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tk oharge of a Dielntt-roont one that
tanderatauda tb bu.lneee. Also, - boy to do errands
and bnild Ore. Apply at south-west corner ail ifth
. Mia DrouHiy. a.si-D-
WANTED Mu-un To rent or
parch u. afire octave Melodeon.. Addresa
D. P. W., otnolnnatl P. O. . dowb
ttrtes or fioueekeeper Id small family, by
a person competent for either. Address MA BY,
. through the Poatooo. d30t
1 WANTKD A GIRL To do plain eook-
", T "w pwitnuraii, unoc imp, aooo
"7"ANTED A GIRL To do the cooking
w and housework of a family. No on that
oan not gin recommendation Sked apply to P. BER
TRAM, B. E. corner of Fourth and Eilen-atreet, on
posits the ach.olhonse. deaob
WANTED A young nan wishes to pro
cure a situation ii a wholesale or null
bueinssa. Haa had over a yoar'a experience. Adurwt
"v'-jwi American jrateus uompany, uiuoiq,
natl.Qhio. . . doaob'
vat family, to do ohamber-work, by a yoaof
woman, who can gin the beat of reference. Aa-
drew M. . 0., care of Prwii Office. de0b
WANTED Kollablo help for ituatiom
of any kind oan alwri be had at a moment'!
notice, by applying at So. 0 JEaat Tbird-itreot, baw
meut etory, next to Adam' Kxnrou offlce. No
charge to lerrantn. deaiam
WANTED Clerki, book-keeper, galea,
men, bar-keepera, porten, ooopen, car pea
tare, meohanica, laborer and othere, can find auua
tloot at the Merofaanti' Oierki Uaalairy OfBce, US
Walnnt-itrect. d26wl HAL-A 00.
WANTED M B N A large number of
active, indaetrloni men can And agreeable
and at the earne time lucretin employment in the
ale of tome new and popular ttooke and ape.
Theae worke are written by the beet biatoriana and
authora known to the oMlleed world ; henoe their
popularity. Oome and examine for yonreerrea be
lore engaging in the aale of ether sablioationa.
. MACK B. BABNXTZ, Publleher,
deStf . 88 Weat Vourth-etreet, Uincinnati.
ingtOD, Ky., on Bank Lick-atraet, between
Elerenlh and Twelfth-all In good order. Will rent
for lis per month. Will be aold low for oaah. ' In.
dulra on the premieee. deSOd
XjlOR BALK Choice Table Batter, prime
-Bv Oheeee, fruit, Ao., at ene of the sea teat atone
In the city-No. WJ Weat Bl-th4treat-wboleaaIe
and retail. Also Buckwheat floor, pure Maple 8u
, " ajar and prima Holiday Oyitera, Ao. All warranted
. ' at represented. D, BTOBUOMT,
sr1'. eS3aw ' D. IAESHAN.
BOARDING Two or three quiet, vrell-dig-poaed
gentlemen can obtain a pleasant room,
with good board, in a private family, where a few
select boarders are received, at Ko. 1U7 Long-worth-street,
near Plum. Terms moderate. d3oo
OARDING A few gentlemen oan be ao-
1 ..la-l la - - J a , .
H-ev wuiuiuuiiwu wim irutiu aVUU lOUgll-K, UlBO m
fw dar-boardere, at Mo. 36 Wett Coarttret, bo-
BOARDING A gentleman and hU wife
can obtain pleasant room, furnished or nn
furnished, with board, in a private family. Also a
few day-boarders. Apply at 436 Fifth-st. de30b
Tyro ONE DOLLAR BILLS On the 29th
Inst. The finder will oblige by returning the
same at 164 Uain-sireet. de31b
KITCHEN On the first floors Inquire at No.
4S7 Ninth-street, west of Harriet. de3l-b
Arranged for Piano, by PBOV. 8QVIK-. - With a
beautiful Lithograph of the New Hasonlo Building.
Just published by JOHN (JHUBOH, JB.,
- de81 ' " M West Fourth-street. '
until the lat of January, I8M, -
1 will aell Planoa for cash only,
srioea that will induce anr one
bur. Even thoae who do not want
one at eraaent will find that nn fa
tne time to nny. i wiu rent, and let the lent pa
for the flano. 0. M. MOBOU,
v . . . n WaetFourth-atreet.
The largest atock of Meiodeoni in the otty. deal
NOW, IF EVER. Aa my neighbors are
offering great inducements for
cash, and aa 1 am not a llllng that
my frleuda and onatomers ahould
fail to be aulted as to price, I would
ay that 1 will not be undersold br
any house In Cincinnati. I will still rent, and let
the rent pay for the Piano, at 60 Wear Fnnrtti -street.
Depot for Melodeona and Harmoujame. de2l
thaa ever. Great sacrifice of
fianos, ineioaeona, violoncellos,
Violins, Ouitara, Banjo Htrings, Trim
minss. Ac. dnrlnir the llnifrlnv..
WelllDB at lOOner cent, lesi than u
Other House in thisoltv. and Brat-claaa Initmminli
at that. Do not buy an Instrument until you have
called at No. 337 Firth-street, aeoond door east of
j-iuu, bdoid nue. isitiTXirttf as tlitu.,
Piano llakerri and Dealers in First-claaa Inetru
ments. deaitf
and bilnr Watches and fine Jewelry, consist
ing of-
Ktnwcan, Oorait Lava, Pearl, Garnet and
Torauoil, Pins, Bsr-rinis, Bracelets, Ao. "
ALBO A fine as'ortmsnt of Silver and Plated
ware, consisting of
Tea-sets, Trns, Walters,
Oommnnton-ware, Oake-Baaketa, -' -
Castors, CJnps, Go bleti, Uuor Stands,
Knives, Forks, Bpooni, to.
N. B.-The best platod. Tea-sets ean be bought
from f24 to 132 per set. Alio, Bllver Spoons and
Forks, warranted equal i ooln, will be sold at the
low price of (1 80 per on e w, at
de!9bw - J. W. corner fonrth and Main-streets.
i For tH Holldayi. : '- '
WalnnUtreet, Walnut-street, '
' ' CINCINNATI. ;.f. Y;.A
The Oyatera sold at tollhouse ere superior U any
In this market. Prices, as usual, moderate.
deJlftjal J. TODD, Af t tor Hatch, Mann Co.
. ' , rTSolesalsandBetall. .
si ' NOVELTY IRON fpWt "
eni 333 WW FOtJHTH-BTB-liT.
.,-1 .lr;'r- ' JkAt lmfrt
.Ciil.l'l 'li'.l.tt 4
y-L-Kew Style ,grl'!Hat;
Mw Styles Pmcli ;CaviiImei Uatf.
. Kew.Stylei: DwM-(Hattt,(yTj. a;:
. New Stylcii.iblotli and Sptnm
J. C. TOVER3 & CO.,
,.i.i Kit Jrtt ..W fin . itjusiaa :'.
e door below Fonrth ' '
LANK aV ODLEY, "i;,,
Wood-KorWng .lilliinery,
" : AND OIROTJLAR SAtT Mltlfl ' : .
Certset Jetha a4 WetaB ' .,Ciaelaaatl,0.
. aisV v.iltMti t-1 r"t s''.i. n. il n
. SKC-HBKH. 31
' Don't forget that the Penny
Prena la the medium through which to
make known your wantt I Advertise
menta of five Unei and leai, Inserted
twice fortwenty.flve cental
jar-Penny Preea to be had every
morning at the Counting-room door.
Only one cent. ' Vy
MaraoaoLooioin Obsietatiohs For the
Any Brtn, by Mbutj Ware, Optiolan, No. 7
West Fotta-itreet December SO.
,'cioeA Barometar. Thermometer.
7, A. iUaesweMseee.se..9,48 2
iaM..ir.M.-MM...M ( s;
r. M 4.M.tO ' 3t
PhOCIIDIHOS Of TH OnnBTT nnuunitii.u
At the regular session of the County Commis
sioners, held yesterday morning, orders were
passed, amounting In the aggregate to $83 OS,
of which $76 were paid to E. Van hart for 500
uuouois oi ooai tor too ic nan unatio Asy.
lum. and the ntmainilar 4n W T M fL,.J.n
... w . , v . . . uv'uyu,
for mediolnes for the same Institution. Apart
I . ,v. .t I ? .. r
uuui .ue auove, ao ousiness wormy oi note
wss tranisoUd. 'M' :
BiPABTDii or GamiitiLS. The following
criminals, convicted daring the last term of
the Court of Common Fleas, in this County,
left the city yesterday forth State Peniten
tiary at Colnmbni:
Win. Beokly, for tbe murder of the Italian,
Fugaooi, for life.
James Ford and John Hannatord, for rob
bery, for term of five years eeoh.
James Morton, for attempted oonstupration,
for a term of three yean.
Attauib B-botior or thi 1. 0. R. M. The
Wyandotte Tribe, I. 0. R. M., held their reg
ular oonnoll fire at Onna Wigwam, on the
29th sleep of tbe hu.Ung moon, 0. S. 6820,
and elected the following chiefs for the next
six and twelve moons: -
Sachem Henry Levy, six Moons. Sen.
Sagamore James Dawson, six Moons., Jun.
Sagamore John H. Summan, six Moons.
Chief of R. Charles 8. Belts, one Grand Snn.
Keeper of Wampum Robert Hays, one Grand
Snn. Prophet George W. Jaok, six Moons.
Trustees Sam'l Snyder, A. 0. Parry, John
Parker.;. ., r. .;. , . .
A Homilibs Bibs Siikimo a Photictoe.
For several days past, a male ohild, about
three years of age, has been kept at the Com
mercial Hospital in the hope that some
childless mother would be frilling to adopt it.
No suoh person, however, has yet appeared,
and we have written this paragraph believing
that thete are many who, being aware that
there was a soul deserving of their proteotion,
would be willing to offer It, at least, such as
might be within their power. The phild is
healthy and handsome, and deserves, if we
may judge from its appearance, a better fate
than to be reared among invalids.
Subioi's Aooioirt to a Child. A little girl,
about three years of age, daughter of Mrs.
Cameron, residing on Front-street, in the
neighborhood of the Little Miami Railroad
Depot, yesterday afternoon fell from a table
upon which she had climbed, and Injured
herself so seriously that her recovery is a mat
ter of doubt. In the fall her head struck a
chair, thus fraoturing her skull, while her arm
and collar-bone, were both discovered to be
broken when she was taken up. A physician
was called in, who rendered the little sufferer
as comfortable as his skill would enable him
to do; but he thinks she can not recover from
her wounds. 1
A Colorsd Fsiis Jian Jabqowj. As soon
as they were born; Jean Jerques Rousseau
confesses, he took his children to the Found
ling Hospital and there abandoned them. A
colored female emulator of this "mid, solf
tortnring sophist" took an infant, about three
days old, and bundling it up In a peouliar
shape, left it, yesterday morning, about eight
o'clock, In the yard of tbe Colored Orphan
Asylum, on Ninth-street. One of the inmates
cf that institution saw her enter and leave
her bundle and then rapidly leave the premises
and finally disappear in the distanoe;nd npon
examination found the little waif, and saved
it, for a while at least, from being lost upon
the ocean of time.
Fibi Yrbtirdav Nook Loss Thru Thou
bahd Dollars. About noon yesterday a fire,
originating in the oven-heating of a furnace
oonneoted with the confectionery establishment
of Alf. Bnrnett, on Fifth-street, between Race
and Elm, broke out, and In a short time des
troyed the rear part of the building. ' The
Fire Department were promptly on hand, and
by their efforts doubtless saved the entire es
tablishment and the neighboring houses from
destruction. , , The entire loss will probably
reaoh $3,000, of which Mr. B. will suffer to
theextentof about $600, the remainder falling
upon the owner of the building, which, we
understand, was fully insured.
" i. i. 'i 1 . ' j ,; t
Boaid or Citt Iupbovdiirts. At the reg
ular semi-weekly session of the Board of City
Improvements, held yesterday morning, the
Clerk was instructed to advertise for sealed
proposals to grade and pave with bowlders
the following streets: Clark-street, from Bay
miller to Freeman; Margaret-street, from
Baymiller to John; Rlohmond-street, from
Plum to Western-row; Avery-street, from
Wood to the Whitewater Canal. Also, to
prepare and transmit to the City Council an
ordinance to grade and pave with bowlders
Wesoott-alley, from Twelfth-street to Charles.
The Civil Engineer was directed to report
an ordinance to establish the grade of Gest
alley, front jBayntiller-itreet to Freeman.
Also, an orcUnanoe to establish the grade of
Cross-street, from Center to Hamburg. 1 The
Board adjourned, to meet this morning at nine
A PaoarsoTmn DrisL A Pais or Biluoib
ict Lovihs About to Blow Out Each Othir'b
Bbaihs. A couple of young men, whose names
we, for the present, withhold, being" both en
amored of tie same "divinity," have become
Involved in a difficulty, and one of them, ex
tremely jealous Of the amount of attention
bestowed npon his rival, determined to com
pensate himself for the lack Of regard borne
for him by the girl by resorting to that well
known cataplasm for a' wounded vanity the
duello. Hs therefore sent his rival a formal
challenge, day before yesterday, which was
promptly accepted, and a series of notes passed
beween the parties in regard to the arrange
ments for a place of meeting and the weapons.
What will be the result of this affair we can
not tell, but we have not the slightest doubt
that .the girl herself will (lose the correspond
ence by discarding bpth the loyjfrs, ' VidelrnxU.
Stbaiob Rssult or a Sixqulab, Waqhb A
Paity or Bachiloim Matid tw firm or
Thsmbslvh. About a year ego, a bachelor of
this city agreed to give party of his friends
a supper If he was not married before -the
Christmas of 1R50. anil. It Tan. In tVli.
form ntm wager, . they were to pay fop ,thd
sujiuwr iutou uia event occur. , xne would'."
be Benedick failed in his efforts to make him
self miserable, the Fates willing in their im
pressive manner that he should longer re
main single, and h paid his friends. the
wager he had lost, byViving them a supper
night before last at the Eldorado, Ko.1 88 East
Fifth-street; which was gotten op In admirable
style by JohaElitoh,
Just as the company were in the act of
taking their teats, by a preconcerted arrange
ment, the room was invaded by a party of
women, who proceeded to seat themselves at
the table; but the bachelors soon recovered
froratbeir surprise and entertained their, self
invited guests with an excellent grace. Toasts
were drank and speeches delivered, and when
they had ended their feasting, they adjourned
to another room and danced "throngh, the
laughing hours until almost daybreak, y
, - : i;.-4f i ... : -, . . i'.', .
Knights Templars of Cincinnati—Twentieth
Anniversary Celebration.
Cincinnati Encampment No. S participated
in a festival last night, in celebration of its
twentieth anniversary. Past Grand Master
Christopher F. Hantelmann, the Grand Com
mander of Cincinnati Encampment, presided.
A well-supplied table was eovered with suit
able refreshments by Sir Knight Covert, Sen
Hnel, assisted by Sirs John Soott, Wm. Mld
dleten and Geo. M. Dixon acting as stewards.
A toast was given by Sir Knight John
Evans to the health of Sir Knight Elsa
P. Landon, only survivor, and to the mem
ory of E. 0. Harper and Ellas Dudley, the
first three oompsnions npon whom the order
of Red Cross Knight was conferred in Cincin
nati Encampment this night, twenty years
ago whioh was properly received, and, on
motion of Sir William B. Dodds, three Sir
Knights were appointed to wait npon Sir
Elam P. Langdon, and, with a presentation of
a suitable memorial, to present him in writ
ing, an asauranoe of the hearty remembrance
and oordial good will of the Encampment
Sirs William B. Dodds, John D. Caldwell,
and Howard Matthews, were appointed th
Committee. Sir John McMakJn submitted a
toast to the long life of the only surviving
Sir. Knight who was present at the organisa
tion of this Encampment on the 80th of Deo.
1B29. This sailed up the Sovereign Master of
the Connoil of Red Cross Knights, the venera
ble Commander, Sir Knight Christopher
F. Hanselmann, who gave an in
teresting recital of the points of interest
In establishing ClncinnatiEneampment No. 3.
He spoke of the introduction of the degrees
into the State, say in 1819, at Worthington, In
the present Mt. Vernon Encampment No. 1 at
Columbus, Next, that an Encampment was
ohartered at Lebanon, Warren County, at
which place the degrees were conferred npon
numerous Companions of Cincinnati, vis.;
Robert Punshon, William Green, W. R. Fos
ter, Robert T. Lytle, James Gasley, Jedediah
Banks, Allison Owen and Peter and David
He adverted to the historical facts of the
Anti-Masonic storm whioh swept the State in
1827 and 8 and that Templar Masonry waa
suspended until revived at Lancaster perhaps
in 1838. In 1839 Blr Joseph Grnbb, of Lan
caster, visited Cincinnati and intimated that
if properly recommended worthy companions
attending at Lancaster might receive the or
ders of Knighe Templar Masonry. At the
ensuing meeting of the Grand Lodge, he, with
Sir Knight Isaac 0. Copelen, attended and
were Knighted. "
Soon after, at a conference in this city, at
the house of the venerable Sir Knight Pun
shon, now deceased, he and Sir Knight Cope
len attended and arranged for an . application
to the Eminent General Grand Captain Gene
ral, Sir Wm. J. Reese, of Lancaster, for a dis
pensation which application was signed
November 14, 1839, by Sirs Robert Punshon,
Isaae C. Copelen, 0. F. Hanselmann, Jedediah
Banks, William W. Austin, C. M. Doolittle,
Caleb Sohmidlapp, . Joseph Grubb, and John
Barnot. - The Dispensation was at once
granted Robert Punchon, Grand Com
mander; Isaae C. Copelen, Generalissimo, and
Christopher F. Hanselmann, Capt General.
: The first meeting of the newly dispentated
Encampment took place in the email brick
hall on the eorner of Bank-alley and Third
street where the present magnificent Masonic
Hell has one of its corners. Those who filled
the offioes were: William J. Reese, Sovereign
Master; Robert Pnnehon, Chanoellor; John R.
Hall, M. P.i John Barney. Prelates Isaac 0.
Copelen, M. of Finance; 0. M. Doolittle, M. of
jjispatcnes; bi. l. nreiaer, u. u.;u. i . llan
selman. M. Inf.; George Stoinman, Standard
B.: John Newland Maffitt, Sword B.; Joseph
Grubb, Warden.
The Red Cross Degree was conferred sever
ally npon E. P. Langdon, E. 0. Harper, Elias
Dudley, W. R. Kerr and James Clark.
This Encampment on the 3d January, 1810,
recommended the Sir Knights, who formed the
Encampment at. Louisville, and companion
Robert Storey, of that city, waa Knighted in
this oity. Dne honors were given to the name
end fame at masons of the departed Sir
Knights, Harper and Dndley.
Joseph B. Covert, present Grand Sentinel,
was created a Red Cross Knight, February
12, 1810 and he was duly honored by toasts
last night ,
From the .failing health of the venerable
Punshon, in September, 1846, the charge of
the Encampment fell on present So v. Master,
whioh hat been sustained by- him Until now.
Sir Knight Hanselmann gave: The memory of
onr worthy Past Grand Commander, , Sir
Knight Robert Renshon. H i ,' I' ;
Sir John D. Caldwell gave: The health of
the Grand Master of the Grand Encampment
of the United States, Sir Benjamin B. Branch:
alto, Kent Jarvit, Grand . Matter of Grand
Encampment of Ohio, Horace M. Stokes, Grand
Matter of Grand Lcdgeof Ohio, and Geo. Rex,
G. H. P. of Grand Chapter of Ohio. il
The healtH of J. M. Parkt, G. P. of Grand
Connoil of R. and S. M. of Ohio, was given
and responded to. ' ', :'
Sir William B. Dodds gave: The Masonic
Prest May its purity and intelligence be
equal to its oapacity of usefulness. Which was
responded to by Sir Cornelius Moore, editor of
Afcuonu) JStview. , Who duly remembered Ra
per Enoampment of Dayton.
Three Past Grand Masters of the Grand En
campment of Ohio, were duly remembered
in an omnibus-bill Sirs Wm. B. Thrall,' John
L. Vattier and John Achey. Also, Sir Wm.
B. Hubbard, Past Grand Master of Grand
Enoampment of United States. :
Sir John McMakin toasted Past Gr. Master
of Grand Lodge of Ohio, Bir William B. Dodds,
who responded in an effective manner, calling
to mind the aged attendants of the Grand
Lodge, Brothers Piatt Benedict, Nathaniel
Benjamin, and others, and as to the fraternal
and cordial feeling which swells up in every
true-heart, in annually meeting the honored
representatives of a large number of Subordin
ate Lodges. The Sir Knights of Kentuoky
were toasted, to whioh Sir Knight Mayo, of
Covington, Ky., responded, when the festivi
ties oloted of a pleasant anniversary. :
Polios Court. Business at the Polios Court
yesterday morning was remarkably dull, and
the cases were of the most ordinary and unin
teresting character. Judge Lowe examined
twelve persons only, but the misdemeanors
; with which they were charged were very
trivial, and hardly worthy of notice. .
Ann Sullivan, one of the most unfortunate
of her class, was charged with the larceny of
pair oi snoot, ana oeing aeemea guilty, was
sentenced to five months' imprisonment in the
County Jail. ,' , .. :y yy." ,; :' , .
A fellow named James Carley, night before
last, became intoxicated and drove his lister-in-law
and child out of their home, at which
he was a hoarder.'! Judge Lowe sent him to
the City Prison for a term of ten days.
James O'Brien, a hungry individual, who
had no conscientious scruples in regard to the
manner in which he satisfed hit appetite, day
before yesterday, entered a private residence
on Rlohmond-street, and finding his way to
the dining-room, began very unceremoniously
to help himself to whatever edibles he oonld
find. He was of conrte ordered to leave the
house ) but this made him indignant, and hit
disorderly conduct caused him to be sent to
the City Prison for a term of ton days.
A man named Miohael O'Connor,1 who, "a,
short time since was industrious, kind-hearted
and sober, wat brought into the Court yester
day morning, charged with drunkenness and
abusing his family. What has caused se sud
den ana disastrous change in his habits,' no
ons knows, hut the metamorphotis hat taken
place, and be is now indolent, cruel end a
drunkard. Night' before last, he turned bis
wife and children into the street, and for their
own safety thev caused , his arrest. Judn
Low fined him three dollars and ootts,v ' ,T.
BuiQjLABT oh FioiT-iTRiiT. The house of
a inan named James Tiernan, located on
Front-street, near Western-row, was . felon
iously entered, night before last, and robbed
of tome wearing apparel and money, amount
log to seven or eight dollars, whioh happened
to be id the pocket of A vest that was carried
off. Thebnrglart were entirely noiseless in
their operations, and escaped without trout-
: Hf.if . It" "I't- . .
- . J .;
Pill's OriRA-Horfsi. The fifth representa
tion of M .insrans Nient'a Usual drew qui tea large
audience to tbe Opera-house last night, and, aopar
eatlr, itwaa dellgntad with the performance. Viola
Crocker, as "Pock," continue, to l the "ol.rved
2' L'tlSrT,r -'. I' Is related that Cudld.aftrr the
death of Psrche, drowned himself iu hi. teare, and
we orerheard a nttmallat,.who Inliene the atory
and also the Pjtb.goreaa doctrii.n. rxmark, last
erenf og, that he had no doubt the acnl of the aon of
Urtnerea had passed Into the fairy-like form of the
aweet dlmuutiire who nlghtlv eppare ;a "Bobio
Goodfellow." We are aware that -ore long sh.ee
'went sorrowing from tbe w rid," aad are half in
clined to believe that he has return) dl.guUed i"
her ehape; but whether thla be true or false so one
can fall to admire TaaDaaAM aa performed at tbe
Opera-house. . ; . .. , .,. Ty
Woon'g Tbsatib At two and a half o'olook
this afternoon, Kaiae Kmoia haa contented to an.
pe-ir for the aeoond time somewhat out of his vaual
custom-at Wood's Theater, and distribute bis toys
to the children who mar be present. An excellent
bill is offered, and we donbt not, the houta will be
erowded with roeer faoes and diminutive forms who
will bear away with them a pleasant memory which
ball be a joy forever. This will be a treat for child
ren which parents and friends will not regret, and tbe
entertainment will lnttract as well aa amuse. In
the evening an exoeilent bill is also offered.
Natiobal Tbiatsb. Miss Davenport ap
peared last night si "Catherine" In the new play of
Jbs CiAatja, to a line andienoe. The character as
translated by her Is absorbing, and by tbe uagle of
ser art aba held those who wftneasedit almoatenell
bound until the oloae, when br tbe plaudits of her
and ienceehe was called before the curtain. To-nlsht
she will appear aa the heroine in that moat I eautiful
love-atory la any language, Boicio add Juliet.
Meeting Trustees of the
The Board of Trustees of the MoMieken es
tate, reoenUy elected by the City Council, con
sisting of Rufui King, Miles Greenwood,
Henry F. Handy, James Wilson, Dr. C. G.
Comegys and G. B. Hollltter, met yesterday
afternoon, pursuant to a call from the Mayor,
who is a member of the Board ex-orliolo, and
organised by eleoting .Rums King President,
and G. B. HolHster Secretary. They then
proceeded to draw lots to determine the length
of their different effioial terms, with- iha f0.
lowing result: James Wilton tlx yean; Dr.
Comegys five do.; Miles Greenwood four do.;
Kufnt King three do.; Henry F. Handy two
do.; G. B. HolHster one do.
Several eommnnicatlont were then read
from persons making application' for the tit
nations of Clerk and Messenger for the Board,
but they were laid upon the table, without any
definite action, for further consideration.
Upon motion of Mr. Wilson, a committee of
two was appointed for the purpose of procu
ring a suitable room; in which to hold the
meetings of the Board, whioh was made to
consist of Meiers. Wilton and Bishon.
Mr. Handy then moved that a oom tntttee of
three De appointed to inquire into the condi
tion of the MoMioken property, the amount
of rental revenue annually derived therefrom,
the number of leases, and how Ions thev have
yet to run, and also to report an inventory of
au ins reai ana personal properly oeaueathed
by Charles MoMioken to the city of Cincinnati.
After a short discussion it was adopted, with
the amendment that the committee attend to
the repair of suoh .houses as might need al
teration, and thote dutiet were placed in the
banda of Messes. Greenwood, Hollister and
Hand., . i . y Vj ,, .., , , ; ;
The Board then agreed, after the matter had
been lengthily ditoussed, that Judge Warren,
the present agent of the estate, should act as
suoh until a new one wat appointed.
Upon motion of Mr. Hollister, a oommittee
consisting of Mr. King and the City Solicitor,
was appointed, for the purpose of obtaining
from .the Probate Conrt a copy of the account
latoiy rendered by the Executors.
Mr. Hayt, the Oity Solicitor, was then called
upon for a statement in regard to , the condi
tion of the suit now pending In a New Or
leans oourt, in whioh a neDhew of tha luta
Charles MoMioken layt claim to a piece of
yiuymij in aid stana anown at tne Daven
port tract Hs ttated that it was now before
tbe Conrt for final adjudication, and that In
three suits already decided, a decree had keen
rendered in favor of the plaintiff. This prop
erty it worth $23,000 or $24,000, and it it not
unlikely that the oause now pending will be
decided similarly to thote that nroAMdad It.
The Board then adjourned to meet next Fri
day aiternoon, at tne tame time and
Steamboat Accident—The Steamer Martha
Putnam Burnt to the Water's
The ttoamer Martha Putnam, Capt Jewett,
ten iota oity aoout a woes ago, very heavily
laden and dettined for St. Louis, but the was
oompenea to lie up at Ualro, in eontequenoe
of the ioe whioh was running down the Mis
sissippi in suoh quantities as to entirely pre
vent ber from reaching the plaoe ot her desti
nation. About one o'olook yesterday, from tome
oause wnico we nave neon unable to learn, the
took fire and was burned to the water's edge
in me increaimy tnort tpaoeef fifteen minutes
time. She was owned, we believe, by the
oaptaln and olerk, and her value is estimated
at $15,000.
The loss both to the boat and cargo, whioh
was csumawa at a value oi S0U,UUU, is total
The boat waa Insurer! in thi nir- f, em nnn
and the freight was also eovered bv Inanr'anca
to the amount of $40,000. The Martha Put
nam was comparatively new, and was engaged
a me reguur iraao netween wis city and St
AmrtfAL Elicl'okb or thi L O. 0. F. In
tne loiiowing Lodges or tbe Independent Or
der of Odd Fellows elections have taken place
during tne past week, with the annexed re.
FulUm Lodge JVo. 112. James 0. Prowt, N,
G.; F.Clark, V. G j A. Emerson, R. S.; Robt
Tealon, P. S.; B. T. Stone, Treasurer; M. L
Broadwell, S. First and Wm. Mahaney, Trus
tees. . v i , ti 1 v,f r ; , li'i . t ; i tt
Palmetto Lodge No. 175. Joseph Shumard,
N. G.j L. O. Simmons, V. G.; H. Ensign, R
d.; j. is. jjawior, - . S.j c. Cook, Treasurer;
v. n.jaugui, u. a. Hinger, C. Cook, Trus
teet ; J. B. Lawler, Clerk of Trustees.
JVanifia iodye iVo. 4. William L. Spooner
nepresentative to urana IiOClge; T, U. Ii.
Gaus, N. G.; J. H. Haft, V. G.; M. 6. Kibby,
r..o.; a.. J. Mnuane,f. a.; William 41 ullin
Treaanrev i' S. Rtnka. Ir W n n.nrii. n
Dexter, Trustees; 8. Stokes, Property Trus
tee, A.rf, muiiane, werK;or Trustees. . (1
Dauoious Bivalvis. Some of the.largeet
and finest flavored oysters ever brought to this
city are being received daily by Adams fc
Co.'t Express, direct from Baltimore, by Rob't
Orr, No. 11 West Fifth-street The arrange
ments by which they are brought are complete,
and they arrive hero fresh from their native
beds by the can, keg and in the thell la large
iiuauuiies, nnu oi a quality mat cannot iau to
satisfy the most fastidious epicure. Maltbv's
oysters have already attained a world-wide
reputation, and no matter in What shape they
are put up, they are entirely worthy of the
enooniums tney nave ever received. :
UwAin LsTTiau. The following U list of
inwrs aeiainea tor non-payment of postage at
uw roaiomoe, in mis ty, jMoemoer w. - v
. Mesarit. Fogg, Houghton A Co.', Boston, MairV "
Mfssra. W. Cbaaiu Co., Boaton, Masa. . " .
John Uandem, a West Liberty, Ohio. ' . '.
Rev. Dr. Wm. Thomnsoo, East lnaor Bill. Conn.
M. M. Deem, Kia,, Corington.Ky. " . . r . 1
- Mrs. Nelly Davenport. Severe Boast, 8t. loula. Ho.
Miss Mary Hickox, East Olevelaad, Ohio,
.i-. 1 1 J' 1 .1 I II V
Hats Mom Hats. Notwithstanding the
fact that nearly every man in Cincinnati has
supplied himself within the last three months,
with a bat, purchased from B. R. Alley, No.
41 Broadway, opposite the Broadway Hotel,
the supply - is undiminished,' but rather In
creased. . ;;,'; i, '
Niw Tiah Oibiibs. To-morrow is the
New Tear, and as our oltitens generally wish
to welcome it in an appropriate style, we
would advioe them to obtain their supply at
Peter Cavagna't establishment, Fifth-street,
East of Walnut. . . '; , . -
$0-OAV AT Wlflflnini T.aiM nnentitti
of splendid oysters, canned fruiti, Ac., will
arrive to-day, to-morrow and Monday, ' for
New Tear's, at Wagoner's depot, 209 Western-row,
shove Fifth, and, 68 West Sixth-
Monetary and Commercial.
Money market was tighter yesterday
than on any; previous davof the wak, and aenalbly
more so than at ths clor of last week. ,
The Baukers extend accommodattous so far as they
can; but as it la understood tnat their canital and
deioalta are very much reduced at present, tbe ap
plications for Inans are not very heavy.
Business in the l auklu eutrter.thongh quite act
live yeaterdar, was materially, redtrlclsd by ths
scarcity of Currency.". .. ( s T il :iil i I
aastern Exchange waa Arm, and the demand rather
In advance of the anpply, at previous ratra, Sand
Hm. ThaOhle vaiUw-BankeeHi4ritw -for ess
tomera at H prem-
Bankera were offering KAioo. fur Gold, but as ths
u i ' win oe over to-aay,
iuv vu;iu uukw wiu ww eonewaat lower next
Mew Orleana Ixehanaw waa mehnmi Ufau Kin.
And prem. eelllug ratra for aiifbU; lnureetorf for
luiny, ana internet ar a t rorauty day bills.
Time bills on the East ara ffnn.r.llv n,,tA l
abouHO per cat.; but some bonata are buying at a
hetter raia-intareat off for thirty; per cent
tor sixty and 9jer cent, fur ninety days.
The rates of Exchange and (Join at the Close of the
week are: . ,'.-,-':
Buying. Belling.
New Totk Sight., .,.....H(40c prem, . prem.
Hhlladelphia Tilght ..KV 7i S " "
Uoaton tJiht fcS " M
Baltimore (slgbt.......(, . . ,. 2 .
New Orleana Bight,..,i..s(2 . . J g C. "1
amencan uoiu ,.7tt400 " ft "
The discount ratea of Cncurrent Money at present
ire aa followa. Indiana Stock . U: Vir.inlK (.n.nt
Wheellna- citv) H: Pennlv.nl cintarinr) ii: Hi..
onri (8t. Louli) h; Alleaouri (InteriorHM; Iowal;
Illinois a; w iscooain a Maryland (InUrlor) : Mich-
5u if nunu mruiiua ii soma Carolina m ueorgia
; Tennessee (oldl 34: TanneaMa Vraa Hank. i! AT-.
market. VShisky continued dull, end declined He,
I or aaiiuu. no aneciai snange oeoarrea In Uraln.
rreviaiona were verv Arm. huldera balna In h.tK,
epirlta. lloga were atiff, and rather higher, thamar-
uet closing niioyant. . i , . .. ,
The Imnorta and xnor ol variona arttnl,- d.h
ing the, twenty-lour houra ending yesterday noon,
1m MaTO--iriniii. sift hvl. Whl-Wv -liAil
t;srn, S,W9 bushels; Whoat, 3.2M bmhels: Oats, 4,i3
l.jshels; Barley, 2,m bushels; Uogs, S,7J head;
I'ork and lacon, 37 hbtls., 144 brla., 117,73s lbs.
uollo., W bags; Applea, 13H brla.; Butter. 140 kegs
KxpoETs.-Jlour, 1,710 brla.; Whisky, 2,762 brla.;
wiicat, Hi bushels; Oats, 200; fork and Baoon, 111
ihda., u tierces. 4i .brla.: 354 bnai Hu.r. ei
litda,; oiase aw hblaj Ooflee. lee Wu An ,.
!B brla,; Butter, u keam Ctn 1.02 hoxitf iZi.
tatoea, 630 brla.! I sit, lee brla.' .. i
Thursday's New York Herald obeervet cewsrnlng
Wednetday: . .,.;.r W -r
Money it more In demand, and rates ara rather
higher. Hardly anvthlne. however food or ahort.
Svwa below 7 per cent., and Paper which waa readily
one at 7 a week ago la not now negotiable below lk
8 par cent. On call the brokers are still supplied
at o. ine nrmoese oi ina naraes is cue' to - tne set
tlements usual at this aeason of the year, and like
wine in some degree to the Increased damand fnr
specie to pay for the new Treasury notes, and for the
South. After slew Four Honey Brokers expect to
see an easier market r: y i . ,i :. . ,
i he foreign exchange market for ths steamers on
Saturday has not opened yet. The indications ara
that rates will decline atill further, aud that bank
ers' bills will not sell above WH tot sterling and
.l 179 iw unu.,
NewYokk Oattls JUakxkt, Thursday, Dec. 29.
The demand for nrima beef C'attlo waa aotlva vntfr.
day at advanced ratea, but all other kinda were dull
and merely nominal; ' The range was from 5o.'Jc.ffl
Milch cows were dnll and nominal.
Veal Oalvea were In steady lair demand at from
f7c, as to quality. Sheep and Lambs were active,
Willi ugut rovvipis, auu pricea aurauwu k(0)uo. per
head. A lot of 130 head aold at ever 310 pbr head,
Swine were in requeetat &su,'hc. On sale, 3,167 Cat
tle. 113 Oowa; 381 Veals. 7,0.4 Sbero and Lambs, and
20,062 Blne
VLOrjB The demand was fair to-dav. and tha
market steady: sales of 1,6M barrels, at Ii 80o 40
for superfine, and V 40&3 70 for extra. The reoeiots
aro moderate.
WHISKY A dull market, and prices He. lower,
clo'iug dull: sales of 1,400 barrels at 21c., iu
nludinir that from wason.
uuus-iM maraei w ii'-in io-nay, anu pnoesa
iliade higher, cloning lm ,aut. The receipts were
auoui twu ueau. auo eaues were:
HOD head averaging 200 lbs. at,
6 29
S 20
4 60
70U need averaging no ids. as,
2t4 head averaging 206 Iba. at..
80 bead averaging ztn ma. at.......
63 head averaging 136 lbs. at -66
bead averaging l'JO lba. at.,..
PHOVISIONS-The feeling on tho part of owners
was again nrm io-aay, ana prices ruiea very nrm,
witn au lucreaseu aimanu; an auvnnce would ne ee
tablished on all articles. Mess Pork is hsld firmly,
with sales of S40 barrels at 116, and Jl7 waa offered
and n fused for February delivery. Bulk Meats were
held with more firmness, though Wo oould not per
oelve auy improvement in the demand. Theaalea
were 66 hhda. Buonlderaat&c. packed. 160,000 pounda
Sldea, for January delivery, atsc.at. 1 2'. hliifs. Sides,
on the apot, at 7AC packed. 2U0 ham Bump Pork
sold at $11. Lard firm, and generally held at 10c.,
thoush this rate seemed to be above the views ot'
bnjera; 800 tierces suld at the., and 61 do. at 9Xc,
pa-:kagea futnlshed. A good demand for green
Meats, with aalea of lO.OtKJ nlecea. at AKfibbo. for
xbouldara; tM7e. for Sidea, and 7!ic. for
Uann. , -
OttonERIES- The market la firm, hnt anlat.
There waa a fair bnaiuete done in Sugar at full ratea.
,, i i. 1. J . oau I i . . ,
mo aaiea wai iiu iuui, n. ast sanu., tor lair loauuu
fair; 130 brla. tdolaaaea aold, to arrive, at 46c., and
JUO barn good Coffee at 12Ho. ....
W U-AT The market Is firm, with a good demand
at Si 261 27 lor prime white, aud fi (1 22 for
prime red: aalea of 660 bushels prime white at $1 26;
100 do. fair do. at SI 24.
CORN -There la a continued good demand, and
pricea Sim art 6063C. ' - .
OATS The market is dull, and they are offered
freely at 46c, in bulk: aalea of 1,200 bushels, In bulk,
at 490J two do. in sacks, at 60c.
BY B The market Is firm at SI, with an active de-
maoa, ana ngni receipie,
BABLEY The market It dull; bat pricea art nu
(JUEKSK The demand Is active, and pricea Arm
at 90. for -fall-made Western Beserve, and Mc for
summer-cured: salra of 700 boxes rail-made Western
Deserve at 9c.; 126 do. at 9Xo.:2uOdo. lair English
Dairy at lOHc i 200 do, Putnam Taim English Ceiry
at lie.
BUTTER The market la dull and unchanged'.
sales of 10 barrels Western Reserve at too.: 16 kegs
choice Western Beserve Dairy at 30o.; 30 flrkiua lair
ueuirai uuio a i iooi.c.
APPLES There ia a good demand, and srtces Arm
at SI 7XS2 76 per barrel, on arrival; small lots of
choice, large Darreis, are soiling at (3 2S3 60 from
POTATOES There Is a good demand, and the
market firm at Si 60 per barrel for prime Keshan
ocks. on arrival.
OLOVEK 8EKD The market la dull, and eacke
cannot ne quoted hi over as eu, ana Darrein at a. 66:
saies oi 40 oarreia at tu; iw sacxa, at ft eu, ,
Maw roax Marixt, December 20 P. M. Flour
Arm with moderate demand, in part speculative:
sales of 10,000 1 arrets, at S3 16.1 26 for erfine
state; as 4US9 w mr extra state; S6 20 SO ror au
perllne Western; S6 3.V36 60 for common to medium
extra Western; 656 76 for Inferior to aood shlp
oi uk brands extra round-hoop Ohio market oloelng
quiet and Arm." Canadian Floor unchanged: aalea of
ioo narreie ai co ooow io ior common tu uuoice r'Xtra.
Bye Flour ia in fair request at $3 60 4 40. Wheat
quiet and very firm, rather mote Inquiry both for
export auu peouuiiiuii, uui uuyere ana eenere are
about 2c. apart In their viewa; Mtlwaukie Club held
at Si 23l 26. buyers at Si 21(31 23. Bye very Arm at
90fJ2o. Barley ouiet al7ftffl&0. flora I. heav.anit
drooping: sales of 8.000 bushels, at Wftsto. for new
white sou . Jllow. Oats Arm at 464((tH7o. for State,
Western and Canadian. Whiskv without atrikins
change: sales of 11.0 barrels at 26a)264o., chiefly at
the inside price. Pork dnll: sales of 416 brU.. at $18
(316 12 for messj til o0ll 62 for prime; 111 for
Western prime mess. Beet dull and unchanged: sale
of 290 brls , at S44 90 for country prime; $66 60
ur ouiimry uiees, y ou ior repacxeu mess, ana
$11 win 60 for extra mess. Dressed Hogs steady at
44ffl6o. for Western, and 7i87Mo. for city. Beef
Hams uaohanged: sales of 110 barrels, at $14 go for
Western, and I2 for State, Prime mesa Beefouiett
sales of 100 tierces on private terms. (Jut Meats quiet
tWiaHiXo. for Shoulders, and 9HaiOo. for Hams.
Lard dull and heavy: sales of 190 Darreis at lOXa
lOHc. Wool more active: aalea of 76,000 pounds do
mestic fleece at 40$fi0c.; 8Q0 hales Foreign att6o.;
(Jape at 20c., and Oiillfornia at 21c.
Philadelphia'. Mai. i t. December 30. Flour Is
Arm: sales of 660 barrels, at Si 60(0)3 62H foi' super
hue; 7W5 87, for extra; S 60 for extra fam
ily, and $A 62HC47 for fancy. Wheat advancing:
sales of red at ll 39; stock in store over 100,000 busti.
Oom Is drooping: Oats sold In can at 46o, Whisky
steady at 2627o. v
ease, an action on a guaranty, Judge Storer beard an
argument in Chambers. ,,
Wills Adhittbd to Pbobati. Will of Emil
Bchlemmer, late of Btorra Township. Of Bev. S. Mel
son, of Cincinnati ; and of V) m. Gwynne, of ditto.
On application to Judge Hilton, Patrick Sogers, by
consent, was appointed guardian of tha person, and
estate of J. B. Hummons, aged three years, and An fe
line B. Summons, aged fifteen months, the children
of Wm. B.ouamons. .-, .
The value of tbe estate of said minora la aet forth
as follows: ....
One house and lot on Sixth-street, between Sycamore
and ilalo....r..-: ..T.-......... S,00Q
Two houses and lot on Vine-street, between
Third and Columbia.....-,.............. ., io,oo
One boose and lot on Race-street, between
front and Oolunibla-..,.......,......, 5,000
One house aad lot on. Water-street, near
Raoe ..M..n.Mn.,.,.n 8,000
Stocks, Ac, of all.otber peraonal property,... 6,t 00
M.M,..t,,..Hnw ,'..mm.MH w2900
The widow of tbe late Capt. John Blair Summons
Is entitled to one-third of tbe reality (for life) and
personality above set forth; and ths widow and chil
dren of W. B. Summon to one-third ef the rest
of it. : .,. ... . .
AaaivAU. Snptrloi', Lonlsvllle; rforeet Queen
Haulson; Magnolia. May file; Bostom Big bandy;
Dnnletth and Virginia Home, Neville; Lone Star,
Pittsburg. ..,. . ; - ..
DCTAnToass. 8operior, Lorrhvllle: forest Qneea,
Madison; Magnolia, Mayavllle; Ohio Mo. S, Marietta!
Economy, Pittsburg; Lebanon, Mashvile; Bunleith
aad Virginia Home, Neville! Boston, Big taadr.
The Ohio remained tUtioaary until -yes ter--
day morning, when it. began to Taosda, bat Vert "
slowly .and wae declining last evening at the same-.
rate. The ice haa nearly all dlaappeered fiom the
river ia which there bra dkptfc-between-here and "
Louisville, of about esvsntesn. (set and at present
boats have no difficulty ta.aaoandlnej or descending -Ihe
etnam. Tha Ohio below Is gradually risia.
The weather was uvderauly cool yesterday aa to -noon,
when the temperature lowered, aad in the l
evening waa very frigid and freexina: fast, Each
boor the cold waa Increasing, and ths wind waa ex
ceedlnjly keen and cutting.. , ... , , w
Buaintaaat the Wharf aa. but vary intmated fee
terdav, and Southern freight, ware leas besli oBared.
Tbe rates were aa follows: ,. f
Pittsburg -Cotton, 7io.: Molaaaea. T6e.; Whisky
90c.; Flour, 30c.; Pork and Lard, 41c; Poo-d
Freights. 16c per looms. . . i
Naahville Whisky, per brl., toe.) Ale, tku Pound "
Freighta, U20c. per 100 lbs. ; .
St. Louis Ilea ' Pound Freights. 260. Mrlmlh.
Whisky and Oil, 65c. per brl.; Btoves, 28c; Ale,sOc.
per brl. . . , . i-.
New Orleans Whlikv and Oil 90e: Flonr. 60c : Pork
7'ic.; Bacon, Batter, Cheese, Ac,; 36c per 100 lbs.; '
lveg lani, juoi mpir Darieis, zoc., aenw, f iu per
head; ronaa rnisnts, w
School Eibibitio. A , number ot the pn- :
ptl of the High School will have an exhibition at
odd Fellows' Hall, on Saturday evsnlna next. The
x.rolaea will oonllat of dialogues, declamation and -
debate. ... i
Jail. The new Jail, with the exoeptlon of '
the celbj, waa completed yesterday. i, t '
Vaoiaht Ohiloiim. Two vagrant ohildren,
one a arlrl of ten years and the other a bor of el
are now lying in jail, having ao home. Will
Home oi our evuevoient oiiiaene aaopt taem r
CtBoura Court. rTothins was done In this J '
Conrt. excent to eaU the motion docket. It will ad.
jotirn to-night. ' .
ajr A. A. Kyster, Olooks, Watches and
Jewt try, Moa. Ml and 271 Western-row.
StT Tha aale of Vnra ill h anntlnniul tiw
) . Graff A Co. this morning at tii o'clock, at store
.. .
figf Hibbert A Brothers, 210 West itftWs
street, are prepared to aapply their ouaiomara with
the latest style of Hats of every description. Call
and examine his stock. - 1
f H. J. Dewey k Co., Ill West fifth-
street, It supplying hit euttomers with Photographs -at
one dollar each-a lea price than It charged a t -,
any other establishment In the elty. x
or Christmas Presents go to Albert
lloes's, south-west corner of tightb-etreet and West-
em-row. .' . , , .
2T Piotures for Ten Cents etn be hMat ',
Crouch'a Oalleryy Mo. ts West Fourth-street. Erery ' '
person la invited to oall and tee for themselves. ' , i
- lde2lawl ... i . . . ,
Jf9 Dagnerrean Gallery, south-west eor- .
ner of Blxth and Western-row, over Hanneford't '
drug-store. Pictures taken and nt In good leases
for twenty eete. Warranted to please. - y
Friol k Msgnire srs still at their old
stand, No. 266. Waluut-atreet, supplying their cus
tomers with every variety of Clothing. Pants,
Coats and Vssts are made at the shortest notice, and, ,
on the most favorable terms, ... . i;.
Anotioueer, Oommleeion Merchant and Lsod,
Agent, No. 11 East Third-street, between Sycamore
and Main, formerly the old kx press Office. Tha ;i
siihscrlker begs to acauelnt hie frlenda and the pub- ,
lie that be bas opened tbe above store, and ia noW
ready to receive consignments for sale at auction ef
Dry Goods, Groceries, Clothing, Boots and flhoee,
Cuts, Jewelry, Hardware, Glaaa and Crockery Ware,
Household Furniture, Ac. . .. ,'
Also the sale of BealKsiate attended to.' 11 '
Having bad many years' experience ia the above
imsiness in the United Btates and Canada, be trust
will be a auMcient guarantee for the patronage of
the citizens of Uincinnati and ita environs.
Out-door sales of Htrcbandise will be attended to
at tbe merchants' stone, or on the levee.
Likewise, sales of Household Furniture made at
privata dwellings.
Liberal advances will 'be made on all kinds of
Koods sent in for actual sale,
detoaw . 1. AARON, Auctioneer.
"'Tit better to laugh than be sighing." , y'
Presents for- the- Holidays 1
Auction Sale Stupendous!
.. tv.:.::' .A.: ,..-' :" ': , ;;-!; i ;
102 .'ourth-si,, opposite the Poatofflce.
; ..... . : i.'j '
From the late firm of
. ' I ' Ii ' i ;' ! 4,1- '.' ! lit
Importers and niaunfactuTwrs of Far
eln aad Anerloan Jewelry, 308 ,
and 368 Broadvrarw. v. j
PKKa-nia run tub ituLivaia, ,
prkskmt8 for thb holidays, i '.--y .1
ckksknts pob the holidays, i ., '
pak8kmts tob tub holidays, " v" i .
;. , . . ...-.'.'.. " the ' 1 - ' .
! i ''. MOST BIACTlFPIi A880BTMERT, -0-
j, ; MOST BltACTir UL , ASliOJbMMINT,., ,(
.. , . . , . rEARLS, 0PAL8 AMD RCBIEH,
. I1.-.J. .-.:.; pearls! OPALS and rubies,
BSI9 IUS lun miumun, ,
OF,- i V y.or
lin.ll.H tinvim EXHIKIT1 )N. .
t 3, '.(It tv inlfu ice vrnrw vsjtwn VA nilr
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