pervades the whole body,' and may burst out
m disease on any part of itv. No ortaa Is free
from iu atucks, nor is there one which it may
not destroy. The scrofulous taint is vsjlovsly
caused by mercurial disease, low living, dh
ordered or unhealthy food, impure air, filth
and filthy habite, the depressing vices, and,
above all, by tha venereal infactioa. What
ever be ita origin, it is hereditary fat the on
stitutlon, descending ' from parents to oilldrea
unto the third and fourth generation ; " indeed,
it seems to be the rod of Him who says, "I
will visit the iniquities of the fathers upon
their children." , . , ,'.
Its eflocts commence by deposition from' the
blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in
the lungs, liver, and internal organs, is tennetl
tubercles; in the glands, swelDngs and on
the surface, eruptions or sores." Thia foul cor
ruption, which genders in the blood, depresses
the energies of life, so that scrofulous constitu
tions not only suffer from scrofulous com
plaints, but they have for less power to with
stand the attacks of other diseases; conse
quently vast numbers perish by disorders
which, nlthouirh not tcromloua in their natim.
aro still rendered fatal by this taint in the
system. Most of the consumption which de
cimates the human family has its origin directly
in this scrofulous contamination and many
destructive diseases of the liver, kidneys, brain.
and, indeed, of all tho organs, arise from or
are aggravated by the same cause.
(Jne quarter of all our Deonle are scrofulous :
their persons aro invaded bv thia liirkint? in.
lection, and their health is undermined by it.
To clennse it from the system we must renovate
the blood by an alterative medicine, and in
vigorate it by healthy food and exercise.
buch a medicine we supply in i
' AYER'S-V , J"'
Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla,
the most effectual remedy which the medicat
skill of our time can devise for. thia every
where nrevailinernnd fatal melodr. It ia Mm.
bined from the most active remediAls that have
been discovered for the expurgation of this foul
disorder from the blood,. and tha rescue of the
Sstem f front its destructive consequence,
snce it should be employed for the cure of
not only Scrofula, but also those other affec
tions which arise from it, such as Enurrnrs
and Skin Diseases, St. Antuomt's Finn,
Ko8B, or EatsiPELAS, Pimples, Pustules,
Blotches, Blains and Boils, Tumors, Tbtteb
and Salt Rheuk. Scald Head, IUmowoux.
Rheumatism, Syphilitic and Meucvkial Dis
eases, Duoi'87, Dyspepsia, Deiiilitt, and,
indeed, all Complaints aihsino ruou Vitia
ted ou Impuhr Ki.ooii, Tho popular belief
in impurittj of tha blood" v. founded in truth.
for scrofula is a degeneration of the b!ood. The
particular purpose and virtue of this Sarsapa
rilla is to purify and regenerate this vital fluid,
without which sound health i impossible in
contaminated constitutions.
Ague Cure,
ron the SPEEDT cure or
Intermittent Fever, or Fever and A gate,
Remittent Fever, Chill Fever, Dumb
Agrne, Periodical Headache, or Bllloasa
Headache, and BUione Fevera, Inetaad
tor the whole claaa of dleeaaca orlfrliaat
ina; in biliary deranajenatit, assaiaael by
the Malaria ot Mtaamattc Comntriaa. ,
We aro enabled here to offer the community a
remedy which, while it cures the above complaints
with certainty, is still perfectly harmless in any
quantity. Such a remedy it invaluable in districts
where thesa afflicting disorders prevail. This
"Cuke" expels the miasmatic poison of Feveu
and AOUE from the system, and prevents the de
velopment of the disease, if taken on the Best ap
proach of its premonitory irtnptoms. It it not only
the best remedv ever yet discovered for this class
of complaints, but ahto the cheapest. The large
quantity we supply for a dollar brings it within the
reach of every body ; and in bilious districts, where
Fever and Aqub prevails, every body should
have it and use it freely both for cur ana protec
tion. A great superiority of this remedy over any
other ever discovered for the speedy and certain
cure of Intermittent is that it contains no Quinine
or mineral, consequently it produces no quiuiam or
other injurious effect whatever upon the constitu
tion, lhoae cured by it are left as healthy as if
they had never had the disease.
i ever and Ague is not alone the consequence of
the miasmatio poison. A great variety of disor
ders arise from its irritation, among which are
Neuralgia, Bheumatum, Gout, Headache, Blind
net, Toothache, Earache, Catarrh, Atthma, Pal
fntation. Pain fid Affection of the Spleen, llijetcr
tcs, Pain tn tAe Boweli, Coke, Paralyrie and De
rangement of the Stomach, all of which, -when
originating in this cause, put on the intermittent
type, or become periodical. This " Cuss " expels
the poison from the blood, snd consequently cures
thom all alike. It is an invaluable protection to
immigrants and persons travelling or temporarily
residing in the malarious districts. If taken occa
sionally or daily while exposed to the infection,
that will be excreted from the system, and cannot
accumulate in sufficient quantity to ripen into dis
ease. - Hence it is even more valuable for protec
tion than cure, and few vrill ever suffer fiom Inter-'
mittents if they avail themselves of the protection
this remedy affords.
Prepared by Sr. J. C. ATEB & CO., Lowell, Mail
And by Srarrltt and Dealer avaryvbar. .
I experienced Kane and Vernal Pnyilclan, praaeaU
to th atUrotloB of atotnera, bar
which greatly facilitate the proeeat of tee thin;, by aof t
snlng the game, reduolng all uflammatioa 11 1 allay
AUL FAIN andspaamodlc acUsn, ud it
Depend npon it, atolhert, 1 1 will sir net te yoaraelra
' Wa hav ant an and aold this artlrla fn .m.
what w hav never been able to eav of any other medf.
anus, in ariaui a uukb, tinea tUaaly aacd. Nev
er did wa know aa iastaaoe of diataUafaetton by aay ana
who need it. On the contrary, all are delighted with Ita
operation, and tpeak In terns of coaamowialioa af Ita
magloal Beela and medical virtue. apeak ia thl
matter "WllAT WS DO KNOW;" after ten yean' expa
almost every Instance where the Infant suffering froa
pain and axbanttlon. relief will ba found la Alices er
twenty munte after theSyrap w adatototeieih - -'
Thl valuable preparation It tht braeertptfon ef on of
the moat KXt-SHIKNOaDaad SJUubrtfl, NUB.8 la
New Knyland and ba been I ml with NiVKg, IA1L
IN BUCCBSS In i. a y
Itnotonly rtllevta the child from pain, oat Inviror
atet theitomtch and bows Is, correct aoidlty, and Srt
too and energy to the whole tyittm. '. It will anaoat la
atantly reliev
and overcome con vulsion, which. If not tneedlly rmr
dled, cod In death W bellete it the BKeT and snaV
8T RMDV IN THB WORLD, t. .11 r!..
tt aritea rrom teething, or from aay her cans.- Wa
would aay to every mother who kt a ahlNlearerlng from
any of the lo-iernli g no.Blelt 1H NOT Llr rOfJ
aiaort between yon and your Suffering child, .tad tha re
lief that will be 8DKK ye. ABSOLUfSLT SUatl lo
follow th at of this medicine. If timely used, fall d
revtinns for aala will aceompany ach bottle. None
Senaine aolcuthe faceimile of tUKUSSt ft SKINS,
lea York, tt on the ontsli snapper,
old by ail DruarauarMMbeiit la World, j V 4
Prl cloal Office, 13 Cecljir Straet N.Ya
(WMVT i1wtv. --
- ' -' ., ' i v ,.,!'
gos.it f ARM, Ihe aodivild half uf BTOSB SHI1LD.
INa No. SS. North Uiiib Street. Corar li.gl. itresi i awl
Lynn Alley. If sot disposed of by th hi af Artk ta
Btorawill be for rent. . , ... ,0 , ,
... . 1 AIiBO, L ! ;. r-i 'i I V
, aa tba same terms, or Tor deslrthl OTTT PRr)PTT
M, uv,hl llnrh n HUll V . ' . i .
"... uuuujiaiaa.
. . .' , , , ALSO.
Twenty very desirable BtJILUINOS LOTS aituatad
aruhi.rf..lM.u m .l . wiHaiw a
: Tr"Prmsloanll,,nrl..-. Wl"

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