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JXO. P. H.lKKiriT, IMitor.
WKDSUSttAY, .'T-'l'T 19. IS77.
We understand, from a rWialilt
founv, that Juilc Geo. W. Yilliann,
of Owcusboro, will probably lw a can
didate f"r Judge of tbu Court of Ap
peal. A large ntinilw of our rentier
nre well acquainted with Judge Wil
liams, imil ii i nlmrni uscle lor u;
lo givo publicity to tbc fact tlmt be is
& clear-headed, diMiretit lawyer, and a
liigh-touctl, boiiomblc gentleman. He
is n man of large experience, a practi
cal tbinker, and a Mitiiid, able lauer
iiiul lie can Iks very justly pronounce!
the peer of nuy lawyer in tbe district.
Ho was elected as Circuit Judge in this
District, in lbbi, to lilt a vacancy'
mad o by Judge Blewatt'o retaliation,
and in 1SGS be wus re-clecli'd by a
large majority, wliicb position be filled
with honor and credit to himself. Hu
will have many warm friends for the
We understand x rvjmrt is in circn
lntion that the Hkiiald will tuspend
shortly. If it doc., it will not bo our
fault, fy nothing Is further from our
intention?; but, by a niggardly, mitr
ly testily, begrudging patronage on the
part of tbe people of tliia county, we
may be driven .into t-uspension, but tbut
ii the only way It will happen, lielp
tw nojc patronize u, nud we will give
3011 the neatest, liveet local paper pub
lished iu Kentucky, not cvru except
ing the Franklin Patriot, G la-go w
Timed orlTopkinsvilla New Era. Juet
swell our tulcriplioii lit to 2000 and
we will show you what we ran do.
In tho Pennsylvania Republican
Convention, one Mr. Buun offered the
following resolution: "
"JtefolitJ, That this convention re
gards with admiration the President
faithful attention to bin Christian du
ties, and we cordially recommend that
to tbc morning and evening service at
the White llouso bo added the little
hymn, 'When I Can IJead ily Titlo
W. W. Hewlett, of the Oldham Era,
if a candidate for Assistant Clerk of
tbo Lower House of the next Lcgis
latuio. He will, if elected, be tbe
tight mail in the right place.
One James Laughlin, of Louisville.
who was formerly a tort of advertising
agent, has got into trouble. He u a
. i. .
goou collector, lie collected various
und sundry bills for tbu office. But
he charges too much coniinWon. He
keep ull ho collects. Elizabetlitowu
Correct, McCarty Ho is tho most
consummate scoundrel, for a man of
his eense vre have ever met up with.
Volumo 12 Kentucky Report, by
W. P. D. Bush, lloportcr, is now ready
lor salo by Jno P. Morton A Co., Lou.
isvillc, Ky.
It is not probable that the wivea of
the late Brichara Youmr hare belli n
rueetinz and determined to coll Henry
Ward Beecher to the Husbandry of
IT. I rni . ... .
uiau. ioso esumnoio ladies are be
lieved to have under favorable consid
oration the claims of several Ken
tuckians whose names have not yet
been referred to in public prints.
Yes, ono of tho names under favor
nblo consideration, and who stands
chance ofotccess is known to us, hut
wo willnot give it in full, but tho in
itial letters are S. M. G.
John Wesley Hardin, theTcrasdes
peradtf, U now in jail at Austin, Texas,
along with C9 other wrong-doers.
Wc clip tho following from the the
Owensboro correspondent of tho Lou
isville Courier Journal, and gladly give
publicity to tho acquittal of Mr. Paul
Megann, of our copnty, who has al
ways borne a character for honesty;
J. "W. Mattingly was arrested some
aays ago lor passing counterfeit money.
Sundry ra coins were circulated bv
him about town. The police arrested
lnm, ana bis confessions led lo a search
of his premises in the eountrv. Ti
the appurtenances of his mint wero dis
covered. A small lot of yery primitive-looking
halves; quarters aud nick
els, and also some block-tim (or some
thing resembling it) wero found. He
was evidently quite a novice iu the
"trade, his money molds l?ing in tho
nntetliluYicu styJeofnrt. His coinage,
under tho most atiguiciju circum
stances, could never have been mis
taken tor that unh ipiiy currency which
the Government lias demonetized.
United States Commissioner Feighan
held the defendant, in default of bail,
lo answer at the next term of Judgo
liallards court at Louisville.
A day or so after Mattingly'6 arrest,
n mnn named Megann, of Ohio county,
was apprehended on the Fame clinrtr
Ho 'had passed two or three counter
ing ot Hair dollars, and hiij several in
hi essioo. On examination before
lo Commissioner the facts contradict
ed all guilty intent, and Megann, bc-
nig a young man of good character,
was proierh' nrauittcd. Tho lrl
money found on Megann was not of
Waltingly a mintage, lieing much suje
ir, ami they lived remote from ouch
I'ther. Henco there is ground to cus
jkhjI that amateur inoiipr-mnkcrs nre
i.umcrous. MbiiMotmi.
V.urU Ilumltcutw.
- Beer Hous, Kr..Scj.L 17th, 1S77.
t-'arnierR are busy cut'ing tobacco and
p'owing for wheat.
Mr. Felix Shavers little child linn Ircn
h'wU for fcome ilnvs.but i now recovering
Mr. T. E. Webb lost a line horso last
unit, died of bolls.
Uur fcchool opened last Monday, with
1r. V. W. I'eyton o principal. We
Ihbik be will gie piutral eati-raction.
J will utop bio ing my Horn.
A II renin.
llMrrroui), Sept. 17, 1S77.
Mr. Rliior. Being old in years nnd
roiuewlmt deficient iu memory, I may,
hkv-ibly, Ik- laboring under u inietuke
a rlifilit hallucination of itiiud. If my
memory should prove treacherous, mid
critic nip to do an injustice to your cur
rcKndont "lleuri," ol Houver Dam.
1 hi.e you will Httributc it to mi ini
KifiVtion incident to old ago, and a
desire to do tinlootbeix a e would le
1 done 1 iv. We luav Ih.' dieaiiiing, Uw.
It h rem.irkkble bow pi one obi age in to
U' M bliudlv into lite iitioing uud
f:ioiiiNt!iig renlnis of the divumy gml,
tbore tf m trange rwditit, lie-'iiing
letiurkuble kimil.irity to eacli other,
though, perhaiw, dillrinj; iu minor
Hiinu; riowrr exact in form Mid
fnigruiuv, though did'erent in color
Perhaps it ua in ono of thoNe Mini-
dreamy triuic'4 I imagined 1 haw be
fore me tlie pages of the Ijoiv.t 1 earl.
and, iuei'1 uixu iu ulii.-'ii leavw.
was k written diraui, coueJiml in the
idrtfTiut J:ui"iUi:o of mxideti iniHCrrT
and cliw-o lK-ide it lay tlif lutrtforC
JiirM, ami iu nagtw l lre the
tnuvs ot a dreHiaer ih-ii. 1 re:ul titeni
lKith. and wondeitxl with what reinaik-
nhle similitude to itor)ii can think,
though their language may dltter
materially, lhe r-e will unell a
llioueli eille.l bv a ditferent
iiauif, and the Mvig of -the linnet ill
trill tb NAiue melodr though the hint
Undecked with tlm humble plumage of
the wten. e will e.tll ibis a Picas
ing co-iuciduaee of tboui-ltt, touching
tlightlu upou tbu nhadowy fortu iliou of
conceived by one and realued bv auotu
or. the credit a matter of eriuu cou-
jectuiti and doubtlul niitlit-nitcity.
Tujrlor l'lrltla Ilroin.
EJitur IlemU:
it you sfl.loui or neTer receiro auy
couiiuutiicalioiiv from tUU vrt ui lb
county, crla a few Iiuim froui Taylur
ticliin ill not be unwelcouia to your
Tbe arcent of these height, although
not &o difficult perhan as the Alpine m1
Teuturera of Hannibal or Nalton, ia
by do mean eiwy to aecomplinh, but on
reaching (he lop yon will find a pleasant
and well improved country, aud Mitral
farmer who, (rom the appearance of
their crop of corn and tolacco, ara doing
as well as many people is the ralUyt,
Ure you will liJ tbe reaiJinoe or Dr.
Pattou, a geotlemau full of tlm aiaeni-
tie and courteii of enlightsurd lift
and professionally tnJowd by th Leu
isville MfJical Uniemity, of which be i
a graduate. I haTr harJ it sUled here
that these fields hare been cleared from
lima immemorial, and hara no doul
that they wooM amply repay the re
eearchr of the antii)ii.rian, and lurninh
tbtined worthy the pea of the veurabl
hieipriao of Ohio county. They attain
an attitude greater than any other enu
nence in the county, with the exception
perhape, of Mount Windy noted for the
residence of thc.veterftn editor and all
correotiondeiit, W. 11. Cummins. AnJ
long may he live lo hurl th shafu of hi
tiivvoiircocMatbaJ men and bad uxasurci
with all of the frecdomnnd eomelhin ol
the poncr aith which the Uoil ot tnuuder
burls his terrific bolts from the umm:la
of Mount Olympus. One would suppoet
from the vast height and isolated aitua
lion of these Celdi, that they might po
eesa like the little repnhlic of San Merino
perched uk.u tbe top of the Apptiiine,
an independent govtrncunt ; but that il
lusion v ill be quickly dispelled by the
appearance ot that efficient officer, Geo.
Hunger, who never exhibits an air ol
more official importance than when
mounted on his well kuown Pegasus, he
courses tho brcery heights of Taylor
Fields. K. a
ATremendoas Girl.
Wneo County (Ky.) Uttr In tho Franklin
This child, a girl, waa four years of age
on the 20th Jay of last March. She
weighs 100 ponnd, mtaiures eighteen
inchei aeroe the chest, and is four feet
eight and one-half inches high. There
is a thick growth of hair covering her
entire body while her face is covrd
with whiikera, including a mustache.
Up lo about eighttea months ago she
was a healthy girl. Al about that lime
her body lecame very hot and was cov
erd with ahevy perspiration, lasting for
several day. The odor occasioned by
the perspiration was very oflenivt, and
within fifteen minute after being aleanly
dnced her body and cloihee would be
come saturated aa if by some black col
ored liquid. When the perspiration
ceased, the hair began growing, only
leaving the soles of her feat and the
palms of her hand bare. Iler voice at
tained a remarkable depth, Bounding as
.though it came from the inside of a bar
rel, fler strength is aitonUbing. She
can carry her ten-year-old sister under
her arm with apparent eaae, and the
mother states that lha child actually
doea not know her own (strength. The
statements herein made are strictly true,
and, if necessary, the trsiitnouy of the
child's parents and many people living'
in the neighborhood can be produced for
In Kvutorlaui.
Another little angel has gone to the
anfl of Jfsu.
Died, Aucust 19th, 1877, Mattie loo, in-
lant daugntcr of S. I. nn.l Martha Ran
ney, ogidllve months end two days. Skc
was the only dnughlcr, a sweet end lovely
babe. We fell as if our heorU would
almost break with grief, as wc sat by lit
tle Jon and saw bcr breathe her lest; but
then we thought of the gonilnciA and wis-
lom of God, and how il Imd been llis
holy will to take the lillle darling to live
with Hun; then we felt ns if we could say
to her parents and brother, "Mourn not
for Ion," though the lijlithas been taken
from jour home. It has been placed in
the window of Henron, wherlirr presence
is brighter than the noon-day sun. Then
look a war from trouble, and behold Jesus
with little Ion in his arms inviting you to
follow her there, and re member, although
you have been separated here below, you-
may be a family united ia Heaven, where
inning is no more. S. A. P.
But little tobacco cot as yet.
ltcnr Vivoli rtsl;luir:n.:.
'.ls.n CkKkK.Sepl. 12, 1S77.
L'Jitor llrulil:
The people of this nrii'hhorhood are
busy norkiig in thrir tobiieeo Nilue
have b'sn cutting while olhira lire
nmking rrady.
Soiiip of the laboring clnss aro engaged
ii I lie elate laisiniss, otnrrs ai getting
nit savtl.i'i.
TherJ is sonic sickness, but that dors
not hinder the org people from having
app!e cuuini's and parlies.
Mr J. H. Naiv is inakine prtpira-
tion tor a nrw dwelling, nnd ba em
ployed Mr. S. C. KoImoii, n firal-clat
Mism Nannie and I.uia Xorria, ol
Davits county, hfttt brcti visitingj their
aimer, firs. .lcCK.nive.;,oi iuisi.ign
boriiood, this wtrk.
Wc have preaching at Independence on
tverv tlnril MiniUv ami M.iinniay pre
vious We highly apprerisied brothers
liean and H'.uart's ntrmopa on lb l'Jll
ofAngii't, and arr sninu'y nnaiting
for lhe third Sunday tur ihtrn to, prj.-u-h
sgain. Tlease prsach on tli "Rcsiirre-a
lion of the I'rad '' .Smit ol ns are eb
fooltd and like the water, hut neverthe-
Un w like lo hui Xr. Bran pria'h
V : batrsnitching and grihbing vr
week lor the Herald, ll in who aud who
li nil rend it first. It is highly nppre
ciated bv (liicuis.
I.oHlllle Traite (iutilp.
I.ael week na a of,d week for our
buinei men generslly. Trade hns in
creased wondvrfullv iu th tact two or
three wctk The utek trade . as fine
last wcth. There wns stveral traders
Le.e trom other' pjiuu bu)ing rtock.
Other are to arriv (t. About
125 head of hore wxe sold, bric.-iug
Irom ?10 to $150. TUtrt U a aleady ia
crriisiog demand for h.-rM and uuJ,
tcially khipping ttoek. I her were
ouly about 'ii inuUt olrti l auction.
aud thy ld al high prices. The cattle
markal was aolive and firm. Shipperr
bronght 4!J1. Bntcher fluff
common to good 23). Hog a ehaife
lower; best 551 5; common, 4J(I
The market was firm and active for
sheep and lambs. Extra sheep, 3J0-i
Stock ebeep 3141. Liimbi, 3y,4J
common 23. The grain market whk
quiet. The wheal receipts light and
raits small. Red at $1 103)1 17 ; am
ber and nhite, fl 12fl 10., IUe firm
al a fair demand for corn at 43Q45r.
oa the track or line; delivered in sacks
51?5. Kentucky oats, 25027; northern
26(5)25. Barley, 6070 on arrival ; Xn.
1 weiteru spring barley, 80S5c. Hay
dull prices unchanged. Butter choice
table) 16072?. r.tit in dim.tnd at
13U. The vegetable market remain
unchanged tivepl potatoes, which are a
shade higher. Tobacco unchanged.
F. M. F,
RoetsK, SepL 17, 1877
Editor Hcrnl-i
Not sccirg any ink-sloshing from
Kosiue, (or tome time, tbe iuk-Uugr
having moved from our towti, I though
1 would tnka hie place and send you a lew
items from the pro3prou little town of
Rodin. Tbe greatest improveuienl
notice about town ie the ltoeine mill.-t,
which are nearly complete. They have
commenced grinding corn, and will be
ready in a short lime to grind wheat
They will grind corn every Sulunkiy, and
when the mill is finished will be otis of
the best in tbe State. Our friend, J. P.
Hunter, knows juat how to build a good
Rotine high school opened up las1
Monday, the lOlh, inst., with twenty one
scholar under the supervision of J. P
lleavnu, who is a fine scholar and a
good teacher,
Miss. Jennie Bratcher, who has been
visiting her uncle, Mr. C. G.Crowder, for
several days past, left lor home near Big
Clifty, yesterday
Mr. James Raley has just returned
from the East with a fine stock of dry
goods and clothing.
M. S. Ragland started East, ycslcrdily,
to lay in his fall etok of dry goods.
Our Irieud, O. U. Crowder, tnlk of
moving his store to Caney ville. Green is
a clever fellow, would be glad to 'have
him stay with us.
fcam. JZ. Jonea, living a few miles
South of town, on the Cromwell road,
eays he has some of the flnet tobacco ho
ever raised the leaves measuring four feet
long by three feet wide of the Ono Sucker
Trade seems to be Improving ainco our
mill Iiim stnrled all seem to be doing a
lively business Saturday. There has been
one hundred and forty-llyo hogsheads ef
tuuaiA;u oni'jcu irom uerc ims season
and since lat February, there ban been
5,4ut) dozens egg, at an average of 12J
cents per dozen, footing up tho neat little
sum ol "$582. 50, and etilf there is but vert
little interest taken in the poultry busi
ness in tin section of country.
i ith many wishes of succera to the
Heiald, I remaiu yours, L. T. C.
T 1 - , . ,. . ...
.--u.-i. uuhr- ,ur Hrrru nincr on r
wni ueporc.
G. B. Wak eland to J. II. Wakeland
70 acres on Spur creek. 500.
Caleb Crow toO. P.Johnson, 75 acres
on Muddy creek. $3,000.
D. R. Carter Ac to Win. Andtrson, 1
acre near Rockport. $50.
II. D. McIIcnry. Exr. to G. C Allen A
al, 100 acres on Muddy creek. $20
A. W. i E. W. Davis to J. R. Nicholls
of 100 acres ia on Green river. $2,500.
C. W. Phillips to W. riiipp, 200 acre
near Beaver Dam. f
Franklin Wallace to Ii. II. Rains, in
terest in hind on Muddy creek 75-
Beiy Gentry lo Joseph Gentry, 100
acres on Rough creek. $300.
B. D. Broun to School District No 11,
acre iu baid District. $50.
Mnrrtiifjo I.lreiiN Ivmiril liinco our
I.nst ICeport.
T. Larkin Grillin Itnd MUs Sallie H.
John C. Hockernnd Miss Helen Austin.
Sam. Hinea and MUsOuia Parks.
. o. A
Mrs. 'Cornelia Bush, the onlv female
Stale official in Kentucky, is a candidate
tor re-eicctiua aa fctate Libzanau.
Trom I.ltirrtj- KclghV'irlioo.I.
Liukktt, Sept. 1.").
We have 1 1 ii 1 1 a fine ruin which was
inurh nredrd, not only fo the groinj
crop, but t emtble tbe firmer to break
heir "bent land Farmers In this fee
ion arc turning thrir ntiei tton more to
whest etillnre and ! to tolncco This
t an it should be The present project
for corn iu this part of the county in not
encouraging lliogtiitral nnprea.tiou i
ttillt not more M.itu oiie-ha'.l of a crop
ill U- raipe.l. Tobacco is iudiOtrent
The wheat and unto crop wire gocd.
Silas Stevens and Robert Plummer
tail to-morrow to Atilurn to attond
fchotd. H. a. T.
Tus Loir CiOfa " A inijniSctnt
picture llxtS inch4 in size, represent" n
coufedarata soldier after tbe war return
ing home, which be fin It lunvly aud dte
olatf. in front ol the ruined cot.nje urn
two travt wi;h rude cro'Hrf, or. one . f
which Home frieinllt hand h:is hunj; a
garland. To the rghl tho calm river
and riling moon imliratc peace and rcl
Th stsrs, rern through the I rcr.i, repre
sent the Southern Cft. it ii a picture
UiAt will t tibli every Southern l.cnrt, and
clunld Ibid r. plsce in every Southern
lio:ne. One copy St nl by mail, mounted
on a roller and poit-yiid, on receipt c
25 ccnt.1, or three for O.Q cent. Addr
A. t'rc.ir &Co.. No. ICS Market ptrec.,
Clialtatip.ifii, 'fens. Agents waidrd
evrhrj ty sell cur c!iu;i aud pipu-
ar p'cturei,' xtHliotierj packages, etc
$2 lo $10 par day wu.-ilv taada No
tnonev re-jnired . nnlil tin pictures are
hold, Ser.d elauip for caialo-uo and
ler.no. ij37-.lt
The Ohio County Orange will ho!d its
fourth ind l.-.tt regn'ar meeting lot the
yaaj: with SlewKrl Orange al Banv.t's
Creek Church, oa Saturday before tl.e
fifth Sunday in iW'ptotubr. Subordinata
Urajij;ea please take notice.
Ii. .1. K. Minuox, Mutter.
Sept. 10:h. 1877.
Kibni'rti W. II. Cumininand Jacknou
Yate heK tlicirj catirls latl week wilh
light tWcketn. Hut little liug:Uiou in the
Magistrates courU. Tbe new constable,
Harlltil, was rn hand, hfii.cexsa aptitude
to make a verv oSsivst ufheer.
At Public Auction,.- on three months
time, in Hartford, Ky., Sept 34th, at the
Court. house door by the Sheriff, Two
Large Platform Spring Wagone, one cov
ered, w'uh seats for 10 or 15 pereons.t'Oth
iu good order.
A.ssiancr.-s flAi.r.
aa Aj.tgoet ol" jiaci .MulJoi,
llackrupt, IjWill, en
WEDNESDAY, , SEPT. 6th, 1S77,
kt Ui30 o'clock, a. at Public Anctioa, at
the Court Hvuit door, la Uarifotd, Ktutuciy
tell a
Tract cf Lcci Ccsbi:isg 49 Acra,
aama being th. Ii5t end of tbo tract upry
whioh m l ilaJJoi naw-ridra, and adjoin
ui the lit : lrct nl.l. 1'. llarittt.
. Terwa gfa iie Oat-tbltd cih, billaaco i
S tutl 13 utoof&i th j.rOi''' tSs ..-l.-J
to etocuU nute with appnvri saretiea tur uo
Itrroj pijiu'otu ana tit", rttmaci..
.'. V.'. VEiOHAN. A.jigneo
bI7-3 of Jatnat iladdux, Bncktupt
Atteutlou Ktrvlianu.
Warrea fj. Pate, the popular and lib
eral salesinau of tbe groat clothing
house ol Stix, Krou.a A Co., Cincinua'.i
Ohio, has opeuftd' out a complete lino of
of sample of clothioj of every
variety at the Louiiville Hotel, and
will remain Thirty Days, liecauee of my
ability to sell cheaper than clothing mer
chants of Louisville, and in consequence
of having had remarkable success in eel
ling in Louiiville hy simple, a tax of
200 dollars hne been imposed upon me
for the privilege of selling there thui
thinking to shut me out, and force mer
chants to buy of Louisville men, hut, rest
assured, I will be on hand and sell goods
cheaper than ever before,' and I call on
all my old customers to stand by mo, and
solicit the favors of aa slariy now ones ae
mav see this advertisement. I will be
there during the entire aicnth of Septcm
her and part of October, and will sell, il
I have to sell at or below cot Do not
fail to look at mv line of mid pies, as it
coats you nothing, aad jou will thereby
see for vourselves nhetner I am not able
to sell you better goods for less money
than you can get elsewhere. Itemembor
the place Louisville Unttl
W.S. Path.
With Stix, Krousi Sl Co.
1. We.Jna. A.Thomas.Z WayneGrif-
fin, It. S. Moseley, Sam. E. Hill. A. T,
Nrttl, William Hardnick. E. D. Walker,
II. Moore. Henry D. McUenry. Jno.
P Barrett. Williams IWs.. L. F. Wcer-
ner, John MtdkitT. Win. C. Morton, E. Sc.
U. Small, D. F. Traoy. Wm. T. Kinjr,
Jolm Vauzht, bdnards tester. K
C, Hubbard, Clarehce Hardnick, Oeorge
Klein a Uro., J. I. Yager. W. T. Vox,
A. r. Hudson. Isaac- Mendel, Totter A
Coiulict, Q. C. Shanks, F. M. Heavrin.
John I. Felix, I. P. Barnard. J. W.
Barnelt and James P: Collins, corpora
tor, have, tin day, the 25ih of Au
gust, A. D. 1877, organized a company in
pursuance of the laws of this State,, in
such cases mndo and provided, under the
name and stvle or the UUIO CUUKTY
FA IK COMPANY. The business of said
Company will be tranaacted at its olfice
in tbe town or ttarttord, Ohio County,
2. the general nature of the business
of said, Company organised as aforesaid
will be to bold one or more annual ratrs
on the present site of their grounds near
3. The amount of capital stock author
ized by the charter is not to exceed
15,000, to be paid in such sums and in
:..,.-m i .. . i .,.
iiiBiuuuieiiip, mm ah nucu liuiea tVH me
Board of Directory may from timo to time
3 This Company will commence biia-
nc3 from this date, and will continue
same for the space of twenty years, un-
ichh rooner dissolved liy the vote ol two
third of the then existing stockholders.
5. This Company will be officered by
President, Vice-President. Secretary.
Treasurer, and live Directors, who, and
enrh of whom, will hold their respective
offices for one year. Tbe annual meeting
ofsaid Company will be held in said town
of Hartford, on the first Saturday in
April of each ear, at which time and
place the ohYcerx aforeeaid will be elected
and installed'
6 The hiirheHt amount of indebtedness
or liability to which the enmnration is at
any time to subject itselfjsSa.500.
rrivato property of tli'MCOruorntors is
o be exempt from the corporate debts, i
K. h. Mosslev, Attorney.
LI VEU3IOKE, McLIiAN CO., KY., SEPT. 25, 1877.'
I ' MC'WMBBI(fTrTr sisisis&
Gigantic Double Circus.
The Standard
Pecr' in its Avpointrnenl. Time
Hateh'.ena iu Urandenr A VeritaM Volcano of Attraction., The Outgrowth I
Untold Wealth. The Acme of Excellence. Xone &iual It. ltaelf lu Only P.vr
allel. Strictly First Claw in all its Detaile, A' Cornucopia of Wonders. Features
Its specialities
More1 Atiimnla and 'Wild netZ JSftro Jfnrrcln In Its MsHeumS
More Pcrroriuorn, lo the Areuu! .More .Vleu auil ltonrvl
And unqurttiouahiy the flutat outfitot auy
word. Itt raputatioe u world-wide. Always Rood, but tbie year better loan ever,
!i Striking Giant Among the Piguiies!
The air, the forest, the yea, hava contribute! frn!y. A Moving Living League o!
tlranileur. Costly Chanote, Princely romp.
earth that monopolizes the Rarest Zoological WondiJr obtain.ibla ,
JESTS5 JFO3OsX"i.lM;"0'.3
On Exhibition in America. The Behemoth of Iloly Writ.
L1V11.& fiiRAFFE
Twelve feet high
The ouly specimen of
Transjiortwl in Massivo Iron-bound Tanks cf Sea Water,
And au Endless Array of Foreat Brutes, Bir.ls and Reptiles.
In whioh aro introduced the sports and paatltnca
the ancient Itpnanr, at exemplified in tho
dayj of the .".juau Kuipirj, prO'cnte t in all
pomp and magnificence cf Oriental Splendcr
participated In by troupes fmni
Twflieiti Nil ni tier.
Five iu Number. The
Fourteen in Number
A Troupe of French Acrobats & Volttgcursi
beven in limber.
Eight in Number.
In addition to the above and Vita to all the
trona of the KuVopeaa Uonaoliditlcd Shew., may
. aetn too great
The most eom tele exhibition of Arenio Triarajiha
ever attempted, emb.aciaj
Bctter.Bareback Rulers, Bolter Loapijrs,
Better Equilibriits, Better Posturers. Bet
71 ni !.. i':...i it
iur vjiuivii?. xjuvlci xiaiiivAi xiuocv, jcnur
Femalo Itidcrs, Better Vaulters, Hefter
Athletes, Better Tumblers, Better Trained
Dogs, Goats and Monkeys,
And the Moat Eltg&mly Appointed
Doors open at 1 and 7 P. M. -
Bhow of America.
- tried in the Crucible ol Public Opinion,
ehow iu America. lu name in a household
OrientM ttplenilors lneoulv Miowon
this rare exotic Antelope on this Continea
- Performance ono hour later.
t:uiliraclathel.r4la,s; Rmlimltttwi
auid .MiinnlnrlurlKt r.-txbllitb.
wilt In Loulaelllp.
rp B. CRUTC'BKR & CO. c;ror to It.
.L. , Boyd A Co., Do.l.ri ia Iran, Slatl,
nail.. tiorM itlinta, savilt, ai, bo'.ti
tkinil.lt aVaiai and jpringj 38 VT. Main St,
Wbnletala dtiltr. in Booti asd Sheen
Ktittra aJ Cuitoia rtade, So'. 371 and 273
Main atrrel.bttwrcn 7 and 8. Ordara aoliclled.
.Manafactureri of Hay, Cual, Stock
I'Utforu and coantar aealai. Bran and iron
hevui. Also trackt, itore and wagon llldf,
to. 3S wait Mala atraet.
. Millwright and mUt faralthar; all
klnlj oi maahlntry ; portable grl.t and taw
tni!li, fMd miUa, balling, Ae. A variety uf.to
oud hand maehlnary. 437 watt Mala itr.tt
Palace," t, en and boyt ohoic Clothlar, (Ty
ler Bloek) Not. 103 and IIS F. Jafer.oa St.
( I)ook..ll.r and Statientr. General
Aicent hy. Cith Diitrikutiea Co drawinr
-.5. Send for ciroular.
i,M i . M,nfe'"f nd dealers ia Tarni
inro, Lphtila. rj aad Malrta.et: also Carooti.
uii-eiotha and Window Shade. Noa.and 87
" -' ' .mi oireec
Imnortara ami nuM X. ti!. -. -
M. and Scotch firaalte Mosmenta, W. Jef"
omuuana nora-ehona at Carrara,
mi Domeitic Dry Ooois, lit tfark.t 3tK5t,
bet. 3rd aad 4th. Lo.htUIo. W. '
tineatly adjuaud hv Dr. Mmli. l d.
a get rtttef, ISO Main 3U
A frtal aattr ef f...i i - -J - ..
eouvanlaaee. tthu t,;.A t,. .. MUJ7
hfctoattjjied. It reveliitwnlaet eooklac aad
haatinz ia homo. A. r. m......i ,
1 tt. ailII,ISTpri.ii
XJ Makta the bwCUient of the lye. Throat
'r'.': Oai. US W. Walnt St
W .J0N3 4C0.,
,t..u,7in t.....T:r. r-'"V"M" waoieaale
i . i,iamiaiaii. Vt 1 . . . i
rivIT.: V.. f a iJ"'""' r aud
Ky. "..waia oirttl. Leitlaville,
uiuaeiiutra r heit aty lea Staple far
" ? -""ta-es. ntuatag aaj Chain. OCea
tnl Vfaieri.citaK41.ik w. . v ...
, .iMwlantifla Main ana
WK. BA7hE?5,
nfaeta. er of rie, prri, Salt,. tT'i& sl'.
.-. ..cu4urirt ror Vfklte Vet
Uooda tent oa sm.aw.i
H1BBITT A 60r.
Groeert anil Pml.1M J .
eat Xarket St., be:wra Seeoad aad Third
LouiiTilIe, Ky -
IM Main 8t., tMtwrtn 7th and 8th
tuvlftlla mtnuf..t.M C .1 Ji.. n
I' llaia and Oatbricbl'a patent SaJelts and
llnrvi... ... i
ihih eeaitra only.
... ?. V"j' MiII,t"7 nea.e, Xo'a. 118 and
. r,h A'M'O'.eeBdt Bonnata, H.ti.Bri-
dat tile and W reatha, .Moyrai.j Besaeti and
ellt, Ac C. 0. D. oa approval Seed for air
eular. CJ. RAIKLB.
Xo. IH Fcnrth Are., near Market,
M.Buf..tunr ot ing, Taaaela, Bottoaa.
aadd.aUr ia Zephyra, Caavai, and
FKiirj Uooda. Kitra diicoum u, utreb.nta
MensfacturtM of ia Idles harseu, eil
!a and aaddltcy kriar. Haajo-iarttri
for Uatbriitht paUut te aUt saddle and
hameia eddlea, 37 Main St., heJ, 7th and
ib airaeta.
1TATUKRS. T.t P.i... r. .
t) ,Uoi
locae. iit t7aat V,k., i .1 c.i.
... - - .... . mmt
ruetcrpat houte la Ike world. Laii.jtand
tt jpt.l itott ef (oeda.
l-liavti. J. Clary Qtnerat Ai.tnt.liJ Third
at. aolieita trdara from daalara, atanta and
cluba for the Llht Ranntaj Calveraal Jarox
te. J II. RYAX A CO., Shoe aud 3Jdlt
. Leather, Shoe aad Carrie'a toota, h.at Ua
r.e.'a oil. No.JiJ Weal Main 8lrttt. Cenntrv
"rltre promptly atttadtd to.
Vf-ADAM C. J. OLIVER, Importer and
XTAdealer la laaea, tmkroidtriaa. glovaa, Ac
Wedding trouaaaaua aad taoaraiaj gooda a
ipccUlty. JJraia aad eeak making to order.
JABE2G. KIUKiJt miUwrijkt.bellda and
farnuhta mill aad mill machinery. Ea
rine, ahaftlngi pelliea whaala Ae. far aalei
T7 SSDALLa BPAVtv mrow
IV. Itemea apavina, aplinta, Vallont At,
ana removea the tinn.h l. 9
- - Buaiermg.
Jead for a eiraular to J. YT. Morrill A Co., No
S '. 8L, Loalaville, Kyj wholeaale and
Solid Coin SUtar TnSium. . .
Sent to anT aJdreaa f? T kl'..
Ination before paying. Send for Hlaatraled
""S" oKverware ana Cltekt. f 9 caret.
5entfrea. OTIS W. SNYUKR, Jeweler, 18
i uuriu Avense ; i,ouitvilIe, Ky.
. ClJllKS TOXIi!.
" A trtedv. ttfa mnii tt.VI. i
,MH. ...1 V.. '.' r
cnauraa toax qdixme.
Tales, $t ret aoTTLa. Paeriatn f
R. A. ROBINSON A CO., DruggiaU.
LoctaviLLt. Kt.
Sold by Progglats and Merchants generally,
T rroetrt. confectioner and rv:i... a
W. Market St. A new flm eatabllthad after
S Tin 01 J ""'"a from
Tiril. ROflBERT A CO.. whoLaal.
. : . " , A,w,,uara ana
.1 M- ,1- . ' v- "
in uomeina wine, llauort. .n t
A Lt CL0RE Orocer. ProUuee and eom-
-a-tmiaaion maroaant, and dealer la sere
apirtta, 118, Market, bat. Brook aad Pint,
TTJEKRYA CO-Snoceaaoreto Jaaov A Perry,
... .SmU Hu aeaiera ia ruDDer gooda,
croqnat, ohildrena' carriagea, toys and fancy
.u w eta as. near j efrarann
BF. FITCU'S NKW Store. No'.. 170 and
.172 Poarth Afsnn. Ti.IIa." v,
- tietuiiaiar
ifAn.1t. llllrj eind fan 1 r. m
rtl If tnlarnltaa VI. 1 L
II ATCnOeL DB.Iae f W.e.V.. rt .
DiamonJj, Jewelrj, SllTtrwMt. TabU Callerr
. Turin, n nt K. II... c . . J
. . 7 apeoiai attaa-
tton to orders.
U . X. ' Y .: -aanntactar-era
ot Trunka, ali.es, Travellngbara and
Tray lllngo and Spring, lit Weat Maln'su
JOHN P. M0KT0.V A CO. -&o..ks.l!.re,
Stationers, printers and hindan. Ri.nkl
book manufacturera, Loaiavllle, Ky. All or
dora carefully and promptly tilled at loweat
ratet. n20Jm
CROOKED boota and ahoeaean beatralght
cned aa good aa Dew, and new boota em
be keptatralght, byaiingthe Melallo Heel
atiffener, which may be applied by any one.
The ate ef them eurei the habit of ranalng
over the boot or ahoe at the heeL Worn by
men, woman and children. Price, per
grota, HI pal.-a.fl3. Sample doaea calra at.
aorted, by mail, t 50, .Sample palra by mall
21 eta, Addreaa ordera te .IN'UALLS A CO.,
-uanur.ioruren ana aeaiera ia noola and Shoes
273 nest .Ham at. Louisville, Ky.
t Wbeletnle dtl-rt la bookl and eta.
Ilonety ; blink b-k a apeeially. Job and drnr
label brinlert. Jfu. 201 W.Main ttrrt. s.
elal indnctmeota to eaab bayara.
LEWIS. UAOK A CO. Demtera In fitldni
tardea .fed j. farmlnr Imnl.m.m.
plowt, Brioley p!ow. fdl szentt fur the
etiteratml aiouebtker wagon sod Olirif
chilled 1 1 -w.
W. Lv HAWKINS Pkimcipjil,'
Mtsa PRUDIB BAIRD, . . . Atatmirr.
Vint ifiioo of fit months' cemutneea
Monday, Septauber, 3, 1977.
Primary department j,oo
Intermediate .......... $1000
Hlf1lr hriBAM - . t a' .
One fotrrth of the tuttlin fee dae at beginn
nlni. Ooe-toorth at ui idle or aeaeion. The
reel at end of achool. Ptri.oai aolieited
Saw knot Tnjraeir.
Dr. E B. Foote'a great metlical work
'Common Sense"' or "Plata HomeTslfc'
one of the bet medical works ever pub
lished. Regular Dablisher'a tiri 1 .
For sale by W. U. Griffin, at the Drnc
store, fortbesmall sum of 250.
. - ... . . n uailtK.
taatt jam "jata'
fer ruphMctilmA l)x Arctt-. Nw
Physician and Surgeon,
lenaera bis proreaaionad services to the
uple of Rockport and vicinity.
v.3-11-30 ly
W A. K
Tor thli Compreheaalvt. Superbly Illaa
trated Uiatory ef the preatnt raoiatntoea
atrusgle la the JSat. Ill accurate Japa,
Plans aad aiaay eliaat Eojiatiaja are av
pecUl ratue. It gtvea a flrapie tlistoif of
each CoajLiy. with iatrle aad Deaerlptlr
Sketchea tof the prtaiilae oiaunera, piorar
eique eiulomt aad dtseuUe life ot the Con
ttitut. Deacribee tho
ia Balgaria; the ?rijhtfnl Tarkiah Artaeitl
la ether plaeee ; the oprUiaj ef tha,mataes
In HtraojoTina. It n'ltta tbe Stirring Bat.
tlea aad Thrilling; Ineideata ef the war, aad
la th moat fascinating aad eioitieg wuik at
the age. Agents ara aare of prompt aad
ready aIa. Proapectot Boota new ready
Also Agiata waated ea oar Oread CoaahN
cation Proapectaa reprtentin j
150 Distinct BOOKS
of Calveraad Iaterttl It lacladta A-ieel-tnral.
Bixtjranhieal. Hlatoricat, Rtliioua and
MiaeelUaeoaa VTorha with Title and De
aeriplloa of ea:h Book. Specijiea Patea and
Speciuaa Illaatnttient. Salea made rreua
tbia Proapecua whan all atngl JJooka faiL
Alio oa our
i ingiisn ana uerman.o
With Iotalaahle Illustrated Aida aad Sepeib
Bind.agt. sarly SOO eljlea. Sope.iorflo
all other and iadlapanaihla to evay FvUIr
, Addreet,
ncr? ComiBlsaHoBt?rs XotJae.
Ohio Circuit Giurt.
lamea ;)(, Bart's AdaV.la'ar.'t
Againat f Sanity.
Jamas M. Harts Heirt DeTu, j
Notlee la htrthy glrea to the Credttirs. of'
Jamea M.IIart, deeeaaad.that the nndtriIro J,
Cummlsaioner of the Ohio Oreait Uoert, under
on Order la the abate styled came, will attend
at hit oSce. ia Hartford, from the date hartef
until the 13th day ot October, 1877, to receive
and hear proof of claims agalnat aald Deo,
dent; and that all elal ma aet sreaeated la Mm
and provaa aa required hy law, within the apee
ISad time above, will be forever barred.
Aog. i, Sio.
jJaater CoiaBUaaloaer's StejUeev.
Uwit L, Smith's Adm'r; Pla'fiC 1
Against I Zquhy
Lewis L. Smith's Hairs, Deft. JJ .
Notice ulieredv nn m tU . f
of XewiaL. Smith, deceased, that the
ODderstgneil. ComniiasioBer ot the Ohio
Circuit Court, under aa Order in tbe above
styled cause, will attend at his office, ia
Hartford, from the date hereof, until the
1st day of October. 1877 to -Teceive and
hear nroaf of claim ty.
- , t..U0. wv.
cendeot; and that all claims net presenW
eu m mm ana proveQ as required by law
within the timepeciflcJ above, will ba
forever barred.
K.R. linRRRf.T. V P r n n
July 13 3a.
jyaster Caimljuiiorie:ra S'otteej.
" Ohio Circnit Court
W.U.McConneli s,Adm'r, PlA'ff )
Against V Equity
7.U.lTcConneire Heirs, Defta. J
Notice is berebv riven tn tha rr.rtltn
of W. II. McCoonell deceased, that tha
undersizned. Commisaianer of the (thin
Circuit Court, under aa Order ia tha
above styled cause, will attend at his Of
fice in Hartford from the dstte hereof, nn
til the 1st dar of October. 1877. m r.
ceive aad hear proof of claims against
said Decedent; and that all claims not
presented to him and proven as required
by law, withio. U time) specified above,
will be forever harred.
E. R. MURRELL. V fl n Vl f
JalyI3Jo. "
miter CoaaUHleeer's Xetlee.'
Obio Circuit Court.
R. T. Bell's Adm'r. PlaiatitT . )
Aeatnst VEauitv
R. T. Bell's Heirs, Defendant I
Notice is hereby Riven to the Creditors
of R. T. Bell deceased, that the under
signed. Commissioner of the Ohio Cir
cuit Court, under aa Order in the above
styled cause, will attend at his Office, ia
Hartford, from the date hereof, until tha
1st day of October. 1877, to receive and
hear proof ot claims azainst said Dece
dent; and that all claims not presented to
oitu nnu proven as required oy law, wun
in the time specified above, will be for
ever barred.
July IS 3m.
A trial Box of Dr. Kiaaner'a celebrated
Contamptlon Powders will be sent free, by
mall DOatDald.to avert sufferer from the ahate.
diacaae. Thla la the only prepaiatloa knewrt
te cure or benefit the disease,
i'ric rorUige box Three Dollara.
J8o Talton Street, Brooklyn, N. J,

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