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Sun and Tide Table.
?,n vi,e, tomorrow at 4.40 and pete at 7.13,
High water at 8.28 a. m. and 9 00 P- m.
Weather Probabilities.
For this section showers tonight and Wed
nesday; cooler tonight; light southerly winds,
becoming variable.
accident to a train.
T?ent7-'wo oasaeugera were slightly I
ir.iurpd in a wreck a' 5 o'clock yeatsrday |
?tteraooo of a special, tunning as second
flec'ioa of ps?9snger train No. 10 of the
B^otiero Railway near OadarRan bridge,
between Oitlett and Oalverton. The
engine and .'oar ps^enger coaches were
derailed -100 yards from the bridge bb a
result, according to tie engineer's and
fireman's statement, of a misunderstand
ing of danger signal?.
The tra?k was plowed op for a dis
tance of 200 feof. Tha engine parted
from tae train scarcely 50 feet from the
bridge, and was brought t? a stop on the
bridgf. Had the train gone the leugth
of two coaches farther a fearful loss of
life wuild have bean inevitible
Physicians from Calverton, Warrctton
and other nearby tiwns gave aid to tae
Hjiired, and all were carried t> Wash
ington on a special train which passed
thrcujh this c'ny last uight,
Toe wreck was t.'ie result of a minn
derstandlDg of a canger signal, which
the fligmau of a section forea claims to
have given the engineer of the wrecked
train. The section men were repairing
the track just a few moments before the
wrecked train was sighted. The sect'OD
foreman clalmB thtt torpedoeB were
placed on the track at regulation distance
and that his flagman was seDt back in
accordance with the mles.
The engineer Bays the fhgman was
carrying bis flig uoderhis arm when his
t'sin, running at 30 miles an hour,
ebot past him. This statement is cor
roborated by the fireman. Fiur sleepers
and the baggage car wetew wrecked.
Twisted iron, broken cat wheels, and
bast rail* were cnu'h in evidence.
The train was running as a special
fr)m New Orleans to Washington, and
fulled out of Atlanta, fri., ten hotrs
Jate. In order to make up time, it was
speeding at fifty miles when tho accident
L:comotive^No. 3 21G was attached to
the train. It was in charge of Engineer
R. L. Patten.
[Justice H. B. Caton presiding]
There were eighteen names on the
docket tbia morning?two more than
yesterday. Seven of them were those
of white men, charged with disorderly
conduct or fighting. The others were
colored and ail Bave one had been ar
re3tod for similar (fidnHPs.
Four young white men, charged with
disorderly conduct and fighting, forfeit?d
their collateral by failing to appear.
Amos Harris, John Levis and Frank
Orayner, all colored, charged with dis
orderly conduct, forfeited their collteral
by failing to appear.
William Dixon, colored, charged with
A similar ofl'enee, was fined f 1.
Henry Stevens, colored, charged with
assaulting Alleu WiDthers, was dis
A white man, charged wfth fighting,
forfeited bis collateral by falling to ap
A young white man, al*o charged
with fighting, was fined $2.50.
William Cole, colored, ^cba'ged with
fighting, bad his case continued.
John Sims, Scott Blackburn and
Emily Baptist, all colored, charged w th
fighting, were fined {5 each.
A young white roan, charged with
disorderly conduct t)wardhia wife, was
dismissed. j
Perry Newby, colored, charged with
assaulting Richard Williams, also col
ored, was fined $5.
Virginia Nelson, colored, ehsrged
with the larceny of a watch and cbain
belonging to William lingers, wab sent
|o jail for three months.
(<Two more years of Obarloy" sounds
better to the people of the Eighth dis
trict than anything el<e unless it bo four
more years, and then some. Mr. Oarlln
baa really represented his people in
Congress, ll-.s ndvice and couusel bave I
weighed well in the deliberations of the ^
nation's Icwmtkers; his untiring etlorts ,
in promoting the welfare of the district
have been fruitfol, and with all be has
found lime ti lend a belpirg band to
many of our people iD government ser
vice. la feet, Mr. Carlin has "made
good" at every point audtbe p?oplehave
been glad to givt> him a clear field for
another term.?[Falls Church Common
Jam?* II irriHot), one of fbe youths
who was Rrreated at an tariy hoar last
Su ulay morning on the charge of
entering the house of Mr. J. R. N.
Daekins, at the southeatt co'ner of
Priaceand Jl^nry street", furnished bail
yeet?rday afternoon in the sura of $1,000
lor hsH Appearance before the Corpira
t on Cjuit, and was released. Hie father,
Mr. John 11 orison, became his snrjty.
L?e Drowns and Aitbur Burns, arres'.ed
at the flume time rs parties to the house
breaking. failed to procure, security.
Mr. i)??kiu8 was in the city today.
He bas made a partial inveiitiry, and'
fiods a number of articles have been
stolen from his bons*.
G iverjor M<na is still considering
the csacs of the Alexandria negroes,
i?ur men, a'l of whom are uader sen
tence of death tcr a murder committed
tiere several months ago. Three of the
men are said to bo innocent, and th#y
were convicttd on the evidence of a man
who has served t vo.terms iu t ie psnitenti
sry aud who has confessed that he is a
peiurtr. The governor does no: relish the
ld?? of killing men on the evidence of a
pe'ju er.? [Richmond Jonrna1.
The finance commiitae of the general
committee which ia Disking prppjret'onB
for the entertainment of toe firemen at
the state convention which meets in tSla
city in Aognat, htts been greaily en
conraged by the generous cootributions
Ihey have received.
J. and X. 0(uda's Fine Lustral Coll
and BLck Rimia Lusitania Puapg aod
Oxfords. Weldt sod Tarn's price $5.00;
our price $?! 00. J. A. Marshall &Bro.,
422 King street.
The board of managers of the Alex*
an Iria Ho:-p til acknowledges the folicw
iog donations* The Corby Baking Cjm
| paoy, ell the bread UBed in the hospital;
L. Shaman & S:>ns, one gallon of ice
j cream weekly; Herman Blocb, pies
weeklj; Mr. L9wii Hooff, ooe quart of
milk daily; the Alexandria Gizjtte daily;
I the Washington S ar daily; Mico water
for entire institution from the Mutual
Ice Company; Robert Portner Brewing
Company, $25; fcln. Clyde 0. Lamont,
9 quarts tomatoes, 1 quart canned apples,
1 quart peas, 1 quart strawberries; a
friend, $1; a frleud, old JioeD;0. 0.
Barby, odo barrel applas; M. B. H?r
low, box of oranges; L. M. Blackford,
$10; Woodlawn Circle Kiog's Dioghterj,
$5; a friend, old lineD; First Biptist
Church, $10; St. Vincent de Paul So
cie'y, $25; Children's Ward Society,
$150; Si. Luke's Circle, $3; D. A. K ,
box cookie?; Mrs. Drey Job, old lined;
Mr?. Wm Bryant, large chocolate cake
to nurses; Mrs. M. E Bo-; the, two table
clotheB; a friend, flowers; St, Luke's
Circle, 6 pairs of robber gloves; Mr.
Landstreet, vegetable'; Wm, Ar
ringtoo, fish on several occasion*;
W. Hulfisb. razor hone; a friend, sand
wiches; a friend, S quartB pickles; Mrs.
McOann, pickles, preserves and flowers;
Dr. Wilkins, 5 dozen eggs; Mr. SissoD,
fish; Mr. Ayera, fish; Mrs. M. J. Bald
win; $50; Colored Odd Fellows, $12.61;
W. 0. T. [/., flowers and potted plant;
Relief Association, tea and 11 sacks of
floor; Miss Carver, flowers on several
occasions; Mrs. Caton, magazines; col
ored children, Seminary Hill, flower?;
elec'ric lighting from Alexandria Elec
tric Light Company at 50 per cett dis
Bishop Gibson will officiato at the
laying of the cornerstone of St. Mary's
Episcopal Church at Colonial Beach
tomorrow. The services will be under
the auspices of the Masonic order, and
the ceremonies performed by Colonial
Beacb Lodge, No. 199. Several of the
oncers of the Grand Ledge are ex
pected to take part. Prominent Masons
from other lodges will assist. The or
itur of the day will be Mr. W, J. Phil
lips, of Fredericksburg. The pastor of
St. Mary's, Rev. G. G. Phelps, has made
extmsive preparations for the event. St,
Mary's is located <in what is known as
the Washington parish of the Richmond
diocese, having been bo named before
tbe ravolotion, because it was the home
parish of the Washington /amily. For
many years services were held in various
private homeB, and later in a small
church building. Tbe late Rev. Dr.
Latsno was pastor, Tbe charch has
been named St. Mary for the late MrB
Mary Coicon, whose hiuband generously
subsidized it,
The wedding of Miss El'zibeth Win
ter Joopr, daughter of Dr. and Mm,
Thomas Marshall Jones, t? Mr. Richard
Henry Carter Beverley, eon of Mr. Wil
liam Beverley, of Broad Ran, will take
place tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock at
the home of the bride's parents on
Prince street and will bo witoeased by
only a small company of relatives and
intimate friend*. The ceremony will be
performed by the Rev. Father Gaaton
Payne, of Clitton Forge, an uocle of
the brio^ assisted by Father Ootler and
Father Kelley,, cf this city. Miss Ann
Lewis Jones will be her sinter's maid of
honor aod only att?Ddant. Mr. E4
ound Hatter will be the groom's best
cfittD. A reception, to which a large
runber of guests have boon invited, will
foilow the ceremony, and a nnmber of
oaJ-of-town fcueeti have been included in
the invitations.
Today is Confederate Memorial Day
in Alexandria and is being observed so
sncb. The various committees from Lee
Oamp and the several auxiliary societies
visited the cemeteries near this city and
strewed flowers over the graven of the
Confederate soldiers buried therein,
Later the Confederate monument at the
corner of Washington and Prince streets
and the mcund in Ohri&f. Church yard
were decoratedt A stand has been
erected at. the monument where this
evening appropriits exercises will be
held according to the programme pub
lished yesterday.
Last night those who will take part in
the memorial exercises this evening met
at Lee Camp Hall to practice and today
the hall waB kept open for the reception
of flowers used in the decoration for
In honor of the occBBlon the public
Bchools held but one session today.
This sigD, which h&s been uhced in
some very conFpicious places in this
city, and which has caused do little
comment, has Bt last been explained.
"Tuesday, June 7th" is to be Military
D+y at Marshall Hall, it being the
second annual excursion of the Alex
andria Light Infantry. The committee
in charge have arranged a very com
plete programme of special features,
including a baseball game in the after
noon and a prizi drill for the company
and individual drill medal ct night.
These besides the other fehtures will
make the day a most ecjnytble one for
all those who go.
Newport News ia mystified over the
?award of the contract for the construc
tion of the steamer Northland, for the
Norfolk and Washington line, to the
Hirlan and HilliDgsworth Company of
Wilmington, according to a dispatch
from that city. It was announced on
Saturday IsbI tbst the Newport News
shipyard wan the !cr bidder rn the
wort, its bid being $3S7,000, while the
Wilmingt n Company's bid waB H13,
At the rree'ing last night of Alexac*
dria Lodgs of Elk< i was decided to
dedicate tfce new ball with appropriate
exercises on the firs Monday in October.
It was also decided to give sn excursion
toMareha'l Hell on July 11, "at wh:ch
time tbere will be a motorboat ;acs and
other attraction?.
Glance over the list of HiSh Grade
Shors sold exclusively by ub : J. A T.
Cousins, Qu?f-n Quality, Red Cross,
Linder Shoo Co., N. Heea & Bro. (The
Hes?), Taylor & Co. (Taylor Made),
Brocton Co. Operative Co., Walk Over,
Regal, Excelsior Shoe Co. aod many
other*. J. A. Marshal] Bro. 422
iing street.
Miss Margiret N. Gemeny and Mr. J.
Oiiutoo LmUsey, both of tbia city, were
married last oigbt at tbe pirsonage of
tbe Methodiit Piolestitt Obarcb. The
1 ceremoay was performed by Rev. J. M.
Holmes. /
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Jobns, Miss
Oiroline Huater and M?pr Bobeit
Hooter are occupying tbe Washington
C.t'age at Virginia Beach for eeveral
i weeks.
Mr. George Gu?at, parser of Ihe
g'eamer Wakefield, who has been con
fined to his home in Washington during
the past month by illness, is on dnty
Mrs. H D. Lackett, of Ashevillt*, jia
visiting her mother, Mrs. R. fl. Lylea,
on soath Faiifax street.
Mr. Joaeph Keehoer ami Miss Grace
Gleaner Aognr, both of Baltimore, were
married in this citr today.
Mr. George L Summers, of Baraea
ville, Ga., ia visiting hia brother, Mr.
John W. Summers.
Mr. aod Mrs. Winfield Jones and
their little son, Carroll Pierca Jones, of
Atlanta, are visiting their parenia, Dr.
aod Mrs. T. M. Jones.
M'. Archie Maddox, after an absence
from Alexandria of fifteen years, was
here today on a shoit visit. He was on hia
way to West Virginia.
The Oity Oooncil meet) tonight.
Tbe mercury at noon today regiatered
87 \
Sjminole Tribe of Red Men will meet
BtrawberrieB were pienti/ul in market
today and sold at from 5 to 10 cents per
Th8 Alexandria Light Infantry had a
street drill last night which was witness
ed by a large number of people. The
movements were well executed.
The comet waa visible again last night
nod it was witnessed by many people.
There was aa eclipse of the moon later
which was also viewed with interest by
Mra. May Pauline Sparks, national
lec urer of tbe Women's Christian Tem
perance Union, delivered an interesting
address last night before a large cidience
at the Me thodist Protestant Church.
We fcave received from Dr. L. M.
Blackford, principal, an invitation to at
tend tbe commencement exercises of the
Episcopal High Schooi of Virginia, near
ihia city, at 3 p m. Wednesday, June
15:h it L'ggett H*11.
Light showers of rain fell this evening.
Gen. E. Price & Go. wijl have in market
tomorrow Pea Bass, Butter Fish, L rge .iersev
Trout, Medium Jersey Trout, Silt Water
Croakers, Shad and Herring, balance of the
Select Soft Rholl Crabs on toast and Deviled
Crabs at Spina's Cafe, Prince and Boyal
street. tf
Freeh Country But?er just received,
28c lb. Best Elgin Creamer'' Butter 34c lb. |
Fresh Eggs 25c doz, Fancy J/iptn Rice,
whole grain, 5o 1\, 3 lbs. Jhraporaled j
Peaches 25c, 3 lbs Large Prunes 25c, 3 Cans
Fish Bee 25c, 7 lbs. Laundry Starch ;5c,'7
Cakes Star Sosp 25c, S Caus Pink Alaska
Sslnion 25c, 4 Cans Beet Tomatces 25c, 4 Cms
Sugar Corn 25c, Gieen Mountain Potatoes 55c
bushel. 3 Cans Early June Peas 25c, 8 lbs.
Pure Buckwheat 25c. Wit, P. Wqolls <fe
Son. Boyal and Wolfe streets?Qlteu and
Henry streets.
Ade'ecatl n from A. E, TalDott Camp,
No. 11,912, Modern Woodmen of
America, of Washington, visited the
Alexandria Camp last Digbt aod assisted
in initiating a number of caodldtiea in
to the order.
Speeches were made by Messrs. H.
H Millard, aod J. F. Oassidy. of the
visiting camp, and Mr. Wythe White,
of the local camp.
Refreshments were served during the
evening, and at a late hour tbe Wash
ingtoniana left for tbeir homes greatly
pleased with tbeir visit.
The following formed the delegation
from A. E. Talhott bump:
Oooeu', H. H Millard; adviser, A.
F. Doboowalsk:; paet contul, J. F. Oas
sidy; banker, J. B. Durand; rscort, J.
F. Jonef; characters, C. E. Miller and
V. W. Potter; degree team, J. E. Dun
can, S. 8. Robey, W. 8. Whpht'ey, H.
E. Lsfoorcsde, 0. 0. Smallwood, Then.
Jones, J. F. Konitz, R. E. Ennii",
Harry Ob6r, 9 8. O'Keefe and J. B i
Hoofnagle. j
A young man lart night took umbrage
i at another who was walking with the
former's sweetheart and later when the
two met on I?ing street, between P.tt
and St. Asaph, a fight ensued, which
resulted in the youDg man who had
walked with the young woman being
klocked down.
Killed by an Explosion
Roanoke, Va? May 24 ?One man is
dead and two injured as a revolt of the
bursting of the crown Bheft on the err
g'ne of a wp?t b aid freght train tear
Blnefields, W. Va., early today.
Fireman Oarner was caught by tfce
full ruih o'. the (xpl-sinn and bis entire
bady enveloped In flames. He wa3
terribly scalded an: death was almost
Encounter with Brigands.
HatrisDnturf, Va., May 24,?A let
ter frum George ii. Sue, a widely
koowo Htrriaonl'u*? ?tf-rnev. who v aa
prominently mentioned for goveraor last
year, tells of a recent thrilling encounter
with brigands near Joppa, Jerusalem.
Mr. S'ta separated from bis wife and
three daughters while sight-seeing and
returned a few moments to find them
unconscious. Two men had chloro:
formed tbem for the purpose of commit*
ting robbery. Site, althcugh armed
only with a smell cane, attacked the two
a ad beat tbem over the beads. Tfce
three fought or til officers arrived ?nd
placed the brigands ander arrest. Note
of the ladies were serioasly Injured.
Thiit/>five persons wers injured this
morning wtei a rapidly moving street
car, beyond coctrol of the motormao,
crashed into a crowded car ahead in St,
Paul, Miss.
Never hesitate about giving Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy to children. It
contiins no opium or other narcotics and
can be giveu with implicit confidence.
As a quick cure for coughs and colds to
which children are susceptible, it is nntu -
pa'sed. Sold by W. F. Oreighton &
Oo and Richard Gibson.
At the pBreonastecf the Methodist Protest
ant Church by Rev. J. M Holmes on Mon
day niehi May 23. at 9 (nine) o'clock,
Washington - - D. C.
65c striped and checked silks
38c a Yard.
The stripes are in gray and white, blue and white, and black and white, in six
dillerent width stripee.
Th* Glace Silk* are in rose anil white, gobelin and white, grepu and pink,
amethyst and white, gray and white, livender and white and many black combina
All 19 inches wide, and quality jotx'd pay G5c a yard for under ordinary circum
stances. Tomorrow, here at 38c a yard.
All Broken Lots of Ladies', Misses' and Children's
White Slippers
we will sell
This Week for 69c
regardless of cost, ranging in value from 75c to $2.50
What is the keynote ft the remarkable success of the OVERLAND CAR ? What]
is it th?t m?kes this car the choinp of many thousands of people; the joy of its possessors aad'
the envy of the competitors ? Matchless Simplicity ! This car is so simple a child can,
successful I vjoperate it. It is fo economical that its upkeep is a very small item. Sturdy
and trouhle-fr^e. So reliable tjut Miss Blanche Scott of Rochester, N. Y., is now touring
without masculine aid to the Pacific in a Model No. 38. Watch her daily progress on our
window map.
P The Season's Cheer *
Fragrant, "tansy." appetizing,
cool as tie north breeze, animating
and invigorating?that's Hofbrau
Ever open a bottle of onr beer and
notice the pop?zit ? whish?tizz as
the stopper came oli'! Nothing Hat
or sti'ls about it. It'* fall of nnsp and
life?just bubbling over with ijnalitr.
Portner's Hofbrau beer is irdeed the
season's luxury. Not, however, a
luxury in point of price. Happily
this beverege is within the reach of
all. It knows no caste. All drink
it, rich and poor alike.
Call for it, or let us serve you.
Phone No 49-B.
Damaged by a Bomb.
New York, May 24 ?Fifty railway
cttra were more or lets damaged, windows
in several apartments hemes fibs: tired,
and a tog boat in the Ilarlem river lrst
the top of iiB pilot honae when a bomb
was exploded in the yardB of the Inter
b;ropgb Company i-t 223rd street today.
The bomD was thrown from the back
platform of the last car of a north-bound
subway train salt wrj mining acrcrB
tbe structure there.
The police declaro tbe bomb was
thrown by a discharged employee of tbe
Pennsylvania S eel Company which is
building yards and sheds lor the railway
company and which htshad considerable
labor trouble. ? :
Fighting in Nicaragua. 1
Colon, C*nal Z >ne, May 24.?Mes-)
sages received here today from B!ue-"
fields, Nicaragua, say thst tbe Madriz
forceB, under G?n. Lars, attached tbe
Es'.rada troops, ectrenched back of the
city, yesterday afternoon. This is taken
to mean that the Mairiz troops have
successfully passed Rama, where tbe in
surgent! had expected t) try to block
tieir advance. Reports reaching here in
dicate that fighting is now in progress at
the very gates of Bloefislds.
Riot and Blood-shed
Wilkes Barre, Miy 24.?Plot and
blood-sbed now mnrk the strike of the
Pennsylvania Coal Company miners.
Tbe ststa constabulary, clashed with
the strikers and st least three men were
shot, one being killed.
Fally 12,000 men are involved in the
The Chines# Railway Loan
Paris, May 24.?The $30,000,000
Chinese Railway loan, to be participated
in by groups of bankers in the Un!t?d
States, France, England and Germany
wm signed today. The money will be
a ted io the construction of tbe Hankow*
8ie-Qhuen lift?.
-lcvmang, unio. fehl9tje!5
The fine STORE ROOM No. ?19 Kin*
treet. Excellent location for any kind of
King and Royai streets, Alexandria,' Va
tny21 3t '
[OST at Surprise" theatre, Saturday
riV n e- ' ? te knit SHAWL. The finder
nli pleaie leave same at 310 north Columbus
treet, and receive reward.
niay23 3t*
VIcommunication of
iODQE, No. 22, A,. F. & A. M,, will be held
it the Temple. TUESDAY, EVENING
ffLw ktl3? <?'CJ,ook' for work- fi7 order
>r the Worshipful Mister.
may23 2t A. Q. UHLEB, Secretary,
WArT5S--irwo thousInBTdol.
. , q,4R3, for. ?.De sear on city real
.n a IT Ce?,k '?tere9f- Property worth
iiay'M ^r ef8 care Gaiette.
"Gifts for the graduate to treas
nre for a I retime."
-bine wiiite and perfect, specially
$20 to $59
chatelain watches
Silver......$6.50 np, Gold $15.00 up,
Jewelers and Silversmiths.
Barg8 WicoDisco jmt arrived with
700 tons
Best W. A. Stove Coal
at lowest
Now 13 the time to place your order.
DeW. Aitcheson,
107 S >nth Royal 8:. Phone 95-J
mj24 if
I OST on the street a sum of MONEY con
. saline of two $10 bills and other notes.
sut'aMe reward for their return to 419 Prince
5tre*t. may24 3t
Accident to an Editor.
New Yoik, May 24 ?Is was a awfft
dream tu' a sad awafcen:ng for Frank
Paton, a Boston editor, who arrived
here lodsy cn the Colonial Ezpress.
Dreaming he wandered among the
Btars, drank from the big dipper, and
flirted with Verm, He was having the
time of his life wben Halley'a comet
came dashing toward fcfm with the speed
of a srubrette in a lobster palace. He
moft posh it aside. He throat his arm
Then be woke np. He bad pinhed
his hand throngh the window of a
sleeper and had it almost removed by a
signal post past which the train was
flashing. He was taken to the Lincoln
Hospital and bis injariea dressed. Then
he resomed hla jonrnoy to WaahingtDn.
Cyclists Poisoned.
Teramo, I;a!y, May 24?Six Italian
cyclists, participants in a race across
Itily, Bre believed to be dying here today
as the reaolt of poison in tbeir food last
evening by a rival cyclitt. Oae of this
sextet e was sure to win the race, as tbey
were t-uncbed and leading the rest oi
the field. The police arrested the othera.
Theodore K. Miller, millionaire, and oue ol
the most widely known diy goods memhante
11 tne country, dropped dead in hia office in
Baltimore this afternoon.
Woodward & Lothrop
New York?Washington?Paris
WOffi'S SUITS IT $11.5#
VALUES UP TO $29.50,
"yHESE are en^s of lines, and the sizes are broken, hut to those that can be fitted it mean
* a high grade tailored roat suit, at about man fdcturer's cost price. Every garment j
of the best custom tailoring liuktd with high-grade materials and trimmings.
Specisi price, $11.50 each.
Values up to $29 50.
We also filer in connection with the above a large lot of Fire Coatl3uiu at the special
nr!ce, $19.75 each. These are the ends of our $36.00 lines, and r? present an unusual value.
They are fashioned of serges, and men's suitings, in strictly tailored and richly braided
etfecU; costs nre made semi-fitting and lined with peau de cygne. Colors are thoFe mostly
in demand?bl ok, navy blue, tan, wistaria, and light anrl dark gray. These are also ia
broken sizes, but it means a great saving to those who can be fitted.
Special price, $19 75 each.
Values up to $35 00.
Third floor--G 6t.
We have just received and placed on sale an attractive collection of Wash Skirta, of
white linene, poplin, and pique; some are plain gored, neitly tailored and finished with
side pocket, others are in side acd panel plaited eflecU, Also shown in tan and dark blue.
$1 00 to $3 75 each
Also a hsndecme line of White at d Natural Linou Skirts, in full plaited and hsnd
embroidered front panel effects. $5.^0 to $15.00 each.
Also showing a large line of Separate Skirts for traveling, dress, and general wear,
of panama, hri lliantine, voile, and silk, in all the latett and most des rable styles and colors,
including a full line of extra sizes. $5 00 to $16.50 each.
Third floor?3 st.
On account of the Confederate Veterans' exercises
today our store will close at 5 p m.
Bath Robes
We are now showing a new line of Men's Tur
kish Bath Robes and Slippers to match, made by the
well known firm of Joseph Yeska & Co , New York.
The firm employs the reputation of only making high
class merchandise, and we direct your attention to
the low prices we are asking for these high trade bath
Men's New Turkish Bath Robes.
Each $2.98, $3,50, $4.50, $5.00.
Men's Turkish Bath Slippers to match robes.
Pair 50c,
iirginia Military Institute
"The west point of the South"
Collegiate ami technical courses combined
**illi the rigid discipline of an army post, r
Virginia Cadets tuition free.
Lexington, Va. Gen. E. W. NICHOLS, Supt.
mylfi tje24 ni-w-f
Opera House
Shows that make
you laugh.
Moving Pictures you've
never seen betore.
700 Choice Seata 10c
300 Bilcony Seale 5j
Matinee daily 5c
\\7 ANTED.?Manager for Branch Office in
Alexandria, conducting building and
loin business. Man with experience in life
insurance or brokerage business preferred.
Apply THURSDAY, May 26lh,to N. P. Har
grave, "The Ramniel," Alexandria, Va.
may!7 td
COB BENT.?Two nearly new UOI'diStf.
~ WM. H. PF.CK,
roy21 3t Payne and Qiuen Streets.
The three story BRICK DWELLING, No.
1227 King street, containing nine rcoma and
all mcdern improvements. Immediate pos
my21 3t King and Royal streets.
Silk Savings
Worth While
[$1.75 and $2.00 40-inch
Imported Satin Foulards
At $1 00 a Yard,
40-inch Imported Satin Foulard*; soft,
beau'ifully lustrous; perfectly finished and
printed; pcsitively p11 pure *il*c; in navy,
black, tan, gray, brown, wis'aria, old roie
grounds with white dota and 6crolli<C 1
A good S2.C0 value for
85c 27-inch All-pure Silk
Rough Pongee
At 50c a yard.
27-incL Pongee; not too rough, but rough
l enough to be fashionable for this season's
wear; all pure s ib and in shades of navy,
brown, myrtle, reseda, olive, gold, old rose,
pink light blue, white, cream melon, smoke,
gray, cadet, wistaria, copper, black and
natural. Remember, all pure Bilk.L85c
value for i/v/L
420-426 Seventh Street,
If Old Mr Stork brought y^ur
friend into this world some
month of May?
You ought to get him or her
an Emerald. For?
"Who first beholds the light
of day
la Spring's sweet flow'ry
month of May,
Shall weir an Fmerald all
through life."
And bestof all- Emeralds are
so reasonable in price tbat you
can afford them as gift?, or to
wear yourself
We want you to see the rich
deep-coloredEmeralds we have
here. All sizes, shapes and
prices to suit Jevery taste and
Saunders & Son,
629 Kine Street.
Hard Crabs, Soft Crabs, Deviled!
Crabs and Crab Salad.
FOOT of;king SI BEET.
Open urt.l 10 p. r>*,
apr7 6m
are now showing the m > t batantiHl
liaeof 2x4 Passenger Lt>w.i Swings,
Gliding Settees, Porch Rockers, ai d Lawa
Swings from $4.00 up to $5.50. Rockeru
from 75cto$3.C0.
LAWN MOWERS. - Keen Kntte- Lawn
Mowers, every part guaranteed, from f4.50 to
$9 00.
GARDEN HOSE at 10c, 15, and 20c per
fool; all lengths.
Goods delivered Tel Ray, St, Elmo,
Roeemont and West FnL
621,62-3, 625 King Street.
DROP03AjLS?Proposals will t*j received
* until 12 o'clock uoon * rid?y, June 3,
1910, at the t fire of the Tity Engineer for ttm
furnishing of all material except pipe and the
construction of vitrified clay pipe sewers on
south Columbus streetj from WilkfB striet to
aboot<00 feet north of Duke street, and oa
Duke street from Columbus street, to Alfred
street. The right is reserved to retcijany
andall bids.
Clyurman Committee on Sheets,
nay 21 td

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