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VOL..I.^NO. 34.
aCHUBONDENT18T.^opricR ovkh jos. rmw 00..
F.I*. ST. JEAN, A.B., M.D., CM.
DHeoond street, St. .Iran ItitildlnK.^Offlrc 00 First St., In St. Jean BuiUUutf.^Hours: 8 to ia A. M., a to 6 ami 7 to ^ P.M.
ADamnable Conspiracy Brought^to Light at Chicago.
ataim nt., ovkh^Anaconda
hasyet route to pub-
T.O'LEARY, Attorney and Counselor at Law.
Practicesin all of tile State ami I'nit.il Slates^courts. Collections promptly made. Special at^^tention Kl\ en to Mining Properties and Mininic^Ij*w. Real Katate, Nmm ami Insurance. Prop^^erty Rented ami Rents Colk-et.il^3 and 4 Matlie block, corner of^streets. Anaconda. Moul.
Officerooms^I'irst and Oak
Honan Infamous Plot to Corrupt the^Cranio Jury was Discovered.
Otil^^^!-*^ of tit* ^ ourt In l.r^^uf with tn^*^Hlmyrn of l^r. 4 mnln tttartlluff^vclupmrntN I'rouiU***! Hrvrrnl^Arretiti Nwlr.
Office,First Str^i-t Between Main and Oak,^Anaeondu, Montana.
TEETHKXTRACTEU WITHOUT PAIS^by a new process. All classes of Dental Work^executed in first class manner. Artificial^Teeth Without Plates.
Attorneyat 1-aw.^OOWe In Barrett A Jacky's Block, Main street.^Anaconda, Montana.
anach ^ n o a^* montana
OfficeIn Barrett ^ Jacky block. Residence _i.ii^Hecnnd street west, opiKMiite Montana Hotel-^Calls promptly attended to. graduate of ot.^Louis Medical College.
(Nextto Montana Hotel.^^ANACONDA MONTANA
AnacondaReal Estate Agency.
MiniiiKBrokcrs,C^rtlevtors and Conveyancers.^ANACONDA MONTANA
Cigarslu the
TheBest Brands of l.i^|iiors^city.
ThurstonBlock, Corner Cedar and Firsi str.i-ts.
Hunsinger,Barrett 4 Burnett,
Wholesaleand Retail Butchers.
FamilySupplies a Specialty.^All Orders Delivered r'nc of Charge.^Shop on First StreetAxai dxha
ItOMKSTl.'.MNHM Aftlt kky w kmt.
TheBKST and CHKAl'KST pi
Buttet^^ Purchase BOOTS ami^Is at the ISOLD BOUT,^16 We* Park Ht.F. H. Shaw, Proprietor.
Inthe city of^SHOKS
WarmSpring Li.ery Stable.
TheFinest Turnouts in Anaconda. New and^Handsome
Our SADDLE flOBMKH for Unties and C.enU^are the Finest In the uew Slate.
CHA8.W. FRENCH, Proprietor.
Firststreet. West of Main, Anaconda. Mont.
FirstStreet East,Anaconda. Moot.
HavingPurchased the
OnFront Street, Anaconda.
+7X. J. BLIX +
toconduct a first-class hotel,^but white help employed.
FirstClass Board and Lodging.^i ta.0* per day. Reaaon-^.ble Rates for weak
CHII'AIH),Oct. 12. Olio of the bohloat,^most corrupt antl infamous plots cv,r^brought to tin- notice of tin- public, was^outlined by State's Attorney I^^iig^-^mrki r's right-hand limn, Mr. Mills, this^afternoon. The conspiracy not only in^^cludes county olllciuls hut ontsitlers of^high standing. Several arrests have al^^ready Imhmi made anil more will follow.^Not content with the bribery of men, an^attempt bus been made to drag even in^^nocent women into the plot and thus gain^the end which the friends of the defense^ill the ( roniii case have been working for,^for the past live months.
Stute'sAttorney Longoiieeker desires^me to say,^ said Mr. Mills, who was com^^missioned by th^' state's attorney to^talk to n-portcrs, ^that this plot^has not Ih-cii disclosed In-fore Is-cause it^would have defeated justice had the in^^formation we iMwtsossod Ih-cii made pul^-^lie. We eulllint now give any names or^details, but the outline of this conspiracy^can now Is- given to the public. It will^Ik- rcniemhenil,^ r-ontlnued the attorney,^^that on last Wednesday afternoon an^honest young man who is employed as^forwunling clerk in an establishment in^this city, was examined and excused for^cause | It is understood, though not stated^by Attorney Mills, that the name of the^venireman who it was attempted to hriltc^ist^. S. T.tebapiMit. He is foreman for ft.^N. Pago A ^ o., oil inerehuiitM. of this^city |.
Thursdayaftortustii,^ said Mr. Mills, ^a^very prominent citizen of Chicago entered^the court room ami privately communi^^cated to the counsel for the state that his^foreman, the venire man in t|iiestion. Is -^fore lM-iug called to the jury box bail Is-eu^approached by the hudilf of tin-court with^an oiler of **l.iMi to vote for the acquitul of^the defendants. He said: 'This is not a^ciM-k and bull story, and I bring it Is-fon-^you ill the interest of public justice.
Hethen went away ami the next^morning one of tin-counsel for the state^went (town to the factory of the man^whose foreman hail Is-eu olforcil the^bribe, and the moment In- saw the fore^^man he recognized him as the mall whose^honesty ami iudc|iemh-iiee had impressed^itself upon the counsel for the slate while^lie was sitting in jury box. Tin^^man made a full statement and was re-^t|i|cstcd by the counsel for tin- stab- to^come to the state's attorney's otticc ami^re|^cut his statement in full. The man^with u*ars in his eyes said: 'It involves a^friend, but if it involved myself I would^uphold the law and order.
Thegist of his statement, which he^subsequently gave to the state's attorney,^is as follows: In olsdiotioo to the sum^^mons he came to the court house Tuesday^afternoon and Hat ill the ulllc-room. bill^was not called, lb- came again Wednes^^day morning ami stayed in the nntc-room^again. At about 1^^ o'elcM-k a man came
fromth^urt room into the uutc-room
whowas an old friend of tin- venire man.^The fact also ap|M-ars thai the wives of^the two men wen- friends Is fore they^were married.
Tin'man who came from the court^^room suggested to the venire man that^they go out ami have a cigar. While^there the man from the cotirt-riMtm said^to the venire man, *l^o you want to make^money v' The venire man innocently^answered, 'Certainly I do.^ 'Very well.^You get on the jury and stick for acquit^^tal ami you will have ^1.^^^^. The contract^and arrangement can Is- carried out with^your wife. It call Im- arranged that she-^shall wear a certain colored dress if the^money is to be paid her on a c ertain day.^If the money is not paid her on that day^she is to wear a dill'crcut colored dress^anil the contract is to he off.'
Thevenire man turned reproachfully^to his friend and said. '1 am not that kind^of a man.' Wlien-U|siti the huihir re^^plied, ^1 am working for the court.' He^then pointed to a buggy standing outside^and remarked, 'That is my horse and^ixiggy.'
Attin- noon adjournment the venire^man went luck to his place of business^and subsequently returned to the court^house at 2 o'clock, after which In- was de^^tained and returned to the jury box,^whore he remained until half past four^o'clock when In- was excused for cause.^Ho loft the court house intending to re^^turn to bis place of business. On leaving^the court house he was met on the steps^loading to the sidewalk by the man who^hud attempted to bribe him. The man^turned to him and said: 'Where were^you this noon. I looked everywhere for^you. They said, we will make it five^thousand, and, damn him, make him^do it.'
ClIt was too late, howerer. The venire^mull had Ih-cii excused for cause, but he^at once returned to his place of business,^having reproached the man for putting^such a low estimate ii|m^ii h ni ami re^^ported the facts to his employer, who tin-^following day re|k^rted it to the pros^svu-^tion. Pursuant to an appointment the^venire man attended at the st ^te attor^^ney's office, anil having made a full state^^ment of everything that bs^k place was^requested to step into nil ante-room ami^the bailiff was summoned. He proved to^be one of the bailiffs of the criminal^court, who, during the trial or the attempt^to procure a jury has Ih-cii in charge of^one of the five prisoi ers, Cougblin. The^bailiff was questioned by tin- state's attor^^ney and his associates, but profesststl pro^^found ignorance until tin- venire man was^called from the ante room. The venire^man was requested to repeat the stat,-^tuent be had made which ho did, wbero-
thebaliff made a complete confes-^In which be implicated several^prominent persons, also another bailiff.^The attorneys for the prtsweution. to^^gether with ( htef Hubbard and other*, at^onee went to work on the case and bare^disclosed one of the most deliberate at^^tempts to corrupt a Jury and to defeat the^law of Illinois which ^^lie attention.
ChicAlio, Oet. S. ^Confessions have^been math* here thia very day^ said Mr.^Mills at a stihac^pi^iit interview lab- this^afternoon, ^these confessions are from^six to ton in number. They are absolute,^giving us the whole miserable conspiracy.^They reveal a uiowt damnable organisa^^tion against the law of the land, a con^^spiracy against the jurisprudence of this^country', that will startle the continent^when it is thoroughly known, a conspiracy^of rami Ileal ion. of audacity, a conspiracy^involving men whose names will Im- a sur^^prise to the country. It is no exaggera^^tion when I say that you cannot magnify^the damnable outrage of the conspiracy.^In the taking oil Dr. Cronin and tin- man^^ner in which it was done the whole world^was startled. This second conspiracy will^alike startle the whole world. It is an as^^sault on the very integrity of our institu^^tions.
Accordingto the statement made^by lawyer Mills it was the^bailiir Solomon who llrst attempted to^hrilx-a citizen iTschappati whowasuftor-^wurd to Im- summoned as a juror. Solo^^mon also is the mail whose confession^was obtained. Solomon turned over to^the state attorney a list of names and uil-^ilresscs, said to Im* pros-m-ctivc corrupt^jurors, (inly two of tin- list hail yet Im-oii^summoned ami neither had yet Is-en ex^^amined. Solomon said tin- list had Im-oii^furnished him by ItuiliiT Hanks, while^they wer-i- seated in tin- court room,^just Is-hind the Cronin suspects,^whom they wore guarding. Hanks had^said ftM*m would be given for u ^IIxetl^^juror, half to tin- mull in the Im.x uml half^to the bailill s. Last night the men tin the^list wen- interview^-d by the chief of |k^-^licc. One man stated that he had Im-oii^approached with an offer of -a-j.ori to go^on the jury' by Prod M. Smith, a hardware^man. Another eitisen was also similarly^approached by a oitiioii. i ^'IloiincH's^part, as told by Mr. Mills, was similar to^that of Smith's. He sounded at least fine^man and offered him^ )'Don mil.
r'bnwas arr.-st.il early in the evening, is^said to have confessed that a person un^^derstood to Is- Kavaiiaugh guaranteed^that the money ^dfere^l would Im- forth^^coming. Tin- supposed corrupted venire^men wore carefully histruot.il as to their^maimer while being oxaiuiii.il in court.^lM-iug told how they should answer ami to^Im- gruff with the lawyer for the defense.^The olllcial list of indictments given out^about lii::*^ p. in. oontain.il six names:^Solomon, Smith, Kavanaugb, ^ ^'Doiiuoll^and Joseph Kohn. The latter is a fruit-^doulcr, who it is suid was to go on the^jury and get Sl.ntll from Hanks.
At7 oVIoek this evening the grand^jury had agreed to return indict^^ments against Alexander J. Hanks,^M.o-k Salomon, lied W. Smith,^ami Tom Kavaiiaugh Hanks has^Imi-ii bailiir for eight or nine years.^Solomon was up|m^int^il bailill^ a yoaralld^a half ago. Smith is unknown about^tin- court I ease, and Tom Kav^^aiiaugh was engineer at the county insane^asylum during the ^Is m sllors' itgiliic^^and was mixed up their ease. Ho is now^in business and strange la say, his partner^was summoned for jury duty, but was |s-r-^omptorily challenged by the state wlicti^his connection with Kavaiiaugh was^learned.
Atlfth indictment was agreed upon^against Jeromiall f i'Domiell. who was re^^cently appointed a ganger at South Chi^^cago. At 1^:J'^ it was reported that^two uddit iouul indictments had Is-en^made.
Aboutmidnight, when the s|Mi-ial grand^jury adjourned, their report was short and^formal in character, except for an intima^^tion that tin- jurors b^ lievcil the plot to be^more widespread than was indicated by^the six indictments returned. All tin- in^^dict, d persons H|M-nt the night in the^county jail.
JudgeMeConiioll convenes] his .-ourt at^the ap|Hiiiitod time this uftcrmsni to pro^^ceed with tin-Cronin trial, but immediate^^ly adjourned until Monday. Ho an^^nounced that fno state's attorney hud de^^clared the ease eoiild not pr^m-.iil t^^-.la^^without injury to the public interests.
BismtrckGifts til Cur Some Pointers^RegirdlBg the SituUon.
Ik.Law Into
TheInterview Mas Vrested Nasi, -surprise^In the tiermaa Capital^other Notes ami^IommIu.
[Copyrighted.Issu, l^^ the V V. Associated Press. |^Hi lii.is. t let. Mb It is lM-liov.il that in^yesterday's interview Prince Hismarck ^n-^denvor.il to convince tin- rl.ir that the^Kuropeaii |m-aee alliance was iioii-agres-^sive and dir.i-t.il toward the realization of^the objects of the llorlin treaty and as a^fluid sroko that all the great |siwers, ex^^cepting France, were muted |,, prevent^or shorten a Koro|m-aii conflict. It is Im-^hiild that the presence of th.- Knglish^squadron at Kiel was meant to impress^upon the czar tin- fact of l.nglish cim^|m-i--^utioli.
Justas l iiipei-or William's visit to Con^^stantinople marks tin- absorption of Tur^^key into the |m-ucc league, Hismarck is r. |*-^resented as advising the i zar that ill \ lew^of his coiulitioii, Itiissia had Im-s| adopt a
Imii^-\ of conciliation, in-oguizc Prine.^'cnhualid as ruler of Itulguriu, and aid^the other great |towers in etl.-etiiig |s-r-^maiient bbocsjl a programme thai will^ultimately result in decreased armaments^and in.-roas.il |^ro-|m-rily. Th.- gn.cious^behavior of the t zar low aril llisman-k at^last . veiling's dinner is a notable change^from his aversion to accord the chancellor^an interview.
Seventyhouses wore ^|ostroy^i| by llr.-^ill tin- village of Stettin, near Wiinburg.^to-day. Many |m-i-mous won- injiir.il alula^largt nuuils-r arc homeless.
MffSii-vking, pn-sid.-nt of the Han-^aatie court of Homhorg, ami a noted au^^thority on maritime law, will Im- tin- load^^ing! (iermall delegate to the Washington
murium.tigress, lb- is iiistruct.il to
askthe congress to extend its programme |^beyond technical questions and consider^the geuc*rul International maritime laws^wiUi a view to tin- a.i-cptancc of tin- prin^^ciples regulating the settlement of dis^^putes like the Hohriiig sea ami llshery^troubles. If tin- eo ^ferem-o ad hers to the i^present limits of its programme Herr I^Siovkiitg will pro|m^so a special confer^^ence on th^^ excluded questions. This |^line ot action will probably Im- arranged^in con junction with Knglaml.
TheKm press Frederick.! gave a snp|m-r^to-night in honor of the t zar.
tJssrglaMan Tmh
HisOwn HasMls.
Armsr \, Urn., (tot. 12. The seooml^bl.MMly chapter in a history which Is gali^with the shooting of C. K. Nfct.regor in^his own yartl Friday night. INsti-mber SL^1MH7, was enacted ii|s^ii tin- stn-.-ts of War^ronton, (iu., to-duy. in the killing of J. M.^W. ('.sly by C. K. Met.n gor. t .sly had^just ridden in from lite country, and. after^alighting from his buggy, start.il to walk^up III.- street. Mct.regor. who saw him^from across tin* street, crossed over, and,^drawing n rev.dver, flr.il three shots at^t od^ , who died ill a short time. ^ ^sly hail^Imi-ii iudict.il by the grand jury for as^^sault with intent to murder Mct.regor.^ami tin- case was set for trial at the lie.^tolM-r .-ourt. which was held m^W'urrotitoii this w.i-k. ^ .sly was^plai-.il under bonds of 9J,.*zii to Im-^present at this court, but when^th.- .-ourt coiiv. mil Ctsly was m^| pr.-s.-ut,^and although a Is-m h warrant was issued^for his arn-st In- could not Im- found.^To-day after the court adjourned he r^sle^into town. Mi t.regor. after tin- killing,^said to a re|sirti-r: ^ Wln-u t',sl^ ilelils-r-^at.-ly evailed the law and Haunted his im-^|s^rlilli.it^- dellaiu-e in my face, it was^more than human nature could stand. If^the courts would not punish this man for^trying to assassinate me I determined to^do it myself.^ Mol.regor is a railroad^agent at Warreiitown and has represented^his county in the legislature. Cody was a^prominent citizen of this place, and was^worth ss|ii,i^.i,
ACrbNfcSt^Mean-ltlng for
KIII.-.I m IVru-
Tl.eK|^lsco|ml t ons,-iitioii.
NkwYiiiik, Oet. 11. Ill tin- Kpis.-opal^eon volition to-day Dr. Klliott of tin- com^^mittee am amendments in the constitution^rouda long pu|M*r nud pn-seuted a n*tgda^^lion that in article '.^ it shall Im- changed^from ^a majority^ to ^two-thirds^ so us to^read, ^this constitution shall be unalter^^able unless in goner.il convention |,y the^church in two-thirds of the dioceses which^may have adopted the same.^ etc., also^that in article s the word ^^majority^ l^^changed in two places to ^two-thirds,^^and add ^'provided that this amendment^shall take effect after the general conven^^tion of ls'.r_\^ The report of tin- commit^^tee on liturgical revision was then taken^up but tin- house adjourned Is-fore tin- dis^^cussion ended.
tMMelulVole or Mouth Dakota.^Sr. Pai l, ^^^-t. 1~ The official count of^the recent election in South Dakota was^oompl.-t.il last night, and the result was^to-duy given to the /'lo/icer Press eorr.--^s|Miudent at Huron. The total vote was^75,747; Mellitte's majority for governor is^l^i.i^s^; the majority for the constiunion^*^7,li^4; the majority for prohibition i,,u;..:.^the majority against minority representa^^tion im.; for tom|Mtrary l^M-utiou of ca|t-^itol I'ierre receiv.il J7.t^!Si, Huron 14,tH4,^Watertown 11,1170, Siou^| Falls 11.71-1,^Mitchell 7.5H^, CbamlM-rluin ^.414.
TheItelegat*-. at ^ Issara.
KiaiiakaKalln, N. Y., Oct. 12. The ln-^national American excursionists arrived^hero about 1* o'clock this evening, after a^pleasant rifle through Now York slate.^Uefore leaving Albany the Argentine Re^^public and ^ hill lull delegates joined t lu-^party. By order of the secretary of state,^the train during the entire trip will not^turn a wheel on Sunday, and to-morrow^at Niagara, is Is-ing gladly I.Mik.il for^^ward to as a day of rest.
At'ruy Woman^. Jump.
St.Lot is, t let. 12.^Mrs Ixuisa F.mst^who bus Imi-ii sutfi-riiig from dementia^for some time ^^luded her guardians this^morning ami went out on a bridge and^loa|Mil to the river Ion feet Im-Iow. Fisher^^man saw ami rescu.il her with u skiff^and strange to say she was injiir.il very^slightly.
A Ke.lgnatiuu He ported.
Omaha.Oct. 12.^It is currently r^-^port.il hers to-night that (,oiier.tl Muna-
CrKimball of the I'nioii Pacific railn'ud^s resigned.
Illle Machine Maile for iii. I'Mlui.lel uat.l^llri-lii t ii|i|m-r Mines.
S it\N roN. Pa.. Oct. !^_^. The greatest^of its kind in tin- world, a very wonder in^mcchuiiisiii, staiuls in tin- main shop of^tin- Dickson Manufacturing company in '^this city. 11 w as built for t In- t ulnmct ami ^^II' . l.i Mining company of Uikc Siqs rior,^Mien., f.ir the pui|s^se of lifting and dis^^charging the ^tailings,^ the wast.- from
Itin* copper mines, into the lake, and its '^diameter is fifty-four fe^ t, whih- its weight^ill active o|M-ratioii will Is- ^Jill tons. It^is culled a satitl-wbeel. Some iih-.-t ^ f I^its .^tiormous capacity can In- formed
|from I he fait that it will r^iv^^ ami cli^^val.- sutlicieiit sand ev.-ry Iweiily-foiir
ihours to cover an aen- of ground a foot
deep. It is urilllll oil its outer edge w ith
II-' tfi-th. The gear segments, eighteen^I ill number, ais* mail** of gun iron ami the
teetharc lliuchilic-ciit. It took two of thc^most |s-rfcet lliaellilles ill the World 1*11^days and nights to out the teeth alone, and^the llnish is as sm.Mtth as glass. The^maiiioth wh.-i-l is sup|s^rt*-il on two mas^^sive adjustable pedals of east iron, weigh^^ing twelve tons each, ami it is estimated^that its cost at tin- cop|m-r mines Im-fun^^making a single revolution will not Im-^less than *lou,oi^n.
Thomuglil.redsr-solil at M.^rrl. I'ark.
MouldsPark. Oct. \J. The Dixiano^yi-arlings, belonging to Major Thomas,^ami |Mti-^-rs from lit.- stable of tin-en Mor^^ris, wen- sold in the paddock to-day.^Among the high sales wen- Cuiluil, eh. c.^by Cyinbill. P. Lorilliunl. *2.^^l^; AsIm-ii,^b. c., by Petrarch. W. W. Allien. *.'.i^^i;^liiisb Holt, eh. by Hymru, Dwy. r llns..^$^_'.*Ji^; Puniler, h. ^-., by llymra. Dwy^ r^Itros., lEsSODl Lost Han. eh. f., hv King^Han. .1. Itogcrs. ^l.^-^i; Miss W inkle, h. f.,^by fellow t'rafl. Wu Ibu i mi, ^^l JOO; Correc^^tion, b. f., by llimra, W. Wuldeli. -Jl.s.o;^King Idh-. br.e.. by Wicdidle, J. .1. ^ arroll.^$^JO^b: Harri-t- r. oh. e., by Hramble. .1. J.^^ arroll, *J.ion; Wul ter ^ierut z. Ill in- Rark,
Man tt'li^visit I'rlin
SanH'litM isui, I let. 12. Six years ,igo^then- arriv.il in this city from South^America a lM-autifiil half-bnul woman^known as the Peruvian Princess. She was^it native of Peru, as was her mother,^while her father wits a Chines.- merchant.^She took up her rosiilouee in the Chinese
quarter. She Dually became tinm-
INtuiouof a ChiiioMe imui.il Ah Tuck,^ami when tin- Ikkhii was fairly under way^in S. nit hern tali forma shoaeeouipaiii.il^him to I.os Angeles, when- he o|m-ii^i| a^laundry. The princess liv.il in a house^oK Chavex street in that city.^i till' in..ruing in Feltniary last her^lifeless h.sly was found in lu-r^dwelling with a bullet through her^heart. Ah Tuck di ippennil ami nothing^was heard of his v i-n-alMMits until soon-^w.i-ks ag^*. w h.-ii An Sam, a Los Angeles^t hiiiese, received a letter from Ah Tuck^dated at Hakersllehl. The letter iiiqum-d^whether ever thing alsuit the miinl.-r of^tin- Peruvian prineess ha.l blown over ami^whether it w ould Im- safe for him to come^forth from his hiding place. Ah Sam^claims that Ah Tuck was tin- inunlerer of^tin- princess. He asserts that lu- formerly^lived with her art.I that Ah l uck Imi-uuio^jealous and pr.s eeded to kill her.
Aneffort was made to hud Ah Tuck in^Hnkorsflcld, but In- hail iMiitme aware of^Ah Sam's ex|s^siire and tied tin- city. lie^eaiiu* din-.-t to San |-'ram-is,-o from^Hakersllehl, and it is lM-li.-v.il lias since^Imi-II hiding in th.- Chines.- quarter.
Explaininga Sappwad larder Wakk^Occurred Rearly a Tear Ago.
mmMllehrll of I hi
Aeeldeatly Klllssl My a^lessltolver A Widow^ton f... ton.
1'HH\i.n, Oct. 12. tine of the most |s-r-^^ ph-xing mysi.-eoi that has everlHttll.il^' the Chi.-ago |s^lie.- was the finding of tlte^| dead Issly of pn-tty Kva Mitchell on^; (ir.iml Isiulevanl one inorniiig near the^I middle of last November with a bole in^tin- head ami a bruise in tb.. si.I.-. It is now^I n-l.tt.-d that what has sine.- Im-oii n-gunl.il^as a foul murder was. indeed, an accident,^anil that tin- persons to wIi.mm- reckless-^1 ness th.. accident was due have n-frain.il^; from giving their terrible secret to tlte^public for reasons plainly obvious in the^I light of tin* alleged cin-iimstaii.i-s. The^theory of tin- police, it will Im- n-mem-^! lu-n-d. was dull Miss Min-hell had Isi-n^, driving with some man who ha.l killed her^Is cans, s|u- would not submit t^^ his will.^| Scterul .irn-i, foliow-d ami an ap|str-^; .-1111 y strong l as-^J out against Flagman Tin^with whom the girl^habit of chatting as sh^-^shauty at tin- railroad crossing in going to^and from her house. Th.- gran.I jury^faded to llml any indictments in the .-as*.,^and many came to believe that tin- girl^had Im-. ii accidentally struck and nin^down by some reckless driver. Such, it is^now d.i-laml. was tin- manner of Evst^Mitchell's death.
Auiarri.il man, it is said, and a widow,^Isith living in this city to-duy. unci both^IMi.ple of wealth and social pnuiiineitee,^unintentionally caused the girl's death.^A liaison had cxist.il for some time he-^tw.i-n tin- two, so th.- story g-s s. anil they^wen- in th.- habit of visiting K.d Smith's^club house on th.- iMiulevanl ami after^si p|s r n turning to their n-spective^homes. Th.- man drove one of his fast^^est horses tin- lligllt of Miss Mitchell's^death. ^ III leaving Smith's club lions.* lie^surn-ml.-nil tin- n-ins to his companion,^and. both being rlusmil with wine, tbe^horse was driven at a ni-kl.-ss gait. In^the darkness the form of the girl, who^was crossing the street, could not Is- dis^^cerned at a distance, and lM-fore she^fullyn-alia.il h.-r danger ami could stop^aside, the cruel shaft stnu-k her with fa^^tal fon .- from iM-himl ami dasluil her to^the ground ill a dying condition. Tin.^sinful pair stop|Mil the liitrse, hut when^tlu-y realized that tin- girl was fatally^womiihil they dn.ve on toward tin- city. A^few months ago tin- widow was seriously^ill, ami fearing that site might die eoli-^lhl.il to Iter daughter that she drove tin-^rig which kill.il Kva Mitch.-ll. Tin-daugh^^ter told the sti-n-t to her swoutlieurt.
wasm.ule^Unas Mustcrsou.
wasin the^passed the flag
treethai IIa
b.c, by Billet. P. W. WalhwMim.e^1^UUi A.^Ki-yi-omers. tirommer, eh. f., ugf Lmpiri-^t.eorge. Kami.ill. W.lsTO.
Thei ongi-egaikwaallsl. ut Worr..ter.
Willi.K.sl t.ll, Mass., ^ let. I-'. At the
t'olign-gatioiiallu.-etitig tisslay. tin- com^^mittee on a memorial on tin- n-lations of^siM-i.-ties to churches presented a n-|sirt^n-collimemlitlg that a committee Ik^|M^ilit.il to bring ulsiut a union of all so^^cieties so us to have sctstratc stM-ictcs, i*s^^IMsrially th.- American Isstnl, iiiuler the^control of the chun-ln-s. Hon. J. II. (iriu-^ii.-I, of Iowa, thought the American Isstnl^a too close eorporatiou. It was votnl to^up|m^int it i'omiiiitt.i' to itct with tin- cimi-^mittoa- ^^f tbe s^M-iety to consider their n^^latioti with the churches, anil the council^declared its opinion in favor of steps^which will make the sas ieties n-pn-sculu-^tivea of th.- churches.
Mertou*t-'I.MMts In Kun.pe.
Vir.NMa, ^ let. 12. Serious Missis an- ns.^IMirted in Tyrone. Several dams in the^Odigo river have given way and tlie sur^^rounding country thssl.il. A niimls-r of^bridges have Imi-ii curri.il away and rail^^road trutlic is iiit.-rrupt.il. '1 he lower^|Mtrt of the Triont is iuumlat.il.
Perl.he.1la The llsin...
De.nvkkCol., Oct. 12. -A dispatch from^Kico, Colorado, Says: Fin^ then- this^morning hurn.il St. Juntos Hotel and^thni- other buildings. John Phillips, en^^gineer of tin- j ^ 11^ 11m^ mine. It. Citsli, car^^penter ami one other won-lMiru.il.
TheNel.rw.ltM Not Kss.ll^ llaiuwged.
NewYoKK, Oct. 12. Agents in New^York of the Stat.- Lino have ni-.-iv.il ca^^ble utlvicos tlutt tbe State of Nebraska^was not seriously damaged and that the^passengers an* all well.
AdmiralPorter Much Heller.
Xl'.wiiiKT,K. I., Oct. 12. Admiral Por^^ter is much Is-tter ami was able to take^breukfast with his family this morning,^lb- pn^|M^sos to return to Washington^Thursday.
AllegedI ^^^isplritc.t AtlMlnsI a I sthollc^l.It I tt l.o I mi ll a I'nili-.l.iil.
PlTisiiiH, Oct. I*, Attorney W. S.^Bird, of this city, is preparing tin- prelim^^inary pu|s^rs in an inten.sting alsluctiou^suit. Stella Weir is it pn-tty ami intelli^^gent young lady of Is years w ho liv.il with^her mother, Mrs. Lizzie W.-ir, in tlu-^Tw only-seventh wnnl. Miss Weir formed^a strong attachment for it ywimg man^named I'.ugl.-.
Mrs.\V. ir oppos. iI a marriage Imi-uusc^sh^* is a t 'iitholie, w hih- I'digh- is a Protc -t-^uiit ami a no uils-r of the .fiinior t Inler of^1 lilted American M.i-hanies. IW-ing^unable to induce her daughter tohn-ak oil^h.-r relations with Kugle, Mrs. Weir, act^^ing on the ud\ice. if Kitth.-r Heriiunl, of^St Michael's (ii-niuill t 'utholie church, en^^tered it charge of incorrigibility against^h.-r daughter ls-fon- Ahlcrtuuu tiurtuiali,^also a i 'atliolu*.
MissW.-ir was arrost.il ami taken to^Alderman Itartmaii's olllc-, where the^Alderiuaii. the priest ami Mrs. Weir^promised to n-le.is.- her if she would dis^^miss l.ugle. This tin- girl rofilaail to do.^She was then t.tkeii to a eoiivcttt at I'.s-^lilmbus, i |^ when- she is now ^iHlltu.*^l.^The Junior M.i'hatiii's buve t.tketi up tin*^iiiaiteruud will pro-.-cute the parties con^^cerned.
A Dangerous Ora-sulzatloit.
S!i I'll \ Ni tic. i. i K-t. 12. A cull for it^meeting of the l.t ague of lleavi n ami^Litrth, |Mtstcil in t hinatown. reveiils tin*^stis-ngth and Isildness of the i ^hitiose se-^er,-t sts-i.-ty whii-li has Im-cii proserilsil in^China sine.- the I.oping n ls lboii. Its^.^xist.-ue.- Ii.-re was known only to the^m.-mls-rs, but it hits grown much lately,^and it is said that since the Im ginning of^tin* year it has made its |s^w.-r felt against^its enemies. It was originally foiind.il^by native Chinese to WW th.- overthrow^of tin- Tartar dynasty, ami hits now Is^^com.-, like tin- highbinder aocietiea, a ma^^chine for blackmail and vengeance. Its^lieculiar feature is that its victims an- n ^^^ inov.il completely, no truce of the oorpssi^I Is-mg left to serve as a clue to tin* crime.
Sim^ 'hiiiese itn- said to have stiffcnilih-uth^' at its hands within the last few months,^I but their n-latives cull get no facts ulsult^' their futo.
sir-l.tloi K.ms ^.fi nr., a ltiv.tr^Mat Marry Again.
Halifax.N. S.. Oet. 12. The soeial^sen nation of the hour here is the news^from l.oiiilon, u ii in nun i ng that Muji-r-^l.i ner.d sir John idss, K. C. II., ruin*^mulldcr of the Hritish forces ill Canada^ami at present r^ sitting hen- at hcailtpi.tr-^ters, has Imi-ii grant.-d a divorce from his^wife, l_uly Mary. The causes leading to^tin* separation have long Im-oii a source of^scandal lit home and colonial military^ein-l.-s.
SirJohn is a handsome mall, on the^shady side of .Ml. it veteran of the Indian^mutiny and various Afghan and Indian^campaigns. H.- is a sou of the late Sir^Hugh Dalrymph'He was marri.il
in1-s.s to M.try Mu.-Ij.imI. daughter of Al^^exander Ma, l.e^sl Hay, Ksq., of Stun.^^hoiis... liayt.tn.
Hisforeign service tistk him much frotii^home, when- his wife insisted on reiiiaiu-^ing. SIk* was younger than Iter liunlsttnl,^and, Is-iug t^f a vivacious ualun-, sought^to console herself for his altseiH-e with^other ami dcvolo|Mil habits us iucoui|iuti-^bh- with iiiittriiiittny as tbey were injurious^to her n-pututioti.
Ijcuriiiug^^f li s ill treatment Sir John^n-fiis.il to live with h.-r, but would il.Mibt-^l.-ss Intve allow.il the scitmlitl to ilio .Hit
:hail he not, sine,- his arrival, met a Is-utlti-^ful young girl, tin- daughter of it magis^^trate in Pit-ton, N. S..uiid a ileseouilaiit of^tin- old Acudi.tiis, whom he wooed and
Iwon. KMvon-o prisi-clings wen- iustitHt.il
1to make him fn-e to wul his m w love, who
Iis thirty years his junior.
Amtell'sNew Owners.^Clin v^.o, Oct. 12. Cot. C.Hiley, who is
jat tin- hea.I of the symltvate which pur-^chustil Axtell yestcnlay, says that the^latter is without a |Mi*r tin.nig the young^horses. Axtell will, be shipped
!from Tern- Haute to Lexington,^where In-w ill remain until cold weather,^and tln-n probably Im- taken to California.^With tin- advantage of the coast climate,^Co|. Coid.-y thinks the stallion will be^ready next summer to lower tbe n*rord of^2:tstf^ uiudo by Maud S. Axtell will be^ont.-nil and start.il in races uext season^at any place when- th. n- is money enough^hung up to 111.ike it an inducement. Col.^t tin ley is also tin- owner of Johnston, tbe^fastest puccr in tlte world, with a rented
PortWavmr, Ind.
lirubakcr,a woll-tisslo^town, this county.
,Oet. 12. Henry^fanner of llunter-^dis.-tp|m-anil eight
yearsago, leaving a wife and six children^Is-himl him. After four yours had passed^Mrs. Hru bitkt-r. Islieviug her husband^dead. 111arri.1l a farmer iiam.il Conrad^Snyder. Yestenlay Hrultuker ap|M*aretl^at (lis ol.l home and oxplaiuo.1 that, act 11-^at.il by irresistible impulse, he had gom-^to California and made a fortune. W hen^told of his wife's marriage In- accepted^the situation ithilosopbically and Usituy^n^turned to California.
tsenwtor% est Very III.
KansahCITY. IK-t. 12. The rimes' Se-^dalut. Mo., sps eiul Mays Senator Vest is^very ill hen- at tin- homo of his sister,^whom ho is visiting. He has catic.-ll.il^all of his engagements to s|M-uk at tariff^n-fttrm picnics. The senator's complaint^is a lt.ul eold, distressing cough and pain^^ful neuralgia ill the head.
AVillage Deslro^eU By Klre.
Somkkskt,Ky^ t let. 12. The village of^Vurwood, four miles north of her,-, was
dostniyod by tire last night. t tuly one^house was left. Two persons are missing.
1The loss is not yet known.
Taasrr. Heel.loM Ret
Wvsiuii. r^^M. Oet. 12.- The /'osf^inorniw will say: Socn-tury Noble^n-mh-n-.l an opinion to tbe effect that^Soiiutor Muiitlt rson's reruting was illegal^and that under this da*eision Senator^Mutult rsoii Int.- n*tiiru.il the special cer^^tificate sent him by Commissioner Tan^^ner.
Brooklyn5^ti. Km
AtI'hiLtdelpbi.^mom. it.
AtColumbus Columbus 7
At Louisville- Louisville^City 4
AtCincinnati ^Uame postponed on ac^^count of wet grounds-
HtgLumber Vanl Huraed.
Bk.hkwvvvii.uk, Pa.. Oct. 12. - B- K.^Arks right's lumbtH* yard at Hortoh City,^containing about ltV,UUu,UUO feet of lumber,^was partially burned this morning. Tbe^loss is elTSstJUU, with an insurance of^^s(^,UUU.
Deathor aa 1^anaaeo Man.
Haktvoro.Comm.. Oct. 12.-William C.^Abbott, secretary of tbe Conrtoeticut^tual Lite Insurance company, died

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