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1troth lurked within theof her i-heek.
Amiin the myriad tangle* of her hair.^Ami in her eye*. wIih-Ii drew men t^^ de*|ialr.
Analonher li|^. wImmu- thrill made ^l runic men^wenk.
Yea,all I he honeyed mienl *he eonld ^|**;^*^T^^ liu-n death-laden were. a^ unaware^Thought leHi. the^ liatflied, hi-e^tlll|C not tile^Miare
Whuli imuicIiI their iii.-iiiIiimmI in wild |^**ion ^^freak.
Itrn\eAnlom ' whene'er I |atii*e !^^ think
oraii umm wert. mmt MtMWplianM
ThymmiI eiiminhed uihI e\er on Hie brink
iffeiirrlrtui true, tlm* ImhimI to Kit)!*'* i|iieen.^From tear* of |^il^ I ran^^*^^ refrain^That in her arm* were loot ^ueh noiiI ami hrallt.
Air i ,^^t^t^ i MrtmntM u
The KawwatrtPttlM of l.lriilenHiit tnwln'^Wife \^li^^ Want* a MUM
FromHie MriM^kl^n Kaule
Tin-n*i-nt n-|M^rt fr^^in San Kruiifiami^of tin* ili%-^ir^-^- iHix-ii-ililiAr* liniilirllt l^y tin-^w ife of l.i^-illi-llaltl ^ i.w !^^^, of tin- navy,^who is it ilitittfliter of i-*-S^-iuitor Alli-ii ti.^Thlirman, of ^ Miio, revive* inti-n^t ill tin-^ootiple it! Jaiimieu ami Kieliliiotnl Hill,^they luiviiiir rifiiliil in Imtli |^l.iee^ several^years, lint louder nt Kielllllolnl Hill, where^tin- lady nwns a line reniileiii-e. |miiIiiiI^up on the liaeklMine of l-miic ImIiiiiiI anil^foiiiiiiaiiiliiiK ^t pii-tun-^'^|iii- vii'W of the^^urrootifHlMf low-lying country, with Ja^^maica lla.v anil ItirkanM.r lleaeh^ill |MT*|M-etivi-. Tile In mini* ha- a southern^i^X|MMMirta, with a i^l:i^^ front, whieh iriviH^the mom a charm anil a warmth ill wilt-^tor truly euptivatiii|(. Mr*, t'owl^-s hail^the a|^artiiieiit arrantriil for the h|Mi'ial^comfort of her iliMiiiifiii-liiil father, who^viaiteil her. on an avi-niAP'. twiee a year.^It wan fiirni-heil with the ilowniest of^c-oiii-Im-h, anil the-e ami the hard wooil^floor were emlM-llir^hiil with iinpnrtfxl^riiir* ami Kkin* of tireat value anil artiatir^merit. A tall, uaiint olil mailt, on whose^railiant noae n-Miil a pair of Kolil-rililx'il^eye-ulato**^**, k^-|it Mrs. IWIh eonstaiit^IMMH ami, trottini/ after tin-^two, followeil invariahly a ^lapan-^cse yomifx man of small stature, very^iiliii li Aiiiiriialli/iil. lie eoiihl swear liy^note ami was particular ahoiil his elothi's.^Mrs. f'owles ki-pt a i-itrriuifi- anil occasion^^ally the horse would rim away to vary the^monotony of tier life, ami whether or not^the animal was conscious of any apecial^tilcaMiinc in tile excitement of tin* occa*^sioti. Mr--, fowlcs foiiml the novi*lty of^an upset Itoih atrrecalile anil exhilarating.^She was vi-ry foinl of ailveiiture^atiil cimiI anil calculating^ imili-r^the most ilaiiu^ roil- cin-iiiiistanccs.
Aftir an ihMM of more than twenty^years from Jamaica Itichanl t'. Mel or-
nick retiirneil to that village to reside.^His wife was the yoimifi'st ilailtrhti-r of ex-^Nonator TliNrmaii, anil it was as trucsts of^Mr. anil Mrs. Met urniiek that l.ieiitenant^and Mrs. Cowles came to visit tin- ancient^Louie Islaml town in the llrst instance.^They liked it. The i x-ifux i ruor of Ari^^zona hail a stati'ly anil roomy mansion^on Herriniaii avenue, hut l.irifi- aa^it was. it was lis. small for the towlcs'^and their kennel of ilotrs, and ho they^ohtaiiii**! ipiartcrs at Mrs. John Johnson's^iMiardiilK house, the old i'resliytcrian par-^sonauc, corner of Fulton and Clinton ave^^nues. The |s t curs were as much at^home there as their mistress. The lieu^^tenant was not ill love with the canines,^lint Mrs. Cowles had her way adoiit evory-^thiliK anil he kept his |^caee. Tin1 lady's^most selec't |ict was a hairless Ju|Mllles4*^1I04/, which sin- ohtaiiicd as a imp in the^Mikado's killifiliilii and lirouirlit to America^w hen her husliaiol hecaiue detached from^the Asiatic sipiailrou. She named the
ihuiki-iI ^ Ihi si Kyi- and cxliihited tow aril^it all the alTii'tioii of a mother for her^first lairn. tine of the maid servants in^the Johnson household took a dislike to^the little animal, and, Imiiiic told that over-^fecdiiijc would kill it, was particular to^nee that it never went hiuiirry. 4 luc day^Clin'M' Kyi- fi'll ill. Its ailment refused^to yield to the usual treatment and a local
Iihysicialiwas called in, who employed^lis skill to rehaliilitatc the -tel. Mr-.^Cowles tiursi^d Cln-osc Kyc tenderly hy^^tlay and a colored woman, Mrs. Haiinah^Smith, was emplovcil as watch of the^niixht.so that the imported poodle received^all tile curt* that could la- la-stowed on a^human creature in alllin-til circiiiii-tauces.^The iIok died in spite of everytlull};, and^tin- grief of Mrs. Cowles was intense. A^|^et of his liluc Mood could not with diir-
lity have Ins oliseipiies helil from a^MMmMMI so hi- ImhI.v was placed^on a I;mi^covered pillow and horne^oti the hands of Mrs. Smith to^the home of Hrothi'r-iu-l.aw McCormick,^whe -i' the Imi ly lay ill u ate for a day.^t inlertaKcr i.vcrilt was retained to s*-c^that th^' remain- had liccomini; -epiilture.^He provided a rosewood ea-ket i f iiif;iu-^tih' pr^*portioiis. It wa- stained, lined^and the lid was i ^ml m^I I i-hei I I ^y a silvi-r^plat*- pn^ta-rly inscrila-il t-i the uii-iuory of^i *Ih***sc l-iye. 'I he place off interment wa^^it pretty -tsit in ex-^iiivernor Met ormicU'-^irardi-u. There wa- a proccaaioii, a funeral^w-rvire ami tctrs.
Alanita year airo it wa- aiiiioiiuecd in^the local new-paper- that Mr-.t'owlc- was^IfoiiiK to Kuropc, anil had in i-oiiteiupla-^1 ion a tour around tIn- world. I.iculciiaut^Cowlc* had Is-en ordered on duty , and
shedid Hot care to keep her holl-c open
andlive comparatively alone. It is a^haiid-ome re-iilence and ha- a Ku--iaii^hatli mi the lir-t Ihsir. It- imtiii ant at^pre-i-nt i-a widow- lady. Mi--. Wettniorc,^one of tin- l-'oiir lliiiidii-d. anil the Hill^ha- la-en it fashiotiaMc ii-snrt c-^cr -iui-i-.^Keceiitiy a ehariiiiiikr mii-ieale wa- h^-ld^there for the Is 11. Ill of tin- I hiin-h of the^lh-ssiirre^-tiiiii. ami the arti-t- wi-re -e-^li-i'ted from ainoiiu t he mo-1 accompli-In 11^MMg |h-nple of Murray Hill. When Mrs.^Cowles closed up her h-iil-e -la- llr-t went^In (Hii'i ami liid her fattier ^oottbjra the^Japanese attendant and Mi-- t 'owh -, the^lieutenant's -ister, ac. ..ui|.aii^ hiu her. It^wa- surmised hy society in Jamaica and^Km timolol Hill that in due tine- tin-^party emliarki-il for Ktiropa ami tin- new-^that tliey had lieeii liviuir at Nan llie-^n,^( at., ami that Mr-. Cow lc- had la en di^^vorced from her hii-haml there, ^ave tlie^the lady's friends a iliaaifrXH'ahl** surpri-c.^No |M-r-oii hail i-ver nlisi rviil a ripple of^displeasure in their marital relation-. Mr.^Cowles s4-i-mi-*l a- much under his wife's^control as if hi- w- rc her -on. During thc
Iircsiilciifi.ilcampaiirii of Ihhm he forgot^lis dignity ami rank and Isia-lcd^of what would come to pass in^his affair- ^when my father in^law^ iM-camo vice-president. It was rii/lit^after tin- campaign, in which Mrs. i 'owltm^won fame hy her devotion to her fattier,^that Mrs. Cowles left for tin- t.olden State,^unci it ia not iiureaaolialile to suppose^that slu- hail in her mind the project of^tin' divorce at the very time that her hiis-^liand w as alitii'ipatiug promotion, hut it^ia doiilitful if Mrs. t owlcs would have^carriiil forwartl her purpose had Mr.^Thuf man la-en i-h-eted. So far a- ol^-cr-^vation could ileteriiiine the point.^Lieutenant Cowl.-- did not po-c^as a tally's man. He was lug^and fat, lov^il to dress well and live^hilfh, and felt proud when addressed as^Lieutenant iiuhlicjy in the prc-cnec of^straiiuers. lie prided himself on U inii^tin- son-in-law of Allen ti. Tliiiriuan. and^no man who made his ai ipiauiiam was^rvi-r l^'ft loliaT iaTiioranee of the r. lation-^ship. ' It wan different with tin- ^fild^Konuin'ii^ other aon-in-law, Mr. Mi-Cor-^ruick. He would as soon la- kicked as
haveit announced mm m matter of glorifi^^cation that he waa ttw life iNtrtiicr off the^fairest ilunghter of Ohio's favorite aon.
Sitewaa fond of gay life anil lived up to^her ideas of innocent pleaaiire. \\ hell^her young hiisliautl a|a-nt s^ v*-ral yean in^tin- Asiatic sipiadron ahe went to live on^the station, following the tle^-t from port^to |m^rt. SIh- traveled all over China and^Ja|Miu, collecting one of th^' llneat colhi*-^tioiia of curios ever hriMight to this coun^^try- It waa always a wonder to the folks^on the station where Mrs. Cowles got ao^much money. She apparently spent her^Imal-and'a annual pay every mouth. Shi*^lavished money in all directions, lint prin-^ei|Ntlly on dogs.
Sheseemed to la- crazy itlaHIt tloga.^Japanese |Maallca anil Cliineae terriers^{ were all the ohjecta of her adoration.^People rcllicmlMT almost aa well alsiilt^her dear, ilear innumeralil*' dogs as alsiut^her erratic si-lf. At one of the great naval^Italls at the Norfolk yard a few years ago^she ap|a-ared in the IniII room with a luia-^ernhle little mongrel puppy in licr anus^and never let go oil' him the whole even^^ing. She traveled all through Japan with^a bmUs attendant ami a small dog. Not^even a maid attended her. They jour^^neyed hy means of a gin rickshaw a two-^wheeled vehicle drawn liy men. Our^^ lay tin- iloir was entailed under tin- liig^wheels. She had the laaly cremated,^purchased a most clalMtrittely carved^cahlllct from a temple and still keeps the^ashes of that dog in it. Shi- told the of^^ficer- on the station that she paid ^M.^iim^for the eahinet and they were hardly sur^^prised at the price, for they said it was^the handsomest they hail ever seen. An^^other thing that is told of Mrs. t owlcs^^idiosyncrasies is that she us*-d to appear^on the porch of the principal hotel in^Yokohama clad only in a kimono. A^kimono is a single Moving garment of^gossamer silk that Jap im-ac woman wear^in their private alKirtlllcllts when no one^lint their huslianil is in tin- house,
Mrs.Cowles liroiight kimonos home^will, her and won- them constantly in-^il mrs in New York. She received visitors^in them at the Lifaxctfe. where she lived,^ill A-tor place. The wife of one of the^working officer* of the navy wetit to call^on Mrs. Cowh-s in Astor place. Mrs.^Cowlca was reclining dramatically on a^divan, purling a cigarette. Shi- was clad^in a summery kimono that clung as if^wet. Shi- -ay- that Mrs. Cowles^rose to greet her, hut immedi^^ately afterward threw herself full^length on the divan again. A^little later ahe rose hriskly ami getting^a cork-crew and a hot tie of champagne^pri-s-i-il tin- visitor to have a glass. This^was ili-4-lilii-il, hut siaiti after several gen^^tlemen came in and corks popped mer^^rily. The kimono did not disap|a-ar,^oven when tin- gentlemen arrived.
Suchare some of the eccentricities of^the woman who claimed her hushaml did^not siip-h^rt her. He is now in Washing^^ton with the MftJMtM* They have no^children.
A Young I.aily's Mistaken ^'*mc*-|it Ion of^tile I'roillgal Hon I Hunt rated.
Fromthe Washington I'ost.
Tin-ilillli-iilty of pictorially repreacnt-^itig hihlical storii-s in a way that tin* moral^la-hind tin* story is properly supported^found ample illustration in thiaeity within^a week. A most estimable young lady,^the teacher of a Stitiday-nch*a^l class in a^prominent church in the northwest sec^^tion, saw in an art store three engravings^representing the history of tin- Pnahgal^Son. Kvi-ry one has seen them. They arc^admirahly done. In the llrst the Prodigal^is surrounded liy his laaiti companions,^(iirls in hacchaiialian costume entwine^their arms aland him, while hi- holds aloft^the wine cup. t It her- arc casting dice and^wliirlimg in Itoiatroiia dance. II*- is wast^^ing his siih-tam-e in ** riotous living.^ In^tin- second the prodigal is depicted herd^^ing -wine, and would fain cat of the^husks. Tattered anil disheveled, he ia a^picture of adject misery. The third shows^him returned home. His aged father^clasps him to his lamoiu and gives thanks^at Ins return home, while hia brother goes^out la-hiud the Imi'ii to kill a laih veal. I I
Inher innocence of mind tin- sweet^young lady re versed the pictures, and got^llrst in the third place. She had it all^llxed to explain the parable to her class^when her big brother discovered the^scheme.
^Why,sis,^ said he. ^yon don't intend^to go into iletail with your Sunday kills on^this story'. *lo you '.^'
Certainly.Arthur. I think it is very^nice and appropriate, especially after^Thanksgiving. TOM see, here is the prod- |^igal in this llrst picture, all ragged and i^miserable, poor fellow, lie is right nice^looking, too, but deserves all the punish- '^^ ^lent anil hunger he is getting. In this^si-cond In- has returned home, ami hi- '^poor father is just a- glad to see him as if^In- had been a good hoy all hi- life, ami^was just coming back from California, or^Ati-tralia. or t Imaha. There is the brother 1^going to kill the fatted calf, as he |^ought to. and here is the thud ^^lie. where^they are all eating the f itted calf and I^having a family reunion. Just sec how i^atl'i-etioiiaic his sisters arc. Their cos^^tume- are a little decollete. hut I^-iippo-e that was the fashion in those old '^times.
Thehig lu-other groaned, ami then j^kindly and gently hut (Irmly explained i^that -he had got the picture- reversed, i^and that tlio-e girl- weren't his si-n i-s at ,^all. hut some other fellow-' sisters. Tin-^next day sh ^ t.sik those picture- back and^-elected a ^Kels-eea at tin- Well,^ a !^'*Kock of Age-,^ and a photograi MB of i
ilnhli-stetson * I't-en llaril U-s.^t*Ollc of tin- funniest characters in Mos-^tou, is not in the country, said a lati* resi-^ili in of the modern Athens to a St. Louis^ftttqaoMfa man, ^is John Stetson. Stet^^son's origin i- wrapped in mystery. Wo^llrst heai of him as running races on the^common for a plate of Is an-. lie after^^ward wa- -cell around selling paper- and^aa a messenger hoy; then he got hold of^an illustrated paper: then he brought out^the Kngiish ihitucers at the old Comi*|Uc,^back of where Jorilon, Marsh a- Co.'a^-tore is now: then he figured in illustrated^and police journalism, -how business.ant!^what not. Now he controls the t.lotie^theatre, runs a theatre in New York, runs^the btgge-t pawnshop in tin- country, and^owns a big interest in the Boston //,t,iH.^t In one occasion, when Mialjesk.t was^playing at the Idols , -tic rcipiir-iil a bier^to In- upon in om- of her scene-, ami, it^not having Isen provided, tin- Polish^countess sent to Sti t-o-n stating that -lie^w anted a liu-r.
'Wantsa la-er, dia-s she^* -aid Stet^^son, ^ well, she call want and la- Mowed.^1 ain't providing la-or for these oiitlaml-^i-h players. Tell her sin- can't have it.'^Tin- messenger returned t.# Mialjeska w ith^Stetson's message. Tin- countess was fu-^riou-. ^ (io to Mr. Stetson,^ ahe said, * and^t* ll him that utiles- I have a bier I will^not go on in the next act.' The messenger^duly repeated the message. ^She won't,^won't sin-T' screamed Srn-.iini-il Slot-on,
*Well, we'll sec if she Won't. That's tile
waywith these fiirriucra; they always^waul la-er la-cr la-er.' Then, as if i-o-
lenlillg.he took .'ill cents from his piM-ket
anilsaid, with a deep sigh: '1 aiinpo-M^I'll have to let her have it. Here, go uml^get her a gallon.' It is m-edless to say^tin- countess got her bier.
Looking and planning: for Holiday Gifts^is the work of the present.
Wecordially invite the preliminary vis^^it of inspection and wish to impress you^with the robust fact that we have no old^styles, no shop-worn goods to force on you^at high prices. Our stock is all new, and^large additions will be made to it in the^next ten days.
ThirdAnnual Ball
New Years Kve., Dec. ji.
AndMachinery for tlie Systematic Reduction of Ore* by Amalgamation,^Concentration. Smelting and Leaching, Builders of the Home*take. Gran^^ite Mountain, Drum Lummon, Anaconda, Blue Bird, Lexington and Bi-^Metalic Companies' Reduction Works.
Gearedand Direct Acting,
Prospectingand Development Hoists. Builders of
ImprovedAir Compressors,
Committeeof Arrangements:
JamesRichey,Mont J. Pickel,
JAS. M. Moore.Dune Graham,
JofenG.Morse,Mark Williams,
Brown,Chas. Hinze,
W.C.Converse,1). M. Smith.
Wire Tramways ^ ;
TrueVanning Machines and Kmhrey Concentrator. Electric Light Plants.^Agents for Rand Kock Drills and Compressor!*, Otis Elevators, Knowles*^Punips, Root Blowers, Kingsland A Douglas Saw Mills. Pennsylvania^Diamond Drill and Mfg. Co. Baragwauath Heaters.
UnitedState* Electric Light Co. New Haven Machine Tools. Mason
Hon.Marcus Daly,^Col. S. A. Hstes,^Hon. Wm. 1st. Hoj^e,^Hon. A. L. Kempland,^Hon. Otto Stallman.^Hon. Wm. M.Thornton,^Hon. Harvey Mahan,
jJames Richey,^John Isenian.^James Johnson.^Joe Canovan,^David Lewis,^John S. Dougherty,^John McCloskey.
Ticketsfor Sale by Members of the Company.
NewBlacksmith Shop,
OneBlock West of Estes A Connell's.
Onshort notice. Carriage* anil Hleigha Ironed i^in tin- Best Style at Lew. si I'ukhIIiIi- I'rii-i-s.
jHorsi'shocing a Specialty |
Whothoroughly uii^l**rmt:iii^lfi all tht* dlMMH^|M*ciih:ir |t^ tilt* ft***t.^Trt^tliiiK. Ituiiuiim ami TmlnitiK IMati s mad*'^In tmt\ Wk^**t mnnnvi il Hlj li i.iv^* us ;i call ainl^It-ani our |iiic^^*.
iii.vs. lUTNiH. Pssm^Mala stri-i-t. Ni-ar I-runt. Anai-im.la. Munt.
, I V 1 UK III SIKH I fill KT ItK I III ^ Of NT V
,1 of User Uxur, stuti- or M.-nt.n. i In MM^Matter of the rut sir of Kuetearfste IVItaiutrr, 4e-
lri'.iM'il; niili-i IhkIhiw i-hiis-- wli) nrili-i itf satass!^n-iil i-Ktiit-- ^Ii^miIiI imt In- mail**. I'ii-rii- I.etiiiiint*,
!tin- ailiiiiiiititratur nf tin- rstste nt I.m-haristi-^l*^loi|aier, SHmeasea, havlaa 111.-. t hi* mUm
hi'l.-in 1.r ;i\ mi; tur all SjMSf iif Mis iif I In' ri-.'ll SS-^t.it.- of mjn aleerdeat, f.-r tin Miryaaea tlii-ri'in^^at forth, H is tbrrefora twaVteairjr th^' naiil i-iititt. tii.it all ia*rann*
tali-nf until iliH iMM'il apiM-ai .
ay.tile Ttli ilay uf lainiary,^IKim, at In o'l-ha-k in tin- fiMremain of hiihI ilay, at^tin- i-aairt naaii nf aalil IliKtrii-t t'ourt.at tin-itiurt^naajaa in ajatal Ctaiafty of la-,-r Loojffr *
rf. rl. JACOB8,
Hasi-stalili^ln-il a liratn-li nltli-i- in AliH*i^li*la of^the
Wlu-rt-aimi may In- luid the Mi-xii-an ami l.nuisi^una stall- Lmtcry Tii-ket*.
Office:Room 1, Pacific Lodging House, Main-st.
MniitaiiaStati- l.ntti ry I iraw s In l*ttlilii- at^Itittt^-. Satunlay I^.-.-. jtst. Sii-nn- tii-ki-ts at
mmem.a. s. .iai'ohs. Mhiiukit.
11 11 III^jllillti- ^f
. .. Ill till- ^^^*-
aptM-ar la-fon- 111.- saiil l'l^
11lit inn rt on Mnmlay. tlu- Ttli ilay nf.
fforetiiatii nf Kir
Ilist rii't t'iMirl, at l.^
iiiuisi-bbsbjpsun nf lii-i-r LvsifM., In *h*iw^MSK why an i^ lift' sliniilil nut la- ^raiiti-il to tin-^-anI I'll in- l.i lii-Miii'In im-II mi liiiii'h .-f thi-n-al^astata of tlu sanl ^li i i-ai.i-il Km liai i-t. l',-liH|iili^r^a-- shall In- m-.'i-ssury. Ami that a i*np\ of this^uttiei be Battllshed oaee a week fm at Vast four^sm-i'i'ssivi' wi-i-ks iii Atiai-nnila Staiuluril. a n**ws-^|ia|HT |^i liil. it ami |iiitilislii-i| in sanl Hi it LihIiii-^i ..mill.|i M lUTil'KK. JkMSJB.
UMkiaDm. '.'ml. isKti.
Kuststi.'.'tAn.'ti'iimla. Mont.
Q- VJ-T-C-H-E-R +
Theitnly First ''hut* Fumily Market^in the Vity.
Anaconda,Montana.^OPENED JULY 1. 1589.
Om-nf th. lianilsonmit ami most i-h-irantly ap-^pninti-il hotel* ill tin- 1'iilt.il States. Thoroiiitlily^Bri-prisif, anil prnvlihtl with t-levalors. electric^la-lls, tlrv aland*, IMMsVg wati-r. Laths, sti-atn^hi-at. ii|m'ii tire |ilai-i s ami all imali-rn oonven-^len**i**s. IUmjcu* i n suite ami utiutu-. i 'uisim- and^servti-e strictly first-^-1;ik*. Kat*-s from
$3.50per Day Upwards.
arcordins;to *i/i- ami rliarartcr of room*^ia-*-ii|ilt-il.
XLHAKBAUiU. Manacer.
UeneualWksteun Manaokk.
SoleWestern Agents for
TylerWire Works Double Crimped Mining Cloth.
Bart^ Packard and Laird, Schober ^ Mitchell's^FINE SHOES AND 'SLIPPERS-^CLOSING OUT SALE
FURNISHINGGOODS.^Lajrp,Schober#*^ Mitchell.
Desiring;to close out our entire stock of Clothing aud Furnishing^Goods and handle nothing but Hoots and Shoes exclusively, we will^continue our sale of Clothing at Actual Cost until every garment is^sold. If you need a suit, a pair of pants, or an overcoat. See our^prices before you buy and save money.
NextDoor to Bank. .... Anaconda, Mont.
Ifyou zvam^the best News^^paper in the State^ef Montana, subscribe for
Itsrates are ten dollars^a year, three dol^^lars a quarter, or^$i a month.
TheEstes ^ Gonnell
Largestand Best Assortment of Lumber ti^Deer Lodge County.
OHIoeand yard near Front street, east at^railroad station. Auacouda. Montana.^WOOD AMD rOAL ALWAYS IN

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