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"I'm-: .-eirocesions incubus i8 still die
turbirg tome persona in Washington,
ftud sporadic caiea are reported in the
0* pi tel. Senator Carter, of Montana,
is among the victims, end the Washing*
ton paper which has for some timo been
chasing Ibis willo'-the wisp prints a
"offell hesd" over a column and a lull
opinion of the senator concerning the
validity of the recession of Aleiaadria
and Alexandria county to Virginia, The
ueuatcr seems to be passing through the
scate stsge of the distemper. Ho cays
fbe subject is of grave concern to the
United S;ates government, "lot it in
volves in n technical sense title to the
g,\* u id upon which the Capitol, the
White 1J )uee, and many other impor
tant pubi c buil lings stand. If the re
ce83io3 to Virginia stands in law the
peaator fears the federal government
would fxporience diflbalty in retaiuicg
jnrisdict'oi over the portion of the Dis
trict north of tbe Potomac in derogation
of the rights and at the aofl.'rance of tie
Bt?te of Maryland. Senator Car'.er
quotes sn r pinion of Hinnia Taylor,
who fil-to undertakes to show that re
ckon wca unconstitutional and there
foro invalid. I>ck?as ia one of his
w >rh3 introduces a character who had
hpent many yrars of hia life in writing
a book to fhoa? tbat by Hlteriug the posi
tion of the punctuation works in
Shaksppare's plays they conld be giveD
entirely difhreat meaniugp. Those whose
rnlads are engrossed in retrocession drt floss
a id she possible legal cft:-cta of reoeasioo
are sp'iidi.ig their timo about as prof
itably fcB ho character referred to above.
Beos'or Carter and Mr. iiinnia Taylor
Bhoul.l rend (ha lato Senator Hoar's re
port oa the rftrof-.pga'Qn matter.
i.N ru*: annual report cJ' the directors
n} ih? Americao Su^ar Refining Com
pany, widely published in the daily
prcjs ?? 8n advertisement, last week
aceks tc offset c.rtsia impressions g6n
orally pretaiiinK es to i'a management.
F.rs', it i.s dcoicd that tbe ownership is
vested in a few wealthy men at New
York, Baying that the average individual
ntcck holding is less than fifty abarea.
.Second, it is denied that the company Is
in any eense a monopoly iu the sugar
trsdt>, claiming that it does not now re
in :o more tbau 43 5 jf tha- sugar- eon
o imod la this country. Third, it saya
there ?'x;?U a widespread but mistaken
belief (hat he reiinir-g of sugar derives a
jgre^t bout fi: frato tha protective tariff.
Tha i u_<itr trust must think it is talking
(to mnrineti I
A uisi*A'rcii iroca Woodbury, N. J.,
aa,a tbe prevalent Hgh priceB of the
juectflasriea of life are about to knock cut
churches which make money by furnish
ing c ll itiono. .Because of tbe high
juices of foodptufls several church sup
jiern luro beea called cfl in Woodbury,
ftven with n grra'or portion of matemla
douftted at these tiiairs, close calculation
oa the part of tbe women has Bkown
them tbtt not enough profit can be made
.1or i.t>e tn-.ubie. Etery church in Wood
bury, it ia said, has a ki;cben attached,
v 1th the ulpa of giving euppjre periodi
ca^, l?nt in I'eu of a regalar sapper the
young people of th? Presbyterian Church
jplau to give a Faucr kraut loncb.
VThat amounts to tbe virtual pro
V?r?al ;o irineplant to American soil the
,V. itiah age pftflsion scheme is contained
ia t'tir bill introduced in Coogreos by Rep
rs entativo Cjudrey of Hiaaouri If enact
ed, the government wouli have to nay a
w^ek1? Hiipend to overy man above the
0? 7i>(*ho bsB lived here twenty years
or more and whose income ia shown to be
not over JIT'!.' a year. To ail such wi.h
an interna i.ise thoa $102 a year the
penvoi wen'd amount to $1.24 smooth,
aai it-R'. is tbe maximum, tbe amount
Ibeing f.raicd down to "E> centa a week
jhr ih.ee bavin? |#r?? $140 income.
0. R. Uf.iKE, tne very man who as
Hrctf5lary and treat tircr of the iu$ar trust
had ju*t signed thn report deayiDg that
any oxctulive oflScsr had knowledge of
tbs unJerweighiag fr&u la, was himself
iodlc ed by the gtand j iry at New York
cu Kridr.y along with fonr minor offi
cialii.it>1* of whom were previously
lield on other charges. The charge
against ?I?ike ia conspiracy to defraud
the* o'-.mrnment, hia came haviog been
indorsed to certain checks made out by
tho cdiector'a agent. Ostensibly tc
cov^r reiunds inr over-weights, lu'.reallj
thn staia to the trust is Btolen dn'.ies
thi. a ;h undarweighlng.
Tt: F. a^scciition repreaenting the lesth?
er trada of this country at its meeting Id
Ixiston yeBterday decided to inerta3e tbe
pne? of ?hoe?. They also passed a reso
lu'inn ppproving tbe action of Congrest
in placing hides on the free list. Ii
BOfmi that the j.u chaser geta it in th?
neck under evprr r?eimp.
CAKJUifAi. Giv.boks declares that tbf
tarifi is in a great measure responsiblf
for the present high coat of living. Tb<
cardinal hss struck tbo keynote of tbi
Thk placing ci a statue of GjDeral
Robeit E. L?e io tbe Capitol at Wash
ington seems to have stirred up several
hornets' nest in tbe north a:d west,
Tbe latent bowl comes from S.reaton,
Illinois, where a woaao's relief cerps
joined tbe G. A. R. post of that place in
adopting resolutions protesting agaicat
placing Lae's statae or that of any other
wearer of the gray in Slataary Hall. It
waa ao Illinois regiment, *bich partici
pated in tbe baraing of the Gazette of
fice early in 18C2. 8jma who invaded
the south eec-m to be as rabid as ever.
The late William McKinley, it will be
remembered, aanonnced bis approval of
a plan by which the gravee of ex-Oon
federates as well as those of ex-federals
might be kept green by tbe federal gov
ernment. 113 realized that those wbo
composed the armies of tbe north and
those of the bouth were Americans and
that great mea emanated from both of
wbic'j lha nation at large should be
proud. It wonid, however, be singing
psalms to dead asses to quote this to
some people.
Rkv. Hcoh Bikckuead, rector of
S\ Georges Episcopal Oharch in New
York, in bis sermon last Sunday said:
I havo been examining figures cod.
earning the payrolls of 2,000,000 em
ployes in the great mills sort have found
ibat wages run from $2 50 to $10 40 a
week. There there Bbould be no poor,
for .tbera is enough io this world for
every onp, even allowing some men to
have large fortunes. My friends, when
the eye of God is upon you you will be
glad to throw money away.
J. Pierpont Morgan and other niulti
millioDaries were among Mr. Birckhead's
From Washington.
iCorreipondenae of tbe Alexandria Gazette,
WaehiuKtou, Jan. IS.
No Innocuous desuetude for the Bal
linger-Pinchot imbroglio just yet. All
Washington ?9 today eittiog up aod
taking notice, following (hp sensational
cbargeB of Representative Ui'cbcock be
fore tbe Hoaee commitleis on expend!*
tares iD tbe Interior department, and
Secretary Balllnger'a indignant denial.
"We are going to the bottom of this
matter," said Chairman McGuire of the
committee todsy, "aad I have nor
detected any diuposition on tho part of
&iy member of tbe committee to be
otherwise thnusatlrs'y lair to both sides
Mr. Hitchcock's statement, wai bceed
solely, ?a he aeid, on rumors, but we'Ji
fud out whether there is or ia not aoy
baais for there." Tbo charges of ex
t'avagance, and oepotlsm in the Interior
department served to j >lt OongrosB cut
of the attitude of lnd;ftErencn which it
had assumed toward tho Bdlinger
Piochot investigation They also served
to determine the committee to call apon
Secretary Ballirger, Lacd Commissioner
Daonett and several others mentiontd by
Hdchcock, to appear before the commi'.
tee tomorrow, and probably at several
Uter meeting*. Tbe charge that "Jack"
Billlnger, conein cf the seoretsry, was
{ivorfd at tbo public expense, and to
the detriment nf other employes probably
caused tbe greatest seoaatlou, Secretary
Balliugei'a lengthy statement of denial
is being wide dlBcnssed today.
Thirty odd state executives figuratively
pot their heads together today nnd be
gan a three days' threshing out of mat
ters of wide general Interest. Tho con
ference is the third annual gathering oI
governors, but differs materially from
I the two preview i. E;th of these were
called by President Roosevelt to psn
aider national legislation, particu'arly
regarding ^conservation of na ural re
sources, while the one which convened
today ia especially for the discussion of
state legislation, and was called by Gov
ernor Wlllson, of Kentucky Alter
ejecting an organlzitloc, and a brief
"psech by Gjv. Willson ontlinlng the
o'hjeots of tbe conference, the executives
adjourned to attend a Innchoon in their
honor at tbe Metropolitan Oloh. At
2:45 arrangements have pr.de to call on
the president. This evening thcao at
tending elll be the guests of John Hays
Hammond at dinner, and later in tbe
evening will attend the reoeptiyn at tbe
White Hmse which President Taft Is
giving to the jodiciary. The confer
i ence elected Governors Willson, of Ken
tucky, and 61oau, of Arizona, as tem
porary chairman and secretary respect
ively acd committees were selected on
organization and cn plana and ecope of
hi ure conference#,
lbs president has been advised by
several senators to withhold the pro
posed nomination of Arihur E. FT. Mid
dltton to succeed Police Jud?e xCtmbull.
Ccrtalu charges, it Is said, are being ir~
vestiga'ed. He was also told to with
hold tho nomination of John A. Jofcn
a 03 to b6 democratic commissioner
Now there is opposition to confirmation.
Southern salesmen in Washington
are considerably wrought up today over
what they feel was a deliberate attempt
by Senator Hjybnrn, daring hla eulogy
lu the Senate vesterday of the l&'.e Sena
tor Sboup, of Idaho, to cast a Blnr upon
the memory of Gen. Robert E Lep,
whose atr.tue was recently placed in
StaUery Hall by the state of Virginia,
but which hss not ?et been formally ac
cepted. Said Mr. Hcpbnrn ; "It was
a reflection of the cool jadgmcnt of the
peopus of the Btate that they sent hla
(3boup'?> statute here to stand In that
hall were none but patriots Btaod; to
stand among those whose record Id /or
freedom, who represent loyalty to the
dag in esch and every minute of their
lives. That ball ebould ba a leBson of
patriotism to tbe people cf this couutry.
It should illustrate only the reward for
loyalty to the country." When Sena
tor Money, who wa? also down for a
ealogy on Bhoup, heard these remarks,
he at once loft tbe Senate chamber, aod
did not return until alter the Shonp ex
ercises were over.
The discussion of the foreat problem,
banking laws, corporation lawe and tax
ation, the eieoilca <?f permanent officers
and the adoption ofresoiaucoS; occupied
the time cf this morning's aeaslon ut the
conference on uniform laws called by the
national civic federation. Alton B.
Parker, of Ne* York, was elected per
manent prfeiden'; John M.Stahl, of Illi
nois, cec-fitary and, John H -yes Ham
mond treasurer. The resolutions com
mittee, through Seth Low, presented a
report recomcnding tbe adoption of tb?
negotiable instruments act, tbe ware
house receipt act, tbe sales set, the bllli
of Iftdlng act and tbe uniform divorce
act; tb? appointment of eoomlwiaiieri
on uniform stats laws every state oot now
represented and appropriations for their
work; uniform laws lo suppress
the white slave traffic and tbe pataage by
all the abates of a pure food and
drug act based on the ustiooul law.
A committee of nine pas appointed to
visit the conference of governors in ses
sion here today, inform them of the pa3?
ssge of th8 resolutions and request that
they urge their respective states to act
tccordioglv. Tbe laws relailog to the
commercial practices were oppoasd on
tbe floor of the convention by A. J.
Page, of the Merchant's Association of
New York, who auid that bia association
woold not vote for them. A unique
resolution calling for the appointment in
all tbe states of a commission composed
of "two married women and one mar
ried man" to report upon tbe stability
of the marriage relation and tbe causes
and cures of the divorce evil wss pre
sented by Abigail S;ott Dunaway of,
Oregon, who said she represented the
governor of that state. Opposition to
the programme of legislation met with a
decided dash of cold water when Edward
D Ptg?, president of the Merchant's
Association of New Yorfc,announced that
his organization could not support the
various trades bills which bave been
prepared and recommended for passage
in tbe various Plates. The New York
law he Bald i8 much bet'er than the pro
posed legislation. Delpgates Bay that
strong opposition to the bills has de
veloped in various states and that there
is little hope of action this year.
The funeral of the late ambaEsador of
Brazil, Benor Nabuco, will be held
Thursday at 11 a. m. a'. St. Matthew's
Oburch, and will be a'.tended by mem
bers of tbe diplomatic corps and
government officials. President Taft is
expected to be prcsrnt. The essistant
secretary of state, two ambassadors and .?
three ministers will officiate in tbe ca
pacity of honors^ pallbearer?. Tbe
War Department b63 been rtqaes'ed to
assign six non commissioned officers lo
serve as 8dual pallbearers. After thr4
funersl mac8, the body will probably be
taken to a vault to which it will he escortrd
by a squadron of cavalry, a battery
of artillery, and a battalion of engineers.
When Ibe family lias decided upon the
dale of removing the remains to R azil
the State Department will a'.k tbe Navy
Department to detail a warship for this
purpose, in accordance with tbe prece
dents established In the cases of Ambas
sador Aipir. z, of Mexico, au1 Lord
| Paur.cefotP, of Great B'itain, both of
i whom died io this country. It is prob
Bbla that the remains will not be re
moved from the vanlt for a month or
more. Pros'ident Tuft has cabled bis
condolences to the president of Urazil,
and Secretary Knox baa Instructed tbe
American ambassador to communicate
his condolences to the foreigo office.
The call wa3 issued Ibis afternoon for
tbe republican c?cr.ua Wednesday night
which is to select the m?.i jilty members
of the Ballieftsr-Pincbol Investleaiiug
commktco. It is Biguod by insurgent?
as wall as regular.'
President Taft wiii issue an executive
proclamation Jate today or tomorrow,
aecordirg to nix counties the privi
ledges o; the minimum tarlfl under tbe
maximum and minumum clause of tbe
Payne-Aldrich larift law. Theso six
conntri s are Great Britaio, Rupsib,
Italy, Spain, Switzarlaud and Turkey.
Regarding these ennntries the qiestion
d'scrlmlrEt:on Bgainst the proaucts of
the United S:atfB has not arisen at all
and the tariff experts of Doth Ibe Treas
ury and tbe S'nto Departments ugrced
that they ehould be fttiowed tbe mini
mam rate with the ex^ept:on of U;eu?.
Britain, Italy is the meat important r.p
her expo'ts to the Uoiicd StateB excced
those of Russia, Spisin, Sw!'Z2?land and
Turkey combined. Tho maximum rale
; of the new tariff Irw wili go Into eff ct
at midnight on March Si, unless, as io
| these cases, an executive decree h*c
! be8n issued providing for tho application
of the minimum ra'f. Italy enjoying
this advantage, she say succeed in
making serious inroads opon tbe trade
of France sad Oermaoy with tho United
States, unless these countries come to an
amicable arrangement before March Si,
Special Agent H :ag'and of the De
partment of Justice who has been Inves
tigating the Borley Tobacco Association
and itff opejnllr.a la the states of Ken
tucky, Indiana and Ohio, arrived here
today for the purpose of preparing his
report for submission to ibe attorney
general. As soon as Mr. IIosgland'B re
port is completed it will be taken up
with him by Assistant Attorney Genertl
Wada Elll?, vsho will decido whether or
not tho tvidenc.i is sufficient upon which
' to enable the government to bring enlt
j shiest the soci^tp with prospects of iu>
| Cioe.
Farther complications In ibe insurgent
! situation are the results of a confercnce be
tween Rep-e.?entatives llurdock_ and Gar
! deu3r end President Taft at tha N? Lite House
' todav, The conference lasted for au hour
? pnd a half, kept Presided TaU from his
I regular cahiuet ine?tif-K, and disrupted the
! White House routiiie generally. At the close
! of tbe discussion the insii'-geut leader ma'?e
i the following statement: "\V\. cailid ontha
president and spoke to Lira about the per
son n<-! of tbe invest!gating committee, but
nothiuK denaite was arrived at Th= presi
dent iMt that it i* not for liirn to indicate his
choice as to the future action of the Hou=a iu
this respect, but urged that it was of the ut
most importance that the members of the
coruudttcu should be men recognised l>y both
sides of thts House aud fair and impartial in
the iuviHtigation." Nei'her Murdo:k nor
Gardener would discuss tbe matter further.
Pernicious politicil activity is charged
agdnst i\ Dana Dnnind, the new director of
the census, and certain of his iosuborditiHles,
and to set at the bottom of the matter, the
ceusnc committee cftbeliouse has begun an in
vestigation cause It is cI.A'/^ei that employes
(it the census ^ ureau have been overly active,
and that literature has be-n circulated Uud.-r
the authority of the director designei to fur
ther the republican. Today the committee
had up icr consideration a resolution intro
duced by Representati*e Rcbinsm, a dtmo
cratic member from Arkansas. The Bobin
son r?solntion recites that the census bureau
employs a prtsj agent who :s_ carried on the
jolJs of the census as a speciel e^eu : that
hii2 presi ag^nt has bran busy seniing out
literature suppo'ed to beav on census maiters
but which iu reoi'ty, it is a!|e*ed, is inteiiu
ed to boost icrpublicsn doetriue1. thst such
mattsr has been tent broadcast tbrcu^h the
mails under government frank in violation or
the proprieties, if not of the la*". A favorable
rep rt en the resolution vas ordered, aud au
uoancenKnt made that the committee would
bold hearings ar.d lake other ste;s in the di
rection of an inquiry into the charges con
tained in the Robinson resolution.
- There will be no Jeffries-Johnson fight at
Sal' Lake Citr, ncr anywh-re el-:e in the stite
of Vtab This is ihe definite positive state
ment made ht re today by Governor Will am
Spry of ihe Morman state. "If tn<> two pngi
ii'sta attempt to settle their diuerenccs in
Utah," he d?clarcd, "they will find th* state
militia confroutioK them, if such extreme
measures sre nfcessary, to prohibit the fight.
I'uleis the present 1 *w is lepesled there will
be no priz? flght on July 4 or any other date,
M long as I am governor."
- A pi an to force municipal authorities to
co-operate with state arbitration andmeciia
tion bo-rds in the adjustment of labor dijj?
cnltie3 was the pdncipal topic of discussion
here today at: the first International Confer
The Legislature.
! Short sessions of both houses were
I held y?s'.erd?y. The governor's message
pabliabed m yeaterdays' Qaz.ttd was
A bill to provide far patting the
University of Virginia on the Carnegie
foundation plan.
To amend section 5 of chapter S of
an act concerning public service cor
poratione, in regard to the duties of
telegroph and telephone companies.
To authorise the sinking fund com*
miasioners of Virginia, in their dis
cretion, to purchase the fractional cer
tificates now outstanding, or hereafter
issued of both the Riddlaberger and
Century iaanea.
To amend section 1752 of the code
regarding the practice of medicine and
A bill to authorize tbe Washington
and Leesburg Turnpike Company, s
corporation incorporated under the laws
of Virgiuia, to teke possession of cer
tain turnpikes abandoned as such, and
no? used as county reads ic the coun
ties of Loadoac, Fa'tf&x acd Alexan
drl?; and also to take possession of a
portion of coanty road In Fairfax
county, and to improve Beid abandoned
turnpikes or county roads, Bnd eaid
portion of a county load, and to con
vert tbe eame into a modern and high
diss turnpike for the public conveni
ence, whereon toll may be charged to
pay for tbe construction, operation and
maintenance of the same.
The committee on genera! laws had
the honor of presenting tbe firtit report
of the esBsion, reporting the bill provid
ing for the office of civil justice in c!t es
of not less than 70,000 inhabitants. The
same committee also reported tho bill
for the regulation of the practice of vet
erinary enrgery.
Toe flnacce committee reported the
bill extending the time for the collec
tion of taxes, and also tbe measure pro
tiding for the compensation of land as
B:!!b were introduced amending sec
tion 3351 of the code in relation to un
lawful voting nml committing other
frauds iu election and the puniehment
To amend tbe constitution so a; to
pjrrnit the paymoat of poll taxes and
qualification by voters eixty days prior
to tho next regular election following
such par merit.
To provide for distilling brandy from
fruits; to allow distillers to riiipose of
ardent spirits distilled prior to March 12,
1908; license tax therefor and provide
penalties in relation thereto.
Creating a commission for the purpose
of revising the tax Jaws end requiring a
report to bo made to the next Qjneral
Assembly; providing for summoning
witnesses, ped making It a misdemeanor
fun disobedience.
A bill to amend Bi-cilon 1957 of the
code of Virginia, entitled examinations
of pilots.
To appropriate certain sums of money
from the R'ate treaeury, la aid of duly
organized Confederate memorial associa
A bill to amend and re-enact au act
to provide for the Battlement of the pub
lic debt of Virginia not funded, etc.
To amend section 440 of the
code in reJatiou to tbe compensation of
To amend section 509 of the
code In reference to commissioners of the
revenue extending lines und compensa
tion therefor.
To require officers fo notify tbe
bolder of the title to any goods or chat
tels, reserved nnder section 2462 of the
code, five d?ya before any sale under a
levy, and providing for their liability in J
tho event of c. fuiluti so to do
To make it l&roeny to oblain with
fraudulent intent money or other prop
erty by means of a cheek, draft or order;
to make a failure to havo on deposit or
ot the credit of the maker or drawn there
to with the bank, person, firm or corpo
ration on which drawn Eulncient funds
to pay tho same when presented prima
facie evidence of frandalent intent, and
providing that certain evidence may he
introduced in a prosecution hereunder.
Speaker Byrd offered the primary b: 1
which was presented to tbe public
through tfcfl newspapers some days ago
acd ?*blch went later into liie bands of
the c^mmltteo which had the formation
of such measures In charge. Tho bill
met with disapproval ou accoant of lis
compulsory featnre. Realizing the al
most overwhelming opposition to this
part of the messnrp, Mr. Byrd baa
changed his bill so as to do away with
compulsory primaries. Tho bill was re
ferred to the committee on privileges
acu elections, where tho oab commit
tee's mecauro also repo?ef.
Tbe committee on roads and internal
navigation of the fi'onae held its first
meeting yesterday, but found only one
bill before it, It was that of Mr. Moc
care, of Alexandria, regarding the rail
way accomodations at bis city. Its
pa'ron having been railed awav, ronsld
f ration of th a measure was deferred aa
til bis return.
The question of pacing a bill allow
ing tho voters of the state to vote oa the
question of Btatcwide prohibition will
come an (his eeeelon, bat the legislature
will not pass tuch a bill this year. This
statement was made yesterday by a well
known member of the legislature who
h3s studied the subject carefnlly. The
meaiue ia expected to make it? first
appsoriQce lu the House, sou there is u
possibility that it may pass that b:dy,
but it will net pass the Senate. Th <t is
whore the matter will hang fire and it
will net get beyond that body,
Senators Lessnor, of Norfolk Oity,
and Fictcber, of Fauquier, are inter
ested in a bill to provide in the display
of the state Hag of Virginia over
each ochoulhouse. " a. bill has aleeady
been introduced providing for the rais
ing of a national flag oa every achool
hou?e. It is generally known that tbs
average school child is unacquainted
with his own state dag, and the addition
cf that ensign to the national dag over
>he school Loose wonl-J be a most in
structive lesson in patriotism.
The ann mcement in his home paper
tbat be had slept in bed with a man
baviog the emallpox has placed dele
gate J. C. Ayers. o( Omoll connty; in
an embarrassing fir. Mr. Ayers posi
tively denies the fact, tbcujh be admits
tbat on Tu ;sday of last week he bad a
conversation with a man who, on the
following Saturday, developed e mild
esse of the disease. The Sta'e H alth
Department bad a visit irom Mr. Avers
and is standing for the feet that he!
is ppt "(JaDgercos,'' |
I Today's Telegraphic News
Took Live Subject for Autopsy,
j New York, Ja \ 18?Patrick Owens
i is dying in ri*. Viccect'a Hospital be
cause Jusepb Green, an orderly at Balls
tub Hoapical, wanted to show bow an
autopsy is performed and tooi a liveaab
! j?ct instead of a cadaver for bis experi
ment?. Owens toid tbe polica that be
aod bis friend Green were in a c&fe last
nigbt and discussed vivisec:ioo, autop=y
and otber questions of surgery. Green
explained all tbe intricacies of tbe ope
rating room.
"How wonhl yon perform an au
topsy ?" asked Owens, who did not be
lieve that a man of Green's professed
skill witb a lancet wonld be an orderly
instrad oi horse aurgeon.
'?JI ire's tbe way you perform oae,"
Owens declared Green told him, ai be
drew a been bladcd knifp. "Firs', yoa
stick tbe knife through the heart?jast
like this," and be made a lunge with tbe
knife that drove tbe blade deep into
Owena's body. "That' the way to per
form an autopsy," explained Green as
he wiped of! tbe blade of bis knife and
made for the Btreet. Owens aaok uncos*
sc'.oqs to tbe floor. The palice are look
ing for Green.
Ferryboats Collide in Fog.
New York, Jan. 18.?The ferry boats
Cincinnati and Jer:ey Oity, of tbe Penn
sylvania Railroad line, collided in tho
; dense fog today close to tbe Jersey Oity
slip?. A bole 30 feet wide wee bored in
tbe port side of the Cincinnati, wbi.e
halt of the starboard side of the Jersey
Oity was stove in by being side-swiped
by tbe Oincinnatl.
The Cincinnati, bound for New York,
carried about 800 paeacDgcrs, while 100
were aboard the Jersey Oity. Intense
excitement prevailed smor>g the passen
gers, despite the captains' assurance that
the boats were in no danger. None of
tho passengers was Injured. Bntb boats
made the;r 8lip3 on tbo Jersey Oity side
and were subsequently pnt in dry-dcck
at Hoboken for repairs,
Narrow Escape of Yatcbman.
Atlantic City, N. J,, Jan. 18 ?
11 trold Binney, owner of tho yacht MUb
which was driven ashore laat night by
the gale, narrowly cscupcd losing hia life
today in the eight of an enormous crowd
that thronged the boatd walk. The
life savers "have been trying all day to
gat the yacht oS a bar on which she i'b
cmghr, and he fiasliy decidcd to try to
pet aboard and save soma of hia cfleets.
sworn cu', getting through the
bre kera in clever el* le, only to find
;iiat Ihe seas wer > rnach hfavier thin he
anticipated, acd he fkaly swirled weli
oat to asa by an enormeus wave and
washed baek, striking the side of hie
yacht with terrific force. 11 o must have
drowned had not two of the life saving
crc-w managed to grasp bis c'oibi.ng act!
baul him aboard of the yacht completely
Cook's Whereabouts
FfBnkfort, Germany, Jan. 13.?The
Frankfort Zaitncg is authority for the
s a'emeat today that Dr. Frederick A.
Cook, the discredited arctic explorer, ia
in a eanitarinin near 11 :idelberg, bdfter
Ing from a Berious physical collapse.
Tbo correspondent eajs the doctor's
nerves are shattered and that hia mind
is in daoger of derangement from melan
It is reported that Mrs. Oook ia with
her husband.
A uiepnich from tl -idelberg denies
tho report that Oock la in that city.
The EnRlijh Election.
London, J?n. IS ?U<il?B9 the oon*
servativta tike a decided hrice from the
dfiraomlizatlon that yesterday's co'.ing
indicated had taken poe^ssion of tluir
rankq, the be?t poiilioal forceaslcrs In
Eng'-and are today prediciicg that the
liberals, wiih the aid of the laborites,
will control the next Parliament with
out calling upon the Irish nationalists |
for a single vota.
Today's voting lacked t'ae exciting
features of ilmt of Saturday and Mon
day, for it in now generally accented as
a foregone conclasion that th3 liberals
will win without any ssrlona set-backs
Italian Girl Kidnapped.
Chicago, Jan. IS?Maria Marcc:a,
aged 17, a pretty Italian girl living 1c
?"'Litila Italy" near iho scene of the re
cent murder of Bencditto t? ennis, was
kidnapped today from her korap, thrown
into a cab by three men and carried
The three msn drove to tha Maroc:a
hon3e in a closed carri3g8 In bread diy
lljht. When Maria opeued the door the
tnrce nun se zed her, hurried to the cii
rlage acd drove away at a gallop
Several hondrcd X elites Blsrlcd Id
pursuit of the carriage bat were qaickiy
Will Refuse the Mancburlan Rail
way Plan.
Tokio, Jan. 18,?The Japanese gov
ernment is preparing to ssad the Uoitcd
S:atea a courteous bat well-goardcd ab:
a-date refuaiil to accept Secrj aryo? State
Knox's plan fo' tho cc&iraiiaation olt he
uiftucbnrian railway, according to a *ell
gronnded rumor circulated here today.
The refusal wiil leave no roomjfor fniure
proposals by America on etaallar quea
linna. . _
It Ib believed here that P.assia end
Japan have agreed to send their refusals
of Kox's proposals aimaltaneoualy
within tha next few days. ^ !
According to messages fromjj Pekio,
public there ia also beginning to
d.ubt the motives of Secretary Knox and
fctr that his proposal will place China
in prcater daoger than ever.
Washington, Jan. IS ?Although the
8'.ote Department officials are Joot pre
partd to ^acknowledge the failure of
S crelary * Knox's plan for tbe
utilization of the Manchurian Rail
road, the announcement of Japan's
action in rejecting tbe proposal
will net be received altcge'.her es a
surprise. If aach action bB8 been taken
the plan will be abandonrd at lfast for
ths present, bb Secretary Koox Bckncwl.
edgtB that its success depends upon the
attitude of the Russian and Japanese gov
ernment!. It is possible that the United
States and Great Britain will now de
vote their intentions to tha completion
of negotiations for the conatructien of
the Tslbar Road which will, in time,
provide an entrance for other posei* in
to the iiancburi&n field.
Representative Martin Dies, oi Texas,
reiismed from the pension committee oi
the H u?e yesterday becanse he ia op
posed to the pension system as sow
administered Ij hi: lette? ol resignation
to Speaker Oannon, Mr. Dies declared
be was in favor of general peosion laws,
bt;- opposed to private pension bills, I
Woodward & L,othrop
New York?Washington?Paris
LINENS purpose"
In the january SaSe
The three great necessities for ft s'j'vessful sale of any kind are embolied in th:j I'irfjeit
and best Lineu Sale of ours?4 iaiitv,{(f$ lautity, Variety, The best that money coul I hay is
hate, and the assortments are ampl.?jmple as to buiouu'?jmple as to variety.
Produceis from all orer the world?wherever liuens are made, helped to get us iu reidi?
ne6s, and ourst?ck is splendidly ready, even now.
60") Hemmed Scotch Damask Table Cloths?a direct importation ami good quality; sir*
45x45 inches.
Special price, $1.00 each
A larpe lot of All liuen Towels, undoabtedly the le?t rulue we have fver been able to
otler fcr so small a price. They are of Huckaback, in light aod heavy weights; some hem
med, others tiut-ly hemstitched. 6i/.js 20x38, 21x40, and 2'JxlO inches,
Special price, 25c each.
<JOO Fine Muslin Sheets, made of "Colonial" sheeting? a staudar-t grad* ia a waa:-:e?
listing weight, for our own uve, ouly.
54x90 inches 63n each. 81jS0 inches ?:)? each.
?1x90 inchas 682 each; 81x93 inches S3c e.ich.
One mill lot of Good Q tality Muslin Pillow Cases, in a popular size?]5iStJ iachei.
Special price, $2 25 Dozen
25 doziii Hemstitched Jiuslio Pillow Cose#; a quality that mually sells for rA j^rea: .ieat
Special price. $1.80 dozen.
Second l3oor-?llth st.
News of the Day.
Resul'.sj of yesterday's balloting aae?
to assure tha liberals of victory in En
xh?i New York Triluie announces4
that Governor Hjgheswill retire from
public life at tbe eDd of bia pressntltejm
to resume the practice of law.
President Taft yesterday told tbe cure
federation be thought Mr. Root's speech
on centralization bad bee*n misunder
stood, and that consexvaaen problems
were matters for state contrtfl.
Mrs. Elsie Sigel, widow of Gen.
i* raoz Sigsl, and grandmother of Elsfe
bigeJ, who was murdered io New York
by a Chinaman, died yesterday without
having known of the manner 0/ E?ale
aigel'a death.
The bill granting separate statehood
to Arizona and New Mtxico was passed
by the Li >nse on yesterday. Oonaidera
lion of the urgency deficiency bill, carry.
it>L' as appropriation of wore than -
000,000 was begun toward the close of
the session.
Hop. Iaidor Rayner will succeed him
self as United S ates ascator from Mary
fond. Sach were the decrees of the cau
cus of the democratic member* of the
derate and tfjuse nf Delegates of Mary
land last nigbf. JJ5 wilt be re-elected
by the two houses today.
The will of D. Ogden Mills disposes
?'?f bis larga estate by division equally
between his son, O^den Wills, and bis
daughter, Mrp. Whitelaw Reid, wl/e of
tbe American ambassador to (tJe court
<A St. Jame?. Before tbe division of
the estate $400,000 is to be paid to in
Ouargsa agalGst Secretary of the In
terior Ballioger and other officials, al
leged improper upr of public funds to
pay private traveling cxpecses of a
cousin of the secretary were made in a
atfliement filed yesterday by Mr. Hitch
cock with the House committee ou ex
penditures in the interior Department.
The Gjuacll of Miaisterd in St, Peters
burg fcai decided that the United States'
proposal fur the neutralization of the
Manchurian railways is not acceptable
to the Russ'?n government at present.
Russia's reply to Secretary Kuc-x's note
wiil ha delivered to Doited States Am
bassador Rjckbill in a few days,
Tbe price of shoes is goiog op. Offi
cial announcement to this effect waa
maJe yesterday by the National Shoe
Wholesalers' Association. The associa
tion says tbat tho essstiug high prices
of leather en 1 materials make the in
CfOEbe necessary, but that tbe new prices
will be bo acjutted as "to permit the
addition to each grade of such valoe as
will compeueate the wearer for Increased
Three women are dead and Ihrea are
seriously injured, one perhaps fatally, as
tbe result of a fi-ro which yesterday de
stroyed tbe if ^Hint'sworth apsrtmentc in
Philadelphia. One women died from
(he shock of being dragged from the
burning building. Ibe bodies of two
other women are burced in tbe ruins.
One fireman w?s also critically iojared
by .'ailing from the roof of an adjiioing
United Stairs Snt-Treasarei William
L. Bo'dcnweck, of Ohicago, wUI not b?
compelled to make guod the $173,000
mysteriously abstracted from his vaults
in rebruary, 1907. The Honso com
raitteo on claims yesterday, after listen
ing to an a'guuent in Boldenweck'a be
half, decided io make a favorable report
nn the biii which relieves the treasurer's
bondsmen of tbe loss. The Senate has
already passed a aimilar bill,
Mrs. MHry Avcrill Harrlmao, widow
of E. H, Hamman and sole legaiee of
bis e^ate, in now in control of the
Night and Day B_ini la New York.
Tbe Night and Day Bank which Is the
p'oneer 24-Juuf bank, was organoid in
1'JOG for tbe accommodation of those
neediug banking facilities after the nanal
cLse of business. It bas$200,0?0 capi
ta'j $200,000 surplus and deposits of
abeut $3,GOO, 100. The stock h?s of late
sold around 210.
In a fit of rtge with his little Japan
ese wife, whom he married October 31
last, G. B:aine Eiglar, SI yearn old,
Sunday night shot and dangerously
wonnded her ?t their home inAnnapolie.
Hj then tamed the weapon upon him
self and itfiicted a slfght wound in the
'igbt side of bia head near his ear.
Domestic diffi.u'ties, it is aaid, is re
sponsible for the shooting. Englai's
Oriental wife, whose former name waa
\ erdi May Forest, is now in the Emer
gency Hospital. Oae shot entered htr
head near the 8je and bas not been
found, B?r condition Is reported to be
critical. Eoglar was arrested and lodged
iu the county j*il.
New York Stack Market.
New York, Jan. 13.?The stock market
oper c(i weak, but after a few minutes abowed
improvement t?ui pMfea ranged sligh'.iy
above yesterday's cJo^e. During the laic
fore'ioon price movements in general msde
fjir progress toward higher Jevflj, selling de
creating materially. At tnid-dgy the tons
was the strongest of the day. ^ "
Frank Sohermerhorn hea confessed
to the murder of M:b3 Sarah lirymer,
the nntse in liirnea Oompton'a housa
at Millbrootr, N. Y., early Thursday
morning, He alleges he was drunk at
the time.
Blaine Eagle, a bartender, employed
in one of toe reatanranta ia Aunspolfs,
M(J., shortly after midnight laat uigbt
shot bia wife, a Japanese woman, and
afterward aUomp'.ed suicide by shooting
hlmaelf behind the right ear. Tho
woman ia in a critical condition. The
coupie had been married ten week?.
Veronica Sapi, a laundress at tba
George School, near Newtown, Pe.,
waa ahot in the temple end the jiw
while she was at work in tho achocl
yesterday by Gilbert Spencer, a negro,
aged 45 y?-ar?, who then committed
aalcide by ahootlog himself in the
head. The girl was removed to a h.n
piial in a dying condition, Spencer
was formetly employed at the uchool,
bnt was diacharged more tban a mouth
ago on complaint of Mlsa Sap', who
said he annoyed her by hia attentions.
Edward Drigyioa, a young colored
man living one and one-half miles'
from PrestOD, Md., murdered bia wife
yeaferdev raornlDg. ii J slipped to ber
bedalde * and struck her behind the.
right ear with au axe, splitting the
akull and cauaing instant d.ath. Dng
giua later committed suicide by dcowa
ing hlmaolf.
Edwin D. Faber, a constable of
Mendota, III., shot and probably family
wounded Mi;B Sidio Hauaer in a crowd
ed ca!o Sunday and then killed hitflaolf,
falling dead over her body. Faber on
Saturday wrote a note to the girl, with*
whom he was iufatuated, saying:
coming over tomorrow to kill yen."
When Jamea Herbert Stevenson corn
mlttfld suicide by jumping from a ferry
boat into the Delaware river near Phila
delphia Sunday the fifth name waB
added to the long death iiat of thoaa who
were identified with tho scandal con
nected with the erection and furnishing
of tho etate capitol bnildiog at Uarria
burg. StaveoB-m wna tho privatw stcre
tary of John II Sanderson, tho con
tractor, who woo convicted of fraud ia
connection with the fnrniahinga of the
capitol. end who recently died suddenly
lo New York.
Stevemon ia Bald to have been .smil
ilar with many facta ia connection with
the caie, and for more than two years
baa been living in s juth Jersfiy, in an
efiort, It i* alleged, to dodgo subpueoa
eervera. He ia eaid to have been finally
I eervsd with a subpoena to sppe^r at ibe
trial of Architect Huaton, which ia t?
come op in the Danphin county court
this wetk. Worriment over this case,
in addition to bia grief over the death of
bia mother, ia eaid to have preyed on.
Steveoaon'H mind.
The question of a site for the Battle
Abbey took a new Urn yeaterday when
a committee called on Gjvernor S*aD
soa and offered a asties of rsaolntiona
asking that a alte la tho grnucda of tbe
Soldiers' Home be set aside for the Ab
bey, which ia to be a museum for Con
federate roomorlaia,
Judge Rhea, of the committee, urgrd
tbe aite. The governor r?p!ied th?t it
would be improper Lr him to tskc the
initiative without the r<qafat of the
trnatefa of the association. The yover
uor will, jadglng from hU expreiatona,
unhesitatingly Bign any bill that may be
passed selecting the Soldiera' Home as
the aite for the Eattle Abbey. The
building is to bo crectcd by tho Uolted
Confederate veteraca of the south at a
coat of $50,00U.
The following eases were argued yea
terday in the Oourt of Appeals:
National Oiah Register Ojmpsny vs.
Norfolk Oity Realty Oou.pmy et ale.,
and same vs. Burrow and Mirtio, trus
tees, et alB. Folly argued aod sub
Jonea vs. Town of Martinsville, Ar
gued and submitted.
White vs. Monley, Ar?ued and sub
We have received a copy of a report
entitled "Oment Resource* in V rgiuift
west of the Blao Ridge," jaet published
by the State G;olrgical Survey. Tbe
report contains 309 pages hud Is illus
trated by numerous maps, sections and
half toncB. It sbowa that an abundance
of raw material* suitable for Portland
cement manufac ure occur throughout
the region treated, and it should ma
letislly aid in ihe dcvelopmeot of theft*
vast and important resources. Oopi*?
of the roport C8n be had by any cit i n
of the Bthteon application to Mr.Thcmas
L. Wataon, state geologiet, Charlottu
T"ie Market.
Georgetown, P, 0. Jaoi 13,

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