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xunranrr wxikb, rnbiisaw.
Democratic State Convention.
At a aeeUrft ef pem3?ralf Btt. Ceo
ti Commute fcsld to Columbn, on n5tD
H.nf JnW. 1861. It i bra l'W l-.M 1
frsobrd, Th ii Is rtMdlAit I hold hDemo-
oratio Stat LJonTention viiwumuu.,
Wednesday t Ansa. 7UalMll
lo nominate Democratic St Tie!, to be
Kesolwa. furtker. Th. U thletor of tb
SUM of Ohio, wh r ! pwptnUDf
the principle. po wbie. twUrion WMfoa
ed, nd ro oooHnoed b the promt BUM
and National Administration r wholly ta-
.t ia Huin tha orernment in it
vuuiuvraui wv r - , .. i
.... .i,w wuiktian. aa wall u nil woo art
opposed M tb eitTaraM. aod oortup
tioD now to alarmlntlt pWTalonl to publl at-
f.lr.. he aarMMlf IttTlMd to UnlM WHO IM
Democracy In ttt hon of ow mW
and thni rede. ., and place it ad
ministration In oompwooa nanus. " -n
. l iwi .v. kaflia hi f auveaen1
tation Id aald ConTtior b on
ever, 500 wot; tad an
a fraction of 850 aadnpwardj,
election in 1880, and b
that the connate le thwlr ddegaMo ontnla
basil. ' " ' U! '
The Democracy of Ohio and all Tithe con-
Union man. who ar willlne tb oo-oper
ate with theme, th abova basi, wqueated
to meet In their S peotW eonntle atroehtlmo
aa the local committee may designate, ana
nolnt deleeatea tola Democrats ConTentlon
nn th 7 th of Anruai. M nomlaat m Stat
ticket to be supported at the Ootobee election.
It is presumed1 that nfl lower of his country
will require prompting at this Mm to lodnce
him to dlecheree his duty, and tUraforo the
Committee is Impressed with the belief that the
counties will eagerly respond to this call.-a.nd
that an imposing Convention will assemble in
Cjlumbns at the time designated aboro, and
pat la nomination a' ticket of good and r
men, to be supported for the various State of
Bees on the 2d Tuesday In October nsjt. .."
WM. MONT, Chairman.
WM. J. JACKSON, Secretary.
The Aspect of Affairs.
The New York TrHs Indorses th state
ment of a coUmporory Republican journal that
"there are two hundred and fifty thousand or
more Americans in arms to defend, their coun
try ae&inst treason," and adds that "this war
is costing the Government from twenty to forty
millions of dollars per month, and the country
in th disruption and stagnation of it business
a great deal more." Taking th averag
thirty millions of dollars per month the cost
to th Government of; the war a how carried
on, will in a single year amount to three Man
dred and sixty millions of dollars.: But the cost
to the country. In fnnliiri6slhrand Hi
piraljsis of industry i ate told, wulbt much
ereater how much erea'ter the TtihuM doe
not undertake to estimate. It may be two,
three, fire, or ten times as much. To give some
idea of the extent of this loss at a single point,
we quate the following paragraph from th New
York World, a vigorous supporter of th war
policy of the Administration In all Its bear
"Tbe city of Nw York ,has suffered by th
southern rebellion and repudiation little if any
short of one hundred and nlty millions oi aoi
lars. It continues to lose, by stagnation aid In
action. Wholo classes of merchant hav fail
ed. Credit baa fallen to Its lowest ebb. The
great body of commerce I paralysed. 'JL., .
This picture of New Ybrlt will sooh.lf It doe
not now, answer for a sketch of all our cities
and towos in .proportion .to . their business and
population. Th whole country will suffer from
"stagnation and inaction" to an extent hithorte
unparalleled in onrtistory. ...
Bat tbe World seeks to comfort Itself and its
readers with the idea that we have touched the
lowest yoiot in our adversities, because "instead
of that miserable, long credit customer th
South the Federal Government I In th mar
ket with four hundred millions of dollar to be
expended among northern laborers .and trades
men within tbe next twelve months.." , But
Government has not yet got tk money tor ex
pend; it has to raise It chiefly by loans, which
will require time, and it'miyb many months
before It will be la th market with 'tout kin
dred millions of dollars in cash in it pocket.
That th Government cau don great deal on
credit, both in obtaioifig . supplies for ths war
and in raising money, no on can doubt; bnt
it is now about. $4 put 'Us' credit to th severest
test it has ever undergone, and though all that
is needed may be btUKd In th end, ther will
doubtless be mor or" lest Vexation delay and
ruinous sacrifice, , ,.!.... i
Because tbe Government, Is abont attempting
to raise hundred of thonsand of men and mil
lions of money, It does not, follow that we ar
hereafter to tall on a tmooth tea. - If th Ad
ministration had given vidse of ability an
ef&oienoy, confidence might bat been restored,
and it might have been said by this time that w
had retched tbe culminating point In tbtf evil
war. But no such evidence hat been given,
and doubt Is fasttulag' Itself ia men'ii winds
whether those at the bead of affair at Wash
ington are at all competent for th posts they
fill in these critical timefcq These donbt aria
not because people art disloyal . to th Govern
ment; but because tbry 'are Iy.I and deslr to
see itt authority fully Sustained and vindicated
by a vigorout end efficient Administration. r -.,
As th "powais thai ts?' Jit ' IVashjigton,
deem it proper to aonccwl their plan and opera
tion from the people, and tOj'exercis a censor
ship over tbe usual mta'na of publio intelli
gence, it is possible that the. Administration J
about to give, before the 'country is awarw of
what is coming, torn satisfactory tvldenc of
vigor and efficiency.' 'Th publio mind is erar
iog for a demonstration of that kind; to pa
tlenc I nearly exhausted, and a much longer
, delay will produce a reaction against th Ad
ministration and its party, that will b intena
and universal la proportion to the evils tbey
have brought upon the country. '' . ;
Wayne County.
Th Union Democracy of Wayn county
hold a County Convention at Wooster, on Sat-
usoar, August 3d, to "appoint delegntts to th
bute Conventloarr pi-4 - r" pj-J t'Jss''
Old Fairfield.
The Union Democracy of old- Fairfield bold
their primary election to nominate a county
ticket on SaToanar, the tOfh of August; their
county meeting, to appoint, sjelegatee to, tbe
Stat Convention, n 9tpuuv, 1b Jd of An
gus t; and their Eenalorial and Judicial Con
vention at Logan, on Tctrinf, tlie f3th of Kxh
euot. ' .MvniiiAiii ntiij
la hn:-
Mi. in v
The Democratic State Convention.
It is amusing io read the oriticlsma of the
Republican "nonparty". paper on the action of
tha Democratic But Central, Comaitu with
rfrenetoth tate, ConTaation. . Thiy are
terribly indignant and wonderfully chagrined,
becaus,the Democracy., proposes, as .usual, to
hold a nominating Convention In lhayear Ibbl.
Having, ss they pretend, become sick of their
party organisation and party principles, they
think it strange that th Democracy Is not at-
feoted In a s:mlla. way, and they hold It to b
ornal In us to call a Convention for ttx purpoas
of nominating a ticket! Poor fellows I W
pity themj but that Is all. W ean do nothing
for them, except to aavlse them, if slnoere m
their profession, to oomo Int our nu, on
probation, oi course, and support th real, true
Constitutional Union ticket, that win D nomi
Dated In this city on th 7th of August. ' . ,
Th Union la la danger and th country in
groat peril, and there Is no political party known
among men, that can save us irom niter ruin
but th Dtmowuio party. Its foundations ar
planted deep and firm on th Constitution and
A Union. It has carried the country through
all Its former trials and vicissitudes, and If w
ar now saved from otter rain and preserved as
a nation, It mast be through th men, measures
and prlnctpl of the Democratic Party. , ; '
AU classes of people, la all parties, ar rap
Idly coming ; to thi conclusion, and heno th
anxiety ( some Republicans t obliterate party
Ilnei. They know full well that th people
will reject them and repudiate their principles If
they come forth again organised as th Repub
lioan party, and beoe tbey are exceedingly
anxious to cover up their deformity and their
principles, by a tort of bogns Union party.
.: Howrr digreabl It may b to these sen
Itiv gentlemen, the 7th of August Convention
will nominate, a ticket of good sound Union
Democrats, and ther oan be ao donbt that th
people will ratify th nominations by an ' eleo-
tlo on th second Tuesday In October nett. '
War of the Roses!—The New York
World and Courier and Enquirer,
World and Courier and Enquirer, and the Tribune.
. We call special attention to the following ar
tide from the New York World of the 11th
The TTorW nd Couritr nd Enquirtr is the re
cognized organ of the Administration In New
'We bar always contended that th Tribune
was a disunion psper, and so of th party of
which It has been the most powerful organ.
There are no half dozen paper int.be United
Stetet that contributed so ' much toward Mr.
LiaoouTa election ss th New York Tribunt. .
Th Wtrld and CourUr sad ZJftrr are
now united, and the Siwaan Influence, through
Jiuu Watson Wmi, ia now beginning to be
felt. ' j.:
When these fellows fall out, the country will
be- benefited.: Gmxtr want to Ight th war
too last, and therefor hi political friend call
bJn 4 traitor. " f v: :
;. There' a good time eoming-bot we don'
know hew .soon. , , ;-. r-.-.y.i :
The Tribune's Disunionism.
' The Tribune, which ha always been hasur-
paased Tor coarse vigor and virulence, le doing
great misohlef M th eanse of the Union by
bounding on Gen. Scott to make a rash andpre-
oipitete atuck on tne rebels, ana trying to poison
tbe public mtna against mm ana tn Aamioutra'
tion becanae they will not haiard defeat by vfr-
tually surrendering to Mr. Greeley the direction
of the war. The troth ia, th conductor of the
Tribunt are at heart dlsuoioaists, and hare been
for the last eight years. In th spring of 1854,
or thereabouts, that naner tmbliahed a Ion and
very notioeabl series of editorial articles, run
ning turougn eeverai montn ana lorunea oy a
great array of stetlstics, aiming to prov that
th Union Is not a blessing to tn north, nut a
disadvantage. It went so far a to compute,
arithmetically, the preoise am oan t of pecuniary
loss enulled annually on every inhabitant of tbe
freo State by th continuance of the Union
which it ciphered up to be a sum that would
look formidable If collected annually by a Ux-
gathsrer.' . :y --",-
Those deliberate and labortte artiolet, ao
shocking to all the traditions handed down to
M bv the fathers of to republic, naturally at
tracted wide attention at tne time. - lie zrtft
sum has neither retracted their view nor ao
knowledged tbe ineocuraey of their statistics
from thai day to this. On th contrary ther is
no labor which It has performed with soch teal
and gusto, and with tucn a prolusion or clumsy
riaicuie, at tnat oi soomng ai vary pueue man
or political party that expressed any fear Of the
dissolution ot tne union, in in wen-stocked
arsenal of abusive epithets and ribaldry which
baa alway been the Tribunt' chief controver
sial resource, there 1 no on which it has
earned to consider as so damaging, or as mak
ing tbe person peitea wun it quit o ridiculous
as "Union saver." . These attempt, pursued
through long yean with remarkable tenacity of
purpose, M make every man who cared for tbe
preservation of tha Union an object of derision,
very naturally culminated In the. early part of
last winter, In th advocaoy, by tbe Tribunt, of
toe ilgbt ot tne southern o tales to secede and
set tp for themselves, In articles .wherein it
Quoted from th Declaration of Indeoendence
Id support of this right. , Its deadly enmity to
Mr. Seward led It, In the latter part of the win
ter, when it supposed h wu aiming to bring
about a peaceful settlement of the controversy,
to make a sodden somersault, and try M dam
age that statesman by turning against him th
patrietlo publio sentiment which called for a
vigorous manner of dealing with th rebel.
lion. - , , '-' , ; . : . , .
, In' purtuanc of (hi design, the Tri6
found It convenient to disguise for awblla its
inveterate hostility to th Union, bnt - a disease
that is to OeeDiy seated will brak oat. It has
now tor a lobg time been the ' Tribunt' dallr
business, either by onn attacks, or cowardly
insinuations, to weaken th Administration and
tha commanding General, and drive them Into
baxarding a battle before they ar prepared, is
order that the defeat of our army may afford It
a pretext for again advocating secession, as ft
did last winter. The reader of that sheet
cannot hav failed to nottc th frequent crop
ping out, during th last tew weeks, of the fdsa
that, If w do not whip th rebel! In the first
battle or two, W ought Immediately to recog
nise their Independence and this idea hat been
eonstently put forward in tb article In which
that sheet bat nrged a battle before the great
est commander lo th world thought It nnld
be safe. The Tribunt wishes tb Unlota force
M be beaten, and la therefor hounding oa Gen.
Scott te fight before b 1 ready; It ha alrea
dy given notice that, If we lose the first battle,
it roes for Southern Independence: : Tha fol
lowing extract are from Its yesterday.' Issue:
The simple question to b decided is Art
Northern men tb equal or Southern? or, Ar
tbey poltroons who will ran M th sigU of
line of adranetns? bavonetaT " Ass tnt fait bat.
lit mill uttlt f ttnduivelp. There I no need
of lewc war no chance for It, onless soltcv
and Craft will so hav it. ' Let fifty thousand
deteoaer or tn union neat a many rebels jo
fair battle, and th war will be substantially
snded. i There will remain skirmlehes, and am
buscades, and a few cowardly shot at sentinels;
out assassination is not war. ,
"If, as w rejoice to bear, Gen. Sdott 'is now
ready to try conclusions with Jeff. Davit end
Beauregard, the war Is near Its end.' We bay
this in no boastful spirit we concede the possi
bility of th rebel proving th stronger party;
bat If they do, let ns frankly own It, and prompt
ly arrest the wanton effusion of blood. And If
they cannot keep the field against ns, they' will
tolikewie.";'-' " , ' , 1
On would suppose' a Journal (bat thinks the
fste of the Union bugs on lb success of a sin
gle battle, would wish th Federal army to eater
that batU strong In numbers and with th best
foot forward. ; But no! the Tribunt Insists tbst
Gen. Scott shall rush a set of raw levies, that
bare Beret stood fire, Into th concealed trans
and masked batteries of th enemy, before he
ha taken tb precaution rmuloite for th suc
cess of a camptign la an enemy's country, In
i,.-., -t.-Mfu yd: ti t--!a'rA w
leusly beaten, and Its own long-cherished hos
tility to tha Union may be grata;' ed in it final
dlasolutlon. And It wishes t! is re)fn!ttobe
reaohed "orthwitb'i The following extrnes
show how ready it is to give np the Uuioa with
out a second trial, it th rebels beat ns in the
battle which it sWlsbes . W b fought contrary
to the judgment of tho highest military an-
thorlty; , . . .
'In sboArwe believe lhaUlot o1dTereare
to-day able and cage to, whip th rebels, and
wo wadt to so them allowed M try. ; If the
ar taot able td thrash th traitor in fair,' stand
up fight, our pride revolte at th idea of slowly
starving them Into tnbjeotion, or whipping them
by virtue of money borrowed In .Europe. - W
say, challenge them to meet th patriot vol up'
seer m raw ngnt; u tbey qoail, they are ruined;
If tbey fight, and ar beaten they must give it
p: UktU if then bttt Ui. M tuant t dm the tame
Lit iaee'Mi matttr decided forthwith, so that
onrnravmn may quit soldiering and return
to mor wren table rooations. ' It doe seem to
that M let th rebel remain to foro for
months, within a day's march of ' Washington
I th next thing to acknowledging ithelr' its-
depsndenoe, and that w should either, chase
tbem awsy or own that we are enable. "
W submit that, In tbe light of thi cxvose,
w are justified in aesertinr. thai th . JVioimm
1 a more dangerao enmy to tn Union than
the army f Jeff. Davis, th arch-rebel; . ;:,.:.
' m In iSiiOli l I '
Emancipation of the Slaves.
Thl la becoming, and too will be, the war
cry of the Republican party.-Its file-leaders
are already raising It,. "' Tbey said at first thai
emauoipavioa wuuia ot) an .tnatrvi enecs pi
t .! 1 1 - 1 1 1 " M I
th war; now they are waking to make it: the
dtrref result. ' They care more lor: tb niggtr
than the UplonV. r; ' "-V;
, ,Tb Stttt Journal and pther Republican pa
per nam thus: , England or Franc or both,
may, for want of cotton, Interfere in our do
mestic quarrel and assist the secessionists
Then, tb only ebano left to put down the re
belllon will be fa President Lmeoui to Issue, as
"a military necessity," his proclamation liber1
atlng all the slaves in tb South. 'X his is now
being proolaimed In all the North as likely to
be tbe only means left for tavlag the Union
' What the Democracy and th Union-loving
people of th country will hav tb say to this
is, that snob pretended salvation of the : Union,
by each an unconstitutional and tv rannlcal ex
erclse of power on, ike part of the President,
with, the annihilation of SUte soyersignty and
the destruction of private property held under
State laws, will bo it fear and flnal dissolu
tiori.' '.."0,)' say these Garrisonian Union-baling
Republicans, "then yon prefer slavery to tbe
Union." Tb people will answer at tbe ballot
box: "We lore th Union a It Is" under our
present Constitution, and will maintain It' at all
hasards against all open and secret foes.
Without preserving tb right of th SUte
under tbe Constitution, the Union cannot be
malnUincd; and '.tbey must and shall be pre
served." : - .
Emancipation of the Slaves. The No-Party Convention in Vermont.
Tb Republican of Vermont recently called
a Convention, Irrespective of party, to nominate
State ofiicer.Soma Democrats attended. The
result la told by th Dsmocratio piper in tb
tollowlng tablet . ;
"A lloa, a dog and an. as went banting to
rether. Their, bootr was huee, A division
wss to be mad. Quoth th lion, I will be fair
tbe booty ehell oe -divided into three equal
parts. Th first part belongs to me; tbe sec
ond part I claim by virtue ot my great strength;
and wo to th animal .that dare trouble tbe
third." ! ..'!:; ij. . -.o.lv;..t; '
Th Republican of Verm ant took tbe first
office as a matter of right, the second because
they were tbe strongest, and tb third because
they would not trust tho Democrat with It.
Bolton MWrtCfYi.. -.v.-'! 1 ,.J !,-: -: ; 1
1 Tbe Burlington, Vermont,"' Fttt Freit, a Re
publican psper, propose the following as the
term on which th Democrat should share in
th late Union movement (t) In that Stat
"Let th Democrats com lei and (sis' fie
tnth of aUtgimntt to tht forty, and they shall
bare in tbe spoils, not outertette:"
..Th Vermont Frtcmnn, another Republican
paper, says, speaking of the Convention:
"It wa In fact and In result a Republican
Convention, and those Democrat who noted
honestly In it and w presume all who acted
at all did so and who agre heartily with th
result reached by tb Convention, and support
the ticket nominated, will com ao near being
Republicans that it will b safe to treat them as
aca.'r , , , , , . ,
We think th Republican of Vermont need
not be afraid to trust th Dement who were
la that Convention. - They woold take the oath
proposed by th Freo Pret$ They will go In.
But th Weinman, another shady Republican
paper.ssys: , , H.,M
"Whatever may have been the design of th
edmmitte in Issuing tb sail aa they did, it was
DO other than a Republican Convention, as is
satisfactorily attested .by the arminatioo of a
Kepublioan Etate Uokt, whion w plac at the
head oi oar eeiums. Under th call, a goodly
nnmber of Republican and net few Demo
erata endeavored to brine aboat tb nomination
of a (sort of ,'Union' or 'No-Party' ticket, by
Svmg tbe Democrat tb candidate los Lieut,
ovsrnor. Bat tb discussion ia tk morning
oath resolution offered by Mesara. Sawyar
and Neodbem, aad the fioal adoption . ot that
offored by Mr. Edmunds of Burlington, dearly
danwnstrated that th anion and harmony ot
th Kepublioan party ia Vsrmonl required tb
nomination or a Repnblloaa ticket, nd that if
oar Demeoretio brethren desired to co-operate
with the Rapubliosa la eaateinlng the, Admin -latratiM
m its tffjrt to npprs treason and
pat down rebellion, tbey moot ao so by support
lag it known aad tried friends, men w bo sym
pathised politically with the President and his
eaMaet."' :' ..,; ,s i .!!.,.,:. sin ., -.4:
Of oourse "t was no othsr than a Republican
Convenl4on,' It wae Air it Intended for any
thing dH lit waaclcarjy damonaated. ,tbat
she anion: and harmony of th Repahlioan party
tn Vermont required the nomination of Re-
publiean ticket " Oar Deinocratlp 'iriehdsiTwho
were caught jn th trap, a,r' pow satisfied : that
th RpabIiaos, al least, thoaght it ' not :6r-
lutilu necessary t pal sny Dernecratr m (he
ticket, . It is sapposed that In' Vermont they
L - 1 - ' t.l . .1 - '
ThrarfMstf7atr,aowni Democratic
paper, aUadlng to the Convention, fays: (:
.."But whatever the Intent mleht nave been.
and however, well disposed even majority of
tn Kepubuoans might Bar been, 'the. Inevita
ble logio o( evsni to wit, tbe tioket put in
nomination and tb construction pat, upon .tb
nroceedinr of th' Convention since its ad
journment, by Repsblloaa papers,, provc that,
'as you were,' Is now tb relative position of
the two politital parties In .this Stt,f , Bom
nw erofution may develop different state of
auaus, dm until mat evoinuoa, 1 periormea,
we cannot for Cue regard the enemy as lo. any
The Steamer.
i,;.'!j,mhii.,iijii Jt i sJn Wlvqtirsj t
Th NtWYavk TWftsmet-the iOth aaysiw
'.".'Th Hon: Br:; Raymond Writes fromlW
res' Monroe that 'the barflt ttetmer Catilln
turn out ta bare been owned by Mr."Thurlow
Weed, Mr. Freeman, and Mr Dickinson, who
got a third party to have her chartered for tip..
COO a month.', ' 'l '',": - V -r
Thl doe not "agree with our fnforjuatfoo;
we hare been, told that ' It wa Mers.'0. B.
Matteson, G.; C; TJTldson (of the flrrd of E.
Corning & Co i Albany, and Charles Stetson.
jr., wbe owned th reseel and .made tbe money.
tioivevsr, inw may possioiy oe incorrect, and
Mr. Weed may be tbe lucky man after all; or.
cossiblr. whll" Matteson s Co. ar th osten
sible ownerr, Mr; Weed' good nature may hare
led him to UK a email interest, in. this patriotic
venture? '$y the way; re these fancy steamer
chartered by tb Navy or the War Department)
i So it aemt thai ;Thuuww at, bead ia,. th
steamboat boslneasi 1 ThUr 'fancy steamer'1
Molly Stark in the Field.
m.. v... '. . ',T'. . .'-i 'I
i uo iemocroy ox start county nad a reus-;
iog meeting on the 4th, it which .they adopted;
th following resolution, reported by General
LaBMi t'ttAy..-h. i.'L
) Rttoltti, That the Democracy, now
in favor ol the Union the Cpnatltu
th enforoement of tbe laws, and
toy, now as ever,
Constitution and
. and whilst we
pledge oureeWes tc these cardinal nrinolnles.
and ar therefore wf.ling to-aid the Government
.In all Constitutional measures for' th vindica
tion or the same, and whilst we do not annrove
of MCesjton, yet -we Will not withhold th faot
tnat w bejieve the present difficulties to be tb
reauJt ,of jtectlonal anti-slavery agitation and
fanaticism, which ought and might .have been
avoided by the leaders of the parly now in pow
er; and being in favor of a speedy adjustment
of our troubles w will support any nfbaanre
oalcalated to bring about a speedy settlement of
oor'dimeuiues and a re-nnloa of th stales,
upon terms fair and honorable to both teotlons.
R'tolved, That we desire to see the union of
tbe Pemooracy for tb ak of the Union, and
also 4B0st earnestly Invite the co-operation
and assiatanc of all conservative, men , for tbe
same object. ' The Democracy therefore, never
having entertained a disunion sentiment, cannot
nnite with tbe Abolition-Republican party In
tbe iormation of State and county tickets at the
coming fall eleotlons, nor for any other purpose
satisfied that th "no part," and Union lov
ing pretensions of the leader of that party, are
utterly hollow and hypocritical, and only 'ac
knowledge their weakness before the people.
We say therefore to our iri ends preserve the
integrity, of the time-honored Democracy In
tb future a tn tb past, and rally, as one man,
to the support ot' the Constitution and the
Union, i r"" .
, Reoolttd, That freedom of speech end liberty
of the press Is a right guaranteed by the Con
stitution, and we bold it to be the high duty and
privilege of every citizen to investigate and
criticise the sets, policy and motives of thoss
la power; and 'any attempt to abridge these
constitutional rights We deprecate and denounce
a anli-ftamooratic, tyrannical and despotic.
Tha Stark county Demerol aay of tbe meet'
Ing: ; ;f ;" ' '
The proceedings of the Democratlo meeting
held in this place on the 4th will be found in
another part of this paper. ' When we sav the
meeting was a decided success we fall short of
telling all that it war. It was more It was re
vlvlng, and roused tb Demooratlo heart. It
was muoh more than was expected innambers
too, lor tn oia isourt House was well crammwd,
and tue beetof feeling prevailed. -V. h
.'Every1 Democrat present felt good, and went
away satisfied that te have yet a Pemocratio
party a,nd with a firm determination to do his
whole duty toward redeeming our Buffering
oiaie ano, country irom tne tool grasp or Abo
litionism. '. During the pendeooy of the resolutions, re
marks were made by Gen. Lahm in his usual
happy and effective style. When Gen. Lahm
concluded, Judge Belden was loudly called for
and made a few remarks .upon tbe disastrous
oondltion ol our fair laud. Tb Judge spoke of
toe necessity or getting oack io tne Constitution
from which we had wandered and by so doing,
bring peace and harmony to a suffering land.
Louis Schafer, Esq. was then called tor and
io his accustomed, forcible and pointed man
ner, dealt out heavy blow on our abolition, op
ponents. ' ' . rT-' . "" ' ' :-:
The resolutions were passed unanimously,
after which tbe meeting adjourned with three
rousing cneers tor Democracy, the Constitution
ana the umujN!
Strange Conclusion.
In an article on flie war the New York Tri
bunt euji: '
"The simple question to be decided Is Are
Northern men tbe equals ol Southern? or, Are
tbey poltroons wbo will ran at the eight ,of a
Una ol advancing bayoneut And on fair battle
win settle this conclusively.1 't here ia no need
of a long war no chance for it, unless policy
and craft will so have it. Let fifty thousand
defenders of the Union beat aa many rebels - in
fair battle, and the War will be substantially
enaea. mere win remain skirmishes and am
buscades, and a few cowardly shots at sentinels;
but assassination is not war." -' ' " :y
"It, as we rejoice to hear, Gen. Scott is now
ready to try conclusions with Jeff. Davis and
Beauregard, tbe war is near its end.- We say
this In no boastful spirit" we concede tbe pos
sibility of th rebels proving tbe stronger party:
put. u toey ao, let ps iraumy own it, and
promptly arrest tbe wanton effusion of blood
And, if they cannot keep tho field against us,
they wIIJ do likewise."
. This is a most remarkable admission, coming
from that quarter. We thought, the war was
to maintain the Constitution and the Vaou,
or to "take and re-possess" the publio property.
From the above, however, it would appear that
we are merely fighting to see -which is the
"beat man.? ' If they whip us in a great bit
tie, we must quit and com borne. And if we
whip them, tbey must do likewise. If that'is
all, why not acknowledge the other party "good
ttook," .and t"arrest te . wanton' cffaslon . of
[For the Ohio Statesman.]
Necessity a Tyrant's Plea!
The 'teleferaDh cive us some diteunion in
the Senate yesterday, on tbe Senate's resolu
tion not tq'approve oi certain sots of th Presi
dent, f-.' rnvi i ' "
" Mr.' Polk said "the President bud suspended
the writ 6f habeao cor put, which the King of
England could not do; that the President had
gone even beyond that, in proclaiming martial
law tbltnt not In tbe Const! tution. He hon
ored the Chief Justice for ' the ground taken
against It) and .that necessity Is alway the ty
rant ple." ' " " ' -it v i. -
.. Th Chief Justice, In the case before him,
cited adlhoritiea to show that tbe power of sus
pending tne writ ot Mono corpus did not rest
wun tbe Executive; . : -' "
The English Constitution hot carefully guard
ed the liberty of the citizen, and the language
of tbe great charter is, "that no freeman shall
be taksn and imprisoned but by th lawful
ludement'ol bis eauala. or the law of the
land."' . And many old statutes expressly direct
"tbat ire man shall be taken or Imprisoned by
aggetuoa or petition to tne n-ing or nis coun
cil, unlets it be by legal Indictment, or the pro:
cess of th common law."' . 1 -'
Ia further oommentioe noon this, suhi set. 6ir
Wm. Blackstone, In bit Commentaries, Vol. 1,
p. 136, eats i "To bereave a man of life, or bv
violence to confiscate bis estate, without oocu
patloo or trial, would be so groe and notorious
an ' ao of dsspotism, as must at onoe conrev
th alarm of tyranny throughout th whole
kingdom: but confinement of tb person, by
Secretly bnrrylng him to gaol, where bis suffer,
log ar nnknown or forgotten, is a jess public,
a less (trilling, ana toereiore mor aanetrvw
engint of nrbitrert government. And vet, some.
times, whew tbe state is injreai danger, even
thi may b necessary- meaeurer flat the
happiness of oar Constitution Is, that It Is not
left to the Executive power to determine when
the danger of the state is so great aa to rendet j
this measure expedient; for it is tbe parliament
only, w legislative power, that, whenever .it
see jprcper, can authorize the Crown, by sus
pending the A6o oorvut act for a awrt and
time, to Imprison person without giving
gut reason for so doing." ' "1u ' "' ' -
" bum is tb law and Constitution or tneland.
The Klbg Ha no power to suspend th writ of
I. L L . . .1 L . . .
niinu ourpus, our vj aeoiae nw it may o
dooebntthe Parliament 1 the only power lhat
Call suspend this great writ. . . , , .
' ''Tbe President claim.' tbe right, and hat ex
ercised a power over tbe citizso, that Is forbid
den to the King of England, and he Claims tb
right to do thi under tue granted powers In tb
Constitution of th United State.
-The Constitution, fa limiting the powers of
Congress, authorises Congress td suspend th
writ of hobetm corput, "when In oas of rebel
lioo'dr Invasion,, tn ipublio safety may require
UV ."' .,',' .. . . V,
Tbels pewers carefully clven to Congress, in
eases of "rebellion or. invasion,!' a it was to
the Parliament of. England,, in aeesof "resj
danger to tb State."
in comtiintion no wher authorize the
President to Ixerols this power, and In assum
ing it, b bat arrogated to himself th'Jwr of
UooEress over-stepped the Uonstilutioo aod
set a precedent daoreroui to the liberty of the
citizen tie has don what the Engl.nation
H nr IttS ' 4ft,'iiM.s
Late Items from the South.
A irorreiinondent of tha Tiitnatch. writing
from Charleston, Kanawha county; July; 1st,
eayei v ; . ,i ., s :i v ,.'
wen. Henry A. Wise reached this town - on
Wednesday last, eeoorted be. a fine cavalry com
pany, and attended by hi staff.- Three prison
era had been brought to General Wise. They
are from Roan county, and one (Col. S A.
Robers) was a member of th Whtellng Con
vention. Tbey will be handed over to tho civil
authorities, and Indloted far treason.. ,.,. ,..
An accident oconrred at Augusta, Gorgia,ou
th 4th, at a target exercise. Mr. Wm. H.
Courts, former iv a resident of Baltimore, but
for some yean past a resident of Augusta, was
accidentally shot in tne neaa. rne riue oau
fraotured bis skull, causing the brain to pro
trade, and bit condition was considered exceed
ingly critical. Mr. C. Is a highly 'esteemed
citizen and excellent machinist, and regrets were
Universal at at his sad misfortune. '
The Disnatoh savs nasseoeers report beavv
firing at Matbias Point on tbe 4th of July.
Tb ith ot July was celebrated in Kichmonu
and Norfolk, . Vft., Augusta, Ga., Charleston,
S. C, and other Southern cites, with much en
Joseph Laldley, a chemist, was killed In
Rlohmond by the explosion of a detonating
powder ke wa manufacturing.
The cargo of Ice captured by Capt, Ilolllns
Old lo t rederlcksburB tor shuuu.
A large ship witn about 73U bags or conec,
went ajboreoff oape Henry on juonday night
She has been secured bv tbe Virginians.
Col Porcher Milee, of 8. C, is attached to
Gen. Beauregard's staff at Manassas Junotion;
ex-Speaker Orr is in Richmond: . Hon. Mr.
Keitt and Senator Clingman have gone to Fair
fax; Hon. A. H. Stevens and Hon. Howell Cobb
were at Augusta, Ua , on tbe dd inst. -
A number of bags containing th mails and
dispatches f rom the Brazil squadron, captured
on tbe brig Montlcello, on tbe Potomac, by tbe
St. Nicholas, have been brought to Klchmocd
The term of Col. Grrgg'a (. C ) regiment's
enlistment having expired, tbey nave been un
bonded and paid eff A large number will,
however, re enlist , under Col. Haskell. Tbe
Nineteenth Mississippi, Fifth North Carolina
nd Eighth Alabama Regiments bad reached
Rlohmood, as also 800 men of Wade Hamp
ton's Legion of South Carolinians. " A number
of tb members of tbe Provisional Congrnts,
which meets in Richmond on. tbe 20th instant,
have already arrived.
, Tbe St. Louis Herald says: "We learn by a
private letter from New Orleans, that Louisiana
has sent twenty-one thousand men to Virginia.?
' Brigadier General Floyd has, within the space
of twenty days, enrolled, armed, equipped and
brought to a condition of most creditable dis
cipline, In southwestern Virginia, two regiments
of men, who will be ready to march in five
day from this time.- He expects to add yet an
other regiment. . ' : '"''',
Col. Grafton D. Spurrier, of Baltimore, has
been appointed by President Davis as quarter
master in the Confederate Southern armv. and
ha been assigned by General Joseph E. John
eon to the 4th brigade, composed of tbe leth
ana uta Virginia, Tennessee and 1st Mary
land, regiments, now stationed at Wincbester-
-Tbe First' Company of Maryland Zouaves,
First Regiment, held a meeting on the fourth Of
July, in Richmond, and elected the following
omcersi wm. waiters, bsq., Baltimore. tJaD'
tain i G. W. Alexander, 1st Lieutenant; John
VV. lorsoh, '4i Lieutenant; f. M. farsons, Jr.!
3d Lieutenant; Charles biinms, Orderly Ser
reant: Charles Hemline. 2d Berceant: F D.if-
nn, 3d Sergesnt; J. L. Quinn, 4:h Sergeant;
John D. Mitchell, 1st Corporal; Wm. -Uncle,
xi corporal; John 11. Kusic, dd uorporal; Wm,
A. Ryan, 4th Corporal.
A Word of Comment on the Blade.
The leading artlclo in tbe Blade of Monday
evening, wmcn a correspondent in to day's pa
per makes extrnot from and comments there
on, is perfectly characteristic of it likral
minded conduotor. lie is cot willing to concede
sincerity ot motives to any one In expressing a
desire for the perpetuation of tbe Union, cr that
our Btate and general governments are conduct
ed with economy ; nnless he subscribes to Ait
faith, and believes io black republicanism aad
ia willing to swear by it on all occasions. And
everything that is said against tbe mismanage
of cur State affairs, or not in the moat laudatory
manner ot tne conducting or tne general gov'
ernment, he construes into treason and sympa
tbizing with traitors!
We can tell Mr. Waggoner that the timo is
coming, when tbe omcial iavoriliBm of botb
State and General Governments will be looked
into and exposed and woe then to the party
that upholds tbem. Tbe people, the tax-payers,
are not so fond of being .depleted, even for
''war purposes," as not to bis a little anxious to
see tbe expenditure list, and make their own
comments thereon, and take their own action io
regard lo tbe authors of it, although the cry of
sympatny witn traitors ana "treason" bo rupar
in their ears by Black Republican fuglemen.
Tne people or this country are not yet Quite
ready to be ostracised and have a despotism sad
dled upon them and be denied the freedom of
speech and action! No, Mr. Waggoner; you
are counting without your host, when you think
tne cry ot treason will silence a tree people in
knowing their rights and maintaining them.
Hood-wink as you may, blow off your "hot-cos-
pellsa" and "I am holier than thou," much as
you see nt, there is a day or reckoning coming,
when your party with its disposition .to reward
lavorites, however extravagantly, its sectional-
Ism, its love of Jobn Browulsm, its self consti
tuted purity and-abo ve-susplciou, w ill be " weigh
ed in the balance and found wanting. " -
' Stand from under when that day arrives.
Toledo Times.
Master Commissioner's" Sale.
'! I "
NstbanB. Lorejoy, ) . ...,,.,,u
-' ti. Superior Coart. 1 I . 1 J rj
fehn P. HoQale st al ) r -
KatbanB. Lorejoy,
te ate dlreoled from theSuneriar Oonrt of Irink-
lio eoaaty, Ohio. I will offer for eel at the deer of tb
Oonrt llottMjln tbe city of Oolnmbos, on .-..-
Satarday, Angasl 17, A. D..J861, , , .
al onei'olock.'P. M tbe following 'deacrlbej reel ej.
tate, attnate In tb ooonty of franklin and BUM or Ohio,
to Witt i hot Hoe. two and tbreo (lkl of Vheedoi
Batter's aatxllTlalon of Lota Mr. one and -two (1 fc S)
of John W Baker's anbJIrUlon called Anatralla, ai the
same la reoorded and delineated on the reoorded Dial of
said Butler's eubdrrUtoo of aald Lot,, being eacb 33
feet fronton tbe Colemboa and OraaTllle Plank Woed,
ana ranoioj naoa iw icei aeep on Auatraiia atreet, being
tbe eame Lou wblob were eonreyed by Jtweph P. Same
myer to aaM Hatban X. LoTeJoy, by deed dated April
joui, ioof ana reooraea in book ari pagea jcj ana 9.
Appralied Lot No. 2,f 1 DO. t ..
' ' " 3, 174 00. -, i, ,,c.
7 - 0. W. HUFlrMAtf, Sheriff, , .
and Maater OommU.io..r.
Printer's fees, 14 SO, ' ' . . Jlyl3-llt;w4w
Ditch Notice.
OTIOB la beroby glren, that at the June teuton of
the County Oommluionera of Iranklln ooanlr.
unio. w . n . rouara. uepaiy uaunij aurrayor Ol anil
franklin eosnty, Oblo, filed a plat and proole of a
dltsn, to be located in tne wenuipi ot adlaen and
Hamilton, In said franklin conntr. 0 , tbe eetabilabment
Of wblob la petitioned for by W. Bohr and other,
aeaooilande adjaoent tb, or through wblob the line of
said propoaed dlton,ir eatabliatied, will pus,, Xae pray'
rot tbe petitioner la aet forth aa follow.:
To tht Bonorablo CommUttontre Of FttmHifl tSvnty,
.Ohio. -
We. tbe nndertlaned petitioneri. reepeotfnily renreaen't
Jbat oar internal an aonTenleaot require tho location
or a eounty ditcn, to roaove etagnaot ponoa or water
lyiag in unauwn anauaauoa townaaipi) ror tne Bene
111 of our lande, oar health, an tbe amity of a eounty
road running through aald ponda. The propoaed ditch
to oommeooe at a point or inlet on the Ohle Canal, ea
Wa. Kohr't hui; thence running through Wm. Bohr's
land to 0. Oban'e north lice j thenoe eaat frltll aald Hat
to JaoobBtrawa'tlandi thenoe through J.itrawa'a land
lo o. Oban'e land) thence tnrongn u. uiian'a land to
Wm. Bohr'a land; thence threaen Wm. Bohr't land to a
pond on th lande of Wm. Bohr and Milton fink's
belre; thence running oatao land of Milton llak'a neirs
toloWrtectawtcneaUDiianea oy tn xrmttee ot Mdt
eon towneblp. running through alio hade of frederld
Dunn, Laypoie oarey'e neire, waa. nonr, wmt meuarty,
Abram Sharp and barker Barey.
r . . wm. ROtin ant, ornsna. r
Therefore aU persone Intended are hereby notified that
tho Oommiaalonere or franklin uountjr Dare sxed epos
the 13th da of Aneuat. A. S. 1BU1. at 10 o'clock A.
M., to bear said petition for aald ditob, and if eeiaMlab
ed, to apportion tb eoet of eatabliabing and the labor of
ooMtnaoiiiHr the aame. . .i n
I , .1 . . . . JOHS PHILLIPS, -f
jniyiJ-itaaitw Aniitpr'ranaua ve.,o.if
t n a o n e n biiketiugs Ann
BHiarinuB, an wiaina, or moateeiebrated maket,
seiet f greatest Tarlety and at rery low prioc. '
. . BAIS at BOM. ,
qpfflif i; ; Ko. South Digoitteet, ...
Justice of the Peace.
Ma.EDrrimi Pleats announce 0. W. Waibon at'a
candidate for initio .of the Feacs, st in election tn
Monlfomerj townihlp, Angus! S, 1801, iul jejt to ,IW
ana oblige
R E M O V A L.
'Usr" .'Nt i
Produced '''
: ' ' ... . Provisions,
'., Foreign an'i Domeitic Liquors,,'.
Fruits,- otc. etc., -
NO, 34, NORTH H I O if ft E K T.
I . . , ...,,'.
TO r '
No. 100, South High Street;:
The old stand recently 'occupied y WM'. McBOHAtD
, - , ' 'i f,'iv
. 4 - ..?;, y t '
nc li In dally rcel t o' 1 "
.' ' r ; " - ' . ..'!. ' " "l
' ffhich he will lell. ;, -.-i
Cbcap tor Dash oi Country rrodiicc.
JCp GooJn aalivered to City trad free.'of charge 2.
jlylS . -
No. IOG, South High Street,
Foreign and Domestic" Fruits, J
Jlyl? . , -, f J K 'i -" '
B A I N & SOW,
Ho. 29 South High Street, Columbus
viaa MAWi AWWVDT1 1 i '
SOW) yardi Xiaveling Trwi Ooo.U at 8Mi value
2.100 yardi Traveliniz Drew Ooods at J2!i, ta'us SOctt
xw) yard! janginn Demim h a- th vcui
1000 yardf French OrKftDdiei it Talue 20 ceota.
SOOri yards Fast Oolorcd Lawm at JO, value 15 oentf .
InR) vara I xouiaru utvum ehm i 71
r,.n . 1. a nut. ni.l, out, m. all IU1 vnln V1 S
jauu yarui oujier i iaiu unvBiiit vw. .
Bobei of Oncdndie Berage, and KDgliflh Berage, at one
Uir oUlw vala . 1 . -
jeo? i . 09 ejutj, jjfgh gtreet.
Elegant lace Hahtillas
J3JSLTN cfc vOW,
No. 29 Soutli HigH St
TT AT B just 'opened an inroica of. Try larga and
Wde FiiENcn Laces (for'- ShAwls,
Very Deep French Flouncing Laoes. . .
Renl Thread, French, Chantilla it Geneves ,
Valencienue, Point do Gaze, Brussels
and Thread Laces and Collars,
; , . . In new Shapes,
, s For traveling
Traveling Dresa . Goods.
SILKS, FOIL EE OHBVBKS, ... . -jv -t
. . Tbe beat and most fashionable ilylca In tbe oily,
...... ,. BAIN k. BON,'
JtSl ;' . ,. r ' .',;, 29 Houtb High Street
O NKW BIT LE8 llaln 6l Son. No. liWBouth
lllsh atreet. have last opened new etylet of Clots Ci
ontARB. BinqoiKW and aACquw, made la tke neweet and
moat atyllsh manner. AlsOv Superb flal
Illack Mlka, rery, beery, deeigned cipreHly fo.
Alantlllea and uuqaloee. ... npnu,
1,000 yard! Bdner I'U'n Black Bilks at 1 OO-valae
',912a reryaW.
3 .5 00-jfde-Traveling Brcj ar.d tlanttc Uitdn a
; 4t.l3 cepty-(-Tlue SO ctn'.a per ant.
3rOpO yard! White Emllenfei i nt 13.' 1.2 cenu
Value 20 centi per jard. - '
8OCO yarda Fuie and Domeitlo GiDfchamajjreatly un
' iheTalnc. I
I If.
: :i : potifik babeqes, umusi. .
; . ; ; ; liifna, cauosss, t fowiw,
New tmd rfasliiona'blo Dress Groods
'In the moet detlmble atylee and at rery loeera prices.
Or all'materlala, made In the moat atyliih manner after
the la teat Parli faahloita the most elegant styles Is
the dty."'','' "I : '
;. ,' ."': BAIN tVc SOlTy
' rai30 ' ':.'. '' ! vi , . Ke. 99 8 uth High sheet.
Ia all oaae of eostlTeneas, dyepepaia, blllloua ap.1 live
affection, pile, rhenmatlim, foyer and ague, obstl
Bate head aches, aad all general denuiirementa of heal Hi
these Hill hare Invariably proved certain and ipeetlT
remedy .A single 'trial will place the life Pills beyond
BierwBfc,tnpelltlon In the eatimalion of etery pa-
'. H.ioffat'i'ThceDlk Bitten will be" found equally ef
Ocaoloas In alienees of neirum acMtlty, dytpepela, t)ead
ache, the itckneet incident to females. In delicate health,
and, Tery Wed t weiiknea fcf Wis dlgeatlvs organe.
fr pie by Dr. W.B. M0TTAT, ."' Bwanwajr, n? xA
aad all Irglsl,..0. ' ;,' o" . v.1 . ay3-da;wllil
' ' ' ' - '
. Ti6 followlnff i (vn wxtraot from;a
letttfiwrlttenby the Be. I- 8, JloUne, paster ef the
Plerrepolnt-Street Baptist Church, Brooklyn, ft. 7k, to
lhe"J(mrnal and itieeeenger," omeinnau, v., and apeaks
Tolaiaes In- faTor" of! that world-renowned medicine, Maw.
Wmeurarw Booth wo Starr toa CBanam TawnfiNsf ''
W. oean sdTertlament In your oolumna of line
WYHiWw'i SOOTHiH Btrb. Now we never aald a word
In fator of a patent uediolae before In our life, bnt we
feoleomwelled to eay to your reader toal Vila la no bum
bog wa hav tii it, ana aww- rr to bi au, rr
cuuu. It U probably one of the mod Sureeaaful medi
olne oftlie (Uy, becAue II la on oi the beat.t And thote'
of your roadera who hare habieo eaat do. better thaa-
lay in SSPPff.J . . ,r.w fciAd c:iydw
1861. 1861.
1861. 1861. Summer Arrangements,---Time
Connecting at Cieatllns with the PiriBBCBOH, IT. . :
Ibr nitiburgh, rfUlodelphia and BMmorty. jlto
ft Ibrl Wayn and Chicago. .
CMtVectlngat Cleveland with th LAKB SHOBB BAIL-.
. 0AT tiff" ' ' . ' '
Prlaklrk, Btirratio, aioanf,
' uj ai. mr . i
ivnt muA n.w , ,-, ,
J s 3'
from Oolumbns, In obnneetlon With Trains on tb
Nianr EXPB8S8.-Lvea Oolumboa at 3.40 A.U ; '
wilt leave paaaengen at all stations south of Gallon, '
atop at Delaware, Aahley, Oardington and Ollead, and .
at all stations north of Gallon, arriving at Cleveland
at0;0OA. M., Dunkirk 3:00 P. M., Buffalo MP. M.
Albany S.W A. Itt., New York 8:35 A. M.. Boaton :3U
9i M.. Vlttttmnth via Oroatlln :80 P. M . PMIadol-
pbla 6:10 A. M. Chicago via Oreetllo at 7:00 P. At. . .
NKW YORK'EXPBBSS Leaves Oolumbna at 11.10
m. Wlllaton at Lewie Centre, (for W hit, gnlnhnr
Springs), Delaware, Oardington, Gallon, OreetUne, Shel
by, Mew London, Wellington and Grafton, arrive at '
Cleveland at 3:33 p. m. Dunkirk, 8:50 p. m. Bur--'
talo, 10:U p. m ; Albany, 8:45 a. m.j NewYoik, 1:45
p. m.; Uoaton, 4:4U p. at . inn x ram oonneota at nei
by for Banduaky, and at Oiaftoa for Toledo, arriving at
Toledo at 0:40 p. m. . . v .
at 8 30 p. m. Will atop at all nation booth of .
BbOby.'nnd at New London, Wellington, raftoa,
and Bereai arriving at Cleveland at 8:30 p. m. Don
kirk, 1:00 a. m. Buffalo, 3 :S0 a. m.; Albany, 8:S0 p.m.!
NewYork, 730 p. m.; Boaton. 11:45 p m. PHtebargb.
era Ore.tllne.at 11:55 p. m.; Pblladelphla, LOO p. aa.,
Chicago, via oreitlino, o:u a. m. xni Train eonaeets
at bhalby for Sandusky and Toledo, arriving at Toledo
at 8:55 p. m. .
Patent Sleeping- Cars are ran on all
night Traine to CDioago, flew z
! York and Botton. - , , .
Baggagt Checked Through to Sen Tori and Botton
via vierwana; auo, to rnuaaapnxa ana
... Jiew York via OrUii4.
Night Expreia arrives at Oolumbna at.. .11:15 P. at.
Cincinnati Ixpreaa arrive at Oolumbna at 10:50 A.M.
Accommodation Bxprea arrlvei at Columbue at 7:50
Fare a lioiv a by any other Route.
Aik for Tickttttia CrtttUn or Cleveland. "
" a. s. iLisT.
' j, Superintendent, Cleveland, Ohio. ,
Columbua, Ohio.
Columbue, June 17, 1801.
Steam Between Ireland and America.
I . - ; , . .
The following new and magnificent flret-claaa paddle
wheel Bteamabip eompoae tbe above line:
ADRIATIC, i 5,888 tons burthen, Capt,J. H.cav
(Formerly of the Oolllns Lin.)
TiTBERNIA, i 4,400 torn burthen, Capt, N. Paowai. . .
COLUMBIA. , 4,400 " " " B. LllTCB.
ANOLI. , ! 4,400 " " ' NicaouoK.
PAOIfTO, ' 2 000 ' I. Sunn.
-''- : 3,300 " " . " J. Witiaa.
One of (he above eblpe will leave New York or Boeloa
alternately every Tueaday fortnight, for G.lway, car
rying tb government mail, touching at Bt. John,
N. f.
The Steamer of thl line have been co net roc ted with
Ibe greateet eare, under the anperviaion of the govern
ment, have water-tight compartment, and are unexcel
led foroomfort, aafety and apeed by any teamr (float.
Tbey are commanded by able and experienced officer,
and every exertion will be made to promote the comfort
of paaaengera.
An;experienoed Snrgeen attached lo each ahip.
Firat-claasN. Y.or Boaton to Galway or Liverpool (100
Bccond-clail, " " " " 75
Piret-claa. ' " " to St John' 35.
Thlrd-clara, ' " " to Galway or Liverpool,
or any town In Irelaid, on a Railway, - - - 30
Third-claw paaaengera are liberally aupplled with pro
Tlaiona of the beat quality, cooked and served by the ser
vant of th Company. - . ; .
, . .
' Fartlei wlthing to end for their friend from the' old
country can obtain tlckete from any town on a railway, in
Ireland, or from the principal cities of England and ttcot
land, at very low rate.
Paaeengere for New York, arriving by tb Botton
Bteamere, will be forwarded to New York free of charge.
for paaaage or further Information, apply to
At the office of the Company, on th wharf, foot ot
Canal atreet, NewYork.
aprlll9:d0m. .
An Effective, Safe and Eoonomioal
'. ' ' Compound,
To it original color without dyeing, and inventing
. Ilair from turning gray. ' '
And curing It, when there I tb lat partlole ef vltall
- or reonperatlve energy remaining.
- , And all cntaneona affections of th Boalp.
Imparting to It in nneqaled glow and brilliancy, making
It aof t and silky In It texture, and oanatng It to cut'
l b great oelebrlty and Increasing demand for this on
equaled preparation, eonvinoa the proprietor that on '
trial I only neoeaaary to tatbfy a dlaoeming public of it
ennerioroualltieeoverany etbef preparations . Is
Feieanaea tbe bead and aoalp from dandruff and other
cutaneous oueaaee, oauaing tn nair to grow innnantly
giving It a rich, aoft, gloeey and Oexible appearanoe, and
eleo, wher the hair Is looaonlng and thinning, It will gtv
trength and vigor to tb roota and reetor the growth to
hoee parte which bay become bald, caneing It to yield a
rein covering, oi nair. ......
In re ar hundred or ladle and gentlemen In New
York who have had their hair reatored by tbe ate of thl
Iovlgorator. when all other preparation hare failed. L.
U. ha ta Us potseaelon letters Innumerable testifying
to th abort fact, from parton of th blgheet rodaecta
bility. . It will effectually prevent the hair from turning
until the lateet period of life; and in oaae where'th hair
has already changed Itaoolor, the ua of the Invigorate!;
will with certainty reatore It to It to It original has, giv
ing It a dark, gloaay appearance. Aa a perfume for the
toilet and a Hair Beatorattvo It I particularly reoem
mended, kaving an agreeable fragrance: and lb great tv
eilltlee It aflord ia dressing the nair. whioh. when moist
with the Invigorator, can be dressed la any required
to a to preeerv it place-whether plalnor In curls ;
hence the great demand for It by tb Udie aa standard .
toilet-article whick none ought to be withoutA tbe prio
plaoe it within toe reach of all, belnf . -.
x- , Only iTwenty.ftva Casta
iterbottlfi Mb bad at aU reapeotabl Dragglsts an -
; ' 1 Perfenuer.
'' L'. MILLKB would call th attention of Paronls aa
Guardian to the as of hi Invigorator, in cue whor
the children' bait Incline to be weak. The as of it
lay the foundation for oooodhead of hair, aa It ra-
move any Impurities that may hav baoom connected
with the scalp, tha removal of which la necessary botb .
for the health of tbe child, and tb future iappearano of
itH&lr. , ,',..'.
Cirrrton. None renulne without th fao-sunlla LOUTS.
MILLEB being on tha enter wrapper; also, L. MIL-
LBB'll llAia iaYIQOIlATOB,
n. i, mown in tn
glass. ....;.-
. Wnolssala Dewot. SS Dey atreet. and sold b all tha
principal Merchant and Druggist throughout tb World
idbertu Oiaeosnt w purouwci, vj uim quanuty, - - "
, I alio deetre to preaent to th Ajoerkan Public ryT
JTEW vnw asaxavvxjj axiaaAjia,4UlAVua
WhtA. after yeata'ol sdentlfto experunentln. I hare
brought to perfection., ltdyeafiuokor Browahutantly TI
wunouiinjury r or nxin) warranted tb beat
artlcl of tbe kind la szlstanc.
q'r-price, ONLY 60 CENTS
ootWjdkwIy. ' '. A IT A. . t rI V r O
11 . 'I lUCS.
mint' t: cBTTMDiit
? ! S AUavuaa.a
,. w.,v iiwnii i Bnutri
. t Aiiomta: At turz: ;t
TtF. Offices. SB9 Broadway Hew" York rty.'and!
Piasona' BottsiM, Columbua, Ohio.
" JCPOarefal Srn)ntIonjaM to Collectloni.','
'K;iti..i ""i I .. .'
Ti'ij r 1
wtta,wwi:m mSx
I ENDT'SJ .'j.i'io'
WliyTJ,lKlITTf0rBC0.,lO7K ,SIf, "
anoewipersozi (entire nypoU Ul ,,,, .,-
-ro t"t ill AT.ti.u siaa 4 isi iJ "
nw-dirlflA ,miiin:iMI)'
- -. '1 I.
1 tir. i.1
f s i:'

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