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irsce. beauty and caprice^Hutkt Mil* golden portal;
t.rueefulwomen, chosen men.^lat//lcevery mortal.
K^hi ro-ii.
Nine-tenthsof tlx- unhappy inarriajft-s^^re the result of giwii human calves Ix-^iiig allowttl to run at large in soeioty |mim-^turea wlthtMit any yoke on them, iiliwniii^the Astoria (Ore.) Tranmrri/tt. They mar-
towork the week out. Such a biriiur only^Usee the rate of wages, and not the time^of we it ire. Therefore, while a ^week's^not ire or a week's pay^ may lie proper^and commendable, it is not obligatory.
ThePrimrose league, of England, num-^hers MI.IU) strong Tory women, ami the^Women's Liberal federation numht'rs H4.-^OOO just aa strong liberal ones.
Therectors of moat of our faahionahle^city churches might take a hint from tlie^Archbishop of Canterbury, who. a few
ryand have children before tliey ^lo nm- I s'^^^^f^ ^*^^. following the example of his^fathers of twins la-fore iEpiscopal |^cllecc^a^h-. Paul, gave
rI his Mock aomc very serious admonition^1 upon the subject of dress in church
taebea. Tliey are
tlieyare the proprietors of two |^airs ol^lutnts, and the little girls tliey iimrry are I^old women before they are 2U years nld. I^Occasionally one of thoae gosling aga i^riagea turns out all right, but it ia a clear^case off luck. If there was a law against i^ytaing gahmts s|Mirking ami marrying he- j^f^we they have cut all their teeth |^we siipisste the little cusses wouhl |
evade^ ^ it in swine way. But^then- ought to Is- a sentiment against it.^It is time cliiMigh for these bantams to^think of finding a pullet when they have^raised in^^in ^ enough to buy a bundle of^lath to Hi Hit I a hen house, lint they see a^girl who looks cunning, and they un^^afraid there arc not goiiip to he enough to^go round, and they Is-giu to spark real^spry, and Is-fore they arc aware of the^sancity of marriage relation they are^hitched for life, and Is-fore they own a^cook stove or a hed-atoad they have got to^get up in the night and go after the ihs-tor,^so frightened that tliey run themselves out^of breath and abuse the doctor la-cause lie^^ Iocs not run too. And when the doctor^gets there, there is not linen enough in the^house to wrap up the lathy.
Acertain society young pgWl ^f the^capital, writes the Washington correa-^|k^udeiit of the Chicago tlrrttht, isgtmsiped^about in an unpleasant maimer. She is^the daughter of a prominent official, has^borne an excellent reputation ami is Im-u.ii-^tiful, but she has la-como |s^ssessed of an^ambition to shine as an erotic novelist.^She has studied Anielie Hives carefully,^and has devoted some little time to Miss^Abi Juckmii.li, who denuded her brain be^^fore the public in such an unblushing^manner. She had her work almost com^^pleted, ami if it had ever reached^lss^k form tlie covers wouhl have^fairly cpiivcrcd with passion. She did not^pause nt the limit she stepped completely^over it. Ill fact, she went so far as to ant-^ploy two words that are not in the diction^^ary. The work was complete ami it was^read by a publisher who agreed to spring^file sensation on the public. Rut the^.voting woman's parents ta^gaii an investi^^gation just in time to save her, temporarily^at least, from a very uiionviahle notoriety.^Her father could not la^ is-rsiiaded that all^time a|M^nt in her room was devoted to^stM-ial corrcs|k)iidcnre ami her toilet. Fi^^nally he found out the truth, and there^never was u more surprised parent than^he. The liook was suppressed in its in-^cipiency, and the young lady is in a fair^way toreceive the la-m-flt of a protracted^European tour under rigid cliaperonuge.
Whycan not women do us men do, and^write to each other only whuii we really^have something to say^ And why must^they kiss each other every time they meet'!^Kisses are really not agreeable greetings^to exchange. Very few people know how^to bestow or receive them in a neat ami^satisfactory fashion. A slovenly kiss is^really a very detestable article, and makes^one dislike and despise the bestowcr.^Some butt at the kissee with lips made^into a hard hall for the purpose. These^almost give one the toothache. Others^bestow their dewy lips upon one's^cheek in a way that snakes the^recipient grope hastily, but furtively, for a^^Mieket handkerchief. A third contingent^kiss in a cold and chilling way that says^plainly enough: ^I kiss you because I^suppose you expect it of me.^ I always^sympathise with tbeae, and would gladly^fall in with their viewa.
Letus make a non-kissing compact^company, and see how many of our ac^^quaintances will join it. The rules would^not forbid a kiss after a long absence, nor^would it interfere with lovers' kisses or^anything of that sort, but only combat the^custom off daily greetings by osculation.
Mrs.May-brick^almost forgotten now -^is floing her nine months of solitary con^^finement in her English prison, and daily-^does an allotted task of needlework.^Those who follow the wretched woman's^career, as it may la- studied from time to^time by the prison bulletins, will learu^with interest that there is considerable^thought as to dress in this prison, nsls-tlts^a tally's establishment. Even ill prison u^variety of toilettes arc customary- There^is tlie probation class, ill which women^for the first nine mouths wear a lilac cnt-^toli skirt in summer, with a blouse bodice,^a square of serge for the shoulders, a^checked blue antl white apron, small^white linen cap with gnlTcr-^cd border, and a plain nil-^trimmed course white straw lioiiiiot. Op^Sundays white aprons and neckerchiefs^are worn. In winter the lilac dress is re^^placed by a thick blue serge, with u neck^^erchief of the same material, and u thick^fawn-colored circular cape is also allowed^for the shoulders. In the second nine^inotitlis the prisoner is a woman of the^third class and wears in summer a plain^blue cotton skirt with stripes, and a square^of brown serge for the shoulders. The^bonnet anil linen cap remain the same in^style, or distinguished, as it may Ik- for^want pf style, ami white aprons and^neckerchiefs again smarten l|up the^prisoners on the Sabbath. ill winter^the third-class women wear brown^serge dresses and lawn-colored cu|m-s. In^the third nine months a female convict^becomes a woman of the second class,^and is allowed the distinction of wearing^a full blue cotton shirt with white spots, u^blouse b^ slice of tin- same material and a^square of green serge for tin- shoulders.^In tin- winter she wears a thick green^serge gown, the other details of the dress^being the same as in the preceding class.^In the fourth period of nine mouths she^Ihm'oiiics a woman of the firat-rlass, with^little, if any, distinction from the second,^and this re nains till she is within nine^months of the expiration of the sentence.
when happy time for the feniahnviet
withliberty so close at ha nil again, she is^duhts-d .^ woman of the s|s-ciul class.
advis^ing them what waa becoming to the house^of the lord and to followers of the meek^and lowly Jesus. According to his \ lews^a plain and serious garb waa more in^keeping with the spirit off tlie place than^with the glittering furla-lows of fashion.^The congregation of any one off our up^^town churches, remarks the New York^ITiirM, would furnish just as good
1text for a sermon as did the gaily decked^' worshipers in tlie English cathedral.^' There is no better field for observing the^1 display of elegant toilets than a church^1 on a bright Sunday morning ami many u^' woman, if put il|a^u her oath, wouhl have^; to admit that sin- hail lost the whole of^] the sermon because of the charms of her^1 neighbor's new Puris hut. Indeed, the^! churches are so universally made cxhihi-^i tion places for flue dressing that the lack^^ of clothes is frequently made tin- plea for^I noii-attendam-c, ami in the distraction of^' line toilets the original idea of w or-hip is^1 almost entirely lost sight of.
Asmall, black-eyed woman, about ,1ft^years of age, giving the name of Mrs.^Mcpstod, arrived in the town off Warren,^Minn., on horsctaM-k, on the evening of^the 1Mb hist., relaU-s the St. Paul f^'/f^tV,^ami stayed over night at the home of^Henry Wheeler. She was up bright ami^early the next morning and on her way^to La Crosse, which she expected to reach^that flay. She had left Denver. Col..June^fin horseback, ami was on her way to^HfH-hestcr. X. Y^ f-x|h-cling to go as far as^Chicago with her horse anil the rest of the^way by rail. She made the trip two years^ngo from Rochester to Denver, having^her horse shot dead under her by by a^fleer hunter within 30 miles of Denver, t ^n^the last trip she used a saddle, but this^year she has a blanket on the horse's^^Hick instead. She curried a revolver ami^gun with her. ami when she started hail a^large St. Bernard tlog, but he went mud^ami she was obliged to shoot him. She^had a quiet way ulauit her which wns nt-^tractive, ami was as quick as a flash in^her movements.
Clnrksouwon the |a-iinuiit single-handed^in lMati, and he cumc m-ur doing it for^Boston this year.
These Quotations Are Revised^reeled Kvery Itay.
Hiikhi' (iraiinlatetl. per 1(10, 'V 11^.^'.'.^^^. pulverized II ^t A, New York^^ l.-t.lll, manic V 1T^ 'JIN
itlitbrown,^M; loaf.
Costa Ki^-a, I*r3'; Java MaiidahltiiK
Mocha,:^7i-f -MS-. roast if I Kin ami Costa Kica, '-'Jd*^-'7c; roasti-il far halo, nsr; roasted Mocha ami^Java. asm-Wi-; Artiuckle's, 3fir.
Teas,la|SMi. BbSSJbj English breakfast, ^t0ct%^^1.00: fiuu|^^wil.-r, t.v-dufd.oi); extra Young Hy^^son 7fte
FfakfcMPer keg. Is, 9.1.35; 3s. fJfMf^| a, 93.50;^tos t3.aaSt4.Mt.
'1imotliyseeit Per rwt.^Potatoes California. -Jr.^Cabbage Per f-wt. S3.^KgKH, per case, ^.V.V*^Mi.u0.^Putter, per .^VWltoc.^Cheese, per W^. jnot iv.
KrultsDried apples, per ft-tt packages, 7.Vf^^91.00: ditto sliced, .^^-^^ boxes, 14c per t^; |a^arlies.^Halt Lake. I6c: apricots. awe; eva|siratetl ditto,^20e; blackberrteK, l.v-; raspls-rrles, :^5f.
Californiafruit*. 9n.ooits.IW |s-r ease.
3-t Standard toniatfa-s, 93.50.
J-W^Standard corn, 93.00.
3-t Htandanl peas, 93.fiO; seconds, 93.75.
2-S string and Ulna ls*ans, 93.75.
Iried Heans Navy, 96.00 per 100 ft-. Lima,^97-O0: Bayos, 96.3ft.
Wheat.No. t, per 100 ^^, 93.00.
Corn,f-raeked. per 100 ^^, #1.75.
Bran,per 100 ^^, 91.50; bran and shorts per 100^^^. 91 .no.
Klour- Per 100 I*lllKhur^-'^ best. 94; ^^gden,^93.50; Strague ^laiiy,^ 93.011.^Corn meal, |s*r Itw *^, 9-.'..^i0.^^ ^at meal. |sr 100 ^^, ft.ril.^1 jtrd l.v.
FreshMeats Pork 15r; l^-ef sftr.ifN-; lamb,^quarters, 7.v^^i 1 .^^: iiuitton 74H.V.
SaltMeats Ham inrw jin-; baifin I5^; ifirued^beef lOe: |s^rk Iflc; sausage l-JStitl.te.
Coal Per ton. hard 9I'J. sort 9^.^.SO.
YViaal Per cord 94.511.
Hay Per ton ^3.-..(l^.
straw-Per ton 91-j.oo.
tMits-IVrrwt. 9'-'.iw.
WM.L. HOGE, President.
MARCUSDALY, Vice Pres't.
W.M. Thornton, Cashier
FirstNational Bank
Onsale to 1
Cem-ralRailway and
Mainstreet, Aliaconda,
CityTicket Agent,
J.A. LEWIS, tieneral Agent.
NoMore Delays
NorthernPacific R. R.
jKeDirvirvg Car Route arvd Qreat^Short Lirve to all
CanMake Better Time by Mail in Reaching Every^Point in the State than any other^Newspaper in Montana.
A1.1. Til KOl'tlH TKAINS are Equipped^Pullman and INiiina Cars each way,^Kast and West.
ThroughPullman Car from Butte
TlieFastest Time to and from Chicago, ^ ^auada^and Eastern l'olnts.
Peeress Pullman Coaches,
PalatialDming Cart,
Eegant Day Coaches.
ColonistSleeping Cars in f-harKe of Train Porters^for accommodation of Sea-find Class^Montana l*asseMKers Free^of t'harKf*.
firstnumber the Siandakd will have^newspaper published in the
matterevery^hotel, saloon
.^^a. m.^7.:m p. 111.
ForAnaconda, Ileer l^sli;c, (iarrlson,^Helena, I'liilipHhurK and Mi*snu!a
ForAnaconda !^.:^^ a. 111., 4.:s^ and
ForAnaconda, Is-cr Lmbjp. Carrison^ami all llirom-li |m^inti. Kast to St.^I 'si ill. St. I^sii-i and Chicago; also to^iMitntN West, viz: Mis-umla, S|Nikane^Falls, Tacfima, 1'ortlaud and San^Francisco3.00 p.
ForStuart, I Hi-r l .^^l^c and tiarrison^1 Fri-ii:ht trains) ... Ui a. 111. and '.).00 p
^intsin Knro|s- via^ine i-riissini! tin- Atlantic at cheap rates.
1Steamship tickets for all^1 an\
fullinformation address^CHAM. s. FEE, Ueal PaMssaajet Ai{t..
St.I-1111i. Minn
Mif'AHi,fieiieral Aitt., Main St.,^flpp. Koiiiici Mercantile f'oiii|tany.
ROMthe date of its^more readers than any other daily^Northwest. It will have plenty of interesting^day. It is good for office, shop or store, for mill or mine, for^or rectory, for farm or fireside. It is a paper for the people.^Try it for a month. It will cost you one dollar.
TheAnaconda Standard uives particular attention to its advertising^department. It directs your attention to the skill and care and taste with^which its advertisements are arranged and displayed. No newspaper in^this part of the world can match it in this respect. Hach issue of this paper^will be a model of the printer s skill in the display of its advertisements.^The terms on which the Si andakd takes advertising are moderate and^every prosperous business man in this region can put himself in communi^^cation with the public at rates that will pay him hamUome returns. If you^want live advertising send in your copy or write to the business office.
Strangersvisiting Anaconda are invited to visit the publishing house of^the Standard. It is complete in every department. It is the pride of the^town.
TheS 1 aNhard is
IllKlliflaiiil it is tin- law that wlif-im |s-r-^soti hires a tltniit-stif- servant, unless it is^otherwise imref-il. the hiriuir is for tin-^year, anil if the employer wishes to tlis-^charfre the servant la-fore the time has ex^^pired he must irive her a month's notice^or a month's pay. So the servant must^aive a notiee if she wishes to leave.^There is no siieh law in this country.^While it is very fnipn-nt for the mistress^to eajK-et a wf-ek's notice fr-i^\ .nit la-fore she leaves her plat^the servant to i-xpvel a similar notice or a I^week's pay la-fore 1 lisi-luirtre. such notice^or |aiy is not nspiirttl liy law. In the al^-^sellt-e of any airreeiin-nt la-tweeli the par- 1^ties, the mistress has a riitrht to flisehanre 1^In-r servant at any time, with fir without j^ITismI cause, antl the servant has a riirht to^leave any time she takes a notion to flo^-^.. Tin- fact that a trirl is hiretI at a cer-aj
'week ths-~ not lf^|llir^- ller :
f'oliiliieliciflluiHiness April 10, Isso.
Buyand sell Poim-Ktie ami Foreign Exelianife^and transact a item-ral hankiuu Imisiiicsk.^t'ollif-lions promptly attended to. K\-^t-hanite ilrawii on LotsMHi, Kflinlsirc^^;laKtcow, I ml ih 11. Itelfast, Paris,^I lamliui lu-rliu and all the^leinliiiit cities of Euro|s-.
1 UIIIKsl-i ^n iiksts :
AmericanExi-lianite National Itank \^ ^ York
1tmaha National Itauk umaha
Wells.Fargo ^ Co..San Francisco
1tali National Bank Ihnteti
llotfi*.Ilrownlec K Co. . Untie
Mercliants'National Itauk Helena
t'larkA. iJiraliie |s-,-r l..^h;e
CornerFront and Main Stn-ets.
TheFinest of Imported Wines^Liquors and Cigars
Tobe found in the city constantly on hand.
AnElegant Free Lunch
ServedIsHh Hay and Nbrht.
POPULAK SHi V A' / / /.% /-.
lletweeiiAnaconda, Butte, Helena. Marv sville,^St. rani, Mtniiea|HiliH, t'hieago ami^all punts Ka^t.
NowOpen for Passenger Traffic.
Theonly line rutuiiti^ Palace Sl.-epini: I'ars.^I.UMirioiis Ulnlim f ars, Mairnltln ui Ha^ ^ itaches^and Free Slo-pinn Cars for Sa-eoud t lass Pasw-11
newsdirect to its edi^paper. If you bcloflg^a Republican yon will
theopportunity you want to ^talk hack.
cuinsUanccsthe Standard will be inspired
menand all issues in that spirit of fairness^journalism everywhere.
Thedepartment of the Siandakd relating^It^. general and miscellaneous reading will
fullserv ice of the As-^service which brings^It is a Democratic^you can read it with profit. If you are^paper a fair fighter and can hav e all
aneight-page daily having the^thoroughly organized special^torial rooms by special^to that party^find in this new
nesand under all cir-^rmination to treat all
Atall tit
bya detc^that distinguishes
itand it will be a safe and
tonews will be most complete,^be edited with greatest care.
suggestivepaper in
TraittVaAc*Kutte daily -^Safety.
ain n r.s m k ,\ ^ 1 ^ KKTAll.
Theonly PVlatf ClfMfl Fnmily Mnik-t^in the City.
*.C,^H 11
Comfortand Courtesy for Our^Patrons.
Itutleto St. find i^ 4. hours.
IVKs,Oen. Manager, Helena.^I XNfil.KY. 1..11 Pas^. Airt.. Ilr^UAWHOH, i.eu Asms, Itutt.-
Menand women will enjoy^the handsof every child.
Orderthe Siandakd sent to your address. You get it for three and one-^third cents a day.

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