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SI) l)i0 SMjcsmttti
Tbe Adams Exprew Company placet ut daily
trader obligations to It for the very lattat papert
trom the eastern cities.
Tho Arrterloan Express Company hat our
thanks for itt dally favort In the shape of the
very latent eastern papers.
Court o Coiihoii Pleai. Yesterday, In the
case of Hamwmld v. Born, tbe Jury returned
a verdict for the plaintiff, awarding him about
440 damaeet. . The defendant filed a motion
for a new trial under tht code. .
Id the case of Ltoo t. Wymdcr, on appeal
from tbe docket of a Justice of the Peace, the
Jury returned a verdict la favor of the plaintiff
for $37 50 damages Motion by defendant for
a new trial.
The case of FoasstAN v. Williamson Jury
trial Wright and Swathe, Jr., for plaintiff;
Noblr and Hasan for ' defondant--was com
menced tbit morning.
The Court are holding sessions, after night
fall, every evening tble week, In order to olear
the docket of a mass of buslnest which, for
wantof time, bis (alien in the rear.
PaoBATE Com Criminal Teim The fol
lowing petit larceny caset have been disposed
of at follows.'
State . Charles Wabhino-ton Plea, not
guilty Jury tiial, Verdict, guilty; Sentenced
to a fine of thirty dollars and costs, and fifteen
days In duDgeon
Stat e. Guerdon Fuller; Motion for new
trill overruled, and defendant sentenced to a fine
of thirty dollar, and costs.tnd to
aayt oi jjii laoor.
Tk. rnrf 1ia.1 Ilia nominal Tarm for I
March, 1861, this morning, after a session of I
. 1 3 . 1..W I
two osys ana a nan.
Break in the Chain-Uano. a .break was
made yesterday in the chain-cans- under the
charge of Joseph Hollenbaoh. A New York
pickpocket, by the name of Coar, obtained
leave of absence for a few mlnntes, and then
broke off his Irons and took to his heels. But
Hollenbaoh, who had suspected bis object and
watched him eloselr. immediately started in
pursuit, and, after chasing him through differ
ent streets and alleys, found him at last nnder
tome straw, In' a stable The fugitive, was
taken and safely locked up. Four others on the
chain-gang effected their escape during the
chase after Conrj who is regarded at a tort of
prince among scoundrels. All' the fugitives
were ro-taken last night.
Shipment or Wild Piocoha. Between Janu
ary1 19 'nnd" Match 6, thtfr.) wef ehlpped from I
it 1 i' it. A j ij ' -i7 1
IU1H poluf uy lUU tiuctTAVttu tjuu Jiunuti MALiitjnD
i-i I,. ia4H.A A sand Ihaasi htttela All
wild plgcona, each barrel conUining about four
hundred making a total of J61,20u pigeons
Ladik,' Festival, Social and Musical, at tbe
Secoud Presbyterian Cbureh, tbit (Thursday)
evenlocr. "The season' for evening festivals it
nearly over;thereforei improvethis opportunity.
ILTThe Governor's Guards, with a band of
music, called last night at the residence of their
Captain, CHaaaow.) anil eorenaaeo mmiu uoa
or of his birthday.
ID" The Board of County Commissioners ad'
jonrned this morning- . ..
Couans Ths sudden changes of our climate
are sources of Pulmonary, Bronchial ana Astn
matio" Affections; Experience having proved
that almnla remedies often act speedily and
certainly, when taken in tbe early stages of the
disease, recourse should at once be bad to
Broum'e Branchial Troche," or Lozenges, let
the Cold. Couifb. or Irritation of the inroat De
ever so alight, as by this preoantlon. a more se
rious attack maybe effectually warded off
Pnhiic Snniknra ani Singers will find them ef
fectual lor clearing and strengthening the
voice. See advertisement.. For tale wholesale
un,t rot.il. h Rohorte & Samuel. No. 24 North
Hii.li tmft. S. Samnel A Co.. No. 85 South
High street- . . ..
HTMada Demobest's Bprlog Pattern!, just
received by Miss C. E. Teed, No. 81 High
street ; also a new system of drees outtlng taught,
and warranted to give entire satisfaction.
Arrivals and Departures of Mails.
Halls for New York City, Botton, Albany, Boffate,
PltUbureh, fcteubenville way. Cleveland, Zanerrille,
Newark, aranrllle. Waahlnston City, Baltimore, Phila
delphia and New Orleans, elote daily (Sundays except-
A tirouiih mall for New York and Cleveland closes
dally (Bundaya excepted) at 1 o'clock p.m.
Central Ohio Way Mall clears dally (Sundaja excepted)
.A 1 .UlAnlr n M.
Cincinnati way Hall cloaca dally (Sundays excepted) at
iki..P nVhimn. Tjelawara. If arion and Worthing'
ton Mail cloaca daily (BunUajrs aoeptad) at 1 e'clock
"'ul'ii. .,.-ri flnWnirAeM. DaTton. Toledo.' Clncltt'
nail, Indianapolis, Loutavll Bl. Louis, and Detroit,
.ti. Mnnrf&va AvMDted at 7H V. m.
A through mall to Xenla, SpringHeld and Cincinnati
tloeea daily (Sundaja exoepted) at 1 o'olock p. m. - -Urbana,
Piqua, limn and Union City mall oloses dally
(Sundays ewsepted) at v o cicob p. w.
1 i ,JT Ninnilie. Olmlaville. CbiUlcothe
Pommoath. Waihinaion. C.H.. Athena, Marietta and
Hillsboroanh, mails close daily (Sundays exoepted) atH
Xaat way Mall by National Bond to ZaMsvllle, elosei
dally (Bundays exoepted) at 11 o'olock a. m.
Harrta burgh Malls loso daiky (Buodaya excepted; atl
ktt. Vernon Mall, by way of Weatervllle and Bttnbnry,
l -m j.n aM,nteit) at 1 oVlOflk D. IB.
Dublin Mall eloaes dally (aundfjs sxoepted)at 1 o'clock
- w.M. rrnm Nw Tnrk. Boston. Philadelphia, Albany,
Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Payton, Toledo, Xenla, Detroit,
SnrinHUid. Cincinnati. ChllliooUie, St. Lculs, and ell
Southern cities, arrive between the hours ot 8 o'olock p.
an mwA A aVImb1 fa. Ffl- '
Malls from Indianapolis, OhlesfO an! Dubuque, arrlvs
tft.jn. m. . .... ... . .l: til
Malls from Waahlnrton City,: Baltimore, Wheeling,
Caneovtlles Newark, Bteubenvillo, Mi. Vernon, and the
0. O. B. K. way Mall, arrive at 8X e'clock p. m. i
Way Mail from Cincinnati, arrlTes at 8 o'olock p
, uimiIm Mall ftpvfVM at3t a'alock B. M.
Bast Way Mail over ths NaUonal Koad, arrives at II
o clock e. m ' ''r"T
Mt. Yernon way Hall arrives at 11 :00 a. m. .;
Mail from Dublin arrives at 8 o'clock p. m. '
TJrbana Way Mall arrives at o'olock p.m. ,
ti i.u.v, M.n rriM . 11 a'Alocka. m.
iun rt.lin.r mm mr dav feiceot BundaV,) from
7X o'clock a. m. to 8 o'clock p. m. Open on Bnndaye
from 1HU o'clock In tho moraine, and from 3 to 8 In
Rail Road Time Table.
imij Miawi Ae rlAt .nifana Ac X'BMTA E. R.
::(. U . i .,. : . ; Leaves.. ' Arrives.
Aooommodatlon (.10 A. M. 9.15 P. M.
No. 8 Ki fl.M P. M. . . 2.30 P. M.
Htghtlxprees .J..8.4JA.M. S.iSA.M.
Clsvblahb, Colohbob It OiMcnnrATi R. R.
RTDrtN and Mall.. ;;..,S.OO P.M. ' ' 1.40 P.M.
Night Xxprees..... S:Wr A. M. ItfOA.M.
CtDTRALOmoR. R.; y- ; 1 t ....
Kxpress Train. 3.00 K. M B 30 A. V.
Mall Train 8.40 P.M. " 8 80 P.M.
PlTTSBDBOU, 00t,0rt It OlBwnrNATI . B. V : ' '.T.i
Kxpreu Train..'........-. 3:00 A. M. 9.30 P.M
Mail Train . P. M. 8.80 1. U.
' flOUllBOSltIIUWAfOUlR.B.. ;
Oolumbus, Piqua Indiana St. M.J .
IitpreeiTraln., .........i S:19 A.M. . 11 le A.M.
U.lireaa Train............ S:f.M, 8:10P.M.
. .11, '
Who will snffflf from Fonl Humors, Soresfor
Disease of the Skin, when moh certain temldiet
nt MoLtm's Stbenotaino Cobdial and Blood
PuRirita, and McLean's- Volcanic Oil Lini
ment can be to easily obtained. The Cordial
will rrarifv the blood thorottchly, and th Lini
ment will cure any sore. , Sot . the advertise
ment,-" .. I , 1 ..- '
ET Bee advertisement of Prof.
Hair Inrlgoratot In another columo.
. Mlixn'l
Notes' Nf Ststxh of Cdttino Garments.
Thlt invention, by meant of varied lines up
on charta or cuts, It adapted to outtlng ladl
dressefl, basques, ouildren'e dreeset, boys' coatt,
pints, and shirts, and in faot, to all kinds" of
garments. It it to simple that even a child oan
learn to nse It In a few minutes, and so aoonrate
that any garment may be made to fit with neat'
nest and dispatch. Thlt It aald upon actual
elimination and trial. The charts for cutting
garments by thit tystom may be obtained of
Mr. and Mist Needles, at the United States
Hotel. .
Interesting. If housekeepers really under
stood the great difference that exists between
different brands oi saieratnt, at to quality,
parity, ana consequent reiiaDiiity ana neaitnial
nets, tbey would not long be without tbe best
that is manufactured. Di Land & Co.'s Saie
ratus costs you no more than any of tbe Inferior
articlea which are in market. He it using a
new prooess of refining Saieratus, by which all
impurities are removed. ' This process it in use
at no other establishment in thit country. Th
quality of the Saieratus produced by thit pro
cess It very superior, and it it fast becoming very
popular with intelligent housewives. Df Lajid
Ac. Co.'t Saleratut it for sale by most grocers and
storekeepers. Manufactured and for tale at
wholesale, at Fairpert, Monroe county, New
York. The principal grocers also wholesale it.
Important to Mechanics. It is ust at impor
tant that you have a bottle of Guernsey's Balm
upon vour work bench, or tome other conven
ient plaoe at It it to have an oil csn, or toy oth
er neoessary article. If you get wounded, use
tne Halm.
Social and Musical Festival.
will hold a Social and Unaleal Feattval, it the rooms
attached to the Church, on Ohapelatreet, on
Thursday Evening, March -7th,
m,, Publle generally are cordially Invited to attend
lotnt. voltaren nan pnc. mo-tu
lU lUU WAIU WnlbllMlM
For the Whisker and Hair.
The subscribers take pleasure In announcing to the
Cltliene ot tbe United States, that they have obtained the
Agency for, and aie now enabled to offer to the American
public, the above justly celebrated and world-renowned
article, ne
prepared by Da. 0. P. BKIXING1TAM. to emfotnt
pnyiician oi London, ana u warranted to pring oat a
thick get Oi
' VVlllSfcerS Of a AiDStaClie
in from three to ill weeka.' This article Is the only one
of the kind need by the French, and in London and Paris
it Is In unlvernluM.
It is a beautiful, eeonomioali soothing, yet atlmnlatlng
compound, acting; as if by magic upon the root, causing
a beautiful growth of luxuriant hair. If applied to the
scalp, it will cure salonem, and caul to tpring up In
plaoe of the bald spots a fine growth of new hair. Ap
plied according to direction!, il will turn iro or towt
hair Babk, and restore gray hair to its original color,
leaving it soft, smooth, and flexible. The "Oiraotirr" la
be without It.
The subscribers are the only Agents for the article In
the United States, to whom all orders mult be addreaaed.
Price On Dollar a box for sale by all Druggiets and
Dealers; or a box of the "Ongnent" (warranted to have
the desired effect) will be sent to any who dealre It, by
mail (direct), securely packed, on receipt of pries and
postage, (1.18, Apply to or address
' Dknaaiars, Stc.', J
fehS0dfcw6m " - ,- SM William Street, New-York.
THEIR NEW SAI.ES-rf."'"'""!
XV. .
N09. 1, S, 5 and 7N. ITJTAW BT
Offer for sals thetr celebrated
and Rn Apr.
' ' I
Betnthlxhlv recommended by the ont Professors and
Hkai Amatearsof the eountry, and
Evmuy .
1 . prVKTXARS.
The moat faatldlona customer may rely npon being
Terms liberal
Oct20;lydw. Columbus, Ohio.
Sheriff's Sale.
Rlckley k. Brother
Superior Court.
Thomas Shannon
i ne dlrmtad. from the Bunerior Ooartof Franklin
oounty, 01 . o, ifUMMmsue .arm
road, on
Saturday, Maroh the 16th, A. D. 1861,
at 10 o'clock. A. M.. the followini property, to wit: 1
Huinf Machine. 5 Plowa. B Cultivators. 8 Barrows. 1
two horse Wagon, 1 Buggy, 1 Gray Mare, 1 Bay Mare, 1
Chestnut eorrell liorse, ana a ioioi niaoaimiiD a toou.
' .. u. rr. uujrvaan, euenu,
1 maroh S, dlOt. By In. Davis, Deputy.
HAVINC. OI THE etls IftST., Pfll
ohaaed of B. R. WBAYKH hil entire stock of Dry
floods, at No. 103 II If h St., with the view of changing
my location, I will eeu uattl tn Drat oay oi apni, who-
out reserve,
Vancv Dreas Bilks, fringes, Buttons, Trimmings, to
Alia figured Merinos, De Lslnes, Shawls and Cloaks,
.: 'ReerardlAlf HI Cfllt I i't
,, - --ip
feMtdlm J ; V P. T.WOOP
,, lor the INSTANT RlLItt
. distressing somplalnt ass
Made by 0. B. SBYMOOTt k 00., 107 Naatau St., N. Y
I race V I per noxi aont tree oy poei. 1
aayt-decwlyls .
rran? stjbscribehs. dealing in
X sa StaDlo Article will furnlab employment
a few active men toaot as agenta for their bouee.
prefereBos will be given to thoae who are well aoqualnt-
ed in ma aiatnct tor whion thev anour.
for which servloss thev are willlna- to Day a salary
oi iron ,: f i-. . .
$600 to $800 per k wear,' and Ixpensss.
to u afnnvTTATtaai . rtr
3 and 5, Xxchange Place, .
Jan30 d3m. ' JeraeyWJIry, W. J.
Rail Road Time Table. Notice.
J. mads In tbe ths officers of this Bank, January 89th,
1HQ1, to wit: WM. A. rLATT, rreament, ana thomas
Moooib, Cashier, resigned thetr offices. Davtn Tavub,
Btq., was then elected President and Wat. A. Putt
pointed Cashier. ...
w. m A.m. B.-J m. TiIbmhIam
tab 5, 1861-dtf. , W. A. PLA'fT. Cashier.
t bit nnmr ui uiti xnwsiiu ti juusyavi
j : v .... fj t.a- '
)B8otf : ,'. j. o. woo
' Eiaoiution of Co-partnership.
rriiiF. Finn or j. n. sniiTU
js. mwisoayuaioiTed by mutual consent.
febftdlaa - " a. q. BRUSH.
I VT All slaes and onaliiieei alao Jtt)i:BT BHIRTB f a
aupenoiBUMie. jwsBie oi bun a. nnM.
lew ne. SouUl High, street.
From Washington.
Washington. March 6. Mr. Chase called on
the President last evening, and expressed bit
Hesitation aoout leaving nit teat In the Senate
to accept the Secretaryship of the Treasury,
Mr. Lincoln urged Mr. Chase to accept it, but
required an immediate decision, at be desired
to have every department of. the Government
niiea at once. Mr. Uhaae accepted, definitely,
the offloe thit morning, and waa present at the
isBoinei meeting at iu o ciocc.
Mr. Seward wat at the State Department thlt
moraine. oromDtlv at 9 o'clock. Ilia son. Fred
eritk W. Seward, who has long been the assist
ant editor of the Albany Svmina Journal, was
nominated and confirmed at Assistant Secreta
ry of State.
Gov. Floyd, Ex Secretary of War, arrived to
day to stand hit trial before the criminal courts
on the charges growing out of the Indian trust
oonai aeiaication.
The Commissioners trom the Southern Con.
federacy have arrived. John Forsyth, of the
Mobile Regiiter, is to be tbe writer. Of tht dis
patches to this Government.
Jeff. Davit baa ordered Gen. Peter G." T.
Beauregard, recently Major in tbe U. S. emzl.
ueer Corps, to proceed to Charleston at once, to
take command of the foroea now raised and to
be raised for the investment of Fort Sumter.
Previous to the 4th of March. Gen. Scott end
others received telegraphio dispatches caution'
ing mem to oe on tbe lookout for gunpowder
plots at the Capitol, in consequence of which
there were dllleent searches b- the nollce of
tne Duildioe.
The report that Mr. Crittenden is to be ap
pointed to the vacancy in the Sunreme Court
it generally believed, but it Is not certain that
toe nomination baebeen made.
The Vermont deleeation to dav called on
uen. Scott and Messra. Seward. Dix and Bates.
Gen. Scott made a epeeob, in which he thanked
Vermont for her Presidential vote In 1852.
The California delegation naid their resnects
to i resiaeoi Liioooin mis afternoon.
Tbe debate in the Senate between Mr Clin--
man and Mr. Douglas wat quite lengthy to day.
id tne course oi dis remarks, Mr. uougiat taid
he did not desire it to be inferred that he sym
pathized with the Administration, or that in
any contingency he and the President would be
associated, lor be expected to oppose his Ad
ministration, on those ereat rtrinolDlea which
separated parties in former timeB; but on the
questions oi tno preservation of tbe Union by
peaoeful means, and tbe settlement of the slave
ry question by amendmenta to the Constitution,
it ne nnaerstooa tne rresident's true meaning.
he was with him.
Commodore Stewart is aoDointed President
oi tne court martial for tbe trial ot Captain
Armstrong. Commodores Shubrick, Pauld
ing, Jarvis, and Root, with eieht Caotaiua. will
compose the Court. The charges againet
Armstrong are: 1st, disobedience of orders; 2d,
failure to reinforce Fort Pickens when reouested
by Lieut. Slemmer; 3d, failure to supply the
rors witu provisions.
Andrew Johnson says publicly he wants noth
ing more to go to Tennessee nponCorwin's joint
resolution. ,;
Mrs Lincoln was to-dav d resented with a
span of magnificent horses, npon the part of
several in ew x or gentlemen, t
Tbe feeling among the diplomatists it that
the Inaugural will be very acceptable to the
European powers. ; ;
Judge Douglas received tbe following des
patch to-day from Richmond: "Is there any
hope! Can we remain in the Union?" To
which Douglas and Crittenden replied: "Yes,
there la hope; stand firm, and ail will yet be
right?" . ..
Mr. Douglas said to day, "The Inaugural
shows that Lincoln bat endeavored to say what
is right, platform or no platform. I defend the
Inaugural, believing it ao emanation from the
brain and heart of a patriot."
Mr. Douglas strongly favors the appointment
of Mr. Crittenden to tho Supreme Beach.
N.B. Judd.of Chicsgo, it nominated Minis
ter to Berlin; and II. M. Krisman, Secretary of
Legation to tbe same post. Joo. A. Karson,
of Ohio, is nominated First Assistant Post
master General.
No nomination is yet made of a successor to
Gen. Twiggs.
The President has Major Anderson coder ad
visement, but the probabilities favor Col. Sum
ner. ' . . " ,
Judee Wilmot and others are ureine S. N
Petis lor Governor of Nebraska.
Carl Schurz will doubtless have tbe Sar
dinian Mission; Burlingame, the other ap
plicant, having withdrawn In hit favor.
A. M. Clapp, of the Buffalo Exprtn, it to
have the Buffalo Post Office.
The Californians, 144 sirontc. called noon the
President this evening. Eueene Sullivan. L.
Stanford and Dr. Robe, a committee on their
behalf, Introduced them to the President. From
.1. - iirt.:.- it .1 . . .l , j
" """""' mey proceeuea to toe resiuence
oi oenator x.atDam, oi caiuornia, wno invuea
them in, and after a toast in California wine to
himself and wife, he made a stlrrlno- Union
speech, closing with the expression of the hope
that all biB visitors would eet offices. Tbit was
received with a heartv concurrence. Thev then
called on Senator Baker, Vice President Ham.
lm and Senator Johnson. Their visit to Gen.
Scott is deferred till to-morrow.
Numerous other State delegations were en
gaged in visiting to-day. General Scott was
called npon to make two speeches in the course
of an hour and a half.
Crawford, Forsyth and Rowan, the Commis
sioners from the Southern Confederacy, are in
Washington, ana, it is said, will make known
th of theif vis,. the tie.id.Dt oa Tae.
d... '
A number of Senators of the late Cooeress
lett to-day among them Ex.Senator Bigler,
of Pennsylvania'.
Ine republican Benaton contemplate hold
ing a eanous to agree on new t Ulcers for that
tVabrinoton, March 7. The War Depart
ment to-day received letters from Mai. Ander
son, dated Maroh 4th, bnt tbey contained noth
ing of special Importance. The most friendly
reelings exist between him and the South Caro
lina authorities. Postal facilities are still open
to him, and privilegeaof marketing to a limited
extent continue. - '..
Gen. Cameron leavet here to-day for Penntvl
vanla. lie bat not yet been qualified, and will
return probably on Monday, la tbe meantime
Mr. Iioit, Dy request, win continue to discharge
the duties oi the secretary ot War.
Jho. A. Jones, of Illinois, wat to-day appointed
superintendent or statistics in tbe State De
partment, ties H. C. MoLauehlln.
numerous visitors were at tbe different De
partments this morning, and many applications
loromce uiea.
The new Cabinet held their first meeting
to-day. v.- - -. s
Despatches trom flag officer Stribhng were
ceived at tbe Navy Department to day. He
Bays that, in consequence of the disturbed state
or UDina.nenaa not, until January 1st, coneid
erea it proper to tend any vessel to tbe south-
ward, me John Adams bad sailed for Manilla,
Siam and Singapore. The commerce of the
United States with Siam, he say, is of consider
able importance, and an occasional visit of a
man ot.war to that country Is advisable. At all
tbt countries around the China Sea and Japan,
the frequent presence of men of war is benefl
oial to our commerce, as well at our country
men residing there. He expected to go north
with the Hartford and Saginaw.
Tbe Mew Urleant i'icayuaeof the ad con
tains Galveston dates of the 26th alt. The
Texas forces under Col. Ford, accompanied bv
commissioner Nicholt,f oond at Bra toe SO soldiers
nder Lieut Thompson, about 30 heavy guns,
ana plenty ot artillery ttores, ammunition, fiao.
Capt. Hill bad previously withdrawn his
light battery, and with bis party wat en route to
Brazos, to destroy gun carriages and movables
there. On demanding of Capt. Hill the tar
render of Fort Brown, he called Capt. Nichols
ana nit . men traitors, and tent to r ort
Ringgold for 900 men. Capt Hill's "men
say that. he la determined to .defend,. Fort
Brown to tbe last, and would not obey any or
ders from Geo.. Twigga to surrender. Tbe
troops are at Fort Brown and in exoellent health
and spirits, lexsa troone were belnir aont
from Galveston to reinforce Col Ford, who wat
at Brownsville.
' New Yoik, Maroh 6. The ateamer Emolre
Uity it tamog in amy stores; provitiont, '
anaooajing witn aispatcn, bavins been cbartei
ed bv the Government, probably for the South,
Port an Prince datet of the 10th ttatee that
bail: William, of New Orletoi, hat btea tolztd
thereat a slaver. o
Disastrous Fire.
Dundee, March T. The second disastrous
fire for this winter occurred in thlt place last
nighti over fifty buildings being destroyed
and only obs store left in tbe town. .Among
the stores destroyed are those of Maltby i
McLean, Groceries, Dry Goods, Ice. Lost from
$35,000 to $40,000, Insured." Hamlin St. Mar
tin, Dry Goods, Groceries and Produce. Loss
$15,000 to $20,000, intnred; their new store
waa also Insured.. . Ilarpending't tavern; lose
$10,000. Ellis's new tavern; lost $10,000,
insured $5,000. Murdoch's, Hardwares lost
10.000. Insured xS.OOO. Caton's, Hardware:
lost about $15,000. The Baptist Cbureh was
also deatrovedi lost 13.000. Insured.. -
A large numoer or dwellings were Durnsa,
mnatlv wooden. Total lost estimated from
$100,000 to $150,000, on which there is not much
insurance. Uulte a numoer ot we Daiioiugs
bnrnt were those which had been rebuilt since
the oonflaBration of December, and like that.
this waa the work of an incendiary, i . There wat
a hfcrh wind at the time, and it wat Impel'
tible to aubdue the flames. Several store keep
ert removed their goods into the street, but
they were all consumed after their removal -
Three or four arrests nave oeen maae oi per
sons suspected of having been tbe incendiaries,
and there 1b ereat excitement among the lnhab.
itants, who are fearful of another oonflgaratloQ
wbioh would lay the whole town in ashes. ..
U. S. Senate—Special Session.
'Washinoton, March 6. Two thousand copies
or the tariff bill have been ordered to be print
ed. '' '
Mr. Wilson moved that when the Senate ad
ionrn. it be till Monday. ;
Mr. Hunter hoped It would adjourn before, as
be wanted to return nomeoeiore monaay.
Mr. Wilson said be made tbe motion at the
solicitation of several Senators, and had no idea
when thev would be able to get done business
Mr. Dixon offered a resolution that tbe nsual
number of tbe Inaugnral be printed
Mr. Clineman, in eiving assent, did not en
dorse the sentiments which must, if carried out,
lead to war. . ' , l
Mr. Douglas had come to tbe conclusion that
it was a pesce rather than a war message.
Without conclusion, tbe Senate went into Ex
ecutive session. Adjourned. '
St. Louis, March 6. Among the resolutions
offered In Convention tbit morning and referred
to tbe committee on federal Relations, wss
one moving that a Convention be called of all
Southern States not seceded, to meet at Nash
ville, on the 15th of April; another, providing
for such amendments to the Constitution as
shall secure to all States equal rights in the
Union: another, declaring that no reason exists
wby Missouri should secede, and that It would be
highly injurious to her to do bo; another, declar
ing that States having onee bound themselves
together, could not dissever their connection at
pleasure; another, that Missouri should adopt a
policy according to her interests, and invite
other Western States to join ber la the effort
to maintain a peaceful, nnbroken Union.
- Col. Doniphan offered a resolution, declaring
that any attempt to use coercion by the Federal
Government would Inevitably result in civil war
and military despotism. - .....-
Virginia State Convention.
' Richmond, March 6. Tbe Convention de.
bated the resolutions instrncting the committee
on Federal Relations, offered yesterday, and ad-
jooxnedon motion of Mr. Carlisle, who speaks
to-morrow. .. t -..
The report of the Peace Commissioners was
Several series of resolutions, of a secession,
anti-secession, and anti-coercion character.
were referred.
The special committee reported that in their
opinion there has been no movement of armed
men by the federal Government, indicating a
purpose of attack or coercion.
Form the Pacific States.
Fort Keabnet, March 6. The Pony Express,
from San Francisco Feb. 19th, has passed here.
No United States Senator has yet been elected,
and it is feared none will be this session.
Fort Point, at San Franolsco, it occupied bv
ll.l,.J Oi.u k.... I .1 .! '
uuiku UUtKQ VUVUI lUr IUB linii MBDB-.-
A report, officially made, shows the fire-arms
in possession oi the State number between 400
and 500 muskets, rifles aad shot nu.eenerailv
out of repair, i i ,., .
1 be 224 was to have been cenerallv cele
brated. .
No newt from Oregon of importance.
New York, March 7th. Tho New York
Herald special correspondent sends the follow
ing: Aew OrUatu Match GtA. Tne opinion of
leading men nere la that Ubase and lilair are
the most ) objectionable men In Mr. Linoolns
Cabinet. . Great confidence is expressed that
Mr. Seward, from hit avowed apposition to co
ercion, will inaugurate a peace police, drop bis
rrepressiDie conflict principles, and Immortal
ize himself. 1 . it i ;. t- r i i' i' -
In the convention the resolutions introduced
to day objecting to the tariff further than to se
cure revenue, as also the securing of the public
domain to the State, are not intended to throw
obstacles in the way ot the formation of a South
ern Confederacy., , . .. ,
Rhode Island Polities.
Providence, Maroh 6. The Constitutional
Union and Democratic Conventions have nomi
nated Wm. Spraguo for Governor, Samuel G.
Arnold lor lieutenant Governor, and the rest
of the present State officers. . The Democrats
have nominated Geo. il. Browne for Congress
from the Western Diatrlot. No other Congres
sional nominations are yet agreed on. The
Conventions have adjourned till tbe 12th. The
Republican Convention meets to-morrow.
Reception of Ex-President Buchanan at Lancaster,
Lanoastm, Pa., Maroh 6 Mr. Baohantn
waa received thit P.' M. by a laree eon course.
There wat a line display o( Military, and the
procession wat teveral sqaaret long. He was
greeted with a national talnte and ringing of
belli Mr. Buchanan made a brief tpeech of
thanks, eonolndins: with expression- the booe
that the Constitution and Union would be per
petuated. .
MoNToonr.tr, March 6 Oa motion oi Mr.
Cnrry, the Judiciary committee was instructed
to inquire Into the expediency of prohibiting
tbe importation of slaves from the Confederacy
into the United' States, except those owned by
persons emigrating for settlement and residence.
Congress went into secret session. '
MoNTOOMctT, March 6. Congress confirmed
John H. Regan, of Texas, Postmaster General,
In place of Ellet, of Mississippi, declined, ,' ,
' . i a J
Fort Smith. Ark., March 6-TaIsoitv. here
tofore ttrongly Union, bat since the reception
of Mr. Lincoln's inaacnral. aaite reversed Its
political sentiments, and the oltizent ooatider it
a declaration ol war. Prominent men , hitherto
Unionists, have advised members of tbv-Corr
vention to go for a secession ordinanoe forth
- - .V -1 r
Fire at Berlin, Wis.
,:7-j ,i , ,
Milwaouc. Maroh . 6 .There waa a lire at
Berlin, Wis , tbit morning, wbioh destroyed the
store of Carbarta at Andrews, Kruse's Hotel
and the dwelling bouse of Mr. Fof'Loss
ju.uuu; iBsurea Bjix,uuut' v ' 1 .v
1 " " : ' i i i af ii 1 i n i . .1 l '
Dmtoif' March 6. At LsnslnR, on tbe re
eelpt of the Inaugnral . yesterday, the Legisla
ture toot: a reoeea to near it read, ana oae baa
drtd gnnt were fired in honor of the eentimentt
ennnolated. " " - '
Alexandre's' KiiGloves.
nlAi AnDEinBROiDEREn, nous
JL QUBTAIRB aad regular ahap Black BldOlovea,
embroidered In white, magenta, parole. Sao.. Uadreaaad-
Kldvltve. aJiaa Kid Ulovet. A eooplete aieerUacnt
et maaocaiooiavvu uiu.u. amaa ivi aw i.y .
fehW . . , tto.8l)BonUi High ttreel,
Laces and Embroideries,'
Y le Collar and Betta. French, Puaber and Thread
Lao Valla, (now patterns.) ValoncMBM. Thiaaa and
Point Lace,- Embroidered Collara, Betla, TriauBfaigi
Skint, i,ao narao ana uouBre. rial binaa Oolltra,
Betu ana unBc.Aunniaiauw uotiara and Cnta in Btt
, ... ,.. 4- v , BAIN At BON, .
febM ,-iit .1 -. No. 89, Boath High Street.
X cloalng a hla olil baalnea, ai anoa. aaa hoaaa
all perton having nntettltd account on bit book
give then Immediate tt,entloB. ' " '
noiu r. AAn.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, March 7.
r ASHES iteady and de-nand moderate; sales of 139
note and pearla.
IIOUH receipts of SUt bbla: market a little more
active and a tlude firmer: sales 100UO bbla at t5,055-
10 for aupeilios Mate, BS.SOtstfXS for extra elate, (S,0S
03.10 for superfine weetera, B3.S0b3,4O oommon ao me
dium, extra weetera i,i5at 50 for ahippin brands ex
tra Bound Hoop Ohio. Canadian flaur 800 bbls at 3'
BIB fLOCRetadyatS.40a4,10. '- "
WI1BAT reeelpts of 98 bo: market qnietand prices
without material change. 40AOO buab at 1 1. 18 1-8 nor Ik
western clob Bl,kS ia atore, for Mil elub t)l,B8 1-9; Win
er red western In store and l,38al 40 for white wtal
srn. , BTB quiet at 88 and 70s
BARLBY-quiet.- ealee of 800 buah at 77o.
OOBN receiptee buah. market a shade firmer; tale
of 5000 buah. at 08 for old mixed weetern ia atoi j 70960
for new do at B.B. and delivered. ,
OATB-dull at 32)033 tor Western Oaaallan and
FORK-dull and unehanved. sales 50 bbls. at B17.13
for bmi and $l8,5t(aUI 76 for piime.
ne Air -dull and unchanged. '
. OUT MEATS-steady.
liBtiu quiet and steaoy, sales sueois. aivxaiu)f.
BUTTER la fair raoueat at lOStU for Ohio ltdUSlt
tor Biate.
OHKH8B iteadvatSAlOWa.
WUI8KV-heav and lower: aalaa 500 bbla. at 17UB
i af OCKg flrmeraad higher moderately aolive, money
ana axenanaed; Oat R I 57; O0Ul; HO30X!
Paclflo Mall 84: liar nreferred 39: M 8 anoted 36: Lto
fcMllwaatec IS, Harlem 1st bonila 9X t Moa 6'J: Va
ot7a;inaHB4; u s O'sei, o Q 33X III 0 scrip T9)i
vet m nuason wmiuiiu Hod ion o: Head ne w.
MB I5K; Oliyalnklnxbonda'S: I 0 bnnda OH, Hudaon
MDOUdetWiH U os 7lfM! Tenn 0 a7x, u b M SI; Uoa
ponaDI, Cotton holders firmer quotations not quota-
oiy oigntr.
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUR remains exeeedlnc'r dnIL at t4 SO far
perflce; and it la thought that purehaaes can eaally be
made at lower flgurea. There are, however, not many
preaaing cflorla to sell, principally for the reason that
minora nave oeen more careful than niual to avoid
erowitlng the market with Iheir stocke.
WHEAT waa a little mors aaleabla today, but no
better In price. Ihe trade amount to very little more
uan me auppiy oi me local trade.
vjun la unvaried In Price, and abont the aame
amount la taken dally by the local trade. io that at nrra.
ent th tone of the market Is varied In unUon with the
receipt. Dot without effect nrehantea In Drice. Ear la
quotea at 3J0 ny aiatlllers; ahelled at 3436o.
va i d ex aeuina-alow t at antia.
BARLEY is read at 70a far nrlma Ml: ova-i. n..
KYIS ia held trmlr at 60a. - t
WBIrKY loat anuther Uti to d.. mA II, m.rk.t
cioaei ouit. Lommtroiai. March 7.
Cleveland Market.
Cleveland Market. March 6.
ILOUR tie market ia aulet anS wlihnni Imnn.l.nt
mlee. " r
WHEAT unlet. Sales of 1 car at ai fin. nJll.
CORN inactive and dull at 3lo.
OATS quiet at S324e.
BARLEY salee of food quality at COo.
PORR aales of SO bbla Mete at 1 10.
SEEDS Olorer ia ataad at B4 mm rtmni,. . ao .
5002.75. . '
HAMS ac StlOnLBERS Sanr canA H.m. ... ..u.
Ingatradllyat lOo, and ghonlilera at 8c.
i-.uub ateaay at iuie.
Philadelphia Market.
Tlocb dull at tS lSU for annarflna. Wm.r s,m
sale of 5,000 bush red at tl,i53l,W; white attl,30Jd
Uoa a-dull; 4,000 buah at5003j. Pbovibioim
uun. wbiikv arm at JlKSlOXr.
Baltimore Market.
FLOOR dull: Howard Bt. and Ohio t.1 OOiaa.f or.:
City Mill $i 00. Wheat steady; red at I,SI,30;
hltet 1,4031.60. Cobb mixed at 5MI57c: valinw at
50301c; white at 062. Paovieioxa-aUaily and nn-
ohanged. .
irfnnnfaclnrerB of sill kinds of For
: table and Ntatienary- Ntnatn En
: i eTlmeat Haw mills, urlat JTlllIe, ,
LANS A SODLSYBtatml B. at T. BUXDYEtaltnl
J. ot. B. SUYALL Btatmtll COLUMBUS-
' ot CO. Btatenl till
, Our Portablt Eoglne and Saw Kill
ffu awarded ths first premium of 150 at th Indiana
State lair for 1-60 over Lane Bodley's on account of
Price, lightness, timplioity, eoonomy of l.el
and superior character of lumber tawed. ,
Our Stationary Inirlne was awarded at th aame Fair
th first premium of 100.
Onr Portable Bngin wat awarded th Brat premium of
siwBi in rairai aiempnte, Tenn. .over Blandy't Da
vall't, Columbus Machine Co't., and Bradford At Co.,
by a oommltte of practical Railroad Engineer.
For price and tormt addreti
decJ-dkwlyeolt. Newark, Ohio.
from tbe Ktw a ork Observer. . '
As all parties mannfactnrlne Bewln Hachines ars ob
liged lo pay Mr. Bow a lloenae on each machine old,
and art a to compel led to mak rata ma t him, ander
oath, at to th somber sold, hlabookt giro a correct etat-
ment. rrom inis reliable lonre w nav ootaiBea tne
following Matntlos, Of tb machines mad In tbe year
WW, there wr sold.
Ry WheeVer At Wilton..... Bl.Sfft
" I. Bt. Blnger At Co 10.S5J
u Orover tc Baker , 10,8tX '
Showing tb talea ot Wheeler fc Wilton to as iaubU
those of any ether Oompany." , , .
Awarded th highest pieiBluaie at th .
- United Rteta fair of UUeViaw aad UfiO
also at th
Ohio State lairs or lffit and 186,
- and at nearly all ah Oounty Vain bt th Stats.
Oar nriees. at th late redaction, are a low at any
lock McA BMchlnt bow old, esd bat a tilt higher than
the interior noo tareoxs autm tnce macMme, bow
forced npon th market.
toea Sticb the only em wbioh cannot be rareled. It
I Auia or Botw Bibb of tb goods, I earing ao rdg4 or
tAortnoa th vndtr.eid.
All macMn tearrantea 3 years, ana iaatritoMoa
livea In their nse, free of ohary. -
a. vaaai.ai ntgn n., uoiamne, u.
decS-ltawdSmatwflr Plke't Opera Hobn, Cincinnati.' ''
..... ry.iIM i.'l'Jl'l
. Bnpsrlcr Oriental,
FlncKaoHten f -'' - I i
" fonr Aeet, (extra) '. ..-U iti
Amerieaa Bhag, " . ,r
... Bird's Kye, (Union)
In nackuu: alto, Kentnoky fine oat In barrsls and half
barrel, uaeiore arm tor eaie ny -
. acaEaaaigniiuji,
febll 34, Statetmao Building
1 BallMtr.
J Nails, Indigo,
1 Ixtract togwood, l
. Backtis, Broonis.Oordeg.
t - y . Herring, Dried frolt, '
for sals by ' ilchSl da RltDTIBAUI. .
mbl. St, North High street
PlOlir! PlOTill :;--,
age aad Baca, for mle by
., . , McKM
MM. High street.
HBItlf AN U SJ A A ort HOPLS, r-.
do de Twinea. -
i BedOwdssAdOaadleWlcfe.
for alt by .,.,, U'EM ft MBTTlATrr, 7
..... ,u ea it . uish Bt,...
94 Mi High Street,
r Dr.J.&HcIEAN'&
Strengthening Cordis il and Blood
Tbe Ureateet Heniely la Tne tvcrlei
v uuaviaa r
ever taken:'
ly a sclentino and
Vegetable Oompooad, .
procured by the dlsUI
lation of Boots. Usrbs
and Barks, Yellow j
Dock, , Blood Hoot,
Banapartlla, Wild
U berry Bark and Dan
dollou enters Into it
AitmimaitiAn . The en . m. m. .
Before Takinsi i-BiiBUOT laung.
principle of each fetredleBt Is thoroughly ertraoted by
my new method of dliUlltne;, proouoinsA oencioua. oi
bllarallng aplrit.anil the moat INFALLIBLE remedy for
renovatlba ine diaeaeea ayaieni, aua rcaiorinir iki.
tufferlns and dcbtllUtsd INVALID to HEALTH and
Wcl.F.AN'" ' HTHt.V'r.THESriNfc COtt
DIAl.' '-.1
': t WIU etrsetaalry ear ' : ' . ' -l
Ohronle or STervoas Debility, Diaeaaaa of the Kidneys
and all diaeaees arialng froa, a dlaortlerej l iver v 8um
ach, Dyrpepaa, Heirtbarn, Inward Piles, AekiUyorSick
neaa of tbe Btontaob, VuIIbmb) of Blood to tbe Head, Dull
pain or awimraine Is the head, PalL.tation of the Heart
lullneaeor WoiKltt In the Htooiach, Sour Bruotalione
Ohoklnn or inflocatiiiK feelini when lying down, Drrnea
orYellowneeaof the Skin and Byes. Night Hweata'ln
ward ferere, Pain In the small of the hack, cheat or eld
Sudden Flushes of Heat, Deprenlon of Spirits, Frightful
Dreaioa, Languor, Detpondeney or any Nervous Diaease,
Sore or Blotches on the Skin, and Fever and Ague (oi
Ohlllsand Fover.)
Over a Million of tteltlcs
Have been sold daring the last six months, and in bo In
ttanoe has It failed in giving entire eaUifwilon Who,
then, will aurferfroa weakoen or Debility when alo
No language eaa convey an adequat idea of th imui
dlate and almoet miraculous change produced by takiot
thi Cordial In th diaeaasd, debilitated and ihattered
nervous tem, whether broken down by exoeas, weak by
nature, or Impaired by alckness, the relaxed and nnatrnnf
organ liallon It reatoted to it pristine health and vigor.
Or others contclous of Inability, from whatever rasa
will find MoLeaos Strengthening Cordials thorough
regenerator of tbe tyatem; and all who may bar Injured
themselre by Improper Indulgences, will fled In the Our
dial a certain and speedy remedy. - - -Te
tho Ladica.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
Is a sovereign and ipeedycure for
Obetructed or Difficult Menttrnatlon, Incontlnene of
Urine or Involuntary Discharge thereof, Falling of tbt
Womb, Glddlneea, Faiuling and all Diseases incident to
Females. .
Thert it bo Klstakt About it."
SuSrr no longer. Take it according to Direction!. II
wlllatlmulato, atrengtben and Invigorate yon audoantt
tbe bloom of health to monnt jour check again.
Bvery bottle la warranted to give satlafactloa
! fOll CIIIIiDltEN.
If your children are sickly, puny,oraflllcted,UcLeaD't
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robuat. Delay
nH a moment, try II, and you will bt convinced.
Gactiob. Beware of Drnrgltta or Dealers who may
try to palm apon you omeDittrorBaraaparUlatraaa
which they can buy cheap, by eaylnf It la Juatea good.
Avoid tneb con. Ank for McLean'a Strengthening Cor
dial, and take nothing elae It la the only remedy that
will purify the blood thoroughly and at the aame lint
Strengthen the tyatem. . -
One Uhletpoonful taken every morning fatting, I a
certain preventive of Cholera, C hi 11a and Fever, Yellow
Fever, or any prevalent rtlicaacs. It It put nn In turn
Prlceonlytl per bottle, or 8 bottlet for .
J.ll. BCbBAH,
Sol Proprietor of this Oordial,
Alto MoUnn1 Voleanie Oil Liniment
Prh cloel Depot on the corner of Third and Plneatrwts,
St. Lcuia, ato.
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
Tne boat Liniment In the World. Th only tafs and
certain cur for Oaneers, Piles, Swellings and Bron
chitis, r ttoltra, Paralyai, Neuralgia, Waaknea of the
Muscle, Unronlo or Inflammatory Rheumatlam, btiff
nom of tli Joint, contracted Mueele or Ligament
Barache or Toothache, Brniaet, Sprain, Woanda, Freab
Oota. D leer a. Fever Sore. Caked Breaeta Son Nipples.
Burnt, BcaUli, Sore Thoat, or any Inflammation or Pain,
no difference howtevere, or ho long th diaeaaemay
hare exiated. McLean's Celebrated Liniment t a oar
tain remedy,
Thousand of human being hav been saved a life of
decrepitude andmlaery by the ata of thit iavaluabl mod
Will relieve pain almoet Instaataneoaaly, and II wll
clean, purify and beat th fouleet soree ia an inoredi
ly short time.
For lloraee and Other Anlnialc.
McLean s celebrated Liniment the only safe and re
liable remedy for the cure of Spavin, Bin Bob, Wind
gall. Splint, Unnatural Bumps, Node or Swellings. II
will aerer tall to cure Big uead, roll svu, rittuia, um
running Bores or Sweeny, if properly applied. For
Sprain a. Braises, Scratches, Sore or Wounds, Cracked
Heel. Oharet, Baddl or Collar Qallt It a an Infallible
remedy. Apply It as directed, and a car is certain ia
very inebtnoe.
Then trifle no longer with the many wertbleas Lini
ment! offered to you. Obtain a supply of Dr. McLean'a
celebrated Liniment. It will cure you.
' - - J.II. McLEANf Sol Proprietor, .
I Corner of Third and Pin Street, St. Louie, Mo.
For aal by all draggiat.
Foraale by B0BBBT8 a SAMUEL,
aarM-d&wly - Columbus, Ohio.
to and ntom
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
Th Montreal Ocean Bteamahlp Company's flrat'Clsaa
fnll-powaredOlyde-bailt Bteamns tail every laU
n relay from PORTLAND, carrying tb Oanadian and
united Btate matt ana pttengrt.
Shortest, Cheapest and Qmlckcat Cn
. vcyaamoe grata
i Ha tea of Faamuta to Europe),
830, COO, eao.
Will tail from ItvKKPOOi. every Welaetday,
and from QUBBEO every Ratarday . calling at
LONDONDERRY, to receive on board and un.d Malta and
Paaarngere. to and from Ireland and Scotland.
IOtha Steamer are ball! ot Iron, In water-tight
oompartmentt, carry each an zpnBced Sargeeew and
very attention I paid to In eomfort and aooomrooaa
tion of peaeeogers. A they prooeed direct to LONDON-
CERT, tb giaat rUk and delay of calling at St. John's
liavoMea. - -
Olaagow pameogers are furnished with rasspaamg
nctata to and rrom fcoBdondorry.
Briars ticket granted at reduced rates.
Oerlitcatee laened for earnln to and brinrtnroBt pa.
sengar from all tb principal town of Great Britain and
Ireland, at reduced rateo, by thia line of steamer, and
Maying Liverpool vry weak.
Sifht Draf te foe Xt and npwarde par
, ,laml ar Vvale.
Tor patMge, apply at ths Offloe. 23 BROAD.
WAY, New Karat, and. 18 WATER ST.,
IABEIi ft KEA&LX, Oactral Agstts,
Or to- ' j; R. ARMSTRONG,
solO-lydAw Btatssmaa Offlc, Oolambns, Ohm
XV BammaUoa and sain, and keala tb worst barn
scald, bra iaa, cut, er freab. wound of any kind, prevent
walling and pais from be allege, mneqnlte bite, and
KIMnon plant, neuralgia, rbeamatlam, ague IB tne
iat, aalt rheam, eto. Wbe taken Internally, II will
potltlvely car eronp la children, nd give bnaMdiat
raueiuauiB wom case oi ina aamnie aamiiaua; awv,
remove boaraeneea and tor throat. Price, it ceata a
bottle. Should be In (very hone, tor al by Drug
gitti and Storekeeper. - IRVINBTONI,
Sole Proprietor, He.' I Spree at., New York
, esttdmwlyl i .
Gents- liaei Shirt: Collars,
rT (sirrcHiou UCA1.1TY,1N oak
J ROTK, Standing, Byroo, Peraignay, Renfrew and
other new
Hemmed Pocket Handkerchiefs. Meek
Tie. Stocks, Street and Brenltig Gbivee, Half Hoe
every kind. Under Uarmenta and all kinds ot uent' ru
nlahbg Qoodt In groat Tttiety and at modetat prices.
.,' ', ; BAIN tc SON,
febSl ., ''We. !9 Sonth High street.
rSLOTBll msKDl..!'.'. .';.;
" -uaiay ruattiff-aii
Ia store for sale by
w. i i - i: 1
; " - W Statenrian PnHdlrg
,' CcPartn crsliipr
anaJAWKB AiuiKKRAlS aa partner In my butt-
BT, Wh U-h W ill bereatl'r re CPniincwia anr iu una
otBaln Sob- u AAIil, Bouth High .
Oolwla,f U,iooi,
it i a crfiwtitutumnl iliira; a corruption' of U
blood, W which ti HiriJ- hw.nn- .t.aV
VT winch tliif HirlJ- huniniM l.f.Au
weak, and poor. . Being in- the circulaUon.lt A
pervades Uie whole bodv, and may buret out
in disease on any part of it. No organ Is free
from ito attecka, nor is there one which it mat
not destroy. The scrofulous taint ia variously' e t
caused by mercurial diaeime, low living, dis
ordered or unhealthv fiwvL .:. m,k
And filth habits, tlte depreeg au
uuuvo nn, uy (ne venereal mrection. What
ever bt iu origin, it ia hereditary in (he eon- i 1
stitution, descending" from parent to children
unto the tlurd raid fourth generation j'! indeed,
lt " to be the rod of Him who says, MlMi
will vuit the iniquitiea of the tuthera upon ft
thoir children." v.aav
It effects commence by deposition from the'!'
blood of corrupt ulcerous matter, which, in, .....
tho lungs, hver, and internal organs, it termed '"
tubercles; in the glands, twelves; tad on
the surface, eruntions or ore. Thla fk.,1 '"
ruption, which irendera in tha hliwi
the energies of life, to that tcrofulcrat eonttitu-
tiont not onlr suffer from acrafulitua ' T'r.
plainu, but they have far lest power to with- :
stand the attacks of other disease! j corset
quentlr vast numbers rariah bv MnorHam !"H
which, although not scrofulous ia their nature, ; -i
rtre still rendered fatal bv thit taint in tha t
ystcm. Most of the consumrjtion which de. .'" iaZ
cunatct the human fiunily hat its origin directly
in thit scrofulous contamination j and many ' t
destructive diseases of tne Uver, kidneys, brain, "
and, indeed, of all the organs, trite from or ,
are aggravated by the tame cause. ' .'
One quarter of all our people are scrofulous ; ' '
tlieir persont are Invaded bw thia lurkino- In- '. ' " .
a.-.!.- j ... . ... . . T T - " "
m-uun, una mew neaun U tmdarmlnnrl b it
To cleanse it from the system we must renovate
tne Diooa by an alterative medicine, and In
vigorate it by healthy food and exercise.
Such a medicine we tupply in : tJ ,r -.,
Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla
the most effectual remedr which the medical
ikiu oi our timet can devise tor tmi
where vrevailinir and fatal maladv. It ia com. '.'-.n
bined from the most active remedial that have ' 1 J
been discovered for the expurgation of this foul ' "
aitorocr rrora tne blood, ana tne rescue or the
system from itt destructive consequence, v '
Hence it should be employed for the cure of "
not only Scrofula, but also those other afloc-
tiont which arise from it, such at Eeuptivb n it
ana Hkin Diseaies, St. Ajcthoky's Pibb,
Rosb, or Ertsipeus, Pimtt.es, Fibtviju,
Blotches, Blainb and Bolls, Tumors, Tetter
and Salt Riir.i', Scald Head. Rino worm.
Rheumatism, S xr iiilitio and Mercurial Dis- ' ' .
kahes, Dnoi-sT, DrsrEFtiA, Dehility, and,
indeed, all Complaints arisino ehom Vitia-
it.d or Impurr Blood. Tho popular belief
in ' impurity of the blood " it founded in trath,
for scrofula is a degeneration of the blood. The -'-'"
particular purpose and virtue of thia Sarsapa-'
rilln is to purify and regenerate thit vital fluid, '
without wliich tound health it impossible in " fj
contaminated constitutions. -
Ague Onre
rot mi ikidt evil er ......
IntermKtrnt Fever, or Fevnramel Agra,
Ilcmlttrnt Fewer, Chill Fever, Daumhr
Agtc, Periodical Headieh, r Bill
Headache, and Billons Fewars, immaext
for the whole claa ofdlteaiea rlrtmat
Inp; In r tilery derangement, een hy
ine uaiaria ( naieBnaeaa) vommaries. - ,
Wo are enabled here to offer the community a ',
remedy which, while it cures the above complaints :
villi certainty, ia ttill porfectly harmlcts in any
quantity. Such a remedy is invaluable in districts 1
where these aillicting disorders prevail. Thit 1
"Curb" expels the miasmatic poison of Fever ,
and Aocb from the system, and prevents the dc- ,
velopmcnt of tbe disease, if taken on the first ap- "
proach of its premonitory symptoms. It it not only j.
the best remedy ever yet discovered for this eiasa '
of complaint, bnt also the cheapest. The large . "
quantity .we supply for a dollar brines it within the
rearli of every body ; and in bilious diatricu, where
Fever and Aocb prevails, every body should
have it and use it freely both for cure ana protec
tion. A great superiority of this remedy over any
other ever discovered for the speedy and certain '."
cure of Intermittent is that it contains no Quinine
or mineral, consequently it produces no quinism or
iiu-rm, t.-uiisriiucniiy h pruaucca no quiniam or
r injurious effects whatever upon ths constite
'ihose cured by it are left as healthy as if
they had never had the disease.
lever and A true is not alone the consequence of
the miasmatic poison. A great variety of disor
ders arise from it irritation, among which are
Semalyia, Uieumatitm, Govt, Headache, Blind- ,f
nets, Toothache, Earache, Catarrh, Atthma, Pair i
fitation, Painful Affection of the Spleen, Uyeter
ici. Vain in the Bowels, Coke, Paralynit and De
rangement of the Stomach, all of which, when
originating in this cause, put on the tautermt'ffrnj
type, or become periodical. Thia " Curb " expels
me iviwii nuiu uiu uiuuu, anu cunsequenuy euro
them all alike. It is an invaluable protection to
immigrants and persons travelling or temporarily
residing in the malarious districts. If taken occa
sionally or daily while exposed to the infection,
that will be excreted from the system, and cannot
accumulate in sufficient quantity to ripen into dis
ease. Hence it is even more valuable for protec
tion man cure, ana icwwiii ever sorter irom inter
mittent if thev avail themselves of th nroteetinn
this remedy affords. . ( ., "
Prepared byDr.J. C. AYES V CO., LoweU, Ua.
nnncRra a. a ivrir. nAinia.
And bv Draggiat and Sealers everywhere.
nova: lya.twaw - "
.1. i ,i a .r
Aa experienced Nora and Festal Phralcian. oreaenta -
to in attenuoB l mauert, ser ; t i
which greatly facilitate tht proce of teething, by ton- -"
ening tb gem, redncing all InflaauaatUa wall alkty
ALL r Ala and spaamodie acuon, aad la
Depend npoa It, motbert, 1 1 will girt real te yoemlvea
and - . '' f .
We hare pot ap and told thlt artlelt for ever ten rear.
what we hare never been able te say ol any otber aaedl-
ANC1, TO KIIMOT A OURM, wbea timely asrd. Mev . ,
tr did w know an Inttano of dlaeatlafantoa by say aoe ' A
wheaaedlu On the oontrary, all are delighted with It
operaUoni, aad apeak ha term of eomBMadaUoa ec Its
magieal tflreta and medical virtues. We speak la thie-"2
saaUrwuAT wsuupiow;"nr ten year- rxp.
a In oat very inatanot where the Infant I aal rlng from wrJL
pain and exhaaittos, relief will te loans u aiiaao er ,
twenty vlnate after Ibetynn) Is admlnMieret.
Thia valoaM preparalloa I th ereaertptloa of oeeef. jy
New nglaad. aad baa beta ated with NRVta AJU
W0 BCCCRIn 9Vwds or CASE9j;
It tot only relleret ue child from pain, bat Invtror-' J
ate ta etomach and bowela, eorrects acidity, and sire
tone aad energy tetbewhol system. It will almoet ur1" "
itaatly rliv - ' t.- "i J MX
and vnctBeoBVBMtone, which. If not epetdlly rew- a
led, end In death. W believe It th BKbT and tl R-'
RST RBMXDX IN THR WORLD, l all caiwa of DVt- '
It arteet Iron teeuung, or met any otliar eaate.
won Id any te every metber wa kaaa (hi Id mfrrrfng fr.
any of tbe foregoing eomplalnte 10 NOT LK T koi it i-
etan between yoa and yoar eafferlng child, and the re-
liel mat will b BURR ye. auiuihi euaa-n
follow the aa of thbroedieine. If timely need, gulf dl- f
rettlont for aaing will accompany bettl. None "
geesln anlee tb rtceimii or raaains,
Mew ora, i a in onuio wmppw. - - ,
told by all vraggiea wroegaout u, worm.
Prleipal Office, 13 Ceaar Street N.T.
eetff-dfcwlr. " ''
r. r
a.aa) aaee a, eAee
IWIll, BHi en EXCn1f I JIBJ j
good FARM, the oniltTktcd bait ot global bUlLt)'"'
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Lyna Alley. Itaol aiapoaeu oi oy in im oi April, in
Stotewillbefor rent.. f-r-a r ':'rftT
k. '-aO ti-:. Also l in til
B th same terms, or for deelrabl CI TV rftOPEBTT.
a well eelected stock of tAaliLK UROUfcRIlidy . .r .
. i ALSO, ..-
Twenty very dealrable BrjII.PIITCS LOTS, litnated ea
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