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Rail Road Time Table.
r4: t
. Hum ft Oolokics ,fc Xuoa Hi B. '
'"' . Leaves. Arrtrei
Cincinnati Accommodation. 5 00 A. M. 0:10 P. M.
liprtu '11:40 A, M. 11:03 A. M.
Mall end Accommodation.. 0:10 P. M. g 00 P. H,
j nigutaxpros via irayun.iicuu nuanigni. u:ua. 11.
i , ' J kjito.- vr. uunasTT, Agent.
CoLorous k Cl.tVKUKD B. E.
Wight Ejpress,. ...... 3:40 A. M,
11:15 P. M.
New York Kxpre. .......
.11:10 A.M. ' 10:30 A.M.
O.O. tO. Way Express..
; . ;
CENTRAL OlltO &. R. ,'
8:30 P. M. 7:90 P. M.
Jims Pirrmtoif, Agent.
No. 3 Express.
No. 5 do .,
... 3:30 A. M. 11:25 A. M.
.. 2:13 p. M. 11:43 A. M.
W. 3. Fax, A cent.
Pittkomh, GoLcmoi OmcuiKiTi K. B.
Mall Train 330A.M. 11:93A.M.
Express Train........ . ....... 11:JJ A. M. 8.43 P. M
' ' Joi. Bohnsom, Agent.
OoioiDt Jr. Imdukofolui, B. B.
(Oolumboi Piqoa Jc Ihdia-a B. B.)
No. 1 Express... 6:30 A. M. 2:00 P, M
No. 9 1:00 P.M. 8 4.1P.M.
Accommodation .
10:30 A. M.
C. W,
Smith, Agent.
-The Adams Express Company places us daily
UDdcr obligations to It for the very latest papers
from tbe eastern cities.
The American Express Company has our
thanks for its daily favors in tbe shape of tbe
' very latest eastern papers.
.'. Judge Albeit, on the 3d Inst., on the appli
: cation of Jacob Stiller, Jr., of Seneoa county,
issned a writ of habtat torpu$ for bis son, Bin
J awn SfiLLia, who had enlisted in Company G,
Capt. Asa Way, of the Twenty.flfth Regiment,
now at Camp Chase. Tbe writ was directed to
tbe Sheriff of this county, who on Friday, July
- 0th, brought the yonng man before Judge Al
scat. Captain Wat attended and proved that
1 yonng Snllir bad been duly enlisted and mug.
tered into Jthe United States service. Bat it
appearing that be was under eighteen years of
age,' and' had enlisted without his father's
knowledge or consent and against bis wishes,
, , he was discharged from the service and return
, edU ihocustody of his father. J
.... Ohio State Teachers' Association. The an
nual meeting of this body at Elyria last week,
was a large and Spirited one. .The next annual
meeting will be held in July, 18G at Mount
Vernon. ' -
The principal officers of the Association for
tbe ensuing year are Wm. N. Edward, of Ml.
ami, President; Edwii Reoal, of Harrison,
' . Secretary: E. E. White, of Franklin, Chair
man Ez Committee.
ST The Court of Common Pleas for this
county met on Friday, July S, and adjourned
dit The next, term
Tuesday, Nov. 12.
will commence on
ID Tbe Great Council of the Improved Or
der of Red Men for tbe State of Ohio will met
in this city on Wednesday next, July 10.
ID F. C. Sessions, of this city, has been ap
pointed Director of tbe Asylum for the Blind,
in place of John Griiner, resigned.
ID Tbe comet having passed its perihelion,
or point of nearest approach to the sun, is rap
Idly leaving ns, and will in a few days be be
yond the reach of our vision,
ID Tbe gun boats are at New Albany, Ind.,
the water In the Lower Ohio being too low for
them ta get down to Cairo .
; - Removal. Wm. H. Reqtieadx, dealer In
groceries, produoe, provisions, foreign and do
mestic liquors, fruits, salt, woodenware, etc.,
has removed his store from No. 34 North High
street to No 106 South High street, the old
stand recently occupied by Wm. McDonald. We
with Mr. R.aucccas in his 'new location. He
Is a gentleman every way worthy of patronage.
. ihe Ivolditriam zouaves. be tine ap
pearance and uniform of this company attracted
very general attention and commendation on
the Fourth. Tholr drilling and evolutions were
executed in such a style ss to show that the
rank and file is composed of the best materials
for the camp or the battle-field. We hope there
may be no occasion for them to endure the hard
ships and the dangers of either; but should
their country require their services, we trust
they will not dishonor the gallant corps whose
' name they have assumed.
Something Extra. We found upon our table
. the .other day, some splendid specimens of
Cahoan's Mammoth Rhnbarb, from the Nur
sery of Messrs. Bateham, Harford Sl Co., near
this city. ' The great size of this variety of the
. rhnbarb, is equalled by the richness of the fla
vor. We invite all who have not done so to
pay visit to the Columbus Nursery, and see
the extensive floral and horticultural collection
of Messrs. Bateham, - Hanford & Co.
. The roDRTH at Camp Chase. There was
quite a spiritsd celebration of the Fourth at
Camp Chase.' The companies were called out
to paraae, ana Lieut, cot c.cklt,oi tne i wen
tt-Sixth Regiment, read the Declaration of
Independence, and then delivered a spirited bra
tion to the volunteers, which was followed by
the ishiglog of patriotic songs by an extempore
glee olub. It was a pleasant and enthusiastic
affair..-? ,,-. .:: -- " ' ' - '
The Columbus Cadets. This Is a fine com
pany of gallant and patriotic boys, numbering
'' : from forty to fifty,' and generally about fifteen
years of age, .Thef are regularly officered and
front their .own ranks, uniformed and equipped
,. .,. K. and have regular drills and a discipline I nuU
" (airs. On Wednesday night, they bivtutekid
in one of the Halls of the city, keeping watch
, , and guard. In due form, Av4o'olook on the
morning of the Fourth they turned out and
marehfd, through the city, welcoming the dawn
- i-of their ooQatry'sWrthdsy.7 In the afternoon
.the; Agaiappewed oa the etraeU, aad gave
r,n good evld'enoe that In the coming future the
"Union win not lack brave defenders. Three
hearty cheers for f he. Cadets I , v.
''Awards of 'Armt "Clothimq. The Army
Clothing Commissioners, Messrs. Buciinsham
Wriaht acd Bolxoci, have made the following
awards of Clothlbg conwaotsi ., .
tl.COQ BegalaHon Orercoate A. Jones at Co.,
, J ' OoluubM.. 7M
.: . , 1000 OTtroiaa (or Mtuatod Men-i-A. A. Stew
art, Colombo... 8 73
. ,: 4000 BegalaUea Freak OoaU-30O to M. Blaok, 7 00
1000 A. A. Stewart, 7 83
WO Arttllarr Jackets) W. I.JJndere Co. Boa-
... . 600 0ir Uaeketai ' too.. ...... ......... S WK
. uarairr Xrowtere, reiDtoroea tt. W. Uol-
Ud.yliOo.. rhlldelphla..T. 3 75
SOD Artillery Trawaerf-a. W. Coll4aj U Co,,
Pblladelphl w 3 00
uWReg. BUlru-Wk F.; Saders c Co,, Bos-
C 00
5000 Beg. Drawers Dwltht (tone, Columboi...
50pr. Beg. Bhoet S. tovle Ac Oo.,Oolobaa
400 ( " ,?Q..0'Harr,OolabBS
: f rrTheherlff 6f Ashtabula county; arrived
at the .Penitentiary yesterday, wUh four bris
oners three of wbom bad been convicted of
eurglarly.and one of horse-eteallng.
D There are at present thirteen persons, In
eluding the Postmaster, employed In our City
D" Since the flnt arrival of our troops a'
Camp Jackson, there have been about twenty
thousand, In the aggregate, encamped there and
at Camp Chase.
ST Tbe premiums offered by the Franklin
County Agricultural Society, this year, amount
to $1,102, all payable in cash. .
O" The expense of supporting the Publio
Schools of Cincinnati, for tbe year just closed,
amounted to the sum of $302,333 43.
ID The Georgetown (Brown county) Demo
erai states tbat tbe wheat Harvest is now on
hand, tbat there is a slim crop, and much chtat
in ihe county . -
t ID" Geo. B. Wright, of Newark, has been
appointed Assistant Quartermaster General, in
place of Wbittlijir, made Engineer in Chief.
ST The Fifteenth and Seventeenth Indiana
Regiments left Camp Clay, on the Fourth, for
Western Virginia.
Exemplary Regimental Regulation. Mt.
Editurs Havioii been favored with the reading
of " General Order No. 2," from tbe Head
quarters of the 18th Regiment, U. S. Infantry,
dated lioiuuiDus, unto, July 4tn, low, ana:
signed II. B. Carrinoton, Colonel Command
ing, I was much edified by the following regu
lation, which refleots great credit on Coi. Car
rinoton, and which, It is hoped, will be strictly
observed by the officers of the regiment afore
said! " 9th. On Suodavi officers will report to the
Adjutant, at 10 o'clock A. M , and will be ex
pected to attend divine oervlce at least once, at
such Church as they prefer, until provision is
made tor publio worship in tne regiment."
ID During the conflagratlou of Canton,
caused by tbe bombardment of the British, tbe
extensive medical warehouse of our country
man, Dr. J. C. Ater, of Lowell (the depot of
his Cherry Pectoral snd Cathartlo Fills, for
China), was totally destroyed. He now makes
a demand upon our Government for lndemity
from the loss of his property, and hence will
grow another nut to crack with our elder brother
Johnny. Stick to it Doctor: and if our Gov
ernnent maintains our rights wherever your
Pills are sold, we shall only be unprotected on
tracts tbat are very barren. Refornur, Trenton,
Ntw Jirity.
Sick Head-Ache Cured. We know that
this heading will attract tbe attention of many,
and tbe eyes of not a few will peruse an article
that offers to point out to them a remedy for
this prevalent disease. "Kennedy's Medical
Discovery" is warranted to cure this malady by
the use of one bottle. Now, reader, do not
doubt this statement and suffer on; all that the'
advocates of tbe Discovery ask, is that you will
give It a fair trial, well knowing that the ver
dict will be In its favor. But many other dis
eases are cured with certainty, humors of every
kind, Scrofula, Salt Rheum, Erysipelas, etc,
and it Is with a heart full of sympathy lor the
mioted tbat we present to them "Kennedy's
Medical Discovery,"
A Genuine Boon. In our capacity as con
ductor of a publio Journal we are called upon
to advertise tbe cure-alls or tne day, each ot
which claims to be unadulterated in its com'
position and infallible in its curative effects
lib what justice we leave our readers to deter
mine. In one instance, however, Prof. Wood's
Hair Restorative, we are so well assured of
the notable qualities of the article that we give
it our indorsement as all tbat its lovertor and
vender claims it to be. Its effeot upon a falling
bead or hair la universally known to be maei
cal; like lime or guano on exhausted land, it
brings its crop wherever applied. Our own
thatch is fortunately healthy, but we advise our
friends with sparsely growing bair to try tbe
Kestorative. Uolumtmt spy.
Malls for New York City. Bolton, Albany. Buffalo.
Pittsburgh, ttenbenvllle way, Cleveland, Zanctvtlle,
Newark, Granrllle, Waiblnglon City, Baltimore, Phila
delphia and New Orleans, clot dally (Sundays except
ed) at 8 o'clock p.m.
A through mail (or New York and Cleveland olotei
daily (Sundays excepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
v. u.atu. h. a. way Man closes daily (Sundays ex.
oepted) at 8 o'clock p. m
antral Ohio Way Matlcloses daily (Sundays sxwDted)
at 10 o'clock a. m.
Cincinnati Way Mall closes dally (Sundays excepted at
o oi oca a. m.
Chicago. Subsume. Delaware. Marlon and Worthing
ton Malls closes daily (Sundays excepted) at 8 o'clock
Malls for Zenia, Borinrteld. Davton. Toledo. Clncln
nati, Indianapolis, Jjoulsville, St. Louis, and Detroit,
closes oat it iBunoaye exoented) at 0 o'olock n. m.
A throoih mail to Xenia. SDrinrteld and Cincinnati
eiosee asiiy (Sundays excepted) at 1 u o'olock a.m.
uroana. riQtw, limn and union Ulty mall closes daily
IBunaays exoented) at B o elook p. m.
Lancaster, Logan, Nelsonville, Clrclevllle, Chllllcothe,
Portsmouth. Washtnaton 0. II.. Athens. Marietta aod
uiiisboroata mails close dally (Sundays excepted) at e
oiocRp. m.
Kaat Way Mall by National Road to Zanesvllle aloses
daily (Sundays excepted) at It o'clock m.
uarrtsourin ataitolosss daily toundava exoented) at s
o oiocx p. m.
Mt. vernon Mall, by way of Westervillo and Sunbunr.
oloeee dally (Sundays excepted) at 8 o'clook n. m.
Dublin mall eloses aally(Bundaye excepted)at 8 o clock
. m.
Lancaster Way Mall eiosee dallv (Sundays executed) at
'olosk p. m.
Malls from New York, Boston. Philadelphia, Buffalo.
Albany, Pittsburgh, Cleveland) Dayton, Toledo, Xenia,
Detroit, Springfield, Cincinnati. Chilllcothe. Bt. Louis,
and all Southern cities, arrive between the hours of 8
clock p- m. and s o clock a. m.
Mails from Indianapolis. Chicago and Dubuque arrive
at 8:40 a. m.
Malls from Washington City. Baltimore. Wheeling.
Zanesvllle, Newark, Steubenvllle, Mt. Vernon, and the
0. 0. B. ft. Way Mall, arrive at 18 o'clock m.t
Way Mall from Cincinnati arrives at 3 o olock p. m-
Lancaater Mall arrives at 8 o'clook p. m.
Bast Way Mall over the National Road arrival at 11
o 'clock a. m.
Mt. vernon Way Mall arrives at 11 :00 a. m.'
Mall from Dublin arrive at 18 o'olock m.
Drbana Way Mall arrive at 8 o'clock p.m.
Herriebargh Mall arrive at 11 o'olock a. m.
Laneastor Way Mail arrives at 18 o'clock m.
Ofnoe delivery ooen even da (exoent Sumlav) from
T o'olock a. m. to 8 o'olock p. m. Open on Sunday
from 7X to W o'clook In the morning, and from S te 6
REPORTED FOR THE STATESMAN. Seward Arrested--Ex-Senator Green.
QUINCY, Ill., July 5.
Soward, the man who assasinated Captain
Howell at Canton, Mo , on the 4th Inst , wae
arrested the same day by the German Home
Uuards, who were cursuaded bv Senator Ureea
to give bim tn charge of a oonstaole to be taken
to jail at Manteilo. Ureen's intention being to
release him. After leaving the town they were
met cy aunion company irora Lagrange oounty,
who had learned Green's intentions. The oris
oner was taken by them from the constable and
returned to canton, ureen ued, and although
uotiy punaea escaped by biding In the woods
Senator James S. Green Arrested.
QUINCY, July 6.
Two more companies of Col. Palmer's regi
ment started for Canton last night.
A Party of about twenty troons. nnder com
mand of ex-Governor Wood of this State, wbo
were In pursuit of Gen. Green, returned to Canton
yesterday evening, having oaptnred bim about
SO miles on the road to Montioello. He was
placed for sate keeping in College Building-,
which Col. Palmer is using as a barracks for
the present.
Aid to Gen. Patterson.
[Herald Dispatch.]
Passengers by the Western train from Sandy
Hook, report Col. Stone there with 4,000
troops. They will be joined by 1000 more to
morrow, ana cross the rotomao to aid uenerei
Patterson, who was at Martlnsburg with 82,000
men.j . . . .. , . .,. .....
The rumor enrrent In Washington to-day, that oar
troops nave aTasre4 within ttire anil ( falrfax,
laooTreoe . - , ,
Thirty-Seventh Congress—Extra Session.
ion. .
BiRiTi. Mr. Hale moved tbat the tfenato proceed to
eioci an Assistant voorsecper.
Forty votes were east Isaao Bassett, 30; Charles
Jones, 8; Scattering, 8. Baisett was declared elected.
Mr. Wilson presented the eeveral bills of which he
gave notice on Thursday.
Mr. Grimes moved that the bill to promote thesis
clonoy of the army, be referred to a speoial committee of
Ihe Vice President annonneed tbe standing oommlltees.
After discussion, the bill was referred to a special com
mittee of nine, which consists of the following: Messrs.
Wilson. Bale, Latham, Bberman, Powell, Oowan, King,
Kennedy, and Howe.
The other bills were referred to fbemllltery committee.
Mr. Polk presented the credentials of Waldo P. John
son, Seoator elect from Missouri, who took the oath.
Foreign Jtclatlons. Bumntr, Oohimer,, Dcollttle,
Wllmott, Browning, Polk. Breokenridge.
Military Afairt andMUUU. Wilson. Elm. Baker.
Lsne of Indiana. Lane of Kansas, Rice, Latham,
Jeinanet- fc Feieenden. Simmons. Sherman. Howe.
Hunter, Petroe, Bright. MoDougal.
naval Atfair Hale, 0 rimes. Foot, Sherman, Thom
son, Nlcboisoo, MoDougal.
Commerce. Chandler. King, Morrill. Wilson. Ten
lyck, naulabury. Johnson.
Judiciary. Trumbull, Foster, Ten Eyok, Cowan,
Harrli. Hsvard, Powell, Olingman.
foitoMct and fott Road: Oollamer. Dixon. Wada.
Trumbull. Hire, Bright, Latham.
Jlnolutionani Ciafms. King, Chandler. Wilkinson.
Hale, Nesinlth.
rulUa Laud). narlan: Blnnham. Clark. Pnmernv.
Johnson, Kice, Nesmlth.
( waimt Ulark, Simmons. Howe. Wllmot. Pom-
eroy. Polk, Bayard.
mttrlct oloumofa. Grimes. Dixoo. Morrill. Wade
Anthony, Kennedy, Powell.
Indian Again Doollttle, Wilkinson, Cowan, Foot,
Lane of Kauias, Harlan, Nesmlth.
Patm.lt and tht Paltnt 0 flics. Simmons. Bumner.
Cowan, Thomson, Saulsbury.
Ptnkont. Voote, Blnghsm, lane of Indiana, Howe,
Wllmot, Pomeroy, Saulshury.
tublla JSuudinat and Ground! Toote. Anthony.
Chandler, Bright, Kennedy, Wade, M'llkinson, Baker,
Hae, Browning. Johnson of Tennessee, Bratg.
jingrouta unit Lane oi Indiana, norriu, iainam.
lb AuiJit and Control umtlnaent Srventti of tie
Benat. Dixon, dark. Johuson of Tenne.see.
Jlnrouta mil. Hlogham. Baker, Ssulsbur.
Printing. Anthony, liar lan, Poirell.
Hones. Mr. WrlKht announced the death of Mr.
Soranton of Pennsylvania, and offered resolutions of
profound regret.
Dispatches from Washington.
[Tribune Special.]
The grand army advanoe In three divis
ions. The right led by Gen. Tyler of Con
necticut, tbe centre by Col. Hunter, and tbe left
by Col. Henitzelman, tbe whole by Gen. Mc
Dowell. There will be a fourth corps of re
serve, bach will be not tar from l,UUU men.
Where the three columns will combine cannot
be stated, but we may venture to say that -it
will be at a point beyond rairtax Cpurt IIoubo.
Lverytblog indicates tbe bonr of marching is
not far distant. The 23th Brooklyn Regiment
has received orders to occupy all tbe entrench
ments on the Potomac, except those at Alexan
dria. Tbe regiments now holding them having
orders to move forward. '
The following dispatch has been received
"Martins noRQ, July 4th, 4 P. M. We have
intelligence that Gen. Johnston seems disposed
to make a stand at last. He is directly iu front
of Geo. Patterson's army, only seven miles off;.
His command consists of 15,000 men, of which
600 are cavalry. Gen. Patterson must set up
with bim by sunrise to morrow morning, unless
he moves off again. Burnside's Rhode Island
battery has joined wen. ratterson."-
A general order now const! tues tbe btate ot
Illinois and tbe States and 1 erritorles west ot
the Mississippi River, and on this side to the
Rocky Mountains, Including New Mexico,
separate military command, to be known as the
Western Department, under command of Maj.
Uen. rremont, of the United states army, with
its headquarters at Bt. Louis.
It is believed that Gen. Scott will take the
field when tbe army advances.
The Secretary of the Navy sntjiestod to the War Tt.
partment to-day the propriety ot sending a foree down
the river to take and hold Mathlis Point; he was told
to wait two or three day. This was understood tn
mean that within that apaco of time the enemy would
have other work to do which will take off his attention
from the Potomac and compel him to draw In his advance
[World's Correspondence.]
Attorney doners! Bates has prepared an opi nion at
some length concerning the power of the President to
suipend the writ or habeas corpus, special reference ne
Ini made to the Merrlman case. He holds that the func
lions of the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branch
es of the Oovernment are so distinct and final that
neither can class with the other, and tbat the previous
Judgment by the Supreme Court against the Executive
right of suspending the writ of habeas corpus, would not
continue a binding precedent Ihe action ot tn f real
dent la futlr Indorsed In the document.
The relstloneof the Oovernmeit with foreign powers
are understood to be so aatialactory, that the Senate
Committee on Foreign Eolation will report no resolu
tion having reforenoo to loreign auairs.
He believed no compromise propositions will
be presented to either Senate or House, during
this session.
Mr. Breckinridge will no doubt make a com
promise speech at an early day,
gW e have further evidence that a forward move
ment into Virginia is about to take place. By
Sunday, Fairfax, Willi no doubt, be in tbe Fed
eral possession, aod by a week from tbat day,
our troops will encamp at Manassas. 1 1 is not be
lieved that the rebels will make any stand at
Manassas Junction.
Mr. Colt received an order to-day from the
War Department for 35,000 Minnie mnekets.
Tho conteetfor the Secretary of the Senate
is growing animated, and candidates increase
Gco.Dewitt Clinton Clark, of Vermont, will
doubtless be eleoted. Col. Forney is making
vigorous efforts ibr the position. ' '
Robert Morris, Philadelphia,' bas been ap-j
pointed Chief Clerk of tho House, by Mr.
-;' L
[Times Correspondence.]
Oar troops continue to crosi to Virginia, but
it Is not believed there will be advance for
some days. The rebels are advanaing toward
our lines and entrenching as they come up, or
rather preparing defensre,to cover their retreat
in case they are driven back, I predict that
tbey are to go back without a fight they are
gone book and line and must 'give way; we
shall have a great viotory and no blood shed. :
Secretary Cameron and .lien. 1'remont have
gone to Fort Monroe. ... 1' i , I
[Herald Correspondent.]
Col. Blinker's Regiment of German Rifles
will form the advance of skirmisher. A general
movement Is to occur early In the coming week,
but the precise time will of course be made to
correspond to tbe movement ot tbe division ot
Generals McfJieiian ana ratterson. ' ,
Since the rank of Ma or General has been
conferred upon General Lyon, of Missouri, it Is
probable that Mr. Blair will oe promoted to a
Brigadier tscneraisnip, ana .win soon resume
the field. . . . . . - r-
Mr. Carlisle, in the House, received a dig'
natch from Gov. Pierpont, of Virginia, to day.
announcing that two Ohio Regiments had sur
prised a nest ot rebels at Buckhannon, Virginia,
capturing 400, killing 300, and seizing 2(10
horses. ' "'
[To the Associated Press.]
No volunteer will be discharged upon a sur
geon's certificate of disability, until the certifi
cate shall have been submitted to the Medical
Director, and shall have been approved and
countersigned by him. ' " ' " 1 1
Captain John McNab, of the Tenth Infantry,
having, while la command of Fort Laramie,
given satisfactory evidence of his disloyalty to
the uorernment, tne rresiaent directs that bis
name be stricken, from the roll of the army.
The President also directs that tbe name of As
sistant Surgeon Lafayette Gould, of tbe medical
staff, be stricken from the roll for refusing to
renew his oath ot allegiance. r . - .
It bas been deoiaed tn tbe ftenublican Sena
torlal caucus to push business forward with . all
possible Rapidity, and then adjourn.' War ap
propriations are likely to be made at once.'
.Senator Wilson this morning Introduced bills
for the increase of the army. , The general Im
pression Is that they will be put on tbeir pas
sage with as little delay as possible. '
Yesterday, as one of tbe rebel regiments was
advancing on Fairfax, one of their own regiments
mistook them for regulars, and commenced fir
ing on them; eight were killed , and several
Another assassination was perpetrated on a
tire zouave, wno was anted iat night oa tne
street by a concealed foe. 1 ' 1 : 'J '
. On good authority, advice Irons our Minis
tersat London and Paris, give most ttmphatlo
aaiuranoes tbat England and France will fully
respect our blockade cotton or no cotton-.
[Special to Post.]
It Is rumored that Crittenden and Wlckllffe,
of Kentucky, are preparing a plan of oompro
mlse to be Dreaented to Congress.-' It te. how
ever, quite oertala that no oompromls measure
would received twenty votes in Congress, even
if it were received at all.
Tbe rebels have planted six guns near Vienna,
ana six more ciose oy rairlax, on the road from
Winchester to Alexandria.
Senator Chandler's bill to confiscate the
property of rebel officers, is a bomb shell ia the
ranks of the enemv.
Senator Wilson added a section to bis bill for
organizing tbe volunteer force. It authorizes
the Colonel, Lieuteoatt Colonel, Major, Adju
tant and Quartermaster of each regiment to
frank letters for the troons under tbeir com
mand. Tbe number of regiment and company,
and tbe name of tbe writer, must be super
scribed on each letter.
High authority says that 12.000 troOLS have
croeeea over tne rotomao within twenty-four
The first coach of the daily Overland Mail
going west, passed at noon of the third with
five passengers and sixteen sacks of mall.
Chief Justice Hale, en ronte for Colorado.
passed to day.
A salute ot d4 guns were fired and 34 rockets
sent up to night.
We are under obligations to the editor of the
Fort Scott Democrat for the following items in
regard to the movements in Missouri, under
date of June 23:
He save Gov. Jackson's secretary called a
srsjlon of the Missouri Legislature, to meet at
SArcoxl, seventy miles southeast of l'ort Scott,
for the purpose of pasaiog an ordinance of se
The rebels in Western Missouri were con
centrating at that point.
r fugitives lrora Jasper county were hourly ar
riving at Fort Scott, and report a terrible state
of affairs in that section.
It is reported that Dr. Wilson, Dr. Ullman.
and other leading Union men, had becu hung.
In some canes, escaoinz fugitives had been
followed into Kansas by the secessionists.
Montgomery, with 4UU men, entered Mis
souri on tbo morning of tho 27ib, but bis objeot
nas not transpired.
NEW YORK, July 6.
The report of the Secretary of Navy states
the force in commission to bo 62 vessels, carry
ing upwards of 1,100 guns, besides several
steamers aod other small craft, temporialy in
sorvice. Twenty-three gun boats are contracted
for (luce the 4th of March. Two hundred and
fifty-nine officers have resigned and been dis
missed. 1 he report reoommends tbe appoint
ment of a Director of Ordinance, to have the
supervision of tbe details of that branch of the
service. Also the appointment of a board to
Inquire into -the expediency of building iron
clad steamers; also an increase of the clerical
force of the department: also tbe appointment
of an assistant secretary. The estimates for the
service are S3U,3ua,&2U.
From Louisville and the South.
Notwithstanding the stoppage on the Louis
ville aod Nasbviile Railroad, the Amerioan
Letter Express Company continue (o receive
and forward mail matter via Clarksvillo, regu
larly, and tbe travel North and South continues
by the tame route.
unreliable rumors are prevalent of appre
hended daDger from Tennesseeaus, in reference
to the stoppage of the first named route.
A special dispatch to the Nashville L'nion,
ot tne urn tnst., lrom Richmond, reports Pat-
terson's loss ia the skirmish with Col. Jackeon
at eighty. Jackson's force was 4..rC0, whereof
six were Killed and twenty wounded.
The Mobile Adoirtiitr of the 2d, says 5,000
federal troops are on Santa Rosa Island.
The New Orloans Picayune of the 3 j, says
the confederate ship of war Sumter, ran the
blockade on Saturday, putting to sea. She has
a crew of sixty-five men and twenty marines
The following is in Southern papers of tbe
4to: -,
"NEW ORLEANS, July 2d.
"The enemy has seized the telegraph Instru
ments at Pass a Soutre. The United States
steamer left tbe bar yesterday."
A collision occurred on the Mobile and Ohio
R. R., on the 1st, at Imnton, Tennessee,
wherein two soldiers were killed and twenty
five wonnded.
Reliable information from Camn Troasdale.
Tennessee, says the measles and small pox are
prevalent among the soldiers. Every train
carries twenty to thirty sick into Nashville,
and seldom a train without a corpse or two.
An eye-witness informs us, tbat on tbe 4th,
the morning down train from Louisville, was
stopped at Richland, Tennessee, ostensibly to
await tne up train, and ordered to Camp Troas
dale. There a file of soldiers, under Major
Howard, surrounded the train with loaded arms,
sod putting three or four into the locomotive,
and three into each passenger car, were in
structed to shoot tbe engineer or anybody who
opposed them. . Further on, at Fountain Head,
leonessee, the up tram was met, and both
trains, together with a freight train, were sent
oick to iMasnviiie. .
From Baltimore.
Four kes aod two. boxes ' f powder were
found secreted in the western police station, A
small number of arms was also foond.
From Cairo.
CAIRO, ILL, July 6.
The Oovernment has decided to acoept all
the artillery companies of this brigade for three
Tears, or during the war, as tbey profer.
Ihe Uoveroment boat W. tl- H , witb Uen,
Prentiss aboard, made an excursion down tbe
river as far as Norfolk, this afternoon. The
result of the expedition bas not yet transpired.
Great Fire in East Boston.
BOSTON, July 4.
A treat eonflizratlon occurred In Es,t Boston to-dav.
Th wharve aud salt warehouses, rjuffjls. Salt Mills,
East Boston Iron roucd'y and Machine chops, Section
al Dock, Marine Railway, and nearly all the dwellings
snd marine and mechanical warehouses, as well as an
immense quantity of lumber, limber and marine sto.os:
also, the moulds for the new gun boat contracted for by
ront uurtts, were burnt, rour vessels were totally do
stroyed, and five badly burned. Also twelve dwelling
houses elsewher In th oltyt were burned to dsy,
From Fortress Monroe.
Ool. Baker1 Regiment arrived from Baltimore this
morning, and hav encamped this side of Uamnton
Oraek. . Got. Bsker, It was supposed, would be made a
Brigidler General.
Ool. Duteyea wa yesterdsy promoted to Ihe rank of
Brigadltr Ueoaral, to command at Camn Uamllton
Brigadier General Pieroe oommands the Massachusetts
ttegtiLents in Hampton village.
General Butler, yealeiday, made a stirrln g speech to
our o-oop at vamp Hamilton.
Ihe Montioello made a reconnolssanee up James Riv
er this morning. Fiva miles from Newport News, she
discovered a rebel force of 700, on shore. She Immedi
ately opeced a brisk fire upon them. lght companies
were lent by laud to sustain her.
The obnoxious flag of truce Is down again from Nor
folk, accompanied by a lug, carrying the British flag.
The Brltlih Consul at Norfolk, a noted secessionist, is
on board, and persist In Din abort to visit Baltimore.
About 5 o'clock thi morning, 25 of Uawkius' Zouaves
encountered a rebel force, supposed to number about
ISO, Including about 15 cavalry and one field piece, seten
mils from hewport News. It Is reported that 3 of the
rebel ware shot, and also 0 of Hawkins' Zonavea. The
latter sent for reinforcements, and live companies wen
sent to sustain mem.
Arrival of the Great Eastern.
Til Ore Eastern left Liverpool on the$7th. Ihe
FJlbernla airived out th Siih. Oily of Washington on
uieuum. - -
Ihe sales of Cotton for thr day were t 000 bales.
Speculator aad exporter took 1000, th market closing
Steaoy anu uduuhiikou.
ttanoirestei martet quievqnotationi barely mentioned.
Breatlstuus rather firmer, mora inquiry. Provisions
uonsois ev?fWPi.
The Aras'i and Edinburgh sailed for New York. The
latter ha 403,000 on board.
Lord Chancellor Campbell died suddenly, from a roo
mie OI ft Diouu-Tesiei. - ,
The Sultan of Turkey died on the 85 th. He is sue
seeded by hi brother.
Sir James yarguson. in tn nous ot Common, eon-
demued the reinforcements sent to Canada. D'laraelL
also, thought Ihe Government Was incurring serloas re
sponsibility. Lord Paliueraton defended the aot of the
Government, as Ihe usual precautionary measure of all
governments in, uo immeutato vteinlty of hostilities;
the step inoicaiea no oistrun oi in latin or th North-
era States, and no want of i.attdeuo in Canadians: the
time waa fit and proper because reinforcement can only
be sent to Canada la Ihe SMorasr. .. , . -.
Tbe loss by the oonflsgration In London was over
2.000,01)0, some estimated it as high a S or 4,000,000,
matnlv Insured. . - m,. ... ,
.The recognition ot th Kingdom of Italy by France, I
formally aunounoed.- - i
Th London Tlraes continues to maintain that the
Amerioan have no ground for their abuie of Xnglaad
but mortification at Mnglaud, and laok of aonnciation.
U says the northerners have throws themselves into a
paisloo, and must be leit to recover. ' i i
Sir Archibald Alison. In a letter toO. M. OHrv. loon-
tends that the American Oonatitutlon aafllura. and
reotmmends National Church and a monarchy a th
remedr. ,
1 lh conflagration In London, briefly tlgrapli4 by
the Persia, was lha moat disastrous for fenerations Ira
mens pile of warehouts on hs Vurrcy .Ids of London
Bridie, filled with all kinds of nradnc. were destroyed.
Borne estimate the extent o th loss at from tbre to
four millions sterling.
lbs urobuDl ! of eonsol by Insurance companies
caused a deolloe tn stook exchange. Some article of
product advanced in conseqnenc of grt at quantities o(
it uviu ooDsumea. . -
Mr. Cobden addressed hi mnstliuent at Bochette.
on the 20th. Il eulogised the Punch Oovernment and
Commercial Trenty with Prance, and denounced ths vol-
unte-rmuvanient In Kailand. He called to Idea of a
rreoeo invasion a ridiculous invasion.
Fr.ncx The bourse was Improving on the 20th.
Rentes were quoted at 67f., 05 c
Draw. A royal decree admit eotton at much lower
due in Spain from September till January.
The Spanish proclamation relative to the American
war, ssys tbe Queen 1 determined to observe the strict
est neutrality between th federal States of the Union
and th Confederal Btate of th South.. With this
view, It Is prohibited to arm, build, or St out privateers,
no matter under what flag, In any Spanish port. Ship
owners and captains are pronionen irons accepting let
ter of marque, and from partioipating in any way in
arming ani Dttlng out privateer. 1
Privateer and prise are prohibited from remaining
over 21 boors in any Spaolsh port, save in case of nr.
gent necessity, in which case the harbor authorities are
to compel them to proceed to sea a soon as posiible,
and not allow them to ship but what Is necessary, and
never, under any pretext, arm or ammunition. No ar
ticle belonging to prise may be sold. OOeaders are
responsible for their own act, aod have no claim for
protection.' Span lards ar probibl ed from taking ser
vice on either aide, and to abstain from all act which
may be regarded as opposed'to neutrality. Offenders are
to be liable to the measure adopted by lb belligerent.
and punished acoorolog to th law of tpain.
Heports are ourrent mat tne Bngtisn ambassador at
Vienna hsd insisted upon a solution of th Hungarian
question; but semi-official Journals give a denial.
The alarming report In regard to th health of the
Impress of Austria are tjo true.
Funds from consols advanced H .
The Hoard of Trade returns for Hay show increased
export over llay last, notwithstanding the American
Brs aovrrrr Mabkit. Weather favorable for crops.
W aketteid As Oo. and It. 8. Sr. Co . quote flour quiet
at S4l'7s. 6d. lor American. Wheat steady: bet
ter tone and mnrn Inquiry; Bed. iui. Ud.l3s; white,
13t.8l3. Od. Corn steady: mixed SSs.t Yellow k8,.
ttd.j Whit 30j.31s. 6d Prime pork steady;
Bacon quiet; Lard dull and nominal; eugar ateady;
Hyequlc; Coffee quiet.
London Marxit. Breadstuff declining; wheat dull,
1'2, lower for superior, new closing steady; sugarquite;
coffee firmer Bales of Illinois Central railroad share
at 40&5U dlsot; It re shares at !flSi; Mew Xork Cen
tral shares at bv.
TeleirmDh completed to this plac this evening:. Oen.
McClellanrand tlilidlvliion of bis command are here, and
a forward movement will probably be made In a few days
The enemy I reported in considerable force a few miles
west, at Beverly, th largest body said to be at Laurel
From Alexandria.
All Is oulat. Extra precautions are used to-dsyand
all the soldier are confined to their camps, on the sup
position that Beanretard might attack, thinking to find
confusion and frolicking.
I wo battalions ot rebels nave been seen reconnoltering
the past two days.
The Great Eastern arrived this mornlna. She is be
lieved to bring Liverpool date of tbe 20th, and troops
for Canada. Hope to get new this afternoon.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, July 6.
FL0UB-Still rules In favor of the buver. with less
doing lor export, and only a moderate h'lme trade de
mand. Bales of 8 OnO barrel at 83 Sbm3 05 for simer-
fine state; $4 $f 15 for extra slate; $i i5al5 50 for su
perfine western; 13 554 30 lor common to medium
extra western; 4 ou4 75 for shipping brands extra
round hoop Ohio; (4 e5JtU 00 for trade brands do.
Marketclusing quiet and somewhat unsettled. Canadian
flour only a limited business doing and prices favor buy
ers. Bates oi octi no is at S3 oa for common to
choice extra. "
KYB s'LOUR-Qulet at (2 503 5 80.
CORN MSAu Dull and unchanged.
UIBKY Unchanged. Bales of o'OO barrels at IS
W 11E AT Demand less active and market scarcely so
Arm. Uood souod spring scarce and held pretty steady.
Bales of 48. OU0 bushels Chicago spring at 677Bc; be,
1011 bushels Milwsukeeolub at 8va9!o; 14 600 bushel
Amber Iowa at W95o; lt,W) bushels northwestern
club et92fii9jo, and Isl.oOO bushels do at r?036;.; 5W.5WJ
bushel winter red western at SI 0I1 09; d.OtiO bushels
common white Wesiero atai tn!jo; 18 OoOwhit Michi
gan at 91 1531 30; 600 busbela white Kentucky at
$ 1 23.41 30; 13,200 bu,hel Canadian club at 9iV!X.
B i B Steady with sales of 47,000 bushels at GSo for
BARLEY Dull and nominal. '' -
CORN Market heavy and slightly lower. Bale of
81,000 bushels at 38$43 for unsound and new mixed
western ; 44(845 for round yelTow. "
OATS Plenty and dull at 25j29 for western and Ca
nadian, and S9$50 for stats.
POHK Dull and without any material change la
prices. Bale of 400 boU at I14 50S14 63 for mess;
1 10 for prime. ' - -
MEdoBKltf Uoraaetivedamandi being in part for
Oovernment. Bales of IfOO bill at (4 4 50 for oountry
prime; (5 50(S6 for mess; S8i0Ior repacked mess;
I0&11 for extra mess. Prime mess beef dull and nom
inal. BEEF HAMS Quiet and unchanged.
CUC HE ATBHule quiet.
LARD Quiet with sales of 500 barrel at 8S9j.
BUITEu Is selling at 7W40 for Ohio aud 715o
lor state.
C UK IS SB In moderate request at 27o-
SUGAR Ac ive aod X&Ko pr bbl higher: sales 17
hhds Cuba at 4Jf3Sc. Keaued sugar 1 alao firmer with
a strong upward tendency.
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUR There continue the same dull trade. Su
perfine will not bring over $3 75, though held higher.
Bneri slra to get it even lower. - -WHEAT
Was as dull as everuntil the New York dis
patches encouraied holders a little. Bed la quoted at
8I75c; white at 75'Oo.
CORN Haa been stiff. ned up some, byth f.ict that
receipts have been less than the current wants of the
market; 30o I now generally asked, and 39c Is freely
paid. ...
OATS Command 23o readily, and ar held mora
firmly. .. '
BARLEY and RYE Aro very dull the former not
quotable the latter nominal at 4j3.
WUL8K. firm at 11 He. j - -
Headquarters Ohio Militia and
"Volunteer Militia.
;'. i Ooiombcs, June 89,-1831. j
Special .Order No. 403.
tral of th Btate of Ohio, 1 hereby appointed Adjutant
General of tho State of Ohio, with the tank of Brigadier
General ; laid appointment to take effect on 1st July
161, at same Una with the resignation of H. B. Oar-
ribgton, heretofore tendered, and he will be obeyed and
retpected accordingly. -
By order of the Commander-in-Chief.
1)3 . Adjutant Geaeral,
Ileadciuartersi Ohio' Militia and
Volunteer Militia.
CoLumoa, July 1, 1801. (
Special OiTder USTo. 404.
Captain COLUMBUS DELANO. Assistant Commlmry
of Bubslitance.Ts hereby appointed Commlsrary 6 M al
of the State ot Ohto, witb tht rank of Brigadier 0 fit .-al,
efct Catharlnut P. Buckingham, appointed A Jo. wt
General of the State of Ohio, and ha will bt obey t& and
respected accordingly.',
" By order of (he Commander-in-Chief. .' ! -
. , ' 1 ,. 0. P. BUCSINaFsUC,
Adjutant Ctrnral.
' ; pt r '. '. i '
- Town Street,
' 1 AST II1.I01I3S
,..-."-.!i tvr-n: .. A 1 .
J th Union and the Sunny South, l hav concluded
w sen on .
A L L ! M Y ' G O O DS,
i ? Tht stock consists of tht largest lot of
. . I. U.. t f i . . .. ..
. - III Ml. VtLJ V ' r C;.
JACOIIETS.f . r'l-1 ki.?, .-c.'i.:i 4 J.'"
Strengthefliug Cordial and Blood
eateet Mesne jrg, The
Tbe Ore
host xraicioos
ly a acientiflo and
Vegetable Compound,
procured by the distil
lation of Boots. Ueria
and Bark, Yellow
Dock, Blood Boot,
Barsaparllla, Wild
Cherry Bark and Dan
delion enter into its
Mn.nr.n.l.t Ml
Man Takins'i .sou' remedial After Taking.
principle of each Ingredient I thoroughly extracted by
mvnew method of distilling, producing., a delictus, ex
hilarating spirit, and the moat INFALLIBLE remedy tor
renovntine ine mseasea lyiCTu, mnu rcsiorrnr '.ne sick.
offering and debilitated INVALID to HEALTH and
Will efiectully ears
Chronic or Nervous Debility, Disease of the Sidneys!
and all diseases arising from a disordered Liver or Mom;
acn, iivnen.ta, ueartnnrn, inwarn files, Acidity or bior.
ess or in to much, Fullness of Blood to the lies.l, Dull
aln or swimming in the head. Palliation of the Heart
'ullnessur vVeiirht In the Btomach, Sour Eructation
Choking or suffocating feeling when lying down. Drvnes
or yellowness of the Bum and Kyes. Maht Bweau. In
ward Ftvere, Pain in the small of the hack, chest or side.
Budden Fineries of Heat, Depression of Bplriu, Frightful
Dreams, Languor, Despondency or any Nervous Disease
Bona or Blotcbe on the Bkin, and Fever and Atrue (or
Chili and Fever.)
. Over a Million oi ilottlea
Ilave been aold during th last six months, and in no In
stance ha It failed in giving entire satisfaction. Who,
then, will suffer from Weakness or Debility when Mo-
no lanrnaire can convey an adequate idea or th imme
diate ind almost miraculous change produced by taking
thi Cordial in th diseased, debilitated and shattered
nervou system, whether broken down by excess, weak by
nature, ortmpaireaoy sicxnese, uereiaxeaana unstrung
organisation is restored to its pristine health aod vigor.
Or other conscious of inability, from whatever cause,
will find McLean Strengthening Cordial a thorough
regenerator of tbe system; and all who may have injured
themselves by Improper indulgences, will find In the Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy,
To the Ladle.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
I a sovereign and speedy cure for
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, incontinence of
Urine or Involuntary Discharge thereof, Falling of the
Womb, Giddiness, Fainting and all Diseases incldne t
Thar Is no Mistake About it.
Buffer no longer. Take it according to Directions. It
will stimulate, strengthen and invigorate you and cause
tbe bloom of health to mount your cheek again .
very bottle is warranted to give satistaction.
If your children ar sickly, pnny, or afflicted, McLean Y
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust, Delaj
not a moment, try it, and you will be convinced.
Oaotior. Beware of Druggist or Dealer who may
try to palm upon you some Bitter or Barsaparilla trash,
which they can buy cheap, bysaylni it I justs good.
Avoid such men. Ask tor McLean's Strengthening Oor
dial, and take nothing else. It la th only remedy that
will purify the blood thoroughly and at the eauio time
Strengthen the system.
On tablespoonful taken every morning fasting, Is a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills aud Fever, Yellow
Fever, or any prevalent disease, It i put up in larg
Price only tl per bottle, or 6 bottle for IS.
J. n. McLHAK,
Bole Proprietor of this Cordial,
Also McLean s Volcanic Oil liniment.
Principal Depot on the corner of Third and Pin streets.
Bt, Louis, Mo.
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
The nest Liniment in the World. The only safe and
certain cure for Canoen, Pile, Swelling and Bron
chitis, or Goitre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of th
Muscle, Ocronlo or Inflammatory Rheumatism, Stiff
noes of the joint, contracted Muscle, or Ligament,
Earache or Toothache, Bruises, Sprains, Wounds, Fresh
Outs, Ulcers, Fover Sores, Caked Breast Bore Nipple,
Burns. Boalds, Bore Thoat, or any Inflammation or Pain,
no difference bow severe, or how long the disease may
hav existed. McLean's Celebrated Liniment la a eer
tain remedy.
Thousands of human being have been saved a life of
decrepitude and misery by the use of this invaluable med
Will relieve pain almost Instantaneously, and It wll
cleanse, purify and heal the foulest sores in an incredi
ly short time.
For Morses and Other Animal. -McLean
s celebrated Liniment I the only saf and re
liable remedy for the cure of Spavin, Bing Bone, Wind
galls, Splints, Unnatural Bump, Nodes or Swellings. It
will never fall to cur Big Head, Poll Evil, Fistula, Old
running Bore or Bweeny, if properly applied. For
Sprains. Bruises, Scratches, Bores or Wounds, Cracked
Heel, Chafes, Baddl or Collar Galls It ia an infallible
remedy. Apply it as directed, and a cur is certain in
(very instance.
Then trine no longer wttn tne many wortmoss Lini
ment offered to you. Obtaio a supply of Dr. McLean's
celebrated Liniment. It will cur you.
,1. II. ncLEAB , goi proprietor,
Corner of Third and Pine Streets, Br,. Louis, Mo.
For sale by all druggists.
aug26-datwlF Columbus, Ohio.
An Effective, Safe and Economical
To It original color without dyeing, and preventing
natrirom turning gray.
And curing It, when then 1 th least particle ot vltall
or recuperative energy remaining.
And all cutaneous affections of th Scalp.
Imnarttng to tt an uneqaled gloss and brilliancy, making
It toft aud silky in it texture, and causing it to curt
lb great celebrity and increasing demand for this un
counted preparation, convinces tbe proprietor that on
trial is only necessary ra sau-iy a aucermng pontic or its
superior qualities over any other preparation in use. It
cleanses th head and scalp from dandruff and other
outaneou diseases, causing the hsir to grow luxuriantly
giving It a rich, soft, glossy and flexible appearance, aud
also, where the hair is loosening and thinning, It will give
strength and vigor to the roots and restore the growth to
nose part wnicn nave Become naio, causing ii w yteia a
resb oovering oi natr.
There ar hundred of ladle and geatlemen In New
York who have had iheir hair restored by the use of this
Invigontor, when all other preparations have failed, L.
M. has in hi possession letter innumerable testifying
to th above facts, from persons of the highest redseeta-
billtv. It will effectually prevent the hair from turning
until tbe latest period of life; and in cue when' the- hair
hu already changed its color, tne use or tne invigorator
art 1 1 with certainty rator. it to it to Iu ong'nal hue, giv
ing tt a dark, glossy appearance. A a perfume for the
Ulliet SOU A Jiail onmwimwm pM.H.uiariJ IKUA'
mended, having an agreeable fragrance; and the great fa
el I i ties u affords In dressing the hair, which, when moist
with the Invigorator, can be dressed in any required
form so aa to preserve It plaoe. whether plalnlorln curl;
hence the great demand tor it oy tne ladle as a standard.
toilet article which none ought to be without, the price
place it within tn reaco oi an, netng
Only Twenty-Five Centa
per bottle, to b had at all respectable Druggist and
L. MILLER would call the attention of Parent and
Ouardlana to the use of his Invigorator, In case where
the children' hair incline to be weak. The us of it
lav th foundation for loaodiuad of hair, as It re
move any tmpuritie that may hav become connected
with the scalD, tht removal of which la necessary both
for th health of tht child, and tb future ;ppearane of
it Bair.
Oaonott. Non genuine without the fac-simile LOOTS
MILLER being on the outer wrapper; also, L. MIL
LER'8 BAIB INVI0O1UT0B, N. Y., blown la the
WnOlMaiW JefHa-0 MVJ 111.. ! W.l UJ .11 .lie
a, a II T J ..1 I .11 .V
principal Mercnants ana Druggist inrougnour. in worm
IlLDBrAI UUWaH, w Jiaivaani. a, ai.uuauaiy, . "
I alto desire to present to th American Publio my
which, after years of telentMe exnrtmentlng, I have
brought to perfection. ltdjeaBlackor Brown instantly
wlthoutlnjury to the Bair or Skin; warranted the best
article oi in kind tn xitano. .
, . PRICE, ONLY 50 CENTS. . !
Depot, 56 Dey - St, New York,
crstJ:dwty. '
.r HAAilnal Weaknes. Sexual Debility, Nsnrou.ness.Iu
voluntary Emlstlona and Impotency, resulting from
Rir.Ah.M. Ac By Root. J. Culverw.il, If. D. Bent
anderet,ma plain envelop, to any addres,pot
Enid, on recaipt of two stampa, ty nr. uhab. J. J .
LINE, 187 Bowery, Mw lork. Post Offlo Box, No
4,366, irtll:3iridfc
sxpsrienced stun aod rami rhyvtoiaa. i
, prssoat
a. ' v. Hon, ar
. ' w M. g
!atly hellltatea the proew. o( to. thing,'
by soft-
ALL PAIN and spasmodic action, and
U1 allay
Depend udob IL nnth
and , " to yoarMlv
wrrvw . - . : ! 1 1
5 5 W.ninp,5,i",ia tn" rUel 'w over taw mii
-k-"--, tm ipeu ua terms of (OBBsmdaUea W iu
m?."'..,.""?"i?,te virtu,. wTu I. iku
"utr-naAT wb no KNOW;" after ton w..r.'VrZ
almot every instanoa where the infant U soffrWrwif
.am and .xhaustlon. relief will be f oVid Tta U&ZZ
twenty minute after theSyrup ia admmlitorisl.
?1JtbilP,,,,l0B prescription at M f
New Eniland. and ha. town ua i,k nB -T
ING BUCCRdS In mm.iu
It notonly relieve th ahiid rn , Z.. . .
at, ihe stomach and Lowell, oorreol ldlty, and glva
itauMj 10 " 5
5?0TeHC?,'iCOBT,"M' whlch',f otPdll7ren
u.s su i'-Vkaa. VT S3 tllSJTVJ TC Ua H MT and 111711.
ENTEBY and DIABBUfEA in rtnir nn5? fL?Il
it arises from teething, or from any other eaos W.
would ay to every mother who hu. .mih .w.. --
4n ' th foregoing oompUInt DO MOT LET TODM
stand between you and your unerlng child, and th r
lief that will be SUKM-yefc ABSOLUTELY SvSiJZ,
follow the use of thi aaedtetoe. If tin.l. oyi. w.h
rection for using will accompany arh bottU Hon
genuine unless th fic-simils of CCR1I8 tt PRFJUMg
New York, is on th outrid wrapper. . ,v """
Bold by all Druggist throughout th world.
PrlicipalOffiee, 19 Cedar Street N.Y.
oct27-dAwly. , ' . . s 1
I Is precisely what its nam Indicate, for, whllt
pleasant to tbe taste. It is revivivl at. axhll.r.t.
dng. Invigorating and strengthening to th vital
nnv.H. snd At fh. A.m. tlm. h.i.u ...
fv 'states, and renews tbe Blood In all Its purity, and
Kithus at one rsatorst amd rssidWt (A stewa t-
;"'' vm-- 'y " - as so onm
..preparation ever offend to the world, so ctwrnl-l
n cany ano aiiiiiuiiy comoino ss SW be tb moat
V wenui wuio. mil mi iu. earn nasi (0 Mrreouy
iiuapiea 10, aa so act iu pr'osovaMwtth thel
M. aw 01 natuie, and neooe -ill ttitlU fib ssniTssf
tatomaat. ana tana an uia dtMAtto
Ithus allay all nervsus aad thar KritatiM.i it 1.
Jl perfectly exhilarating, and at the cam lima it Is!
NJ composea eotireiy 01 vegeutd, yt easblnd
1 laa to produce tbe most thoroush tonic .ffMt. wtoi.
Jout producing any hiJurioueonquaBCB Buchj
C a remen; nas ioDg ocen reit 10 o a dealdaratua In
h medical world, for Uneed no medical aklll to
aee inatdeDinty 101 lows all attacks of disease, asdl
proceeo anu maeea uy tsr yrsa open to the
0 insurious auacA. ui didj oi in most ratal, sweb,
if or example, a th following: Cnnrasptloa, In
digestion, Dyspepd. Lose of Appetite, Falntiws,
VMrn. Trrttahllitw. NmmU. b.li.... ,
Cj Heart, Melancholy, Night Sweat, Laogaor.-GlddlJ
- ness, newDuga vi, as wen as swatat oeatractM
too profuse, or too sosnt Menstruation, and fall
ling of the Womb. These all depeid upon genenU
uiood lienovaior 1. as sun to ease th sun to
rise and set. There is no mistake about It. Butl
.his is not all. It the system I weakened, w are
ipeu 10 uuhjuaaavaa, ui. liver Me. Ate torpid, 1
jr won diseased, tb kidnejs rtfon to potform H
their funotions, and w ar troubled witk soaldlng-ti
and lncontlneuoe of uina, or Involuntary dia
charge of tbe same, pain in th hack, aid and bt- A
tween th shoulder. xotdinly liablato slight U
colds, tough, aad if Unchecked, soon adaUeo
'ollowi, and lh patient goeadown to a premature A
grave. But spec will not allow ns to numerate M
tne many 11 is to wntcn w an liable la a wwakeDOd, V
condition or the system. But w will say, in thlsl
Cordial and Blood Renovator you hav a penwctjLA
sal, pleasaot and effeetual remedy for lot of 11
Appetite, Biliousness, Flatulent wk and sick v
jtomich. Languor, Liver Complaint. Chills andj
Fever, oraoy Bilious attaik. CoaiimMA. ArtHn.l
I ... lh.atM.uili Nm.mi.hu. U 1 . 1 - n,,.
of th Stomach, Nervousness, Neuralgia, Palplta-L
OlUoaof the Heart, Depression of gplrtts. Boras, M
Pimple on th Face, or any dlssaa arising from Jf
.ITinUr. hlofMl. anl, AA Rf-mftllA Smlnal.. Dana.
imijurv oiova, sucn aa ocroiuia, arysipia, uron f
nun, uougu, aimcuuy or oreatning, ana ail tut'..
Jclas of diseases called fesaal rulmj tiullTl
enumerr-ted above. We will also say tb traveler U
oxporeu ui epiuemtc. cnang or ciuaat ana wet-t
er, will find it a pleasant, sal and sure remedy,
and none should ever travel without. Header.!
try It. for we assure vou vou will Snd in It a I rlondi
indeed, a well aafriod io sued. All ptreonaofl
saucuiarj uau.is win una i. a Deriocx nrevuDtiv or i
a well as cure for those ailments to which Ussy ar
parucaiarry expowa. sienoe minuterstuaentlaM I
torneys, literary gmtlemen.and ladie who are soil
aorustomad to much outdoor aisrctse, will Bod It I
o their advaotag to kep a bottle constantly on
hand; and, aoovt til, mothers, or the becomlni
ucu, win inraagn usi moss aaojrero a parioal
oot only wth all sbeir aouteod (trength, bull
saieana iree rrom tne inousanaaiimant so prav-1
alentaaong the female portion of th world. Id!
thort. it is indeed a mother's cerShil., TrwILoldlt
and joung; no longer run th risk of dlay ; it will
relieve and prove Itself emphatically a Rtora
tiv Cordial and Blood Btnowator; - I
O. J. WOOD.nroorletor. 444 BroaAwwr. NawI
'York-, and 114 If arke t Btreet, Bt. Loots, Mo.i andl
sold by ROBERTS at SAMUEL, Oolumbo, Ohio,
'and all good. Druggist Price On Dollarl
per Bottle. Brarcb-dkwwowly
ITIanutaclurera' of 'itll ' klsiitj'-ia Pr
table and (iutianary klstnt Sa
llaet, baw mills, urU Aj ,iliw,
. :..' -,. o.f t.jbAJ,.Afi
LANS BODLS1 Meatmf S. 4 1. BLAND TB0mJ
UAcmancco. Btauttirr BBllrmi
CO. Beauk1iUl y'Z6a
Our Portable Xusrlaa' and Saw Kill
Was awwrdtd th first premium of $M al tbe Indiana
State Pair for 1S60 over Lan At Bodley on, aoooant ol
Prise, llghtnis; lkvMyi'Mtiijot int.
and sopetlor eharaoter ol latabtr tawl.
Our Stationary Engine was awardod at tht Fair
th Snlt prsanrcm o( 10. T.v-vvi
uur f ortatii aingtnt was awarded .ths list premlu o
eiUO at th Fair at Memphis. Tepn.,ovet Blandy1 Su
vall's, Columbus Maoblns Go's., and Bnkirord Oo's
by a committee of practical Ballroad Enalura
for nriM and term. aHdnaa ,"t' -'-
WILLAJID WABKaUa. lisasiir.
deoo-dfcwlyttiiu tj J tTiilwejDiOlila
tVisoleaala aotTircUlJLDwal'
,J i; m'lill MnasOk V
OO WlftiK Btrtytv.
Kei aalanUf kaatl sill ta a.
.. raaasj a.aUf f0l .
Oct. Hfi- Ijd
WiTl!TlrT'Wa AN l
M, f Mtb.l0i.-ad Aaakaa
Jj BUIRTINQbII wtth, Wjoatbale
now olfered In jreateal variety m at rt tow yrto,
., . -.. ......... "t-,,;'riAiOs., .
apnu -t - w. T Simiia fltgn t
AliKXANAStAfctt JA1U tJwaUWV, t
All suss and oulor Just openad at BAIMI,
deoll. Mt..aoat.Blghtfttti

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