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ancaslcr fettc.
VUursUay Mornlux.FcU.S2, 1S54
results of his ptriolic efforts. A new For tbe Lancaster uazetw. j
Government being thus established, he was Short Lecture to E vcnlns Loafers,
by tlio unanimous voica of his country I "Sinimlnr subject, " exclaims tb re-
cnlled to the Presidential olhce, that ly jer. .to nlaco n tho columns of: taper
liii wiJom and iiiHuonco he mijjlit put in-1 (r puhli.-. perusal." Ahl not so singular
to practice and consolidate those new and ! tiLbtr, if you would chance to step into
indued insli.u.ious iiy which nil ; store, bar-room or shop, in a eoitutry vil
bVbiiv's ncauircd bv llio Ilevolutioa and ! i,r o..mo i-aninrr mill vi?.v tlm" nrnor-
conlemjilatcd by that Government were to 0lf8 members tlmf constitute tliis luSine;
7 had intended writing an arliohcom-
taemorative of the birth of the Father cf
las country; but on looliog over the pro
ceedings of a Congressional banquet held
in honor of the day coma years since in
Washington, our attention was attracted
by the following well-timed remarks of Mr.
CaiTTisocN, which are so appropriate and
o much superior to anything we could
ay, that wo lay them before the reader.
Let no one fail to read and re-read them,
' . J, m they are pre-eminently appropriate to the
time and suggestive of tbe trna policy of
.this nation:
Ma. President? I regret that in this
company, where there are so many others
more capable, I should have been selected
. and called upon to respond to the toast nn-
. Bouncing the Father of Lis Country as its
mkrhty theme. You have met, sir, to com-
tnemorat the anniversary of his birth.
The occasion an J the associations iv wuicli
' ' we are surrounded here, in theciiv which
" he founded, at tl Capitol and cat of
Government which he established, in sight
T of Mount Vci nor), his chosen residence and
s . . tbe sacred snpulchrc of bis remains tl.e
' occasion and tbe associations rrmke us feel
; as thoagh we were almost brdnght into his
' presence;- at least his name is here a
name which can never dio a living name,
' before' which every head in the civilized
y world is bent in reverence, and to which
'; the homage of every truo Aniirican heart
- A- aa Antk ' i aimtat (fur tn nr.nali rn Kuril a
- j .
subject. Tho character of Washington
ha nanf'nrl nrtnrr ftrilitinrv liinirmirre
" - . - j r--o -
of eulogy. A Cmsar, a Napoleon, a Crom
wcll. may excite the noisy applause of the
world, and ii.flame tho passions of men. by
the story of thuir fill Js and their fame; but
the name Washington occupies a different,
a sercucr, n calmer, a more celestial sphere.
. There is not in his character, and there is
not about his name, any of that turbulence,
and excitement, . and glare, which constt-
tu'e glory, in the vulgar and worldly sense
V ; of the term. Ills namo has sunk deep into
the hearts of mankind, and more especially
has it sunk deep into the mind and liutirt
' of America, and in that accrot and inner
temple it will reside, without any of the
forms of ostentatious idolatry. It resides.
in the inner recesses ot lac hearts ol Ins
. countrymen; nnd, like an ornulu, is c ontin
' , tiallv whispering lessons of patriotism and
' of virtue. Ho 'never sought or nskad for
r what men call glory. lie sought to serve
' his kind and hiscountiy.by his beneficence
nd his virtues, andiie lound in that scr
. vice, and in tho performance of his duly,
that only and llitt richest reward which
enn recompense the patriot nnu the states
man. That was our Washington. Lot all
tho rest of the world present anything like
his paralkd. Thu verdict of mankind has
' already assigned to him .1 pro-eminent and
solitary grandeur. In him, all tho virtues
. eocmed to bo combined in the fairest pio
' portions. The elements were so mixed in
dim, and his blood and judgement wcro so
' ' v eonamingled, that all tho virtues seemed to
, bo the natural result, nnd touWspontane--r
f -., . ousj fron, iil0 combination, as water from
the purest fountain. In him, tho exercise
'- ; of the most exalted virtue required no cx
; " er;ion; it was a part nnd parcel of hia na
. , ture, andof tho glorious organization "to
, which every Cod had seemed to sot his
. enl." Where was there any error in him?
,, He was a man; and iherefuro, in all luiniil-
, ity, we who share that humanity must ac
knowledge that lin had his iinporfuclioii;
. but who, through his long and eventful
. life, can point to mi error or to a vice com-
mittcd, or a duly omitted? I1U character
. was made up mid compounded of nil tho
virtues that constitute tl.e lie in, patriot,
statesman, and benefactor, and all Lis a-
chioveiucnts were but the practical duvel
, opmcntsof tlintcharnctcruud of tlwso vir-
tues. Ilo was the samo everywhere in
the camp, in the Cabinet, nt Mount Ver
non. Jo diffeienco could bo distinguish
, ed anywhere. His trreittnuss wr.s of that
innate & majestic chaiuctor tliat wnpreKcnt
with him everywhere. It was that which
gave him his dignity, and not tho occa
sional situations or ollioes which l.c held
under tho Government. He digniticd of
ficu ho elevated tho highest rank, milita
ry or civil, which In ever held. No rank,
military or civil, ever raised him, or could
come up to that majesty of charnctor which
the Uod of his nature hud implanted in
him. That wasour Washington. Ilo was
firm believer in a Divino Providence,
.and it belonged to his elevated aud mnjea
tio mind to be so a mind that connected
. itself with the throne of the Doily from
. which it sprung. Ilis heart was purified
and his motives were elevated by constant
recurrence to that Divine assistance which
he thought was extended to his country,
and to himself in his service to that coun
try. Our history as a people is, to a re
markablt) extent, a history of providences;
and among all the benignities of 1'rovi-
- dence, in a worldly poiut of view, 1 know
no greater gift that she has conferred upon
us than in the person ot Washington him
self. Kite raised him up at tho appointed
time. She raised him up at a grand crisis'
in the aA'airsofm.tukiiid.wlieu thcthoii"l.ts
of men wcro about taking a new direction;
when the old things, the old despotisms,
" wero about to puss away under the inflonco
of a dawning public opinion, whieh was a-
bout to rc-asscrt tho long lost rights of
mankind; when you, a tmw bom people,
fur whom this mighty continent Lad been
reserved as tho most magnilicont land that
the Almighty over prepared for man, had
grown to an estate to feel your strength, to
be praciicaily secured to the people of the
Unrcd States. Ha served till the success
of tho experiment was demonstrated, lie
retired then to I. is beloved ilounl Vernon,
and there passed in honored privacy tho
rcmaimter of his lite. Here can anotu-
er such character be exhibited on the pages
of history? Providence intended him for
i model. Mie has made Ins cuaracter
cover tlio whole space oi political auaoi
priva'e life. She trained him up in the
humblest walks of private life. There he
knew tho wants and wishes aud condition
of the humblest of his follow-citizens.
The confidence which he inspired every
where fprend w ith evey step that he ad
vanced iu lifo. He became commander of
the army. .. With all the military dospotisni
that belongs to such a state, lie used his
power without the oppression of a human
being. During a seven years' war, amid
such trials and troubles as no people ever
saw, in nocxigepcy, by no extremity, was
he driven to the necessity of committing 1
.1 tresspass or wrong upon any man, or
any man's properly. Ho needed uo act of
amnesty afterwards, by the Government,
to protect him against personal responsi
bility which nets of violence might hnve
rendered necessary o others. He led
you triumphantly on.' Ho was an exam
ple to all military men. lie became Pres
ident. H has left us an example there,
to which we look back with filial reverence,
and long, long may wo do so.
liofore lus retirement trora othce, be
made to the People of the United Suites
that "farewell Address" so familiar to
the thoughts of us all. It contains, as he
himself suid, the advice of a parting friend,
who can possibly have no personal motive
1 ' . - - .1 1 .1... tt -J
to uias ins counsel, xx, wus me uniuereu
wisdom of all his life and of all his expe
rience. What a legacy! no rejoice in
riches that no nation over knew before
What mo the mines of California, with
their perishing (fold, to this? You have a
legacy left you, in tho wisdom of that man,
that is above all price. J tio Humans snout
oJ, the Piomans exulted, when Mark An
tony told them that Ctesar hod left them a
few denarii, and the privilege of walking
in his gardens. Thnt was the Imperial be
quest. How ignoble, how trifling docstho
ltoman seem to you, mycounlrymen, who
exult to-day in tho legacy which was left
you in the Farewell Address of Washing
ton. That is imperishable. So long as we
remember it, it will render our Govern
ment and our liberties imperishable; and
when we forget it, it will survive in the
memory, I tiustin God, of somo other
people more worthy of it, even if it ho to
shhuio this degenerate Republic. - That
Fare Well Address contains wisdom enough,
if wc but attend to it contains lessons e
nouuh to guide us in all our duties as cit
zens.aud in all our public nllairs. there
are two subjects which recent occurrences
hnvo turned our ntlenlion to with parlicu
ar interest, and which 1 may bo allowed
on this occasion to advert to, in no spirit
of controversy or of uuliindness towards
any one, dui in nnu spirit, which induces
mo to dctirc to SiO every lesson of Wash
ing'on daily, aud constantly, end freshly
brought to the mind of every citizen of the
United States. I o my children they were
brought as their first lessons.. , There is
nono tco old to profit by them, nnd they
ciinnot be learned too curly.. You are fa
miliar with that Address, gentlemen, and
I will therefore only ask you to allow me
to allude to tho two subjects upon which
ha has been peculiarly emphatic in his ad
vice. The one is to preserve the Union of
.1 . - O. ... . . .1.... V
ineso ounes, umi, nu says, is mu main
pillar of the editico of our independence
nnd ot our liberties; trown (town every at
tempt to bring it into question, much less
to subvert ii; when it is gone, all is gona
Lot us heed this lesson, and be careful. I
trust in God wo Lavo no grounds to nn
prehend such a ilcgreo of oppression ns will
compel us to raise our suicidd arms for
tho destruction of this great Government.
and ot this Union which makes us broth
rcn. I do not allow my mind to look for
ward to such a disaster. I will look upon
this Union as indissoluble, nnd ns (irmly
rooted ns the mountains of our native land
1 will hope eo; I will behove so. I will so
act, and nothing but n necessity, invinci-
class. You cannot call amiss they will
all be there, regular as clock work the
worse the weather, tha thicker tho lcaferi.
Old, middle aged and young ready for
all kinds of tricks, conversation, or what-
uot, so it does not require any thing like
manual labor or mental exertion. Now
for a moment look on listen somo sit
ting, some standing, whilst others are re
clining their drowsy forms upon any no
commodalioii that presents itself. And
what Rubiectsore discussed? It seems as if
they dive down into tlio very depths of
nothingness, and fish up thomosupon wlnoli
to converse. Shame, shamo on the man,
the most noblo and divine work of God.
Was it for this that ye were created? To
while away life's precious hours in idle
ness? Ah, I fear far worse than idleness.
Have you deserted tho firesido of your
homes tho place that every husband
should make happy by his presence after
the toils of tho dayi Ilavo you lorsakcn
those whom ycu toolt unto yourselves to
render happy, and who have tho unde
niable right of your company in leisure
hours? II ivc you forgotten the Jittlo ones
that were given unto you, to train up in
the path of roctitude? Are they at home
or are they following in hurried steps tho
examples of their idle parents? If they
are at home, go tboro too, leave oil tins dis
gusting practice of loaGng and seek your
ownhearth-8tones your wives will bless
you for it. How do you think they con
tent themselves evoning niter evening,
lonely at homo, while A prolonged stay of
ten minutes thoro almost throws you into
fidgets? How much happier your wives
and children would bo if you were witl:
them when tho shades of evening close in
upon the bright dav. And is not homo
the blace you expected to give and receive
happiness when you took the solcnin oath
at tho hvmonial altar? Oh! then for the
credit of your own characters and tho ben
efit ol your families let tho firesido of your
homes bo brightened with your presence
at evening.
And young men what do you expect to
in by spending your timo in this low un-
We find the following description of the
Russian New Year's Daysoitie iu the cor
respondence of the London Times:
Jancart 13. Last night the wind
changed round to the Southward, and the'
thermometer rose to thirty-four degrees.
A speedy thaw followed, and the . roads
and comp will once more suffer from tho
ravages of our old enemy the mud. The
f'ussians, who had been very active inside
the town during the day, and who had
lighted great watchfires on the North side
of tha place, illuminated the Lights over
profitable participation? A good namo, an
fl It! I...!1) T? ...... .1,. .....1 nPASI.m
ntell'.gont mind? If you do you nrosuro
lv deceived, nnd whnn you get older you
will bitterly repent of the course you have
pursued. Timo is precious, ana When
spent can ne'er bo recalled. Then spend
it. profitably spend it so as to bo usekil to
yourselves and fellow mortals. When you
lay nsido the hnmmer.the chisel, tho plane,
and retire from your daily occupation do
not cat vour evening repast and hasten to
join the company of thoso useless mortals
called loafers, but take up a book or paper
and make yourselves Acquainted with sub
jects, which will bo of servico to you try
it two or threo trials will convince you
your inclination for loafing will soon van
ish like tho morning mist before tho rising
sun. God has given you minds to culti
vate, nnd enlighten, hut he never intend
ed you should exorcise thenf in tlio good-for-nothing
society of loafers, but to tench
you to grasp objocts whieh nro calculated
tooblnin for you names which will bo
crowned witn nonor.
Loafing is only n hahjt, nn injurious, re
volting habit, which will bo hard to free
yourselves from when you beeomo fully
initiated into Us ranks, aud will lend you
on from ono idle prautico to another until
will finally sink voti into disipntion of
tho lowest grade, then lice from it, I be
seech you, oi l nnd young, despiso and
shun it as you would the hissing noise of a
poi-onous reptile. A. 1. M
15A3IL, UlIIO.
Know your riguts, and to be willing to
trugglo for them; Washington was raisod
bio and overwhelming, can dnvo mo to
disunion. This is the sentiment, ns I un
derstand it, which Washington inculcates,
Thank God, wo hnvo every hope cf the
restoration ol everv kind Iceling now
which made us in times past a united band
of brothers from ono end of this lund to tho
T.. .... 1 11
uut inero nro external uangcrs, also, a
gainst whick Washington warns us; nnd
that is the second subject to which I do
sire to ask your attention. Uowaro, he
says, of tho introduction or exercise of
fureigmtiftuenct among yuu. Wo are A
mericuns. . Washington has taught us, and
we have learned to govern ourselves. If
the rest of the world have not yet learned
that great lesson, how shall they teach us?
Shall they undertake to expound to us the
Farewell Address of our Washington.or to
influence us todepurt from the policy reeom
inondcd by him? Wo are tho teachers,
and they havo not or they will not learn
and yot they como to tench us. ' Be jculout.
ho said, of all foreign influence, and enter
.into entangling alliances with none.
l ie sword and t ho bavonet hnvo been
uv ful iu defending tho right nnd liborties
of thoso who used them, but in what othe
hands hnvo they over contributed to pro
mote the cause of freedom or . of human
rightk? Tlio hearts must bo prepared for
I liberty. Tho understanding must know
what U is, nnd how to value it. Then if
i you put proper arms into the hands of tho
nation so imbued, I'll warrant you they
n iwAnm it.-. r. ua... rii,. . " ouu.ui ami sustain inoir ircetioni. we
popular principles of human rights, and tol1"4 t,VonJ1,u.. worlJ " e"mPl8 of. t,,at
- , ,i, ' i, . .. success.
tuusotmnj t iic in, as it ivert), oy conceding
But three millions, scattered over
them in his own nenor. witl, nr. ' . w"y, opposed to tbo most power
.1 ..i .;.,5- . . enemy on earth, we went triumnhnntlv
mivim, iiufAkv, nwu uuuuu virtue noi i , . .. . . J
1-evin us to mrL id, Xm hi uhMnl I ftrouKtt our solution and established our
. u,vujiiiji iii mil uwu veiieraiea ana
Unloved person, all those mighty princi
pie which were necessary to our suocess
ana 10 tue c&iauiisiiment of our liberties.
, . He led us triumphantly through a seven
years' war; mid our glorious Hevolution
; being successfully accomplished, ho ap-
' plied himself, with all his influence and
all his wisdom, to secure by free and per
monent institutions all tbe blessings that
liberty and Independence could confer on
I is eountrv. Our nremnt Onnotii ii tiAn
, .v. vi wwuiuBicuk were me grand ; tions about threo centuries.
JtSTThe comot, which, in 1557, caused
tnc abdication of Charlus V. at that
timo tho greatest mouarch iu the world
is expected to reappear some time between
the year 1C5G and 1000. It is considered
one of the greatest comets that has ever
visited our part of tho universe. It ap
pearou in 11: e yeors lU4,3'J!i, C32, 07
1298, 1 557, and u expected again with
Cve years; thus occupying in its .revolt
the Chernaya with rows of lights which
shone brilliantly through the darkness of
the cold winter's night, and were evident
ly, with nil possible pomp and-ostontation,
celebrating tho- opening of their peculiar
new year. Lits shone from the windows
or the public buildings, and our lonely
sentries in the valleys ana ravins, and me
evfan perdu the French sharp-shooters
lying in their lairs, with watchful eye on
every embrasure before them might al
most fancy that the inhabitants and gar
rison of tho belenguered city were tantal
izing them with tho aspect of their gaiety.
At midnight all the chapel-bells of tho
city began ringing, and it was evidentthat
a religious ceremony of extraordinary so
lemnity was about to take place. On our
side tlio sentries nnd pickets wero warned
to be on tho alert, and the advanced posts
were strcughtencd wherever it was prac
ticable. Aboutquarter past one o'clock
this morning tho Russians inside the line
of works gave aloud cheer. . The French
replied by opening fire, and tho Kussians,
in roturn, instantly began ono of the fierc
est cannonades along the front of thuir
position which we have yet heard. It re
minded oneof those tremendous salvoes cf
artillery which the enemy delivered on two
or three occasions be tore wo opened our
batteries last October. The earthwork,
dashed forth uninterrupted floods of flames
which broko through tho smoko as light
ning through tho thunder-cloud, nnd re
vealed distinctly the outlines of the build
ings in the town, mid the lines of defences
warming with men.
Tho roaring of shot, tho screaming nnd
hissing of heavy shell, and tho whistling of
carcasses filled up the intervals between the
deafening roll of cannon, which was as rap
id and unbroken as quick file-firing. The
iron and stones passed ovor our linos un-
interiuptndly for more than half nn hour,
and the French, whoso works to our left
are less protected by tho ground than ours
are, had to shelter themselves closely in
tbe tronches. nnd could barely reply to the
missive volleys which ploughed up tho
parapetsof their works, but their enfant
perdus never left an opportunity of send
ing their balls into tho embrasures. In
thu mean timo, whilo tho firing was going
on, u strong body of men had boen pushed
out of tho town up tho face of the hill to
war Js our works in front nnd on tho flank
of tho left attack. As it was expected
that some attempt of tho kind would bo
made, one of tho steadiest sergeants in tho
servico was posted thero with twelve men.
Every reliance was placed on his vigilance
aud on his strictattention to his duties, out,
somehow, or other, the enemy crept up on
tho lit Lie party, surprised, and took them
prisoners, nnd then advanced on tlio cov
ering parties with such rapidity and sud
denness unit mo panics oi tnc nixiy
th, and of the Twenty st Itegimonts,
which were on duty in tho trenches, wero
obliged to rciiro almost without firing A
shot. They rnlliod, however, and fired,
and, being supported by tho regiments in
rear, they advunced, and the llussians
were driven back close to tho town. In
this little nlhiir one officer nnd nine men
were severely wounded, six men were
killed, und fourteen men are now muS'
The Jc.t;r"ilroiir have a "Pile W'toog,
- TrantUuttiil Xrom lli tturiiiHli,
To "pitr r pimia nnl 'ir in19 vol;
Til u4 Uio Imilor Kiiuruiui!
Tho UM " sound U rolllnerounl
OurwHiuliwnri), anil nilin,
Te "pitk M"haiuoaiid "rite f" famo,
Aud uiuto Dial biiuo uudjlug!
The Xorth and 8nulh "pitch in" Iholr acalli,
lo roui M joe 9 cnina; -
Tlio Komiali umka aaiKifly loahoke,
ami auna il kialur ruuuuig!
noli', Tha "Pitc in" aoonJ. .
In rVlf-Si'rtba country wo'lllx,
Aim sut tho world lo starlngi
With a Prcsibikt oP'A'how JV.raiaf " bent," .'
1 lie mgu aud Trull uecianiif!
ciioai a. Too "Pile " aound, Ac
Hunah with a noise for the "Pilch In" boys.
e olumuia's truo wilvatlon;
For they "aitea (" rues and "filch in" ttiose
who swear lo save me niiiiou:
CDoacs. Tlio "PiHhln" sound, &c.
Id FiftiSii they'll "i'rc ia" tricka,
While ilaylntt carus, by ttiuultr, smile.
Willi " A'auia A".?" guile and ' A"o-Sieiir"
While llio Jucl Ca"oo uudurl
CBoaua. Tho "Pitch " sound, die.
Our heart and band with the "Pilch Ih" band,
Alruady ftim'd in story; .
Fortlioy"ieAi" fatusand "pitch eal" shame,
TI...I Hi,,,. ... nlnryf
Tlio ";: " sound is rollina; around ,
Our watchword, nnd ri'jdyii.K
To "put kont" stinnre nd"pitch iafame,
And uiuk that fumo uudyii.gl
iloriilya aa'tW nllusloti tfta lamfij ciHiom of
tno cz.ir oi K0S11U umi uio roue ni Koine. nun mo
former hears of imtrlots ill his dominions stnirirlini?
nir lllK'rtv. ftn Poland, tor Inslniu'o,) tiu 'Uitc.he4
with bis CusiMickn, luurrest tlifir pmert'gs. When the
luitor uudrsliiiidstbut the tnitr-1 Sfatca-iau aro de-
termlni'd to bullish lifini.liis fioio tins country, ho
Oliil'liivshis Hibernian "C0sar," to ''eu1 tiui tmt.
rioii'Anin JViAin'r'l'roiutliovotiniriiollii. Wher
ever possible those bell. p the porsonnucs whom I ta.
aaeenHeomirlsu under the torili ot "jaeK 01 Vlubt11
vainly ulleuituig to out-bully, out-jitsiot, out-swonl,
out-musket nnd ouI-chiiiiou those who aro-Heuven.
bentand eurtU-bouiid to "pitch into" every shao or
old world despotism and bigotry, uniil tucy disappear
entirely irnm our lur.u.
CixcixaaTi, Oliio.
Y virtue of an
I 9 Ibo Court of Com 1
Ohio, I w ill offer al pi
Sheriff' Sale.
T virtue of an execution lo ma directed from
ominoii rinas, lor halrni iueoumy.
ublic vendue anI outcry. In tha
town or icltiriinrlu, F.ilrlleld County, onio, ou
7 Aur,; U U! d1 If Mire lajraai, nuiwcni 111s
hours of U'H o'clock A. M. und four u'vIikK, r. 01
said day Hie followii e a-oixls and cnaucis, 10-wn:
Ono sorrel mare wiiii tno while foci; I S''tl bupjry
harness. I blanket, 1 sloiuh.l brass clock, I bureau, 1
bedstead and boddiuir, 4 nlctun-s aud frunios, 1 dun
white faced cow, I bay stallion, blind of au eve, 1 bai
ler, blanket umi clr initio, 1 sell double w aron bar
nnss. 1 two horse wazoll.' I new biliriCT not lluished, I
old bujrjry, 9 barrels. 1 shoe bench and tools, I wood
aw, 1 iMstersiiru, 1 locclinln, 1 chopplns: axo. 1 pislol,
1 trundle bedstead ami.-truw tick, 1 valico, 1 tin boiler
ol of shoo lasts,! nunc cnopper, uy noia,i uSBJ
whip and three sholos.
taken iu execitllon as ine properly oiudihk'
DoGroira the suit of Ann UeGroff, upon an order for
alimony pondeul lite. .
1 anus or ante cosh In band.
A. VV. EBUIGI1T, Depaiy.
Fob. II, 1855. . .
SUeritT'a Sale.
Y virtue of an order of salo to me directed from
Gourt of Common Pleas for Falrlleld county,
Ulonerand expose to sale by njblie vendue
and outcry, at the doorof the Court House Iu the Cily
of Lulicaslur, 011 Saturday the 'irdda$ of Mortk JS. D.
lroj, beiweeu tne hours or lu o'clock A. Si. and 4
o'cleck P. Al. of said day, the following Meal Estate,
to-wit: Lola Nos.U, 10, II, 1--', 13. 10, 17 Also, Lot No.
3, In John C. Htunpsou'a addition to the Towu of Plea
tantville, In FalrUeld County, Ohio.
taken 111 exeeuiiou as the property or wiiunm w.
Stewart at tbo suit of Nallwiu C.Miller, for Uio use
of David Cupp. Terms of sale, cusli in hand.
Lot No. 0 appraised utS17; Lot Ko. 10 at S?5; Lot
Vo. 1 1 al 3."; Lot Nn. 1 j at f 10; Lot No. 13 at $iu; Lot
No. 16 at Sd; Lot No. 17 at S i.
. February 1, ISSj 53fli.fS3
Report of the Condition of the FairtU j'
Countr Africaltnral Socletf. C
O. H. PERRY, In aeerant wli Fairoeld Count
Agricultural Society:
loauiouui couecteu irom Louuiy,
To received durlua: Fair,
To batanco lo Tpeasury Uust year, -'1
o amount for vbaue durlatr Ihe Fair,
the U
Oliio.l i!
IU 01
1 S V?
11 b
(sheriff's Sale.
William T. rirumflal.l vs. Jacob Iiolner, ot ala.
virtuo of nn oriier of sale to me directed In this
case from the Court of Common rleus of Fairfield
Ohio. 1 willofiernndexposeto public vendue
and outcry, ut me itoorot tne court Mouse in tne city
of Lancaster, on Saturday ' 3rd da of March A. .
1K5..botwuen the hours of 10 oVlock A.M.nmMofcloek
P. M. of said day, the folluwlni! described Real Eslule,
to-wit: Lot ao. on-j ti.)in .i-itiiii-.is eiuier's secouu au.
dioun or iu-iits to tue town ot Miuersport.
Appraised ut 333. Terms of sale, ensh In hand. '
Fobruary 1, ie53 5w3!)pfS3 ,
2 aud
uiiu Suri
GRADUATE of the Unlvoraity of Pennsylvania
aud for several yearsa Practitioner of medicine
rrurv In tne interior or reiuisyivanin. has lo-
cutediu Lancaster, Ohio, and will promptly attend
to ull professional calls in tho city or vicinity. Offlco
and residence on Wheeling b't., nearly opposite tho
.piscopul cnurcn.
February 15, 1MJ 3wp.
OK the Sd of Doc. tnst.hctween my honse and Rich
ard Hookers Blacksmith shop, on tho Co
lumbus roud,asniall leather pocket book containing
some tax receipt and a note or luinu canine for two
hundred dollars, payable Dec. 1st 1S55, and .signed
by Jacob Mouirh. Any person reluming the same lo
me, or loaving It at tins onice. wiune iinoroiiy re
w urdud. lllooiu tp., Fuirnfld County, Ohio.
Felt. 13, lj. THOMAS MARTIN.
The subscribers would return their grate
ful acknowledgments to the members , of
their own congregation nnd to the respect
ed friends who united with the members in
paying us nn agreeable and unexpected vis
it on tho 13;h inst. That so many persons
should gather under one roof in a spirit so
social and kind upon nn evening so un
favorable; nnd that so liberal a proof of
their regard should be left behind them is
indeed gratifying to us far beyond the
mcro pecuniary value of the nrticles. This
value is about $2 TO of which ono half was
We hope that tho result of this kindness,
.1 i .i i , r m, I.
llirougn UIO mossing Ol WOCI, Will OO on in- -wrjEnsONR knotvinB themselves indebted to thee,.
prMsii of sni'ihi-il ml viint.-nvft In tlip p.on- 1 taloof Joiiatmh UiaTuoi.oMEM', deceased, aio
l . . . T . I hurebv notiHifd lo luaka iiniiiediiile nnviuint. op HimW
uceounis win ou puiceo in tne nanus oi t:ie proporor
licers for collection. The bonks and uccouutsof suid
diiceuseit can bo found nt tho Drug Store of the under-
giirneu. in nttiutnoro, uiuo.
Jan. IB, ieji-37. A. L. BIMiloss, Adm
"JTYAVING ptirchased the stock of Groceries former
M ly owned by .VnxlmiUiuu Giiiui.l would respect
fully ask ofrtho public a liberal share of tlielrputron
ufi:e. With many obligations for former favors, be
stowed upon tlio old Urm.tlie new one presents ninny
uauitioual aiiracuous, anu oegs a conuiiunnce oi U'
vors. V U.L.1AJU UlAIil.
Jau. 18, 1E53 37.
gregation and this community through our
labor. John M.Lowkie.
II. D. Lowbie.
Lancaster, Feb.
TQDRONCHlTlS,Throat niseass,!tnckingCou(rh
and tho olfects of Imprudent use of Mercury, no mo,
dlcine has over been discovered which has effected
such cures as Carter's Spanish Mixture.
Throat diseases produced by salivation. Hacking
Coiifth, Bronchial Affections, I.lvor l)lsoa90,Noiirali:i
and Rheiimnllsm, havo all boeu relieved und cured
in a woiidorful iiinniicr, by the great puriflor of tbo
blood, Carter's Spanish Mixture.
Thocasa of Mr. T. II. Ramsey nlono should satisfy
any who doubt, I all ou tho Atfunl and procuro a
pumpiilet containing cures, which willustonishyoti.
, Seo advertlseiiient. Jan I lni3!)
Attachment Notice.
nttnchniont vrns Issued on the
imbnr. 1.-34. by II. H. Ant. a Jus-
Liberty rownsiiin, Fairfield conn
ty,Ohio. nviiinstthu property und effects of Mary Stilt
n non-resiilctitof said con ill v. for llie atun of Nlnetoen
Uoiiars and i hirty-throe Cuiilsaud costs ofthis suit.
February J, lt'jj 430 UOSAN TALUOTT.
i, A T my Instance an
I. Slit Ii davof Deeeii
lice of tho Peace of Lil
On tho 1st Inst., by Geo. V. Hanilln Ksn.,r:l hlsresl
iMics in Oi.klniiil. .Mr. O. VV. GUM'. MAN lolllss
M.lkGAiibT A. DU.NN, belli of Luncuster, Ohio.,'
Tub DiiCLAnATiuu ok Independence
Where it was Written. It has been stated
that tho Declurntiun of Independence- was
written bv IhoB. Jellerson, in the old
building of Fifth und Minor streets, 1'hiln
elphiu, known ns Jell'crson Wigwam, ro
cently destroyod by fire. Other plncos
have hoen named, but tho following letter
from Mr; Jell'crson, to Dr. Mouso ol'l'hila
delphia, would indicuto . that the instru
incut was written in the building still stand
ing, at the S, W, corner of Seventh and
Mai let streets, Philadelphia:
Monticello, Sept. 10th, 1020. Uonr
Sir: It is not for 1110 to estimate tho impor
tunce ot tho circumstances concerning
which your letter of the Oth makes innui
ry, J. hey prove, even in their minuteness
thu sacred attachment ol our tellow-citi
zona to the event of which tho papar of
July 4.h, 177G, was but the declaration
the genuine, causion ot tho soul of our
country nt tha timo. bmall things may
perhaps, liko the relics of Saints, help to
nourish the devotion to this holy bond ot
our Union, and keep it longer ulivo and
warm in our atlcctious. 1 his ellecl may
give importance to circumstances, however
small. At the timo of writing that instru
ment, I hidged in the house of a Mr. Oraaf,
new brick house, threo stories high, of
which I rented the second floor, consisting
of parlor nnd bedroom, ready furnished.
In that parlor I wrote habitually, aud in it
wrote this paper particularly. So tar 1
state from written proofs in my possession.
Tho proprietor, Oniaf, was a young man,
son of a (xurmao, nnd then newly married.
1 think he was n bricklayer, and thnt his
house was on tho south side of Market
street, probably between Seventh te Eighth
streets, nnd it not tho onlv house on that
part of the street, Iain sure there wcro
few others near it. I havo some idea that
it was a corner house,, but no other recol
lections throwing any light on tho ques
tion or worth communicating.
Rtot in Kanzas Tkrmtouv. Wo lenrn
thatasorious riot occurcd near Papin's
Ferry, on the Kunzis Ilivur, four or five
days since, iu which two men wore seri
ously injured, ono of them dangerously.
I he circumstances are about these: A Mr.
Ward having squatted on a claim desira
ble as a town site, offerd to take in two oth
er men, a doctor and a preacher names not
given,) as partners, with a view oflaying
ou a town. This proposition was accepted ;
and In a few days tho partners drovo Ward
off and took outiro possession. Ward re
turned a short time afterward with friends
to dispossess the -occupants, when resist
ance was stoutly niado. The doctor and
preacher were fellod to the cround with
clubs, and wero conveyed to the Baptist
Mission, near ny, fur succor.- KansaiUer
The r rench had to resist n strong sortie
at tho sumo time, nnd for a short timo the
Russians were within the parapet ot one
of their mortar batteries, and spiked, it is
said, two or threo mortftrs with wooden
nltKrs, hut tho I rench soon drove them
back with loss, and in tho pursuit, got in
side tho lines of tho Russian's advanced
batteries. The soldiers, indeed, say they
could havo takon the placo that night, if
they had been permitted to do so. At 2
o'clock this morning, nil was silent once
more, and the allied armies had openc
their new llusbinn year ou the Crimean
jt57A correspondent of tho Cincinnati
Enquirer, writing from Stockton, Califor
nin, relates tho following interesting inci
The workmen ongagod in bonnpr an Ar
tcaian well near the City Hall, ia this city
recently worked through a log at the deptl:
ot three hundred and forty feet, llio spec
imens takon up partako more of the appear
ance of somi-proservation or approaching
potrifaction than that of decay. The grain
resembles cedar or oak, 1 lie log is embed
ded in very fino whte sand, through which
tho auger nas since passed. This has cre
ated a subject for no little discussion among
tho wiseaoros of Stockton and clsewhare.
Attachment Notice.
A T my Instance an attachment wus Issued on tho
r 151b, of February ifcM, bv Jacob Kinblch. a Ju
tlce of tbo Pence, of locking township, Fairfield
county, Ohio, ucuiust Ihe property and ellecis. of Hor
ace Upton, a miu-residnnl of said County, for the sum
oi nineteen uouars una uiuuty rour cents, nnu prob.
aeie costs live noilais. liL A i iiu Oi ou.i.
Feb. 13, lfjj twJl.
By amount paid Etnanuul Ktcbarda
1 James Gonlen,
I John Seurlea,
h. Lewis,
' John tiUurer,
Lumber Ihll,
4 C. Kratxer,'
' J. Harlaler.
P. Powers,
J. C. Kadcbaugh, (lumber,)
- William Carpenter, (labor j
George liarria,
H. Keed,
K. Wvrtvl,
John Walker,
1). Kcmerer,
Ohio Kuirle Printing,
Telegraph Coy
" P. Hfunduin, '
" G. Zimmerman,
" J. Uonlen,
" ' George Smith,
" C. F. Beverly,
Gaxeiu Printing,
" P. Belt,
t. C. Siatubauch, .
" Pelgly,
" Lumber,
" S. C. Staiubaueh,-
" J. Dade,
Joseph Macklio
" K. K. Conroy,
" Freight ou Lumber,
" Lauoy,
" Jaiuea Gordon, ; i- .
II E. t'ouroy,
" M. W. Muuluz
" J.Groir
" . E. Nollon,
" O. ii. Perry, (ch'ge during' Pair,
.4 ,1 il
" J. Groff
Thomas Webster,
" . Charles WobsUir,
A. Wrlgbl, -
u Johnson,
" Winner,
" George Young,
" K. Messie,
" John Slullz,
William Monluz,
" Henry Kllia,
" Jacob Burks,
" Daniel Winner,
44 Daniel Harps, . .
' T. H. Klaiighter, (printing
44 Isaac Comer,
Felix Sherkey,
44 J. K. Gordon,
44 K. M. Ellis, (printing,)
44 Taxes un Farm,
44 11. Uutter,
44 8. C. Stumbaugh
44 . Heber, Kuu dr. Co,
44 T. B. Cox,
44 Unciirruut Monoy,
44 For Premiuius,
Balance remaining iu Treasury,
Tho b.ilaueo shown to bj In the Treasnrv ut this
liiue, Isduu aud owing, but has not been paid In as yet.
v. n. r.itrtv, ireasuror,
February 8, 1W5 3w40 FalrBeld Co., Ag. Society.
Probate Court, Fairfield County, Ohio.
Benjamin Ginger, Guardian of Thomas, Daniel and
Emma Ginger.
Sarah E. Ginger, Widow of Daniel Ginger, doceasod.
BY virtue of an order to mo directed, out of tha
Probate Court, Fuirll uld County. Ohio. I shall pro
ceed to sell ut public auction to thu highest bidder, on
the premies, situate iu L'oriiTowusliiu.insaideouiilv,
On Monday, March 5, 1853,
between the hours of 10 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock
P. M. of snld day, the following reol estate, to-wit:
A part of the North East ttunrlur of section Nn. 10, in
Township No. 14, liange No. If, bounded us follows:
commencing at the ISouih East corner of said Quarter
Section; thence West along tho Quarter n'ectiou line,
40 porches lo a post: Iheiice North, parallel with tho
Hast boundary tine of said Section, '.'1 perches lo a
post; thence East parallel with tho South boundary
line of sahl uunrter Section, 40 porches to a post, to
I lie East line of said Section; thence South along th
Suction line, 'J I pjrche to tlio place of beginning, eon
tnining Six Acres nud Kix Porches, mare or leas to
gether with ull tbo Improvements thereon, freo of
7'rmj of Sac-i-Oiift-third In hand, one-third In one,''
anuoiie-tnird in two years, with Interest from date.
January 18, lS3j lw3?pr$4,50
2,XJ9 '
nnilAT on tho Kith dny of Jennnry, A. n; IPS,",
H unlursinc(l iikmi tneir
masonic calender;
LANCASTKH LODGE, No. 57 February
i; ll.A fl t'.K, i'i. 1 1 .ilarcli 1st.,
44 E.NlMMPMKST, No.'J. 44 Oih., 44
44 Cl)UNt'IINo.4.-- - - 44 lulh, 44
February Stf, 1H53. G. STEIN.M.VN, Kocordor.
Notice in hereby given,
Hilion in the Clerk's
Oillco of the Court of Common Pleas of Falrlleld coun
ty, nrayius llio vacation of those parts of ihe- IHIli A I
ley lying between the Lots Nos. im and 137, and Lots
os. irj nud !3 in the I own of l.ockvilie, itlld-Uint tmrt
of Norlh Alloy in said Town, runuiujr from tlie KMh
Alley in a Koulhuastru direction to thd Towushln
lino. Kuid Petition will come on to be heard on llio
first day of Ihe next Term of s:tld Court, or as soou
ttieren Horns counsel can no heard.
Marti AiR m.Eii-ii, All's. ' A. E..MITIIOFF.
Jiu.uary 11, lrij "J
finilK undersigned will open about (ho FIRST of
a jMAKCII.on lain Mruet,. Lancaster, n couiplot.i
K loc It of 4t iieeitnivare. blniiware mid
Uritunlu Ware, with a view of doing a whole
sale and retillllnislue.11. DO A N St MlittAUl,
Luueustur, February 'J'J, D55 4il
Agricultural Aotlcc.
NOTTCF. Is hereby given tint on Saturday, Februa
ry "Mill, the Members of the Fulrlhdil County Ag.
ricullaral Society, will uiuet at the Court House in the
city of Laucustor,fortho purpose ofcii'rCncorticurs (or
snni nociety. n. nLin.l.ieil, secy.
Jan. Ii?, UXij 37.
Ifjr.nRON'S ileslrnusof recolvlng tho service of the
Q County Hui'vnyor can do so by addressing a let-
terto Wim.iaw II.Mii.-rox, E.ni., Cleareroek r. O.
Fiilrtlebl couuly, Ohio. All business letters will be
prouiplly uuswered. Fob. 2, l.
(succusioiia to)
jinAixni in
New Warehouse, Jnnctiun cf Unit Road
and Ilockintf Valley Canal.
fTK iirenrernrcd In handle Goods of alt dnscrip'
If Hons ut the lowest possible rales and with the
bluiust despatch, mnrk Gttoil care vf Jeffries, WoodSe
Co., Lancuoter, o.tte.) All Goods cousiirned to us
shall reeeivo prompt attention, o: if for trunslilpmeiit
will bo forwarded Ihe ipiickest und by tho cheapest
Iiosslblo mode, uy strict ntuntion to Dttsiuess we
lope to receive ami merit the pnironuge of III -.i public
February S'J,l"j3. JEFFlilEri, WOOD & CO.
FAIimEflSt LOOK lo your J.NTCKEST.
Wanted iinmcdiittcly, 60,000 bush. Corn,
" 20.000 " Wheat,
For tekick i Kill pan the highest market pries in cash.
House, nnd Lot Tor Sale. .
1I1E subscriber will dlannso of a bouse nud lot In
East Luncuster, where Mrs, Conk'enow resides.
rtii'fuvornlile terms to the pnrchaser. For particulars
as to terms und title, enquire or l'. vim irtiinp.
Jan. IB, 1?03 iv37. ,
Partition Notice.
Jucob Weaver, Peter Weaver, Adam Weaver, Danle1
vvenver, noioinnn yeuvur. Aline weaver, flmll)
Weaver, minor, Saniuel P. Weaver, David Woavoi .
George Gohs and Polly, his wife, George Fulia ami V
Catharine his wife,Sy ivester H. Sheperd and Christi
na his wire, Gjorge Pope nnd Francis his wife, Ja .
soph C Terlliutriirand ISaruh his wife, Benjamin aj. S
Feeinan and iMurgnret his wife, ISnmuel tiy ana;
Elizabeth his wife, ileury Allen and Maria M. his .
w ife umi Mary Weuver. widow.
n,i, luxe notice uiutoiithe3nd Any or January.
lr!35, John Weaver aud Leonard Weaver flloa
tiilon ngalnst them in the nftlce of the Clerk of tha
olirt of Common Plena of Fuirfleld Conntv. Ohln;-
raing pnrlltion of thu East half of Portion No. S,
owiisiiiji iso. i.i, ami nnuge no. jc, in eaitneiii coun- '
f. except 44 acres oil the South end thoroof belotigln
i Solouioii Spuiieler, containlnir V72 acres. And thai '
t the next Term of said Court, unnllcation will b
mode by said Petitioners for an order that partition
may be mude of said premises.
iikakcc & sua, All ys ror retillonera.
Januarj 25, 1K53 3d ;
Notico of Aai;iimcnt.
gi EOEGE W. W1LLI11TK assigned all hla credits
X"IT to the undersigned for the equal benefit of his
creditors, December 23, 1.14. Persons Indebted will
make puyment to the undersigned, nnd those Having
claims against the said George W. Wlllhite, will 111 u
llio same w improper voucners.
Dec.s;8, li-el 34 JOHN LYONS, Assignee.
The well Known Rcsnler Farm for Sale.
finilE undersigned offcrr for sulo thisoxcellnnt fnrm,
a coiitining,'i: acres ol nist quniity rnrmiiig lunu
Ivii.ir in l'lousaiit township, 3'ii miles east from La n
caslornnd near the Newark road. Tho Improvements
are n-tlne lartre brick dwelling, an excolleut barn and
oiherout btnlillngs, a never tailing spring ot pure
waler clow to the dwelling house. 1 lie farm is well
watered. If this farm Is not sold ut private anlo before
Thursday 15lh March H will bo offered at public snleon
tlint duy on the premises; nlsn w hoal lu the ground
running uiensns rresu aiiicnuiws nom nurses!
Vonnir ('utile and Hocrs also n crent variety of house
hold and kitchen furniture Miuuld tho farm not be
sold on the lfith Man h.il will then bo offered for rent
For terms of sale dec, apply lo Dr. Hoorstlor.or on
the farm to mo CEO. VAN LLX'PKE.
February la, Km 41,
T WILL expose to sale, on Saturday the S4r ifey of
B March, im. by public vendue at the court ttonso
door in the city of Lnnrnster, Ohio, the following Keal
Kstatu: 'IIt .!cven acres anu aiii-ercnc
nt I .nml. Sonih nart of the South wot Quarter of Sec
tlon No. 91, Township So. 13, ltungo No. 18, FalrUeld
couulv, Ohio.
Out-Lots wo. 10. nortn oi i.nnraurr
HAVING eslabllshod ourselves In tho produce bu- containing 7 g-jpo Acres, to bo sold entire or in parcoli
siness, Farmers can al ull liiuus sell us all kinds 0 Hl)t purchasers.
Tboro ro (130 brick buildings in San
FranaiMO, valud at 13,619,000.
A Great Dav'b Wouk. On Tuosday
last, Mr. Edward Ryan of this village, on
awngcr, cut, split and packedour cords,
one foot and eight, inches of wood, between
Bumiao and sunset. The work was done
in Smilliticld. Tito wood.vthiob was main
ly chestnut, was cut four feet in length,
tho log split, and tho whole packed and
left :n a marketable condition. Tho wa-
dor was that Mr. Ryan could not cut four
cords, but he exceeded that amount by near
two fuot. Sixty dollars changed hands
by tho exploit. Tuesday was the coldest
day of tho eeason, and our hero wore noth
ing but a cotton shirt and a pair ot thin
pants, but Wo reckon he kept ns warm as
a bug iu a iiijr- Woonsocktt Patriot.
TuuBuLOtANS ix tiieTomus. We loam
that a proposlion has been made to tho
Mayor to send tho Buljiian paupers or con
victs, now in tho lonibs,' out west, lo
this he does not assent, on the ground thnt
if they are unfit to bo among the people
of JNcw-xorW, they should not be senta
mong the citizens of the West. Ho hns,
therefore, decided that the pnupers ot con
victs, ns tho caso may be, shall be returned
by tho Belgian Consul to their native coun
try; at the expence of the Belgian govern
ment. A". IT. . Courier end Enquirer.
Tho two Fullers and Webster were held
to bail by the Commissioner at Cleveland,
on the charce of passinjr counterfeit coin.
Webstor procured bail, but tho others
were committed to jail.
The Bogus men and counterfeiters have
made a general stampede from Knox, Hu
ron, Summit, and Medina counties.
of Grain for the cash ut market . rices. Another oh
Joel, we can weigh ntir entire loud alone draught und
unloud with half tho time of any oilier VVhuruhoitae iu
laincustur. as our pluu isentirety new, to nil we tu
vtte iiivesiiguuon. jkm'kiivs, vvouu oc tu
Lancaster, Ferbruary HI, 1853
Peacock's Improved Steel Plow,
Wnrautetl in all respects cqaal and tn
anmoSnperior to any other nowin use.
riHIH factory has been lu operation during the inct
ja. Kiyoars, nut lor me last rew years tneir atten-
I .oa Wa. to. In the TovrnofNew Snlem
In said county, on which is sltunte asmnll Log Home
l.t No. 11. In llie mwn of Pleasant.
vlllc,ln s:ild counly, on which it situate a Frame
Dwoiiing House.
Terms of Sale Ono-lhlrd In band, nno-tblrd 111 one
and one-third In tw-oyoara with interest.
Anv of llie ubove property may ho purchased htprl
vale salo ou terms us ubove. JOlill H. MU MAUGII,
Feb.B,lt5i 411 Assignee of C. M. lioory.
J J Acres of first rnto up Land and bottom man
1 dow, ulnrge improvement, npplo und peach
orchard or tne nosi graiteu iruu.mnny eiogniiisprwga.
Road notice.
NOTICE 1 heroby given, thnt a petition will he
presented to the Commissioners of Futrlield coun
ty, at their next regulur session In March next, pray
ing lor a contiuuunco or tne county tioad alreaay es
tablished: w hich said road commences In the Saw-Mill
orPitclior Rond (lu Walnut Township,) where Sec
tions Nos. 1(1,11,14 and 15 cornors, and running from
thence West along Ihe Section line tn tho Ohio Canal.
The prayer of your politloners Is, that said road be ex- .
tended West along tho Hcction line lo tho County
rnud,fnrineriykuown ns the Good's Mill Uoad, and
lhere terminate, and that thero be a Bridgo oroctod
across tho ('anal on said proposed rond.
January J, ibjj iwju at An rtiiHU.M.
In Fnirticld Common Fleas.
Benjamin F. Townsond,
Margaret A.Townaend
rotitlon for Slvorea.
I VIK llcfoiiiluin Is hereby notified that the Cora- -
nlulnant has Ihis day (lied In tho Clerk's Oillco of . T
rr...,. ..r...a...i.i i,t. aii,t.. ik,Mli,Sam.ll.iin. .
dissolution of the marraige bonds now subsisting be
tween them, and assigning ns causes therefor: First.'
willful absence for moro than three yoars: Hoeond, '
adultery. JOSEPH A. PHA W, Att'y for Petitioner
January 9, lrWi 6w33pfBi,7j
liiiles i
tioti has luH-n ifiven imrtlculnrly lu tlio luiprovi'iiiei.tJ B h.-wfil luir bum anti li'Mt.ie. a lari-v (luitutny ofhowlnst
.loiii-i.uarii now, auy nmouii. 01 jioti 7
of Hit) Miiel Mohl-lluaM Plow, Any
H.s.D.filomiui Ac., cuii te thown, but wo rely 111 oro ou
itio rupuru or lurmun trm utiiuroiii puns ui 1111?
country, when thvy hnvo hoen tn competition wltu
otbur popnlur tMuwa, thuu wo ilo on ttiolr bolug Judg
ed by tight or oven a lii;!it trial ut a f.tlr.
A Inro iw-tortmLMtt of tbo dilfuruut niic eonBtanlly
on hand, M tiU-h ran bu aeuu at our warehouse or by en
quiry atour Ruuk Ktoro 43 Main St., Wullu'a Block.
k-tiiry How nold, by u U-warrantod.
Fob.J, mi. JKFl'lUKS, WOOD dr Co.
AVINO purel.asod tho ontlro stock of tho Bos
ton Book tttort), wo hnvtuilrundy made Urtro od-
(litmus thorulo ot liitund to Increaso tho sioek of bottt
Hooks At Kt!itionory,and koop coiiMtantly on hand the
lartroulntid buMtasortioeut evor tntliv county which
will bo sold (lor cusli only) choaitcr than rnn bo
bmifhtnt any Book Ktor lu Loiucustor or vioinlty.
Ana wuaiwo sny is true.
To our old Friends and Customers: and to tho cltU
tons of Lancaster, Palrfloldaiid adjolnlujr towns and
conntluft, we rosiootfully invito to call and exam I no
for thomsolve. JEFFRIES. WOOD 6c Co.
AttttnU for tho the Adams Express Co., Main si.,
uinumaier. unio. rob. if.', ltw 4
timber and siiw-lnps. The land to bo sold. In lots or
tojrotl.of, situated on a (food rond. Hi; miv from jUm
ountur, nnd ono mile from PruttN Saw Mill.
U ...nle In 1 I'll A 11 1 . Il H 111 HHI.K.
Mudiion Township. Futrlield county, Ohio, orto
TindAgont, Lancuster, Ohio.
Roptomber 7,1851 lHtf
Attachment '
Attachment Notice.
John Aslibnugh, Plaintiff,
Andrew' Tio Grntf. Defendant.
milK l'efendiint will take notice that at my Instance
I. on December 11. IW54, an order of attachment waa
Issued bv G. Kteiuinaii, Esii., against blin for the sum
February 8, IBM 3w40 -
HE iimlorslgnod offers for sale Rlghty Acre
of l.nnil, located In Hocking lownshlp, 3
s West of Lancaster, on tho Turnpike, described
as follows: It being the West half of the Roulhweil
duartor of Section No. 16, Township No, 14. In Ksngo
Nn. 19. Improvements consist of TWO.
8PK1NG handy to tho Dwelling, a GOOD JL.
YOUNG ORCHARD of grafted Fruit, Fifty Aero
cleared nndercullivutlon. Whole Eighty Acres un
der good fence, tho olhor Thirty Aerea woll timbered,
a nice Sugar Orchard, two never-falling alrcams of
waler passing throngh Ibo farm. The price of the abora
land is (30 per aero, two thousand dollars In band,tha
balance in two annual payments with interest.
For further particulars apply to the subscriber lh Ing
on the premises. WILLIAM M. TAYLOR. .
February 1, IP3J 3
mHE subscriber will sell at nrtvato sale her Farm
X l Greenfield Township, about 2i" uitlos North
west of aiaucastor, .. , . .
Containing 215 Acres
; OF1 ; : f ' '.
and within sight of tho Coluinhna Hood. Throt4on
the farm a F1HHT KATti APPLK ORCHARD of . 1
GOOD WATKH, a comfortable DWELLING HOpsk. '
a Ijirge BARN and other Out-Houses. Tho Hocking r'i
Kivernassesncarly through the cenlro of said Farm, 7
aud it Is otherwise well watered mnktng'tt a desirable j J
grilling farm. U not sold at privutosule by tha FIHST
SATURDAY IN MARCH. I will on that day olfor4"'' '
at PUBLIC AUCTION at the Court House In tho Cf f '
of Lancuster.and If not sold, will then rent to a go I
tennnt on pleasing terms for cash. For terms. (d '
appiy so . ,'. tiAaaan lcvmihi. y
fTinHRK will ho sold at nubile salo at Ihe realdenco
1 of the subseriber In the village of Baltimore, Fair
field enmity, Ohio, oh fYidatttks HUa das ofMarrk nsxt,
1110 tuiiowing property 10-wiit two neaii or rtorses;
f-srsrvfn ol'" now Top Muggy; 1 fresh NUcH jirTV
BS3 ('ow " c,,lri lu ,1""' of "OGSj TSif3
TiXUC 9 Hives of Boca; S Steves; 1 nne-.-fejsu&sa
kursai Va1r011: a lot of Houso-Jnluers4 Tools! work
benches, dee., cite. Also a variety of Household and
Kitchatt Furniture tno nuinorous to mention. 1 will
also sell at Ihe same limo and place a LARGE STOCK,
of NKWLY MADE CAB1NKT-WAHK, constating of
Ternia will be made known on day of sals.. Bala lo
common at 10 o'clock A. M. of aald day.
F.bruary a, VM G O. GORi.
Sadtiler.IIarncits Maker & BngByTrlmmer,
WILL promptly attond lo nil business en
trusted to his care. Being a practical
and exnerienced workman, be feels confident
& that ho cau render ceueral satisfaction to All who
may favor him with a cull. A "now broom swoops
Clean," come nnu try.- iiAaii
Amanda, Fobruary 1, 13S )j3! -
PnvsinrtiH, Octlut, and OnTiiortDica.L Sdroioh.
HAVINOcra, permanently In Chllllchnthe.nfforr
hia professional services to all who nro afflicted
wllli anv of tho followina diseases or deformities:
Amaurosis, Opthulmla, or lnftamatlon of the Eyoi
GraineJnr Mils; Watery Kycs; Catunieta, Knocks and
Plenis.etfectually removed; Strubismus or Cross Eyet
oured ina few aecouilst Ptasis Club Foot; Hair Lip;
together with every olhor operation belonging to th
operniive nunreon.
OFFICE Waddle's Block Hesideno City Hons
' ITpNo charges for eiaitlaatlo ,
Addroai Chtmaotha, Ola - .Way , W4- If
T GRUBB having roturned to Lancasteraud Intend
1 . to remain poruiunontly In thiacity, and bavlng
ceiveri Inatnictionsfrora an experloneed Dentist Troa
the city of New York, and obtained a knowledreof tbo
business.now resiectfully tenders his professional ser
vices 10 oitiaensoriancastor ana the punite genera tp1'
He lanreparod to perform all operations unon (ho
Teeth, anch asExtractlng, Pluglui:, Filling, regulating
tne 1 eotn,ireaiingspangy or ueeeasoa uums, aestroy
IngNerves, removing tartar, etc.
ArtlAcialTeetii Inserted on Gold Plat troth one to
full set: also ArliHeial Crowns seton healthy root
witnoutpain, so as 10 answor an tne purposes 01
licnuon. .
Every operation In Dentistry essential tonst
and beautify the Teeth, and give them a haallhy ac- , '
Uon.and Improvo the breath, nonlth drTaate,poFformed
on moderate terms. Ladies In the city or county,!!' '
be waltod en at their respective plueeaof realdenco, tf LCl
It bo requested. No charges made or examination ,
consultation at his ofllce. ... '
OFFICE On tho Northeast corner of tho Foiili l
snuiM. tins oiMirirnn aisin .imdi. -
ancastor, September 88, 1654 21
. NOTICE. ...... . . L '
THReredltor ofR.W. DENNING ar aotlflal I
present their claims against him to lb andernn
ed for adjnstment, and those Indebted to him will
nleaa call and settle. DANIEL 8IFF0RD, 4
Dc.a,VSH 34 Jnif.H of . W. i.iiaaii

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