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KiHTrimn VUUtt, rablUbere
Mi:it.'w.NlNfHI1V Ml"'
.-satxjkday: MoaarNa,
HOTi'SX, 18CI "
How the Case Stands.
. (rt ft. I...w.k.. ar" . V I'll .
fulUv4 bt tha asaootietvaX ton Walker
Beauregard, au4 Ilia eoce e-iriluUaudlnj of
'our 'troops oi tb koirf jSoiiH' Carolina, ibtse
,WUaM.pf the rabet CommlssioaeH, Maert lba
W LlDLinJ rtJrwT lodgmodt An'Pori Wt-
"""tori, pm Boston ;sooimI, the success ol ineev
.,lhl l..in Amm and NortuamDtoa 0UO-
rtUlaa. yjrglaU, assailing t the dlabandmaoUl
a fta rebel force! and ttte at least apparent in
mpV f; tba'.rjotoij' iauie an last, but.most
tteerim and ligninoant of alMb.e aeportea; ia
-Uactlon of lemd forty or fifty eounttes in Nofth
Carolina against eeeesslon aud in laTor of jibe
Constitution and tba Union.. ,,. - .- .
i .... Taera hi ie aa natation thai tba Federal
la LGovarnmtnt asay saw ba aald W be nlmost, If
'""not quite, on the high im to a apeeuj cruaoiug
U ouk of tba heart of tba rebellion and tba testo-
ration or a lsrs portion, U not the w bole of pnt
seceded territory to tbe Union. It la not beat,
1M after, whalTwe 'have seea and suffered, (o be
jtarj innfojM.ln oar axpaotationai but oertaio-
enterUla a ell Rrounded hope mat
'M tha worst and most' disoonragiog' haso of lb.e
rrTaar ia now-passed or la rapidly passing awaj
. ai and tbaagh it would, perhaps, ba too much to
aspect tba bulk of tba people In 111 the netitd
Statea to return at once to ibclr allegiance to
' tba Union, wa feel . authorised from recent
reota to cherish the bope that they may be
M oToastt TfradaanyM rttdrn ai proaigaie to ue
parental roof. ' " d c-" I
Reaction ia now taking place at tba South,
and If nothing lnterren.se to check It, ita pro
grata will bo rapid. ' Tbia ia the grand lerer,
which, if tlchtlr applied and used, will restore
tba Statoe to their old place and iquilibrinm
in tba Union. Bat, at when in eickneea a p
j, tiant beglna to grow : conraleeoent, the least
ua4naDKemcu ur iniprvuvucv iuhj ukiiih uu m
fatal ralaptai to, the preecnt may be aald to
ba tba most critical period In the progress of
onr oiril war, requiring tba utmost tact, skill,
(2 prudence and discretion!' on the part nl those
who hare tba management of publio affilrs Id
tba Cabinet and on tbe field. ;
A ia disease we cannot force a restoration
fjat health, and can only' assist nature' in her
efforts at reeorery; so, In this national disorder,
wa cannot compel a Union sentiment; wa can
only cherish, protect and encourage it where It
exists, and rely ultimately upon the good seme
( 'and 'patriotism of the people' In tbe ueeded
States lor their full and final restoration to the
. Union. War carried on ezclnsirely against
rebellion mty, by a" few bold and decisive
atrokea, accomplish moch; but there ia a work
which mora war cannot do: it la the work of
showing to loyal men of tbe South bejond ques
tion or carll, that tbe war is simply one to en
: foroa obedience to the Constitution and the
lawa, and not to interfere la tbe slightest de
gree with the personal or property rights of
those who are willing to yield such obedience,,.
The Case of Mason and Slidell.
Wa republish from the Toronto Leader an ar
ticle headed "Outrage npon the British Flag,"
1 ' that onr readers may bare the riews ef a Cana
dian journalist upon tba Mason and Slidill
seisnre. Tba comments of the Leader remind
us of one of bar earliest lessons in American
Revolutionary hUtorj-'-'.he forcible seizure on
. . board a neutral ressel and confinement in the
Tower of London of Hknbt Laosins, our Min
ister to Holland. An account of this proceed
ing, which rans nearly on all fourt with the
. . Mi son and Slidill esse, will also be found in
! this paper. It is mostly taken from an English
' r journal published at the time
Oar Canadian cotomporary assumes that Lord
Ltons will at once demand from onr Gorrn-
:i went a disarowat of tbe act of Capt. ; Wans
and tbe release of Messrs. Mason and Slidill
But tbe British Minister baa at yet done no
j each thing, nor baa be made any official com
munication to onr Gorernmeot on the subject
' '"' The report of the offensive comments which be
" Is aald to bare made on the Mason and Slidill
ffiir. U contradicted br teleerapb, and that
- prophet of the future as well as historian of
the mesent assures us that Lord Lrons will
. ....
commit no breach of eonrtesy.' '
r The telegraph also exonerates the 8psnish
4 Miniater at Washlneton from having aald what
i It impnted to him that be would hare demand
ed bla passports, bad Messrs. Mason and Sll
dill been taken from a 8 Danish : ressel. It Is
sow atated that tba Don entertains no sucb
Judge Douglas's Children.
i .j, Tb Cincinnati Eaqukcr' Washington cor
respondeoca has tha following under date of the
Uth Inst.: ' 1 "
""T Douglas's two children by his first wife, are
' ' ' ...1 . HV t . i t - ...
Still nere. 1 oey are aeira to a large
. -ia a Southern State. Tba Uonteaeraws tnreaten
to confiscate tbla property as belonging to Vo
!t lonlsts. A few days since a Southern agent ol
'. tha kindred of these children arrived here to
" take them to their friends in the rebel State,
"that their property might thna be tared from
. eonfisoation. But Mrs. Donglas refused to let
r k them go, it being the dying request of .her hus
band that they should lire with her, and thai
j", aha should train them jp to virtue and useful
. bom, and especially to lore and defend tbe Con
. atitntion and the flag of their country., t , ,. ,
......, .... ii ii 1 1 1 ;
'J. CT Letters rom Paris say that the rebel
commissioners, Slldell and Mason, ere expect
ed with a great deal of pleasure by the eces-
1 stonists in t rance ana cngiana. i ney tnina
that these arch rebels hare ability and art
enoveh to nresent inducements fir loose coun
L"" tries to take the rebel Statea under their pro
"J. lection. ' These sympathizers In Europe wui,
-we think, be doomed to a serious disappoint
aaent when they bear of tbe act of Commodore
WilkM, and tba mischances of war, which bare
r, , placed these two hitherto exultant rebels in tba
Government bands. ;
Judge Douglas's Children. The British Fleet in American Waters.
ft U ' W 4rt ; aeia lft,,.A r i 1
. .. jDe Bermuda Royal Cdf British Gor
'arnnient organ of the 29th of October, states
thai Admiral Milne, Royal Nary, waa expect-
"i. , 4 at tba island Irom Halifai, with a large fleet
et war reela, and that, after tbe receipt of
' the naxt West India mail from England there,
, ba would sail for the Gulf or Mexico, In eom
tjpany with the squadron ol Spain and France
The Otttoat at the above date there
tver I tea English and font French war rowels
c, a-tiie Eogliiih mounting three hundred and ser
" enty-rjioe gnnseff Halifax. Since that pe
; ridt!.a Imrportalite (fifty-nne) waa in New
rVotk barber, and sailed away again, and tbe
,Frenh reasel Prooy (firs) bas been wrecked,
"ai. Deducting these fif'y alt gunei tha Admiral had
three hundred and twenty-three British, with
tbe armament of the other three French ships
am&'.iiH gatBandj'The nnmber of guna in
i,,.-tber-;,Ubnt la greater, than those in onr
Keaoiuct expedition. It ia rather a large fleet
0 eporute against Mexico, apparently mncb
mora than ia needed for the purpose.
Seizing Rebel Embassadors.
1ot pmc leni i havni already been
on loe i.asoni ami .tuul t miiiri, iw v v..in
dueotly applicable, bu'.ooe exaotly pertiucot Is
found In the ease ol the eelinro of Henry La
reus, Commlaslonet from tba Uaitod8letee to
tbeutea General of Holland, during tha Rev
olutionary war, from a Dutch vessel on the way
to Holland, wblon country was ( inea a peace
ita Rnffl&nd. The clreumstanoe were pre'-
eleely tbe same a In tbe present ease a rebel
embsBauor, on, a ueuvai oob, h m uiu
u and seized bra cruiser of the Govern
ment against whom he nan Tebouea, ana wai
fjn.mnmi.nt the British The case is thus nar-
u.l hw an Enrlish lournl of (hat time: '
' Early in September last, ait. nonry i,anrens
was taken prisoner by the Brit'mb frigate Vsa
t.i nn his war from Coneresa to tbe ooastof
Holland, and ia now epnfined' la the Tower of
Londou.' A correspouaent at rorismoutn, cng
land, gives tha following account of his cp
"Mi. Keppel, the captain or tba vestal, wst
od a cruise off tha coast of 'America; when be
fall tn with the abio wblch carried Mr. iaa
rear; tba Preslde'nt of tba American Congress.
It was a Dutch vessel, laden' with tobacco aad
bound for Holland." As soon as Mr. Laurens
perceived the English armed boat maka up to
the ressel in which ha was, he threw tho box
that contained, his letters overboard; but tba
lead that waa annexed to it prorlng insufficient
lor sinking It immediately, one oi tna aanng
tars of the Vestal leaped from the boat, and
kent It afloat till the rest assisted him In lifting
It. ' Mr. Laurena waa bound to Holland with a
commission from the Congress, and the tenor
of his business was certainly of snob a nature
mnat hare nroduoed Immense bostiutlos be
tweon England and the 6tatea (Holland), U
this accident bad not Interrened to protect ni
avulnst this further misfortune. , Tba papers
which hare been fonnd in the box above men
tioned, are of the utmost consequence; they
contain an explicit detail of his business wltb
the States, and a full description of bis power
and torn mission were.- some secret ourres
(Kind en ee Is said to ba discovered between tbe
members ol the Congress and certain groat In
habitants of England, bat we do not mention
this with any degree of confidence, it haring
been au old and farorlte device Ol a disappoint
d MinUter to Insinuate tbe ' imputation ol
treason against thuse men who hare tho forli
tudn to diecuss a steady opposition to bis mess
ure?. Government hare sent word that Mr.
Liurens should be brought to London under a
strono- euaid. They have ordered one Lieu
tenant to come in tbe cbalse with blm, and two
more in another reblcle behind. - How bo is to
be disDOeed of la yet a doubt with the Adminla
tratlon. "They are in a pnxzle whether be
sbontd ba received only as an Amerioan cap
tire, or sent to Newcate as a rebel."
'Mr. Laurens waa committed to the tower
on tbe 6th ol October, 1780! - The commit.
ment br the three Secretaries of Btato ran
Ibos:"' , ," ' ' ; ' '
"' 'These are in' bis Maiesty'e name, to an
tborlze you to receive into your custody tbe
nerBon of Henry Lanrens, fc.eq , lent. Herewith
on tutpicion of high treason, wbom yon are to
keep safe until bo shall do delivered ny aue
course ol law;, lor so aoing mis is your war
ran. , .. , ' , - ...
, "Dated at Whitehall, tbe btb of Oct , t V8U
' '
"To Charles, Earl Cornwallia, Constable of the
, Tower of Londoner bis Ueputy."
. Tba cirenmstances of Mr. Laurens's commit
ment are thus related in the New Jersey Gazette
of Deo 20.1J80: . . . ; .
"Oo bis arrival In Kngland be was attended
br tba Secretaries ef State, who, after inform
ing him of their rank and character, asteo mm
Is vour name Henry Laurens 7' 'It ia 'Are
von tbe same Henry Laurens who was Presi
dent of tbe American Congresst', 'I am.' 'Wo
are ordered by the King and Connoii to exam
ine yon, and bare certain questions to propose
to yon ' 'Your lordships may aara yourselves
the trouble of an examination, aa I think It my
place to answer no questions yon pnt.' 'Sir, we
art directed ts commit you prittner tathe Tuer.'
I am retdy to attend.' " , ... i T
Aceordinelv. to tbe Tower he was commit
ted, where bis imprisonment continued, for fif
teen months, and be waa not liberated till after
the conclusion of tbe war. During bis incarcer
ation bia health greatly suffered; be was solac
ed, bowerer, by the kind attentiona of many
friends, among wbom was bdmona uurxe lor,
tbe cause for which Laurens suffered waa one in
which tho noblest minds of Europe could well
afford to aympathixe. Tbe British Gorernmeot
mada freaueut attempts on his patriotism, but
in rain. All ibst they obtained from him was
a petition, modestly expressed, in which be
stated that he had honestly striven to prerent
the final rnLturo between tbe Crown and tbe
colonies. While a prisoner ba learned tbe death
of bis son. John Laurens, slain in a skirmish
near tbe close of tho war. Though bis health
waa broken when be was released, he reoelred
tha commission of Conrreas as one ol ita mln
latere for negotiating tho neace. .. He proceeded
to Paris where (Nor. 30, 1782), with Franklin
and Jay, bo signed tho preliminaries of the
treaty. ... t r
Aa to the consequences of the seizure, the
BritUh Gorernment, so far iron apologising to
the Dutch for seizin Laurena on board a neu
tril ressel, made tbe fact that his dispatches in
dicated a friendly feeling toward we American
Colonies on the part or Holland a pretext lor ae
rlarinr vr anioctthat COuntrv! :
Captain Keppel, who seized Mr. Lanrens,
became an Admiral and member oi Parliament.
JfT Some of the Republican papors exhibited
rreat pleasure In showing tbe small role
given to tbe Democratic tickets in rarions
township, in Ohio at the late election.. We
copy for their edification the rote in aereral
countieain New York, that they mayaeeth.tf
there are some places where Republicans proper
are scarce:
vi ' 0"
' 1313
A I486
! eto
S396 '
Tallinn! g.
(Union )
.... 8400 .
.... 9038 "
.... S797
, 353-
818 -
, 556 ,
. 10
1 '
J 19 .
Clinton count..
Orleans. -....
Fntnim ........ ...
170 ,
n '
WW -
From tbeabore figures wa should jndge that
Republicanism bad about quit In .the above
named counties. - .t-
Wbiort, Democrat, beat Baocr, Republican
17,712; and TauiuDoc, tba Pnion csndidalo,
90,000.., . ,:. ;j .'J, . s
The foul Democratic rote in tha State is
196,533 " !"iv-V . f
Reported Defeat of a Loyal Indian.
Tba Fort Smith (Ark.) Times, says:
Wo learn from Mr. George M. Aird, direct
from tbe Seminole agency, that Opotbleyobolo
bad collected together about fonr thousand or
fire thousand Indians, and about one tbonsind
three bnndred negroes who bad gone to blm
with the hone of being freed.' When General
Cooper, at tbe bead of tha Creek, Choctaw and
unicaasaw regiments, who oiner loaiao
amounting to near firs thousand, advanced np
on Opothleyoholo's camp, bis followers fed,
leaving all behind, upotbieyonoio leri witn a
few followers, and has either gone to Salt Plains
or to Kansas. ' Most of bis followers are with
Colonel Cooper, and he has a very large Indian
foroe now wltb- blm. Colonel Cooper sent a
man after Opothleyobolo, bnt ba had not come
n when Mr. Aird leit. an is quiet now. me
Seminoles hare all tbe time remained firm
frlenda to the Sonth.
General Nelson's Order.
8ouiaaa: I thank-yon for what yon hare
done. In a campaign or twenty days yon bare
driven the rebels from Eastern Kentaeky, and
given repose ia that portion of the State. Yon
hare made continual forcsd asarenco orer
wretched roads, deep in mud; badly oUd, yon
bare birouacked on- tba wet ground la tbe No-
remoer rslne, without a mnrmur. With scares
half rations yoa hare tnsssd forward with no
falling persereranoe. Tbe only place- that the
enemy made a etrfhd, thengh ambnebed and
rery strong, yoa a rove mm irons it ia tbe most
brilliant stylo. For roar constancy and oonrsge
1 thank roo, and wltn tna qoaliuee wblcb yoa
hare shown that yoa possess, I expect great
things from yoa in the future; -- ;
Lexinftwa I
Welcome lo tbe
; Tna spe'iiiki n un navnis v." - r- r i
r . . . . v
wu- ., , (.1
tba Haa-llton and Daytoa doW. "
TbuiaJiy oyoalDffi tUo1 2 Us lMttffM",;:
waa rnri by escort o( CapUlajMoLa sT?JV
oaralry. ki .open barouche awnj fcj f
erar borsea. was proviucu lor ins owiui.
tlon of tha Colonel, and other carriages for 'tha
yarlons committees Upon retching the Buruet
Hbusa Lb asseoiblago numbered several thous-
and, who otowdad and. Jostled abobt In tba
most rsckless manner to gain a sight or tneir
pat. . Hats ware unshed lika agg ahella, and
hoops collapsed beneath the pressure. , msn
men and women turned out in masses to wel
ooma thalr oonntrymaa. 4.Mayor Hatob intre-
daoed i Colons! Mtruioaa la, lb crowd, h
would not be satisfied until lights were proour
ed so that they might sea1 his featnroa. Colo
nel Mnixioaa ia a tall, well-built gentleman, of
thirty-one years, with hair r turning grey and
aa eya that rpeaka of genuine Irish derlltry-
Ho ia closely ebereoi oept. bia mastaone.
which ba ealtlratea sxtsuslvsly, and la a ready,
fluent speaker... it ,vof i- .m
Haaai SranawT, Esq., in a highly compll
menury speech, extended to tba gallant Colo
nel a hearty weloomo from the citizens of un
oinnatl, ,T Mrt STam address, Colonel
McLLieaa. replied aa follows
I thank you, gentlemen, for tha eloquence
and many eompumente nesiowtu ipn my wu
m.nrf nt Leximrton'. I knew those gallant men
through nine days of trial, and In' their behalf
I thtnfc res 1 1 thank rou in bshslf of those men
now in their graves; I thank yon In behalf Of
those wounded, now crowding tbe hospitals; 1
think- no In behalf of that dispersed Irish
brigade, now only waiting to ba reformed to
set tbetr faces against rebellion, an1 to once
more plant the stare and stripes. )
In behslf of all tbesa, I return yon my thanks
for tba eloquence and tenderness of yonr greet
Ing." When Cbleago gare me a welcome Iat
trihntl It to the associations of a quarter of a
AMitnrr. but 'when Cincinnati, with all ber
Bith nd nower. comes and extends to me
such a weloomo as Ibis, I feel that no act of
mine, or of my brigade, la commensurate there
with. ' :. c- -b; f ")
' And I can only say that when fortune shall
again place me in tha saddle, at the bead of
my gallant boys, I hope to thank the people
br tha deeds I may yet lire to perform. I feel
humiliated In Cincinnati, tba home of Ly tie
and MoCook, the heroes of Caroifex, and of that
other bero, In wbom tba humility of (ha man
runs parallel with tbe splendor of the soldisi
Kosecrana. .100 not noiiero mat iois spieouiu
Republic was created lo be so soon dettroved.
I do not believe that God gave our forefathers
so much wisdom lor naught And I hope that
the time will soon come, wben, aa one people,
we shall march forward to a splendid nation
alltr. ' I say, "let blm ba accursed" that de
spairs of tbe KepuDliot : ., - . ,-, .
a l bono uaueaon oi bs ooiuk. nt :wuj.
peaoe, white robsd peace, may borer orer our
land. Bnt mncb aa I pray for peace, I do not
Bray for It until tha lawa are vindicated, tbe
Inlon sustained and the Constitution restored,
and each amiable gentlemen aa John C. Brack
inridae who. Ceialiae-like, exchanged tbe
honors of an American Senator for a Brigadier-
Generalship in tbe re ..el army bare met their
deserts. I hope tha time-may soon oome wben
wo abaU bare no rebels, no traitors, but that
wa may all be united American, citizen. '-:
H f ' r.-.". -.- I
Grand Review on the Potomac.
The Philadelphia Prtu of the 21st, gives tbe
following description of the rerlew by Gent Mo
Cuum on tbe 90':' ' '-. ; : ! i ','
Tbe city was nearly racated at an early hour
to-day, by tba stampede of our citizens to, tbe
reriew at Hall's Hill, in Virginia. Prirata car
riages, hacks, barouches,' omnibuses, and sad
dle horses, were ia demand at high rates," and
all engaged at an early hour. Tbe only alter
native tbeu leu to idoso wno wera unproviaeu
for ir as to walk orer, and thousands arailed
themselves of this less expensive bnt much more
difficult mode of transporting themselves orer
upon the sacred soil of Virginia. Among those
who hare gona are many of tba ladles of the
leading families in too city, not a lew oi wnom
hare undertaken tbe trip over and back on
horseback. The reriew embraces tbe largest
portion of tho army In Virginia. ','..". . I
The, day, though oloudy, and 'indicating a
storm, has been rery favorable .for tba reriew.
The morning waa rery fine, and tbe President,
with his .Secretaries Nicolay and. Hay, want
orer early. ., The Cabinet members, Assistant
Secretarv Fox. of the Nary, and Assistant Sec
retary Scott, of the War Department, were
early on the more toward tbe Long Bridge,
Tho clerks lo. tba Interior and Treasury De
partments were all granted a holiday, and witb
thonaands of others passed orer into Virginia.
The Commaoder-in Chief of tbe army, with
his staff and bodr guard of two hundred mount
ed and brilliantly uniformed men, arrived at 12
M., and was reoelred by a salute and aalroa by
battery, and by a continuous cheering as he
mu.h alnnir Ohm llnM. . i f. '
, General McClellan, soon after, ,bla .-arrival,
waa joined by tbe President and Secretaries
Cameron and Seward, on horseback, wltb wbom
he passed along tha llneev of the rast bodies of
men, extending through the fields from Man
son's Hill to Bailey's Croe Roads. . The aoena
was one of inexpressible grandeur. . Tbe troops
ware in Una trim; guna and uniforms in the tru
est condition, and every man wearing a smiling
oonntenance. , , , -M.t;
The reriew was indescribably grand. Tba
nrogrammeof the review, entirely under Gen
oral Irrin McDowell, oommenoed about noon,
and lasted until nearly five o'olook. . The army
first formed in lines of divisions oa three aldea
of an oblong, and waa then reviewed by' the
President, his Cabinet, and General McClellan
and staff. Afterward tboy denied by divisions
marohlng past the President, on a black horse.
under a pine tree, supported by General , Mo
Clollan, Seoretariea Seward -and Cameron, a
magnificent staff, all mounted. They then
marched by divisions. - The review oommenoed
at ball past- one, and ended at about five
O'clock,' J ' tr'wi- u'XVir ).. A s s.i
A large nnmber of spectators were- present
at tbe renew, and ttocked to tbe scene in
great numbers at an early hour. Carriages,
horsemen and footmen' wore in abundance.
Tbe police ' arrangements ' wera admirable.
Thorough preparations were mada to meet
any adranoe of the enemy within ranges of
roar muss., ins moxets were' aouniea ana
one brigade of MoCaU's, and one brigade of
ueintceiman's were posteq. at eacn nana, in sup
port. Sereral telegraphs were ready to give note
of warning. Gen. MoCalra division waa first
reviewed. It waa a splendid performance of
infantry, artillery and aarairy. uampoeira
Pennsylrania artilllery elllcited Immense ap
plause. - Then same brigade after brigade; the
bands discoursing a multiplicity of patriotic
airs. The President was received witb cheers
aa ba first passed tha lines, the colors drooping
snd drums beating with all the honors, pomp
and glory Jof war.- A fiery charger, ridden by
Seoretarv Cameron, waa so .excited by music
and cheering that ba ran off, but was eventual
ly brougi to a etsnd-atiu by tba secretary,
who ia a most fearless and practiced rider. , Tbe
programme of Gra .MoDowell was finely ear
lied out, without blander or confusion. ' ;
' Tho scene from Mnnson's Hill, when the ra
rions divisions were lo Una, waa magnificent,
stretohed eat, as it waa, for miles, covering bills
and beautilnl plateaus. 1 then atarted irom
Mnnson's Hill, and got bear Gen. MoCIellan,
more closely witness the reriew of rast mor
ing columns, wbloh deployed front, right and
left, each regiment or brigade returning to Ita
respective camp, presenting another moat won
defnl tableau. Tba troops .wera, all ready for
bottle, being provided with knapsacks, ball car
tridges. 1 rations; eta. w . j
O" ta one of bis' recent lectures on China
snd Japan, tha Rev, Mr. Martin said of Mr.
Ward, our lata Minister to China, that ha bad
not heard of him since tbe outbreak of tho re
bellion, but that ba know bim personally, and
believed blm to ba a true ,and loyal American
citizen. Although a citizen of a' disloyal State,
be believed that Mr. Ward was only waiting
till the strong arm of tbe Gorernment CBserted
itself near bia homo, to rally under the stars
and stripes, and defend tba national lag, whose
honor ba nobly Maintained abroad.
THE REVIEW. Was it Premeditated?
re to Wi
tfliolbvr ma n r,"
. ... i i in.t i ha i; inner It
aW!.w i - i.,u. ... R..ffk
dtmut. t. S..DV BCis m,..
ni Mtnisten and ,hoieeompanylns the
. s. C. at one o'olwk on Satur-
f.tte?Smarjora. - Od lb. 14 eh.
arrlred atardanas, wh. th. Commissioner.
l.nded. Th.nx oayn
Sua- Here the- Commlasluuer. "remained
Havi . 7lll Norsmbsr twenty two days
lo II HI, living. euci u u wuur vi
antu hii. took nasssce in ha British
whdn tbs .v r , ' feombampton. it waa
l VnwnT'n.oUlr..n. of Havana, for dars
well known t. h woro t0 Ml, ih.
S?1 a ' In a letise l"I"n trom Hhal fUoa
IA leb C.nd published; U. tba New
v.wrU it was ad announced: i
Tf rT Ma!on aad SHdall were alncerely
. Jf Mra.aJon
time for them to nave arn r--
darand honr of tbeli Bail
ing, M wall a. the reiiol in which they wera to
'"a' " uii-i- ,tlatlnntl annonnaed
lo ionVbSfore the time, knowing, aa they must
hare done, that American Tassal. ware erulsiog
bont th. tolandeonsuntly, and frequently own
ing Into the harbor from which tbey war to
, snd would not fail to find out all about M
Wa may ba wrong, but it looks to ns aa thongh
Messrs M. and S. desired to be oapwred, Just
.l . 4. i tn force a oriala between
onr Gorernment and England. It was a shrewd
trlok, oil their part, to bring about a war, If pos
sible between Great Britain apd tha -United
Statea, and aeoure for, tha Southern Confederacy
th. early recognition oi ousm. svi.,
ment-iDsjn JEmyfra . Jf .yr,
The .maatloaai arW TtW
" BoHNia's SrxtoH Tb. Boston Csur-
Ur say. that Sumner a Worcester, speech, wblcb
waa so -renerally disavowed by his party, and
to clrcnlaw wbloh in tba North nntuooeaslul ap
peals were msde to decent churohes, lo haring
nnnnidarnhla enrrenor at the South." Tbey think
there ia nothing ilka it to inflame stilt' further
the minds of the Southern peopls sgainst th.
Union and tbe North; i' Massaebusetteowe.lt to
herself to tak. th. earliest opportunity to treat
bim as tba disunionisl wblcb be W. , . , ,, i
.,-1 k m i i f
BT Brigadier-General T. W. Sherman, com.
mander of the Union army Dow In South Caro
lina, wits a New England iad of limited pecn
niarv means. i When ha first visited Washing.
ton to obtain admlsdon.to Wa t Point; be
walked tha whole distance from bia father's
hansa In Rhode Island to tbe .National Capital
That long,' tedious march rerealed qualities
which Insured his suooesa witb Gen. Jackson,
who was then President. The Old Hero bad
wonderful aight Into character, and ia tbla In
stance was not mistaken in bis man. . " I
A Uoasa Maaisa." A aoo of old Neptune
enlisted lo tba Fifth Rhode Island battery. , He
as nloked out as one tf tbe riders, and not
innir luitt his horse, unseated bim. Tbe com
m.ndlnff officer cam. nn and reprimanded blm,
nd asked bim sternly tf he did not know how
to ridel He unhesitatingly said "No " "What
did yoa tbea enlist fort" asked tba Captain.
...... .. ita ..ot
to 'wblcb tbe satior promptly repucu io
boot secessionists, not to break colts." iba
reply so amused tha officer be tods off smiling.
ETThe Jackson correspondent of tha Vicks-
burg Sun savs be has seen a letter from Geo
Johuston to Gov1. Petlus of Mississippi, declin
ing to receive more troops under tbe late re
aulsitlon. baring already mora soldiers than he
can dispose of. Tba Gorernor is requested to
disband all companies organized under aald re
quisition, unless tbey go armed and equipped
for the war. Tba Sua statea that the rolun
teers who bad been recently mustered into the
service at that city wero very indignant at being
disbanded, and tbeir omcers oaa lots tor J sex-
son to lay tbeir case before Gor.. Pettua.f ? j "
Captain Charles Wilkes.
The name of Capt. Charles Wilkes, who so
eatly nabbed Slldell and Mason, la a name
known both in navigation and soiance. He was
born in New York, in 1805, and originally en
tered the naval service of his country In 1818,
at tbe early age of -thirteen years. In 1838,
baring previously distinguished himself by his
scienufio ability, he received from .the Ameri
can Government tbe command ot a narai ex
pedition intended to explore tha countries bor
dering on tha Paoifio and Southern oceans. His
command consisted 'of. two. sloops of-war, a
brig and two tenders, and be himself bad tba
grade of Captale. Laaring here' shortly after
bis appointment, he doubled Cape Horn, crossed
orer to Polynesia, Van Dleman'a Land and Aus
tralia, adranolng aa high as the sixty-first do
me of Son latitude: ha then visited tbe Fee-
iee Islands and Borneo, and returned to New
York in 1842,' after haring-' risited , 8angapore
and the Cape oi uooa tiope.. t nis memoraoie
exnedltlon nf four years wa. fertile In nsefnl
observations,' which Captain Wilkes reconnted
ip a rery able work In lire octavo volumes, en
tilled "A Narative of. the United Statea Ex
nlortng Exnedition." In 1843. the Geographl
oal Booiatr of Londaa nrasented him with a gold
medal, aa a token of their appreciation of his
labors. Ha bas also, eince then, published I
work entitled "Western America." which oon
tains'? aluablo statistical' details and geograph
ical facta, and maps relating to California and
Oregon., -Commodore W like, received bis pres
ent oom mission in 1855. Ha 'has been in the
serrice altogether forty,threa' years. Ten of
thes years he baa been on sea servlcei twenty-
six engaged on anore or .otner amy, ana ter.n
yean unemployed , i . .
P. HtO S E'S.
I r,
New Tort, I am now prepared to offer to tba public
a moit cxmllant . aawrtment ot GOODS J0R GSNIS
WlaR, luch as ,- o j
' ' CLOTH 8;' ......
CASSIMEfcES,.,,; '
.,.. VE8TIG N Si -h
And a general aMortmtat of ,.. ;
of tba rW-htt an! neateit itylea In tha market; all of
yhkih I im sellini at tba OBK1PSBT POBBIBLB
BAtia iob oah. ,' t -. ... i .':
TJj Special Attention FaUd. ( Mili
tary Olftcers' uiotnini.
Hiring had long exptrlenoe In the Oat and tfannnu
tura of Offloera' Olothlns, I fel oonfldtnt I can fire a
tire satlifactioa to all bj patrons.
i. , . P. ROSE,
. . atorehtnk Tailor.
Flannel Dhirtings. ,
ID. The moat sxtonslvs stock In tbe city
Army Woolen Bocks, q , v. -Bhakar
Rlbbad Bocki. A ' r
Tinder Bblrts and Dmwtn. -
Cotton and Merino Books. -, .,
Ooldon Bill Shirts. I
flont't Kid Olovos. r ' f 1
Gent's Linan Collars, Nsek Ties. " '
. H-..(-v- Ho. SS Bonth High Btraet. i
i P (sin Ottoman Cloth,;
..V a Magenta and niack cneei raieneias, r
-' V - Broohe Uonbaii Dress Ooods; - v -
Balmoral gklrta;
.i Alexanders' Kid Stores;
Oon Trail Hoop tklrls.
- T- OorveU.HnlrNats, "
Platd Msriaoa...
eetU K'-' Me. SO Boatb High Btreot.
Master Commissioner's - Sale.
Mark ft 0., iy' ZrVtVrS l
r. . Common Fleu. ' t
JohaK. Kinney etal.) ' - . .1
Bt TlhfTTi'Of AI OKf)Btt Ot I ALE TO MB
dlraoltd from th Court of Common Ploa of Prank
lin eoonlv. Ohio. I will oiler for sal at tha door of tba
Court Mouse, m tba City of Columbus, oa
Monday, the 25th day of Norember, 1861, -
at ens o'clock, p. m., the followlnr aeorrlhM real es
tate, situate In tb county of franklin oa tititM of Ohio,
to wit: ' ' ' " ' "
hot No. 8. snbdlrtiiloB of ont-lot Hoi 39, lo the dty
of Colombuj - . ., !
AppraiMd at BloTW wi.i --
.'.. i - w. utrrPMAN, Bhenff, .:
and fclaitar Commisslonsr.
PrlntarVteat, l M.
ptrnWr -ow ! a ' w ' - . aa
Mb. MUiliVMbB.
s. L. cill a corrc
l.;7'i'r7i' r "V i x i ft :
) L AltD 8KB Ilfl URdlSr tTOOK, t "
- " - - - : ':
r. ,
I ' -i
t t t .--V'-. '.' . ''"V-l ' ,
Irtr offerad to lbs sItlaaDf ol Oolnmbm.
r (g '. . " !" " "" i' ''' ' .' 1
. :' - . . et...ia . t it " '
" '.'' '- AHa ' j
VvVi. COOKING ST0VE3 r t 1
.a . f or stthsr Wood or Coal.
lor Largs IsallUs or .null VamlllN, and rarylng lo
: . ,i. .k rrws irom
Three Dollars to One Hundred and
' x Twenty-Five.
:,'.W r' '" ' t r " - ' i ' ' ii ' -1 "
ui fV' n.f ' -vtii' ' i ; ,' 1 r,
Of avsry Price, Bias and Variety, for Coal or Wood.
DINING-ROOM STOVES, , , . . . f j
" HALL STOVES, ' " ' ' '
iu-v, j.-i ,,, -u Of many Patterns. '
V-.ir. ' , -I -V . . ...... . . (.. ;.! '
"I '' "jt 8T0RE.ROOM STOVES. i I "'
1 ; au 1 -.2 f -.'J OFFICE STOVES. !
r -A ...;.;C) ,v i- x t-3 .1, ; ...
Both Cooking snd Boating. I
The Lightest and moil PorUbla Tont Btors ever
... . onsna to um i
OfScers of our Great Army ...
lor Heating Swellings. Oharchos, Btora.rooms, or other
For lamllr Da or Hotels. , ,
MOTT, BOILERS, , .....
.DOGG IRONS, . ' i .,
..r.; . ; ,.i . -
.. ) And many othar artlclat 'or any slhsr Dan.",
.': f Tj OALt and 111. & ' 1
Z '4r;CGLUMBUS,:6HI0.;
J. L, Gill & Son:
IT Is an Indiipntabla fact, that If any nonon wanti on
OOATB, ha will anally And them in largo quantities at
' ... 11 ..in jniT r.a.c
.,1 f1 ,-.'. t'l .WARi'WO WW3"'
II any parson deitroni of owning od of the late style
of RAAVKK OVR COATS, with tape attaohsd,
don't break yonr heads to team wbera to And them, tut
go to the .-'
UArilAli tan AKUALlb, '
.1 . C Cpposlls the Btate Hous.
Ton Will tad them thers Ip all colors, kept by 1
ID roa never wear anr ol the BILK MIXID CAB
1 8IUBRB 8UITS. which are sold at tha Capital Olty
Arcadti Jtuih lo and yoa win nod loom in plies, at
YOU may alto bs In want of PANTS Snd T19TS, and
there I, bat ona establishment In tha West wben
Pants and veils an to bs bad In all stripes, shapes,
tyles, quantities and qualities, and that plus Is tho
TY'r forget the extensive assortment ef TURNI8H-
Which yon can And In "Red, whke and blue," at the . n
' L Aril At, Ull X AKUAUb,
" Baperlatended by ltareas Obllds.
TI von wish to wear laments ItIADE TO OR.
1. H KK, roa can do no better than lose to the Mtr-
ahant Tailoring lalabllthment. next lo tha Areade, and
Nleol yonr goxxia irom a iwoa oompniuig an ooion oi
utarar Vloths. vaaaimeres, mis vomianu riuan ran
Inn, and yoa will sanly meet wtthn good At by purchat
singat w ' . " ; L .
it.. '- MAHtUa WILUS'S.
flLITABT eiNTLBHEN, whan they eome to tbli
OX city, as strangers, and with to get a UNIFORM, It
Is to their best advantage to call at
Where a large assortment of BLUB OLOTH and other
articles belonging tne eqmpige or as omcar oan be
bad at very moderate prices. .' ' ' "
u snort sail at ..' , i
;f Elarcus Childs's,";, ,
Proprietor of that extensive bu tineas locality,"''
' NO, 91, 22 atn4 es HIOU STREET,
Opposite lbs Btate House.
-octW-dAm' . .-v- -nr. -i....v'.-.-
TUB SCBBCBIBER having taken
a lease on the Btora Room
NW li East Btate St,
has opened it u an
Auction 1' Coacission Boom.
Ha U wtnav BVMtfwsiMsl to ffMttT 9H 0 tBlfBloo ' Trw
dftcripUon of property, rich u pry Qoodt, QrooarfM,
Liqoorts Jurnittir. CftrrlBgtts, Borteg. to. lie mlao
A. At. V,1m altanllnsi tA aaaalsta a( Da.1 V.a. a.
UIWUIII av uCTWaar aia awwaMwawaaj aw waiivw vi MissjjB ASMHIC
and Personal Piopeny, at any point, within twenty miiaa
nf Ih. .
Auction 'Sales Every Everiing.
Consignments reiuSclfnlly solicited.
i, ,.-.!.! -x. AnollsoeeT.
wm . - ' '......'
ntwer navem vi.nrai. (
JL . J At
lANOlf DRKSB B1LK8, ; "
f lunv it.Bua atrrva1 - : Afe'v
; '
we are now offering onr Immense stoek of ffaney Brass
Piiks at prices leas than erat bafora offend La thb elt.
The atknUon of tha ladles Of this olty and riclnlty as
soliottad, as ear stock is rery ssleot and eomplete la all
raaeeoi gooasia wis una. raiicttVAin, .
aorM. No. M Boath High street. '
-""' ' V A v V -t1 ' '
rv f tibw lia ' xiik mis to buescibi! !'
Aiil !); 1M...MH. uhzzw.xiua
I i -. ' tWHTrM sawasas ran,
;r. :;-;;:,"!::; 1 - --"r
.'r.'; 1R v,"'(i Jstr. m .. ) , ' I,.,,. , frtr via. ,K't Ml r "
." . ' i-.l -A . - TfufeeW-rfl
Tie DAILY, at .,.,-..h- I w.s j)0UB per Annum;
Tbe TM-WEEB1Y,' e ' . Three DolIorB,tjei"'Anr3tim
The WEEKLY, at the low rate of ' l"?' One Dollar top Annum.
' ) 1 ..4.' t ' '" ' ' ' ' 1,1 v"t'' "''
' 1 ; .... - ....... i t t'::-m aw.
. . ", Subscrlptfona to tba Daut and Tai-Wsnxr STATiaafAif will be reoelred
' ' ' '" At tbe abor rales: ancf the Daiit will befornlshedJ'r'J fcf,a 11
j . , l.v. ,, -V" SM
, .,, , At tha usual rates,. As an.estsblished
i . . ru.l:,lt..'ii,
' j Ia ths future, as In the past, it will npholJ and defend the
' ; .....,.., . ., , t .ti. .is-Aiwinal
' i ". ' a fif't f
Whloh has been so fruitful of good to the PEOPLE OP THE UNITED STATES; Wd wil
faithfully urue the re-establishment and snpremaey of the -
.- ' . -, . ' ' .'-. m; -m-:Wi
- ' ' ' ' 1 As essential to the eomplete and perfect M-oonstroctioA ol ' the I'UOO
IP ES 3D EJR 1. 3L. -TJjStt&T
" '' ' ' " ! ' 1 ' ' ' . . - .
. On tha basil on which that Union was originall j formed.
" " . 'i " . ' , ' I! O Y V '-5 ii
i Tha STARSVAif will snppori the Administration of tha General Government in all Iijga'l and
eonstitutional efforts to put down rebellion j and sternly resist the efforts made in some quarters
to conrert the present unhappy war Into an Abolition crusade. au i. .
: It will constantly urge economy iu the publio expenditures, and the most rigid aeemratnbllity
of all publio officers. , . ; v. ""i.r
As a medium of general news, tbe Btatbsmam will endeavor lo make itself acceptable to iU
numerous readers, and at all times supply them with ,i ...),-iiM' MlH ' t- .v.ii
Ttto Isavtesat an.X3.cl. moat Xleliea'ble Zleporti
' Of the borne and foreign
Will find tbeir interests consulted and attended to, and.no effort will be spared to make itVfirst
class newspaper. ... v . , . . , -j
, Daring the approaching session of Congress we will hare a talented and accomplished corres
pondent at Washington, through whom our readers will be furnished with much valuable and
reliable information. - i ,. 2 ,-.? I. '
Tbe doings of our own State. Legislature will be fully reported, and the local news of the
State and our own immediate rieajity, will hare a due share of attention. .'; .. , , ' i
We urge upon onr friends in allarta of Ohio, and the North-Western Btatss, to aid in extend
ing the circulation of the Statcsii AR.ainee by go doing, they will assist in tha promulgation of
sound political doctrines and reliable toneral Intelligence., , ,, . i-.n. a
v --; - ' -.;;' : i t.J-fc
To any person raising a Club of Ten Subsorib, to the Wimlt Onto 8tatsmai, nnd
sending us the money ten dollars tor the same, weNajn nA one copy gratis.
All orders will be promptly attended to.: . , i V. c
- r Address,. , ' t ilAavENNT A MllXfek,'
' ' , "'-,' : V"-' ?' ! . . i f f(Miahe of the Ohio Statesman,
, xforember 1, looi. . . , X . Colombus. Ohio.
.vi vn jjr?JJi"
and reliable organ of the Demoemb partj.
markets. ' In its eolunms
QOO and 232
r '
...... .. . ;
t , Are now opening Urge lot of . y
Ladies', Misses1 and Children's
F U R S, ;';;;tj r.
Ladies' Cloth Cloaks,
Ohcphard'i Plaid. Bhawls,
;:,y.:, .ir'.miv v-:J4.r
Ladies' Merino Vesta & Drawers, -
1 C
1 t
Boys' -Merinos Shirts &, Drawers,
i i
; IEPHVR ,WOn$TEt)$tj '
Embroidered Repps,
1 I
"v. -..
Zjadios' Nutoiao,
""''. ilr'..i I ZUy
Opera Flannels,
, i;J j 1'
. 'r 1 '-' . "
This arm, barloc adopted the bash ejstem to lbs par-
ehass and sals at Goods, are enabled to sell from IS lata
par cent. less than othar houses ander tbe credit system.
headibt; ebekiy & eichakds,
;. -Columbus; o;j'
aarSI i...i' .... it t '..- ..' I
Oysters ! Oysters!! -
o.-:"uck.:-" "W-.a.cHsrii2xi.
bs In dail, recent, bf Express, of I , t
TR2Z11 CAU & KEQ 0T8TEE8, '
trim Baltlmots and fair Harea. I
Uall at Wacoar's Oyster eoa Vralt Depot, No. SI Bast
Stat stmt.
No. 17. East ToTjrra; Street,
IIjj-A large stock ot the GOOD SAMiEt AN od
.- aT-d5lia. in f- S.
J.r.L V. KCERriER,
' ; 3JJO-- 00,7' ri
'. Corner of Broad & Front Streets,
:':z IP aj.b? in .
:setl$-aiy '"v'..:.i-4- vi
inn miiKRSioNED Kt.r.v con.
I 8TANILV on band sod for sale, the best quality ot
whloh he will tell at the lowest markst prices.
' Vail ana examine, my Coal beore pncensaipc eise
where. Offles at the store of Bradford, Bojrdapu ax Co., bead
ofOanal. " , "
. f. 8DTDAM.
. . Mp96-3n . .i t-.:..0 y.tA ..1 ii : -
Domestic Cotton Goods.
OFFEK tha most Extensive) Assart,
ment of " r; ' " ' '.
' Brown and Bleached Oolton Flannels;
:J " . Muslins: , ,. -,'
" Bamsley Cotton Bheetlnaa; . ';
... . 8eleol Styles of Calico's and Delaines;
" Vkklncs, talrllDgs. aiafbasis, ' '
, .1 And OoMon Battings. . r ,
, ', Also, Blankets, Vlanntla, W l ;-.-'. ,v .
Oaaslmeraa, Oloak Oloths, ate, etc.
Hash below regular prlcea.-
,,. ... ..f .. ..-i. vKIJt t aj0Ht
0Ctl6 s 1 'i , ;'..): , SO South High Btreat.
Cranbenica I Cranberries f
OU OKUKR, en consignment. -far
sals low by
-...-. v, -. f t WM. n. BK9TTIADX,
oett ' iw- '-' IQttBouih tllRh Btraet.
la new designs at 3 DO Vein S 00.
1 500 yards Buper Plata attack 811k at 91 00-Valo
1 if a yard. ' '"n V .
French alacinos, 89 i oents Talue W cts a yard.
" . 75centa-raluat KOayarU.
BAIN at 80N,
Itsea No, ta leata High Street.
S WL-T-aa.. ' . .
iff- t' l

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