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..1S,AKT8" "'OB BALI," "TO LET," "LOST,"
"FOUND," Aot, in this oqlqmn. occapyiug At Use
or 1m, two Insertion. twenty-Are eeut.
BPBrKO WAGON and HORSE for few
Vv,"' " naaonauio price will DO paid.
yANTEDB0ARDEB8 A Gentleman
iri.. i r.. ""i1' wn,r 'nere are no otoer
boarter. The dwelling la centrally located. Rfr.
tSS ilrei to be compear for the
""" U. JJ., at IMS Office. , BOTSb
tTANlJEI)HELP-Clerki, Meohanies,
Uiiirmji I Help, Carrla-drlvr. Farm-hands,
...??"-! to horse., Ac Alio, female servant for
In V -te'tuatlons, In oity and country. Every on
. .v i.i employment mar near or gooa situation
V applying to A. D. CARSON A CO., No. te West-
One who bu her own machine. Apply be
tore 10 o'clock, at
78 Weet Fourth-street. '
WANTED GIRLS Two good dialog
room glrle. Apply at the Madison Home,
ymmgion. ny. D040-
WANTED AGENTS A few more Mtlra
men at Agent la the tale of a new article.
Agent! are averaging f 3 per day. Call and ee for
yourselves, at 188 Walnut-street, Boom No. 1. no4b
1L7 ANTED OLEEKJ-A oun man to
attend to the out-door buslnese of a
Wo. 883 Weetern-row. notbt
WANTED-8ITUATI0N-Ai nurse by a
, ' 1,d7 wno nfi ' " experience, flood
inreuvw, siren. Aauren mr. Si. u., box ISO Post-
7"ANTED A party having $100 to loan
. hie employer can engage In a light bnalnne
in,r2,.T?,?,alar'r r fT week.. Apply to HALS
ft CO., 2UI West Fifth-street. no4b
YTANTED $250 for 1 or 2 yean, to euro
, the repayment of which, a mortgage will be
S TuUu.ipru,0u rmi eatare, in uinoinnatt, wortn
Z.MIO. Addreea B. 8. 8., at thle office. no4b
telligent boy of 15 yeare, having good refer
ences, well educated, and writee a good hand, wanta
"''l!"JQ In some store, abop or offloe. Addrese
THOMAS, at thli office. notb
w v certify that, being out of employment and
being a stranger In Cincinnati. I made application at
the office of A. D. Carson & Co., Mo. 802, Wee tern,
row, and Immediately obtained a lituation which la
to my- entire satisfaction, aim T rhMi-fiiil tunm.
mend all who are in want of work to go and do
I Ike wile.
J A3m.lA.ii Ollliljlltt.
. - - uiau oi seven yeare experience in mercantile
builneai, either ae aaeletant book-keeper, salesman,
corresponding clerk, shipping clerk or leoeiring
clerk. The very best of city references can be glvsn.
Addrew MERCHANT'S OLEBK, care of Box 423,
Cincinnati, Ohio. no4tf
man who la willing to make bimeelf generally
useful in any business where there la a chance to
make a living-con write a good hand. Any perton
in want of assistance will pleaie address J. H. H.. at
this office. 1 no4b
In a profitable business, with a capital of
uuuarea aouars, woicn win pay irom aoo to 979
per week. Any information can be had by calling at
BEQQ3 A SJllTll'S bnlldlng, (fourth story) No. 6
ine hours of I) o'clock A. II., and i o'clock P. M.
WANTED Clerks, talesmen, book-keep-era,
porters, bar-keepers, eoopers, mechanics,
laborers and others, can find situations at the Mer
chants' Clerks' Begistry Office, No. m West Fifth
street. not HALE A CO.
gentleman, in a prirate house: central lo
cation desirable. Address A. B. C, at this office.
WANTED Six girls to till good situa
tions in oity ana country wanted: employ,
roc ut for two yonng men, an American and German,
willing to make themselves useful. Apply at my
offloe, 807, Kim and Sinth-street.
W ANTED A GIRL To go into the
country, near Glandule one who oan do gen
eral housework. Apply at No. Ml Main-street, west
aide, above Biith. Also a man at the same place,
Appty on annay. noau
t rally located. Bent moderate. Address
J. g. fenny frees omce. now
CH1LDBKN to BOARD By an American
Nurse, north-east corner of Baymlller and Bioh-mond-streets
entrance on Blchmond-street.
w w Wanted, Immediately, a good jonrneyman
on ladles' custom-work. A good American work
man of steady habits may find a iteady seat by ap-
plylng soon to Box el, Richmond, Ind. poM
ANTED AGENTS and others to call
egg-beater, knife-polisher, scissors-sharpeners, and
a- variety of other things, first-rate to travel with, at
octeoddw No. 8 West Third-street.
TO engage in circulating by mbsoriptlon,
some new highly ornamental and entertaining
Books, Maps, ('harts, Ac. Hen now operating clear
from 2tto flMiper month. Call and examine tbe
stock and get a descriptive circular, look at testimo
nials of agents now opperating, Ac. ,
Consultation free. Call soon.
HACK B. BAKIUTZ, Publisher,
ocSSam 3 W. 4th Street, (up stairs.)
I'OE SALE A Single-thread SEWING
1 MACB1NE, with Treadle and all complete.
Will Ve sold very cheap. Apply at Mr. SUTTOH'H
Grocery, No. 303 Fifth-street, between Western-rotr
and John. neJb ,
t3.o0o; located .in a flonrlshlng city in Central
Ohio, with trade of $7,(100 to $8,000 psr annnm. Can
be hat on reasonable terms by addressing Druggist,
P. O. Box 429. Cincinnati. no4-3c '
IOR SALE Omnibuses, Peddler Wagons,
jbl spring vr agons ana Duggies.
ocl2-amod '
Bank-street Omnibus Faoiory.
FOR RENT That well-ltnotro GROCERY
STAND, with DWELLING, north east corner
of Ererett-atreet and Western-row.
fioAli No. SS Pearl-street.
Jav HOUSE Containing six rooms. Terms rea
sonable. Apply No. 803 Race-street. noib
Iil 0 R REN T ROOMS Four pleasant
. Rooms on second floor, suitable for a small
family supplied with water. Inquire at Mo. 113
Mill street, near Fourth. noeat
JC BOOMS-Of different sixes, in the fourth-story
of Apollo Buildings. Beady for oocspancy on the 1st
of November. Inquire of H. V . UOBTON,
ocaiawr ho. l Apoiio uniiqings, 3d floor.
Gas. for Gentlemen, at 301 Third-street, nnitr
Plnm. ocSlh
BOARDING Two gentlemen oan obtain
a pleasant room, with board, at No. 107 Long-worth-atreet,
between Kim and Plum. Terms mod
erate. . no9b
BOARDING One unfurnished front room,
with boarding for a gentleman and wile; also,
a few day.hoardeis, at No. 339 fiaoe-itreet, above
Blxth, Reference reqnired. no4.b
f 'OST 90AT8 Two males and one fe
JLalmale, on the 3d of November. Brand 1. 0. N.
on their horns, and tbe two males yoked together
with a chain between them and a hemp rope on their
necks, and a bell nnder the smallest one's
neck. Any person will be liberally rewarded by re
turning them to No. Ut, on the Canal, between Bscs
and aim. novtb
UAmtiavntMM or r
Wood-Working MacMnery,
Carner Jeat&aa Watatt taOiaclaaatO.
tory fine article of Mocha and Java Coffee, put
up in Sii-lb. cans by Frisby A Bi phens. and war
ranted pfir.. JOHN FKBGC80N, ferooeTj
OG19 Corner Ninth and Vine-streets.
now on hand a stock of flue "Old Llanors."
not to be anrnuaed br anv In this city. comDriaina-
dtatd, Henessey and other French Brandies! Port,
' Hhsrry, Madeira and Catawba Wines, and some rery
tine old Scotch, Irish and Bourbon Whiskies. '
,. : . , . JOHN FKBOUSON, Orooer, "
i ' ocn i Comer of Nlolh sad fins-streets.
-..NorBnaea a
Ir ran wast a servant, advertise In ' T A ".' .'.
Ir you vast a house, advertise In -'
Ir ro want to aeU anything, advertise in
Ir you want to boy anything, adrertlse ta
la ntct, every want supplied by advertising In
Advibtibim, ArTiHTioH I Bear la mind
that the Pinrt Pnus li read In a greater
number' of families than toy other paper
printed In Cinolntatl j that the working-man
reads It, that it li emphatically the people'!
paper, and Is rapidly winning Its way to a cir
culation uopreoedented in the history of
Western newspapers. , The manufacturer and
retail merchant can not bat be benefitted by it
as a medium of advertising. . , I
"Fok Saii. One-half of the Covington
Route on Pinky Pubs, is offered for tale to a
prompt and active carrier. Apply at Counting-room.
Adams' Exfbms Comfaht. To the reliable
and accommodating oMaofos of thle exosllsnt
Company, we are daily Indebted for papers
from nearly every point of the compass. Ai
the mails often fail, these oourtesies are of
great advantage to as, and are profoundly
' -sr . ,e '
Public Tiiipibaroi Mbstiho A publia
temperance meeting will be held at the Meloj
deon, corner of Fourth and Walnut-street, on
Sunday afternoon, at three o'clock. The
meeting promises to be of more than ordinary
interest, and will be addressed by General S.
F. Carey, John R. Williams, and Professor M.
P. Gaddit. The public are invited to attend.
CAVAONA'g Otbtib-hovbi. Our oithent
ought to bear In mind that Peter Cavagna,
No. 31 West Fifth-street, is reoeiving daily
the most delicious oysters imported to the
Queen City. He receives none but the best;
consequently, purchasers will get tho best. Do
not fail to give him trial, and yon oan then
judge for yourself.
Oppobiti Bboadwat Hoist. B. R. Alloy's
hat and cap establishment is opposite Sho
Broadway Hotel. This fact is well known by
a number of our citizens, but we deem it a
duty to inform those who have not yet visited
Alley's that he is making elegant dress hats
and caps suitable for old and young. Give
him a call. -
BlLTIHOBI OyBTBKB. Nntwithlliji.n!lni th
furor created by the spade oysters, it is now
-1 1 J , iL . l il -n i ,
Bva.uvwiauKTju mat mu jaitimore. oyster is
not behind them either in size or flavor.
Robert Orr, No. 11 West Fifth-street, is agent
for Maltby's celebrated Baltimore oysters,
and citizens procuring from him will find his
oysters to be as represented. Remember No.
11 West Fifth-street.
PoBTioii Rs adihos. A large number of the
friends of J. Buchanan Read, as our readers
are already aware, have desired that poet
artist to give a publia reading of selections
from bis own works, and he has consented to
do so, naming this evening and Smith &
Nixon's Hall as the time and place. The
ability of Mr. R. is so well-known and his
poems so universally popular, that we doubt
not the audience to-night will completely
fill the building.1 -
TjKCttbb on Sakha by Sciimox. Mr. E. Y.
Robbins, whose lecture on "Female Cos
tume in its Relation to Health and Beauty,"
a few nights ago, was so well attended, pro
poses to deliver a lecture on "Sanitary Soi
ence" this evening at Rev. Mr. Colver's
Church, on Catharine-street. Mr. R. has
carefully studied his subject for several
years, and his second lecture will doubtless
be as interesting as his first. He deserves, and
we hope he may' receive, an excellent audi
ence. . . , .
Boy Dbownsd. A boy named James L.
Gregg, whose parents reside on John-street,
near Court, was drowned yesterday morning
while playing in a skiff at the fool of Western
row. In rowing about he lost hit oar, and In
reaching over to eatoh it lost bis equilibrium
and fell into the river. Some persons saw the
accident, bat before they conld reader him any
assistance he bad sunk to a liquid grave, and,
although they made every effort to recover the
body, their exertions were without sucoets.
Pbooibdihgs or thbCouhty Cohhissionibb.
At their regular session yesterday morning,
the County Commissioners passed orders
amounting in the aggregate to $422 80; of
whioh $302 0 were paid to B. Clark, for
shingles used on tbe Harrison Bridge, and
$120 to John Medary and Cileries R.Smith,
for transcript from the records of the Polioe
Court, of the chain-gang commitments, to be
used as 'evidence in the ease of McLean t.
tbe County Commissioners. Thomas Mooney
was discharged from jail, not having the means
to pay the fines and costs oharged against
hln). No other buainess was transacted.
Tai Lati Stabbiro Amu or Sausaob
bow. Our readers probably remember the late
stabbing affray on Sausage-row, in whioh a
an named Jerry Sullivan was so severely
stabbed in the region of the heart that it was
thought he could not reoover. David MoOune,
who was the perpetrator of this cutting,' was
yesterday morning before Judge Lowe, and
held in the sum of $1,500 for hit appearance
at the next term of the Court of Common Pleas,
to answer the charge of stabbing with intent to
kill. : ;; ' .
Sullivan hi still at the Commercial Hospital
and In a very orltical condition, although his
pbyslolans think he will eventually reoover.
The wound is still dangerous, for there seems
to be an occasional hemorrhage, which at any
time may yet prove fatal. McCune was com
mitted in default of ball. .
Pomcb Coubt. The business transacted
yesterday morning at the Police Court was
almost without any interest. " Twenty-men
cases were examined, but they were princi
pally charges against persons who had im
bibed too freely the previous day, and becom
ing disorderly from their extraordinary men
tal excitement, were carried to the Station
house, that they might become sane and
sober, and receive a punishment for their
offenses against the peace and dignity of the
The moral atmosphere of Cincinnati teems
to be improving, and growing purer every
day. Indeed, it does not seem to us possible
that men should be bad during suoh glorious
weather ws are having now, and yet murders
are seldom committed on rainy days. But
when the sun looks down upon its crazy
child, the Earth, from soft and dreamy tkies,
like those Which overhung our beautiful oity
during the week just past, goodness seems the
more prevalent, and the nature of the man
partakes of the qualities of the air he breathes.
Still ihe paradox exists,and tbe thought that,
had the night been gloomy, lowering and
wet, instead of bright and beautiful and olear,
the late Plum-street "tragedy" would not
have taken place, will make it appear not al
together unreasonable. The weather may
have more to do, not only with the morals.
but the manners of society, than most of us
are aware; and in this we may find an evi
dence of the wisdom, manifested in making
the external world so lovely, while the misro
coera has been created full of woe. . , -
Bucolic Elopement and "Arcadian"
A rivers run to sets, maidens run to mar
riaga. After a certain age, somewhere be
tween fourteen and eighteen, the female sex
suffer from a kind of connubial fever, which
sooner or later carries them off. Wed they
will) wed they must; and if obstructions be
thrown in their way, they only arrive the
ooner at their object ' i : J- ."' , .'
Of this disposition and temperament were
a pair of elopers from Boone County; Ky.,
who arrived at the Spencer House a day or
two since, breathless from their anxiety to be
married. . They were a very odd-looking
pair, so undisciplined, so ardent, so entirely
unsophisticated. The girl was pretty, and
might have been charming, baa she been
reared in our metropolis; but her extremely
rural manners and unique costume made her
appear bisarre enough-. As to her lover, he
was a spectacle, with bis good-natured,
though extremely red face, his scattering,
nntrimmed locks, his seml-oivilised garb,
and hit ooarse boots, innocent of polish sinoe
the remote period of their creation. r -.-
"Look here, now, my friend," tali he to
Major Metealf, "we do Want to get married
awful bad. We've oome all the way from old
Kentaok to be married In this here tavern of
yourn." 1
The Major smiled when the elegant Spencer
was called a "tavern," but, amused by the fel
low's bluntness, told him he should be mar
ried as soon ss a preacher oould be procured.
"Be quiok, stranger, now; don't lots any time,
for I'm excited;" and here the Boonelte threw
off hit coat and walked up and down the cor
ridor with gigantic strides.
Meanwhile, "Jennie," the bride in prospect,
was standing with her bonnet half off, leaning
against s column, and gaxlng with partially
open month at every one who passed her. She
was awakened from her rapt astonishment
by "Davie," who told her If she "wanted to
get her things on, she'd better dolt soon."
Thus reminded, "Jennie" ran up stairs to
the first room she found open, and from a
carpet-sack she had in her hand she took out
a drest that had been originally white; tied
a crimson scarf around her waist; several green
and blue ribbons about her head; put on a
pair of yellow satin slippers, and descended
to the reception-room, radiant with smiles.
"Davie" met her as the went down, and
throwing his arms around her neck, gave her
a kiss that made even the servants start, and
horrified several high-bred loungers, attracted
by the novelty of the scene. ...
The minister or the "Bethel" arrived a few
minutes after "Jennie's" appearance In full
dress, and performed the oeremony; "Davie"
smoking a cigar and talking lovingly to his
companion all the while, At soon as the cere
mony wat ended, the new-made husband
caught np his bride in his arms, and waltzed
around the offloe with her for nearly a minute,
then set her down; paid hit bill; thook hands
with every one near, the porters and bell-boys
Included; and with a loud hurrah dragged
"Jennie" down the stab-way into a hack, and
disappeared, entirely insane, at was evident,
on tbe subject of marriage.
Meeting of the National
, The National Republloan Association met
last night for the purpose of discussing the
resolutions offered one week ago by Mr. Arm
strong., After soma debate, and several inef
fectual attempts to table the "subject, Mr.
Charlei R. Fosdlck offered the following sub
stitute, whioh, with the original resolutions,
were referred :. to" a committee consisting of
Messrs. Jordan, Fosdlck, Armstrong, Fisher
and Elliott:
Whibsas, The so-called Demooratto press,
both in this city and elsewhere, are endeavor
ing, by misrepresentation of facts and gross
falsehoods, to direct public attention from the
iniquitous conduot of the pretont Adminis
tration, and te implicate the Republican party
In the deplorable events that havs recently
ooourred.at Harper's Ferry, therefore, ' '
. ; Bttckttd,- That the Demooratla party are
morally guilty of the present outbreak, as the
legitimate fruit of the outrages perpetrated and
sanctioned by them on the freemen of Kansas,
i Jtolvtd, That while the Republican party
is and ever has been inflexibly opposed to the1
aggression or toe Slave power, whether dis
guised under the name of Democracy, or other
wise, we do most unequivocally condemn and
repudiate any interference with slavery in the
States where it exists. . .. , " -
Retolved, That we deprecate any appeal to
violence as derogatory to the dignity of Amer
ican cititens, believing that in the ballot-box
there Is peaoeful , and. legal remedy for all
political evils. , ; i ,
Bctolvad, That we regard the recent move
ments for the revival of the Afriosn slave
trade With abhorrence and detestation, con
demn the oonnivanoe of the General Govern
ment therewith, and hold the same to be ex
eorableand in violation of every sentiment of
Christianity and civilisation.
Rctolmd, That we repudiate at Infamons the
principles in the Dred Scott decision, and be
lieve that neither -the constitution nor the
spirit of the General Government, oonfer any
power on Congress or a Territorial Legislature
to give legal existenoe, or in any way sanation
the institution of slavery la any Territory of
the United States. .
Ruolved, That proclaiming ' our determina
tion to respect the constitutional obligations
imposed upon the States by the Federal Com
pact and maintaining the onion of the States
and the liberties of the people, we demand
the repeal of the Fugitive Slave Aot of I860,
as It is subversive of the Constitution and
spirit of our Government contrary to the
plainest duties of humanity and justice, and
abhorrent to the moral sense of the civilised
Baelvtd, That we claim for all oitUens,
both native and naturalised, the liberty' of
conscience, equality of rights and the free
exercise of snffrage; that we are in favor of
whatever legislative and administrative re
form sooessary to protect these rights, and
guard against their infringement or abuse,
and oppose any abridgment whatever of the
rights of naturalisation now secured, by law,
to emigrants, and all discrimination between
native and naturalized citizens.
Betolved, That the Administration of the
General Government, under the present Dem
ocratic rule, has beenunequaled for extrava
gance and faithlessness to the interests of
humanity and freedom, and false to the Con
stitution and laws of the community. :
Raolvtd, That having full assurance of the
justice and ultimate triumph of these princi
ples, and in fixed determination to adhere to
them through all opposition, we cordially in
vite all men to unite with us In an earnest
effort to restore ourGovernment to its original
purity. . r-
, Ssbiradi by Mirtsb's Babd. This morn
ing, at we were about putting a period to the
last page of manutoript we expected to write
for the present issue of car paper, we were sur
prised by hearing the clear tones of a cornet,
accompanied by several sax-horns, in front or
our offloe. . Mentor's Band was complimenting
us with a serenade, and their delicious muelo,
rising on the stillness of the' boor, was a de
lightful finale to our week's employment.
Menter is a prince of 'cornet-players, and his
notes this morning were many of them soft and
sweet as those of a flute. . For his kindness we
thank him, and also for the pleasant thoughts
the serenade suggested. ,
Editors Pbxssi Tour dclsy of a week of the
article of yesterday, headed "Pro Bono Pub
lico." makes as much difference in its facts
as the Railroad Company have made in the
display of their intentions. Since that arti
cle was witten, the Company have put in the
timber and Iron along up Freeman-street at a
good rate; and as the M 'buses " have disap
peared altogether, there it no longer need of
" OrsTiM ron Sunday Waggoner's eytter
houBe, on Western-row, above Fifth, No. 205,
has to-day leoeived the finest supply of the
season of 1U famous Chesapeake Bay oysters.
Don't fail to get a can for Sunday. ' 1 '
- ii- i i i .i j :
jRef'See advertisement of Frenck millinery
at No. IS West Fllth-stieet,
t-.i tj.:
- Pbiobity or JrMBwrB. Vanoe and others
va Keck k Hubbard. It was held in tlilscasein,
which there was a controversy among judgment
creditors in relation to the .priority in vrfilchihnir
claims were to be paid out of a fund brtirt In tor
distribution that under the statute of fronds a deed
made to hinder and defraud creditors wan of no ef
fectthat Ihe creditor need py n regard to lt-but
might procred and obtain hie jmlginent. To say it
bad some effect so as to require the parties to go Into
a Court of libancery to set it aside was contradictory
to the terms of the statute. A. cteditor taking this
law without reference to any decision might treat
such a conveyance to be absolutely void as to blraj
and if it is utterly void as against him be has a lien
on the property by vl rtne of hie Judgment alone
the execution gives him no new Hen, but is merely a
single etep in advanee toward obtaining satisfaction.
It follows that the judgment obtained against
thee defendants, and the attachments must be pro
vided for In the order of time in which they occur
those In the same term will be provided for equally
the attachments according to their date.
The parties were represented by Coffin It Mitchell;
B.J. Thompson, Snow & Biadstreet, and others.
Establishing a Road Burkle & Quinn vs.
the town of Fulton, ths city of Cincinnati and the
Commissioners of Hamilton County. In this case it
was claimed that the Kemper road was established
without proper proceedings, and that no damages
have been paid to the owner of the property.
Litigation has been pending In the matter elno
1840. It was now held by Judge Gholson that the
road was lefallyrstabllshed, and complainant war
perpetually enjoined from disturbing tbe same. At
to Harrison-street, the bill wa d is Denied without
tneisrs. Quinn and Orapsey for complainants; Judge
OOdruaand aeraman nd J.ana on th n.h-r alii
Sterrtt. KligouriCo. vs. BerrvftCo. Aa ttu-hl
ment case, In which Judge Mellon held that the
notice should appear In the Sheriff's returns, and re
manded the case to the Common Fleas to prepare an
Harper ve. Paul A Hardsell. Judge Carter affirmed
the judgment, t ,
Cask ot tub City Mibshai. Mr. Mitchell made
application to Jndge Scott of the Supreme Uourt for a
wrltof error in the cue of Boblnson va. Oano, on tbe
ground that the Uourt erred in entering Judgment in
a case commenced by the relator before he bed Unit
established his right to tbe .offloe. The writ was
After hearing the writ of Aaoea corpus In the
oase of Christian Goodman the Court remanded tbe
Bail was received for John Hayes, charged with
stabbing Christian Houch. Amount fixed at 1350.
What Shall bb Donb Witi ths TJitvoBTusr
its? Father Herod, the keeper of the oity
poor-house, has the reputation, everywhere, of
feeding those under his charge on a much
higher diet than is usual in such institutions,
and the result Is, that all the paupers from
Pittsburg to St. Louis are anxious to place
themselves nnder his charge. Soarcely a day
elapses in whioh there are not one or more non
residents who apply for relief , from our . oity
authorities. What is to be done? Temporary
relief, at least, must be given, for no one must
be allowed to starve. This causes a heavy tax
upon our citlient, which they ought not, but are
of neceesity, compelled to pay. But there is
one olass cf non-resident paupers to whioh we
wish to call special attention. It consists of
females who nave no settled home, but reside
in the oity for a short time and then go to tbe
country as "help," where tbey become the vic
tim! of misplaced confidence, and are turned
loose upon tbe world homeless and friendless.
Ths country will not support them; they have
not gained a residence there; they fall back
upon the city, and it is obliged to reoelve them
or permit them to starve or steal. Several of
this olass are now in our poor-house, and an
other Is now humbly petitioning for admittance.
Shall the be rejected? ' Let the decision be
what it may, a hardship is Involved. It is not
so much the expense of a solitary individual
that is involved, but it establishes a precedence
whioh may be of incalculable mis ohief.
Vasbabts. There are a number of persons
in our oity who have no other home than the
Jail, and no sooner are they turned out than
they contrive to be sent back. Four of this
olass, Mary Bowman, Mary Smith, Jenny
Mclntyre and Bridget McMahan, ware sent
up a few days sinoe by Mayor Foley for
the period of twenty days. It is indeed la
mentable that no means can be found by
which these frail creatures can be leformed.
The Jail will not do it, and each incarcera
tion but adds to their degradation. A thor
ough change In our criminal code is needed,
a cnange mac win unite retormation with
discipline. - This subjeot ought to occupy the
teriout attention of our legislators. The ob
ject to be gained is of a magnitude whioh
ought to commend itself to the philanthro-
Sist everywhere.- It involves no less than
ie ultimate destiny of thousands of our race,
mate as wen as leruaie. 'ine first raise step
is not necessarily the fatal one, and thou
sands who have indulged in dissipation and
vice for years, might be reclaimed by proper
means. A career of vice is more frequently
the result of circumstances than free will;
and never is humanity so far sunk in deprav
ity but it has its hours of repentance, which.
if adroitly seized, could be made to work a
tnorougn retormauon.
Blavi Ihsvbbbotioh Excitihbkt id ths
Ibtbbiob. A few days since we saw a letter in
a Louisville paper, dated from Cynthiana,
Harrison County, In which it was asserted that
a slave insurrection, extending throughout the
whole interior of the State, was imminent, and
that measures had been taken to ferret out and
pnnish the leaders in the plot. Believing it to
be a canard, we took no notice of it; but yes
terday we taw tome of our old friends from
that section, who not only verified the state
ment of the anonymous writer, but also say
the plot is supposed to be even more extensive
than at first represented. ' Publio meetings
have been held and various measures adopted,
whioh are deemed necessary for the public
safety. . The exoitement Is intense , and
whether founded on a reality or not, will have
the effeot to Increase the already rapid exodus
of the blaok population toward the gulf States.
Activity ik thb Pobk Tbads. We notioe
droves of hogs are constantly passing through
oar streets ew rout to Cincinnati, where they
find ready purchasers. By the Assessor's re-
Eortfor 1859, it appears that the number of
ogt In the State is nearly two hundred thou
sand greater than the previous year. This
has its effeot upon the trade, and as the pork
business promises to be brisk during the ooming
winter, packers are making arrangements ac
cordingly., , . ... . . rf
Williams's Coviroton Dirbotoby. Can
vassers are visiting every house for the pur
pose of gathering the necessary material for
a complete dtreotory of this city and Newport,
to be published in connection with that of Cin
cinnati. This is grtatiy needed; the lack of
one having long been severely felt by ear
business men generally. The reputation of
toe puDuaneri is a snmoient guarantee for the
oharacter of the work.
, .-t-'.i ' mmm mm mmm mmm wmmm mmfmt .
Thb Diqhity or thb City to bi Vimdioatbd.
Professor Edwards and Oliver W. Boot are to
be tried this moraine;, before 'Squire Pavne.
for violating tbe peace and dignity of the oity
oi .newport. ... v ,
Thb Nsw Jail. The walls of this institu
tion are now completed to the hlght of the
first story. The Iron lattice of the windows
are securely fastened, snd the whole structure
promises to be nest and substantial. . i
Apt Abubivs Spocsb Runs Away mom Jus
tics. William Krauoh, underrating the
solemnity of tbe nuptual vows, took occasion,
night before last, to merely chastise his
frau, for which offense a warrant for his arrest
was sworn out oeiore 'Bquire rayne. lie,
however, hat deemed it prudent to avoid the
officer, who, he says, has no right to meddle
w ith him or his domestlo affairs.
V Fatal ' Aooromti. A fatal accident oc
curred day before yesterday to a little boy
named George, son of B, J. Hooper. The
father and son were in ths woods hunting,
and while the former was in the act of cutting
down A tree, the little boy posted himself at a
thort distance off. The boy was unable to
eioape ths tree when it foil, and a limb struok
blm with inch violence that he died yesterday
from the effeots of the blow. 1 He was about
thirteen years of age, and an amiable lad.
His lots will be severely felt, not only by hit
5 Brents but by all who knew him; for among
ism all kt was great favorite.
Wood's Thk.itib Mr. Abdbbbob'b Bantm.
This theater wa crowded last evening on the ooe
slon of Miss Agnes Ellnmrtby's Iwweflt, and tbe per
formances apiwaoil to girethe bihly intelligent
audience geuVral satisfaction! The portions of Air.
Andcrnon'e "Alfred avelyn" la Bosit, wre, wo
thought, tauwand monotonous, but It wa generally
lt(K)(l, though far inferior to his tragic impersonations,
BilselBllswortby' "Clara Dougldsn,nd"Ktlierlne';
was very creditable; being easy, graceful and correct,
though often leas Impassioned than they bould have
been, in our judgment.
Thl evening, the occasion of Hr. A.' benefit, is
positively thdaat night of hi engagement, whaa he
" " nPW?,I "Dani.iu" In Damon ano PrrniAs,
and "rellx" in To WoMDia, Hiss KUewortbyap
pparlng in the comedy a "Vlolaule." The distin
guished artist deserves, and will have, without doubt,
a loll and appreciating house.
Natiopal Thbatbr Julia Dbah. Ths
benefit of Julia Dean waewbat Is somewhat inele
gantly termed, a "bumper;" "old Drurj" being
crowded with a fashionable and cultivated audience.
The fair beueflciare appeared In two of her very beat
parts "Madeleine" and "Constance;" in one moist,
enliig many an eye, and In ths other wreathing many
alio In smiles. '
We cannot think this lady plays generally with as
much flreandsplrlta she was wont; but in Knowlee's
comedy, whioh, by the by, we never much liked, ah
was all herself. There wa no mistaking her look,
her laugh, her tone, her jesture; she wa the "sweet
Julia Dean" of a few years ago, and her plailng
brought the departed lustrum to mind again.
We can not refrain from mentioning here the ex
cellent personation of "Lydia," by Mr. Vaaderen.
It wa natural, sympathetic and highly creditable
" e.see a future of prima for this deserving artist.
Thia evening Julia Sean perform IrjoaiTiA
BoRou.one of her best role, In Hugo's Italian
horror. - -
Thb Cobcsbt Last Night, The concert at
Smith Nixon's Ball last night by Slgnor Oorradl
Colllere wa wail attended, and the audience, which
was quite fashionable, seemed highly delighted. Mr.
V. sang with hi older effectiveness, and added many
a laurel to those he has already won.
Ms sweet-eyed daughter, Bertha, has Improved im
mensely since w heard her last, and her voice has
attained a line degree or cultivation. With such
teacher aa her father, and such taste and talent as
she possesses, It will be somewhat strange if a few
years do not make her a great singer.
The remainder of the performer were vehemently
applauded, and the concert wasasuocee in every
particular. - . .
Dbbtbuotivb Fibb at Nobth Vbbxob Loss
Tbbeb Thotjsahd Collabb Quite a destruc
tive fire broke out yesterday morning at North
Vernon, Indiana, which entirely consumed
the engine-house belonging to the Ohio and
Mississippi Bailroad Company, and : some
other oontigious buildings. The fire was, it is
said, the work of an incendiary, and the loss
will reach three thousand dollars. ,
Meteorological observation fnr tha
J?N!tY Pbbss, by Henry Were, Optician, No.
7 West Fourth-street, November 1, 185.
O'clock. Barometer. Thermometer.
7 A. M....... ,......,.7 62
12M.J.. ...... .........29.70 ' Tti
e r, m... ...,.. ,.,,.,.,29,;o ' . gj
e8-Stovej and all kinds of tin and sheet
iron work can be had at No, 291 Fifth-street,
of C. W. Mackelfresh. ' cod '
Monetary and Commercial.
The payments of yesterday were, as we have
said they would be, quite large, and Monetary af
fairs were active. The applications for Loans werit
numerous at the Discount -houses, aud a fab- amount
of borrowers were In the street . The Paper maturing
was generally met, the only protests being of parties
without standing or credit. , - t
The tone of the Money market is healthy ami
daily improving, and, while our merohant and
manufacture still complain of a certain scarcity ot
Currency now and then, the supply Is increasing,
and tbe Bankers' deposits are gradually augmenting.
For Eastern Xiohange yesterday there was llttln
demand acrosslthe counter, and the buying rate wan
lower than tneduy before, not being generally over
X prem. Dealers were steady, however, selling at Jt
The demand tor Gold Is nearly over from tbe Banks,
and the daily Inquiry ie very slight. The Brokors
till give for Coin and aeU at about 49o. prem.
TheSfeeling in Flour was (still firm, yesterday, at
84 75(44 SO, but holders asked an advance of frftlOc.
per barrel, which was not met. Whisky wa He
higher and in good demand, Provisions were very
qu et. ; , , t . ...
A small lot of now Sugar and Molasses were re
ceived, but no ohange ocourred in price. All klnde
of Grain bnt Barley were firm. Thecontinued warm
weather prevents any transaction in Hogs, and tho
market 1 heavy, with no referenoe to operations.
The receipteof Produce and Hogs daring the twenty-tour
hours ending yesterday noon were aa fol
lows: ..'..,
Flour, brls..m ,
Whisky, brls.. .
Com, bushel.....- ,
Wheat, "
Oat, " n......
.W,..f..i.rt I
sttasisMMesteeesMf 2stf3A
- 10.8IH
tee ttttM2
Bogs, head..........'...'..'..
. '' Ml
Thursday's New Tork Herald eays of Wednesday
Ut: ., i:, ... ., ,, ;
There is very little business on the Stock Exchange,
though prices are rather higher to-day. At the first
board the market, though not active, advanced a
fraction; between the boards a further advance wan
caused by the bids of the street operators; in the af
ternoon prices were generally well maintained, and
the market cloned firm. The commission brokers
continue to assert that they have no orders to buy
from outside, and that the advance in Stocks is tbe
ork of street speculators exclusively. Against this
it Is but just to say that the business of tbe Western
roads Is leading to some quiet purchase of low priced
Stocks by parties who have faith in the reooveryof
that seotlou, -
There is no change in money to report. A very
few choice names, indorsed, at 60M days, go at 8H
first-class short paper geuerally at t; long paper, in
dorsed, first-class, and very choice single names, at
7; second-class paper, 810; single names, Inner
grades, at 10(5118, according to standing, Ac. Not
withstanding the cheapness of money, small houses,
not generally known, find as much difficulty as they
ever did lu obtaining discounts. Confidence is re
viving with a slowness which surprise people. - -
There is nothing doing in foreign exchange to-day.
The prospect is that tbe market will not open with
much strength for the Saturday's steamers.
The coinage of the Philadelphia Mint in October
WOSj346,61. j
As compared with the Brit week of January. IBM,
the loan of the bank of New Tork, Boston, Phila
delphia and Hew Orleans have decreased, according
to the last statements, in round number, f'j,0M),0U0,
the specie $14,000,000, and the deposit $31,500,000, In
other words, the banks have paid $31,500,000 of debts,
and have lost only $14,000,000 of specie in so doing.
Tbe aggregate circulation, show a change of only
$200,000. . i ,
FIiOTJB The firm feeling continue In the market,
and at $4 754 80 there are buyers of good superfine,
butitisheldat$4 804W. The sale were VOO brls.
extra at 81 S05 15. 1,533 brls, were received tbe last
twenty-four hours.
WHISKY-A good demand and prices He higher:
sales of 1,100 brls. at 23(236c.-the Utter rate for
11008 Nothing done and not much said about
them. Th warm weather it one of the causes.
. PKOViaiONS-The market was very quiet to-day,
and the only sale we heard of were 25 nhds. Bacon
Shoulders at 7o., and 60 tierces Lard at 10!4o. .
GROCERIES The market continue quiet, with
out change of consequence. Molasses being scarce,
meets with more inquiry. Messrs. T. B. Biggs A Co.
received 40 brls. new Molasses, to-day, and IS brls.
Sugar. They ask 43c. for the Molasses.
WHEAT The market Is quiet, with a firmer feel
ing, but price are unchanged: sales of 250 bush.
rline white at $1 17; 1,000 bush, do., to arrive, at
1 mi 11:500 bush. do. red at $1 05.
OOltN The market la firm, with a good demand:
sales of 3,11.0 bush, at 42c.
OATS There is a good demand and the market I
firm: sales of wo bush, at 46o.; 500 bush, at 45o. ;
BYE There Is a fair demand, but no change front
yesterday's quotation.
BARLEY Themarket lsdnll;jomofthemaUter
are offering but 60c. for prime fail: sales of l.onobusb;
food at (0o.: m bush, do., delivered, at 63c. MO
ush. fair at S3;.: 850 bash, prime fall at 60c -
CHEESE The market I very firm, with an active
demand: sale of 1,200 boxes Western Reserve at (to. ;4"."
boxes English Dairy at lie; 126 boxei Nutmeg at
12,o. '- .
APPLI8 The receipts are large and there 1 a
fair demand; prices are unchangod: sales of 100 brls.
at 12. -
BUTTER There Is a good demand for prime
Western Reserve and rolls aaleaof 7 brls. at 16ISo.
NiiW Yobk Mabbbt, November 4 P. M. Flour
opened Do. better, butcloaed heavy after the America'
new: sales of 16,000 brls, at $4 804 65 for sopor II ne
State; $4 .&5 05 for extraState; $4 W5 for superfine
Western; $5 l(Vj3 40 for common to medium extra
Western: to4060S for Inferior to good shipping
brands extra round-hooped Ohio market closing
dull and decllulng. Canadian Flour dull and heavy:
sales of 350 brls. at $9 35A 30 for common to obolee
extra. Rye Flour in fair request at $3 6O430.
Wheat firm, but not active: sale of 2,000 bush, at
$1 10 for Chicago spring: 11 35 for very choice winter
amber Illinois;' $1 86 for white Canadian; SI to
for vert choice white Michigan. Bye in good de
mand: sale of 900 bush, at 85c, Barley scarce and
firm: sale of 10,000 bush, at 985io. for State.
Corn very quiet: mixed Western nominal at 98a9o,
0tdullat44(a4440. for State. Western and Can.
w nisxy a trine Detter: sales or 400 Brut, at MM
.270. Pork heavy aud lower: sales oflJ0O brls. at
lit 2S16 87 for mass) Slow for prime, including
m brls. mess, at buyer' option all the year, at J1637.
Beef It unchanged: sale of 250 brls. at Suas 76 for
country mesa; $557tfor repacked me; $11(011 SO
for extra me. Dressed Hoga in rsquest at 6H7o.:
sale of 1,000, for December delivery, at 6ic. Beef
Ham in fair supply and doll: $14 5015 00 for prime.
Mess Beef nominal at $l"19, Cat Matte scarce and
nominal at So. for Shoulders and o.S(8)94to. for Hams.
Bacon firm: sales of 6O0 hose Cumberland middle,
for Novomber. December, January and .February
delivery, at Wc. Lard without special eLange. at
ViWm. Butter is moderately active, at 12(318c.
for ohlo, and 1621o. for Stat. Chen steady at
BTAUc. Cotton steady, and 1,509 bale sold, Sules
ot 250 bhd. of Kentucky Tobacco at i4(gUo Wool
more active: aalea of 10,000 lbs. fleece at 40fflSic.i
20,000 lb, pulled at 12awo. 8uar Arm at. Mo!
advanoe: Vew Orleans l 79t$8c.i.tuseovadu at
S7XC. - - ' ' - ' ...-;. ;
BAtmsoBB BfABtrr, November i. Flour steady;
at $e7Ji for Beward, Wheat dull: sales of 1,00
' : I
. . ...:,
.. ......
; 1 '.
1. t si.-im r I
bush, at a decline or lie.; white at $1 2"ai 46; red at
$1 264(1 Jo, Corn declii ed. Pork: $1514 2 formaasj
prim at $1125. Bacon at the. Whisky dull and
nominal at 27c. .
Steamboat Register.
i AaaiTAU-MagnoltaJ Wsysvnkj'Kllen Oray. Ka. .
nawha: Boiton.XoalsvllleL J.C. Fiymuiit. Newtir.
leans: Pomero,, JP.,uieroy;Kuuic, Wheeling; Clip
per, Big Vandy; Virginia Home, Neville; Dnalelth,
Isevlile; Forest Uaw, Madison- , . A
ptPABiwtw-lehleh, St. I,oui;' Boston, I.onts
yllle: Magnolia, Majavlll,-; fcilen Oray, Kanawhaj
Eunice, WhMliog; Disalelih, Neville; Virginia r
Home, Neville; Parkei.b.irg, New Orleans; Forest -
, p& A. A. Eyster, Clocks, Wstchet snd.
Jewelry, No. 141 and 171 Western-row, '': 1
; f3f Daguerrean Gallery, south-west cor
ner of Sixth and Western-row, Over Hannaford't
drug-store. Pictures taken and nt In good casea
for twenty cents. Warranted to p1.
Chsap Hats. It It not to be wondered at
that Hibbert k Bro.'e stores, at No. 8 and 210 Weat
Fifth-street, are so well known by our ettlzeu,
when it I acknwledged their Three-dollar flats are
not surpassed by those of anyother bouse in the
oity. Give them a oall.j r !.. - :
Obi-oollar Pbotosbafhs. For a life-like
Photograph, go to Dewey A Co., No. 112 West Filth,
street. They ar furnishing thai Pictures In gilt
frame for l. Drop in and see for yourselves.
Dates Hats. Eendley, No. 262 West
Fifth-street, 'furnishing exquisite Dress Bats at
only $4. He also ha on hand an assortment of la
dies' superior Furs. Remember No. 261 West Fifth.
Fall abd Wibbb Clothing. Those well
known Merchant Tailors, Frlel McGulre, No. 196
Walnnt-street, have jnat received a superb stock of
Fall and Winter Goods, which tbey are prepared to,
make to order on the shortest possible notice in the
most fashionable style. They never fall in securing
the return ot those who give them a trial. . , .
Pbo Boo Publico. It is well known that
Bprague A Co., corner of Fourth and Vine, are labor.
Ing for the good of the public. ' If, then, the publio
would be benefited, they should call snd examine)
Spragua It Co.'s superior stock of Clothing for old
a vl young. Their French and English Goods are
eli tent. Drop in.
Pratt's 22d Annual Sale of
At Auetlon. '
At Ne. 28 Weat Fonrth-street, .
1 it i- (Next to Smith A Nixon' Hall.)
1 SHT Books at Private Sale during the day at about
half tbe Publishers' prices. -
Ladles and gentlemen are respectfully Invited to
call and exenilue our stock.
' J.K.PRATT, Salesman,
noltf ' . KKLLOOaA WILLIAMS, Auct'rs.
WILLIAMS-Ssles-reoms No. 22 and B4 last
Third-street --THIS (Saturday) MOHNIMG. Nov. S,
at llo'cloclc, Clothing, Dry and Fancy Goods, Watches, ;
Jewelry, W . .i f. .( . :
, At 10 o'clock A large stock of second-hand Fnr.
niture of a house declining business, of a great va.
riety ; Glassware, Looking Olaseea, Stove, ac.
ALSO A general variety of new Furuitnre.
ALSO Ono new Open Buggy. . . 1
One Steam Engine, and a general stock.
not -. A. KBLLOQQ, Auctioneer, 1
BABD, at Trade Sales-rooms No. 11 West Fifth.
streot, up-talrs. Assignee's rale of Medical Book
at Auotion.-On BATUUDAY EVENING, Novem
bers, at 7 o'clock, will be Sold, by catalogue, alarga
and valuable collection of Medical Books, compris
ing a variety of standard work iu the various de
partments of Medical Selene, with ruoat of the Text
Book now In ue in the various systems of prsotic.
N. B. Catalogues will be published on Saturday
morning, and the Books will be open for examina
tion on Saturday during the day.
noib S. G. HUBBARD, Auctioneer. :
Times and Kuqulrer copy. ,
SHEABS A CO., Sales-rooms No. 67 and 5
Maln-street.-We will sell, on SATURDAY UOBN
ING, Nov. 5, commencing at o'clock, without re-.,
serve, an extensive assortment of Qrocerles, consist
ing of 50 brls. Molasses, 75 brls. Sugar, iM kegs
Nails, 160 boxes, )bs. and it Tobacco. . u , . -
ALHU-Iudlgo, nutmegs. Hops. Flask,' Q roup 4
Splcea, Paper, "Hope, Soap, Bedoords, Twine. bmok-i
lug Tobacco, Young Hyson, dun Powder, Imperial
aud Black Tea. Ac. . -no4
' G. BBA8HEAB8 A Co., Auctioneers. ,.;
STON-Salcsroom No 7 Xaat Third-street. '
S3.OU1 worth of Dry Goods at Auctlon.-Ona
Hundred and Fifty Packages of Dry Goods, in '
catalogue form. Positive sale, without any reserve,
for cash, of a stock of Fancy Dry Goods belonging to
an East rn Jobbing House, which will be (old on
TUESDAY MOBN ING, Nov. 8, commencing
at W o'clock, A. M. Tbe stock Is all In good order
and perfect, and consists of every variety and sise of
Merino Dnderahlxts and Drawers for children, Gent's
and Ladles, Bilk, Cotton and Woollen Hosiery of ale
size, Lisle and Cotton Gloves, Gent' Buck Gloveel
Gauntlet of the finest quality, Worsted Jackets, o.,
Ao. Also, an invoice of Black Bilks, Shawls, Italian i
Cravat, Blankets, Ac, Ac ,
The goods are now open for examination, and tbe
city aud country Merchant are invited to call and
examine, as they will be positively sold wlthent any ,
reserve for cash. 1 no4d ;
A CO. Bales-room No. BJ Msln-tret.-44V
Boxes of Preserved Fruit at Auction, by order of
UnderwrlFers.-On SATURDAY MORNING, Nov.
8. at It o'clock, we will sell forty-four boxes Pre- '
served Fruits, slightly- damaged, consisting of
Peaches. Tomatoes, Com, Ac. ''
ALB O Groceries, Glassware, Liquors, Cigars,.
Boots, Shoe, Ac. ...... -
life mmm society
Vi','""' (mw'T WPHTAt.) '
. . Qfflce 98 Broadway, New York.
-. entire profit, pro rata, among Its Polloy Hold
ers, legal Interest (7 per cent, only) I paid on lta
stock, which may, by investment.- reproduce about
that amount, then-i y giving the assured all the ad.
vantage of the Pit " V Mutual System, with tbs
pledge of a Perpetual epital Stock and the added
aecurity that its Board of Directors have a Perma
nent Moneyed Interest in conduot" og it affairs with
prudence and strlot economy.
Its rate are based upon the moat approved English
tables of mortality, verified by American experience
to the present time.- ,
By the Charter, Dividends to the Assured are to be
declared every five years, and may be applied to the
reduction of premium, or will be credited upon ths
policy, thereby Increasing the amount insured,
Parties desiring to insure will be furnished with
the Society's publications, rates, Ac, gratia, upon ap
plication to the Agent.
HEN BY B. HYDE. Vice President. ,
, tJEO, Wt PHILLIPS, Actuary.
We, the undersigned, take pleaanr In stating that
"The Equitable Life Assurance Society," of New
York.represented in this city by David A. Trnax, Esq.,
is entirely worthy the confidence of thl community,
and that the combination of the Mutual and Joiut
Stock principle-a by them presented render tbl
Company one of the most desirable for Insurers in
the country:
-. Ctedman, Carlisle A Shaw, Stanhope S. Bow,
J. 8. Cheneweth A Co., 8. 8. L'Hommedieu,
Blachley, Simpson A Co., D. W. Oorwln,
Thompson A Taaffe,. 1. . U, E. Spencer.
tlWtri Third -street, Basement Haaonio Tempi
.-- . ' ' i JOBS. H. TA1T, U. D , ,
crt ; ' ! . Examining Physician.
" I-' 1. i-Jk'U ' .t'S'I'.' , .-. , , ,
Will save half the usual amotnt of labor, aid Is
ourate and readily oomprehended,
All interested in tbe Bcienos of Account r
vlted to call and examine this new method snd '
for themselves., , ," . -
The lwsln Section will eoumenc -: "K
J, H. OOTTrjttst. ocjaaM
'I MAT. t...
'llmi.ii ''i'
l 'IU n01

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