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The Ohio Democrat and Dover advertiser. (Canal Dover, Ohio) 1839-1840, February 14, 1840, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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' HILL 4. MITCH EV's Its-. PUBLITIJ ERS. , , . -- ,.. e . , CAN AVDO VER, 'I USUA ft A W AS' COL.; N IA, ,I 01110 ) ,-,', FEB UAR Y- 14., IF411 '' ' '
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NUMBER 26. :
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i3oL'rniszts.:, ,;; roc SHORTEST. W AT TO MADER Peale,' but simile their manes ' arid growl; sp- sey eliclion rcierns; and tree draft's in tc; 'redeem a dollar Of Ite paper. This is It consist In IWO Woldisieldlestry and
I ' ssooe-sess-. . ,,, , s ecTelt,serrifees. great :1143(001p fof preach thane lay your hand upon thetn, Prat dle'Iodion m'de from the moot the great Federal "reguletor" of the cur- s ;enemy. We must ;stern to the moo
From the Baltimore Patriot. 1 the Men-telthow inueb you tote hunt they are tamet Mg are like DrinieN' ii4 elanderoue Ind degreded ti'ederal sheete Tetley! '' ' - s . s,. . ple, loduetriouvi frugal, mode ..of-lifra, . .
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THE 1,1:20KIOnt. , '.,t..,: proclaim how Mall Want! traits he met hest hand 01; 1.40d trofed oh Meru; of thi-e.day of mime& eirife anti reek- 'An increase of bank espitel in . Ohio which distinguished us as pooPle. IA '
, . . ,
' ' The following' Nee ail descriptive' or that Posiesaert and then. with a very. smet.is the handl"( the freemen of itlig Countiy tees turmoil, to above tire' Admirribtra.. Gourd bring ne relief. The report of the tone, past. -.Buy lees front the mart:beet . ,- .
. .
awful- scene or the burning steamboat, twhipb nett look, and meet impressive sigh,,,ex, rest"opou the isederst liens and holliesi !non and its orestinrea arid the Demo., Bank Commissionet4 made to the gen. and be will. import less, : :Vigilance tie
' has brought wiles.. misery to mano a iood press your fear', thst all: itt tiot mei! of due day. Wtieli I first entered !his era! lc- party. I Aloe' and face the whole aro Assembly during the
and generous heart. Years cannot obliterate should tie, ;..Whisper suspicioe present ees, our several avocations , and a retrench.. . ,-,.:
..iand let hall,-.1 entered with bomb ! trepidation. in me weak way 7 &els, charges are in sion shows that there is about six mile ment ot our uneecessiry ,expendituree, ...
the memory of dolt scene. ',. Oh I Asthma cthijactWat with giant atreh.gth, work itch .in theWhig system of piffling by bati.time, and (torn a quartet which ' will in a short time tellies ae lions' sit , .. '
. stretch my. liencl and , vyipe awky the tears of OW, Illa ruin! Ile whet,. .I hems of bank stock now chartered in
un-erstatidi bus the lean, lank dogs. in the eharacter of should blush le name them. Tilts Ad.! Ohio, which his 'not been taken up. our diffieultiee..., The eroduelle! ni. Out . - '
man nature, in ita deepest.. workings pr peanileos. letter writera, who beset - this ministration is empheticalle en Admin.. l Why charter more when this hes in mar- labor wift bOdit meal our obligatieney ,..,
l , ;' surviving triends-that I could heal I .
he broken :...
y hearts of die wi:low end th, undo"! out demeabie orueity, , and selfish artifice, , Capin:1141 throngs. and whose hungry istratrion of ..the people-its leading' ket and no one desirekto take it The
will mark.the man .whe stabs mother yelp is never out .of your bearing, , J mamma float upon an overflowing tide, truth ts, and eel us egain epee high grimed."
there are no monied ,men now Let us pretties fewer foreign matures
, there is but oie beim, and that balm is the grace
,7 ,A unffer the clink' of preteeded. affeetion. expected Matta meu gigantic in body of public aperebetion-.1 . th h li d I '
. . t o enemies are in e country, w o re estrous o , in- mutate and 'rely more.-upon 'custown.
- It . ef 00,13. , - e - ! ' ' - '': ' '
! :.' ''.,', 2 - " ' ,.,,e, The pretence hues lie, adds he,-. on Ihd I anJ bitelleolt steels the effect -puffing -the enemies a ries-inteitutions, equal vest their carat"' io this way.. And sup..
.. . . The beet system of domestic manufse, . .,
Night rested anMe sea-the mobil alone,', I ,- e r .
ace o. it. ,.True an-action would Dever, has upon the mind of objects at a dis- rightly, and human libertY.". . . - póse they did,. what must follow . If a Imes is OW wbichl ells 4w1maatI...teett .-,At ,.
-0.er thoWide waste of roiling waters shone,. 1
' The glorious sun had sunk in western skies, . never whreper a suspicion, save into the lance; but. when.. I CCM to mingle with , . , , . 1 dozen new banks ' were chartered 'this in almoet every well-regulated famitye '
. ,It, . And the dim stars looked down like angeseyes; ear of one beloved, and whom that sus- them, I found few of thetn whose' bodily , ADDRESS winter sod put in potation, they could when the wheel and. the. loom supplied .
tA ,:
.,,, ' Ae irthey wept in heav'mthe apprsrachingdoom, picion concerned, Never trust that altitude exceeded that of my own and. . not relieve us. : So long as the balaece us with the articles which 'are now
,;. And drop'd their tears Gn that untimely tomb. . . 1 ' . Concluded,
man who comes 'whining over his res., when I surveyed theme I view nothing in I of trade is in favour of the eastern cit.; bought from the merchant; and the most
1 The warm hand, premed, with many a goners .t ,. . . , , I is a self evident propsition, that -A
, . ous tokeu, , -, gar(' toe another, while bie tongue is a tnem, mentally or physically, to be fears b - tie anu againet the' west, a constant
w en an individual expends more during 1 valueble syetem of internal improve
,,!,,; The long embrace (moo oler,,e,ed farewell epos drawn sword to wound and kill; meet ed ; I found t em est such creatures as
h J ,,, flow ef specie must continue from the manta 19 that which maY ie 1111111 'In '
thP year, than the emouut of his ince
ken; . - him promptly with a charge of his hya surrounded me at home every day; 1 h ii fi d h te -e west. Thiel would drive in the notes the comfortable dwellings and neat well
'' '' The buoyant boat swift leave, the crowded e wi n emu in debt upon alas
pocricy and he will shrink with mean- 'saw nothing here at which a well corn nut in circulation as feet as they were cultivatedferms of the country.. These
, ,4! . shore, -- .. ! ,. !! ., . king a final settlement. It is aqially
, To gaze on thcoe they shall behold no more; -- Sun d ork fed Western Bucks" e wo
nese befote you,--.N1 0. , ,, ., . . I an p . y uld true, that when a Nation buys , more thrown out and their amout in the cown- are the evidences of proeperity, whichT
I 1 Bra the deck they strain their anxious eyes,. . . , . - not deuce lie wool bat, throw of his lin-
than it 'tellies-imports more than ex. try would ,very little exceed the amount neeer mislead an obeerver; and this pot
I ' Till evening drops he curtain o'er the skies. THE TRAITOR A IIÑOLD.--Arn old apse sey hunting shirt, roll up - his sleeves. of specie in the vaults. In other words, icy will furnieh an effectual ehield loth.
' ''' Now o'er the waters, ere the wanderers sleep seseed undoubtedly, animal. courage,
and "'calk right into!' porte, there must be a balance of trade .
against it,' and that balance must be paid the coin would be irk the .banks, and the People against all boa panics, derange.
, Went forth that 'train pon the treacherous deep; he could stand before a battery; and call W h h d h
i e avo edr i e tempeet otparty notes given to the people in place of it. ments and preesures in the money mare
re They thought or ,ftiends to whom they should in H d h
money. ow sten s t e Cabe With
, , on his men to ad H
venom , e theta nee howl; we have felt the rain fall in tor- A otate bank would be inl in the same ket. Let us resort to tt, instead of as
return, us 'For eeveral vears past, say from
Nor thought, alas! those Mends se soon would at a levee in England immediately r
aler rents from the party elements; we have 1 condition if one were at thie time char- king Congress, or the State Legielso .
1330 to 1839, our imports hive greatly
mourn; -' the close of the American war, when been elted by the hail; we have' aeon tered; but this measure is impracticable ture, to relieve us by law. Let us face
, ' . In blissful dreams they think no more they mamt he was introduced to Lord,---as the ,.the li P fl b d b
ghtning as ; un we ave heard .
exceeded our exparte. lo Onb year due
now for another reason. Where would the storm like men; and not batter. our
.. But tread again the happy halls-of home; i ring that period, 1836, our imports, ex
1' ' Childhood and age and beauty, brightly bleat,
. ,.: American .Genefal, Arnold. . 'Y t
" 1- hit-, the thunder peal and roll over our heads, d
cee ed our exports, more than sixty we obtain specie to fill the tyautt oe a principles and our birthright for a mess
lhoughtless of danger, on the dark waves redt, the traitcrArnold V exclaimed bis lord but we have not been stricken down in o state bank By borrowing, of course. of pottage. ,
.,,,,, When le I there comes upon the ear a cry, . ship, turning on his heel with disgust. ruin by its b It and all this, too, when
o a, mi ions; and this exceseive importation
was followed by the general bank suss, eout we cannot borrow money to pro- In the contest which is now before ua,
i,:, And the word FlItEl runs roaring thro' the sky, A challenge was given by the general foul Federalism bad reared ite crest to ress with the public works. All our we are presented with a candidate for ,
vs The red flames flash upon the firming flood, d pension ofl$37. These imported goods g,,,
. s.,.; an accepted by his lordship, who re- its greatest allItudes-to the threatening enorts to do b0 have failed, both in Eu., the Preeidency, who now occupies the
. i , Till the wide waters seem one sea of Wood, I are purchased, to a considerable extent
1, ,-i... 00 the cold blast dread Azree.comes in ire, . 9
ceived Arnold s fire, and discharged big of the overthrow of our ;Ample Repub. I rope and at home. How then can we Chair of State.. True, he has not been
cl.t. Wh b h h '
Ion cre i en roug t to t is coun
i i- ii Waves his dark wings and fans the fearful fire; OWO pistol in the air. 'Why do you not lino institutione. What now have we obtain coin to put teoperation ta elate re-nominated by a National Convene ,
try they are sold to the retail intrchanta .s
1', Wild o'er the deck and with dishoverd hair, return the &el' exclaimed the general. to fear, when it sneaks te hide its guilt bank , ,,, tion; but the univereal sentiment of the
'A :, Rut the victims emoting in depair; "Became I am not an executioner,' roe f c and iv ashamed of its very name. '
Y on credit. and they again veil them out
There is one fact connected with the Democratic party is known to be in hie
, ' ,. 'Wffere is my soot" the frantic father criea, , a et to the people on credit. Thus the whole
I. d th bi
p te e no eman, folding his arms, It writhes under the feet of eur free in- operation of banking which merits our favor; and no one else ie thought'of: as
I ....,- 'And where my eirel' the weeping son replies. population become indebted to the a
, ' Amid that sc n o terror
, , , a e f and alarm,
and looking disdainfully over his shouts. etitutions as the reptile equirms under
mount of the excess of imports over ex- serious attention. The spirit f p c .
o 8 e e a candidate. We support the reselees
It Dem woman, wailing, throws her ivory arms, der at hie 'antegonist, as he. quietlY ' the heel of man, - illation land overtrading which seems non of M. Van Buren, becauee we ate
ports, and that debt is due abroad. The
. And shall she perish? Nay, one siren saves,- walked away from him.' ' Siti ef if to prepare the Opposition f to be inseparable from out nature, needs satiefied with the manner in which he
time o payment rolls on, Ind the fore
, - Launch,launch the boats upon the boiling waves ,
' . "They're lost, Old Hod, they sink to rise no , , . for a contest of violence, the New Jers but a slight stimuli'', to call it forth. has discharged the high duties devol-
d d h. ' f
signer eman is money rom the
, ', MAMMA ErereecT..--The (dhow. ving upon him es the Chief Magistrate
Hence, when the banks, either Nation
" ',' . . more," . r . . . ' . boy usurpers have been advised not to importer. the importer calla upon the
,, . A hundred voices mingle in one roar. ing beautiful extract is from the Hasps- jump out of she witidows, aro was the ' ' al or local, have thrown out large mass of the Republic. . In a long life of pub
people. The debt must be paid, and as
, From post to post the affrigted victims fly, ' rime " ' lie service, he has shown himself to be
case at Harrisburg. The Democracy see of peper, affording facilities to all
' ,' Whilethe red finnlOtt illumine sea and oky, s Young worocnhood ! 'the sweet ()Hilts House have tnanifested d II I
a our eurp us cotton, rice and, tobacco, an eminent and accomplished bibtOPMent '
who demand them, making money, se
,, ' The pitious took ot infancy appeals I h isPo- which are the principal articles exported
moon on the horizon'', man is possessed et all the high clualitieswhich ,
For help, hut alit what heart in danger feels t verge, a thought same lo manuale their principles b it is called, plenty, almost every
Y are already gone the balance must be
,.. 1 None save a mother's...400 her clask her boy, matured, but not uttered a conbeption bowie knives, or carry out their meas. , .41 , ' Induced to extend hts credit, beYond fit him for the firet office in the gift of
.n cash. Bank paper will not do.
:. ..,'I Floating, she looks to find her second joy, '
warm and glowing, not yet embodied: ures with brickbats. The admonition '''''''' reasonable bounds, Every thing sp- his countrymen. He ist opposed to the .
' She
, , sees him now, and with a transport wild, the rich halo which precedes -the riel ig
t was gratuitouto and uncalled for. Nor That may circulate as money at home,
pears prospesoue eround us. We ell creation of a National Bank, and in fa
; 'Bove, save, Oh I save I shs cries, my drown. among ours I b t th E I. h
0 VeNg u e ng to man
jug child I' tittnthe rosy down that .bespeaks the was it the Democratic membere of the wants real money -gold anti 'silver. If
run in debt-but when the foreign creds vor of an independent Treasury, under
!., ft' She waved her erms,and in the next rude wave, the ripening peach-a flower- Leg Waters of Pennsylvania who threat tie is paid in bank notes h ik it"
, e,wa s into demands the amount due bun, that the control of the people's repreeentae ..
, , The mother and her children found a grave, A flower which is not quite a flower, tivee in Congrese, He is 0
ened violence to the corrupt usurperb very demand creates a - run upon the pposed to a ,
4' ''','. Lock'd in her arms her boy bath sunk to rest, Yet is no more a bud, the batik and demends the coin; which
- a . who 'Claimed their Beate in that hall. riff tor rotection. to a system
banks for epecie, end disables then, high ta p , . or
, . v 7,-, His head is pillow'd on her claycold breast, to immediately chipped. to Europe. This
7, 1,'..; A mother's love not death Itself-can part, ..We ought in humanity, nu more to It was the honesty hard-handed De- drain upon the Eastern batiks drives from affording relief. The community I im rovements b the Gene
interne p . y fat
..,, i Elbe hangs her dying children to her heart,. des i
mse a Man for the misfortunes Abe mocrecy, who rallied to the standard ol them into the interior for 1 f h then suffers the twofold inconvenience,
a supp y o i e . Goverenient. Ile is of the Stem rights
!'t, .And fain would perish more than once, to save . their country when their legislative halle 1 being encouraged to inso,ve iteelf,by cebool; the dieciple of Jeffereon and
tier blooming bo Ai from ocean'a awful gravel, mind, than for those of the body, vs hen precious nietals A . run takes place Jacks ,
a. in favor of a etrict construes.
li!- 'A sail I a sail 1')a hundred voices rave- - they are such as h3 cannot help; . were were to be corrupted by usurpation and from the eeabord to the frontiere. The an expansion of the paper currency, ant:
, - fraud. It was the kind of men who when pressed for payment, at the time tion film Constitution, and opposed to
,'..,' ... In the ditn distance, on the brilliant wave. this thoroughly consieered, we should banks call upun their debtors for coin
i ,i, , Bits coma, and hope cheers up those hearts a- no more laugh at a man for having his maintain and support sour enentry in t 1 th v li d tit when it stands meet in need of aseiss
o eupp y eir au s, an ey upon the exercise of powers ma clew!), grane
1 ' gain .' lance, it meets a coetraction of this ted to the lettere! authoritiem Ile is the
l';Aa They shall be avoid-alas! that hope-is vain' brains cracked, than for having hie bead eace, and defend it in war. Tat. were ,,,eir I .
cus enters, and thue a universal
,, ! The dastard wretch beholds the imptoring crew broke.- Pope. . 'lie kind of men, and oseerneu uy the oteesure is produced. I
t originates in Paine currency, which aggravates and adveeate of a cheap andsimple govern
i ' . Looks on the blazing boat, then hids Wien, , . . flame political priticiplestio wet cal t A
tionoon, but it extend, to ever
y MEM in increases ite difficulties Such a state ment; wisely and economically adminiso
. .
' , , Loaves them to perieli in a watery grave, A servant girl a few days voice on .leit plebians in the republican d
-19's "I the United States, If it comities, long I. ihnigs demand 'borough and radical tered; securing to all, the rights , which
, ,. . Bather than stretch his aoward hand to save. . Rome, who, when Aninony offmed Cm- , ' reform; and it is for that principle we belong to them, end resisting the efe
leaving her place, was accomed by her t the amount due abroad le very large,
., , Go. thou inhuman being, be thy name forts of those who seek .by monopolies
have hem contending for yeare, with
... A demon's wateh-wordsand the mark ofshame, master as to her, ream for leaving. sar the crown, threw up i
I-1011 "wen13 i auspeneion of specie paymen '
is is pro
,. Go teach ilie to tiger what to thee is given, MstreSS is so quick tempered that I caps end clapped thdir hard and chap- luced; if tho amount be less, we have the Federal party. and corporate authority, to entrench
And be the scoff .14 man, the scorn of Heaven, cannot live with her,' 'mid the aid.- 'tett hande,at his refusal to accept ii. mt a panie, attendrid with individual die But is there no remedy for the evils 1
u ton pubhc liberty. , Lastly, be is Atte
1 ,I t ; Be all those mourning mother'o tears thy own lithitity persisted, end ()trued it tigair we suffer There is; and we may find d advocate of Bank reform
avows. . . . ani
' 'Well,' said he,"You know it is no boon !tens, sacrifice of property antl bank
,.1 .. Till human feelings melt thy heart of stone. of subJectiug the monied institutions br
etcsar refused ; they three, up their cape ,upley, it to our doors if we take the trouble to
er began than it is over.' 'Yee. eir,ane , This is the great leading cause
' ' ' r :, . . ": 4 Now o'er the icecold sea the victims swim, the country to a thorough scrutiny and
. 1'. '1..1 Their limbs are helpiess, and their eyes grow
no sooner over than. begun again." ,itotited in token of approbalion, el.': .
clapped their cha pee and hard hands tl all the euffering Inch has exieted le took for it. Pass the Independent
ro Treneury bill, separating the govermen. an effectual supervision and control of
; nonev matters for the last few ye
dim, .
; ; . Widi cries for halp, they yield their lingering A chemist in ejrat
13 iating on the late but the patriciaus !maned and liteses. 1 - a' moot from Lbanking institutions'. Re
nd of ell the embarrassment which now . public opinion, acting through the cons
,i .,. , A breath, discoveries in chemical ecience, observ- Again Anthon ()ire ,d him the criiwo. noire all duties on foreign importations atituted agents of the people. .To such
Y . . . 9 dllicts the country, There are other -.
" ' r''A, One by one they close their eyi s in death. '
ed that nnOW In notie-s nut aoain Crcsar ,sled it e ith hie hat f
bad been found p e . , p . to be paid in advance, in gold and ell- a man., we are prepared to give our bears
:1 4 Thu blazing wrack a moment shines more iright I .;auses which have !heir influence; The
11 ,: :. ()ne ery is 1103r11. SIM SinkS, and all hi night, a considerahla degree of heat. An !rom nis need. file patricielet groor stale, ahrt .11,tikto of this Utiion. by a vt r. This will check extravagant im- t)' supper; and we solemnly p'edge up.
I , . The moon bath set, a darkness shrouds the lea. trisliman piesant,(anaiols that tha din- eif and hieedt but the pletwine cretti?, 'met improvideni policy, have involved portations end create at the same time a selves, to use every honorable effort!te
I i N i voice is heard illitni that moonless sea,
. , Pull tiny spreads her wings main the rile, covery migrit be made probable') itiqiii.. itell to throw tip their weaty cells al 1
dem elverr in tieble by the sale of stocks ddinand for spec
ie at home. The banks
also. bhould have such salutarv rests
secure hie reselection.
The Federal party ,
have nominated ---
' ' '. The mo'on bath s'et, a darluicas shrouds airlea. (deliDan present,(a-neiols that the dui- ed and hoe ed; but the pletwins ceeti;:
1 covery migrit be made probable') !aqui.. nett to throw up their ,westy CHIOS 31 'met its 1 rove:lei i p they htive is v0h; d
Item .elIV)eti in tielbisl bv tl'ie stile o;e4toceke portatIone rine create at ine same ume a "''t " "" ''"
me. The banks ....v....is euers!ier
The Federal patty have nominated -
I ' i N. voice is heard upon that moonlese sea, secure hie re-election. 1, ,
1, , eue pity spreads her wings upon the sale, iidnianO forspecie at ho
also; ehould have such salutary rem,
red of till orator 'e hat uumber of anow clap Oleo herS tio.i cl.rirte,i4 i,a . vlbicli must rumen itepeid for genera- Gen. Harrison, as their candidate foe
,. 'tl,And few me loft to hill tho dreadful tato.
Theee were the kind of itt...e wit , Li .. 1.) 1 i , L trews imp000d upon them, ae wil) keep
ll ,-,.t From down-bede worms, and from their jar; balls wo ild hod a toe kettle ' tons to tome. eu 9 111V8 811t1 clea Presidential honors ll'ithou
them within just and safe limits, bubject 1 Pausing
,I - .l.' ous sleep, the etreets nod erow,led the iegiNlatte' ed for thu purpmie of making Internet to inquire, whether this man may or
q Yet' many an eye Ai. hall wake to weep, "Nlr Jive's, you must take the rot- halls of Harrisburg. They 8119' (lint inprovetnentm to pi octire capital for to frequent examinationa by the agents
' . eull many a helot a haplims went minim, oonstbilitij," as the Minnie editor's wife their libestIcs were in danger, and the AI to r d local lin ilt.4 end en th
a n i . i ,, . r e pur- of the people, and lieble at any litee,tfor maY not, in common with many other.
rominent individuals, have, dooe the
., ,. 'H From liitittis end him ri. alas! untimely torn. a violation of duty, to have their doore P
'eine when bhe gave her husband the rallied to the defence of their instito- wee of ranking internal improvements,
I" Fair Balti nore, thy children too must i country some. service, we oppose hie
closed, and their charter forfeited. Let
1 wee''' gout 'un to mem. Jinni and the otrii of the electivs frau , 1 - k;
A falter, husband brother 41 the deep
') -- ' ig 1 Y t procure ctipi al tor ..thie and local
the atockholders be liable in their incli. re-ele tie fo teas
c n r one which we deem
if And beauty's eyes 9113110,m melt in terrs, sqm looker BB tee looking ohm, chiee. Such men do not crot,vd the tanks, and for ether purposes. We .
ir, ' ', , 3 O'er the sad tate, in flame d lye and years, streets and avenuee of Weehiegten city lave borrowed 1.10111 the Englitth until vidual capacey, for the payment of their ive He ie o tufted
conclus . pp , so far as
t i ' The lispine child will to its mother cline, said whoa the 'ugly customer' looked in debts. ae other citizene are, and: throw hie principles are known, to the leading
. and overflow the legislative Italie of this ,
ve can borrow nomorte arid the amount
, , l, Aid ask ;hat day its father home will bring, it to tiee his face. into. es
around them such further restra H trines which dis in uis o
doc I g h ur party.,
. 'f . Ates l poor child, no father comes to thee, Capitol. . No, eir; the usurped iii this if out debt thus created heing probably is favorable to a rent Nation
g al Bank. -
will secure the people against frauds and e
i :. Ile alemismishrouiled in the dark blue aea, - - case have nothing to fear from the pop- ,Int far from two hundred millions, pro- d b Cot) rests. he wi
chartere y g , it $
,I ' ' - . No shore thy mother now shall rouse the fire, ' PUBLIC SENTIMENT
. ulace here. Sir,with many honorable ex feces an annual drain of some ten el imposition.. The mysteries of banking
t , . Te W01011186 home hor husband and thy sire, .
Jitt extract front Dr Duncan s speech ceptions, our streets and avenues are twelve millions adollers, for the inter- nee no veto upon bills im oak) h
are just beginning te be understood by P . .. .P . g igh
le ' Ivo more the mother, when tho day is done, protective tarins, or appropriating money,
on the N. Jersey fraud. . crowded . with blacklega, political Jog. h b r the public. It is only within the' Nat
''..Te Shall long to look upon her gilled Pon, est. Althoug we may oast, there ore. to internal improvements.. He has been.
few' years that the. subject has been
At " ' PICO MOTO 911011 casit h m to her bee log hrea,t. "As tbe floods rush from the moun.. glere, hungry expectants, loving. lean that we have paid elf the national debt against us in ell oar contests, since-
, ' And breathe a prny'r that he may still be blest, wog ne Ethiopid, to the overflowing of Waren' loafers, bank vassals, and Fed. in ' G ' thoroughly diacussed; and the time is at
curred by oar two wars with real 1824; the sepporter of John Quincy
.t ; Ear from lite mother's mourping heart he sleeps
the Nile and to the 'enriching of the eral minniona.congregated from all parts Britain, yet the country has involved head when a mass of valuable informs.,
-. ' ' : Nur knowellie friend who a er his fate now . ' tion will hove been collected, which will Adams' administration, and active op.,.
Union. Dandies coxcombs and
plains ofEg t, so has been the torrent oral , , itself in a new debt , of a larger amount, ent
.150, flow totan'i a tear shatt yet,alaril be shed. - - or pnoite lePotiment - anti t .ed drones, whose subaibtence dee that will remain en incumbrance u on
p enable us to act understandingly St wise pon . of Genetel .1
; aCk8011 and Mr..;
t?,', 7,0'er that wide tomb that holds so tunny dead! through the medium fib ba1701 bboseti,Inn ipivenedne upon theN begging or fraud, or ly in reference to this matter. Vim Buren. He has acted throughout
I therefore be made, unless it clearly con
ducee to the public good; and whenever and according to his owe , -declarations,
stands ready to Sign hi , passed byt
'lls if
it is shown that the. powers g v ti k te Congrese, i hich are not authorieed by ,
the goeslion.'Queen Victoriteitte great arbitrese the DeMOCraCY IP be owed or intimida.. tible and pitiful tliat victory may be. is. but it is not to be found in ' either a
,, a, the terms of the Federal Cons( '
ten bv the throttle o! frowns of a con- Sir, t think I can used or abueed to the public injury, the , ttetionei
i .of the ton, has already taken time by the fore- give the usurpers as- dational Bank, 'or in the creation of and can CD be passed by a loose lett .
,:. Mysterious are thy ways. Oh !God. yet Just
'', ' Thou art in a!! thingslet us bow and trust, .
-. , . 5111ZORD 11 A RD
reds Garret. Baltimore Jan. 22d 1840. .
"'The Angel of death. favor of the leedin us and our posterity, for a century.- at
g measures of this upon the Whs. glories of the credit and least Is it eur ri. h b f
Administration, and the glorious' and
hallowed cause of Democracy , and the ing that t is a ance
battking4stent. Hence it is that ' .P I mf .
hear from your galleries shouts of a
Yee of trade, resultilig rom excessive im..
P- ports, and the constant demand for epee .
people. So, with the Revolutionary probation and joyous applause, when I ' I.
blood and patriotism eif our anceatore,
,. Leap Year.--By the common law of Court,- backed by the thundering yoice Of
i . : vhip it is the ladies privilege this year to 'Pop
' ' ' probation by millions of freemen, are
..ti and d in art
! ' lock and set the example.--It seems that Prince (Wm Y g P Y in their last ,
. Albert never dreamed of seeking to attain the spasmodic
'' bigh destiny tfes now awaits him. until her ma- agonies! No, air its effectl r
is but to produce the 'neer of' contem l' you gain anything like a temporar
op.. Whig victory over the cause and prin
ciples of Democracv, however contem
urance that they me, to pay so arge an amount o. inter
Y est should cause mbarrassment in our Public libertY.
monied affairs? ,
P le there no reme y for this evill There
ate on the right side for morelocal banks. The Pennsylvania
1 Sa.dli here; but I could not insure them B 1,k of the U. Slates, when it h d
p from decapitation if they were to a. One thing we now know; that cor
' mations are tbe vice of this age, and
that every grant of corporate power,
Just so much taken from the mass of
No such grant shoul& tained.by the people: He is,
grant ought to be revoked. The numbee . Y,..
ra of these granite in the United Stotts,
e a -- now almost COtifilletin and a list or the
Pre- cetved a charter tom the State in the with the Federal Bank party, spinet all,
reformers of the: paper currency propose b
18 ed by the democratic school and OUSs,
the doctrines' of the State rights party;
iti tudiearianconekruction of that pitres -
meet, which noufdt b'g destructive Cralti ,,
Water() of Obin, in the short space of the discordant .faótions,.eppoeed-19, ,- , '..9' .::,.:
gentlemen Whigs la give their Young rieburg.' Sir, as usual:, we have heard P
' . WO the .riginal if hes:Isose.1.Fred'k Her. s resident to be stronger than it ever . p. .
regent d
A ministratione; snit aver - ,
t e
á iest), had bers, keit conveyed to him. Remus
,, relied by a hiltordous saying, that the might and derision. As it is 'common here f. ' t h I . h C
or sen atm c aims in I
. e pito! of Has- winter of 1835.-0,' was declared- by
. friends (now Whig members) idvice, the sucerias of the moo of Democracy wee, with its charter from Congre
i Poor people down in . Maine have a so 1 win volunteer some adviee to my. attributed to cerruptien, Executive in- It' h 1
it8 ones lc tee emanated from tbe,leg
a.. thirty...seven yeare, would astonish all P
' who Imo not turned their attention tO
and prepared to ue more eervicebble to i hie ' He is- th'S'eas id' t '''' ç ' IL441-
eur r.g . , , ,. 4 es 9. , ..,
nominated, 'as in availat!ee--- . ' ,s,
A email! method of keeping warm du- young friends; and that is, to treat with lluence, usurpation, base vassalage, trade and commerce' and more useful the bubjeet. , . , and-not 'on account of hie'i '''' -
. tilbilir
ring the long coíd nights Of Winter. contempt and scorn, ail tha blasting, Part,' slander,' and servile submiesien. to-the I 1 'It d h b f
t peop e, t mu it a een c ore. ,
They have a buckwheat . cake made blowing,blustering, and bullying dis- Yet4 eirtibe Administration and all its le, National. bank could.. relieve ue I
large enough to cover the entire beCtke plats theY mat 8" We 0! elawhere, measuree; the Harrisburg Convention, why
a quill, and spread over it (piping bot,", thoughThe fiercest Federal lions be the eleCtion of Geo.' Harrison, 'and tbe hae not this 'one done sot We
know that in the general suspension of
) Banks, properij limited and control
cd, would not afford this extraordinary
stimulus to the spirit of trade end spec-irr4.''
illation, which has tto Often Covered the ' or because' he waithe f . n4 of r '
those who uao his name,
' ' He is's . ''
weaned by
the Federal perty calle-' ' 1 er
, et the time ef retiring.. . When, made of turned into thin hall, and though their
1 seccess of theFederal ' party; end the 1837, . h ß -
it wee among I e rat to suspend,
sufficient thickness it retains its heat an , "ehaggy tails be erect, sad their 4swe contest for party ascendancy in the next b 1 " vocated by. the De
J I, , . and among t a est to resume; and
litmorning when, if a person is too lazy bedaubed with human blood,'.1, they. .ra- rreslueolial ttleell00; . have all ' been. whilst, our own local banks are now pay
le get up, he can make a good break ' ally have no terrors; 'lie people, have es. drivrii into the vortex of ,discusaion, on
, fast by eatiog off the'edge 48 he host- tinted their teeth; they can do nothing the simple propobition ot flu) New - Jet
.4 r ' ingipecie,Ahat bank lies in Mine ' land with distress. and tbe referme ar1-1 led orf,by 'Daniel 'W4 ,,, ' . .
1 anemia patty, Bra i Clay... A9ather f .' - - ,
I t a i
therefore another remedy for tbe evils i -1,lica n 11;011590,..,
una. complained of. -But the most elEMennt'l nuttibi 11 iii. euPPort; - .r ,,, . ,. -
ble to meet ite littlik d ' Il remedy after all lies still nea h.' ' . Pölliti.t6." ..11)'
i t les, an trawl ing , I t ror oral).
. , . , ,,. . , ,,,. , , ,,. . , .., , , ,, .. , , ., . , againt'l 4.-- .. - -
, .
' . 1301
- I' t 't . From the
1 i 1. . ' The' following' li
awful scene of the
' ' ' 1 ' has brought hdpelt
and generous heart.
the memory of tha
0 I, .. stretch my. hen& at
å ;' surviving triendsr'
I V hearts of the widot
. '4 ' , there is but oriefial.
, , ..! ,,i.
-I I! -' of GOD. , - k
Night rested wile
( , ,. O'br tha.wide wag
1-. The glonous sun li,
,..., .),,,. And the dim stars le
- .' Ae ifthey wept in It
. ; And drop'd their te
', - The warm hand I
ous to
!i...., The long embrace c
, ken;
- '' The buoyant bo,
' ". , shore,
, To gaze on those th
! I 1 Upon the deck they
'' 1 . till evening drops 1
' ''! Now eer the water
' .''s Went forth that 'trail
rt They thought of II
, ,
i , . , ',-- returr
Nor thought, alas I
(I, , ' . In blissful dreams th
I h But tread again the
'' ' Childhood and age 1
i 1
, '1 houghtleas of dam
'',J. When le I there col
, And the word FIR!
(I '1-1-;',), The red flames ties!
' ' .1. Till the wide waist
1 , I ,,,i. On the cold blast dr,
Waves his dark wit
4 l'O'"11,, Wild e'er the deck
, ,.
' Rusk the victims sh
',. . ', 'Wince is my son?'
' 1" I "; 'And where my sin
. Amid that scene of
i ' '
II , I Dem woman wadi
.2 . And shall eitie peril'
-I) ', Launch,launch that
o . , "They're lost, Ohl
1 1 A hoWdred voices n
, . From post to post tl
', ," While the red fiam
r ' The pitious took oi
For help, hut aid vr
. 1 None save a motile
, ...,', Floating, she looks
, , , She sees him now,
' '. o Save, save, Oh I
-.) ing child
,, ; ft She waved her arm
, ', 1 ', , The mother and he
rt 4'4,-.1 Lock'd in hermits
,), ,"' Ilia head is pillow'
"., ,: 1,'; A mother's love nt
. 7: t She hangs her dyin
I, , !"t, And fain would pa
' -1 bier blooming boys
", - 'A sail I a sail l' a
;''', In the ditn distance
1 ' ' ins comae, and hc
f; 4 , They shall be levet
,, . The dastard wretch
ii; ' , Looks on the blazi,
' , , Loaves them to pei
.1 - ,- . 'tether than stretch
Go, thou inhuman I
. r . , A deaton's wateh-.
, ',. . Co teach the to tip
1 ', i', And be the scoff el
', 1 ,I 1 : Se all those mourn,
'., - ,O, ..", Till hutnan feeling
I , -, 7,4 Now o'er the icecc
I,' .I'. 't Their limbs are ht
,, ,,, ,, dim,
; I . With cries for ht
,1 ' breat
, , i,
' ,' As Orie by one the,
,, ,
.1 4 , 'rho bluzing wreck'
li ()ne cry is heard. s
I, The moon hath set
i N t voice is heard 1,
1 . , poll pity spreads h
i iiI,Antl few ftie left te
il ,-,i From dowit-hede
, q Fel' many an eye ,1
. k ull many a heart ,
.1 ,,, From friends and I
) I" ' Fair Bain nore, thy
. 'S
A fither, husband,
I ,' 4( And beauty's eyes
'. , 3 O'er die sad tate, it
i i' ' The lispine child v
I , , ' ., ilild ask ;hat day
'.. O . Atas I poor chilli,
i i :. .. Ile sloops, inelirooll
11 '','' . No shore thy r1101111
)4 ( . . To W010111116 home
1 No more the moth,
' ''iTi. Shall long to look
At" ' klo more shall e,
6.1 . And breathe a ma
0 - Far from lite moth,
-' ' : Nur knowallie
,,,.... ,- - - - - --,
0.4 Bow twiny a tear
i. (?. !''.. . ,7:'. ' 110,yaispr I atilt: initt,tuisvt Ill ee 1 att 'h,'Ilyir,
'o, , - . ' t.. b eIrs ' P'Cl'; neh, Pit ea' goAll ril' one 11143nr rr: '.1:11:trni lc
. w
I ef the ton, has a
' ' lock and PIM the 03
1 Albert never (Item
'i high deutiny tiet r
ieety lout her,,,, 1
.; reeled by a hiltet.
, lave the .riginal it
-., ta e
Poor people
I email! metho
1 , ' ring the long
, ! They have a
large enough to
a quilt, and am
et the timo pf r
sufficient thick
til morning will
te get up, he ci
, , fast by eatieg o
c,.-----.------;,-- . . . ,
. ,
. -
, . .
, .
. , ,
., , ,
, ,
.. . .
: ,
, .
. , .
, .
. - A . . .
. . . .., - gs . rt. , ,'' ' t ' ' .
,, 1, -
0 11U6'
. ! , 4 -- V .' 0 - . :' 7Nt. '
:::::..00.4(3 ., 10 .,
. 1. ...;',1:'' 1.,....',.',.211,...t.r.,..,i.,:r:.:';:,1.,:. . ;.' ' . . ii
..... , -- tt ' '''-.1 ' ' ' '
, - o . . ., , , ..,. - 7 :i ,.:-.7.- k gi i I I - '''
: 43 :1
,'4 ,,, 1 e.) ., , I ,,,... .-t. -- ,
, . .. -,, """ ..... ,., -,; ,,.1'
. . .. . .
, , ,, ,., 3, ;ì .! ,' e'.'"; '4. -, '
. .
. . . i ,
. ' , . . ,
' i
3. ' . , . ' : ' Jr. 3 , " r ! 1
,, , ç , , , .1
,, , ! ,, r,:, ,-,: f.; - , , ,,-. , ; , ,,, ,.. ! , ,). - i i',, 4r ',. a 4L,..! I , : , . ,., .; , ' ' - ' . - 2.4. 3 ' 'e ' : ' ' '''' .1 : i : ; ,''' ' ' . : '3
' ' ! . . i',
, .
' )1,. ,
.-, ,. .
. A
k! ' HILL 4 MITCH EN,31t... PUBLITIJERS. CANALI)OVER 'I 118kiAll, VAS- 4.;04...,N LA , 1 011R) ),,.. FEBUAR IV 14, 1F411 '. ' ,. s. , ,
i . v 01,UNIE L NUMBER 26. :
A 'I ,
1 '
111::1na:es:tlieteuddittitObbooliikti: 'It 1
Dose, htiT, . , r
CliVe 'lir
lite 9E 'tilt 0--", - ;
astir ,
; I 0p00-
0. 4 0' ,
- . ,
; ,
1 I
.1 t
' 1
, (,'
, t

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