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B. ESHBtMMfl Eltra.
News and Otherwise.
; G ou closed iiv. ' Yorte y este,rdyt ;
Tin debt f Boston ,U $13,81 t,183. ,( , 47
X n A UOK u 1. .v. v. . r
RosAf JBoxmtjb, . the pain tress,
tlt.000 a Tear.' . ;" ,,; "; ;-
. CouaRKSS. nd the Ohio tKUltare twin f
rowst to-morrow.-j ; . r,.; j-T
-Total number f bogs killed this season
la Chtlllcothe was 10,171. d IJ i::- 3 ! t- 3
.-1Tet Saturday tBerV ta to; ba grands
fox-ring chase -tir-Jackacftt oonoty.;
fjk'i' New1 'York Bank8; hold 14,000,000!
- 1: '' : 'vvs. !.
less In reenDacKs man ow je r ;.
jCmWbbo, Boss county, is said to be .
a'nood-9penVig.or a tinner, taller and tan
nclWi4i;uri vi UixvJL) Cl 1IV '' '"' 'it
O0T of forty-ninet performances In Call-r
fornla,4 Wtadame; PArepfc.i Ba f icallaed,
78,000ini.'t ii'jyti itiotj c n.? ii Ji; ';ii7f
HraTTrsEtaarr1aeliceses were is-I
ned In Dfecembel bf the' Probate Judge of
Boss county; -yy '".i- f ''-'''
jj,a nnesotajdegislatnre convenes ttWj
ture'to-drrowtj'. ?".'M:", .'" .'J' v? '',.. ,J
-;WsB4-J?lMJra cbuoklos over, (hf
lnbrlabma,t of jBowies,l'jthe fSpring-,
field; Bepnbtionn. ,;. , - , j .;.:( ;., J
Tbk hoilse ot John Leonard, near Kings-,
ton, Ross .tountywaa jdestroyedijby . flre;
tfieiixfalf t Christmasid shi n. ; zr.'i.l. r.-ni
Probite; Judge of sMnskingnBti)
county In lk6fr issued lour hundred and'
ninety marriage licensed ';! .:..'.':.-,
aiUoJfe been.es.tensbed'Jbiudwl
Hacker, In. Epbratt, Xancaster county ,-
THrbiatfTento ia Cuba claim to -have-been
moVe than a match Vol" tbe Govern
ment so far, and that they areconfldent ot
ultimate sucoess? ;
Jarranaoji Davb, John Slidell, James
V. Jfaonv JL. Pudley Mann,' and .other
Southern men, are preparing to return to
the United States. .-. ; ! -' ;r -.'
Gbkxlxt Is agatH astride bis nniversal
amnesty and suffrage hobby. He wants an
amendment adopted to the Constitution
guaranteeing both. ' , 0 1 !
i. Biluard tournament is to take place
at pfrcleville on the 12th of January,, be
tween the counties or tfoss, ricnaway,
liaskingum'and Fairfield. i
Spejiikq of the discussion of the Finan
cial question bv Greeley and Morton, the
Ne York Herald saysi.There !s not a
practical Idea In their financial lucubra-
.1;.Mi-fla, mtW lor -AlUtSrillttU UL
KefieW,' opposite Nashville, the Badicals";
wrtfeated- citizens' ticket, made tip
of rLenUUves from both parties, being'
? - --
esr7"Sr?.l't'l J: ; :;' iH; ft! F.
Th CbUUcothc BeKUteJearns, Jat a
man oy me name w . .u, -t
id?arshfield, station on the. 4 ;
A' ' irmr Berkshire boy staggered his
mother; the otber day,' by asklngthls ques-'
tionj.InBiblica) Jsoology i Mother, if all
the little ghU axe Jeaua Chdst'alambH' are,.
'Tn Cincinnati. Times (Kepbilcao);feela .
justified M peHerlng tnat our. Bnerruans.
WadesrSumnerSj-Boutwells, Washburnes,.
H6j8 nd'CpPar: iikj to;ollowV
Instead flejnirGoualGran)ty x T -
A Nashviix' 'specfal Xiifarlns the Cin-ctoijfJontetciaV-tliate
hartnydests'ed" 'a 'daSses nd oy 1
ndhlWretluvl tpgajd'M Bjwbeli.
It did notreqftyaMPecial.to. U us thu
KiO'OooGiui once ueecri6etf?Sebl
Mf "Somtjer's ""nianoer.-of'gemlng np his.
gpeechea, a c'ammitdng ihenii to menjoryf
a. 'fiiC Bractlclpg thembeiore a pjer;
rlsi' wflf m nigicer holding a candle on .
either ncu? a. w : -r 5 u va
Axi.wok on thVchange of gauge on the
Oht07fnd dlss issippi. railroad, Hand the
bullflBgHrfoara-and -engine focaaidjaad,
has been stopped r, Thl, is, supposed to be
ineonsequenee, of ito-.opnsolidationT wilt
tnl roadla 4 ' tl-1.
Ho&lfcTMB xplalns.iht he
ffapke, prospectuses, of, the Crlslsun
der the apprehension that be bad the right
to do so undertime law giving; (9 hjm the
franking pilvjjtf e, Upon an examination
of-tmrbrwvhe finthrthat such a thing is not-
. OH Wednesday last, we learn .from the
Chlllocothe Beglster, a drunken , man en
tered a grocery kept by 'it' womanbear'
Fllchei tnnhel; on the 11. &1 ft'B. BV '
became violently abusive In hia conduct
when' the. wonjapTcuthltn down "and killed;
him wjUvaaax. 0 V-; -- um
Air ei'clfted municipal election took place
biKUer-Iosweeseer on- tb 2dV-Th,
Negro candidate,for llayor was defeated ;
bnt two Negroes were elected to the Board
of Aldermen, VelftYtbtf flr8t elected to any
4fflcff $t ton sequence in East Tennessee,
anS thb Negroes areLjubUant. - J i ' J
Scbnk in a printing :6ft&e which adver
tifca Striglrls. 10. Bet type j JEnter young'
womanr Do you. w ant to employ any one
tQpript, .sir t ttf'v TOur advertisement."
Can jon set up wellr aa'm ? Young lady
$jfusbesY sky sne;1jasi't. had a beau yet,
but expects that she could, U it was nee-:
ssary. 7"-,,.
Zahsi ffwai In - February lilxperi
n(K'tlir book of an earthquake, as ap
par; frpm, the follbwlng In a letter '.from!
Duncan Mtflrtbttto1 Wiliiam Crelghton,
Jr, rfiChlilksitbe 4 '3ated Znesville,
February; 7TT1 T: Thd tast shock of the
artb4uke waa.' terrlblei but .no damage
fidne'Befe. I hope none has been done la
Bo.". .
t Jff Insisted that Senator Morton's bill,
provldlngfor a'retura to a' specie basis,
should be' named a bill to double the re
wards of capital, and the pay of every in
dividual who holds office under the Gov
ernment of the Uplted States ; and also to
lassea, one-half or thrte-hfths 'below tho
present standard, the earnings, of all labor
and wealth- produeers.in general, in
&M Jnltcd Sutes. r 1 . fit
Ik JJoal J.KuykendaJI, formerly
member of Cotfg.ress from the State of Illi
nois; said, Vn a" speech made in Congress in
Jahar)-;1867, that;;'In the decade from
ism to I860, the laboring class In the air-
rioaltural deparUnenii, with.'alt the aid of
labor-aaving machinery, and the prosper-
ity of that period, only realized ; a; net in
crease pi e cent, jer ahn.nm. "The
uniuUiorHyaald that 'ilhe lowest rate
e( Interest any State bad auttaoriaed was
percent. per annum; and the rate had va
ried from 6to 20 per cent and the present?
capita ttBOOnif'y 1 Ioane3 xd he
weali-producers at at least 8 per cent,
per annum." . '
The Duty of the Legislature.
Tjo, andinnati 4Dpmmerciiilplunteers
advice to the mecpbers of the jObio Lcgisla
ture which.meets 1 to-day. -
.First that sheet wishes alYGovTHATES'
recommendations o the November, three
fiys session, carried buK the priiicital one
f which is a registry law, which to be ef
ective must prohibit every person, not
n the registry list, Irom the exercise oi
he elective franchise. As the Constitution
4t dares that every white male citizen ot,
! he United" States over the ae ot l years,
and who has resided the lawful time in the
county or township in which he offers his
vote, shall have the right, unless he be de
barred foi;crime, whereof he 'must first
be duly convicted, we do not see how the
refusal or neglect to have hia name inserted
in the voting list can debar an otherwise
legal voter from the right to the exercise
of the .elective franchise.! If this caa n'ot
be done the proposed registry law will, be
a nullity a useless expense productive of
n good. J . i v ( .
: Auother plan of Gov. Hayes, in relation
to voting which the Commercial endorses,
and which, if enacted Into a law, would be
Constitutional, yet not effective, Is ;in
the selection ot Township Trustees who are
ex-ofiicio judges of the election, by a law
providing Mi at pi the,, three to be elected,
no ticket 8hall.be counted haying the name
of moren than two trustees .thereon. . This
would, enable the' political minority to
elect one. Trustee .in townships where the
political majority was less than two to one.
But it is in such townships as Xenia,'Ober
lin ahd the Wards inSpringfielct. that the
great frauds are committed, and there, by
the aid of negro Votes, even if a ticiket was
allowed to -contain, but one nam and no-l
more, the Badicals oonld: elect and would
elect all the election judges, and thus coo
tinue f pot iucrease'ttieir. frauds. .-.yt y .
I The advice-giving Commercial, as its next
recommendation, favors the location of the
Agricultural College during the present
session. 'This recommendation we indorse
At ad early day in the session, the propo
sltlon of. different counties contending for
the College,' will be reported to the Gen
eral Assembly, and a recommendation be
made by the select committee having the
matter in charge, and, we doubt, not, from
oat knowledge of the anxiety of thecom-niittee-r-no
member representing a county
or district . putting in a claim for ita loca
tion to make a good selection,' that their
recommendation' will be . favorably acted
upon. v.if vv-T . .1 ,
These are other matters which deserve
more , serious consideration tnan' uiose
named by the Commercial as receiving Ex
ecutive recommendation. Among these,
and'. foremost, is the. codification of the
laws relating to municipal corporations,
which, in -their present, state,' are but a
bungling mass of conflicting absurdities.
When first the law relating to the govern
ment of cities and villages in Ohio was
enacted, it was well guarded and cohe.rent
iu all its parts. . Since its passage by the
first, Legislature under the present Con
stitution, scarce a session has passed that
ha not amended it, to meet , some special
cse.This necessitated new amendments,
and the result is that there are numerous
laws ; running theough the statute
books on -the , same particular subject,
many of them of a, conflicting character,
Not less than sixty separate enactments on
single subject of taxation in c.ties and
Ullages and the issuing of bonds ; and
twelveor fiiteen onthe subject of railroads
passing .through municipal corporations.
ifhese facts we give as, mere specimen
of the incongruous: edifice: which
Pnwlse legislation has made, until it is like
Jo8IIIHcwltoti1BI1-.;ooiort,..na means
everything and nothing.
;The Senate committee, ' consisting of
Messrs. Scribnir, Everett, and -Linn,
whose sessions have been almost continu
ous during the recess, and who for many
days, set the eight hour demand of the me-4
chanicv.at defiance By working one-third,
tnore boars' than the laborer is required
to toil, are endeavoting to bring order out
o f the municipal chaos. Although the com
mittee have not yet concluded their, la
bors, yet enough has been printed to show
that, ' if passed, as it: will be reported by
the ' committee,! a; law iwill be enacted,
which'-we trust, will do away, with that
eternal tinkering, which has made the law :
relating' to the government of municipal
corporations, as' nnintelligible as most 01
the ''Itelphici oracles,, leaving- those in
search of the; true Intent and meaning oi
tbet 1ft w, to take-tb at ' meaniag which best
serves thetv interest. - ' " : n . '.
i:Tbis,aloue, would be wtrth the cost oi
the session, and worth also the enact
ment of all the nrreotinitntlonal Beglstry
JawB that Governor" Hates can propose or
the Commercial recommend
The plunder of the State by State officials
in the "building' of the Deaf and Dumb
Asylum, amounting, even now, when it is
known that frauds txist which the invest!
gating committee .oruered by the House
has oeen' unable, as yet, to' unearth, calls
loudly for legislative action." The laws to
punish an Architect for stealing from tht-
State and swindling the' mechanics' en
gaged on the workare so defective , that,
because the law did . not make that officer
a disbursing agent! but Governor Tod and
Gov! Cox did.' he and his assistants can
not be convicted of crime, and must go un
wbipt" of justice,'" and require amend
merit. '' Tbey . 'should ; either, make the
state omciais, wno copier, upon a person,
against law, the powers' of. a disbursing
officer, responsible for his acts, or make
stealing from, the State under any circum
stance leiony. This is another of the duties
which ought to commend itself strongly
to the Legislature that meets to-day.
Destitution in New York.
It is estimated that &'o less than two hun
dred thousand persons are now residing In
New York-city who have no work, no real
homes, and no means which Insure them a
livelihood. ' Some of them beg or steal out
right; "but a large number eke out a mise
rable existence by running into debt for
lodging arid board, or by borrowing from
week to 'week Of 'whomsoever will lend
them; or by quartering themselves on re
luctant relatives or friends.- The result is
reported to be art aggregate of, want.
squalor, ' misery and degradation fearful
to contemplate. -1 - '
California Election.
While General Grant carried the elect
oral vote Ot 'California by a majority oi
512, the Democracy carried the State at
the same election for Congress by a major
ity of ;67. Axtklii (Democrat) in the
First District has 3,551 majority, and John-
son (Democrat) in the Third has 264 ma
jority a total uemocratio majority ol
3,815., The SepuMican majority for Ser
geant in the Second District is 3,140.
Ohio Legislature.
j :Both branches of the Assembly
meet this afternoon at o'clock.
ii WhUo there , are comparatively but few
members in the city, it is quite Certain that
there will be a quorum at.' the opening, as
most of the members will arrive by the
noon trains. V - ' 1 ' f,-B vi
r: TH''Ohto Penitentiary cleared $7,000
last year by the labor of tha convicts.
CiricinnaH inquirer. u n r
It would, be more strictly, accurate for
the 'Enquirer- to say that this result, was
reached tbrOtfgh the honesty 4nd capacity
of the' Warden, Gen. Chariea Walcutt.
Journals? 1i.t ;,-if .i bii is-.'. f.ni;
.iThed Ve are to recognleo the fact that
former Wardens, Badicals all, Of them tor
many yea past, had,neithflr honesty
capaeUy as the Prison ra; in flebt.dujtthg
their reign. .
A Spurious Railroad Company
Swindles the Government.
Swindles the Government. NEW YORK, Jan. 4.
The Heralrl'R WRshlnprf.nn riisnntch statpa
rtfiat ap alleged 'spurious railroad company
imsooiaintu o,ow,uuo ana , an enormous
amount ot land by grants from Congress,
and two distinct corporations are claiming
the subsidies granted. to the Fjmrern Divis
ion o the Uu Ion Pacific railroad. - -
Col. Wynkoop's Resignation Accepted.
; .Colonel Wynkoop, Indian Agent, having
Changed bis resignation so as to make it
unconditional, the same has oeen accepted
by the Commissioner of Indian Affairs.
Washington Items.
' I'Treasnrer Spinner was taken oultj aick
this morning and forced to retire rrom his
uesK at the Department. He has been ex
erting himself much lately, In. the exercise
of his official duties.., '
i General Grant will return"toVashlng
ton this evening or to-morrow.
The Dublin debt ftatement wfll'hn tiniipri
about Friday.. It cannot bo definitely sut-
ea wnat action will De shown during De
cember. . . . v
6,760,000 was lssui-d to the Pacific Bailr
road Companies, $4,S40.00O being to ; .the
union and the balauce to the Central Pa
cln3.:j"rr'f' -:;r .l--
a- ciaim agent named u. t Koire Has
oeen arrested in this jity by officers of the
secret service division 01 the 'ireasnry De
partment, charged With an attempt to com
mit fraud jipon the Government by pre
senting claims ta the Quartermaster Gen
eral's office, which had been already paid.
Railroad Purchase.
TRENTON, N. J., Jan. 4.
The joint railroad companies have ac'
cepted tne terms laid down by the Com
missioners tor the purchase of Hammer's,
at Jersey City, and have paid $500,000, the
sum aemanaea oy tne state. - . . ..
Warrant Signed.
. The warrant for the execution of Wool
ley, at Freehold, on the 7th Inst., has been
signed by the Governor. .
Railroad Opening.
The grand opening of the- Albany and
Susquehanna railroad will take place on
tueizcn, atwticn win De present (Govern
or Hoffman, the Legislature, the Erie Bail-
way officials, and others. A banquet and
otuer. ceremonies win tane place.
City Government of Boston.
BOSTON, Jan. 4.
Mayor Shurtliff and other members of
the city government were duly inaugurat
ed to-day.. The Mayor's inaugural message
is a document of great length, reviewing
in aetau tne work ot an Dranches ot the
city government during the past year, and
speaking encouragingly! of the material
growth of the city. ' The funded debt of
the fourth of January current is over six
teen and a half millions. The unfunded
debt is nearly two and a hall millions. The
means on -hand lor tedemption exceed five
millions, which leaves the net debt ot the
city $13 311,193, an increase during the
mnnicip&i year of- 1S68 of the gross oVbr, of
Ji,lJM,zw, and or the net dent ot $3,303,6Si
Chicago Items.
CHICAGO, Jan. 4.
-John McDevitt on Christmas day wrote
to Fbelan and Collender, of New York,
surrendering to them the champion bil
liard cue ot America, in order that it may
be competed for, with the push shot barred.
Phelan and Collender have returned the
cue to McDevitt as the one most deserving
ot it. McDevitt now challanges any play
er in the world to compete for the golden
cue, at five thousand dollars a side, Amer-
ican game, 1,500 or 2,000 point, second size,
four pocket standard table, 2 Inch balls,
the cballange to remain open thirty days.'
Over twenty-seven thousand emigrants
arrived here last years- - -
The McLean County (111) Soldier Monu
ment, at Blooming ton, has. been completed
and accepted. ' It 1s fifty' feet high, of
white Lemont stone and Vermont white
marble, and cost fifteen thousand dollars.
It will be formally dedicated nextspiing.
Tne Wisconsin Senatorial contest -between
Carpenter and Wasbburneis waxing
warm. The lormer's cbances are tne Det
ter. - - - - -.., - - - -'
The Legislature meets on the 13th inst.
Joseph Howe, of Marshe Blato, aged'25,
shot himself dead in Elgin, 111, last-Wed
nesday. -
The Helena fost says that in tne famous
UnJon mines there are one thousand tons
of excellent . ore ready to be crushed, and
20,000 tons of equally good quartz in sight.
anu. tnat tne leage con tarns quartz worm
five million dollars.-. .' i.-1 ,- -
New York Legislature.
ALBANY, Jan. 4.
55 The Legislature meets to-morrow. Gov.
Hoffman's message will be sent in after
the organization of the Legislature, which
will probably be effected without delay, '
Mysteriously Disappeared.
Hon. John C. Weed, ot East Port Chea
ter, i -member of . the Connecticut Legisla
ture from Greenwich, mysteriously disap
peared on Saturday night last. -
Memphis Items.
MEMPHIS, Jan. 4.
Numerous outrages by the militia having
been reported here. Gen. Granger sent
Captain Poole and two hundred and fifty
infantry to investigate mem, put ne re
ported that he was unable to trace them to
any reuaoie source.. , . , . . , .
A meeting 01 refugees rrom ArKansas
was held here yesterday. Cl. D. C. Gross
presided- After considerable discussion
it was resolved to hold a-meeting to-mor
row at Mound City. Gen Granger and
other United States officers were requested
to attend.
Geo. RButler, of the Tennessee Na
tional Bank, was brought before Judge
Hunter this afternoon. His trial began but
was not concluded. The bail, however,
was reduced to 930,000. The trial will be
concluded probably to-morrow.
ELIZABETH, N. J., Jan. 4.
Commodore W. D. Salter.' United States
Navy," died after a lingering illness, of
rhenmatlsm ot the heart, Sunday morning,"
at seventy-four years ot age.
Limits of Cincinnati.
A solicitor will go to Columbus to-mor
row to press upon the Legislature a bill to
increase tne city limits.
Proposals for a Bridge Across the
Missouri River.
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 4.
Proposals lor outiaing a oriuge across
the Missouri river at Leavenworth were
opened on the first. No award has been
made, out tne contract seems to oe oetween
Charles Kellogg, of rncenixviue, and L.
B. Baomer & Co., of Chicago. The bid ot the
former for a bridge, with cast iron too
cords, is628,500, tor a bridge with wrought
iron top cor us, is ous.uuu, ana ior a rail
road to c rry material from the Missouri
Vallev railroad track to the works $16,000.
The bids of the latter company, with cast
iron ton cords, is $673,490, and with
wrought iron too cords is $699,490, accoin
nanied with an offer to take a large
amount of stock in the bridge. .
The Tribune on Universal Amnesty
and Impartial Suffrage.
NEW YORK, Jan. 4.
The Tribune editorially says : We hope
to see a Constitutional anicnumenc trained
und adoDted which will couple universal
amuesty with impartial sufirage, and make
them a part of our fundamental law. Ol
i-onrse the Reoublicans of West Virginia,
Missouri and Tennessee will not like to be
voted down in their respective States, or in
nortions thereot, by. tbe now disfranchised
rebels, but no more will the now dominant
rebels, of Maryland, Kentucky and Dela
ware relish the enfranchisement of their
black neighbors. No comprehensive set
tlement of great controversy ever did or
ever can help exciting some local grievan
ces, real or'imaginaryas in-wis case.
Statesmen will disregard eelflsh and short
sighted .clamor, in the contemplation ol
reneral enduring results.
The Times on Grant's Administration.
The Times saysjThe whole country
expects to see General Grant enter, at his
orT'"'" ""Su.
: wna.lit-M nnrl
I the Government, and the bolder and more
' resolute he makes it the more completely
will he be supported. The tnurepf offlct
bill ought to be repealed. 'General Grant
should be left entirely free; to undertake
and execute such reforms in the 6ivil ser
vice as may be required.'' If Congress sees
the wisdom of making good -behavior "thf
sole tenure of office, let it adopt Jencks'
civil service bill,, but -until some- general
provisions of this sort are adopted. Grant
should have the full. power, oyer,, appoint
ments and removals . whlob. . the - Constitu
tion gives him.
Express Robbers.
Morton and Thompson,-the robbers of the
Merchants' Union ' Express, x arrived at
White Plains late Saturday night. It is be
lieved they will be used as witnesses against
. VV. Brown, the agent ot the tympany,
wbo is alleged to have planned the roo
bery. .
Premature Explosion and Loss of
Premature Explosion and Loss of Life.
; A nremature exoloslon occurred yester
day noon at the wreck of the steamer Scot
land, off Sandy Hook, which resulted in
the death of 4 men audi, the severely woun
dingol several others. The Neptune Sub
marine Company made a contract with the
Government last fall to remove the wreck
pt the Scotland, and have been at work for
Several weeks, whenever the weather
Would would permit, inblowing the. wrock
to pieces. There were, about twenty men
employed in ths service,-under charge of
Captain Wm. L. Churchill, late of the navy,
with the company's steamer, the Commo
dore Truxton. Yesterday two charges of
powder we re t&ken on board, "a Small boat
at Sandy Hook and out to the wreck. An
other small boat was lowered containing an
air pump, diving apparatus, two divers and
five men. The boat containing the two
Charges of powder,, eighty-seven and a
h ilt pounds in each,-was now manned by
Captain Churchill himself-and three men.
The diver went down and signalled to have
one charge sent down, which .was done,
leaving one charge in the ' boat. Both
charges were connected byHvire5 several
hundred feet in length. After iplacing the
charge the diver came, up and reported
everything ready, when both boats oegan
to pull away, but had proceeded but half the
usual distance, when from some unexplain
ed cause the submerged explosion , took
place, instantaneously, by the explosion of
the reserved charges in the ooat, Plowing
Capt. Churchill and the men to atoms; It
is supposed the charge in the boat was ex
ploded by the concussion. Several men in
the diver's boat were seriously Injured.
They have ben sent the hospital by offi
cers of the Company. The names of the
killed are Capt. William L. Churchill,
diver Louis' Jnrgins, seaman Geo. Moore
and James Oshay. Mr. Geo. W. Beardslee,
the electrician in the employ of the com
pany, was not present..
City Government.
The New York city government was or
ganized to-day. Mayor Hall did not send
in Lis message. The Comptroller's report
estimates the appropriations needed for
the year at about twelve million dollars,
of which about ten millions are to be rais
ed by taxation.
j The annual message' of Mayor Kalbflelsh,
of Brooklyn, shows that 3,300 buildings
were erected in that city during the
year. He approves the course of the Com
mon Council in investing in the stock of
the East Hiver Bridge Company.
M. U. Express.
: tA suit has been brought in the Suprenr e
Court by a stockholder of the Merchant!
Union Express Company, to restrain the
consolidation with tne American Compa
ny, and prevent tbe collection of the as
sessment of five dollars per shave on. the
stockholders ot the former company.
Preparing to Return.
LONDON, Jan. 4.
In view of President Johnson's" amnesty
proclamation of December 25th, Jeff Davis,
John Sltdrll, James. M; Mason, A: Dudley
Mann, -and other ex-rebels are preparing
to return to the united States.
The Treaty with China.
. The press of London generally approves
of the treaty between China and England,
recently concluded by Lord Clarenden and
Minister Uurlingame.
Situation of France.
LONDON, Jan. 4.
A writer in the Times discusses the pres
ent situation of France. He says the year
ends with tbe most precarious peace the
world ever saw, notices the growth of
Democratic sentiment in France, and de
clares that the Emperor must either check
the press or abandon personal government.
Postponement asked For.
PARIS, Jan. 4.
The French Government asked for post
ponement of the meeting of a conference
on the .Eastern question until the arrival at
.fans ot Mr. Deiigannts, the Greek Minis
ter to the Sublime .Porte;. .i; (;.a0 .-
Programme of the Insurgents.
NEW YORK, Jan. 4.
Private letters from Cuba do not confirm
the recent reports from that country rela
tive to the reverses of the Revolutionists.
It Is stated that tho Insurgents outnumber
the S Danish garrison In tbe island, and that
there is every prospect that they will be
successful. It is thought that it they can
hold out until March independence is cer
tain. They contemplate the total abolition
of slavery, and will not have annexation to
the United States unless as a final resort.
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Jan. 4.
; The market continues qniet but firm tor
all staple stylesof cotton goods. Atlantic
A beavy - brown sheetings are steady at
16c; Pacific -extra, 15c; Atlantic P.
shirtings, 13Jc; New. York Mills muslins,
zuc; juasonvme.JUc; Amosaeax prtnus-izni-;
sprague's, lztgitto as to styie ; racuic
"Milla , rin- I'ui'hwiv 1:11 GlAStrnw tln-
hams, 15p; paper cambrij ; llc lor plain,
and 12 for high colors.
Toledo Market—Jan. 4.
WHEAT lc betten amber $1 81.
. COKN New 6464Jc; new rejected 5Cc;
new yellow 69. ; kiln dried ?t)c,, . -,. i
OATS No 2 5657c. ' - . .:.!
' EYE--Quiet . ' ' - ; ; " - ""
; SEED Clover 5c lower; sales at $8 20.
; - HOGSr-Firm at llHJic. .
Buffalo Market—Jan. 4.
: FLOUR Quiet ; -sales of western spring
at f 8 (X)9 oo.! - -
i WHEAT Neglected and nominal-.j
' COKN New better; sales on track at
80c; in store at 88'Jic; oia yoc in store
The Ohio Statesman.
' "'Tho Democracy of the State require a
vigilant, able and efficient organ at the
Capital, to which end it must be well sup
ported. .Next to taking their county paper,
the duty of Democrats in that line, is
to suoscrioe to tne uhio dtatkhmaji, unity
or weekly E. B. Eshtlraan and C. B. Flood,
editors; it. Nevins, publisher, Columbup,
Ohio. Zanesvitle tsignat. -- - -i-
- Statesman. We call- attention to the
another column. It should be in the bands
of every voter. People s Defender.
Will restore it to its natural color and promote its
growth. - -v
R. P. HALL & CO., Nashua, Ji. H Proprietors.
. For sale by all Drntgists. ,
' jaly2S dltawAwlT-om
, S. S. FINNEY'S 1
For juveniles, Saturday afternoon, from to S
r. AL. uenuemen i vtodidx dims k asiuvg
HALL, 33a Inst., al a O'ciook r. . ooi,i
t A UOL1DAI PltKSKMi. Ladies and
gentlemen, joung and old. desirous of having their
hair beautiful tor tbe Holidays, snouia use do-
: once.. Read Chevalier's Treatise on the Baic
Free to all. Giren away at the Drug Stores, or sent
i by mail free. -This book should be -read by every
' oerson. 'It teaches to eultlvate and have beautiful
: hair, .andxestore &rj uair ti4,u..
stop its falling out, removes ail Irritation or dan.
i draff 'from the scalp, thus kecsiria the hair beauti
i ful to the latest period of life. -
8AKAU. A. Ulinv AiilllK. M. 11..
jMT-dcel-eodlm Xli3 Broadway, H.Y.
"4ano '
PRO V N CK. R. I., h ring the largest piann
faefcry ' So 7- 8 "r in tbs world, with
the most m proved mack t, and employing the
mast skilled labor, are enabled to offer an nn
q culled variety of new tad beautiful deaigna in
Dinner Sorrioes, Tea. e ficee, and every article
specially adepted for liday and Bridal Gifts.
They, offer also their well-known and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Elea'ro-Flated Ware, In which the
have introduced new patterns of rare elegance.-'
The Solid Silver hi guaranteed to be of sterlin
purity by U.S. Mint assay. 3 be Klectro-Plate i
guaranteed to be superior to tbe finest S- effiel
ware. Orders received from tbe Trade only, bu
these goods may be obtained from responsible
dealers everywhere.
--''- Trade
. '.. Uti Mark,
Trade mar m .
; Svrer. mm
. . Salesroom No.3 : Maiden Lane, if. Y,
ttov5-d&w4Xm-re mt
Ir. Xoblak' Venetlna Dorse L,lnl-
, . ment. ;
Pint bottles at SI, for the cure of lameness ,
scratches. Wind galls, sprains, braises, splints, outs
eolie, slipping etifle, over-heating, sore throat, tail
n the foot. 6c. It is warranted ebeapei and bet- 1
ter than any other article ever offered to the public
Thousands of animals bave been cored of the oolie
and over heating by the Liniment; and hundreds .
that were crippled and lame bave been restored to
their former vigor. It is used by the first horse
men throughout the States. : Orders are constantly
received from tbe raoiog stables of England for.
fresh supplies of this -invaluable, artiola. Over
3,500 testimonials have been received. , Remember
one dollar laid out in time may save- the life of
your horse. Sold by all Druggist. Offioe. 10 Park
Place, Mew "fork.- . . ,; ,-.-.,
junelS-d&wlyom-reKT i.",
'. I haVb heard H highly extolled and have seen its
wonderful effects, writes . Martha M.j Johnson of
Derbyt Ct., about Palmer's Letioib
tMew Advertisements
E2T The Ohio Statesmtait ban a
Larjier Circulation than any pa.
per published lu this City or Cen
tral Ohio.' Advertisers -will hear
thla ln;xnind. ' i : "' f ''
' Sherift's Sale. -
Thomas Millen : Court of Common Pleas
vs of
Patriok Fits. ) '- r Franklin conntr. Ohin. '
above stated ease from saiH MDrttAmaHL
reoted. 1 will otler tor sale at Dublia auetinn at rh.
door of the court house, in the city of Columbus.
Saturday, the 6th day ot February, A. D.
at 2 o'clock P. M., the following described real es
tate, situate in the eity of Columbus, Franklin
eounty, to-wit :
: Lot number (A) eight of tbe subdivision of in
lots oi the eity of Columbus Nos. 52. 63, 54, 55 and
66. as the same is designated on the plat of said
subdivision, recorded in bonk of plats or said
Franklin county .No. l.jpage 88. j- -. .id .-. :
nppratseaai vi4uu.
Printer's fees (S 25. ;
janS-dlt&wtd Coroner, acting as Sheriff. .
Skerift's Sale.
, Eliiah Ather , I 1 In rartition.
vs Court of Common Fliui at
DanielJ. Atneyetal.) franklin Uounty, U.
X. from said Court in the above stated case to
me directed. I will oner for sale at oublio auction.
at the door of the court house, in Che eity of Co-
lumous, on
Saturday; the 6th day ot February, A.' D.
at 9 o'olock P. M., tbe following deseribed real es
tate, situate in iranuin eounty. unio, and in
oak on tbe line of John Biggart; thencs with his,
line east 130 poles tn a hiokory corner to said big
girtr thence south 150 poles to an elmr l hence west
130 poles to a btsck oak: tbenee north with the liee
of land sold to Holby and Aaron loO poles to the
beginning, containing irs acres ot land,, more or
less. t
Als o. the followinc tract of land, situate in tha
same township, bounded as follows: Beginning at.
an Elm in the south line of Lewis Hooker's survey
No. 1,467 118 poles went of the- northeast corner of
said survey: thence 66 onles to a burr oak and three'
j ck oaks; thence west 148 poles to a white ok and
pest oak; tnence north eo poles to a red oa in tne
eaid north line; thence with bid line east 146 poles
to tbe beginning, containing sixty-five acres, more
or less, the same being part of said Booker survey
No. 1,467. excepting out of tbe foregoing traot or
parcel of land, the following traot er parcels, to
wn: .rtrar .BeginniLg at a niCKory, nortneasc cor
ner, to saidsurvev No. 1.467: thence west with the
original line 113 poles to a white oak and elm in
John Biggart's line; thenoerouth 34 degrees, east
to a white oak: tnence soutn 4 degrees, east 14
poles to two eedar bushes; thence south 60 degrees,
east 34 p .lee to a stake between an elm and sugar
tree; thence with the meanders cf tbe mill race
soata 62 degree?, east 1 poles, north S3 degrees. .
east 10 pol a, south 51 degrees, east IS poles, south
26 degrees,, east 97 poles to a stake; thence .south "
3i degrees, west 20 Jf poles to a stake one pole short .
of a BUgar tree? thence south 63 degrees, west 43'
poles to an ash iu the east line of taid survey;
tnence nortn izu poles to tne neginning. containing,
thirtyt-ave and one-quarter acres, and being the
sine tract or sarcel convened bv Georee Goodson.
and wife to K. W. Goodson, by deed dated lov. '
17th, 1815, and excepting; ttcond., tbe following .
tract or Larcel: Bsieinnine at a black oak stumo.
corner to John Bigga tr thenoe with his line south
86 H deg.- ees. east J chains and eighty links to en
elm ana two oaks on the Dank or Darby ereeK;
thence with tbe bank of said oreek south 41 de
g ees, east T chains, 38 links .to a stake; thence
south 694 degrees, west 11 chains, 50 links to a
stake; thence north 74X degrees, west 3 chains, 25
links to a stone: thence north 91 degrees, east 11
chains to the beginning, eontainir g ten aoree and
seventy-two poles ot lan-t, be tne same moroor less,
and being the same traot or parcel conveyed b) the
said John H. A they, deceased, anc wife, to Rich
ard Pugh. by deed dated June 9, 1868.
Appraised at Has per aore.
Terms of Sale One-third of the Durchase mon
ey paid on the day of sale, oue-third in one year
and one-third in two years, deferred paym. nts se
cured by mortgage on the premises, and bearing
interest irom aay ot paie.
ranter's lees i!7 60. , . .
...... E. GAVER.
' ' ' ' ' Coroner, aoting as Sheriff.
janS-dlUtwtd .
preparation, introduced last winter, having
received so many flattering commendations from
those who nsed it, induces the proprietors to bring
it again before the public, assuring them that it
stands unrivalled as the best protector of tbe skin
against the inclemency of the winter season. It
not only imparts to the skin a delicate fresbnesa
and beauty, but also conduoes to its health, purity
aud presertatiou. For healing abrasions. Chap
ped Bands, face. Lips, or Knughnees ot -the Skin,
it has no equal, while its soothing qualities and
delightful fragrance render it a necessary append
age to the toilet. Prepared only bv MARPLB &
H1TSON. Dispensing Chemists. 100 South Kich
street, Columbus, Ohio. . nov4-deodtw4ui ,
Great Reduction l in Price.
'qvalitv add fbofkbties unimpaired.
:r - A Pleasant Invigorating TONIC. ii.-V
A Substitute for ALE and ALCOHOLIC DRINKS
' Especially Nursing Mothers." ."
A certain Rbukdt for Disorders of tie '
Sold by Drop gists aed Grocers.
, ... . JOS. S. PEDERSEN. (-
' 8X Murray St., New York. '
. Sole Agent for U.S. and British Provinces of N.A
SPEC I F I 0 !
... j . i
The only Infallible and Harmless Remedy. Can be
given with or without the patient's knowledge.
. . Read Dr. Johnston's Treatise on "Drunken- -De3S,
its Consequences and Cure." Try
the SPECIFIC, and be eon
; i . .. vinoed. : .'
pleasant pteparation creates no vomiting after its
use. Tobacco need not be discarded all at once,
for tbe Compound destroys the desire gradual. y
and positively. ; ......
. ' ' AUG. J.' SCHUELLER. -
seplT-dTlsiwly '- Proprietor. Columbus, 0.' '
DtSSOtC TlOI-The firm, of STEINBAR
GER, FAIRCUILD A CO.; was this day die.
solved by mutual consent, George t airchild with
drawing from the same Tbe business will be set
tled up by the remaining partners, Wm. Stein
barger and Wm. Fiinhtld, who will eontinue tbe
busines of Wholesale Liquor Dealers, at the old
stand, IT and Jfl West broad street, where the so
licit tbe same patronage extended to the old firm
I; .fi-Util - WM; SSTKINHARtltR.
Columbus, Ohio, Jan. 1, 1869. j&nJ-dlw
fiiew Advertisemenst
or THB
United States of America
Cash Capital,. - - $1,000,00Q
. J... PAID IN FULL. .
Te which all general correspondence should be ad-
- v a:ossea. . . . - r
' ; -: OFFICERS s
CLARENCK H. CI.ARK. PrenUsnt. - -
JAY COOKE. Chairman Finance and Executive
committee. ..... .
HENRY D. i OOKE. Vi. Pmident.
EiltiidON W. PEET. Secretary aud Actuary
Offered hv thin nrmiiMn, m.rm ,
It is a National ComnUT. ehartared bv eneeial
It bas a paid up capital of (1.000,000. -'
1 1 otTera low rates of nreminm.
It furnishes larger Insurance than other Com pa-
mee ior tne same money. -It
is definite and certain in its terms, '
It is a home Company in every locality.
ItH Policies are exemrjt from attmnhment.
There are no unnecessary restrictions in the Pol
Everv Polinv la nnn.forf)ifj,l,T
Polieies may be talen that will pay insured their
iuii amount ana return all tbe premiums, so that
the Insurance costs only the inter, st on the annual
folioies may be taken which pay to the Insured
after a certain number of yearn rinrinr life, an an.
nual income of one-tenth the amount named iu the
No extra, rate is charged for risks upon the lives
ot lemaies.
It insures not to pay dividends, but at s ''
cost tbat dividends will be impossible.- ,
Cincinnati, Ohio. General Agents for Ohio Central
'. - and Southern Indiana.
S. 91. SMITH, -
Colu-rbus. Special Agent for Franklin, Licking.
jDosKingum ana oenoctou counties- y
FeNY-oot22-deodAweowly '
vDr. Barton's Tobacco Antidote.
yliumo TO mnn lu mtm na Tna.rw,
ntV'l vwooote ana aarwuea, ana u also an excellent
patuw;- ii pwijW ana tnnchtB uu mood, lnylgxirmtci
Tiumpwaw, pw Boananing ana ftrenguienlni
r, ou.i.r. ui iwiij.cn to mini tne nearuett looa.
leep retmesmng, ana ettaDljanei roboit health.
ana CAneor stzty ytart ewtcL rnce FiftTenU par
box. PtntM. An interesting- tremtjM on tus tojnrioea
aaeeta of tohacea, wilh -lint, of tettimonialaf referancas.
w., aux 1 . nm. -t c r n . waoiea. AliUrrjjf
UK. A. A. ABBOTT, ttCTmj UIVJ. SL, t.
FotmUSTKas Txvr vorr. 1 racal.aa a box of Bnrtfm'a
AnUdota rrom Kay. Ja. rowlion, ana find it a, cp estw
cw. S. Gatshw ConnoUonHarriaoa Co Ohio.
Faoal Tit TJ. 8. TBAkSirBV. Bjtrttarv't Ojgea. Please
asnd a supply of the Aa Apora. rfto OH raon vd AOs atoajs
- Fbom New Hampshtbb aoa-rs Pttiwx. Gentlemen of
fnQnenee hare Baying bean cyk rd or tha appeule lor tobac
co ny nsing LtT. HQruu'i aitmpte, wa aesira a inpjuy ior
lot prisoners oi w lii.iiiiiun. v
Josbth MATOWarderW H. H. State Prison.
, A SjUTEBR's Tsvmyrirr. BrXBnrton'B Antidote for
Tobeeeo haa aeeomptiMua an daimMor U. S - -W.
Mah 1st Kat. ankANaw Albany, 1b.
i A Cinsnul AxsrmotfT. OhxKox or AxtidotS
enrad my brtrthor And myself. IT BrBTKXrAlLB.
Bev. JW. Sboxxaxxb, KaUcJy Station, Pa.
Tbobi thx Jfbuca Hsadottastxs.- liTNnf, MAsa. I
koM gained tnrty-Hv jxnmat cf JUh (Arse BsoatAs by
vsing Dr. rsnrton'B Aaudota, and all dairt fA tobacco la
lamorad. WM. 1. WtolT, Ja.
FuwAn ftATmmB Hosl JoTnurAjL. BaaTTHOKB.
Mb. ih. box of Bnrtonla Antidote restosea att aVt'ra for
tbe wsfed from me. I taC pleasure in reeommendh tt to
all qjtr raadetl. T. Y. 8LATXB, Edil
Tradtntart X OffpyrtffWart
JUT CatBtlon t Beware of. Injurious Counter-
ietts aavertisea oy uumnugs.
DOv30-datsi3mos-FM7 - ' -
JSTo. 13. - :
experience, an entire success: Simple
Prompt Efficient and lteliable. They are the .
only Medicines perfectly adapted to popular use,
so simple that mistakes cannot be made in
using them ; so harmless as to be free from' dan- ,
ger, and ao efficient- as to be always reliable. '
They have raised the highest commendation from
ail, and will always renaex aatisfaction. , , ..j .
Hos. 50 " Centa
1, cures teverm. congestion, inrtsmmatioris.trs
AVorma. Worm Fever, Worm ColicS
Oylnsc-Colic or Teething of Infants 25
Diarrhoea of Children or Adults.. 86
-7, "
b "
J0, M
11 M
19, "
Dysentery, Griping, Bilious ColicS6
Cfiolera-.-TIorbua, Vomiting.... .25
Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis. ....... .86 -
Neuralgia, Toothache, Faceache.,25
Dyspepsia, Bilions Stomach 85
Suppressed, or Painful Periods...25
'Wliltes, too profuse Periods:..-.-. .-.85
Croup, Congh Difficult Breathing..2S "
Salt K Ileum, Erysipelas, Entption25
15. " Klieiimutlsm, Rhenmaticpnine, .
Hiieiimatistn. Kneamaticpainsi.srj
jiamt aom are put up tn via ls.vmk. atreeitbn
containing double quantities each,or. 60
The following art also put up in vials and art
tent at Uu same prices given below.
16, " Feveroc Ague. Chill Fever, AguesSO
17, " IItes, blind or bleeding 60
IS,"' " pthalmy, and sore or weak Eyef0 -
81, .
Catarrli.acute orcbronic,Influenza50
W IioopliiK-Cougn.vlolentcougnSO
Astlima, oppressed Breathing 60
Ear Dlsctaars;es,impairedhearingSO
Scrofula.enlarged glande,swelling850
OencraJllebility .physical weakneseoO
Dropsy, and scanty Secretions 50
Sea-Slckness,slcltnese from rlding50
r Kidney-Disease, Gravel.. ......GO
'Nervous - Debility - Semlnsa
Kinlsslous, involuntary lis- -
charees ..1 00
Sore Mouth, Canker. t.e... 60
Urinary Weakness, wetting bedSO
Painful Periods, with spasma..&0
Sull'crlngs at change of life. 1 00
EpIlepsy.Spa8ms,St.Vitus'Dancel 00
Diphtheria, ulcerated sore throat. 60
89, '
Of 85 to 60 large wlals, mereeee -
- . or rosewood eaae, eontalnlns; . .
m snerllle for every ordinary
disease a family Is subject to,
,i .1 hnnlra Af 11 raetlnna . .i
; '4 i.
7 . From$10to 35
" Smaller Family and Traveling: cases, ' '
with 30 to 8tt vials from $5 to $8
Specifics for all Private Dlseaseaboth
ior auiaue ouu
. treatment, in vials and pocketcases,f 2toS5
Burns. Bruises, Lameness,
Soreness,Sore Throat.Spralns. Tooth
ache. Earache, Neuralgia, Bhesms
tlsm, I-nmboso, Piles, Bolls, Stings,
Sore Eyes, Bleeding of the IiUnjts,--Nese,
Stomach, or of Piles; Corns, lil-
eers. Old Sores.
Price, 6 ox., SOcts. Pints, (l.OO)
Quarts, $1.7 S. - -.
t-xT These Kennedies, except POND'S EX-
' TRACT, by the case or single box, are seat to
any part of the country, by mall or express, free
of charge, on receipt of the price,
: Address Hnmphreys Specific) - -
( Homeopathic Medicine Company,
Office and Depot, No. 562Bboadwat, New York.
Dr. HuaPHBars la consulted daily at his office,
personally or by letter, as above, for all forme of
dieeese a
' A fresh supply of tbe above always on band and
for sale by ' '
' 8. E. SAMrjUL '.' -H
-i.- A. J- ISHHUELIjER and '
' 7''' HUSTON 4. UARUXitR. '
. : CAl'Tin.t, .
All fresh and genuine iledicines have on the
bottom of the box. or in the cases. Humphreys'
tSpeotfie. Homeopathio Medicine Company.. Buy
no others. They are not reliable.
. . jylS-deodiwly
.... lVo. 3343 - llroatlwny.
Capital, i - One Million Hollars.
DabitjsU. Manga. Pres't. J as. Mkhriu, See'y.
Reoeives Deposi'sand allows FOUR PERCENT.
INTEREST on all Daily Balances, subject to oheck
at siebt. ISpeeial Depos ts for tix months or mora.
mav, be made at five per cent. The Capital of One
oii'iioa ioiiara ia uiviuea among over oou onsre
holders.eomprisinc many gentlemen of 1 arse wealth
and financial experience, who are also personally
liable to depositors for ail oblications of the Com
pany to double the amount of their capital stock.
As the National Trust Company reoeives deposits
in large or small amounts, ard permits them to be
drawn as a whole or in pa t by check at sujht and
without notice, allowing interest on all daily bal
ances, parties throughout the country can keep ac
counts in this Institution with special advantages
of security, convenience and profit. . ...
-JMT-decl-dAw3sin -
rs-MVF- ROirinERCI.f L, BA' K.
L in "Sessions' ,B.ock." corner High and Long
streets, will be open for business January 4th, 186a.
Accounts of individuals and firms solicited aud
satisfaction guaranteed INTEREST ALLOWED
ON TIME DEPOSITS. Gold and Silver. Foreien
and Domestio Exchange Government Bonds and
local securities bought and sold. Passage Tickets
w sua iiuin sui uie principal porta in r. urope fs
sued. .. .... ...
The above Bank will be open for the transaction
of business, exeept paying checks, Weduesdav and
oaturnay evenings oi eacn weeK,irom 7 to soolock
dee30-eodlm. J. A. JEFFREY, Cashier.
ste-'fi otk'es-t Let,n
Besntlr.nii -. ...
.. - .....1IIBI eif hi
wcii neriuMa-.
"LirS't-aW. on Frl,d
andl pre;nrfronrro7mrwrS
quiring at 114 Ea,t But. Wrw. 'tnASt'
"' Open Rightly with Star Company of ' 1
- -i . Second week, and great bit. of '
oujse Payne and Ada Wray ! .
Six more new faces this wV. M;.. unsrst
andFJunnisitBOWMAr and' HARRIS, the mI?
bjaten tthiopeiin Comedians; MUs ROSA LEE.nd
". -tL - 1 joocuu.tneaocompiishel Vocal
ists. Danseures and Comediennes, . ;
oee rrogramn.es lor particulars. . . jtn4
Xhe nacfaf ne, Cnlled Masy,; .
very eempfirated and delicate one. and is mnrai
liable to get otat of order, and much nore difficult
to repair, than any combination of wheels, and
e-anks. and levers, made by the bands of man. As
rule, it is finturti too muck, and badlv UKkrti.
at that, .' .It is often calomeliied. nareetiied, de- '
pieted. and otherwise misused, when all that it
really needs is a wholesome tonlo and- restorative
putit in proper trim and keep it so. Thestomaehia ,
shamefully snaitreatedV In tbe first plaee, tha food
which its joices are intended to dissolve), is too fre
quently tkrtv into it hastily, and in a haIf-masti-:
eated condition, in which state the gastrio acid
cannot properly act upon it. The result is ivsptp-
tVs. Then comes the doctor, and. flrldins tha di
gestive organs weak and the bowels inert.be pro-' .
eeeds to weaken and paralyse still more with dras
tio purgatives. These failing as they always do
to produce a salutary ehange. be tells the invalid '
that medical seienoe can do do more for him. This,1
with all due deferenee.-rs a roietake. one of those?
mistakes which Taltyrand laid were tantamount to
crimes. ' what the dyspeptic needs is iitvioorattomi
Stiengthen the stomach with HOSTKITEE'S"
BITTCBS. and the stomach will strengthen every'
other part of the human sunshine, and make it, in
oommon parlance, as good as . new. Upon
the state ot the digestion depends, in a measure, tha
condition of the whole system, New, tha bitters
are the most admirable tonio known. They consist,
of the finest vegetable invigorants and restoratives,
combined with an unadulterated stimulant. The
dyspeptio needs nothing else to effect a cure, exeeps
a light, nutritious diet, and a fair amount of exerA
cise- Even in the awsenee of these last mentioned,
accessories, the tonio and alterative properities of
the preparation will work wonders, enabling the)
dyspeptic to digest inferior fare with oomparati vsf
ease, and to maintain a good habit of body, in spit
of the drawbacks of a sedentary occupation. , , -
mAy23deodAwlr-cw-r f j -. ; . t a t i.
- For restoring Cray Hair to
its natural Vitality and ' JColtWa,
; 1 A : dressing which
is at once agreeable,
healthy, and effectual
-. for preserving the
' b.air. Faded or gray
i hair it soon, restored
r .to its original 7 color
;i with- the-; gloss i and
ajl in, - . . .. . -
xmn nair .13 uuck
ened, falling hair checked, -and bald
ness often, though not always, -cured
by its use. - Nothing - can restore tha
hair -where the follicles are destroyed,
or the glands atrophied and. decayed.'
But such as remain can be saved for
usefulness by this application. ' Instead
of fouling the hair with a pasty-lsedi
ment, it 'rrill keep it clean and yigorous.
Its occasional use will prevent the hair
from turning gray or falling off,, and
consequently prevent ' baldness.- Free
from those deleterious substances which,
make some preparations dangerous and
injurious to the -hair, the Vigor -can
only benefit but not harm it. , If wanted
merely for a 1)- , . ' : .
nothing else .can be foOnd so desirable.
Containing neither oil nor dye, it does
not soil white cambric, and yet lasts
long on the hair, giving it a rich glossy
lustre and a grateful perfume.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Ca.,;
Peacticax ajtd Analytical Chemists,
' -: '' ' PBIX3B 1.0O.
" mr Sold byBKAON: BRUOK & CO Wholes
stle and ttetail Dealers, Columbus. Ohio, and by
Druggists everywhere.. jac6-4.eodAweowly
Is the offspring of a great fact. o one -can think
:i f denying that his
Brings out a finer BROWN er. BLACK than any
ether, ia a shorter time, aud without injury ta the
hair. This is a truth as apparent as that the sua
rights the earth. ' " ' . ' - ' '
Cristadoro's v HairJ Preservative
AND BliAOTIFIER. The toilet, without this ar
ticle, laeka its most useful attribute. - -Nothing i
so common in this country as the falling oat of tha
hair. The preservative prevents iU The fibre ears
no more loosen and drop off, if this artiele is rega
larly applied night and morning, than if each were
fixed in a vies. The testimony on this poipt is
ovewbelming, while the beautifying and invigortW
properties of the fluid are equally weH established
' Sold by Druggists, and applied by all Hair Dress
era. Manufactory No. 68 Maiden Lane. Principal
Depot No eAstor House, ,
junelS-dAwlycm-reNT f '.'.'.12
Whereby the circulation of tbe blood becomes
equalized upon the part where applied, caasina
pain and morbid action to cease.
Wat there ever published stronger evidence than
this? :.: i. I ' .. . ' -.. -I. ... V i
Certificate traua VP . Sterling, Eeq.
For two years X have been a' great sufferer from
neuralgia ia the head, and found only temporary
relief from aM the various remedies tbat I have
tried, until I applied one of ALLC0CK-'S .PO
ROUS PLASTERS." I eat it into three stripe,
placing one under each shoulder blade and tie oth
er over the small, ef my back, and for the past
three months I bave had scarcely a twinge of the
old pain. I sovireall who sufferfrcm neiruusdls
eases to lose no Urns; in making a trial of the won
derful plaster - - -
A. F. STERLING.Seo'y Singer Ufa Co.'
New York. June 8.1668, - . .
Psinoipal Agency. BjUndrxtH "Bousi.' Ilew
York. Sold by all druggists.
iunelB-dAwlycm-rerlT ' "' ' J " -.'. 1 - f s
.. ... ' ' ' '-. ; : U i'.
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS. West Broadway, neor
ligh street. Columbus, Ohio, has devoted himself
-a series of years to the treatment of certain pit.
v te diseases, tie may bscansulted at his offio
Broad a . near the Exohanae Bask
may31-tf : t
innnnnn and the
Tieoa. or
11 OIITH restored In four weeks.
restores manly powers, irom wnatever eauie ari
sing; tbe effects of earlv pernicious habits, self-i
abuse, impotency and climate, give away at onee te
this wonderful medio ine, if taken regularly accord
ins to the directions whieh are very simple aarl re
quire no restraint from business orpleasnre.) Fsil
ure is impossible. Said in bottles at $3. er font
quantities in one for $9. To be had only of the sole
appointed agent-ie. America. H. Uutrrxait. il
Third Ave., oorner 13th St.. Mew York,'!.
M AWHOOlk.vs Anotktr Hem - Medical
A!f. ?m?'l??t tie pen oj Da CrRTis.
The' Medical limes ' says of this work: "This
valuable treatise on the cause and cure of prema
ture decline, shows how health is impaired tbroush
secret -abuses -of youth end manhood,-and how
easily regained. It sives a clear synopsis of the
impediments to marriage, the canse and effects ef
nervous debility, and the remedies therefor." - A
pocket edition of the above will be forwarded a
reeeiot of W cents, by addressing Doctor CtTBTia
fa. ee North Charles street, Baltimore, Aid.
era mayS5-dly-r ; ..-:
. -' ' ii - a-
splendid Hair Dre is the best ia the world ;
the only true and perfect Dye ; harmless, reliable
instantaneous ; no dissppointinent 1 no ridiculdus
tints; remedies the ill effects of bad dyes; invig
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautifut, black
or brown. Soi l by all Druggists and Perfumers ?
and propeflv applied at Batohelor's Wig Factory
Jio. 18 Bond street. N. York, rur aprM dAwly

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