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American Lancaster gazette. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1855-1860, March 22, 1855, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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' ij ! . r-. ;r 'V -.. r j
imi ii im nan
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aj . .. . ' w . . .
Xi'irsiXurtlorHhltl .,la"-Il'i2.I
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j'i Wfcrw weMv-rtt ekleear glowinr f-lN, ,
-. W tt.-uOy s'albe iiktn:.aa h(roe4"r
' 'r "A'b swrtHe.itB'iwtre embalm the1 air, '
""With fWicraaco fiutoro'aOod bath blessed
if -Theal, wltfc bar I lore, wmnldrovo,
. . itoma ty tfr rlppHi TytaWa aide '
""".' Jr 'TisJUetinielo Wiof lore, ,
-.-.J .. WUasvrwilijitt leaps Tipoatko tide.
4 .
. Jot l the wid-da; would I roam, .. '
, V.'lthin tha wild wood's glade, and bowers;
- Whore tuuiibl nevflr'lelu-M lo come,
V ,v Tu fcis.lLo ludow. Irons tho Cowers,
J I'-ul. WliCH the ,1a' Is f-ttiua: down,
Auu,d?rr,vr ffroas.thebluo abov,.- .
Wiieu txil'.itslMoVa arc Mllita round,'
IbJU'l.ths tlmetol.ilkor lor-.-.'
. !
TRCTa. Ofall!b Uiilulos wliiitli are
V essciiiiiil lo (lie promotion of l.uman l.ap
- jiinps,!iit wluoli brings man nearer to llmt
v purfrc'.iun which ihe .Diviiivty originally
"r tloi.rned tiu'.h " is t?:a predominant.;
It i.5 fiom God, fir I!o U Ti u'li. Kvery-
wh'-ro it is p-trcoplablo. Ia the befuitivs
of nVure, which I'uiisl.inJy nn-etour gnzu
' pn every Mia, it U manifest. . Wliero it is
tiot, iill.is desol.'ite, drt'ury mid burrcn; tlm
., , EiiiiWa mi l ja,li.iiice winch it diiFut'K, the
wcet nn'l hidy innuftnce wliich it tier's
' . o'i the rutu.l; iitnl ihs milil ond warm rays
(-;- of lisTrttrtiretj it alicds upon' ilia soul, nrc
ytiruwhcd. PL-itl htnler. '
, TiiiSK.i Believe tuo llii worlJ is not k
' vorlJ in w'.iich we iin' do ' well without
tliiiil.inj, nnd Lit.t of ail, do w!l in tho
matter 6f oul- souk ' 'Dont't ihuik.' wliia-
"per S.iian ; ho know $ that n , uncon vet ted
lierl w liko a dihhonest tradpr.rniin'a book
K r , ;'t will ,not, betc a eloso , inspection.
G-!i.id jr your wny,,'fiy the' Word of
trnd ;srop and think eoiuiJer nnd bo
vii. W'yll says the Spanish proveib,
,i',IIij;-iy conifs to llio devil,' Jimt n men
la.iiry in haste, and. repent at leisure, no
- . they m.iku r.iisi.-iVca nhoiit (heir souls in a
iniiiu:e, and then tiulfer for it for years. ,.
i Wlion tl;e summer of youth in slowly
wnj'Jn:; away into the nihtiull cf age, nnd
t lie' shadow of (he pust years grow deeper
" anil deipii r, iind'life wears to its close, it
i plea.i!it to Jookhael-, tlirou-'li tho viu'a
uftinie, upon th6 sorrows and felieiiits of
j oijr earlier years. . If we have lioruo t"
shelter, and icarU to rejoice with us, nnd
. fi lend have been aihtired together around
' pur livrsiides, tl en the rough places of our
Viwf.niiig will liMe been worn & sniooMi
; ,;rd away, id, Hie twilight of lifewhile the
.sunny upots we have passed through, will
jjrow brighter nnd mora beautiful. Ifap
yy indeed, nro tlu-y whoto intereourse with
tin! woil.l fius not changed the tone of thoir
Lilier f-clin or broken thod muKienl
eyids of the htart, wl.ose vihrntionsare fo
inelo.fi. u v so tender nnd touehir j in tho
.' wuuiiig of age.
" ' Tho wuriii -hearted and benevolent man
f.ndji u!l na'uro smiling around Lim; or, if
, no Change to uieot wi.h mirfery and suffer
- iiij tho sympathy ho extends tojt.ro
. notn with pleasant iotltieneo on hid own
wind nnd proves n BtilhVietit reward; but
tluvmoio.e nnd mii Jy.orsuporcilious mind,
wanders in tlio fiiiro.st scenes as in desert
- orrly to bo dissatisfod, hears lo be
Men, In tho health nnd vior of their
n'. sliiiuIJ endeavor to fill their lives with
rirlinir, with travel, with tho host eonver
satiuij, and tho worthiest of notioiiH either
in puljio or pi ivnto stations; thnt thoy
may hftvosomethincf ngreeahla felt to feed
oii -.vi.eu tjioy uro old, I y pleasant rtijuern
Lrancos. .',
j"Xow, jjontlemen," said a nohlemnn to
..his t'ut'ls as the hidie left the room;
"let us upuerstand each other, aro wo to
' ' dmk lilt - men or like brutoh?" The
J',;L!i'-!, somewhat indignant, "like men, of
...:ourso. 'then, replied ho, "w are
..($" to get jolly drunk, for brutes never
ui ink more than they want," .
' 't -'Ult'ssings whieh wc have Blighted when
in our Possession, are more highly prized
wVeii, there Vdnner of our beiiifr deprived
of them, aud our hearts are more keenly'1
touched by tho. antioipntions of loss thau
by the fulness of enjoyment. .
. Litog-iiiy is the Jirt morul . virlijo, h'j
nevolenee the seeoiul, ami prudence the
tliil J; without tho first, the two lutiHrcau
4 not exist, and without tho two foiaier
"would bo often rondored useless, ;'
-. It ione of tho wise and evident uses of
sudden denih, that wo may so live with
our friends that come whcii nnd how it
, will, wo may not udd to the gii -vous lo.' s
, tho snlf-reproueh of nukinduess or neg-
looted duties. ' '
' One pound of gold maybe drawn into
'a wire llmt would extend loiind the globe.
8 ) one good deed may bo felt through all
miiiit Mr ui,,l li u.inentjunnrUK
iiitoctrvnity.' Though done in the flu di
of y6uth, it may gild tho last hours of n
long lifivand .form tho oj;ly bright spot in
- it, . ...... " .
, ; A child h horn. , Now tale (he germ,
nnd mako a bud of morul beauty. Jm the
. dow of knewledgo and the light of virtue
wako in it tho richest frn-'raiioo nnd the
'purest hnei, and, above all; see that you
,, Loep its fare and frock clean.
' ' Savixi a M. Iwould rathe con
vim e a man that ho has a soul to save, and
induce him. to live up to that belief, thau
'to br1 n him over to'my opiuion in whatev
er else insnids--Ziff,ton. ' .
I'iTH.Faith ean do more than remove
-rnoutitains: it enn still a clmuerous con-
science, make u had oonseiones nvvvl m,,l
s snflrln a tin,., I I ...... I . ..? ...
ofi(.n, a Iiartl liuurt, bond n stuborn will,
, nnJ bring G,J(j auj man Ugct1ier.-.1-
' ifftWf,
... ui.i nows irom a sprins
, . u-, vunrui ,ii mo winter. Ana those
ntimuU of friendship which 1W from
the heart eanuot to frozen bv advers
ity.! . - t ;r ,.-.
.A, i car your luHminj- .Jike
- ,r. " Vr Packet, and don't
;. pull it out . to. how i,Ht you have one;
v -hot if vou are ayked what oVW-b it
t;ll it- : , - , ;H .
: llmt stale Of hfo is most happy wherein
u pei n 'iiucs are not require a, and noccs
--ssti-js nio not, j7antiny. , ;. ;,
Men" of tl.rf noblest JiapoBition tilwsyi
think tMmmlve,n hspiest when Others share
-i.itfir happtnvts with thun
i . i. ' . .
, TLe.8 uevct was any pnrfv, . faction,
" stV yr cabal whatever, iu which the
itaai W4 ti Its mot viohnt. -
- - . loti.n F.jaroMifX. . -..
! f I BAMS nf T.kAMStS am MM SUMS f.AB ,S 1 tT
" f a,. OKOniiK II. KMITli, " "
i f SVfc u 'li'in-.! Lwr' vatUtHH ftutiiiiitf . U r-
I S Slet.U.lll.Y rf-J.il.-;! 1,1 luo IIIII1U1.-J t:4inu)kt Of
U.yi,K tnlliii'. Hilwliund.ri.0(l
t'lHu'tmcx, aitri rail I liiui U tcd prtnnj.!..- IiIqS
Ifi'ivi'nuUpiM. Cl dorkjarr hi.'iruclodlo r"r.i.ent
lrutniui: all nriu tuj soM hj tixin, aud if, altar Ilia
Tiirc!-.ie. mrli-are ien wioA "(l; IU.' iiirmenU limy
bi cjru!m.-'.ir neme) will So ckJorlully refund-
o... a iiariui ut amv.'U;
fi-jcii uiiil D1TS t:out9
IlLAfK. Bl.rfi, llOW!t. 4L1V. C14RIT 1KD NPl.neitV.
s2iiId Ilrcussrd, Unhlncw Caala,
atrox:oiti: aKKV, oxvono mixkd, rtoTii. PLto,
usvb k,i:ki'v .i.tc awv, tMStSK :in
M'tlTLSD. CM t.fl-'' ri!'l 8.11V T.VKtD,' 1.",
1 Dl.-.find bluo CUiVli MUOUT SACS 4 K0CS8.
. .- : . , OvcrceaU. ,
l.l.tsiei.l Brown ri.Tt?n cloth ro- OVF.RCOJT.S
Hlr.i k. R!u-, linnv'n (vc l-rii.shtrj KorsO) do; ,
hliis, Hlark. Grujr. Vvhitie und llrht do;
' 1'iii.l f.'lii'.li, .i.d E trn I.oi f, doi
nicir. Blun ai d Cro-.ni Cl'.t!i. Siip.rlir, . d-s
iii-ah 4uroida.-iid Cih iac aud Walking CtUTS.
. , . : rio.-ikh. ,
Bl .rt ,-ini! Hl-i r LOTH srtiuo Stlru Flue. ' -KK.KL
KtwI.lsU 01.01 Hj
; Ve.-tiug,
n.ilii BLirk HATIX, Vfir-. SM.K nnd SATIS;
'. SI..K; Kaiicj Slt.K a..l SATi.N;
rwck Cl.OTH ai.d Knai-T CASKIUiSKK;
. Mark and Vn VKLVkl': -
. .Ifstic Vlf 91 aad Sttk HALL VK3TS. ... -.
! I'nutaloons.
r.l ii k ami Fancy Colored D0ESK1K; '
, . and tMrtafcla ''"i 1
'ljTony!ilr KMi' nnd Oxfor-l Mirid dnj
Ulw, ll'. ja .ind iKirn-y Colored .'A I'INliT; '
t .;i,.i.::Uii i a.Mi;::u:aS cjti j.naue.
t'tllUlMlill illOitnt '
KIl.R.'MKRINO, Xl.l". WOOL, R.-d.fimT and Willi
KLAh.Vi.L, and r'vri J.f - KLANVKL U.MIBR
Fl: ill's in: J LRAWBitS. ALL LINKS i'ld 001-
- To.1 sKll'S. A 111 aj.ir'iilooil in nil limahrra.
HA i.K Il'IMC OMknor aiel Shcllaiid Wool, Morlno,
Wliitu and (ir.iy !jimh' Wuul, lingllth Mil tionuaa,
1,'oHrtrt, v liU-' ud l olorail. .
CL'M'KS ilUik, VVIilto and Colnri-d KUfl!oTOj
Tlirodd Silk and N.-nriolitmi I'ln-.li do:
Urab (luck (iLOVCrimirt GAU.NTLETS.
m A VATS LlorV Vanov Umiu mid folk Cruvala.
S10i'.S A5lT(l',of all ddauririlionaiiupojslbltr
B lu-.'eiritcraio. ,
U.y" aiiJ Childern's Clothios.
. Hlji.k and culoicd Ciuili Fro. s
" r-'ftcKit:
Clmr nnd Tweed Prm-k and Sfifki;
LUi-U nndOilorod Ovtfo-conla!
, h'. iil!o l. tin) and Urnwn " lutny 0rrcali
r.l-irf. lil'iunnd Uriwu I'lolli .Iiiclii-l.
VKPTK niank ( lolli, Mark and Fancy bilk VWi
I irii-d nn l Lolorod I'nrilmero da.
PAM ALOoNK LUckaud 1'u.kj Colored Ca.iinra
nnd i)oo:kiii! .
fi Kin'l, Tvpdnud rmiorailr;
Cli.Uroii- lll' k and Colored Cloth Suite,
u " Jm-tLCtT,
a1 " " C:it.m) :iljiidld.
FL'RISIMNO f00t:! Msrlno hiuru, Colion and
i'otuii Ktnoiiiil llrnr-ri;
Aliiliu .Slitrla. Linen .oiii.i.Coll:irdrWr!lb.ind;
(J.ilioii :nid Wool H.ilf Hoe; iNr.iinortf G lovaa;
' rsuapen.ler. Hniiilkis-olile T, Ti-i rent
LancH"tr, Nuvmnourld, lHol.
effrTesTV'ooo &ToaT
(aucotrtaons to)
niit'.viiiBiMi ii tnmsm urnum,
' iiAi.as i.t
- A Till
Ne-w WiM3 JuDctloi ofnil Rouil
nnd liool iDi VaJtcy C'nual.
T O iVl E R C hXn T S .
WK aro prepared lo I'.anill Gonda of nil dorlri
llcilu ui IIih lowu.lt pntniMo ralua and villi tlio
nil. . ll.'.l ilv.ii Uill, (murk V u fit cart iff J, grits. It ttd if
Oo., I.uiiruiur, Oliio.) All Uoid conijiirneil lo us
hull raeuiva (.roiiiiiiatteiiiioii, i If for iritiiahiiiniil
will t toriviiel'jd l no n'iivnei.1 nn.i oy i"a irnun".-i.
uoaniiilo niodu. rly atrial ailiitioii lo luiriimta
Lonii lj rocutve and merit tit?
iliaiT't oi III I IIIMIO.
ti, voui) di co
- l-uUriiury 10..
rAH.'rc'cii.v (.mK to your litehicst.
SVnnwd iinnieiltntoly, 50,'JOO bush. Corn,
.i ' 89.000 " Vhrnl,
rtrtoMchwi will y tkt hihttt marttl friet ia enth.
A VINO i-ita'.jl'ilK'd ourMve In tlio prodiien Im
filnrr.. I'Hrinor can ut :ill line'i m all klii
f.frTrMii for thi ra-di al mar jr-l lir ri'3. Annttier oli-
jtft, w e ran wviIi your enliru lend utono drnuht and
unlonil Wltunll net mnnui nny nee.T hub: iira-'u
l.a-muiler. Aournl:;n laenlirnly nw. to nil in
i: nnvJftliMlloii. JI'.l'i":iK.i, VVOJO&OO.
Lancasler, 1'orbruary t5-dd
Peacock's Improved , Steel - Plow,
IVarnnted in nit . rospeets equr.l in
some Superior to nny otlier n-ow in us04 ,
MVILS f'irt'ry hrnLeon In opuratiou during Hit lnt
1 ,13 yuan, but forUe) Inst fn joar lUoir uiton
liou hat oueii given parlleulurly to lh Improvement
ol Hi i, Htoul Mold-liniir.l I'low. Any amouul of Med
ills, Ulplomiu iVie., cun lie hown.liiit wo ndy more on
Iho r.'puru of fitrinert f.-om dlBerui.l piirta of the
country, wleirettiuy liuvo bcnii in ronitmlilion Willi
oilir-r ponnlnr I'lowa, tlinn we do on tlir-tr bolugjndg'
ad ty tilKltloroT in a Mlivlil Irlnl at u fulr.
A larire aaiiortinenl oi ISm iliifurent alr.earnnliitly
oatmnd, ulilrh can Ua aoau ntenr warchoiiin or by en
tjiii ry at our Ho ik Hloro 4.1 .Miii" t., Wliltu'a liljtli.
livery l'loa old by ua l. wnrriuued.
Fob.M, 1H5S. , ibWmiiH, W00U4 Co.
f SAVING piiri-haiad tho entlro nloi-k of llio Ron.
9 I ton llnok Ntoro, ivo liave nlreiidy mud Liri nd
dillnha then lo il Intend to Iiiitoumi tin) atoek of tioih
Hooka Ac Stalioii.'ry, and keep eotml'intty on liand the
lfo-lint lienlaMorlinetit ever in the eounty ahteh
will bo sold (for nnh onlj) rheuper than enn bn
hoiij-lit al uny Book lltorl In I.nculor or vicinity.--A
n it n It nl we mr v In true.
To our old Prlmidamiil rnatoniari nnd to tlio clt!
rm of Ijjiicinter, Falrilold and adjoining: lowna nnd
rounllea, it o respueifulty Invite to eull nnd 'examine
for tluuinelim. JUI'FHIUS, WdOli iV Co.
Amenta rr lbs tli Adaina' K.-pre i ., Muin d.,
Luueaalcr, Ohio. J'eb. ili, ).
rjlHK auhirrHwr ha reinivd lea out nldlahnianl Into
. B hi New Itoouia.Ve-l Sii.Vn' Strttt, ontr .ink
V Unit, and lm tltlnil them up In n aiyla uutiirpaited
In Hi k Want, lie hopi'a Hint In" puldlr wtll nppreelnla
bin efloit lo plenao and exteml lo hi in ul;tri.l pulion
ne. Kvery tlilnrr lin.i.bean done Hint ootild bo done lo
ennur Aiu-eei in every department nt'ine art. and Ma
pletiiri'neannol unrpaai. v. i.i,iii.nui.ii.
H. H. I'nrxoiinwUlilnKlo learn Iho url will have grunt
faellltlei (ordollllf o here.
iloura Ooni Uo'eloek A. M. until 3 o oucll r. M.
Lonen tur, Novuinbur 10. Pit!.', i'S
. i. . WOTICK.
f JItn ulwcrllttr reipr-etfiitl!' Inform hl friend" nnd
piihlie In (reiierul, thai ho hua mueh enlarged hla
mock or ;uoci:Hii:ft,
At lo th Tnrlety. H" hnaJiKt opened nnd linafor nle
.. , m i, ..r.i... Iv .ui ......inu
Vlno'lieai I'ir U 1 1 ll ir V I nriritr. mid
ai'iiiilf NUM'k olf i3i y (iiioils to anil eu itontnra
il .rl.l Ii will he leild low lorcimli oraiiprnved coun
try proilut'ii nt hla old atttnd, corner or llro-nl 1 1 1
vviiiiiuiir niruuia, anu nuariv opposite ine jr.t.tiivir
Motel. I. C'lltllM'U
N. il. Uutter, Haenn, Lard and Cora Aloa.1 wuntud
Lbiicaaler, SepiaiiilirSl, li'il i0
iikihili: s. r. ato, nr. n
Paf.ieiruN, Occliit, and OaTnotoiCAt, SnuocoN.
f f AVINIieeafra" a'rmea.a'fy In Chlllleholhe.itirori
1 I hli iirofeitnioniil ntn lee. K All m ho are ulllicU-d
with an) of the follow lug diaeiiNO! or doformilleat
AiiiuiiratiU. lillinliiiiu. or lntluiuullou of tlio Evof
Orumulnr l.tdnt Watery Kyeat I'litarneta, Npceka nnd
rieina, eneniunuy reutoveti; nirnni.iiiiia or .rn. r.)ei
cured In'u few aeeond.: 1'tuaU; Club I'ool: ilnlr I.t i:
tn'ther with uvory other operation bolunglnit lo I In
operative Hnreeon.
UPFIi'K Wiiodle'i niot-k- Ke.lJeueo City Home.
jrVNit eharrea for eYait.laiitio . t
Addreu LhilllooUiu, Ulu - May 9, 181- I; .
, . p. C. DIl'.TZ
,rm y liKSl'l'.rTPULLVIrrnrmalhoclll
ilsX i iii of Falrilold county that lie hat
recently put up anew rnrrinirn Mtop,
llunlr.tri sttrt. t'tatrt jIIUh. l.nttr nl,.. whom
he willeoi.ilantl) koepon hand and manufactura lo
ordr every varleti of vehl.-lo In blallne.
Tr7li'iniilrln done on liut uoilce. and the mini
favorable Uirina. Doe. H, ItJ S'l
Saddler, Mnnimi Mnkcr A nuKBrTriminer,
. AMANDA, OHIO,' . .
l&B''YV1U''r''m'",!'lm"",, " nil tnuiiieaa on
i ,u",'", x'i hl" nro- n-'lnir a proi-tleiil
y...... v jur,n, -i, wuinumti, no Tiei Ctli.nttelH
i lltitt ho ettn rendor ir.MieriilintUrii,.iinu t nil u t...
mny favor hlut with a cull. A "new broom .,..,..
cl.na,"omi and try. ' I'AMliL KVSlill.
Atuanoa, rooruary 1, IMS 1;3U
BLANK 'noOK M VNUFACTOa V AKD&VanWSXw. f Chll,,re,,,
uuuk uiuuui)- i.niu-iisit'r, Ohio.
TLASK UOOKKforronnlj
mw uuiees, ju-tiico.
Itot, Double nnd Klnirle
Knlry Ledger, Journnla. liay
lloota, Ac ovt. Al.. llooa
IllVdivs of .vorj duacrlpllon
dona tu a ino.l aallaraelory
Ulo. .. ,
AU onl.ra.hy lelUr orothtr-
W'.UC. ,..... liw .n.lu.l
. Order, rot Uludn.K ran k. I.fi m Iho umw otllco.
1 " uiu.iuri.ou muiii oirc.k, tu Ui. rvoiu furmor-
'J ".eninoo uj i ui. r. vim Truup, a a Law tg,
is Sal
k3 r fV!
To roie a foT.D. with IIiD-ArnE and orikmb or
Tim Hiur, lute the CAfi-rjr Pftoral on (cotnip lo bel
i4tii wratn in. asjarm . us iwniii a iriiitv inu i iiicut .
. Foi a. Cold ikd Couuh, Uke It ii.orDinjr, noon find
ovottin;. uri-onliutr to tlirecttoim on the bottle, and tba
fh..i-r-ifttf, s-ssiurtfcwJ. iout) wlUioiifrauf"
fur If'ini Ihi- truubltf when they find .lean be o r?mAi.m
y fix rod. HorftnitiinotMi with sonUnl onugh, wbloh
break them of their rwsl at nijf.it, will And by tnkinjr,
the Crry PeHomf on goiujr to bed Ibey may he Miro
oi Aour.o, 'intirnKifu itioop. una conuqueiit roirtiniitp
ivsl. Graut reliof fr(titu(Trliie.:iidftM ultlmatcure.
is ivtiml.Ml to tlm Mjtids who aro thua aiillctod, by this
from it tirue offoet In Uiew cast-s, many flud
thRinsi'Irc uii willing to forrgu iUuso when Iho i.doe
ii for it bus ceasd'l.
'i'o .S:Kii:Kff and PriiLir Prr.s-KKn? tbla rontedy Is 1n
valuable, nb' ILs action on llio thront xmi iiinrwlion
ink ou in aitmll ipiauiitic, H roumvo al! hoarmns in
a few h'turs. Mini woii.lo.iullj luorw'aoiUiopoat.-r and
floTltilllj Of till) fnUtt.
Aji.ima .iior.iUy inu.-b ndioT-id,aiiilofton whoUy
Curoil by Cfterrg ptetoral. Lttt Hmro ure Mtme case
-o obntitinto natoyitfM to no niedUtr. Cherry Pec
t0rul will euro liwtii, if they cuu beaurd.
HHOvniiTis.riiritulIoi of the tbro.it and upper por
Mon of tho InnjM, may b erred bjf takiu Chrr pre
inral In mn nit And frequent doses Tito uucoiuforiablo
omirDNfioii iaoon roiiuved.
Fnri Canor. Givdun eiuutlc of antimony, to bo M
lowodby liirfEo and fruuont doioa of tlin Cherry Poc
torol, until It juoduostlto diaoaso. 1" In ken Insoaon,
it will not f.til to euro.
VViiooiinn rotiaw may bo brokOD up and soon cu rod
bv tba ti?e of Cherry lorlorrtl,
"Tub iNri.i'BN isapoedilyremoTod by this remedy,
umorotijiiiiuiicob hnvo boon noticed whero whole
families wero proiin ted fiom any awrious coiiaequoii
cos, wlillo tiielr ijiMtrlibors wiihout iho Cborry 1'vcto
rul. wero.-iMffyriiifffrom the rtis-w.
KpijuWU in jtsneua aro ryporud hcri) of pfttieuts who
havii boon cured from
Livrw C'nMPi.aiNTH by tbHromftdy. n many that there
can bo no .(inMtn.i! of iu healing power on theso dU
I'iiMnn. It sho'ild bt por-ic-vr n-iii -fly uUon until tho paitt
in tlmflliU rtnd othortniploiuiuiil aymplnm ewao.
I'o i.'nMwr trior) In u oi:rli) tl etuirus, it should bo
ta "Mi uudor the advire of a jriod Piiyoiei in if powiblo,
nd in every case with a carofiil np:urd t Iho printed
Uircttion$ on ihehottlo. if judb'ioifly ut'd,nnd the
patient is earofully nursed myauliuic.U willseldom fail
lo "Hibtiii thrt ni.vimo,
For settled CuMt-mi'TioN In Un wom! form, the Cher
ry Pu.-toiul i;ioutd be ifivnn In d'so adiiiited to whiit
the putiont reipiirei and can buiir. H ahvaja affords
vmc rolief. Mid m-t unfrt'THL-ritly cures thosn who irt
ooinidrrt'il i:i.t alleurc 'HiLr-J ure ninny ijou.iands
ncaUorrtd nil over tbo eo-iiitay, who f n l and any Hint
thty u tUiilrUvea and pruaunl heuUii to thu Cherry
Hitu remedy IsoiT'.'rcd tn Hie community with, tho
confidence j f.iol in an nrttrle which ayldom fuila to
realize thu happiuH o.ri'ctH that can be doslrcd. So
wide i tho (lol l of y tiriotulm'urHir.tl eo nuniuruiiii Die
cHriortof Ks enrea. that itlmo.-t every a ction of the
ootmtry Hh.nifiil In ir-rturiH, pulilicly known, whohavi;
b'-en rwitored from ularinintr nnd ovou deMHirato dis
uiienof tho hiiijrt. by ill lino. When oneo trlod, it
inporioriiy overoory oLhor medieine of Iti kind, in
too uptituenl laesi-ape observation, and whoio iu vir
inen a. known. Iho public no loiitfor henitate what
ainudule to employ for tho dl.trifiln und daua;nroi.a
HirecLtoiiii ol the piilmonuty oraim, wnicii aro iiitioeru
touiiimUo. And imtoriv in formldah!e attacks upon
the lu!i.r. but lor the milder varietur ot ( olHi. t on vh
llor!L'noii,oi(i.,ftiid for Children It In tho plcusaiilrst
oiiiinai9t uiudieino timt cua bo obtained. INo faniiiy
should bo without It, and those ho have used it
imvor will.
Froui-cd by J.tioot f. Ayor, Prncllnl nnd Analyti
cal ehnnibit, Towelt, Ma 'SHinisoltv Prleej ceitle pjr
Box. lro lioxc for
Fold iy Otto VV. Kreamor and K. L. Sluciiin and e.o.
fiuucfcf lor, Ohio. .-''C 14, ltjl-3inW ,
Ckccpcr titan vrr hrforo VlteMZ In
, t.ai&i'alvr
UAS letelv purebaied from P. ftonel.ln intero-t In
the Uardwaro bosltie, and In fidilition to hi bl-
ruady lurpu slot r now daiiy rece'vlne, dir- t from
the funufntrrr.rj a'id If.piiTlern, a Ittffff pttirh.MO ol
now croodii, wnii;h will iniit)titiii k oi llardwu-e one
'if tlo ny-t ott.iii ,ivo to fce fonnd in lliin m.frii'(, liti
ricilllbfutor pnri 'iniiiiir a:id iirMn.ten'nti wfih f:llm
fuitlimrs, vt hi h art) eqiM) to any, will ctmblo Min tu
offer all dimenp-ioiitf ' Uadwaro. nt hter prirrn than
ny thfrtauli-thmi-pt, 'I ') ittt"niinn of Pii mrh
and I!bi:iuki'H Is Invited to tho extraordinary indnce
montanow held out to th-'i In the way of irreat hur
Ctdiii' folly nlintlfcd that If they coirotltttieiron (h
torent they will bo certain to "all and vxniMire bin prf
tn btforo purchinj eNow'iero. tiy cloo nttentboi
tobfllnoM,aiid b e,ntantly ke. pinrron hand a full
anil etimplW. asortinentamI the bet ffood, h( liopvj
lo cenrt' alarfro ?hare of the patronage of the Farmer?
and Mechanli-sof the county.
April Co,
TtMCtry nnil C'nrri.iRO 3iiLrri
1TTI I.I, Pint, nt the .Vcia ll.nttrnrt Mnrt, nppnultn
Ihe T''w''ire eer, one. of the lare.tt and heitl
itelni-ied itoek of TrltnuiiiuM ever opened in thia uiar
kot. t'oviUtliiirln pitr1!.1
iw; hiotea liiimnrd liuikitnd Canvn,
1.1 " 1'iriey rolnri'd llo.
' Hd all Wool nnd union IliitnnatiS
fill Hide pp.teut nnd lnaoi'ld Leather,
Rne.it und Silver Plated HiiniU, Top Propa,
.'tuntp Jointt, l.ni-en, splnj, A x-'N. ete. 1
Lnncitttur, April 'jo, JUUN JiPflXOEn.
iroi si; ntiiMmi lii ror,
TOI1N KPTINT. P.K vrouLl Mvliethe ntlenlion nf Car-
l pmltrt ad iloutt Hviidtrt to hi lnrjrn ntoek of
iloiiao iiulldlutt ntnlemlH. I hey tvill Und eoiistnntly
ou lined, lint In it Juuliiiii XniU, .Sidku.t and llrmlit
i tie itiuiti ntipi'oveo iiuor i.oimch mi'i l.teuu.
VI tuiiotv 01:1.1 nnil Snh of nil iles
Coiit kllii nnd Wood'a I'uro l hlle Lend and Oil;
Door nnd lilt n 1 11 -U, fliop IMin;.'", Ilolti, ole,
Those uhi. nt hiilldiiiff will be rertaln tiiHhve inonev
l.y e.nin!iiiii7 iu) ptieu4 lieforc pari.-lii.alug ulauwhuro
aj rn -i. irai.
.ic liatilc'i TuoIn.
SlHTKPtOHll trad'and ofthemosl approTed make
Uutrher' t'lint S'loel, Plmlor nnd NikeiM fioiiLsus,
rp'-ur .itnl j-ii'k '.ut'at ( ,ft find Mprlnir Stoui huMd
li'MclpM-'it llouldoand Hliifrio Plane lrous
Clilo Tool I'ompmy Plane,
lMaAoim and PlitriliM'tt'l rowl.1,
tonpitr's hruwing knivou, etc., for Me cheap bt
April ihi, Uol. JOlia liU'iMiKi:. '
t if e o i o n tono,
tn Sktrfer' .Vw Hac' . btwnn th TullmHlgt II oust
ami tSinfjcrM Hotel.
AHJustopened a InrcfH nnd ben'illfnl Mort
mint of IIKAUV MA 1)14 C'boTillN'U. to-
ttolhnr with aachoice .leloidioti of doth, Vatxi-
jkJLri0teM tiH.i t,dff. Allof whUh ban b'jnn neb-ct-
ea wttii (triMt i-aro mnl with m,m-Iu1 re Tory nee to tho
wttlt ami taU ot thU comniiinily.
Itii lunp experience in thti branch ornnnlno. Is n
sure sunititee tiuu hi Atm-lt embrace tho rholeoHt and
liont variety, niol hit ixirehuio h:i been imkuu niton nch
l-Toin timt ho vim sell at the LO W'l.H 1 Puaiil liLU PK1
J he ttnblle are rennortftillv rontieited to rail and est
nntlne lilMuioruii.'iit. lie bason baud a Lonural uj-
BUMMER vv u A 11 ,
And Is at nil times prepared to ncenminndato bis old
frioTnl4,oilher w lib an oxeelb-nt nrllido of Hundy made
ClolhinK-orlo MANUFAt'TtJKK TO (IM)KH. out of
tba best material und by most aceompllMlKMl workmen,
anyaiyloofiriirnienw, POK MKN ANuiiOVS, In tho
bit utid nuit-t fuihtnnuble manner. He In confldeut, .in
11)11 roNpect, that ho can jrVo gen it rul satlHfaelion,
lllanKortintihl umoruees a Koneral variety of
Linen t'oats, VomIiikh, Son pointers,
Dreu do Punt:ilmn9, lbtiery,
Nark dot Cravat. UnderVhlrts.
Carpot-bairx torrethor with nil other artlelonutunUy
kept lit a Gentleman's PnrnUhincr More, und manufac
tured In the moat fusthionablo l lea.
It has been imrchded of well-ehliibll.Hhed bourn's In
tho Eastern cities, nnd will be varrantedt to be made of
good muletial and In a durable manner.
lie reopfi'tftilly Invlie his old ciHinmers nnd other
to cull athts now establishment, where ho will at ull
times be ready to wait upon thorn with aoon unona at
tub i.owent rtm. To tost his proiiilvn, ho ks IU1
eaamlnatioiiof hlxatm-k tu trade aud the s'Uonnd pih.
Ity of hla ntauiifuettire.
unica.ter, niuy 3, lt .vi.
uoot and snot: bToiti;.
WOlf 1,H tnWe thli opportunity lo return tholrthanki
to their iiumorou friend fur the very liberal
pairouaifo nereuuore exienoeii to litem, unu
aiMiiro i hem that no palna tdiall b apurud lo
mm ta In the fbtUnriiut reputation already athiln
cd. and In order to meet tho trruallv lucreiuietl
ilemand at thoro Kutuhll-dtmunl fur lloota and Khoos,'
thev have In addition totheir own manufaclurlnr.luat re
ceived from ihe Kual a very I a rye and fusliloimblo lock.
eousouin in pnn n inuuwi:
; jvieir Mne i air, ivip nnu coarse doom,
' Clenti pat. Calf f. attorn nnd Tieai, .
Himklnn and Monroef.
.UlVtndnof Ladle and AlUses Boola, fr'hooi, Slippers
una uauera.
In addition to the above wo aro eonstnnltvmaniifac
lurlnr Inrir'ly. for snlo nnd alto to order, oil kinds of
iittois iitiii noea,. iiicn we nave no Hesitancy iiiauyiurj,
will compare in price and quulily with any a'toek lutbw
ll.,-lnp,i ...ut.l.v h...- I. USI
......... , MJ
- ... It'Alt.HH VOll SALE.
THHanilrralnned will aell a parlor all hla land,
(belnat nhout SOU acra) In Uluom Township, one
mile Weal of Carroll. The b'aru as to oitiilllv, con
dition and convent. neo, can't he .urimsted.
Upon them are a anporior Bprlnira.S Dwel-Vf J
Una Houaee. Orchard, of uhote. fruir. l
lU.'.a wlihtiiito uarahAM will and ace, aa I iwn do
Unwind to JU SAXVXl KOFMAJi.
LhieamharTi, ! 33
TNcalliojf tbeatUntloooftbo pohlVcto their new it
vertideaieel woebt tstunrnt't lm oui-ortenUv of r4-
ttirntnir thiirtnaiik-toiritrtid iriei.di und ihe public l
viterall forlliuir very lihor.d i-ntiotifle In time pat. I
iti nl votild nion rettxr.fuliy-satlc'n a rni.tlnuatite of
Ihe iMiiuo, n. the.jr are dtennii.ea: to sutre no vdort to I
makn It both pleasant and nroiltablo to unr cud all per
sn wisbinarto purchuj? HarJ .var of ai' delcriptioti
of Hi pi iu. Feeliiir.ktiuJd with theirxpefieiifo in ibs
business and menus nf kpmjr up a 1-rtc stoi-k, tiut
they can olTor prx-ator liiduremi.ti to tint public than
i)frMfSVi-mn imtAetotv mrtirimit. They are
well aware of the necessity nf binail ri.blUhmonU
maUmv up bi ldoytnc and pnftlnr wbit they lark tu ma
ny othr rmrtlcnl.tr. tlioy wi$b tiu'ref-iro to ovoid any
thlncoftbatkindandaresalUriedaner receivinar their
entire new tnrk, which h now iirrivirj dally, that a look
throucu their iMttibtUbMtui will satisfy any
one tli ttlio Grunt Hati'totrt S'ore i.-t tho plnee Ui find
whnttln-y want and nt low prices. Their stuck wilicou
sitlu par(04foUow; , . 5
PltCsbnrff Inula! a ri.tllfi,?pke Affrarla
CAKPEyrKKfiand Bnlbler will pleao take notice
that tho new Hi in of WHITE A l.ATTA will
none but the bent Jimfnta INalis All Nulla sold by U
win ie wnrmnted.-w have now on uanUk
5j(tKrHX.iils,Sp;kenand Brads,
fifst) Boxes f-TlU, 10.x Yi and 10xt4Citv Glass. M -
iftiOKcjrs Wm, Wood a Co's Pure VUite Lead. ;
r.Oa Ukam4 . . - .. .
3 Barrelfi of Puttv. '
Tna.ltlitbintothe above we bftrflaTerylarjrestoek rf
Bui'dinrr liar.tioarg of evrr d.-iitlHion, whlih will be
. lr nc4st'T, A pril Si.
lltif AW STF.FL.
OAA fkflfVpoundsofKOI.I.EU IKOS, -t)UV.MH
f StiPOdo Hammered Iron,
iroo pounds Cn-tPt eel, H toe inch vjuare,
Xiii do KntrlMb niierSteel, j
40 lo Ponhlo Shear do
?nf) do- Gtfrman do- ;
l.iO . do ' Pprinir "' do '
1'iftO do American DlUtrdo
Tn store nnd for sale al low prices, bv
Aprily,ia. ; VHiTE A LATTA
PLANE Irons, Thirds, nnd Goueas, Bench Plunea.
Mini Idiiij nnd Bjad.ftlnli h and'i'uble, Hatchet. nnd
Hand Axt'S, tiroad iSt Chomdnsr Axes, Drawing Knives
of all kinds. i'teoi and Iron Kniiaros. Ij'isfft'i and Trj
'piares nil i2es. Improved Rorlujr Alachlnesj HiaIiI,
Pannel, Tennont Kipiuu;, Web and Compasa haws,
Crw Cut und Mill taws, for sale bv
April xy, ibai. win j n v i.A i i a.
4Ioa. French VVillnw Vatrons,
tl do Common do do. T-
2 do CriatTopCr.bi
B do ripiare nnl Ifound Cloths TiaVela, '
10 do Market lljtsitet.s, open aj.d cov'd
Kockinc Uirt sand AVheel narrows,
Pat Cloths Pips and GniMntt.by -April
CO, 1KV1. WI1 1TK A LATT A .
Anvil s,V Ices and Rlncliiutlh'fcIIcllou'a
O f A nvils, widp-hin? from IU0 to pounds each
3vr 13 Solid boxed Vices,
IV pairs niacK.-imiurs lii'iiows,
tsiude.i. HaniKivrs, liorut, Ve. fir sale
April'JfMV.i; Wflll'tfl V LATTA.
I'armlnst Implitments,
' Of !' f" Steel I'old Hoe,
w"?d '1 S.'.litn i 4TiuoSteel Porta
.. 50 do Griitsmid (rfimi ticyll'O,
fl do Woflord'n Oruiu Cri.dles,
. SO do Srlilo Hllliliini. '
Sd do Hi!) and firii!n llak'i,
' 4 do Ura.nbleSc)ilie..el-e..elieiipbT
AprllQO.14. WHU K & LATTA.
f;i,j.oi:s, Npoicrs ad mi ijs. '
WE have now on hand, and which by our nrrunjre
inentit M iih ihe iniiiiiifiu-tureri, wo call uUer at
Iheii'ldll of prleiiHwIih frieirlil added.
, leOSotiilenl tellowa, . ..
' 1IUI " Hpoku,
. Ii3 " lliiba,
. 15 Lent heat Sliafta ,. ,.
IPO " Uucgv llowa.
Aprll!,18r.4. 1 - . WHITE A LATTA
'Tii-rlatP, f opper, Vlrof tVii
ark Muxoil
MoxoiICand I Y Tin Plato.
inure ;iud H u Plata uo . '
Hieoi niMt liur 71no, . , .,
' Shot Iron :ind Wire,
( uiipor ind iron Iiivits.br ' '
, Apri123 1J4. WHITE & LATTA.
To Carrirrn nnrt Miiyrarj' Makers.
QIPRTNGSbiid Axoh, Hraanil Kih-er Ibinda, Stump
V. ) Jo'nta and Toil rip-l'Jiftin'd lirlils,l)ii k nnd fun
vrw, I'.numl d and Pnp'tit- l.)dher.nll di-'Heriidioii! H;id
Liiifn), Mos and M-dfiible Irui, ete, A tfrcni vatiol
f i.tber (Mod:, in Ihatliue.to bjli.ol cli.-i'inii the 4 rent
HnrUicare tittrnt . Willi Kot LA I TA.
Lanca-ttcr, April X l"1.!.
fn ad.lliion to the old FlfK-k: on hand.
A N l t r. A L U I t4t
Br. con, Klohr, Vl;di, -h alt, ClaaswnrM, Pianowam, To
. barco, CoErdr.!), 'I wihe", folium, Prulta,
Nuls, 'i'iidi.-, Ac. .
B NVI I'KS iho nUi ntion of thadtlzeinof Pulrfleld nnd
ndj lint iter vo.i i: ti' i, U hn new Kn'fdliipii-iit, whi;i.
ilttud en n aunerior aivIh, ono dor Wtnt of bU obi
ifiMid and liniiH'dliiti'lj n!J 'iiim; the IV v (J..l-, Ston-
of .Me.i-ir. Hoher, liuir A ( '., whofe ho H ho t l-jrt-
cdto.voe ul' of hiHld en.-iioiuer. und tuu tluuii,iie
new 0UO4. Xlo lias lUMd up in ffood stylo
.:, .as i;vtim; wxii,
Wl.ere 'r.nn from Urn cmi'itr Inn Inetludr Lnd's In
town, will Hud n pbMiiut r trjit. An iiindvo Yjiri.
ho" n l ii tun roiir, mi n n i-i" ioiinu irotii the buc k
)ard to Iris front hop with a line hiU Mn ptnt;o.
ILivine the advantage of tlio railiad ho is prermred to
aell wholiHalo and relitll fur t)n nliulde sivpeire. Ac
oinmooiiliui; elerks ruauy to vail on mi troin the
ohild'f eont to (ht ifitloniand thoiutand dollars.
A pril iJO, lr 31. .
r GTltTnn hnvlhf felurntMl lo T (.nenstcrand Intends
. t remain pefmaneiitlj In thifctly, nnd hnvimrro-
ce) t'd lif-iVih tlonRtrnui nn e.vpeilenCi'j I'cnht from
the cllj'ul Xew Yoik. nnd obtained a kiiow Uuloot'the
iiuainffS, now i tnnvvi inui u'iiults mr nr"iiniiimil NOr-
vii-eito ottixonaof Ineu-'ter and the public geiiry.
llo U prii pa red to .porfurtu nil opoiniioiiA. upon tlio
Teeth, stU'h Kxtrurtini;, Piii;rlnp, l'illlnpr, rej;tilatlnfc
the Tenth, tread n npiinc) or di-ceuaed Omus, destroy,
intf Nervi'n, removinie 1 nrtur, He.
Arlifli-lal'i'eoth Interti ll on Gidd Plato front one to
full iil o ArtilK'ial i'roiviiA not on heuUhy root
without pain, so us to uimwer all tho jmrposua of muv
F.veri operation In lontUlry o' iitlul to preserve
and boauiify iho Teeth, and (fivo them a heal i hy ne
tioiuand Improve the breath, health iVTusf.p:rforni(-d
on moderato toriiH. Lad lr ) in thn city or coiiniy,w ill
bo waited on al lln-ir roMpecti e phu-cj of rt.'.xidi'ii"., if
it be ri'ipioted. No charei. mudo or" OKauilnitttoii or
einniilt..tluu ut hi onVe.
4'VKIc'K On Iho iNtrthon;t eomer of the Public
r on are, one door from Main jtreot. i
Ianca4er,SeptomborSH1tH34 tfl : k '
A VK removfod their rlotliintr Ktublishtnen1
to tho T'ttlmtnffffi Rlock. fir.il door :.( oi
Mttfi Hardware Store where tliev tire oin-
iff a larire and elemivo nsnortumnt nf KPK ING A Ml
MiMMKK (iOODS, nnd are now mauufaetiiriutr every
variety ut Hftrinff and Summer H'rwr, whi h they w ill
sell a low n the samo (piality of ifoodH and w ord ran
bo piirehaMMl at any other tttiblUliin'nt in the city
Their clothluff Is manufactured uudertholr own super
visitin, nod la conm-ipir-iitly superior to that which 1
bioulit from other places, The have al-o on hund, a
benrttful variety of ClthatCsimere. fr-fting
wlibb they nro prepared to inauufactiie to order. They
have In thidremidoy the buHt of workmen nnd aro at
nil times prepared to make tho best Ills iu the lutest
Siyien. jtllttieirttorfr teit he warranted.
rtio nultlie are reMiecU'ullv sollelted to call and cx-
amlne thelrtitoek, and while thankful for the liberal
patromitre they have enjoyed, they ajs-ture their old iuh
tomerM and all ntliers that they will lulnr to give iin
oral aall -.fac tin it holu lu tlio quality aud prieo of their
goods and work. ' tSPKlNUKU A 'i KOUT.
j.oiuuniei .Aprr.3, .ho 4 -
fIHK Winter term of this Institution will com-
y mcneeoii V'ur.,jv, thiitk tj' January, amlcut
linut unlit thr 41 h of Jtjn il,
Of Ihe iiierrltsof'thn Sehulastle Pepartment wo will
my nothinir, deuuiliig tho praiso nfoihuratu bo of fur
greater value thun auir-commoinliilioit.
iliiring thu present vncutloii wo are mtlngiipn Rend
Inn Hoom,whure thoyniiiiKlndleawlll hero access lo
llio choicest periodical llturature of the day. Wo nro
also mukitiK aucre .si'nl elhirta in enlarging our Llhr.tr
unit Musoiiin.nnd making addltlonsto our Appuruttia.
Tho lloardliig Deiuirtiueut l under tho Iniuiediato
anitorvlalon of Mr. lliKKaa.who. bv hla rontloinatilv
deporluient, iiecomuiodiitiiiK luutinoraand a well fur-
uisiieii tame, has succeeded In giving universal antla
fucllon. llocannecninmudnttt nhout Sli honrders.whlcli
oniibluahlin lo lualuluiii hiuiaulfalauch a low rule for
Parent or Guardian, aendlpg their daughters or
warns may n t assure n unit I'o piiius w in no spHritn
to proiuoto thair physical, iitlellecltiul nnd niorul wel
fare. KM'KNSKS.
TtiiTio Primary liepitrtiuont, lerTuria $3 On
I'repnmtory " ' . 5 W
Acndoinic " " 7 oo
KxTita Latin. Greek, French, Cormap, Ppan
Ish, each, porTorm 4 fn
Mitale, with useof Instrument, per Ufm' ' . .' ' IS AO
Pulnltng mid Druwlng, per Term BOO
Bovriiinu InlheKeiuinnry, Including rooms,
fiiriilturo and fuel, per wgek S 00
V nahing. per week . .37
Onu-hnlr of all expenses piynbte In adranco the
roinuludor at Iho close of lit Term. '
O. M. SPl'NCErt,
Junuarj-1,1835. ; '.Principal..
WOULD respectfully announce lo the tltlion. of
Luncatlur ft rU-lnlly, that ha has commenced tlio
llread, Light Ilnak Sc Cracker naklna;
In coniiectloD with Ula former baking, ftla aow prejwrod
TO ll'iniSIl IAJ1IL1LS -.'
with avery thing In the ahnva llno Having In hla.ara
ploy the beat of bukera, ho teals confident that ha caa
pteuae all w ho inny favor hint with a cult. :
TTPOall at his (in.ro oa Main Street, and also at bis
UaXe-llous.,eoriier t.r Culuwaut Alulvvrr' slravU,
-kaueasu.r, JUj U, UM.
If hilt & 1
: t.1 At
. .
Tiia rnwe powrful Kinirfon th. ran of th (tloh. w
rlii. .aprtm. in Hi. atntoiean Pepuldic, Th power
f tbaVrawiuxl UkuIi of Korope ilnli Into InVigiuficanc
whan OHiparl Co Uiat of aur AnmrieAn Kinic. ,
Fjirop.-.u Kliim employ tli power lotted hi them
Inveit. Ihe rlehea of ih rich and lordly, and W ruiluc
to ara'r mlry and diiradation tha poor and (iritn
tivUl. 0t Ainericun liLa io T,i eiu.-U tnliiiiiu
iM a to the lordly m:uition autl humble cabin, ntadr alika
(0 a.liiiliii-t.r roiitd aud to oiler health aud hupppiuraa
u lotMufiy aud lowly, lb. rich aud the poet.
U the Tbstii Wondu op Tilt WoaLO. ami the frn-nfet
bloving evur etfur(l to atttK-tHd hmnwiiiy; to thv stillt-ritif
uiilibtiirt, tii Doctor en nay, rulif im at your eimuimid.
loo hava anly to uu Uiw muici.l rwuid.r. Ait tUcum
who stiii sultur, nnd will not arc-pt the protTt!re4 balm,
aVfrv ii oi th pity of their btiuidea.
ThU wotidrrful utdiuim. during tba brief pcrind sine
t lntnidaetion, bu cxrrWd liininwe to th hart of
thousand, and mvlj ilfoa charm to many who hontofure
rerdi-d it only as a puinfut aud iu.M-rul: uxliti4tiic0.
To Uis winda wiih ail LiniiuentS, KnibnxMtHms, Pain
Kllli-rs, aud Pain KichmiUkt, and let ndidnns of tfliul
tofiK'-u" proclaiut tits Biviits of Uw gro.it American
Kbig ui I'idii," prupinsUuii comp(.r-d solely uf icw
b'm and rot, pruduced by Aautiiriou's own rich and
batmteous soil.
V wmiW ak the Ladim, who are always competent
judus d what U and u htt W not a valuable fHnitl) lutdi
ciu, to do ii3 a s)cel:il fuvor by glrhitf the Kin of lalu
a hii.ie trial, nnd if sstUfaclory., xrt thlr Inllutnme
tu Its bvhnlf, rcoaiaiund It, ani well and often, of it,
and neti that It la uwd by On-lr alUicwd neighbors. The
lAdiBsarv a4wHseharitable, and when they induce their
imuVrlnn frleud.1 to ufe this really valuable medicine,
tliry be doing nn aut of beuvrolence that tuvy can
wH bp pnud of. This i a powtMlul and truly mimical;
remedy fr all extcnml dlca. sorwi, ffwvllingri, barns,
and for many internal aiUicMnr, it In a curtain cure,
y;t It b) .:rb-erl) h;iriiile, and incapabl of producing
tlwt k-ast bijiirieim lfcts ia the most ibilicata cow or
tlte wi.k:Ht coimfttution.
It la entirely ufolfs to fellow the old and worn-out
YftieiH of pubiislihig to tba pubik thousand of curiill
r,iifii of winder iiurfornivd by tliirf medicine. It costs
but tmmiy-tlvo eimi to try it ; and Dr. bull stalcus his
wi'it-i'.inn-d rvpurutien on tn Kiug of i'aiu duiug ultoud
ui'H'H than be eluiuiH for It.
We would ank, litvu you the Hheuniatinm or Gout :
tbt are not jjlwimt companions, and wa know that
you would like to diire tbuin uway as soeu as posaibla.
tnun um
lYoiild you be cured almost Immediately, f Bowel
i'oniL'Khit, l twnttry, tiumuir Onmplaint, Cholera Mor
Oux, (.'roup CVn ll -id Aidiu, ToikIi, or any otlmr oeUe
or pidii, tit reined) b niinple aud the cure cur ulu.
Would you bare your Sores, Swelling, Cuts, Burns,
Scalds liruueur my vther uuuuds beaivd, we repsot
It, UBU itsS
Would yo be enred of Scald Head, Stiff .Tolnfcn, Sore
Tbnmt, NyuniliarSerrt tirraar., Lumbago, Totter or King
Winn, Halt UticuiH. l(ios of PubionottA lanecti, Clnipptd
lUnb, and Mi othur ffores, eithr dry or running we
iay itgiUa aud u:uti, reus rehkut is br. J hu ltuU's
' , , KTNfl OF PATX."
WonTi! yon he cored of King's Iltll. Canr-r, Tumors,
Kruptlons. or any dbwine of the Skin caused by Impure
blond, then u.e l'r John Pull's Sar-vipiirilla internally,
end tho Kbit; of Pain exrcrmdlv, norhin caa be more
certain than a speedy aud clfectuul cure. , -
Tlds medtelne, when used accord luj to directions, will
sure, wUuout fill:
or King's Krll, '
Cancern, Krup'lon f
of the fkin, Krjipfliis1
Tiiinors. t'bronic Horn Kyes, '
ringworm or Ttters, s-e.ild Head,
lOieuuntflHin, P.ibifi In the 11 on e or
Jolutn.-Oid Soisn and Ut-ers, Swelling of
'the (iluiulM, Hytibili!,Iviipepsia, Salt lllmum,
l)in:iifH'.e'if theKidtievs. DIhiiipm! arlnlng fiYmthe
uenf lureurv, 1nJmf Apptitite. Paluia theSMeitnd .
fMiotildi'i-H, (li'itfi-nl lndtli(y. Lninhii'io. t!nnh. Cold,
Drouiy,.limiidir.t'.('o?,iviuie. Ilroiumif ls,Vc:tkiifsofLh
Clit, i-oraiTlinai, Pulummtry Albiction. and all other
Ifini'H.eH tinding fn produce Ooiotuinpt Inn.blvor t'nm
' pUliiW.lr'eiiuilu lm";ulari:lesuii I CN-mplitliifH,Ivr
spirits, Fiek ond NVrvmis Hnti.tuehit. Nl.jht
bwentH. lixposuri'S, or Imprudence In Lil'e,
i'bionlc ConHtuiioiml li-uass. and as
1 t fcpriegiirnl 8uimner Drink, and Uuin-rl '
Tiii- fur tho JS.vflh ui. mid a gciitla
and p'f;istuif. purMiivo, 111 , -vuperior
tit hlii) Lick
I '' , nd 'engre r'r, 1 s
S.ibs, or Sf iddt s
f . Poivdcrn. - , .
T' la a remnlc.d'o fof. timt among the hundred, of
emitii-nk phvlrUini who have exaiuim"! the recipe by
wtdeli lliiira iiiipatllla i prepun-d, not. one Ints een
demned lr, but all approved If. and emniuend it bi the
b'uhi'-t toruu. Mirny phyielllns exprtxs thi'intlvea
iiiinulv In thehrllef llmt it. is deeidedlv the best nrena
r.iMi-n of SniHtipartUrt that has ever hern pi, teed bofif the
pnbliv. AMlMMigh thr arc many phynklumi who feel a
reUiriance to hiiving tneir tiMimm appuuUeii to thitrecoit.
nieiiditUm of uny purtii'ular rviimdy, uoLwithiunding
limy umv appro rn of It lu the highest dugme, theieltre
oiitrs Who frankly yield their mi p port iu tavor of a
mmedy which they know is caput,! of doing re much
guud hi au ii(llU.ted coniiuiiniry. Ahhii uvMtoice, reud ihe
lollowing from old and ra-pevUble phsiiu.nst of high
siaudirg lu the community iu wukU they lire;
U7Torli00liv 11U the Mowing rfinlers enporflnou
ah loinmi-iita on f e ulRcaoy of lluh i MnrAtpHrllhi, t-'rom
lr. Ii. p. Yandftl, Professor of Clmmi-iirv in tint LonisvillB
MddUitil i!illfg: I ha-T looked over the list of inarednr.ii
coinpo.-.ii John ItnlTi (.Vmnound l.xrmctof aarMipiriila,'
and InivH no hMtatu-n in woinx that they Firm a Bate
com bound, und ono tliat prouiiMta well in chnmiu tlH.-iihtH,
to which it Ii aiipllrablo. I. P. VA-Nbiild,, M U,
Irfmvilla, Julia ll, 1HH.
WUnt Dr. i'yh ., phyalctan by anpohifmunt to tlm Lou
eiti Aiiih.u'Uo.iiLul. auya of bin.' &-na parilla :
l.nuisvii.LK, March lllS.
hav etanilned thu pretwripiitm tor the (iCftutr.itinii of
John btill'n riniriitpiriiU.iiiid I U-lievn the iMiuiilniiiion to
IrH au exix-lUnit un, aiel wll catculattfil ro pniducu mi
uliunnLvit tm)i-i'!iel"ii ou the nystcia. 1 Irtve ui'd ii both
In puMlo ami privur .pnuitlcu, aud think it iho boat
ani'.-lo of inin-.b-iiilta uow iu use.
M. pyi.w. m: n., '
llttiid(,ut Pbyhiulau I-ouinvihu Murine llo-pir.d
Seller Tcsllmouy Hum was r ver Offend Iu favor of
nuy Mt'dicluot
, ' Uer. E. M Selion, Uct. 11 Stewuson.
. v l.ot'tKViLi.8, May 20'h, ISflD.
WflhaTouvd.Tohn mill a S-irninriila. nnd h ive known
It tu bu uiwd, with DUilre wniliwlun ; ami we huvu nn
Ui -.l'iti'u In matin our hcliuf, Mmt It in a fulu imj
ritluablw imidi-nl e,ouiiund, and oalcul:ettd te prndnov
uiurb ri''d wtid raiinvif uiudi mitfirlmri and tiieii'terti
wiuid c-iiotulailv aud uioKi uaiundUy UA 'tuout-u,! it to tb
ktictul. K. W. 8KU0N,
iSlguid) - ii. HAlaViiNsU.V.
Wn enrmjmly Invite all persons wtio nro mfTfrlnfr with
any of Hik iiU timt Ucnh U heir to,'; ro cull on lr. Julio
bull H;eiit, and it a c,ipy of ltnU' Fiuuity Journal
uRAiui and hr inn raUo ot buiiiuinty, boptg io;u a
ibiiu ludiviJuul will not h fiund uimiilin toiru ilull'j
tJain.tpis.1 iiln a Tin A L. r rt'udmic, and rtuillin:.un'. at tuu
mum tiiuv, tiiat It Ik ImpofMiblo fur tue Decuir to publish
Ilia twiiLti pint ef the mmiliurof cartiilvaiuaut' amuuudiiiii
eurea pvluiumd by hiii tfurriapHrbla. 'Hie amoiiiii nf
tsi imny veluutatily oliorViirvd on Dr. Ilun'n .irnuii.nilla,
from wult known and U in Unit it b bud bnltviduulai, tHifti In
uuhil und tiriviitv llio, tutu been pnrfwiU ovurwmiUiiiiii!,
It- la. JOHN liUldH VrinviM4l ulMca, wast hJm liiUu
wit, Urst door buluw Al;uu, LouitaYiUK, tiK.
Forsulehv ' C. K A IT P F M A N .tt TO,
. Luucutter.Jut SO.ll. K. U, .SbOCl'M oc CO.
- ' ' I). K. TlSlIEL. '
nA V15R Murnvd to tho city and eroded n larire
huildinj lu Ihe rear of the brick house, on llio
eorner of Jirat.il ami Chrsnut Streets om sqvart South
of th Market Hntrt intend; manufacturing upon a
fi of I'll
fund V
' " ulway
ahinet rurnituro, UeiUlead v vt'o'-t
lhalm. Which be wtll keen 3 '
avijoii hand, tiorethor with a
lariro ngotnrtmcut of (.'Incinnnti manufucturo. His louz
experlonee tn tho buluena will enable him to have
manufiicturcd at home and Imported from abroad the
very bet of work, niid ai ho Intend to employ none
but tho mott MktlLful workmen ami usa the uct maU-
rbvU, ho Ualtem uiiuftelf that bo will give pen end ia
tlxfuctlon o ull who may favor lllm with their cuHoni,
The public are invited to cnll nnd oxnmlno the ai
sortinent. The entrance to tho rooms 1 upon Broad
Street. . 1 1). K. KUSUEb,
N. It. R:palrlii! dono on tho (shortest notice, and In
tho nontext und inojjt worfciuuiilike manner. Charge
reasonable. , Lamaater, Muy SO. .
T,. ; . A CARD. . .:.T '
IMrKIJKECThQ.nlthhaskept mo from
my otllco pari of the time for tome
l montli, i have (ralneU my Termer
1 Ktroiiiith and will not hereafter be ab- i
sent from my room during bulnos,houri..
Filllnjt Tueth recoive my apaeittl aUentlnn, I plv
rertillod KUaranteeti for all "my eold Ullin to bo alTec
tlve Uilrintf the live of th partita.' I am able after
nearO yearaatteniloM to the Teolh to aivp every per
on the nmH pdHitlve iintnrunee Ihnt they can save
every Tooth by limvlv and fre attain atlontlon.
Ob'l'irii KwinKBrlvk,on th MUl. II. SCOTT. -11-pFnr
thiM who have tho TOUTIl-ACHH and
will not have thorn xtracted. I hava a remedy that
t.'tdoin f.ills to give relief. Also, Tooth Powder
itrujnes,ec. , u. auoi
Irfiuuuttwr, December 8, 1354 31 ' - '
- . '. St. . KRKIVER, , , ,
' 1 ' 'Wnln Utrcpt, I.nncnater, OKio,'
flVNTl'or Knott Mutual ant) Fraternal Malnr
I, b'irasml Lite Insurance cempsnios.
lioneiiib.r 10 'Sj3.
" Till OtlKtT Kimil Of Tilt BLOOD.
A Ik INFALI.lltl.lS KK.MUUY for BCrofuln. Klne'a
V evil. ruouijt'.iii. ohiiuate culiiuuou. arupthu.a,
i l nudes or puilule on thefiu-o. blotrhea, bolls, chrotiio
aoro eyes, mm worm or letljr.acald-heud. enlnru;eniciit
nnd puia of the boue and jotm. aiitbtioru ulcora, v- !
phililiedlaordera. lunibaji xplnal couiplnlnls, and ull
diaoaan. urliloi? from u ii't'idl'.lyuj l." ' m4rt itrv
Itapruatf m i-'.y f ihaolodd. . '
C(j for the number of extraordinary furcs effecied
thromrli it.- r'Mu , has liutucod the proprietora at the
urif nt reuetlor inoir irienos, w oner u to tn pui.nc,
which they do w itli the utmost ranlldcnee in its virtues
and wonderful curative properties, The following eer
tiilentea, selected from n larjre iiumb.U', ar., however,
stronjror toHimony thattne inero word rtho jiroprio
tors; and are ull fr u ttviitlemou well known lu their
Localities, and of tho burliest r-Mpeclabllity, nicney of
them now residing: in the ity of liiehmond, Vlrttinin.' "
V. Hoyden, Jvip. or the r.?ktlicitu Hotel, liichmouo,
known every where, says he has seen tlio mcilltdne
called carteu piAKiBn mixti rk iidministered In over a
hund rod-mhos, In noarly all thu dTsr-nsrea fnr which His
recommended, with tho most tytonlshiiiffly good ronults.
Ho snysU is the most e.xtruordiuary mudicino ho has
over seen.
Aoi and Fnvri Great enr I hereby certify, Inn
for throe years 1 bud Aua and Fever of tho most via :
lent description. 1 had si verttl Physicians-, foolc quaii
titius of Quinine, mercury, and I believe all without
iiiy permanent relief. At ln.il I tried carter's Spanish
mUlurir, t'.vo buttles of whiih elTe tUiilly cured me,
and t am nappy to -my 1 hiive, bud neUherhill: orfeer
uneo. 1 eonsKler It ihe her-i ionic in me woritt.nnu tho
oii'y medicine that ha reached my cno, J. LOJtGDfc.N.
lievri Dam, near l.tehiuonu, V'.rirutia.
C. 11. Luck. Ki,., now in th? city of itiebmond, and
fnr many yenr iu the Post Ollioe, has such eonHdeuce
' the ntom.dtliurofljrney uf nrler spatiiMi mixture,
that he ervboittrht upwards of 5ti bottles, which ho has
;lveu iiwt'.y Pi the iii1Iu1mI, IM r. I.nck ;iyn he ha never
known it to fall when taken accord in to di reel lun.
Dr. Mlejre, a pructWnir Phvj.ici.-in, and formerly of
the city hot in ihe elty uf Kirhinnnd..iy he has wit-
ics?.d In a numb'T of m-latices Hie euVeta of carters
maidih mixture which w ere most truly uTirpr'uMncr. lie
iiiysln a cae uf consutuiitioij, depiMu'.ent on tlio llvcr,
h-.: giutti et'ect- were iHHitieiu.i lii'KMf.
biiinuel M. Drinker, of tin the firm ofDrlnkcirA JTnr-
Kb bttiopd, was cured of liver compbdnt ofti;ht
year !;o.d:i)r, by the use of two bottles of carter's
onulsh mixture.
Urent evre of SrrnfulaTa Editors of'tllfl Kith
niond iiopu'di-'ai' luid a -u;rv;int einpbiyod'in their pfoss
ooin, KM red Oi violent scrounn. comiunen wuu rnen
nut'uiu, which entirelj o'isjiIiUm! him from work. Two
'iiitll of e:n-torRR;i:uiHh mi.l ure made a perfect euro
if him, the Editor, in a publie notice, m thrt eheer
'ully locoimneiid ilto alt who are ufllicied with any dis
line of lUv. blor d.-
Sh'ft .ftufh'-r e'.tr-e nf Sr,rn?tr. bad a rnlunble boy
-u red of gi-rnfcl i bv carter'a si-ini-h mixture. I eou
dderlt a valuable medicine. J.A ib;i M. TA YLOir.
finidnctor n the ll, P. A P. K, It. Ifiehmoutl, 'a.
SjU HUcam of 5ti efrt fttrn.tii'jr enre-!.--Mr. John
Thtmipjiuii, roIdhitasiu tho city of liK'hmond, witeur
Jd by thrt-e :til"ji i.i'eartei-'s -ipani h niUturo, of anlt
heum, whiih bV h;id nearly Ct yaT-i, nnd w hich all tho
J'hvie'iiiKol the city could' not cure. Mr. Thompson
is a well known merchant in tne city ol Kit-hniomi, Vu..
uid his euro Ii inn'.t rvMii:irl;ble,
WHIirtm A . ?faithev. H ot Iftehiumid, VIrr'nla. had n
icrvant enrod ot rkpiiHi', in tue worst form, by curler's
pfini!! ntUturo, .
Jtithurd K. West of KU'bmoiid. was cured of scrofula.
md whi;t Phvsb-iiins culled eomlrmod ii(iis;unitioii, by
lire? bottb-oi cn. lor,i. spun iaIi mi xturo; '. - ' ,
I'.dwiu Curimi, cntmniioir-r of tb.i Reventio, sn-s
he has Ihe coil uiVecl.-rif Cart.r,SHpiiilr'li mixture
in a number of h .liil'.-ie ens;-, und sa; sit Is u perfect
enr ot'thut livrijiiU'diAeye. . ,
. V ilium iT.'Hurwood of Ilirlitnotol. Virginia, cured of
old sores and ub-rrrt.M hb U diMibled him from wulklni.
look ub;w bottles of carter sp'iiiiffh mb:ttre. nnd wa
Mmldcd to wnlk without a cr'r.u-b,)ii a short time per
nnnentlv cured.
Principal liepoUnt M.V.'nrd.Closo Ar.,'Vo. 3 Midd
Mi L.;iio, 'ew Vor!;. T. V. lutl Ac sinii No. i.l-..North
M stre-t, Phlbnlelplibi. - Pe.nnvt nt;d 13eeis, ltt, 125
M;i(n Mr:et. Hiehmm.d, Viijjtiiii, .....
And f..rs.M !v iinnilirmn I't.d co., Lftncaitei", 73. Kalh,
IlihhvllL't :, IL v';ilkur. Vst Husjiville; Poiuirnnd
'Voir-I-Mii, I.ythop.d!.-, ;iiil ltutilrs in Mi--die!i every
hero. . Dc. 17lti3 ly
uvKH co:.2i'i.Ai.r, .
riy.er.Ti'fl, JuiiaHf, Crunir cr
li?,o.t:r ut' fi''? tii'h'
MiiiIliM...iK..,.siiriMiii:f.Mm :i d
1 I.iver or
hi .-mhIi iii coiiiiiint lion. in- a nl piles, foll-
.uis iif blond to the henjt, a Wlily of die tt iniacb. nan-e-n,
ii-:fti l i.M'n, ilt:o t t'T t'"d, finliiust orwebrht iU
the ttMimu h, rtot:r I't-'H-teii'Hif. linW-'mr nr jli'iterhiir tit
ipe pit .-if the 4tt'n:"'h,.j.v'unmn'PT of tlii he'id, litin ied'
Hid lii'ilcli bri'tillniiir. none riio: nt ihe head, d.ntMn;
or -1:111 H-tttbtii '-n-:ttl u w In n in a lyimr po-ttiro, dim
ne., if vii-'iiMi, doWnr welt before (In .--iirlit. fev'rnnd.
lull p'lln In the he;id,dI.t I.uey of perspiration, yellow-.
of (lie .-shin and "v-i, pnin In tho t..ie, b-tcU. chest,.
'. in ete,, Mio.l.'tt llnolie if btv.l. buruitt? iii the lie?di,
oti.Uiiit iii"iiinin:ofi!vil o.reat de; recoil if iipintc,
rAX i.n rpi-'HirriTAUY cuifia) by
lr IlontMtrd' i iHliratfJ (.( rtmiu Itiltrrs
fVrnu.-r.' iW I); t7. . rt-.,)vt nt the Oernan J!ctli,:ine
More .Vw. Ku Arch Street Vhfla-Ulphi.
Th -lr pctM-.T overthe nbovo ill.-ier.!is md oxecllod,
f cfpt;dl;d, by ei-v otlnr preparntion In tho I'tdteil
SitteM. if Ihe e-irei iitt'.-ht, to. mauy tu-ics ai't'r sbljinl
uii'-leiaiiH bad hii'i'd. r
These BilkTeJiire worthy Ihe rdbn.Mon of invnlldt.
Pos-. 'Mi'T'.rr't.i vltliiM In Lite ratttlembm uf di-m.nes ot
he biver niidl'.,er Klund",ewi-i KiniTtho iwi.-d s jun lv.
uiff jrowor: in ive.i in.'ji-r 110 Mtr-et:onn oi tne iiiir'slivo
organs, thev are, nithnl, mtte. certain :imi piuaiuit,
' Jiiu-t he cnriiire-f,--l Kr.y"i;(,Mi't!t, Jeweler,
Vohtor, uhio, lii'ceinoor nd, 1H."I, ariblt ! embHiee
'hitopn'ii'ttiiili'. of int'ormliij-voM of the frreit b-Mielii I
luive dt;ti od troin ho.ute of ilr. lloolluud', Oorutuii
Uilterri. Ih.ive uie;i them for -!dlU nnd mvi-rund ili-t-
irdered atnm.ieh.nml found relief in every caae. They
ir" the beNt ri. m-tjih for di.mrdrcd stomacU, I think . lu
V. P'oi.r-v, Illoomn.'M. Oliio. Oetohor 7, IH'e?, aald:
uVHh fe'-linu'softrrntitiide I take mv pen lo Inform you
of the im iib-ulrhle hem-m I Iwve.de'rlvcd from Urn ilo
of I!oo(btudNoriu :n liitte--. 1 have u-ied I Item for
the Liver eo:iiilaini, and luo pleiwufe in recommend
ini; thoni to the puhlic oa ihe tai'est und beat remedy
now in u-e,"
The KdMor of Ibft iTonfttr Vpmaern fny fi. IP.'1?,
tnld; oflaiid'st.enii.in t'.itl.fr-. Tuiaiiivuluuhlu me
dicine l oai'v peift irininir eurea nf the mot ronifirkuld' :
charaitcr. ' Ve do notpeak of IhW nenlleino withnut I
a Icmiwled'?" of Uh eUcaf-y. in w e have tried it in our 1
thmilv, iti. i llnd il lo he the only thing needed 111 llvcr !
(-omd:ititt or dyxpepila. ;
lioiKlliV Cl.vttKfi, i:nmi-rie?o, oilin, ;viTimmr 1.,
ViK,- stild : 'K- iluno persons who have used your Hoof
ImidV ti.irinnii Killers, they ure cuunidercd an invuluu-1
ble rnm-'dy f'rdspi'p..la."
.ITr'Veu (diould bear in mind that tbee Hittors nro
esTiutn.v VKor,Tin.i:, tti'rehy poevdn ndvunlaes ,
over most of ihe prepuiaiiuiis recommeude'd for aim I.
Inr di-iene-a. (
For ftal by KaulTmnn-A; co.i V,. Kath, RuahvlUe; R.
II. M'nlker, Wewl liu.-.bville; Porter e Wolraten, Ljtho
polU, and i-enler iu me. Heine every where.
December 17 IKnlly ., .
Tlio I-nst (hnnco aud !2to I.nt oppor
tunlt y In thu wovld to mivo ITIonity
at tsr,
TTTAVIXO concluded lo remnvo totho Wentln a few
Q Q niontlm, we bavo deUriuLned titirivo utir frioudai
and all K.iirlleld t'onnty 11 very 151 rod opportunity, audi
as they will never hnve ntyfui, lo Iny lu a lino supply of
Winter und fiprinjf Clolhlnff,i!5 per cent lowur thun
thev ever bought ihe snniu kind of Ooods before. And
to convince thetn thnt there irj no htnnhufr in tho muttur,
we fhrilt ehlbit our murk1. Thoe deslrinjj to Iny In
a ffood stork of Clothinir for their fn mi I Hen wtll Una
lo.Ua tfo;d chuiice.Wo alKill,alst)1ofl"ered a flue selected
Stock ol Jewelry nnd Wale ho,
50 per cent lower thun ever wan offer In this murkot.
tame ph. comt u una ijer crew oargu.
ir. SIM OX V rVO.
i ippThoao havlnjf aecounU to aoUlewltb tho nbovo
(Inn, will pUMiHecour.t forward and aettlo tho sume,
Lancaster, Jaunary 11 lPjjoti
the: oh eat hat ami gap stoiie.
both wholesale axd retail,
TXASJustrocolveil rrom Philiiilelihlaniiil NewrYork,
n JSP.. Hint bus ever come to tMsoitv. ot the
r9) i.at.st im rnovaa bty lbs, eiuhmcliiir evury:
variety or stmpes, sorts una sizes consist-
Ina; Ol mo lute cpriua f-iyio m v i.ik-- o. us- .
HAT, uiuturpussed ill Ohio lor duruhility uml lliiotiesa.
AIho, Younar Glen's Ilutaof all kinds;
.summer Hats, consisting of PANAMA; ' '
. yodill ami I hlim Mruw; '. . .
Bntld l.iSGlKM'N and MANILA! ,
: Palm Luiif; Rossttth Hats, both fur and Wool)
l-'ine Otter and White Heaver, for Summer; t
rriii latest Sorlnis Stvle t'iis.siiuere llitls; -
All hoi tofl!'iy A-Children' Ciincy lints,
All of which will bo sold ou Ihe must reasonable
terms, lower than ever beroro.
: N. 1). Country Morehiirtls will do woll by railing and
examining my slocK neioro purcuasuir oisewnere.
Lancaster, May in, km ,k. risiiiuau.
, TO FA RX GltS.
"STtTANTED Immediately SllOtl bushel, of CORN In
1 tho eitr. ror wnicu easn win be ptito on delivery
at the Lancastor JJepoi oi uie t;,,cz. tiuu iiona
'At.l'KKlJ WATTS.,
Morrow, Ohio, Jnn. , IflSS.'Viif -
irV.Mr. Alilnof freighl Ageul wtll rocolre and, pa
for UioCorui . . ..'. 1 '
milK ntidorsUmed hat boon appointed Alronl for the
"CITY ISHUKAflCK t'OMI'ANV"ort'levouina
Ohio, and will lusure nuildiuirs. Murchar dlzo, Ilnuse-
hold Furniture, and other nominal pmporty. all
hit . trt. All losac. will be .u'llUihy and premptlj
aO'tisleil and raid. P. VAS 1 kUMP.
Laneaaler, febmarr , VIS Jmt
; , THE . COSMOPOLITAN . . . . J
OHCAMulsnrorlhs Kncnnragpm.nl .nd Ccner.l
MiTu.lviior LITf HAl U1IK aud U HKJ4 AK1S,
pu a .Ne nnd Urlluul Pl.iu I
ThiAiiew AaiKeiiiilun la do.lrned ta enrouraa aad '
popuLiriiathn pine Aria, and diaaenaluala pure and
holuaoni literulura llirouphoul Hi. caniry. For .
t a.puil.oje a liuiiu.y pi Aria I, to bo perntanpntlr
tiMindi-o, ahlch will each year e.ntala a choica aud
vuluabla collection of I'rlnlinga, Miatuary St.., -
Tor Free lrtatribaitlou. ' -
The A ssoeintton will a!o publlah and lue to lt
ntcniberi onth year, the bast Llteratura of Ilia Say, .'
lOnalsllnir nf the mnel popular Monthly AJucaxlaaa.
Kevlewa, and ltctorlal Library rorka.
Tiia 0nraaa or tub AaoriA-rioN for 1P54, hara tba
pl.taauroof aiuiounciiia-that tha aultacrlplion booka for
the currentyeiirnrr now open, and that the Sr.! annual
diatrihutlnn nf M ark, of Art, contained Id the above
Gullory, H1 ink) piece III Jimuory next; on alilcli oe ,
ca'lon there 111 lie dMrlhuled anioin Ihe men.ber. of
ihe Aitociallon, free of cliarpe, avveral hundred au
perb Worka of Art. ns,,,,, wpirh vlllbao- prtgipal
aud world-renowned alnlue of HiaaM Pawaa.,
The Greek Hbtc.'
purrhnaed at on expenae of over fJHibvi AVao. a larra
nmi very choice collection ol inep-ninofiit oil JA1T
lXriH.runIMIi. of Ihe bent prd.',ucltt" of ealebratrd
American and Forelh ArttMa, amnnr ail!."1- w?
work.of ?oaTio. Mtrara. Rt,, KtmiT. G.ira otri
floruit, Ff.tBim, nnd other eminent AmerUair
ArtiM., hlh, with the constant addition, made
throne nn fluent hot,- j puropp,,!!! render Ihta by fr,r
iho mint complete Gallery of Art, lu the I'uitcd otui... ,
'.'''; . ' The Llterutnri)
published for dl'.enilnat'VT amour-iho rnomlienioftlie
A'soclntlon, for lrJU. v.111 roin-Ut or the fnllnwii f
Jlonthly MiiBazlnea. l?evlewa,Ae..vli: Jirfrr'iMm
rntine. Pulnem, llat!rttd, Knirl rrttrl r, Ctiry't
,' Be.c, and tlroravft Mugtiitt; lopi'llier1 with :
the following Qunrterly I.'avlea a, ri pih.lcd in Nter
Vnrk. vti: Wrtmntlrr, l.en,!on trier If , A'clk
Jlr'-tit A..nd FdinbHrpk Aeri.lr.
Theaaaorlatlnnlanpcn to. ull; arr perron mV Le
enmea member on thepnjnient ol ,. vililih entitle.
oioi 1., nivniMorxnip ami one orine above Mi rrtlnea
or Rovlcwa nfr eni. yPnr, ard al.e la a ret tirltl la
In the annual dlalrihntlon af Ptattai.t, PatNTiana. d e.
All perrons who tnke five mrnibcrrhlpe, are eiitllled
lonnyoftlio Hve of the Magaxioea ono year, and. i.
tickets In the distribution. , ' ;
The wide spread fame of the above periodicals ren
doritheeil e to nv anything In their prater. a It la '
conceded Hint, as literary orirona. thev are far In ad. '
vanca of any othira In the worid. 'Tho publisher'.. '.
price oi earn 01 wnun is invarlnblv S3, year Hit's b
lHtmintniraimembernfthiaAasnciallen.il sc. ores I o oil
tlte two fold benefit of three dollars' worth of .merl
ins; literature and a ticket III the distribution of tha
most Meirnlflcentrolloctlon of choice worka of Art la
!ticonntry, equal to tbat of the old American Art
Union. " ' ' ' .
Tor Gu.ierv of the Assoeintlnr Isloented at Pnailna
Vy elty. where Preana Cram Hiii.mnt.s hnve Leon
er..cti d fortt. nnd In whose si acioiisf-nioon the whole
collection of rnintlnir and Statuary will be exhibited.
The net proceeds derived from the pureliaso of Worki
of Art for tho enstilniryeor. ...
A't Tkhpon-s desirinirtn become members, on !,.
thoMsciuiiieconimone wllhanv month thri rltoo'e.
and rely pn lt.-tiieui(r mailed lo thorn prnn t llv on ihe
nest orevi-ry monili. dtroet rrom the Hew York nnd
MiiliMlciphia PnbllihcrsH oc ffuntbtrt furnished if
d'lred... - ........
Tim lNCriNO Tmtm-st felt Iii the advniicrntrnt of
the Kino Arts, warrant lint belief that thla Aoclntlon
will, with Ilia powerful i.i.l of Llleralure, l ei nine at
once iirrinnlliivi vvlar, us It not rnlv cultlT.ilt-a ei d
eiicouniirea the Pino Art. hut diaseiiiliiatpa atcrlli.ft
Lilnrflture tliroughout tin- limit, thereby udnptli.ir Itself
lotlipre..eiit w ants nnd tnstea ol the Aiiiei it-iin people,
iT.ubliui; both rleh nnd poor lo ninke their homes ldca
snnt und attriu live, by the uid if Sculpture. I'uililings,
unit the bet reudinp niMter w hich thu wide rui.go ef
Aiui'rii'iin 1'oiviirn Litofiituro uponls. i - ,
A few of the poi-ul'arudvuiiti ges derived bj joining
this A.t'teiuiloii, ure
lt. All iiersonsttet lhon ra? o.f their tvbsrrip
floniittkc ttart,. In. thu. slitipu of stcrllug lUuguaiua
Lit'-rut'ire; .
I'd. They aro ni the snino time roiitrll titli.r toward
p'irrli:i-ii,t t holeo Workaof Art. nre In turn to be dia
tri'mted ntnonir tliemselves free of chnrge: ,
'.Id. Lach nn-inlier in ul-o indirectly t-iu-ourep-iiig and
palrciiiUniff the Aria and Artl.ts of the country, dia
btlrtiiitr uiiiny tlioiisainl.i of dollurs thrntiph ilsi.gellcr.
' Those who ptirehnse llliiiriixiiies at Lookftorea,will
observe th:d by.i',iuih-.'tlie A.HOi-iiltlon,'eyrfcrtrrii
Jlffffntiiie. nnfl Frrr. Tiel tl in tbiHi-ai-tiitiriluricn.til
at thesunie price i-nuv Now pay forthe Mnirur.ii e n!oi:e,
11ookii,x' open to receive mimes :il thelinslerii (.flue,
Ketv York, or Western i:fllco. r'uiului.y. .
Perseii i rerrtlttintr f inds of moiuhord Ip. should mark
lettnrH.VKeiristuied,11 mid st.ilo thu month with which
th'-y Wih thetriiiii.'riiaiiteii to I'otiiiiience.uud nlo ihelr
I'ot Cfrr aitlre.i in , oil the receipt of whhh, a
certifleiiloof m-.Miilier.shli.. together with tho mnrnxtne
de.jircd. willbe lorwurded tonr.y part ot'tlio rot. i. try. -
)r Olih-es of the .M-neiiition. nt the Knlckcrl-oi'kcr
Mrtynlne otllce,9-IP llrondwny. New York, and nt No.,
3, VN'uier Struct, Siiiideskv, o'hlo.. Addrena, (nt ellher
ofllce,) ' P. I.. tlBRRY, Aetnarv f. A. ft L.' A.
;r : V. At. GHIFAVtil l. Hon. Stjcn-tar)' Luiieaaler,
of which membership may bo obta'ned. ' tej-t. 14
, r. Iti'IllOVAL. .; ;,
. Z I N K "X" D l S H, '
WOX'LW ropucti'ully Inform lhair customers,
tht citizens tcenerully, that Ihey buvu rkmovid
tin ir KrtuhlMimuut to tho Xrth side of Main Mreet.to
the room formerly oi-enplyd by the PhUwIe'phia Com
tnlsio Surga ,hoie ihey ure pr.;p;trt:d lo furiiiitlp ,
a.-'rcN!t Birrml, Kus,Kk9 CahM A: darker
. AT A l'f TI.MR AX IX A M. bKASOXf.
-We hnve employed tho viry -be-t w'orkmen in our
line of bu tiitui. i, aud will sell ul uhob;4.do nnd reluil
ut thj Ivicc-At pWriM. '-
We nro determined to srlve yjein-nil i.tiKfaf tlon. All
order- front iho country for Bread, Cuke odn. But
ter, Wnt'i itiul lio-iiuu Crucial. ra, will be rtmptiy
ii'.Vd, (ii-vo nn a cwlb .'.;
I.:uicnner, Mareh 1, ZlXK At lilPH.
N. M. We a Iho keep on hand a ffnntfrul ansiriinent of
KAMI l.Y OliuCI.UJKS which will b. td at the
luwet rat?.' -'KIXK A lilt-14 .
Tirst Poor Jlust oi'tlio Swan Hotel.
j"lTli Slock boil riiiur complete, we are iirepnreil
H. JJ" Dlior lli j monll'lioico itutl clC:ati tU er
evposeil lo sr.le lu ihis inurket, ciinsi.it.Sof every th.
ri.lion ol DKV OOdliS 111 the IVtutfn, JJnm. Silk
Ho t'r'ltinil CefoB line, tnr the two of Men. Woinafa
ami CliilJreii.niul in use about the ilwellinir. IncliMHiij
t Imlce nhitt Ooo'l.i. Drtt ant fnnrii Oomlt, lltfseiry,
Gftivet, Vtot.lls, Cattimtrrt, Vtttinz, SatinttJS,-t. &6
Alsoii clinlue lot ofl'lsina, il.isn it ,ir ll
wari'i of litiitt, shut; 5liffM, Sft.; for ull ages, of
SMtlei'tt'd nixl C'i'(ii,.nc!ri, :
the Trnt. Xntrnri, Cwc", Muluttet, Spitci and Syrvm
1ieii- rery chiiiee. . .
All which in view of the times wo are clotermlnstl to
sell without romril to protlt, In onlerto close un tha
sume, thu n-iluctiiiii of our stock uml pnjinoiit ofour
liiihltlties hoinir otir preitt object.
'I he putille therefore before buying elsewhere ara
inviteil In I'Viiiiiiue otirsiilulidiil stoi k. t
LaiK-aatcr,v.'J-3hi WHilli.Jr. & JULIAa.
Ono SJiutari-d Dollnrs To Foctl
TUB DIHUC'l'OHS or tiik CoMoroi.iTsw AitT
I. itkr mv AseociATioK, lately oriruiileU In Fan
ihi.lrv i .iic.oloo. for Ihe eiieouruiccineiit tilitl general
tliffn-lon iif Literature ami Art.oller a 1'KIZK iF ONE
lllMii;KU IIOI.I.AKS lor tliollhhl uiitin rowers'
wurlil-reliowiieilstntiiteofthe GUKKK SI.A VE,w hl h,
with ninny other viiliinhlu works of ait, nro to ho ills
tilluileil uinoi i; Iho liicinhersof Iho nbovo Association.
The Uiles, which should not exceed tifly linos In
letiirth, must !o haniled In prevlohslo the 1st of Octo
ber, at which tinio a coniinlltee of lltoiury treiillcmen
of Sen Vnrk. w hose names will iippour, w ill ilecioa
upon Hi J merits und awurtl the urlzo to the ettcceaaful
Foelsinaenillnsln their prodmtiona, will jileasa
elvethe tlrt stiinzii of their Ode, tiurvther with theit
rifiil iiamo and uil.lress. In a tejtnratt, aouled envelope.
Communications should ho uitilreaseil, post-paid, to .
tl. I.. HKItliV, Actuary r. A. v i,.
Care Knickerbocker Olliee. 34K Hroudwuy, Now Vork,
hepl. l-l,l51 or 3 Water fitreot, Handiisky.
Slagemen nnd all tvho have ngoett Hocse,
av "TBENXETr (xARRKTT reapectfurry remrnda,
9 yon that he Is still haininurina; away'on.
tHkllroail Strttt intkl Cil Laneatttr, where ba
r ia nlwuya on hand to troutcrlppled hones.
Aiioxiierktiice nf nearly 40 years, and many wears of-
llu.tilnio iimlerlholnBiructloii ofan eminent Verorina- .
ry Surgeon, entibles him to eenllilently iimlorlnltelh.
iii.nl it i llk-iil I cases. In SHOEING ho holds hlmaulf.
second to uono.
Ills reputation ta now sow-ell Known mot aor
ta nro sentto him to be shod from most of tha.
nelirhliorliiir eltiosaud towns. His Shouliia; Hhnp.
accoiajiioiliiiloinaroso ample thnt no detentloa.
or dolay wlfTover occur. DKNN'KTT GARKETT
Lancaster, AugustiM, 1K04 liluuo
lutsii AniiivALOF cuoccnicir
Doar Eatt tf tkt llaekinf ValUy Bunk, Stuih fi
JUa.i8trttt,Lancatttr,0hiiw ,
T EKrF.CTFULLY solicits tho attention orhis friend,.
I . and customers, and all that may want Grocerlea
and who will ho so kind as tofrlvo htm a rati, both from
the city and country, to my superior and com plule stock
ol liroeuries. just recoiveu, eiuuruciua; in jiurt iu. ioi
lowliiffarticlos; ..
JAVA nnd RIO COFFKK; Yonn?, Hyson,
gSl'A Black and Imperial TEAS; New Orleuna Sutrar,
.x',.j l.oaf, Crush'ed and Pulvorlaed; Klco, Golden
fcVaj fB Syrup, R. H. Syrup, S. H. Molasses, N. Orloana
ilo.,Oruntres, Lemons, Kuislans,, Flps. Prulii, Almonds,
Pecnns, Filberts.Corn Nuts and Brnall NnU.Drled Beef,
Dried Tourubs and Cincinnati Cured Hams, Kitfllsb.
Dairy Cheese and W. R. Cream do..t Splco, Clnnnuion,
Cloves. KntiUKir. Mneo, Alsplco. Popper and Glnjtcr,
Sal Rodn. Cr. Tartar, Sutwratas, Starch, Saltpeter, KxU
Loirwooil, Indliro, Madder, Alum, eto., ete.
Sonp, Cnndlos, Tuba, Buckets, Brooiua, Wash Bords,
Baskets, etc., ete.
A due lot of Chewlna; Tobacco, also Smoking do. and '
Clirnrs; Wlnos and Walker's Burton Pale Alo, a pen or
al stock of Notions, Toj-e, and jrent many other articles.
May lvlti54. H. A. GEbKLKlN.
' Z ' m. SIALt.EY, . ,
UARInst received bis SPRING aad BUMMER' '
ply of HATS ae CAPS at his old aland, l.i
Tallmailgt lto.it, Mai Stmt, lantmttmr, O.i's. HI
stock haa been selected with cure and embrace
fKverj Ton-lcty of llatafe Cat pa,
.Jlnelndlntr, Whlto Beaver, Molskln, No. i . ?
m. and 9 Chlnaand Pedal Straw and Learhorn
Hatsl Men, Bnya and Childrens Palm If, from Kit I
37 it Also Men and Boy's Fur and Wool'KoMulh Hata,
' Bovaaad Childrens Fane. Hata, wklck will be sold ai
ithe lownat prico... Leghorn Hata washed and blcaehe4
at the shortest ootica. . JTPDoa't forretthepl.ee. , '
Myi,.W4. i . .. M, MAU..''.
fflWseWW ' W'ftW

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