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vol.i.^no. 8x.
anaconda,montana tuesday morning. december io, 1889.
pricefive cents.
dr.d. j. kcdonxld
HUHOEONDKNTUCT.^omen ovu jo*, mm 00..
P.L. ST. JEAN, A.B., M.D.. CM.
iceondstreet. Mt. Jrtn Building.^1 on Kin* St.. la m. Jean Building,^lour.: ^tn H A. M.,'2 tot and 7 U^^ r.M.
.Anaconda, Mont.
Attorneyat law.^Office In Barrett * Jacky'a Block. Mala Street.^Anaconda, Montana.
TrflMto Stmt m Don Poiro'i Soc-^eonor to tho Throw.
T.O'LEARY, Attorney and Counselor at Uw.
PracticesIn all of the State and United State*^court*. Collection* promptly made. Special at-^leutiuu given to Mining Pronertit*s and Mining^I .aw. Real KHtate, laiuus and Insurance. I'rop-^erty Beuled and Kent* Collected, office rooms^a and 4 Mattir Hlock. corner of First and oak^atreeta. Anaconda. Menl.
Ufflm,FLnrt Street Hetween Main and Oak,^Anaconda, Montana.
TKKTHtCXTKACTICU WITHOUT PAIN^by a new process. All classes nf Dental Work^executed in first class manner. Artiticial^Teeth Without Plate*.
S7W STEF* 1-1 ^NS.
1kacunpamontana^Office In Barrett ft Jacky hlts.-k. HValdeuee on^Second street west, opposite Montana Hotel.^Calls promptly attended to. tiraduate of St.^Louis Medical College.
(Nextto Montana Hotel.)^ANACONDA -^ MONTANA
AnacondaReal Estate Agency.
Mlniut!llrokcra,Collcetors and Conveyancers.^ANACONDA- MONTANA
PEO P L E * S M A R K ET\^Hunslnger, Barrett 6 Burnett,
Wholesaleand Retail Butchers.
THEOTHER ONLY^Prat-class family market In t e city. All Hoods
DeliveredFree of CnaJ-gfi.^simp mi First street- ^ Anaconda
(OrrOMITKthb hank)
im1mkstic.imi-oktki1 and kry s wt.
Anaconda, . . . ^ Montana.
-th k
FrenchNurse and Midwife,
Staysat the
Pleasecall.Front St., Anaconda, Mont.
Hasa Full and Complete lane of
licslKver ^Wcred^in Anaconda.
MRS.K. It. WAKKF.N, Prop.
EASTSECOHD-ST., - Anaconda, Montana
Stationers^ Booksellers
okal.kks in
MoreMesnbee* mt the Royal fussily Ol^Nolle* to Qmtt tbe ^ ^^^try^la-^rldeata la CoaaMtluM With^the Kmaarar** Urpsrtur*.
Lihiuin,Dec. 9.^Prince Auguati, frriinel^^son of Dotii Ptslro and son of Prince Au^^gust of Saxo-Coburg, who suffered greatly^from cbilla and fcw during die voyage^from Kio Janeiro, ia again ill. TIm^ im^^perial family lias not yet decided upon a^policy, anil not yet fixed upon a place^where they will sojoum in Europe. Many^favor the alslicatioii of the throne by both^Uoiu Pedro ami bis daughter, the ('outre^teaa Dm, in favor of Prince Piilro. the^eldest son of Count and t'tMinteMa Hen,^now 14 years old, with n regency under^Prince Pedro August! of Sa^c-('nburg, the^other son-in-law of Dom Pedro. Prince*^Pedro August i ia 24 years old.
Thesteamer Atruto has arrived with^advices from Ilio Janeiro which coiilirm^the Htateuietit that a revolution in Brazil^was precipitated hy the attempt of the^government to remove disaffected troops^stationed at Kio Janeiro to Hraiiium, and^the revolt waa confined to the military^students. General Da Poiihccu, head of^the provincial government, in messages^by him to Dom Pedro of NovuiiIht Hi,^auiil: Democratic sentiments of the^nation combined with resentment at^the systematic repressive measures of the^government onanist the army and^navy, and the apoilullon of their rights^have brought about a revolution. In the^face of this situation the presence of the^imperial family in this country is iui|svs-^sible. Yielding therefore to the exigen^^cies of the national voice the provisional^government is coiiitielled to request you to^leave Itruxilliuu territory with your family^within 24 hours. The country' cx|^ccis you^will know how to imitate the examples Met^by the first emperor of Brazil.
AnEnglishman, agent of an imixirtunt^English hank at Kio Janeiro, who was^aboard the Atruto, said: _ On Sunday the^telegraph was seized. No messages were^delivered, not even those addressed to the^British consul. 1 went to the consulate at^1(1 o'clock ill the morning and was stopped^r^y soldiers. Mr. Nicoliiii, acting British^consul, was stopped also. We feared the^exchange would fall to nothing, but the^provisional government notith-d the Kng*^lish bank muuagci-M if they allowed the ex^^change to fall their establishment would^be suppressed. Nothing could excised the^feeling of kindness which every one, in^^cluding the provisional ministry, enter^^tained toward the emperor, but the cow^^ardice of those who ought to have re^^sisted was contemptible. The wealthy^classes were timorous rather than indif^^ferent. The only possible secessionist^movement will he from the Germans. The^government provide, 1 against the publica^^tion of anything unfavorable or disufTect-^ing. Even telegrams to foreign ministers^were quietly suppressed.
Theminister of the marine, at the head^of a sin til body of sailors anil marines,^tried to suppress what he U licvt il to be a I^revolt of infantry at their Itarracks. but i^tin- mariners fraternized with the relicls, i^who summoned the miiiist,^r to surrender. 1^This he refused to tlo point blank, and^tried to draw his revolver. The soldiers 1^immediately shot him down in the pres^^ence of either General Da Konsecn or his j^aide. The disall'ectcd troops anticipated^the government would move against them. ,^At the head of two regiments of cuvalryand ;^a liultery of artillery. Ha Foiisecu stir-^rounded Santa Anna barracks, where the j^ministers had assembled. The troops in^^side fraternized with those outside. The^barrack gates wen* thrown ^^|m*u and the^ministers witnessed General Dc Foliseea's^triumphal entry anil exit saluted by the^troops with the exception of the foregoing^incident. This concluded the business.^Telegrams were printed in the Kio pa|m*rs^to try and show that I '.urope was appn ving^the change of regime. A telegram dated^London,Novemls-r l-^, from KothschiUls to^the finance minister was published in^English and Portuguese. It expressed^Rothschilds^ unfeigned satisfaction with^the assurance of the government that it^would adhere to all contracts, and also a^hope that the government would strain^every nerve to maintain the entire vast^dominions of Brazil. The CkMMMrpja^tl'Ofifiortu published a statement from Kio^Janeiro, dated December 4^, which states^that Barbosa. minister of finance, had re^^signed and Im.cii replaced by Senor Sal-^danha Marellhu.
Itis statist that the greater portion of^the higher otllccrs ^^f the Brazilian army^are anarchists and joined the republican^minority in the recent outbreak in Bra/.I^under the belief that the demonstration^was to be merely against tile ministers and^not against the empire. They only Is-^cam^- aware of the true facts when they^hail gone t^x^ fur to retrace their steps.^When the revolution started thousands of^students armed themselves with revolvers,^rifles anil swords and threatened to kill^the imperial family. A boat manned^with students patrolled the harlM^r,it ls ing^their intention to intercept the cmpcror^while lie waa eiuliurking and do him^injury.
Theorder of expulsion has Is-en ex^^tended to Admiral Prince Augustus of Co-^burg, commander of a Bruzilliuu iron^^clad which is expected to reach Kuro|^caii^water* shortly via the Sues canal.
NewYork, I^eo. ^.--The moat startling^ami unexpected addition to tlie ^'uvcudiah^club scandal boa come to light lately. The^H'orfcf is authority for the atatement that^private information which baa reached^this city place* an entirely new face on^the miserable business. It is asserted^that the H'urM is in posaeaaion of infor^^mation that a majority of the ^messen^^gers^ who frequented ami were inducts:!^for a consideration to visit Hammond's so-^called club room were not Is.ys ut^all. In order to avoid suspicion^and to ward off impiiry. these^^messengers^ who visited tlie Cav^^endish Square club house were presuma^^bly of the male sex ; as a matter of fact^they were girls, ranging from 11 to 14^years old, with hair clipiasl short, faces^browned by walnut stains and gait^changed hy patient and persistent prac^^tice. The majority of th,' children d^-^baiichcfl were girls. Not less than 70^mcmticrs of the highest society, ami I^mean by that everything that the adjec^^tive implies, were concerned in this de^^testable business. They were systematic,^thoroughly so, in their im-thisls. The^presence of any number of girls under 14^years of age in a club house, no matter^bow situatisl, would naturally attract at^^tention, ami it was at the instance of one^of the most noted mcliilicrs of the noble^house of Manchester that tlie disguising^of sex was made.
Tin-publicity given through the lt'^rf^/^of the flight of Huiiimotitl to this country,^his arrival ill New York city, his stopping^at the Christopher street hotel, and then^his sudden journey to Philadelphia cre^^ated a sensation. Secretary Hammond^remained for less than forty-eight hours^ill this city, after registering his name^vith a French hotel keeiicr on Christopher^strt^et. He betrayed 11 knowledge that he^ts licvcd himself to lie suspected by visit^^ing a MMBNSMV of questionable resorts im^^mediately after his arrival. At these^places he mail,'the most searching and de^^tailed inquiry as to whether thi' |m^1 ice hail^been I'm.king for a man named Button of^Gruvcscutl. lie could not change* his stat^^ure nor the general contour of his figure,^but he made ah effort to disguise himself^hy adding to the natural hairy'growth of^his face a pair of closely cropped side^whiskers. His naturally pale complexion^he changed by tin* addition of a little^rouge on the cheek bones, and his well^waxed mustache was combed out straight.^The ttoy, HerlsTt Ames, who accompanied^him from London, was not with him when^he made tlics(*^nquirifs and preparations^for a journey to another ,-ity.
Kddie(InuM'a Trick la Our Week's finan^^cial tianie Wins Him 4IM.IMHI.
NkwYoltK, Dec. '.^. Kildie Gould rcu|e^js-ared ill Wall street last week ami made^stock market hearts glad. Dreary tales^have been current to tlie effect that this^interesting young man had reformed, and^waa pledged to his fond father never more^to toy with the at^M*k market, or at least^never to be so utterly wicked as to ^sell^short^ that foml parent's rattle-trap rail-^| road stocks. Hut the revelat'on came^that the wiles of the world hut I overcome^him. It hapiM'iied lately that Jay Jould'a
elder sou. George, orgalli/ed a p^sil
illMissouri Pacific stock, proposing to^bull it. Jay Gould himself not only Bja^^proved of the scheme, but took a per^^sonal ^interest^ in it. Funds wen- depos^^ited, brokers vere hired, ami all the ma^^nipulation machinery was put in readiness^for vigorous action. Somehow the Immiiii^failed to materialize. The clique worked^hard and Is night heavily. They lifted the^market by main stremh up two or three^points uliove 71^, buying most ut the top.^Vet the price got tlown to ^'*^. The more^tin* pool seemed willing to buy the easier^it has seemed willing to come out. Now^comes up Kdwin Gould, who gloats in 1111-^brotherly fashion over the Missouri Pa^^cific big pools distresses. George is routed,^^Jay is undone, but ialdie, as wiekeil us^ever, can uffonl to tl ^ enough smiling for^the whole family with an average^profit of live full points oil 2*^,(^Ki shares^of stock, or 5^11'a.iKxi us tin* protlts of a^single week.
WhiteCaps In Colorado.
llR.NVKIt.fob, l^cc. ^. -A s|m ^ial from^Hotyoke. Col., says: Seven masked White^Caps last night took J. D. Bennett anil \V.^D. Kelsey, two prominent attorneys, from^their beils, and not allowing them to^dress, drove them two miles into the^country', where they administered u most^brutal horsewhipping and warned them^to leave the country. The perpetrator-^then left the men ami returned to town.^Bennett and Kelsey wen- several hours^reaching home, anil to-day are in a criti^^cal condition. It is thought the White^Caps are known and will be arrested.^The trouble has grown nut of the county^scat war, ami if the guilty parties are^s4-curcd sensational results ure antici^^pated.
OLIVERSAVARD,^Merchant Tailor
Offer,to make tin SUITS in the i^LATKMT and BKST s 1Y LEs at ^ CoU
First-st., Between Oak And Cherry.
ALLM 1^ A l.S i^. CENTS, including
, Turkey. Chicken and Gaune
Fordinner. Kver^thing tidy aud clean.
Frenchl^eputle* Oet F.xelted.^Paris. Dec. sV^ Tliere was a fierce de-^hate in tlie chamber of deputies 'o-il.iy^over a motion by DcKouldc that the cham^^ber declare valid the election of Bou-^langer. Deputy La Iaulite was re^^peatedly culled to order. Partisans^of Boulauger were more than usually vio^^lent ami Ilia opponents pushes:! the pusaion^of his partisans to its limit by their con^^temptuous references. The proposition^was rejected by 371) to 12H.
StcrtttryProctor Will Trte no Official^lottca of the Sooth's Sorrow.
HUAetlaa Meets With the A pprto ml^the Press aaa Public--Many Thous^^ands Pay Their l.aat Mrs pert.^To the
New(tKI.KANH, Dec. SI. There was no^diminution to-day in tin- crowds which^viewed the body of Jefferson Davis lying^in state ut the city hull. Many private^dwellings are tlru|M-d in mourning. City^officials say, under the |s ^ uliar cireuin-^atgnces of the cue,*. Secretary Proctor's^reply to Mayor Shukes|M*are's dispatch^ofllciully notifying him of the death of^Mt*. Davis, was very graceful and written^in a kindly spirit. The I'ictujunr, com^^menting on the failure of Secretary I'roe-^to*^ to take official notice of the ilealh of^Mr. Davis, says: ^We are strongly led to^the conclusion that the secretary of war.^so fur from intending wrong, has adopted^whet he believed and what we lielieve^wan i wise anil conservative course in the^premises.
Thefollowing was the telegram sent to^Secretary Prta-tor:
NrwOki r.ivi, P,n\ r, iss:i.^lf^ay^!i/^/^- SrrrtUit u H'ur, It'ii.A'if ifo'i.
lhavctliehoii.trofficially to Infuraa ^*^u dial^the Han. .letf.'is hi li.i\is. at on,* tunc s ^crctary^of War of the l iiitc I states, dust in tins etty.MM^that las funeral will Like place Decentis-i u, at
JAMKMA. HIIAKKHPKAKK,^Ma) ir^l New Oi I-miim.^Ill res|m^iise thereto Sts-retary Piss-tor^s^*iit the following message:
WahIIkcaki mA r, (^WasMIMhI'O.n, Dec. h. \^To thr //rin, i/iimni .-I. .s7mAvsy*#Mi-r, .\f*tij^^r
tf \ftr Oeiasaaa.'^^ Ytsir tclt-grani iiiforinitiK me*of the ileal li of^Mr. I lax is is received. In ref raining from any^offlt-iiil .i' tton tlicrciu, I would not, and hufM* no^not. ;e1.1 lo i n. irr.-at sorrow of his fannl) and^UUtll) friends. It seelns to llletlie right course^ami the U'st one lor all. Von will, I am sure, un^^derstand Hi.it its a.lo|sioli is proliipted hy a sill^cere wish and |air|mmh* to act in a spirit of* seaea^and K^ssl will winch should the tin- hearts of all^our people.I; r I^l i HtH Pitt m TDK,
Sccretaiv of War.
Moretlitttl forty thousand people viewed^the remains of Mr. Davis yestertluy. Kh*r-^al offerings continued to pour in anil the^coffin now Itsiks as if placed at the base^of a lutnk of flowers. Some of the largest^ami most handsome designs were scut by^cx-confcdcratc soldiers of different army^^*orp^.
1Is- city is filling up with strangers, the^morning trains bring in veterans from^inoet of tin* southern states. The display^^ luring the obsequies will la* the most im-^pttailig ever seetl in the south. Military^ctM)ti|uiiiies from Mississippi, Alabama,^Tennessee anil Georgia art* reprt*-^seiitcd. Guards ure still on duty ut the^ei(^ hall. By actual count four tho-c and^pe Ana viewed th* hotly between it) ami^II Hits morning. The work of dec. .rating^private ami public buildings g.s*s on. Hy^\Yfthicsdav almost the entire t-ity will Is*^in monrii iug dress. All places of amuse^^ment, business houses, banks, etc., will Is*^cl ised Wtshicsday. The funeral will take^place at noon. Every organization in the^city will participate, it I* arrange, I to^take place from tin- Ixilcoliy of the munic^^ipal building so the public muv witness^the entire ceremony from Lafayette^square.
Allcoliftslerate veterans ore very iimc'i^I leased with the fraternal spirit which^characterizes (lie (hi. remarks ol Captain^JacobGray, of (he Grand Army ^ f the^K^ public, made before the executive com^^mittee Katun lay night. Ilu that occasion^he stated that he would Is* proud as a^soldier of the Pnited States, to honor the^memory of (he illustrious patriot, soldier
amistatesman of the south. IIulil not
forgcltliat.lellers.il Davis had Is- tl also^a soldier of the I'llittsl States who had^reiitlcreil distinguished si rviee. or fail to^rei'ogni/e that gn :it and pure man. ^Ielf-^ersoll Davis should, as u gallant soldier,^lie accorded a soldier's burial with every^show of profoiiiidest ros-sscl and love ol^his |Msiple. *-|f it is agreed.^ cotitiiiued^Captain v.rav, ^that the Issly of the tlead^ehieftaiii shall Is* hnCBk* into the Ba*a*a*t*CJi^U|h^ii the shoiiltlers of old veterans, 1 as a^i^.present.itive of the t.raud Army of the^Republic, shall certainly demand (^^ havi^lite right to assist in (he |m*rforiiiaiie^* ol^that sad. honorable duly.^ It is learned^1 hat all army *dtlcers, while they cannot^lake any olliciul action in regard In (I^death of Mr. Davis, have gn at r***jc*t f.^him as a soldier and state.m ill ami Hill^u((eud the finer tl.
loth Help t
Heavy Failure In Mew York.
NkwYou*. I^cc. ^. Whitney ^ Co.. dry^gissls commission merchants, 7.1 Worth^street, assigned to-day. This failure is^thought to amount to ffi*^K).^KKJ. It caused^considerable excitement in the dry goods^district, although it was not exactly uiicx-^licctcd. The assets ure expected to mnke^a good showing for the creditors. Tin'^cause of failure is the ^PMtl nunilior of^outstanding accounts which could not Is*^coile^.a(t*tl.
flcenthuilding, wit fx sit an at|iial in the country,^ml. an far aa I know, without an a**al in the^arid. We have here atsslt us to mgbt in this^mairnlnreiit arclutis tore. In this tasteful de, ora ,^tmi,that which In aa education and inspiration ft^might well tempt one whose surnsintlinffs were^much farther remitted from ihla scene than is^la Ike Capitol city to make a longer {tmrney than^I have done, to ataaal for an hour in view of^such a spectacle of aoagninfence ami gran-^li-ur ami archltei t iral iruuupli an this.^Vint will as unit me to thank the nta^or.to thank^the areaident of thl^ aasocialittn, ami to thank^all those jo-nl citizens with whom I to-day have^heen hrtaight in uerisHiaJ contact, for that kind^neaa and rca|^c *t w ith which you liave r^s*eivctl^me. and ^ou will |s-rtnit me (o (hank you. my^VMow eill/ens, for (he cordialdy with which ymi^have kindlv received me here to-niglK. II is mi^with(hal tins i^rea( huilding m-vvcontinuelo Is- to^,^ll of iis a p^|silar place thai it -ihoulif|lve, in . He^o|M*nin^ i(^ dtsira from in.lit I . uiirnt, eall-^issipl,* here, asav from the cares of l.uslncss^(o tho* enjoyment* and pursuits and entertain^^ments which develop the souls of man. It is au^hour to inspire those whose minds are heavy^with daily (rial ami in this magnificent, enclutiitcd^^ChBC to lift thrn for the time tint of those^lull things into those higher tilings where men^liould live.
Acantata, coiiiimmu tl ^hr the occasion,^was s,pig by a chorus of*-On^ vo res. after^which Hon. John N. Runnels of Chit-ago,^lellveml all address. Then Madame^Putti, esettrtetl hy Manager Adams ,,p-^|M*aretl, ami was reeeivetl with temetitloiis^ippluuse. Ill a tone that hatl hist none^^f Its swts-l-i. ^ r |Miwer. tin* srejffM fametl^^MM i * sang the familiar eo y^Home^Sweet Home.^ All encore follow ed and^^atti responded with the ^Hunter's^horns,^ which alTonlcd wondt-rfu' evi-^leiiee of the power an I llexibll i(y of her^marvellous voice. Repeated attempts^were made to elicit another snig. but -lie^p eoleil smiling u bo^ of acknowledg^^ment and retirtsL Two selections were^rendcnsl by the Apollo club, ami a c.in^^ert by organ and orchestra, after w Inch^Govcr-o.e FlfW, of Illin ^is, tleliveretl the^led ^ atory address. The exerc'ses of the^veiling t loeetl with ^Hallelujah^ by the^Apollo e|i b. joined ill by the ant I iei ee.
iMItla N v i-oi.ih, Disf. ^. President Har^^rison spent ^Sunday very quietly ut the^resilience of Ins son-in-luw, Mr. MeKce.^attending church morning uml evening^At mitl-uight the party boarded their pri^^vate car uml the train pill Its 1 out for Chi^^cago.
Inicuiii, Dec.President Harrison
mtlparty arrived here this morning to^iiartif iputc in the dedication of the great^inililoriiim building. They wen* met at^the outskirts of the city by^^ committee of prominent citizens^heath tl by Mayor Cregier. and brought to^the union depot. They were met there by^a heavy military eseoi t ami eouiltictcil to^the n sitleuee tif Freileriek W. Peek, pn*s-^iilent of the Auditorium i-ouqiuiiy. After^resting they visit.,l and llis-s-ctetl the^tuilitoriiiiii and (bis aflermsui heltl u rc-^ccidioii at (he I'nioii League club.
Vice-PresidentMorton and wife arrived^ill the city yesterday to attend the opening^of the auditorium.
Afterleaving the auditorium building^tin- president was conducted to the board^of trade w hen- he reeeivetl an ovation^from tin* assembled bulls ami bears.
ExGoreraor Offers Um Qn^-^toos Ad flee oi tho Sttutfti.
HOUSEMt-H In ley
Hutter-of Iowa.^Beitlen, Morrow,^Randall. Forney,^of Kentucky, ami
Itelentletl Hla Life.
Mt'kkkk.snoku.Tann.. Dec. !). Filwin^Fletcher, a prominent young citizen, was^~ i shot ami killed this morning by Frank II.^Selph. u young attorney. Fletcher uml a^companion called nil Selph to demand u^retraction of a newspaper article. In the^altercation which followed Selph was^knocked flown and ts-ateti. anil while^prostrate drew a revolver ami llred the^fatal allot.
sirKnights la Ncuralui.
IXDIAXAroLIN,Dec*. 9. - l* pot i bclllg Bj*^^prists! of the death of Justus Raliilsvnc.^General Curnuhull issued onlcrs that of^^ficers and Sir Knights, uniform rank K.^of P. will wear n badge of mourning farW^days and divisions will druirc warrants in^uiouriiitig f^ir u like is ri.sl.
PoisonIn (he Flour.
Taioma, De^*. ^- -Tlie family of Mr.^Foylc, comprising mother, three cliihlreti^and it hired girl, were ull dangerously^poisoned by eating ^Rough on Rats,^^which hatl become mixed with flour fr--m^which their bread was made, Hail it not^been for prompt medical uHeliduliee the^results might have provAsl fatal.
fH-riumiMiners strike.
Hkui.in.I) -c. '^^. A meeting of miners^was held yestertluy ut Dortmund. Essen^mill Gelseukireheti, ut which it was re-^solv.sl to wait until the ltith instant to sec^if nil the colliery owners will neet-pt the^ml vice of tin* Es-.-ii colliery eomuiittee^which recommends a. n-dn-ss of the griev^^ance of which the men complain.
Clearing;House Exchanges.
BnsTiN, D^h*. 9. ^ Dispatches from (he^clearing houses of the leading cities of the^I'mtetl States and Canada show the total^gross earnings for the week en.l.ng De-^cetiiber 7 were $Lj*MvJtt7^BMa a^l ItAvrC****of^tt.2 |M*r cent, as compared with the corn-^j spolldlUg week last year.
Makea I It Icitgo Celeltral Ion
(HIl At.o, Dee. !^. All nlldlellee of .'..lllj^people atid uu ou(siilc assemblage of lu,iHAI^.-iidiiisiastie spectators to-night witnessed^tin- dedication of the largest ami grandest^o|M*ratit* structure in tin* world, the ( 'hi-^c.igo Audit r nil. Five thoiisaml t I eti Iff^light* del ..rated the interior of the eolos^sal structure to tile brightness of ikm,inlay^At It) minutes past M o'ehs-k this even^ing tin* presidential party entered tlw^boxes reserved for them and as the vast^audience fully reeogmsetl the chief mag^is irate of the tuition, the momentary a|^-^plausc* opened into a long continued ovu^lion. Among notables present were Pres^i,lent Harrison, Vice president Morton.^I rivate secretary Hulfonl, First assistant^Postmaster general Clurkson uml wife^(tonerul R. A. Alger uml wife. Judge^t.reshum uml wife. Gov. Fifi-raud wife of^Illinois. Gen. t^eo. Crook and wife.Gov.^Merriam uml wife of Minnesota, t.ov.^Larrubie and wife of Iowa. Gov. H^ aid of^Wisconsin. Ill appropriate luuguage^Mayor Crcgu-r weicozraecj tht- guest- of the^evening, and to every t ourd tms uliusiou^t ^ th** presitleiii, governors of surrounding^status, ami officers of the Canadian pro^^vinces present, the niidiuuce res|Miiidetl^with rounds of uppluuse. In concluding,^the mayor invitisl the gutssts to another^issnejasioti ,,f even greater iiupoctAtiM-e^w hich would Is- all era in Chicago's his^^tory three year- hems* I he world's fair^. f l^rj.
President Peek, of the Audit- riuiti
association,t.-tr rdtlC d Pn sideiit Harri^^son, who a,b an. , ,| slowly t ^ tot- front and^b .wing t.i the great assemiilage, s|s.ke as^follow-:
LAMB*ami (ir.N i i.k.mks : All of my Mte^|ian*jf ti i. eis ii.tve i., ,-n p.i/. tit.- tht*uis-*bcs in^p a - -li w-liv I had left
dnet ^- t ^ nig it. I d--ii t^of tii . mrvjniS^rnl ^*
-reto Bight, lo state tile
inipeli.-dmy nreai a. i^^ f i hi a.-o, who sits ie-ie^.tcliuis and ma.anil,- ut^r auy other reason^s tiere presented. 1^^tiuratulatc yen npui
rIn d.s -.v. i t ^^-v asauis't ^^^ I^ I^ I' t-se^' ^ ii. I need, in v it-w^^ ice- pi raented t - a- hi^nngivca 11 tat have^surel) no i -).il rill ^^ n^- ii.Kid untier (ins t
-- lie, will ass f^t i.ui (hat wnk*h^most Inart.ly
luecompletion au l ,ui i ; n ai.ou of Uu* ma^ui- .
ndt so toin Carry Ofrihs Honors^la the snail-.^WamiuMOTon, I^t ^-. 9. In bis prayer
thismorning the chaplain re ferns I to the^death of Jellerson Davis, lie quoted l.m-^In's wortls: **With malice (owar.1 none ;^with charity for all.
Mr.Cannon of Illinois, from the com^^mittee on rules reported a resolution which^was adopted, authorizing flit* speaker to^ipisiiiit standing uml select committees^if tht* Iniiisa*.
Mr.Payne of New York iiitrtslueetl a^bill llelltllllg the duties of the sergt'uiit ilt-
irius.It ntltls to his present duties those^of disbursing officer, with a bond of cJ(.^i^^^. A ihiiiiIst ..f resolutions were intro-^diieetl ami referred.
Theways and means eomiuittt* is as^follows: McKnilcy. Hurisiws, Baytie,^Dingh y, M Kama. Payne. W. A. Pollt-ttt*.^Ueavr, i ai lisle. Mills, McMillan. Ilreekeii-^rulg - of Arkansas ami I lower.
tin aiu iropriatioti Catitioii^Worth, Sfct'oiuas, Hi-mlerson^Peters, ( oggswell.
Brewerof Michigan,^Sayrt-m, Dreckcuridge^Dts-kery.
(til eleeliolis Rowt-ll, II ink, Cooper,^llaiigen, Sherman. Dal/ell. Ih-rgeii, Often^halge. IiiiikIiiIi, ( l isp, ( Iferrell. ( luth-^waile. Marsh, Moore of I'cxa , mil W ikt^of Illinois.
(^ll mileage Towllsclld. of Pellllsyl-^vani.i. Wall.tee, of Massachllsetts, ami^Cltiuie, of Pennsylvania.
Tlieomission of Judge Kelley from^mt-uilM'rship of tlie way . ami means ^-,uu-^rayittee is explain, d by the fact that lie^wrote to Speaker Read requesting to be^excii-ed from further s.-rvii-i* on this com^^mittee on atint of his age ami present
conditionof health. The speaker then^pr. ivul -il an honorable place for him by^in living him eh lii-m tit of the committee^on manufactures, ami naming prominent^men as his assis i.ites.
Inthe si sxvawzs^W asiii ^i. i iiN. Dcc.lt. .\ large iiuiiiImt^of |h-titi.^ns and memorials were pn--^aelKed in the senate to-day and were re^^ferred to appropriate committees. A large^iiumler of bills were also introduced,^among them bills providing for tlw* admis^^sion of Idaho uml Wyoming into the^union.
Hendersonoffer**,! a preamble ami reso^^lution, which was agreed to, instructing^the committee on agriculture to report on^the subject of the production of sugar^from ts-ets, abroad and ill the t'attetl^States, ami what legi-lalion, if any. is^necessary ami desirable to promote ami^accelerate that industry in this country.^The senate then pit rf.sli d to the consid^^eration of executive business unit at 2:10^adjourned until tistiiurmw.
Hhotl.y aa Italian.
ItiiMK,N. Y.. Dec.'.^. This morning Jon. |^Gilsou, aged ^1 years was shot and killed ,^by au Italian numtsl Murk ( Ihi Ihi. Gil- j^sou was drunk uml ruisisl a di-tiirtiallt-e '^ill the iieighlsirhtMsl of ( heefs.'s house.
KilledIn a House of III ^'a*a*.
CoKMMi,CaL. Dec. 9. Saturday uigl.t^al a house of questionable character a '^man iiaimsl Cimbusky shot ami killed^Mrs. I.. J. Smith of San Francisco. Jeal^^ousy was tie- can-..-.
AllWere Mnrdere.1.
7.an/.111au,Dts-. 9. ^ onllrmatloii of the ,^iiiassaen* ^.f Dr. Peters anil par(y has^Is-eu r^s-*-ivts|. rin- camp was surroiinde I^by 1.JUU Toni.ili* ami attacktsl at niul-^mgh(. No out* csea|m-tl.
siearle,the KViillrr. Uylait.^laiNtioN, Dist*. 9. -Dispatches fn^in Atle- i^laid. . South Australia, sty Seurie, the^at-uller, is dying of ly tdioul fever.
Alate dispatch from Adelaide reports^that Henry Seurie is dead.
d Case** a Irs,^I Pat I* a KepnMIc^Mete* a* th* ^tta*Tt*l^at Melee*.
epeeialto the Htamlard.
Hki.k.na. Dec. 9.--The house of i^aentative* met this afterntsm at 4 o'clock,^but aa no quorum waa present an adjourn^^ment was taken until to-morrow at M^^o'clock. S|m*aker Blukely was delayed by^a lute train. All will lie present at to-mor^^row's session. The regular business at^the house will commence to-morrow and^Is-earned through as though under ordi^^nary circumstances. ^ 'omuiitteV** will he^tl.lined ami everything will he done to ft-^|sdi.ite matters of importance to th*^state.
Tin-republican senators met this even^^ing at s o'chs-k. The brief anil monoto^^nous order was gout* through with and aa^adjournment taken until IO o'clock to^^morrow.
Whilethere is general i xis-ctancy that^some decisive move will )s- mad*- Una^week by the republicans, there is no^means of know.ng w hat it will he.^The fact that Watson of Fergus county,^the defeated opponent of Senator Ms^N'amara, is still in town seems to indicate^that the conspirators have not abandoned^their scheme to -^ at him ill tlie senate.
GovernorWhite w ho has lieen in town^said in au interview yesterday that be^would declare Watson seated if lie were^licutetiaiit-goveruor. It was generally be^^lifved lien- that tin- republican eon -pirn-^tors will not dare to so openly tlefy the^law. Then- is a great ileal of changing^gossip uhotlt the republican senatorial^candidates. A Iss^m started fin* Carter^for senator was quickly killed when hi*^op|Mssition lo (lit* silver interests of Mon^tana came up us au argument against him.^The latest senatorial candidate ia Colonel^George (). Eaton, the survcytas-geiiernl.^It is thought that he would prove an aval ^^able candidate to slip in the breach be^^tween Hershfield, Sanders ami Power.
Thepublic letter of the deliKa-rutic rep-^rcsenlntives made a sensation. The re*^publicans are unable to give any intelli^^gent answer to it. The democratic legt*.^httors start in the week with the firm de^^termination to stand squarely to their po^^sition. Then* are no signs of weakening^in their ranks, though tliere are several^such imlic.iti. ^us among tlie rumpcre.
Tlx*rump met this evening but did^nothing more than discuss the public let^^ter of the democratic representative*.^M-.wt-y made a howl over what he called^a violation of confidence.
TheMinneapolis Hrr.^St. Ijh is. Dec. 9.- A special to the^/^,,..,,/.- from St. Paul says: Charles ft.
Ostium,until lust Friday night cavshier^ami tssikkciqsT of the Minm*u|mli* de-^parlin. lit of the St. Paul Pioneer /'r^t. is^sus|s.f tisl of having started tlie fir*- which^consumed (he Minneapolis Tribune ImikV^ing on (he night of November .m ami in^which seven men lost their livea. He wae^charged on Friday night with having^stolenJ1* I of Pi.iuerrPrejM funds anil
wasplaced under arrest. He admitted hie^guilt ami desired to tlo all In* could to help^his employers straighten out the hooks.^Tlie terrible minor was aoou started that^(Istrom fin d the 7'ri'uote buitiling to hide^the evide ice of Ins guilt. He was in jad^ami strenuously denied the story. He^evinced much emotion and suitl he wo*^quite sun- In* could prove an alibi. Oe^^tnnn's downfall is tint* to gambling and ia^a great surprise to his friends. He bee^been married alsnit three mouths.
Sta n le y Has Only t'oniiueaeest.
/.axi ii Ait. Dec. 9. -Henry H. Stanley^has reeeivetl a cotigratul ilory message^froiutiue.n Victoria uml (he K he, live off^F.gypl. Stanley attended divine service*^on the Brit si m in-of war Turquoise yee-^icnlay. In a I rief address to the crew he^-aid that he con sabred Livingston's^in mile hail fallen u|aHI his shoulders:^thai hm w- r-y had ^^lily commenced, ana^that h v^ ou 1 I devote the remainder of hi*^life p. it.
Kmii Pasha is still in a ilungcroua con^^dition, but Dr. II trke hope* for his recov^^ery unless complications set in.
Mr.Park sends a bulletin from Bugae^mayo, reporting, an impniveiiieut in the^condition of Putin Pasha.
Iteathof a I'mmliirnt Itiukrr.
NkwYiu:k, D^*^-. 9. -Harvey Kennedy,^out* of the oldest atitl most prouiineut^Wall st 'eet o|s-rul ira, tlied siidtlenly^.if term ^^ ^n.
Heavy Haiti la Arliuaa.
Pkksiirrr. Aria., D*-e. Si. The henvieea^fall of rain ever known in this sectioo^has just et it let I, the ruin-fall for five d*y*^ls-ing 4.7ti inches. A britlge aero** tbe^Venle river, on the Prescott dr Anmna^( t titnil railroad, went down yesterday ee^a passenger train was crossin* it. Tbe^engine and one cur went into the river.^No one was hurt. The dam ami ditch of^tin* Etta Mining company was washed^away and the foundation of the mill^badly damaged. The loss is |Ml',(kJO. A^niiiiiU-r of bead of stis-k ia also 11 ported^drowned in Verde valley.
AttemptedTriple Tmgely.
Imdia.nvPiilih. Ihs*. 9. -Last evening^John Arnold shot and fatally wounded^his wife Came, seriously wounded Job*)^P.a- and turned the revolver on himself^a itl tired. The wound inflicted, however,^was only slight. The shooting was canard^hy th*- announcement of hi* wife that ahe^wua going to leave hint and apply for a^divorce.
Inltuenaala London.
LoMi'OM,Dec. 9. An eminent physician^exports (hat the influenza which ha*^quite general in St. Petersburg for
ilavs,bus ui^|*-urol in Loudon. 1 wo^cases are under treatment.
sketching;Kussla's t oris.
St.Pk. rKKMHi'Mti, IHsp. ^.^An Engii*b^^man has Is-cn urrcstetl at Sebaatopal^while engugcl in making sk etc lie* of^batteries ami forts ut that place. Co^promising dtsuiueuta were found in
KalleUto Syria.
aid his family have been
.sy ria.

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