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IMjfxfts&ria (Sazettt.
Sun and Tide Table.
?(an rine* tomorrow at 5.S6 and seta at 6.29.
H gh water at 6.26 a. m. and 6.56 p. m.
Weather probabilitie?.
For this Faction fair; cooler tonieht, with
frost in low rlacs, minimum temperature
aboutj38I<Jetrrfes. Friday f^ir; light north
west to uorth wind?.
A mee'log of the s'.re?'B comm ttea of
the Oivlc Improvement L^agus was held
Tuesday mornng at tan thiity with a
large (.t endance present.
Many items of civic interest were die
It was votsd to reqaett Mayor PuS to
glvo Bpec'-al instructions to the police
force of the city concerning the enforce
ment of the ct/ ordinance forbidding
the t iro wing of waste into the etreeU It
was thought with the proper observance
of th!a crJioaoce a marked improvement
in the cleanliness of the Btrettj wonld be
It was also voted to petition the sink
ing fnnd commissioners to whitewash
and paint the interior of the market
houie and thereby add t) lis cleanliness
sod atrractivenesi within, while the ex
terior la being so noticeably improved.
gp?cia! attention was called to the
ma*a meU'.ng t) be held April 14 h and
to the civic clearing up day which would
Yesterday av tho morning aession of
the Chesapeake Presbyterial Union at
tie Second Presbyteriao Ohuch the
Helper*' Missionary Socict/ presented
the union with a gavel made from a piece
of the magnolia tree planted by Wash
ington on the Mouat Vernon estate the
year of bis deain. Mrs. B?aty, the
president, made a happy response.
Last night Rev. Himer McMillan de
livered a powerful address on Home
Mission. His audience was thrilled
and in9p'rod with his account of the
unbounded opportunity open before the
charch in the great home mission
Tonight at 8 o'clock Prof. Gibert of
WashlngUn will give a abort organ
jrecihl before the service. Dr. 8. J.
Wo >dbridge, editor of the Chinese
Christian Intelligencer, will be the
spjaber of the evening. The pablic is
invited to this the concluding service of
The Washington policj tre hunting
for S'.ella Dean and Walter Story, each
12 years old, who have be:n missing
atnee 8:30 o'clock yesterday morning
from the homo of Mrs. Anna Story, in
the capital city. The children laft the
Stiry home to go t) school. Walter
Btorp is tho son of Mrs. At.ut Story.
8 ella Dca^ is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas Daane, and the chilJren
are cousin?. A brother-iu-lsw of Mrs
Story, Jjaepb F. S:ory, lives in Alex
andria, where he manages a moving pic
lur:'* thea'cr. The families to which th
children btlocg aro natarally alarmed at
their disappearance and ttiey are vieicg
witi the police in endtavoriog to locate
{The children were found with reli
eves at Silver Hill, Md., todry,]
A msn was robbed of ail the money
be had in his pocketbook r.t tho nppsr
end of King etrcct, nee.r Spring Part,
ye^t^rday Bfternoon. The victim was in
the company of a young man of this
city, and people who wittered the rot
b?ry ssy the thief put bis band io tie
man's pocke?, took tut bis pocketbook,
riflsi it oJ its cDulenlsand then replaced
the book in his companioa'a pocket.
Savcral bystanders called the man's a
tention to the procedure, but no police
icaQ being near, the thief was allowed to
walk away. The latter, however, Ib
A carriage in which Mr. and Mrs. W.
J. B ictbe were seatod ran into an ex
cavation at Qneen and Coluaobns streets
shortly after S o'clock laot night and
was overturned. Tho occupants and
driver escepod serious barm, but the
horse was seriously injured, so much so
that it was nece?ary to kill it. The
BhaftB of the carriage were broken. A
danger lamp, it is enid, wsb baro;ng on
the barricade which marked the ob.ktmo
tion when it was Btiusk by the vehicle.
The team belonged to Mr. P. T. Har
rington. '
Mr. Giorgo W. Francis, who for many
years resided in this city, died at tbe
residpnee of h"s daoghtsr, Mr*. Annie
F. Naraonor*, in Washington, yesterday
afternoon. The deceased wa* in tho
74 h year of his ace. The interment
will bo mf.d* in Alexandria tomorrow at
1:15 ?f. the funeral taking place from
Mr. B. Wheatley'rt obap3l.
The mission at St. Mary's Church
continues to arcuse piety atd fervor
among those who attend. Next week
the service? will be particularly adapted
for ooE-0??thclic friends who desire to
learn the tiu.h aboat Catholic doctrine
aid practices. Then, as now, bII are
cord ally welcome.
Ssrtual Robinson, colored, who was
arrest d about three months ago charged
with robbing tie postofiica at Oringe,
aisce which tim* hehaabeen in j-il, was
t^ken to Richmond yesterday by Deptt;
Marshal J F. G'.over, and arraigned
bsfor? the IT. S. Court. Robinson plead
guilty to tbe charge and was sentenced
to atr7? two months more. Hs was re
turned ti j iil by the dfputy marshal.
A meeting of the O.d Dominion
B at C in *8S held Ififct night in the
rooms of tie chunber of commerce.
Two new members wtrj elected aod
other Liuinras disposjd of. Owing to
the absencs of a quorum, the election ol
officers were po?tp^ned.
R. Luclao Cornel), 45 years old, a
track band on the Richmond, Fred
erickstn-g and Potomac Railroad, step
ped out of the way of a p?eseoger train,
near Qmntico yesterday afternoon and
' was struck by a freight t-ain and killed.
i*be body was brorght t5 this city last
night. Cornell Is survived by his wife
and several children,who live at Sf,
Ale^sRffria county,
Mr. Jjho A. M&rBba!l in confiaed
t) hi? bomo by iodieprsition.
Mr?. Haywood Davis, of F<irfax,
fitep-ooihcr ol Mr. 0. Riodo'ph Davia,
of this city, ia htre on b short v Bik.
Mr. and Mr?. G.-orge S French cele
brate'd Ia? t evening at their home on
Alfred street, the Bixth snnivereary of
their marriage, by one of the j\aD('
Bomeat, largest and meat erjiyable of
the wlttii'a ettirtainmei ti. The draw
ing rooms and ball were elaboiaiely and
ait st cally deemted with palms, ferns
and great clu*t ra of rosea.. Mr. and
Mrs. French wereausiet^d in receiving
their goes'a by Mrs. A J. H?rru, o
II nJeraon, N. C , sister o! Mrr.French
Mrs. French wort a handsome imporUd
cos!ume of black Uce and Bcquma, her
corsage bonquHwaaof sweet peas an
lilies of the valley. Mr*. Huris waB
moat becomingly go?ned in yellow ea.ln.
The game of the evening was progreemve
eacbra and the be*ut>fol prizes were
awarded Mra. John Marshall Jonea,
Mrs. Cbas. E. Nicol, Mre.George
Ubler, Mr. Wo. T'u .
Cochran, Dr. T. M Oonej and DrLu 9
Greec. Mra. Clareoca Hiwardand Mrs.
Richard Gibmn kef t We i*1??
Miss Katherine Griffith Uhler very
delightfully entertained yeituday af er
noon at her home on Cameron Btre?Jffc
a bridge luncheon, the guaat of honor
being Mra. Downs L. WilBon,of George
town. The pretty priz?a were awarded
Mrs. Wm. J. Boot he, jr., Mra. L?n
rence Stabler and Mies Ptu'.ne Nicol
Miaa Eleanor ^Lindaey, of Richmond,
ia spending tbiaweek aa the guest of Mibb
Gay Lloyd in this city.
Mr. J. T. Johnson, who has been
qaite sick, is able to be out agaiD.
Mra. W. R. Purvis and Miaa Margaret
McG. Ashby are at Atlantic City.
Mra. M. Adamsou ba3 re urned from
Biltimore where she Bpect the past few
weeks. _
The anciul meeting of the Alexandria
Free Kindergarten board will be held st
the Ycuug People's BulldiDg, at 8
P. m? Monday, April 11. The busi
ness meeting will be short. Miss ?'PP>
of Washington, will give an illustrated
talk with slides on "Gardening." Miss
Watkina, director of the Washington
kindergarten, will speak briefly on Dature
work in the kindergarten. The ta.ka
will be illait-ated by the singing of
Da ure Bring* by young ladies from the
Washington Normal Kindergarten cla-a.
There is no admifSion fer, but a moat
cordial invitation is extended to all to be
As an added featare to the performance
the last half of the week, Joaeph Manre,
a vocalist of unusual ability, will be heard
ia a repettiire cf late b ts. Ah L og
Foo alao promises a new sensation in his
line of entertfeiomen'. Under new
mansgement, the honee ia d?'ng a
capacity business and the splendid per
formance gi*eo :b being highly ccm
mendrd. A special children's matinee is
announced for Saturday.
There were no cases for trial la the
Police Ocart this morning.
Professor Ge^est.the celebrated organ
ic of Washington, wi l give a ebort reel
t\l tonight st the Sicond Puabyterlan
PrlceB of fish weie firm again today
witi limited receipt. The gillers of
this city report small catche?.
An abandoned telegraph or telephone
p-.le standing in front of No. 214 north
Patrick fctreit sbcu'd ba removed.
A marriage license was issued in
Washington yesterday to Christian A.
Helneken, sad Charlotte J. Jordon both
of Eaymarket.
The annual meeting of the atcckhold^
are of the Great Falls Power Company,
for the election of directors, etc., waa
held at the office of Mr. 0. 0. Carlin to
A civil service examination for atjb
clerical positions was held in this city
today, conducted by Messra. N. L. Wil
liamson and R. T. Lucif. fhrra wer?
8 applicants?4 white male and 4 colored
Meetings of the Oo'utibia Steam Fire
Eogioe Company and the Friendship
Vit?ran Firemen's Association were held
l&Bt night. No business of general in
tereat was transacted by either orgau
The west dial ol tbo clock ia the City
j Hall Bteeplo was accidentally broken
' yesterday aOeincon while the woik of
?'frosting" was in progress. A new dial
| win he crdered. The dial on the north
j side was broken several montba ago but
baa been replaced with a new one.
The warm weather of yesterday waa
followed early last night by a heavy
down pour of rain. Later th3 wind
changed to t'ae wcBt and cooler conditions
followed. The weather tcday tus been
crisp and cool with a brisk northwesterly
When at the twilight hour the cowboy girl
whistles that tantalizing mendels -ha tnne
had the girl I left hehiud me meets little
Johnny Jor,es by the light of the. silvery
moon; its time to say gcodby to the eirl from
home as I smoke my Cubanola and
wards the Antb Market for tho: c >"es'6t<
;.ly delicious Auth Sausages, Hams, Cooked
Toneue Chipped Bef j, Ccoked Ham and th
ve"/finest Home-killed Fresh Meat?. Sfl
inn Blondheim, The Auth Stand and The
Auth Market.
green mountain potatoes.
S the finest that grow for .eatin2, 55c bu.; best
Elgin Creamery Butter, in pound prints. 34c
pound; Fresh Egg", 2oc per dozen, fancy
Japan Rice, 5c pound; 3
orated Peaches, 25c; 3 lbs. best I arge Prunes.
25?' Fancy New York State Evaporated
Apples, 10c lb.; 3 cans Pink Alaska Salroon,
25c; 3 oans best Fish Roe, 2or; ' lbs. B?
Laundry Starch, 25c; 7 cakes Star Soap. 2oc,
7 cakes Circus Soap, !25c; large bottle
moth Queen Olives, regular price 3oc; our
price '20c. Wm. P. Woolls & SOS, Boyal
and Wolfe strenu.
Bank Robbed.
Juliet, II!., April7.?Tcree men were
ahot, one fatally, in e fi^bt at Mason,
Ilia , today following the robbery of the
Bank of Coal City at C-.al C.ty, 111., by
Ave masked yeggmen who fled w t;i
$1 200. Tbey boarded a south bouod
Sa'ote Fa train, and the authorities at
Msaon were net fled. A po3*e stopped
the tralo and five men alighted and be
gan firing. In the revolver fight tint
followed one of the men received alight
rounds. Aaotber was ahot through the
head and will die. The other two iscap
ed The wonnded men deny that they
participated In the robbery.
j and T. Ocuiin'i Fine Luatral Colt
and BUck Russia Lnaltani* Pumps and
Oxfords Weldt and Tarn's price $5 00;
oor price $4.00. J. A, ix Bro,j
^2? street,
Life is a mattjr of surprise, bat one
of the gresieBt is the newa id tie Wfz *te
of Wednesday that Mr. L. - K'rb*
to resign sa i uporiit ;ndent of the Ale ?
andf'a Elec'ric Company aod bo B^"
cseded by Mr. 0. L. Ho*sel, of Euporia,
A8 a cor. u ner I hardly beheve-iBacha
thing pCBBibie, knowing Mr. k?by and
realizing the respect and cocfiJence re
pmed in him by the majority of AWx
drians from which tbie company.draw
its substance I believe I echo he sen
timers ol all the consumers of this cor
poretioa when I Bay ih?t no man in
public life stands higher in the est ms
tion of those ?ith whom he dea.s than
Lee Kirby. Hia life bns been devoted
to the electric.1 busing, every tcuia of
his being is electiical, his ways b&ve
their electrical effect and ho baB in
stated the system in places in
which ihere was the slightest hope. H?v
iog been in onr midst for 21 ysara be
knows oor pacp'e and it is a matter of
regret that be is t> sepatnt) from them
Maj 1. When he took charge of this
p!aat 10 months ago complaint was
king of the hoar and since he has been
Boperintocdent everything has been
as smooth a? the Dyke when the
Indiaus left for home. Not to tie
in coy way suggestive, U is apropos to
=ay that the Alexandria EUct-lc Co , in
recognition of Mr. K'rby ban lokt a
mechanic of ocqueatloned ability, the
consumers a wa?m friend, and the
citv a man who protected hi" cwnpanv
and at the same time conducted himself
with a demeanor which demanded
enlarged businesp. I may be mistaken but I
really believe that the acceptance .of this
resignation is a mistake the Alexandria Elec
tric Company will ? ^ "^et oncc-and that
U a life time. 1 wiA Mr. Kirby that lawj
which will come to ell true men who are ai
clean in their deameator and Jeajng aa^ho
has been.
Tugboat Captain Slain.
New York, April 7.?John Piatt,
forty-three yean old, of No. SS Huiaon
street, Jersey Oity, captain of the tug
boat Robert Robinson, wa* shot and In
Untly killed on the deck of bis vessel
yeBterday afremoon. Charged with fir
ing the shct which killed Plant, Alvin
0. Oollins, thirty-nine yeera oW, in com
mand of the coal barge Joel, wblch was
to have been towed by the Robert Ro
loson to New Haven, is a prisoner in the
ea?t 126th street etatlon. The killing
uf Plant took place in Eait river, near
Aitoria. Oollias, Oorocer Feinberg as
serts, said that he killed Plant because
tie tugboat ca{ tiln attempted to aaatult
bia wife, Siolina, daring h;B absence.
Bishops to Take the Slump.
Paris, April 7?Catholic bishop* In
France are t)day taking a more active
part in politic?, in preparation for the
election of April 24, than ever before,
ss the result of permission from the pope
for them to take whatever step they
deem advisable for the protection of the
interests of the chnrch. A number of
the candidates for the Chamber of De-,
paties ere known to be antagonistic to
the Catholic Church and the bishops
plan to "take tbe Btump" against them.
Report of Explosion Confirmed
8*n Francisco, Oil., Apr.I 7--A wire
less despatch from Captain Jamei U.
Gilmore, of the ermored oiulser Mary
land, confirms tbe report thst defective
bo'ler tnbe on t'aht vessel blew out yes
terday killing one fireman and very eer.
iciuly scalding two o'heis. The Marj
luod is cnroa'9 to '.he Mate I*laod navy
yard where tho i? jared men will be land
Presidential Boom to be Lauched.
Chicago, April 7.-The pr(Bidential boom
of Governor Hudson Hsrnrjp, of Ohio, will
he launched in Illiucis tonight when he
Illinois Democratic League will adopt ihe
Rlox^n "Harmon and Harmony''at its annual
banquet. Governor Harmon will net attend,
as the Buckeye legislature is in "Siion.but
he has sent two letters bearing upon the pol.
ticil issues of the day which will be read at
the bacquet. ... .
Speaker Canuon has gone "wet," like
h;.? home town of Danville, III. Ha con
fided the fact to R?presenUf*e B;r
tboldi, of St. Louis, yesterday. He Baid
he had been aching for some time to go
ou' west and make speeches in opposl
tion to the "dry" movement. He par
ticnlarly wanted tojampict) the bgtt
against tbe prohibitionists or local op
tionlfts in his home town, bnt thought
it impolitic to do bo bictuie it Bsemed to
him a cinch the the town would go dry,
owing to the strenuous campaign tbe
probibltlonitU had been making thero
for week?. Women and children had
been holding daily and night parades,
prayer meeting and temperance rallies,
and tbe Bpeaker thoagbt It wbb up with
the "wets." .
Their unexpected victory Tirsd&y
tickled th9 speaker immensely. In
fact, it mado him feel bo good he forgot
h'n caotioD, and he announced yester
day to Dr. Bartholdt jast where be stood
on tbe booz; question. It has been long
known in Washington and elsewhere
t'lat in practice Mr. Caonon was not a
temperance crank. But where ho ttood
p)litically on the liquor question had
been Bomethirgof a mystery uLt.l today.
Tbrcugh an evident oversight by the
lawmakers wbo passed upon and socept-j
ed the Byrd liquor law, the question as
to whether or rot tie fcotel bar is tote
legally licensed has coma op in Rich
mond and is creating mnch interest and
some treoidation in botjl circles of the
State. Tbe granting of license to retail
liquor dealers ia specified along w.th
other branches sf the business in the law
bnt nothing is said regarding hot;1 bars,
and the StUe antborltiea will grant no
licenses until an opinion is given In tbe
case by Attorney General S. W. Wil
lianas. . *
The new year begins on May 1, anJ
the opinion is anticipated within a few
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I desire to thank my friends in behalf Jof
myself and children for their kindness to me
iu our sad bereavemenf.
Samuel A. KnottE.
Fire on a Steamship.
London, April 7.? Ii one of the moat
briiiiant feats of seamanship on record,
900 passengers from tie BrUiah it>am
t abip Oairnrona, bound from London to
Portland, Maine, were transferred from
that ship, which caogbt fire today in the
Eogiish Channel, to the British B'.eam*
ship Kanawbe.
The transfer toot piece in mid-ohaE
nei while the eea wa* ranning heavy
and defp't) the panic of the Caimrona's
passenger*, it wt?s tccompiished without
* serious mishap.
Cap'ain Stookp, of the Oairnrona and
Oaptiio Kelimao, of the Kanawha, who
superintended the transfer, conducted
the work with military precision and to
their brilliaDt generalship is doe tbe fact
that hundreds of the Oaimrona's passen
gers were not either burned on the ves
sel or ctuibed in the panic.
The crew of the Oaimr;na, tnder
orders from the captain knocked down
and Beveraly itjared tboee Rho led the
first wild rush for tbe life-boats, there
by instilling such fer-r ioto the others
that it was possible t) man aad load
tbe life-boats with some semblance of
Many of the Cairnrona's paessngers
were on the poiut of jumping overboard
in their terror and were e'.t'ier forcibly
restrained by others or rfaseured by
tbe megaphone meas^ages of members
of the crew that there would be no
danger if order were preserved,
Tbe Kanawha was tui a short dis
taoce frcai the Cairnrona when the
flames were discovered end she iiimedL
ataly put to the disabled steamer's at
A t?r tbe last of tbe pseeingera were
safely aboard tbe Kanawha, the fire
aboard the Oairnrona was got nnder
su:h control that tbe vef$[2l w&3 able to
pat back to Dover. The Oairnrona be
longed t j tbe Cairn Line aad whs of
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420-426 Seventh Street,
B. F. Knox, Auctioneer.
L'bearingdf <: m the 29th day of November,
1904, and duly A record in the land records of
the city of Alexandria, Virginia, in deed
book No. 52, page 337, made by James W.
Padgett and w'fe to the trustees of the Ger
man co-operative Building Association, No.
5, of AJexandiia, Virginia, and by Older of
the board of directors of the oaid association,
default having been mode in a payment of
the amount second by said dead of trust, ihe
uniersigced trasfees will o$ir for sale at
publie auction on
the 23rd day of April, 1910, at 12 o'clock, m,,
in front of the Boyal street entrance to tbo
Market Buildinsr, all that lot of ground, with
the buildings thereon, in the said city of
Alexandria, and Bounded as follows, to wit:
Beginning on the west aide of Fairfax
street one handled and seventeen (tl7)fe?t
eight and two4hirds (8j) incnes north of
Cameron street; and running thence noith on
Fairfax street twenty-three (23) faai; thence
west, parallel to Cameron street, eighty two
feat three and on a third (3i) inches to tbo
line of the lot conveyed by Thomas Murray
and wife to Edward Lloyd; thence south*
pirailel to Fal>f.x etreet, twenty-three (23J
feet; nd thence east, in a dirtct line, eighty,
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during warm weather. We have
shoes of ail kinds for the family in
up-to-date styles and handsome
and comfortable shapes at
A. KATZ'S, 400 King St.
\X/ANTED?A laily to t<k<^'ip rom* well
paving wo-k. Call nt the M Jl NT
VERNoN, 70J King street. I etffteu 4 aud 0'
o'clrck p. ro. Mrs. STARKF.
w eice uunere^nry. S^l! our brands to tbe
retail trade. Big par. Write (or full par
ticular* at oncp. GLOBE CIGAR CO.,
Cleveland, Ohio. feM9tjel5
A gool WHITE .MAN" for Jibe "stable at
RftYensworth. Write to Mrs. LEE, Riuke,
Virginia. marll tf
CPEClAL NOTICE.?Theanuusl meeting
^ of t hp stock holders of the GREAT KALLS
POWER COMPANY, for the election of di
rectors at.d the transaction of such busicers
as m*y propprW cmrie before fai l meeting,
will he hel I ht the rflice of C. C. Carlin, No.
107 north Fuiifkx ftrpet, Alexandria, V#., on
THURSDAY, April 7. 19 0, fit 12 o'clock
aeon. F. J. WHITEHEAD,
mar2S td Secret".ry.
Eggs for Setting.
Bufl Orpineton, $1.00 per IF. Pekin Duck,
75 cents per 11. The Orpington Poultry Yard.
C. A. SHAFFEtl & CO., Florists, Bmldock
Road mar25 lm
chwap. Apply at 122 north Royal street.
apr5 31
The Best of Everythia g
Whipped Cream
25c Pound
616 King Street.
"The Velvet Kind" lee Cream used at
our soda fountain.
Phone 281. Greenhouses S. Patrick St
D. G. Grillbortzer
CARNATIONS, 50c doz.
ROSES, 50c to $1.00
Promptly attendedjfo. Delivered to all partJ
of the city. Satisfaction guaranteed.
fel>22 tf
Attractive Goods, Low
Prices, Easy Payments
I em prepired to successfully compete with
any store in Alexandria or Washington and
to give jou the best value yoi can find.
Compare our good3 with others nnd'jou
will find onr prices on Furniture, Matting,
Rugs, Bod?, Mattresses, etc, cannot be
equaled anywh'-re.
Cash or easy payments.
921 KING STREET. Near Patrick.
Window Shades Made to Ordar.
apr4 rt ___
EQG3 for setting.??ud<. Rocks, Black
Minorcas, White Wyor.dottes, $1.00 per
13. Premium stock. Dr. C. E. OUICALT,
122 south Washington street.
mar23 w-tf
150 sere?, more or lets, of fine smooth land,
suitable for grain, grass, fruit or chicken
farm : 20 acres in grass. '5 in c.*ta, 15 tor
1 corn, 50 in wood, baltncefor truck and pas
ture, tenant hou<e, barn, well and spring,
part of original Mount Vernon estate on?'
hslf mile from Hnowden station, Mount Ver
non Railway, eleven miles from Washington,
ave from Alexaudria. three from Mount Ver
non. $75 per acre. Easy terms. Call or ad
B. F. D. No. 1.. A i?xandri8, Ya.
ftprl eo 6t*
T^E annual meeting of the stockholders cf
MENT COMPANY, o: Washington. D. C.,
Incorporated, for ;the election of directors
endorsers and other Fuch business ax may
propeily come before the meeting will be
held on Wtdoe$day, April 13tb, 1910, at its
office, V0. ill south Fairfax street. Alexan
dria, Va. Polles open from 2 to 3 p. m.
J. HENRY BROWN, Secretrry.
apr6 td
Abdominal Belts for corpulent people ob
tained oq special order at Le&a better's,
'IlpF SN
A Diamond
For the Diamond is ihe Birth
stone for the April born.
"Tho?e who in April o'jte tbe!r
years, Diamonds aball wear, list bit
ter tears for vain reperUnce H.w/L'hifi
emblem of inccceice know."
What i? more beautiful than a Dia
mond rinp, brooch or Ircket ?
Genuine Diamond Rings $10 np g
Lockfts, $7.50 to *25 ?
Broocbe*, f6 50 to $20|
Scarf Pins, |4 50 to *18 5
Cufl B ttocs, $3 50 to ?15~
Come In'f-nd look them^'o7er.
Sauflders ? Sod,
629 King Street.
A Full Line of
Baseball and
Athletic Goods
Invested ingour
Acton Precision Watch
There's a retain for ycur
money in anmcaaared sat
isfaction for a lire Ud;c.
Yan will find our prices as.
satisfactory an oar wstche?.
, Jewelers and Silversmiths.
j Under New Management.
I House entirely renovated. Everything new,
( bright, clean.
In their original corned?, ''lUinel In,"carry
ing special scene. Dire"t from New York,
especially engaged for opening week.
The Chinese Wizard.
An oriental wonder who has pu*:led two coa?
3 reels of cew motion piclare* changed dailv.
Admission at all times ?lower floor 10:,Dream
Theater e^'rance. Balcony 5c 'white
onlj) old ( irance.
TWO SH \V6, 7.30 and 9.0.0 p. cu
With or without board. Appiy ta Mr?.
Phone 319-J
apr6 3t

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