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L MR MA11101 AT 1 3A.M.
a"i ad its. that w ows Ia.fwaas
Ow lase Wilklt Coins with - striking
leelimats for onse, ofiM remarkable plate,.
wa slemuid in an obMeur. tenmilnt at
4 Nort* Kaabulwth airmi a week Sai. Th.
astfe MeMorning It bave just eome to
lh-t. oper peewola veooses. which will
lotser on, Ju.4le Jarvis Momse was
Sto peuOw the ceemeny.
This nuptial affair wa In asUsy reopeeft
s unique end so matuwrted with Supeeti
U Said M strntgeness from beginning to
t the details are well worth reasd
Fred LI Thompsan, the bridegroom, a
handsome, ethletle-looklnw young man of
16. in well known about tIe country asa
balloonist and darinlrparachuto Jumper.
Uke the Frenchman eynasud, who lately
met his death while diving frot a high,
tower Into a net, younl Thompoon takes
great risks whesever be can oecure a
proitahWe efigagpmemt. He risks death
*very time he JunUis in order that he may
We. He otifht to know better, havingC
before himo thel terrible example of his
father, who followedl thtfe Hmuse foolhardy
hominess. and who wabs killed lant mpring
while making a lesrt'mnt of weveral hun
dred feet from him bullooin for the enter
tainment of a crowd near Flint. Mich.
*But the son will not heod the warning of
his father's fate. He may lie must ive
and will continue to jump even if he
leaves a widow on the world one of theme
days. County fairs and lIg outdoor
irtherinem are the principal place= where
Ihompsmon in engaged an an attraction,
and his compensation. like that of circus
perfonrers, nmust he suMiclently large to
enable him to take bis ease during the
The bride is Miss Den a . Luther, who
resided with a married sistir at the above
number. In marriage license No. 144,407.
which was issued Saturday. she modestly
wve her age as s, and it s said she does
look a day older. She has beautiful
white teeth and ees so t that they
would make any Jeweler la -b cago thin
of his trade. Her figure Is round and
plump. and bey hair black and waving.
Her tresses are indeed of the blackness of
baalt that knows no shade more dark.
Among her intimate friends she is called
prettyl; amnong her lukewarm a.aquain
as this term is usuall modied Into
the comment that she is good-lookingl
She has lived in Chicago most of her ý
years, and her assocations have been
- people of respectability. but of
- An Ite of goisp is that on a certain oc
casion a year or two ago Miss Luther
ehanced to meet Aeronaut Thonpson at
a county fair in Michigan, where he wg
mnkDi one of his most astloubhallr n
h the of bli paahute. His legs
were invested in beautiful red silk tights
and he was so graceful and dashing in
his manner toward the crowd around his
balloon as it tugged at its cable and start
ed upward, so brave and manly to per
fm aso extraordinary a feat, and so smil
a and gracefusl again when he returned
ssly to the earth, that he became a hero
in the young woman's eyes. All this was
r-manes to her she lost her heart consn
tely Acquaintance. love, and nar
rs e go Walinw
ie1t whyr agoeI this eving amd romantic
SDaL seleet the witcln hourw of mnknight
for their rt Why didn't they get
rarried n Ute balloon draw a ý.a6
rowd, and oeket enough maoneyw n
the novel eblbltion to henable to
set up oueaekeep ag ln handsome style?
Her. is whsre the superstition appear.
It seeus that young Thomi n frmly be
lieved that if be were n his ba.
oor on a suday that some strange fa.
would quitkly overtake him. He
bZ . no m iaue fur this supersti
This am ou prechute-Jumperame
o th clty Inawdy adu procured a mar
m seintending to make Mis
i. u bore ."Sundak y dawe ned
aed car.ry er away to Michigan. The ar
rmaaneasate cosld not be omp d how
ever before the dreaded day arr . u
tle nlus relates what occurred after
this point La a most rpie manner:
"Mr. Blumns and , said the uestice.
"hI nd been r tn visitn H durin
tse aftmrnoon o. s r wre -
turned in the evening the housemnaki in
formed me that a large, redtritled man
of slanister appearance h ad de re
peatled importunate cals at the door In
quiring anxiously for me and appaaº
en bent on dong me bodily arm.The
maid said the man was big enough and
his hair short enough to be John Sul
livra. Above all, she remarked, his
voice frightened her. She ooI conn
are it to nothnlg but the low growl of a
ion she had once seen at Barnum'.. And
* there was an ancient smell of gin in his
breath. She said this alleged monster
whom I took to he no other than a sort ot
" Mr. Hyde, after me with a knife or a club,
seeking revenge for some fancied wrong
received in my court, had threatened to
return pronptly at 10 that night.
"That my feea as well as nmX curiosity
weraroused I will confess. PLacing my
reolver, club and rsor in a convenient
ot where I eouad easul reeCh them, I
st down and waied. Promptly at 10 the
bell rang violently. Up I jumped and
wet to the door on treubling .,
-pentino it I was confronted y the burly
bh r that my mind bad pictured.
"Well, sir, what is tr sakl I sharply.
*"'Judge I want you to come and marry
a o bpe ans vered. *It's a little late,
I know, bt there's a midnight appoint
ment. Tbe job can't he done no sooner
nor no later. It must be immediately af
ter the eloeoktrikes 12 to-night.'
"IK rarded na unrn visitor curl
oalHy. Hiweid voice trul startled me
and caused me to shudder. I thought of
SRlichard Mansfineld as Mr. Hyde, and
I fancied that I could feel a hand of ice run
ning down smy spine. The man saw that
I hesitated and was suspt'lous.
."'Miad you. judle, this heore i no
E'ronn buaieas-there's no catch-basin
Lna thLsi it's straight goods. It's a weddin',
and thee's a big fee in it.'
Something in the fellow's earnestness
reassured me.
SAU riht," said I, 'I'll go.' That
lar fee was in my mind when I spoke.
ir. Hyde departed and p.omi. to re
turn for ne with a clased criage at
11:6. The bell rang again promptly on
the minute. The night was as dark as
,retus, and the rain was pouring
in torrents. My wife and the
housemai were still solicitous and
eapreesed a determination to accompany
mue on the Lerlou mukinight ride with Mr.
Hyde, but I bad had half an hours sleep
and a stron cup of coffee to brace my
nerves and declared that I would snake
the venture alone.
"As the closed carriage rattled away
over the paving-etones with Inys-elf and
Mr. Hyde for the only occupants-the
driver sitting on the box outside bravlrn
the downpour--I thoht instinctively o
that mueros ,r de taken by
Tim and Jonas ('husslewit,
when t were going up in the country to
blaetk old Pecksnif. Was this man
in to treat me as Dr. ('roin was
d? I wondered how many physi
cians think of this and think of that
hoWrirhe catch-basin and its ghastly
tenant when taking midnight rkides
with sinister strangers. Down the bru
varil we rolled and theae acr-s tlw
ft VS eped A a I o 1 Semtil w
W wyy ^e ga rb I odW.o ft
reseoJ third 1161W St«. lisp banl was
dimly lit br a smoky keIUm. bump.
"A door opened mad I hbean to think
m= *tmw had ein.'. Thbe big nmai Pushe
me Int. Bteti hut naatly frnhbed *art
met1-101.. of a fmrdueas or
mkinigt a inatioan there wem Indeed
ep-pamtismifor a weddlnj. After brief
turl we I notird that
everybody wasn esp.x«all
the heowti bride, wboe roe thin
of t peJeremiah's e=caaat
Wan a mid foiart her orn-ament or a
brice. her attiref" Mr. Tbanm»'oua. the
parachjute-jumper. spoke up and said
somtethinf Impatiently:
'Makeit short. ijudge; nsake It short."
"Well, I made It an who" as the law al
lows, and at 11:15 the loveum were mian
and wife.
-(ouwrattllatinnm followed. Then them
was a little kisimg, a little frying, as'
there always is. there was a little wille for
the, atomaeh's make.' &* St. Pual may. anidi
a gooinar or two. and it wax all <wer.
WBefore keaving the lbridonrwin» noormm
me that mai". fatality would hav fotllow
ed* himi wheni he juivilto withi lain |Marm
lsthlte if Ie hail married one Standay tsr in
lhis balloomn. He knew not why. h»it Ihe In
lit.ved it. He said that he o41t4 huave
drawn a aig crowu> at a aountry fair andi
imiade thaousandim ly a peahioi balliomi weul
-`W turned out that Mr. Hlyde was not
Mr. Hyde at all. but a great, bi, tender
hearted man of rough extcrior who i
idoliand by his wife and children. ThIw
live in the flat where the weddingi on
curred. His name is William BeIntrup
and he i a hotel runner on ('anal street.
whkich probably accounts for his remark
able vocal organes.
'Why were you so p.rsistent in hunt
ing me up to wed tbir pmir'." I asked of
Dentrup as he drove me hack homne.
"Said he: 'Judge. once-monle two
years ago. I think-I was unjustly ar
rested. eharged with snaking threats, and
brought before you. You saw througm the
foolishness of the whole thing and dis
chaud me. I did not forgets I war
g-areful t that's why I wansted you for this
lee . Now, what's your fie 7"
" 'W 1y. I leave that to your own gene.
ous impulses. If you pay me too marb I
will donate the overplus to somen orphan
'Will that he enouYgh' he asked.
handing me four crisp 5 hlls.
"I said: 'It's not orphan I receive o o
handsome a fee.'
"Mr. Hyde caught my meaning and
laughed as he said 'good maorning.'
jumped into the carriage and rattled
away in the darklness and rain, while I
returned to my family and quieted their
fears. It is not often such adventures be
fall a quiet man like myself."
Wiere It Woo.
Her chwek turned |iale.
Of redl breft;
It was indeetl no Jest:
Her cheek turned pale
Itesumw gIhe'dl left
Its celor ein his vweal.
(oawut Berthier. a grandsoni of Boia
parle's valamihal, recently lost a roll of
bank laotem containing SiJ0.OUO on a rail
road train. He offer. st4,O reward for its
Thee. Quistattan Are Slteed amid Car
raBad Uvery Day.
MNugsr-lrsanula"~. per Im.-*C" light brown.
VASn; pulveriwh H & .ewYork,. *.; luef.
Sam. maid.s^ bfte.
('eTemv-Ilaietb Wat'roeg; grow io 911m
cmast aie'a. 1a~ u1stadh e. e
M:ebn.,3t4Se ~ MWo sad C41MIajca
27c;r * varbaa, 3f; roasted obs
breakfasit. 400
6lAS <tUapowrder, 4ao--li; extra Young Hy
PIe°?pe-Per keg. s. SI.M; 2s. SIAS; s. 6
qt~ isr -er cwt.
raotatoe-CsUllrnls. 20.
Cabbage-Per ewt, S&
Chew. per c. OnMe
FrultfreI'id appkles, pr &1b packages. 75cO
*I 6O ditto 0100d.11. bo . M 142 per 1b; Pesebe.
Mte Lake Ite aprivots. 2w; evaporated ditto.
w; blarkTrle'. lap; rastmerrles. 3ec.
California fruits. S6a.om6&oijr ti«a.
3-1b mtsadard tumatoee. =
2-fb Mtandard corn, 63.02.
72-b ittanilardessi.i $3.l10; seonda. 62.71L
2-fb string an EMIna li eae«. 67.75.
Dried Heasns-Navy. *..ou per o0o b; [iAm&.
67.00; BayVMs. S.5J&
Wheat. No I per 100 lb VAIL
urnm. rradkel per too i, *1.7-.&
Bran. per 2I" U>. .I in; bran sWd ehorts per o0o
nlour^-Per lao ft, Pllshilru ~. 4 ~
b14~8. 160b P~lszuug best. 04; Ogden,
$3.10; MtragUr "Ilaley "3.
C'nor meal, per 10 fi, Sr."D
Oat meal. per too fb. *4J!.
Fresh Meate-Pork 15r; beef Issee; lamb.
quartrs. 7ltewl.00; mnutton 7015c.
salt Meats-Ham ltafieor: Imino lii5; aorned
beef toc pork iac imauluiee- 121.'41WAe.
co(al- Per ton, hard *1g. *oft 00.50.
Wood- Per eorel 64.B0.
Hay-Per Lou 6.e0.0o.
Straw-Per ton 612.i3.
Ota-Per cwt. 62.00.
Corner Front sad .ae strees.
The Finest of Imported Wines
Liquors and Cigars
To be found la the rlty'eomutaatly a band.
An Elegant Free Lunch
Served both Day and Nilht.
irnt ttreet Aaaeoodi, Moat.
+ * T * c H* *. rP +
The Only First-Claas Famnsil Market
In the City.
Contractors and Builders
Planing Mill .t Knd of Town.
Anaconda Livery Stable
D. O. BROWNxIL. Faormrmwrom.
Buggies. Saddles and Horses
for Hire.
eMBoe and Stable Frst street. AaaOma.
Union Pacific
T- I C rTS
Principal Points
* * THE DEPOT * * *
General Railway amd ftteaaslap 05ee, teot e
Malp treeto. 0 .I Reate esa( .
a. D. IBEll. city Teket Argmt.
J. A. LEWIS. (t3enral Asea.
No More Delays
Nor thern Pacific R. R.
The Dining Gar Route and Great
Short ainh to all
ALL r ThUOaUI TRAtxs are EquIpped wi
Plam l mlan cdar eamh way,
Through Pullman Car from Butte
the a TimeS.t mo etram (hges, Cam"
amd aesrs imis
Peerless Pullman Coaches.
Palatial Dining Cars.
Elegant Day Coaches.
k modord·U ai Ivaco CIS
Memntaa Pa...ugers Free
.t Charge.
o Anco da. Dee rod.e (arrison
or A elromda.... .. .al a. m..ae ind 7.ae p. m.
Pautn . Iaulbsu ('.r.: also to
Weal. vi:: Missoula. lpokeae
alls. Tacoma. Itsrtsmad sad tnr
For Hiurt, Ilent Iodr and (aIrrion
(Yreighe tluras ........ .s a. . Mad a e. p. i.
ltramshlp ticketa for all points n Europe via
any line- crossing the Atlanuc at cheap ratns.
For full Information address
C'A... . FEE.a . .u.AeI.
JAB. McCA*lAI. (.emral Agt.. 2M MaiJ It..
Opp. Houner Mercatle Coimpany
Butt. Mo ana
Montana Central
Manitoba Railways.
Between Anacondal. Iutte. Hclena. Marysville
St. Paul. Mitnnaespllas ChMrago ai
Nov Open for Passenger Tradc.
Tbh only Ur. Parulan IM. U (ars.
Luxurious Muraing Cars. lleent I hay e.
and Free tlleeplSa Cars for .la pammsa
gers between
Train Waves Butte daily 8:15 a. In.
saety. Consorst Ccdtetsr for oum
Butte to NI. Paul in 48 oars.
A. C. IVE (ken. Manerr. Helebm
t. H. I.ANI(LRY tien. P. Ast.. H.lm.
I. K. l)AWi)N,. hea. Agent. Butte.
Can Make Better Time by Mail in Reaching Every
Point in the State than any other
Newspaper in Montana.
FROM the date of its first number the STANDARD will have
more readers than any other daily newspaper published in the
Northwest. It will have plenty of interesting matter every
day. It is good for office, shop or store, for mill or mine, for hotel, saloon
or rectory, for farm or fireside. It is a paper for the people.
Try it for a month. It will cost you one dollar.
The ANACONDA STANDARD gives particular attention to its advertising
department. It directs your attention to the skill and care and taste with
which its advertisements are arranged and displayed. No newspaper in
this part of the world can match it in this respect. Each issue of this paper
will be a model of the printer's skill in the display of its advertisements.
The terms" on which the STANDARD takes advertising are moderate and
every prosperous business man in this region can put himself in communi
cation with the public at rates that will pay him handsome returns. If you
want live advertising send in your copy or write to the business office.
Strangers visiting Anaconda are invited to visit the publishing house of
the STANIARI. It is complete in every department. It is the pride of the
The STANDARD is an eight-page daily having the full service of the As
sociated Press and a thoroughly organized special service which brings
E news direct to its editorial rooms by special wires. It is a Democratic
paper. If you belong to that party you can read it with profit. If you are
a Republican you will find in this newspaper a fair fighter and can have all
the opportunity you want to "talk back." At all times and under all cir
cumstances the STANDARD will be inspired by a determination to treat all
men and all issues in that spirit of fairness that distinguishes successful
journalism everywhere.
The department of the STANDARD relating to news will be most complete.
Its general and miscellaneous reading will be edited with greatest care.
Men and women will enjoy it and it will be a safe and suggestive paper in
C. the hands of every child.
Order the STANDARD sent to your address. You get it for three and one
third cents a day.

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