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From The National Era.
trailing arbutoa, or ma.Tflowr, grow abundantly
la to Yicinltr of Plj-month, n4 m the first flower that
gTMtea. th Pilgrim after tlirir fearful Win tar.
" Bi lIVflower! wnt AeS or Winter itara,
Ana nursed fry Winter ipjes,
TTith petal of the ateetea pra, i. . -
Anil leare of fro tea laiisl , -
t ' .
, . That had the la those drearr hour,
Within her Ice-rimmed b.r
In common with tbe wild-wood flower, .
The tint eweet imiiee of Me I
Tet. "God be prlcdr" the PUgrtra eel 4,
Who new the Noeeome peer
Xbon the brown leaver dry end deed,
"Behold our iUaower hew!"
"God Willi it: here ir reat hall be;
- Our year of wanderinp o'er.
Tor na the Marrlower of the S
bhaii aproaa ner eaua bo iwira.
Oh! aacred Bower of faith and hope!
Xa sweetly nowae then
Ye bloom on many a birchen elope,
In many a pine-dark riao.
. Behind the eea-waU'i rugged length,
Unchanged, Tour leave unfold,
like lore behind the minlr imagta
Of the brave boarta of old.
Co Mr the fathere In their eon.
Their atnrdr faith be our.
And onre the lew that orernina
Ita rocky trengia with llower.
The Pilrrlm'e wild and wintry da . ,
Ita ahanow roond na draw;
The MuTflower of hia atonny bar,
, Our Freedom mruggUng cauae.
But warmer tmm ere long eball bring
. To life the frown aod;
And, through dead learw ofhope, ehan "prta
Afreah the flower of Godl ,
J. G. W.
J. G. W. Agricultural.
A good share of the intelligence publish
ed in this column, is takes from the Ohio
Farmer, which we consider one f the best
agricultural papers in the country. We give
the following statement of terms, that
"our friends may know were to send for it:
"A large number of the subscriptions to
the Ohio" Farmer, expire during the month
of June, Will not our friends note the fact,
and not only renew forthwith, but get as
many of their neighbors to subscribe as pos
sible. , This wiii be an active year for Farm
ers, and the Agricultural news, even, is very
important No farmer can afford to be
without a good paper, devoted exclusively
to his interest. The terms of the Ohio Far
mer, are as follows :
Snrle Copr, one vear...f2 I One copy aix month $1
Three Cnpieeone rear... 5 Fire Copiee m montha.. 6
Fire Copie one year 8 Ten Copiea ix montha... 8
Ten Copies, one year $16 .
A club of five subscribers, at 13, will en
title the person making it up to a copy for
six months; a club of ten, at 115, to a copy
for one year.
Old subscribers who wish to renew their
subscription can do so at any time, by get
ting a k&yw subscriber and sending us 13,
which will pay for both one year. .
Sample numbers, prospectuses, fcc, sent
to all applicants free of charge.
Subscribe without delay.
and Editor.
21:2 '
Cleveland, Ohio."
Cleveland, Ohio." Cheese-Making.
. To make good cheese, there are several
rules to bo observed: First, everything
used in the business should be kept as
sweet and clean as possible. The nights
milk should be strained in tin or brass ket
tles, and hung in a sweet, cool place, as milk
will absorb impurities. In the morning it
should bo warmed and mixed with the
morning's milk in your tub or whatever you
make your cheese in. When ready for the
rennet, the temperature should be from 80
deg. to 84 deg. Put in suffiicient rennet to
come in 40 or 50 minutes; cover warm to
prevent the cream from rising. . When
the curd will not adhere to your finger, then
cut it with a long knife several times across;
let it stand fifteen minutes; then take your
dipper and turn the curd from top to bot
tom ; let it remain fifteen minutes longer,
and break carefully with your hands. Place
the strainer over, and let the curdle settle;
Then dip off somo to warm natural heat
Dip off also of the cold whey; turn on the
warm nd stir with your dipper slowly.
repeat this several times. To prevent the
curd settling together, it should be stirred
and broken carefully and often ; the tem
perature should bo from 100 deg. to 110
deg. In the course of two hours from the
time you commenced warming the whey,
when you can squeeze some of the curd in
your hand, and it seems cooked and dry, it
will do to dip into your drainer. It should
then bo stirred carefully to prevent adiiiTing
torrcther, but should not be squeezed or hand
led roughly. The whey should work off
clean, as it is very easy to waste the best part
of the cheese by beinr: in a hurry, it should
strain very dry and get cool; then add five
tea cuds of Liverpool salt to one Hundred
pounds of enrd, stirring well in, I always
sift mv salt beforo using it It is now ready
to be nut into the hoon. Lot it stand half
an hour beforo pressing. TheB press lights
Iv at first adding to the pressure to make
it firm and solid. Aftor pressing four or
five hours, it should be turned and closed ;
then press till next day's cheese is ready fur
the hoop. . ... . .' . "' V
I get my cheese into the hoop about
noon, allowing half a day to make a cheese.
If the weather is cold, the cheese shou'd be
set by the fire to cure, as it will grow bitter
standing in a cold room. There is na need
of greasing the outside of a cheese which
is cased. Hero in Vermont wo use . dairy
stoves for making cheese ; they are most
convenient and save much labor.
I will make a few .remarks on prepar
ing rennets for mild cheese. The rennet
should be one year old, as it will fetch more
cheese at that age. Dairying people here
kill their calves at four days old ; drain out
the whey from the curd, then add as much
salt as there is curd ; put it back into the
rennet, and put them into little bags made
of cotton cloth, each one sepcrate ; tie them
tiffht and hanor them in a dry place to cure.
.The hag prevents insects working in the
"jennets and injuring them. When wanted
for use, steep three in two pails of cold wa
ter ten or twelve days; then strain it off
into a jar, and it is rea. iy for use. Add
salt enough to havo it always at the bottom
of your jar as many people spoil a whole
rancid rennet
Prairie Farmer. .
Wo ridicule others for their fears and
failures and fail like them in like situations;
'for many a path that looks smooth at a dis
tance, is found to be rough when we have
to travel it.
Though it bo not in your power," said
Marcus Aurclius, "to be a naturalist, a port,
, an orator, or a mathematician, it is in your
power to be a virtuous man, which is the best
. . Tako pleasure in presenting to
Their numerou friend and euewmera In Sandnakw and
adjoiuing Countiea thtflr
Beautiful and Well-Selectod,
Stock r
Spring Goods!
Somo of which we enumerated below : :
BOXXETS. Bonnets, 5 cases of the lat
Mt ityte juit rcrch-ed.t P. BETTS fc CP'S.
DEBAIGE, Clialli, Lawn, Printed Jaco
nett, plain and atriped Poplin, Chamor and (fllig
haniaoanbefoundwiihtheUiilIoffat 1. B.tCJS.
InnAn PeicesMemmac, Spraguc, Co
UUUU checo. Pacific, Dunnells. KnglUh and
French printa xery cheap at P. B. & CO S
ABE AUTIFUL lot of Scotch Ginghams,
only 12 eta. per yard, warranted fut color c0
QAA Silk, Moire Antique and Laco
JJ Mantilla, cheaper than erer offered in thla
market. D. B. A CO.
SILK Fringe, Silk Lace, Tassel Buttons,
Cord and Taeaela. D B CO
LADIES and Gents Kid, Silk, Lisle
Thread and Cotton Glorea, rery cheap. D B A CO
Kff Ladies Jaconet, Cambric, Book,
oj f J Wrought and Tambold Coilara at a Tory email
edrance abore Sew York coat. DBA CO.
TNDIA, Book, plain and dotted Swiss,
plain and check Cambric, Jaoonet, Bobinet end Cap
1 - - D B A CO
T ALTESE, Smvrna,
Bobinet, Lisle,
1TJL w
fore, Honirton and' Silk Edging and Insertion.
FLOUNCING, Dimity, Swiss and Cam
bric Edging and Insertion. A large Assortment of
LmOroldered Curtainsjusl received.
BONNET, Cap, Taffeta and Satin Rib
bona, a ear loadjuat received and very cheap.
P 13 A CO
A Largo lot of the Latest Styles Dress
Trimminga for the Ladle just received. D B A CO
French, English and
American Caseimesa very cheap. . V B s CO
A Fine assorment of Farmers' Satin and
Satin Vesting, Summer and Merino Cassimer.
COTTONADES, Denims, Blue Drills,
Kentucky Jeans, Linen Cheek, Tweeds snd Satinets,
enough to supplv every Man and Boy in the State with a
New Suit, can be found with the Tariff knocked endways,
bycaUingon DBtCO
WHITE and Buff Marseilles, Linen and
Satin Vests just received DBtCO
A Choice lot of Ready-Mado Clothing
just received and idling very cheap DBA CO.
"OLACK, Moire Antique, Changable Bro-
X3 cade, Plaid and Striped Silks, a large assortment just
received aed very cheap D B & CO
TirillTE and
DeBerago Embroidered
Robes, beautiful patterna D B A CO
STRAW Trimmings, Rouches, Wreaths,
and Artificials jnst received DBA CO
TALM Leaf Leghorn, Panama, Wool,
Felt, Xapped and Angola Hats
r"pHE Spring Style of Silk Hats have
J arrived " DBA CO
FIGURED, Plain Moire Antique and
Black Parasols 20 percent cheaper than everVfore
offered in this market DBACO
LEACHED Shirting, Pillow Casinc
and Bleached Sheeting 2a yds. wide D B A CO
TICKING, Striped Shirting, Brown and
Bleached Drills, Crash, Diaper, Furniture and Apron
Check very cheap DBA CO
COTTON Yarn Coverlet Warp, White
and Colored Carpet TVarp and Seine Twine
THREE Ply, Tapestry, Ingrain, Veni
tian and Cotton Carpets and Drugget DBA CO
T7"ELYET Rugs and Mats a large assorts
mcnt DBA CO
ILT, Rosewood and Mahogony i-oofe-
VJi ing Glasses and Mirror
TADIES Silk Channel Gaiters, Bronzed,
AKA Morocco and Calf Shoes. Ladies Buskins and
Slippers a large assortment just received and yen-cheap
1 CA Cases Gents Calf and Kip Boots,
I J If Gents Calf, Kip and Enamelled Shoes, Gaiters
and Slippers cheaper than ever . . DBA CO
CHILDREN'S Shoes in endless quanti
ties DBACO
REDWOODS, Duvals and Macons bu
perior Honey Dew Tobacco, only 25 cts per lb
. jj a a: tu
10 COFFEE and N. O. Sugar, prime
DBA co.
GOLDEN SYRUPT the best, only 62
cts.perGallon . DBA CO
YOUNG HYSON and Imperial Tea on
hand of superior quality DBACO..
U AY, Straw and
Sheaf forks. Corn
Hoes, Sy thes, SnaUis and Cradles D B k CO
STEEL Shovels, Spades and Scoops
Glazed and ji-artnen are a
new lot just n-ceievd
riLLOW Wagons' and Cradles, Meas
ures, Fails, Brooms and Mop Slicks D B Co
AND PLASTER, just received at
i - - D. BF.TTS A CO'S.
AILS, Brads, Spikes, Glass, Oils Paints
nd insh. Thoe wishine to build will do well to
call on us Ivfore Purchnsinp elsewhere, as we are bound
to sell cheaper than any other honsf in ttie fttiiTe.
Fremont, May 2, lSo. . . 14lf . . .
Kessleu & Co.,
E?PECTFrLLY announce tr the dliwrns of Fremont,
J. i, and vicinity, that they have just opened at the stand
torineriy occupied ity iir. A. i. liaua-ia & a jewelry aiorr.
a nevr stock ot
Groceries, Provisions, and Flour
Which we effer at Wholesale or Retail, at the lowest rates
for cash. Fresh Baked Broad, Rusk, Cakes, Pies,
Crackers, Ac, every day; Families or Grocprs sup
plied on liiieral terms, and at short notie.
Amongst our Stork may be found a full supply f every
rtide callcil for in our line, such op (In-eii and Black
Teas; Rio and Java Cotlt-e: Crunhol, Granulaled,
Pulreriw-tl, OlTee and New Orleans Sugars; . '
Molasses, Golden Syrup; the best assort- ;
ment of Tobacco in town; Soap Kice,
Codfish, Starch, Lemons, Rasing.
Nuts, Herring, Sperm and .
StearineCanlleg, Baking
Powders, Pnlersitua,
Toilet Soap, Soda,
Cheese, Primes, Fis,
Essence of CotTce, Soda and
Common Crnekprs, and some of
the b -st brands f Flour eontnntiy
on hand, a peneral assortment of Yankbb
Notions, such as Pocket Knives, Port Mon
" lew. Sand Soap, Shavine Boxes and Brushes, Per-
fumenr. Ilair Oils, Rubber Combs, and in fjict. every
thine in this line. We would say to our old custom-
era, ana as many mrw uiitrs ma mvur us
Kith a ealL we intend to make it to their interest
to examine enr StnrJc mnd Price before purr ha fin v
f.Ueicktre. Our facilitit are equal to any ot the kind i
Hia Mtuntrv. and our stock has leen latflv purchased at
the most advantageous temw. and thus we are enabled to
compete with any like establishment. Also a good assort-
ment ox . .
Pale, Dark, P3ficli nnil Cliorry Brandies.
Also, Old Scotch, IrUU anil Mononpahel WI1FKV.
London Porter, Scotch, Tctrtit and Pittburjrn ALE.
Gn, Rum and C'tmmoa Whisky by the Barrel, as loir
anv other pbice In the couritr".
We intend to sell as Um ms'the htvest, n as CITEAP
the CIIEAPRST. . Onr motto ia-and will be. "A nimMe
sixpence is lietter than a Flow shilling, '"Mn.nil prints
and quick returns." JREMEJIBER THE PLACrM
ICoxt door North of Fussclman & Co's.
CASnWILL RE PATH, for Potatoes, A npln. Peaches,
Putter, E&8. Cheese, and other Country Products
Family use.
Fremont, April 18, 1856. 12tf
TABLE CUTLERY, cbonp at,
Roberts k Siteldox's.
nTPHK MII.I- WORK. Chimnevs and Breechinfr
Osteam Mill, Conner Pipe, kc, manufactured at
t-aoM bf
vAS-.: :USU-.AL!
Head Quarters
' ' There is no use knocking," they cant leat
the Old Regulator.
,rrr i,,m nnAn;nn ATtrilVATj. by ex'
V pnfs, OISPKI.NG nn.iSUMMKRGOUDSolthe latest
stvit'a, which we are prepared to evil at
But this in only the bosinniii- of good tliiriRB, as we shall
!.e irei-iriuir Goods trnra devto v uutU our kaniuioUi
EstablUhniint is tilled t ovcrllo inf.
C. B & E. B. KING.
Bead Quarters, April 27, 1S5G.
. v. fmWn Delano, of East-
,l",'3T,"I'"lI' ro-' K mi, lti. fitted to.
ptir of wheels with east hubs and tended by a man or boy
who can ride and Kake, ana unrc iu.
and certainty. Each tooth acts sedately and Pan
entlr, its bead being suspended by a rod or hinge over the
axletree, one tooth being attached to each bead It is
equally adapted to Rougk and Sewwf Li, and applies
With equal pressure on oacujtiuu
Premiums and Diplomas' .
Were awarded in the Fall of 1S47 and 1S4R, by the Ken
nebec and Franklin Counties Agricultural Soc.et.ce . and
in 1849, a premium was awarded at he- ew orkj State
FairatSvraeuse. In 150. a Grr.tu.ty wa, . 4
Jliddleseiand a Diploma at Essex County t airs. A lugh
lv favorable report upon l R',
transactions of the Worcester County Ammlturs oe
tv for ISM, page 170, and a similar notice by the Mld,i'f
Society at 'Ae M5, published by ''mfi'-f'"uf'
Massachusetts. A Diploma wasavvanlodat NortolkCoun ,
tvFair and at the Mechanics' Institute at Boston, and
loatclnrinnatl. Its utility ha. been te,t,db,mre
than 1,000 Farmers in the State of Maine, who lw certi
fied to Its superiority oyer all other Horse Rakes, and by
many othersT among whom are thoae whose name are
signed to the foUowing
1 Certificate.
Having nsed Delano's Horse Rike, we the TObKribers,
take pleasure in recommending it. to the 'Z i
It requires bnt one person to manage both the lUke .and
hrhorse, anl the work is light for both Jorje
The Rake'being on wheels is easily moved. It d urable
and perform, more work in a given time than any other
Rokwe h.ve ever used. It is not liable to get on t ot or
der, simple in its structure, and easily repaired when nee
essary. Isaac S. rioughton, Dorchester, Mass.
M. Bridges, " a
Samuel M. Barker, Andover,
Amos Carlton,
Enoch Wood, " '
William Foster, "
Stephen P. AWiott, " m
Asa 1'ingree, .opsneiu,
Richard P. Waters, North Beverly, "
P.P. Towne, " "
Wil.Um A Lander. "
Charles HUliard, Kensington,
Moses Clement, West Amesbnry, "
George B. Silsbv, Bradfor.1,
vVilham F. Porter,
Nathan Barker, North Andover, "
Farnnm Spofford, Andover, "
John P. Foster, "
John Gage, " "
Franklin B Brown, South Hampton, . H.
David Woodman, "
Joseph B Graves, Brenswood, "
William Morrill. " M
Jonathan Morrill, -
ohn Smith,
tidley H. Robinson, . - , .
rinthrop H.Dudley, " .
tenhen Dow,
John Morrill. "
ohn French, Kensington,
John W.Shaw, "
This Rake has been nsed by Aim.lJi b.j v. i.i r.. -
Rake has been nsed or amkam bu "
ounty and he speaks of it in the most flattenmr
Any person in thU vicinity who wishes to know
rticularlv ofcAhis Rake, is referred to Mr. Bowlus.
uskv .
terms. A
mort. narticuiarlv
Tl.e subscribers having the exclusive ngni. unurr
Patentee of said Horse Rake, of making, using and Tend
ing the same, in and for the County of Sandusky, will dis
pose of these machines to the Farmers of the county on
li'MTHi t'TTTMt. ... , ,
ir M infriTUTPment on sM patent will be prosMuted.
. , .i 1 j .w. i,Tti. nA for fin 1 1' h
KAkfS lor me coming t:(oi . t,iv '
e subscribers. ROBERTS A SHELDON.
Fremont, O, AprU 21, 1SSO.
Great Stock of Saddlery!
UTow is the Time to Buy!
Saddle, Harness,
rriHE snlwcrilicr has now on hand, and design to keep
X tlie Larcrat and Best assortment ol
Saddle and Ilaniess VV ork,
That ran he fnund in Northern Ohio, eompnsinp 10 par..
Foil and Hnlt-Snanish, Hnn.l, uoncarf, irfniM.i.i"r
rommon M-n's PAPni.ES, Plu'h, Plasliive and Extendi
Snrinc LADIES' AIni.ES: with a very large assortment
ot Plain and Fancy Riding Bridles.
Harness of all Styles,
fonatantlv on hand, from variety of Draft anaaeam
arnrss to Hrnas ana uver rmra .
Wliipsand Lashes. Flv-neta, trace arm n:im-r uam.,
innln.linrrl iirmirsuertaininirTOTnemiRincss.
r- All Work warranted in ever- parucumr rvwu
The BF.sT"ilATERIALS the country affords will alone
v .on..r4tiir of work. Fmm experience
and strict attention in business he will be prepared to sell
work in his line at the
Xiowest Possible rig-ares!
pn..ntrnun.ihron' lihml natronaze received from
the citUens of Sandusky and Burroundinir counties, he so
licits a conlinuanceol inesame. n.uiiis'"-utv..
tages he pledfres himself
Kot to be Undersold!
by any one, In any article in his line.
Green Springs, 0, Ang. 3.1S55. SStf '
DE. HARKNESS, Las just received a
fine assortment of
Spring Goods!
Consisting in part of
New and elegant
Prints, Delaines, &c;
largo assortment of Ladies
Boots and Shoes, together with
the most beautiful assortment of Rib
bons ever offered in this market. The gen
tlemen can find a new lot of Hats,
Caps, Boots and Shoes, and all
kinds of wearing apparel,
calculated to 6uit the
tastes of all ; also
a fresh assortment of
Groceries !
now arrivine. These gmwls win oe foi-i as cneap ns ai
anv otherstorein Ohio. Come along, bring in your B-u-
Butter, E-E-Eggs, and alittle Money, if you please.
Clyde, Ohio, March IS, 1856.
Bakery antl Provision Store!
On Fr mt Street opposite the Hani:
X Largi st, Ucst and Cheapest
Stock of Groceries in Town!
Everr thinir sold at this House is Warrcnted to give per-
f.H.twitisfiit'tion. and w ill lie delivered FREE OF t IlAKl
any where within the corporation. Mv stock consists in
part of
White Wheat Flour Warnmtod in Bar
rels or by tho S;vck !
Rln and Java CofTee.
Green and Black Teas,
White and Brown Suirara. :
Svrups and Molarsw-s,
Cut and Plus: Tnhacco,
Sperm, Stearine and TaTlow Candlea,
Cocoa and Chnrkolute.
Pepierand Ppice,
. . Bakinir Powders and Saleratus,
itlarkinfr and Brushes,
Powder and Sliot,
Lead and PtTcnnsion Caps,
Bar, Toilet and Shaving Soaps.
Mustard and Catsup,
-" f . Fips and Riisms,
Cijrars: and Matches,
... -1: - Crackers and Cheese, ' ,
Wash Tulm and Boards,
Jugs and Crock, ;
.Lemon Svrup and Pepper Pance, . ,
TftrdK and Roves,
Sardines and 1'icfcles,
Wines and Liquors by the barrel or gallon.
Codfish and Mnclier:il,
3upr Boxes, Snlt, Vinetrar, Lemons,
And in fact, fvervtlrinirumuillv kept in aCrnceryEst.il)
lishitient. And Ui addition to the above I have a
' And the services of one of the best Tinkers in the Coun
try, and I intendto keep constantly on hand
Bread, Pies, Cakes and Crackers,
And Invite-all Families and Shop-keepers to give me a
before purchAs-iPtrelsewhere.
. All articles for sle at Wholsesale or Retail.
Fremont, April IS, 1R,'i6. V2it
to be sold on the low pressure order by
February, 1, 185. Clyde, Ohio.
STOVE S. A lanro assortmont of Albany
BufTnlo, and Cleveland Cooking and Parlor Stoves,
priees which can't be beat, for sale by
Commercial College
Tke aual Tkortugk and practical liulUutUin in tJu Witt.
For Full Course, Including all departments of Book Kwp-
luir, Lcrtore and Penmanship, in icac u
For Full Course in Ladies' Del.nrUuent .-
THE proprietor take great pleasure m e spre".
thanks for the gratifying and unprecedented succt s
which have marked the career of their institution since Us
establishment at the Capital, and stimulate mem w
newed exertlona to meet i the ausl efficient manner, , rno
ranidlv increasing demand for a prartxcol and comprcMen-
tive course of mercantile (raining-. The great Pfun
perience of the Principal In heavy Banking and Commer
cial Houses, assisted br educated and accomplished gen
tlemen has onaMed him to bring to a degree of perfection
svstom of COUNTING KD"J1 instruction, oy
i .,. .ll.fidl aim other MuliiMJiOT. Each student
bv this now process, is diilled at th-j DESK, indiciduatlf,
aten ir step, until he has mastered the whole routine or an
a..... . iknroMvkln mthonrk ke had scre
ed an apprenticeship in Wf Li"rciai
arm irius an iwsvriimicsr, . -6- -o
dors, are in a great measure dissipated. . . . ,
In addition to our encagemenr 01 accompusuru ..
ants we have also ueenrea tne serncen 01 somo "'."'f
eminent lecturers in Ohio.tolectureon commercial topic.
Our course ofinstrnction is ion eieuuvu v --
ire here, bnt it embraces evervtbing conneeieu .m.
DOl'BI E ENTRY BOOKKEEPING, withfreeandfuildn-
eussion of its scientific principlea-Lecture upon com
mercial History, and History 01 ;""", Z
cominwrv-mi ui'iPii,iMi.,v - -ti,;- ne
Calculations, pnliticml economy, mercantUe law, ethics ol
triwie, partnership, c
The Ladies' Uepartmeni,
Is now opened for the reception of Ladies. N o inst .Wion
in the Union imparts a more thorough or interesting
course In this department. ,
In conclusion, we would add, that we shall put forth
our trest efTorts to merit in a still more eminent degree,
the fmtteringreceptionwith which ourenterpnse has met,
and pledre ourselce, to import a more tkoronjrk, procliU
conrse of Mercantile Imtndion than canoe formciai any
WW nmitar MercantUe College
ing: ve, xue unuersii(vu, r.,, -o'j
that we are personally a&iuainteQ wiin air. -.h'litT
aa ,rrAccoontant.'and teacher of BookKeep.ne,
which i of the kigheu order. He has had tT?tB"K""
ence as an Accountant in heavy Commercial Banking
" " v..C k; ....rior hrilitie in imparting a
practical knowledge of Bookkeeping anda.horougk Com
nerc4al Education. 1. J. AI.I.KN.LL. D..
President ol i annex's ( onege.
. ; President of Kenvon College.
To yonng men who wish to acquire "business Educa-
CranireT has therare qnalification of theoretic. I knowlodire
S"SU. in teaching, added it. . practrca. Counting
compUcated set of Bool:s Merchant.
J J '.iurxKT Ser'T B'rd Control, State B'k Ohio.
J V Park,' Bookkeeperat D. T. Woodbury's,
p' OvFitnlKR. Bookkeeper at the Clinton Rank.
H Z MiLl.s,?ec'vColirmbuB(".assandCokeCo.
c'b M ixox, Bookkeeperat J. H. Kiley & Co s.
Febmary 19, l5-4yl ' Pr"Prietor..
Dr. C. M. JACKS0M, i'liilaaoipma, ra.
Will Effectually Cure
TIVER COMPLAINT, dvspepsia, jaunoice, oinis'i"
l nervous d.-Mlitv, diseaws of the kidneys, and all dis-
easm arising from a aisoruen-u mi " V V
oonsti,tion, inward piles, fullness, or blood to the head,
ariditv of the stomach, nausea, heartburn, disgust for
rj in . VA;i,i in tlip Htoinach. sour erucations.
sinkimr or fluttering at the pit of the stomach, swirnin ig
t the head, hurried or difficultbreatlnng. liuttenugat the
heart. rhokiniorsiillncating sensations when in a lying
posture, dimness of vision, dots of wel before the si;rht,
verand dull pain in tne neau, uruciei" "-r
llownessoftlie skin and eyes, nam In the side, back,
lost limbs, kc; sudden Bushes of heat, burning in the
ffsh. constant imaginings of evil, and great deprcsssion
ofsi.iriU. . .,
The proprietor in calling tne arrniinn ..i iuv w
this prilration, does so with a feeling ot tne nrmosi con
fidence in its virtues and adaptation to the disease for
which it is rerominenucu. . . . .
it is no new and untried article, oni our u-
the test of a ten year's trial before trie Amenoin nropn-,
and its reputation and sale is unrivalled br any similar
preparations etnnt. The testimony in its favor grven by
Vie most prominent and well known physicians and lndi
viluaisinnll parts of the country is immense.
TlIOHAS LtTrllFORn. Lovwgion. rvr., i.ov. -i, ,..
Mv wife has been afflicted with the liver complaint and
dyspepsia for a number of years, .luring wnicn sime i nair
spent irrear aeai lor ui-..i's, --
tie benefit therefrom, and finally the doctors sard she could
not be cured. Last sprinir she conclmled to try your Bit
ters she took two bottles, and ever since taking them she
ha been able to attend to her business. I have sold quite
a numlicr of bottles throueh her recommendation, and as
far as I can learn it has given satisfaction to all.
David Abbott, Anstmburgti, uino, uec. o io-, .
Permit me to near testimony to the remarkable emcacy ot
vour (ierman Bitters, in the cure ot liver compiainu r "r
vears nn'vious to taking it, 1 was severely afflicted with
J.. ... t. 1. .. O..I t illil nntTiwttn
lisease oune liver, so r, , . , . 1
k..i i, fret use of the Bitters, thanks to a kind
Providence," I find myself entirely restored to health and
able to resume my usiinl employment. -
These Hitters are entirely vegeiaoie, "
njurious ingreuiems.
For sale oy irruggisis an sv"n-cri".j j
S. Buckland & Co., and
February K.1!l.r5. 4yl Fremont, Ohio.
. Tbe Great Purifier of the Blood.
Xot a particle of Mercury tn it!
t v tnf illihle remedv for scrofula, tine's evil, rheuma-
ti?m, obstinate cutaneous eruptions, pimples or pos
"tules on the face, blotches, boiin, chronic sore eyes,
ague and fever, ringworm, or tetter, seam neaa,
enlargement and pain of the bones and joints,
salt rheum, syphilitic disorders, stubborn
ulcers, and" all diseases arising from
an injudicious use of mercury,
imprudence in life, or iinpu
iitv of th blood.
Tfci. rrAt alterative medicine or purifier of the blood is
now used by thousands of grateful patients from all parts
,a T-nitttd St res- who testifv dailT to the remarkable
cures nerfnrmed by the grcatest'of all medicines. Carter's
Spanish Mixture aNeiiraiiria, rneuuiaiiMii, fcrumia, nr
.ticnaeo farnnTionfi on the skin, fevers, uicers, 01a sores,
affeetion of thekiduevn, diseases of the throt, female com
plaints, pains, and achine of the bono and jints, are
:. 1:1.. w,..t trt nitrlit iv nninir this inestimable remeiv.
For all diseases of the blood, nothing has yet been found
to compare with it. It cleanses the system of all impuri
ties, acts frentiv and efficiently on the liver and kidneys,
Btre'itfthens the digestion, jrivea tone to the stomach,
mv tbeektn clear and healthv. and restores the consti
tution, enfcbled by dUease or bnken down by theexceses
of vouth, to its pristine vifforanu sirengin.
rn.iha nispmwnrFcAi.K3it isneculiarlvanplirahle,
acd wherever it has become known is regularly prescriled
with the happiest ettects. it invigorates me weaa anu u
bilitatl, and imparts elasticity to the wom oat fnime,
clears the skin, and leaves the patient fresh and healthy;
a sin trie bottle of this incstinaiue renieuy 19 worm au me
o called Barsaparillas in existence.
Th Wnn- niimlrers of certiiicates which we hare received
from persons from all parts of the United States, is the
best evidence ina. mere is i uu.uuu aiut iw
press hotel keepers, magistrates, physicians, and public
men, well known to the community, all add their testimn
nv to tlie wonderiui eiiects oi mis ujv&ax ulwu
fill o'n the a-ent and tret an Almanac, and read the de
tails of the astonishing rtires performed by CAKi
SPAyiHH MIS TUKs IS most cases whekk xykkt
thixo els R hah aiGNAT.i.Y TATLFP. The limits of an ad-
verti ment will not nlmit their full insertion.
WM. S. BEEKS tic VO Proprietors,
TVfl. 304 Kroatltcatr, JV. r.
To whom all orders mnst be addressed.
For sale, bv rtrurcist and Tnuntry merchants in
pacts of the Cuitcd States and Canadas, and by
S. Buckland & Co., and
Jonx F. Wooster,
February 22, 186 4yl - Fremont. Ohio.
THK subrcriber respespectfully announce to the citi
zens of San.luskv and adioinini counties: that they
have fitted up their Machinery in the best order, and
prepared to carry on the manutacruring 01
Wool and Cotton,
In a manner superior to any in the Mate. Their work
.11 11 he w ARKANTKlt. as to manuincrnre, colors,
Snish. Thev intend to keep on hand all style of roous
such as Cassimers. Full Cloihs. Satinets, Twrcds, Flannels,
Blanketin. I.inseys, c, allot wnicn will be
Ot. .e most favorable terms. They will manufacture
on the shares or by the yard.
Prices for Manufacturing per Yard.
Flannels, 4 quarters wide .S"
Cassimers and Full Cloths 37'
Twilled Blauketlnirs, 5 quarters wide 31,'i
' Flannels, 4 quarters w ide. 25
Satinets 3'
Tweeds , 2-i
T..nse B ..I'
Thechaiu for the Satinets, Linseys, and Tweeds will
furnished at the above rates.
Thev are also prepared to do custom work at t
ins rates:
To card Wool 4 cts. per ponnd.
To w.-nve l.i:is.-v and fir.'l eiiiiin, 12' cts. per yard.
To full, color and dress Cloth, 1S' cts. per yard.
To full and dross l"th, 10 cti. per yard. ,
To full Ulolh, 5 cts. per yard.
To weave Satinet, find chain, full color and dress, 29
per vard. -To
weave Satinet, find chain, full and dress, 23 cts.
To weave Satinet find chain and fiill 20 cts. poryard.
To weave Satinet, find chain, 10 cts. per vnr.1.
Ballville, May 14, 1555. 16tf
T AGS. The highest price paid for good, clean
k, Ram. bv P. P. FCSSELMAN & CO.
Fremont August 10. IS.
t-mjjJ and Alien's Prints, lust received at
Frtrciry 1, 1I5S. eljde, Oil.
A Kew Watch-jnaker,
Mr. J. SCIIERIF, of Saxonv, Europe,
Watch-maker and Jeweler,
WOULD Inform the citizens of Sandusky and the ad'
Joining counties that he ha permanently
Located himself in Fremont. ;
rtavinrr had licentu-seren years' experience in thebmriness,
he Batters kimselrthat he can give satisfaction to all who
.,. fevonl.. SI. ii II with their patronage, lie will
pay particular attention to the l. .
Repairing of Fino Watches,
such tn Clironometers, Duplex, Double Timers, Levers,
Repeaters, A-c Also Common Watchea of aU grade pur in
order and WARRAN TED. . .
Harinir a complete set of all the Tools, Lathes, Engines,
4c., necessary for the manufacture of Watches, B
make and replace any part or part of a Watch
However difficult of construction, "
That has been lost or broken, o that the most intricate
job can be done with despatch. Hewill also
Galvanize, Fire Gild, or Silver Plate,
Watch Cases, rhatns, and other articles In a auperiorman
ner, at reasonable prices, and on short notice, r-o come
one and all and bring in your work, and don t forgot mat
that the place to hate it well Dos, if ol
Front Street, FREMONT.
g- N. B. Mv Spring Stock will be on
in a couple of weeks. Iwill then be able to supply Pod
dlareand others with acomplete assortment of iiotiona,
Cheap Jewelry, &c, at
Price Loicer than thev ran tV kad rkere tkiwtide of
the Lit of Sex York. -
Fremont, 0, February 13, 185. 3tf
Agricultur'l Implements
Read i ii g s Patent Com-Shcllcr
and Cleaner.
CAPACITY 200 to 300 bushels per hour, with six horses,
sweep power "5 to 100 bushels per hour with two horse
Railroad power. Nine first premiums awarded in the fall
of 1853. The patentee challenges the world to produce its
equal. Price, $56. .
I have used C. J.Messer's Corn-sheller for shelhnirabont
fiftr thousand bushels com, and consider it by far the best
shelier in use. We shelled at one time 320 bushels in one
hour and fifteen minutes, and the work was always well
done. JOHN W. SPRAGl'E,
Agent S.M. 4N.R.R.
Iron power for 8 or 10 Hnr es.
ThisPower is treble-geered. being therefore three time
as strong as anv single-gcered power. -
These machines are without an equal. They thresh and
clean lietter, waste less, and do the same work easier than
anv other machine in use. '
Also, manufacturer of Jit. Vernon Separator. CloTer
Machines, superior to any in use, to hulltrom 20 to 40
bushels per day. fit for market. ' .
A"cnt for Ric hard H. Pease's Agncultaral Works, Alba
nv N. Y.; ExclslorChancrahle R;iiIroad power, for one or
two hori'es: Threshers: Separators: Portable Circular
Jaw-mill: 2 inch saw for wood cutting, 4c; Corn plant
er , Cultivators, ttc.
Repairing done on short notice for pitt s and oth
er p -ers.
Sho.. opposite 3. M. & N R. R. Depot. 4yl
HE that hath ears to hear, let him hearthe Oood News
which I pn.rl.vm. And he that hath but little mon
ev let him come to the Grocery Store of
and bur the verj bebt article the Fremont market can
boast of at
Fair and Reasonable Prices.
mtherto but little if anv attention has been paid by the
dealer of this market, to the purchase of an j thing but
the most common varieties of
Such a
CoiToe lens,
Surjpirs, Molasses,
' i'ish, Tobaw, Spices, &c, &e.
Wliich has not met the wants of the people of Fremont.
At my establishment you w ill find all me common
liorsr.iioED SVPPLIES!
Sugars of a half dozen varieties,
Coffee, leas,
Choekolate, Ginger,
Peiirier, . Spices,
Nutmejrs, Cinnamon, Indieo. Soap, Candles, Fish, Molas
ses, Sc., &c, and at the same time, my stock of
rii-ue Fancy ;" tp.
Ts the largest and best selected one that has ever oeen en
ered here, amon; which may be found the handsomest
Buneh and Bloom Raisins,
Fins, Dates, Prunes, Citrons,
Oransres, Lemons Currants,
Dried Fruits Pickles, Candies
and every body in this section of the country knows that
Claup make Better aiitfes.
Than were ever offered in this market. It Is manufactur
ed from the best Steam Keunett n aire 01151 iu mi, "
cannot be surpiied.
M TS of all mnas.
piUP Toilet. Shavin? and Common Bar.
T.Va j-..i i'h..rvJnw and Smokinir. from the best Tin
foil wrapped, and Turkish Smokir.?, to the common plug.
My assortment in this line is nnsnrpassed.
Fruit Pi.-hes, P""r Mats, Tuhba,
u-ctnio ltroonis. rails.
Bbklnflf, lilacLine Brushy, 4-c
CTflARS Of the (renuine Havana brand, the delicious
and fragrant l'rineipe. Kegalia, ana au me iauc.
All the article nam. d abov? and many other can al-
way be found at my store. ly uooas are au
New anil Fresh,
Fruits and Groceries all of last year's growth and mann-
1 1 Mn wl(RlT pvprv thinir of tbe first
uuality. Every article kept in a Grocery Store wiU be
found here at -
"Wholesale or Eetail,
Call and see. ,. .
Fremont, June 22, 1S55.
Manufactured bv HALL & ALLEN, Mans
field, Ohio, Wholsesale and Retail,
Thenbove cut represents the JUil for grinding the Com
and C'b in the e:ir, and ha? tbe most valuable mirove-
ni.ntK in noFtable Corn and Cob Mills, and is adapted ti
the various tiiimiinir and Crushing purposts for feeding
all kinds of Stork; wln -h pystrni of feeding is now re-
quire'., and ftmnd proti table Uy experience
One great advantage this Mill has over all others ts, that
the grtnners are mace vn moronic rzns, rii r
coat of hard metal and tckcTi teorn out can be re-
placed bv n etc rims? lit fire minutes, for th
turn of three dollars, then the mill is the
same as new. as there is no other part
liable to near out. This Mill was
of thefrrepent venr (lS.lS,) in a fair trial with the Little
Giant, Star, and ail other Mills brought in competition,
and gai
ainedthe preference and aomirauon 01 auaojuuiing
irs of the present year.
Tii .Ki-elsior Mi I will arnnti irom eigntxo niteen ousn-
elsjwr hour, acconling to the degree off.ness of meal and
quality of corn, andean be workeil witboneortwo norses.
11 IS a Will fcliowil tn-t v imt ""v w.Uv.o,
-tr.k feeders, that twenty bushels of corn and cob ground
toiri'ther. wiil iro as far, or further than thirty bush-
tiil murroiiud to anv kind of stock,
and will fatten
stock in one third less time than when fed un ground.
Having been appointed Agents for the sale of the above
Mills, we Uke pleasun iuanmnmcingto tlw Farmers pen
orally, that we are prepared tn fill all order with dispatch.
A Mill that will make two bushels of corn equal to three,
oucht to be on everv farm.
Fremont, April 4, ISog. 10T
New Goods!
TT AS just received tbe following Goods:
LihU-h Lisle Gloves,
liSdies Dress Buttons,
L:wli s Dress Triumiings,
Ladies' Woolen Hose,
Gent's Pocket Handk'fs,
Mice KnibrohicreU do.
Ladies i-ilk Gloves,
Gt-nt's Cravats,
Gent's Sen rK
lilt RiMrons,
Linen Floss,
Cotton FIohs,
all selling very CHEAP, at
Fancy Goods, &c,
Clvde, Fandusty Connty, 0., February I, lS5g.
BOOTS and SHOES. Birr piles just
ceived an.1 selling extremrlv -V bv
February 1, 1S56. Clyde, Ohio.
TATHIXfr-TrRS, and Shower Baths, made to order,
) anv stvlr, at short notice.
Auguat 10. is;.5. P. P. rTSSEUrAN" CO.
superior article
XrMP3. TVelland Cistern Pumps.
Mav be found at ourshnn.
Auguit 10, 19. P. P. FCSSELmAm k CO.
5 umm-sx.
T ardef:s one thousand and
Things worth knowing, of practical use
to everybody. Price only 25 cents,"
Published this Day,
The publiplierH her present a jrreater anaas of useful
and most cart-fully selected infonnalion than ha ever
been before offered in any one book, eren f the largest
size and highest price. By paying attention to the
Plain -Directions,
given in this work, anT liuly can eaailr become her own
. - Cook, Drctwmaksr, Carver and Phifrician.;
while any Rentleiuan can thoroughly instruct himself ia
many of the most
Vtefnl and money-making arts. '
Thr wVt'ftlA ffirnilnir A
Complete Library of ValnahU Domestic Kntmledgt and
Otnerai Economy,
Selected from the experience of acres, and combined with
all the chief modern disooreries and itnprorementa of our
own and other conn tries in those
Which not only contribute to the Happinea, th Conven
ience and Comfort of Civilized and Social Life, bnt even
The Preservation and Prolongation of Life Itself. '
By the compilers, In order to obtain the vast amount of
information contained in the paes of this invaluable
work, and every recipe has been satisfactorily tepted.
The publishers rely npoh tbe enormous sales which the
worth of this book rnuot command for it, to recompense
them for the ereat outlay atten'linsr it production.
Price 25 Cents. J.P. SAXTMYKR, Colnmhns.
- For Pale by 3. BUCKLAND CO.
fremont, April 17t lSitf. Im3
Oil Mill Machinery for Sale.
THE subBCT.ber has the following OIL MILL MACHIN
ERY, which he wishes to se)L It is ainoet NEW,
havinir weu ran out two years, is 01 iiitr ini mumm. nu
nroved kind, and will he disposed tf at a bargain. The
several parts are as follows: One hydrostatic prees of 5)0
tons power; two large rolling heaters; one seed mill; two
mulling stones; one mill for grinding oil cake; screws;
pumps, shafting, (reerintr, elevators, trucks, and all the
partonnd fixtures for a complete first class manufactory.
fj?" Forfurther information enquire at the office of the
Fremont Journal, or C. G. MIXKI ER,
September, IHito. itouersvuie, u.
OPERATE by their powerful influence on the
internal riscera to purify the blood and stimu
late it into healthy action. They remove the :
obstructions of the stomach, bowels, liver, and other
oreans of the body, and, by restoring their irregular
action to health, correct, wherever they exist, such
derangements as are the first causes of disease.
An extensive trial of their virtue, by Professors,
Physicians, and Patients, has shown cures of dan
gerous diseases almost beyond belief, were they not
substantiated by persons of such exalted position
and character as to forbid the suspicion of untruth.
Their certificates are published in my American
Almanac, which the Agents below named are
pleased to furnish free to all inquiring.
Annexed we give Directions for their use in the
complaints which they have been found to enre.
Fob CosTiYBKESs. Take one or two Pills, or
such quantity as to gently more the bowels. Cos
tiveness is frequently the aggravating cause of
Piles, and the cure of one complaint is the core
of both. No person can feel well while under a
costive habit of body. Hence it should be, as it
can be, promptly relieved.
Fob. Dyspepsia, which is sometimes the cause
of Cottiveness, and always uncomfortable, take mild
doses from one to four to stimulate the stomach
and liver into healthy action. They will do it, and
the heartintrn, bodyburn, and souibicru of dyspepsia
will rapidly disappear. When it has gone, don't
forget what cured you.
For a Foul Stomach, or Horbiti Inaction oftht
Bovets. which produces general depression of the
spirits and bad health, take from four to eight PilU
at first, and smaller doses afterwards, nntil activity
and strength is restored to the system.
For Nehtocssess, Sick Hkdachb, Nausea,
Pain in the Stomach, Back, or Side, take from four
to eight pills on going to bed. If thev do not oper
ate sufficiently, take more the next day until they
do. These complaints will be swept out from the
system. Don't wear these and their kindred dis
orders because your stomach U fouL
For Scrofula, Erysipelas, and all Diteate
of the Skin, take the Pills freely and frequently, to
keep the bowels open. 1 he eruptions will gener
allv nnn herrin tn diminish and aisannear. AlanT
dreadful ulcers and sores have been healed up by
the nurgiug and purifying effect of these f nls, ana
some disgusting diseases which seemed to saturate
the whole system have completely yielded to their
influence, leaving the sufferer in perfect health.
Patients! tout "dutv to society forbids that yon
shouli parade yourself around tbe world covered
with timples, blotches, ulcers, sores, and all or any
- ., r j- e .v. - -i.: v
Ol tne unclean diseases or uue ucvauov juiu
system wants cleansing.
To Pcrift the blooi, tney are tne oesi meat
cine ever discovered. They should be taken freely
and frequently, and the impurities which sow the
seeds of incurable diseases will be swept out of the
svstem like chatf before the wind. By this property
they do as much good in preventing sickness as by
the" remarkable cures which they are making every
Liver Complaint. Jaundice, and all Bttima
Affection arise from some derangement either
torpiuiry, congestion, ur uuauucuuus 01 wc i-a.m.
Torpidity and congestion Titrate the bile and render
it unfit "for digestion. This is disastrous to the
health, and the constitution is frequently under
mined by no other cause. Indigestion is the symp
tom. Obstruction of the duct which empties the
bile into the stomach causes the bile to overflow
into the blood. This produces Jaundice, with a
long and dangerous train of evils. ' Costiveness, or
alternately costiveness and diarrhoea, prevails.
Feverish symptoms, languor, low spirits, weariness,
restlessness, and melancholy, with sometimes in
abilirr m sleep, and sometimes great drowsiness;
sometimes there rs severe pain in tne aiue ; me in
and the white of the eyes become a greenish yellow ;
the stomach acid; trie bowels sore to the touch;
the whole system irritable, with a tendency to feTer,
which may turn to bilious fever, bilious colic, bilious
diarrhrea.'dvscntery, &c. A medium dose of three
or four Pills' taken at night, followed by two or three
in the morning, and repeated a few days, will remove
the cause of all these troubles. It is wicked to suffer
inch pains when you can cure them for 2o cents.
Khkumatism, Gout, and aU Inflammatory Fe
rers are rapidly cured by the purifying effects of
these Pills upon the blood and the stimulus which
they afford to the vital principle of Life. For these
and all kindred complaints they should be taken in
mild doses, to move the bowels gently, but freely.
As a Dinner Pill, this is both agreeable and
useful. No Pill can be made more pleasant to take,
and certainly none has been made more effectual to
tie purpose for which a dinner pill is employed.
Practical and Analytical Chemists,
Sold liv ?. BUCKLAND t CO, Fremont, vid by Ttrug
rint generally. 'uv. 16, 185J. 3yl
Commercial College,
SandOEky, Ohio.
Located at the foot of Ct umbos Jrcnue on Water Strtctt
tJuttvara s iock.
THF facilities for aeoniiimr a thorough business educa
tion at this institution are unsurpassed bv anv of a
similar character m trie l mon. tneiun course inctuues
intrlf and double entrv NKk-keemng, as applied to busi
ness in every department of trade, penmanship, commer
cial calculations, and lectures on every suhject of impor
tance connected with the interest of the conunercial world:
For Full Mercantile course,
For Partial course,
For Full course for Ladies,
$40 00
. 5 00
" 2500
For penmanship no extra charge to attendants
upon college, t or tuoae wuo uetire to stuuy
it alone,
Applicants mav enterthe institution at anv time, there
beintr no vacation or class system, i untrue Lion being given
A knowledge of the ordinary EngTish branches are the
prerequusitcfi to enter upon a course ot stuuies.
Pupilsbv attending stricflv to their studies dnringhours
of instruction, mav complete the full course in from eiirbt
to twelve w eeks, and a artial course, which includes those
branches of accounts winch are deemed uetessarv foronli-
narv business oiierat jons, from four to six weeks. Those
taking: either course have tlie privilege of reviewing at any
suleqnent nerioil free of extra charse.
Diplomas awarded to those only who complete the full
Inquiries by letter will receive prompt attention.
AUuxess, .
Godfrey fc Goldsmith,
rresm. John TV. Godfrey and J. IT. Goldsmith,
this city have become proprietors of tbe Sandusky Com
mercial 'Co'lefT. The names of t'icse ircntleion ar1 an ex
cellent iruamntv of success for this useful Institution, llr.
Godtrev is wdl kiown in this reirion as one of our most
enenretieritbfns. and has the r-ii'i'te caoital and expe
rieme to qualify him for the prwient yeteflicient manage
ment of the finneinl and hustness departments of the col-
letre. Tjfr.Gotdsmith'sreputation ns asucwssful and thor
ough teacher has been fully established in Cincinnati,
where he was connected witli G randy's commercial scliooL
Those who hava sons to educate in the branches usually
taught in such institutions, need have no hesitation about
committing them to his care.
31tojanl'57 . Sandusky Register.
: Pjf
I JKjyj TON Flannel, Tveeris and TVnim, jmt receiv
T. a. BEERY, Clyde, Ohi,,
II ii Tjiii i . 1 1 Vii n iiiiwhiihi ii n "turn Tfn.niiri n i
Roberts & Sheldon!
... JH. ZKT .
- " AT .... :.'Y: '
X OBERT3 SH ELDON, have added a itock of HABO
XX WARE, to their large stock of
Stove3 and -Agi-icultural .Tools, '
And shall be receiving additions from tfm U time, allof
which will be ... V ,
Sold Very Chen pt
at the oU stand of PEASE ROBERTS.
STRAW CCTTER3- The Terr best, formle br
POTASH KETTLE?, Coolers, Lev-pails, and Dippers al
ways on hand at the Store and Hr.mwarr Store of
PrMPS. Down's and Co'g Revolving Spout, Well, Cut
ter and forcing pump, for w!e bv
LEAD PIPE, all size, for ! t
PEDLARS supplied with plain, japanned and stunned
Tin Ware and Yankee Kotinna t the lowest Whole
sale priee, by - ROBERTS ft SHELDON.
OBF.RTS SHELDON, Affenti for the sale of Fair
hank's Patent Platform and CounterScale.
TABLE C L'TTLERY cheap, at - ...
"TTTRAPPIXfJ, Cap, Letter, and Commercial NotePA
f ERd, at wholesale and retell, bv
BRASS and Enamelled KETTLES for sale low nv
. . . . .
S AWS. Mill, Cross-cut Hand nd Wood Saws for sale
low at the Stove and Hardirnre Store of
ini'R.VS. Patent Thermometer nd Cvlinrfor r,.,.
j for sale low at the Agricultural store of
COW BELLS, the best iutown at
GRLVD STOXESTand rianiimr- for mfi erieup or
OPPER and SHEET IRON Jobbing done by tho beat
r TOVES, STOVES. TiTe wooM have it rtistinctlv un4er
stood, that we are w-lliuBr BETTER Stoves, for LEdS
MONEY than anv other bos- in this eountrv.
Fremont, Sept. 21, lS5o. U-jif.
Success to American Trade,
TlIEjearlSMwiU 1 nnmorallv in all coming time.
A com. -iua! inn of wt-nAs, fc.cIi as tht- world on. S ikm
vu;r-sfd, liac tmitsrarei! ourine its brief aac. hmr.
I'estHenre and h'amiue. Weevil and Kni KnthtTrgirm, are
it liittfiafniIiinir ft-atun-s. All tbp.-? filli Ju.p f-ii
prevalent !uriiic tl-is wuiicVrf-il year, but with all thia
then h hojf in th fntur". After a lonir, tedious, bitter
wiiitT, nnevuniplni in verity and tiumtion: a .Sun nier
that forcibly reminds as of tbe wetcriuur. in Xab time,
yet we iiave res.u ti r-'joite that the ampbit in? crops
f Ohio are fr-l. and thai famine i n'W out ol the qaea
. tion. The cr-iakiajra offals' propheta, which we beard
durinv the aunimer, all jrn f-.r nought; the cisi. is aKt
and the coutry'n safe. Inth lantmireof Avon pH't,
'Not ia the winter of our discontent made gloriosa Sum-
j - Better Timts are in Viow.
Labor aod economy are great resnarcpa. and they have
beeu thoroughly pnu'tict'd during the last year bv allciaa
sea of com tn unity Jut we hjb1 not enlarge. Having
, the Sew ttitiru stobe
In James Moore's Block, filled to overflowing with all
krn'ls And quaiitea of '
' And having taken nnufiual psinp in their selection, and
purchased tbin of b'lusea in the city of New York, that
Sell at Gravel Bottom Prices f
. . ' ' ' And .
selected "
theui with- en
pc'-ifil rrfen-nee to - .
the WANTS of tuiscom-
" " wiunity, I ran atford to jeff " -
Iawns from 6d to 25 cts Ging-
banifi frcru 10c to 2.V; Berate Ie
lainf from Is to 4s; Parepra from 2 to
05: Frin5tifrom4cto V2c: Silk? from 4 to
12s; Poplincfrom lpvttn38: Summer i-tuff from
10c to2s;Linerufrom2ato ia; Lace Yeihslroin 2s (t 2a.
Silk. Crape.Delaine and Brocha Shawls; abo,a larg
lot new styles of Mantilias; Broad Clothsfrom 12s
to $,U0; Casimersfrora 4s to 2,00; PatineU .
from 2s d to s; Bleached Sheetinga
from 6d to Is: ;1otwi and Stwk
inffs from fid to 6 per pair. -But
space will not admit
of enumeration: mj
priis ran not be
matched at .
Or any Other Town in th State of Ohio.
Havinr spent several vesrs in studving the tastea and
wants of this community, I have reached the point wherw
I feel that I have no competition. It is unnecessary to
say more, "hly stock is
And the whole community are invited to call and examine
t(that they may be convinced of the fact.
At the highest market price, taken in exchange for Goods.
gjr lon t forget to call at
James Moore's Xew Brick Block.
Fremont, Novemberl6, 1SW. A. Gl'SDORF.
S no receiving a quantity of that
Cincinnati Star Flonr,
Made from southern white wheat, which was harvested be
fore the rains consequently the Wheat was not sprouted,
and the i'hmr xmrraated of tht best quality, at -
Mitchells xlour & teed Store.
Fremont,, Nov. 30, 1S55.
. JliTCIlKIilj,
HAVE you any more of that Fifty Cent
GREEX TEA? is a question that is repeated everr
hour in the dav bv bumlreds ofpeonle. It is the best tea
for the money ever sold in this town, as the grea rush for
it it a convincing proof. His Black Tea ia dvlitua. Go
to Mitchell's Family grocery roryour lea. ,
Fremont, Aovemoer & ioo.
rEKE is a great demand for that
Two Shiilii-g Tobacco,
AtMrTmLL's, His customers make knows the fact that
it is the best article for the money that eaa be had. H
keeps two men and a boy constantly dealing out the article.
remont, Aovemoer oo, xooo.
MITCHELL lias just received a teauti
fnl article of New Orleans Sugar; .
J"l K-k'r .1111-1,
50ft hnndh-s Wrapping Paner,
A fVsh lot of Mackerel, H erring Fish, fcc
fi,0 ira!lons of S?r-ne Wire. . ' "
Fremont, November o0, ISfi'i. ' ' ' "
BAKER'S Cocoa, Broma and Chocolate,
just received st MITCHELL'S.
Fremont, November 30, 1855.-
IV TITCHELL is now receiving a large
XtJ. stock of Leather and fimflnir at
Mitcttell's Lbatheb Stors."
- Fremont, KorembeT 30, 1855. v
IF ynu want choice Groceries, at a fair price,
Fremont, XoTember S3, 18i5.
BRASS and enameled KETTLES ' ft
kltLOWbr tnnntmiM,.

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