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WANTS.'1 FOR BALK.' "10 LT."."L08T ."
,J,OUND,"c.,ln this eelamn.oecaeying five line
et teas, two Insertions, twenty-five cents.
WANTaD-HSITUATlON-.Ift.ny kind
or wholesale or retail store. A grocery-store
preferred. Andreas . J., this offlfe,; t, g jalQb. .
ltor In a country office. Address J. P., this
offlcfc jalQb
of good address, as nlMnun In -.i-u
'7 gr haniware stors. Address 0. J. W (Un
it! Postofflee. iKiob
VIT'ANTED On good Dining-room Girl.
r nd one Chambermaid. Apply at Madison
Home, Covington. Ey. Jlob
WANTED A w with from $100 to
t3WI cash, to takeebargeof a business that
pays from is to llOaday. None without rash need
apply. Address CASH BCSINSsS, Press Office.
)10oJ -
WANTED TO KENT By a gentleman
with a email family, two or throe comforta
ble Roome, at some point between Fourth and
Court and Broadway and Weetera-row. Inqure of
O. P. B., Times Office. JalOe
man to learn boot-crlmping. Beferenee
given. Addrwi HABBT, at thli office. jalQb
WANTED S I TTJ AT 10 N-To learn
wood-oarvln:, by a young man of unexcep
tionable habita. First-class references given, if de
aired. Addreee WILLIAM, at this office. jalOb
WANTED-A good PENMAN A yonng
man who can devote four houn per day to
copying for a month , may hear of a place where be
mo obtain a scholarship in one of the beet commer
cial oolleges in the city for hie services. Add rem In
writing of applicant, reU name, Box 1,894 Postofflee.
WANTED ROOMS By a yonng oonpla
of strict domestic habita, to renttwo or three
roome, in s genteel dwelling-house, In which only
cne qniet family resides. For particulars addreei
lock Box 18, Cincinnati, O. ja-b
WANTED BOARD By a yonng man
board and residence with a qniet. homely
family, (German preferred) on economical terms, In
Kentucky or Cincinnati. Cleanllneae and domeatic
oomfort more an object than fine board. Addreee
BRITON, Box 733 PoBtofflce. a-b
WANTED Families wanting to get good
reliable girl for general homework can al
ways be supplied by calling at Mrs. WARNER'S In
Indigence Office, 308 Fifth-street, between Western
row and John. ja9-b
WANTED GIRL A German girl to go
to Gieonibnrg, Ind., to do general homework.
Inquire at 12 Fifth-street, with referencea. ja9b
WANTED HELP A good man to go
t market and make himself generally nee.
ful Apply at the General Intelligence Agenoy, No.
383 Weeteiu-row. ja9b
WANTED AGENTS Active, energatio
business men as agents, to engage In a re
spectable, profitable and easy buainesa. Call at No,
28 and 30 Kaat Fourth-street, room 7, up stairs.
w W W AOOU for a few weeks for' market pur
poses. Inquire etthenorth-weateoraerof Ninthand
Baca immediately. ja7b
WANTED Reliable help for situations
of any kind can always De had at a moment'i
notice, by applying at No. 60 East Third-street, base
ment story, next to Adams' Express office. No
cnarge to servants, dejlam"
WANTED Clerks, book-keepers, sales
men, bar-keepers, porters, coopers, carpen
ters, mechanics, laborers and others, can find situa
tions at the Merchants' Clerks Registry Office, 128
Walnut-street. fja9aw-l HALE A CO.
FOR SALE Two fine CARPETS, of the
best quality and but little need one a Tapestry
'Velvet Carpet, for double parlor, and the other a
drawing-room Carpet, a good quality Brussels. The
beve are In a dwelling-house, and on the floors.
For particulars, please call at W. Carter's Bouse
fnrnishing Store, No. 34 East Fifth-street, between
Main and Sycamore. . jalub
FOR SALE A LEASE On the atore and
dwelling attached, in a central part of the city.
The lease has ten years to rim from the 1st of Jan
uary, IfleO, This is au excellent business stand for
an enterprising person, For particulars, address T,
M., Cincinnati Postofflee. Possession given Imme
diately. jalOaw
FOR SALE The good-will of a Boarding
and Coffee-house, with Bar Fixings and Fur
niture, situated on the corner of Front and Ludlow.
inquire on tne premises. jaioo"
fflOR SALE OR RENT Homos No. 67 and
Je? M Observatory Road, will be rented in whole or
in pert to iamiues, or win be sola cheap. Inquire on
' the premises. . t jattb
TOR SALE GAME Deer, poultry and
all kinds of produce, wholesale and retail, at
.no. i nnruei nouse, oeiween vine ana ttsce, ny
jadaw- . ; . . . . NBGLI . 4 LKA0H.
BOARDING A gentleman and lady and
two single gentlemen can obtain furnlabed or
unfurnished rooms, with board; also a lew day
boarders ran be accommodated, at residence, No. 164
Broadway. 1 jaiob
BOARDING A family can be accommo
dated with a fine large room and board at No.
139 Sycamore-street. Can alao accommodate one
) onng lady who can give good references. jalOb
"BOARDING 2 or 3 gentlemen can obtain
Lav day-boarding in a quiet, genteel house, at 163
num. iireei, near xourm. terms t. per week,
' fia9-d'1
Js- good House to rent low, and the Furniture for
eala cheap. A good ohanoe to go to housekeeping or
to keep a genteel boarding-house. Address O. 8., at
this office. jalOb
ing, on Fifth-street, a wire Porte-monnale, con
taining money, a memorandum and gold watch-key.
The. loser will apply to JAI. WATSON, proprietor
of the Heurie Bouse. jalOb
Arranged for Piano, by PROF. SQUIBS. With a
beautiful Lithograph of tfaa New Masonlo Building.
Just published by JOHN CHURCH, JR.,
de3l ' M West fourth-streei.
that ever. Great sacrifice of islana i
I'lanos , nolodeons , Violoncellos ,
violins, miliars, Banjo Strings, Trim-Is rf""M
mings, Ac, during the Holidays. H V (7 Q
Belling at 100 per cent, lees than any
other Bouse In this city, and first-class Instruments
at that. Do not bny an Instrument nntll von have
called at No. 227 Fifth-street, second door east of
Piano Makers, and Dealers la First-class Instru
menta. deSluT
GOODS by ixpren, and our asso. traent of ;
i liAoiES' rosst .;
j . , Oonsistlng of , :
flndson' Bay Sable) ,, . i.
Htone irlarun) ' .
Canada and Mlak 8Bhile; '
Fltoh, (Siberian, Haulrrel, Vo.,
Is complete and unusually inviting. We have a great
variety of nice and handsome Mia of
ALSO For Gloves, Collars, Bobes, Fur Coats, tOi
, , , We lnv Ite all purchasers of
To call and make selections from onr stock of nsefnl
and seaaonable presents, which we effer at vew low
C. B. CAMP & CO.,
deiotf ' 1 m . i Na. 99 West Thlrd.straeu '
nairp-OToM or
Wood-Working Machinery,
Corner Jaha nasi Wataf i ..ClaelaaatLO.
u-lr -,....
; , J. J. BI)TLEB8 ;;
Excelsior Fluid " fnki.
. - ManatactAr. Vine mi. U '
Book Binding
Fonrth-straet, etween Halo and Bycamo-e, Ola-
MTR-blndlnf 1 every atylt, Musis Bookj neat
ly and duerably bond. ; O. OBOF.
HtM 1
REMOVAL F. Tcndarnelde has removed
bis Office and Hope Depot to Third-street, three
doors east of Western-row, where at all times an
assortment of Hopes ana Cut and Dried Tobacco oaa
be had. ,,, , ,.- . Jab ,
Ir yoo want A tenant, advertise In
Ir you want home, advertise in
Ir yon want to Mil anything, advertise in '
Ir you want to buy anything, advertise In
Ia fact, every want supplied by advertising in
Cold Wfivnia An An.essasTfirl TlnAtfA
Patent Orate and Stove advertisement.
A Niw Wiiclt. TAs World Tfs Lin In U
tbe the title of a new weekly, edited and pub
liehed bj B. V. Sanford, tbe tint number of
which baa jrut been issued. It Isalarge-siied,
neatly-printed folio, to whioh we wish sno-
Ubpaid Littibb. The following Is a list of
letters detained for non-payment of postage at
the Postoffloe, in this city, January 9:
J. N. Rnffln, Esq.. Springfield, hlo.
James Connoly, Esq., Fayetteville, Ohio.
O B. Goodwin, Esq., Felicity, Out.
Mrs. James W. Shearer, Hartford, Wisoensln.
Mrs Doris Klelnke, Dubuque, Iowa.
Mohit, SoprossD to bi Stoliu, AT Til
Matoi's Ofmoi. Officer Harmon, yesterday,
deposited $8 with Mr. Charles Betts, the
Mayor's clerk, whioh he had found seoreted in
suoh a manner as to leave the Impression that
it had been stolen. The owner oan hare the
money by oalling at the Mayor's office and
describing it.
Progkkdinqs op the CoukttCommissionsbs.
At the regular session of tbe Count; Com
missioners, held yesterday morning, orders
were passed amounting la the aggregate to
$83 05. William Neely, John Collins and
Joseph Crossett were discharged from the
County Jail, beoause of inability to pay the
fines and costs charged against them. No
other business of importance was transacted.
obbt. A lecture, to which the publio is re
spectfully invited, will be delivered this even
ing, in the amphitheater of the Cincinnati Col
lege of Medicine and Surgery, at the corner of
western-row and Longwortn-streets, by Frof.
Gordon. Subjeot, "The Miracles of man."
The subject is one that affords a large scope
for thought, and if properly treated, as we
bave no doubt it will be, should prove net only
interesting but attractive. -
Assault and Battrrt. An ex-policeman,
named James Ritter, was yesterday arraigned
before Justice McFall, upon a warrant issued
at the Instance of Henrv Miller, charging; him
with assault and battery. It appears that
Miner naa been engaged by Hitter in packing
some ice at the corner of Third snd Elm, when
yesterday afternoon a qnarrel arose, and R.
seizing a butcher-knife, rushed upon M.. but
without using it, kloked him down a flight of
stairs ana injured nis tide somewhat severely,
Ritter was held in the sum of $200 for his an-
pearance before tbe next term of the Court of
Common Pleas. '
STABima with Intbmt to Kill. Almost
three months ago a oounle of men. named
John Ballard and Richard Steinhorn, became
involved in a difficulty at the Jefferson House,
on tbe corner of Ludlow-street and the river,
in which the former was badly stabbed. Stein
horn at tfie time made his eioape, but a war
rant was issued for Lis arrest and Tjlaoed in
the hands of Officers Marmion and Wheeler.of
me river ponoe, woo, yesteraay morning, ar
rested the offender and committed him to the
Hammond-street Station-r ouse. He will have
a hearing this morning before Judge Lowe.
Misting op tub Makiobbs of thb Horn or
tbs Fbibndlbib. Those benevolent, large
hearted, and sympathy-deserving women who
were elected as Managers of the Home of the
Friendless, for the ensuing year, desire to have
mejr insvHuuon incorporated, ana mat they
may farther their purpose ther hold a nubile
meeting this afternoon at three ojclook, at the
rooms ot tne xouog Men s Christian Union,
No. 17 Raoe-street. The object for whioh
they labor is one whioh deserves tbe encour
agement of all who derire to shield the erring
and protect the weak, and we earnestly hope
may may suoceea in tneir xieaven-Dorn mis.
Manumisbioh op Twkntt-iight Slaves. In
the Probate Court, yesterday morning, as will
be seen by a reference to onr Law Report,
iwenty-eignc Slaves were manumitted. .Four
teen were the property of Mr. Win. MoGln&ls,
an aged gentleman, who for nearly forty years
has resided in Bourbon County, Ey., on the
farm where all these slaves were raised.
Two of the slaves are women, and four are
men between the ages of twenty and thirty
years, and beside these there are six female
children and two boys. The remainder, for
merly the property of Mr. Samuel Townsend,
of Madison County, Ala., by whose will they
were emancipated, were brought to this oitv
on Saturday evening, by the executors of the
will, for the purpose of having the doouments
Notioby Order Dodge's Patent, if yon wish
to oe comfortable.
Policb Court. The session of the Polioe
Court, yesterday morninff . lasted two hours.
but during that time thirty-four oases were
disposed ot Dy Judge Lowe. None of them
were remarkably important or particularly
On the night of Wednesday last a man
named Joel Obert, engaged upon the steamer
W. I. Maclav. took a comuanion to his room
under the pretense of furnishing him with a
comfortable place to sleep, but during the
time he was a gueiit, he was robbed. Obert,
wooia seem, naa oeen imitating the eartn,
who steals from her guests all that is worth
having, and then abandons them; fer when
nis companion arose ne round that bis pookets
had been rifled of all the money they con
tained, and that his host had fled. The of
fender, however, was subsequently arrested
and committed to the County Jail for a term
or tnree months. . '
Bay before yesterday a fellow named Rn
baitian Xatenheimer assaulted a woman
named Mrs. Shrome. eausht her bv the hair.
choked her, and otherwise abased her. He
was arrested and sent to the dungeon of the
County Jail to be fed on bread and water for a
term of ten days oertainly a light punish
ment ior so great an oitense.
Fatal Idiostnobabt A Citizbh Bistrotb
Kimsslp av Taking. Cbb op bis Hialth. A
gentleman about forty years of age,who reoently
died at his family residence, on Raoe-street,
is said, by his friends, paradoxical as it may
seem, to have actually' killed himself by
taking care of hia health. At , the age
of twenty, with 1 aa excellent constitution,
he began to be troubled with hypochon
dria, 'and imagining every week that he
bad a new disease, ha., swallowed various
drugs and nostrums that soon had the effeot
to injure him materially. He also read every
inblioation on health he oould find, partlcu
arly IlaW: Journal, and followed implicitly
all the rules laid down for the perfect pre
servation of the physleal man. Before be was
thirty, he had btoome an old grandam, rolled
np in cotton and flannels, and annoying all
who were near him with his practical obedi
ence to countless hygiene theories. He was
generally regarded as insane, and every year
increased his mania concerning health, which
steadily declined, notwithstanding his efforts
te improve. His relatives urged him in vain
to quit mediotne and abandon all obedience to
hygienls rules; but be was wedded to his falsa
Esoulaplan idols, end ha died a victim to an
morbid desire to reoovsr the health whioh at
firitwaieaUrely unimpaired, 'i : ' ( ,'
(I j-f.v.'-.-jt:f . -r&Jt '' ';'.
.; ti I . ''"I i'- ' '
Art Matters—Duncanson's Last Picture.
During a recent visit to' Bunoanson's studio
we found he had just finished a new nieture.
entitled "The Rainbow," a composition of
aiuuies irom nature, wnicn we regard as the
most complete and artistie painting he has yet
prodnoed. . , ......
me picture is a beautiful landscape the
foreground representing low nndulatine- land.
with olayey soil; partially washed by rains,
through whioh flow several smell rivulets. On
the right are rising ground and a hill, with a
dwelling peeping out from tbe foliage; in the
eenter a lake, skirted by occasional beeches; an
open plain beyond; another house embowered
among trees, and in the distance bine hills or
mountains stretohlng far away, on ena of
whioh the setting sun falls, lighting it p
with a golden glory that is aa finely conceived
as executed.
Tbe season is supposed to be Sentember.
and the hour six of the afternoon. A shower
has just passed over, and the clouds are still
visible at the right; while over tbe front of the
picture are the two ttrmini of a beautiful rain
buw. We have our own idea of the rainbow, and
of the propriety of any artist, however
gifted, attempting to csteh its subtle hues or
reproduce its unique semblance on hisoanvas;
but still we can not deny that Dunoanson has
succeeded very well in this most difficult en
deavor. His whole painting is most credita
ble, and must increase the reputation he has
All the details are finished, and the caint-
ing has more of the true art atmosphere in
and about It than we remember to have no
ticed in any of his previous works. About
the landscape lies a dreamy, poetio languor
that is charming to the sense and refreshing
to tbe spirit, and we felt ourselves sighing for
such an Aroadie as we sat musing before
"The Rainbow" in a bleak and wintry after
noon. Every feature in his pioture is a study from
nature, and the whole is but a transorint of
fragments selected here and there, most of
them from soenery in tbis vicinity. The land
scape reminds one of Italy, as does much of
the scenery hereabout, and no one can gaze
at it long without experiencing a sympathy
with its quiet beauty and delicious repose.
We have written crudely, beoause hurriedly,
of "The Rainbow," but having no leisure to
say more, we would recommend connoisseurs
to pay it a visit, whioh it amply merits.
JStT The best investment for housekeepers
is Dodge's patent. -
RicaiPTS and Expenditures During thb
Past Wbbk. From the books In the office of
the City Auditor we take the following exhibit
of the receipts and expenditures of the oity
for the week ending on Saturday last:
Police Court Fund 857 16
Watch Fund 35,000 00
Fire Department Fund................. 4,ofiO oo
uigui iunu... 50 00
Sinking Fund 3$ go
Total -B11.19172
General Fund........ jVkss xa
Police Court and Citv Priann VnnH.
6S0 77
30,153 42
naicn j una.
Superior Court Fund
Fire Department Fund...
6,008 27
wor-nouseuna...................... ,,
13 50
939,22 30
Cincinnati and its Ahcskhsvts. No one,
as we, have before said, oan complain this sea
son of laok of amusements in our oity, where
we hare a variety and abundanoe not equaled,
probably, In any place outside of New Tork.
We are at present furnished with opera, spec
tacle, drama, necromancy, .Ethiopian min
strelsy and suoh other entertainments as must
gratify all pleasure-seekers.
The week opens quite brilliantly; not less
than nine or ten thousand persons having at
tended last evening the Opera, the theaters,
the Melodeon, Smith Sc Nixon's, and other
places of amusement. Cincinnati becomes
every season, we are glad to say, more metro
politan in the quality and quantity of her
amusements. . h
Examination of Poliobhbn. Officers
Schlosser and Ohman, who,' a few day ago,
abused a couple of women on Western-row, by
stripping them of their clothing, for whioh
tbey were held to bail to answer at the Court
of Common Pleas, were yesterday examined
by Mayor Bishop, but the result, we believe,
has not as yet transpired.
&Who would remain in darkness when
Coal Oil Lamps oan be bought at fifty cents
a-piece $4 per doien at M. Robbins, jr., A
Co.'s, No. 352 West Fifth-street, between
Smith and John. Cell In, every one, and see
their illumination. jalOb
A Fact All agree that Dodge's Patent
saves fifty per eent. In consumption of fuel.
Mbtbobologioal Observations For the
any tew, by Henry Ware, Optician, No. 7
West Fourth-street, January 9:
O'clock. Barometer. Thermometer.
7 A. M. ......,.....,.. .29.51 Above Bero-36
12 Id M..M...M..MM...M.MM..29.44 . , Above sero61
6 T. M...,......... MM Above aero 53
Anothbb Novsltt. Winder's Patent Spring
Cord Bed Bottom, whioh does away with slats,
and can be attached to any bedstead in a
few minutes, can be had of C. F. ft H. War
ren. Sea advertisement.
Dodgi's Patent produces tbe only perfect
Police Matters. Three men, H. Snyder,
John Terrell, Taos. McDonnell, were fined
three dollars eaoh and costs, for drunkenness,
in the Police Court yesterday.
Convicts taken to Fbankfobt. Sheriff
Ashbrook took five prisoners to the peniten
tiary day before yesterday,
Pabdonid. The pardon of J. B. Ashford,
one of tha convicts taken to Frankfort on
Sunday last, reached here jester day. We
suppose he will be Immediately released on
his arrival at the Capital.
Election op Councilman: The following
are the majorities by which the successful
members of the City Counoll were elected on
Saturday last: First Ward, John Karnsy over
D. J. Thomas, by 88 majority; Second Ward,
John Battesby over W. S. Nook, 103 majority;
Third Ward, A. P. Rose over Judge Perrin,
41 majority; Fourth Ward, R, K. Summerwell
over Mr. Welsh, 31 majority; Fifth Ward,
Chas. Mooar over Frank Kiggs, 102 majority;
Sixth Ward, Judge Riley over Jas. Jones, 24
majority; Seventh Ward, Mr. Longecre over
Jas. Spillman, 07 majority."
Pabade op tbi Kbntuoit Rove as, This
company paraded the principal streets of the
city yesterday, aooompanied by the U. S.
Military Band from Newport " "
Poliob Coubt. Fred. Boss, for a breaoh of
the peace, was fined $10 and oosts, by Mayor
Hawkins, yesterday. ,.--
- Timothy Ryan,' Esq., a rather noted Indi
vidual, was fined $4 90, yesterday, for tha
eighth time in three months, for abasing his
family. ,,,, . ; ',
A Flagbant Outrage. Yesterday, While a
boy named Thomas Hays, from Covington,
was passing along Bellevae-street, he was at
tacked by about dozen boys and . merely
beaten with atones and clubs. He waa finally
rescued by a gentleman passing that way and
taken to his home. ' , , ;,vi-
l ' '' i " 1 ' '" . - ' :. '
. STBiRaWWe hop another summer will
not be allowed te pass without suoh an im
provement in the sidewalks as will permit
travel upon them at any time In tha year. 1 At
present atone of the streets are in a condition
suitable for pedestrians. -" - ' (
The Licxiro. The toe' he's nearly disap
peared in tha Lioklng within the last twenty
four hours, ...,..,, .' " '
Vixb'b Opeea-houbb. The audience last
night at the Onera-hniun - h.iiii-n
and the play paused off admirably, anil apparently to
t he entire satisfaction of all who witneosed .it Aa
Itimeoae amount of labor, expense anil care h been
buiowed upon it . tbe managemen, anil Hit enlc
effects are lu evei f war worthy the estal.l i shnien t . T be
characters are ably represented by th.ilitlsn-nt mem
bera of tlwoompany.bnt unfortunately some of the
finest naaaajiea in thi. nluv w. . a fault
certainly, which, when the actors be, jrne'betterac-
remedied f ' doubtless be entirely
It ia high praise to give any peraon aho mar per
form ttiu character of"Mlramla" to say that It did
not shock oue'a aesthetic nature; for no rellty can
approach the ideal, but we can eay more than this
for Mrs. Conway.
Her lithe and graceful figure, her sweet and ex
pressive face, her naturalness and simplicity, com
blned with as full appreciation ot the task she had
undertaken, and an ability to translate correctly to
hj. ...nun. ichbi. .u ior as n can ut cone, ner
ideal ail tended to render her impersonation or this
beautiful character quite aa charming as the most
fastidious taste could require, tllie waa neatly
dressed, ahe read her lines correctly , and any one
who Saw the Derftrmnrw hMt hiu. f-.lt i....h.
swore by ber modeaty, that it was really the jewel In
That delicate sprite, the dainty Ariel," waa ad
mirably performed by Miss Viola Crocker, and,
although we might, with justice, exercise our pre
rogative, and And fault with her representation of
the part, we saw so moon in it to admire and she
appeared so like what tbe illusion would almoat
Induce one to believe she waa, that we forbear and
forgive In the hope that it may yet be so near com
plete that we shall not be able to complain.
"Caliban," "Timaulo," "Prospero" and "Ferdi
nand," were all finely represented In the persons of
Messrs. Conway, Davidge, Sheridan aud Chaplin,
and the play passed off iucreaaing in interest until
the closing tableau,whlch drew forth an enthusiastic
burst of applause.
Wood's Theateb A good audienoa as
sembled at this popnlar plaoe of amusement, last
evening, to witness E. M. Powers', new tragedy of
The Fatalist, which waa carefully put upon the
stage and, we understand, well rendered by the com
pany. We saw only a little of the play, but that was
very fair, and we learn from those who witnessed the
whole, and who bave heard it read, that It contains
many elaborate and beautiful passages.
Thb Fatalist, though the scene is laid in Spain,
isof the ultra Franco-Italian school, we judge, de
pending tor its plot and catastrophe upon the usual
amount of love and poison, duels ana death, Inter
spersed with reference to Venice and fate, and as
sisted by the introduction of Cathedrals, midnight
altars, and mysterious Pi iests.
as a whole, however, the tragedy I highly cred
itable, at least as a composition, to Mr. Powers, who
has surprised even bis intimate friends by his aaccess
in a literary field, In which he has not heretofore
been suspected of laboring. We have spoken of the
tragedy chiefly from what we have heard when we
have seen v. e will speak more of its merits.
National Theateb. The Escott and Mi
randa Onera Troune opened the National la.tnlirht
to a fine audience, with Balfe's beautiful opera of
in wniiiii, uibij. xuis wora 01 an is laminar to
everybody, and its delicious melodies are "familiar
in our months as household words." The perform
ance last night was quite good, although it had many
faults. Lucy Escott Is an excellent actress and has
a sweet voice, and her Impersonation of the beaut iful
gipsy girl, "Arline," was admirable. Mr. Miranda
and Hiss Annie Kemp are already well-known to our
music-loving citizens the former having before ap
peared in onera in this oity, and tbe latter In concert.
To-night William Vincent Wallace's opera f Mint
tana will be produced, and as the character of the
compoier is so widely known and his music so gen
erally admired, we have no doubt its representation
will All the house.
Mrlodion Hall. The Buckleys had a
large audience last night at the Melodeon, which al
ternately delighted with their music and their com
icalities. To-nigh t they appear w i th an entire change
ui programme.
Smith & Nixon's Hall. Magio and Cola
tlstlc Art, represented in the person of Prof. Jacobs,
drew auite a larffe housa to Hmith Jt Nixnn'a l,,t
night, to which his performances seemed to give
ureal sauaiacuon. nis entertainments are both
pleasing and wonderful, and deserve to be seen by
all interested in legerdemain.
A Sell on thi Abolitionists. Fourteen
nne-roea were hroiiirht ta this cftv nn Hutuprl.v. h.
the Rev. W, P. Chadick, of Huntsvflle.lAlabama, for
the purpose of recording the wlllofMr. 8. Townsend,
of Madison County, of that rjtate,emanclpnting his
sieves, i-nny iook rooms ai ine Dpencer uouse. At
three o'clock yesterday morning the private watch
man at the hotel knocked at Mr. Chadick's door,
and stated that the Sheriff wlnhed toeee blm; where
upon Mr. Enoch Carson, Deputy Sheriff, was shown
In. and stated that the Sheriff hail been served with
a writ of habeas corpus, requiring blm to produce
ineae negroes in ijouri. i ne lanaioras ot cne notei
were also made defendants in the writ, which, it an-
pears, had been taken out at midnight, before one of
ine jouget 01 tne superior uourt, ana maue return
able yesterday morning.
Mr. JollilTe had tbe writ taken out. hut It annnar.
Ing from the statement of Mr. Taft, the attorney em
ployed by Mr. Chadick, that the negroes were
brought here really for the purpose of perfecting
their emancipation, by direction of the executors to
the will. Judge Utorer dismissed the writ.
Later in the day Mr. U. attended in the Probate
court, au ot tnese negroes being present, and bad
the proper papers made out for their emancipation.
nt A ...... .... V ,A
young women, and the restyounggirls;all were light
mutauues. men uegruea unve ueeu tievieeu prup-
ertr worth SiaO.nftO bv their master.
Mobi Blavss KaaifnirATKD. Mr. Wm. McGinnis,
of Bourbon County, Ky., emancipated all bis slaves,
fourteen in number, in this Conrt. Mr. McG. is
seventy-four years of age, and designs to give up
larming pursun.
The several branob.es of this Court were in
session, but no new case of any general Interest came
id. In the afternoon Judge fetorer heard further tes
timony and the argument in the attachment suit of
I), and K. Brown vs. Jamieson.
Bivoboes. of in the follow -ing
cases were entered by Judge Cellins:
Charlotte Johnson vs. John Johnson. Divorce
granted on the ground of willful absence. The cm
tody of children and allmonytn $31)0 was also allowed.
Dina Gl raves vs. John Graves . Decreeon the c round
of gross neglect of duty. Custody of children and
alimony in liou.
Criminal Hike. The following arraignments took
nlace before .ludee Carter:
Daniel Duffee and Michael Duyer.ctiarge of robbery
anugraDo larceuy. riea not gumy.
Chas. Fllcklnger, bigamy. Plea "ot guilty.
F. Mlllerr. neriurv. Plea Not irutltr.
George Bender, petit larceny. Tbe accused pleaded
guilty to tne coarge. - -
Monetary and Commercial.
Business was rather dull in Third-street
yesterday, and though Money continued quite close-
more so than was anticipated last week -the market
is a little more comfortable than it has been. The
demand, however, is everywhere materially greater
than the supply. .
Eastern Exchange was scarcer yesterday than cn
Baturday, and dealers paid 4Sc. for good checks.
though the general buying figure was 40c. Tbe
Bankers bad use for more than tbey could convenl
en lly collect at Hi but still no disposition was shown
to put up the rate.
Though in Chicago Eastern Exchance has ad.
vasced to 2 premium, Illinois and Wisconsin paper
is uncnangeo; ruling as Deiore at i discount, ana
Missouri at lii discount.
Floor was dull yesterday, only TOO brla. selling. In
Groceries and (j rains there was no chance. Pro
visions were inactive and transactions tigbt. Hogs
were dull and declined at the close 10lSo. per 1C0
Tbe Imports and Exports of various articles dur
ing the twenty-four hours ending yesterday noon,
Imposts. Flonr, 4M brie.; Wbleky, M4 barrels;
Corn, 7,169 bushels; Wheat, S42 bushels; Oata, S20
buBhels: Barley, 1,321 bushels: Hogs, 6,464 head; in
2,930 left last week at Brighton: Pork and Bacon,
12 barrels, 88,244 pounds; Sngar,438 hhds.; Molasses,
1,001 brla.; Cotfee, 178 bags; Apples, brla.; Butter,
44 kegs; Potatoes, 98 brls.
r- V 1 nnin . nrii, . am , .
niruan, riuur, una.j huihj, i,iaju una..
Wheat, 400 buih.; Pork and Bacon, 46 hhds., 342
tierces, 26 brls., M bixes; Sugar, 38 htada.; Molasses,
A8 brls.; Coffee, 346. bage; Apples, brla.; Cheese, 343
coxes; rotatoes, Ml dub.; nan, iub oris.
The fallowing is a comparative statement of the
imports of foreign Dry Goods at New Tork for the
past week, ending January 6:
For tha Weak. 1W!ta. 1 Niio. lean
Filtered at the port... fuOl, 439 $l,27l,e70 51,.Vii!,;',3
lamwDtin waraet 4.w,eiu i,in,otf l,Z07,;ni
Saturday's New Tork Tribune observes in regard
to Friday:
The Money market exhibits some modification of
tne atringency ot tne past tew days, and as the month,
progresses we look for a gradual return to com pa ra
ti th ease. Wliond the Bonae organize, and tbe Post
Office appropriation bill pass,lettini out over four
millions of gold, we should have relief at once. Some
considerable amounts of gold have gone Month, but
tbe telegraphic advices from New Orleans to-day,
tbatchecke are only per cent, discount, has stop
ped some parcels which were ordered. We are draw
ing balances from Boston in sold, but from other
Jiuartera the receipts are light. The business In
orelga bills is light, and rates are heavy. There is
bnt little demand from Importers, while bankers are
free drawers. Sterling is 108lvSi francs, 6.22)4(3
' The variations In the New Orleans Banks last week
rrom the previous one were!
Increase In Specie .....
increase in liirciuation.....
Increase In Deposits preper.........
-m 864,68
..... 2117,0211
... 180.623
increase in nnort iioans...
Inereaae in Exchange
Decrease in Diatant Balances
Increase in Long Sad Short Disoounta.
... 331,912
' FIOCB-The market was quite dull to-day, and
the demand limited. The sales wen 700 barrels, at
US05 86 Cor superfine, and S6 403166 for extra.
Extra was offered at a material decline, without
l?0be'iaarket was unite dull to-day, and at
tbe close prices were 10 18c. lower. The sales were:
17 head averaging 193 lbs. frozen at $6 2s
206 head averaging 2110 lbs. at........ . 60
106 head averaging 186 lbs. ltMmu.,.,M 6 36
r bead averaging 18S lbs. eu.....
160 head averaging 170 lbs. at
s see s t taeeese t s a
6 30
5 26
6 SO
6 26
6 40
6 40
S 26
60 head averavinff 200 Iba. at. .
lou ueaa avengiug iw lua, jroxea at.,
100. head averaffinff 188 lbs. frozen at
360 head averaging 2O0 lbs. froaen at,....,..,.
300 head averaging 180 lbs, froien at,..,M....
160 head averaging 2no lbs. frown at
tJO head averaa nsr ISO lbs. frozen at... ......
the receipts do Hug the last (brty-aifbt hours, wars
- PB0VISIONB-A de.ll 'sod hewv'nlafket-day,
ana v.'ry little none to any department; payers' wrs
generally holding ofl for lower rales. The sales were
600 barrela mesa fork as lift 50,' and tno barrels Lard
at 9ic., hiirerfurnmhiiig barrels i Bulk Meats were
not Mit-aoie! except at a decline or '4e liard couia
not bare been n4d to any great extent, without a
conceaaiocof W4c was made. 3,'XIU pieces green
Meats aoldaro for B4rae. ' '
QiiOCKKIES Tbe market la Inactive, and thede
mand limited. 80 hhds t-nxar sold at 8iiac.; 1S6
biga (Jo flee at Ul3c.,and 40 barrels Moiasses at
4614c. . , ,
WHEAT The demand continues good, and prices
Arm at Si 26l 28 lor prime white, and l Jikl 22
ror prime red: sales of 300 bushsls prime white, in
Covington, at $1 28. '
COHN-The market is Arm, with a good demand
at 6MA60C., lu bulk.
OATs-Pricee are Arm at 4B&49C., with a good de
mand: ealeaof 700 bushels, in bulk, at 48c.; 600 do.
at 49Xo.
i1i,Br?'1,e m"kU,' nrm- 1" eettve demand,
nid light receipts. We quote at fl.
1IAKLIT The market continues dull and prices
unchanged: sales of 200 bushels fair at 60c.
H A V Th market la Ann with an ..H
nod light receipts. We quote prime Timothy at 124
)er tun, on arrival. .
CHKESE Tbe demand Is active, and prices firm
lit last uuotatlooa: sales of l boxes fall-made WMt.
i rn Ke.erve at 9o.; l.M do. summer-cured do. at Site.
Duii&it inoreis an lmproven uemanu; out we
Ii;iTe no changu to notice In prices since onr last
iiiiosauons: saies oi io oarreis cuoice uentral unio at
l.io. ; . ..
A PPLK8 There la a good demand, and nrloaa Arm
nt 82 Km 28 per barrel, team store.
POTATOK8 The market ia arm. with a good de
mand at SI 76 per barrel for rime Neshanocu. from
e'.ore. -I.
CLOVER SEED The demand Is fair, and prices
eleady at :ii 684 63: sales of 35 barrels at 4 66; 40
do. at i 6(1; 80 sacks at 34 80.
Miw FoBa Mabibt, January 9P, M.-Flour
transaction In tbe market are to a moderate extent,
nnd prices are without material change. The de
mand Is chiefly speculative, with a limited business
doing for the supply of the pressing wants of the
local and Eastern trade: sales of 10,200 barrels, at
2U08 3D for surertlne State; 16 406 60 for extra
Mate: S6 20Vi 30 for annerflna Western: S.8 iOOA .in
for common to medium extra Western; $5 75(&s 86
i.,r lumnur w ',uu ampniug orauas extra rounu
li.iop Ohio market dosing quiet. About half of tbe
tibove was taken on speculation. Canadian Flour in
l.inited enpplyand firmly held: sales of 300 barrels
nt 8') 656 76 tor common to onolce'ixtra. Bye Flour
rolling slowly at (3 79t 40 for common to choice
superfine. Corn Meal quiet and unchanged. Buck
wheat Flour is in fair demand at 82 262 37 X per cwt.
Whisky rules heavy: sales of 600 barrels at 26c.
W beat quiet and unchanged; holders generally ex
hihlt no very pressing desire to realize; Milwaukle
Club, in store, held at Si 2v-wlth buyers at II 24:
K'llcs of 600 bushels whits Southern at 81 42)', and
4nn do. red do. at 84 SO. Bye Is firmly held: sales of
f.,oo0 bushels at 92c, In store, and that refused for
mere. Barley unchanged; sales of 3,000 bushels State
at 7678o. Barley Malt quiet at 8385c. Corn quiet
nnd without special chauge: sales of 7,200 bushels
at wyaaso. for new white and yellow, and 93c. for old
white Southern. Oata In little better request, at 4M
(Dti'i)li(A47o. for State, Westsrn and Canadian, the
l itter an outside price for choice pnrcels. Fork a
little, more active, but prices without material
change: selns of 1,900 brls., at $15 37 for mess; til 73
for prime, and $17 for extra city prime mess; in
cluded in the sales are 1,000 barrela new mess, at
sellers option from the 1st of February to tbe 18th
April, at 817 60. Beef nnchanged, and only in lim
ited demand: sales of UI brls , at H(ctl 80 for conn
try prime; 65 60 for country mess; 9I0 for new
repacked mess, and Mil for extra mess. Beef
Hams dull, at B12 for State and Western. Prime
mess Beef lu moderate request: sales of 250 tierces
on private terms. Dressed Hogs dull at 8i6a67to. for
Western, and 7&7iic. for city. Bacon is unchauged:
sales of 3C0 boxes short-clear Middles at 9Hc, and
jmall parcel Western b,ng-rlbbed do. at 8Xc; 30
hhds. rough Sides at 8Mc. Cut Meats dull: sales at
uMo. for Hams, and 60. for Shoulders. Lard is
dull: sales of 290 packages nt 10M104tc. Butter lu
fair demand at 12(ai8c. for Ohio, and I623c. for
State. Cheese steady at dOHXc Ashes quiet: but
trifling sales at S3 23 for Pots, and 85 37 for Pearls.
Cotton dull and unchanged: sales of 600 bales at
Uh: for middling Uplands.
Philaobi.phia Mabkkt, January 9. Flour very
firm, with a better domand: sales of superdne at
." 601313 70. and extra at 8.1 ItJrM. Whimt u, tlvm rf
ateady. Corn less active: sales of yellow at 77c.
tints soin at 4ijtca4M. rronsions are unchanged,
Whisky dull at 27c. for Ohio, and 26c. fur Penn.
TUltimorr Market, January 9. Flour buoyant:
sales of 1XJ0 barrels Howard-street nt Is n. an d,
vnnco of 12Hc No Wheat or Corn of consequence Is
.ill".. red. Provisions unchanged. Whisky dull at
The Ohio at this point was still stationary
tht, greater part of yosterday, but Ihki evening was
rising gradually, with a prospect, fmm the warm
weatlier and gnneml thaw, of a hinder stage of water
More long than wc are now enjoying.
The weuther yesterday was like erring: being so
warm that ovorcoats were laid aside, uud persons sat
with open doors.
The opening of navigation rendered business very
active at the Landing yesterday, and Ibe wharf was
oovered with m.Tchandize of various descriptions.
Freights for New Orleans was quite abundant, and
several boats were receiving fielpht. The regular
packets and steamors for the South dp parted, while a
uuuiuur ui nuaia arrivoa at tne lianoiiti;.
Rates of freight were as follows: : ' . .
Pittsburg-Cotton, 75o.: Molasses, 76c. j Whisky,
.V)c.j Flour, 3flc.; Pork and Lard, 41c; Pound
Freights, 13c. per 100 lbs. . i ..-.
Naahville Whisky, per brl,,50c.; Ale, 40c,; Found
Freights, 2.K?o30o. per 11)0 lbs. '.".
8t. Louis-Heavy Pound Freights, 26c. per 100 lbs.;
..ninny niu vii, o.k;. per uri,, oiovea, aoo.; Ale, OOC.
New Orleans -Whisky and Oil Si; Flour, 60c.;Pork
80c.; Bacon, Butter, Cheese, Ac; 3c. per 100 lbs.;
Keg Lard, 15CJ KniMy Barrels, 26c Horses, $10 per
head; Pound Freights, 30c.
nun. .,n i- uinoi mcdu, uttUIIUU, JBUfO OirBHer,
lipuisville; Dnnleith and Viminla Home, Neville;
iniit run, xtasuviuts oiiver moon, jnempnis; unio
lelln, New Orleans; Aurora, do,
isefaktiikkb. jhcou rursoer, ijoiiisviiie: rorest
Ooeen, Madison; Magnolia, Uaysville: Dnnleith and
Virginia Home. Neville; Ohio No. 2, Marietta; T. S.
Conley, New Orleans; Madison, do.; W. I. Maclay,
Memphis; Poland, Nashville.
Additional by the Atlantic.
Tobk, Jan. 9. Fto Valparaiso, later
news has been received from Buenos Ayrea.
After Urguesa's victory over MitrOjhe marched
to Buenos Ay res, where lie was met by a com
mittee of citizens, and a friendly agreement
entered into between them, of wnicn the fol
lowing are the leading points: Bnenos Ayrea
to form part of the Argentine Confederation.
A convention to be convoked and examine
the National Constitution. Tbe home and
foreign debt of Buenos Ayrea to be regarded
as a national debt. Drguesa to retire with
his army within two 'weeks after the signing
of the treaty. A general and absolute am
nesty granted.
Algeria had resigned the government of
Buenos Ayres, and was replaoed by Lavalloe,
The agitation throughout the country had
ooaBed, and affairs generally wore a more
fnvorable aspect.
From Washington.
Washington, January 0. Mr. May, late
Lisutenant in the U. S. Army, died here yes
terday. He distinguished himself at the battle
of Palo Alta and Reica de la Palm a, the
taking of Monterey, and the siege of Vera
Cms and the battle of Csrra Gordo.
One of the bills introduced by Senator Davis
to-day authorizes the Secretary of War to
issue to any State or Territory, on application
of tbe Governor thereof, suoh arms as may be
spared, provided an amount sufficient to re
place them by f.Uii"tinn be deposited, and
proposes to restore the military superindenoe
of the armories.
Arrival of the Overland Mail.
Mali.ov's Static, January 9. The Over
land Mail, with dates to the 19th nit., reached
here to-day.
The Executive Committee appointed by the
late Pacific Bailroad Convention met at Saa
Franolsoo and took preliminary aotion for the
organisation of a company to build a road to
Col. Fremont has come in possession of all
the mineral lands withheld from him.
Prospeoting still continued at the Washoe
mines, notwithstanding the cold weather.
Funeral of Bishop Newman.
January 9. -The imposing
funeral oeretnonies of Bishop Newman took
place at St. John's Church this morning. High
mass eras performed while the body lay in
state in tbe funeral car, whioh had been con
voyed to theohursh by a procession of Catholic
Societies and a large oonoourte of oitlteni.
The church was drapedinmoursing. Seventy
three of the clergy were present. The con
course was Immense, filling the avenae of the
Counterfeiters Arrested.
Jacksor, Mich., January (.Eight persons,
among them several old residents, were ar
rested Saturday, charged with making and
elretilatlng counterfeit coin.
.Large quantities of bogus money, "with
tools, press and dies were found in their pos
session. They are undoubtedly large opera
tors, and belong to aa extensive gang.
WASHINGTON, January 9.
- and Poaglaa
appeared in their seats. The attendance was
slim. ' '1 ' "
Mr. Owin introduced" a bill to organise the
Territory of Nevada. Eef erred.
Mr. Brown gave notice of a bill to eitebUeh
a (Government printing offloe.
Mr. Davis introduced bills to facilitate the
c'.li.stment of soldiers in the army, to fix the
pay and regulate the allowance of the officers
nt' the army, and promote the ffioienoy of (he
at my, by the retiring of disabled and infirm
officers. All of which were referred to the
Committee on Military Affairs.
Mr. Wilson presented the petition of a com
mittee of the people of Boston against the re
moval or tne Fostomoe. - -1
Mr. Lane offered a resolution calling on the
President for the correspondence of General
Winfield Scott and General Harney, in regard
to the Island of Saa Juan.' ' Adopted.
Mr, Slidell introduced a bill ta prohibit the
i.-sue and circulation-, of bank notes in the
Distriot of Columbia, of a lose denojulnallua
than $50. Referred to a select committee of
five. ; '
Mr. Iverson offered a resolution Instructing
the Secretary of Treasury to inform the Senate
what portion of the suns appropriated under
the treaty of the Gaudaloupe Hidalgo for tbe
payment of elaims of Amerioan citizen remain
unexpended. Adopted.
Mr. Mallorv presented a memorial from the
citizens of Charleston for the establishment of
a steamship line from Charleston to Havana.
Referred. .
Mr. Foster being exbnsed from the special
committee on the Homes land grant, on mo
tion of Mr. Toombs, the eommitteo was re
duced to four.
Mr. Wilson introduced a resolution calling
on the Seoretary of the Treasuary to communi
cate a statement of the Imports, exports and
tunnage of the British North American Pro.
vinoss, distinguishing Canada from the others. '
Adopted. ,, .
Mr. Djokson, of Conn., addressed the Senate
in opposition to the Presidents reoommendation
in regard to the Armtstead claim, going into
a lengthy history of the case.'1 He contended
that there was a legal claim upon this Gov-'
eminent. Slaves had never been reoogniied
as property nationally, but only locally. JBe
quoted the letter of President Monroe in sup
imrt of his position, and read from Spanish
and other laws, to "how that slaves oould not
be considered as property. He also quoted an
opinion of Justioe Story. ' -
Mr. Iverson moved to take np Mr. Pagh's
resolution offered last week. Carried. -
Mr.Iverion said the Senator irom Ohio charg
ed him with having advocated, in 184.8, while a
member of the lower House, the dootrine of
popular sovereignty. He admitted it, hut had
repented and recanted his error. He now re
garded it the duty of Congress to protect by
erjactn.ent slavery in the Territories, and
denied the right of Congress to prohibit slavery
therein. He then explained his action on the
Oregon bill of 1848, and went into a history
of the legislation of Congress since 1848 on
this subject. In the course of his remarks he
donoanoed Douglas and the Northern Demo
crats generally as occupying a position as on
jeotionable as that of the Wilmot Proviso Re
publicans. He would not vote for Douglas if
he were nominated at Charleston on the Cin
cinnati platform, and favored a dissolution of
the Union in the case of the election of a Blaok
Republican President. -
HOUSE. Mr. Winslow asked Mr. Gartrell,
who was entitled to the floor, to give way for a
call of the House.
Mr. Gartrell said that' although ho wished
to trespass on tho House but a short time to
day, if his friends desired it and thought there
was a prospect of organizing, he would oheer
lully yield the floor for the purpose of voting,
with the understanding that ho was en
titled to the floor when the discussion was re
sumed. ; .
The roll was then called, whon it appeared
that the only members absent without a pair
hi to jneesrs. r lorenoe ill nil man ana layior.
. Mr. Winslow moved that the House pro
coed to a vote. Agreed to with the following
result: Whole number ot votes 219: necessary
to a choice 110; Sherman 105; Hamilton 88;
Gilmer 22. '
H. P. Clark and Adrian voted for Reynolds
and Gilmer voted for Stokes.
Mr. Hamilton voted for Mr. Winslow.
Messrs. Florenee, Mills, and Hindman, who
were absent at the call of the House, subse
quently appeared and voted..
Mr. Leach, of N. C, voted for Mr. Gilmer,
but said when hia vote was necessary to eleot
a good conservative Democrat it should not
be wasted. If his friends in the Southern
Opposition had on Saturday voted for Mr.
Hamilton, that gentleman oould have been
eleoted, ,, , , . ,
. Mr. Scott said he got out of a sick bed to
vote for Mr. Hamilton, not knowing he had
been paired off with Mr. Pottle. ; ,
The House again proceeded to vote, with
the following result: Whole number of votes,
219; Neoeisary to choice, 110; Sherman 105;
Hamilton 88; Gilmer 19; Reynolds 2; Scatter
ing 4.
Another ballot resulted as follows: Whole
number of votes, 219; Necessary to a ehoioe,
110; Sherman 105; Hamilton 88; Gilmer 18;
Reynolds 3; Hickman 2; Soattering 3.
Messrs. Adrian and Clark, of N. T., and
Kiggs, voted for Mr. Reynolds, and Messrs.
Carter and Haakin voted for Mr. Hickman.
Adjourned., , ., '. v ' :
New York Bank Statement.
New Yobe, January 9. Decrease in loanl,
18.383; deorease in specie, $1,265,480: de
crease in deposits, $247,429.
The Wassinoton Fond. Tne Alexandria
(Va.) Smtinel says: "A gentleman, whose
word is proof, informs us that Mr. John A.
Washington has in his possession a letter from
responsible parties who made a iona fidt offer
of $250,000 for tbe Mount Vernon property
sold by him to the ladies of the Mount Vernon
Association for $200,000., ,
BARD, at Trade Sale-rooms, No. 11 West Cifth
strset, up stairs. Private Library at Auction. -On
WEDNESDAY EVENING, Jannary 11, at 7 o'clock,
will be sold, by catalogue, a large and valuable Pri
vate library, comprising a variety of potmlar stand
ard Theological, Historical, Poetical, Literary. Sci
entific and Miscellaneous Works, in various styles of
binding, well kept anil in good order.
ti. B.-Uataloaiies will be published on Wednesday
morning, and the the books will beopea fur exam-
n ation until o o'ciock vteanesany evening.
. jalilb i , 8. Q. HUBBARD, Auotloneer.
t CO. Sales-rooms No. SI Main-street ;
Groceries, Liquors, Paints, Window Glass and Spices
at Auction. Will be sold, on TUKSDAT MORNING,
January 10, at t o'clock 30 bags Rio Coffeei 15 aiata
.lava Coffee; inn bags Ground Spices; 2! kegs Bi-Oarb
Soda; M bzs. Va. and Ky. Tobacco; 40 hf-ch. Gr aid
Bl'k Teas; 50 brla, Smoking Tobacco; 70 bss. Window
ALSO-Indigo, Nutmegs, ' Saleratus, Madder;
Cloves. Sulphur, 4c. , lu boxes. .., , .
ALSO-IOauarter-casks Brandy; 40 brls. Boorbon
Whisky, Gin, Wines, o. ...
ALSO 1 new lTlrn.nrnAf Iron HaIa: in hAlna Rona
ld kegs and brls. Honey.
ja9 . H. 8. MILES, Auctioneer.
-av wibljlAJns Baiee-rooros nos. -a ana 24 East.
i . i . . . . . mn n .r .... .
.11,1 UtlWIH ' MB ww 1 vn.v. v.. M V ' . . 41
ING, January 10, at 9H o'clock,a general assortment
of Table Cutlery. Knives and Forks, Spoons, Wait
ers, Braces aud Bltts, Saws, o. .... .,
ALSO A stock of Plated Ware, Tea Sets, Castors,
Spoons, Ao, . !..
A L80 8 cases women's and Children's Shoes and
other goods. 1
ALHO-10 dosen Sparkling Catawba; sieees as
sorted Blankete; 1 Hoisting Machine, in order.
ALSO A general assortment! of good Furni
ture, it, , .,,..
I9 ... A. KELLOGQ, Auction r.
Asjvb w jm baa. a-i - a i ' ln.juao
JOHNSTON, in Bales-rooms, No. S Main-street, '
Next to Trust Oomaanr Bank. Dry Goods, Bats.
a. IT n n . dawn i ., , . , n . r n
Clips, Hoots, Shoes, Ac, at Auction. TCE8D AT
MOUNING, January 10, commencing at o'clock,
will beaold. tvithnnt vgwMrve.a laree and dnairahl
stock nf snAAAna.bl llr ttoada. flue Shawls. Comforts.
nooas, uioves, Italian uravaus, unoersnirts ana ,
Drawers, 4c. ''.'..
UDU IV pill, muw ww. .nun.v-, w, u -j
Bine Mackinaw Blankets, 30 dosen Woolen Jackets, ,
slightly damaged. - '
at .tdi a an aci-wiraE. annate- ann Kavvavaatasi aasaasai
cases Hats, flj joHHSTOH, A astloswer.

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