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Vermont Daily Transcript,
ST. AliUANK, VT. :
TUESDAY, .ItH.Y 14, 18(18.
Travelors' Guide.
UtlllVAI. Ill' l'ASSV.Vlll'.ll T1IA1NH,
l'ruiii the South mill Knut, 5,4H n. in., 10.50 n.ui.
t),'J3 p. in., 8,1.(1 p. in.
rimu limiM-V 1'iiliit mid t, fi,50 n. in., II.
." a in 7 1.1 p. in.
li hh Monti cat. II !' :i. m., 7 40 p.m.
in run mi: oi- i'ast.souii tiiaish.
l'ui' tin youth nnil Kit. n U i n, in., 12 Oil in.
h on p. in.
I'nr lioun-'M Point mill Wi'ft. fiiVi ii. in, 1101
n in 7 l'l p. m.
I'ur Moutre.i', (I III . in., il :0 p. in.
Pi-nut NuootshurKh mill VVaii!;IIii, 700 p, in.
l-'nmi ltlbjlford mill Sheldon, i'iOO p. hi.
lYnin .Slinlilnn. moo u. in.
hnin llnkcrstlcld, 11 00 u. in,
iiui,Y iiKiHinrm: or stahp.i kiiom si- ai.iian.
I'm- Prank lilt nnil .Swci-tMhurgh, 7 !!0a. in.
I-'or Sheldon ami Mcbfnitl. H :10 a. in.
l-'or Sheldon, 2 00 ji. in.
t llakerslit 111. 1 00 p. in.
Stages call at tin: M-vcial hotels in town. Singe
iiftU'i"" at 1 Ti..Hti1t llnilM'.
i (,ifilNn ni' i hi: MAJI.H.
Malls tut- NmV Ynrti vv at 00 n. in. mill 7 Oil
il m
A I j 1 1 . tor Iliiftuii iiIiim' at Ti a. in. anil 0110 p.m.
MipIm foi' Allmiiv mill tin.' Went close at ol On. in
Mails fur Cniiniln chine at "i 0 ii.m.
Southern mnl Xortlieiii way mail close at 5 Oil
a pi.
Qtpangcrsr Qujtje,
VIE Y M. C A meets even Monday evening
at thejr rmmi." over Will N. Smith s torc,
aili Sheet.
Ch.iiupliln Chapter Nn. I. 1! A. M. meets the
third Wednesday evening ill each month, at
th il' lull il Wlie.'ler's block, MainSticot.
Columbus ('niiiiell Nn. 1, It. .V S. JI. meets tile
Mii'iiel Wi'lnesil.i.v evening in eaeli lnnlitli, .it
tin II' li.il) itl Wheeler's I'.liii'li.
FiaiiMIn Lodge No. I, 1'. A- A. JI.. meets the
lii'st Wednesday evening in each month at tlieir
hall m Cnioli lilnck, Jlain Street.
K.iulm'iv Lodge Xo. SI R ,V A. V. meets the
fourth Weilnesilay evening in each month, at
tin ir hall in l'nioi I '.loci;. Main stleet.
Cr.tal l'i mil t a III Teliiph' iil'Ilimor No. I meets
evi i v Tnicilav evening at their Hall in liirnes
lllm I, 1 aki stieet.
M Alhiin.- Lodge Ni .VI, 1. O. uf (i.T. meets
i vt-n I'riilav i etiinj; at their llall in llarnes
liUu-U I.aK.'Street.
Ilismg nn I.n j;i' Ni , H I. O. of (i. 'I', mei'ts
eM I'v Saturday evening, at St. Albans Hay.
St .Mm the baptist I'.cncvolcut Sneiely (Ca
i inliani meets on the tlivt anil thiril Weilnesil iv
in ins; of em h month at their hr.ll over E. II.
1 ( i i'iii ton's Stove.
Cai.oiuc I'oinitv. The following
f pft'itiii'n of hot air jiootry with hunik'd
uh tlilH morning for publication. AW
advised tlit' younp niiin to K'lul 11
lit tlio Atlantic or l.nliixy, hut this
hi' (U'clini'il to do, iiivforilnglohiivclt
appear in thi'TitANseHiPT. So hurts got:
Tls eiiid the iiiglitMilc made lor lent.
Tho inoru t try the liss I can
The Mies In solid iolil.s infest
.My room, ami tiy to i at the mini
'I'liein's some mistake, lean'! endure.
Then' iiIhIiIh mi Xery, eiy hot.
'1 hole's some m'stake, I'm very sine.
Or else mine is the hardint lot.
The nun at noontide m.iki s me -eat,
And every pore to sadly eep.
Tim midnights, me still hottri yet
And naiy wink fur me to sleep.
dnuul Isle t'nitiiti HfjiiiMh-nn
('mi n III il ll.
The Union Hepithlieiin voter of
(ii-iinil Isle Count v are requested to meet
nt the Court Itou.-e in ortli Hero on
.Saturday, August T. 18!is,at 11 o'clock,
A. M., to nominate a Senator and
County Olllcein for t lie year ensuing.
11. H. Kkynoi.dh, )
.7. II. CitAMiiniiMN, M'oinniittee.
.1. M. II AWItKAN, I
oris. Circus
rmm tin llipi
H i oiitin llnildiiin-,
llth Stui t, opposite the Academy of Music, New Y'tult.
I'Olt I'ltKSlltKM',
kou vu'i: i'nr.sii)i:NT,
Local Items,
le-o IntereMliig matter, original or m;
lccti'd, may always be found on (lie fust
Oi'it iJAii.Y. Tliose wishing to secure
copies of our daily paper can do so at
Merrilleld's and Uukcr's hookstorcs, as
well as of carriers, and at the olllce.
Copies of our weekly naper may also he
had at these places.
Ut'TTint. It heingextriunely hot, hut
little butter was brought into market to-
(Ml tubs. Tlie price was IK) cents per
pound. With the thermometer at 101
in thu shade as it war to-day butter is
only common grease, after all.
Sad 15i:kkavmi:.vi'. The two beauti
ful and more than commonly intelli
gent children ol How A. 15. Swift, of
lOnosbuigh, a little girl aged about ten
years, and a little boy, aged eight years,
have recently died, and left a sad vacan
cy in a once happy home. Two more
truly beautiful children we have never
seen, and in their so great loss we be
lieve that the heartiest and truest sym
pathy will he extended to the bereaved
parents, by all who know them, or who
ever had the plcasureof seeing their chil
Al it. ,s. K. wants to Know now it is
that we do not put up the ticket under
our editorial head 7 We do not consider
a ticket in such a place very ornamen
tal, and no one who reads our paper
can mistake our position because of the
absence of the ticket in Mich place
While our venerable contemporary
gives the ticket in its editorial columns
we will give in such space the reasons
for supporting it. " You pays your
monev and you takes your choice."
Tin: I'ASSKXOKltH on the Champion
on Saturday afternoon were treated to
quite an exciting little episode during
the usually quiet run from the foot of
the Lachine rapids to Montreal. On
Hearing Victoria Hridge, it was discov
ered that three rafts, not more than 10(1
feet apart, were drifting slowly down
the channel leading to the centre pier.
As it warf impossible to stop headway
for llic ten minutes that would here-'
quired lu tloat them through, "Ruptlsto"
turned his steamer to the loft, and
dashed past the first in safety. On
uearing the second, however, it become
evident thai there would be no room to
clear the pier on thu port side, and the
Indian immediately put his helm hard
up to run across thu unwieldly bulk of
timber that barred the channel. 'Nearer
and nearer the two approached, until
"Kasohei, Capt'n; slop her, backwa
ter, Capt'n," proved that it was about
to be a close shave. Passengers began
to stand up, some mounted chairs, and
the ladies rapidly lost what colour the
lake breeze bad brought to their cheeks.
The guard of the steamer seemed to
fairly hang over the raft, as she passed
the outer corner, and commenced to
swing into the proper channel. In an
other half-minute, she had fairly come
round, and, side by side with the raft,
swept through the centre arch. "Well
done," " IJcautifully cleared," was
heard on all sides, and scores of fair
Americans looked up to the impertur
bable Iroquois as if ready to award him
a regular ovation. Captain Dunlop,
the popular commander of the Cham
pion, handled his bolls and watched the
exulting little nklruiish as ouiollv as if
he were bringing his ship into dock
rather than striving to clear it Irom a
decidcdlv unpleasant position. Mon
treal Hews.
von (ioviiiinoh:
of Rutland.
l'(ll LIMP V. (lOVKUNOIt :
of West Ji'aitiee,
JOHN a . P A
of Montpclicr.
KOI! i:i,itohs AT liAIKti::
(SKO. W. (IUANJ)KY, of Vcrgennes,
II. FA1H11ANKS, of St. .lohnsburw
ltlitlilicmi Ctiiuitij XtmiiiHilioHx.
H Jt A 1) U Ii V I! A U L O W .
of St. Albans,
II l'i N It V A . U It T ,
of S wanton,
of "I'juoshurgh.
W A Ii T 10 It C. S T 10 V 10 N S,
of llighgafu,
.TOIL N K . AY II 1 T N 10 Y ,
of Franklin.
Tnlhr Vi'iduhiI Diittji TiVimrriiil.
The Hot Weathov,
Political, etc.
kou .lUDtin ok I'ltonATi: :
Al Y 11 O Is W . 15 A 1 U
of St. Albans.
10 Y
KOU statk'k attohxky :
W 1 I, U A It I) K A U it I N (i T O N
of St. Albans.
kou kiikkikf:
J A Al 10 S 1'. 1' U A V, 10 ,
of llighgate.
I'Olt 111(111 llAIlill'K :
J U Ii I U S H A L 15 10
of Pairlax.
HII.l. A SAl'TOUI), Attorney at Law, and
Solicitor.s in Chaliccr, Olhee, Lake Street
AlhiuiH Yt.
I. Illi.l..
A. Ci.S.m i mil).
llKTruNi:i. AVe understand thai All
Klinn. for two years clerk at llic el-
den, and recently clerk at the Ottawa
House, Montreal, has " returned to his
tlrst love." and again may be found
cheerfully established at the Welden.
His old friends, who are many, will be
glad to welcome him back.
JOxTi.xnixii. Mr. .1. M. Seavey, who
has been the agent of the Massachusetts
Mutual Life Insurance Co., in this place
for some time past, has recently been
made agent for the whole state, and
Northern New York. Air. Seavey . has
proved a faithful and competent agent,
and lias won his promotion fairly.
1 have jiiKt rocciwd a laro lot of llrnt anil
Keeoinl ipia.itv oi Mono and i lima ware, com-
prinin two New mid lvecant I'attern.s called
''Oeii. llrant" I'.utenih. AImi a larire ntnek of
Cutlery, llhus anil Stone Waie, vhich I oll'ei- for
Hale elicap. Please call and nee before purchai--
iiiK e!clieic.
At the ... I I arrar iiloci., one iloor imitli of
(ieoi'-e 11. I'lirrar's.
t. AI1..1H-. Oct '21th. lflili. l.'.ii M
riJlllSci'lelnatted tlottin; Htalllon will erve
X niares the prei-eut M'li'-on at
Bakersfleld, Vt.
GltANl) Fl.()ltAli COXCHUT. It Will
be seen by reference to our adver
tisements that Mr. II. T. Proctor, with a
chorus of some sixty young ladles and
Misses will give Paroni's Operetta
"The Twin Sisters," together with a
choice selection of vocal and iustru
mental music, at Academy Hall in this
village, on Thursday and Friday even
ings, July and 24th. These concerts
will be well worth attending, and it is
to be hoped our citizens will turn out In
large numbers, thus showing their ap
preciation of Mr. Proctor's etlbrts to
furnish St. Albans with first class voca
and instrumental music. Mr. B.D. Hop
kins, and George E. Kinsley, the gen
tlenmnly leader of the St. Albans
Brigade Band, who are hosts of them
selves, it will be noticed are to tako
part in the concerts.
Caution. During this hot weather
care ought to be taken of the canine
race. Dogs should be muzzled, for if
tluy d3 not become rabid, thehotweath
er tends to irritate them, and they may
cause needless fright. A gentleman of
our acquaintance was bitten by a dog
last evening, while quietly walking
home to tea. If the dog was not mad
he was ; and though he is in no appar
ent danger, wo doubt not that the dog is
on his "last legs."
Locomotivk Fihk.mkx's Uxiox.
Little do people who have snug houses
and homes ever take time to consider of
the great perils that always surround
the live- of IOngincers and Firemen of
Bailroad Corporations. They get aboard
ol a train (or instance, at St. Aloans,
seat themselves very comfortably on the
cushioned seats, awaiting of course very
anxioualv the time they may arrive
safely, at their place of destination
while doing this they seem to heed not
that their safety is due entirely to the
careful management ol two men, the
Engineer and Firemen of the train
that carries them. But such, however,
Is the fact, and tlierefoie we say that
too much praise cannot be accorded the
men who have in charge the lives of so
many people
The TitANSi'iui'T has on several occa
sions made mention of the lOngineei
lJrotherhood of St. Albans, and to-day
we nave to announce ine organization
Columbus is so well Known in FranKhi 'mm
tv that it is hardlv necei-saiy to nay a word ef
hi value to f.irmeis who wi.h to raii-e valuabh
Colts were universally Known its trotters, lie
Colts Maud vetv hiu'h hi New York. He n ac
KiiowleilL'ed to he the best Stallion, and
tool; the lin t lneinium as Mich, at the West
chester County l'air. At thu rciiuent of many ot
the mo-it liroininent men of Kranlilin County Yt.,
his nreM'iit owner consented to let him and
tlie urcsi'lll season lor .uaren. in oritur in trive
entire satisfaction to nil of the many friends ol
the horse, the urice has been tixed low. The
ax el aire hemht ol his colts is from 15 to 111 bauds
high, mid weight from 10 to 1,'Jiiu lbs.
ai.j-tr .ujjiAiu.u v. i-ujiiii.ii
rennaiii'iiUy established during tin grc.iti r portion of the ear in a splendid Ii mi Kdillco in the
City of New ork, which is well Known throughout the country as the
JLaOSLtcLizo-s; Circus cyT Jjsoa.GicGi
And which, the present seaHim, with its
Never bi fmc presi nled ill America, will bp enabled to
oiler cnti 1 tiiiimients of marked originality and exciting
iiitciist. far Mil-passing anything hitherto witnessed on
this side of the Ml-mtie. 'The public iipprocintion ol
tin ( rfoi manees given bv the New Yorli Circus, not
only in the ( it;- of New York, but also during its former
. ninmer exclusions, has stimulated the management
to renewed eseitions, and it is eontldcntly assorted as
In joiul the powi r of contradiction, not only that the
1 11 ifomanecM of the t'roiiDe during its present tour will
I foirid Siiiiiilm in any ever iiivcn In Hits
I'.ut that the company is in all respects
There being no Kipicntiian establishment in all
i'ni-ooe conmi i-di g so many lirst-class artists, or so
mi-:i iiitiicly novel anil -I i lU.ngh etl. etive smeiaiti'-s as mix. rust M'asoii tit America ot
rile (.'AltOiaWE ItOI.i.AM), tbe Phenomenal Eqiiestrieiino, who supasscs the most ilanng
feats accomplished by other ii:o rideis on a pail, upon a horse wttl.out saddle or brnllel llusex
traordiuarv artiste was e.igntrcd' in linglmnl at enoinious epensc by an agent sent thither for the
purpose of sc cniing the 1 , ladv tide'r in Kir.oj c and only arrived in this country in Aiiril. Her
iistoioiiliiei Di il'oi einnee mioii : l'.aie-llacl; Sleed throw into the shade all ,ue ions displays of
female I'.oiiestiiaiii-un iceii in the I'lnted States and cannot be paralleled ill any exhibition in
r.urope or Aniericn. Included in the brilliant array ot
World Renowned Artists
Attached to the New York Circus will be buuid the
mimes ot Itontrt Miclaiey. the Ureal Anieni-m r. ,ru-
ll.icl; liiih r; the Comad lirot hers, Champion i! nin.ists
of the World: William button, the intrepid Somerset
liider, with his infant son, A rthtir ; tin- Iiuunells
I'mnilv.who bine no couals in any couittrv in the Clas
sic School of (lymastics ; HI Nino Kddio, the liny Won
der, who although a mere child, surpasses Uloiidm in
dillicitll feats upon the Tight Hope. Uerbeit 11. Wil
liams, the greatest of l-.nglish Clowns, engaged in
London expressly for the pn sent traveling season to
getln r w th (he gre itent i'oreo of Daring Itaro
liack Hitlers, At coiuplinhed Acrobats Classic
(Jyni. lasts, Comi'-.il Clowns, Slack IIopu VanHers, l'us
tiire .Masters, ICipiilibrists, Yoltigi-U'.-s. Tumblers ir.d
l'l-.utoiiiiinists, Kvcr brought togel'nei-in th's euuntry,
iiivo'n ing a greater Expenditure lor l-v.tlarie- than is
iiicuiTid iv any four traveling eimip.iniow, and embrae
ing more first clas.s Aitists than can be found in any
Ciiimslli the Wot Id. First se.tsim in America of Conratl's
l'i am London and Talis. The largest and bent stud of beautiful and highly trained
And tlio most brilliant wardiobe, trappings and appointments to bo found in Europe or America.
The Piogramiiiu of pel fornianci s arranged fur the present season will be distinguished by
novelty, vaiiety ami sterling merit, includiilg nianv entirely new acts, never belorc
given in tliis country, with others that are original with and peculiar to the
New York Circus, anil can be witnessed in no other establishments
all the vast resources of this magnilicoiitly appointed es
tablishment will bo called into leipiisitiim .it every
entertainment to turiusli a display ot
Dashing Horsemanship and Classic Olympic Games !
Which for Novelty, Variety l.lcgance and ecituig interest will bo loiilid lulinitely Kiipenoi
To anything ot the ui'nl liilhei tD witnessetl in America.
The Entire Mammoth Troupe
petings. Sheetings, J'ry and l-.iuey liooil-. ,ve.,
a,-. in ii Jn t - M itt l n t', giwng tun iiaiUeit
lars: or 'I'wilvc ( lur.i. sent lor One lio.lar,
describing tve,r tilllerelil ni tielcs which we Will
sell for One Hollar I'.iu li.
Kir Lathes and gt utleiiieu .Minted as Agents,
to whom die most liberal inducements are tiller
ed, and satisfi ctitiu guarantied in nil eases.
Mto.ufiu tuwrti' Ayfnln,
III t; III! l-'K.in-'.HAI. STllKK'i',
20S-ly lltiMton, Mass.
of a Locomotive Firemen's; Union, KJ1
1H1COT .Inckets at W.M. N. SMITH A- CO'S.
? call
To solicit 01 tiers lor
either on eninmission
all kinds of marble work,
or bv the month. One
use to the business prcfcired. Apply by letter
u. VI . Ulllf...
or personally,
St. Aihans, April uuth, isiis.
which has rented a Inreo room in tlie
seeoml Ktory of Driseoll's new Jloek,
on Lake Street. The obeet of the Union
i.s the wune in kind and degree as that
of the .Engineer lJrotherhood, the pro
motion and best interests of those who
are iiremen of the Vt. Central, Vt. &
Canada, ltoads. AVe welcome this or
Kani.ation as one calculated not only "T7"NOMY styles of Soring Hats mid Cups at
t l..w.OMl,o liwlivlilimlu fnr whnsiuy. M-1- " ..
UVlll.(t mv ... ....
lieeial benefit it is gotten un, but for tho
eonununity at large-
Mr. AVesloy Howe lias kindly furn
ished us with tlie list of olHcers of No.
17 of tlie Locomotive Firemen's Union
as follows:
A Superior article of Grnlimn Flour, for
at thu storo of IIAUNES A- CROWLEY,
d;i:i.tr i.aiio street.
.vim Will In at W.i'eronry .uu
The New York Ci
July 28th.
Knun the New York circus, in Fourteenth Street.
Nt. lurk, will appear at every perlormance.
Prof. Charles Boswold's Opera Band,
l-i tun New York, acoomuanics the Troupe
i) ThiK comiiany travels entirely by railro.id, on
siueni trams c hartereil lor the luiriiose, anil consu
ipu i,t) the pel formers and horses como into the
ai. na in sh and active, instead of being laded mid
ve'ii down bv wearisome night travel over rough
No Catchpenny Side Shows
Aie allowed with this Establishment.
u isioii iili t flits. ( luldreii under 111 years, a,
ni'.. No standing Itoom. Seats for all. Doors
it 'J and 7. Grand i.ntrce at 'M ami 7 r Ji.
iffi" TicKi'ts for sale at a
H. HUNTINGTON'S Jewelry Store
2lth, at ltichinond .lulv '25th. at llur'ington
C. W. rULLEIl, Agent
Ni:v Yolk, July 14.
i'lie ITnioii League Club of this city
recently tendered Edward M. Stanton a
banquet, lul he has returned an answer
declining the honor.
Vnother hot day has started, modifed
very slightly by a westerly breeze, The
heat yesterday was said to be tlie most
intense that has been known in New
York for four years. A very large num
ber of iiersons were found on the street
insensible from heat, two of whom died
during tlie day. Thirty-seven persons
were taken to JJollevuo hospital, three
of whom died.
About 7 o'clock last evening as the
steamer Peter Low, with two barges in
tow laden with pleasure-seekers, was re
turning from a pie-nie, while a landing
was being made at lfi'id street, a little
girl whose name has not been ascertain
ed fell overboard into the water. Ollleer
Corbelt, of the.'Wd precinct, was stand
ing on the dock, and seeing the child
fall sprang into the water after her, and
both were drowned. While tho otllcer
and girl were struggling in the water, a
general rush of passengers was made to
the side of the vessel, when the railing
gave way and about a dozen persons
were precipitated into the water. It is
supposed that some of them have been
drowned. A number of hats supposed
to belong to passengers who fell over
were picked up in the water. The sad
occurrence created a great deal of excite
ment in tlie vicinity.
New Yoitic, July 111.
The master masons hold another
meeting yesterday when it was stated
that the owners of buildings in the city
hud, many of them, agreed to wait for
the end of the strike, ft was also stated
that the German strikes had broken up
their organization and ivere returning
to labor under the ten hour rule.
Pohtsmouth, July 14.
Wilbur li. AVait, a Dry Goods Mer
chant of this city of excellent Htanding
committed suicide early this morning
by severing an artery in his arm. He
was round about 4 o'clock on the pave
ment of .Louden street several stores
from his place of business. Trouble
witli his wife so distressed him in spirits
that self destruction was tlio result.
New York, July, 14.
Tlie Exceutivo Committee of tlie
Union Republican Committee Presi
dential Campaign Club, hild a meeting
last evening. Resolutions were adopted
endorsing the nomination made at Chicago.
The Syracuse Conventions recom
mending Hon. Win. M. Evarts to tho
position of U. S. Attorney General and
thanking the Democratic Convention
for tlie selection of candidates for Presi
dent and Vice President.
Gold opened this morning 1,42. De
clined l,41f.
pi II !
ON AND AFTER MAY 25th, 1868,
i: mi
to eiholdoil, Ufa fill-
Life Insurance Company !
1 1
Ol-" NEW YOltlC.
Will run from St,
lows :
M. Carliss,
R. A. AVells,
Sidney liliss,
Marcus Rice,
F. McCarty,
Vice Master.
Door Keeper.
BSTMischief that may be helped is
hard to know," said Lord Brooke. Rut
the mischief that time would work on
the human hair may be forever avoided
by tlio use of Barrett's Vegetable Hair
Restorative," which never fails to bring
back tlie hair to its original beauty.
liochcatcv Democrat.
LC. I.KAA'KXS, Successor to II. II. Uow
. mail. l-'lour and Grain Merchant. Choicu
brands of 1-lour always on hand al low prices.
Nt. Albans, May 1.1, lHltf. JKI tl
r1t) l-'AltMEltK AM) OTIIEltS. The sub.-crib-X
ers having imri-haacd and titteil up in good
order, the oolen Jlul at Hwanton l ulls, lor-
meiiy known ns l'httt s 1 ac.tory, nto now prc
nareil to tnmuit'aeturo Cloths or Yiirn for cus
tomers, or cxclmii0 thu wanto for wool, A lib
i-ral ahum of patronaj,'o solicited, and satisfae
tion "tnirnnteed.
N. II.- Office ill south end of Factory, where
may ho found tho hooka mid accounts of tho Into
it..'. . , ni .1 .. 1M..1.I
in in oi rtau iv itiiiMcy.
21'j-tr MEIGS fi HINKLEY
X BaL's of all kinds, at
Lcae St. Albans every dav nt 2 o'clock p. in.
Arrive at Sheldon at I o clock p. m.
Leave Sheldon at 8 o'clock a. in. Airivo at St.
Albans at 10 o'clock a. m.
11. .IEN.MSON, rropnetor.
St. Aihans. May 2.1tli, iwr-l. ilJii-tf
l'lKi.'iiix Mutual Lite Insiuuiici! Co,,
A favorable opport unity is presented to ener-
Kotle mid reliable Imsiue.-s men who can tluvote
tlieir entire timo nunc niihiuess, to reiueseiit
tliis old. staunch, and most hucccsbIuI Liie Com
pany, in unoccupied territory ill the State ol
Vermont. Tho nimiy popular features peculiar
to tho Hut-nix Mutual, mid the great advantages
it offers to the iusurin;; public its fieedoni Irom
restriclioiin on lr.iel and occupation -it non
forfeitable policies itn liberal premium nystcui
the economy of the maliag incut, and itn birec.
annual dividends, rendi r it the ino.-.t prolltablo
Com; any to Agents dcMi-ons of ii-.di.ing a hand
some competency by their entorprihc and ener
gy. Apply to C. L. BA1SCOOK,
Statu Agcnl l'lui'iiix Mutual Life Ins. Co.
dli-tf Union ISlock, lluthtnd, VL
CLOTHING, Clothing for Spring at
Wai. N SMITH k CO'S.
All Policies by their terms Non For-
I'm filn oil Divided Aiiwikj 1'olk-i
G-eneral Ae:ent For Vermont.
"It Work's Like a Charm."
ltenne's 1'iiin-Killing aiagie Oil cures lleud-
licnno s Pmn-Kilhug Magic Oil cures Tooth-
Ileum h IViin-lulling Jlngio Oil cures It rural-
Henna s ram-luiuug .uagic, un curca iiiiuici u
ltenne's rain-Killing aiugic Oil cures llhmt-
ltenne's l'ain-Kilhng aiugic Oil cures Lame
Iteiiiie s rain-hilling aiagiu Oil cures Skin
Somo folks Hccnt to ho proud of telling how
"lame their shoulders aro" of my crick m tho
back" or. "I have uot Iho Sciatica ' anil de
light in bratiging that "nothing canicuro inol'-
hut when wo get sucli "awiiti ioiks" to ttso
lteene'M 1'ain-KiUiiiir Jlawc Oil, laithtullv. wo
not only euro their lameness and charm away
tlieir pains, out wo actually tauu an tuai. i.inu oi
"Drag out ot tiiemr. aim tnoy iraimiy own up
mid say, "It works like a charm 1"
So U by nil lirugglstM, .iiercnants ami urocetM.
war. IlENNE,
Solo proprietor anil manufacturer, rittsticld,
Mass. isa-cow-iy
To C)HHlllll)tl YDS,
alHE ltev. Edward A. Wilson, will send (free
of charge) to all who desiro it, tho prescrip
tion with tlio tiirections lor mailing ami using
the simple reinedv by which ho was cured of a
lung affection anil that dread disease Consump
tion. His only object is to bonellt tho afflicted
mid ho hopes every sullerer will try this proscrip
tion, as it will cost them nothing and may prove
a blessing. I'loaso iiddresH , .
Ill', . VdUWAHV rt. iliunun,
Williamslmrg, Kings Co.. New York. IGU-lv
At tho present timo there is much competition
V ii.. I.............. Ciiniiiiiiinu niwl nianv
llllioilg i.lie ionm.wii.ii ,
n.r.niiM ni.) far tot) regard ess ot tho truth, m
statenients whi n ftoliciting for risks, hence it is
nil important for persons intending to insure
their lives, to insure only with agents whom
tliPvknow to be reliable, again it is always most
siitihlactorv for parties assureti to navo men
rlfcl.-M with Local audits, then there is no dilllcul-
tv or danger of Ions in transmitting pieniiums. "l;rt
l'eraons inleuding to insure their lives will Und 1YX
it for their advantage to hoo tho agent of tho THE ONLY RXlIalABIiB REMEDY
Cnnv.liini M nt n:il beforo iiiMii-iinr elsewhere. ...
d-:il-lt.-.w-221-lv. For those brown 'discoloratltms on tho laco is
- -- . ;,0 .rT .MTTrT " l'ciry's aioth and l-'recklo Lotion." Prepared
iun M-IU.M. '''7p only by Dr. li. 0. l'eny, I'J lloud St., flowxoru
XA Kt' M. N. SMITH A COb, ni Sui,i cvervwlierc. Bii-210-Cm
vroiITHS ClothiiiL' of all kinds at
Y war. N. SMITH A CO'S.
fi O TO
JC I'utei
tent Moulded Collar.
CO'S for Gray's

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