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1'.ANT8, "FOB SALE," "TO LET," "LOST,"
. i . ' thisoolumn, oocspylnf are Hoe
or less, two Insertions, twenty-UTS muU..
.do sreneral housework; can be sesn at No. M
Fifth-street, between Mlu and Walnut. noiL
mn.Tiu.nISr t0 7ork 5n circular mw mill-frames,
mult be an accurate and speedy workmen and used
Johrfand vKV.W0 BODLEco?n
Jonnana Water-streets. nnili
who to w8.Rr':t" &Si!!' P.S. rdlng.howe, by one
IN,r ir, "V""'".' Dimness, inquire
. nvm Auiru-BirtMji. noltl
a plain
siil2 tl!.T,,5f.er- ltferenc given. Addrei
JHA8. EDWARDS, thli offlce. nolb
TANTED-A GIRL To do general
rfiT. nonse-work la asm nil lamllv residing a short
JHstanco put of town. Apply thU dsy, November 1,
i iru't12' 3 "'clock, at the offlce of Mr. COL.
MEK, No. Bast Third-street, np stairs, nola
Wanted a partner To travel
nLTi in pro?tM business, with a capital of
throe kundreddollBrs, which will pay from ttoi to f7S
filcm-2ki A?7jRn?"ul' ""be had by calling at
vl?lf?. "MITH'S building, (fourth story) No.
.i k'"""".6,'! b?,we?u Wain and Walnut, between
he hours of ll j'olock A. M.. and S o'clock P. M.
flonrf.i.1 " b"1,ldln lets,ilfeot,situated In tbe
' kr,Q Jornon, Jennings
IM .nrt'-''-.f1' '' lng of.tbeO. audit., ana
with?!1- Kllroad. which I will soil at Auction,
"lOflt reserve, on, SATURDAY, the 8th Inst.
ir I fl??0n.?"nfl'-f ,lnwn balance In six
"Months. M. A. REM LEY. nolb
"ANTED GLASS Broken green glass,
liv flRAT. UVWIHflUlT Mr BVnu
"o'd Mo. 20 EastOolnmbla-straet.
T. Sr.al housework. Must understand cooking
well, and tea good washer and ironer. To one veil
recommended an excellent place la offered. Call at
the north-east corner of Fourth and Elm-streets, up
stairs. nolo
ntr t,c? hear or a aituatlon by applying to J. 0.
WIXM8. l College Building, Walnut-street, be.
twtwn Fourth and Fifth. nolb
X7"ANTED A SITUATION for a young
T wan as SALESMAN In a dry goods house,
to'id inference can be had by ioutiiring at B WE AN Y
'L.McI'fll'LA MP'S, Mo. 14 Main-street. nolb
CUTTER in eliher a wholesale or retail
clothing house. Wages no object if a permanent
Sit!?.?."?1' " had. For Information Inquire at
PETER BRlTT'o Tin-shop, on Front-street, be
tween Bycamore and Broadway. nolb
ww as book-keuper or general clerk, or in what
ever capacity lie ran be useful, in some manufactur
ing or other eslahlllshmout, by a nan of experienced
nuiltiesa habits, at a very moderate salary. Good
reference Please address P., care of box 2012, Ciii
clnnatl postofflce. oc31b'
clnss woman, as WET-NURSE. Can be
Keen at No. 25 East Fourth -street. Also, two Ger
man girls in one house. Highest wages given. Only
chaste girls need apply. oc3lb
or SALESMAN In a grocery-store, whole
talc or retail. Address JOHN, at tlila office. oc3lh
preferred, to ATTEND BAR-omi who hasa
Knowledge of the business. Apply at No. 662 West-ern-row.
WANTED Clerks, talesmen, book-keepers,
porters, bar-keepers, coopers.mechanlcs,
laborers and others, can find situations at the Mer
chants' Clerks' Registry Offlce, No. Ml West Fifth
Btreet. j.oc31-l) HALK ft CO.
man and Lady, In a private family, where
there are but few or no other hoarders. Address,
with location and terms, Lock Box 3!U. oc30b
WANTED BOARD By a young lady, a
competent muslo teacher, in a private fam.
Ily. where she could give instructions on piano,
guitar or tnelodeon as compensation for board. Ttio
best reference can be glvon. Address Miaa T. C,
;;noolH. E. Keanan, Daguerreotype Boom, No S
Jourih-streat, Cincinnati. ocJ(f-wt
WANTED AGENTS and others to call
and examine tbe corn-husker, gate-fastening,
egg-beater, knife-polishar, scissors-sharpeners, and
variety of other things, first-rate to travel with, at
ocoeoddw No. 8 West Third-street.
TO engage in circulating by subaoription,
some new highly ornamental and entertaining
Hookn, Maps, Dharta, Ac. Bleu now operating clear
J ram V2t to $1511 per month. Call and examine the
Block and get a descriptive circular, look at testimo
nials of agents now opperating, Ac.
(ioneultatioa free. Call siiun.
MAOK B. B&KNITZ, Publisher,
cc2fara 38 W. 4th Btreet, tup stairs.)
'OOR SALE GROCERY That excellent
. Grocery and Liquor stand, situated on the cor
ner of Plum and Longwortli-etreeta. Price $100; SSO
cash, the balance on time. nolb
aresomeofTHE VfcUY BEST in this city, very low
for cash, on easy crodits,or in exchange for other
property. If you wish really a fine houae call on me.
171 Walnut-Street, next to the Gibson House.
TOOR SALE Omnibuses, Peddler Wagons,
-H? Spring Wagons and Buggies.
ot 1 J-ameod Bank-streot Omnibus Faoiory.
.F KUOMS-Of different sixes, in the fouTtb-story
of Apollo Buildings, lteady for ocenpancyon the lat
e,rr.ovember. Inquire of H. V. HOBTON,
ocaiawt No. 1 Apollo Buildings, al floor.
K10R RENT A HOUSE In Cowlngin, on
. B. Philadelphia-street, 2 squares from lower Ferry,
being a new House just finished, front and tide' yards,
Lall,isi). Rent 82uu per year. Apply to
oc314d No. 97 Main-street, Cincinnati, 0.
Gas, for Gentlemen, at 301 Third-street, near
riunr ocbiii
BOARDING ROOM A large, pteasant
front room on the second story of a desirable
Tiou-e, with board, can be obtained by a suitable
family. Also, afew gentlemen can be accommodated
by applying immediately at No. 16SElm.truet, above
jour in. uoii)
gentlemen can sicur a pleasant furnished
apartment, with irood board, in a nrivate. i'amllr
where there are few boarders, at ao. 107 Lon Rworth-
street, oeiween Aim aau nun, xorms moa sraie.
HOARDING Several gentlemen an be ao
-U commodated with board at Ml Rrostdway, be
tween Fifth and Hlxth-streets. A second-story front
room vacant. Also, accommodation for a tew day-
uonraers. iioid
IT OST DOG Yesterday morning, a black
j-m ami tan-coiorea Kngusn Terrier nip. kj
The nutlerwlll be rewarded by leaving hlonSiSKjr
at No. m Ylue-atreet, above Fifth. nolu 3
VIII save half the njual amount of lakor, and Is ac
curate and readily comprehended.
All interested In the Science of Accounts are in
vited to call and examine this new mrthod and Judge
for themselves.
The Evonltlg Sosslon will commence
B(V Pay Oliuftei meet as tumal.
E. S. BACON, Principal.
J. H, DOTY;) Firm AulaUnt. ocKamf
pw 'i biw woyor messenger, uan wrus
TCEDAY............m..... NOVEMBER, 1
Gas HutiNO Btovbs. South-east corner
Fifth and Walnut. 0
'HlLr TO REiD." Renrl nlvorC
Henry Ware, optician. Ho has a great va
riety of spectacles and philosophical appa
Otstxrs! OtstirbI iItitiiiI nni.a.t n
No. 11, West Fifth-street, is at all times pre-
jiareu m lurnieu raancj s ceieDrated Uyiters,
wholesale and retail, tn aiilt.
htm a call.
A Gihoiknati Convict Abeoid The Indi
vidual arrested wesk before last at Chambers
burg, Penn.,onsuspioionof being Capt. Cook, is
now supposed to have been Harris, alia Has
lett, the forger who broke ont of the iail hera
about a month ago.
Thb Diamond Wkddino. Don Eateban
Santa Cras de Oviedo and his wife and suit
have left Boston for N. Y. They will take
quarters there at' the Fifth Avenue Hotel.
The oonple return to Cuba next month, and
it it said take with them one of Grover k
Baker'i sewing machines.
Uxitid Statu Coubt. The case of Donald
Murray ea. Gassaway Brashears occupied the
attention of the United States Court through
out the whole of yesterday. This is an aotion
in replevin to reoorer damages for goods which
the plaintiff asserts were unjustly levied upon
and sold.
NoV UvunVstTi Pnrannft nrAxtalrnrl nnf in ka
deceived by appearences, and suppose that
uruy, neiuiogray x w, nave re move a irom
XT Aft "C i. n -1 1 S L i. l. i .
nw. aw. fsuri. uiumum-Birem. tor moy are Bull
there, and nra nnlv untmiratX in nntfini a tiam
1 j O f iw uvn
front to their building, that they may make m
The great "Qucoa City Glass Factory" oon-
i- r..n - a: "
uuuob au mil uperuiiua
Amount op Finks Colliotkd in tbi Polici
Court During Past Montr. Duringtbemonth
of October the fines collected in the Polios Court
amounted to $1,193 31, which was derived
from the following sources:
City Cases S7M 23
(State Cases 28.1 73
City Prison 123 M
- 1,1'J3 31
Pomci Coubt. The business at the Polios
Court, yesterday morning, was far more dull
than ever before, Judge Lowe examined forty
four cases, and they were as interesting in
their developments as the individuals were in
their faoes. Not a thing which was worth
weaving into a paragraph transpired, anil we
are not sorry ; lor orime even in its slightest
detail is hateful, and we would far rather mib-
lish any other class of news items than this.
Number of Arbests Durino tub Month
or October. During the month ending yes-
leruay, tne numoer oi arrests Dy me uity ro
lice amounted to 611; of which 5 were for
murder; 51 for petty larceny; b for highway
robbery; 71 for assault and battery; 53 for
vagrancy; ids drunkenness; zus lor disor
derly oonduct; 6 for grand larceny; C for
stabbing with intent to kill; 3 for passing
counterfeit money, and 2 for kidnapping.
A&rist op Another Covington Burglar.
A yonsg man named John Gabviol was arrested
yesterday and committed to the Ninth-street
Station-home, bv officers Cool: and Anthony.
upon a oharge of having been engaged in the
late Dorgiary and robbery on Filth-street,
Covington. This is the fifth arrest, we believe,
which has been made upon this side of the
river, for this offente, and still it is thought
there are some others connected with the affair
who have not yet been discovered.
Bimrir.ARV nw ftrnnTir.aviiwH'n TV.
dence of a man named James R. Johnston, lo
nated on Eiirhth-arraet. near T.inn
glarionily entered on Sunday night last, by
uimina ui iaiee aeys. xne scoundrels louna
tboir way into all the chambers without wak-
inir the inmates, and iinaAArloil in umino .fr
eighty-six dollars in money, and some jewelry
io me vaiue oi nearly roriy aoimrs. AS they
were leaving the house, they became alarmed,
it is thnuEfht. and drnnnintr a Tarr. nP ttiA, i.nf
at the foot of the stairs, made good their
escape, wnotnoy were is not, and probably
never win ue, uuuwii, tor tnoy aepartea and
left, to all annearaniA n.fc Innat. nn Ima. kn
whioh they might be hereafter reoognhed.
Man's Hand Horribly Sbatteesd by tbi
Preiiaturs Dischargr of a Qun. A man
named George Bowman was huntingon Sunday
last, not far from this city, and met with an
acoident by which he will in all probability
lose his hand. He was in the act of climbing
a wall or fence, and plaoing his hand upon the
muzzle of his gun, used it to assist him in
maintaining an equilibrium. A) he leaped to
the ground, however, the gun went off and the
ball passed through his wrist, shattering the
bone and destroying entirely the use of the
hand. He was taken to the Commercial Hos
pital, where he sow lies suffering severely
from the wound, which his physician thinks
may yet make it necessary to amputate the
Assault with Intknt to Kill. A man
named Nicholas Dowler, mate of the steamboat
Cambridge at the time she sunk, was, yesterday
afternoon, arraigned before Justioe Bell at the
instance of Joseph Ehrling, a passenger on the
boat at the same time, npon a charge of as
sault with intent to kill. The prosecuting
witness affirmed that while the boat was sink
ing he went down into the hold for the purpose
of examining the leak, when he was assaulted
by the mate, and he said dreadfully beaten.
After a patient hearing of the oase, the Magis
trate thought the intent to kill was not dearly
made out, but be held the defeadant to bail in
the sum of $300 to answer the oharge of as
sault and battery, at the next term of the Court
of Common Pleas.
Riciipts and Disbursements or thb Citt
Durino tbi Past Wire. From tbe books of
tbe City Auditor we have been permitted to
copy the following receipts and expenditures
of the city for the week ending on Saturday
General Fnnd , 3449 00
giro Department Fund ml 93
Light Fnnd.... w
Sinking Fund.n 7M 73
Total , $l,!flOM
Watch Fnnd - S.121 m
Interest Fnnd , 41,112 15
Light Fund 1,100 10
Niioerlor Court Fnnd 13180
Fire Department Fund 3,344 37
Police Court and 01 ty Prison Fund... 45 Wi
General Fund 3,2141
Total (7,691 07
A Splendid Bannir. We had the pleasure,
yesterday, of examining a beautiful specimen
of banner painting, by our fellow-townsman
A. H. Hammell, who, by the way, is not un
known in this department of art. The front
is of green silk, on which is painted a portrait
of Pius IX, surrounded by an elaborately
haded border of gold, containing figures of
Angeli, and also those of Faith, Hope and
Charity. Th inscription, in letters of German
text, is in plain English, Pius Men's Society
of the Holy Trinity Cburoh, of Cincinnati, es
tablished 1849. The baok, oomposed ef blue
silk, contains a large painting representing
the Trinity. This has a massive scroll-work
border around it, and is in fine keeping with
the picture. Altogether, we oonslder ibis one
of the very best banners that Mr. Hammell
has produoed, and would advise everybody to
oall at the jpalnting establishment of J. M.
Iluston, 87 Third-street, between Walnut and
Vine, and examine it, as we understand that
it will be on exhibition there to-day and tomorrow.
Woman is a Ph ysioiaii. Miehelet, in spik
ing t. Doctors of the male speoies, saysi "They
are learned in science, but know very Httitj of
patients There Is searely one of them who. has
a clear understanding of woman a bein g so
delioate, so full of mystery, In whom the nerv
ous life is all in all. Woman, with her quiok
perception and intuitive knowledge of charac
ter, la tnat fitri1 ho nnlnn in nmlml.Hj .U.
ailments of the female constitution. Her
ever active sympathies prompt the desire to re
lieve sufftring, and the practice of medicl.ie at
onoe beoomes a real pleasure. Heart and soul
n v- - I : . . J 1 . - 1 . . .
. iiiuhii m mo great cause 01 relieving suf
fering humanity. Whose voloe so low-toned
and sweetly modulated to the ear of the nerv
ous invalid as that of woman'? Whose step
so light in tbe sick-room ?"
"When pain and sickness wring the brow, a
ministering angel thou;" bat the peuuliar
provinoe of the lady physibian Is as dootress of
her own sex. They will oonfide to her that
whioh their natural timidity or modesty would
seek to hide from the male practitioner. Wo
men naturally oonfide and seek sympathy in
each other, and for this reason thoroughly edu
cated women are mnoh needed as physicians in
this country.
Madam lCllt.' wall .JnMl.il lnA-wr rt u.
! u . VUUUBIUL. .OTV J v tug
medioal profession, has recently established
ltM.-tlf -.T- ni T. 11 . . s.. 1 -
uoicon ai xi u. i r ourcn-siroei. one orings
the highest testimonials of her success in all
the Southern and Eastern eities in which for
the last ten years she has practiced the heal
ing art. Madam E. is also a thorough chem
ist, and compounds all hermedioines and war
rants them free from drugs and other virulent
poisons. Thousands of persons oan testify to
the IncalnnlahlA hmfltrlAv(l mm tlta
her medicines, and all she now asks is, will the
1 .. .1 .' e fl. , .. . ., . . . .
nuiuB ui vinciDnau give mem a lair trial r
She'ts confident of their efficiency, and feels sat
Isfled their use will prove their virtues. Call at
No. 24 Fourth-street. T.
Fishing at Cullom's Eippli. Many and
merry have been the meetings at Cullom's
Hippie during the past week or two, and
many speoimens of the finny tribe ha ve suf
fered that the anglers might have) sport.
Ever since the flood, and lono- before, the
pleasure of the few has been at the cxp ense of
the many, and not a single throb of joy to
any heart but caused some other one a paug
A lovely correspondont, "Ruth," writing us
from the neighborhood of which wo have
spoken, gives aglowing description ef a party
which spent one day last week at that place.
It had evidently been gotten up for the
double purpose of angling for salmon and
for hearts, and to judge from the letter, which
we would publiah did circumstances admit,
in both it was quite a success. Doubtless the
two hundred fish thut wore taken were glad
to fall into the taper hands of "Ruth" and her
fair companions, and the prosperous termi
nation ol the party, we are oonvinced, owed
much to the oval faoes of the delicate crea
tures who oomposed it.
This evening the same party meets again
to partnke of a feast, and although we should
be glad to accopt the kind invitation of our
correspondent, newspaporial duties are, and
ever have been, the enemies of pleasure. We
wish the hours to-night may bring the party
naught but peace, and that the hearts of all
may nothing know but joy until
"The jocund day
Stands tip-toe on the misty mountain-tops,"
And reminds thorn they must part.
Beautiful Pbisentation to 1 Journalist.
Junius H. Browne, Esq., late local editor of
the Enquire, was yesterday morning Inveigled
into the news-room of that paper, by some of
nis inenas, ana surprised by the presentation
of a massive gold pen and penoil, upon which
was inscribed "To Junius, from his Friends."
The presentation speeoh, by A. W. Arm
strong, Esq., was neat and elegant, and a fine
tribute to the worth of Mr. B., both as a jour
nalist and a gentleman. The recipient replied
in a short but graceful address, in which he
spoke or the relationship which tbe composi
tors of the Enquirer and he had ever borne to
eaoh other, saying that it seeded not the testi
monial whioh they had presented to him
to oause him to remember It as the most pleas
ant one of the kind he had ever known.
The pencil is quite large, and is surmounted
by a precious stone, upon which is a beauti
fully pictured bouquet of flowers. As a whole,
it is an appropriate present to a gentleman
whose qualities both of head and heart will
bind every one to him who becomes ac
quainted with them. The meeting lasted
Borne time and caused many pleasurable sen
sations, which will be longromombered by
all who were presont.
School Board. The President presented
report from the difforent night-schools,
wlucu snow wo iouowing attendance :
Males. Females. Total.
First 312 40. 353
Third m IS. 10s
seventh....... 236 22 25
The resignation of Fanny Stearly, of the
diaiu district, was accepted, ana ine usual
A communication was received from the
City Clork, transmitting a certificate of the
concuronco of the City Council in the resolu
tion of the Board, to sell lot in the Seven
teenth Ward, tho same boing unnecessary for
school purposes. The Council also concurs
in the resolution authorizing the purchase of
me property onerea tor sale Dy ttie j) rienas'
Society of Cincinnati.
On motion, the Trustees of the Sixth Dis
trict were authorized to appoint two teachers,
at a salary of $20 per month.
On motion, the salaries of tbe janitors for
the night-schools were fixed at the uniform
rate ol $1 per room per month.
The Committee to whom the subject was
referred reported that Mr. Martin had so
modified his proposition to sell lot on Alain-
street as to make it agree with the offer made
by the Board at its last session.
An addition of sixty-seven volumes to the
Shields' collection was announced, and the
proper acknowledgment made. Adjourned,
Another Morderocs Affray on thb Boule
vard ps Sausage. Almost every night a
fight or brawl renders the neighborhood of
that detestable locality known as Sausage Sow,
Btill more hideous than it was before. Last
night about nine o clook aoounleof boatmen
named Jerry Sullivan and David McCune
beoame involved in a row in'a drlnklng-house
in the part of the city to whioh we have re
ferred, during which the former was severely
stabbed in the left breast.
The injured man was carefully attended to
by Doctor W. H. Burk, who dressed his wounds
and gave him all the assistance in his power.
The wound Is quite large and deep, and bat
for the oircumstanoe that the knife struck a
rib and glanced, would undoubtedly have
proved fatal.
MoCune was arrested and committed to the
Hammond-street Station-house. He will be
taken before Jndge Lowe this morning and ex
amined, when the cause of the quarrel whioh
we were unable to learn will be developed.
To make an example of one or two of the fre
quenters of this miserable place, or to destroy
tut row entirety, wouia do m puoue oeneni.
Committed to Jail for Burglary. Sinou.
lar Sentenob. A bucolic Justioe of tbe Peace
named Benjamin 0. Conklin, who punishes all
offenses against the poaoe and dignity of the
Commonwealth whioh are committed in Spcn
oer Township, yesterday sentenoed a man
named John Kelley to Jail, at hard labor, for a
term of 30 days for the commission of a burglary.
A warrant was issued for Kelly at the instance
of a man named Jaoob Hinei, whose oarpen
tershop he entered, and after breaking open
his tool-chest stole articles therefrom to the
value of ten dollars. The magistrate found
him guilty of burglary and disposed of the case
at we have stated,
What it Costs to bi a City. During the
eight months last past the expenditures of the
elty have amounted to $444,870 29; at this rate
the disbursements during the year will reach
three-fourths of a million. Certainly the peo
ple should pay some attention to the manner
In whioh such, a sum is disposed of.
Wood's Theater. Cloud and Sunshine.
Ph. - r in. 1 1 ,
11 i. 1 """ '" aesignau'S tne manner 111
which its representation paused oil last uitht. It
anwiHn.aiilll.n.l..lir l-rff... . .... -
the fact that like most of this clam, tlio ' Jlar.iuln tie
Uarcllly, 'took too much wine nr.. I vm In such a
pmrinir If i thut it ..n 1.. n .. . . . .
Thft mnnijirer apologized, and Mr. Uo rend the part
oulte credibly. We hope wo shall uvwr have nudi a
rCMVirfl tn nmla -. .a1 .1'
VI nnvas LUa Ki,. . 1 .1 T
1. . . "tuiin, nun mt mom geuvruiu
pulilie will not forever forgive.
" i.auuorwn.mviw portion or inepiayvo were
Torlunato enough to witntM. fiiactml the park of
Henri Duvois ajliiiinihlv. whil 'Aomp. EiUu-nrii.T '
Who Was BO eleflilUtlv matin lin tluit. utiH nlmnaf
vulval, ma Bourn i myui, ana &ciM inecuar
acter of DiauHaif olie had bnon created for it. Of
trss lltlls-BVV niahU r.t 1 1 11 1
m M1" wtjiire nanny prepared
to apeak, for wtj aw but part of it : but it lm some
til tilt a . Uuvnon I 1 . 1 ..n m
B'chelleu'Mn the Uit scene are in very bad tan to and
might be entirely taken out with advantage to the
Hiii V " uwwcvsji, u ib quire goou ana as it
will be repeated to night our readers will havoaa op-
Concert at Smith & Nixom's Hall. Signor
Corradl Coll leer, assisted by his daushter Berthe and
some other artists, well-known and highly esteemed
kJm. ilfr11,1 V.VS. concert on Friday night at
Smith 4 Nixon's Hall. The long residence of this
K0i.?.II1,'Vll.in thlf"T. an the high esteem in which
HA I. IiaIH I. . ai.ffl.l-. ... r .... ....
' i.i ;"''"kmk ior in. size 01 tne
audience, which we doubt not will fill the house In
every part.
O.V Dir. It ! ar.A Ik.l IV- . 1 r 3
-- -.ikiw iug Bneui-i&nea
Ki Jr"?.rT0,cdr.1P",,to RaDiond, will give
---,-..,.., .u ,,.lvu vu r riuay eveniog. 11 ner hiic
eessi is commensurate with her merit It will bo coin -
The Chief nf P,.H. jv- rei..
- wiio a. mo uuy marsuai.
th. ?sSSS?iRtypoahe' u'irrer raisndln the cassof
i,.k S1?!0 0t,,u " tho relation of U. Bobiuson vs.
22 i.i 1 '''ole J jesterdayltwfore this Oourt
J2i , .S2'. 1?,n ,r'erposod by tho oounfel for the respond
flonrt ',e ,nou,1 00 reserved for the Supreme
hftoUi ."""i-oi me necessary conneonou wuicri
,1? aioi? 1 J? eli,t hetwton Mr. (iano's olaim to
",l""P nu mr nooiusoii'i induction to tue
new om-tt) being overruled.
mnr,, e Matthews i opened the argument on the d-
iirii.V uuesuons-one ma con-
'V.on of ,D9 ot oflMt winter; tlieother its valld
itr. Because, supposlnit the law to he valid, it may
po iBibly, by the claim of the jiarties on tho opposite
f !(, be held that until there fs a valid appointment
or the Commissioners of a Chief of Pollco, the office
iT.T j """nuueiiiu exist, auu ine luoumoeni oe
entitled to discharge the duties. He (Judge M.)
claimed the reverse; that no matter what other effect
the act had, it had at leant tbe effect of abolishing
tbe 1 offlce of Marshal. It had been claimed by Mr.
Mitchell that the uhlef of Police who was to become
niS ".ull?H,Ste of C"? Marshal, was the particular
Chief or Police to bo thereafter appointed under tills
lnwt end that inasmuch as it does not appear that
tne Commissioners have hold their meetings und
UMda their appointments that the facton which tho
offlce of City 'Marshal, wns to tormlrate has not trans,
pired, andtheoldlawcontinncs in operation. But
the law actually makes a provision for that very case,
of the lapse of time botween the period when the act
takes eftoct and the time when the Commissioners
shall commence aotion,
'""""oceiisary lapse before the machinery
could be completed-and what Is the sltustlon of tbe
police department in the meantime? Tbe seventh
section provides that until the Board shall have ap
pointed a Chiet of Police, 4o., the appointments shall
bomade under theact towhich this supplementary,
ine fact is that there was In existence undr the old
law aChief of Police-nnd now the head of that whole
organization being cut off by luw, and his duties
transferred to the Chief of Police by name, that oltl
ISr.Riri tidiu1 i,cl1 appointment, continues to sot
Until tlliS lt.lUF.1 nf lnM ...1. -..... .L
Tbe only other question presented by the demurrer
T "wnetner tbis law has any validity. It passed
both branches of the LegiKlnture ; and if It were not
7? n "raustbefroma lack of power on the part of
the eneral Assembly to pass such a statue. Was It
void In conuequence of a violailon of the provision
wmcn mqiilros the Legislature iu paasingan amend
atory actta roclte the entire act amended? That
mRllifa nf rl n.. a .. . i ...1 i. ji . . .
w. .iiq wuBtiiuuuu ib uiruciory oniy, jjih m
inct it wa.ii not amendatory, lint aupplementary
c"llrl's. shall be withdrawn from the operation
fj , uo piaceu unaor a system, leaving
i?h?i i.1,w '""touched as to cases still remaining
......... (iBDUIUiaVDi
It la ..IJ ..
i:f ""'"e comes in conuictwun tnepro-
iiur ,hoJp..n9ti,ution by exercising an appoint-
. . r. iu"wi linn iteeu snojecieu io a
fhS fr,,,otlon1l,T the Supreme Court. Ho claimed that
n7 """'" tjoitam unicers, aireauy in exist
en', to superiutend certain departments of tho city
go vornmynt was not tho exorcise or an appointing
Power. It was also ureed by conusel that oven sup-
rv.u uuiimn juti3ui IUIB IHW ro OO lllVUIIfl, HUB
would not necessarily invalidate tho whole statute.
Mr. JI tchell prefaced his remarks liy alluding to
theopinion of Judge Lowe on the subject, which ho
said presented as good an argument an could bo niuilo
upon it, and which he would therefore adopt und
hand up to the Court its a brief. The truestiun as to
the appointing power he did not propose to lny much
stress upou itwna not the priuciplo on which ho
rested his case. The law in qtioetion incidentally
abolishes the office of City Marshal, and annexes tho
duties to the Chiet of Police, ami tho question that
comes up is whether tho Legislature could be sup
Jisod to abolish that office without the provision
-. ...v.. uobiMum w vu uucuiiaiuuuouai BlUieXCOpE
with reference to anew appolntmeut of a Chief of
Police different from that which had provlously ex
isted. In pressing the consideration that the law
-.ual.u.Yuu,'""jiy"'M"Bu iwr lueKtuunu luacwnue
the old law provided in a particular manner for the
organizatiou aad government of cities of tho lirst
c ass, tho new law virtually limits that provision to
cities of the first class having a population less than
80,W-and limiting tho operation of the old law to
h ..i nu ui,ui .uguurn vi I UU lirst CiaBS.
Mr.Qroesbock closed the argument on the side of
uo iv.ni.M, uu vuoumueu inai. mis was not an
amendment lu thesonseoftho constitutional provi
sion, which contemplated a change of phraseology
which niado it necessiiry to hrlug the old section for
ward, But where tho section was not niodilicd, it
was not an amendment. Besides, tho provisiou was
directory and not compulsory ontlie Legislature; and
the Courts wore not directed to nullify the legislation
ot the State because there may have been some in
formality in thorn. This view of the matter was
tnken by tho Supreme Court. The inforninl ity would
uiuount to nothing alter tho Legislature hnully acted
nod put its seal to its transactions.
Mr. Groesbcck was prepared to go Into the argu
ment of other questions which It was anticipated
would have been raised; but tho opposite counsel
having limited the line of argument by pressing
niainly a single point, It was not thought necessary
to discuss them.
The question Is now under advisement by tbs
Trs MnMirtrKW Vh.b Tl, ,!.,.,
ilitioiial time over the eighteen months required by
. . 1 8, n . . " i;hvuib oi ui. mciiiiricen
estate to file their account currant.
Escape froh the Citt Peisok Chain Ganci.
A fellow named Frederiok Finerstein, on
Friday last, escaped from the City Prison
Chain-gang, thinking, we presume, that
vagrancy was better than confinement, and no
employment far better than to quarry atone
for the olty. It is not a loss any one need re
gret, for should he nevor again be seen within
onr limits, the moral tone of the Queen City
will not suffer.
Lester's celebrated Sowini Maohines
are rapidly gaining favor with the public.
They may be obtained of Mr. Wm. Laphum,
No. 2WestFonrth-street, over Lowis's Bazaar.
A. Patterson. Kos. Hi Main and
179 Walnut-street, has just received tier
steamer Aurora, 38,000 Havana Cigais, all
choice brands, consisting of Conohas, El Sols,
London Regalias, Flor Habana and Gaem.
Neoio Row. Three colored individuals-
Friendship Bishop. James Lumbkinsand Wra
Taylor had a sort of triangular enoounter on
East-row-street yesterday morning, in which
the latter received a stab through tbe rizht
hand. An ebony damsel was at the bottom of
tne diuonlty, Taylor having been charged with
slandering her, and Lumbkins acting as her
espeolal proteotor, while Bishop edged In on
the same side. A torrible tragedy might have
been the result had not woman's hand, the
same that eaused tbs difficulty, interfered and
restored order. Tho parties were arrested and
committed to jail.
Sabbath Breaking. Ten young men, resi
dents of Newport and Cincinnati, were arrested
on Sunday last, book of Jamestown, for vio
lating the Sabbath by hnnting with firearms.
The gum were placed in oharge of Esq. Payne,
and if not claimed, will be sold to pay a fine
of $2 and costs, which the law assesses upon
each offender. Some eight or ton more evaded
the offioers. From this it would seem that our
authorities are determined to enforoe a respect
for the Sabbath,
Great Outrage. On Sunday night last
about seven o'olook, a man named John Davis,
from Covington, was walking along Front-
street toward Wolfe's Rolling Mill, accompa
nied by a dog, when he met three men, named
Balier Clayton, Edward Reiley and Goorgo
Chlnton, who oommenoed kloking and . boating
the dog. Against this Davis remonstrated,
when the three men began to nse abusive lan-
toward, and then to beat him. He was se
verely injured by the ruffians, who refusod to
desist nntll compelled to do so by the interfer
ence of bystanderi. The men wera arrested,
and will be tried before the Mayor this morn
DifficrjflT on Yore., stsest Yesterday
irninir a dirTLnulLr one n..l l.-t mt.i'
ir.ii. j 77...T. V.:. . ""J.ur
uunsui anm nmiiii aru m reiereoce to the
conduct of the parties, ,H riding the del (ruction
of tbe trtt ituri.whent! lutter drew a pistol.
k.,1 w. -..A...lrl ... '
niDi.iiinui using it Dy some per
sons who were present. Mr. Karl was painting
Mr. Bailoy'a house at tb etime of the attsok,
and drew a hatchet at some of the assailants,
though he did not use i t,
Fais. The ladies of Covington purpose
holding a Fair, at 0h I-Vel!owV Hull, fur the
benefit of the Kent Cadets. It will com
mence on Monday nt'rt, and continue for one
Escaped kroji Jaj,l. A telographio dispatoh
was received from Lexington by our Marshal,
yesterday, announcing that Robert H. Champ
maile his eswana from tha fail in th.t lt.
the Saturday night previous. Champ, it will
oe recoi.'.ecmi, s uuuer a sentence or nfteen
years to the Penitentiary, for committing an
unrarAllH.itil 4itftrn0A nnnn th. c l.:-
sister-in-law. He often declared he would
never goto tue renitentiary, but tills, unless
be dies very M on, If we may jndge from tbe
character of tit man, will prove quite improba
ble. Sale or the N. oro Ton y. The n egro Toby,
brought to this olty from Ohio, alleged to have
been a slave beloa ging to the Tbornberg es
tate, and adjudged as such by Commissioner
Newhnll, of fjinaiitnati.was yester day sold to a
man named ftrattg. fop 1.1 till onJ
soon aftor sold by him to another named
lilt.!.- X. A -HI VT,1. ( ..
n one, tor ri,uu. .tie win oe titKen South.
The Fbrrt-Boat Covinoton. This boat Is
now lying at tbe wha rf, below the Soottttreet
ferry landing, whs ro it is undergoing a
thorough renovation. Its place li supplied by
the "Kentucky." J
Pkhso.tal. N. B. Stevens, Itsq., Clerk of
the Circuit Court, left the city last evening for
the Weut, where he I ntends to remain for two
or three weeks,
pir A. A. Eystei, Clock), Watob.es and
Jewelry, No, 341 and 271 Western-row.
p8 Daguerrean Gallery, south-west cor
ner of Sixth and Westorn-row, over Eannaford's
drug-store. Pictures taken and put in good cases
fur twenty couts. Warranted to iplease.
TPS!" Merchant Taii.ov.ino , Tho establish
ment of Messrs. Eprague k Co., south-east corner of
Fourth and Vino-streets, la favorably known for the
completeness of i ts stock and excellence of 11b goods,
as well as the liberality and uptight dealings of its
proprietors. Their assortmeut of Cloths, Casaimtres
and Vestings la of the finest quality ever brought to
this city.
jZSi!fIf you desire a neat-fitting Boot or
Shoe, be sure and purchase of M. A. Westcott, No.
14 West Fifth-itreot. Satisfaction warranted In
every particular.
ar-Friel & MoGnire, No. 250 Walnut
street, bavo just received a splendid lot of Cloths,
Cassimeres, and Vestlngs, to which the attention of
the public is directed.
$At you riass along Fifth-street to-day
stop at B. Kioth'a, No. SI, and purchase a string of
rish, a venison tttoax, or a can of his flue Oysters.
You will never regret it.
ff3S Tho latest stylo of Shawl-pins are just
out, aud may be obtained of H. V. Ellas, No. 16
West Fourth-street. They are both useful and or.
uamental, and can not fail to give satisfaction. Call
and purchase one,
Monetary and Commercial.
Eastern Exchange was in less demand yes
tcrduy than ou Saturday, and the market was less
lirm. though dealers navn & freelv for checks on
Philadelphia and liow York. None of the regular
dealers were drawing at a lower figure thau K, which
ooniinnes to oe tuecurretii rate.
Currency was still held lu rather limited amount In
Third-street. coniDsred to the domand therefor: but
the receipts are belter than tboy have been, aud the
line oi uoposiis is aim swelling siowiy.
lli,.lnaun ..una I .n Mnnilii. w.n fli.l.t
and transactions generally wore of an unimportant
am meter.
The rates for Uncmrront Money aro as follows
Indiana Stock H dis.
FcnmylvBiilii, country 1 "
Virginia Free Banks i "
Kauawha and Bank of Charleston 1 "
niarylaud Iulerii.r i .
Michigan 1 "
North and South Carolina 1 "
(itiorgia and Canada l "
IVunesseo S(iJ! "
issouri 4Mi "
Iowa, Illinois and AVieconsiu 1,'IC1H "
Tlie receipts of Produce during the forty. oiglit
hours ending yesterday noon, were as follows:
Flour, brls 4,336
Whisky " s.-o
Corn, bush 4,207
Wheat " 12,4tt
Oats, " ..H 1,389
Barley " 1,730
The City Horse nmrket, for tho week ending yes
lorduy, was more quiet thau is usual at this season.
Trio demand is moderate. Supplies are large and
priees drooping; but the stock sold was generally of
a superior quality. The transactions at six stablea
reach M7 head, valued at 3'J,307 SO. The receipts aro
from Ohio chiefly, with a portion from Indiana, mid
tho inquiry is altogether from the Southern rJtates.
The Cattle market was not very active for the week
ending yesterlay, though more so than for the pre
vious week. The receipts of live stock at Brighton,
from Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana, princi
pally from the last Stato, wore as annexed:
C.ittle 1,103
Sheep S57
Hog 1,0110
Quotations were as fol lows:
Hoof Cattle........ f 2o to 2 78-Extra, S3 to S W
Sheep $2 00 to 3 So per head.
Hogs 84 SO to 4 73Extra, $.
The aggregates of the St. Louis Banks last week
wore as follows:
Oct. 20. Oct. IJ. Inc. Bsc.
Exchange Maturg..E2,7l3,S04 S'1,T20.V,9 7,185
Circulation is,M.1 494,20 e,255
Coin 724,33.1 04,142 44,193
The following Is a comparatlvo statement of the
imports of Foreign Dry UoihIh at New York for the
post week, and since Jan. 1 :
For tho Week 1S57. 1S5S. 1S5.
Entered at tbe port .$720,n)4 91,236 BM (403,7114
Thrown on Market 201,212 1,221,132 363,4117
Since Jan. 1.
Xntered at the port.tBVM.Xtt S5I,rV12,774 108,170,750
Thrown on Market... 7li,19A,13 39,133,232 9,03,1M
Saturday's Conrler and Enquirer says of Friday's
Honey and Exchango Market in New York:
The week closes with a Money market mora favor
able to borrowers than was reported at the close of
lastweea.. Tne banking accommonations are quite
as liberal as early In the month, and Paper of the
best class is taken by tirokors at less than the bank
rates. We hear of a f.'w transactions at 5 per cent,
for short nannr. and ftfa7 for Ionizer. Money "on call''
ranges from 4 to S on btate Bonds as collateral, and 7
to ft on Railroad Securities.
In the Foreign Exchange we hear nf no decline,
compared witn tneratminr lasiw ennesaay s steamer,
Bankers' Rills 011 London, U06(8110M. with South,
em draw hills at 110.
Land Warrants wore thus quoted in Now Tork
uc tue close 01 last week:
Buvitig. Selling.
W acres 8 KO per acre $ 7S per tore
120 acres till per acre 7S per acre
Ml acres 60 per acre 7s per acre
40 acres H per acre........ 1 10 per acre
Cincinnati Produce Market.
MONDAY EVENING, October 31, 1859.
FLOrjR-TI s market rontlnuos dull ami the de.
mand very light; it Is li(Ucult to effect sales witliont
submitting to a furt her decline of lOfftUc. The
transactions to-day adtl up soo barrels only, at $4 80
(nil uororextrs, and 011 tor supernne. trim oris.
worn roceiveu tne lot 1 twcnty-iour uours.
WHISK V 11m market ! dull anil Brines Wn.
lower: sales ef WO barrels at 23c., Including that
Irom wagon.
llnV1CIII1IS.-l. -.t.A Aammnrl SltM.MSM.k
with sales of 1,200 barrels at $13 70, and 140 do. at
313 62 tua laltsr rate is neiow cue maraes, as an tne
city brands is the market were taken at $13 75.
Nothing was d-me in Bacon or hulk meats. Lord is
held UrmlvatlOMc;
H03S-the tool weather and the closeness of the
packing season Indues oporutlons, and tbe following
..iu. were ropurim to-liny;
Win delivered on the 19th to !2d November, at 1.1 7.1
WO delivered outheMh to22l Nor., avg. 210 lbs. 6 011
3tio delivered 011 the 10th to 2ith November, at Sen
200 delivered on the spot per cwt gross, at 4 76
Tbis last lot averaged 300 lbs. gross, and the buyer's
had the slaughtering.
OriO01tRIE8 No change in the market. '
WHEAT Tbe market la dull aud nrices hive da.
clned2c. per bushel; sales of MK) bush, choice white,
delivered, at St 1; 2.WO do. delivered, at JI 18; sou
bushels nrime rad at 31 IIS! SOU do. at 81 07: SOO do. at
$1 08.
CORN The market la Arm, with a good demand at
OATS-Thnre la a (too J demand aud the markotis
firm: sales of Ms) bushels at 4Ao,
RAUI. KY The m.rkot ia dull. Brlces are lin.
changed: sales of 4(hi bushels prime fall at Ale,
CLOVER SEE D The market continues dull: sales
Of SO brls. at $4 78; 20 sacks at $4 78.
CHEKSE-The demand continues active and prices
are Arm: sales of 400 boxes Western Reserve at 9c.;
200 do. English Dairy (Putnam Farm) at lie; ISO do.
Nutmeg at 12l3)to.
CKANBBIUIUS There Is a good domsod, with
light receipts: sales nf 10 brls. fair to prime at I13A14.
APPLES The recelnta srs larrs and ths niark.t
dull: prices range from St 80 to $2 80 per .barrel.
ruiAiuu-xue maraii is auii, anu tue nseusj
liberal pries are ancbaugeo. I
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, October 31—P. M.
E0.ur mar.ket without charge: of
n.m l.-l. . at t 75t SO for auDerliue Stulo; $1
.9ieVlVi,,J"i,,M J5' 'f'-riii-rrt,.. W,t,T:
Sj 40frs M for Inferior tn good iblpplng hrau.U -s rra
round-hoop )hlo-cloiii,g dull and n. tMlli0;iry
downward. I.anadiaa Hour uochanged: saK-s ofsii
brls. at ?; SMit lit lur common to chtilre extra l.' vo
Flour In In good rt..itiet at K3 HHiwm
WUeat Is dull: sales of 21.UOII bu.liels ot St 13 f.p
Milwaukio Club and Canndi Club; SI VJ.f.l 60 f..r
white Michigan; t I so for prime white Kentucky
Rye Arm: sales ofO.UOO busht-ls at hl'c. Barley dnii
bnt nnchniKxil: rules of m.ofsi bu-hels a, S"'i? 3c. for
C.iuadrt hunt; 7'J'aflc for smnll lots State. Corn leM
buoyant at cIiimi: sules of I3,ISI lnMl.fls at tHu.kaSl 0J
for yellowof all kinds, latter an onttide price. Oata
dull at 4I0I.V. for State and Canada.
Whisky Is heavy aud loner: tales of 3J0 barrels at
Pork is heavy and lower: sales of 2.100 barrels at
3ir 12(flt$15 IS for mess, snd $10 Slforprimx. Beef
heavy and lower: salesof3V)brls.atS4foroldcouutrr
prime; $s fordo. mo,s; 8'i(oS In for old ami dhw re.
packed mess; SlIftMt &0 for extra mew. I'wf ffims
lower: sales ofXrfj'lnls. new at $14 W.li M for prlmo.
Mess Beef unlet. Cut Meats are scarco, and uoinlnul
at 80. for Shoulders and S'tKvUe. for ilams. Ttncnn
is qulet.l.oio green Ilams sold at 9!tc. from tho block.
Lard heavy and dull: sales of a) brls. at lOjtglOV.
Butter (s In fair demand at llXdllSo. lor Ohio,
"oSc at biu(u' ueese: sali-a steady at Si3
t'o'toti: ssles amount In 3,700 bales. The nsws from
the Sooth of frost caused an Improvement, 'i'hc de
mand for all qualities has slightly advanced. Upland
middlings lat iDtc; middling Orleans, iu tran.itu,
with 9-19 freight. Is quoted at U?c.
Linseod Oil is dull at 6Ja57c.
Lard nil 9iiM.
11 ides from Buenos Ayresat 240.
Tallow quiol at lie.
Sugar is firm and has advanced Ki&lii'. r n the
week: Muscovado at Si(tf,7c. Coffee f tlroi: sales
of over&ywu liansiit 10M(W12to.
Freights on Cotton te Liverpool quiet at 3-Kd.
Steamboat Register.
Abbivals. Sunday Neptune, l'itishnrg; A. T.
Qnarrier, Kanawha; Superior, Louisville; Fairy
"Jueeu, MaysTille: Ohio, No. 2, Maristta; tlecuolln.
Dock. Monday Henry FiUhugh. Slcmphls; Boston,
liouisvllle; Virginia Home, Natille; Uunleith, Ae
vllle; Forest Queen, Madison.
luPAaiuaas Sunday -Aurora, New Orleans; Su,
ponor, Iionisville. Monday Magnolia, Meysilllet
Boston, Louisville; Ohio, No. 2, Marietta, forest
'iueen, Madison; Virginia Home, Neville; Dunlsllh.
Pratt's 22d Annual Sale of
At Auction.
At No. 38 West Fourth-etrcet,
(Next to Smith ft Nixon's Hall.)
HT Books st Private Sale during the day at about
half tbe Publishers' prices.
Ladies and arentiemen are runrttfiillv InvttaA Ia
cat I aud examiuo our stock.
J. K. PRATT, Bale,m,n,
noltf KKLLOGQit WILLIAMS, Anct rs.
STON. Nn. 7 Eilat Thlrd-.tmal. nnnn.ltn II,
Henrie House, Furniture, 4o., at Auction. Will ba
sold on TUISMOKNINO, November 1, commencing
at 9Xj o'clock, New Furuiture, consisting of high and
iuw nun uiiHieau,aressiug anu plain tvureaus, arcss
lug, breakfast and kitcheu tsbles, cribs, chsirs, Ac.
Also , a variety ot well-kept Furniture of u
family declining house-kueplug, will be found one
mahogany csnouy bedstead, spring, hair and
slim k mattresses , double and single fancy
bedsteads, bureaus, card and nidn-tnt.l.. rthnlri,.
China, glass and queensware, 1 silver-plated tea set,
1 portable gas stand, I ice-chext, 1 sewing machine,
Venetian blinds, 1 large common stove, kitchen uteu
ols iu variety.
ALSO 3 pes. ribboD-boiind blankets; 4 casks as
sorted liquors, to closu consignment, at 11 o'clock;
I peddler a wagon, Eastern made: one express wagon,
nearly new. Sale positive and without reserve.
nol KItWAKD WAHD, Auctioneer.
A CO., No. 33 Main-street Boots, shoes, Gro
ceries, Glassware, W raining Paper, Liquors, , c, at
Auction. We will sell on TUESDAY MORNING.
November 1, at So'clock, a general variety of staple
Groceries, CUassware, Wrapping Paper, Hoots, Shoes,
ALSO By order of underwriters, from steomor
Cuuibridgc, ZPO coils Cotton, Cordase, Cheese, Soup,
Candles, He. (ocai) U. S. MJLE.SAUctioueors.
Xa. BARD, at Trade Sale-room, No. 31 West Fifth
street, upstairs. Assignees sale of Books at Auction
oy order of Court On TU KSDAy, WKONtSHA V.
1, 2 uud3, at 7 o'clock, will be sold for and on ac
count of Samuel 11. Keys, Esq., assignee of Messrs.
Truman A Spotford, a large uud valimblo collection of
miscellaneous Books, comprising nuny popular and
standard works in Theology, History, Biography,
Travels, Literature, Science and Art, Agriculture,
Horticulture, Natural History, Ac. Booksellers and
collectors tor public and private libraries will Und iu
this sale a favorable opportunity to make good selec
tions at low prices.
N. B. Books will be open for examination oa
Tuesday mornlug. Terms cash.
oc3e B. G. H UB BAUD. Auctioneer.
JOHNSTON, In Sales-rooms, No. 93 Main-street ,
(next to Trust Company BankJ.-Kxtonsive and
Valuable Btock of Dry Goods, Hoots. Shoe, Hats,
Cops, Alo., at Auction. -On TUESDAY MORNING,
November 1, commencing at )X o'clock, will be sold,
without resorve, 350 lots of seasonable Dry Goods,
among wliictj are many staple goods.
ALSO-Stock of Merchant Tailors' and Clothier'
Goods, fine Linen and CottonShirts, fine I'uderablrM
and Drawers, Cravats, Volvets, Serges, 4c.
ALSO 174 cases Boots, Shsos, ilroguna; Women's,
Misses' and Uhidren's Shoes, Gnlters, Congress Boots,
Ac, with cases of Hats, Caps, Ac.
2, at o'clock, Assignee's sale of the entire stock of
Dry Goods Jobbing House, comprising a valuable
assortment, with one Iron Stub.
at 94 o'clock, at Store-rooms Ntw. eft and 67 Front
street, Assignee's saloof tho stock of the late tlrm of
Holmes At Conwell.
oc31 THOMAS JOHNSTON, Auctioneer.
J:. CO. Furs I Furs I Fursl-WIll he sold ou
lUKSDAY, Noveuibor 1, commencing at 9.'io clork
In the morn in, aud to continue until all is solil, the
lurgest invoico of Ladies' and Gontlemen's Furs,
Hobos, etc., ever offered at auction io this city.
Among thorn will be found French and Stone Msr
ten, Fox, Lynx, Mink, German and Russian Fitch
Victorines, Capes, (JuVTs, Muffs, Gloves and Collars.
ALSO A Brio assortmeut of Gentlemen's Gennct,
Raccoon, Wolf auil Gray Fox Robes, with a groat
variety of other articles In the Fur line.
BtsJ- The special retention of the ladies and dealers
iSCalled to this SlJn. Tim Vnn ow Mil lictv. fre.H
and fashionable. JAOOB GRAFF. Auctioneer,
No. 18 West Fourth -street.
TIOJ is from a rery choice stock,
illannfnctn red from New and Well Seasoned
Expressly far our retail trade, comprising all
the styles r,ud grades of Fur worn, at naaonsblo
No. 140 UlRln-strect.
One door below Fourth.
ING and Designing Classes will commence on
TUESDAY EVENING, November 1, consisting of
the following lepart men ts:
ARTISTIC, including Oil Painting, Postel and
Crayon Drawing; ARCHITECTURAL and 11 B
OnANICAL. The School will be under the charge of ilr. John B.
Belch, sir. Oeoreo Tyburn, Mr. w. W. Carpenter,
audMr.J. F. K.nillen.
All applications lor seats (which are limited) must
lie made by MONDAY, October 31, at the office of the
Institute, where the Circulars and Rules can l ob
tained, and further information given.
By order of the Committee,
oc29tr john b. Hiicn.
very superior Havana Cigars. Fo- sal by
oc24 Mos. 841 and 24V West Fourth-street.
Just received, two boxes extra genuine Italian
Alaccaroni and Vermicelli. For salshv
oc24 yns. 8S and 2tti West Fourth-strwtt.
CEIVED, 19 bbls. fresh English Cracknells.
For sale by A. McDONALD 4 CO.,
QC24 Wes. 88 and 1411 West Fourth-street
Boots and Shoes Just Deceived.
No. 311 West Fourth-Hired,
assortment of the lannwned Philadelphia
HOOTS and SHOES, for men's wear. Call and soe
them. . oc2s
iust receiver an Ininortstlon of choice BraniVv
In 14 and 3 Casks, Otanl, Dupny Co.. snd Denis,
sioanie a CO. t or ssie wnoiesaie ana reinu.
oc31 Sycamore-street.
JalVinsy be seen for a few days at the Washington
Insurance Company, No. 41 Main-street. cc2-hS.llii
and Couaswllor at Lsw, Chase's Unildina
irlstmt,deetsilMtf Main. .. . 171

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