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VOL.I.^NO. 3X-
BCBUKONDENTIBT.^^rncic ovbk Jem. rmiu co..
P.L. ST. JEAN, A.B., M.D., CM.
deuceod Weeond street, St. Jean Building.^Office ou First Mm in si. J fan Hull.linn.^IIoui .: ^ to 12 A. M^ a to 6 and 7 to a P.M.
PintSt re^-t,
Scenesof Beutji* the Reception in the^White House.
hairst., OVKB BASKET * IMPM stoiuc,^Anaconda -- Montana.
T.O'LEARY, Attorney and Counselor at Law.
Practice*in all of the Slate and I'ntteel stale*^court*. Collections promptly made. Siiocial at^^tention idveii to Mining Priiieettl.-s and Mining^Law Real Kstate, l.ei.uis and Insurance. I'rnit-^erty Kenied and It-nts t'oll.-et^-^l. t Mitre rootii*^3 and 4 M.illie lll.sk, corner of First and t^ak^streets. Anaconda, Mont.
Office,First Street Hetwecn Main aud l^ak,
Aiiaeouda,Montana.^TEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT PAIN^by a new process. All classes of DentalWork^executed In tlrst elans manner. Artificial^Teeth Without Plates.
Attorneyat 1j^w.^OfflM In Barrett li Jacky's Block, Malu Street,^Anaconda, Montana.
ANAPOMIA--^ montana
Officein Barrett ft .lacky block. Residence on^Second street west, opposite Montana Hotel.^Calls promptly attended to. liraduatc of St.^Louis Me-dlcal t'olle-ge.
(Nextto Montana Hotel.)^ANACONDA- MONTANA
AnacondaReal Estate Agency.
MiumnBn ^kers,4 'ullectsrs ami t om i-yaue-er*.^ANACONDA- M^^NTANA
Tie Best Brands of I.lipiors and 1'lgars^cltv.
ThurstonBles-k. Corner Cedar and First Streets.
Hunsinger,Barrett A Burnett,
Wholesaleand Retail Butchers.
FaintlySupplies a S|^cclally.^AU Orders l^c live red Free of Charge.^Hhop on First Street- - Ahai-onpa
Th*BKST and CHKAPKMT place to the city of^Butte to Purchase BOOTS and HHObS^Is at the liOI.D BOOT,
F.II. Hhaw, Proprietor.
tsWest Park St.
WarmSpring Livery Stable.
TheFinest Turnouts in Anaconda. New and^Ilaudsome
OarlSADDI.K.HOKHFS for Ladles and Genu^are the Finest in the new State.
CHA8.W. FRENCH. Proprietor.
Firststreet. West of Main, Anaconda, Mont.
The^ Morris ^ Cousins,
promptlydone and a perfect^an teed.
parlorsIn Delmonico Hotel. Take the First^Hallway on Main street off First.
HavingPurchased the
OnFront street. Anaconda.
7X. J. BLIX +
toconduct a first-class hotel,^but white help employed.
FirstClass Board and Lodging^i H.OS per day. Reasonable Kates for week
Confidence Wiiinra Victimise
ofthe Noble, of the Mystic^Mhrine The Iowa DtWewlty Ami^^cably Adjusted In the (irsnd^Kncamplueut.
Washington,Oct. 9. The tieoph- found^niiK'li to admin- ami gratify their sense of^the Ik-uiitiful ami plctures^pie in the- i^|^-^peantnee of the grounds of the White^house- to-night nti the occasion of the re^^ception tendered to the visiting Knights^Templar hy President Harrison. From^the south |m^rtieo of the White house the^Heem- wax mi ideal stage pieture truns-^fcm-el to open air and aft ill^a bonier of nature. Hows of Chi^^nese lanterns were strung on wires^iMincath trees on each wide of the^of grounds. Other rows of Ian terns en^^circled elumps of plants and foliage here^anil then-, while at various points well^adapted to enhance the effect were circles^of small colored glass glob ^s lighted by^clcctrie-ily. Within d^M^rs the ileconitioiiM^wen- also varies!. Potted plants and cut^flowers were used, but wen- relieved by^Masonic floral designs, liver the diser-^way hading from the main corridor to^the east room two American Hags were^drape-d. while on the opposite side and^facing those who entered two large na^^tional Hags hung iii graceful folds, ami on^them the words ** Welcome Sir Kniirhta ^^were placed ill re^l flowers. The recep-^tlon ImMM at *::*^ oVIoek, and was to^have lastesl until lO, hut owing to the^(Treat throiiK that desired to shako the^president's hand it was considerably after^that time before the last Knight pas-vd^thnmgh tlu^ Hue. Thousands of Knights^and their lady frie-iids were reccive-d.
Tin-gates wen- o|M^uefl at a ipiarter^past eight. The reception committee^then entered and forming in the corridor^wen- preaeiited to the president and his^unity, who eame down stairs promptly at^8:30 o'clock, while the Marine hand^played ^Hail to the Chief.^ The presi^^dent then took his stand at the entrance^to the blue room and the hand shaking1^-^gan. The president was assisted hy all^the inei11!m'i*s of the eahinet except Secn-^taries Blaine ami Proctor, and hy Mrs.^Harrison, Mrs. Miller, Mrs, Windoiii, Mr*.^Rush anil Mrs. Noble. The presentations^wore made hy Sir Knight Myron M. Par^^ker of this city. Tne knights, generally^attended hy one or more ladies, passed^cpiickly through the Line room.
To-day'ss|m-ctuculur feature of the^grand encampment of the Knights Tcmp-^lar was a i^ara^le of Nohles of the Mystic^Shrine. The pr^M-cssioii was formed near^the treasury htiildiug and uiarched tlienee^hy Fifteenth, Ninth streets and Pennsyl^^vania avenue to the enpitol, rxxmter^liutrellilig thence to the place of starting.^pMssMI Temple, of St. Paul, caused much^HWWMM among the s|H'etalors l^y car^^rying the ^Idankit,^ a strong can^^vas sheet with convenient handles,^MpOSj whii-h candidates for admission are^tossed during initiation. Among other^prominent t mples was Kljels-l temple of^Denver and Medina temple of Illinois.^Msjsjsbrtsj of Denver temple at intervals^during the march uttered a iM-culiar cry^indieative of their purpose of having the^next conclave held in thai city.
Atthe session of the grand eneam|^-^meiit this afternoon the Iowa cast- came^up. Past Grand Master James II. Hop^^kins of Iowa, chairman of tin- committee^on jurisprudence, brought in tin- re|H^rt^which recommended the adopt ioiiof a r^^so^^lution whi^-h Ix-gau by reeltingtlie jwissage
ofthe r^^aolutioii of tin years axo that
causedthe trouble. It then |Miiiited out^that it was the duty of the most eminent^grand master to enforce the terms set out^ill this resolution and that the grand com-^manderies of the state of Iowa hail been^disloyal in not ohcying the edict of the^most eminent ki-uiio master, anil were^censurable for this action. Hut the com^^mittee was of the opinion that tin- grand^commamlery ami subordinate command-^cries of Iowa had been punished sulllci-^ently in being suspended from templar^intercourse with the eommanderies of^other states and tin- order generally^throughout Mm country, ami MMMMjf^memlefl that the order interdicting ull^templar intercourse with the grand^commaiitlery of Iowu ami other^Kuighta Templar of the* Cnited States^Im' no longiT i-otisiilenHl in foreo. 'I'ln-^recommeiidatioii of the committee found^favor with IDS iiiciiiIm-i-s of the grand en^^campment. A love least prevailed fin all^sides. The resolution of the committee^was adopted and the grand commamlery^of Iowa was cordially welcomed back into^full fellowship. The committee on next^place of meeting of the tri-ennial con^^clave re|^ortcd in favor of Louisville, Ky.^The rc|^ort will Ik- acted upoSJ to-niorrow^af terncKHl.
MMM ^eed. More Postal Facilities.
Washington,l^ct. !). -The commission^appointed hy the |k^stmaster general three^mouths ago to examine into the needs of^tlx- is.stal aerviee at Chicago have re^^ported at great length. The commission^is eouviueetl the poatul MJffVsM of Chicago^is and has lieen for years inadequate to^the ne^-^ls of the public, ch|h-ciully in the^buaitieas aeetious, and adds that ^public^f orhearance considering the circumatnin-en^is a matter of surprise.^ The statement^as to the business of the office ahows a^rate of increase for the past live years^greater than that of New York, Philadel^^phia or Boston. The report says Chicago^is the second largest office in the country,^and second to none in importance. The^commission recommends the construction^of annexes to the present building, enlarg^^ing the interior aud the like. An increase^of the clerical force is also recommended^to facilitate the business.
SamFrasicihco, Opt. ^.^At an early^hour yesterday morning Officers Linsky.^Burnett and Mctirath made what the po^^lice consider a very ini|m^rtunl capture, in^the persons of Pauline Townsend aud^Fannie Lyle, supposes! to he well known^coi.fldcncc women from the East, the last^named being t Im- one against whoni^Tcxus^Jack^ staked #l^tM^^^ in a game of |a^ker^alsiut two years ago. and whom he brought^to this city after he hail won^her. On Thursday evening a^young Central American who gave- tin^name of Jean Augi-ter met tin- pair at a^restaurant and was told that they were^memlM-rs of the Fannie Duvciiport ^La^Tosea^ company, lb- sought an intro-^iluction ami invited them to join him in a^glass of wine, but the women witc coy^and refused his invitation until they were^assured that he was a stranger in the city,^and only made the oll'cr for the sake of^having company, line glass of wine fol^^lowed another and soon tile trio thought^the restaurant too noisy ami proceeded to^another place ou (.rant avenue. They re^^mained there singing ami drinking for^several hours, and then Fannie Lyle ex-^cused herself, saying that she was unwe ll.^She had been gone only a few moments^when Pauline stated that she MMM] see to^her friend. Ten minutes later Augeter^sent for the waiter to pay the bill and was^astonished on opening his iMM-kctlssik to^find that it had heeii picked ami that 9UO^in hills ami gold hail Im-cii taken from it.^lie notitlcd the proprietor, who sent his^waiters to scorch for the women. Augeter^also went to search for them, and at ultotit^J o'clock he found them in a carriage in^front of a Sutter street Huh Mill, lie man^^aged to capture the Townsend woman,^hut the other succeeded ill getting away.^The officers! were then uotilhil, and after^an hour's work located the Lyle woman^in a house on Sutter street, both were^charge-d with grand larceny and,vagrancy.
Yesterdaymorning when the case was^called ill the police- court the women^asked for a continuance for a week, which^was granted and they were Ics-kcd up in^the tanks until the MMM can investigate-^their records.
Augeterhas seen reel Crittenden Thorn^^ton to prosecute them, and, with Detec^^tives Hohali and John Colfcy, lie called at^the city prison last night. The- MMM^have- succeeded ill victimizing several^men nlsmt town, hut em-u|m-d the meshes^of the- law until this adventure hecuiisc^their victims did not wish publicity.
RepublicansAttempt to Bar Out Three^Precincts in Jefferson Connty.
pine at the Moot Trivial of Terh-^alcalttlea la the Futile Kmlrsnsr^to ibrrlhrsw the Will^of the I'eeeple.
TheOlsjsustle Kallroesd
laga Wire Heater.
Baltimore,Md., l^ct. 9.^John Eiseti-^berger, convicted of wife beating, was^publicly given 13 lashes at the whipping^post to-day. The prisoner was stripi^ed^to the waist aud his arras and legs were^fastened with strap*. A regular cowhide^was use-el, and each lash drew blood.^Eisenberger's back was left a raw ruaas of^quivering flesh. This is the fifth white^^ning in Mary land since the passage- of tin-^law in lHtC.
AKailraMMt Indicted.
St.Paul, lk-t. ^. ^The Milwaukee road^been indicted by the Ciiiu-d States^grand jury for violatiou of the inter-state^commerce law, and the trial of the causc^will be of great iiuportam-e, testing as it^will the right of railroads to c harge^higher rates to interior points^Paul and Miuueaixdi*.
ThePan-Amerlc-an Dcleirates ^^^^|^^-el The^Manufacture- of Thread and ^.uiis.
Wii.imatic,Oct. ^. TImc local commit^^tee conducted the Pun-Ame rican dele-gates^to the- Wilimatie- spool cotton company's^works, whe-re- the- delegates saw the- ^^volu^^tion eif raw cotton to the s|mmiI pr*oduci*d^ready for market. The- party the-n went^to south Manchester, where- the silk mills^were inspccteil. Hartford was r^ c-he-il at^.r^:'H^ p. m. Here- the party divide-el. OMB^section we-nt ove r the- local route sight^MMMJi and the othe r with (ie-ueral llawley^nud Vice- President and Manager^Hill of the Colt armory works,^went tee the shops oT that ceille-cril. Pratt^^ W hilni-y's gun shops were ne-xt visite-el^hy the first party, and the making^ami gMMMJMMs of the- Hcdchkis-^imiltieharge gun were- iMMMNle^afte-r which they we-re- driven tu the- All.vn^house-. At another place- the- other elivi -^ion of dele-gates saw how bie-yeh-s are^mail^-. The last factory visited was that^where ealigraphs are made at the rate- e-f^lweuty-11 ve daily. The- South Americans^expressed pleasure- upon discovering that^the MMMMi if they could not MJMMBci^could at least write Spanish, and samples^of work in that language were eagerly^sought.
Dinnerwas give n to the- cxe iirsioiiists at^the- All.vn House, at which l.ove-rlior^lhilkley pre side d. S|mm-cIm-s we-re- made^hy Senator llawley, ^-x-Se-iiator He-neli-r-^son, Mark Twain anil several of the for^^eign dele-gates. After this a public MM^tiou was he-Id at the cupitol, lasting until^midnight.
NationalOmMMM or I e.ogre-gut MMMl 1st..
Woki'KMTEK,Mass., 4 b-t. ^. Tin- tri^^ennial national council of Congregational^churches met in Plymouth church this^afternoon. The iM-rmaiietit organisation^was announced with Dr. Syrus Northrop of^the Minnesota state- university as m^ sicca-^tor. The secretary's re-port was reael. The^Coiigregational union of I iiglaud and^Wales asks that the- general re-pre-se-nta-^lives of t'oiigregationalism in all parts of^the world slioulil cotive-ue- in l^euclou at all^e-arly clay te^ MUbsmlt em grave cpu-stions^atle e tllig the faith and e-hui-eh at Christ^which at present are- in de bate- throughout^Christendom, and to MMMMf ^^u matters^which i-spe-^-ially e-oiic-e-rti Cougrcgutionul-^ists. It is urged by the set-eretarjr that the-^que stion Is- early ceiiisiele-re-el. During the-^last thri-e- three- yearsi-hurches nave
Im-ciiallele-el to the roll, making a total of^4,MiS. The increase in the iiuiiiImt of^mcmlM-rship reporte-d is .s..^i.
Mayortiraal's Firm stand.
NkwVotiK, Oct. U. - Mayor Grunt's^stand taken in his letter of ye-sterd.iy^oguinst insufficient protection to human^life from electric light and kindred ^live-^wires^ had the elfe-ct of bringing repre^^sentatives of all the companie s to his of^^fice to-day. Various explanations and ex^^cuse* we-re given, hut tne mayor Is-caun-^warm anil gave all to understand that^from this on he was going to push the^mutter vigorously. To the electria-ul^apologists Fie put the epiestion, '^Would^they touch a live wire at all'.'^ and re^^ceived a reply in the negutive. This he^informed them was a e-onfe-ssioii of dan^^ger, which must Im* remeelie-el.
PrairieFire. Threaten KU ^ load.
St.Ci.oi ii, Minn., Oct. Tl^e prairie^(Ires are making progress toward the city^ami during this forcncMjii burned their^way to within a few rods of the Manitoba^west side- track and the city limits. An^immense lot of hay was burned last night.^The smoke is so dense in the city to-day^as to make it impossible to md further^than a bles k. I'ldcss ruin MMMMN the^loss to property will Im- heuvya
AYoung- Coyote-Kllle-r.^Sacramento, l^ct. ^. David Monroe,^uu lN-year-e^ld hoy who lives ut Folsom. is^the Is ess coyote-killer of the county. lh-^briugs in big batclM-s of scalps every year,^ami to-day delivered 21 to County Clerk^Hamilton, receiving a certificate to that^effect. The young hunter will receive a^IsMinty of $lUf^ on the scalps. Miinruc- lias^a ritte aud, it is said, brings down u coyote-^at every shot.
Mpre-i.ilm tin- standard.
Boii.iii h, m-t. v. A determined e-ITort^to ove rthrow the- will of the- |M-ople of^Je-lfeis. hi county was made- by the- repub-^licaiis to-day. l*|sui the- assembling of^the lie^arel of commissioners to canvass^the vote- of the late eh-ctiou, protects^against counting the- vote- of 4.old, Flint,^White-hall and Cardwe ll we re e litere-el by^Hols i t Fisher and A. S. S^ igge-rt in Is-^half of the- republican le gislative tie ke-t.^on the most trivial and techiiieal griMiuds.^At \\ liitehall it Wiis e-laiincel only three^judge - olliciate-el ou ete-e-tiou clay llisle ad^of live-. The two aehlitioiial judge-, wa-re^not appeeinteel by the- e-oillity rsH-^missie.iie-rs until Septe-mls-r i.*T, and^the iiotice-s of the-ir appoint^^ments Willi sent ley mail ou^that clay. Tllcy We-re- licet reccie,e-il until^MMMJ of electieeti day. anil MM of the jntlge-s^so api-iiui.el was MBkMMeVM in the- pre^^cinct. I he- thre-e- regular jllilg.-s, the^fore, i ondlle tell the-c-le-e-t ie ell ami Ull i llMlgl
offraud ,er unfairness is made-. At l.olel^Flint it is i tainte d the- pulelii- we re |s ruiit-^ted to approach within three- fe e t of the-^|s^lling place, and at 4 arelw. II the- |miIHmj^place uasehallgecl from the- SCMOol Ik.iisi ,
wile*-.- se-hesil \ca^ i|| session, tee the |s^st-
olfle*e,near by.
Aftera stormy fe^r-eiiesen's en-ssiou, in^which ugume-iits We-re- iiiucle by Me-ssrs.^Fishe-r, S^ igge-rt and Hay. and re-plied tee^by ^le-ssrs. Joyes ami I'urker, the- MM^missieeiiers cle-cicled to canvass the- whole^vote, and allow the colltt-si to Is- carriesl^highi-r, if any contest is made.
At1_' o'c lock rc-|Merts eef the- trouble-^reiM-heel Helena ill all e-xaggeratesl form,^and Messrs. William Wallace-, Jr.. ami N.^W.Mi-4 -ill111-11 we-re llispatcheel tee the sce-tlc^on a s|s-e ial train ove-r the- Mieiitaiia i e-ii-^tral. I Iicy arrive-el at 4 ee'e l.M-k ami foiunl^everything epiiet. 'I he official count will^Is- completed to-morrow. It will not^change results ali-i-ady alitiouni-e-cl, e-xe-e-pt^by preebably electing Fishe-r ove-r l anl-^we-ll feer state senator.
Alleice-cl I'mmlllle-lil Neete-, lle-ui tug I tn ^^Per t ent.
SanDiki.o, 4 let. !i. Willis N. Fees, a^private- baiike r, was arrested he-re- last^we-ck and now lauguistM-s in jail eeti a^charge of eebtaiiiing Ueele-s iiiidc-r false- pre^^tenses. The charges wi-ri- pre-fe-rre-d b\^Dr. I^^ 'intiig Siniili. a prae-tieing ph^ -i-^clatl U^*re, celio came tee this city from^BngMeWj eightilll MMteM llgee- Dire-etly^afte-r arriving he- pl.ue-el mb ele--sesit with
lisISSJJOCI W'eertlleef c 11 a 11 lol le I s alld .-Retell ill
motie.v.Mr.Hmlth iMMrlMfftMMMaMM M^mmi^IIm- iliaillotiils on -eve-ral es-e-asieens, drew^them eeiit and I'o- col 11| m -1 lee I her tee sign^re-e-e-ipts, which now turn out |sj ImMTOMM ^^seery in ete-s Is-a ring ^el i |s-r ce-iit in tire - - t ami^KJO | s-r l-e-lll alt- ^rne ^ fe-e^. if lied MMm A^mouth ago Dr. Smith atte-mptcel tee draw^out his MJMJfi ha\ nig ls-come- SStspeicicMSS.
Fastl|e-|*e-llpeell | erese -ii le -e I notes tee the^amount e ef rjs V s l,e ^ s i tee Is- pejus! I h-f i el*e- giving^up 1 he je- welry and cash. The- clistnc-t *at-^teeriie y laid the facts Is-fore the graml jury^Him re-tiiriiesl all indictment and Cos was^scut tee jail in default of bail.
TheKmperor's dust 4 title l-ue.
I.iin IMIN, I let. 'I. IMlegessI is likely
l.iii|M-reer William^Among the epics-^tee the MMMMMMja^I'.tiglauil. An Me^lM-ing given, he-
llrsadeeu-benie^tes Ms oa root.
Chii-aoo,Oct. ^. ^ A tlispatch from Mil-^waukre says that private letters written^hy President Colby of the- Wisconsin Cen^^tral to the stiM-kholilers of the Northern^Pacific road reveals a gigantic railway^cotisolielation that will connect the- two^cM-eans and revolutionise railway traffic-.^The consolidation of tin- Wisconsin Cen^^tral and the- Northe rn Pacific system eeu^an umicuhle Ira flic agreement was the-^first step. Henry' Villarel, through the al^^liance with 4 hurley and Jcsteph Colby,^hail cehtaiucd a majority of the^Northern Pacific and a sa-nsaticeii^ill railroad circles is itromised^within the next te-n days. Henry Vil^^la id will Is- re -lured tie the pre side ncy of^the Northern Pacific and one- of the- great^^est railway eoiiaetliilalions eef the world^will Is- consummated. Kve-n ueew e-eep-^tracts have- Is-cti sie/ued whe-reby the* Hal-^time ere- A 4 Ihio railroad is tee enter into an^ago emeiit with the- c.eiisohelate el Wiscedl-^sin Central anil tlie Northern Pacific rail^^way lilies eolllle-e-tillg tile* twee cs-c.ills. The-^Ate-hison, TeuMeka A Santa Fe- system i-al^^so in the- de-al,reaching Mt*xh-o ami seeuth-^e-rn California. Chicago w ill Is- made the-^ee-iitre feer eiis-ratilig the- thre-e- great rail^^way lines. The Northern I'acillc will he^cxte-neleel from Pugel Soutiel and built into^Alaska, making a MMlMMM Inn- fr an
New ^eerk tee Sitkll.
Bl IIIMtlBl. 4 let. '^. Kegarelilig the^great railway e-oiiaolidateil -i-lie-iiie- re-^|Mer|e-el ftrOSH I'llie-agie First Vice- Presielellt^I Irlaiulee Smith, eef the llaltimore e\ I Miiee,^said this morning: ^The re- is methiug in^It.^ He Is-lie-Ve-s the cause eef the imjmm7^lies in the fact that while- the llaltimore- .v^I thio iiis-M-ctiou |^arty was in I Im ago re^^e-. iilly the-y lesekeel over the lertllilluls eef^the Wisceeiisiti Ce-utral coui|Mkiiy the-re.
ties I eelle-el T\|eot belie- t'eenelenin t'ertaln^I'ese-llllar l'rae-1 le e-s eef the T^ pMMMJM
Ml*.Leu is, Oct. ^. The I'liite-d l'jrpMB^^e-ta- tee-day tesek up the international copy^^right epie-stieeii, and after a long delsttc
adopteda reeeollltleill tee ap|seitlt a llelegate-^tee the- next convention of the liite-niatiouul^Ceepyright I-e ague- in New York, ami de^^claring approval eef the- principle- of the^international e-eepyriglit law, and ^^-^|ss-ially eef the- provision that ceepy^^right book-, shall Is- printed in the^l'tlitc-el Stati-s. The- ciillllllitlee to^which was refe-rreel the- unjust practices^eef certain type feeuiiclries and symlicates^in printers' supplies, uiaile* a re-|sert un-
epialille-elly e-eelle le-liillilig tile practief
fiiruisliiugto irre-s|seiisib|e partie*s com^^plete otlttlts to Is- paid for ley se-ttmg Mat^a e-ertain |Mirtloii eef the- -MM receipts
llleelltllly,and llle-praclle-e of ^ome- lliallll-
fae-tiircrsill for^-cl*^siiig e-mluirrasse-el es^^tablishments, ami illste-ael of offering^tin-in al public- sale, ceeiitmuing the-m in
ee|s-ralieetltee the- e le i ri ii le-ll t eef the e-raft.^I Im- colllllllltee- te e w 11 let I Was re ^ f rl'li -e I t he
e-ighi-heeeirepie stion was given until to^^morrow to rc |sect.
PresidentHarrison's Own Town Stule*^Off Repnblictn Kale.
ind l.a.polle^for the
F.leeta a l^meerratlr Majresr^rirst Time la Klftespn^irte ^ew. for the^Wlelle He.use.
Ms or
resultfrom the- vi-.it e if^to i llglallll recently,^lions he asked was as^of illiterate pci-soiis in^proximate estimate-^bluntly expressed his surprise- at the* exis-^te-nei- of such a comlitioli eef |sepular ig-^lior nice in a e eeiititry see we althy and see^high in the- si ah- of c ivilisation.^His i-ommcnts were rc-s-ule-c! to the^epiee-ii, who leest no lime ill hiying^the- matter ls-feere- he-r advisers ami^respiesting them to sugge st a remedy. The-^|M-rsistU^nt agitators who have- feer see many^years ke-pt the - epiest leen e if free- sche s els Is-
feere-tils public, ill sllitc of the-ir elisi-olir-
aginge-x|h-rie-nce-s, feel at MMM. thai there-^is a prees-eccl eef see-lllg tlie-ll' lalsers c|-ow-|l-
edwith success, but they complain bitter^^ly eef the iuclltfereiice eef most |m-opli* of^high psMMfton and the OepSetS hostility of
eethe-CSwheedle lleet lle-sitate- tee pres'lailll^e-cllle.litieell the pare-Ill eef ses-iali-lll allel
anarchy,and frankly say that tin- com^^mon leceeplc- know Icmi much aire ad^ .
Ap|ree%lllK the ltMlekrie|elce/ Hill.
Vi w YllUk, 4 ^l-t. '.^. Tile- Iseill-el of traele-
uncic-omtiiittd-c ou tratis|Mertaiieui tee-cla^^chsciissccl at eolisiele-rable length the- ne-w^baiikrupte-y hill pre-pare-d by Liwyi-r Jeelui^L. Tarry of St. Louis, and adopt, d by the-^iiatioiiul c-oiivention of bllsine-ss lue-ll helil^at .Miiilieu|selis Se-pte-inls-r A and 4. A^comraittei- has had the- bill under consid^^eration some time. To-day the-y rc-porte-d^unanimously in favor of the-measure. Col.^Tarry was present anil explained the- va^^rious fe ature - of the hill. The beard^Voted in favor of the bill, only one- vote^Ismg cast in the- negative. New York's^senators and rcprcse-ntutive-s in eeeiigre-ss^we-re momorialised tee work for its euact-^MM
OldJones still At It.
NewYork, Oct. A cull was issimmI^to-day for a ^'ouveiitieeii of the greenback^party to nominate- a state ticket. I he^convention is to meet in this city eeu Meeu-^elay. Octols-r 21. The call ine-or|scrates a^long address signed by the cbairuiall of^the state committee, l.eserge- 4 ^. Jones, in^which a gloomy view of the- political sit^^uation is taken, and the- democratic and^re publican parties arc se-ve-re-ly condemn-^cel.
MeetI eeu si Ulilrli Hie^lte-c| ll,-sle*el lee Ite-slgli.
I'iiiiii.tMi, 4 Ire,. 4 b-l. ^^. The ree-e-til
Ullpreexe ekcel Ullirele-r of T.II-hIi 4'ree-by fe el -
leew nig a se-ries eif crimes a iii I luwle-eeuel sects,
hasso ureetli-C'cl the- |s-ople- eef Taceillla that
IJJUUiMiailiess me n eef llial city met be^^night all I adopted re-sollltieells i le ^ iii. 11ii11 tig
thatthe - city officials rid the- city eef law le s^|s-eepT- and thoroughly cleans.- the- streets,^ami favoring the ilicrc-ASa eef tin- IMMM^fee-tee ^l,l^^^. J. D. lollgle ,
ame-nels-r eef the- rcMiltcil, iiiewik-^a violent attack on Maveer Wln-i I-^wright ami Messrs. 4'eellier and^I'est folicewesl in the same strain. Mayor^Wheelwright uree.c- tee defend himself,^ami the- iocs-ting ls-came a how ling mob.^which refuse-el tei aece-pt any e-xpl.illation
eerdcfctlM- eef the lllayeer's eelfle'i.el lilt ,^illlct S/itlMMlt hi -se-s, j.-ers allel slltellts.^IVe ipie llt lie lll.illlls were- made- ley the
crowdthat the- mayor and memlM-rs eef
e-e e| i in-i I resign. A c-ommittes- eef |ISI was^p|Miilitesl to watch the pre s-e-e-e li ngs eef t It*
etlllcilallel tee lisekafte-^eilize-lis at the next e h
IMIIIANA Peel.Is, 4 let. '.^. -Completed |-^c-^lurriM eef ye-sterday's miiuie i.eal ele-ctioa^shows a sweeping victory for tlee derno-
erats.The-y e-le-eteel the mayor, clerk, and^a majority of the-council, while the board^of alele-rmen is now a tie. The republi^^cans had a majority in the- last council^ami Isearcl. This is the- first election of a^^ Icitns-ratic mayor ill fifteen years, and^the- dcmcM-rat* are- jubilant.
Hhal ^^ ... Ibene Yesterday at I Isrlnssll^and lie.- New t eerie I'.erics.
4| Nc I ^ N a 11, 4 b-t. !^. The- weal her was^ple asant to-day, the trae k fast and the at^^tendance- gcssl. The- re-suits we-re:
\lanle-tilillies, J-ye-ar-e dels. one^lialf^mile- Leettic S. won, Kuiity S. see-Otld,^Mail.im thinl. Time ..^en1..
Tlere-.year-celcls ami upwards, thirtee-n-^sixte-elllhs eef a mile I'ritche-tt Won,^Weeks seeollil, Kee-Kee third. 'Time 1 :i!4*4-
Tlircs--ye-ar-eelels,tl f t ee-ll-s i X tes -111 lis of a^lllill- l-ollg llresek We'll. LittlTll MWl,
Plumlerthinl. l ime- I . C-,.
Allages, three-fourths of a mile Di-^Icmiiiai ween, liiire-h Ms-e^nd, t^u.-.n of^Trcimps third. Mi-f uffrcy eeu Hureh was^^ hsepialitlesl. however, fe^r foul driving,^ami tjilcc-u eef t rumps wi^s give-u sesi-onel^place- with Major Tom third. Time- 1:1H.
Three^fourths of a mile Hilly Pinke-r-^toii won. Argent.i mjmmmv ' nine ky third.
ITime-I :li''4.^Tweeyeur-eelcls, five furlongs Sieutte-a^won. 4 aiitrice second. Aiuelia third.^I- Time I ML
MllKHISI'lKK, 4 let. 1. The re .lilts to^^day we-re:
Fivefurlongs Kingston won, 4 artoou^MMMlj Mlue-Tj.s k thinl. Time 1:111*4.
Severtfurlongs 4 e leu moiuii I won,^llreewn I harlie- ese-cceml, leypsy l^ueeii thinl.^Tune- I :-^!^^,.
4iiie mile- lleytley won. Harzhurg vr-^oiul, 4 oats thinl. Time 1 :l.t.
Twee-ycillselels, six furlongs June- Day^Wotl. I lie le lie el ^ soillll. Major Daly thinl.^Tune I :I. i-cj.
Mile-aial one^eighth t.org^e won. Ilnen-^zeeiiiart s.eoiiil, I^i111br11ie- third. Time 1 VS.
Mih - and one^six tee-ii th Maul i if I Irleans^won, /.e phyrus eMscccllcl, Vivid third. Times^I iH
Ji.kiiMI.P vick, 4 b-t. '^. J.s-ke-y Day, w ho^w.cs injured ye stc-nlay. lies in a pns-arioiis^colielil te en ill the- lleispiUAl. Tee-clay's n-
sllll.swe-re- :
Ma.deniwo-ye-ar-eele|s. lutlf-tuile straight^Carrie le. ween; Adda* T. i-ee-oliel, 1 .orel^Dale small third. 'Tune- o.'eti.
M.inhII llu'e e-year-e dels, eelie lllile I.litis^Addle wen; Hill I I.crtli-s ses-e 'lie I, lly|s-ricen^thinl. Time- I :^^si ..
Fm-ll/l st.cke-s, eelle* ;lllcl otic-half miles,
tw.estarte rs Firciisi won in J:trj, Winona
-e-e e '1111.
Pcrtirtecll himeln-cl yanls S|s-^slwe-ll
ween; Itl-.evce se-e-cellel, St. Jeehll tlltril. I nil*
I Mife- and eelie^.ixtcctith Irish Dan won,
I I liable e ^e e-e end. Leeli.lll third. Tllllc li.'stt^.
llm-e--fourtlis mile Ibs-eptioll won.^' Newleiirg se e ..nd, Hrait thinl. rime ItM^Ni w YeiKK, 4 b-t. !^. At tlu- Ivy City^1 rua-es tee-clay the-atte-lldallce was large- and^the weal he r was pMMMMete The- results^were-:
line-mile I'e-rsuaele-r won, Dalsman^| st^s-oitd, Ke y-tone thinl. Time l:t.^'..
Sixfurlongs I'e-rii-le-s won, I'rather^se-e einel. Wild 4 'he rry thinl. Time lilT-W.
Autumnalhandicap one and eelie^eighth^I uiili-s I Iritluiiime- Won, Ice-berg second,^i lie^-s thinl. Time- 1 : ^714.
Seven furheiigs M. rule a won. Heck^| -ce-e-e.llel, Scyiiie ere thud. Time 1 :;*^'4.^I Twceye-ar-olcls, live furlongs - lfudlarat^i w on. I'run e How ant* cM-c eeiul, Faustina^i thirel. Time I in.
the-illte-n-sls^tie ell.
Wonby the Tuetonlr.
Nt.w YllHK, 4 b-t. !^. TIM- es-e-atl steuln-^ship race- fnem Uiies-ii.tnwn to Ne-w Y ork^Is hii-i ii the Tueteeiiie- uml the 1 ity eef Ne-w^York resulted in a victory for the Teutonic,^w hie h urrtvesl at lo-r chs-k in the Neerth^river at H::^) tins evening. The trip was^made- in six clays, se-ce-n lieeiirs and thirty^minutes. The- City eef New Yeerk will pneie-^ably arrive to-m'^rrow.
Mr.aud M r^. It race tee u.
SaltLark 1'ity, 4 k-p In a tit of^drunken jealousy Kols-rt Hruntoii shed^his wife fatally he-re this evening ami then^shot himself dead.
Setlldebalcer's l-etie.e-l, license llilieee-el.
SectTil Ib'Nte. bill., th l. '.^. 'The- mag-^llillccllt stone- house of 4|e-lll S t lie le-lea ker ;
waselniost entire ly ele-streeye-el by tin this |^tiMirtiing. 'The re-sieleiice was the- large-st^ami costliest ill the we-st. Stuilcbakcr is^abse-ut a. a inciiils-r of the- iiiteru.itioiial^eongress, anil was |g have e-iite-rteiim-cl^that Issly in this home- on the 1'Uh uist.^'The- re si eif the family, exce pt Mrs.^Stuileb.ike-r ami he-r grandchild, an- ulso^away. Mrs. Stuele-lsike-r ilieM-overx-d tie-^fin- in the c|ees.-t uiielcr the- n-ar stairway.^It was caused by spoiitaucciMis t-c^mbuB*
tle ef I eef senile cell rags the- painters li til
Is-e-uusing ami tlirowu in then*. The^flame* sprc-ael all over the- building in an^iin-n-ilibly she.rt time. The- servants had^a narrow e-e*-a|s*. and Mrs. StiielelKike-r^he-reeelf was fe elltlll cell the terrae-e- lukn-ly^eM-usible, elaiige-neiisly lniriieel ami e-htsp-^mg he-r gntiiclchilil in her arms. 4 Iwing^to the can-fill manlier in which the utrtH -^turi- was built ami its sup|ss-esl ^e-curity^from fin-. Mr. Stiuh leake r curried hut^efJti.iRlJ insurance.
Pointsom Money.
Washington.Oct. u. The I'niusl^States ICxpres* cocmpally, which lias the^c-eeiitrae-t feer carrying nil government^moneys in transit, has raised a fine- |s^iut^on Tre asure r Huston by de e lining to^carry at contract price money from the^tn-usiiry or sub tre asury to firms, leauks^or individuals, claiming that this is not^gove ruin, nt money utid- r the- eoiitrai-t.^Mr. Huston maintains that all money sent^from the- tre asury or sub tn-asury is gov^^ernment money, wlM-the-r sent to privute^partie s or to geevertiuie-lis cetllciuls.
Ve'ree-herelhy a Waterspout.
Ill1'kai.ii, 1 H-t. ^. The two-masted^scheseiier leeserge C. Finney was wrecked^off Port 4 ^llsernc- ye ste rday hy u wate r^s|seiit which came up under the- ve**t*Fs^stern and to-se-el he r alsuit like an egg^she II. The cargo of JO.IAJP I^usIm-1s of^wheat wus much damage-el. The- pro-^pe-llcr Pariiell MMMM the Finney's Mi^1 he-y say that four watc-rs|s^uts wen- MMM^and avoided la-fore- the- fifth one wrecked^them.
Fallur*of a t'val till Firm.
Pkoviuknim, K. L, 4 b-t. W. A. K.de^insoii A Co., coal oil dealers, have ^as^^signed. The- debt is placed ut e^'-eU.UUu to^c^MJ.tkJU, about eh^^.'^^' eef which is in this^city. The firm is yet unable to make any^statement.
Prolltaof the Western I lelon.
i Nkw YeiKk. 4 b-t. .i. Tlie annual meeting
Ieef the- Western 1'llieell Te legraph e-celll-
|ssnywas lie-hl to^Liy. T'he old Iseesrd of^'t dm ctiiin * as re-e-les-tecl. The st.bteme-ut^i for the- lisc-al year e-iicliug Juin* :iPth shows^the gross curtiuigs tie have- Im-cii eft.ii,rsl.T'.lt;^j ops rating c-x|s-uscs 114,.Vice.I.SJ, and m l^| eariiiiigs Ji-.ut 1 ; a ii iucna.se- of sl.Itt),-
47Uover the- i le ^ t curil i tigs i ef the pn-vieelis
year.After the- payment ,,f diviele-ticls and^all i harg- s Ib.-re- was a -urplus fr-.iu th*^year's busine ss eef 4)1.i'~J.-siSi, making th*
taetalsurplus eell Julie- II eS.I'1 1.41 ^ I .
KI. kliiK Aexaln.t l'hle-a^o Methods.
Cm.1IWKI.i., Kali., 4 b-t. ^^. At a niee-llllg^of w*-ste*ru e attle-mcii to-day a meiimrial^tee the- I'tiicugo Live- stcs-k Kxc'liauge was^aeleeptesl, which w ill Is- extensively cirx*u-^lated iii the- range- country. It protenla^against the- commissiou on charges iu^I hie-ago as unjust, and asks the adoption^eef a rate eef charges w hich will distribut*^the cost of selling cattle ac^-ordiug t^ their^values.
t'alllagTluie Oa Kach Other.
NkwYiirr, Oct. U. ^The general tiro*^convention begun its second annual meet^^ing for this year tee-day. The president.^H. S. Haines, general manager of th*^savannah, Florida Jk Western railroad, is^pn-sidiug. Seventy clelcgutes are ureawnt.^There an- 17i^ railnead couipuiiie* iu the aa-^soeiatioli, n-prA-seutiug Ul.tSJO miles of^r -ad.
Whyt'aaada Was Left Oat.
llriAWA,IM, 9. Senator John Sher^^man, iu a letter published here, says th*^reason that Canada was uot invited to par^^ticipate iu the All-Aiuericau conference,^was that the Cuited State* cannot hold^formal n-lations with the Canadian gov-^- nunc nt cewiitg to the depeudeu^.-e of ( sn-^: a da ou t.re-.it Britain.
Audth* Widow U*ts L*fU
I'lcjp^^., 1 K-t. Henry Huff roan and^Lawreuce Hutter, both about 46 year* of^age, have Im-cii courting a young widow,^flutter MMM the fuvtwitc suitor, and^this morning Huffman culled on him and^shot him fatally. Huffman^uiitted suicide.
AtCincinnati^Cincinnati 13,^City 1. Kighl inning, darkness.
Atllaltimore-^Baltimore ^. Brooklyn 17.^At Louisville^Louisvill* 4, St. Louis A^At Columbus^Columbus 10, Athletic* 4L

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