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Clarke courier. (Berryville, Va.) 1869-1997, December 20, 1899, Image 1

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The Clarke Courier.
Vol. xxxi. Berryville, Va., Wednesday. December 20. 1899. No. 44.
ir?IC CLARKH O H'klKk.
i.M5 WO ?.\ ?m* ILL KIN lbs
? i : ?. -
? -?^ >AI.I. BILLS,
?.il.t I 1.A?.S,
\i. BLANK8, ?v?.. ?v. .
v?. ute.i promptly ano aeatiy and at fair
kfj"-.l011 .\<>i*K must he paid for upon
. ?>rv
I ?te
I f i y
? -
Mtiaf?U Mafirnilek. 11 11 M? ? ?.nni? k.
Mirshall McOormick & Son.
W?* have fotSSed a ??artin-rahip t
a?v Ml l'usine**.?? v\ill i.*?-?*i\.* p-..?n|
, ? n r ? ?u l'hnr.l? H tn < ..??ri houae
W. T. Lewis,
* rTtlKM V \Mt \N.
?.ill ati ??1 t<? any loixiu?-??- c<>mm?t
him in tn?* ???'iris of ' Markt? ami adjoining
,,,,.?!,. tal att?*i:ti?'ii given t.. coll?e
' , .? >n 1 "liiin-li str?s t ticarl-. .p|H?
j! t.l.?ly
Q-iles Cook, Jr..
?attend i ? any bu*?im*ss committed to
in the <"?r?-nit <*ourt ?if ?Mark?- county
Sam'l. J. O. Moore,
? lT*-TOKNKY-.\T-L?A-*V,
practice in the courts of ? ?ark?-, t>???!?
Warren ami ?Loudoun count
i fourt of Al?p?-als of the ?9tati
? m the l*. ?***? wurt at Ha?T?8onbiirg
Dr. Gh H. Oliver.
..r s,.\,ral y?ar?? a {"-ivate pupil of Prof. J.
liodgkin, ami a graduateol the ?Baltimore
.?liege ??f l?*-ntal Sur '<*rv. has located p?-r
nanently in Merry vilb*. \ ?
Nitroua <?\iih* <?as adminiaTtered.
Orrtca In RuaeelTa building, ..\.r
hippitt'a Drug Store.
I>:: m il? i ;miit.*.i ? ?>
EYE -ai I \ I?
II? ItTlt- i-. *>i . '. t.. s ,
134 *V Winchester, Va
Oft? '?111
S. DeLancy Hicks M, D.
7 W 3t., - -
I\ ??
/ oiilv
..: Et ? . !.. \ ? in?l Tl
Dr. Hick? will l>e al Mr? IH'ahl *? ??u llie
I ?m t day I 'M ca?h mon' li
i?? i i\ ?lasses i i i;\i-m:i?
is ai i>y
eau - nir ?a
blood. k- ?a
in irifier
that h lest
for thi. irs
?Jo.? lis
LSar?r ri ?ta
? It has ti i. ?usan d s of
happy friends. Quart
Bottles sell e\ cry
where at .c"
"THfi MICIIH1AN l?i.?t*. CG.UPANY.*'
Dctr.?;*. Mich.
Iaircrett?**? fo: Utrtar ?
Tha Fatuous I.il.e l?r?r PUla.
.1? HA l"!????V
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
Itar tificially d igest s t he fixid anil aids
Nature in strengthening and recon?
structing the exhausted digestive or?
gans. It is the latest dit*covercd digest
ant and tonic. No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It In?
stantly n?liev?^sand permanently cures
-Oyspepsia, Indigestion, Heart burn,
Flatulence. Sour ?Stomach, Nausea.
?Mi other results of imperfect digestion.
Prepared by t. c De Witt A Co.. Cfclcag?
\\\ I. It tl .V l. I t.-t ? s
Marbe & ?rauite Wo
' ?>i Qstt>*SJS Sad North Stn-.-ts.
Diehl ?V Bro..
MaiHit'ii?*tui?*r> ??t
slat?* ami Marhlc
Mantles, Tinng*
ami all kiikI? of
Ba?ding Marble and Sandstones.
AU (?nier*? promptly tille?! at the lowest
ratea All work ni?Hrunt?t*il.
??ep '??-j
Kotir room dwelttns Hosss uml Lot on
?South Main Str?*?t. Stahl??, com ho<SM CSr
**ih>*?? ?hoaae, an?l running wuter through lot.
Price S4*?0.
HorsE AMI LOI on Real Main Str?*.t.
Merry ville. HotSSS in **????tl repair and con?
tains .r> rmims.
?MALL BO?8I on Main Strce?. ?hit
???IC Kitclwn and HiiiiuiiiK \Vat?-r. Very
low i?ri?-??
pplyto |>. t. {turnas.
AFTtR t ? MU
My cal. at ?
? :i. ??. t.
' ?
An.l ?'
An.t .. .Iriftin,- ued ?tritt
To ?I- ., ., .
To atfeSai ' ?antee.
0* ? '" I rtet
Do I in. in. tl..?t ti.?- .
""?'? '"*? ?? 'tan i.*?-tr
1 :?.?f m??
TTaai rit
I'm **akta*a
T?-tal v? ?
??f .
Ttiat tr??? tliat ?
1 ' " ' * - ;ht!
W? aigh a ?
\"r ?. i ? ;.. : :?,. -?
. th.-??iii{li a u r : ., :,.) it-, liatr
1 ? aw ill.- ?
Thc-f ax? th?*rr. i
Ih*? **rorl.| aii'l ?
Ar.'l ?!.?/ wt
For nayi?..
? ' ? v. ^
?Jt ?
I k?
DM *?r?j
The lagkt
a*J ?Irif? in I lie
la??.? kl.
! The Perversity . j
011104 '*'
\ t ... ......t Ivo Ttn?t
. V |*J N..I !?.??.:.???
?,? aa??l "?"? ?i*? ?t i.f?t !??
*' t?. M <?I
Eleves huutltvi :i".?i four wa?
;it lociumtt Ivc, n little bigger, hut
m> lutter, than otli? * ? ' her
Mosl.-v, wl ? her, >?> -is
ilk?* her. li? fair, sv?
??iigim-.-i ami tha. wan all. And yd
when s not her man wetu out on ihe
en-four sh?* would l.-iy down on
iiim eight titm-s out "i ten
And s.? it foil out that, while she ?Ii?l
i??-r work wllllngl*? and w?!i w Hi M? -
;;!>??ar?l. slic ga.n?*.l n had nanio.
The conductor, ?coming ?nit with ih?
orders, always gh.ui**ed up luto the ?at?,
ami If Mosloy were I here It?' n
smile. otherwltM be wouhl frown. Ami
If Moslej ?amo out with snother en?
Hint- tin? conductor would he Ju
unhappy M-osley and the 'l.< \<n t"<?ui
wem together, or they dkin'l
?m?* night an extra man weni out,
?a* rallar, started out, with the l ?
four At the rerj last-ditch leaving
the yards abe hn iwltcb brklle,
??linil'?-?l the rail, turned over oq ber
. Jammed ? ?tie Into the
saml ami ?jobbed ber l?i?
Twenty-four hours later, when sh?*
Mood upon ber feel again, tbej pi
ln?r Into the back shops u? be o.?*i
liaulc?! ami {Minted, ami In that way
Moeley g??t ?another ten days waiting
fur ber.
.?motivo engineers sre notorious
!y ?. iperstitloua To i??- sure, there arc
except inn*- I w as ?>m* ?>l 11m
?The fireman of a pusher that
when the head eugines slip the puaber
will aliimst Invariable i'?.? up The
bead engines slip btecauae ihej have
found a sharp curve, i??u thai would
m?t cause tin? pusher, lying back on a
?tangent. i<> "dip. Bui sh?? \, ill slip, and
y??a will .sec tin? ?ln\ei open tin? saml
valves th?' moment be bears the lit*a?l
engine ?going or ?sees the lire shoot ug
til? in a solitl stream or feela the weight
of tin? train suddenly up St his
?pilot luir.
.Many g<?o?l and plausible rca?xoni
t hi**? i*esponslre or ans*? ei
lulgbf be pul forward, i?ut t?> the mind
of th?? average engineer it is a ayui
pathj strike pure ami simple ?me ?*u
glne feeling for another. Why, l have
known men who w.?;!i?i arg?e thai *
loeoinoi i\ ?? would not ?>n!\ svmp.i?
\??ii!i a sister ?:i. \ne, bul w??tikl SCtUSl*
l\ frrieve for a -dead engiu? er Bear
Ing ami ?seeing these things for years,
tin* newly promoted engine driver ear
lies with lilm. conseioualj or un-con*
sclously, a ?certain amount ?>f super*
s tit Ion.
(?m? day when I was ? bostier the
master met ?ban ? sent for me. I w?-nt
lut?? ih?- ??Hi?-?' and came oui an engi?
neer To !>?? sure. I bad expect??! ?pro
motion some day. but not i ha I day,
though I knew thai ?someboiiy would
?he promoted to take Mosley's place, for
Mosley was dea?!. The master roe
ehanlc ha?i run me aroumi others, but
BO on?? ct>tii|?lalne<l.
Ohl runners had shied nt tin- l.even
four when Mosley was alive. Wim
WOUld want her DOWl Slie was eount*
e?l ^unlucky" then Bbs would I??? extra
hazardous now.
Of l*?uirse it (lit! not follow nCtvs?
ly that sh?? ?would fall to me, i?ut shs
?u?l, nml the Oral nlghl oui l sesnaed Is
feel the iirtu res! still wann where
the lat?> luckless ??ugineei* had l?*am'.l
watching tin* glistening rail beneath
his pilot.
Noah, tin? ohl fireman, bsd refuse?!
at first t?? g<? ?>ut with m?*, hut there
Was no t?tu? tt> take his place, ami lit?
was f??rc??tl to go. To Ibis ?lay 1 MS
that fircninii's sa?l. bony fa?-??.
He seemed at flrsi to ?resenl my
pres??uce on the right ha ml sMe, and I
b?\gnn to PBSaWl blS resentment The
lu-atl l?rak??tnan ask?*?! him. In the Ian
gunge of th?? ?'al?o??se. "What was ??atin
him." N?>ah saltl nothing ami sighed
As I w??nt nbtuit oiling the engine I
h??nr?l the fireman tolling the brnk??
?Mia how she lind l?ehav?-tl when Mus
h'.v laid oft nml an extra man had
g??m? out on the 'l.even f??ur
"If sh?'M d?> thai tlieti. what'll she
do to *em now; what'll sh?> ?lo to this
chippy runner?" The hrakeman shook
his head.
Vt l.??.t. aft? r inu.ii tiring, the Hn
man Kuecec?lod in getting the t'UgfJM
(ami tin* engin?*ert hot. am! a
vent tin?-? . ngims and 1?"? loads for
Ih?* f??oti
In th?* val!?*y tin* "I.??ven four ?lid
fa rl\ well, but th.* moment w ?? bit
henry grsuue -IT :??t to the mile
she began t?. . ut up The point??r ??n
th?? etaana ?gauge began t?. go back
ba. k. I shu off the Injector t?. all?...
ber to ? p i. up." ami when th?* i
was . I ' |
g" I ti ? i to put <?n the i?ui
to ? ?! lift It ?would
Mai t
but wl ? i * ? i the ?rater the blue
cocks h?>t
an?; I
? ? lier ?row nshe.t
win? were ?helping me
up th?- hill Im _-.-m t?> whistle me ?ahead.
Ah. that Im ^a!l t.i a young i ?inner.
\t ?hurt we hail !?? ? bol once more,
and now abe began to do my ??Imr?' ??f
the wo.-k I ,. 1 her immerelful?
ly, but the harder I bit ber th.? hotter
ah?? *.: ? \? ah w ou Id ? r?*
p i glance at ? ?
i be knew ?thai
the was onl]
? that I was b?
In m\ anxletj * ? -a?? I
had fotrgi '?? ?i a " ? ap ami w s
m?*?-? w. p of a ?tl
an ???! fine
While dodglu . In ami oui of the ?*ai>.
wrestling with the saml lever an
by againaf tin* eah a ad ?t ??!i??t
led i ?
ley i
? ? ;
! with :i
? f ;
in to
i ? >i.i?i <??*.
I'?. ? ?lu1
at the I
and dead in
? ?in th?
tier exhaust,
nml tu* . pilot bar.
Moalej ! :.?! !???? ?h driver, am!
ju?t over the furua? be bad i
! ! edged mirror f? lenetl
iddcnlj i i up. glano ?
m? ? th?' mil a Mo-i?
i . l hail < ??. bltu, s earinf
i ti.? brown eap that be had won
e.l h.s last !
\\. II, ii -..i*? ?? me a atari, though ;
not at all sti| In a mo
thai l was weal?
ing the cap that bad l??<ii worn 1?\ tin
drivti r and . for the firs
thai \\?' ha?! looked alike, had th?
Millie hah. the sal II. brown mus
? and neai 1} t lu* sa Th?
.. bad glvcu in?- for tin
leni the sa m?* ruddj ;;low that ba?
been ids. lu short, we were
i? thai be had been handsome and
wa - not
1 was unroinfortable Climbing u|
t?. my place again. 1 s.i?! .?> Noah tha
the ? ap was t?>?> small for me and ?-x
chuii.-.*?! with him without asking hi
con? ? r.
1 w n?ch?'?l Noah. The first tinn* h
night of himself in the mlrro
he put up his bands again. tti?>k ??IT th.
cap, folded it csrefully, i?ut it luto hl
elothea bos and lied a lug red au<
white handkerchief sboul his bead.
I'.\ tiiis linn' m\ two helpers ba?
hauled me u> the t?>p of Hi?- hill, wber
l held the '"Leven-four w i?l?? ??pen fo
ten minutes to ?save her erownshec
for there was scarcel} enough wat?.
in the lower gauge to wet a j?
Ma :
in a little while we w? re golug ?l?>w
the mountain ?dowly, tin? heavy eni
??leaking .?n the twisting, eurviug tral
ami that ami the low hi of tl?
air pump was all we could hear. Pros
?ntly tin* big black engine began t
i nnd fall. AI first It ?seemed th:
I ? !.ml? tin? rail am! th? n fs
b Into the groove .??'-?a n Now s!
m Nos
initie?*?! it ami glanced over at in??. Tl
whole huge bulk ?>f machinery woul
lilt ami Tali, robbing ?ike a trouble
"What's the matter with her now.
I asked. *'l >.?! von ever sir her ?do tin
before V"
"Not exactly tiias." sa;?i Noah. "l'\
se? n her cut a ?goCMl many ?apers. bi
nothing like this."
"Well." he added after a ?pause, "
*?ii?*'ll tote m?* In ties time I promit
never to bother hei sgain," ami I sa
the fireman <*r??ss himself.
**They don't bave no mercy on a I
comotive." Non h went ?>n. starii
?through the narrow window in front <
Um. "Engine a- it had time
grieve "
Well, now that he bad mentioned 1
I ?roukl ce that the greai engine w?
no'*!'m; silently ihrougta ih?' nlgl
heaving ami falling like a troubk
breast, though, as i n?marked before,
was never Ihe least hit Ruperslitloua
As w<? lay ?tn the skiing a? Shawat
waitiu ? ???i No. 10 I t.???i? the torch
I????!, her over. 1 notked a bright bat
?round the center of the axle of tl
p a.? t. ick 'fin* from end ?>i the f?
?ward equalizet had dropped ao that
rest?.' OU the axle when she had h
nose down hill, ami the a\U?. revol
ing. ivoukl draw Ihe e?p..*.k/.??*.? f-orws
ami In it up. lifting the engine un
It ? ?-I ??" no ; Then ?>?? ith
mii!iii i ! ??;> ihe machinery would fi
back lu i?'.:?tf again.
I ?called \ sh end tried it? explain
! that ti;.- might !??? the cause of
'. but in* mil) smiled sadly
i l.'-M-u four. She
? 11 1???
I a? the t. amir? ?1 an ?.??v??n If she
up." be went on; "only she'll
ne\ ? i kill anj body.**
I w rote ' ?;?? work
book St I of ..? -i ' be run ami
; round
? a busy ?la *..!?'. . i..i 1
.; back tin- foil?? ?-.
u ? ? ?pushing that night, and
when we bad
? ' u to slip
? wo bead eng
It was
motives, all ?
ing th?? benefit ??! the rail that I
ha?) i?e?*ii sanding all a!<?
walking into us with t ' ? : and
lit ?>f an ocean liner .
.tist a fioatii
I -dared t?"* whistle them down, for
the ei it the front of my
and shut ??IT. an
? the danger t.? the 'Lleven
about to be crus
I shouted to Noab t?> ??<?;
tank, ami then the ?
l?'.'i> w as burl ?It.? an
? Noah t
never tii.i any *g?ood she only
!?? for ??i ii?! ?. ami finally .
I ber Dumber. 11 ey p
?t of
know about tin* ii
born ?
S'atii'.ia;? .it??! the I'.al'l ?'hila
built :
for p i their i
.: and 1 ?
The 11
honest s nd true, llei
n. w !i it
ed the 1:
??: w il?! hap all candy in
ti* w paint int.? tin
and that was
adclj Ding I'?
\ l.l ?. *-i > on??.
? drum i
In th?* I? Itusscll
a ?den? fellow, lithe
but i.
him :
? '?A hat > bet tl
taut start from lier?- and run around
.a ?*ii*? minut?
"I'll lift j ou s."? tlii; ? :?'t."
??All -
In a few seconds il roumlcd the
corner <>f ? '<?: * what
Seeine?! ?lot It OdS lie?
i coming t ?li
ti. ami t?> th?? ? aston*
Ishnieut the sh?-k ;??;* again
et?nod before hin. I rummer was
; foi* tin- mx: and didn't
t?> until. i? stoj? in
front of the hotel, he ? mys
terious sprinter stau?! the plat?
form waving adieu. Next to !;;::t stood
his exa? ' eounterpn i
th?* same mol io\.
"Humph!" sai?! th.- i the
man in tin? next chair. "1 thought at
tust it \\
Now it looks ii;.,. ? hut i
-guess after all. it's another cast
<?ii Free l'.
II.? \\ ?n U.-.? ?lie ? ??iirl.
? ??till
pnKvdure :??i?i in i a ?1 Comment"
is ?m?- of an occasion ? b??n the Judge
appeared for the defen lam It war? in
the w.s*. and before Istrate a
fat, short, lazy, luuocenl !?'?? Ing fel?
low named Dolpk s-o?>?! Indicted for
gambling The Judge nske?l. *\\
your lawyer?" Dolj he bad
none. '?Well.*' ?said tin* judge, "get one,
an?! we will pi???-? ?*.!." I?"'; : look?
the Judge - "I ?loii't want tu?
lawyer, .,c?lg<- .list you and mo will
try the ?-as?-.''
I: turned ?nit that tin prosecutor's
?s?*s had ?1? : and
be could not prove his case, whereupon
In* tried to put i ? ' :t on the
stand in defianc? * unions!
rights again?; .ting himself,
but tin* judge -mid what'? your ??!>
J?'?-t in this'.-.!\? prove that he gam?
bled," said the prosecutor. "Oh, no,"
said the judge, "that won't* ?h?. Dolpb
and nu* can't stand that."
I?.?!p!i was discharged for lack of
evidence, but the court warned blm
thai it wouldn't generally I??* ssfa t>?
rely on the court to defend blm.
I lu?*r \ ?*r*?iia l.loii.
The ?Bengal tiger has more com
than tin? lion s??. a*, least, we ate as
eured by a show man. wbo states that
the matter was tested in this manner:
??NW placed a shooting cracker in th?;
respective Cages ami tired the fuses.
As sot?ll as the Ills,? began tt? blllU
they sttracted tl;.- attention of both
animals, but in a widely different man?
ner The lion ?bt-w int.? a cornet ami
wat-hod tin? pi*.??-c<?Iiiigs with a dis
I u! ami UUC.1S] c.\ ??.
"'I'll.- i.m-r. on Ihe ? ontTSry, advance?!
to lit?? burning fuse with a linn step
and iiniiii?. hing gaze. ? >n reaching the
crncker be took his ?paw ami ?began t?>
roll ;i over th?* tlo.'i". ami when It ?>x
plod? .1 beneath his very noae he did
not fiinch. 'out ?????"'? ?lui?*?! ids examina?
tion until p??rfe?ti.\ ?atlslicd. The lion
1 ?i fear w lien ho Irteard tin?
i i of th?? explos on aial for quite a
time c??uld uot bi* coaxed out ?>f bis
How Warn Beg-in and End.
hi tin* ?Norfolk I. mtimark r.-e??ntiv
Mr. <'. I.. ? . Minor.of faltimore,dis
?1 tin- as.-ertiou. ??ften made,that
<?f tin? ?Southern S
for MparatKMj from th?- l dkm in
1861 ?i."> ?as'"hopelesi from lbs
giuning." Tii?' nica prevail? with
? win? h a(
to th?? -condition?
il War *
?tito I he S ar with u
11 i - If r.
th.- lit i
aitb mi?- mind, ami
-, poured
forth their treasure un?i blood to re
sud to
i * ha? t ?n-ir unanimil
- ' he pi f the l"n
n th?
In every parti?
i??.\ tl. i
f th?
North it
w.i- ssion wa
??t?te tha
. \
War, t
the pari
?*rea litt!
y by tl
im; -
I tl
-oh. th
tioi tve
??own with
ti. ? 'hi
Promit led ?
i?:?!'. .
i by X\
Minor that "w hen a il?
Ml . Ill ti? em .
bv | "lie suss ei ?? ?"I t" i
from tin* border Mate ?
to t lie o] side." It :?
that al one period Mr. Liucoln o
: - . the enlietmeut of i
mud that won
ise him the loss of mi
? ..
Kven t he Kederal arm*?. ? !?..
rcion, a a- i ivorable
emanci ; i
danger ??! ? evolt against it u Ii
rnside w ?I ?? ! !
1 ? arted .? s
I psl mini
un m ei -. sworn t?? ??'??-??.-c th
>f a dominant patty. \
N? oik actually rebelled ? -
?Federal < io.eminent, aud oi
arrest si (tettysburg of I ? ??'?* uoi
aard movemen its -
sion. \s hite as June, I v
emancipation proclamation failed
gel a two thirds ?ote in Cong i
had lo go over to the m xt
n ben the war .*. a ? ? irtual \y eud
The pial form ol i he I >emoci
the North iu
i ? .?ithe w ir '?? ?
.?as leadiug :"
i.!< m . t hal Nor! h?
t hough! to b I to I
step. i ?i i. - much reiMou to
of the li
.?U.-l :it t in polis aild
Mol i ??tihl h .
?, "l???l
these sti ingetil meas
i?i?i??>m !?t *.?. r<* j.:it into
I liucoln had despait ?-?i of it
Abolition writers are i|iiotad, al
with tin* West historians, to prove t
B ovfrwht'luiinp majority of '
Northern people, riotonl? Itefore the
war, I? it during lbs war." S I
? abolition. The i esults of
tin* war were, therefore, not it;
temptation a hen th?? war
? be war, -
w ho [>a.<! its
'ti??-rm'?l. hut WSI
- * rewd polititTaus <?f s
minority ano ?manipulated the I
eminent Ii follows that tli?* moral
? ?i ?as
h ;i8
' eitht tem
? . the
cry uRemember th* Ma
_-h thei ;
ion Id ? \
I f: ?in what they
- in.
more n lau li
ly ktio'1 -
The pi
uilv, hat:
... fro
. them at a re
hoilii ii t ;t 1 g id Oil th?
. and it
t ? day u represents mil
M i*?S A I, :
ItlKTH : H E l't?l \ I??.
... f ft
tin* lucas and exported to !
: h? Spa "?k o
nul named in honor
:' t 'nine
at that time
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?Until You are Barefooted. Or
until the Snow is on the
...Winter Shoes...
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L. E. Ric^n^ore
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Our Fall illmery
Sibert ^ Dei^r
M I.V.
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W. Richardson.
; AM' C'A in
Fine Tobacco and Ciga
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..A Fit Guaranteed..
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?*^Ii*>?i** l^a<*lory,
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Winch -
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FOR SA.I-1^.
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DaWlCt'a Witch Hazel Salve
Cure? rile*. *s?.?"J*? .?urri?
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