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Is published (tally, ( Bunders excepted,) br '
TAB PKNNI PKI8SU delivered to subscriber la
Cluclnntl, Covington and Newport, tad sur
rounding cltiea and towns, t the ex- '
i ' ' ' . tremely low price of r
micas or iua:
Blunle copies 3o. 1 1 month 4Uo.; 3 monthstl; 1 pen U,
' COt 0ISTH AD TIBK-gTIim. .
Joiih A. I lulu, J,....M,le Lome end Manager.
Twenty-eighth night of
'Mr Anderson and Miss Ellsworth)'.
THIS (Thursday) eVri)' WATeniher lb, will
be presented tne oeautuui piny Ui
Ingninar .
The Tliiiarcb...,
Actaa- i
Mr. Andersoll
..Mm Ellsworthv
Mr. Bead
nr. Htnn
Mr. Elltler
Urs. Gilbert
fiance, by ....,., Miss Kate Pennoyer
To conclude with the new farce called
FaUM 'the Pant)'. ....-Mrs. Illsler
Juhn Puddlcotrib (the Slow)-...- ...,.ilr. JHIaler
aVflrnit nrenarat lofts lira beihs made for the
speedy production of Hhakspeare's "Merchant of
Venice," ab a complete Hhakspearlan flpctsnl. The
original piece, as never produced in this city, bnt
iirfu me same style aa li wm oriKiuauy uuii. iu uou
dun. New Hceuerjr, Costumes, Machinery, Ac
IW To-morrow evening Benefit of Mr. Andenon
"Doors oneii at 8ki: Curtain rlaee at Hi o'clock,
Paicrs or Admission Drew Circle and Parqoettet
Dncauis; uanory, gncenw.
Last night tint tto of the distinguished actress,
Mrs. JrtlM Dean lUyiie,
Aud tho popular tragedian,
Mr, Marcus Elmore.
THIS (Thursday) KVKNINO, Novemlior 10, will
lie acted thu aploudid Tragedy, in live hcIh, called
Marie de Mcranie Mm. Julia Dean Havne
Pliilip Augustus ...Mr. Marcus HI more
(leheron, Mr. Yanderen
Archbishop uf Kliviuia Mr. Blevlu
JM Fon Uiin. Mr. Swift
1 1) follfuet.1 ....Mr. Jennings
llo La. Jtoche ...iu Mr. 0. ilnnri
Ingerburge Mint h. Qraham
Dance by ,.........MIss Jennie Bight.
To concludo with the laughable farce called
Sampson Low . .....Mr. Bernard
Marian ! Mil. O. Jleurl
(Mr Friday evening, Boneflt of Mra. Julia Dean
' THE NEW NATIONAL HOTRfi, adjoining Hie
Theater, la now open for the receplion of guests.
Kmima can Le obtained ly the day or week, uud
lueals furnished ut all hours ,
NuTIUB. Tradeeman anil ntherit aro cautioned
against fiirnlalilnK any articles for the theater with
out a written order, signed by the Manager.
, . ! Willgiveanotherofhia '
On Thursday Evening, November 10,
On thle occasion the Oinclnnati Highland GiihiiIh.
commanded by Captain Patrick, will appear in full
naliotiHl coKtunio,
Tickets :w cents. To bo bad at Messrs. I'oters ft
Sons, Km Hh A Nixon's, and Mr. Peters, jr.
Doom open at Va o'clock; Concert to commence nt
8; iioloat
11 E O LY-M P I C,
Lessee aud Proprietor ..J NO. I10W0BTH.
This new and braiilfiil TEMPLE OF THE MUSES
opened tor the seaaou on
Willi a full ami talented PBAMATIO AND UON
OF.lt f TUDUPIO, seleclod from the dinerent tbea
tern and opera conipauies of the Union.
Adiuiseiun 10 centa. for particulars sue small
The "Olympic Saloon" will be open at all hours
during th day. Thu Bars are stocked with choice
Wilim, liiiiuors and (JlsaiH. oe'ii
vorthy the attention of Ladies desirous of pur
chasing Fine Furs
WlT be a son A II lis prices,
J; C. TOWERS & co.;
, No. 149 Main-wtreot,
B AOS. for Urocers, Druggists, Tea Dealers and
olbera, matin from extra quality of Wrapping, Ma.
uiila and White Tea Paper.
Zin),inh) No. 1 Wrapping and Manilla;
1 No. a
am,WMi No, 3
. . ano.unii No. n . ' .
i'lHI.IIIIO No. s "
9I,II0II No. io
am No. 12
wi.im No. i , ,
, aMI,IHK) No. 18
, . ' auiwmo No. ai
' ' aXI.IHIONo. 2S
. , , am.iHio No. 1 White Tea Rags;
' ' 2fl,UOONo. il ;
aw,u(ioNo. a
The above ate put up Id packagea of 900 bags each.
We are manufacturing from sixty to seventy-live
thousand Bags per day.
., , .. Paper Dag Manufacturers,
And Wholesale Paper Dealers,
, oo22 ' ' 77 and 79 Walnut-street.
Ji will be received at tho office of I Rogers,
Sou A Co., No. m Vine-street, until the aith of No
veinlier, Inst., at 12 o'clock, for building Hie new
Ciiii'iniiatl lluepital, on the site of the present
tuillitlng, bounded by Western-row, , Twolfth-street
and Miami Canal.
i Bids to he received for tho whole Job, and not in
parta. All bids to be made to conform to tho plans,
specifications and terms of IiIiIm; all of which may be
seen at tho office of Isaiah Rogers, Son & Ui,, 166
No bid will ho received unless they conform to and
are uiaile on tho printed forms; aluo, the bidders to
; name the price t hey will allow for the old materials
now oil the ground.
The security intended to ho offered for the faithful
performance of tho con ti act to named In the bids.
Chairman Com. of Council of Public Buildings.
h Cincinnati, 0.. Nov. I, hW). nollt
Old, received on consignmnrit from POWEB8
'A SON, r Dublin, mid MUKPli V, of Cork, for sale
(under bond) at reduced prices, !v
uoiaw - WM. U. BA11KY A CO.
- STKKKT-llnllet, DnvlsAO.1.;
II. I. It... . 11 ....
A Oo. ; Kuven, Bacon A Co. -All will
be sold at prices that can not fail to
suit, fur cash, or will rent and let
tho rent pay for the Piano. J. OUPItOU, Jr.
The largut stock of Melmloons 111 the olty, oc2t
Scale niannfaotnrer
No. 41 East Second-street, between 8ycamoro and
Broadway, Oinclnnati, keeps overy description of
Counter, Plntfnrm, rmtle, Itallrnad Depot,
i ; aad Track Henlext Trucks,
':: , Iron Wncona, ivo. ,
epalr ng done on tho shortest notice. nol-ftm
just received nn Importation of choice Brandy
in M and i Caska, Otard, Dupny A Oo.. and DonU,
llonnle A Oo. Fursale wholesale and retail.
oc31 . , Sycamore-street.
of choice Pennsylvania Buckwheat that can't
be beat. Juitroceivnlnndfnraaleby
, , JOHN FEHOUSONOroeer, "
un , Coi ner Ninth and Vlne-atroels.
Iishi Fisui iiaui-i iiAVs always
on hand a supply of picktod and smoked Fish,
comprising ttalnioii, MnrKerel Herrings, Halibut,
Ac. JOHN KEROUHON, Orimer, i
no!) Corner Ninth and Vlno-streets.
J BllATKD Loaf, Sugar. Also, Lorerlng'a
Crushed, Powdered and Oriinnlated Sugars, in store
and for sale by JOHN FERGUSON, Orocery,
o5 I Uornor Ninth and Vlne atreuU. ;
VOL. 2. NO. 70.
9 ISA W -
Arrivals of Trains.
IntniNsrouK A Oinoiiiiiati-:0 a.' .; IM r. M.t
0lNUIMNA7f,IlAIII.TON iWD Dattobi 7:15 A. 10:47
A M , A'ill i, m Ilk. 1Mb w
Littli Miami7:W a.i.;'l:38 p.m.;7:18 r. .; IfciS
MaaiiTTA AudOihoikhati Is: 20 A. .;:!& p. m.
Ohio and Missisgipri 7:15 A. m.; 2:uo p. is.; 10:19 p.
UOVINQTOn amo Lxximotom 10:20 A. si.; 7:06 p. M,
Departures of Trains.
6:00 p.m.
OiNoiNNAti, Hamii.toh and Davtoh Indianapolis
asd Olevolamd, :0 a. Sandnsky Mail, 8:00 a. a.;
- Diiuunn7,v:ou r. sr., Accvminwiaiiuu,i,;ini if, m,
I1ITT1.C JdiAMf'-OIevelnnd and Pltlsbug,6:0O A. M.I
Cleveland, I'lttabw-g and Bellalr,ti:30A. M.; Colum
bus Accommodation, 4:W r. a.; Cleveland, Pitts
burg and Uellalr, ll;JUP. .
Ohio AJin Mississippi St. Lools, :00 A.M.; Loon,
ville, 3:00 p.m.; St. bonis, 8:30 p.m. -
Pmssuao, Uoi.ombus and OwfoiNiiATifStenbenvill
Short Line) East Front-street Depot 6:00 A. M,t
8:00 a.m.; 11:30 p.m. . . ,
Olhvrland, Colum bos Ann Oinoinnati last Front
street :08 a.m.: 8.3(1 a.m.: 11:30.
Oinoinnati and MAaiBTTA 8:1 a a. h.: 3:30 p. bt .
Okntbai. Ohio From Coat Front-street Depot 8:10
COTINOTON AND LlIIliqT0N-:25 A. M.i 1:30
In 1310 there were but 350 newspapers
published in the United States. " '
fc&A good telegraph operator, working
ten hours per day, brines a reoelnt of about
$75 to the treasury or the company. ,
' ..frOn the night of the Slat nit, ioe formed
in Iberville Parish, La., of the thickness of a
dollar. -
IKS Tho number of death in Now York
City, for tho week ending the 5th inat., wa
361, being a decrease front the provioua week
of 11.
Juhn Lanier, n. aon of T)r. f!. V. Lan
ier, of Danville. Va.. wan killed bv ihn nini
dental explosion of tho tiiaUil of a I'rininl ra.
ticing at a target.
Eft9Thfl lilnff nf Stveilnn via ahnnf fA
pose the abolition of the severe punishment
InflioUd upon those who quit the Established
Churoh. .
flE0A whito woodnook was hrnnMit tn hii
otfice on Saturday by a sportsman, as evidence
that, though uncommon, the oolor is not en
tirely unknown. I . '
MfTbe Riohmnnd Enquirer savs that if
Seward, Greeley, Halo, Giddings and Smith
are surrendered to Virginia, Brown may hope
for a pardon.
33-On Tuesday, October 18, the marriaee
was celebrated at St. Michael's Churoh, High-
gate, London, of A Uric Alfred Watts to Anna
Mary Howitt, eldor daughter of William and
Mary Jiowttt.
I 1Ker Rnv. Dr. Rnvnnrlinil albeit
November 4. IIo was one of tho leading
ministers of tho Froo 1'roubytcrmn Church,
and exorlod a very imyortatit influence, over
its affairs.
In tha LitcllflnllI (C.l. C.nnrl lnul n,nnl,
Carroll Manchostor received a verdiot of $1,
500 against tho city of Hartford, for injuries
rAneivAil liv ni.nmlilinfr Qnninai .
J Q ..w,.,.no ririU
stone in the sidowalks ot Albauy-avcnuo.
m-W It vda nxnni'iail iliot (lio nn,.i:..
strength of the new Sardinian army will be
lOO.OOO. exclusive of tha riflecorna nnH mill.
tary marino. In addition, there will be
tnrougbout the Kingdon about 600,000 Na
tional Quanta.--: -. , . ,
S-On Monday last, In Bayou Sara. La-
James Murdookhad a difficulty with two Irish
men, in whioh one of them, named John Far
rell, was killed by a pistol shot. Murdock
was arrosted, but roloased on the ground that
he had aoted in solf-defense. 1
jSflir .Tnniea ninrlca. tlinatyiiiianf r.nn.lnM
nhveipietl. hne ilint rel.ieArl fenm 1,1a .nf;..A
J- J , J " - Mia uuiv.v II I
personal physician in daily attondauce ou
. 1. n..AnH U U .. 1 I ..i c 1 1. i ,.,
luo uudu. juio ua uoai uunrgu Ui me UeHita
of the Queen for twenty-seven years since
nor girinooti.
ftF Tha nflir.ini Pienlmnntjian finmtu mil,-
liBhea a decree authorizing a lonn of one
million francs for Sardinia, by moans of the
alienation of the rentes on the public dobt to
mat amount., financial artairs in Waplesare
represented as critical, and a loan of B,O0O,
000 was spoken of.
&"Aooounts from Cochin China say tha
the Frenoh forces were bo worn out by fatigue
and disease, that they wero preparing to
abandon Tourain and return to China.' The
only point which the Admiral will not abandon
is Saigon, where extensive fortilioations have
been raised, ana a strong garrison will be left.
TThe shipments of potatoes from the port
of Bangor, this fall, will greatly exooed those
of any former season. It is estimated that
one hundred thousand bushels will be exported.
The potatoes are pronounced more uniform
and of better quality than have been produced
lor many years. ; ',,
flffrTha Boston Ttnnellr atatArt thai. Alavan
V ' -
persons in Falmoutn, Mass., living within a
oirouit of three inllos and a half, rooently spent
a pleasant afternoon together, whose united
ages amounted to eight hundred and ninety-
seven years. The average of their ogos was
eighty-one years.
22ffA young girl at Limerick. Ireland, in
vited her faithless lover to tea, and on his de
clining to renew his promise of marriage at her
demand, she poured some vitrol into a bowl
and dasbod it into his faco. . His sufferings
were terrible, ono of his eyes was destroyed.
bis face much disfigured, and his recovery was
A forgor arrested at Haverhill is
wanted by Rhode Island bocauso he swindled
tho Arcade Bank at Providence, in April
last, out of $1,200; by Maine, because ho got
$800 at Portland Bank in March; nud-aftor
these two Slates aro through with him, Mas
sachusetts has a claim on him which must
be satisfied.
grThe success of Mademoiselle Vestvali,
whom we claim as an Amerioan, continues to
increase at the Orand Opera in Paris. She ia
now. rehearsing "Horoulaneum," to tako the
place of Madame Borghi-Mamo. M'lle Vest
vali will horeafter take the first rank at the
Orand Opera, a position whioh she was only
able to conquer by real merit. ,
IfSr Madamo Roger de Boau voir has just
died at the age of thirty-six. When twelve
years of age she mado hor feiif as M'lle
Doze at the Theatre Fnmeais. Sho was the
authoress of several vaudevilles and operas,
as well as of several novels; of the lattor.ono
entitled Let vonjuewxt de m ile Muxr, is the
best known.
3rIn England, for instance, no less than
30,000 tuns of iron are required every yoar for
the necessary repairs of the traoks on the dlf,
ferent roads; and twenty millions of wooden
sleepers are replaced annually, having be
come useless from decay. This item alone re
quires the felling of 300,000 trees, ocoupyiog
6,000 aores of land. .... i i, , . .
There are one thousand five hun
dred operatives in the Manohonter Print Works,
one tnoasana of wnom are female, and the
monthly pay roll is about $40,000. The mills
eonlain about sixty-thousand spindles, and ono
thousand five hundred looms, and oonsuino
weekly forty-live thousand pounds of ootlon,
twenty-five thousand pounds of wool, manu
facturing annually fourteen million five bun
dred and sixty thousand yards of oloth. The
dyestufts and ehemicals consumed annually
amount annually to $380,000. . ' '
Robert Stephenson's Funeral—Painful
Scene at the Abbey.
Robert Stophonson's funeral took place in
London eti the 29th, under circumstances of
deep and imposing solemnity. A consider
able time betore the appointed hour, Weat
minster Abbey was crowded with u distin
guished assemblage, numboring nearly 3,000;
the streets through which tho corf. jt passed
were lined with sympathetic thousands who
seemed deeply conscious of the lots the na
tion, had ' sustained; window-blinds, were
drawn down, and the ships in the Thames
lowered thoir flags in token of respect for the
illustrious dead. Many of our most distin
guished, scientific and commercial bodies
joined id the procession, and among the pall
bearers were Jkarquis of Chandos and Sir
RnhArfc Mil to h lonn. Thtk a iV.
" ' - . " HVVMW 'uu.itu biig
Abbey was one of the most painful descrip
tion. Stern men. shed burning tears over the
tomb of their old friend and trusty adviser,
and Mr. Locke, tbe eminent engineer, dis
played, in particulw, an intensity of grief
which, wrung the hearts of the bystanders.
Rovaltv rlirl Tint Ttfinri iia nrnjuvn ao in it, ai.u
- j t - - - r - . hi. v., jio-
bration of the obsequies of one of the greatest
of England's untitled princes: but we have
it, on tho authority of the Duke of G'am-
L . l i : . i . i .
unuge, mat xier jnujroi,y aeepiy Bympauuzea
with tho doeji and general fooling of rogret
wninn Htepnenaorra ueatn nas evoked.
The Glob says tnany grcnt mt n hava been
buried in Weatmin'Ater Abbey, liut we have
no record of such scene as that which we
witnessed on the 2ath. Tho whole proceed
ings were devoid o! snow or pomp.' The fu-
nnra.l woa aiitir.ln in tViA .vl.nnn 1., , 1. n
mournera at the place of burial gave dignity
ami lmpressiveness to mo scene.
Scdauyi. is St. Petkbsbubo. A late letter
-om St. Petersburg says of the Caucasian
hero : . .
On tiiA iliiv nf hln arrival & enmnul iim.1
gathered around..iie entranoe of the hotel
i & . j ... ,, ... i . ..
wuuro us umgeu, aua an uia poin is wnere It
was expected he would pass in going to visit
the chief authorities. He appeared quite at
his ease in Jio way disooncertod. Schamyl
went to see the museums of natural history,
And thA A nailn.mv nf KniAnAA. Tn .Iia .van.
ing he was at the Italian opera, in the box of
Prince Anatole Baryatiuski, brother to the
commander-in-ehief of the army of the Cau
casus. Tha scene whevo "Amina," in Sonnam
bula, oomes down' the ladder from the mill,
produced a great effect on the Kazi Mahomot,
the Iuian's son. 1
Schamvl is enchanted with all ho bchh in
Russia. "Had I known your country ioo' aer,"
said he, "had I seen all I now see, I si lould
nave made my submission long sinoe." well
said, certainly, but perhaps the avowal may
not be altogether sincere. The Iman is evi
dently a olover man. His answers botoken
considerable npropvt. When asked what had
most pleased hint in Russia, Schamyl replied,
"The kind reception of the Empitror." ,
OtrrruKNnna Trkatucht ar fl.aiRi at Af in.
kid. Madame Grisi lately met with a very
unfriendly reception in Madrid, from what
cause we are not informed. A Ma-arid letter
(no date) in the Independence Belye najB that
at the performance of Norma, fifty or sixty
l. . C 1 1 ' . I . , ,
iurouuii, uueu iur uia purpuso, aau iiacou lix
littlA freniin. in i Via linn.. tfallAvloa r-.ala.l haw
with groans and noises of all kinds which com
pletely drowned the voices of Madame Uirisi
and' Mario. The uprewrwar at its bight at
tho commencement of the duet in the second
act. Potatoes were then thrown from the up
per galleries, falling at tho feet of Madame
Grisi, and rebounding into the pit. Tho pub-
lin in thft knven unil nfhev no-rfa nf 1,a ti.mao.
rose indignantly to protest against such art
outrage, out xuaaame unsi wunorew, nor taca
bathed in tears. Mario attempted for 'some
seconds to brave the storm, but was obliged to
leave the stage. One of the employe of the
taeaier came iorworo to announce mat. the
rjertormance would not ne continued. MAiiam'.
Grisi having fainted away, overcome with
A Nkw Abctic. Expeditios I'inouncuj.
The London Timet in the last l&tue received
says: '
Hern, fnr lh Idol
nave noen sending expedition after expedition
to thA lev rftfrinna f,f (hA Wn-!h PaIa In .asnth
of poor Sir John Franklin and his Trussing
shins. .'' ThA ailhiAet. hnu fmiat, un Iat,, kafn. ta
that one almost thinks of it now as a matter of
nistory. it is like the retreat from Moscow,
or any otner calamity inntotod on tne nunian
race bv tha Gnnlun of thA North Ra haV,
has been douoi so much has been ascertained.
r . . . t . '
ao inns oi any vuiue remains to ne aon e, tuat
a man must be a fanatic indeed on the subject
of ioe who WOllld nrnnnSA inv fnrthnr vnln.a.
tions into the frozen regions which lie to the
nuriuwara oi ine Amencan continent lor tne
solution of a foregone conclusion. , , . -.
Kidhappino a Vouho WhitkChilb iiv Chi-
CAnn..(In flA.tlirriftV la.af a. vniih. knml.
.... .iu j .... i. wmaiv
child, two years old. was stolen from, the ren.
idence of its paronts, the I'athor, Ptirlor (Jar-
sen, a ruspoctaoie uerman tarmer at Wash
ington Township. Two men in a wagon
drawn hv a imir of hn.v hnniAH. nrA nu, iV,a
promises, and it is supposed took the child
During Saturday night and Sunday the
cnuntrv wn.fl hnino. anoiirnil ftii Ami sirl.K
large companies of the rcsidonts of that vi-
p.inifv ' in AVctrv flirAAfiAn ? TKa aU!1 A ;. .
nrirl two venrs old. lirht comnlnxinn nml h.ip
almost white. ,
. .. . t
A Fiji Island Markiaob Frast. Mr. Wil-
Imnifl. fl.n fi!noIiaTl t iiiiinnnra ffitrea a n ain ni
of a grand marriage feast given by a chief of
.1. - T V ! T .. 1 , - L . , 1 f . . .
uia biji asjbuub,, me mainage oi ms
daughter, at whioh the good oheer had to bo
estimated by yards and hundred-weights
rather than by dishes. Tbore was a wall of
fish five feet high and twenty yards in length,
beside turtles and pigs, and vegetables in pro
portion. One "dish" at the same feast was
ten feet long, four feet wide, and three deep,
spread over with greon leaves, on which were
placed roast p.gs and turtles. t '
An Unxpbotd Explosion. A citizen of
Hampton, N. II., recently purchased half a
pound of powder, whioh he placed in his stove
ovon to dry,: whme it remained all night.
Soon after building the lire in the morning,
the good woman of the house was not only
astonished but knooked down by the explosion
of the powder, Which had evidently become
dry enough to ignite. The stove and the
various eooklng utensils In use were completely
demolished, and the woman barely escaped a
like fate. , . . ...t, ....
"i Ait Inorniods Yobno. Robekb, A Gorman
was robbed in the town of Franklin, Conn.,
by s mere boy, whom ho took into his wagon
for a ride along the road; the boy asked him
to smell a fine perfume,' from a bottle; he
smelted, and the next thing he knew he was
sitting alone in his wagon; the boy, a watch,
$15 in money, and a buffalo robe gonel The
little scamp bad chloroform in the bottle. '
' I t , ;
Aw Artist Apthb Old Bbowm's Hbad. Mr.
Brackott, the well-known sculptor of Boston,
left that city last week for Charlostowo, Va.,
for the purpose of making a bust of "old" John
Brown, the hero of the Harper's Ferry affair.
It is hoped the Virginia authorities will allow
the artist to preoeed in his design, although it
it to bring book to Boston Brown's head.
The Feeling in Virginia Concerning
John Brown.
The Richmond correspondent of the Now
York Ecrald writes thence, on tho 5th, as fol
lows: '
Brown's execution is as oertain as that to
morrow's sun will rise. All statements made
to yoa to the ooatrary are without a shadow of
foundation. Procrastination of bis sad doom
imed not be assumed as a basis for hope by
tne . friends of the unfortunate conspirator.
in policy whioh suggests this should not be
understood as eontomplating the question of
pardon or commutation of sentenoe. It in
volves no suoh sequence necessarily, and no
such purpose it contemplated by this act of
olemenoy. He must die, no matter what the
influences in behalf of his pardon may be.
Let Brown's friends, therefore, reoonoile them
selves as best tiny can to his sad fate, and spare
themselves any further trouble in the line of
his pardon or a oominutation of bis sentence,
for it will all prove utterly vain.
Governor Wipe Is still In the receipt of
soores of letters pleading pardon for Old
Brown. Some guaranteo the Presidoncy to his
Exoellenoy as a prizo for this act of mercy ;
others nnrAde ,t.i . '
Jeot of taking away life, presenting that as
uod s prerogative alone: while niliAm .mi
'i'1 1? 'nreate 5"nst the life of the Governor
auuuiu no suuer urown to be oxeouted. Let
ters have been addresser! tn lim-n v.m.Air
urging hiin to prolong his trial, and avert his
At AAllhAn n . .... 1 j ,, ,
w i,u rcuiuiBsb penoa possioie, mat
his release was inevitable, and probably near
at hand. The inference (mm this
a purpose to rosouo, whioh is just as practicable
a un -aims at ooiaining a paruon. To all
these pleadings and threats tho Governor turns
a deaf ear. His purpose is irrevooably fixed,
and that is to bang Brown.
A Richmond Paper on Wendell Phillips.
The RIohmoni Enquirer has this oomment
on Wendell Phillips's late anti-slavery speeoh:
What means the applause that greeted the
treason of Phillips in Brooklyn? What is the
world to understand from a.,-!.
of approbation? Is thia tha ,,vmni .r
two people, as different in our sontiments of
"au sini wrong as wo are in onr institutions?
When an impudent scoundrel, avowing himBolf
"not a oitiien," asserts that one of the States
of the Confederacy is not a government, it
pb uuneeuou, uia it not meet the ap
probation and enlist the attention of a crowded
audience from a sister State. Our North
ern brethren, by suoh exhibitions of approba
tion, are fanning tho dame of civil discord,
which, in an unlooked for hour, will burst
forth into a consuming conflagration. We
shall feed the new mouldorlni.
every particle of fuel furnished by the North
era fanatics. As lonir ns onnNAriTAf !um alio
silent and listens coward-like to such treason,
wo suaut miorm our readers of public senti
ment at the North, and if the information in
flames, whv let Ihn onnannii Atiiati Pull imAH U
f -f I 'I v VU A Kit U'UII vita
authors and abettors. It is folly to point
Southern poople to tho Northern press as evi
denoe that Brown is execrated at the North.
A few more luoh nuhlio msntinou i. iViur -ikinl,
applauded Phillips will satisfy the people of
the South that the Union bus served its pur
pose, that WB aro two rlifi'rtrnnl tiaktiIa on. I ,I.a.
all efforts at continued good feeliug, undor a
common government, are futile.
A BBTBUVRn WnWltf TtBAVimva IT...., n .ur.
- - .....uvik. ii.n.ini., anu
Child. Some months sinoe Mrs. C . a
woman of twenty-five years or thereabouts,
moved to Elgin. She was an intolligont and
handsome woman, ami irnvn nut that ,h.
lost her husband a few weeks previous, in
Chicago, and had sought Elgin with a viow of
ameliorating the roiiiembrarjoes of ber loss by
a ohango of scone and sooioty. During hor
rosidonoe her conduct was in every re.ipoct ox
emplary, and she speedily obtained tho re
spect, sympathies and companionship of the
best society in the oity. Thus matters pro
gressed until some two weeks sinoe, when one
night she was suddenly taken ill. A lady of
the place was eont for aud tho sick woman w.is
safoly passed through woman's first great trial.
The noxt night the same ludy was sent for in
haste; she cainu and found the baby doad, and
the mother kneeling by ita oold form, anil sho,
too, dying. She lived long enough to tell hor
that she had not been married, that the father
of hor chilil was one of Chicago's wealthiest
citizens, and that driven to despair at her dis
grace, and the dnrknosB which the future pre
sented, she hud administered poison to hor
child and herself. She positively refused all
medical assistance, only requesting that her
babe might le laid upon her breast she
pressed a kiss upon its cold lips, and thon her
spirit lied across the shadowy rivor to await
the ooming of her betrayer.
A Calipobniam VoTwa a Bia Tiokrt. In
Stockton, on Wednesday, an hombre at the
First Ward Polls, exhibited grout fear that a
spurious ticket would bo ployed upon him,
anil thus ho would bo swindled out of voting
for all tho mon ho dosircd to cast his ballot
for. To make himself secure ho procured a
cloth poster, with tho whole Stato and County
ticket printed on it, and walked up tn tin
pulls to deposit his ballot. Ilorowasadi
loniraa for the Judges. The cloth poster
would fill a peck measure, and there was no
means of gottinc it in tliAlin.11nt.liny. T1,a
votor claimed his right of voting his entire
tiuKot, us vne law am not say now small tne
ticket should be. Tho Judges began scratch-
inrr thoir linnilfl. Tim vnLnp flirnu !,,. 1 ,1,a
n - .......v.vm iiiu
law to protect him in his privilege of casting
uib uaiiui,. me crown snoutou, ana 1110 voter
hold in his arms his ticket, and insisted upon
hisi-iirhta na a eiLiznn nt' thn lln'ilcl Ri.iIa.
Tho Judges bocaino politic aud commeucod
conxinfr. vlies thnvni.tr iiinrmniiimmib.l v a,,,,.
sented to voto a ticket of less huge proper
none. aanrraiKuuo juauoimi.
Einlffraiinn from tha old tn Ihn una Mio,a
began much earlier than the passage of the
i, -Bar, . .
urei law in ioio, giving pensions to revolu
tionary soldiors, but, in order to show its
effeots upon that portion of our population, we
give some stntistios of thoae who tinrniAn.nll
ohanged their domioil after they were pensioned
- .11 L1..1 m l r . , i . ,
tu ubuer oiaMis: xruui Virginia so roruoveu. 10
Ohio. 12tn Kentnekir. 1A In TtiatrW nf (Inlun,.
bia, 2 to Maryland, 5 to North Carolina, 7 to
Missouri, S to Indiana, 2 to Illinois, 13 to Ten
nessee, 3 to Pennsylvania, 2 to New York,
and one each to Michigan, Iowa, Georgia and
Hf li.lasinnl. Tn tha alv 'efAaa Knttlanl ai.iu
It - " -"g.BUW WMW,
of those who removed out of New England,
din wont to New Ynrlr.fil tnflhin. A tn T.n:...
to Illinois, 17 to Pennsylvania, 6 to Michi
gan, 2 to Wisoonsln, 1 to Virginia, and 3 to
New Jersey. Those from tho State of Maine
went cener&llv to Ohio, and thn nimlu, r.,
u . r i w .. v.ti
Connecticut that removed to New York was
muoh larger than from Massachusetts. Irusi
i(toi Cbntfilufion.
known American rapping medium, recently
passed through Paris, with his wife, on his
war to America, lie nntnnlvhu lost hi.
of evoking spirits, but has acquired now and
more terrible power. Instead of confining his
miracles to conversation and oonimunion bo
tweon tho living and tho dead, he now places
living, but widely separated, friends in con
nection, and enables them to hold converse to-
ether. Such a power is very suggestive, and
oes not need to have its inoonvenionces
pointed out.
New York Election.
Nsw York, November . The JTWiune fig.
ures out the result of the election in the State
yesterdny as follow:
The five State officers on the Amerioan and
Republican tisket are certainly eleoted. This
includes Controller, Attorney General, State
Treasurer, Judgo aud Clerk of the Court of
Appeals. The other four officers remain in
doubt, but the Republicans aro probably elec
ted. The new Senate is undoubtedly Repub
lican, probably by an inorcased majority, and
the Assembly is also strongly Republican. The
county offioers elected are three-fourths Re
publican. Tug CiTT.-New York, November O.-Tho
elty elects ono Republican Senator, which is a
Demoorotio loss. The Mozart Hall or Ex
Mayor Wood Democrats nominees full very
fur behind the Tammany candidates.
NbwYork, November 9. The vote in the
olty is only 54,000; over 48,000 loss than was
registered. The Demooratio majority in the
H.tyt I n,,troller 12'777'' for Secretary of
New Jersey Election.
Tbbnton, N. J., October 0. The returns
from the various suotions of the State indicate
the election of Charles A. Olden, Republican,
as Governor, by about 2,000 majority.. The
Senate will be Demooratio, but the complexion
of the House is doubtful.
Sulem County Oldon, Opposition, for Gov
ernor, has about 100 majority. Newoll, the
Demooratio aandidutn fn- m.-ir .i..j
In the first Legislative district, Lippinoott,
Opposition, is eleoted by a small majority, and
Habarmeyer, Democrat, is elected in tho
hocond District.
Massachusetts Election.
nearly tho whole State, give Banks,
Republican, for Uoveroor, a majority of up
wards of ",000 on the whole vote. His plural
ity ovor Butler, Domoorat, is wore than 23,
000. The Senate as far as received, stands 34
Ropublican, 4 Democrat, and 2 doubtful. The
House stands 182 Republican, 50 Demoorat,
and 4 Opposition. The entire Republican
Stato tioket is elected.
Congressional Election.
November V. The lines south aro
working badlv. Tr
a - -f "pi'uu.iiM bjW vutam mil
returns at present from tho Sixth Congressional
Tit frier rf rViIn t!ini.
Tho Snrin ffflfiTtl nnrrAtitinn.TAnf ..P ft,
Ulotrrftlihs that tSnnrjnrmn .,..r,i,r
Clelland (DomocratJ 500 majority, and says
iuo miuniii irora me district indicate his
oloottou by from 4,000 to'5,000 majority.
County Election.
yestorday passed off quiet. The vote polled
did not exceed half Hint nf th ..::...,
election. The city gives a llanuhi; fan tiiii.iw-
ttyofOlO. " J
Requisition for Gerritt Smith.
NatV YllllK. Nnvnmlui- (1 n. ..1"
- - . uu A,,vnnc u u
dorstands that Gov. Wiso has made a requisi
tion ou Gov. Morgan for the surrender of
Gerritt Smith, to answer tho charge of onm-
plicity in the Harper's Forry insurrection.
Captain John Brown in Prison.
A correspondent of tho Boston Trancllrr
thus writes from Charlcstowu respecting Cap
lain John Brown: . , .
During in v intnrv
. . " " '- AVAW Vf B4 (LV illU
jail, ho repeated what ho suid in Court, that
uo was jniriuouy sausned witn the fairness ol
in n mi, uu mo Kinuness ot nisi treatmout.
Ho said that Captain Avis, his jailor, showed
ns much kindness in treating him, as ho had
shown cotirego in attacking him "it is what
I should expect from a bravo man.'' Seeing
that ono of tho deputy jailore was present, he
added, "I don't say this to flatter it isn't
my way I say it bocauso it is truo."
Judgo Parker appears to havo conducted
tho trial Willi remarkable candor,' dignity
and impartiality; and when we consider
what a servilo insurrection is, the self-control
of tho people is wonderful.
Brown has not been in irons since the first
night, and every possible indulgence is shown
him, except the indulgence of delay. 1 Kvcn
tho snecd of the trinl is. In i,- ,.,,.,,.. i
for by thn accident that tho lorm of tho Court
hunoonedto bo hold iimf, sit I. Vila filita.
; Captain Brown appears perfectly fearless
: H .. I I VAdnAA,- AA. 1 1 . 1 1. , .,
.u lunj-uvw enji iiimi, ne nns no lee line
about (loath on a scaffold, and beliovos that
every act, "oven nil the follies that led to
this disaster, wore decreed to happen agos
wivm uid nuim Trita niauo. me only anx
iety ho expressed was in regard to the oir
cumstanceHof his family. ' Ho speaks highly
of his medical altendanta, but rejects the of
fered counsel of all ministors who believe
that slavory is right. Ho will die na fear
lessly as ho has lived.
John Mitchrl on Fiiturr Wars. John
Mitchel, who is now in Paris, has commenced
a serios of letters in a Dublin paper, called
The IrUhman, (similar in its politics and do
signs to The Ntition,) in whioh his objeot is to
suggost to tho Irish poasantry that France
will soon be at war with England in the Medi
terranean, and that the opportunity will then
have arrived for inducing the Emperor Napo
leon to Invade Ireland. "But," exclaims Mr.
Mitchel, "who will moke tho Empororsure
that the Irish poople wait for him, and pray
for him? . How is ho to know that two hundred
and filty-two thousand fighting men would be
found to follow his eaglos from Bantry Bay to
Dublin, aud from thence if he chose it across
to Liverpool? How, above oil, are the people
the UOOnla of all rllianna and ahaa.Io ,a ..
1 1 .. . .i.v.u tV Wq
brought to look steadily toward this as an
event not only possible but probablo, and
whioh may to each of them bring joy or sorrow
just as they demon u themselves in it?".
Thu Countkss Giccom. Th Paris corre
spondence of the Now York Timet says: Mr.
Fagnani, of New York, has just finished at his
studio in this oity, a full-length portrait of tho
celebrated friend of Byron, the Countess Guio
ooli, whioh is acknowledge to be one of the
finest works that ever came from tho studio of
this painter of celebrities. . Even at sixty tho
Countess, now the Marchioness of Boissy, is a
handsome woman, nnrl ahmra All th .ma -r
that remarkable beauty which captivated the
noari sua inspirca toe pen or llie great poet.
Mrs. Fagnani has in her possession a small
look of Ilvran'a hair, nnamlail tn ). k- il.
J , ( v wv u V, 11, ,UQ
Marchiness of Boissy a beautiful little curl
set in glass and gold. , '.::'
LlBKRAL BlOtrXSTfl Tn Rh .liirnni Bsa-ir vntBa
Samuel Cochran, who died recently in New
ura, niauo ine uiuowing charitable beqnastS!
To the Amerioan Bible Society, $10,000; to
the Old School Presbyterian Churoh of Amer
ica, $10,000; to the Board of Foreign Missions
of the Free Church of Scotland, $10,000; to the
Board of Domestio Missions of the Free Churoh
of Scotland, $10,000; to the Board of Foreign
Missions of the Old - School Presbyterian
Churoh, $10,000. If none of the Sooieties
ahiiva. named . are . now mMAtinn. ;n e..!!...
the testator directs that the money be- given
vo mo r roe inurcu oi oootiana. . lie devoted
the residue of his property to dispensing the
Gosnel of Christ in anil arnnn.l ,- n: .(
1 -.-VWHW ... HlJ J ,
New York, and throughout his native land.
uwuauu, .. ,
' ; " I W ,'-!ti( n
AdverllsementinoteioBedinf five lines (Agate.)
OnBlnaertloiw...l On week 11 OS
Two weeks....... 1 90 1 One i I M
Larger advertkwmenui Inserted at the frUowing
rates for tijuare of ten Unas or leas:
One lnsArtloTi..;jr:.t-lV'rwA.v.. , fa at
K uh aildi'nal ins.. Three M 4 Ot
Uu woek..M.M..M 1 Ji I On. M W
Job Printiiif;
In all Ita branohea, done with neatness aad dispatch ;
Premium Awarded!
Smoke-consuming Coal Cooking Store,
.' , " i. . i . ,
Is without a rival. Call on
IuTenlors and Mannfwilurori,
Novelty Iron Foundery,
O 3 3
Fourth-street, "West of Smith,
' SfAtul Mee one in Operation."
- oc7trj .
at last just what the Ladies have longuoedeo
and looKftd for in vain, the Uterine Klixlr.
The Uterine Klixir is warranted to cure all dls
eants of a I'lerino Nature j Inflammation of the
SVonili, the Kidneys, the Ovaries, and the Urethra.
I'rolapaiu or Falling ol the Womb, Painful Menatru
atlon, Chlorosis. Amenorrhea; in fact, a perfect cure
is giiarrauteod by Ihe use of from two to live botlles
of the Klixir, of anjr dieano whatever of the Gener
ative nud Urinary Organs, of male or female, no
matter of bow long standing. Price Si per Bottle.
Madame AbLlti oalli nartlculAr MttAntinn inih.
following Card of one of the moat prominent Drug
gtMts of Cincinnati.
"To tub Public and thb Ladip.s in Pabtkth.ab.
We, the nudersigned, are not in the habit of giving
uur name to I'aUant Uedlciueii but knowing well thu
Lady riiysiciau, and the medicine called the Uterine
Elixir, we cUuirlully recommend It to all fenialefl
suffering from Female Diwaaoa of any kind: it la
purely vegetable, and in no oaee can do iujury: we
nay to all try, uud our word fur it, you will find re-"l,f-
o, B'LI'- fruggiet,
ap27 .' VOornerof Fifth and Itace-etreets."
cures, without fall, pains in the Breast, Back,
ttule or Limbs: Coughs, Itobis, lloaneuess, Difll
culty of Hreailiing, lieadacho, Khituleury, Heart
burn, t'hronio Kheuinatism, Blllloin Cholic,Cranip
llmlio, Clripini; ruins of tho Bowels, Diilliffis,
Stilpiir, Inactivity, Loss of Appetite, and in l'aln
ul Alouatruation It ia a curluin euro, and given
IniinediatA relief. In any of the above Uncases
it will givo relief in twenty miuntea, and a perma
nent cure by tho um of two bottles. Only Ml centa
per bottle o cheap that overy person can get it.
N. ll.-For Hiilo by F. I. HILL, Druggist, corner
of ltacearid Klflh-streetat .1. 1). PA11K. comer of
Fourth ami Witliiut; 8U111K. KCKM'HIN A Co.,
cornorVliio and Fourth; JOHN DICKSON, corner
of John and Hix.Ui; PAUL KKlfiLHiN, corner nt
Kighth and Freeman. AIbo, KDWAItM (JCANLAN
'"' j' comor of Main and Fourth; and Madamo
blil.ls, U kimt Foni tli... sep27-ay
i CHAN'r-Slcs-roomsNo. 7'KuAtTlilrd atreet
n ill iiltend to the sales of Ileal Natiilo, IVmouul
Pi uperiy, Dry Uooda, Hardware, ilulu, fiooti, Hhocg,
procerus, iiirnitiire, do. Having procured thu
services of ni ompvteut salesman, all businesn will
wool with ditpatcli aud prompt ruturns. Caah ad
vitnreg inudo on goods for public sales. Coutigu
menu solicited, liefer to merchant generally.
l am this ilay receiving some ol
uie auove iiunmlou rianuii. Also,
...n... a, Willi Wn..l..i h 1
oilier good niakera-nll of which I I I g
ill soli at Croat reduction, for caeli.
or will rent and let the rent pay tor the Piano.
C. M. AI II KCII, 74 West Fourth-atrcot.
" hdjargi'sttock of Melwleuns In the oity. peat
' rUUHUUV, B. ALL1BOK, HuiwrlnUndent.
I'rlntlng Materials of al I Inds. I r8 Vluelreet
imiiiiwi u.,,1, iy bile Aliums r.x-.
press Company, in whole and half cans. I
A II Oyatera sold warranlcii freeh and of
rna vory netl unnniy. j. 11. UWlNUs,
Agent, Nu. 27 Fifth-street, bet. Jlaiu
anu u aiuiu-Hirueui.
M. B.-Tke trade supplied on the most liberal
ti'ima. ocaicin
mil rifjej !il'7
-Cm Auenry Tor the salo of Hatch, Mnnn 4 Co 'a
Knell, Ke, and Can Oysters. Ainu, BroshCove and
Sp.i ed OyMerti, An. My many friends and natrons
will llnd only choice articles, and at aa low prices as
those t uarged fur inferior oliwwhore.
Oysterscookedinilasternetyleat our mualmod
orato charges.
Hemenilier, 1'.3 Walnut-street, fifth door abovo
Sixth, Cincinnati, Ohio. , oci3
iTi .'fil ,.a"5 J',0" Mahony A Co.'a Clobrated
riauted Of stora.wlilch 1 am sellrncat nnprocodented
low prices hy case or down. Dealers nud Kami Ilea
wanting a very large, fresh Oyster, will plnaae send
their orders. Attached to this entsbllshiuent la a
nice, iinii.t.rcepeclBblo Halnoii, wberoyou can havo
Oysters Cooked in every Btyle, and Boned np In u
i lea uiiid Hiiporior nianuvr. Charges leas than atany
other place. 'l"cl0 JOHN KA1UN.
Oyster Importing House.
1NO daily, per Express, his snlnndid Oysters.
Having completed arrangements lu Uahimoin, ou
the most extensive scale, I will at all tltnoa during
the Benson bo prepared to lurnisli my frlnds, "ana
u,,V?8,t.';.,?',"kiml'.' w"1' t,ie "" DKL1CIOU8
BlVAliVJiS imported to the tiuocii City. None but
tho very heat liuportod. Croat iudiicoiuouta offered
at Ibis Importing-house.
Order siolicilvd and promptly fllled. Terms cosh.
' . seplat- . Sole Importer and Proprietor.
Spiced Oyster i.
li;i.rlAJA1,',,1,L,,..A'lam, pfOM. halt.
BITS world-renowned Baltimore
Fresh Can, Kegr and Shell Oysteri.
KOBIfiT OEE, Agent
Depot. U West Fifth -.treot.
NO. i06 VbBAMM.. tut,, DlflL . U1..U
that he has established a remilar ,i, aa rn. , ....
salool allklmUof lalt-water Fi.h, fresh from New
XiiJ.'Sj.i'S.""1 rrufJ'laiid and (ianduVkyr
wnu.u. w.. '-" u vriKir. in ine she , l.ou.
Btors, Crabs, Bo j (alivoj, and all kinds of scrollable
(liriA nH I Jim Ovatnt-ei II a will . : i . ,
named arUoihUH UAP Jftt THAit ANY OTHKR
m ini hi vim in.v ' ,." n 01M.
taUaaW ararouoidara. v. oil
. 't :. l ,S11t:i.M ' ,

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