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The Anaconda standard. (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, October 27, 1889, Image 6

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WHIbetter-* 1*1 Tow lucau all that lie ^*M'-'
'Iwasa kimm] i-lutnt-r ^ lwt^l^ word 11^I turned mm^ Um |^^.r buy area awfiill^ retl
WhrnI mud our ra*mir--iiiriH wa* broken.^He waa in nuiml. ami I t l-might ^... I^ul then
Nnawvi^w love without l livra- . witlMMit n ni-.il^Tknr la alwaya aomethiaic^^In uien.
1dlattnrr It au Mr| aranou
Kvervmhuuni M ^ we. why. IM^ in in/ fourth^Bui MM'lt alMtrt imr^. ami why hIhmiM I marry^-'
Thoughpent lliit. \i-ar Ik t* HMM wnsli.^HeT^ rhrhl tl^ a kms Hint- to tarry.
4mTnavs ant w^ lawt ah. no. many are a-nrar:^Hr U Jealouk. but wealthy anil clever.
Though I whin In- wouldn't wlilnu. me In
Wen-wr iistrleal. ao I wtid foreter-.*
Forever! I avliini nt^a lumiiia away.
Forhe bi*iil me will love chunge l^^ li:iima^^No. ih^, I i^nt^ not. What, a ^-ard. .lamea. ymi^^ay f
Why.it'^ Tom ^ I- the iK-tillemaii wailluK'.'^I will lie ditwu at otit-e hut why ^lnl lie ealr.'
Ihart itlmoHt i-xii.i-l.il a li-tlt-r^Im I lot e htm '.* Well yea
Iwill take him for worw
FhrrwlUnM Miiu-m im th
motnM^ in all directions, for the matiMittn^la-fort- which wc hail *to|^iM*tl wfiiHtl illu^^minated tliltMurhtMit ita whole extent. For^it moment or two I ftmkl not tliwttHinect it^from what 1 IumI la-en ^lrt-umiiiK; Mit 1^^hmml let niym-lf (Hit ulxl |K-rt-eivt-tl ut it^Kluiift- thut tin- Itroiitfliiuii la-fore inc wna^not tlutt of my frii-ntTt'uiitaiii Willoiurliliy^ami that I conhl have tiil^Uikt-n it f^^r liia^set-moil iniiMMnihtf.
Whatis all thl^, Weeve'.'^ auitl L^What have you done with nn-V Thia ia^not Captain Willotuflilry '*
iih. I^^r' ^^h, lor! said the mu-liman,^^I've Im-ch mill druv' home the wronir sjen'-^I. in.in. Oh. lor! instead of Master Fred^I've druv' liome the wnillf jreii'li-iii.tii.^^^Thia ia not Captain \\ ilToiiKhhy'a
nerhat|Mafter all^or for iM-tter.^.V^w Ynrk H ^^rltf.
Bel|rrvia: Neil Miu-tyn ami myself^wen* oliuins and cronies at the irrummar^ac-hool in tin- line ohl city of^ hir
friendshipwan very fervent; it seemed to^ua as if it c.mill never fail; lint, on louvitifr^the city, the many crowded tlioiurlits that^preaa u|mui a yiaiiiK limn on his t-n trit n^i-^into the world, if they fail toohliteruteour^la-iyish affection, left it. ua it were, faint^memories of the past.
Bya Mtruuirc t-oitic iilcui-i- wc met as fel^^low students ut (illy'a, uml our frieiiaship^waa n-iicwctl. An it lu^iMM'inil. Is-inK mus^^ters of our MM dottiiiy, wc resolved to^atart ttNjrctlicr uiiilcr the title of I'crcivul^and Mitstyn, uml we were fortunate cliouifh^to at'iiri' tin- practice of the late llr. Wool-^ley in the thriving town of X .
Ourpractice was n success, and we^w^-re faat scciiriuir au excellent |M^sitioii.^We IumI Ihi-ii much occupied ami lianl-^worked, hut, hy one of those changes^which aoni^^timea occur, we were suddenly^left with little or nothiiiir to tlo. I waa^employ ilia* thia unwonted leisure in look-^iiiK over aomc of IIiiim- formiilnhlc items^of which ^Mir ledger prcsc uttil a iiiiiiicrous^and gloomy reconl. I lutd la-en cs|M-ciully^totting up (Mie account which hail la-en^almost our earliest a certain Mr. tiraves'.
,air, said tin- frightened fellow;^^no, air. no! t aptuin Willoiiir lily's Mr^riaire was just hehiml me, waituiK for Mr.^Pen-ival. Reeve told me.
Well.then, why on earth did you take^me lM-re. mall V
Oh,lor, air! How could 1 tell you were^a wrong irou'lcmuil V You aiiitfa out,^^Slin*cvo, Slini^ve!^ ami I lienrd the door^| haiiR. ami I lutd i-ilougii to do to look to^I my MM| for tlicy wux very skittish,^i Thi-n- were u irn-at uumlM-r of thiniiH^! altout. ami you aiiiKH out, 'Drive on,^' Shreevi'!' ami 1 druv' on; and, oh, lor,^. 1'vclMf n and druv* tin- a roiijrireii'lciiian.^^^Ami where am I now*.^' said 1.^'^Why, air. you s^-c as how you're at^: Si|iiire Kllisoii's. Ami. oh. sir. do tell t lie^at|iiire aa how I couldn't help it, or else I^am a ruined man.
Hythia linn- several servants had come^I out with liichta, cryiiiK: ^Oil. Mr. Fred,^{ come in, come in, come in! Miss Kllic ia^! dyiuv.
! Mort- than ever astonished. I walked in^^to tin- hall ami was ushered into a room,^| ami in tl^- midst of a irroiip of horror-^^ stri ki n faces. I hrielly explained that I^I hud la-en to the concert, ami in mistake^I had ifot into tin- wronir hroii|{ham, not^' diseeininjf in the roiurlmes of the niflrht^| that the ea. riaije la-fore me waa not that^' of my fi-ieml Captain Willoutchhy. ami^' misled hy the fact that the names of the^' coaeliiueii apja-ared to la- the same.^I An wain aa I iM-fran to speak I saw the^sorely distressed face of it line old ^Tenth ^^man, who hail aat licupcd up. aa it were,^in hia chair, la-uiii to lirlKl^t*'ti, ami he^now hurst in with:
llr.IVrcivalI Hut I dun- say you for^^get I have had the k^mmI fortune to meet^you once la-fore, ami it'a heaven's kind^providence has led you here to-ui|rht.^Such a mistake could easily have arisen
whichIumI la-en marked ^douhtful^ in i .'^^^ ^^.^^^^^^-^.^^^^-^^ i-ami; ^^^^^,- i^^ ^^,
them-coml year, ^very douhtful^ in the my horaea la-inir the Maim- color as those^thirtl. ami **lutd^ in the fourth when who i ^-^' Captain \\ illoutrhhy. and thecouch-^ahoiild preaent himself in our little eoii- I man'a name so ehau-ly rt-aeuihliiiK^ailltiliB-naMn hut the veritahle (iravea
Iha-tor.^aaid In-. ^I have conn- to pay^you that 'ere hill o* iiiiue. The llirurea arc^vastly Uig ^uiis. hut if they wen- ever so^much liimrer I ain't tin- kind o' man to^grudge tin- amount, for have never forgot^the many hitter journeys you have hadto^aw me and mine all across that common ;^ami now I've got the money together and
Soushall have it. doctor. There it ia, t'7.^^^rat 7d, every lialf|a-uiiy of which you thor^^oughly desert e, and ought to have hail^long ago.^ Ami emptying hia canvas hau^on tla- tuhh-, Im* displayed the full amount^in shining metal to the uttermost farthing.
1couldn't help tliinking of the lalairious^honesty with which these |m-ople must^liuvi- iiiiiuhmiI thia money, ami with what^a one-sided view one ia apt to look U|m^ii^the items of a Icdircr. The money Mtill^lay on tin- tahlc wIm-ii Ned came in a^-^^r-ouipuuic*l hy our friend Captain Wil-^louurhhy. our m-an-st anil ln--t lu-ighlatr.
rour-yi-ar-old tiraves.^ a,tid I, ^what^doyoutlliuk of that, old fellow. Ami I^was thinking. Ned. as things acre dull. \^tin- rawslaatk very li-xht, and you yourself ^^full of husiiicss energy, I would take a '^turn myself this very iiiirht anil hear Ap^Thomas, the harpist, of whom I have j^In-ard a giaal account.
Capitalidea, old bug 1 so you shall. Hut^what a night you have chosen. It allows i^ill sheets, it rains and it hlows, ami d.a-s^^H imagiiiahh- laid things in the way of j^weather.
Ves,^said Willouglihy, ^it inuatu't la-^to-niirht, daa-tor. f^M- tin- rule in your trap^to N. is worth much more than you can !^t-X|a-et to n^-t for it.
Oh.aa for that. I don't mind the^weather.
Idare say not. hut happv thought^you ahull have my I ^rougliuin and the I^grays, and Hecvc shall drive you. He'll j^run you over in style. Don't say no. for I^insist ii|mmi it. I hey have done nothing^lately, and I know It will enhance your^^MM at any rate.
Iaeeoiul the kind pro--osal.^ aaid Neil. |^and the thing aa-euii-d so pleasant that I 1^^could not refuse.
Indue time a splendid pair of gray s^were ut the d^a^r, ami 1 was how led along I^to my ^U-sitinatiou. It waa certainly far !^prcfcrahlc to all DM ^logsi-art. Nwaa |
auoureiM-he^l. I rather tardily reiueui- j^ta-rcd that a ticket had not la-ell secured ^^for the entertainment, and drove at MMB ^^to the music shop when- they well- sold, i^I entered at a fortunate crisis, for one or^two tickets hail just Imh-ii hrouifht hack aa^tin- purchaser was hindered from la-intt^present.
TellingKeet e to make himself very i^eoiiifortahh- during tin- interval, ami to^!^^ ready ; when the allair waa finished I^entered the hall. It was well lighted and^dciisi-ly -tacked. Imt the platform looked^rather haid. Tlw^re was tin- harp and tin-^barp alone. After waiting aomc little^tune a rather iiisiirnitieant im-i-soiiukc^tnadi- hia ap|m-araiicc hy its side, and I^thought it looked very stupid to la- there,^little dreaming what a magician was la-^fore uic in tin- form of that little man.
Hecommenced, and for two hours I waa^the ahjet-t slave of that mall. He did with^ine w hat he would I was pastoral, I was^military, waa juhiluht. I was auuk in soft^delights, almost to tears! In short I waa^mcsuicriaed in a halo of glorious music!^What could it be^ Surely not that one^harp. It Kfcmcd ua if a whole hand of I^angelic |m-rformers were hovering alanit^one. I am particularly open to musical^impressions, hut never had la-en mi com^^pletely cut lira lied. Ilia intervals wen-^only iutervala of torment, only to la- am- i^^-eeded hy new ruptures; and when ut laat '^all waa over I felt that I could I a-seech 1^him to resume. Hut it waa all over ami^with the rest I hail to go forth into the^night.
Intruth it waa a fearful night. There^waa a high, colli wind, with Ih-n-ely la-at- |^lug alcet, ami coming from the hrilliunt I^light it was almost iui|amaihle to discern !^the ohjocts around. I culled ^Mit^Kcevc! I^la Keeve here'.^' ami a voice said, ^Yea, |^air, and a pair of graya apiM-arcd to the^front. The door of tla- hroiigham waa ;^immediately opened hy some ready band,^snd I waa glad to eaca|m- the llen-^-ueaa of^the weather, and we drove off, the hail^patting merrily againat the windows. I^aaw we. wen* going the right way.^but lullod by the storm. I s^a^n fell into the^emhrucos of the |m^ppy-g^al. The glamour^of the liarpiat wa* atill MM me. ami my^w^nw^^ atill enslaved. 1 iln-umt theilivine^^nelodiea of that harp were atill with me.^but re Urea ting, and that I waa eoiii|a-lle^l^to follow. I went on through hramhh*a,^through wood a, over rivers, over iimmiii-^taina, and could not stay my flight. At^laat they la gan to aaccml, and. strange to^way, I floated upward- also. At length, ut^a terrible height, the weird music ccaacd.^and I immediately fell.
Mydream waa over. The carriage had^^topped on tla- graveled frontage of what^a^ppean*d to Im* aud what really waa a^large bouae.
Sowords eau express my astonishment^aa I gaaed upon the streaming lights tlutt
tin-other Sim-eve instead of Itecvt^Your way home, too, would also^Im- part of the journey here.^Hut, oh! what a fortunate mis^^take! for you will aavc our dear girl; for I^cannot Im-Hcvc you to Im- ton late, ami I^can coiillde her to you. d^a-tor, with all^faith. Come, let ua h ad you to her. for^her eaae ia most urgent.. Poor K tile fell^through a sheet of glaaa ill tin- conserv^^atory, uml has wounded her arm ill aiieb^a way aa to defy all our attempts to atop^the hleeding.
Iwaa led to the patient. She lay on a^couch, ami the la-autiful girl looked more^like a colorless llgure of wax than a^human la-ing. The whole couch waa la--^dahhlcd with hhaal, and the many laind-^ages stee|a d with it. Sciin-d women wen-^around her, and I could hear a suppressed^whia|m-r, ^She atill hh-aila.
Fromtin- ap|a-arancc I surmised, aa it^turned o-it correctly, that the hracliial ar^^tery had Im i u puiK-tiin-d.
Tin-iiiclliciciit Iwilidage waa at once^strip|ail oil', and one of the attciidciits^waa made to compress the wounded artery^llrmly with tin- thuiiih, whilst I rapidly^cxl^-m|K^ri/cd a tourtiiipict with such ma^^terials us could la- procured, and MM
sueded in stopping tin- How of hliaal.
Huteven I was astonished to sec tin- loss^aiistaiucd hy the fragil-haikiug form la^^fore inc. M hail MV long in a fainting^condition, hut in an hour or two, ita^the result of gently udiiiinia-^tcriag stimulants, I lug.in to^discover signs of reviving conscious^^ness, anil I thought I might leave to seek^out MMMMV and the implements neces^^sary to place our wounded patient in^safety. Hospitality in every MjH was^pressed upon me, hut 1 could not wait,^and tin- grays wen- once more in rcipiisi-^tiou to drive me to Komacy'a.
Westarted oil' furiously, and had trav^^eled ulauit a mile when the coachman^man suddenly pulled up, shouting out:^^Hullo, air! what's thia^ Sonic one haa^got a regular smash ben-, till, lor! it's^our own trap, anil when- James is I don't^know. It seems hrokcu into smither^^eens.
Ihastened out of the carriage to find,^aa the man hail ohaerveil, the men- wrcck^of what hail la-en a dog-cart.
Tin-anow waa atill falling, although the^hurricane hail somew hat alatteil; hut in^the midst of the wind 1 thought 1 heard a^fcchlc voice.
Thedarkness was illicitae, hut, taking^otic of the carriage lamps, ] procccdi-d |^onward to find propped up on cushions, ^^and covered with cloaks, tin form of tin- j^Komsey 1 -ought. The anow was falling^on the piatr fellow's face, ami ill spite of |^hia wrappings In- must have siill'en-tl at^ j^vcrcly from cold.
Isthis Mr. KoniH^-y V^ aaitl I.
Itwas Komsey.^ saiil be: ^it's now a j^hruiscd ami dislia-atcil mass. I've had hy^no means a jolly time of it. That lump of^stones that yiMi aee opposite gleaming ill |^tin-dark 'I was going to nay *aeeurse^I la-^those who laid them thcrc'i has shied^the hor-e and thrown it against this infer^^nal piece of wall, and I may apply for my^suia ralillilatioii fund aa soon aa m ty Im-.^The poor hrutc of a horse ia completely |
lone for. and has la-en led oir hy .lames^somewhere, James himself having all to^nothing tin- la-at of it.
Well,Komsey, what shall I do^ Let^ua take you up in tin- carriage.
I'mhanged if | know what would la^^the la-at thing to do,^ aaiil Komsey, aa if^not hurt at all. ^Nellie will aooii la- hen-,^I know, when she hears of it; and gueaa-^ing from the time -lames went she can't^la- long, 1 know. She ia a famous tacti^^cian, old fellow, ami will arrange every^^thing. She knows w hat all ueciilellt ia,^and ia lapial in every' emergency aavc thia,^indeed, laair girl!
Hut1 can not let you lie hen- and^fn-e^e; I'll take you to your house or to^the Cedars, from which I have just come,^aa you may guess. My name's Pcn-ival,^ami, hy a curious mistake, I have hecii^able to take your patient.
Thank teal, Pen-ival, ami thank you,^t^a^; for the thought of tliis dear girl ami^the anguish I have auffentl on her ac^^count has la-en far worse to me than all^the nasty raps and humps these |aa^r lames^of mine have had to bear.
Itia h tnl to tell you now ; I was coming^for you to help me aet a wounded arm^right. Have you any instruments'.^'
Yea;I guessed something of what had^hapia-ucd, and hen- ia my caae, on the top^of my head. Take it, pray take; leave me^ami go to her.
No,no. no! I can't do that. She ia all^right for the preaetit; we will lift you gent^^ly into the carriage and take you home,^and I do trust that hruiaea will prove the^worst part of the hllaiiieaa.^^I ^Isitd. my dear fellow, 1 am coinph-ti-ly^I smashed! Hut don't say a word to Nellie^i when she comes. 1 hear her coining^now.
Komacy'acur was quirk, for straining^; hard uiiudst the gnat of wind I fanried 1
could hear the sound of approaching^; wheels.
I ^Do let us lift you into the carriage la-
foretla- lady eomea, and ao prevent the^fearful ah^a-k of at-ring you aa you lie up
No,my g^aal friend, no, I bad rather^wait till Nettie cornea.
Meanwhileon the froaty night we could^plainly distinguish the hupetuoua gallop^of borae and the aouiid of wbeela like the^lleree el targe ^^f a fin* brigade approacle^ing nean-r and m-an-r. They pulled ap,^however la-fon- arriving at the aee lie of^accident ami came ipiictly and cautiously^on wanl.
Ieoufeaa in all thia aad acene I waa cu^^riously anxioua to cutch a glim pat- of tlie^n-dotihtahle Nellie; but instead of aeeing^the rather masculine a|a-cimcn of woman^^kind 1 lutd imagined, with m-rvea of ateel^and arms of strength, then- ran forward a^alight and elegant girl of some eighteen^or nineteen yeara, dn-aaed without con^^fusion cm* apparent haste in a waterproof^ami hiaal.
SIm*had pna-ured from a neighboring^tipholaten-r a light eovenil spring van, on^Um- floor of which she IumI placed a^mattn-sa with many pillowa aud bbtnketa.^Her font- of assistants waa four two^elderly women uml two men, with a plen^^tiful ^supply of lanterns. SIm- ran for-^wanl to her brother ua if she knew where^to Hull him hy instinct.
Oh.Nellie, deur,^ he aaid, ^I knew^you'll come quickly.
Oh.it must have seemed all age to^you. How hurt you must la-. Kdwanl.^Drink thia glaaa of wuter, dear.
The very thing, Nellie! Ob, I lutve^la-en wanting it ao.
Now,dear obi Neil, we an- going to^move you. Hut 1 aee Mr. Elliaou'a car^^riage hen-. He haa la-en la-fon- ua.
NotMr. Klliaon. my dear, but Dr. Pcr-^cival, who hy a most fortunate accident^waa attending my patient ami hail come^to aeek me,
Andthe d^M-tor will help ua, will he^not'.^'
Hewill certainly, if you will allow^him to place bimaelf under your guid^^ance.^ said I.
S-r.I thank you,^ n-plied Nellie. ^We^will lift |sair Ned now into thia van.^When- an- you hurt, dear, thut we may^uot hurt you more '.'
Allover, Nellie, all over. I know you^will take me gently.
Audwell she murahaled her fon-i-a.^Then- wi-n- altogether aeveil of ua. One^at^aal at the horses' heads to prevent a^movement, one lighted the way, aud the^n-at of ca gently lifted P^a^r Ned on to the^mattress. He lam- the operation without^a groan, although it must, indeed, have^la-en a further dose of agony. I implored^him to allow me to go home with him und^aee to hia injuries, hut he would not hear^of it.
Come to im-aa siam as you lutve fin^^ished a-ith the dear girl whose lift- ia pn-c-^^otiM toao many. Do not neglect her for a^single moment. I place her in your^hands, Pen-ival. You have the caae Im-^olf, air, thia very moment. Nellie ia a^nurse and doctor all in one, und 1 ahull la-^safe with her till you come.
Thewiae Nellie aaid: ^Oh, dia-tor! it^dia-a seem aclllah, hut come ua aoon aa^you can ; do conn-! for I feel myself thor^^oughly helpless in such a aad eaae.
Whatcould I do7 I was d-vided la-^twecti the two, ami I felt that Kith- Klliaon^had the prior right to my |aa^r aerviccn.^Nevertheless, ita we went rapidly hack to^the Cellars my heart and thoughts wen-^with Nellie and her hrother.
Onn-aching the KIMaatM 1 found the^aon hail returned hy a hired conveyance.^He had found Willoughhy'a mull pacing^up anil down in great ilistn-aa at having^lost lue, anil hail ^guessed the nature of^the joke,^ as he aaid, anil hall scut Keeve^home, at which I wits heartily glad.
Ifound | a Kir Kllic ill a very had stale.^The limh was much swollen and iliscol-^on-il, ami tin- llt-ccasary operation was^tin-some ami most painful. I would fain^have waited for further assistance, hut^the urgent MM of the case admitted of^no ill-lay.
Ina very abort apace of time tin- skill of^the moat eminent surgeon in the country^was secured, anil together with tilt- family^we watched through hours of great anx^^iety. Ill tin- advanced morning, however,^wc resolved to snatch a Hying visit to^Komsey. We found him fearfully in^^jured a fractured arm, a fractured rib^anil internal injuries.
Iwas glad of the very able assistance^that waa now at hand. Hia caae ap|M-un*d^tleaia-rate, anil when we had done till, we^could only shake our heads in oiuinoiia^ailellcc.
Wereturned to the Cedura. Our |^^-^tients life hen- hung upon a very' thread:^hut my distinguished colleague waa^pleased to compliment me on my prompt^and energetic action ill the matter, saying^that if the lady lived it would Im- through^me.
Mynext can- waa to telegraph to my^partner, ami for ten days uml nights 1^watched hy the la-dsidc of Kllic Klliaon,^only varied hy hasty runs over to Komsey.^At the expiration of that time Kllic,^though atill very weak, waa out of danger^and I waa free to attend my medical^friend.
AmiNellie ami I have attended him,^und togethor have managed to conduct^hia rather large practice for the laat aix^mouths. | have visited the ft-dura daily,^and Kith- ia now t|iiitc well, uml Captain^Willouglihy, who ia constantly then- and^brimming over with gratitude to myself,^declares that he will aiain take her into hia^own keeping; ami* that he will have no^^ ^^on- glass-breaking if he cull help it.
Theycall all now utl'onl to have a gtaal j^laugh at the DIMM of myself, the^Shreeve ami the Kcevt-, and when oni^^on! the other will shout, ^Hcwun- of^graya!^ Hut nothing call exceed Un^^grateful hospitality of the people, ami I^am aa a sou in tin- house.
Hutbow ahull I a|a-ak of my other pa-^tienf.' He atill lives in hia pn-ity home, a^hopeless w reck. I have changed partners^and taken the invalid, anil Nellie aa my^assistant. No wonder her hntthcr^should say, I'll wait for Nellie.^Shi- makes home la-autiful, ami her^brother, even with all Ilia aad umit-tiotia,^cheerful. Her home ia the la-st ordered^home in the kingdom, and of course I love^Nellie with ull my heart: and, what ia bet^^ter, Nellie loves me and what ia better^atill. Nellie ia mine. She iltM*a not bring^me much wealth, but 1 um aa rich in hav^^ing such a jewel aa ^fifty aeaa if all their^sands wen- pearla, their waters nectar^anil their na-ka line gold.
HeKlased Me.
ANebraska pa|M^r narrate a this educa^^tional incident: ^A high achool girl, elasa^A. being told hy the teacher to parae the^sentence. ^He kiaaed me,' consented re^^luctantly, tM-euuac op|mmm-d to apcakiiig of^private affairs in public. ^He,^ abe com^^menced, with unnecessary emphasis and^a fond lingering over tin- word that^brought crimson to her checks, ^ia u pro^^noun ; thinl peraou, singular iiuuilM-r, mas^^culine gender: a gentleman pretty Wei^^ll xcd; tiuivcraully considered a gtaal^catch. Kiaaed ia a verb transitive ^to^much so - regular -every' evening; indicti-^tive Mood indicating aU'eetiou ; tlrst ami^third la-raoua, plural ntimla-r, and govern^^ed hy cin-illiistancea. Me^oh, everybtaly^kuowa me,' und down she sat.
Charity.Mwevt Charity.
Madame,can't you give mo something^to cat ^ I haven't had a mouthful for two
Certainly,you |aatr i-n-atun*. Take^thia piece of chewing gum. If treated^kindly, it will last you four tlaya.
MeOrew Weary mt the ^*aaalllar Mmmrn
draw-YardUwlet ^r the Waw.^Krtaa the 4 hit-ago Time*.
HiramHhatter'a dog bail a Sunday off^yesterday. Urns first he luul enjoyed for^weeka, and he took an early morning con^^stitutional that did him a world of good.^At the chate of hia brief but thrilling ^i-^perienoe aa a glad, free dog the animal^retired to bia quartern in the wood-abed^with enough experience in stock to laat^him a year.
Duringthe antrum-r ami fall Mr. Bloater^kept the tlog confined iu a wood-alied^back of the house, when- he roamed at^will and the end of a aix-foot clothes-line.^It waa not a valuable animal, hut the^owner aaid no dog of hia should run at^large while lie waa abb* to buy rope to^tether him with. But yesterday morning^a spirit of freetbwn broke out iu tla* dog,^and Im* aet bimaelf to work chewing hia^ntpe off eloae to the poet. He waa a huge,^clumsy brute, grown laxy from lack of ex-^en-iae, but Im- bull atmng juwa, und soon^aovcii-tl the ro|m-.
Itwaa a few minutes la-fon- X o'clock iu^tin- morning when the dog sneaked out of^tlie front gate at Wells aud Division^atn-eta, uml dragging Ilia ntpc after him.^Mr. Hloatcr discovered the fugitive ami^gave MM hut the tlog waa on to him,^uml taking the middle of the down-town^gri|^-car track he ambled olf ut u brisk^trot, with Mr. Hltatter and bia eldest Im^^-^hot on the trail. The first car bail not^come down yet, hut the cable waa under^way, humming along ut a lively rate.^Hcforc the trio bail covered u blta-k the^clM-wcd-up, moist ami fravod-out end of^the dog's ro|a- tln^p|Mil through the slot^and found the cable. Then the tlog put^on a spurt that curried him several lapa^ahead of Ilia pursuers. At llrst the dog^showed a dia'aatitiou to hung buck, but the^unseen |m^wer la-low gave him such a yank^thut he was glad to start up again when^be found bis brakes wouldn't work. So^with a low, aail moan the unhappy tlog^straddled a slot ami started on bis long,^long journey.
Fatherunci son with o|m*n jack-kuivea in^their hands followed the four-legged gri|^-^car to Chicago avenue, when- they gave^up the chase. The dog was ttai awift for^them, ami la-sides be had just caught hia^second w ind. They wen- ufault to give up^the tlog for loat ami return home when^the iMty thought of something.
Say,father,^ Im* exclaimed, if Ncm^makes the South-side l^K^p ull right he'll^he buck thia way in a half or thrcc-^t|uurtera of an hour, and what's the mat^^ter with waiting here and cutting him^It Matt- ua Im- si ides by
By(ieorgc! that's ao; hut how an- we^going to know whether the cussed brute^will take Clark or Wella atn-et on the^come back '.^
Wedon't know what Im-'II tlo, but if^you'll stay ben- I'll go over to Clark atn-et^ami one of ua will get him,^ replied the^ingenious hoy, ua be a|m-d away with bia^knife atill iu bia hand.
Iuthe meantime the tlog bail made the^Illinois atn-et curves in safety uml plung^^ed into the cold, damp depths of the tun^^nel. He howled with terntr when he struck^the glare of the electric lamps, hut oil^lluiling thut he wasn't hurt he bail giaal^sense to save his precious wind. Oil he^n|a-tl up the steep incline. out into^the|m-ui-eful Sabbath daylight
withbulging eyeballs and pro^^truding tongue. In crossing Kantlolph^atn-et he narrowly escaiatl colliding with^a milk wagon, hut the driver saw him in^time to pull up. Hi- bail a eleati chute to^Molina- stn-ct, where he mailt- the turn^with his himlipiarters in the air and yelp^^ing at every j-uiip. Hetweeii l.a Salle anil^Dcarlairu seven MMMN allot at him^under the impression that the poor t-n-a-^tlire was mail; hut he wasn't. He waa^simply annoyed.
Thedog s|a nt no time in haikiug ut the^scenery along Dearlau n street, hut attend^^ed strictly to following the cable. Dash^^ing around the corner of Dearborn at^right angles to the track la- once more ap^^proached tin- tunnel, when- the pnatpcet^of taking the back trail inspired^him with new ho-a*. When^climbing the grade be overttaik a^Swede who waa sanding tht- track. With^one wiltl glance at the bbaalahot eyes ami^ftMim-ttfckeil chops the w retched Swede^dmpiail bis pail of sand ami tried to climb^up the smtaith, whitewashed tunnel wall,^hut fell back in a lit uml had to Im- hauled^home ill Ycrkes' new patrol-wagon.
Atthe power-house Nero's grip tiaik the^Wells street sw itch, uml the tlog was stain^rushing luick to the scenes of hia infancy^ami the home of hia pitphtaMl. When Mr.^Hloatcr saw the dog homing he knelt down^on the truck uml held tile knife-blade^across the slot. The n^|a- struck the keen^edge uml the exhausted dog fell fainting^in bis master's arms.
Nerow as taken home anil put to la-d in^the wotalahetl, when- he ia now enjoying a^much needed n-at.
A Party of Visitors who Caught
HostessI'ua wares.^From the Washington I'tstt.
Allthe music lovers of Washington^know the brilliant i-outralto, Lizsie Mut-^nit-hol. i Mrs. Frank Vettiti. It is only a^few months ago since slit- gave up her^Washington home to go to the one her^husband providitl for her in Philadelphia.^Like MM plain, mattcr-of-facl little woman^she ia, she plunges into the mysteries uml^duties of housekeeping with perfect lb-^light. The change from stage life to do^^mesticity is always hailed hy her with joy.^Slit- ill a-a not hesitate even to arm herself^with a brush uml scrub off the white marble^hearthstones, those large and penutes^which tlo duty for tltMtr atcpa ull over^Philadelphia.
Shewas engaged ill that soulful ta-cuptt-^tiou one morning not long ago. with a^liaiidkcn-hief tied down around Iter bead^iu the gtMMl old way abe learned in Wash^^ington, when a party of tier swell friends^drove up.
la Mrs. Vettu ill'.' ^ the aup|aiaetl ser^^vant was asked.
Mrs. Vetta is not in at pn-scnt,^ waa^the very truthful answer.
Canyou tell us when she will Im- in^
Justus MM as she finishes washing^the front chair atcpa.^ she replied, with a^merry laugh, disclosing her identity at^he nunc time.
HadForm.^Prom Town Topics.
Mrs.I'ptou ito her husband)^Charley,^you lutve la-en with mt* nearly the whole^evening; go anil make yourself agreeable^ttt Miaa Bruce or Miaa Walters. Mr. Up^^ton - Hut, my tleur, 1 pn-fer your society.^Mrs. I'pton Yes, darling, but people will^think we an- fontl of each other, and that^is dreadful form, you know.
AQuiet aend-orr.
tonalevening, Mr. Stickby; you must^come ttt ace me again some time.^ ^F.r,^but I wasn't going quite yet. Miss Kva.'^^^ Ml, I beg pardon ! You generally tlo go,^you know, after an hour's silence. '
A.small Mailer.
Fromthe New York Weekly.
(.nesticomplaitiiugly i This hill of fare^is ull in French. Waiter reassuringly1^Niveryou moiiitl that, sur: the ctstk i*^^ (irish.
AndMachinery for the Systematic Reduction of Ores by Amalgamation,^Concentration, Smelting aud Leaching, Builders of the Homes take. Gran^^ite Mountain, Drum Lummon, Anaconda, Blue Bird, Lexington and BW^Metalic Companies' Reduction Works.
Gearedand Direct Acting,
Prrat|M3ctingami Development Hoists. Builders of
ImprovedAir Compressors,
Wire JramWavjs
TrueVanning Machines and Einbrey Concentrator. Electric Light Plants.^Agents for Rand Rock Drills and Compressors, Otis Elevators, Knowles'^Pumps, Root Blowers, Kings land A Douglas Saw Mills. Pennsylvania^Diamond Drill and Mfg. Co. Baragwauath Heaters.
UnitedStates Electric Light Co. New Haven Machine Tools. Mass*
(jKneual Wkstkkn Manaiikk.
SoleWestern Agents f^H*
TylerWire Works Double Crimped Mining Cloth.
Bartft Packard and Laird, Schober ^ Mitchell's^FINE SHOES AND SLIPPERS.
LajrSchober^ Mitchcu..
nDesiring; to close out our entire stock of Clothing aud Furnishing^Goods and handle nothing but Boots and Shoes exclusively, we will^continue our sale of Clothing at Actual Cost until every garment ia^sold. If you need a suit, a pair of pants, or an overcoat. See afar^prices before you buy and save money.
NextDoor to Bank,
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whuliwalfami hrtail dralhr iv
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Contractorsand Builders
ruuuojiMill Hast Kittl of Town.
AtKrasnnstik- Rates.
MalaStreet. Near Front. CltAS. Ui

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