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Sun and Tide Table.
Bud ?t'B3 toaioTOW ftt 7.10 ind Heta at 5.15.
High water at 9.27 ?. ni. anil 9.42 j>. iu.
Weather Probabilities
I For tliis section unsettled find warmer
[? with l:ght r-?in tonight cr ThurHiiay; mini
I tuum temperature toniuht about 4i ; moderate
to brisk 8ont!ier?y win<l;'.
l'be A. L. I. Amory web last
nigh'. the sc. ne of the fastest game
ot basketball of the season. The Yonng
r Men'a ?o'?)lity Lyctum defeated the A.
! L. I. by 'he score ot 18 to 14. The
change /rem the regular umpire waa a
decided success. Eotwisle and Williams
[ for the Lyceum starred throughout the
' can tea*. It had been said that the Ly
ceum was a rough teRm but it waa plainly
ehowa that the A. L. I. could do as
much roughing a? the next one. For
tne A, L. I. Gaines and Dienelt did the
beat work.
To<im> Won Lost Per Cent.
Y. M. $ L 6 0 1,000 I
Old Dominion 3 2 .600
A.L.I 2 4 .33S!
Fort Hunt 0 5 ,0001
rjnsice H. B. Oa'on presiding]
Tie following caaes were disposed of
this morning:
William Lev:!], colored, charged witn
drunken find disorderly oosdoct, was
fiotd $10.
?1 job Taylor, colored, charged with
aesaul iog Nellie Brooks, colored, was
fioed $5
Marina Johnson, colored, charged
with vagrancy, was fined $5.
iWaa L<3?, colored, charged with non
eapport of his children, was dismissed
with the understanding that he wonld
* in (n-.ure lookout ior hla offspring.
A young white man, charged with aa
jduction, was dismissed.
A diepstch from Buenca Aire?, under
date ot January 23, atateo that the
steamer Jamestown arrived there about
q month sgo, and under the name 03-j
Jonial, is running on the river Platte,
Eiakiog da'ly tripe from Buenos Aire* to
a point on the river ebout forty miles
The Jsmestoso made the run from
Newport News in 31 days, She was
fcloAu oot of her course at one time and
exheuct:d her coal Bopply,buttheBtea<n
er ?ai lowed into a South Amerioan
port Kberaehe took on more coal {and
proceeded to her destination.
.Tie Washington Monument Associa
Hon ?us purch?eed from the Golf Olnb
the h.~aso known as the Qolf Olnb home
on George Washington Park. The)
honae in tho future will be known as
Waibinctcn Monument Olub house.
Th* Washington Monument Associa
tion bca issued a dead in section 2 to
Mr. Harvey Drown?. This makes bis |
second purchase.
Mr. Alexander J, WedderbnrD, jr.. of I
Washington, fans purchased for his)
daughter Helen a lot in section 2 of
Chorge Wabhington Pork.
Mr. Alexander J. Wedderlurn has
purchased fl7e lo'.a In eeotion 2, George
Waabiegton Park, and contemplates |
erecting a residence there.
The famous western melodrama wb'ch
hia .been in prepara'.ion by the Guy
Johnson Company for soma time psat
will ba presented for the first lime to
night. The play deals with life in the
RTcky mountains in the days of the pio
neers and is full of dnmatic situations
and startling climaxes. As a spec'al fea
ture, two celebrated wpstern character?,
Montana Jack and Eihei Roanhorse,
have been specially engpged for this play
and will add to the reality of the action
with characteristic pastimes of the oow
&oy, including "The Danes oi the
All tho arrangements for the Chamber
of Oommcrce baoqaet to be held tomor
row night at Armory Hall are perfeoted
aod every indication points towards a
most ei\p?able pfiitr. The committes
in chargo wishes to annoanoe tbat the
doors will be opened to tbe ticket hold
er] at 8 p. m. and that It will be greatly
appreciated if all tba participants will
be In tbeir Brats by 8.30.
The new cornet conld b9 plainly seen
low in the snathwestern heavets early
last night, and many pjople were strain
ing their optics to gat a glimpse at the
WAnderer from the midst profaned. The
comet i; making a speed of more than
150 mites a second. It is now Fpeedlng
awsy from the earth and snn and" by the
lait of tbp mon'h, when It will no longer
be visible, it will be aboat 160,000,000
miles distant
Oriental Lodge, No. 6, Knob's of
Pythiar, ueid aa interesting meet ng last
night. Tbfrs :?sa a fnll attendance of
members and P. 0., J. 8., Pollard, of
Excelsior Ledge, ol Baltimore, and other
visitors were present. The lodge re
ceived two applications for membership.
A. programme of exercises will be rend<
ffred next meeting eight noder goad of
the order.
1 HE 10 WN CLO0K.
The announcement that the clock In
the steeple of the C:ty Hall will soon b?
lujning Egain will bs read with satis
faction by the ontire ommnaity. The
parti of the clcck which it was neewsary
lo renew have arrived from a northern
factory and the mechanics who will
place the clock in running order will
soon come to this city and perform that
The fnneral of the late Miss Medora
Wingfield took place thi* afternoon from
the residence of her father on Wilkes
B'reet. The services were conducted by
Rev. Edgar Carpenter.
The fanersl of the late William
Travera took place from the residence on
Wilkes 8:r?et this afternoon. The ser
vices were conducted by Rev. ^Father
Tbe Regal Saoe for men in all the
csn be bad of John A. Mar
?bsl! & Bro., 422 Sing street,
Mr. K. Kemper, whose illness hud
recently been announced In the Gazette,
died at 1:15 o'clock this morning at
the hom9 of hia daughter in Wasbing
too. The deceased wbs in the 75tb
year of his age, having been born in
Warrenton Jnna IS, 1835. His faneral
will take place on Friday atteraooa at
2:30 o'clock from tbe residence of his
son, Mr. E. H Kemper, in Roscmont.
The honorary pa'lbearers will be : Col.
Arthur Herbert, Capt. Herbert Btyant,
Jo?. W. Eggleston, Grand Lodga of
Virginia; E. E. Downbara, O.d Do
minion Commrndery; H. 0. Ansley,
Mount V^mon Chapter; Ool. Francis L.
Smith, WashiDgton Lodge; Wm. L.
Alien, Jack6on Lodge; A. H. Barbor,
Ktmper Lodge; John M. Jobnacn, the
bar; W. A. Smoot, Ojofederata Vete
rans; Geo. Wise aod Dr. Arthar Snow
den. Tbe active pallbearers will be:
Dr. T. B. CocbrsD, M. L. Dinwiddie,
Geo. H. Evans, J. E. Shinn, Robt. W.
Faller and Dr. Roy Adam?.
Kiacinsko Kemper was a son of the
the late William 8. Kemper. He came
to Alexandria with bis parents in early
life, and was tbe eldest of three brothers.
With Delaware and W. H. H. Kemper,
both of whom are deceased, he began
life as an educator. A short time pre
vious to the breaking out of the civil
war he went to Beaufort, S. 0., where
be continued his profession as a teacher
and when hostilities commenced he
was made a captain in a South
Carolina batteiy. He continued In
tho service of the Confederacy until
the close of hostilities when he returned
to this city and reopened the Alexac
dria Academy, an invitation for the
Instruction of yonng women. Mr. Kem
per was a graduate of the Uaiversity
of Virginia and was in every way quali
fied as a teacher, but the Bd)ption of
the Underwood constitution In 1869 and
the installation of the public school
system in Virginia closed most private
institutions, among them that conducted
by Mr. Kemper. He engaged subse
quently In the practioa of law, and In
1874 was elected mayor to fill tbe unex
pired term of the late Wm. H. B?rkley,
who bad been mads postmaster. Ho was
elected mayor iu 1S75 and In 1376 was
defeated by the late Dr. J. B. Johnson.
Me was elected egsin in 1877 aud con- I
tinued in office until 1879. when he wits
defeated by the late Courtland H.
Snitb. Mr. Kemper subseqaently
served terms a3 corporation attorney.
Daring Grover Cleveland's first admin
istration (1885-1889) be held a position
under General Joseph E. Johcston,
who was railrcad commissioner. Upon
relinquishing that place he concentrated
bis attention on the practice of law,
and was at times attorney for cer a!n
corporations obartersd in this city. In
1892, whon Mr. Richard L, Came
resigned his position as city superinten
dent of schools, there was a spontaneous
call to Mr. Kemper to fiii the vacancy.
He was forthwith chosen and continued
in the discbarge of the daties incident
to tbe plaoe until lent year, when he
was succeeded by Captain W. H
Sweeney. Mr. Keocpsr had for many years
devoted much of his time to the study of
the principles and ritual of freemasonry.
He wsb a pastmaster of Alexandria
Washington Lodge and had occupied
all the cbalrs In Mount Vernon Chap
ter, Royal Arch Masons, and Old Dom.
Inion Commandery oI Knights Templar,
He wa3 also one of the Past Grand
Masters of Masons of Virginia and
Past Commander of R. E. L*e C?tnp
of Confederate veterans. At the lime of
hia death he wbs secretary of Mount
Vernon Chapter, R. A. M. The deceased
had throughout most of his life been
a member of the 8?cocd Presbyterian
Church, and since 1883 bed been an
elder. Until recently he bad devoted
mnch of his labors to tbe Sunday school
work of that cbnrch. He was et one
time superintendent, and for years after
be had laid aside the repponsibilitlen of
that position he tfujht classfp, Though
a scholar and possessing vast knowledge,
he was unobtrusive and devoid of ag
gresslvene?e. Mr. Kemper's gentleman
ly deportment made him friends when
ever he was known. While for many
years a prominent aud representative
Alexandrian, he was also well known
throughout the slate, and his death will
be sincerely regretted by bis many
friends and acquaintances. He leaves
four children?two sons and two dnngh
tors?and a sister, Miss Oharlolte Kem
per, now engaged in missionary work in
Brazil. Mr. Kemper married Miss Ira
Etta Garrett, of Albemarle, who died in
At r meeting last night of the com*
mittee on streets of the Oity Council tbe
contract for paving !Cameron street, I a*
tween Fairfax and Royal, was awarded
to tbe MoMabon Oumpanr, cf Norfolk.
Granite curbing and vitrified brick will
be used in tbe work. Tbe pavement
will be commencGd os Boon as tbe
weather will permif.
Owing to tbo fact that th? president
given a reception to Congress on Tues
day evenicg, February 1, Senator Tay
lor's lecture "The Fiddle and tbe Bow"
has been postponed antil Monday even
ing, Febiuary 7. Persons holding
tickets will pleaoe note the change.
W. C. T. U.
The regular business meeting of the
Allison W. C. T. U. will be held tomor
row (Thursday) afternoon at 8.30 o'clock.
Tbis meeting will be held at tbe borne
of Mrs. Amy C. Weecb P01 Prince
MiBs Dorsey Aibton last night very
charmingly entertained a number of her
friends at her home on Dake street,
Tbe alarm fire late yesterday evfoing j
was caused by the burning of a bag of i
rags at O.bboq and Oolnmbqi itreeti, j
loual brevities.
Tho 6r?t degree was conferred upon
thrro candidates at the , ,a,t
t,ighl of {?*n?pU Lodge of Odd Fellows.
The Oft* will nieet tonight. Much
Important hnlncM in to be transacted
ami n Iurp mtonclnnoe 'a expected.
Mr T A. Slooteuborg of 2465 18;h
tt.'td, nuriliwest Washington was the
winner of * handsome ambrella recently
r, ill :d by Kent tick Council, 0. W. B. L.
An ioterrstiug meeting of the junior
RPa.-mbl?, Brotherhood of 8'.
w:?8 beld at tbe Norton Memorial Hall,
hst eight.
Tba ovater sapper given at tbe Yang
People's balldiog last nigbt ty tbe
voupg laditB oi Oopt. George W. Keys
class ras a very successful affilr.
There was a fire drill at Washington
school building this morning. Teach
ers and scholars made their way out to
places of safety in 80 seconds.
A regular meetirg of Fitzgerald conn.
ells No. 459, K. ol 0 , will be beld to
?ight. Tne newly-elected officers w'.h
be installed after which a sapper will be
Ia the Circuit Court today Mis. Isa
bella Fornsbill qualified as adiainistra
trix of Archie Fornshill; also as guardian
of Marian R. and Kenneth D. B. Forn
Herbert Wrenn, son of the late Robert
Wreno, a native of this city, died In
Washington last nigbt. The remains
will be brought to this city for inter
Miss Ida Breen will do artistic work
ks the Colonel's ward in "A Modern
Aaanias by Eika Dramatic Oiub, at the
Opsra H u'.e January 28.b,for the bene
fit of Ibe Alexandria Free Kindergarden.
The wettleof ahorse is shown by his arched
hea'l and high step. The mettle of a man is
ia tbe way be walks and the way he talkf.
He ,hows it ia the way he throws his
shoulders back and his Lead forward. You
can always tell a laggard by his look. When
a "man" looks you in the eye without a
quiver, and grips your hand Ann and hara
you know he's the man ^h? always aocom
plishes what he Btarts out to do. In the first
place he's particular. He demands thtwa
irresistibly delicious Auth Bausaaes and Food
Products from the Auth Market and enl?yJ
the health of the man who is worth while.
Sylvan Blondheim, The Auth Stand, and The
Auth Marked
The council chamber of 8emloole
Tribe, No. 85,81. 0. R. M., now located
la the Elks' Hall, wbb packed to the
doors last nigbt, the occasion being a
visitation of the Great Sachem of the
District ol Columbia, Otto H. Flacher,
accompanied by a degree team from
Mlneola Tribe, of Washington, D. 0.,
which In magnificent style conferred tbe
three degrees of membership on five can
didates. The scene was most impressive
when certain scenic efiectJ were lotro
dnced by the visiting team which In con
nection with their work brought forth
expressions of praise and congram atlona
from all present. Following thla portion
of the evening's programme a recess was
declared by Bacbem D. E. Robey, of tbe |
local tribe, who called upon Great
Sachem Fischer for a speech. Tbe lat
ter responded In a manner befitting the
dignity of bis high cffl.e durlog the
coarse of which be congratulated the
tribe on its high standard of msmbershlp,
Its rapid growth and its apparent deter
mination to further the cause of "Free
dom, Friendship and Charity," closing
wltb siucsre expressions of fraternal feel
iDg wbicb he was grateful to acknowledge
wa3 manifesting iler-lf on the part of
every Rod Man in Alexandria and the
Dlstiict of 0 ilumbla. Mr. FiBcber was
fallowed by Past Great Sachem of Ohio
He -br, Great Senior Sagamore Allison,
(iraod Chief of Records Trippett, both of
the District of Columbia, and Great
Sachem of Virginia W. S. Nlcklio,
whose remarks were along congratula
tory lines and otherwise abounded In
genuine good will. Previous to the
apoech making a light collation was
served daring wbicb vlsitotB aid
hoBts exchanged many happy sw
ings. After tbe usual f.rmslltles the
representatives and their ^corts loft far
Washington on tbe 11.55 o'clock train
much pleased with their visit. It Is ihe
parposs of this tribe to pay fraternal
visits In the near future to the Washing
ton tribes at which time there will, no
doubt, be a largo delegation from the
two Alexandria organizitlonB in attend
Girls Attack Strlka Breaker?'
New York, Jan. 26.?One of the most
serious riots of the shirtwaist makei'B
strike, occurred today la Brooklyn, wh6n
a number of tbe striking girls boarded a
street car and attecked several strike
breakers on their way to work. As tbe
oar stopped at Park Avenue, a number
of th8 striking girla boarded the car aod
attacked the strike-breakers. The btrlk
era pulled hair, scratched facts, tore bats
off and mauled their victims. Policeman
O'Connor tried to sjop the| riot, and the
girls whippsd him. The police reserves
were Bumoaooed and quellsd tho riot,
arresting four glrla.
Net? York, Jan. 26.?Miss Blanohe
M. Oelricb, one of the best known of
the society bods, and Leonard M.
Thomae, of Philadelphia, were married
this afternoon at the home of the bride's
parents, M% and Mrp. Cbsrlei M. Oel*
rich?,on Park avenue. Mgr. Lavells.o/
3:. Paliick'a Cathedral, officiated and
the ceremony was witnessed only by the
Immediate familities of tha contracting
partiep. The bride's nephew, Master
Charles Martio, son of Mr. and Mrr.
Pater D. Martin, and Kathleen Vandcr
bUt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Reginald
Vanderbilt,*.cted as train bearers.
The English Election,
London, Jao. 26 ? Oompleti re*
tnrn? from yesterday's voting bring
the totals ap to the following; Con
servatives 254, Liberals 283, nation
alists 72, laborites 87. The strong
showing by tbe liberals mtkrs it practi
cally oeriaio tbAt they and the laborites
will have a mfjjrity of forty over the
conservatives withe u'. counting on the
It ia claimed that between fotr and
five hundred infants die annually from
neglect in Richmond.
A. rare bargain auU one that is laat
Inz can be obtained at the shoe store of
John A. Marshall & Bros., 4S2 Slog
street. Look at the window display,
In sad bnt lovinsc remembrance of our dear
son GEORGE H. NOEBIS, who departed
t-jis life January 26th, 3914, six years ago to
God call d him home, it was his will,
But in our hearts tee love him still,
His memory U as dear today
As i? the hour he passed away,
By 01$ Motheb anjj F4T??B,
Washington -
n r
?u! * *?i*
Trimmed Straw
Hats wi?Mo<,d!'?* $5.00
They are the prettiest style* we have ever shown at such a i>r?. ? ???> early in the
season. AtuoQg the many usw models is out: built st ui.-wliat or. ibt- line* of a Napo
leon or a Continental, but altogether new. Others r.re ti';p-Toll tth.ts, frout litres
and msny other styles.
The trimmings are of velvet, vel vet rib bons, llowerp, such ne wurm rests, tweet
peas and pansiw. Tbe?e are used in grear pTofnaon, in K?:bn'?, end s-rinc- oi the
crowns are entirely of (lower*. All the new colors ere shov. ii. fc'ecwid tl. ot?jluj.
DRY 000D3.
Woodward & Lothrop
New York?Washington?Paris
New Spring Cretonnes, fmilafloo Linen Stripes,
English Damasks, Fancy Printed Linens,Sc.,
For Furniture Slip Covers, &c.
Asa special value for this month we will tike order* for S!i t> 0> vers'for liva-p iece pa:
lor suites, of Imitation Linen Stripe, allowing 25 yards for.the making, at th*
Special price, $7.50 the Suite.
Extraordinary showing of Domestic Cretonnes and Drapery MaterialThe t>vr eprii g
lines are bflautiful in design and coloring.
New Silkoline, 12Jc yard.
New Printed Scrims and Arabian Cloths. i5c and 35c yard.
New Art Ticking:, 30c yard.
New Tafteta, 30c and 35c yard.
New Ivory and Scotch Cloth, 35c yard.
New Cretonnes, 20c, 25c, and 30c yard.
Upholstery and Drapery Work
To keep onr workrooms busy for the next month we will make especial! i' low estimsti s
for the following classes of work :
Repairing furniture, ieupholstering furniture, refinishim' furniture.'
Slip covers to order, fly screens and window shades to order, pel i
ishing and waxing floors. I
This is also a good time to haye Willow and Rattan Furniture painted or sivamele I and
new cushions made for same. i
np7iac?8?nLouT^e Loses HerSSult. |
p?ria Jan 2G ?Princess Lomse, eld
Paris, J an. Leooold of
est daughter ol the late r"eCo7cr
Bilginm, lost ber buU today to recover
from Baroness Vanghan the -organic
wife ol the king, the l?t? ? '?"? B;
Baliocoor. The court decided that the
villa was the properly of the bEr',D"8
and that it was net a royal residence.
Murderer Arrested
CLbonrg, Oct., Jan. S6 -Oaorge I
Mereonto, an Italian laborer, was oday .
lodged in jail on the charge of murder
leg one man and Beverly woundingtwo
other.-. Mereonto wsb employed in the
constJ action csmp of the Canadian North
ern RaUrodd. Ho got into aa a?lerca',oa
early today with Frank Marino the fore
man, and killed him. Io bin efforts to
esoape he ghot two other I'aiUna.
'Indictments Cuashed.
New York, Jar. 2G.-Jndge, Honee
has granted the motion and ordered the
indictment qissbed charging criminal
libel against the Press Pab'iBhiog Com
f any, publishers of the New York \\ orld,
growing ont of its pnblicat.on of charges
reflecting on a number of persons In
connection with the Panama Canal pur
i chase.
New York Stock Market.
xt _ vnrt Jan 26 ? Influenced by t he
character of Wwhingtoa advices was re-aa
"The tone continued fctrong throughout the
first hour. After the initial a,lvance* there
was some relling for *;c.v'nt< KnJ ?ooS
impaired by the recent break hut this soon
ceased mid prices conli?.u^^W?d fairly
Tn the late forenoon tnemaiket ruled rainy
steady althouirh receHsions ot "b?ut 1 Point
were attained from the higheUof the day.
J Reece Wbltebill, a y<uig Fred
erick coucty, Md., farmer, cntnmit ;
tuicida yesterday by banglog hlmseil In
tha barn at bia heme, a quarter of a
mile from Unionvllle. Tho body hnng
In the barn probably 6*8 hoars or more
before It waHtuad by a colored man
employed on the fartr.
United States Dlstriot Conrt Jadge
A 0 Thompson died today In the
bouse in Cincinnati in which President
Taft was borr.
A contract for fnrntohin* 80,000 poundaof
of7 Lyn-hburg. Va? aa Independent
C^eern. It bid 85j cents* pound.
Ladies?For Bolid ccmfort, wrar the
Red Cross 8hoe. Jobn A. Marshall
Ac Bro., 422 King street.
of Old Dominion romm_andery No_ l ,
Say' a F VeBKCON*?t Uo' S"
?dM?fth? Emrotneot Commander
?raer oyne*^aTHAm. Captain General.
Slrn b? held the "'VlTMEBICr^fo
^ 107 nQrtb pBlrfax
rt??t.'Al?ind,U.*? VfEDNEiDAY.
February vJi\,maKTH, Bflcretory.
Jan25td. ??
i??11VMT."o.KVELtSK6DAY. Feb'
ruary 9, ^e^qnVjUoN, Secretary.
1 1 INGTON LODGE. No- 23. A , t. a: A.
. noT?VridaT January 21, ladiei' gold
L waHham WATCH with long V Id chain
attached Thought to have fceen lost between
ton, Ya, r** *?
72 inch Silver III-- -cV 1 Oiinnu ^Of
TableLinen: *1. q't-iiiiv. ipvii-1 var.l.^"^
Scotch Damask I'.ittem Table Clotht
2x2 yds., w era Nwv ?2.0t'i
2x2i ydy., were Now -2 :A)
2x3 yds,, were *.1.75. New. ...$'! 00
3-4 Napkins to match, <! /
6 8 Napkins to match, d<i:< i.2.C>U
All the n*\v nnd latent desigm.
Extra Doitblf lltre-iHemmed
Turkish Towels: .Wr. v !u. Inch
G2-incb Rloachc I Irish I'mr.^k, iJi'c %{}r
quality. Specif 1 yard
72-inch UIoacli*??l Frie'i D:>.t:;? <2 l|
$1.50 qualify. Special, yil ?4' * ????%)
20xS8 Hue I: Towel-: were "pej- | Or1
ial, yd * VC
i'J "j n .lczv it.
19i?3 All-'ireti Henistitchrd Utick
Tuwd?; SO; vfllti--. Hpecml, each
62-inch ilr.-.vv Carman i idile-'.ehed Ti-ble
D.-trnasb; wjs tVJ l-_'c yawl apf< In!,
Woden fip.y, Thur-'iy, Saturday,
The Gay Johnson Siock Co,
Prefifciit-? EUie Johnson in famous
western melodrftii a.
A thrilling Riorv rf the r^ckies, introducing
Monisms Juck at.d Eth-1 I'r.*n liirse, late
of Bnll'-do Bill'iJ *lt >w, in realistic scenes of
border lite. See the cowboy dance.
General Admission . 10c
Reserv-d 15 *. A few choice s-ats a' 20<*.
The Difference in Meals
(3utchers rud Botchers)
There is cattle rihe-i for eating purposee?- |
only handled by butchers
And CAtile raised for other purpose pntil
they cease to yield a pn lit. and titan it is
killed for jn?at. Kernel} ? -Id cows, oxen,
bulls, st'gs, and hf lf-fed sto k.
Whv not buy from a butcher and get the
first class kind?
Stalls 15 and 16. City Market.
Cameron asd K.ijal S rcct End,
jan26 St
Oo the 22nd day of .Tan't?rv, 1910, on read
ing the petition of WALTERS. NJCKMN,
bankrupt, for discharge, it is ordered by
the court th*t a hesriog be hud upon the
fa.ifon the 5TH DAY OF FEBRl'ARY,
A. D., 19 0. .before said court, a: Alexandria,
in sa!d distr'rt, at twelve o'clock noon: ana
that notice thereof be published in the Alex
andria Gazette, a newspaper printel in said
district, and th'.t nil known creditors ond
other Dersons ia interest may appear at the
?aid time and pli.-e and show ciuse, if any
they have, why the pnjvrcf the eaid peti
tioner should notle gr-ioted.
And it is further ordered by the cou:t, that
the<lsrk Eh&ll s^ni by mail to all known
c?diiors copies of Siid petition and this o'der,
addressed to them at their places cf residence |
aa stated.
Witness the Honorable Edmund Waddill,
jr, juHge of the raid court, and the se?l
thereof at Alexandria, in <-aii district, ?s the
22nd day of Ja-unry. 1&10.
By R, P, W, Garrett, Deputy Clerk,
Jjip2S It* "I
v ?* 4eSS53&3SSB&iS&n?3S?aHnBaBKHBSH?
I Citizens' Mieial Baak
\ CAPITAL ------- $100,0001
i Surolus and Undivided Profits - $120,000
President, Vice President,
a Edward L. Dainfferfieltf; Carroll Pierre,
Richard M. Green, Cashier. F. F.. P;?yno, Asst. Cishier
a J. C. Sraoot, Edward L Daingerfieid, J- W. Roberts
Worth Hulfish, Carroli Pierce
VI. A. Ahern, Urban S. Lambert
o c o
jj ??? directly identified with the mercantile, man- ?
? ufacturing and jobbing interests of Alexandria for $
| thirty-nine year?, and with its large capital, ample |
| surplus, conservative directorare, progressive man- J
|5 agement and convenient location, is equipped to ?
{j satisfactorily handle new accounts and to accord |
s them that same courteous attention which has been #
I a vital factor in its stead fast and continuous growth
HP Pl)if?? P J
l! till ifP/MI His
I Dress Ginehams
10c a Yard.
CI F\ 9
^ 518-20 King Street, Alexandra, Ye1,
?a Thursday.
Our regular Remnant Day
every Thursday grows
more popular every
week, as hundreds of
our patrons - look for
ward to the big remnant
values, which we offer
every Thursday, and
this week's remnant sale
offers many exceptional
values; also ail kinds of i
remnants at very low
1,0:0 yards li'i- new dma ginfclism |
in abort lengths of 2J to 10 yfttvs, yard, . c ,
500 yards f> uit of the loom mus
lin in short lengths of 24 to 8 yards, ,
yard J.c
250 yards 10o percle, oi.e yard wide, |
short lengths, ya d .... ??????? s" j
I,(CO yards Kc brown muslin, forty !
inches wid-, short lengths, yard j
Ten pie es 10^ forty iueh lawu. epsc- *
lal price, '1 hursday, yard Sc .
5 0 jaids 5i! and 6c onticg llumel,
10c tlauneleitc in short lengihs. sur
ahle for wr.ists and kimonos, remnant
price, yard ci? j
'/be ladies' Burson hose, second qui!
itv, remnant price Thursday, pair U'Jo j
Tweuty-Sve dozen ihade palls, all _ ,
colors, 5? value, Thursday, 2 pair for... 5c
200 yards embroidery voting, 'it
inches wide, 75c and $i value, Thurs
day yard ??????"?
2C0 yards 25c cor ret cover embroid
ery, eighteen inches wide, special price
Thursday, yard 15c
One lot embroidery edge and inser
tion, 6c, 8o and 10c value, soile i, Thu-s
d*y, yaid ??? *r
j Two pairs $6.50 lare curtains, sjiled, __ I
sp^ciil p ice, Thursday, pair.... $.'.9* |
69c box writing paper, each Koc
35c box writir.g paper, cch 19c I
10c box writing paper, eich >c
Winter Goods at and Be- j
low Coft.
J>7.50 r<*d pUid bl?nk?'s $-{ 93
Three $1,93 ladi*?' tautfs, each b3c
til crib comforts, eaob ????? 68c
Fon?* ladies'long black coats, >*.50
value, Thnrsday, each $'-98
Remnants for Men and
Boys' Thursday.
Men's *1 red 2ennel underwear, Thurs
day ^9;
Men's $1 c-mels hair underweir,Thurs
day ^9c
Four pair men's Wright health draw
eri, si?.2s, 41, and 44, $1.50 quality,
Thunday. poir "5"'
One mau'c $1 50 heavy tl-itce lined raia
coaU, sizes 38, Thursday "c
Mm's $?.50 b'.ne marcerizid cotton rib
bed underwear, Thursday $1 50
One man's $9.50 haavy bat& roots,
Thursday $5.9$
One lot men's 5do cotton ^eaters, with
high roil co'hrs, choice Thursday 25c
One lot men's 25c naokties, choice
Thursday, eash ICc
By day, week or month at
jAnlo lflf 7C&-711 King street.
Ycu hive probably noticed by
all the magazines ihat thi-rc is a
new watch on-.
livery new thinjjin the jewelry
linn-it it's jjood ?\ on lind first
iu this store,
We have examined ihe new
7-JeweI Watch
and find it a strictly wcllmulr,
accurucly running watch highly
recommended for all who ne.^d a
gcoJ popular priced timopiec?.
(?? in solid in 2ft year
nickel tj)y ?old filltd
case. case.
& ill
629 King Street
Bargain Week
for ihe nest or ien r!?.7.i nee
v ill be exceptional liargrtini fotirM1 mi
Rjy Ktore, such as Ltiups, f5t:st-,
Fancy Waste Baskets, Work Cas
ket?, Box Pa;?ers, Knives ar?H Forks
C.-.fvin^ ?e^ciss rj, Pe^kii/**,
Playing Card?, Pi^cr, Jer
n^ys, Laciei', Men'* wid Children'^
Sweater?, Copyright Hooks, tt*.
Positively Bargains.

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