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The Ailams Expreai Company places us daily
uuder obligations to It for the very latest papers
from the eastern cities. ' J .'
Tha American Exnresa Company lias OUT
thuuks for Us dally favors in the shape of tbe
very latest eastern papers. . y
To the Union Democracy of Franklin
Notice la hereby given to tbe Union Democ
racy of. Franklin county, to meet oq Fridat,
August 2d, between the hours of thsh and six
o'clock, p. m., in tbe townships, and sis and
iiaHT p. m , in the wards, at the usual places
of holding elections (excepting, Norwich town-
shin, which will be beld at Sohofiild's School
House, and the 4ih ward at Gavir's room, and
the 1st ward at E. Bbxlir's), to appoint del
gates to attend the County Convention, to
meet at tbe City Hall, In the Cltyof Columbus,
on Saturday, the 3d of Auomt, for tbe purpose
of appointing delegates to the State Convention
on tbe 7ih of August, to nominate a State tick
t. . : ', . . . ! .
' Tbe following is the number of delegates al
lotted to each ward, based upon the vote cast
for Supreme Judge in 1860, allowing one for
each fifty, and an additional delegate, for eacb
fraction of twenty-five votes so oast:1 " "
lit Ward, , T ' Hamilton ", ;Tp."
2d 5 Mifflin :.. , ,", ; ,
Blcndon ,
Jefferson .
Sharon .
3d t v . . . 5
4th " 6
6tb " '. 13
Montgomery Tp 6
Tcuro " 4
Prairie , . " 3
Clinton -.' " 3
Pleasant ' " 3
Brown " 1
Perry " 4
' Wm. Domioan,
H. 8..H10H,
II. W, Miller,
Wm. Coons,
John M. fvau,
J. Bulin,
Alix. Thompson,
Sah'lDotlr, i
James Horlockh,'
County Central Committee.
Thk Publio Works. Tbe appraisers ap
pointed by the State and the Lessees of tbe
Publio Works to value tbe property, aucb as
boats, tools, materials, etc., on the canals, and
to be taken by tbe Lessees at appraisement,
met In tbis city on Monday last, having previ
ously pasted over tbe canals in tbe performance
of their duty, closed their session and made
up tbeir award on yesterday.
The appraisers are Messrs. Wetherst, Ham
ilton and ISHAM.
'. The B jard of Public Works also had a meet
ing, terminating on yesterday. ''
Tbe Lessees were alto in session during tbe
same time. With the award of tbe appraisers
' and the compliance of the Lessees with it, they
gome Into possession ol the aforesaid property.
We learn that during tbe session of tbe Les
sees tbey revised the toll sheet, making m any
material reductions in toll, on all articles on
the various Publio Works of the State, to take
effect on tbe 1st of August next.
Tbe Lessees have appointed the following
Colleotora of Toils on the several Canals:
Geo. C Frizjsell, Cleveland
' Allen Hibbard, Akron.
Edwin Jarvis, Masailloa.'
Sam. Fertig, Dover.
Sam. Gardner, Roseoe. r
Thomas B. Cressp, Dresden .
Bennett V. Caffee, Newark.
t E. E. Meaaoo, Cartoll.
G. G. Bradford, Columbus
. N. T. Bradford, Circleville.
E F. Lewis, Cbllllcothe.
W. C. Safford, Waverly.
' A, MoFarland, Portsmouth.
W. II. Mcserole, Cincinnati.
J. W. Sutphlo, Middlelown. "
. J. II. Mitchell, Dayton,
Jonas Ward.Piqu. , . '
Wm. Hollingsworth, St.Iarys.
Alex. Backus, Junction. - .
Th. L. Clark, Maumee Cltv.
W. C Erl, Toledo.
Tbe ofBoe at Hamilton bas been removed to
Lockland, and Frank Ruffuer appointed Collector.
Tb. B. Create, Dresden.
John A. Blrtir, Zineeville. '!;
' S. C. Beokwlth, MoCosocleville. ' . ,
Cb. B. Hall, Harmar. h
E. E. Meason, Carroll, ' ' . .'. : .
,' Joseph Rochester, Logan.
1 Sam. Gardner, Roscoe. ,
The Diioraced Voldnteirs We take tbe
following from the Journal of yesterday morn
ing: : ' . .
"The privates J.D. Ball and E.F, Humason,
of company C, 1th (Jhio Regiment, wbo were
returned to Camp Chaso on Wednesday, July
lOih, and disbanded in dlfgraoe for alleged Ir
regularities In Virginia, have made a written
statement under oath, wherein they deny tbe
charges preferred against them, and complain
of the direct injustice committed towards them.
Their version is substantially as follows: That
it was ati approved and encouraged practice to
ferret out secessionists and bring them into
oamp, compel, them to swear allegiance and
dismiss them; that they were-Informed by
Union men near the oamp, that Jackson was a
traitor, and was carrying on a secret corres
pondence with the rebels; that they went to bis
-i bouse, found it open, and the beds, furniture,
etc, toasea about miscellaneously, and some
Indiana, soldiers there; that tbe owner came
. la shortly alter and showed them - a cer
tificate .. from General Rosecrans . that be
- had taken tbe oath to support the Constitu
tion, and complained of missing a lot of cloth
ing, a watch, some stores, eto. - That they as-
- sured bim they had taken nothing, and express
ed their , willingness to be searched, whiob be
proceeded to do to his own satisfaction, i A
Court of Inquiry was called the next day, hut
as Jackson preferred no charge they thought
the matter at an end. Next morning came an
order to disband the Company. Col. Beatty
went to Gen. Roseoracs for the ciuse, but
could get no satisfaction. Lieut. Col. Hollings
worth and Gsn. Fitch went to Geo. MoClellaa
with no better success. They protested against
such baste asked an open and full investigation,
and that those directly charged might have tbe
benefit of a court marliaU .The Oompany de
livered up their arms and returned to Csmp
Chase. On Thursday, July 10th, Ctfpt. Hall of
' Company "F," 14th Regiment, called on Gov.
Dennlsou, who promised ae toon as tbe charges
came they should be investigated. court mar
tial oalled, and they should bare the benefit of
Counsel, and that on the next, day, without any
trial, an Order was read dismissing them to their
nomes in uisgraoe,
O" Robert Wilson, only son of the late
Captain John Wilson, of Lady Elgin memory,
was drowned on Monday last, July' Jl Jwhlle
DatniDg w tne vioinity or blevelaad.
O" Bmu Revision. The Wukrn Record
of Louisville says i "The Revision Association
is prostratj, and we presume the whole work ol
revision is Indefinitely postponed."
- - i .
Indiana Militabt. Companies are daily r
riving at Camp Mortonnear Indianapolis, com
posed for ths most pari of large and able-bodied
m.n Tt ... --i .i".iKt-l.i.iana
" vrT rv"'" Y-"-f '",
wa.r iuauisuD. v viunteering sua over tneoiaieHeftllle1.
U going on at a brisk rate.
va hah
1 Quarter-Master Gekeral Wqod and
German Workmen in the Laioratort.
following Is the substauce of a communication
in the Westbote of this date, written, we on-
derstand, by a responsible Republican of
. Since the breaking out of the 'Great Rebel
lkn asalnst the ULited States Government.
Military Laboratory bas been established
the other side or the Boioto river (in the baud'
Ing formerly occupied by Messrs. .Ridge way
Kimball), for tbe purpose of the mauulaosure
ot cartridges, casting balls, nlling bombs, cr.
nades, eto. Ia the dally papers of this oity
there appeared several flattering notices of the
progress of these operations under the manage
ment of a competent Germaa workman, by tbe
name ot Herbicb, who came bereais, memoeroi
a comDADV from Steubenvllle." He bad enlisted
to fight for the Union, and with no Intention of
aueaiug an omce. , . .
Hut being known to be competent for the
post', as he had been employed in tbis special
branch of the military service at Pittsburgh, he
was appointed to superintend the operations in
the Laboratory. He wai to receive one dollar
oer dav. in addition to bis pay as a soldier. His
succsbs craved him fully competent for the po
skidd The city papers spoke in high terms of
bis merits, and laid special stress upon cne laot
that be not only could himself perform every
operation required In the Liooratory, but was
well qualined .to manage tne wnoie estaoiuni
Tnis praise seems to have excited the jeal
ousy of Quarter-Master General Wood, or per
haps there were some old favorites of bis for
whom be wished to make room. Already sev
eral former olerks and bar keepers bad been ap
pointed to positions in the Laboratory, with for
better compensation than Mr. Herbich was re
ceiving. As such men might, after a while,
learn bow to u(i the Domes ana grenades, Air.
Herbioh was nnceremonioualy dhoWged.
la dieobareine: bim. tbe Uaartvr-Master Gen
eral Is said to have expressed bis determination
to discharge all the (ualiig a prof tne ex
pletive) Dutthmtn. Several other German
workmen in the Laboratory, hearing tbis, quit
work, and on Thursday last Gen Wood, finding
them In the building, but cot at work, drove
them out with the most abusive and vulgar lan
guage, ordering them pever to be ftgalo iu
the Laboratory, or be would pat them in tne
calaboose. - They left, and afterwards went to'
the Quarter-Master General's office in the Stale
House to eet tbe baok pay for their work. But
lostead of paying them off, Gen Wood exclaim
cd, rolling, up his sleeves ss If preparing for
ngnt: "uet out or my omce, ana never set
foot again on my premises, or I will put you in
tue caiaoooaei '
The above is a simple statement of the case.
OT We are indebted to the Hon. S. 8. Cox
for the Reports of the House Committee of Five
at the second session of the last Congress.
ID A oompany composed entirely oi Welsh'"
men, has been organised In Cincinnati for the.
Groesbeck Regiment. ' ; " ,
SX Captain Nichols arrived here yesterday
noon, with a company from Newark, number
ing over one hundred men. The 'Captain hav
ing reported himself at military headquarters,
the company took, up the line ot 'nuirob for
Camp Chase. , . ",' J Z ri'.;r' 5
Pimples on the Face How often bavo we
heard tbe remark made to us ."I would give
the world if these pimples on my face were
gone." Now, friend, you are not cauea upon
to give the world that is not yours, but U you
are willing to give a dollar,- those pimples cab
everyl one be obliterated; they proceed from a
humor in tbe blood that must be driven from it.
boxtleof Kennedy's Medical Discovery will
do this, and then your skin will become like
alabaster. Sorely yoa cannot doubt this fact
when the worst cases of Sorofula,' Erysipelas,
and all other kinds of humor are cared by the
use of from one to three bottles. We believe
in the Discovery, and wish others to join us in
[Commercial's Special Correspondent.]
FAIRFAX C. H. VA. July 10th, 10 A. M.
Our eraod army is In fall marob on Manasas
Junction, which is twelve miles beyond Fairfax.
It is scattered all along the road from Spring
field to tbis place and beyond in immense
Birengm. no ngnt yei snown oy me euem;
any point, nor Is it believed they, will .mak
Stand. -,t -tH '. ?! Of 4 fift
Col. C Bnrnside's command l four thousi
strength. No fight yet shown by the enemy at
strong, here.
Gen. McDowell is with the Reserve Divisions,
fifteen thousand strong at Centerville, seven
miles from here and fire milts from Manassas.
I have just passed along all the line from
MoDowell'e headquarters .-to Fairfax, to find
conveyance for this dispatch to Washington.
General McDowell will return here to-night
with bis staff. The whole body of troops is la
magnificent spirits, and eagerly 1 asking along
the line, "where are the rebelal"
Tbe inhabitants of Fairfax have been shame
fully robbed and- abased by the rebel troops.
Many bouses have baen completely gutted.
Tbere were two South Carolina regiments
and one thousand Virginia cavalry here. They
evacuated hastily yesterday at noon.. Tbeir
camp is a curious speotacle of confusion..' In
many plaoes they have left tents and all their
camp equipments,' ' . '.'".,
If Beauregard's army will stand an attack,
tliey will have a chance to morrow.- I will be
[Special to the Tribune.]
The Advance of the Army on Fairfax.
Washinoton, July 17. Another bloodless
victory, another secession village captured,
without the firing of a gun, the rebels retreating
in hot baste the cavalry ordered to tbe
front and pursuing for , three miles without
catching, .
- Snch is the history of the day at Fairfax
Court House. '' ' ; -
- About 7 o'clock this morning the center col
umn, Col. Hunter, fairly took up the line of
marcQ for rairiax, by tbe Leesburg turnpike
from their camps, between Bailey's Cross-roads
and tne turnpjte, a aistsnoe ot nine or tea miles,
Col. Burnside's brigade in advance. ' -
The I roots marched In the following orderi
A cores of skirmishers from the Rhode Island
regiments; tbe Rhode Island battery; a siege
battery under i,ieut. Benjamin, consisting oi
four .twenty-pound rifled cannon, carrying three
miles, the Rhode Island regiments; the Second
New Hampshire; the Seventy-first New York,
forming Col. Burnside's Brigade; the Fourteenth
New York; GrithVs West Point battery; eight
companies of regular Infantry, under Major
Bykeet three hundred marines and five hundred
cavalry- the Eighth New York: whloh, with
ioifi-prter's Brigade, joined tne column at war
Couty House. s if. i fc
A n hour or two before the general start,' re-
eonooltering parties had been out in front, od
both sides of the road. . . .
In the night tbe rebels had abnroaohed with
in 800 yards of the camps, bat bad fled before
tne SKirmisners.' Tbe soldiers were full
fight, anxious to know bow much farther it was
to the enemy, and Occasionally breaking out
into catriotio songs. '.4 . , , .-.. i
' Gen. McDowell and staff were at the head
this column. The first sign of thenemy was
some three or four miles from' Fairfax, where
trees bad been felled for several; rods, for tbe
purpose of obettnotlng the road, ' They oould
not Jiavi been tbere a wsek, for tbe leaves
were, but slightly withered. Another obstruc
tion of the tame kind was put. there on Satur-
dayy.; --i ;.v.'.. c
I 1 nil 'i i i a sm i - " !i(l
-' BtratSR Hill, Va., July 17. The army In
stead of proceeding direct to Winchester, went
to Cnarleatown, and now have full possession
the place. WlnoheeterU defended on the aortn
Side .by strong breastworks, - It cannot beat'
tacktd on tbat, aide, without exposing our troops
kmi ueaunBHTfj.MOstnrB
venterviiisMo.insaiond aivisioo.nd
iio-nav'" .-
The Fifth, under Miles, Is also ordered there
f Washinton July 16. The Wat Department
oaa reoeivea a ispat' tnis arternoon trom
Fairfax Court House, saying that the first di
vision, under Tjler, is between Gar nun town
Ct.i.''Hanter, is about to sove fowrva C
TELEGRAPHIC. Thirty-seventh Congress--Extra Session.
BoaTi. AlongdUctmloo on th military bill ea
rned - '" "' '
Mr. Sturm to Affl'red u a iolntltut, tktt IhS parpofes
at tha military . eittblUlimnit were to prtterrt ths
Union dfsnd pioptrty and maintain tb OoDttltatloa
ilr. Polk f ulmea UM rnuacnt am un uaas
proclamatloD (or tb defense of the Capital.; It was
i ktr. BaaUbory spoke ill favor of the Crittenden Com
Aula. - ' . .- .'. i -"
r. Mr. Hhtfsun'a amendment (II aeusd to leas 33,
nayaf. ' ' 4 ' ' '
Mr. BraoklnrldM moved to add to Mr. Sherman's
ranHmnt. that tha armr and navv are not to be
ployed to subjugate In any aeni or redact territory, or
proYiooe, or ror ua auouuon ot iirj. , uwi- :
The bill then paned.and at iU o'clock the Senate ad-
Honn Mr. niektaan. from tbt oommltt on Judi
alary, to whom Mr. rotter's resolution inur rlerr4 to
laqalra whetner usury may, si rjriu, wu i
lm h.Mln. l.tan-niliM llh thoft In aTlStd KbtlllOD
agatnit tb Ouited Sutea Government, npoAad lhat the
gentleman who mored tb rtaolntlon wa oalled befoi
tbe commute, bat tnai no naa no Tiuini "'"i w
rov Mr. May's guilt, tb reiolatlon being predicated
on nswaDaner arlloles only. So oommttte baring no
mi.m tn imniimta the cantltman. It waa rioommend'
d tbat no action Is neceaury on tbe part of tbe Houae,
rh mmitiu rnfihar aav in inveiuniion entirely re-
uavai tha Prmldant and Oen. Bcott from any auiplclon
of a eorreipondcnce or attemptdoorreapondeoo through
Mr. May. ' .
On motion of Mr. Wiokman, tu report wa taia oq in
!Mf! M. hv narmluion of tha Bouie, tbea proceeded
in mk nataanal ezDlanallon. He aald he was more
than gratioad that tb oommlttaa on Judiolary had In thJa
aeolsir way ooaemnea an unij.tii UH-ts
aim and nia ooBitttuaou, ana mm ou u iuT.iganoa
hn.. .hn -m mlti boon to adduce tb proof bad to
admit tbat then wa no ground of efloence for the
hargi. lie had no word wiih whlcD to prononoo nil
indication and dlmnit for such a prooNdlog, ' He apok
of the humiliation he felt at the atutad of his oonitlta-
ents now bound la ehalni, wunoui tn ngma ot a ires
neonla: all their ertoion rllhU under tha Mnatltutlon
proitratedand trampell! andar loot. Th military bad
arreatadunoffenilraollliena In thadead bour of night,
and Incarcerated them In tb forts. Injurlea had been
loflioted without ndreaa by ur oldleri. Wa It not
n.tnr.i ih.t ha ahonld feel Indignant under theia wrongs,
and was U not reaionabl to hop that there was jl a re
deeming plrlt In our uonimuiion.
' Mr. ilnloblns nndentood lhat th gentleman bad ob
tained leare to make a personal explanation, bat lnitead
of that ha wa bringing charge aa to the manner In which
hit coaititaents were treated. II therefore mid this
polotof order. ...
th Spaakar rtplled that b had no control over th
llo of remarks, lu reference to wolcb tb ilouie muat
udge for ltselr.
Mr. Uu reiamed, that ha bad fought against the
monitrou hereir of secetsloo. lie bad etood faithfully
by tbe Union of the 8 ta we, and he meant to stand by It.
11 elalmed that he poiKiisu tne epiritor a iieemaa, io
emanclpat bi ooiiitliuenti from tynuiny and oppres
sion. ' . . ..
Mr. Bterens, interrapuog air. may, moved asm
me of tbla lloosu, tbat bit (May1!) remarks were not
In order, and therefor he ought not be permitted to
proceed. ' : '. '
" .. . ..... . . I . . ... T .
xne Dpeaaer reptaieu mat wai lur uiv uuuae v con
trol tbe lice of deoata.
Mr. Stevens appealed rrom in decliloo or th speaker.
. Mr, Tallaodlgham moved to lay the appeal en the U
bl. Tha motion waa dliagrced to jam i'i, nay 63.
After further proceedloga tbe declilon of th chair wai
overrated, r - - . t
On motion of Mr. D ivlf , Mr. May was al lowrd W con
tinue ble lemarka la order. ...
Mr. May aald, when the freedom of debate lliall be
opened to Americas MpreioutatUes oa this Boor, then I
aball ipeak a it become me to do.
Mr. May finished bia remarks, and requested tb priv
ilege of presenting a memorial, couched In reapectfat
language, from tbe police oommliiloners.
A dUeouuloa eniued between May and Colfax.
. Mr. Colfax aald. In reepene to tb gentleman's de
claration of h'.i determination to atand by th Union, he
uppoaed tbat Mr. May had beeo greatly mlarapraieolea
by th Blehmond oorreipondent of Charleston paper,
which aaierta tbat ba (Mr. May) aald to tbe ao-callad
Ooafederat UoTetoment lhat 30UUO men In Mary land
war ready to rla again it th federal forces In tbat
city. , . . , .
Mr. Miysatd! This Is th Brit Intimation that has
reached me or tuen a letter, i oar nor reen , , ne
bad no objeotlon to the reading of tbe entire artlole.
. Tha Clerk then read th letter. It wa dated Rich
mond, July 4ih. Among other things, It aald th objeot
of May 's vlalt bad not transpired, but It looked to oar
tain e ostein Maryland; and that th Intalligenea b
brouf hi waa enough to mak American weepi that tb
oity of Baltimore waa under th beel of lyraony; that
women bad caen assaulted and outiaga eommlttad eacb
aa to make mankind bluih. In fact, that a reign ot ter
ror exlited. He wu strongly In the bop that tb day
of retaliation was not far dlataot; that 3u,Uu0 Maryland
era would riaa ua la arms ansiuat rhalr oppmsori; aod
Ibougb an attempt might be made to'deprlr tbem of
their arms, B.vuu maakei were concoaiea ana gaaruca
night and day.
' Mr. May said that ha did not know who wrote th let
ter, and lhat It wa absolutely untru that he oommanl-
cattd to the author any such things. Itwaa equally ua
true In point of fact tbat 30 000 men wer reaay to rise
agalnet the Oovarnment, aa therein elated. Hat there
wer mora than 30,000 freemen wbo, It th present op
preeiion aball not be removed, will vludlca' their eon
atlluUonal rights. He wa on of lb number, placing
blmielt on th ground of constitutional rfghu, and
en tb grounda of resitting tyranny and oppression, and
ca tbe grounda eonieciated to divine rights.
Bat as to the conspiracy against tb federal authori
ties in Maryland to ovaiturn tbem and tt.li QoTerpment,
ths thing la absolutely preposterous. It ntTCrdft exist;
but th contrary. It wa reported by miserable miscre
ant! aod spies, wbo reso ted to malicious falsehood. He
complained on such grounds a iMse.
That a people loyal and true to tb Constitution are
dominated over and crushed aider tb beel of th mili
tary power, b denounced aa an unparalleled outrage,
lie knew what he bad done, and luTlted tbe strictest
scrutiny Into all his acts, d waa elected a Hopresenta
tire of peace and compromise by a large majority a a
Union nan, looking to th aalvallon of tbla great, glo
riou and bappy country. He stood bero committed to
snob maasurea and will uphold and mslntatn tbem. -
He would lay down kta Ills to secure this object No
frowns or meneoes should ebaka bis 1st of pear. It
waa true that he went to Virginia, tb mother of (states,
which was so closely allied to Maryland In blood and to
tereit, 11 felt tbat be bad a right to lnqalr into tbe
disposition of tbe South, to find oat th view of tb
government established over tbem. In order tbat he might
do everything possible to aaauag tbla frightful civil
strife. He felt lhat bli motives wer tha moat honorable
of bia life. Before going to Richmond ba called on tbe
President of tb United States and elated frankly and
fully bl objeot. He did not ask bim far bia sanction,
and he did not wish to embarrass bim. Be asked his
permission to leave Waihlngton and oroas over Into Vir
ginia. It wai distinctly undoritood that be want thither
on lb moat private mission. Ha naked the President
for th neceaury form tlity for that purpose. Th free 1
dent gate him permission to obtain a paaaport from Qcn.
ioott on this representation. It wu notobjeoted lo tbat
be should go to Richmond on his own responsibility.
After farther dlsousslon ,betweea Messrs. May and
Colfax, Mr. Tbomaa said there waa a condition of affairs
In Maryland painful to every cillsen In Its borders, end
be nndenook to stand here and aver that aha In her
heart of hearts, speaking through a large majority,
thanked th President ror oiotblng th Lieutenant lien
aril with th Dower to declare) Martial Law, and approv
ed, as be did, th manner la which th power bad been
xerclsed by Major ueneiai nanus. lAPpiauie.j
Th House concurred la tb Senate' amendtnenti to
the Navy appropriation bill.
Th oomldaratlon of tb Tariff bill wu reiumed, and
afterwards passed.
Tb House took up ths Ssnat bill providing for tb
Increase of ths standing army to 21,000 man. Adjourn
ed. ' . . ; .-( - ;.. . . I
Hooss Mr. Kellogg, of III., moved tbat when tb
Uoueeedjourm It b till Monday.
Voioea "You want to go to Manassas let's go." ' '
Mr. Waahburne before voting wlahed to know whether
th oommttte on Ways and Means bad any buslneoa to
report, ' ' -
Mr. Ooxetrl acted to th question bsln naked, th ob
ject being, he aaid, to go to AUnaaas to get In tb way of
our soldiers. . (uauguterj. i - .
Th Boom nlused to aUJoum till Monday 4 agausi
88, , ..... . -.... i
Mr. Crittenden asked leav to submit rolntWns de-
elarlng tbal tb present civil warned been forced on us
by the Slaaaionisls of th Soatharn States now la rebel
lion against tha uovernmeot oi tna uniKaBouee, taat
In this national imarsency Congress banishing all feel
ings ot paaalon and resentment, wtll recoiled only tbeir
duty to their oountry tbat tb war Is not waged for eoa
quest. r aubjugatlon, or Interfering with the-right or
established conslltatioue ot these states, bnt M maintain
and defend the supremacy of tb Constitution, with th
right and equality andar It unimpaired; that aa soon aa
these object anaii oa aooompiuuea, in war ougui to
cease, j . . x , . . . $ j i , . '
From Missouri.
St. AcstaTs, Mo July 18. Rev. Mr. Fisher,
iust arrived from Fulton, Calloway county, re
ports aakirmiaD oetween moixeit ana a party oi
State rebels, at 9 o'clock yesterday, in sight ot
Fulton, on tbe JeUerson wj road, u wmcn n
of the Federal troops were wounded two sup
posed mortally.. One of the Slate troops killed
. . . n,. . .. . .
and three wounaea. a no oiaie troops nave
dispersed. - Col. MoNell Is In Fulton awaiting
palnfnraamanfJI. ' " I . ' -'l .
. Oen. Harris was la t ultan yesterday, but not
In tbe fight. His men were unmanageable and
left Fulton by every road leadinr out ot town.
About 700 ot the State troops were mounted
Tbe camp at Wood Springs is supposed to be
broken up. ...
Col MoNell's advance guards were at first at
tacked and fell back, on tbe mala body, wheB
the State troops soon retreated baok to Fulton,
In great disorder. Heavy firing is now heard
In tbe direction of Portland. ' " '
Juration Cm. Mo., July 18 A mail car
rier brings news of a fight three miles this side
ot rultoo, Ualioway eouoty, between ui. mo
Neil, with about 600 men and Gen. Harris with
a force estimated it about 1000. .There! were
Federal troops killed. . Eighty. secesslpnUu
killed and 800 taken prisoners.,,' The rebel
Were completely touted. t- n
- Later and more reliable aocounta from Fulton
sUte that 13 of MoNell's force were waunded.
looiuding a colored body Servant.
Mr. Muholsaof Fulton, ia known to have been
killed on tbe part of tbe rbl.- Only-the ad
yaaee guard of the Federal fores wert In the1
fcCsflemenfi and Were Bred npoa from' an am
bush? Tbe rebels then fled and soma of them
were afterwards quietly at work In their fields
as though nothing had happened. Harris was
not In the fight, bbt looking on at a safe dis
tance. -s tri
LATia. An offlolal dispatoh from Colonel
McNeil states that be had met Harris and had
completely routed bim.- Our loss la, twelve
wounaea. Harris s toroe is constaeraDiy oimm-
Used. , M u
Sysacdsi. Mo.. July lo. A Union man
reached here to-day, who was taken prisoner
oy AiagoBln yesterday ana aiterwara reieasea
tit reporu that Maeoffln had JUU to dou men
encamped a short distanoe above Georgetown
Our citisens are in continual dread ,.pr an
attack front tbem. It Is also reported that a
large number of State troops Is concentrating
pear Arrow Rock. There is ne doubt that the
citisens of tbat region are almost unanimously
opposed to acknowledging tbe federal Uovern
ment as now administered.
The Rebels Still Retreating.
Sanostir's Station, (on tbe line of the Or-
ance it Alexandria' Railroad, IS miles from
Alsxanrlria.i Jnlv 17. We have seen the ene
my flying before us, bnt Id oonsequenco of tbe
roughness of the marob, and owing to the heavy
guns mat we nave earnea aiong, tuey aavwsun
ceeded in making their escape without 'a; figbt.
we have now full possession oi tne raiiroaa as
tar as this station. .
Tbe enemv commenoed their retreat to-day.
ind barely escaped by the .old Fairfax road,
which Is occupied as fat aa Fairfax Station by
Col. Wilcox, who took eleven prisoners.
About one o'clock, the' following dispatch 'wag
received from Col. Wilcoxr' -V. :z';
To Col. Helntoslman, Fairfax C, . We
have taken Fairfax Station with eleven' prison-ers.-
A large number of Infantry and some
horsemen fled over toward tho lef t and , Col.
Franklin can intercept lhem.. We have a flag,
etc.. j -i -.i" .1. a f. i ' . !
fle'voral resritnvBta of rebel trootis aire report
ed to bave paused Sangnter's Station duriDg the
day, in retreat before Col. Frankllu's column.
An Alabama reeiment. was enosmped within
two miles of the forks ot tbe road where , we
arrived at neon, the oamp Area of whicb were
still burning wheri we passed this afternoon.
Quantities of frejh beef, corn, . etc,.-wte. eft
behind, . : ; . r i. i. -u t, -i. .'
The Rebels' Crack Regiments Retreat.
New York, July.. 18. Tbe Hirtld'i camp
correspondent says the faol IV established (bnt
tbe rebel force at Fairfax was composed of their
crack regimental. The retreat of. these men
without showing fight will demoralise tbe whole
force at Manassas Junction. 'i1'.'- '''
A slcnal dispatch from General Beaureeard to
General Cook, commander of the rebel forces at
Oermantown was found. He instructed bim to
keep a particular lookout en Tuesday evening,
thereby showing that some traitors in Wash
ington bad apprised the, rebels of the time of ad
vance, i ' '
, Late this afternoon a gentleman arrived di
rect from there, by way of Manassas Junction.
He left there last night. He reported that there
were at Manassas last night ouiy 13.UUU
Tbsir meana of defense were elaborately pre
pared, but it is bis opinion that they will not
witnstana an assault. :,-..'. i
Tbey had at th Junction 150 railroad oars
On Sunday night Beauregard went to Richmond,
aod the command at tbe Junction devolved on
Oen. Crewahaw. second in command at Rich.
mond. v. There was a military consultation as to
what course would be pursued. U was after this
conference that an immense train, of cars was
sent up to tbe Juootlon . Tois is a significant
faot It Is now believed tbe rebele will leave
the Junction aod make their first great stand at
Richmond. Tbey bave already mounted 7U cm
non of large calibre, and have some ten thousand
whites and negroos at work, day and night,
in Ice defenses. :
Particulars of the Fight at Bull's
Washisoton, July 19. -News from Ceoter
vllle, tbe 18.h. is received, whh full particulars
of tbe engagement at. Bull's Run.' , There ate
uus itjiv nuuiuuua.1 1100 iu; luivreas-, r
Three companies of. the. MaasachuicttB 1st
Regiment were tbe first engaged and were cross
ing a ravine when they received a raking fire,
killing', a number. Tbey' gallantly sustained
tbeir position and covered the retreat of a brass
cannon ot Sherman's battery, the horses having
been completely disabled by tbe fire, until re
lieved by tbe Michigan 121 aod New -York 12th
Reeiment. .,..-,
The Federal forces then took their position
on a bill. '. Two rifled cannon were planted in
front, supported by Capt. Braokett's Company D,
a uavairy, witn a line or iniantry, composed
of the 2J Regiment of Miobigan, and the 13th
Regiment of New York in the rear. A steady
fire was kerjt uo on both sides in this rosltlon.
The rebels bad two, batteries of eight piece
in a position oommanuing toe road, ioej
used their gunewell.t They did not reply to
our return lire for half an hour, during which
lime tbey were receiving large reinforcements.
While we were again advaooing, we were met
oy a raiuog are. uur guns were again put Ja
position and we poured grape and oanolster
among the enemy till the supply was exhaust
ed. Capt. Ayres, of the artillery, lost one man
killed and three wounded, and several of his
pieces were disabled. The New. York 19th
suffered moat, aod the Massachusetts 1st next.
Total loss oo our side ia estimated at 30 killed
and 40 wounded. -
At 4) o'clock Oen. Tyler ordered tb troops
to retire. " The day was excessively bot and
tbe.horses were suffering lot water." Only about
one hundred of our forces were at one time en
gaged. Tbe rebele were estimated at four thou
sand. :". " 7
Col. Wilcox's dIvUioa, Including tbe Fire
Zouaves, moved from Fairfax Station to-night
lo flank tbe enemy. This battery ie thought to
be one of a. line,, of batteries from Aeoutink
Creek to Manassas, i. - r. . : -.
Our troops did not retreat, as represented in
some quarters;, but, ouly retired for a more effect
ualengagemsnt. v- .:.-..
Rebels Invading Iowa.
Horlinoton, Iowa, July 18 The llawkeye
says that a messenger arnyed at bddyyiue yes
terday, bringing nvws that 30Q rebel cavalry
bad invaded Appanoora country, Iowa. They
are reported to bave burned the town of Milan,
Missouri, and Uolonville, Iowa. It was reared
that, tbey- would also .burn Centerville, the
county seat of Appanoose bounty. '- There was
great excitement in Monroe' and other adjoining
counties. I he people were gathering up every
thing available in tbe shape utarms.
A Bloody Fight at Bull's Run, near
Manassas Junction.
[Special to the Tribune.]
nmn moved at four o'clock this morning, and
passed through Centerville without brine i
gun., i a ney naiiea aoout twot muei oeyooa,
wbilo a reconnoitorlog party went to a creek
called Bull's Run. A concealed battery then
opened on our troops, wounding a sergeant.
oa tbem, aod soon allenctd the rebel battery.
Colonel Richardson's brigade was then sent out
bklrmeibing, aod soon woke np. tbe rebels', btt-
tertee pn tne other side, which were followed
by a heavy fir or masketry, which was retoru-
..I Ka'rttf U.A..rhi t...n.A.nn....J k.lf
ad .hour, but they wet e too well proieomd and
were too much for tbe small force opposed to;
them.; Our men fell back somewhat, but ia
?;ood Order. The rebels, whose-1 flag1 toated
rom a hill, cheered lustily. JZU.,"
At this moment a shell from 'a new battery
to the lei t, bitberto silent and. unknown, burst
on the1 top of tbe bill-where ear- first battery
baa been stationed, ana wusver mere' were a
number of oivlltans. , . 8everl Casuallttci 0C-
ourred, but no one was1 mortally, wouu4ed.
Several .were wounded by Duiietw,.-tawlo
Morse, Oosapany A,' Third Michigan'' Regi
ment, IwaS struck by a bomb on the knee.
Tbe wouud la regarded as severe but not dan
KCrOUS. i, i'vi! rtii'-w ' . .
. All on the- hill, both as civilians andrqih:
tarv men,'demed 1t prudent to -wlthdraW.-i
Tha telegraph .operator at Sprlugfield stations
however, reports lhat heavy canuonadlng was
heard there -between- fire and- eix o'clock.
We have mention above he nafotf bf all
tUe(waunded, whom we Sawrttutr tbore ifnd
doubt tbat i'.Coailderable numbe of ear men
fell, wbjowfrtakMtt, tSayrtyji
Idfw K.CumbMVirl
oble were brouabt here- to days taken -in
routaot the rebels, .Inoludiug, s rymmlssafy's
fefjt of the 21 South Carollaa Reetoaent. a; snt
of ,ciothioj)f haU, bqojts, guns, Palmetto- aa
(ops, em.
Tbe dreaded masked batteries turned oat
bt only lli-oonstruoted breastworks.
WahIinotoh, July 19. Reports are prevalent
and credited, tbat a fight of minor importance
tool fUee, at Bull Run,, five miles from Ma
nassaf Japiipnf asit) :overal wers killed and
wounded on tbe epe ra sidaTrora battery
An officer fronvtbe seat of war, who reached
here to night, thAg Jnformntlpn tbathe
troops wbo marcued Iiom calrlex U II. ap
peared befdre QentuT ilia aboot o'clock tbis
moroinc. "l'uey halted within half a mile of
the enemyX-entrenchmenta, and. Instead of a
battle, they suddenly saw tha national flag hoist
ed over tbe town, ana a solitary man running
ne lown, auu a solitary man running
Unc innounolpg that the enemy had
ilTv.i'! fi.'ufMrT:' i;.!'
no played tbe Btnr-Bpangled Banner,
down the Ij
fled., ii (
The ban!
amid the cheerlMff of the Federal troops
It is said there were 7,000 or 8,000 Confed
erates at Centerville, but the number was profeaj
ably much exaggerattd. i wej iook tneiy can
non with them, It Is stated on tbe authority of
several officers, that the news of Oen- McClel-
lan's vlrtorJe.wa generally Jtnown at Manas
sas, i
Tbe army was to march on Manassas June-
.ur ji M . I i ; . ' .
wu ima u. su. . i i i i i . 1 1 i ;
[Special to the Post.]
Washuioton.- July 18. The bill to provide
for Increasing the revenues from imports meets
with unexDected opposition from tbe House. The
duties recommended by tbe committee on Ways
and Means to be imposed on coffee, sugar and
tea, will probably be reduced- .... " ' - -'
The Lone Bridge over the Potomvo is to be
reounetrueted to be more available for military
operations. ,
Seven thousand boxes have been forwarded to
onr army in Virginia. .. i I .,;. t J
I be three mouths' troopi are to be mustered
out of service and paid off '
Columbus Retail Market.
FRIDAY, July 19, 1861.
Tbe followmr are the rrtall nnoiattona corrertsl bv
wm. II. Beatleattx, wholesale and .retail grocer. Mo.
J06 south High. Street. .
Wheat.... SOSGOci
X O.Bozsrw t, 79c
Oata ba.... i..ltta)r7a
Mapl do ...Bi0o
Corn oa IrkauU.
Molauea a.gal 4050c
gyrup (al 0U7oe
Tea a S....SOo.,7So.tl 00
YedJo Tea.'.. ........ SI 00
Hatter 9h 6or.'Xc
Lard B, 1U
Tallow h ..I Si0c
Dried Apples ba..' SI 00;
BioOeffM ..... lfrSlSo
Vrled reaches... U i;ms UU
lava do Sfllalioc
White Ucana ba.tl IHXSI S5
Hio (, - 8
Broome doa..Sl 0091 79
Foeatoes, new S ira.30tO:
liNcUiay ton . ........ SS 00
Salt -bbl..
t..Sl,f30t)oap(rox) .... :oSo
Beef cwt... 10 d
rioura bbl.....S500S5 2
White Wheat do 5X5 79
ye floor e bbl... S4 U0
Hamatrl, ......lint
Bhonldera (,.'. a. 0
Bait Pork Vowt.-.. tSlOo
Oaa.lloa.Tallow.bx. , 12 Ho
Candles. Opal. box. . ' lbe
Cbeeae a &ai2X
Wood cord.... '-'J ii,
Mackerel No. lhfbbl S'Js
Mackerel No lor bbl S'ii
Hominy per bush SIU
Mackerel No 1 kits.. Sl 50l
White Fish per h'f bbl S4 00
Whisky per. gall. SS1 SO
blalsln, H it. Dox..,.ll &u
Layers " ....S 85
Knltan a . 1Un
White Fish per qr bbl lu
dad fl.h a rv
Iterrlng kbl S3 00
fig V . U
Corn Meal a bn....3j40c'Pranea a ft,
Eggaa doa.,
.i Ho WoolXWIn ..
ieo v lot
Dried Beef..
fioi'S aa
lei at ti 0931 25 for new retf, izi S4 2i
4 SO for white; market unsettled
WuUT-do.ll at 0S7Uc.. . 4 c i "
; Ooai-salei at 18e. " ' 11 "''. "
Oats sales dull at 19910c. ,. . ', ' i -i,
Bt email aalea at 4i550c.
. hat aaies at aitaie.
Potatoes aalee at il09?5c, '
,. Baasis sales at 87cS 1 95.-:
PLT rolee-at 1 W perbbl.J- ' '
WniTX fiw ml at SS 6037 00 per bbl. -.
Sugars, Teas an Cole advanolng. . .
New York Cattle Market.
total ajtctirrs or catils or aiX xmbs, roa rax wtix.
According to th reports from tb several market
plaoca in Uiaclty, liter harben reeolvad tbis week: -
,".. ... .. ' - Sbeeoand .-.!.
At Allertoa'l, S,fl7 .
Brownlna'a.... SO
D .es. ugw,. Tenia. Ltmtu OWinO. JLOTAl
ess- MS t ,
83 4.1
US 4.W8 - ..
O'Brien's.... 18
Cbamberlm's.. 31
Rec ed Sunday .. ..
Bold bu'ra, Bar. 900 ';
Total.. .3.741. 13G
. 7G513,3S 4,400
7B5 11,10 4,?o8
T'lpr'sweek 4.S30 111
at. nnmoer .
awTt,rty'r. 4,364 . 355 342 9,709 , 7.09C
MS 9,709
A. M. Allsrton Se Co.. PTobrietore nf tha WaihTnrtan
Orora-yards, 44th-at, report the Cattle in Uarketfroa
iniouowuig Btatet:
NawTori.-. j 3 MKantuoky. 37$
Ohio "700 Iowa 337
Indiana.-. ... IrJt.alichliran 30
Illinois l,o73 . . :- . r.v
Number reported for this market at fortv-fourih
etreet, 3,44.7.
The prlcca to-day are quoted as follows:
First qoality e)9 I Ordinary V$7
Medluia 747 Some extra rood.
The tsneral averan of tha market la In.
' . Ilia moat of th aatea rania from 6;47 Uo
Prices per head and per pound, of different weights,
n.ii uc iuuuu ui BviKjuuiaoi miks q, aunury uroves. ,
iota, numueroi neeves receivea in the city tills week,
Tbla li 500 bead 'lasa than I. at nk. nd ft?n k..l
less (ban the average of laal year. . I ha average num
ber of each WedneadAy market laat year waa 3.4el head.
while tba number to day being 3.447, above 44 head
lees than lbe averan, and 366 bead lasa loan tali dav
week. . j:.v
BadaasJay, July 17Iaer waa 1IU1 rail in tha
cool of the evening yesterday, principally by th wbole-
eaia ouicuers, wno icoa ci so many or the rattle that
owners felt mora eoaftdeue thJa morn Ing that all tb
stooa could ba sold at tba full ratea ot the apaning; and
w think rough stock waa sold at rather better rates, and
all closed out before sight upon somewhat batter term
man owners naa io soouiii io last Wednesday. We be
lieve tbat no ever 100 bead, and ntrbao not over 400
head, were on aala tbis morning; and as tb weather Is
cool for tba aeason, and tb total recaipta of tb wtek
sount SOU bead leaa than tb prevroua week, wa do not
anticipate Sadisg any etala stock In the yards next wtek,
uoieaa ii is on or two Iittl lot or rather extra quality,
which owners will not eall at market nrioea.. t here la
oa lot of this description, very ftna Ohio Durban Heif
ers, which will net 6 cwt., for which (j8 wa offered
yeawrday,and SSI to-day, which theowoeralll not sell
at sees tban S3,oountu theen at T owti each, aod is
determined to bav 6 oeni a i.oand for, or not sell ibis
reek. It will depend upon tbe supply whether he vela
more next wetkw We So not expect to see tb top price
above 8 cents till snow lies, aad do aoite bow shippers
ean pay over 3 oania pound for th best pollocks at the
w eat nnaer present circumstances. . .
There a anoiner.iot or very nice Kentucky Durham!
In tbcyarda, a part of which will ba left over, the owner
vainiy trying io eueoi a aato wiutoat to aid a broker,
aad ia unable to gat offers for mora than half of his lot
that be is Willing to accept. , We oadsntand that ha wu
oCerad S00 a head in BnfTslo', where they weighed about
14X owt. each. Wa don'l see bow be can ever gat tbat
money and expenses out ot them her wltboet an im
provement In the market,
lb business today finally WlnUs np'visry ifult tbe
oountry butcher getting tb laat of the droves, and
sosmoi mo eaiiocas, too, as good as th top, at vary
ow ngnree leaa wan oo. it naa txcome a nxed raot
that bargain ean always b ka4 bore) af late otvWsdnes-
day afternoon. - . j. .
Baoelpt this Was:, H.3S6.' J ? s ..;'. it.;
Ths aarketAnarst-elaea SheeD wa thlak a little bea
ter tba li was at tha date of our laat report j bat th
prio la Still Very low as compared with last winter and
aprlng. It I riot mnch over So per pound live weight,
or say 3 a bead far Sleep that will Weigh aa vera re of
80 or 83 pounds.. Tbe maUon ot aucb. (step-in Waab-
Ington Market was selllna on Tuesday at 6c oar nonnd
by th eareasa, lh good order, and tf It happtn not to
tall while In od order, It often drop dawn almoat to
noinina .
felta of eld sheep an worth iOc a plce, and 0? lambs
auo, ana ua enamar an want tne aaore saleable. When
pulled, tba aklna art worth So Mob.
Light, thin, fine-wool sheep aell th hardest' ot any
sort; such aa only weigh 5 75 ponnda. selllm at lesa
iuu nipn.i i pay oaat anev oarnaara. intra
art too many of this sort arriving evary ntk, r. 1
sjiuhv raiuog miner more lively man sneep, oni
at regtlarly deoUnlcg prlptt.e Nio smootbY Ikmka, that
wiir drasa forty pounds, are .bald at a, aod so In that
proportion, exoepS for tb poorest ola,s. soma of whicb
at SS each are poor bargains to in batcher, white tbey
are upretltable to tb raUer and probauly a lots to th
There wu a Vaty largstok kt Browning's at Vopaty,
but forinoalaly k Is naw ablt-ioi iotouaiodate a crowS,'
that there wu ample room for the near 9,400 that ar
rived, aad thtntst of them Kara told Tuesday, with
ouly a small I'Uober en aala, tb trad a not u livlr,
for prlotu high. ''
At Ailerton't thetanraday. thaSeratnd for both sbtep
andlahibs wu vary dalli aarttoaiwriy foy lasaba ct'oaiy
ordinary, quality, and tb demand is not at all Improved
10 uav. rt e ave nouiina io onoeurasa moia wna nva
sheep to sell, 1 hit th prlc will advanca, while lambs
kr pretty sure to rcoad. .';..,..'..;,,
RacdrJtetbltwtek, 4.4OT;" 1 ' '!"''
. , Henrjt D. Orant, Speririten4ent1of the Warket; re
ports ibt followlnf flgure as tb fair attentions of liv
hers te Sty: ... -1.. . ... . n 1 ... ' . .
. Heavjl oorn-fed hog at XVf csnti ' rtre'
WgUI. I , ...!! '.
light trine oorb-fM hefs. eents! "Blsmivy fed 3
Jj. cents). J a a-i " . ..
. th arrival ran Very even with hut trewk. Sot the
baosajlota are mar favorable to ehtppertj th advanc
Is equal io aboai X cent f ft . v
Itis shied that th tow prio Tilt week WU ewfnfTlfi
past, to i pants about hdf chotera," Some stock having
iucs as taas oiseaat in me oars aanng tne not days or US
sot dwooi vnasnisntn..i - - - ....
Oeo, W, Daianaa gt vat th following Sjtrrt as 'the'
Hberrr I ! ":' .fK ??'i Tr'w,
Mil k,iU:. .t
-k--.it L I - ' . 1 Vi I eVIweaa, jj
UN, oor M. Ura,aiM.(iA4
retain qpauiy vrSMra, t
s mix
Ilrst Quality small alat fai 4 Biisa.M
Kqiuiiiy amaii sift I
for market butchers
" for eaarkti butchers 4 S94V JW5X
irgtia,tiii-rd, rat KM X
Saoond quality atUl-fed, fat. S 3M t
lull tlM, ebolce etock hogs-. not wanted.
Cincinnati Market.
. lbs Hour aoanket Is StHl Inragolarly ratiorted, saalnly
becaasa or tna character oi ariour uu seems to be want
ed by those who era buying. Tna range or price be
tween ordinary eonerfioe and family Is unnsuaily wide
running front S3 TO to Si 73, Th stock Is very light
and holders are mora confident than they have been at
th present standard, erpriaee. although tna aemand Is
not- of a character to. gtv itb market any material
nerve, ot toreottatany mllniloa to operate lor an ad-
i WHIAT Is atflrofTerediparlnglyl particularly old,
between which and th sew a marked distinction Is, ol
oouraa, mad. Bed Is placed by tellers at "So, but mil
lara Aa not meet tba market at that fiaure. for more than
lbe (apply of their present wante.anU are- generally
onnfining helr offerf to 70a, ;Wbito Is quoted at 85 to
. Balarof fbrnwef better to-day; although tha mar
kat hu hot fettled down lottarely to S8c. distiller coiv
an tbeir efferf generally U this ngurei but ! wer
paid. " " '." ' ' " '
OATS Art a iittla better'attd an, efforlto'get !Mc ft
uiau,ou, u ia uu uiii,iui ... . v . ,
Rgj-fltanis at4qo.wjtbsale.rieerdi4 at that fit
RIrT.W V. nAI n o n t lAti Ail . " - -
WlU8Kr-8oia more ia-dsy st 13c
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, July 18, 1861.
PLOUR In batter dtmand. Hale 30 bbls. tat flour
at S3 00; 90 bbls. and 46 obis, extra at ft 00, and 80
bbls. XXatt-4 3JJ. '.
WHB AT Steady aod quiet. ' Sal of 1 car red at 00c
on track; 1 car old do.' from store at 90o, and I car mix
ed at Mo. f ' '.'t- .. ' i j ,
CORN Sale of 3 curs on tha track at 30c.
OATS Bales of 1 oarat 22 cents.
EQQ3 Steady at 8o. . .
BUITleV Rematne heavy at 7gUv' . "
BIQHWINES Firm at 14c.
vv ..
An experienced Nurse and Vernal Physician, present,
. - to tha attention of moUwrs,ter . ,
Which greatly facilitates the process of teething, by Soft
ning the gums, reducing all Inflammation will alia;
ALU IAIN and spasmodic action, and is
Depend npon It, mothers, U will ghre.rest to yoanalvei
aad ..
We bave put np and told tbla article for over ten years,
what we have never been able to say of any other medl
AH OB, TO EVP EOT A CUBIC, wtwn timely aatd. Nev.
er did wo know an Instant of dlsaatlafaatlon by any ens
who need lu On tht contrary, all are delighted with iu
operations, and speak la terms of commendation of Its
magical eUeota and medical virtues. We speak In this
matter "WHAT WE 10 KNOW;'' after ten years' expe
almost every instance where the Infant is suffering rrom
pain and exhaustion, relief will be found In fifteen or
twenty minutes after tbeiyrsp ta administered.
Tbit valuable preparation li tbe preaorinUon of oneot
Mew Eogland. and baa been used with NEVER FAIL
It not only rellevea the child from pain, oot Invlgor
ate the stomach and bowels, eomrats acidity, and give
tone and energy to tbe whole ay stem. It will almost In
etantly relieve -..-.
and overcome convulsions, which, tf not speedily reme
died, end In death. Wa believe it tbe BEST and 8UK
EST REMEDY IN THE WORLD, tn all cases of 0i
It arises from teething, er from any other cause. Wa
woald say to every motberwho hie a child suffering from
any of the forecolDr complaints DO NOT LIT TOIIH
stand between yon and your suffertngonl Id, and the re
lief that will be SURE yea, ABSOLUTBL? SURI-tc
follow tbe use of this mtdiofne, If timely used. Fall di
rections for using will sc oompany each bottle. Nope
genuine nnleaa the fao-simile of VUHIISea PSRKINiJ,
New York, It on tbe outside wrapper.
Bold by all Druggists throughout th world. .
Principal Office 13 Cedar Street M.Y.
oct27-dkwly. ""7 ' '"
i ji 1 1 . , - - ...... :
rtlannfftclnrers) of ail kinds of For
. . (! and Ntatlonary Nteam En
gines, baw mm, tirlst jriUU,
I dec, etc.
lAXSA BOVLBl Btatmt B. A I. StASD TBtaUnl
I dt CO. BtaUnl llll
. . Oar Portable ZDglne and 8t Mill
Vas awarded th first premium of f 50 al the Inilars
State lair for lc60 over Lan ac Bodlei' en account ol
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy iof fuel
aod superior oharaeter of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Enirtne wai awarded at th sam Fall
th first premium of SM0.
Our Portable Engine wa awarded th first premlua at
flOOal tb Fair at Memphis, Tenn., over Blandy't Du
vall's, Columbna Machine Co'., and Bradford aa Go's,
by a committee of practical Railroad Engineers.
for price and terme address
W1HARD.WABHIB, Treasurer, .
decS-fiawlyeols. ,rT. . Newark, Ohio
r... r riii
Spring &
1 ". ' . S .1. .
1 I ThtVBtoclc Replenished "
; DATrrv::,:
" l.r!l!la.i a-J U -.'it,
.1 r,i
ni l.n
Jt l : I f
1.- -ii', I MY BTOntT ftn' t'J
Spring & Summer MiUincry
Is now complete, oomprlilnit every varktr ol'allllln.
ir, altb, a large assortment of Embroldtiksv Hosiery
and Notions, See., and In quantities and prices that oanj
not tall to salt all who may favor as with a call. Tbe
foods Mve" been bengtrt at Pant prices, and wtll be sold
at a small advance on east.
I ". ' . ..
. Miss M. E. YOUNG, late of N.W Vork City,
wilt1 tnptrlntend the MllUnwy DeriarttneiiU tier laug
axperience" In tb .moi 'whionable .Xstabllahnunt la
Broadway will alone be a warranty that ah will b abl
to gtv entire satisfaction In matter at fast o all whe
mayfavor kr wllUfhsIr orders." 1 ;', ' ' ;1S'
' Ta Ladles of Columbus and Vicinity "will pleua aa
fkpt my sincere thanks for tbeir liberal patronage, and
I would' reapetfally aollclt a eontln nance of th same.
t)8 EStflevnlt,,'' Ceiambua, O '
.jprUi3mieo4 . j .linul, if.'
. Wkoleaaile and lletall Dealerlit
....1.. lli.li '. t.ii iill.ii i.a.A.".--. : v ia-t
Keep fjoskataasiny en band all the wa
.j-rio BaaANvs el
Zxn.oxtotdL Oiam.r.
Oct, lyd
lTIiey 'go Kight to the gpot."
fn.tant Uelinf Mtop yotsr Cangh;
..FarUf Tonr Oratb ' .y. t -Ntrengtben
your Voice!
Thejr relieve a Cough Instantly.
They clear the Throat.
They give strength and volume to the voice.
They impart a delicious aroma to the breath.
They are delightful to tho taetc.
They are made of simple herbs and oaotict
barm any one.
I advlie every on who hu a Cough or a husky Voice
or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to set
a package of my Throat Conf.ctlons; they will relieve
yoa instantly, and you will agree with me that "ihsy
go right to the spot " You will find tbem Very useful
and pleamnt while traveling or attending publio meet
logs for stllllogyour Coegb or allaying your thirst If
yja try on package, I am safe In saying that you will
sver afterwsrds oonsider them Icdlsnensablo.
Yoa will find them at tie Drugjlits and Dealers In
v . 1
My signature is cri each packagj. All utltcis art
A package will be sent by mall, prepaid, on receipt or
Thirty Cents.
Heniy C. Spalding,
1 N 0. 48 0 E D A It 8 T It E 8 T, ' . ;
' C8r ; CURE -0
By tb cse of these Pilli th periodic attacks of .Vr
90V or Sick Hxtdooh may be prevented; and If talteu
at th ommncement ol an attack Immediate reliaf from
pain and stckne;s will be obtained.
They seldom fall In removing the JiJuttu and
Kht to which females ate so subject.
They act gently npoa the bowels removing UoKf
for IMnrary Hn, Student, Delicate Ftmlt
and all person, of udtntary habit, they are valua
as taasativt. Improving the upptiti, giving ton
mgtr to th digestive organs, aod restoring the natar
elasticity an J strength of the whole system.
TUB CEPHALIC PILLS are the retail of long intes
ligation and carefully conducted axptrlm-nt!, bavii.j
been In use many years, during which time they hare
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and auOcr
Ing from Headache, whether originating in the fifsc-un
system er from a deranged state of tlit tfcmucA.
Tbey are entirely vegetable In their composition, an
may be taken at all times with perfect safety without
making; any change of diet, and th atttnc 0 any
dUnaruablt tatt render it tnty U mfmVn Ct'cr (.,
The geguins have five stgnatni ss of Henry 0 Jt-aMltj
on each Box.
Sold ty Draggittt and all other Dealers la Medicines
A Bot will be sent by mail, prepaid, en receipt of tht
Prioo, ISO Cents.
All orders should ba addressed to
ig Cedar Street, New Vork.
w"T3T i7N.
. . J From On Bxamlner, Norfolk, Tt.
Oephalic Pill accomplish lh object for which ll.ry
wer made, vis.: Cure of headache in all Its forms.
i From the Exuainer, Norfolk, Ta.
They have been tested In more than a thousjd ct:,
wltb entire tnccoss.
From tha Democrat, St. Cloud, Minn.
If yoa are, or have been, troubled with tba headache
send fur a box, (Oephalic Fills,) so that you may bava
Uietnlncats of an attack.
' -. From th AdvertUor, Provllcacc, B. 1.
Tb Oephallo P1H are aald to ba a remaikably tSctlv
remedy for ths headache, and one of tb very liest lor
tbat very frequent complaint. whicb ha ever been da-
' From the Western K. H. Quelle, Chicago, 111.
We heartily endorse Mr. Bpauldlng, and his unrivalad
Cephalic fills. .
' " From the Kanawha Valley 8tar, Kanawha, Ta. 1
' Woars sure that persons suffering with tht heaJaci.e
f ho try tbtm, will stick to them. t , .
from tht Southern Path Flndef , New Orleans, La.
Try them! yen that art aflilcteJ, and wa are aura tbat
your teat imony can be added to the already numerous
llatthat baa received benc&ta that no other medicm cat
prcduce. . .
From th St. Louis Democrat.
The Immense demand for the article Oephallo Fills
Is rapidly inoreaalag , . : ,
i From the Gaieties Davenport. loa
air. Svaldina would oot oonoect hit name with an ar
ticle be did not tmno 10 woesesa leal merle.
UL.ua win aava inn uroet ita coai auQuany.u
;'.-: ' ' , i ' ' a -
, spvLdi NG'.S prepared gluu I ,""
; ' SAVS THS PI10SI, ''
... p"A Btitcs n Tim Savy Ktm.,J( "
' AlscoHents will happen, even In trail regalaledram -Hies,
It b very desirable to bav torn aheap and coo
veiiledt way for repairing Furnltar, Toys, Orooaeiy
meets allaocb amergenoiea, and no aooaeaoid eaa afford '
to bt wliboat It. - It iaalway naUy.aad apt AUtlkk
to??iI1V t'CBEFUL BVBEY 110081. ,'.,
N. D A Breah accomnaniee each bottle.
oenU. Addrew, '"
u o V, . ' .uvt.lv.
Mo. tM, Cedar Street, haw Fork.
CAUriON ' ,
I'At certain unprincipled persons art attesnplUii a
palm etron the nevipeetlng publio, Imluiious 01 aa
CkaPARKD eLTJB, 1 would oaolloa all peranns to
amine before purchasing, and see that the roll name,
as oa the oataldt wrappert all othan are awtndtuig cot
tatfelts, e

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