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From the FilUhurg Commercial Journal.
Ould Dear-oii McKenny and good Patrick White,
' Fur many a day, ItaJ a bit of a fiyht,
OulJ Peacon McKenny always hated the Tope,
And held that Lis neck was just fit for a rope.
: But good Patrick White, who loves Pio Nino,
' And bowed at the feet of Bishop Biwino,
Swore by the powers, in presence of many,
That he'd batter the pate of ould Deacon Mc
Onld Deacon M'Kenny was not to bo skeer'd,
Of the Pope, nor Bcdiui he wasn't afecrd ;
He fired away, like the devil, nt Koine,
- And opened his guns on the Papists at home.
It so happen'd one day, that Deacon aud Pat,
lift at a comer, and struck up a chat:
Says Deacon McKenny to ,ood Patrick White,
Uave you heard of the "Know Nothings," just
come to light ?
Faith I hare, says onld Pat, bad luck to Vhi too
Fur I hate them all worse, than Gentile or Jew,
That's right, said the Deacon, and his hand lit
They embraced then as friends, and their fight J ogy, chemistry, ami botany, all sustain n
tion to agriculture must be manifest to the
most inconsiderate. Tbcro is a connection
between the nature and quality of soil in
any given district of country, and tbc veg
etable productions tbere found. The far
mer, the practical agriculturalist, in mak
ing a purchase of lands, determines the
value of the soil from the nature of the ve
getable productions found on it. The qual
Arrangement of tuk Hair. A wri
ter in Blackwood says: "I wish somo one
would write a good treatise on Lair dress
ing, llow often do wo sec a really good
face made quite ugly by a total iuattcution
to line. Sometimes tho hair is pushed in
to the checks, and squared at the forehead,
so as to give a most extraordinary pinched
shape to the face. Let the oval, where it
ity of the rocks in any locality is an index j exists, be always preserved; whero it does
to tho nature of the soil : tho soil will do- not, let the hair be so humored that Uie
terniino what vegetable forms of life will
best grow on it.
There is not only a relationship subsist
deficiency shall not be perceived. Nothing
is more common than to see a face, which
is somen hat too largo below, made to look
ing between the quality of the soil of cer-1 grossly largo and coarse, by contracting
tain districts of country, and the forms of
vegetable life ; but there is an adaptation
and relationship of both animal and vege
table life to the motion of the earth round
the sun, and on its axis. Geological sci
ence teaches us that tho ingrcdicuts of all
soil are clay, sand and lime, and that a duo
mixture of these constitutes good agricul
tural soil. A knowledge of facts of this
nature cannot fail to be of the first impor
tance to every one-engaged in the honora
ble ftc-pumtion of tillintr the earth. Geol-
J there was ended.
Now they soon met again, the ould Deacon and
Says Pat to the Deacon doyuu know what I'm at?
I do, says the Deacon, they tay you desire
To have my support to make you a Squire.
, Well now, says the Deacon, before I agree.
most important relation to agricultural sci
rnce, a science of growing importance to
the learned world. Agricultural chemis
try, and agricultural geology have rdrcady
received, in many quarters, a liberal and
enlightened share of attention. That a
knowledge of vegetable physiology, and the
' To support vou for Souire. vou must promise ; in-put. niul furious laws troverninir vegetable
a. 1 ' 4 O o vj w
to mi
That the Shanghighs, Muscovies, and Know
Nothings loo,
Shall never receive any oilice from you.
Houhl office, says Pat, do you think I'd agree,
That a bloody Know Nothing should hare office
from mc?
Py my sowl, if I had them once in my power,
I'd hang them all up in less than an hour,
Says Deacon McKenny to good Patrick While,
You can have my support, and for you I'll write;
I'll join with the mickies and grog-tellers too,
And beat the Know Nothings, aud th'is elect
the hair on the forehead and checks, and
there bringing it to an abrupt check; where
as such a face should enlarge the forehead
and the check, and let the hair fall partial
ly over, so as to shade and soften off the
lower exuberance. A good treatise, with
examples in outline of the defects, would
bo of somo value upon a lady's toilet, who
would wish to preserve her great privilege
the supremacy of beauty. Some press
the hair down close to tho face, which is
to lose tho very characteristic of hair,
case and freedom. Let her locks, says An
acreon, lie as they like; the Greek gives
them life aud a will. Some ladies wear
their hair like blinkers; you always suspect
they will shy if you approach them."
life, are of utmost value in agricultural sci
ence, must be confessed by every one.
Mineralogy, constitutes a branch of geo
logical science, and sustains to it about the
same rclatiou that horticulture docs to ag.
riculture. The rich stores of minerals and
metals opened up to human view, in geolo
gical science, arc of greatest practical im
portance. It is a question, difficult to do-
,1 rf Wtsnf burden ! frora UD,kr auJ lhe droP kinS a foot or
. . ,., l i w I two, the lad received quite a shock. The
Dangerous SroitT. A few days ago,
seme boys residing in and about South
Queen street, took one of their comrades
into a cellar, and there gave him a court
trial for some offence that he had commit
ted. He was found guilty, and the Judge
sentenced him to be hung. They imme
diately procured a spike, drove it into a
joLt, and fastening a chaiu, they placed
the culprit on a saw-horse, ready to be
swung off. Tho arrangement was, that
whenever the boy whistled, he was to bo
let down. The scaffold was then knocked
On with the spangle banner, on !
Let cowards stay behind
The flash that tells of victory won,
Will strike a craven blind.
The silk which glitters in the light,
Will cease its fold to wave,
If 'neath it in the hour of fight,
Are any but the brave.
And whether upon mouutain sleep
It brothers with the pine,
Or dashing o'er the rolling deep,
Claims kindred with the brine :
Still bear the banner boldly on
The stripe and Eagle's form
Bear it all brilliant in the sun,
All scatheless in the storm.
and draught, have contributed most to the
i civilization of the human family. The
award should be made, probably, in favor
of the use of metals. The precious met
tils, gold and silver, have rendered their
services, and will continue to render their
services. Rut iron, copper, lead and tin,
in connection with others, which might be
mentioned, have worked changes cn the
face nf society, and have elevated man
high in tho rank of social, mural, and in
tellectual being.
From Eliza Cook's Joun.al.
ie lau received quite a snocic.
other boys were dancing around him, cry
ing, "why don't you whistle?" but ho was
past making any effort, and had it not been
for a gentleman who was passing at the
time, aud who delivered the boy, the sport
would have ended fatally. When taken
down he was black. We hopo this will
prove a warning to children and to parents.
York (Fa.) Eagle.
be happy to be made acquainted with the
But to tho . experiments of Mr. Sutton,
lie says:
In the year 1853, the ground was plant
ed with corn and potatoes. Tart of the
potatoes rotted. This year (1854) it was
laid out into squares, 11 paces each way; a
small coating of barn manure was spread
after plowing and harrowing it.
No. 1. Tho potatoes wcro covered with
salt hay, about six inches deep, over the
whole square. Yielded four bushels.
No. 2. The potatoes were covered with
slacked lime, then covered with soil, then
spread half a bushel of salt over the square.
Yield four bushels.
No. 3. The potatoes were covered with
soil, then a coating of lime on the top.
Yielded four and a quarter bushels.
No. The potatoes were placed in tho bills
on the lime, and then covered with soil.
Yielded four and a quarter bushels.
No. 5. First put a shovel full of tan in
the hill, then the potatoes on the tan, and
covered with soil. Yielded four and three
quarter bushels.
No. 6 Tut a shovel full of barn manuro
from the stall v, hero my oxen were kept,
and covered with soil. Y'ielded four bush
els; the poorest lot in tho field.
No. 7. Dropped the potatoes, and threw
a shovelfull of tan upon them, and then
covered with soil.
No. 8. Dropped the potatoes and then
threw a shovelfull of meadow mud upon
them, and then covered with soil. Y'ielded
four bushels.
No. 9. Tho same as No. 8. With the
potatoes dropped on the mud. Yielded
four bushels.
The potatoes in Nos. 5 and 7 were up a
week before the others.
In most of tho parcels, except where the
tan was used, there were found more or
less defective potatoes. These that grew
in the tan were larger, smoother, and of
better quality than the others. I have
grown no better potatoes than these this
Administrator's Sale.
T Y order of tho Probato Court, on Sut--
orday, the 17th day of February, 1855, at
2 o'clock t. m., of said day, at the door of tho
Court House, in Stcubenville, Jefferson county,
Ohio, will be sold to the highest bidder, the
following valuable real estate, to wit: The
north part of lot No. 7, in Dike A Wilson's ad
dition to the Town of Steubenville; beginning
for the same at the North east corner of said lot,
running thence South with 4th street, thirty
feet, thence West and parallel With the North
boundary of said lot, to the alley, tbenco North
with the alley thirty feet, to the North-west
corner of said lot, thei.co East, with tho JVorth
boundary of said lot to the place of beginning.
Thsms of Sale: One third cash in hand;
one third in one year, and the residue in two
years from the day of sale, with interest on the
defered payments, to lie secured by mortgage
on the premises. GEORGE W. MYERS,
Adui'r of the estate of Sam'l Myers dee'd.
Jan. 16. 1855, 4t '
HG. GARRETT, Dealer in Foreign
and Domestic DRY GOODS, No. 100, 3d
Street, Stf.ubknvii.le, will close out his entire
stock of Fall and Winter Goods, at prices to
suit the limes.
list op rnicEs :
Black Silk, best quality, which sold for $1 50,
I will sell at $1 00
Do. do do $1 25 " 87
Do. do do 1 00 " 75
Do. do do 75 50
Bl'k Satin, do do 1 50 " 1 00
ALSO French Merinos, Coburjj nnd Para
nietla Cloths, in great variety; Delaines, all coi
rs, a fine assortment, selling from to 183
cents per yard : Sacking Flannel, best assort-
. ,1 i . n...i
mCUl 111 Hie CllV, HI leuuui-u pliers ; iruiio iiuu
red Flannel, a large stock, ut prices from 25 te
50 cents per yard.
VARIETY GOODS. Hosiery, Gloves, Col
lars, LTndei'sleevcs, Spencers, Mull and Swiss
Edging and Inserting, Bonnet, Cap and Velvet
Ribbons, in great variety.
In a word, all the goods I have on hand will
he unld nt the above reduced pricss, without
Yielded four and a half : fail. Persons wishing bargains in Dry Goods,
will find it to their advantage to call soon.
No. 100 Union Building, 3d st Sx'iibenville.
January 1, 1S55.
Steubenville and Indiana Railroad.
TT A R V Aiy, T,nin. ,!!! U An'Av tor
cept Sundays,) as follows :
Dry Goods at Reduced Prices.
A LEXANDER CONN invites the at-
Leaves Steubenville at. 7,00 A
Arrives at Newark at. . . .3,00 P,
Leaves Newark at. 11,13 A. M.
Arrives nt Steubenville at 7,15 P. M.
Leaves Steubenville at 4,13 P. M.
Arrives at Cadiz at ....6,30 P. M.
Leaves Cadiz at 7,30 A.M.
Arrives at Steubenville at 0.50 A. M.
- Leaves Steubenville at 5 30 a. m., and arrives
same place "at C,l)0 r. m. Leaves Hanover at
5,45 a. in., and arrives same place at 5,00 p. m.
Passengers by the Express train connect at
Newark with trains for Columbus, Dayton,
Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Terra Haute, 'Mt.
Vernon, Mnnsfield, Shelby, Cleveland, Mouroe
Ville Sandusky City aud Chicago. .
By this arrangement, there are sever, miles
of staging, which will be continued for a few
days, until the track is laid into Newark.
Jan. 4, ltJ55. , Superintendent.
New Fall and "Winter Goods.
SCOTT'S, 30 pieces french merinoes, all
shades, fine quality, at 87 to $1; 50 ps. Co
burg cloth 6-4 wide 31 to 621,50 ps. black and
colored Alpacas from 15 to 75, plain colored all
wool delaines; 37); 55 ps. black and colored
dress nnd mantle" silks from C2J to $1,50.
French and Scotch plaids entirely new styles,
prints, printed delaines &e. 75 cartons of bon
net ribbons, the largest and richest stock ever
brought to the city. 10 cartons plain and fancy
trimmings, velvet do., silk, galoon nnd lace
gimp trimmings, Ac. French flowers, bonnets,
silks nnd velvets. Bonnets of all the latest fall
Thejsubscribers hnve no hesitancy in saying
that they are now open ing the richest and cheap
est lot of goods ever offered in this market,
Jan: 1, 1855. g. j, SCOTT.
NEW GOODS. ' ' ;
I ALLEN lids jubt received A new up-
ply of French Merinoes; Coburgs; Cash-l
meres; Thibet Cloths, silk warp; figured and'
plain Alpacas; Bombazines, 'all wool; plain and
figured Do Lnines; Dress Silks, plain, figured '
and fancy, all colors; Ladies' Cloaks and Man
tillas, a beautiful assortment; long and square
Shawls; woolen, Thibet, Cashmere, Silk and
Delaine Shawls; a large assortment Prims; Bon-
nets and Ribbons; Irish Linens; Linen Table
Cloths; French Table aud Piano Covers; woolen,
cotton and silk Hosiery and Gloves; Vails; Em
broideries; plain and cross-barred Muslins, Cam
brics, Ac; Tickings; Toweling; Blanket; Flan
nels; Linscys; bluo Checks; brown and bleached
Muslins; ladies and misses Shoes, Gimps, Friu-t
ges, silk Laces and dress Trimmings; men and
boys' Caps; Broad Cloths, Casiineres, Cassi
nets, Jeans, Twppds, tt s;ood assortment .
2800 yards CARPETING, at all prices. ..
The above Goods, bud a host of others too
numerous to mention, will be sold wholesnluor
retail very low for ca.su,, at the store of
. J. ALLEN. . i
Comer Third slrect, adjoining the Court IIonsi,
oieuueiiviue, uuio. jnn. I, oo.
I. 0. 0. F. -
O. O. F. meets every second and fourth'
Fridays, at 6 o'clock, p. ra., in Jefferson
Lodge rooms, on Third Street, over Garrett's
Store, D. B. Burchard, G. P., Geo. B. Means,
W., John Waggoner, Scribe. ' '
Jefferson Lodce No. 6. I. O. O. .F.J, mcpU
every Tuesday af 6 1 2 o'clock, p. m., in their
hall on Third street, over Garrett's store. Fred.
Gutermann, N. G.,"Gco. B. Means, V. G., . L.
Holton, Secretary. f
Good Will Lodge No. 143, 1. O. O. F.,roeot
every Thursday at 6 1-2 o'clock, p. m., in their
Hull on Fourth street, over Beatty & Steelman's'
Store. Jas. A Walker, N. G., Robt. Boales, V.,
G., D. Filson, Secretary. Jan. 4. 1855.
Court of Common
1'loas in and for
Jefferson co., O.
Petition for Divorce
SfThe cultivation of the physical sci- j
enecs has a tendency to dcvelope a high
order of moral and religious sentiment.
The Christian religion has claims on the
honiago of every one: Its general princi
ples of morality are deemed worthy uf an
honorable place in a course of collegiate
education in all, or most of the seats of
learning in our country. Tin obgy cntisti
tutcs a great and sublime scici c:, indepen
dent of that which is practical andlifc-giv-
The State of Ohio,
Jefferson county, h
Nancy Blackburn,
John L. Dlackbuvn. )
npiIE Defendant will take notice that the
- Plaintiff will take the depositions of sundry
itcaThpv toll a mk1 storv of a verdant ; witm.sses. to be read in evidence on the trial of
member of the JWhn.etU Lecture, 1 Al iaOblo
who, arriving late on the first day of the ! county, Siate of Virginia, on Friday, the I6ih
i' i , t dav of February, A. d. 1855, between the hours
session, rushed into the Representative " y10 . ,ock lld 4 0.clock r. M. of said
Hall, hurried to the Speaker, and astonish- j day; to be continued from day to day, between
me same nonrs, unui vney me vumpicivu.
Administrator's Sale.
(M Saturday tho 10th day of February,
v 1855, at 3 o'clock, P. M., at the front door
of the Court House, in the City of Steubenville,
will be sold to the highest bidder, the following
lenion of his numerous customers and the i nremises. as the nroDortv of David Foster, dec' d.
public generally, to the fact, that ho is nowdis- t wit: Being part of lot No. 220, in tho City of
posing of the balance ot ms large anu utirac- Steubenville, m Jeherson County, Ohio, begin
tive stock of Winter Dry Goods at great rcduc- ; nius at the north-east corner of said lot, and
tions from former rices. The assortment com- , running thence southerly along the west line
prises in part, French Merinoes different shades j 0f Fourth street twonty feet, and extending
and quelilies, Coburgs, Parameltas, Thibet Me- ! back westerly twenty feet in width, to tho west
rinnrs. Persian Twills, Wool Delaines, figured .boundary line, as coi.vcved bv JoscDh G. Da-
and plain Cashmeres, Bombazines, block Dress j vidson to Justin O. Morris, subject to the an
Silks. t ain. barred and figured fancy, plaid and , nual payment to the widow of said David Fos-
figured do., Ginghams, Prints, etcetc. Also, tor, as and for her dower therein, the sura of
aiullaiulcompleicnssortmentot Lmbrowcries, $25. Appraised at $U0U.
1KRM8 of &ALK. One third cash and the res-
idue in deferred payments of one and two years,
to be secured hy mortgage on the premises.
Adm'r of David Foser, dee'd.
January 11, 1855, 4t.
Poverty is like a panther look it stead
ily in tho face, and it will turn from you.
An honest man w ueiicveu wuuoui, uu
oath, for his reputation swears fur him.
Who can tell tho value of a smile ? It
costs the giver nothing, but is beyond
price to the erring and repenting, the sad
and cheerless, the lost and forsaken.
Wen, contrary to iron, arc worse to be
wrought upon when they arc hot ; and are
far more tractable in cold blood.
I would not be a woman, (says Jean
Paul Richtcr,) for then I could not love
He not affronted at a jcit. It one throw
salt at thee, thou wilt receive no harm,
unless thou hast fore places.
Riirht and duty arc like two palm trees
which bear fruit only when growing side
by side.
Actic-ns are the only properly of a man,
when be is valued as to bis social worth in
the world
Self conceit and ignorance arc twin
brothers; the empty head is usually the
noisiest, fir it depends on that for malting
known its existence.
A mountain is made up of atoms, nnd
friendship of little matters, and, if the
atoms hold not together, the nn.untaiu is
crumbled into dust, '
A consoling friend is the greatest ene
my in sorrow. We generally wake up
sorrow, by asking if it is imt asleep now.
Each of us bears within himself a world
l cd him with this salutatiou: 'Mr. Siieaker,
good morning: how do do? Rather lute,
missed the cars '. I w;sh you would show
me up to my room right off.'
Jan. 25, 1R55.
Attorneys for VlamVff.
White Goods, Ribbous, Oloves nnd Hosiery,
Trimmings, Notions, etc., SHAWLS, in great
variety and at very low prices, consisting of
fine Bioche, Thibet, Cashmere and the Bay Stale
Long Jhawls. Also, our usual excellent stock
of Eouwlteoping Goods, comprising nearly eve
ry thing in the Dry Goods line, needed in fam
ilies. Call and examine before purchasing else
where. South west coruer Fourth aud Market sui.
Sleubenville, Jan. 1, 1855.
IT AVING purchased the well known and
" popular Boot ana Shoe Store formerly con
ducted by H. R. Kerri A Co., tukes this molhod
of informing the friends and patrons of the
house, that it is his intent ion to keep on hand a
large and well selected stock of Boots and Shoes,
Trunks, Carpet Bags, etc., etc.; nnd while he
does not pretend to undersell nil others in the
trade, he believes his goods to be as cheap as
any in the market, and of as good a quality.
His motto is "Live and let live."
Store on Market street, below Third.
Steubennille, Jan. 1, 1855.
A I'atcii of Puoofs. The proof of a
pudding is iti the eating,
The proof of a woman is in inakiug tho
And the proof uf a man is in being able
to dine without one.
fiiSTlt is said that a pair of pretty eyes
u'o the be.-,t mirror for a man toshavc by.
'Zackly so, and it is unfpiestionably tho
case that many a man has been shaved by in the Royal Collection, and one engraving of
XyiTII Eiigravimis from Pictures in
' the Royal Galleries at Windsor Castle,
Buckingham "Palace and Osborne. Monthly
Journal of the Arts. Price 75c.
With the year 1855 will commence a New and
Greatly Enriched Series of this already popular
work containing Pictures by ancient and modem
masters, which we have been graciously per
mitted to engrave and issue by Her Majesty
Queen Victoria and his Royal Highness Prince
Albert, from the private collections at Windsor
Castle. Buckingham Palace and Osborne, also
Engravings of the Work in Sculpture in their
Each monthly part of the Art Journal, there
fore will contain twofine encravings of Pictures
ing connected with it. As a science, it
challenges the attention of every one.
'How charming is divine philosophy,
Not harsh and crablicd as dull fools suppose,
But musical as is Apollo's lute ;
And a perpetual feast of nrutaivd sweets,
Where no crude surfeit reigns."
As there is an adaptation to the mental,
fo of the moral constitution of man, to the
exterior material world- A physical or
ganism, subject to physical laws, is the
abode of the moral man; betwecu the two,
there exists in this life an inseparable re
lationship. The earth constitutes man's
home, and "terra Grma" in spr.ee. The
telegraph, the steamboat, the ship on the
high seas, the rail car and tin printing
press, subserve great moral ends. The car,
the boat and the telegraph, annihilate time
' aud space; remote countries are brought
near each other. Dv this means sectional
feelings are broken down; mountains and I niifcncwn to his fellow-beings, and each
rivers being no longer the occasion of bor-l mnJ rtjli,' "r"iinst'f !l history resembling
dcr feuds and warfare. By this means the j tIiat (,f cvcr' ono 'ct llkc U,;,t ot n0 nC-
i-reat confederacy of thirtv-cne nation.,, that Nothing is more diverting than to see
; rirand association of republics in which we' f"r whnm wc 1,nvc a ""grounded
live, arc broutrht together in a nri-dibor. contempt, affect to contemn us.
' hood relationship, into apolitical family as-1 Mcn-turo. properly uircctcu, is, as
sedation, where hannonv. conconl ,! nift I much as Legislature, the guardian of pub-
ral feeling will prevail
. telegraph, the car, nnd the steamboat, will
Experiments in liaising Potatoes.
a work in sculpture,
With tho new year will also commence a ser
ies of Illustrated Biographies of Leading Brit
ish Artists. The illustrations consisting of en
eravinsrs on wood of their principal works, so
as to exhibt the peculiar style and character of
the leading painters ot our school, and will be
Lxecedingly tieautilul ispecimens ol Alt.
In addition we shall commence tho year with
a series of engravings to extend probably to
one hundred example-; nf the principal and
most valuable contents of the Museum of Prac-
For the past few years the cultivation of j tide Art at Marlborough House. The engi a
1 J .... I vings of these famous works cannot but be val
uable to every class of producers of art manu
facture. The subscription is nine dollars per annum,
or 75 cents for each number.
Sold by M'Dowell & Co., Steubenville and
by the Booksellers in all the cities of the
Union. Jan. 25, 155.
. 25, John Street, New-York.
BARB EH and fashionable hair dresser.
Razors set, and all kinds of Surgical in
struments put m good order. Corner nt dd
and vYashiii(rloti stroeis, oieuocnviue, unio.
Jan. '. 1S35.
Dress Trimmings.
G& J. SCOTT have received an extra
large and beautiful stock of Trimmings.
G. & J. SCOTT,
Jan. 1, 1P55. Washington Hall Building.
A. H. D0HRMAN & Co.,
K?011WARD1NCt & Oommissson Mer
chants, for the sale of Flour, Grain, Bacon,
Lard, Butter, Wool. Seeds, Dried Fruits, Salt,
Nails.Window Glass, Merchandize and Produce
in general, steubenville, Ohio.
Frazier & Drennen, Steubenville, O.
H. H. Collins, Pittsburgh, Peiin.
Win. Holmes it Co., do.
Hozca & Frazier, Cincinnati, jnn. 11, '55-t
Saddh, Harness and Trunk Manufac'
tory, Wholesale and Retail. "
"ftTO. 1517, Market street, opposite Wash-
' ingtnn Hall. The undersigned would res
pectfully announce to their customers and tho
fiublic generally, that they have now in store a
argo and splendid assortment of Saddlerv.
comprising the following articles: plain aiid
iancy ououies, uridlea, Martingale, Harness,
Trunks, Collars, Whips, Lashes, dtc., &o., man
ufactured of the best material, by tho most ex
perienced workmen. Also, Muttresses of vari
ous Kinds, made to order on tho shortest notice.
Dealers in the above articles are respectfully
invited to call and examine our stock befnro
purchasing, satisfied that we can accomiiiodatu
on the most reasonable terms for taru'.
Steubenville, Jan. 1, 1855. 6m
Sevastopol Not Taken!
"pEIST, Market street, has in store an
A excellent assortment of CONFECTIONE
RIES, Ac, purchased expressly for this market:
Raisins by the pound or box; Crackers, choice
brands; Currants; CSndies; Dates; Prunes; Lem,
ons; Figs; Citron; Ouni Drops; Know Nothings;
lenny land JJrops; uaucs ot all kinds; iNutsot
all kinds; Fruits; Fire Crackers, Torpedoes, (fc! .
Parties furnished with Pound, Fruit, Lady Cake
and lec Cream.
Great inducements offered to Country merch
ants and others, who wish to purchase by thn
quantity. For bargains in Confectioneries, call
at M. FEIST'S,
Jan. 1, '55. Market St., Steubpuville.
PAPER DKALKIiS, Market street, ahovo
Fourth, south side, Steuiienville, Ohio, keep
constantly on hand nnd for sale, a larjc and
well selected stock of Miscellaneous nnd School
BOOKS; Plain and Fancy STATIONERY;
W'riling and Wrapping PAPERS, BLANK
BOOKS, etc., etc.; all of which they will sell
on the most favorable, terms at wholesale or
Country merchants and other dealers will bu
supplied at very low wholesale prices.
J. R. S. & Co. are prepared tu lurmsti tiui
best American Magazines, as early as they can
be received by mail. Ihey ulso keep on hand
.Jan. 1, ii.t.
Notice to Shippers.
Office S. & I. It. R. Co., S
4 FREIGHT TRAIN is now running
to Hanover, leaving this Station daily
fSundavs excepted,) at 5,:0 a. m.
Shipments to all stations, except Unionporl,
Cadiz, Fairview and New Market, must bo pre
paid, and all freight delivered at tho depot be
f .i... i ..e -f . i c .
No freight will be received or delivered after ace supply of &hkct Mls.c.
.Tnn. 4 1855. General Freicht Atrent. Booksellers, Stationers, Paper Dealers, Blank
: Book Manufacturers awl Book Binders,
o. m. thatch. o. b. KiiRLiN. TIEALERS llt Wholesale and Retail, in
Thatcher & Kerlin, School, Classical, Medical, Theological.
TCTETinilANT TAILORS. Third St.. Miscellaneous, and Blank Books, Ruled and
second door below Market, Steubenville Plain Cap, l'.ist and Ne
the pott.to has been attended with great
uncertainty iu the United States, Great
Britain, and on tho continent. Many have
been the theories advanced in regard to the
cause of the general failure of this impor
tant article of food, and more, if possible,
have been the remedies proposed to save
this root from tho disease that seems to
threaten an utter extermination.
Wc give below the experiments of Mr.
4 NUMBER of enterprising AGENTS,
to sell cither by subscription or at sight,
"Coltcn's U. S, Gazatkkr," a highly valuable
and popular work ; which has given general
satisfaction whenvcr circulated, and is an in
dispensable appendage to every man's Librniy.
Men of experience in this business, may find
a profitable employment, as a liberal commis
sion will be allowed. For further particulars
address W. F. McMASTERS, Local Ag't.
Jan. 18, 1855. Steubenville Ohio.
J. & G. O'NEAL,
(Successors to Alexander Doyla,)
MISSION MERCHANTS & Steamboat Agents
Warehouse comer of Market and Water streets.
Wharf boat at Market street Landing.
January 1, 1&55.
oto PapcM, Printing and
nil UVIV. ., wwmwv......v , ,,r..n 1,.. .-... n.-l
Ohio, keep conslnmly for. sale and makeup to "raPl" "'."" "TV' " '
order. Cloths. Cassiineres, aud Vestings. Also,
Suspenders, Gloves, blurts, Uravals, Hosiery,
nnd Furnishing Goods generally. EPOrdcrs
respectfully solicited. Jan. 1, '55.
Attachment Notice.
TUOTICE is hereby given that on
is ueiuijy uivuu mui on wic
23d dav of January 1;55. at the instance of
Abrain 1 . Markle, planum, an order or attach
ment was issued bv James Robertson, a Justice
Wm. Sutton, of Salem, Mass., made last nf the Peace, within and for Jefferson County
Uluo. against Hie toons, cnaines.siocKs, or iiuer
csts on storks rights moneys nudits and effects
o) Sam'l. Thompson defendant for the sum of $10
Henceforth, thc. y.. f
bo stronger than compromise resolutions,'
federal bonds, and the federal constitution,
to preserve in unbroken unity, our great
republic, to be the home of liberty, moral
ity, and religion. The agency in question,
will, in connection with other co-operating
influences, break down the barriers of seas,
: national laudniaiks, and tho distinction of
races, and will ultimately bind nicntogcth
. cr in a harmonious brotherhood. Thoughts
of this nature conduct us toward that mil-
lenial era described in the sacred volume
in such lofty and glowing phrase-, and with
j such prophctio rapture; atopic which should
ho dwelt on in detail at an hour moro sa-
cred than the present.
, .(. The utility of the physical sciences is
manifest front the fact of their capability of
being applied to industrial pursuits, and
, tho higher interests rf society.
Geology stands pre-eminent in that fam
ily of, Science to which it belongs, for its
utility and beneficial influences. Its rcla-
when wo love it even when it is known.
He that pays beforehand is terved be
hindhand. Susrgrstiou advice given by a servant
to his master.
OmcM IIonoks. It cannot bo deni
ed that tho recipient of official honors in
this country pays dear enough for iliem be
fore he receives them. Ho must first run
Iho gauntlet for tbc nomination, as might
very well intimidate a man of ordinary
nerve. Having triumphantly passed this
order 1, and secured tho cold shoulder for
the remainder of his natural life from the
discoinGtted aspirants, he is duly set up as
a target upon which tho opposite party may
practice tlmir skill in marksmanship till
the day of the election. A fire is kept up
on his political, and sometimes Lis private
life, a hot and heavy us that of tho allies
upon Sovastopol, and by the tinio the con
test is ended, tho mother that bore him
would scarcely recognize her own son.
year, and wc hope they may induce many
of our readers to repeat the experiments
upon their own farms the present season.
As for ourself, we cannot plead guiHy to
the charge of losing many potatoes with
the rot. The first year (140) they be
gaa to decay to a considerable extent in
this section of (ho country, wo planted on
a piece of low land, highly manured with
fresh manure from the stable. Wo suc
ceeded iu raising a heavy crop, but tncro
were a few decayed potatoes when they were
dug. Since then our practice has been to
plant upon turf land, as dry and loamy as
we have on the farm, and wc use no ma
nures that undergo a rapid fermentation
when placed in the soil. Wo have used
leached ashes alone for the potatoes; and
have increased tho yield 2") per cent, by
their use; nnd have also used a compost of
leached allies, saw-dust, leaves, &e., with
advantage. With the compost wc have re
alized 3U0 bushels per acre. Bolh the ash
es and tho compost wcro used broadcast,
from 1.') to 20 loads to tho acre. We have
heaid of the use of dry saw-dust alone,
placed upon tho potato in tho hill, and co
vered slightly with earth. This method is
said to bo a remedy for the rot, and gives
a product possessing rare excellence for
the table. We have never made use of
paw-dust in an iindecoinposcd state, and
cannot speak of ita merits from experience.
If any of our readers have experimented
with this substanco in its dry, undecom
postd state in growing the potato, we should
IT ARKET STREET, Steubenville, O
tYA WM. JOKES, (formerly of Wellsville,)
Proprietor. Jan. i, iooj,
ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Steubenville
Ohio. Office on Third E
Market and Washington.
street, between
Jan. 1, '55.
School, Con nt ing-House and Fancy Stationery.
Morchanls and others desiring to purchase,
will do well to call and examine our stock.
The highest market price paid for Kngs.
North sido of Market, above Fourth street,
Stcubenville. Ohio. Jan. 1, '55.
Sky-Light Daguerreotype Rooms.
rplIE subscribers have on hand, and in-
fnrl L-nenini on hand a irnod snrmlv of
v....w. . . - - p o , t . .
worn, uais aim lYiiu iee(i. aino a goou nu iy yr u'fXKIl rosnnctFiill v .innmm
of Groceries, generally kept in grocery estab- (jj-, Y i Pctttully nom
lishmcnls, Somu west corner ot fourth and
Adams street, Stcubenville Ohio.
Jan. 1,1855. MEIKLE AND STARK.
75. Jan. 25, 1655. ABRAM T. Mi RULE.
New Meat Shop.
rgMIE UNDERSIGNED has opened a
New Meat Shop, in Washington Hall Build
ings nearly opposite the upper end of the Mar
ket House where he will keep constantly iu
store n general assortment of Meats, Beef, Lamb,
Veal, Pork, Sausage, Lard, etc. Prices moder
ate. Thankful for 20 years patronage, he hopes
to prove worthy of its continuance.
Farmers having any description of Fatted
Stock will be paid tho highest market pit.'e.by
calling af my stur? oppositethe upper end of the
Market Hoiue. Jan. 25, 1W5.
Road Notice.
"rVOTICB is hereby given that there will
be a petition presented to the Commision
ersof Jefferson County at, their March session
1855 praying for tho removal of the County Road
that runs throii'di John M'CulloiiL'h's lands, ad-
ioininc Thomas White's, commencing at the
forks of tho road miming along the line of
Thomas White s to the end of lloucrl liraliam s
lane, then along tho line of Robert Graham's to
intersect lhe road at M:irl.h a Scott's line.
Jan. 25 1855. JOHN M'CULLCUGH.
William D. Sherrow, Barber,
"SXrOIJLD inform his friends and the
Mix tlmt lw is rnadv nt all times. (Sab
bath excepted,) to wait on his customers in Ins
line. Room under the Mechanics' Saving Fund,
Market St., Steubenvillo, O. Jan. 1 , '55.
SAMUEL SMITH, Barber and Hair Trimmer,
HAVING recently taken rooms at the
U. S. House, Steubenville, will alwnys be
nn hand to wait on customers, in the most po
lite manner, nnd desires a libcrnl sharo of pat-
ronag. Jan- 185j-
OFFICE South Fourth St., near Conn's
Dry Good Store, Steubenville, O. Jan. 1.
Ribbons ! Ribbons ! !
THE largest and most magnificent stock
of Bonnet Ribbons ever brought to Stou
bcnville, just opened for tho inspection of the
Ladies. 6; & J- $p'iT
Jan. 1, 1855, Fancy an 1 1 rimming Store.
"" Per Adams' & Co's Express.
G& J. SCOTT have just received
At Oo's Exnress. a new assort
ment of those desirable Plaids, which they will
,.ii nt ,.v...f.iliniilv low ririoes. Call at Scott's
Fancy and Trimming Stcro, Washington Hull
melldiiigs. January 1,1855.
House, on the corner of Fourth nnd Adams
streets, formerly occupied by John Powell.
Possession given on the 1st of April. The
store room and dwelling house, will be rented
together or separately. For terms apply to
jan 1 1 , 1855-if MOODEY & ELLIOTT.
South Fourth street, Stcubenville, Ohio T.
D. Hamilton, Proprietor. The above named
House is situated midway between the Steam
boat Landing nnd Railroad Depot, rendering
it a convenient stopping place for Travclera and
others visiting thu city. Jan. 1, 'trj.
Marble Establishment,
VILLE, Ohio. All kinds of Marble Work
ces to Iho public, that he hns recently re
fitted nnd refurnished the rooms, corner Fifth
nnd Market streets, in a style inferior to mini.
He has spared no pains or expenso to make his
rooms pleasant, where one and nil may la km.
pleasure iu visiting, nnd whero all who wish
may tie supplied Willi J.iaguerrcotypes ot Ilia
finest tone, true to the life, at veiy reasonable)
rates, and will take great pains to please alt
who may favor him with their patronuge.
IU Kooms corner ot tilth nnd Market street.
immediately over Halsted's Shoe Store.
Steubenville, Jan, 1, 1P55.
(II'TICK Mardet Street, between Third
" and Fourth strcits, Steubenvillo, Ohio.
January 11, 1855.
f 1 RUNK WAREHOUSE, No. 95 Market
street, up stairs; between Second and Third
strecls, upper side, (over Miller dt Lyon,) and
No. 4 Church Alley, Philadelphia.
January 1, 1855.
A TTORNHY AT LAW, Steubenville,
--Ohio. Refers :o Hon. Wilson Shaunou,
tr.,n Wm. Vpnnnii.' sr.. Hon, Bcni. S. Cowan,
and Hon. T. L. Jewctt. Office on Market ; st.
below Third street. ' Jan. 1,
.locin,, ntwl nrtnninlo 4nr I,..,... P..-I 1....
an extra largo oven, a good draft., and easily
cleaned; construct ion such as to meet the expec
tations of all, and guaranteed to give satisfac
tion to the purchaser. Win you call and see U7
JNos. o and 4 i.xtrn Uoal Uook Ntovm.
" 1 " 2 Hartley " " do, '
" 3 " 4 Air Tight Wood do.
" 2 " 4 Premium do. do.
1 " S K Cook or Bachelor Stores.
done tooidor. On hand at all times, Water Egg, Parlor and Chamber Stoves of beautiful
Liiine, nosier raris, aim iiio uesr imniuy oi uosign, runcy urates, reiiuers, etc., cic, un nt
Grind Stones. L. BORLAND. reduced prices, at theOhio Foundry Wareroonis,
oleuucuviuc, Jan. I, itoj. I Market street. NiAKt s 1-liAli,
Steubenvillo, Jan. 1, 1855
A TTORNEY' AT LAW and NOTARY Wholesale Drue; House.
PUBLIC. Warrenton, Ohio, will carefully TMIE Subscribers bavo on band a larM
attend to all business entrusted to mm in inc and well selected stock or Unigs, Ulicmi
counties of Jefferson. Harrison and Belmont, in cnls. Paints. Dve 8tuffs.0ils. Varnishes. Bnish-
the State of Ohio: and Brooke and Ohio coun- ps. Patent Medicinos, Perfumery, Surrrical In-
tics, Vn. Office opposite tho Western Hotel. slruinents, Daguerreotype stock, Glassware, etc.,
January 1, Woo. etc., which they oiler very low cither wholesale
" CTTTJTvTflWQ VtV TTTP "PTTIPTV or retail. Dcolers will liud it to th Jir intcreEt
AUli IJlJi iXUr-U!,, to examine our stock and prices, as wo are d
By Rev. T. II. STOCKTON. tonnined to sell as low as any house in the
rpiUS highly intercEting book contains West. Orders promptly executed, and personal
- 420 naws. neatly executed, with Small auJ,in.n E?'" 1"! BJiW" . . .'
Pi nn finnnniwr 19mn Price in cloth U'U U bAirUlUUM, Market Street, tWt UOOl
, -' 4 1 0 . Inl.i,1rn,nn.n 1 r,0
41- inshncD. il.!w: in hall morocco. l,M.
A liberal discount given to agents and book
sellers by A.. II. J'iJNULilSU fc cu
Jan.'l. 1855. No. 78, Wood St.. Pitt's. Pa.
below the Jefferson Branch Bank.
Stcubenville, Jan. 1, 1855.
New Boot and Shoe Store.
V) A. TONNER has on hnnd the larg
est and best assortment of Boots, Shoes,
Plaids! Plaids I!
LARGE stonk of beautiful Merinoes
Plaids, iust opened nt
Jan. 1, ibM.
G. it J. SCOTT'S.
. irnv I tit s . ,1 It . 1 SI il.i 1 I .
ATTORN i!i i S Al IjA W . Unice at tlie uiun ana uip uiai nave ever neen ottered in
...... f Ti,ir,l n.wl Mmliei. sii-entu mum. this part of tho country. As he is doini excln-
Kitn the Court House. Stcubenville, Ohio. siyely a cash business, ho cau and will sell
- - - i i i n ,i u. . ... i , . i .,
T.,iu,arir 1 lHIifl. Wlioii-Mlie mm luiilll unrulier I II U II any OlllTCS-
, t tablishment in thu city. All who wish to pur-
. . .. i .:n l n . .i . . .!.
john shank. james m. BiiANi chimb, win pieuBucuu mine new iiootand shoe
J. & J. M. SHANE. store " k. A. TONNER.
. TTflDVUVN nnd Ponnanl ,,m nf T.nwf . jubtkoi sireei-, doiwmmi i inn and SlXtlli
ATTORNEY AT LAW Stcubenville,
Ohio. Office on Fourth Street, south of
Market, opposltuNotouJIotel. Jan. 1 , 165-
A TTORNEYS' AT LAW, Steubenville
Ohio, Office corner of Maiket and Fourth
streets, second story. Jan. 1, KHo.
I" ,! PAHPETS. Third street, adioining
t House, Stcubenville, Jan. 1 , '55.
will promptly nttend to all business en
trusted to them. Office, Kilgoro buildings,
Market Street, Sleubenville Ohio.
January 1, 1855.
Wesley Starr & Sons,
nnoBACCO and general com-
Wharf, Baltimore, attend to the sales of To
bacco and all kinds of Western Produce, Pro
visions, tc, Ac. Jau. 1, oS,
Steubenville, Jan. 1, 1855.
House Pain tine-. Glazing, &c-
pERRY COYLE would notify the pub
lie that ha is still roadv to wait on his pa-
irons in the business of House Painting, Glaz
ing, Taper Hanging and Graining. Sign Paint
ing done by iourncymon. Shop on Market at,,
south side, opposite- Kllgoro'u new Hall.
Stcubonvllle, Jan. 1, 1B5S. , . .
J. C. CABLE, M. D.
' and
rfcFFICE at his residence, on Fourth, be
" lnri.nn Market
Washington Rtrcets,
Jan. 1, "55.
n. iiit.T.FR. a MiKiuunt); jr.
GERMAN and Enolish l'liysician . AYJ Yi .w m
noiM rm..r nf Thi?,l and l)U iiwii. AT LAW. -Ofhce, Market street, opposite
Washirtgton Hall, Steubenville Ohio. -Prompt
attention to collecting aud securing claims.
Agents for obtaining Pensions and Bounty
Lands. Land Warrautt bought and told. '
January 1, 1355. V
Office corner of Third and . Dock streets
Steubenvillo, Ohio. " Jan. 1. 1855
Paper Manufaeturers, Steubenville, OLlo,
January 1, !?:..

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