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--; AND
Haw to Attala It."
A 'Wonderful New
Medical Boot,writ ten
for Men Only. One
copy mr.y bo hud frco
on application.
Hundreds of prominent peo?
ple in your own city, not in Min?
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Dr. Geo. D. Levy,
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CO .
IReal Estate & Rental Agents!
F" O 1=0 t-v ^ Im T.
KuitOrcs?2J0, 2:.'7, 241 mailt street; 4'.', &l
^Commerce street: Ti l.uuit street; 60 Wa?
lter streit; all Chinch sliest; a dvslrulilo
?store on Bank streut, neur City Hall; 322
iChurch street; two new stores on Church
^atrejt, opposite Hutu street.
gi'iOmccs? ^7, 10?. 11T1,-.! -Main street; Camp
Well's wharf.
;v Flats?190, 19$ Church street: 112, 121
Bank,till mniK'ni Improvements: lot) James
iStreet; 200 Main street; several doslrahle
Crooni's ISO Main street: live new lints on
(Church istrcct. all moUern Improveineiits.
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5l?Ou3e3 Colonial avenue; G.ri Bermuda St.,
SSannary 1st.
raSramhlcton?133 Maltby avenue: V.t
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KiSJeposlts received and accounts in
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gap,}-; Noriolk. Va.
gfew )"- ""-'
'I tie Question.
'."see, or not to see?That Is the
9UP&." Dr. Week can answer It
Fierce and Dangerous Gales Prevail Along
the Entire Atlantic Seaboard.
Vmtsunlly High Tiden C'ovor ?he
Lower Fnrt of tUv City nntl Pre*
vent- street Cur Trnflic lor Nome
Time Tltc D?ninnen 1,1 Till* See- !
tton?Down I lie Const.
The high Kales promised by the
Weather Bureau came on time yester?
day morning;, the wind blowing hard
all day front the Northeast, teaching a
maximum velocity In this city of twen?
ty-six miles an hour. These winds had
the effect of blowing the water up In
the harbor, giving Norfolk the highest
tides known for a long time. Streeta i
in the lower part of the city were In?
undated, and for some time In the
morning street car travel to Bramble
ton was abandoned; the water cover?
ing the tracks on Queen street and
about the Norfolk and Western depot,
where the wuter was even with .the
station platform. York stieet was also
covered and street cur travel was here
Around the wharves little or no dam?
age was done, but It is said that the
loss around Lambert's Point will
amount to several hundred dollars. In
the lower part of the river It looked like
a rough sea.
No damage Is reported from Ocean
View or Virginia Huioh.
Further down the coast the Storni
was more' severe. At Cape Henry the
wind reached u velocity of fifty-two
miles an hour, while at Kitty Hawk,
sixty-eight miles were registered The
Government telegraph line between
Kitty Hawk and Mutteras was blown
tlown and no information was received
from the latter place, although It is
probable that a still greater velocity
was reached there.
President Cleveland Is having an CX
eecdlnt.ly stormy time of It around Hat
terns. He was to have left there yes?
terday on his way home, but it Is high?
ly probable that no did not make the
start, for sailing masters say that the
Violet could not have weathered such
a storm ns prevailed over the sounds.
Last nisht Observer Qrny rr reived
another warning to mariners. It salt!
; that dangerous gales prevailed front
I llatteras northward, and advised him
to prevent. If possible, any vessel firm
leaving port until further orders. The
Observer Rt once n<-ttfb d all fchlpplng
Oflicers and steamboat, men.
The ilrn on Central avenue yester?
day morning started a little after 3
o'clock in a house belonging to a Mrs.
Wilsen, recently vacated by a. man by
the name of Teagle. That house anil
the one adjoining It owned by Mr. Tll
? t?n Con kl In, were destroyed. Mr. Conlt
Iln's house was insured for $SO0. and
was occupied by Mr. .lames Hitching*,
a worthy citizen, who lost much of bis
' household goods, and has the general
sympathy of the community. Three
j things deserve comment: 1st. The
watchfulness of Patrolmen Freeman
anil Guy. 2d. The need of a fire alarm
box or else of a telephone In the cen?
tral part of the ward, say about the
corner of Central avenue. The patrol?
man had to go about three-quarters of
a mile lo sound the alarm. In which
time one house would probably have
been saved, ?d. The quick response
and efliclenl service of the Fire De
! ailment. The wind was almost a rule
ind the Harnes were fierce. The Fire
: Department responded to the alarm,
i carrying two engines to the scene, one
from each engine-house. Tile llremen
were served with hot coffee by Mr.
and Mrs. Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Hurst,
i'apt. and Mrs. Williams and Mr. and
Mrs. J. 13. Simpson, for which the boys
were very grateful.
The Demorest medal contest, to have
! taken piece last night at Colley Memo
i rial Church, has been postponed till
next Thursday nigltt.
Miss Llllle Barker, of Fort stieet.
I was taken very sick yesterday after?
noon. Dr. Oupuy was called In and
rendered all assistance possible.
The Churches To-Jiorrotv.
Queen Street M. F. Church. South, J..
W. Moore, pastor?Services at 11 a. in.
and 7:30 p. in. Morning subject. "Walk?
ing Worthy of Ood?the Loftiest Mo?
tive of the Christian;" evening subject,
"What we are doing with Christ and
what Christ would have us to do with
First Presbyterian Church?Rev. J.
ft. Howerton. pastor, will preach to?
morrow at 11 a. m. nntl 7:30 p. m.;
Sunday school at 0:30 a. m.; young peo?
ple's meeting at G:4:> p. m.
Second Presbyterian Church. Rev. W.
S. Lacy, pastor?Divine service to-mor?
row at 11 a. m. and at 7:30 p. m.; Sun?
day school at 3:30 a. ni.; young people's
prayer meeting at 7 p. m.
Max Rcliwntl, 124 Church Street.
Specials in Holiday Uootl*.
Toys of nil descriptions. Dolls, spe?
cial. 25, 37, 48. 50, 75, and OSc and up.
Carriages, Wasons, Tricycles,
Special reduction In teu, dinner, and
chamber ware. Dinner sets reduced
from $12.50 to $8; from $19 to $14. Cham?
ber sets from $2 up. Tea sets from
J3 up. Lamps, Princess, Banquet, Hall,
andllanglng. Fine china, bric-a-bnio.
and brass goods. Fine assortment of
white ware for decorntlng.
Suitable lor Bail Weather.
Men's self-acting rubbers. 40c.
Men's tan, pointed toe rubbers.... COc.
Men's cloth-top Alaskas. 75c.
Ladies' spg. and healed rubbers.... 25c.
Ladies' fleece-lined rubbers. 10c.
Ladles tan, pointed-toe rubbers_ 4Uc.
Misses' spg and heeled rubbers.... 20c.
Children's spg. and healed rubbers. 15c.
Ladies' rubber boots. $1.35
Misses' rubber boots. $1.12
Youths' Storm-King boots. J1.85
tG Bank street, opposite Courthouse.
Ask to hear our Regina music box.
All the latest tunes. Chapman & Jake
man, leading jewelers, corner Main
and Bank streets.
I>rs. Harmon A- Firojr.
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Consul?
tation free. 1S6 Main street, Norfolk.
Our novelties in cut glass, sliver
mounted, are all new and low In price.
Chapman & Jakeman.
Children Cry fo!
Liken Entlug Willi Them. Itiit Objects
to Colored I'copio as Cellmates.
Under tlie ubovo caption an afternoon
paper yesterday published a statement
made by John W. Shields, a drummer
for a Boston hardware house. In the
Police Cotirt yesterduy morning, In
which he said that he had been locked
up on Thursday in a cell ?'with two
niggers." Shields, who Is a well-dress?
ed and Intelligent-looking man. came lo
Norfolk Thursday and was arrested
that afternoon for drunkenness. lie
was token to the station end locked,
up In No. 6 cell, the best and most com
fortuble in the place. Thursdav night
he was bailed by Justice Asbburn. At
the station-house last night It was de?
nied that he was placed In n cell with
anyone else, especially with colored peo?
ple. Last night a Virginian reporter
found Shields in a colored cook-shop, on
Cove street. He wus seated at a table
with a colored man ami both were eat?
ing from the same dish or meat. When
pressed, lie said that he was put in u
coll with' two men, one of whom he
knew to bo white, while he did not see
the face of the other.
Capt. Ln<dd wns indignant nt the
man's assertion that be bird been locked
Up with colored men, something never
done In Norfolk. He remembered that
Shields on Thursday night had tried to
bribe a Virginian reporter lo suppress
his name, dropping a sum of money
Into the reporter's pocket, which was
returned to him In the presence of Capt.
Ladd and Justice Asbburn.
Itiin into Her n( Her Wharf DJF nil
F.ugliKli Ktennis1il|i.
About 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon
freight barge No. 1. of the Norfolk .and
Carolina railroad, was run Into at her
wharf by the British steamship Oregon
and sank In a lew minutes.
The barge was loaded with freight
at the lime, mostly of a perishable na?
ture, such as cakes, candles, sugar,
raisins and other Christmas goods, and
will prove almost a total loss. A large
hole wus stove In her side near the
how, and the water rushed In, sinking
the barge In a few minutes.
The Oregon was bound for Newport
News. ffn midstream the pilot (lost
control of her steering apparatus, and
the Washington steamer had a narrow
escape. The Oregon was uninjured.
After sinking the barge was lowed
up the wharf and mts'Ie fnet to another
barge, and a large force of colored men ,
divested of shoes, went lo work remov?
ing such of the freight as could be
It is said that the Oregon will be li?
belled by the railroad company.
lind it Kougll Trip.
Chptain Lynch, of tlie barken Line I
Clare R. Mod livery, was In the city
yc4*.erday. and reports rough expe?
riences on his trip from Bull River, S.
C, to Hampton Boads, where he ar?
rived Thursday night on his way to
Baltimore, with n cargo of phosphate
rock. The McGllvery sailed front Bull
Blver on November 20th. On Sunday. I
December 1st. took a heavy gale from 1
the northwest, which hauled around
to the Northeast. Gates continued after
this from all points of the compass and
were accompanied by high sens, which
caused the vessel to labor heavily and
spring a leak, requiring the vessel's
pumps to be manned all the time.
The forcB'pmast backstay chain plates
I wore carried away, but no further dam?
age wan done. 'Captain Lynch came to
tills city yesterday on u tug and noted
protest with Captain George P. Phil?
lips. The bnrkenllnc Is still In Hamp?
ton Roads with her pumps working,
and will proceed to Baltimore as soon
as possible.
To Mil tie n Test.
The Onielal Board of- Granny Street
M. LO. Church will test the legality of
Bishop Galloway's action In refusing
to return Dr. Coke Smith lo this city,
by tin appeal to the General Confer?
ence to be hehl in Baltimore In 1SHS.
This action hi in no smse a urotest
against the appointment of Dr. Young
us, after It was learned positively that
Bishop Galloway would not return L>r.
Smith, the hoard unanimously express?
ed a preference for the popular Rich?
mond divine. The appeal Is for the
purpose of settling a troublesome m:os
tlon that arises frequently in annual
Tlie Demand lllcicasc?.
For our Patrol $2 Shoe, which Is so
well adapted for the weather. We are
having made, with three solid leather
soles, in gaiters and laced policemen,
foundrymen, blacksmiths, painters and
till kinds Of mechanics. Wear them.
Those thai want an easy, broad shoe,
should call at
?IC Bank St., Op. Courthouse.
IMitllON tu .special Prices.
until January 1st. 1S!H!. Examine our
large stock and be convinced.
104 Main street. Norfolk, Vn.
de!3-2t 104 Main street. Norfolk, Vo.
in Looking for Tunis Presents
be sure to call and see the new goods
received by Prank H. Gab- this week.
Every day something new, anil his
prices are low down. Prom now |j
Nmas he will sell Uric diamonds and
watches almost at cost. Call on him
and save money.
"Buy the way. have yon taken the
"Sweet Buy and Buy" at the Norfolk
Candy Kitchen. 44 Bank street.
de 13-3t
IV<? Are (Jiving ('lll-ISllllllH l'rr.cnt?.
A Great prominence now in nur store
?goods both useful and 'cheap. See
our last Sunday's paper. Prices, as ad?
vertised, good for the whole week.
Modern Bargain Store,
171 Main street.
If you buy sterling silver novelties,
or leather goods without seeing Chap?
man & Jakcman's line, you make a mis?
For so Days only.
Mrs. Raphel's stock of fine shoes at
cost to close up business to retire. Lease
expires December 24th and stock must
be sold quick. 116 Church street, corner
Plume street.
Headache?? Cure il.
Don't suffer headache when n pair of
Dr. Week's glasses may relieve you.
Soft candles for the toothless, aad
those who have to "gum It" at ihe
Candy Kitchen, 41 Rank.
do 13-3t
pitcher's Castoria.
Malters of Small Moment About the City
Very Briefly Chronicled.
A Full mid Concise Record of the
Minor Event* of n (irov, lnu Sen
port City I.uld linn' to tlio Many
Render*. ot ill? Newsiest of Nor
loin Papers.
One of tlie scows reported ushorc at
Sea well's Point has been floated.1
Rev. G. P. Rutlcdge left for Cincin?
nati yesterday.
The water In ?~the A|lbemarle and
Chesapeake canal is said to be very low
at present.
Norfolk Lodge, No. 32. I. O. O. F.,
last night celebrated Its fourth an?
George Voting, a well known colored
man. died til his home in Huntcrs
vllle yesterday.
Chief of Police King was yesterday
the recipient of a bouquet of wax flow?
ers from a lady. ?
The steamship Fairfax, from this
port to Hosten, encountered rough
weather on her last trip.
Police .Sergeant Taylor, who was tak?
en ill Thursday at the Police Station,
was somewhat Improved yesterday.
In Crency & OKI's window is a bann
Bome piece of scroll work, the Lord's
Prayer, executed hy Mr. H. R. Wharton.
The funeral of Miss Mattlc V. Llps
comb takes place from the Grace
Baptist church at 3 o'clock this after?
Mr. W. B. Fttzhugh. of the Cape
Charles Pioneer; passed through the
city yesterday on Ids way home from
The telephone euble between Norfolk
and Portsmouth lias been broken anil
communication between the two cities
cut off.
The shipments of coal from lids port
for the week ending Thursday reached
25,018 tons, of which S94'i tons were
Tlie high seas of Thursday night
moved the schooner Emily F. Northum,
reported ashore at Cape Henry some
time ago, a little to the sea.
It is .-?-.?lid that on the 2Klh Instant
Ihe Southern Railway will transfer from
West Point. Va.; to Its terminus la this
harbor twenty-live clerks and 150 la?
Otto C. Janssen, of MeFnrlnnd's, Lu
hetiburg county, Vn., who loft here last
September to visit his old home in
Germany, returned last night by way
of New York.
Augusto Pruno, an aged white man,
was sent to Alexandria yesterday by
Mr. .1. \V. Bet-ley. of the Almsh-.nse
Committee, lie was In destitute olr
c.iimst ti noes, and received an overcoat
from Mr. P. J. Morris.
I Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Edwards
have issued invitations to the mar?
riage of their niece; Miss Mary Esther
Edwards, to ntr, Edgar M. Robinson, i
the ceremony to take place on Monday
[evening, December 23d; nt s o'clock,
at their residence. No. 122 Holl street;
Mr. .1. P?llard Hives has returned from
the New England Conservatory of Mu?
sic, at Boston, in consequence of the
severe New England climate Mr. Rives
has been forced to abandon bis studli i
at the above named Institut Ion. He will
assume charge of Ihe choir and organ
at the First Presbyterian Church on
January 1. ISHC.
Dentil Ol Mr. Stephen lim-iiiri
Stephen Borum, a well known clttr.en,
who nt one litre kept a grocery on Mar?
ket Square, and who of late years lies
been employed as a clerk at the store
of Mr. W. B. Rudolph, died at his home
No. 14 (May sltvet yesterday morning
at 4 o'clock, lie had many friends In
Norfolk, ills funeral' will take plaoc
from bis late residence to-niorrow af?
ternoon nt .".:"o o'clock.
ChrlsliiinN Holiday Kates via Clicsn?
peiiite and oiiio Stulln ny.
Round trip tickets at one and one
third fate will 1?' sold between all
stations of the Chesapeake and Ohio
railway cn December 22d. 23d, 24th.
25th. 2!Uh, 30th, 31st and January 1st.
I good for return until January 3d, IS96.
Special rates between Norfolk and Rich?
mond, S3.C0; Old Point anil Richmond.
For students of colleges, holding
cert ideates of the principal, the sale of
holiday tickets will commence Decem?
ber 16th and be limited for return pas?
sage till January 8th, lS'Ki. For fur?
ther information apply to
P?ssenger Agent C. & O. Railway.
decH-17-19-22 tinder Atlantic Hotel.
Vlrbery A Co** Nperlnl Kale.
I! I eta (4111* Ited need.
Buyers will save largely on gifts dur?
ing this sale. Books less than half the
publishers' prices. Ilundkerchlof, glove
and Jewelry boxes, handsome manicure
and toilet sets in eases, pictures, purses,
curd cases, onyx tables and cabi?
nets; gold pens, games, novelties, art
objects, bric-a-brac, a wonderful lamp
exhibit. A bcwllchingly beautiful stock
of gifts, incomparably superior to any
in Norfolk, and the prices now lixed
below the lowest.
* V1CKERY & CO.,
124 Main street. del4-2i
fun < ;ivi lor 1'o-da.r.
Washington. Dec. 13, 1895.
Forecast: Virginia and
North Carolina?Fair; norther
y winds; slightly warmer.
The storm on tlie North Caro?
lina coast has increased In en?
ergy and dangerous gales prevail as far
north as South New England. The
center of the disturbance is now appar?
ently east of Hatteras and the wind
reached a velocity of sixty-eight miles
per hour In that vicinity to-day. The
barometer has fallen rapidly from Tex?
as northward to the Dakotas and Min?
nesota, and has risen In Montana and in.
the Southern Stutes east of the Mis?
sissippi. It Is colder In the South At?
lantic States und at North Rocky Moun?
tain stations.
It is warmer from the Mississippi
westward to the Rocky Mountains, and
in tlie Lake regions.
Fair weather has prevailed except
along the1 South New England and
Middle Atlantic coasts, wdiere local
shows are reported.
The weather will bo warmer and fair
throughout the Central valleys and
Southern States. Dangerous gales are
likely to continue on the New England
and Middle Atlantic coasts, and It Is
not safe for any vessel to leave port.
Sun rises, 7:12 a. m. Sun sets. 4:48 p.
n. High water. 7:14 a. m. and 7:53 p. m.
I Low water, 1:08 a. m. und 2:09 p. m.
Heterolbgleal I>nln.
U. s. Department or Agriculture,
Weather Bureau, Norfolk. Dee. 13.
Local meterologlcol data for the 21
hours ending. S p. m. last night:
Maximum temperature . 33
Minimum temperature . 23
Normal temperature deduced from
2-1 years' observation . 45
Departure from normal. 15
Departure since .Ian. 1st. 259
Rainfall for 24 hours. 0
Rainfall since first of month.2.29
J. J. GRAY. Observer.
Rot. S3. S. Tnnion nt ?he T. 31. C. A.
The men's meeting to-morrow after?
noon at 4 o'clock will be addressed by
Rev. H. S. Towson; subject. "Our King."
A male quartette from Qrnnby-Streel
Church will sing. The orchestra will
assist the song service. All men are in?
At 2:30 the Roys' Gospel Army will
hold an Interesting service.
Tlie Fire Iteeord.
An alarm of fire shortly before
o'clock yesterday morning was caused
by the burning of two frame houses on
Central avenue. Atlantic City, occupied
by Mr. Hitchlngs and Mr. Holland.
Another house was damaged.
Yesterday afternoon at 4:45 6'cloch an
alarm was sent In from box 32. No
fire was found.
Died In Haine.
Captain .lohn II. Marshall, a well
known const pilot, living In Bramble ton
Ward, died in Snnford, Me., yesterday
morning. Ho leaves several children iii
tills city. His remains will be brought
here to-day f.?r interment.
When B.iby wns rdck, wo envo bei Castorte.
(Then sho was a Child, slio cried for Csstoria,
When she becauio Miss, she clung to Ciiitorla.
When Bho bad CUUdiT", aho gave thorn Custorla
l>l..i .
BORl.'M?In this city, nt his rcsldoriei
No. 11 Clay street, Friday, December 13,
!".?.. at i t o'clock a. in.. STEPHEN A,
HORUM. uR-ed 4S ??- rs.
The funeral will take place from above
residence SUNDAY AFTERNOON at :i::?>
o'eio. i:. Friends of the family are Invltei
to atten?h_ilc!4-2t
Atlanta and Return
Tickets on sale DECEMBER 19. For
ether Information apply to
J. \V. BROWN, Jit..
P?ssenger Agent,
dcl3-St Y. M. C. A. Building;
silver \h yy
teaspoons, V^n^^
wirt & paul,
2IO Main St., Corner Church.
in, 113 and 115 Bank St.,
NORFOLK. - - . VIRGINIA.ir* f|
Large Stock of i iniuliod ?1?*
?M lltnily lur IMMI.lHAl l. UKUVKltV
Christmas Presents ?
l.rt us offer von a
Bicycle. We ve all St:
I hut will just suit yo
money we'll make t
Shot Guns ?
l.rt us offer von a few suggestions. First and foremost Is the 2
Blcy le. We ve all styles andall the best makes ami van sell you one s
thut will just suit your pockctpook. Jf yon haven't the ready ,.,
money we'll maka terms tosuit. e
Well, that's a hohhy with us. Just drop in and look at the line
we carry?all the way from$7 to J70. And (hen it don't cost a
fortune to lo hunting, for WOfUrillSh 100 Shells, loaded with best
black powder, for J1.D0.
Foot Balls,
? Baieballs, itosdng Glovcs.Swcalert, Athletic fib ips, Pistols, Am- o
ft numltitin. Fishing Tackle, Gymnasium Uniforms?every thing in O
?* tin- Sporting Goods Line. ?
I O'Neill's, ' _ I
I 87 Main St. s
? '?
Is the Foundation of
Business Success
It has always been THE
HUB'S aim to inspire confi?
dence, hence we have been
restless and ambitious in our
efforts to please everybody.
We are sensible enough to
realize that without popular
CONFIDENCE it would not be
possible to achieve success.
THE BUSH," never make an?
nouncements with a double
meaning. We tell you EX?
ACTLY what we mean and
we mean EXACTLY what we
tell you.
THE HUB will give you mcresub
stanlial value for your moneyjhjin
you'l gel
I elsewhere in
j town. If you
I think there's
iany clou I) 11
about.it, go to*1
other stores
FIRST, then
come here
and see the
vast differ?
ence in t h c
styles, quali?
ties and the
prices of our
Suits and Ov
Icrcoats asi
jc ompared) _I
j with goods and prices elsewhere.
? e\ The SUITS and OVER
?- d;a j 5 COATS von pt'i ill '""UK
nrsiUf.?!!!! urn" for is.a are in evury
s?/ *?? B tJ *.j> detain of make, quality anil
iuiisli fully lliu equ d of $10 suits and over?
coats sold tit oilier stores. There's one
sure way ;? prove it. and that is to make
Sf-\ Wo sell first-rate Kersey or Mel
\S ton Overcoats and tin.- Form-Klt
f? tins Stilts, Cheviot, Cits.dun-re or
fj Mixed Worsteds, lor i>. Just as
sood as von could buy for $12 elsewhere,
isn't M wot Hi Having ?
You ail know that $10 is the prlc
jr..i' famous KENSINGTON KRIt
BKY OVKltCOATS and Wllll'
<d" the same quality would cost $1.1
>r stores, lint they wouldn't be
KENSIN3TONS or "VY111 iroitbS."
S.? THE HUM will sell Men's Dou
S6? 1.1? Ureasled Sack and Cutaway
f g Frock Suits it, black Thibet ('loth
i la and fancy Worsteds, ami tor the
snme pi ii ?? you can buy Navy HI no and
Hlnck KiikIIsIi Kersey Overcoats (all
wenll and lined with genuine clay worsted
lining. They're worth tlC.
M sh'S ' "CAMUItinOE" Sack
Suits, als.i "STIIAND" CHEV?
IOT'S, and neut srey hair lined
Worsteds in douhlc-hreasted and
3-lnitton Cutaway Sacks for $15; also ex?
tra due Metcalf Pa lent Heaver Ovor
enats (Navy Blue and Black) worth every
penny of 120.
in a m m am m
Can's Tripple Milled Meltons and
llrooks' Imparted Kerseys and Heavers,
bilk ami sr.,t in lined throughout. The
equal of made to order OVERCOATS,
costing from S?~> to j;.o.
If von sind the first correct answer to
the following question, we'll make you n
present of <;a 20-paund CHRISTMAS
What Great Event in American
History does the Name "THE
HUB"suggesl or remind you of?
Answers will be received until SATUR?
DAY, December 21, and the name of the
winner will be announced on SUNDAY
MORNING, December 22.
THE HUB is oi Hie Paopie. wilt) me People
oncl tor Itte People.
One Price Now and Always.
Open Evening Qqlll 9, salurte, II.
207 and 209 Main St.
ON^?Sb?A^VV I DEC. 18th,
and her admirable Company, In the pow?
erful drama,
Sale of seals, Monday, 16th. Prices?25,
50, 75c. and Jl. del-l-sa,tu,we
1 If You Wish Things
Especially Nice
?When" you give a DIN?
NER PARTY have us sup
plyi the flowers. We handle
only what's freshest and
2 prettiest. We have many 9
5 varieties that can't be got- *
2 ten elsewhere. You'll malte j
? a mistake if yourChrlstmas 5
0 Order is notentrustedtous. J
Slews floral exchangeI
17 Granby Street, T
Oppo. Atlantic Hotel. |
, Magnificent 4?Crown
The only place In the city where you can
buy for
9 l-12c. per Pound.
Come quick or your chance WU be lost.
Goods delivered free. Phone 755.
Stores on Roanoko square. Church,
Main and I'.ank streets.
Dwellings on Church, Bute, Boush,
Brewer, Bank, Muriner, Main, Chapel,
Cumberland, Freemason, York, Falkland
and Yarmouth streets, and a new dwell?
ing in Client.
Vacant lots In ?II parts of the city.
Choice lots In Ghent on easy terms.
Dwelling No. 220 E. Highland avenue.
Dwelling No. ii Shields street.
Dwellings Nos. 27 and iOOVj Bute street.
I>v. - Uinijs Nos. Iu7 and 171 York street,
1 Mended.
Dwelling No. 40 Cumberland street.
Dwelling No. S7 Yarmouth street.
Two stores on Main street.
Rlori s 313, 2>:.'i and 270 Church streoL
Stores Nos. '.>' and V.i Water street.
? stu.es Nos, ?>." and i7 Commerce street.
Stores Nos. 51 ami 53 lti.unoke avenue.
Store No. IS Rank street.
OHIccs on Rank, tlrenby and Commerco
By virtue of a deed Of assignment exe?
cute 1 by it. D. Nichols .I \V. A. Wal?
lace, dein;; business under the llrm namu
and stylo of Nit hols & Wiilluce.dated the
third day uf December, 1^*3. and duly of
record, 1 httvu taken Into my possession,
a.^ stich trustee, all thus, two certain
stocks of Merchant Tailoring, Clothing
and Men's Fuml-dilng Goods and nil other
property, Including Tailors' outtit. Fur?
niture, Fixtures and appurtenances eon
Inlnecl In storehouses No. it;;' Main street,
Norfolk, and No. ??01 Washington avenue.
Newport News, Virginia, respectively,
Al<" all other property used by said
Nichols A- Wallace In connection with
their said business,
A competent agent has hecn placed.in
charge ol said stock, who will for the
present, under my direction, sell said
*im k and eond'.el the tailoring business
;it hoib slores as above mentioned.
All persons making put chases in the
above lliiea Will lind it to their Interest
lb cull lit SUld Stoles.
All persons Indebted to the late :irm
of Nichols A- Wallace are hereby unfilled
to make settlement at once with tlm
undersigned or at cither of the above
del-tf Trustee.
Ladies' While, Blue and
Pink Satin Sandals,
Patent Leather Oxfords,
J, B. Armstrong & Co.,
Offers tins week the best display of holi?
day household useful articles of any
house In their line. Carvers' KNIVES
SORS, (enterprise Meal Cutters und Ital?
ian Seeders, FANCY COAL VASES,
TONGS. The handsomest slock of plan?
ished and granite ware in the market,
both for table and kitchen use. Make
vo'ir selections now for the Christ iiius
No. f. Commercial Place, old Market
Square, third door from Main street.
-Latest Out.
-Fancy Handles.
Walter J. Simmons & Co.*
177 Main Street.

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