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News and Otherwise.
Goto closed la New Yore yesterday at
, Thrb is rcst d'atress ta Buffalo,, V
ovK4t raeti la Austria wear corseta.
"Hat Is sent to England from Bombay.
rA iaaaa banliKfro uUvTnonbas
jr&KM.'Caurr returned ta Waslilngton on.
Mosbt U la pressing demand la Kew
York city.
,A .rtU; ad-ln JobUaIrelaad)- at.
lU ab er3 vivvmuui
Facrr raising Is engaging the attention
of Texas farmers, -v-Thb
salary of the Mayor of Savannah,
GlAra TSrand Gift Troupe Company Is
pronouaced, a. fraud. ...
Got. Gilmn, of Arizona, offers 1,600,000
mores of land lor sale.. .
- SmalstPOX is raging violently la La
lie Mills, New Mexico.
tkk'i&rnX JoaKsrofcrplAce f rl
ldenee is at Savannah.
On Tuesday a heyydry goods house
Jailed In New l'ork city. -
Tn tiandanmegt and beat dressed man In
iJkToj Otyjs ft barreepeK , AviO
Giant has planned another trip to get
out of the way of the politicians )d, g,k
Thb New York firemen are hereafter to
be uniformed in a dark blue shirt.
jStesuUaJtoteiot onsfcuu5ka!!
hankering lor the Russian mission.
Thb organ la the Mormon temple, at
Bait Lake city. Is 8,000 voice power.
. tew; txpeeta t have twelve- aaembrsAl
Cowfrisa by 4bnxt appbrtiotobtefit. -
Thb Public Ledger will give a Christmas
i Thb County Auditor's office of Allen
$ihi C GBrtvrw, a well-knowa banter
and cotton merchant of Memphis, is dead.
It ts claimed that the Prince of Wales
has been converted.-JJot much, we guess.
Taucmr Church (Episcopal) of Lanslng-
mm w v j " - "
the Republican ticket la Little Traverse.
Tftrja dlstpierltt jflll retime pperj J
atloas la the Paris (Ky.) district on tne ist
of Jannary. . "
D. M- Fox, the Democratlo Mayor of
Philadelphia, will be inaugurated on the
1st of January.'
M m&s&tfTenjTbr advises sj fQUqk7riena"
afBicted with love-sickness to start a news
paper as a cure' , Ji:,;. j. .-. '.. xi r
Insanity is six times as great In Paris as
it was ppeythlrd ol a ceptpry vagoaccoxd J
CoMMODoaa Vandbbbilt is said to have
made, by stock operations, six million of
dollars oa Monday." w a - K
Rossibt had a most exalted opinion of
Mozart. It was his opinion that he bad
excelled in every kind of music.
A correspondent writes, that he be
lieves tiere ia-po eity ittthe-worWjwhero- .
living costs so much asla San Francisco.
ON.Tuesd.av, mornlnjfc. Davjd A Faulk?
Ber?a."poJciaaift tha tDWofWaIde -Massachusetts,
was shot dead by a burglar.
Av Alabama planter has" found' the cot
ton raised from the Brazilian cotton seed
to be far superior to any other variety of
Hobsb thieves are plenty In parts of
Teiifie, aid vigilante efffflroittaeavwhad '
they get hold of them, dispatch them sum
marily. Thb public treasury will have to pay for
th'eHtorty" thousand copies oi eulogies on
Thad. Utevena -that, have been ordered
printed.' .tih .era. 'A.ra '-'.J
- Thb Republicans of Chicago Intend to
establish a Union League after the style of
the Union Leagues of New York and Phil- :
adelphia. -
Cjf4RJta gyt'itxifipM ;,WGHAt who, has ;
been the commercial editor ot the Chicago
Journal for eleven' yearsdied la Chicagd
OB Mpodyj,',,,i A",$ t toitc Z
Taa New York Chamber of Commerce
has .Invited Senator Morton to t address the ,
businessmen of Kew York on the subject
ot cflMnces,,;:..; ;:; ,:
la tbS counties of Whittled. Gordon and
Murray there is more property under exe--eutib'a1
aad advertised, for sale, than was
A cabpbt bag Judge la Florida has lined
a newApapetadltor lor contempt olcourt,
because hidpr Raised a polijcal speech
na4e.Vy,hja,pd it bum iliH.n dl i
WaMtHTimlr was hot ndrknietS!
by a youafffaiarf named PoWell IW k'Brlhk'i
lag saloon In New Macueen, Darke county,
oa Monday evening. ; !".' u''':
Bxobxtit, a bride and groom speat the
night tU married lu the Newport station '
bouse. -'They had : Imbibed too freely on .
their way to the clergyman 1 3-'.iii
TjrV Cincinnati Commercial errs in its
the Ohio Peniteullary serving out. a com-.!
muted sentenee; In jthe case, of ' himself' '
and the two others who were eoudemned
to death for bdug members of fhe pons of
Liberty, the Supreme Court of taa United -Statekdecidaa
that they were unlawfully
tried7 j4d'Benee ttnlawfally,, con(lemtied,"
andthrupon fhey were remanded to liber-,
ty. The Commercial should be more ao-
curate In its stategentBT , "T"
This Inrenuous conversation U reoorted .
IrooBjbJnnrbetsjiok a
and brother (reading a Jtowspf per) ! see
dls Mr. Rosschllds, wnat-Jes' died was
wortbo' bond red million doHan.h-Second :
mariJ'anM hiffjwtnp . a? .
HWbrtr.Firstiand k"Mr. KosehU(fs.f '
you say?" First ttFo' hundred million -
doll a rs." , ''SMd'GoshaWIhty r-1 He
muihadTagooff dlsttlckrTrsWopd
distrlck 1 1 What do yoa meaa ?" Becond
"I meaa good; districki . flat's wka j mean,4
I s'pom he wara, aisky fnspeetorjlse
bow couid ho snake M nuch money tli'.tum
Wa. suppose t Is; better to be convinced
of a troth late than heVer.,,''Tfae ' Chicago '
Renuhlican (Radical) baa become enliaht-
anedV;Sttn&laver-te.lMcwd ?to
crude." almost isaaeaila laeatureswtiich are
at times Introduced,' ih 4SseVkfasness by
v-iFti VJ ,rfT
has come to
oerlectly aoaaW osr-twoa the. ignorance
of Senator andaiBepweeatativea i la Con
gress rerdtnfrthe; ftham'enW taicrir
of paUtieal eeonoiay, la.- Tbo Demoeratio
presbaa told the'' 'countfj cbnflnuously':
that the RepublicaB Senators and Eepre--sentavea
w'toUllyiiaoraB toa this ?ln
tal oestfon..ItWf'peopla;
led to believe tbeou . ; aji
The Radical Party After Office.
'Aimosifvery ?aheet of the Radical per
suasion that we pick up has a Cabinet fixed
up for General Grant, and scarce an Ouio
Radical sheet but has articles recommend
tug some particular man to fill that par
ticular place in Grant's Cabinet where
theparticular office la located that the edi
tor wants.
The whole party that elected Grant
seems to consider -office the chief end of
ffianyand to get It, as worthy of their most
strenuous efforts. When the offices are
disposed fthe successful being but lew,
the names of the ' disappointed , legion-
then look out for complaints, whlnlngs and
reproach. - -
Gen. Grant, before he has beeif in office
ten days, will utter the cry of u Let us
iiave Peace " with more ol heartfelt feeling
than ever before. But, with the throng ot
hungry wolves that surround him, he may
cry, to his heart's content, Peace, peace,"
but there will be no peace, as long as an
office Is to be filled, or a Radical mouth to
be fed with the crumbs Of office. " " '
.We - know of. men,' scarce' lit' for- the
smallest office in the people's gift,' ho claim
high place, that t requires' brains of high
order to fill, and' who will be satisfied with
nothing short of first or second class for
eign missions, and so on to the end of the
chBpter. - They 'are' greedy--4hey need a
living, and ashey can'upt succeed in mat
lng. it themselves, they hold the Radical
party, with General Grant at its lead, as
bound to furnish it. From these, and such
as' these, the President elect may well pray
for deliverance, but as the prayers of the
wicked availeth hot, her will pray In vain
Gen. Sherman Speaks Folly as he
was Taught.
diers' reunion in Chicago where the '-sol
ciers'.' were all officers tooi occasion to
sneer at the doctrine of : State Rights
which: underlies our. republican form of
government, and is, as the Cincinnati En
quirer, says, "regard cd and rightfully, so,
as the very fabric of pure Institution "r ',
! General Shkbmaw was educated at West
Point, where.STORT- on the Coostitution,
full of 'errors .and ;alse ; statements, -was
and ya poJitloal text book. ; Beyond thi
he knew pothlag ot the origin of pur Gov
erumetiU Like Mr. LiKCo;u,:wbo, fa one
of bis messages, gave utterance to thej ri
diculous and. false idea, that the Union was
the Daren t of the States, instead of the
States creating be Union Geo. ?hxbman
places-, hluinelf la ijthe, lislf oC those '.Who
prate, parrot-like, what they are taught.
without troubling history, to give ;lnfor7
mation.;-,(;ri ! vs. : n.rA if . ui vtsv
The fact that General Shbrman was edu
cated in, fgnorance pf,. the: origin Of the
Government, ia a school that the Govera-
mentsustains,.we ofier as aa excuse lor his
shameful Ignorance, but at the same time
he Is to be blamed, alter be left the army, for
not reading up .tha. history of his country
Before bo attempts, to. lastract others, he
ought to bo first Instructed. -. : ' :
Treaty Breaking by Radical Legislation.
" - lalfttlOB.'
'I1ie treatv'wlth France, 'by' which the
United States got possession of Louisiana,
tbe territory of that vast tract of country
west of the Mississippi and extending be
yond the Rocky Mountains, and Including
Washington Territory ' and the State or
Oregon, provided that the Territories, when
admitted into the Union as States, should
be so, on the same footing as the original
States'andbe thel equal. '" . v
Some of the States comprislpg this pur
chase,- Louisiana' among them, are, 'by
Radical rule, -deprived of the rights guar-
a teed to them, sot only by the Constitu
tion,' but by solemn' treaty stipulations,
notwithstanding the fact that ' treaties are
recognized In the Constitution as the su
preme law of the land. ' '. . '
Naturalization in Hamilton and
Franklin Counties.
Hon; Edward, F. Notib, Probate Judge
of. Hamilton county,' on the tWellth day of
October,' A. D. 1868, between the hours of
eight o'clock A. M- and six o'clock P. M.
naturalized ' five hundred and thirty -nine
men.":'".' 4 ' ' ''" :'J '
Judge Jchx M. -. Pcgh, of J Franklin
county,' on the same day, .between the
hours of half (past seven' o'clock .'A', M.
and half past ten ' o'clock ' P. M. natu
ralized three hundred men,, being, em-.
ployed about four hours more In the nat
uralization of the three hundred men than
Judge; Notes In the naturalization of five
hundred and thirty-nine wen.'..",".';'-;" . t
A Radical Sheet an Congress.
Like an oasis in the desert, to tbe eyes ot
the weary traveler, is truth and sense la
Radical sheet. - The Chicago Post thu
speaks of Congress, .,',.;tv . L'.i: !?:
"We do not know that much is to be
hoped from Congress. Our respect for that
body- is small. ' Our confidence in it is less.'
It is composed mainly ot politicians who
are obedient' to-the: most vulgar preju
dices, tbe crudest fancies, and the densest
ignorance of the masses who elected them."
All of which we cheerfully endorse, and
had the Post said more ot tne same sort
we would have endorsed it as freely as we
underwrite the above. . .
Hon. G.' WrManvDennr. ol Columbus.
Ohio, long Commissioner of Indian Affairs,
is writkiK a series of articles for tbe Cin
cinnati Gazette, on. the management of
Indian Affairs bv our Radical rulers. He
attributes ; the whole' difficulty now ex
isting In the Indian country toa lauureon
the part of the Government to observe and
fulfill its own treaty stipulations. Detroit
Free Treat., ''. , .',.. . , ...
Years ago, Gen. Sam. Houston told us
that 'there bad' not been an Indian : war
since the Union was formed, that the .white
etlers, Indian traders, or the .Government
was hot the primary cause. The war of
which Col. Mantpbunt speaks, Including
the massacre by CoK CHivtKGTON, add hat
forms the darkest,' 'most brutal .'and. un
called' for acts of wanton cruelty and cow
ardice that ever disgraced any country or
laud. '. " i .f , j .,.,. i, r,,.,. ..::;.,
' A,jil.tber o( jbese,, outrages .against jthe
neero race- would call down the fiercest' ln
dlgnatton'joe Wjbole Bidlca, erw,
while, for the. wanton- murder of, friendly
Indians, ,tbelr,rlves and , children,' aot a
whimper la neard. py inee men, in juoa
gress, chosen as. the guardians of the , sa.
ion!s honor. , Treaty stipulations are re-f
itarded. by Senators, Representatives, and
army, omcera as put made to pe oroicen,
when it Vs necessary to 'do so to get hold of
an Indian feservation, or the annuity the
Government stands pledged to pay them.,,
a In awaking 'the country' to these 'out
rages, jC'5asNT,laj doing ihe best
work ol bis wen spent life.
J i-'!s
Thb fiecretary1. of the Interior recom
mends an increase ,-ot tha , salaries ot the
Preidcnt,Tice President, beads ot depart
ments and Justices ot the .Supreme Court
at least forty1 Per centtcfcjnoe." ' v i
1 If thO people dan tan(Tthe Stealings bf
Federal oflfcers-Khe' cost' or the Standing
armji'la 'the South,-1 add 'the Freedmen's
Bureau; which supports negroes In idleness
bv feeding and cloth? ft tli em and educating
their children, anS are wflllng to add near
I . A i j'.iauH Li i 'i
two tnousauu uiuntro uuiiara to ine a a-
the bonduoiders,- wnvnos iperease tnepay
tbe President and his Cabinet not only
forty; "but fonr undred pcMtf ;' ;. ' " 'j
w Such an Increase would be field as a drop
Un tW bucket to the -givV steailng now
Am old apple peddlar in St. Louis has
lost received inlormation that thirty thou-
Isand pound sterling nave been Jen Mm by
a deeaswirtenaniiwauu. ;)0, ,
A Radical Sheet an Congress. LATEST BY TELEGRAPH.
Official Vote of Missouri.
ST. LOUIS. Dec. 23.
The official vote of Missouri Is announced
as follows r The average vote, ol the Re
publican electors Is 81,116; average ol
Democratlo electors 69,6So t Republicans
msjority 24,431.
lor Governor .McClurg (Republican)
has 19.327 majority. The remainder ot the
ReDublican Statu ticket has an average
majority of 21,401. rs " f
' Xbe UeputiHcan Supreme H Judges have
an average majority of 20,fi98.
t For Congress, in the First-district, Wells
(Democrat) 231 majority.) Second dis
trict, Flnkelbur (Republican) 3,226 ma'
Jority. Third district, McCormick (Demo
crat) 027 maloritv. Fourth district. S. H.
Boyd (Republicau) 3.972 majority; In this
district Col. Kelso, (Independent Radical)
polled 1,831 votes. Filth district, Capt.
Berdett (Republican) 3,426 majority.
r or - jncjiurg'8 . unexpired term in
this district. Col. Stover (Republican)
received 3,628 majority. Sixth district,
van Horn Republican) Teoeived 867 ma
Joritv. -6eveiJ distriet. Col. Asher,(Re
publlclB) 7,243 majority. Eighth dis
trict, rCoU,7 Benjamin (Republican)
1,611 '.majority.5 -.Ninth dt.-triet, 3oU
Dyer; (Republican) 432 majority. The
counties of Dunklin, Ripply, Shannon,
Wayne and Oregon, in the Third district,
fiatte and Jackson in the Sixth, and Mon
roe in the Ninth, have not been counted on
account of illcxai registration or disre
gard, ot the Jaw. i ThB whole matteaiwia
be laid before tbe Legislature, and until
that body acts upon the returns, the Setre-j
mjr ui wu mux uut issub uurtiuuavea tu
anv bodv.-' s-.jsu-j.i- - - .--
' The majority against the Constitutional
ameudmeutisl9,el7.. . -.v.
Idaho Legislature.
f A Salt Lake -dispatch says the Idaho
Legislature met at Baiz Citv on the 0th
Governor' Bullock's message recommends
the revision ol the mining laws and asks
the Leeislature to Detition Consress for an
additional appropriation to. survey- public
lanus, tne sales already being thirty thou
sand dollars ia excess ot cost of first sur
vey..' He complains of the management ol
postal afiairs, many routes vestablished
through ignorance ot the geography and
position ol the country being impractica
ble, and others running double service at
unnecessary expense.-.The northern por
tions of the territory, with many large set
tlements, are without mail communication.
He hopes Congress will -remedy this. He
reports that from five thousand - to eight
thousand Indians remain in the Territory,
who no act lriendly and should be setr
tiecnrpoo reservanon&t n - n r. r. '. X
Kansas Volunteers.
A Kansas Citv. uf.Datcu savs an armv
gulde justlnfrom the Plains reports that
tne nauaas volunteers joined ueneral tsner
idan on tbe 19th inst., on his march to Fort
Lobb. Tbe Ueneral. intended to eat bis
Christmas dinner -in Camp Supply, where
Major inman is ordered with a large train
Stock Driven Off.
It is reported that the Indians have driven
on; all tbe stock belonging to General, Pen
rose's command, juany oi nis men were
badly frozen.
i The, tobacco factories in Pike county,
Qlinois, were seized tor violation ol the
revenaelawafew dajsagofcrj-
A Card.
sippi Valley National Teleeraph Compa
ny,, whose headquarters are here, pub
lishes a card this . morning,- denying the
correctness of tbe statement that the Board
of Trade ot St. Paul repudiated their sub
scription to the Company on the around of
misrepresentation. Air. unampun also
states that his line is a permanent fixture
ana in eucccssiul Kht.-
Bridge Repaired.
ELMORE, O., Dec. 23.
'The bridge on the Lake Shore railroad
here ia repaired..' Trains crossed at 1 P.M.
to- '' '-
Church Burned.
TROY, Dec. 23.
The Trinity, Church Disco Dal ianV at
rMsingDurgn, was aestroyea. oy lire tnts
morning. Loss $10,000 ; insured lor $5,000.
NEW HAVEN, Dec. 23.
case with
the rape of Mary Ann Sheeban, who died
alter giving birth, to a child; the court re
fused to admit the dying declarations of the
girl as evidence,, and a nolle proseguljras
entered and JBreQnan discharged.
Insurance Decision.
BUFFALO, Dec. 23.
The ease of Kingston against the Enter
prise insurance Company or Cincinnati,
and' Putnam Company of Connecticut, to
recover damages , for .the. -destruction of
Ogla's factory, waa docided in the Supreme
Court this morning in tavorot the insur
Ship Canal.
TORONTO, Dec. 23.
- iAta public mretlng laat nlht, to hear
the report of the comuiittee to confer with
the Government on the question' ot the
Huron and Ontario Ship Canal, speeches
were made by' a number of citizens, con
demning .the action of the Ontario Govern
ment for' refusing to receive petitions In
favor - or' tbe prelect.,. Resolutions were
passed that the determinatiou of . tbe Gov
ernment waa opposed to the Interests of
1 '
Prize Fight.
- Abe Hicken, ot Philadelphia, and Pete
McGuire, of Peek skill, New -York, two
well known roughs, had a prize fight tor
one thousand dollars a tide, in the vicinity
Of Stamp's woods, on the line of the rail
road, near Perrysvllltv this morning. Af
ter five rounds Hicken broke McGuire's
jaw and gained the fight. I '
Inspectors Murdered in Texas.
.' Secretary ' McCu'lloch this morning- re
ceived a dispatch from' the Collector at
Brownsville, Texas, da ed yesterday, stat
ing that. two Inspectors ol Customs had
been murdered in that district by a gang
of robbers, and another Inspector,'. named
Robert H. Ryan, .badly wounded. The
names of the killed are Geo. F. Hammond
and Wm. H. Phelps.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 23. Fire.
i A terrible conflagration occurred at
CrawfordsvilkV Montgomery country Ind,
last night, resulting in the destruction of
six stores, a marble shop, four saloons and
four dwelling houses. Loss fully $25,000,
partly insureds vi;.-"-'n:i-t-
A magnificent four story marble front
building, in Evansville, occupied by Son-,
tag & Co, hardware deaW'rs. vas ba rned
Monday night, involving a loss of $100,000.
The buildlnj; was valued at $25,000, and in
sured for $13,000, The stock Of Sontag &
Co. was valued at 63.000. to $75,000, on
which there was $51,000 iusurance In var
ious .local and Eastern- companies.- --.'
Verdict for the Government.
BOSTON, Dec. 23.
Thw" j flif Id the rUhited States"T)istrict
Court torday rendered a, verdict lor the
Government .against a distillery In South
Boston, carried on by the Suffolk Lead
Works, of which Samuel M. Ward ls Treas
urer, forfeiting to the Government tbe en
tire property of tbe works, valued at about
$150,000, the bond required bv law not
havl&3ea given to Jtue Collector.-. C
Twitchell Murder Trial.
.Thotrtal of the Twitchell murder case
was continued.' All the- evidence given
tends to disprove the theory ot the de
fense, which is. understood to be-baaed
upon the assumption tbat the-deceased was
murdered by a. robber,' who entered the
Died. CHICAGO, Dec. 23.
t Bev. tr. Dunne, for a long time and up
toa few months since, "Vicar . General ot
this Roman Catholic diocese, and oue of
tbe dismissed priests in the controven-y
-alth-JBUbnpDujran,. dlad 'tbu mordlnp
the'iSthyeaf 61 his age. '
MEMPHIS, Dec. 23.
-The "Kock Special of
yesterday saysi Jlelugees afflicted with
militia continue to flock to this city,' con
H ruling reports of outrages by the militia.
Tbe report that General Grant sent officers
to investigate the outrages, was received
with wild rejoicing. By the Governor's
proclamation this morning, Little Biver
county and, that portion ol Lafayette east
ot Bed river, was turned over to tbe civil
authorities."' ; .
Outrage on White Men.
SAVANNAH, Dec. 23.
trouble on the
river. Two white men were shot last
night by an armed body of negroes, who
then took possession of their crop, amount
ing to about $2 500, and carried it off. The
planters declare thev will be coniDelled to
leave the country and come to the city nnM
less tney are protected,
Arrested for Libel.
NEW YORK, Dec. 23.
; Samuel Bowles, of tbe Sprlngfied Pe
publkaa, (was arrested Jast pigbt - at the
Ffth Avenue HoteK and "taken- to Ludlow
Street Jail, by tbe Sheriff, on a warrant is
sued at the instance of Jus. Fisk, who
charges him with libel. Bbwlcs was bailed
Boy Killed.
' John Martin, nine years old, accident
ally fell under a horse car. on Atlantic
Street, Brooklyn, last eveulnsr. and had his
bead crushed off the -
Colfax on Territorial Purchases.
i In his speech at the New England din
ner, last night, Colfax referred to the
growth ot tbe United States as the result
ot tbe grandeur, of Amerieeo-eitiaenshis
It is the shield of American citizenship.
which shall make u proud; and; potential.
anu nit up our country to a prouder posi
tion among nations. It is that which ia to
teach those who are clothed with the sol
emn trust of represeptlng this, great realm
of freemen, who rule here not by Divine
right but by tree institutions, that when
they stand speaking for us at the bar of any
civilized nation in the world, thev shall
not on the one hand disgrace .us 1y .boast
ful gasconade, or on the other -dishonor us
by bowing the knee. Then -when with
that self-reliance, that calm, tbat diunifie'l
American nationality, we command the
respect to which our great resources .and
our unequalled trials, which We-1 have sur
vived so gloriously and auspiciously, enti
tle us, then we need not . go into - the
markets of the world . to offer
gold and silver; to Induce 'those
Islands of the seas and adjacent States and
provinces to, cast In. thir lot..with ,us, to
share with Our future. I feel ashamed, as
an American, when I 'hear bf proffers to
buy soil and sovereignty, men, Women and
children with gold and silver from our na
tional treasury, to 6hare with us la the
magnificent future, as you' would Spurn a
bride tbat is bought with gold, as any fair
woman would spurn aim who bad been
lured to her wealth instead ot her heart.
So we, M'ttAttericans, sliould elevateoar
nationality, win those who are near to lis
tn territorial congeniality, to cast in their
tot witn us. vvnen voluntarily and in
Body tney ask to share with us In our
magnificent future,, we should .then wel
come -them Into the 'fold of American
The Legal Tender Act.
The Times says th letter ot Mr. Spaul J-
in or Ann the rprwtrr. nf Mi ' Met .nllMb -m
invitations to tbe Supreme Court to decide
against the validity ot the legal tender act
at its session.
General Sheridan.
i The Tribune says General Sheridan will
certainly be appointed to command atNew
untim ou tue em - oi jaarcn aexs.
uames ;aisuD fieva anoi exaiinisiTi
C.-A. Washburnr arrived -to-day
from Rio Janeiro,
Southern Militia Bill.
jit Is reported.-that tbe. President-will
veto the 8otheraMilitIoill.
Commercial Travelers.
1 The commercial travelers held another
meeting this afternoon, which was largely
attended. Many cases ef hardship arising
under State and municipal license laws
were rehearsed. Several of the speakers
denounced theseiaws sa-ocrroas auA-tyranv
nicalr The' treneral opinion favored mak
ing a test case and taking it to the United
States Supreme Court for decision, but a
committee was appointed to consult Attor
General Evarts on the subject.'
In the case of the United States versus
about twenty thousand dollars woith of
' property toundat the rectifying establish
ment oi tvatson anu uroiry, Deiore tne
United States District Court to-day, tbe
jury returned: a verdiet for the Govern
. ment. The defence obtained thirty days
stay oiiroceeainjfs.
1 Madamoiselle Tostee has had a fall down
' a flight of stairs, from her feet becoming
' entangled in ber skirts, but escaped with
life, though severely bruuised and quite
low. ':-- ' "T" .: ' "''
Bonds Forfeited.
The bonds of the .two Guttermaos,
charjaed with extensive smuggling, nave
been forfeited by commissioner iietts,tbey
'not having appeared -before bim to-day.
Judgment Reversed.
' The' Supreme Court, general term'.' In
- the case of the Minnesota Central Railroad
' Company vs.: J. P. Morgan Oo., "re versed
. the judgment of the lower-court and ' or4
' dered a new trial, the -effect ef -which wilt
be to give the railroad company a dividend.
Conference of the Great Powers.
LONDON, Dec. 23.
The morning Telegraph prints a tele
gram from Berlin announcing that Prussia
has"catlea a 'cffhlere'nce'brthe' great pow
ers to peacfiahly isc'ttle 'questions, between
Turkey and Greece. -
Cheap Postage.
Cheap Postage. LONDON, Dec. 23.
Messrs. and- -BaSely;- members
of Parliament.' have presented a memorial
to Beverdy Johnson, requesting' bira- to
urge the- Unitecf "States to adopt tbe Sys
tem Vpf penny .postaga: brtweti, . the two
countries. Thel uemoria j ia islgned by
hnndredsef aembore-ef-Parliamontj The
Times tavors the memorial and says if time
had been afforded doubtless all members
of Parliament weoVhjtvtrsigned ir.
The Eastern Question.
LONDON, Dec. 23.
The report of the proposed conference
on the Easteru question is tuny confirmed.
TbevtVientfa,' Pressei ''iGbvernmerk fergah,
says seminotSciallv that the plan originated
witJi.RussHfc backed .bv Prussia. and. that
the scheme is favored hy Austria and Italy,
Tbe effort to settle the Question without
bloodshed; will UDdoubtBiy be succesalul.
ATHENS, Dec. 23.
The Governmept has sked-;of he Gov-1
ernmeat a credjv.of ona .hwidred (nUllou
drachmas. .. - . .., . j,
The ports of Paros and Patros are to pe
' fortifleav ' - .-"' k i.'.-v i - (
ATHENS, Dec. 23. Berlin.
BERLIN, Dec. 23.
ThePrlhee of Mohteugro has gone 60 S t
PeterabOrgioV.'.t'iivC-l ..it' .arol'ttV'i
The Pro viocial, Corresponden (-ej semlr
official newspaper, says the 'cre'at.Rbwers.
have united in art "effort t6 dissuade the
Sublime Pom-fromxplliuif' tbe Greeks'
from Turkey; Tbe-.iuUuded.expulsJien Jov
eludes hos d!t?.SmWr
Spain. MADRID, Dec. 23.
The country jy enllreliT traoquII, The
Government proposes to make material
changes In the eototWiaagtetraoy,' .
Ambassador from Spain.
Ambassador from Spain. PARIS, Dec. 23.
u Senor Otosgaasday-OfflcrallyV re't
ceived by.:the Empafor s4tAatbafadr
- frpmpato, A.vt V
Ambassador from Spain. PARIS, Dec. 23. Serious Riots.
Serious Jisturbaneea Jiave, oecurted ,io
Navarez, and lourte6ii persons have been
fcrrested lor participating -in' them.' ' ' V
Ambassador from Spain. PARIS, Dec. 23. Serious Riots. The Moniteur on the Eastern Question.
PARIS, Dec. 23.
The Mewlter-'oday ,r1u leadln jf edtto
rial, says that active-oveueDf -rf the
great powers give hope tbat dlptornats, by
exercise It moderaUon, wilt allay the
Eastern troubVeSj, ,Te publio newspapers,
sav tbat Russia epprovea tbe propQkkn
, of Prussia to invite England, France aud
- Austria to a conierence on the lurco--,J'-
k,i- ',--
Measures for Defense.
ATHENS, Dec. 23.
The ministry arc still engaged in tha dis
cussion of measures letthe-defoinse of tbe
country, bds no formal steps have yet been
Paraguayan Advices.
PARIS, Dec. 23.
The Moniteur -eft
ifguay, which say the positioit f. Lopez is
.ritical. In conseauence ol lii.- ilifli-reuces
'.(With fctbe TJnitef States, arid that he will
y v
probablyseek 'reconciliation with the
American Government. Tue Monitenr al
so states that Paraguay contives to make
energetie resistance to the movements ol
the allied army. V
SUPREME COURT OF OHIO. [Official Report — Supervised by the Supreme
Court Reporter.]
THURSDAY, Dec. 22, 1868.
Wiinam White; tfon.' Jacob Brlnkerhoofi.TT
Hon. Joslah Scott .and Hon. John Welch.
J udges. L. J. ObVI ten field, Em, Reporter.
No. 19. NattMnieUlVebnjr tie-State of
Ohio, forusflof Lyman, fed ru4nitrator,&c
of Lucas. TError to the" District Court ol
Darke county. Judgment of District Court
reversed for error in thts, tbat it does not
appear from, fhe record that the plaintiff In
error was servea -witn cumuiona or ap
neared.. in the original cask, i Caiiiw ro.
manded to the District Court for further
prnceediuga.;1- i.. j .
jno tw, Aiary jtitzpatricic v. TDe stated
Ohio. . Error to. the Common Pleas of
Champaign county, i Dismissed for want
ot prosecutjoru,. , .,- -
No. 27. it. U. Harrison et. al v. William
Dunbar.- Reserved lit Clarke county. Set
tied and dismissed. No record. -
No. 16. Hosea W. Libby v. FelIxNicold
Leave eranted to docket reserved case. ..
2o. 17. f orbes and Kinsr v. Edv. Heidle-
nack aw l,oave granted to file petition
in error. . . ,;, ... . . . c .. .. i. ,i.
No. 19r Joseph Gates et al. v. Joseph L.
Conkliu et cU: Leave granted to file peti
tion in error. , , . r . , , ,
i No. 20. MarV B. WeUh. admlhlstratrix.
&cu et al. T.- A.F. Freemam. Leave granted
to me petition in error., .r i .
No. 21. The State Bank bf Ohio v. Otho
Hinton and wife, al Leave granted to
aof-ket reservea case. , . . t..
L. J.Crltchtlcld was reappointed report
er and took the oath ot otnce.1,1 -i - i' ii
until at ten
The Ohio Statesman.
i Elsewhere we publish the. aqnual pros
pectus of the Week lt Onto Statesman
It is one of tbe most desirable family, pa
pers published in Ohio, and its price is
such as to-Dlacn Hsvlthtn the reacn of everv
one. It la-tilled with interesting heading,
and the general news of the.. day, aud its
pages reflect great credit to Its proprietors
its local Eojamns are ruled Dytbe.aneur
passable' ""Spivins." ' Every'Demrterat
should take it. Every honest Republican
wboiwisbes to keep posted as to-the Intents
and. purposes ot .the rDemocratio party
snouio take it. in tact every one wno de
sires to. subscribe for aJto.1 paper; should
Urbana Union.
' Taa Indiana yiyiiance Committee .has
issued a proclamation, that they deeply de
plore the necessity that called their organ
ization into existence; that they are lptb
to shed blood again, and will not do so.
unless compelled- In defense of their lives
that.it Wilk. Reno. .Clinton Reno, 'Trick
Beno, James Greer, Stephen Greer, Fee
Johnson, ' Chris. Price, Harvey Needhain,
Meade Fislar. ..Mart Lowe,. Roland. Lee,
William ' Sparks, Jesse Thompson, Wil
liam Hare, William Biggers, James Fislar
and Pollard Able, undertake to carry . out
their threats against tbem, they will rue
but one more, r v .: t
New Advertisements
!t9 'Tber Ohio Hiatrtmau baa t
Idsrarei; Clrcalatfom thaa aay pai
per pablbbed la Kla City or Oea
tral Ohio. Ad verUsera will bear
tbia la salad.
Notice to Bridge Builders.
ceivftd oi tha nndersiffiiil. m.t thm atRnm nf Ik.
3ordof Pnblie Workt la the eity of Colnmbus,
uaiu muiuuAi, sin January. lues, at J3 at
for bulldim the superstructure of a 3-trass Bridge
wjnw ma rraiqufccioeK.oa ine uneoi VLm mr
tional Koad. id Franklin eountf.nf twnimni M.h
pan to be about HI feet Iour. and 3oyt feet wide,
from out to out; to be oorered; by the bent ef oak
mngies, ami weainerDouaeq witti good ant oooi-
Bidden to furnish theirown dana. with iDemfiai
tions in detail. All of said work to be done to the
eatigfactioa of the Board of Fublie Work aad tha
resident eniineer of the National road.
The ri(ht to reject any or. all bids, plana or epeoi
fications ii reserved. JOHN A. BLAIK;
. ' r .'. anan taaiBae national Uoad.
dec24-dld r -
.1:1 q'-.'.-1:1.
ti 'i
t 1! V 'i' 'V t- il 'Ji:
h -.-it 7f h
BOOKS, ) I.uiV.k r:
r - - -.1:1
-uii-ia vil -FpNE STATIONERY
I - tt , - v-'tTll j:i v , :i nr.-t"' a; 1
; STATUETTES, Ac., &c,
r .? ,t for : PRESEXfS. A
dwM'dtVr.- -il.-fa : -V.
P L A W E T.
IA COOKING STOVE; combining a-lanre or.n.
t 1. -1-: 1 : . : i. r .
of fuel, and ebeapaesn. for-male by the manufac
turers, who bare a fine lice ot Wood :ookiDg
stovee ana tioiiow-ware. uilj., iter, v
, deo23 eodlm-r , 1 ,: i , 80 Stajh Bighfct.
afrlce Irera lea fjeata to ' Five
! 1' llaadred Itollara. "i"
Keren Ootave Pianoe. Reeewood.aAd wai
ranted for fire rears, for onlr Three Hundred lnl.
lara.c Jow re llemitu nor llitning in lit Sl
ue ujate er Biirer f latod are, MOXiAX, ,,j v.,
"A aood assortment, either in Seta or Single Artk-
uall and examine our Btock. wueuier . joa, . bay
Knot. . ,r
No. 36 North H!h' Street.
adec23-diw-u " "i BAUBIs a CO.'
-i -i :. ....
: new of lb City Civil ncioer la CDhuabni.
Oflio, until . .,. ,,.
x, : Meadaj, Dec,'S8lh,
at 4 o'clo k P.' M.,' for fumiehini material! and
doinc tha following amoant of 4rork, to-wit
'or 'taiIdng a dooele j ow flac roraanr aoroti
Center alley at the smith, eide ot Lone atreet. . r
Vor bnildirw a douW raw Swr eroesing -era!
.Uenter.allay at thaanuth side ef J prime street.! , ... i
l'he bid irill be opened by the oummittee or .tlie
ward iawhiohittieioaproVemantaratola.awdai
She eommittee reserre tnerrigJit (o meat any or all
da at their dlaorelioo. B: P.- BOWKjf; r '
CltrCiril Engineer' olfioe, o SS South Hirli
tatr vitu jbnciaeee,-
trnBt. anjitainu -" I ' - den2S-IM
iliAAJ in
'iit "bv TBBWTW-oa aire tiaiifis cImv
iU ,Wow:.-S30.s:JJiroalwayni'
Capital' i: One Million Bollars.
' " , CHARTEKEll PT THB STATE,. . . . "'
t)AfriB K M AKom. frest? J AS. Mkkri'li,, Seo'y .
" itee'ires Depoei sand allows FODK PER E.VT.
INTKIia;tT)aall Jailytalaeas.'abeettoheqk
at aieht. peoiaf Depuaitsfur Mxmynth or more,
mar hm sadaat trBpereeat 1 Tbe lUpital el One
Mi'lioo Uullare ii' divided .among oror 500 Share
holders, eomprrelnt; many gentlemen of tame wealth
and flnarioial ebtpriene, who are alao sersonaUy
liable to depositors for aJl tbliaationa of the Com
panr to double tue amount of tbeir en pi U I etoefc.
Aa the National Trust Oompany reeeirea eiepoaiu
in large or small amounts, and permit them to be
drawn aaawbaia or ia pa t fcyckeekai light and
without notice, allowing mtercat on all daily hal--nartiea
tbronctiout tbecOUIltr? can knar, in.
null in then lnrtilutioB with aataial adrantum
f aeourity. convenience and profit. , 1
" T-deol-dw)4a 1 r.4 Iwi-: I
- 1 rut
jh s iintni
.4.1 H
-.3 i?'
iif -li.
Ulw.l .!. rtH A.
A t .l .L
1 1 ?
v ; - i.i
; ;. nr. . i .iy
r.i... -.T.;.' -o -.-.u
.!....(. aV
.H ant in i . r ;
f f-irr.f,' li'tr Lit 11
-.-'" t-;' :;s .HirT:
k wi qw w mmwm mmm ,
;') 1
V a wm omr wis aay a onoioe aeieauoa or
.li t", f t
.-'I -.i
1. :t-
? 1 o..i ti
it t HI f.
1 ,.-H .
,t.j f- )' n .ti..t ik'
.1 ; f . ti.-j-H.j-i
" "Tf -. .-U f
..." Ofe 1 .'.J'l
I . -i
f f
! .r;iHHtiA.ai"r..j'on'i
,11 1 4
1 i'l aHilo'i"'
Li 1
Nothing More
f ti 'til .i'i
Nothing More
.st ), 'I.Li'
.-,lrt..-il W
Nothing More Appreciated.
. ' tt-
' l..-s
vi e d i
ti' ill siah--- .1'
i " a A tt i .
T 1
t in-' W
.t..-.l 1! ;
V":'' ' ',
-.-j : i'.-
i ' V. -IH.T----.
. r t -.
I .1
ti -t U.iif
s I
. Vri i 3r;t i a. I--
4 Ol ;
as J
11 .
.et i r.
;j-,'iJ .ji!??".
79 South High Street
1i t'ii
1 " i
1.1. 1.1. ,
-i . til
111 - IK-IOit A
c. Xiiwmu .fcs ,ci
-.1 '.'3UA3A 0'l:jZJ
t i
M ;
;M 1
.--Vtit-'Vu; 1
Lr..i. i
r.llii '' i
'ill' I !
S'.'H .".TJOO- .'1'i'vi-;;
li v.
December i-dJt-r ' '
, X ft f t s-
Fill! :FII!
I II,.
.1 ."-.. j.1 J .
y r
MnivofTIOBis Te tveu r.
ll'lal.)t UWUU.I Uhnd.
r-aklUhM la tkl, lnm
iOntu each laaerUea. '
. . eanrate Franklin oonntr Y..i Vh? ,
ale of tha
VVaaonfnpni.K r
ommiMioa allowed
' w nil wt-eolara eall oa
Colnmbna. O.
,-il i Hi , i .4,11
Opeaaeeater ,4 , A gf,
And SkaUnit i effefed ner-afer D V ai"ilGH
Cnemoion Skater ef Loot Island, will gtv exhibt-"
tions of i'aacr-rtkating. . - , . . .
Fantaaties Chrisraat Era. ' ' detM-dltl
' f,? SIX 5IGHt3 b&U?. Xmaeao'ing" i e
Meadar,;1 DeMaiBtr ?8tl, 1$9.
-. - Jietnrnol tba farortte.-o . a
flThe Great Cearbr. with Troupe of Learned
irds, ferfonning White lic, nd Trained Xut
i.n lat.. - ' j - r .
Will -be aiTen awar Kfri-iilrM. KlTTrrV
riii dv riven away ererr nir
nary d, for the
aceaamodatiow-f'fhoolaba which oceaaioa each..
i:bil1 will reeoiraa r-inr: :
SS 6enta. Doors or en at 1 o'clock, eo nntenee ax
VrJAariaE14jlAJB Uaaager.
"ajtgajag, fMcesalvela U4i
awiss Deii.ifingers, r j
anted Partial DillnMinr f7v..,K.-n. n
bant and attraotireslnee tbeir last appeanSea ia
Co'ambos. .j .t.r t . .1'; - " n
' Uaaaa or A butrsioii. Parqeette aad Trrem Bfi
olaraoej.Family liinala, tSa. ItissiTsil Beaa (fat1
aalepnlrat J.Seltiers llusie Store). J5o... .r T
, MATlNEHjSatarda afteriiabo. Y.Vi
in?t ha-.iH lie li T
1 1 T
i .?yi3.dM'd ;iooa
! IV ATTGirytpjV, tTTA f.T.t
..amJ-vAnX 1 i:t s-i.t-ii'i a-x. 1 O
HE TABLES ABE !-"'1' '- " 1 T"KU1
1. The St
WtHrk'e Total Alut
Table, under tha direetibn of lira jamas Cooner.
MiM Rate Hearaand Mrs. Miohael Fay. . .
x. xna Ioudi Ldie' bodalitr ITabla Mm Jaaavr
S.-Twriee Creura Table, Mrs.TT. Tarnar ,
4? The Otor Table. MiB. Brennan. i
Doonan" Cbildrn of MuJ Xable. Alisi IAsiaZ.
JTni Boy,' Higa School TabfeJuiaet iiggtal
Fay and B. Lai or. ., , .... .
T. The Mary and Martha Table. Mrs. Wilson.
H. The St. Vincent of rial's Voting Boolh.where
ihsabaing Siaa for Mayor of Columbus is Xa be -ehosen.
-. . i ( i -1 . : - . i' I
The Fair witVremala epea EIGHT DATS.
T be manarera rf the Table hare endeavored ta
secure not only Christmas Toys, bat article, of as I
in tbe season, i ... 1 1 ndeeleVellOi i
bWberebr tbo rirealatioa rt the fcloed -Wonrea-
equajfeed bpon - the part -where applied; causing '
Pain JnnrhijjjyHnn tj ,...fWM
Was there ever pnbliihed stronger evidenoe thaa
thUt .& L.-t-i.l V J
CeaMfieate treat tf :-atarlta, Eaa.
k For two yean I hare been'"gTet sufferer Irojai
neuralgia tne neaa, anq louna psiy raporarjUa
eelief frora all tha varioas remedies that I hare
- a ajj B MtfcM ar-arta aaaT"
vipjTb"vj i vyyuw uuo ui.
E0U3 PLASTEBS.'Y I out it iato. hsee strips,
praoing one nridereach shoulder Made and the oth
er orer the small of my back, aad for Ike Wast
three months I hawe had searcely-a twinge of the
old -pain. ' I sdvine aTrwho aoffer from nerroiu dfs-J
eases to lose no time ia making atrial of tbe woa
derful plaster ,. '
' :.'A.l(F. StEELI50.See'y Singer, Mft CorJ,
New ToftV j u'ne 8, 1868. . : . ,q .'. ui 1. 1 ia-. J
- Piinerpal Ageney. Bbandbetb Horsi, Hew
York. Bold by all druggists.
lunelB-dAwljem-reHT. V 'J 'I
I --.. batni: ; .t jura f.'
PRUT -, EK CE. H. L. a ving the largeet manaJ '
fmt.ry Bo' 8 "er '" in the woria.ith
thetaift-'mfrnved maea''f and empl'oyinf tha
most skilled labor, are eoakled f fler aa un
equalled rariety of new and beautiful designe ia
Dinner Services. Tea . e- tieeaj awd'erery artkla
specially adapted forr 'liaayatd .Bridal Gift... ' ,
kThey offer also their We'y-known And. 'oriTaiu4i-
ickal BUver Eleatrolatsd Ware, in which tha
hare introduced new pattern sef rare eregacoe. - f
The Bolid Silrer bf rnarantecd to ba of atailinlV
Vurity'bj fj. S. llfnt' assay. The' EleetrerClata i ..'1
an&ranteed to he to the finest Hr effiftl
ware. k Orders reoeired from thf Trade anty, ba ii.
theaa, . goods mar be ebtaiatd iroia reanauibla-'
dealers every shore.
Trade Mar lf1l'-l: ''''), '' '
, . , qoRHAM.MAsnrIcWRiNfy.rio., ., U
Sakarooralio.S Jlaidea Lane, H.Tj
nor5-dAw4K m-re NT
cbistaookO'M VAlnfe'iri A
Ml the offiprmg ef a great faet.'- Keana eaatbiak-
'" of denting that his , , , ,t ; Ml .
Bringsotrt a flner BROWN bt BLACK.. thaa aay
other, in a shorter time, and whhoat injury to the
bir. -Tkikisatriith as apparent artbat the tak
Cristadoro's Haiti; Prfiservative
AUD BEAD T1FIKR. The toilet, wttbont this ar-,
tiele, Uoks it most usefalaUriDuU; ..Rothing is I,
so eommoh. in this coaatry m the falling oat et taVua
bair-Jhe praetratire prerente it. Thefibree eaa
no more loosen and dre" efl tiUartiolahTetai I
larly applied night and morning, thaa it eac werej
fixed in avioe, The testimoor on this poist ia
orewheiming, while the bean ti f ring an d inTirora- -
poverties of the fluid arar tirfcll3n"eS
Sold by Druggists, and
a appiwq. Of aM nut xmn-
era. Manofaetory No.eB Maiden 4jane. ifrinoipal - -
S innel8-a4wljcm-rKT
scritebee, wini gaUsspraiOT.ntie.spiln't; dpts.
eolio, slipping stifle, jater heeUoAVJere thnoat, mill i
in (hefeot,aM:i.ltlawarraiteV cheaper and bet- M
t4w fnaarother-aBIbltArerofferea t&Xhm juSti
Thtusands of animals hj beenejt r of beeolie
in 4 orer heating 6y the Xinimant; and hendreda
a... .rinnlA anajaShA fceta Itatsfsl ter
rillVriUI UiUL T rwrr . I . i. sm J : 7l (
i, thronirheut the Staiesl ' OrdetsraoonsUntly
9 .-".-! '. -3L "JV
A THE CELtfBftitEtf BERGEft tiSll
XV JLY-. VocalistsHarplsts srjd violiBfsts. as
sisted Tr: HOI. Ml KITMSPI I ikl'.TT-
OiriSuwirad from the neiaa stables ef Knclaad-fer
8.M0 tertlrrknnw have been rity'ta-min
onm dollar' fa'id Onr la timr may earache life aX . j
oarwaraar T BtaEWU.'lllBofTaTat'SS
Btn1H-rfAWIYCm-A'' a
tltAHaaww""" m i.-,niRr
,tHfH iieatowJ in Owr. weekei' I'ue'wn iu
a ...ni nii-iiunii kiamii nv i u v . At
Matnree aaWy poeeis, -frovs; ahaMver came
sintTtoe effects of earlr petrAaiaaa ikkM etM a
abasatiapnteaeyaaa oiiaaie, aire away-aeweeio J
this wonderful aaedieta. it hmkmrn asgiilaiiyaecord.-,!
ine to the directions (wbHoa are rery simple and re
quire no restraint from bosineseorpleaaurev) Fait
8 re is impossible. S4 Jn, bottiet at M. w4net .
nantitiee. in eae forts. Uo be had onlr of theaola i
ar-pointed agent in America, ,'fl. GanuMI. ,.
Third Ar.:qrnar 13U BW. Aew Yorav tt,M -u

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