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tapmUUMThat ImImmI a Woo-^dlm^ at MMaltbt.^A ^trans** rnklniarbt marriage, with rU-^J menu of mystery, superstition, romance^laBd aclrenture that would have fiirniahed^1 the late Wilkie ('ollina with some striking^1 Incidents for one of hia remarkable plots,^I waa solemnised in an obscure tenement at^IM North Elisabeth street a week a*o. The^1 facta concerning it hare Juat come to^light. For peculiar reasons, which will^appear later on, Justice Jarris Blume waa^I chosen to perform tlx* ceremony.
Thisnuptial affair waa in many reMpccta^o uilkiue and ao saturated with supersti^^tion and strangeness from iM-giiiuiiig to^, that the details arc well worth read^^ing.
PredL.. Thompaon, the bridegroom, a^handsome, athletic-looking young man of^2b, ia well known als^ut the country ua a^balloonist and daring imracliute Jumper.^Like the Frenchman ItVyimud, who lately^met hia dcutli while diving from a liitfli^tower into a net, yomiK Thompson takes^great risks wlH'iievcr he can aecure a^l^rotltal^lo engagement. He risks death
kverytime he .imi)pa in nnler that he may^tve. He onjjiit to know Is-ttor, having^In-fore linn the terrible example of hia i^father, who followed the MM foolhardy^hiisiness, ami who was killed last spring^while makitiK a descent of several hun^^dred feet from hia I ml loon for the enter^^tainment of a crowd near Flint, Mich.^I' Hut the son will not heed the warning of^hia father's fate. He says he must live^and will continue to jump even if he^leaves a widow on the world one of them;^days. County fairs and large outdoor^gatticringa are the prinei|^al place* where^Thompson ia engaged as an attraction,^anil hia cnuipcnautiou, like that of circus^performers, must lie sufficiently large to^enable him to take hia eaae during the^winter.
Thebride ia Miaa Delia E. Luther, who^resided with a married sisti r at the above^^iuiiiImt. In marriage license No. 144,4(^7,^which waa issued Saturday, she modestly^gave her age tut and it ia said she docs^tot ltM^k a day older. She has iM-uutiful^white teeth, and eyea ao bright that they^would moke any jeweler in Chicago think^of hia trade. Her figure ia round and
Slump,and her hair black and waving,^ler treaaca arc indeed of the blackness of^turn It that knows no ahadc more dark.^Among her intimate friends she ia called^pretty; among her lukewarm acquaint^^ances this term ia usually modified into^the comment that she ia good-looking.^She has lived in Chicago moat of her 'Si^yeara, and her associations have Ix-en^^pie of res|H-ctabiIity, but of
famong people or reap^humble circumstances,^r aw All item of go -sip ia tl
'go-sip ia that on a certain oc^^casion a year or two ago Miaa Luther^chanced to meet Aeronaut Thompaon ut^a county fair in Michigan, where be waa^making one of hia moat astonishing in^^trepid jumps from his big, yellow balloon^with the aid of his parachute. Hia legs^were in vested in beautiful red silk tights^and he waa ao graceful and dashing in^hia manner toward the crowd around Ilia^balloon ua it tugged at its cable and start^^ed upward, ao brave and manly to per^^form ao extraordinary a feat, unit so smil^^ing and graceful again when h^* returned^safely to the earth, that he Im-cuiiic a hero^ill the young woman's eyea. All this waa^romance to tier; ahe lost her heart com^^pletely. Acquaintance, love, and mar^^riage followed.^But why should thia loving and romantic
Kurselect the witching hour of midnight^r their wedding 7 \\ tiy didn't they get^married in their hulloou, draw a lug^crowd, and pocket enough money fr^.m^the novel exhibition to enable them to^set up houackeep ng in handsome style 7^Here ia where the superstition ap|ieura.^It seems that young Thompson firmly be^^lieved tliat if lie were wedded in his bul-^loon or on a Sunday that some strange fa^^tality would quickly overtake him. He^would assign no cause for thia supersti^^tious belief.
Thiagay young paracliute-juni|^er came^to the city Saturday and procured a mar^^riage license, intending to make Miss^Luther his bride before Sunday dawned^and carry her away to Michigan. The ar^^rangements could not be completed, how^^ever, before the dreutlcd day arrival. Jus^^tice Blume relates what occurred after^this point in a most graphic manner:
Mr.MM ami I,^ suid the justice,^^^had been visiting ut Hyde park during^the afternoon of Sunday. When we re^^turned in the evening the housemaid in^^formed me that a large, r^-d, grizzled man^of sinister up|^euruiicc hud made re^^peated im|m^rtuuate calls at the door in^^quiring anxiously for me, anil appar-
1^ lily harm. I
railroadtracks on North Elisabeth street.^It waa exactly 12, as I saw by striking a
match,when we halted in front of the^tenement. The neighborhood is a uoor^one. The big man pushed me up a dark,^narrow stairway ahead of him till we^reached third floor front. The hall was^dimly lit by a smoky kerosene lamp.
Adoor opened and I began to think^my time had come. The big mull pushed^me into plain but neatly furnished u|uirt-^mcnts. Instead of a murderous plot for^midnight assassination there were indeed^prc|Ktrutioiia for a wedding. After brief^introductions, during which I noticed that^evcryliody was well-dressed, espcciully^the prospective bride, who made me think^of the Prophet Jeremiah's exclamation,^'^ 'an a maid forget her ornaments or a^bride her attire . ' Mr. Thompson, the^|^aracliute-jiini|m^r, a|m^ke up and said^something impatiently :
Makeit short, judge; make it short.
Well,I made it as short ua the law al^^lows, and at 11:15 the lovers were man^and wife.
Congratulationsfollowed. Then there^was u little kissing, a little crying, as^there always is; there was a little wilie for^the stomach's sake,' ua St. Paul says, and^a g.Msl cigar or two, and it was all over.
Beforeleaving the bridegroom assured^mo that sonic fatality would have follow^^ed him when he jimi|M*d with his paflk-^chute if ho hud married on Sunday or in^his Istllooii. He knew not why. but he Is-^licvcd it. He suid that he could have^drawn a big crowd at u country fair and^made thousands by a public I ^u I loon wed^^ding.
Ftturned out that Mr. Hyde was not^Mr. Hyde at all. but a great, big, tender^^hearted mall of rough exterior who is^idolized by his wife and children. They^live in the Hat whore the wedding oc^^curred. His name is William Beiitrup^ami he is a hotel runner on Canal street,^which probably uccouuta for his remark^^able vocal organs.
* ^Why were you ho lx-rsistoiit in hunt^^ing me up to we^l this pair'.^ I asked of^Bctitrtm us lie drove me buck home.
Suidbe: 'Judge, once -some two^years ago, I think I was unjustly ar^^rested, charged with making threats, and^brought fM'fore you. You saw through the^fiMilishness of the whole thing and dis^^charged me^. I did not forgot: I was^grateful; that's why I Wanted you fortius^here job. Now, what's your foe^
'Why. I leave that to your own gener^^ous impulses. If you pay me too much 1^will donate the overplus to sonic orphan^asylum.'
'Will that lie enough*.^ he asked,^handing iw four crisp Jfft bills.
Isaid: 'It's not orphan I receive so^handsome u fee.
Mr.Hyde caught my meaning and^laughed us lie suid 'gissl morning.'^jumped into the carriage, and rattled^away in the darkness and ruin, while I
onsale lu all
northand SOUTH
(corral Railway ami steamship Office, foot of^Main street. Anaconda, Montana.
5) (^^
BEEBE.City Ticket Audit.
J.A. LEWIS, lieneral Audit.
NoMore Delays
returnedto my family ami quieted their^fears. It is not often such adventures la-^full u ^|iiict man like myself.
WhereIt Was.
Hercheek turned pale.
Ofred la-reft;^It was indeed un Jest I
Hercheek turned pale^Because she'd left
Itscolor on Ills vesl.
CountHcrtliicr, a grandson of Itouu-^parte's marshal, recently If art a roll of^bank notes containing tltJO.UUO on a rail-
CanMake Better Time by Mail in Reaching Every^Point in the State than any other^Newspaper in Montana.
NorthernPacific R. R.
Heoffers *-^.^^xi reward for its
ctitlybent on doing m
wentto the door on trembling^opening it I was confronted by^being that my mind had nf^^'Well, sir, what ia it7^Judge.
maidsaid the man waa big enough and^bis hair short enough to la- John L.. Sul^^livan. Aliove all, she remarked. Ilia^voice frightened her. She could MM^^Mire it to nothing but the low growl of a^lion she bad once seen ut Burnum'a. And^there was un ancient smell of gin ill his^breath. She said this alleged monster,^whom I took to bo no other than a sort of^Mr. Hyde, after me with a knife or u club,^seeking revenge for some fancied wrong^received in my court, hud threatened to^return promptly ut lt^ that night.
Thatmy fears us well as my curiosity^were aroused I will confess. Placing my^revolver, club and rasor in a convenient^siiot where I could easily reach them, I^sat down and waited. Promptly ut lO the^liell rang violently. I'p I Jumped and
legs.i ^li^iy the burly^lictured.^said I sharply.^I want you to come and marry^a couple,' he ana vcred. 'It's a little late,^I know, but there's a midnight appoint^^ment. The job can't be done no sooner^nor no later. It must he imiiKsliutely uf-^ter the clock .strikes U to-night.'
Iregarded my uncanny visitor curi^^ously. Hia weird voice truly startled me^and cuuaed me to shudder. I thought of^diehard Mansfield as Mr. Hyde, anil^fancied that I could feel a hand of ice run^^ning down my spine. The muti suw that^I hesitated and was suspicious.
^Mindyou, judge, this here is no^Croniti business there's no cut^ h-busui^in this; it's straight goods. It'au wcdditi ,^and there's a big foe in it.'
Somethingin the fellow s earnestness^reassured inc.
M. A|l right, suid I. 'I U go- 1 hat^targe foe was in my mind when 1 spoke.
'Mr. Hyde departed and promised ton-^turn for me with a closed carriage at^11-45. The hell rang again promptly on^die minute. The night was as dark as^Erebus, uiul the ruin was pouring^in torrents. My wife . ami the^housemaid were still solicitous and^expressed u determination to uccoiiipaiiy^me on the pcriloua midnight rule with Mr.^Hyde, but 1 hud bail half un hour s sleep^S3 a strong cup of coffee to brace my^nerves and declared that I would make^the venture alone.
As the closed carriage rattled away^t.ver the paving-stones with myself and^Mr. Hyde for the only occupants the^driver sitting on the box outside bra. v m^the downpour I thought instinctively^ttiat murderous carriage-ride taken by i^Montague Tigg ami Jonas t huzzlewit. i^I when they were going up in tin- country to |^blackmail old Pecksniff. \\ as this man^suing to treat in.' as l^r. t roll in was^treated'-' I wondered how many physi-^. Una think of this and think of that |^horrible i-nUh-laisin and its ghastly^when taking midnight rules^Mown the Ihmi-
Then* Quotation* Are Kevlaed and Cor^^rected Kvery Hay.
Hiinarr.raniilated, per too,^*'^ light brown,^SO.OO; pulverized II Si A, New Turk, S13.5U; loaf,^$13.10, maple V m^ aw. _
CoffeeMarket si route; inwn RIo, 19@34c;^Costa Kiea, lafitxic; Java Mandating, mm-;^MiM'ha, 37fiMW: roasted Kiu ami (^t.sta Itica, it**^27c: roasted Carlialo, .Tic; roasted Mocha and^Java. 3H6^SW: A chuckle's. 3ftr.
TeasJaimn. aawtc; KngUah breakfast, 40c(^^^t.00: Ounuuwder, 40e@9l.00; extra Young Hy^^son, 75c.
Pickl-s lVr keg. Is, tl.as; 3s, aa.OO; s, 112.30;^tax. $a.M^^4.aa.^Timothy need^Her cwt.^l^otat^am - California, ar.^Cabbage - IVr cwt. S3.^Kkk*. per ease, g.v.'WiMi.oo.^Butter, per t^, 3^is40c.^Cheese, per fr^. 3m$cafie.
Fruits I^ried apples, |ier Vlh parkagex, 7!tcA^^ 1.00. ditto (diced, ro-V^ Isixes, 14c per ; is-aches.^Salt I-ake, 10^-; apricots, 2W; evaporated ditto,^2Ts'; blackWrries, ISr; raspberries, 3T*:.^California fruits. H'l.iirnji.ai |^-r case.^3-l^ Stundanl lomaloes. ta.M,^2-lb Standard com. *,(.i^^.^2-lr^ Standard |s-as, .^;i.Mi; sec-onds, 92.7.'^.^2-lh struiK aud l.iiua beans. #'.'.75.^Pried Means Nicy. f.Mt per 100 ^; faina,^^7.00; Hayos, M.25.
Wheat.No. I, per ton 92.no.^Cam, cracked, |s-r uai ^^, 91.75.^Mran. per loo lt^, 91.50; bran aud shorts per 100^1^, 91.50.
Flour-Per100 1h, Pillsbury'x best, 94; Ogden,^93.50; Strague ^llaisy,^ *3.U0.^Corn meal, fa-r ion lr^, 9j..'iU.^Oat meal, |m.t loo V^, 94.50.^ljtrd -I5r.
FreshMeats Pork 15p; hei-f s4t.20r, lamb,^quarters. 7^^-^^ 1 ix^. Iiiuttoii ~r^t.l'^:
Salt Meats Ham l(k^r.2ne; bacon 15*; corned^beef Us': |sirkl5i'; sausaKe 12'tattle.^Coal I'^t ton, hard 9lt*. soft *'^'.^*).^W.k.d Per eortl 94.no.^Hay Per ton 92^..(K^.^straw -Per tou 9^-'.oo.^Oats - Per cat. 9J.uo.
jKeDirvirvg Car Route arvd^Short Lirve to all
A1.I.THKOCtlH TRAINS are Knulppcd with^Pullman and Oining Cars each way,^hUiSt au.r West.
ThroughPullman Car from Butte
TheFastest Time to and from Chicago, Canada^and Kastern Points.
Peer.es*Pullman Coaches,
PalatialDining Car*.
ElegantDay Coach**.
ColonistSleeping Cars in charge nf Train Porter*^for aceoniluialation of Second Class^Montana Passengers Free^of t barge.
ForAnaconda, lleer l^alge, Harrison,^Helena, Pliilipsburg and Missoula
ForAnaconda . H.30 a. in., 4.30 and
ForAnaconda, fleer Lodge. l,arrisou^and all through |m^iuts Kast to St.^Paul. St. Loiusanil Chicago; also to^points West, vii: Missoula, S|Hikaue^V'alls, Taeoliia, Portland and Han^Francisco
ForStuart, 1 ^ccr I^slge ami liarrison^(Freight trains)EM a. 111. and 11.00 p.
son a. m.
7.30p. m.
3.(10p. in.
CornerFront and Main Street*.
TheFinest of Imported Wines^Liquors and Cigars
Tobe found in the city ^constantly on hand.
AnElegant Free Lunch
Servedboth Hay and Night.
steamshipticket* for all point* In Kurnpe via^any line crossing the Atlantic at cheap rates.
Forfull information address
(HASS. FF.K. tteu'l hMMf Agt..
St.Paul. Minn.
JAS.MeCAIt;, (;eneral Agt., -jns Main St..
Opp.Homier Mercantile Company,
ailol.k.sai.kax1) hktaii.
+B.VJ-T-C-H-IS-R +
TheDull/ First-flits* Family Mnrktt^in the. t 'ity.
Contractorsand Builders
PlaiiincMill Kast Knil of Town.
AnacondaLivery Stable
THK^ .
FROMthe date of its first number the Standard will have^more readers than any other daily newspaper published in the^Northwest. It will have plenty of interesting matter every^day. It is good for office, shop or store, for mill or mine, for hotel, saloon^or rectory, for farm or fireside. It is a paper for the people.^Try it for a month. It will cost you one dollar.
TheAnaconda Standard gives particular attention to its advertising^department. It directs your attention to the skill and care and taste with^which its advertisements are arranged and displayed. No newspaper in^this part of the world can match it in this respect. Kach issue of this paper^will be a model of the printer's skill in the display of its advertisements.^The terms* on which the STANDARD takes advertising are moderate and^every prosperous business man in this region can put himself in communi^^cation with the public at rates that will pay him handsome returns. If you^want live advertising send in your copy or write to the business office.
Strangersvisiting Anaconda are invited to visit the publishing house of^the Standard. It is complete in every department. It is the pride of the
TheSTANDARD is an eight-page daily having the full service of the As
anda thoroughly^to its editorial
thkMKW a*l
lU-twt***!!Anaeonda. Ilutt**. ll*-iVn;^, M:trv^ivUle,^St. Paul, Si iiiiit*H|M^h*^. i hiraKo and^|miUiIk Ka-st.
NowOpen for Passenger Traffic.
Tliconly lln^^ riinnluu Palace MIcplnK I'arn,^Luxurious lllnlnit t ars. Magnificent l^a^ ^ oaclics^ami Free SIccoIiik Cars for Second * lass Passen^^gers lx-twe^-u
Trainleaves ttuttc daily s to a. 111.
organizedspec^news direct to its editorial rooms by special wires. It^paper. If you belong to that party you can read it with profit,^a Republican you will find in this newspaper a fair fighter and can have all
whichbrings^I )emocratic^If vou are
Atall times and under all cir-^by a determination to treat all^that distinguishes successful
theopportunity you want to ^talk back.^^cumstances the Standard will be inspired^men and all issues in that spirit of fairness^journalism everywhere.
Thedepartment of the Standakh relating^Its general and m^cellaneous reading will^Men and women will enjoy it and it will be a^the hands of every child.
Orderthe Stvmurd sent to your address. You get it for three and one-^third cents a day.
tonews will be most complete,^be edited with greatest care.
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Comfortand Courtesy for Our^Patron*.
Hntteto St. Paul in ti^ hours.
withsinister^l. t.m I
Alsoproprietor^press Une
.fPassenger, Ricca*** :m^l^Connection ma.',- sitli^all trains.
,.,,||,..| and tlu-ii .ior^^^^ tin- ' ^ ^fTic^- anil Mtanle Fir^t stxret. \n.,
.1'. IVKS, t'.en. Mauatrer. Helena.^11. I.AMil.KY, liru. Pass. Asi.. Helena.^K. l^AWSHN.Ii^n. Agent. Unite.

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