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V '
Democratic State Convention.
At a meelinz of tbe Democratic. Stat Cen
tral Commute Vfcli in Columbian 'tta,5th
Jay or Juiv.lobi, it wa i
RetoW, That It U expedient to hold a Demo-
emtio State CooventiOB at uoiomuu. vu
TSoaaeadial idtUIMt 3th S01
a. oomloat a Detuocratio State Ticket, to be
supported at the October election.
Rmoltd, further, Tht U the elector! of the
state of Ohio, who are m to l"'!" '"'"
the prlnolplee upon which our Union wai found
ed, and ate convinced that the present State
and National Administrations are wholly In
competent to manage the gOTeroment in IU
present critical condition, as well as all who ars
oppoaeatotbe gross
tion now so alarmingly prevalent in publio af
fairs, bs earnestly Infited to unite with the
Democracy in (his hour of our country s peiii,
and thus redeem the State, and place its ad
ministration In competent hanas.
d...i..j fn.tk.r. that the basis Of fepresen-
UtVIVf IWiuvii - .
tation In said Conrention be one delegate for
very 500 rote...
traction of u aao upwacu., v
J. S Smith, for Supreme juage ai i.
i .i i i am th.t it be recommended
that the counties elect their delegates on this
basis. " :-.
The Democracy of Ohio nd all other con-
. .ptir Union men. who are willing to co-oper
ate with them on the above oasis! ate requested
to meet in their respective counties at suoh time
as the local committees may designate, ana p
pilot delegates to' the Democratic Convention
m. 7,k r Anont. to nominate a State
wu uw . e -
ticket to be supported at the October election.
It Is presumed that no lover Cf nis country
will requie prompting at this time to, induce I
bim to discharge his duty, and therefor tne
Committee is Impressed with tne Deiiei inai uc i
counties will eagerly respond to this call, and
that an imposing Convention will assemw in
Columbus at the time designated above, ano
put in nomination ticket of good and true
men, to be supported .for the varioos State of
Aces on the 2d Tuesday in October next.
WM. MOUNT, Chairman.
WM. J. JACKSON, Secretary.
Columbus Boys Killed at Bull's Run.
From the Washington Republican of the 23d.(
w learn that among th dead ar th following
members of Company B, Columbus Vedettes,
Second Ohio RegimeLt:
John Poland, Robert McEsen, Win. Jewett,
John Lowe, Samuel Lonsb and Jonn reati
Twenty others of this company ate still miss
inw. - ..!. -
Major Hughes, of the First Ohio Regiment,
sounded bv a six oound bU, whlcd struck
him In the forehead.- He at left at a farm
house near Falrfsx C jurt House, and Is not ex
DMted to 11 va
Ctptain Stafford, also of the First Ohio, was
killed by a charge of the secession cavalry.
This is the first intimation we have kad that
any ot our boys were kilted. From this it would
fjffl that tbey were in the hottest part of the
fight. . . .
Rottar McEiriN was a soa of R. S. Mo
Eiri, local editor of the Journal, ot this city
We . sincerely, foment their lossand "jm
pithiis w'.th lbir bereaved relatives snd
friends .
The Journal on Treason in the Democratic
It would dUB cult to ind amors certain
and infallible sign of a latent tendency to des
potism, tbsn tha. , intense longing of a party in
power to construe every expression of opposl
tion to any measure of so existing Adminlstra
tion into a crime, and make it an act of treason
against the Government.
It was their attempts to curb irecdon of
speech and tbe liberty of tbe press that swept
the old Federalists from power in tbe memor
able cDatest of 1800-1, and made tbe name ol
Federalist a byword and a reproach. There
seems to be In some modern Republicans, a
growing disposition to Imitate these their "11
liMtrioos predecessors." . ,
This latent feeling in its party every now and
then crops out In tbs Okie Slate Journal. Near
tbe close of a long editorial in that paper of
tbe 2',h Inst., tbe writer stigmatizes the move-
ment ior a Democratio State Convention on the
7(h of August next, as "partltaa snd factious
opposition" to the Administration, and as "tan.
(amount to giving most effective aid and com'
fort to tbe enemy in arms against us." The
Journal goes on further to say that "such an
organised opposition," referring to tbe call for
the Democratio State Convention, is "not a
whit abort of treason." Tbe Democrats ol
Ohio will, therefore, take Warning that if they
send up delegates to the 7th of August Con
vention, or Jo any way aid or abet therein, the
Jiurnal and partisans partaking of its spirit,
will bold them guilty of treason.
Borneo! on Deswerktid readers may b curi
ous to know bow the Journal is going to support
this charge of treason against them in case they
countenance the holding of a State Convention.
Why, it has a short method of doing tbis.rival
lag in brevity, it not ( In soncisuvsness, Lss.
lib's "Short Method with the Deist. ,! ' It rea
sons after this fashion: If th people were alj
Republicans 11 Administration men there
would be no need of holding a Democratic State
convention, xnose, tnereiore, who propose
ucb a Conventiob are anti Republican and anti-Administration.
This Is one point proved. Now listen to th
uuuvt iu .m,H.. wvm.(. a Hum osr
Democratio State Convention ia to organUe aa I WiesI
opposition to to Auministrauon; iu -rsoeuioa I IO.
itaelf, under It traitor leaders, is but an or.
ganlzed opposition to tba. Administration,"
nothing less, nothing more; therefor (and tb
conclusion follows irreslstably from tba Jour
nal'o premiss), every maa who responds to tbs
all of tb Central Committee and assists in
getting np a. Democratio, State Convention in
this city on tie 7th of August next, is as. guilty
of treason as Jm. Dans or Bsaouoaio.
There is, however, one slight defect in th
Journal' jretaises, whiclt perhaps : its' .editor
did not see, or did not deem of sufficient im
portanc tob worthy of notice. J this-.
tbe rebellion fs not 'sn organized opposition t
tb Administration, which' Is Uwfnl,' but "an
rmt'd rtsitaapr.ol tb .Btherlty of the 6nV
titutlon and tb execution of the laws, which is
t'onbl- "If Resident Lwoolw and all hi
uablnet wer to resign or their offices b in any
way vaoated by tb present Incumbente, it would
not change tha character of the rebellion a wblt
mqre than tha deposition of an Indian chief 90
tna western stops 01 ins Koccy Mountains.
Tba Journal has been for some tim past aa
eoaUg Democrats who wsr nowllliog to aban
don tbslr party organisation and amalimtnat
with GlDDmua, Vad iOKaax. ii. Co , li beta
"ecMiaieapdympaihlrs wllfc trau..uo,"
Now It comas out boldly and calls them traitors
This is at least, fret-epvken, if it is oot oompii.
mentary to tboe wb aatoog our countrym
hvwband r lb meet t salons efeodvr
of the Union and (h liberties it was formed,
faat.antaa.j.,..,-, Viv; . i : b"e .
. . ") -v i -r .-.--I .l
1 . 'i )... '.
ft 1
Party. The Ohio First.
The Washington corrusjKmdeiJe of Us few
York TrtiuM, in describing the root at Bull's
Run,iys: Y 'i : ''; i-1 if " i
VTbe last stand upon tts, field was made by
one Of the Ohio Regiments under Colonel Mo-
Cook." '
And anetbe eorroesondent of tha same p
per says: ; - r
"Col. MoCook with his regiment, Ibe- 1st
Ohio, probably saved Oen. Sohenek'S brigade
oy nis coolness and su -poMessioq when sitae
d oaths retreat." '" - - f. ,,
'-' A letter to the Cleveland tferaU says: r:,
"I havs takes much paint to ascertain; what
I could rsgardlng the Greys, and ,aa yet have
been sble to learn that their conduct oa in field
was exoellent, and that their lose is bat slight.
I could not learn spa of their numbs had
fallen, nor Indeed with certainty that any had.
As th Second Ohio Regiment was xpoed
to a terrible fir from a masked battery it is
too much to expect to find the ranks of th Grays
intact."' i . i . : " .
Party. The Ohio First. The New York World on the Battle
at Bull's Run.
.While th New York Tribunt lays the blame
of our defeat on th Administration and th of
ficers, iha World, th organ, of th Admlnlstra-
tion, .says it ia mi inly attributable to "the
wratoaea demagogue who have raised th In
furiate popular clamor for an Immediate ad
vane upon Richmond.'. Th WW4 says:
was tot Id th sower of Gen . Soon to withstand
th elamot. His own military judgment pro
nounced this sdvenc premature," . .
Whether GeoSooTT will eonelder 'this com-
plimentary or not, we have our doubts. '' ' '
If Gen. Scott bad not the power to withstand
th clamor of demagogues, (he country ha al
ways overrated his military ability. If his
'111. 1 . .Lt - 1 .
-jauinary juugment pronooiicea uu aavaoco
Dremetn r ah nil It mad.? . Or area 1
made without bis order? Did Gen. McDowiu
obey Gaisxir from New York, when he be!
lowed out. "Fobwabb to Richmond." lnstud
of Gen BctrrrT:' ) - ' . .. v' ',
It has been too spparent that la powers st
Washington have been too much moved by
"demsgogbes," ever since Mr. LmcaLU took
the oath of office. . Therein 11 our trouble,
snd w fear it will continue until tbe country
and th people ar wrecked and ruined. ' If
they - will tak Gmui'i advice-abdicate,
pack up their baggage, and leave the Govern
ment U the band of me who will not be con
trolled by "demegogue" hi adrlorwiIl not
s disastrous to the country ss has been his
"Forwsrd to Richmond." . ,. i - (
Ths WsrZ farther seysr : ' '
"The Southern People understand this, and
praetio upon it. Not Southern nswspaper
oas presumed to dictate tb movements of tbslr
Generals, or even criticise them tfter being
mad. Tbey bav surrendered tbe entire
oeatrol of th war to professional science, and
hav ibersla mtnifested a magnanimous coofi
denc end a puollc-splrlted self-control that we
muss say rebels as they are la truly admirable.-
Are wof tb North so derensrata that
we cannot equal thltT Must Imoulte and hot
passion alone rule usT - If so, our Inferiority is
prwve:; and tb soonerw cease dmeoratin a
nobl cause with oar ignoble support tbe better
for jvry interest of humanity."
' This is the first intimation we have sees.
f?om a. Republican paper, that th "Southern
peopl Mderstood''' anything. Oar people bad
ben lei to believe that there were scarcely any
soldiers there, snd those wh were there, were
half naked and starving, snd wo old ran on U
first fir) that tbey were eressri into the service
and did not want to light "against tbe grand
army Of ths Union;' tbey had flint-lock inns
ksts; bat little ammunition, and Marcel? any
ramrods. A constant depreciation of the enemr
has been the theme of the Republican nanera.
now many oi pur people have been mad to
believe that our gallant army bad nothing to do
but to marshal -their forces and "Forward to
menmona," without refnenc to numbers. . .
It if fact written la our own hlstorr, by
eu own writers, that la tb battles of the Rev
elation, in th war of 1812, and la tb war with
Mexico, tbe gallant men of .th North and
South stood shoulder I shoulder ia defense of
tbe glorious old leg.-' Their blood has mingled
tb sam pools their bones II bleachW oa
Am fiejds of ylotory end defeat, and ao
one ha dared, until wt, to praise tbe valor of
st tbe
expense of the other.
Their officers are of tbs same people, educat
at th sea school, snd rolled upon th
m book m tb department of our Govern'
sent. ! And yt, alt thes wall known fact
been ignored by demagogues until neces
has oonpeiled them to look these truths in
faos, sad govern themselves sccordlngly.
is asogeroai to undervalue the power and in
telligenc of your enemy.
The Journal—Gen. Wool.
An. ..tLl. .L. T . )
usiguuur ui iu jgwnoi SSKS US What S
mesa -oy demanding tbat Uen. Wool shall
th field In Virginia or soma other slav
Stata." W cia iafona th Jtrrai-Flrst,
did not demand that hs should b "put in
neia in Virginia or seme other slav Stata."
Wald notblns- ahont 'Vlr.lnl.'
- B- vt ,,Tf
State." , Tb paopl demand that h .l,.ll k.
pUosd In th field at tb head of on of th col
umns oi us army; ws doaH oar whether it is
a lv Stata or ot, o that It ia where he
bring bl edaeatloa and eiperlecc to bear
saving the lives , of our, gallant soldier.
tnough bu been saorifieed by lanpriaoed.
political officers, who have been appointed; for
purpose ef making tbem a reputatisa for
political preferment. It costs too many lives.
If Geo. Wool's opinions ar as th Journal
(hey will surely not be objectionable to
Administration. w wijjt men of long ex
ptrience in the army, like G ,Woot. to taad
gallant men into battle, Instead of ft
generals, Uka Bancs, Sosnncs, Cox &
mat 1 what we want.
Tba Journal sajs"Gn. Wool is a Frse soli-
if not an Aboliaouiat.", . If that b trae, the
Journal will certainly not charge us with ssiiri
cat feellpg, in demanding that he shall be put
active service at the bead of one oi, tbe C3l
amnsoflb army.,,, g ; Mf r
IWa want uch men a Gen. Wool in com
of our men, to act uUfenrttarur for our
soldiers. H will not' run them into masked
batteries by ths ear load stern foremost. With
men as oen. wool at tbe head of the
oolomojou will bear ao mora report of our
men dreading' to iro Into battle on account
tbelr non-confidence in tbe commander.
to th Memphis Aoalantk, w will only
tbat, aa it Is a dlasnlon thset, Ilk th Ohio
Jotofnti, t if4.i to be misrepresented
tbem. : a . n ; .- :-. ; ; .
:8Ince th sbov wu writtaa w find th fol
in tb Cincinnati Time, to the point: '.
w bar also forgotten tbat Southern trooj
oommndd by abl most abla offloers
a whom th South hav eonfldanea. m.a
- .u nwvyw umm mm cuonaenc In.
hi lavmiijnriouowa weacraisy aa Wool
other officer of tba armv. of twant
f 9 "Penano, jiav been Kept baok.
Intrenched woods bsd confidanca
br their President Davia. whom all th.
regard a mora than equal to oar Scott.';
ft Journal please make a note of this)
v fin '' 11 m mi ti 1 1 1
Tha Fifth' and Tenth Ohio Rslmnu
ien nrpiijioithtJCtnwh8ivr. k
Better Late than Never.
v,Th Cincinnati 2jm.s of tbe, ;b. baa an art!
olot "Thoughts on out Jwses at Manassas,
from which w copy the following"
, W bay permitted ouraelvM toaderrate the
enemy." we mould oot forget tbat always In
th war of th Revolution, of 1812. and of Mex-
iet tbey hav proven a courage equal to our
own. nuai aiao realize tbat they are tally
convinced of th truth ol what la aild of tha
purpose of tat ftartk, and tbey think they
ugut tur tueir sonsuiuuonai rignt and tne sal e
tyof their peealiar tnaUtntlons. " Whatever to
tne contrary may be laid, tbat is the great or
veiling sentiment, and has been.' Tbe manner
tney nav gone forward as volunteers bas shown
as deep a ieeling as tbs volunteers of tbe North.
We each, North and onth. believe tbe other
wrong, and we flffht baaaUAA of turn aim inoar
leeuug. .. .
W hav permitted ourselves to attack a camp
fully intrenched and protected,whlle at tbe same
lima KSaraad bT a bod of tronna In nnmbrr
fully as great aa our owa. 4 Tola waa an error
MBuwaonea enemy, unless attacked by an
overwhelming fore, which necessity compel
yon to reeaova oot of the way, you will assault
prpra to ios. a naoessity, a large force.
vuv aaam- aeoioa a oamensent is equal to a
doaea la treak.' Beanrerard i on eoual to tha
beet. North or South, in tbe military service.
Ha gradualsd as aa nglaer, and that is his
fort. For a long tJm he bas occupied himself
wita vising a protection for bis troops, behind
wiuaa lewgutor tail oack. wunnisown post
tion we have, from time to time, had full ao
ooaat that be was satisfied of the tower to re.
siat. Wo bav kaowo this, and therefore have
auaoiea bias with open eye. Tb officers,
North and Sooth, have knowa tb skill of Bean
regard. He ha also been ably sustained. ' We
nav bad th mere recently a general desorip
tloa of ths strength of bis position. It was not
a singla line, bot a system of defenses, behind
wniou to retreat from one to another, each sue
eeeding stronger than tbe preceding one.
They have amnloied successful stralarems.
and fallen back intentionally to lead ne on
1 ni position w bav assaulted with a force
not near equal ia strength to their own. without
eoosiaennc tbe advantage or Intrenched Toe I
two, equal, of itself, to five to one We have
tne malt, ,,, .:.'!.. ...
Seme persons will Only learn from sxperience.
The editor ol ths Tmt is due if that elasa.
That paper says "we have permitted oareelves
to nnderestimste the enemy." Why baa' our
eotemporarv permitted thl. The facta stated
which w copy war as well knowa before the
battle as now, but w have never been abl to
read them In the TWe, or any other Republl:
can paper, and If a Democratio paper would
dare say, befor the battl what lb Txmta now
says, it would a termed a Northern traitor."
If tbe Cincinnati Enjuirtr had published be
fore the battle, what tbe Tmes now has. it
would have been re produced in tbe Tinea as
videnc of th Enquirer' disloyalty. : Better
lata than over. i "f
Reflections of the Past.
The New York Tims, speaking of th battl
at Bull's Run.says: "To lbs Sixty ninth (Irish
Regiment) too much praise for asfiinchlng and
persUtant gallantry can hardly be awarded."
"And when th retreat bad been ordered it
was the masterly skill of tbe German Brigade
under CoU Blknkmk, which covered tha move-
meat, and prevented sny accumulated disas
ters.", Had In not been for the old Democratio
party, these very mn would be ptMtoliy pro.
tcrHed by Know nothingism in 1854 6. The
curious and mortifying spectacle would be or
sented, of men fighting for a Government tbat
proscribed them oa account of their birth and
religion! - The heroio aeta of Lafayette,
Btenben, Mon'gomery, De Kalb, wertforcotten.
Their descendaota bav left fresh mark oa tit
psg of th kittory of our country. How soon
will it be forgotten by the same men? '
Reflections of the Past. A Wounded Artilleryman Brought
Reflections of the Past. A Wounded Artilleryman Brought Home.
Tbe Pittaburg train this morning brought
mr. ueorg a uioisoa, member or Company D,
Cleveland Light Artillery, who wu wounded at
itnrei uui a short time aro. He waa brought
on a littwc ia oars of Mr. Wetrren P. Edgarton,
ot Co. D... Aa easy oarriag wu provided at
to aepot, ana nr. Tlllotaon was convoyed to
Ak. Hf.JJ.ll ww a ...
wm fuuwi nou, wner n will reoeive ever
car until ha recovers. Dr. Thayer is attending
bim. Ha was shot throueh tha rroia b a mm.
1. U . 1 1 J.I . ... 0 ...
oaii, maa ta wouna.ioongn severe, will not,
Tb Artillery at at Grafton. Tbair tlm t.
piid yeeterday, asd they will probably arrive
huuiu wa aaatoi wis weea. 1 bev ro to Colnm
uum to do auusiorea out 01 ssrvice. -
The Telegraph and Ohio Statesman.
Tba Oblo Slalettnan rcntlv naed n-tt
strong langnagola regard to tba numerous false
hoods sent over tba teleiraDh win, and th.
next thing was a notice from the3nrHnunii.nt
that tha Stotmman could no longer hav th dis
patobe. When we take into consideration the
fact that many Republican papers have de
nounced tb telegraph wltboat stint, it looks
vary much a if tola upending of dispatches
to ta shiwmb was simpiv an enort to break
down tbat establishment: but whatever tha oh.
Jeot, it behoove the press of the State to de
nounce in act. -
or. . l t .
" nav am misMien. dui wa canndt con
ceiv what rit at tba Telecraph Comoanv bas to
withhold the dlspatbes from any paper, so long
as tha proprietors thereof are wllllnr. and do
pay tba regular price cbarsed therefor. Wa
trust tha proprietors of tha Statesmen will teat
mis matter .Vajton ,'atirs. .
It is wsll known that tha Abolltionfata of thta
Stata goaded Charles Snmner into making tbe
speech wblcb preceded tbe Brooks difficulty. It
is now mown to at uen. ureeiey goaded Abra
ham Lincoln Into the unfortunate advance upon
RlAhmAffid. P.nmnMl P.m.ni4 .mm V.. . ....
H... ..w.uawuw, w, umm IJUUQ
bis part. And tba New York World bas not
been behind Its cotemporarlee in urging tb cit
izen arm Into tb Boll's Run trap. Will ths
neopie ioiiow tnee cowards; who ar sscriflo-
ing in national army for tb sake of ths sec
tionalpartvT In fntnr let cs follow nn.ri
Scott.' ' ' t'- - -
Ws copy ths sbove from ths Boston Courier.
If tb Couriar wu ranked as a Democratic pa
per it would Immediately aa denounced by tbe
Republican presa as a traitorous sheet. There
Is a vaat amount of truth . iu this short pare-
Ptjfc,.! ..... . ; 1 ..-! -V 1 . Av.. .,, I.ilrt.j
It it not time for Gen. SckencV to' i-tlr.7
Have we not bad jsst enouch of bim 7 . Wh
not give bim a postoffice in a small town any
where In OhloT He ia an unfit person to Isad
soldiers., ' His own men are wtary of his blun-
enng. jn in language 01 some one, "Jet bim
Hide" into obscurity. Boeton Vaurur. ,.
No oneaaestioM Mr, Scsmstcu's courae, or
hi ability as a lawyer or politician, But his
qualification ss a military man or railroad con
ductor id severely questioned II would do
wsll for a nostmatr. t, r..-.. ; . t , -
Good News from Col. Norton.
W aw a dwpateh yeeterday to tba wife of
ioi. stortoo, care taps. i.eka, from Commis
sary K. R. Miller, stating that Col. Norton was
sgala with kia regtmnit, and that ha- would
prowably aooa recover from hie wosnd so as to
oeaoiataraaounomaby tb 1st af Anrost
Toledo Tim:- ' 1 . lv.. "11 I-a" .....
Our Crops.
Tba wheat of this county Is now abont '
vested, ia good order, and may be estimated at
aoooi ar near aa averar rep, tbe berry beinsr
plump and little affotaa by tb weevil.
Th oora rop promise poor I v oa aeeonnt or
U aroatn, aaa vannot now recover. Tb oat
crop t snort 111 etraw, but will ba a full aver.
age la berry, roiatoee win also ba short lo
yield, 081 accoaat 01 tse ntti rata we bare had
lor tna pas bib wck, liardea vegetable
aeoeasarily miaue a Is vjs t -Of
frail w ibali bav a poor showing,' bsr
.loalariy of peacnas; but altbosrh ar app
tfoa will ba meafrrw, era are mocb bettor ff
tHat reapeot than our nrigbbors of Knox,
Llcklfiff. Muskiniraai and other counf ire aooih
viRiUaio4 aUtsfi Bannttr -' '
Mr, ri n : ..'. " ti M:Irt
[Correspondence of the Cincinnati Commercial.]
old Camp oa 7th street. Tbe 3d Regiment has
ssoer'alnedj tba'tl onlvH ntno ar missing: The
1st Regiment probably baa few mora missing.
Moat ot them will return home tnis wees.
la Congress there was a very striking pass
in ararms between Burnett, of Kv ana Rich
ardson, of III., th latter charging the former
With being aa entay t4 his country and its lsws
ana government. lUurnett, very exciwaiy, re
joined, making the matter personal. Richard
eon said, an faelo aim God. if tbs gentleman de-
aired a personal controversy with him, hs could
nave it anywhere, vaiianoigoam saw, ueu
the enemy was within cannon shot of ths Capi
tal, it wasnaseemly to hear snob talk in tbe
Hous,,,.fCie of "Pshaw," "pshaw.") Rich
ardson, after backing down Burnett, and aslng
mm up completely, proceeaea w coauemu re
publicans for distrusting General Scott, wbe had
fought tne late battle against nis juugmeni.
Whose fanlt aas It? If such tbioee are permit
ted to continue, they would destroy the Govern
ment. "Unless you rally around mm ine coun
try will not support you. Jf you had not foroed
him to precipitate this calamity, - you would
bav bad a victory without fighting a battl."
Blair asked, if Gen. Soott wss fit to command,
ooald be be forced into battl against bis own
Judgment. Nobody had Impeached Gen. 'Soott
out tne gentleman nimseit. mr. n-, -a it
all baok'' and he proceeded to say he was pres
ent, whan In breeenoe of the President General
Soott (mulled that tha Cabinet bad foroed bim
into tbe Ut engagement. , He (Scott) said be
anouia nav resigned soonsr man nave aoiea
against his best judgment.
Rlobardson added, "Abraham Lincoln was an
honest man if let alone, bnt he feared he bad
not tbe power to stand up against the wily poli
ticians surroandibff bim. (Great sensation.)
The House spent much time over the bill
lsyio; a direct tax or S3U.uuu.uuu on real estate,
and imposing excise and impost duties.
' Th thirtv millions more measure will proba
bly aass both Houses, as it is deemed necessarv
to secure the prompt payment of the Interest of
tne loan.
An answer was received to the flag of ' truce
sent into the enemy's lines, claiming our
wounded. It was. that the will take as eood
care of tbem as of their own.
There is no truth in tha report that Major
Hughe, of Daytoni was wouodedA . No Ohio
officers were wounded at all, except a few
scratches or braises. . , , . -,
. - .i I i i I
H7 Tbe Toledo Blade says: "So far as heard
from, the New York Tribune is a little ahead
all competitors Ip the degree and maliotoui
aessof Its abuse of the Government." ' '
Tbe Blade is indignant at Gtuutv, and inti
mates tbat ne is an "inexperienced writer."
Tbat Js true, so far as abasing Republican
goes. He is experienced In abusing Democrats.
Gbiclit a'Uraitor?", Or, are anlg Demo
crats, who abuse the Administration, traitors?
How I tbatt i';. ,. " Ji i tt
[For the Ohio Statesman.]
The Proposed Union of Parties.
J. 71
Ma. Editobi -' ' I ,
It seem tbat the Republican managers of
tbia Stata,. bav hit upon a plan for carrying
Stat at th .tall election; that is, by pre
tending to set patties aside, and coming out
with a Union ticket. I see tbat they are al
ready hinting tbat they will giva a few eery
Democrats some of the secondary offices, if they
will com over and help tbem carry the State
this fall; but I should pity the Democrat that
would lend his .name or influence for such s
purpose. - l
Tbey now claim that, to be patriotid", we'muat
ignore party auring tne present conflicts If that
so, then Lincoln snd Dunnison sre the most
nnpatrlotio men in tb land; for nothing but
party bu governed them in their appointment
wi nmgraii irom tusoe ever sine ma war be
gan. Tba Administration hav been removing
every Democratio efflcer tbat they 000 Id find in
tbe country, for tbe purpose of rewarding mm.
party favorite: and, u a lata instance, tbey re
moved Mr. Camden, tha widow of a Demo.
craue postmaster, at Portsmouth, to reward a
man wbo had not been in the couotv more than
one year.
But tbe fact ia. that thev now a tha nni.
mim own ui voio are Becoming satisfied
that the pciacinlea of tha Chicasa niurnrm ..11
do to govern this country, and are abont to
tne seai 01 condemnation upon tbem; then
tbey very suddenly discover that thera nncrht
" ""7 puuucu parties uuring tbis oon
test; tbat is. tbev mean that thera
Democratic party. But if they should get
liunn, uuw BUVU IUBT WOUIQ DeBIQ to CArrv
their party ideas, by dividing tbe Stat up
wuugrcsaiuuai uiauicw, ao mat tne uemo
orata should be able to elect onlv threa or fnn.
too memoers 01 congress, snd tbey the bal
ance. . ,
Thev oould pass laws nuliifvinr tha tn;t;.
1 . j" , i - --
i.w. hu law Buowiar nrproaa to vni.
also a law defining treason agtintt tha United
(we, ana a aeoiuoa law, and many other nice
wing uy migns ao, it tbey only bad
chance. But, sir, can they be sincere in
proposals to unite with those whom they
baea charging with rank treaem, and with
being the enemies of our country? . Tb very
propMiuon carries ue ne upon it lace, or else
snow an easy conscience, and that th..
themselves ar willing to become traitor for
sak of th office. ' Tbey may take either
of the dilemma. ...
They have held the State now for six VA.n
if tbey are particularly desirous to b pa
triotic, they oan well afford to itep aside now,
lot tha Unioa Democracy try th manage
of tb state for tha next two veara. will
uewmur ,
A to uniting our destinies with touts. rentl.
wa teal tbat it would b a little too r.f
sacrifice of principle on oar part, and that it
might blacken our character. We do not feel
making uch a wirfti admixture. W do
think laatsrsswtao the breed -win imnm.
aid af tba boos any. But a yon are a
ot a mertf rti,'it makes but little difference
you; but it snakes a vast dlffereaoe to te.
Otntltmm, too prefer to remain tingle! '
inese remarxs nave neea called forth bv tb
appearance, in tb Ow Stat Journal and
Zuesvill Com ior, f a proposition for the De
maoracy to anite with tbem.
But, sir, every msn of principle must feel a
imarting scnaa of indignation and oontcmnt at
a propoaitioa, and tbat it ia only beaoioe
I . I.I... . L. -. t . .
uiuu iujw, lun phuu a proposition
should come from sucb a source. Is it poasibls
ther I a tru Damoorat in tha State, wbo
uBs sou nis prinoipi ior a mess of pot
to those whose whole political Uvea th
I.. ..J J . ' T 1. 1 i . rrt . .
KIH UVIiCU I -k A UlUia AWt. ABB 00001
is no petier tnan wnat wa oould axpeot
thou whose wool political existence bas
maintained by corrupt barcalninsra with
oorrnpt men of o ther parties. ., Their principle
patriotism are not worth a atraw, for tbey
displayed their ability In 'mora than on
instanc to out tbm on ar off. 'as ooeaaion r.
or Interest demaads; and I should judge
ui luwurm 01 any man, wno is caught in
meshes after all our past experience, moat
very wesa inaeeo. , .r , , .- r
Bat, sir, tb democracy of tbis county ars
moving slow, bnt sure as fate. Thev ar be
coming aroused and indignant, at tbe manner
whiob tbia Stat ba been governed for tbe
two years, and aspaoially at tb manner in
tbey btve been treated for tbe past three
months, by these eleventh hour patriots, and
mooesraia. - -- - -
Tb Democracy of this county will be strong
represented at tbe 8tate Convention by a
aeiegaiioa 01 tneir very ;dcsi meat and,
there will be euch a abaklng of dry bones
tbis county this -falL u never was seen or
of bvfore. I assure you tbat yon need not
any uniting of tbe Democracy in tbia county
ib Republicans I The, dlur,of th
1 vb Ripubilcan ontsn of tbis coun tv.
settled that basinets loon aro by his threat
th lives and. property, of Democrat, by
mob against them. Tba Democracy
as . net tnioK 01 nourishing a viper la
bosom, u to hav aaythlng to do with
a moboorat and heathen t -
conclusion. I would sav. look But for the
Democracy of old Muskingum on tbs 7th. '
TT There is yet no Confirmation of the report-
mA raid b satMh am tb. Mnntrt mntit hnrrlmr
' . .. ...
Latest News from the South.
W gather th following fiouthtrn newt from
tne tuohmoad tuxammer of tbs loihi ,--v ,
Th Hon. J. P. Benjamin, Attorney general
of the C. S.' A., ha issued a circular of In
tractions to Marshals In relation to nrlsoners
of war, and persons captured at sea. under date
of July 13, 1861. We insert that portion of It
wuicu ia ot man importance:
, ;' 1. All persons captured at' sea and placed In
custody of ths marshals are at onoe to be oonfin
ed, In suoh manner aa to prevent their obtaining
any information which could be made tisoful to
thenmy. "-..ffj J () .5 r j i( 1. ;:f,
3. AH persons captured on board of vessels
(wnetner armed or unarmed) employed in tb
publio service of the United States, are to be
considered a prisoners of war. 1 All persons
employed in the service of tho enemy are to ba
oonstaerea as prisoner or war, vn when cap
tured on unarmed vessels not employed In the
servioe of tbe enemy. . --J - j
Persons captured on private nnarmed vessels,
and not employed in the publio service of the
enemy, are not prisoners ol war. 1 .. I ' j
, 3. As soon as lbs marshal shall have received
into custody persons captured at aaa. be shall
.make out a list of their names, rank and poet
ion, and submit one copy thereof to the Judge
of the court, and another to tbe captors or their
proctor, ior toe purpose or designating suun as
are to be detained as witnesses. 1
4. After separatinc tbosa who ar to b de
tained In confinement as witnesses, tbs marshal
will at oooe deliver to tbe commander of tb
nearest military post ail tbe prisoner of war;
and will transport to tb frontier and place ba
yondthe limits of th Confederacy all such alien
enemies at are not prisoners of war. . . ; j;
A company from North Carolina, and a large
number of recruits for the Third and Fourth
Georgia regiments, have reoently reached Porta
mouth. 1 . .
Tbe term or enlistment bf tbe Woods Rifle
men, Capt. Wm. Lamb, of the Argus newspa
per, of Norfolk, will expire on tbe 30th ot toll
month, but it is nnderatood tbey will ra-enlist
ior the war. . Such seems to be the Intention of
all our volunteers, as rapidly as their terms run
0U. . v , ' ...
' The Charleston Mercury says tbst most of th)
first regiment of South Carolina volunteers, re
tamed there from Virginia, will make arrange
ment to leav their homes sgaln In ten days or
lortuigut ior ine seat oi war. '
A letter Irom Randolph Informs as that th
L-.....W TI j . r- . , . .7
luunu nrgimeni, isoionsi neeiys command,
moves to-day for a higher position np tba river J
"The river," Says tbe writer, "will then be fort
tifled for fifteen miles." AfempAii Bulletin.
Th Richmond Enquirer has a detailed ac
count of tha battle and retreat at Rich Moun-i
tain, the aubstancs of which is as followsi I
Our picket guard, consisting of the follow
ing companies: The Upshur Greys, Captain
Higglnbotbam; Buckingham Lee Guard, Cap
tain Irvine; Captain Curry' company from'
Rockbridge; Harvey Blues, Captain Mullen,
and one other company, and Capt. Delaniel'a
artillery company, with one of their pieces,
were attacked near the top of Rloh Mountain
by a detachment " of the enemy, numbering
some 5000 men. Our entira force engaged did
not exceed 350 men, but tbey fought gallantly,
and althongb the enemy bad such heavy odda
against us, our gallant little band repulsed them
tbree times, and killed a larg number of tbem.
Tbe conduct of Captain Delanlel on tbe occa
sion is thus reported by surviving members of
tho Upshur Greys: After hit whole company
were killed or driven from tbefr gun, and ha
wounded, be fired the piece threa times, and af
ter being attaoked by the enemy with their bay
onets, be shot two of tbem with his revolver.
Tbe forces remaining In tbe fortification evac
uated their position during the night, and near
ly 'all of them escaped. Oar entire loss In
killed snd wounded snd prisoners will not ex
ceed zuu.
Another sccouot says: The Buckingham
(Va.) Lee Guard suffered most severely, hav
ing thirty men, togethsr with Captain Irving
and Lisui. Boyd, killed.' Captain Carry, ol'
turn hwidtiuk uuara. ana uantsin Anderson.
oi toe L-yncpDurg Artillery, were also among
Twentr-nine of the Virolni.n.
r i i . . . . . .
cevenj dm 9 oeea reiewea oo tbe lollotrlDg
vuuuifciuan; - - . ,. .
"1st. Tbat wa will not leave the limits of tbs
town oi tJererlj without permission from Gen
"2d. That we will giro no aid or information
10 ids enemr.
"3d. Tbat We Will deliver onraelrea inform,
tody wbenorer required by tbs proper officer;
we, tbe undersigned, do hereby giro onr parole
of honor to observe such eondliinna."
George G. Smith, of Alexandria, is one of
me prisoners thus released.
[From the Louisville Courier, July 23.]
Dispatch from Col. Blanton Duncan.
There Is no longer a doubt tbat the Kentuoky
ovs were in tne arena Debt at Oianaaaaa. a -
though as yet we hare no particulars from them.
Tbs lollowioK dispatch from Col. Duncan was
received by bis wife yesterday:
MANASSAS, July 22.
"Yankees Well whinned. I am linhnrt-
Tbos. Duncan, of Bloomfleld, slightly wounded
in ths arm."
Wa met a gentleman irom Etst Tennessee.
yesterday. He nassed throush Cnmberland
Gap reoently, and found it occupied by abont
thousand Confederate troops, who were forti
fying it. He says tbat all tbe mountain passes
Into Eastern Tennessee are being fortified by
tbe Confederates, to prevent tbe Introduction oi
arms for ths Union men of that part oi the State.
We have reason to believe this statsment entirely
reliable. Commercial.
Democratic Meeting.
Saturday, ths 27th day of July,' A. D! a86j7
stSe'slock'p. n.,otaaldday, for ths purpose of sp
poin log Dalagates as tb Slate Oonrentloa which la to
ba bald In Columbus on tbe 7 lb of Augutt next.
Br order of th, Democratio Central Committee of
mi.iui county,. -j - . f j
UBU. KEirEB, Chairman.
Oinct or TmOoMKianonias or tbb (irbim f oiidi
, . . ; .- . or Tie Stats er Olio, " f
. f. -: i , ,CotoMBBS,JulySt)1J861.)
THE Btal of Ohl dssiras to barrow ons million and
fir hundred tbouaand dollare, and to that end tbs
vwnaniiii oi ine Biniing runa ol us Stats, under
"uuiuiiir mm mm oi in uaneiwi AaeeaMy, will re
eelv waled propoaals at their office la the nit. of Oa.
luabu. until IS e'olook, at., of th Sd day of Auauat.
and at th agesoy of ths Shite. No. 85 William etreet. In
tb lty ot New York, an til IS o'clock. If., of th. 7th
deyol Augtut next, for tho avrehaa of Sl,t00,000 of
we runaeu ana juruuim dent ef in stato, bearing
Intenet from lb Oral day of August, 1WJ1, at tb rat
of six par cent, weraanaa. Bid will b reoelred for
viiaeroi ueiaiiowinaeiaaeeeoTatoSKS.
1st. Ocrti&eatos rsdeemabl at th Stat (reasary lb
the eity of Ooiumbue, July let, 1868, tb initreet paya
ble eml annually lh Bret day of Hay and the Sret daj
of November to each year, at th But treasury.
9d . Certiflcatea redeemable at the agency ef in Stat
la th elty of New York, July let, lbOS. tb lalnst pay
able semi-annually, lb Ant day of January and tb Brat
" ,i mu vmjv jaw ai oaia agoney ' .m..k .
Bach propoaal muat atal diatlnmt for hirf mt )h
'IT?. "'. e"Usle it " Bad, tli aaeuat of sitber
wnicu u ueeirso, ana in pnoo lor oaeh oa huadrod dol
lars of each claaa propoaed to ba iakeat la oaa any
propoaal ehall not deaigsat lb elaas of stock oired
by ths bidder. It shall be dasmed. ta hair, hm n...hi.
mhmrm, tha hlrf I. r v
No eondltlooal bld,.or'bld Dot abtolats In Its tantasl
Will be oomndered. . - ; '
Payment or lh amount of th mmtlT hi. i.t
la New York, muet b aiade at tbe btat Ageaey within
tare days after the acoeptanc thereof; sad of tb bids
I.WHWI .k VW1UM.UV., W UQin in O.M kMf th.
aaoe thereol; jt .bleb Uasos eb proper Ctrtl&oates will
v. (nw ivi iHurnt .....
Certificates, patabl at lh Bute Traaanrr. viii w.
sued In same of BIOO and anward:
M v..t -in k- . j . - . r-J
- v .iiiwiwin iu .usi. ul and UDWard.
at tb opttoa of th biddw. " VJ rr WT
J,iy"lln,mtt wl" aayabl, micondltloBairy, July
, UW8, and are, ky th aot aathorltlng th loan, exempt
ed Iron taxattoa by tb Stat. - ' ' r .
Propoeal, for th loan muet be enelosed In S sealed en
velope, "
f r
and addraoeed to "Tb CoBmlnloners of Ihs
Fund," at Columbia, Ohl, or at Bo S5WU-
atreet, New York, and indorsed "ITopoaaliforObjo
if '
,"W. Tttttt. IttdlWjr s.I,- 'l- f
a. P ETJSSEbL,rtory ofgute'"'
. . JAMES MUKai,Attorn7, Qa?Cnt
uiaiD au.aa '
.I..V-1IM.1..' OI HtlltUM c
list of (1MB, i
Justice of the Peace.
KoriroB Btatssbak: vM i ' H
Hews annoancss ms as a eandldats for ss slsoUoB to
ths 6Aes of Jmtfc-s ol' ths Psaes of Hoatfenerr tavnf
ship at aa tlectloo to It held Auiutt 5, 1801...
Justice of the Peace. WM. L. HEYL.
Qroceriesj tSI
u .-, , Produce, ,
.vj.-..1ii,.i..vi:i 'Provisions,
r-Foreign and Domestic Liquors,
,1r " Fruits, etc. etc,
v!:'V' uiioviii' auitou tioH ..-
( TO
-No; ,106, .South-pghf Street,,
ThsoldsUnd itosntly Mcuplsd by.WUv MoBOS
., . Hs ii In dally rtcsipt ot . ,.,
i u . . .
'Walsk a will ssll ' ' T ".'
... . . . .i- . i. ...... - "
Ctaeap for Casb or Country Produce.
Hj Qoods dellrsred to City trads free'of ehargs'OI
No. 106,' South High Street,
' . ... ... '
Foreign and Domestic Fruits,
.... . , . i . i
'Jlyl9 ' ' ' ' ''
BAIN & son,
No. 29 Soata High Stteet, Columbtu,
a eb now orrEMsa : '!., .". '
XV 8000 yards TiarsllDg Dreai Goods at 6x, Talus
18X cents. .. I
SSOOyards TraTellag Dress floods atlSJi, Ta'aeSOcU.
yards Bngiiu Brac at nx, Talus x cants.
1000 yarda French Orrandlea at X, Talae 90 cants.
SOOn yarda Vast Colored Lawn, at 10, Talus 15 eests.
1000 yarda I oalard Drssa Bilks at J7W, Tain SO sent,.
1500 yarda Sopor Plata Black Silk at at 00. Tata Bl5.
Bobsa of Organdie Bsrage, and Ingllah Bsrage, at one'
sau uwirTaiua. . . ,,,, ... ,. - - ,
leSS 99 south High Bus!.
Elegant lace Klantillas.
No. 29 South High St.,
TTATI Jut opened an InToloe ef Very brgs and
aa nanaeoais
Wide French Laces toe' Shawls.
Very Deep French Flounclog Laces.
Real Thread, French, Cbantilla & Geoevsss
Valenciennei, Point & Oaze, Brussels'
. ana Threaa itcei and Collari,
: ' In new Shapes,
- it v ... For traveling.
Traveling Dress Goods.
The beat and moat fashlooabls styles In tbs city,
Bain bon.
89 South High 8 tree t.
CLOAK CLOTHS. Also, otber aukaa at Bortne
w uioina, in an ueeiraoie) mixrarea Dinainga, xas
ssis ana Buttons to mated. vain at son.
aprllS v' ' no. M loath aighstnT
. . , i . ... ,. I
UantOIl IVlatUnga. 1
. . . .
4, -, Wmtta aaa Ha aaa
C wut Checked oi superior quality. For sals by
.: .., .r., . - ... BAIN at SON.
mhM . . , . Na. S9 Month Blghat.
HE AtTII( Ths blood must bs parlfled, and all aed-
Iclnas ar nsalsea wblcb do aot poness ths quality of
stimulating th blood to dlacbart ts to purities Into the
bowelt," BaAifiaATB's Piui posMis this quality 'in s
Ugh degree, ad should b ia erery hally. Tbey ere
equally asarui ror children snd- adults-adapted to both
exes, aad are aa Innocent as breed, yet kot irrscrtvi
ASAKSSIOIKB. ........ .
Ths Bon. Jacob Bayar of 8prinnllls, Ind 'writes
'toDr.Brandreth,Badsraateef may 11,1661. , , , -
'n.V.1 Kn XMi our Inaoabla Yegetabls TJnlvsraal
PUUIn my family elnoe 1838; tbey bars always eared,
Tea whan etaer medlclnea wre of a avail. I bare
th means of my neighbors ntlog hundreds of dol
lar, worth, and I aa aaUefled tbey bare noorrod a
..UUII jr oeui. iu Dieeaaa noaitn, t&nugb ibir ns
Vbey ar uaed la thai romoa for Blllnu u,a t.i. m.
'jsr and Ague, and all rhena.tic oasss with th
r..w..aogn.' an nrai,uyar in great nil.
In slcknsaa, aad I trost your Tenersbla life ma bs
spared to proper so exoellent a aedletn for the
of man. , ,
" JTleaH send ms ths lowsst price by the gross."
doio or jonn it. uooi. nramn rininnhn. ...
M.MOtll. HBlr. Im -Al ' '
JlylSdswlmo. '
. H... W . Wl Bvnn
la all case of eostlTmess, dyspepsia, billtons sad Bret
emotions, piles, rheomatlsa, IVTsrs sad ares. batt
head aohta, and all general deraniementa of liaaltk
rills hara tuTarlably proved a eertala and speedy
remooy. a singis trial will plaos ths Life Pills beyond
KNreacnoicompuuon la tbs estimation of aver na.
ent. .
Sr. Moffat's Phoenix Bitters will as Anad ,n.n.
loaclous In allcases ef nerroua debiUty. dysMnala. head
tb sickness Incident to feawlss Indelicate buitK
'crr wwAoess or tb dl reati v omn.
oy vi. w. m. aurrAT, so, Brotdway, IT, Ti
by sil Druggist. . BuaSaawlB
Tie followlDj ii art extract from a
wrlttea by Ibe ?. J, g. Holm, pastor ot ths
rierrepolBt-Streot Baptist Church, Brooklyn, H.! I.', to
-journal and Heassngsr,'' Clnctnnatl, 0.,aad speaks
wiibms ra favor of that world-reoownsd mediela. Mas
WiMMrw's BooTaa ttn roa OavMsa Tbbtbimw .
''Wasessa adverttasMnl an rw sohunas ofafM
wraavow's Boorsnaa Braiir. NowwBvraMa word
ooapell! to aay to your reader that tbi Is aa haas
wa bavb raias rr, aaa bww it to oa aaa it
It at Mobahl mat tb neon aamaaafl ill.
of tba du. bcouua It I. mi ol tha but. AndthoM
your readers wno nars babies oaa'tde bettor than
In supply. f ' f a i i . . ocCTdydaw
When ths stealthily .approaching Bans supped upon
tblsUa, be srted oat with pain, and tbe tootttab
i was saved. - MS all who bar been blarow br
PIobbs eeepon(U of Sslefatus gtrs ab alanf, sad
tb oeenmanlty. . rTiB's Utwrstm baxmatttS I
A k?,' w rfssblnitos Strsst, Kw
Ysnt,.M jii !i?n n .z, iin
Summer Arrangement.
Little Miami & Columbus & Xenia
For Clndlnnatt Dayton 6V Indianapolit!
t aawa-asasi
Through to Indiananolis without Changs of Cats
and but Ons Changs of Cars between
( t Columbus and St. Loni. I , 1
Four Trains Daily from Columbus.
, FIRSTTRAIN. , ., .
AflnOMMftnATIOX at S a. m., stopplor at all sta
tions bsiwean Oolnmbu, an Cincinnati and l)yton, ai-
ltn nlruvtnn.,1 10 (A 1. IB.. And At DavtOD at
8 10 a. m.,connoctlr at Sajton (or Iodiaaapolls aid
tna wsst.: ' ic.
SO. lBIPIU88at lMOa.m.,stoppiniatJsa-ntto,
London, OharleatOD, Oedarrllle, XcbIa, Hiring Vallfy,
Oorwln, frMpoit, Fort Anolent. Uorrow St., Mhaoos,
foelar'a, Lovtlaol and Mlirord, atrlrlni at Olnoinnitl
att.SOD. aa..Dayt0Bata.43. m.. oon neotln with tb
Ohl and atlulxlppl Kallroad for LouIstIIIs, Ky., Tin
onn,. Cairo, 8t. Louis, NewOrUans, sts.l al Barton
for Indlanapolt, Lafajatte, Terrs Haute, Chicago aod
all Wtttsrn polDts.
MAIL at 9.10 p. m .atdDDlneat all atitlona bataritn
Oolumbo, and Xeola, and at Spring Vallry, Oonrlu,
Uorrow and Lsvslaad, arrlrlog at Oinclnnatl at S a. m .
NIQHT EXPRESS, via Barton, at 18 00 mldnWht.
stopplnf at Loodon, Xtnia, Dayton, Ulodlttowa and
Hamilton, arriving at Oinclnnatl at 5. $5 a. a. i at Pj
ton at 8. Si a. m.i conntoilnr at Cincinnati with tha
Ohio and Mtislitlppl Railroad ior LonlirllH. IranaTlllo,
Tinotnnes, Cairo, St. LouU. Menpbla, New Urltana,
and all points South and gouth-weat; also, at Barton
ior inaianapoui, idiiaysii, xtrre Haute, Cblcago, etc.
TT7 For farther Information and Throuih Tlr-i.u.
apply to At. L. DOHEEXY, Ticket Agent, Union Depot,
Osssral Ticket Agent, Oinclnnatl.
. , JNO.W.DOHBBir,
I '' Avent. Golnrnhna
tr1' r"' I.W.WOODWARD, '
BuperlDtendsot, Oinolnnatl.
vyiupsua, o my jooi. r -. , , ,
Btaam Between Ireland and America.
Tbs followlni new and maralflMnt flnt-clu,
wbael Sttamihips eompoM ths abors line:
ADRIATIC, II s,888 tons barthea,' Capt, J. Mi oar
- , (Formerly of tha Collins Mno.) : -
rhBERNI A, 4,400 tons bortheo, Oapt. N. Paown.
VVUUHDUi .iB-ww -. . n.LtiTOB.
ANOLIA. ''4.400
PAoirio, 2000 "
' 3.JU0 " J. Wales.
One of the above shtBs will lenva Nn Tark anum
ilternately every Tuetday fortnight. forOalvay, ear
ning the government mall,, touching at St. Johns,
a. P.
Ths Steamers of tlila Una have been constructed with
the greatest care, under the auperrlalon of tbe govern
ment, havs water-tight eompartmenta, and ars unexcel
led tor comfort, safely and speed by soy steamers afloat.
They are commanded bv able and axoerianced offlnara.
and every exertion will be mad to promote ths comfort
oi HMnpn.
Aniexperteooad Surgeon attached to each ship.
Wlrst-clatsN. Y. or Boston to Galmy or Liverpool 1 100
Beoond-clats. " " , .. 75
Vlnt-cUsa. " " last John'. v.
Thlrd-claes, J " " ' , : to Oalway or tlrsrpool.
y' or any town in Ireland, on a Railway, - - - 3U
Thlrd-claea paeaeonra are llberallv buddII1 wilh era.
Visions of the best aualltv. cooked and aerred br the Mr.
vanta of tbs Company.
Parties wishing to send for ihstr meads from ths- aid
conn try can obtain ticket, from any town on a rat I any, in
Ireland, or froaa the principal cities of England and Scotland,
at very low ratea.
Easterners for Hew York. anMna? hv th. Rn.tnn
Steamers, will be forwarded to New York free of charge.
x or pueege or luruier iniornauon, apply to -
At ths office of the Gomninv. on lh. mh.rf eiuit ni
Canal atreet, New York.
HOWL AND Ac ABFlawALL, Agents.
An Effective, Safe and Economical
To its original eolor without dyeing, and prevent!!?
mi irom wnuag gimy.
And curing It, when there Is ths Isast particle of Tltalt
or reoaperativs energy remaining.
Andallcutaneouaaffectloas of the Scalp,
Imparting to It an nneqaled doss andbrilllaonr. m.iri...
It soft and allay In Its texture, and eauaing It to cm"
the great celebrity and Increasing demand for this oa
equaled preparation, convlnoes the proprietor tbat on
trial is only neoeeeary to eatbfy a discerning public of lu
superiorqualltiea over any other preparation in ass. It
eieauses tha bead and scalp from dandruff ui ,th.
cutanooua diaeaaee, eauaing the hair to grow luxuriantly
giving It a rich, soft, glossy and flexible appearance, and
aiao, where the hair lalooaening and thinning. It will giv
atrengtb and vigor to tbe roots aod restore the growth to
hoae parte whiob havs become bald, ceasing it to yield a
rash ooverlng of hair. . .
Thar ars hundreds of ladles aaa gsatlsmea In New
York wbo bare bad their hair raitomi t th. n. m ,ki.
InTigorator, whan all other preparations hav failed. L
at. has In hla posseesloa totters Innumerable tostifyiiuc
to th abovs facts, from persona of the hi.haat ri .
btUty . It will eSectually prerent tb hair horn turning
antU th lateM period of I He; and in eaaea Wherath hair
baa already otaaoged Its oo lor, th as of tb Invtgorator
will with eertalnty nstor it to It to its original ha, gtv
1" " m ,!r,k,JlfMS appranoa. A sperrums for th.
toilet and a Ealr JUotoratlv It la particularly recom-
mded, hsTtna aa a-rable frae-rano: and imm ..t ...
eilitiM It afforda in droaalng tba hair, which, whan molal
with the Inrliorator. oan ba dmd in .n.
form so ss to praoorv its place, whether plainlor IneurU;
bene th great demand for it by th ladle aa a atandard
toilet erttel which none ought to b without, ths pries
place it wllbin the reach of all. being F
Only TwentY'Five Cents
per bottle, too bad at an respectable Drugglit. u,i
Perfamsrs. .
L. BTILLIB would sail tha .tlratlnnnf T..,. ...
Ouardianato tbuaof hti InTigorator, In caaea where
the ehildren' hair icelloea U bo weak. Th bs of It
lays ths foundation for effood Head of lair. u n .
more any aaparltis that may bar bosom i connected
with th acalo. tha Muni af whLh I.
far the health of tb child, and tha future .appearance of
... .i.i. . ' , . ; v
0o-no.Nooe gnams wltboat the fae-stmlls tOTJIB
MlLLBB being on tbe outer wrapper; aiao. L. SllL.
LWt HAIR IN VIUO BATOR, tTr blown to ths
Wbolasal Depot, SS Bey street, and sold by all th
principal Merohaolo and Draggtata thronghout th world
Liberal dlecouat to parcbaser by IB quantity. ,.
I alio delre to preaent to tlr larerlCM Fubllo my ' "
m 'tniZtmCB ' DroTAJTAWIonii
which, aftsr years of sdenttflo nperlmenUng, I bare
brought to perfection. It dys Black or Brown inetantljr
Withont injury to tb Hair or Bklnj warranted th beat
artlol of th kind In axiatanos.
Depot, 60 . Dey St, New -York.
ssmafcwly. - ! -' "i - v.rt
,000 yards Saner Plain Black Bilks at f,l 00Talos
itt SBperyard.
i ' "i 1"
BOO yards TrBTClIeg Breas and Mantle Ooods st
IB lgealtT-valaa CO sen is per yarV t
$,000 yards Wblto. BrlllUntea at t9 eenle
ram. xvoenuperjara. . ,
t,OCO yards Pins and Domeetlo Ologhams greatly aa
servahn. - - -
, ; Uwar. caucoes, roraras,
Naw and Fashionable XTrawa Qoodsj :
ths most AsAlmbls styles sad st vary towsrs prices.
ail Wtsrisis, stalls ta (as saost gty Usa saanasg aflar
Otttotost Psrts Pathlons-ths most elegant styles la- i
sj30 .Ro.WJowtaBlghstitiL

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