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l illllllls Of Job Printing Heatly Executed 1 Come the Herald of a Noisy World the News of All Nations Lumbering at my Back Subscription 100 per Year In Advance
i HELD ON 1Y 27
Jthe I Edict Sent Out By
M Party Managers
Favored Convention Sena
torial Matter Not To
Be Voted On
By a vote of 5 to 4 the Democrat
I Ic Stato Executive Committee In ses
i lion at Louisville Thursday called
for a primary to nominate Democrat
ic candidates for State offices
for the election in November
1911 At the same time the
committee by a vote of 6 to 5
with one of tho members refusing to
vote ruled that endorsement of a
candidate for the United States Son
ate should ont be considered by the
voters of tho Stato in the primary
The date of the primary as fixed
In a resolution adopted by the com
mlttee is Saturday May 27 A subcommittee
committee was named to look after
all details of tho primary and collect
funds rom the Democrats of the
State to assist In defraying the ex
pense of it This body Is Intrusted
with the duty of getting the call
for tho primary In legal form and
attending to other matters and will
report back to the commltteo as a
whole on Wednesday January 25
Advocates of a convention were
largely in evidence at the meeting
and out of the twentyone candidates
or prospective candidates on hand
all but three favored that system of
ration Two expressed thom
rB as In favor of either method
61 one former Senator James E
eary while stating that he was
> g to onter either a primary or
invention expressed his prefor
for the former plan giving as
t JH rfeasons that it would afford the
J People of the State a better oppor
tunity to voice their sentiments
r Those who expressed a willingness
to enter either a primary or a con
vention without committing them
selves to either method were Con
gressman Olllo M James of the
pirst district who is an aspirant for
the nomination for United States i
Senator and James P Edwards of
Louisville aspirant for the nomina
tion for Lieutenant Governor Both
men said they wore willing to take
their chances in either a primary or
I a convention The fact that the com
mitteo refused to accede to the I
Wishes of Congressman James in in
I 1 eluding the race for the senatorship I
nomination Ih the call for a primary
will not doter him in his fight for a
1 seat In the United States Senate In
4 J dlscuslng the matter Mr James I
said he would take the stump I
Jhltho next campaign and make his
views known to the Democrats in ev
cry county In the State I
Following tho speeches of the can
dldates which consumed practically
the entire afternoon the committee 1
went into executive session The
first matter taken up was the method
of naming candidates
Lj Those voting for a primary were
f A O Rhea from the Stateat
large Henry R Lawrence of the
t First district Charlton Thompson
of the Sixth district M J Meagher
1of proxy of the Seventh district
i 1 J Norton fitch of the Eighth dis
trict William A Young of the 1
1 Ninth district Frank A Lyon of tho
Tenth district and J R Tugglo of
the Eleventh district
Those voting for a convention
yore J A Goodson of the Second
i UstricttiHarry Lazarus of the Third
iIstr r jam T Spalding of the 1
Njurth district and William P Mc
d onoh of the Fifth district
The second question taken under
fi tslderatlon by the committee was I
ifatiro to the race for United States I
I r Jhityir Those voting to allow the 1
nd cement of a candidate for sour
t5rpq be voted on in the primary
were Committeemen Thompson
> Go64an Spalding Lazarus and
lL vr cf Commltteemen MbDoni
bgh Ifiigher Kjtchr Young Lyon i
sad ijiMiile voted against the prop =
iOllltfoaOa this question Committee
lntsl 1r from thq stateatlarge
refused ° his vote the result
tanatJ it against including the I
eenaJrship race in the call for a
primary to five for tho proposition
There uoing no tie vote Chair
man Henry R Prowitt had no Vote
on either question It had been un
derstood that Committeeman Rhea
was In favor of having the senator
ship nomination decided at the same
time as the nominations for other
offices either in a primary or a con
vention and much surprise was
manifested at the close of the ses
sion when it was learned that ho had
refused to vote on the proposition
Had Mr Rhea voted as It was claim
ed all along he would vote It would
have taken the vote of Mr Prewitt
to decide the question and it is un
derstood that he would have voted
to Include the senatorship race in the
primary On this matter however
Chairman Prowitt refused to commit
himself saying that as tho
matter was not put up to him In
the meeting he did not care to dis
cuss any action he might have taken
under other circumstances
Frank A Lyon committeeman
from the Tenth district offered the
resolution calling for a primary to
bo held on Saturday May 27th
When it was seen that the resolution
had carried a motion was made by
one of the advocates of the primary
plan to make the decision unani
mous but Committeemen McDpnogh
and Spalding refused to cast their
votes accordingly and the vote stood
as originally cast
The whole of Hartford was sad
dened last Thursday morning by the I
announcement of tho death of Miss I
Sara Keown which had just occurr
ed at the home of her parents Mr
and Mrs Cal P Keown on Main
street Hartford For several weeks I
she had been 111 but the report weekRI II I I I
that she was Improving until a few I
days before her death when sho I
suddenly grow worse announce
ment of which appeared In the last
Issue shehad Herald fj Almost all nor
life she bad been a delicate girl in I
health and constitution and on this I
account tho tenderest solicitation of
her home circle and friends was I
manifested towards her She took
seriously 111 just two weeks before I
her death of Sidney trouble and I
complications end uremic poisoning r
was the main cause of her death
Miss Sara was a little past twenty
years old and in the flower of young
womanhood She was a close stu
dent at school and would have grad
uated at the coming commencement
of Hartford College had she lived
She was ono of Hartfords brightest
girls quiet In demeanor but lovable I
in disposition and will be greatly
missed by the many who knew her
but to love her
Besides a large host of friends
she leaves the following Immediate I
relatives Mr and Mrs Cal P
Keown three sisters Mrs Virgil El
gin Jr Misses Anna Eliza and Al
ice Keown and three brothers Clar
ence Keown of Fordsvllle Chester
and Perry Kecwn who are in Cali
fornia and New Mexico respectively
The funeral occurred at the Bap
tist Church of which Miss Sara had l
long been a member and a faithful t
attendant on Friday afternoon A
Very large crowd assembled to at
tend these closing obsequies of a
beautiful life The Interment was at
The family have the deepest sym
pathy of their many friends in this
sad hour of their bereavement
The Mississippi river tho once
great father of waters has estab
lished a nsw low water markmeas
urements made last week at some
points and earlier In the month atI I
other points showing a stage below
that reached In 1864
So low has thorlver been at sev 1
eral I places men have waded across I 1
without getting their necks wet Nav
Igatlon during the summer and fall
1vas seriously interfered with beI I I
tween St Louis and St Paul and l
previously submerged sandbank
presented the unusual sight of vege
tation growing luxuriantly Qn their
surfaces II I
surfacesThe I
1The latest refcslt of the low water
has been the freezing of tho river
from bank to bank in weather riverI I
ordinarily does not have that result
and livery service across the river qnI l I
the Ice has been established at some I 1
places 11 j
placesA Chrietmas + holly wreath S IDgl j
Jnfrpm ft chandelier In the home of
Mrs Edna May Simpson J1phl eofI
forced open the gas cock and > Jrs
SJnpscn + vdB asphyxiated
And End Misrule If Mat
t rs Dont Change
Taft Threat in 1896 Was
That Stars and Stripes
Would Remain
Washington Dec 24Troops of
tho United States army are In read
iness to be rushed to Cuba to main
tain peace and protect American an
other foreign interests
Officials of the War Departmen
look for a crisis in the affairs of the
island repuollc by February In
1906 when the United States inter
vened in Cuba the then President
of the United StatesTheodoro Roose
velt and the Secretary of War Wll
liam H Taft declared that if this
country was again called to settle
disputes between factions of the
Cuban Government and maintain
peace throughout the island the
Stars and Stripes would remain
Officials of the State and War de
partments have been kept In close
touch with affairs In I Cuba ever sine
the evacuation by American troops
less than three years ago Within
the last six months reports and In
formation received from Americar
representatives in tho island have
Indicated that the Cuban govern
ment was not Substantial and could
exist but a few months longer
Within the last three weeks the re
ports have been so discouraging tha
the War Department has felt th <
necessity of keeping 5000 troop
within a thirtysix hours erabarka
tlon point
When Secretary of War Dlcklqgor
and Brigadier General Clarence Ed
wards chief of the bureau of Insu
lar affairs of the War Department
visited Cuba in November thoy
were startled and amazed by the dis
rupted and corrupt conditions which
they found existing there
It was on the strength of their
report and those of John B Jackson
minister to Cuba that the admlnls
ration deemed It advisable to have
troops and munitions of war in read
Iness for immediate use Leading
officers of the army do not believe
that the American flag can be plant
ed in Cuba without bloodshed
According to reports in the Wai
and State departments It has beer
tho practice of the United States
protege president In Cuba Jose
Miguel Gomez that has led to the <
undoing of all that General Leonard
Wood President Taft and Governoi
Hagoon did to put the government
on a substantial basis These reports
ports state that many measures have
been pushoi through the Cuban leg
Islature for the benefit of special In
The sum of 300000 was received
from the United Railways for Influ
ence to push a measure through the
House of Representatives and Senate
In favor of the trade of a valuable
piece of property on the Havana wat
er front known as the Arsenal prop
erty for the city terminal of the
United Railways of Havana a Cana
dian concern according to a report
on Die In the War Department
The terminal property is worth
from 7000000 to 10000000
less than the arsenal property It Is
the same deal that Governor Ma
goon when administering the affairs
of the Island refused to allow to be
presented to the Cuban congress
The contention of the Unlted States
then was that for military and other
purposes It did not want this proper
ty to fall into the hands of any gov
ernment except its own
The efforts of Gomez in pushing
this matter through tho congress of
Cuba has led to ono of tho most re
markable scenes of gun play
known In any civilized country It
has resulted in the discharging of
firearms In the Cuban capital the ex
changing of shots between members
of the house and senate in the death
of four prominent legislators two of
which occurred In the capitol and
twpf of which wore dhe result of a
duqVon the streets near the capital
His opposition to the trade has led
to the dismissal of Faustino Guer
rL 71
rero head of the standing army and
it Is expected that ho will start a
revolution 1 1CFNSt7sviauIl1
THE lx m JI10 01
Washington Dec 24The popu
latldn of Owensboro by tho 13th cen
sus Is 1C011 an increase of 2822
The citys population by tho 12th
census was 13189 and by the 11th
was 9 < 837
Then of Henderson by
the 13th census is 11452 by tho I
12thj 10272 by the 11th 8835
The population of othbr Kentucky
cities by the 13th census is as fol
Paducah 22760
Frankfort 10456
Hopklnsvllle 9419
Bowling Green 9173
Ashland 8688
Mlddlesboro 7305
Beljevue 6683
Danville 5420
Dayton fi979
Mayfield 5 016
Maysvllle 6141
Paris 5859
Richmond 6340
Winchester 7156
The Beaver Dam Baptist Minis
tern Institute held a very Interest
ing seuion at the residence of Pas
tor Birch Shields Wednesday after
noon Dec 21st Pastors present
A B Gardner J N Jarnagln G H
Lawrence and Birch Shields Dr J
D Maddox Owensboro Secretary of
the Baptist Ministers Aid Society of
Kentucky was also present and add
ed much to our Interesting meeting
Our next meeting will be held with
Pastor Jarnagln Wednesday after
noon Dec 28th at 130
All Baptist ministers of the town I
as well as other Baptist ministers I
who are Interested are Invited to be I
present BIRCH SHIELDS Secy t
Mt Sterling Ky Dec 25At a L
dance and a party at the residence I
of Cradlck WilloughbY about five
miles from Jeffersonville this coun
ty last night a general row and I
shooting occurred about twentyfive
knives and pistols being in use and I
about twentyfive shots being tired
During tho trouble i Millard Martin
son of Marion Martin was shot twice
In the neck and his thumb was near I
ly cut off TwC other men were 1
shot Martin was not dangerously
wounds says he will recover Full I
hurt and Dr Shi Itz who dressed the
particulars of the affair are lacking
GreenburgPa Cigarette thrown
Into powdor can causes explosion
three killed eighteen are Injured
Chicago Holly wreath turns on
gas cock one asphyxiated
Greenvllt TexFreight train
derailed three killed
Xenia O Overheated stove
throws out fumes one killed
Boston Man falls from roof and I
Is killed
Indianapolis IndAutomobile
runs over and kills boy
Weston W VaLamp explodes
In house twin boy babies burned to
AntwerpSteamers Finland and I
Baltlque collie latter sinks six of r
crew arc missing
Indlannpoll Husband burns to
death while trying to rescue wife
Beaumont TexJostling bug
gy explodes dyramlto ono killed
Savannah Ga Taln runs over
mangles and fatally Injures man
Covington KyTwoyearold boy
found dead when Christmas gifts are I
For the first time in the history I
of Kentucky a great State Poultry
Show Is to be held By the efforts
of lion M C Rankin Commissioner I
lof Agriculture the Kentucky Poul
j try Asociatlqn1 was formed some i
I months slnco and It will hold its first j i
Annual Show or Poultry Fair at Lox
i ington on January 16 to 21 next i 1
Premium list and catalogue will be I I I
I ready for distribution January 1st
and will bo sent to anyone on appli
I catlonto Secretary Frank L Smith
Lexington Ky
f s
I Admiral George Dewey celebrated
his seventythird birthday anniver
sary Monday
On January 5 Following
County Meetings
President Urges Growers Not
To Prepare to Plant a
Large Acreage
The next regular meeting of the 1
Green River Tobacco Association will I
meet January 5 The regular count
meeting will bo held in each county
which compose the District Asocla
tlon Saturday December 31 for the I
purpose of electing delegates to the I
district meeting the following Thurs
day in Owensboro These are very
important meetings and let each to
bacon grower in thOfDlstrict attend I
this county meeting and discuss such I
propositions as pertain to tho wel
fare of the association
The question hns often been asked
what Is the association going to do
on the acreage proposition the com
ing year This Is a question for the I
growers to settle arid let us be unit
ed on whatever we decide to do
We feel tho association Is In fine 1
shape and the members are express
ing themselves as being well pleased
with the treatment they are receiv
ing this year and let us as tobacco I
growers not take advantage of tho 1
situation and plant and raise more I
tobacco this next year than the mar
ket here can take care of as wo all
know the plan of the association Is
now and always has been not to
commence delivering any tobacco I
until we have all of the tobacco
placed that is pooled with us
There Is no doubt but what there I
can be with a good crop any
where from 35 to 40 million pounds I
of tobacco handled In the Green River
District ut what will be tho result
If we raise over the amount These I
aro questions wo have to consider
so let us not forget theso meetings I
and be on hand and handle these I
questions in such a way as would be
to the Interest of the tobacco grow
ers of the Green River District and
the good of our organization
Prest G R T Assn
Mr Hartford Cox and Miss Lula I
Ward were married In Pontiac Ill
Thursday December 15th 1910 The I
bride is tho oldest daughter of Mr
and Mrs Luther Ward residing five
miles south of Falrbury 111 She Is I
a persistent church worker and well I
known In and around Falrbury The I
groom Is n eon of Mr and Mrs Wil
liam Cox of Carapbellvllle Ky but
has made his homo the past year in I
Forrest Ill Ho Is a hustling and l
energetic young man They went to
housekeeping at oncelh Forrest We
jvlsh them n long life of peace and I
Frankfort Ind Dec 241Irs
Susan House SO years old of Russla
vllle was here yesterday and pur
chased a coffin as1 a Christmas pres
ent for herself as she said she did I
not expect to llvo long Today she
returned and purchased a monument
to be placed over her grave Both
will be made and held until her
death She said sho Is best pleased I
with these Christmas presents of any
she ever had
Victoria DO Dec 24Nows I
was brought by tho steamship Aym =
eric tdday of floods that caused
large loss of life and a severe famine
In the Anhul province of China nf
fectlng 2500000 people Rev A
F Loebensteln a returning mission
ary said
So desperate were the people that
thousands banded together robbing
any who had food supplies and for
weeks scarcely a night passed with
out many murders The floods caus 1
ed great loss of life The water
swept away scoreVbJ f villages thou I
ands of person belng drowned Ji
railroad engineer reported that one e
of the bridges near there had b1
choked up by bodies and ho had been
Imprisoned before being rescued by
a boatman
Tho situation during the winter
will be terrible far worse than lur
ing the famine three years ago Tho
starving can bo reckoned by the
hundreds of thousands and relief
committees should bo organized at
The Quarterly meeting of tho Bap
tist Sunday School Union of Ohio
county met at Centertown Tuesday
Dec 20th at 10 oclock
Devotional services were conduct
ed by pastor H P Brown after
which A B Gardner was elected
chairman and Birch Shields secre
tary the regular chairman and sec
retary not being present
1The Authority and Control of
Sunday Schools was discussed by
Birch Shields Dr J D Maddox and
A B Gardner
The Outline of Sunday School
Lessons for 1911 was given by J
W Bruner and J L Drown Ad
journed till 115 by prayer by L W
Tichenor Afternoon opened by
singing and prayer by R B Carter
Eight churches were represented
In the convention The Ideal S S
Program vas dlccussed by H C
Graham Birch Shields R B Carter
Dr E W Ford Material Equip
ment and Publicity in S S Work
was discussed by A B Gardner Dr
J D Maddox nnd E W Ford
Teachers Meetings was ably dis
cussed by R B Gardner J W Bru
1ner and R B Carter Collection
The attendance was small but in
terest very good The time and
place of the next meeting was left
1In the hands of the committee
Closed with prayer by H P
BrownIE W FORD Chairman
Alanta Ga Dec 24Decauso
Mrs Francis E Robb at times put
on male clothes at home stuck a
revolver In the hip of her trousers
and then bulldozed her husband the
latter today was given a divorce
Robb testified that as often as
once a month for nearly a year Mrs
Robb had been in the habit of garb
ling rs a man of scaring him nearly
to death by brandishing a revolver
any saying that she had a mind to
shoot him Neighbors corroborated
Robbs statement as to tho mannish
dress and conduct of his wife
Mrs Robb who is a finely built
woman while Robb is rather Insig
nl cant physically was in Court and
admitted that sho occasionally played
man at home
But I had a right to do it she
said A husband Is a wifes per
sonal property and I think a wife
ought to be allowed to do as she
pleases with him I had to be stern
at times with my husband to keep
him straight
If you are suffering from bilious
ness constipation indigestlonchron
Ic headache Invest one cent in a pos
tal card send to Chamberlain Medi
cine Co Des Moines Iowa with
your name and address plainly on
the back and they will forward you
a free sample of Chamberlains
Stomach and Liver Tablets Sold by
all dealers m
ICynthlana Ky Dec 25 Squlro
Newt J Henry aged 7C years com
mitted suicide nt his home at Rob
inson this afternoon by cutting his
throat He was former turnpike
commissioner ot Harrison county
and Magistrate He Is survived by
his wife threddaughters and ono
son also byone sister Mrs Fannlo
KY JANUARY 27 1010
1For the above occasion the Illi
nols Central R R Co authorizes
rate ofJ6SO round trip from Den
ver Dam Ky Tickets on sale Jan
uaryfto 7th 1910 inclusive final
returSf limit to reach starting point
not later than midnight January
afa i911
If 1
JAntfseptlc RemediesE
iSestroy disease germs Dr Bells
XntlPaln is an antiseptic rernedy 3
far external and internal pains re
lief Is almost instantenous Sold by
I all dealers toW

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