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American Lancaster gazette. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1855-1860, May 03, 1855, Image 4

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Tiiursday ItIoris.it.;, May S, 1854
, AJtorit'y, raisanderstooJ,
becomes a
double care. '
The orea'est tiu hs are the simplest,
e.t . flu rrrAt.t .1111,
. HeU,tliliWllHmP. tvi1Ulso son B -
lr nniilic iiUuresl.- Solon.
r -
I cur,
The tire's in which
sct'l is tempered. I
. rovld tousnme a p:w:cr essel utterly
God hears the heart without words !
hut he never tears worda without tlie ,
hf (ti t- . i
Ee;ter try ail things und find nil empty,
thau to try uoibinaui leave life a blank.
" Gutflada in a oVy none enn he i-JCiMisd
. (i(n, Ucauso it is 'always at our dijioal.
Cfiarron. - '
; ' To ii:tka too min.h haste to retnrn an , ,y
oblig ttion, is a sign 0yn,jrAtituJo. liocti- ,
-(j'tCLUia. I
'"There are "limes w lien wc all like to vt a j
' screen ljetn-i.cn onrst Ives and the peue-j
; - tracing eyes of others. I
'-'" Friendship is the medicine for all mis
fortune; bui ingintuude dries up the foun
"tiiln of all goodness. flididicu.
. lie who fecuivos a good turn, should
never forget it; he wi.o does one, should
. never remember it. Churron.
Praise fiorn the common people is gen
erally false, and rather fullows vuin per-
iion, than viriuous ones1. Bacon.
We should give as we receive, cheer
fully, and without hesitation; fur therr is
no gracu in beuetit ihittsiicks to the hn
geis. '
It is with followers at couit, as with fol
lowers on the rond, who tirsit bespitt
tor tlioae that go before, and then head on
. their becb. iwft.
There nie few persons lo bo found, who
aio no', more concerned for the reputation
of wit and sense, than for honesty and vir
luo Spectator.
- . Prosperity is the only test that it vulvar
mm can't pass through. If a man lias
anythin.r nvan in hi-i disposition, a little
go j J luuk is sure lo bring it out.
We should bo careful lo doseivea good
reputation, by doing well; and when lhat
care is onco taken, not to be over-auxiouH
about the success. Horhcsler,
Ooo 1 nature id one of tho stvoetest gifts
of Providence. Like tho pure sunshine, it
gl.iduns, ciiliven-1 and cheers. Jn tho
midst of hate, revenge, sorrow, und des-
p.tir, how glorious its effect3.
Wealtlt is liko a serpent, which a wie
enoliaiilercan grasp bytho lail withuul
beiitg bitten; but, which turns and mortally
wounds him who hath nut acquired the art
. of charming it.- -St. Clanent.
Tako the hand of the friondliMM'; smile on
tho sa l an l dejected; sympathize with
thoM in trouble; strive every wheie to dif
fuse around you joy and unshine do this
and you are sure of being loved.
Men in former nge, though simple and
pl iiu, warn great in themselves, ami inde
pendent of a thousand things, which have
since beeninvenled, to supply perhaps the
tru greatness which is now extinct.
" A n'iW stove h'ts been invented fur the
comfort of travelers It is put under the
fuel and n mustard plaster upon the head,
which draws the heal throiight the whole
If we woro only half as lenient to the
living as we tire to tho dead, how inm h
happiness might, wo nuder them, and from
how much vain nnd bitter ri'inoro might
we bo sp ired, when thu grave, the htony
gravo," has closed over tnem.
It is a bitter thin',' when a guileless wo
man fust learns to regard any manly char
acter, no matter where thu inula it, with
" contempt; it weakens Ihathctitir estimate
of huiiLiniiy which rjivca sunshine to life)
it breaks down womanly faith, where wo
nvmly faith ought to bo strong.
The omperor of Japan's hed.itoad is su
p.irbly carved and gilded. Iiy a singular
ly ingenious contrivance, a cuncutuf w.t
tur may bo conducted off around tho toas
ter, and at pleasure mulo to fall in trans
parent curtains of ruin, completely encir
cling thn royal coueli, for the double
purpoM of keeppiug of tho mtisiiuetoi's
and tempering the warm air to tho deli
cious coolness, which, in that mltry
climate, is the consumnii'm of bliss to re
posing listlcssneess.
llo.v to tiF.r tiik Ukai. 'Flavor ok
(JoFrgis. In Kington's "Forest lil'u in
Ceylon, " are the following hints on the
prnpar.itiun of coli'eo, derived from long
experience: The subtle aroma which re
sides in the essential oil of the coffee berry,
is gr.kmlly dissipated' after roasting, and
of eourne still more after being (ground.
In order to enjoy the full flavor in per
fection, tho berry should pnsa ntonce from
iho roaring p in lo thu mill, and thence to
tho colTou pot; and again after having
been mado should be mixed nt a boiling
he tt with llui hot milk. It must bn bad
coiled indeed, which, if these precaution'
bo taken, will not ii!l"oi d an agrcuahhi and
exhilarating drink. Two great evils are
constantly p.-rpetrated in Fngland, in its
prep artion, which nro more guarded a-
gainst in almost nil other countries, nnd
which materially impair its Havoc and
strength keeping tho cotl'ee a considera
ble lime after roastins' or ariiidiii'r.bv which
its Btrenrrth is considerable diminished.
and mixing the milk with it after it has
ueen allowed partially to pool.
Tue Power or Lovk.-Lovc is the spring
and spirit of the universe. Tliank God, it
is, notwithstanding our depravity, the
strongest force in our nature. It greets
us into life; in its warm earesses we spend
the childhood of our days, and through
each successive pi-rlod to tho grave, it np
jiears to us in a thousand angel forms.sooth
ing us with its tender words, blessing us
with its gifts, aud brightening our path
with its Smiles.
CyYouni men should bear in mind
that coat tails, profanity, tall shirt collars.
and bluster, do not make men. Young
women should also remember that feathers,
furs, dress sofa-lolling, scandal mnkintr.
wearing ki.lii, talking nonsense, nnd street
faduinry.tl') not make tho true woman.
Dry Ms lor Spring & Summer.)
No. 74 AVes Fourth Street, Cincinnati.
Offer 3 ual, to their customort nd others,
lS !::!'' I l STYMCS OF GOODS, Ut
Ladies' Press Good, of sllkludsof Fabrics, sh
ml Mantilla; K nb.-oiderios and Lsees; Hdkfs.,
ti-..l-iry.ee.; Llo-ns. Mtisiins.audall klndsof
plain fabrici; Ho isckeeping Goods, gieal
variety. Also
cu-jns yon .us::- an jbots' weak;
'siurss fuudu, c J on the one price prinrlple
P ico marked nt rales as favorable: to purchasers as
he af)o,ded bv in) haute engaged in regular
boh - . - s.
b... vt.itlnc. riiilnnnti urn rcr,etfutlv invited
I tn rsil and ex-amine Goods and prices. April.5 48
I!oul BinUeiy, Lancaster. Ohio.
LANK. BOOilSforroiinty
Odjce-, Justuses' blanks,
. nay
LDOk.VT '.i.-,1 ,Ailoiuera,n iniirTiruiiiui'
tScaa,fc-i.-w;yit: wlle Di-jii.Dtly attended to.
Or.l for Binding can be lull at Ihe Gaieue OHJee,
oral Oi liii.de.v,i,n Main Street, ill the room former
.nplr4 by p v,u 7ramfu , uw oce,
t''! V;,;,;7i J. K 'well.
tin follou inX!
Swi.n'TreiMi. rnce 3; iswsn's Manual, $1,55.
I.jjK.isicr, ovemrIt i-t, I8j4 -J
JT AM al all ttnv.m prepared lo fumljh LOOKING
I GLAS.' 'V.'-i In MjlDBinv, AValnut or Hosiwood
Frames. LoiiMnt Glass Pli.tes. Flciures Frninaa. ore
Also.GHt Fr.nue, tilnisos of all alios and styles
Portrait Frames, Picture Frames, and a eeneral as.
aortmi'iit of Pict iros and Oil Paintings, at wholasalc
and retail, at the Ina'est pnrea. J. C. GFPT,
S i. i W isi Fourlh Slr3t,Ctnoiunati,01io.
IlanU I, lEjj-H
f JIIF. subT rlh -t respectfully inforui hir friends and
I. public In general, that lie has much enlarged Ui
stock of aiocKnii:s,
as to the varlete. He has Just opened and has for sale
.dnrlWr.fo. 1, THarKerf t of the best quality.
3)Ct.a3AIso. I.esl Fickliiiir Vnrur,and
asni.il! kcuck "I airy i-uuui to sun customers
nil tit which will te soiii low for oasli or aprifii conn
tirv nrodiieent his Old stand, corner of Hrond 1 1 I
vvlliflitiK Mre-its, nuu nearly opposite me i.r ju iv.ir
Hotel. I. cHrnr-H
N. II. B-itt'T, B-icoti, Ijird Mnd Torn .ileal it anted
l,.menstnr, Sepiember51, lr.il Cn
J1 1LT Moulding, fur Picturu Frames, for sale nt the
H I'tty book store1
April il, 1-i.Sl.
CONXEM., Agent.
FCHITKCTUHli by I.. IJ. Gould, is. Benjamin and
O. F. Smith, lor sale at the eilv honk siore.
jirilW, littl. U. (.ONNjUJ.irent.
1L. UK'S Commentary on thn old mid Kew Testa
V J m'nt, foraale at the city book store.
April til, ISM. H. CON Si: LI. A(;eiit.
Piirllnrlnn't Carpet Hag of Fun
frr sale a
it I tne Lily nooa sioro
April il, IMI.
lHKOId Brewery and No Mission llousi
, for sal
nt trie cut nonu stove.
r,l il. I)'v4. B. f.'ONNF.LL
r1l!l'. I.nmn Medlar, fur sale nt Ide oily
book store
l oinui
lfj-1. H
r.ONXi'.LL. Arenl.
.- A KM ICRS' nnd Kniigrant's Book, Tor salo at the
' citv book store.
9 " city bok store.
A prll 21, lr-54. U. CONN LLL, Agent.
i' book store.
April il, iri-l-
B. CON NULL. Agent.
1MPEHFKCT hnnlth haskepl me from
. my otlli'e nart of the limn for some
iiiomlis, J finie frniitrd my former
strength and will not hereafter bo nb-
iietu from my room durln(c business hours.
Flllinir Teeth receives my spnclal attention, 1 pive
certlU'.'d jrunrnntoe for all my irold III 1 1 itsris to be nlfee
live diirirn? the lives of Id parties, lain able after
near 2U yenrsallenilon to the Teeth to irlre every per
son Ihe mosl positive assurance Hint they can save
oven I ootn h) iiineiy and rrequeni aiioniion.
OI'FU I'. F.wlng-sHrlrk.on Hie Hill. H. SCOTT.
TT'Fnr llinse who have Ihe TOOTH-ACHK and
will nol have Idem extracted, I have a remcil) lhat
sriuom tails to glvo reitoi. Also, loom rowners,
llruhea..Ve. H. SCOTT.
Lancaster, December II, IPSti-SI
smrciT" 111:1:11 v
WOl'LUresp 'Ctfiilly announce lo Ihe rilixens nl
Lancaster dc vlrlully, thut he has commenced the
II roue), l.lKlit ltimk A C'nicker llitkliiK
In eonnecllon with hisformer biiklni;, cVIs now prepared
TO IIIK.VISU ritiu.ii;
wltherery thlnir In the above Una. Havina; In his em
(dny the best ot bakers, he feels eonlbleut Hint Uo cult
please all wdo msy Livor dim with a call.
Cell nt his More on Muin Street, nnd also at Ills
llnke-lloiise, corner of Columbus di Mulberry streels.
Laueastct, Jul) IS, lot.
Ns r nuil well Seleelod lot orirorerir
fTAVF Just been received by Ihe siiherihor, in his
3 old stand, where lie will be uitppy to meet his
oi'loniors and Ihe public generally.
Groceries will be sold h) mo as cheap and of as good
, 1 1 1 n 1 1 1 y us run be found III any siinil.ir ujublishiiieui in
Ihe cll'y.
1 linvejusl received n choice lot of f'r.inberles, Lem
ons, rigs, I'ruiis, and also a general vaib-iy of Nuls,
such as Almonds, llritr.ll Nutw, Coco Nuts, iVc. Also,u
spluudld loluf Old W oturil Iteseito Chocs?.
1 GI'OUGF. J. WYtilJM.
Laiiriwlor Feb. 7, le5s 4!l
fllllK undersigned will sell a parlor all Ida land,
I (being Hboiil 2UI1 acres) In lilooin Township, onu
milo West of Cut-roll. Thu Farms as to quulity, eon
i . tllltou and convenience, can 'I be surpassed. Jft.
Upon Ihem lire 2 superior Springs. 3 llwel-VJtia
ling Houses, tlrrbiirds ol'rhoii e fi ull, etc,
I'liose wishlnglo puicliasu call and see, as I am do
lermiuedloa.il. hAMItUL CO I'M AN.
llecemhur I I. ISil-AZ
S H,
WOHLDrespeelfnlly Inform their customers,
the elilxons geiieiully, Hint the) hnvu H(tovrn
lln ll K.lulillslimelil 10 tbo North side of Muili Slreel,lo
the room formerly occupied by tin, fhilaltlihiit Cess
million 6''err, whoru they are prepared to ftirnieh
I'rckh. Ilri-ud, It ueke, Citlie A- Cracker
We have omployed the very best workmen lu nur
llnu ol biisiniiss, mid will sun at enule.i.iio anu ruiuii
ut Ihe Invent prim.
We are delurinlnnd to give general antinraeilnn. All
orders from the coiintr) for Bread, Cukes, Soda, But
ler, Wuter and Boston Crackers, will bo promptly
tilled. Give us a call.
Ijtiicinier. March 21. lf54. STINK A RIRII.
N. H. Wn also keep tttt hand a general assortment of
V.HMII.r UHVVt.HItt, WHICH will oe soni si Hie
ti:i:n au vi.xt& von mai.i:.
Rill K siid.ieriber offers lo Ilia nubile llils spring, a
cluilco collet llnu ol t run ana uruuinoii-
Ihe oriinnienlnl kinds nre Evergreen nnd Uecldiioua.
These Trees were mostly procured at Knsleru Nurse
ries, and have become tesij ttoblihet hero.
Psrstinsure requestod to call only on .Ifaaiaifs.lFc'l
scsiuvs aud yri'twtt of each week. No cntnlotruea cau
bo furnished, For furlhorparllciilars see bills.
Spring Grove Nurseries, one mile West of Carroll,
Fulrll.'ld nily.Olilo. March 1, 1SJ5 43
WANTED linmedlntely 2110(1 bushel of CORN In
the ear. for which cash will be paid on delivery
al ihe Laurnsler Depot of the C. W. & '.. Rail Road
Morrow, Ohio, Jan. 4, 1S5A 3Alf
It'V'Mr. Miluur frelghi Agent will receive end p
for thu Corn.
rsjHF.miderslirned has been appointed Agentfor the
1 "CIIV l.sSU n A Isl'K COM r A NY" of Clevolnntl
Ohio, and will Insure Hulldliigs, Merrhar dlo, House
hold Furniture, and other pursonul property, agaraar
toss mi$ nr, aii losses will no euiinanv ami nromnny
adjusted and paid. P. VAN 1 RUMP.
Lancaster, Krliruury B, lH.VI 3m4ll
nit. O. IC. DAVIS,
nAH removed his residence and oltlro to the brick
buildlngroriiiorlT occuplod by John Slsllsmllh,
Esq., south alii J of Mulu Street, 3 doors west of Dr.
rt renter's resiaeuco. uetuuer lU.lHSL 23
fTAS removed hta office to I.ntta't rerasr, Kat of
II tno lourl House, opposite the Ohio Kaglo Odlee.
niivH.inr, utsuuur so, ira4 V3 .
m. z. kreiii:r,
. Jhi street, Lancaster, Ohio,
A OF.NT for Kno Mutual aotl Friterm AlKtUi
j. . Il Irn tnti LIMi.tinco rompan.M.
Ooctrrber 10 i1.
T - k mm
j f. r. inPoclteis, Double and
1 ffifl i-i-a tl Kntry Le.lger, Jouman
CZil I S-'I Bi.oka. &c. o-.c. Also.
;. V". -i I I1- JS Hindius rf err deacr
I f IJdciia in a w.t
Tree, M.riil., sVc. -tV'sr,
&lKi: Among the kinds urn Apple, fVj
feQstiSi Pear, Cherry, Plum, fllundard lXr
IV"1"1 l'wrf. I'eaeh, Apricot, "JlT
iSm (leo:elierrv and l.'urrnuls. ckc. s.ja.
CitUane oILa&cutar k person bom tU Country
mil? attention of n.rsnns wanllnir clothins- la re-
l spociijll) called .to tn Immense assortment of ;
j.ni. inTt'anuin arnn'i. iiowi.ariiuHut;i3iu".
that iearmtnteol' all eitee nre eoHttantlu tcpt in h lace- ' aild would mm ro.pil fully wiiUile a continuance nf
tabliehment. and Ihr.l he baa nsed prlncirloa which 1 ,he .am, n.lheyare determined to spare no eimrt lo
govern them. Too clorkaare instructed to represent ! nilte it both pleasant and protii.-iblc to any ana all por
triithfully all articles sold by them, aud if, afior tho (nn, wlshtt cm purchase Hardware of any dserlption
purcbaao, parties are not aaiia.ioa. ino (rartnenv mnj 0r
baexcbuiice.or tho money will oa cUaj.-lulty reiuna
ed. A partial lut arrived:
- frock und Drett Coats.
auric, lce, naoivit. oi.ivt, clarct xkd Hci.BiaRV
SiiiKln Hreaatcd HuainiNS C'outs
VLm, I
MVOMllia. MT, u.r. ..u.., -.'---
r.-rf. nn.. nncsitlH. Bll.vaa Gltsv. r.ss sSE
noiTLKO, BLi'a, rsoT ano ohsy twbis. aiso.
B'actaad Blue CLulii ollOKl SAtJS dt nuin..
Blue snd Brown srir! ci.oth mot OVF.KC0A1S;
Black, Bine, Brown & Olive Li-vonshlre Koiscj do;
Blue, black. Grey, Wbitney and Iirub do;
.. -!tni t.initt, wmhv r.vtrn .,, ,.,
Black. Blue and BrawuClnh. l-uperior, do:
Drab Krabroidjcod Cloth Sacs and Wtlklng COATS.
Black and Blue CI.OTH some Extra Fine.
Plain Black SATIS, Figured SILK nnd SATIN;
" SILK; Fancy SILK a'.d SATIN;
Black CLOTH and Fancy CAsSl.MKKfc;
r.lai k and F incy VELVLT;
Fancy Velvet aud Sil!; BALL VESTS.
Black and Fancy Colored DOESKIN;
" and BueksWin do;
l'-vouthlr? K-rsev and Oxfurd Mixed do;
Black, IM'iaand Pancv Colore.l SAriN'1-.T;
i 'lll II iHhlll (..Mills.
SILK, Si::i;iNO, ALL WOOL, Red.Gray and Wblts
I-LA.Xt.l., r.nrl iuue.1 tu.i.u.f. u.siiiiiv
TON' SHITS. A 111 guaranteed in nil instances.
HALF HOSK Oakoey and Shetland Wool. Merino,
While and Gray Ijinibs' Wool, fcnglih and Geruiau,
Pntinii. Wlr.leaud Colorod.
GLOV'F.S Black. White and Colored Kid Coves;
Thread iilk and Neapolitan Plush do:
Drab lluck GLOVES and GAUNTLETS.
CRAVATS Black Funcv Satin und Silk Cravala.
a'fOCKS AND T IKii.of all descriptions iiuposjible
to uniimerale.
'lliiys' nnd Clilliloru's Clothing.
Black and colorod Cloth Frocks;
' Sacks:
Cassluiere and Tweed Frocks and Sacks;
lllnrk nnd Colored Ovnrcnols;
Mottled, Gray and Brown U'liilney Overcoats;
Black. Blue and Brown Clolh luc.Uets.
VESTS Hl.iek Clolh. Black nnd Fancy bilk Vests:
"I we d and Colored Cashmere do.
PANTALOONS Uluck and Fancy Colored Cassimero
and Doeskllt!
Sailnel, Tweed and Coitonad-;
Children's Black aud Colored Clolli Sells;
.1 .i Jackets:
u Cutaways splendid.
FURNISHING GOODS Merino Shirts," Cotton and
Cotton Flannel Drawers;
Mualiu ShirH.l.iiion llesoms.CollnrseVWrl'ibnnds;
Coiion and Wool Half Hose; Cassiuiore Gloves;
Suspenders. Handkerchiefs, Ties and
Lnneutt-ir, November IB, lr1.!.
CUeaper t It nil over before Oflcrcd In
I AS J.it 'ly purchased from P. Hope his Interest In
! the llnrdw nro IuisIiiuhs, and in addition lo his al
h Itirirc elork. Is now dally receiving, dlroet from
the .Uanufactitrtr.1 and Imiwrttrn, a larire purchase of
new goods, which will mince ins siocii m iiurowtiroono
ol ihe most extensive to be found ill this market. His
facilities for iiurrlin.it ng und arrnnceinents with Mann
furturers. whirlt are equal to any, will enable him to
nffer all doscrtiuioiiQ- of Hurttwuru, al ewsr arics (Aoa
inttiilirrttabHslimrtit. The alteullon of Fiiwrai
and .MrrHiNl' s is invited lolhe cxlruordlnary lliduco
inentMiow held out Inlhein in the way of great bar
gains fully sntlstled lhat If they consult their own In
teres! thev will beeerlalu lo call and examlno Ills pri
cesbofore pltreliasingelsewhoro. By close ntlentloti
lo business, and by constantly keeping on band a full
and complete assortment and tho best goods, be hopes
to secure a large ihare of the patronage of Iho Faruiorr
and Mechanics onuu county,
April SB, 1S54.
I!iitrirr nnd Carriage ITInki-r
ILL Hod. nt the JVntn ftnritiram fttorr, opposite
Ihe i'iiwfli'es iIohma. ono of the Isrireslnud best
cted slock of Trimmings ovor opened in Ibis mar
ket, uonsisiinir in parlor
lull Pieces Enauil'd Deck and Canvass,
IS " " Fancy colored do.
.10 " nil Wool und union Damasks
.in Hides tviieul and Knaui'ld Leather,
Brass and Silver Plaled Bands, Top Props,
Slump Joints, Lnees, Spring. A xel". elo.
Laiiraslor. A prll 20, lr'3 1 JOHN F.FFINOEU.
iiotsi; i!i ii.ii:hs iii:iot.
TCiltN F. FFlNGF.lt would Invite the attention nfc'or
ptnter anil llount Builiftrg to Ills largo stork ol
House building materials, Thev will Und consiantly
ou hand, the best Juiilaln Nails, Spikes nnd Brads;
Tho most aiiprnved Door Locks nnd Latches;
Window Glnss nuil Sash of nil sizes;
Coiirklln nnd Wood's Puro While Lend and Oil;
Door ami Kliud II ts, Shop Iling s, Bolts, el.-.
Those about building w ill beeerlalu losave money
by examining my prices before purchasing else hero
ll('.liiini'i Tools.
SDITF.D In nil trades and nfthe mosl approved make
Butcher's Cast stod. Firmer and Sacket's Gouges,
Spear and Jackson's Cast nnd Spring Steel Saw a,
Belcher's Doublonnd Single Plane Irons,
Ohio Tool Company Planes,
Masons and PlnlersTrowls,
Cooper's Drawing knives, etc., for s'llo cbenp by
April 21), lrT.I. JOHN EFFINGKH.
a u:AiMir.u M. i:vais
.1011 At'Vitml y(nrH roiinor.U'il with soverul Dopnrt-
niiMiu i ui'i itnurai tioVL-riniii'til, tni.ttuiiun Inn
t.i. ihhiimj i.immi iKi'ncy i ii v nuiiitfiun i iiv, nitu
?yw"itiil oil, iho jiiu-iuiuii of Old sl.iirrN
wXnnil tlulr luiirs, to thu vnry low ti huh upon
Aiiiell; which h prociini warrtiiiln uinlfr 0m iuw
IJ.iiinlV I ,n ml l.uw of t'tiiLT( r.i. I1U tirraniroiitunU
with lint Ih'pttrtiitonlM, ami I'timlliirity with tho uimiauu
in'MtL of Much cut i -I, will onul'lt hint to procure war
runti with thu IcuM JsmsHUv ttuhty.
hi uclilitioit to hi 4 upiricii o ho mHsvwii much
vulimlilo rccot'l iumI tlocumittar ovitloiuunppurtiiiu
lui; to tho iittMiiTotin I'lttMM of rlnlnM.
j'Mrmy onionr. h'oMlrn,'lfuui!ti'r, Nnvnl Of
rr, Slmuiiom, Mnrint , mid Nnvv ('Icrks, (fir their
turnip ft ni'i'ir vr minor children) n tovorvoil lit the
icovoiiiiioiittry jir, war ol jrr., i toraiu, or uiiy l
llio Intl. an W iir. Tor ti porlor of not lct tlninourfceM
("I, arc now 1'iititlcil to a l.nml Warrant for 100 ucren.
hon who havo itlrcmlv recolvtMl tliolr 4U nrHt)aiT
warriiiitit aro now entitled to ah additional quuntity
fcnul to iiiiicni.)
ll.'.'KtKnlttri:ijrrurtpotiilflU who proprtxn cnton and
forward tlioui to iu tultlrcsa, for inanugisiueiit huru
will l'o Uhi-rHlly doalt with
in 'A tOl'UTOI' CLAIMS httvlnithoonoreRtcd bv
t'iMicriM,lMforo which, nil 1'uivatk I'i.aimi. not pro-
vhioii mr nv law. nro to iir proHOiiitin lor luniimciuton,
Mr. Kvn on will undortakn tlui mnitacomoutofuny eattua
oomro mm couri ifoc in in inrotiii upon.
II r'l''Krii toh rnoci-nirtn IkN VV.iHHHTit f''' hHt
regard tize.) On original uppllcntioiis, only for
liicrt'HHO $1.
ItRfRTt KNcRri If on. I.. P. WnMo, rommlnsloncr of
Poimlonm John WtUnn, CommU'ilonnr of Oonoral
Litud Otllro;.lohn M. Clnton,U. .S. Heuuto. N.A.Dotiir-
ImsU.H.t John Holl,U. H.i J. M. Maon, U.H.; (ion.
I.omln t'tiHv u. Ham MoimtoiK U. H,: T, j. Hunk. U.
H,; W, II. Seward, and to thu mombi'r of thu thirty
third CmigreM. Mttruli 20,
MAUn, l l-NY .V CO.
At tho Old filiinil r It c ill mil nil A: .llurtin,
HA VF. lust received s large and elegant assortment
. iif.NHW GOODH, comprising variety iiiisur-pii-sed,
and which ilicy will sull ut great baruius.
Tlielrslock couslsls of
sjlotlm, C'limiincrr1, Cnaslncts, Jenna, Ac
Viistlugs, af.ntl the dllfrrent styles;
And for tholAilles French Morlnoos,Thibot Cloths)
Alpacas and He Luliies of all kinds;
Calicoes, liliiitliiims. Flannels, nnd even-nrllnlo In
the way tif Dress Goods to be fount) In the cities;
Minwis, oi every vnrioty or line, site, 11 nil mnieriai:
liress and Bonnet Trimmings, beaulifulnssortinent;
BonnetaMlk, Velvet and Straw which llio Ladles
all declare to be th most buntiti-ul nnd fashionable.
In addition to their slock of Cloths, Ac, they have,
and will constant !v keep on hnnd a largo and excel lent
stork of It ISA Us el Aim CLOTHING, (ol up Willi
taste And superior workmanship.
Boots and Nhoes; Hats and Caps, at prices wonderfuly
low. Huoonswnrn and Ulasswurei
Coll'oe, Sugur, Ten, Tobnrco, Spice, Ac,
alwny 011 hand.
TTTTho new firm tender their thanks for Ihe en-
courseiinr manner In which Ihoy have been received.
as well by the public generally s by Ihe old patrons of
the alund, and beg leave lo assure nil. Unit If a constant
altetillon tolhelr wants nnd determination lo keep
up with the limes w III seen 10 coutliiiitilioii anil eu
larireinentof tholrbuslness. thev will not fall to attain
that ond. Country produce tuaen in excuaiige lurgoous
Lancaster, Ohio, January 4, 155 Hi
Stnueraen nnd all who have a good Ilorac,'
RNSETT OAR RETT respeclfnlly reminds
you lhat be Is still hammering sway on
raid Street inthe Citu of Lancaster, where he
XT Is sin
Isalwavson hand to treat cribtded horses.
All experience of neurit 40 yenrs. and many yonrs of
thatiline underthe Instruction nfan eminent Veterina
ry Surgeon, enables him to connilently undertukolhc
most dimcull cases. In SHOEING beholds himself
second to none.
Ollis reputation ia no so well known Hint hor
ses are sentto hi 111 to he shod from mosl of the
neighboring elites and towns. His Shoeing Shop
aceomnind.lloiisare so ample that no detention
or delay will ever occur. BF.NNF.TT 0 ABPF.TT,
Lsnivxt.r, Anffiism, IflVl- i'JmlU
Mo. 0 Slalu Street,
Xeallhu-tneettonllon ofthe ruiMlcto thslr nr nd-
vertisoiueni, woiitaemori'ceiiio.opporiiui'i. y
turning their Ihituksioineir ld frieims and the public
(.eiieniiis lortneirvery ttoerni .nin'if.v "
them. KeoiiiipsfitiMteti wua mcir cpwrt'-m -j m mo
tbey can ouar (trcatar mclucroania to lie puuite inuu
anv.il.rufailiftatal ta tketitnar ptrtaiv. Ibeyare
well aware of thn necessity of small ostaMisdments
j mnkiiieiip In blowlniraiul pull'.ni,' what they lark in ma
ny oilier Niiiirit,ara( -
thinroflbatkilid.and are antisiled after reieivinc their
entire new sioeK, wnicb is now arriviniruany.iiiaia nwi
through their cxlrasirs croiirf ill snllsfy any
one that Ihe (Treon Warie- Sfrc is the place to find
i..l, ..,v.,rivlntrd!.llv.lhatalook
- -
what tdcy want nnd allow pricei. 1 boirsiuu will con
slat In part aa follows:
Plltsbtirc Juniata XJiilBsSpllt"" Hrnda
CAKPFXTERSand liuil lersivMl nleae take notice
j that tho now Hrm of WHITF. e LATTA n ill soil
none but the best Junlsta Nails. All Nails sold b) u
will be warranted. We have now on hand,
SAO K eg Nails, Spike- and Brads,
250 Boxes 3x10, 10x12 and 10H City Glass.
BOO Kess Wm. Wood & Co's Pure White Load,-
10 iltrrels Linseed Oil,
9 Rnri-nls nt Puuv
In addition to ihe above wehaTO a very lnren stork of
Buil'linr HaritMtxrt of evry discretion, which will be
soio rueaperinan ever. n 1 .v , . ...
.. . - 'irrri?Ai itti
l.iincn.fr, April fl.
4 ( ( ftpoilndsofROLI.KI) 1H0N,
JM 1 ,UlfU 'J0,m:0dollanuiiorcd Iron,
l.Mill pounds Cast Steel, I; lo i inch square,
3" do Knarlish Bllstor Steel,
40 do lo.ible Shear do
Sl)0 do German do
l.'iOO do Spcinir do
1000 do ' Americsn Blister do
In store and for sale at lo prices, by
AprilS9,la4. WHITE & LATTA.
fou r.tPKTi:ns.
TB TH'P. Irftn Chl.eU. nnd GoilireS. B'Mlch Planes
1 Monldlna and Head.Mnlcli and Table, ll.-.tehris nnd
Hand Axes, Broad dr rimnpiug Axes, limning lxnives
of nil kinds. Steel ntid Iron Sinmres. Gucrrs and Tr
Squares all slles, Improrc-d Itnrclua; Machines, Hand.
i annel. I ennenl rtippini?, nro aim compass c?w,
Cross I ut and Mill haw, for sole by
April 29, ISM. WHITF. A- LATTA.
4Doz. French Willow Wajrons,
H do Common do do.
S do OITop Cabs
fi do Siiin're und Hound Cloths B.isVets,
HI do .Market Bhr.;U, open and cov'd
Willow Cradles, Ac
Hockinff Horaesand Whorl Harrows,
Pat Clolhs Pins and Grais Veils, by
A prll 8ft. 1K54. WHITE cV LATT A;
Anvil, Vice anit Hlnckniiiit h'sllelloAs a
sit Anvils, weililn; from 100 lo 225 pouulnench
rff 15 Solid lloied Vices,
ivpnirs mncKsniiiii's ujnows,
Sledn-es. liauimora. Borax. Ac. forsale by
April 29. WHITK As LATTA.
l'arminar Iniplfinenl.
Dor.. Cnsl Rlool Pol-d Hoes,
I 20 do 2,3 aniUTine Steel Forks
50 do Gniss nnd Grain Scvlhes,
6 do Wortords Grain Cradles,
3d do Ses, Iho Snathes.
50 do Hay nnd Grain Kakes,
4 do Braniblc Set thus, decrhennbr
AnrllS9.1HM. WHITK ot LATTA.
"V TEhave now on liund, nnd which by our arrange-
Vf uients willl Iho uinnulaeturers, wu can ulfer al
theirbill or prices Willi frleglit added.
Jlles rieni renews,
Bont hesl Shafts
Hticr'rv Bow s.
. 75
Dm "
April 2, mil.
Tin-I'lalc, op;or, Wire, cVc.
k Hoses IC nnd IV Tin Plate.
f Square mid IHO Plato do
Tin'd Copper
Sbeelnnil HarZine,
Siiert Iron nnd Wire,
C'Hitier utiii Iron Itivils. bv
April29 1351. WHITK A LATTA.
To C:irrin;re and IJiiecy 17Iukr.
SPRINGS nnd Axels, Hr.-tsfilnl Silver lluuils. Stump
Joints nnd Ton I'rons.Kiiain'd Drills. Duck nnd Can
vass. Kunml'd und Patent Leaider.iitl descriptions Head
Lllltn?, Moss alnl .luleahle Iron, ec. A grenl lane
of other goinls III thai lino, to be hnd cheap nl Die (trrat I
llnr'lwnrr Sliirrnx w nil t ite I.A l 1 A.
Lancasler, April 211, tP.'il
WHOI.Kflil.C AND RKTlll. di:ai.i;r If
coi'fek, tin & sin:iyr-iUL ware,
Miin ni reel nrar(y opposite the T'ltlmnilge Ifonte,
4 fA IN t nkes plotmuro In c;;!llnic tho attention oflih
7V fuilomorH nnl rountry mirchants Kt-,wrly
ttitjljirKPrit lock of t)fij)piir,Tin and ihert-lron inanu
fBctiirn vorbroutrht t' UiIa market. Ho tnko.i trrent
put 11.4 to kocp constantly on hnmt n lor; variety or
every tiling licit can pin-Mioy n wautRti in nn line, and
tluttiira iiiniuil in hi rrom ina loiiff oxperioncu tit tue
Tin ami SlitM't-Irdii lliiiii'x,
hwlll hr ithlo to irlvi? f'lll Rati tfiictlou to ntl who mnv
favor htm with Uutr )rk. Havitnj u prm iirtd know I
ftdLMof thu hiMiiiOAS lut nut'cLionsi aru mudo with
v)jW lo durability, al j li and elioaptn.ii.
illuuut Mctnrcd t Older.
Iliwil'-.o knfiis in hi emnlov im of tho b-t work
men Hint (Mill bo HMcun'd. and nhvay Wiavins. on hand
tho vorv be Ml inulorbtl, noual-b'd to niaunl'aciiiro to
order iinythine iui'1 itvorv tbinir dcslrahlo In bifl lino
in us coow stj lo und on in tuir ternu hbc.iii an) where
do una.
All U:inN of Stoves, V
Never lu th hUtnrv of l.tinca'itnr wa thern an etab-
llihiii 'iit that kuut on hnnd ii larire r and more t'omtdHe
UMorluiiMit of stovoH.of nil kimU and v ;irl ft l'. lie lit
nl ho pre pared with a tarp' nomnur of Ftrtt tirate. und
for the liccoinmoilutfou of hNrimtomi1!'' keep on hand
a tarn ipiuiiuty or tire Hrten nniiuniicnut-u cxpreis
ly with h vlnw lo ixtttini on (trnt-, .Vc.
hi lino, any nnd uvonthiu; urn-ded "t biillneean be
seeurod bv tfivimr blui a call, and nl prices hh reason
ablo a enn bik obluineil In any otlu-r ntablithuiont In
tho Slate. liiaiiiiicb an hU iircicut stock Is trriit I v
suprtirtobiitforino;lii 0,'iiititlty, (pirtlity variety and
eheiiiiinws, hu fiutU eoiilldi'tit Hint porsc-tn rrlvlnir him
a cull will iroawuv hlt;lilv dt'liirhtod and umnlv nail tiled
no aim K(iep c'lnttiniir on arum
cssMBXfift Irtr-re Mock nfMiH'l 1'Ioivm,
i x of ( Inohiiiatluiid ttrclcvillo uiun-
,!m mrm" u fnot u m .
..iucnter, Murt h K, lVi Ai
lUHMlI AIlltlV.il. OF
acot ii(ii;s
hi:miy a. s;i:3st:i.i:i.v,
One Dnar F.ant of the thr '.inf Vat! r if Rank, Snuth ii
Muin Strctt) Launuter ithio.
RKSPKfTPUTJ.Y solicits the ntteiilion of his friends
, and ciistinnn, and till that mny want (irocirirs
ami who wilt bu so kind us to give him a call, both from
tho city nnd country, ( my superior and complete stock
of Gro'eurles, Junt received, embracing in pail the fol
lowing articles:
JAVA and RIO rOKFKli; Young, JTvsun,
ffo Tllack and ImperlnlTKArt; New Orleans Sugar,
feVo Loaf, 'rmhVd und Pulverized; Hice, Golden
UiHw ill Syrup, 8. H. Syrup, R. II. Alnlnsscs, K. Orleans
do., Oranges, I.omoun, Itai-sians., Figs, Prulu, Almonds,
Porous. l'llhflrts,Cocn Nuts and Brazil Nuls,llrled Heef,
Itrled Tongue und Clnctnuuti Cured Hams. Kngtlflh
Hairy Cheeso and W. H. Creaiu do.,; Spice, Ctuuninon,
tUnves, Nutmepa, Mace, Alsplt e, Pepper nnd Ginger,
Sal Soda, Or. Turtar, Saltrrats, Starch, Saltpeter, Ext.
Logwood, Indigo, Madder, Alum, etc., etc.
Soap,Cnndloa, Tubs, Buckets, Uruums, Wanh Bonis,
A fine lot of ("hewing Tobacco, nNo Smoking do. nnd
Cigar, W'lnea nnd Walker's Burlou Palo Alt, a gener
al stock of Notions. Toys, and great many other article.
...m ' II A III.' It IV I WIN
1, IMI. --'i''Jii.
li.vNi) toh ham:.
1HK undersigned offers for sule Klcllty A err a
or lift 11 u locatea in iiocicing lowusnip, ;i:
miles West of Uuncnstvr, on the Turuidko, described
as follows: it being the Wost half of thu Souihwost
Uuurlor of Section No, 111, Township No. 14. In Kntigo
4i"t No. 111. Improvements consist of TV()TCj
W.iij: DWKLL1NG MUUSK8atidSTABLK,goo.lka
.VililLsPULNG bandy to tbo Dwulllng, n GOOU.L.
YOUNG OKCIIAHD of grafto.l Fruit, Fifty Acres
elcnrod umlur cultivation. Whole Kighly Acres un
der good fence, the other Thirty Acres well tlnihorert,
a nice Sugar Orchard, two never-railing streams of
wator passing through the farm. The prleo of the above
laud Is H per aero, two thousand dollars In haiid,the
balance In two annual payments with Interest.
ror lurinur purucuinra uppiy to mo sunscrioor ming
on the premises.
February 1, IH55-
Oaittro Ornnire Seed and l'lniM.
ff IHE undersigned have a largo amount of Osage Or
I lingo Seeds andPluntaof thu best (piality .surpassed
b) none lu the enintry,w hlch thoy will sell ut the lowest
market price-.
At from 3.1 to 4ti cents per rod, with a futr deduction
where large eontraclsaro maile.
At from ?& cents to 91 9 rod-the payments as fol
lows when the hedge Is set, and the balance when
ll will answer the purpose of a good fuiico ,
ii r. iu lir w" ni
Por whnt disinterested Judges will sny It Is worth, (as
eoinpnrert w tin good fences) wnen u is eompieimi,
At fll to 91 Aft rer rod.to be paid for when completed.
JAMES SUMPTKK A CO., Dayton, Ohio.
James Si MKl'iH, College Corner, llutlor county. Ohio
James Mcirnew, Aloxandcrsvllle, Ohio.
Dekj-am t n Leas, Uayton, Ohio.
Mar 1, 16&4. G. MARTIN, Agent, Carroll. Ohio.
nr. njoixrT,
fTSJiist received his SPRING nnd SUMMER
I I ply of 11 ATS & CAPS at his old stand, ji.ifM
TaTlmndfe Home, Main Street. Lancaeter. Ohio. HI
stock hns been selected wttn care and embrace
ivrry variety oi iiiiis,v t ops, "rs
including Whlto Beaver, Alolskln, No. 1 T. T
and 2 Chluaand Pedal Straw aud Leghorn-
Hats; Men, Boys snd Chlldrens Palm Lenf.from lft ; lo
S7Hi--Also Men and Boy's Furnd Wooi;Kossuth Hats,
Boys and Children! Fancy Hats, which will be sold itl
tne lowest prices. Leghorn list warned ana tiohM
t tne snorte.i notice, ui iiuni lorgt me pise",
olej J, 1H.M. . 71. S1I.1LLET.
is x- i - '"v i- s - -TS-
.::'- -,'v'v
Tea most nanrful Kins- on the fane of the globe now
reigns supreme in the American Kepublle. The power
of the crowned heads of Kurops siak Into Insigniucimce
when compared to that or our Amermaa mug.
JCuropean Kings employ the powsr vested in tbem to
Increase the riches of th rich and lordly, and to rtrdoce
to greater misery and degradation the poof "'P""
dent. Our American King goes forth wild equal willuoj-
nsss to the lordly mansion aud nuiuoie caoui, nmj
to administer relief and to oiler health and happplnrss
to the lofty and lowly, the rich and the poor.
U th Tista Wohdie or thi Woeld, ot th grt
bliwsing wnr offuretl to afillcted bumuiity; to tb sutTerini
Diildons, tbo bocior c&a mj, wlief i t your comnuiDd.
You only to dh thii iniigical remedy. All tho
who ttill sutler, nd will not cctpt tho profferwd b&lm,
A-rwt not th nitv of their fainidu.
This wooacriul ioaicine, aurmu tue unci penw nuw
IU introduction, hwi wrted happioeas to tho heart of
tbouMiids, iid uunle life a charm to many who usmtofora
recorded it only aa a, puinful and mUerabl existence.
To tho winds with all Liuuuentu, Enibrocntions, Pala
Killara, and Pain Kxtracton, and lot millions of glad
tougues proclaim tna mnu oi tn grvM aiunui,ii
King of rain." a preparation composed solely of vegeta
bles aud roots, produced by Amurlca's own rieh and
bounteous soli.
Wo would ask ths Ladieb, who are always competent
judges of what is and what Is not aTaluabi family medi
cine, to do as a special favor by girlng tho King of Tain
a slnKlo trial, and if satisfactory, exert their lnnuenos
lu Its behalf, recommend it, speak well and often of It,
aud sue thnt It is uoed by their atUlotod neighbors. Ths
I, ail es are aivTKysclitinuibie.ana wnen uie; inuuee tuen
suuering fiientU to use this really valuable medicine,
thtjy will be doing an aot of benevolence that they can
welt be preud of. This Is a powerful and truly magical
rt-wedy for all external dtdeaws, sores, swellings, burns,
he, aod fr many Internal alUlctlops, it isacttrtain curs,
yet it is perfectly hsrmleM, and incapable of producing
tilt) ll-aUt injUriOU" VIIWU IU U lUVai UVMVeeleV wvanSi VI.
ttie nuakest cuufltltution.
It Is entirely useless to follow the old and worn-out
iv m em of publishing to the public thousands of oertifl
cures of wonders performed by (hli mediciue. It costs
but twenty-live cents to try it ; and Dr. bull stakes his
w ll-fnnied reputation on the King of Pain doing ail and
uvtc tiinu ho e latum fur it.
We would ask, luvu you ins nneumsusin or uoui;
thi.ie arn not pleaHaut compauions, and we know that
you would liUu to drive ttieiu away aa soon as possible. I
ttitm ud
Would you be cured almost Immediately, of Dowel
tVmipittiiii, 1J HenUry, summer Complaint, tmoiora aior-
i.ti- I'nntiii folic. lld Ache. Tooth, or any otber aout
or phin, the rtiuvdy Is simple and tho cure certain
Would you have your Sores, Swellings, Cuts, Barns,
Scald, Bruiser, or any other wounds beaied, w repeat
it. use the
U'nt.M vnn Im curud nf Scald Uoad. Stiff Joints, Sora
Tliront, tNiiuraliH. Soro riwt, Lumbago, Tetter or King
VV"riU. SHlt lUieiilll, OllMM 1H ruiBiMIUUB HlWiai, uimppvu
Uandrt, and all other tiores, either dry or running, we
my Hgiu aud uguiu, loua Hixsor Is Dr. John Hull's
Would von he cured of Klnft's HtH. Cancer. Tumors,
Kruptlons, or anv dlcafe of the Pkin cau"d by Impure
hiond. then use Mr John Hull's SarMiparllla Internally.
and the Klug of fain externally, nottiing can bv mora
certaiu than a speeuy ana eticctuai cure.
This medlrlne. when used according to directions, will
sore, without fall :
or King's Kvll,
TanreTS, Kruptlont
of the Skin, Uryslpela,
Tumors, Chronic Sore Byes,
Rlnxwunn or Tetters, Soahl Head,
ItheuuiKtttfni, Pains In the Bones or
Joints, Old Horn and Ulcers, Swelling of
the (Hands, Syphilis. Pyipepsta, gait Khttum.
Diseases of the Kidneys, biMiases arising from the
use of Mercnrv, loss of Appetite, Pain In the Side and
Pliou Ulers, General liebllity, Lumbago, Conghs, Colds,
Dropy,.Iaundictf,('oafiveneas, llroncbitis, Weakness oftht
i:hesitSore Throat, Pulmonary Affections, and all other
Iirti(es tfndlug to produce Cuiisutoption, Liver Com
plhlntsfiuRle Irregularities and Couiplnints.Uw
mpirlts, Sick and Nerrous Headache, Nigh
Sweats. Kxposurcs, or Imprudence In Life,
Chronic Constitutional Diseases, and as a
Spring and Summer Drink, and General
Tonic for the System, and a gentle
and p'eawint purgative, It Is
superior to lllua Lick
and rnngrcfl Water,
Dai's, or tiddllti
ti I 14 romr.rkahlo fact, thnt among tho hundreds of
rtuinctit plitidt'inns who hare exauiined the recipe by
which Mull's SurnHpurWa Is prepared, not one has con
demned if, but all approved it, and commend It In th
i,i.ri,.sit tonus. IMaiiV plirHh'lana express themselves
siroii'ly in the belief f ti'it It U decidedly the best prepa
ration of Siirnapurilla that has ever been placed before tho
nnhiir. Althotnrh thru are many phyHicians who feel a
reluctance, to having their names appeuded to therocom
inioiilaiiou of sny particular remedy, notwithstanding
thrv my HpprnvH of it In the higliost degree, there ar
ui hen who frankly yield their support in favor of a
miMf lv uhlcli thev know U capable of doing so much
good in au KlUioted community. As an evidence, read tho
loilortlnn from old and reitpectuble physicians, of high
tuudlug lu Uie com m unity in wuiou tuey uve i
Hy Tustlmony like the following render superfluous
all comment on the elhcauynf Hull's Sarsaparilla. From
Dr. Ii. I'. Van dull, profssorof Chemistry in the Isoutsvllte
Mv.dlcul 'ollic : 1 have looked over the list of IngrediuiiU
mmootiintf .toll ii Hull's Compound Extractor Snruuiittrilla,
and lutve no henltution in saying that thoy form a safe
compound, and one that promises well lu chronic diseases,
to which it is applicable. h. P. VANDiiLL, M. I.
Louisville, June 0. mo.
What Or. Pyles, physician by appointment to the Lou
... .. .1-. It i.-l u...,ar ll-.ll'a U..-.. ..il i. .
Louisville, March 20, 1S48.
1 hnvu nvamlued tho nrescrlption for the ..reparation of
Joint Itull's Sarrtaparllla.aud 1 be 1 lore the combination to
be au uxcellunt one, ami well calculated to produce an
MitttrutivH iinures.-ion on the system. I have used It both
lu puhliu ami private p met Ice, and think it the best
ntuuitt of iUrjiipanlla uow iu tide.
M. PYLKS, Mi D.,
Ueslileut Physician Lou Is Til la Marlue Hospital
Keller Tcilhuouy than was ever Offered la favor of
any Mcdlctue.
Rev. K. X, Selion, Rev, E. Stevcnsoa.
Louisville, May 20th, 1819.
We have used. John Bull's ISarsaparilla, aud have known
It to bu used, with entire satisfaction and we have uo
hesitation in stating our belief, that it ia a safe and
valuable medical compound, and calculated to produce
much good and relieve much aulTerlng; and theiutoro
would cheerfully and most ear uestly recommend it to the
aulteteo. omiu.i,
We earnestly invite all persons wno are suflVrlng with
any of " the his that flesh Is heir to,11 to cull on Dr. John
Pull's agent, and get a copy of bull's li'iuiitly Journal
on ati; and for the sake of humanity, wo bope tbat a
sluKle individual will not be found unwilling to give Hull's
tfurttapat Ula a thIal, after reading, and reuollectlug.at the
(nine time, tbat it is linpomdtde for the Doctor to publish
the UmiU part of the number of oortitlcatea of astuuudlng
cunts peroruied by his oarsaparllla. The anion ut or
tvuiiimmy voluuturlly showered on Dr. bull's oama par ilia,
from wall kuowu and distiuguiahed Individuals, both lu
nubile and private life, hsj been perfectly overwhelming.
ILr-Da.JUUN UULI.'d Principal Office, west side fc'iti-U
evt, ttrst door below oUiu, LyuiaVLLLE, dr.
Forsi.leb) G. KAUKKMAN & CO.
JUiiunilor,Julyi0,lHtVl. K. 1- Si.OCL'M ot CO.
mkik im: and vauii.ty stoui:.
fllllK undorjilsiiod ri!sneetfully udvertiscs the pub
J. lie that he has on hand for sale, on reasonable terms
for cash, ncompltte. assortment ot v
Fresh and Well Selected Medicine,
Comprising evervr rwle and chemical, derived from the
re-ttabfeMiniil and Animal Kingdoms, nnd used In
Jtllvvnthic. litem eonat hie Keteetie and Hvlattie nraelicc.
TheiisHortmeut embraces all the Alkatoid,Reiuoiif
1(rofione ana .tijueovit t-.rr racfji, tyr . ire.
His stock of Surgical Instrument is of the bent quality,
A Full Stock of Family Grocer ten,
Fronch and American Perfumery In greut variety.
Havana and enmmoii Segurs, Chew ing nnd Smoking
Tobacco; bust qunlity of W Incs, Hrandies. A-c.,nativo
and Imported, for medicinal use; strong Cider Vinegar,
Window Glnss and Glass Ware, together with ulllbe
pojittlnr patent iutdicliio.4, and nn endless vorlety of
gdds nnd fr both oruameiitul and useful,
PhHlcluns predcrlptlousput up with great euro by a
compoiouiuiiii uxperteiiceu dispenser.
Oct. 00, Aff. 100, Main Street t. an tatter .
D. K. FINtlEL.
TTAVING retiirnod to the city and erected larffe
I building In the rear of tho brick house, on tho
earner of Jlroai and Cheennt Utrceto. oneeauare South
of the Market ieass, Intends iiinnufncturing upon
M ii?tr scale ui I tue various article
VX of Citblnet Furnlturo. Bedsteutle!
fand Chairs. Which ho will keep )J
'1 inlwnyann hand, together with n sj1-
large assortment of Cincliinntl maiiufacture. His long
experience In tho business will enable him to hare
manuiuetureu ai nome nntt imported irom aoromi the
very best of work, and as ho Intends to employ none
out mo most smi inn worEmen ami uso me oest mate
rials, ho Hatters himself that ho will give gen oral sa
tlsfaetlon to nil who mnv favor him with thoir custom.
Tho public are Invited to cull and examine tho as
sort men t. Tho entrance to the rooms Is upon Broad
Street. D. K. F1SHF.L.
N. n. Hopalrinsr done on the shortest notice, and In
tho n oat est and most workmnnlDto manner. Charge
J.imooster( Mny 3u.
VN lNFAlsUHLB REMEUV for scrofula, Kings
evil, rhoumatlsm, obnliufttc cutaneous eruptions,
(dutplos or pustules on the fueo, hlotehos, boils, chronic
tore t; cs, rtnir worm or toltur. scald-buad, enlarfroitient
ind pain of tho boues and Joints, stubborn ulcors,
j-l.ilitlc ilUordor. luuihiuro npinal complaints, and all
lieu.H0i nrinlnir from an' liitidicimnt use of mercury,
;mprudt'iice in life, or iinpuriiy of the blood.
This vnluublo medicine, which has beomo celebrut
'd for the number of extraordinary cures offer ted
ill rough Its auency, has Induced the proprietors nt the
irjjfMit request or their irienus, tu oiiur it lo tne putitlc,
which they do with tho utmost eontideiice in Its virtues
and wonderful curative properties. The following cer
tiiicntos, stl!cted from a larpe number, nre, how-over,
Wronger testimony that the mere word of tho proprie
tors; nnd are ;:l! from gentlemen well known In thulr
loculUie3, and of tho highest respectability, maney of
itiotn now rostiiing in ine city oi Hiennioiui, irprinm.
F. Oovden. Bsu., of the bxebauge Hotel, Kiohmnnd,
:iiown every where, says ho has soon the medicine
ailed cahter sPeViMH MixTntE admtnlterod In over a
hi nd rod eases, in ne.irlj nil the dtfteuses for which His
-('commended, with the inoul astonishingly good rostilts.
He ay it is tho most extraordinary medicine he has
;ver seen,
Am k and Fuvkh Qrtat rure I hen'by certify, that
'or three yuurs L had Ague and Fover of the most vlo
1 Mit description. 1 had several Phynleians, totk n,unn
iltiesof Uuiuluo, nu'reury, nnd I beliovo alt without
iuy permaiiei't r.dit'r. At Inst 1 inert carter's Spanish
mixture, tvo bottles of which effectually cured me,
ttul I am happy lo say 1 have had neither chills orfeer
l nee. i cnnsnior ii ine nem lonir m in woria.nno tne
il medicine tlialhas reached my enso. J. LOGDEN.
Rbaveh lAM,nearlMcbmond, Vlrittia.
( H. Luct. F.sn .nowin the c iv of Klchinond. and
r miuiv vearn In the Post Oiilco, has such confidence
n theasttinishiugetllcacy of carter's spatilsh mixture.
tiat ho era boii'rlit unwanla of .Vlboltles. which he has
riven. iwavlo the ainiited. Mr. Luekaityshelmsiievor bio and costly Gifts fortho People, The KngrEvirira
known lltA fail when taken according to direction. can he sent by mail (without being dniuneed 1 to aiTv
Dr. Mlnare. n prnctioing Pbysleinn, and formerly of purl of the countrr. " '
he citv holel. In Iheciij of Hlcliinoud, says he has wit
tossed in 11 number of instances the effects of carter's
oiuiiish mixture which were most truly surprlslnir. Ho
-nvs in u ense of consumption, dependent on the liver,
lie good effects were ttonnerliil imlecil.
Samuel M. Drinker, of llio Iho linn of llrlnkor & Mor
-is, Richmond, was cured of livor compluiiit ofoiirht
ears stuiidinir, by Ihe uso of two bottles of carter's
pniilsh mixture.
nnat rure of Srnfula. Tlit Kdltors of Iho Hlch-
nond Republleiiii hml a servant omployed In their press
00m, Cliroil Ol Vl'iicni si 1 oiiiiit, null iiuiru Willi rneu-
nalism, lik-.li entirely eisanieo mm lrom wora. I wo
mules of carter's spimi.ih mixture mado a perfect euro
' lam, Iho Editors, 111 11 piinno nonce, say mey cneer
illv leconiiitenil it to all who are aiuiciea w nuniiy uis
use of the bleed.
Still nnothnr rers nf Srroritttt. I had A Tulllable hoy
ured of scrofula bv carters Spanish nilxiiire. icon
iderlta valuable medicine. JAMES M. TAYLOR,
Conductor on the It . r . cu y. K. It. Kicliiuoud, Va.
Salt RhriM of SO J"fer ttmilinr cured Mr. John
I'hiiinnsoii. rosld'uur ill Iho city of Richmond, wiiacur-
11 hy lliree nntlles oicaiit-r sHpitinsii iin.Miire, 01 suit
Ileum, which he hud nearly 20 years, and which all llio
Pl,t-Ul..i!ina .,r th i-itv rituld not. cure. Mr. Thoninsnn
is a' well known merchant In tho city of Richmond, Va.,
1110 his cure Is most reinMrKiioio.
William A. Matthews of Richmond, V Iririnln, had a
.orient cured of Svi. hills. In the worst form, by carter's
ipuitisli mixture.
Itlcharil v.. v, esioi liienniono. was citreii 01 scronua,
and what Phvsle ions called eoiiliriuod consuinption, by
Ihreo boltlca ot curler sspilliisn mixiure.
Jtdwtn Burton, commissioner 01 1110 uevennn, says
ho has seen the trood ellectsof carter's Spanish niKluro
n a number nr syplunue eases, una says it is a poriuet
lire ot Hint livrrinlo aisense.
William G. Ilarwood of itichmond. Vlrsinia, cured of
Ill sores nnd ulcers, which disabled him from walking-.
rook a few botllesof curler's Spanish mixture, and wus
iinhlod to walk without u crulcii, In a snort nine per
nnnently en red.
Prlneliml llelmtsnl M. Wliril.C1o.se Sl C., No. P3 Mlllil
in Ijiue. New York. T. W. llvott & sons. No. i.TJ.Norih
M street, Philadelphia. Heimot und Beers, ISo. 1-J5
MRlnstreot, HlrhmoiiU, virginm.
And 1'ttrsnld liv KaniTmun mid co.. Lancaster; h. Ituln,
ilnshvlllo: R. B. Wnllter. West Rushville: Porter iinil
.Velrstelii,Llliopolis. und Dealers in moincine overy
vvnore. tec, ii , ino t iy
I,! V Kit COM I'l.A INT,
Dysprpeia, Jatimlire. Chronic or AVrrors Debility
iiuicaitc ot rne nuiurne.
A NDnlldiseusesiirisliiKfrom a disordered Liver nr
.;V l-loioncli; such as consumption, inward piles, full
iess of hlotid to the bend, aciditv of the stomacli. mm
.ea, betirl-buitii, dicrust for food, fullness or weight ill
ho stomach, snur eructations, sinking or fluttering nl
lie nit of Ihe stomach, swimmlnix of the heud, hurried
uid i t rtloi: It brenthirur, fluttering at Hie henrl, chunking
rsiifToealioii senstitiuns when iu a lying posture, dlni
'lessof vision, dolsor tvebs before thu siht. fevcrund
lull pain In tho head .deficiency of perspiration, yellow
1'--, , l 1 , , , - , .
less of the shin and cy.-s, pnin lu Ihe side, buck, chest,
1 11 ma, eie. sin 1 'tw 11 nu.uvi ,, in, -". -
miiAiithnagiiilngs of evil A great di pro-slnn of.ipirits.
)r. 11oo;ittmlN fVlcbrntod f.onnun llUfors
Prepared bit r, C. Jae.frean nt the German Medicine
Store J'o. l'JO Ji'eh Street Philadelphia
Their waver nverlhti above disosses is not excelled
f equalled, by any other preparation In the United
tat oh. us the cures attest, in many cams after skilful
ihvsii inns had failed,
these, Hiitorsnre worth v the attention of invnllds.
i'osstM'dng great virt'io in the rnt'tb atlou ofdlsoasosnt
he Liver and U'sser giiimU, exercising the most search
a ir iiowcrs iu weak noxsnnd effect ions tf tho dige.sli vo
.rLniiis. thev are. w ithal. safe, certain and ideasHiit,
Read ami he eonrintel.-r. KKssEi.Mne, Jeweler,
'.V ouster. Ohio. lt.!ceinber lJnd, lH.il, sunt: 'l embra
Ills opportunity of Informing you of Ihe reat benetll I
ave derived from tho u.se ol Dr. Hooiland's Germiin
Hitter-. 1 have used tbem for chills und fever and ills-
irderud Klomnctt, and fou ml relief In every case. They
iw the best remedy fr disordered stomach, I think, In
i tristonen.
P. Foley lUnomfLdd. Ohio. October 7, 1?.V. said:
'Wlib feelings of griitltmlo I take my pen lo inform you
f the Incalculable hem tit 1 havo derived from Ihe uso
it ItnttflHndN (inriiinn liiller. I ua us 'd them for
die Mver cmnplaint, mid take pleasure In recomineiul
.iigthein to the public us the safest und best remedy
now in nsv
, Tho Kdilor of the IVoonter Vmoera Mny 8, 18.W,
aid: "Hoflnnd's tWnifiu iillti-rt. This invuluablo mo
liciuo Is dallv nerformlnircures of the most remarkable
haractor. Ve do not speak of this medicine without
i knowledge of its oMcai y. as we have tried It in our
fnmilv, und And II to be Iho only thing needed In Uxor
r-ompUiul or dvspepsta.
t )ti if.h it Ci.AHkK. Cambrldce. Ohio. November 1
!KV. said: 'Mlv those nersons who hnvo usod ynur Hoof-
:tnds German Hitters, Ihev are considered au in valua
ble remedy rorilyp'psiu.
on should boar ill miuu inai inesu niuors nru
r.NTiHKi.Y vkobtablk, tnereoy ponses-ung aiivaniiic-os
ver moHt of the nreimratloiis reeoiuiueiiuoa lor simi
lar disonwes.
Fnraleby Kaiiffmno A co,; K. hath, Ktishviiio; k.
. Walkor, West Kusbvllle; Porter c Weirsten, L)tbo-
polis, and Dealers in mo. nemo every w iiaro.
jueceinner ii, jcj-i iv
McsNrn. CInrbe, "Wright A Co.
ffTAVK taken for a nnmherof years, the foundry
1 W nwniul hv John Ariicv, Fso., situate niion Colum-
bu and Broad Stnetn,in the cirtf of l.nnraeter where
thty uro determined to he on hand wllh all such nrti-
iv in tneir line, as inn couiurj iniunr
rs . Mlll-C.nnrlng. Machine CAST1GS and
'if!v 'FLOUtJIlS, of various pullerus, ivnr
r.3Vm ranted n superior article, together W illi
nil minor articles lu Ihu Foundry line.
tl.AHKl'.'S Cornstnlk ami Strnw Cutler,
An articles aiinerior to all others of the kind in the
oiinlrv, and one to which we invite Ihe special atten
tion of the Fanner. This mitcliiito for cutll itfr shock
om for hlirh feeding or fulleniiisr stock, will snvo from
:ii to 411 per cent. Corn rodder, when cut, is nearly or
ru1t eqtiul lo liny for feetllnff eitiicr ciiiilo or horses.
initk lug an acre oi wen suveu corn loouer worm two
aeresof the bosl grown liny In Ohio. They are calcu
lated for cither hand or horse power, fro are also
preparing to furnish to order
.UcC'oimiclt, KcHprr und flrn Cutter ond
lloon 's hi nt Iliill.
Fnrniors clvo us a coll. Evervhodv Blvo ns a cull.
ami buy our goods and wares, our ploughs und shares,
aml.ws will try in turn to buy your corn, your wheat,
your Hour, your meat, your hay, your onls, your rag
hunk utiles, or aught yon mny desiro to spare, of brokon
pots or other ware. We therefore have llio highest
hope, without designing nny Joke, thnt you will give
liberal share of patronaire to ns who are determined to
tlti business on the most liberal terms.
February 10, 1854. CLARKE, WRIGHT ok CO.
s RV. now receiving at tblr old stand, ns fine a stock
of KANCY and STAPLK DKY GOODS as bus ever
men offered In this market, eonsistlng of every nrtlelo
iu Ihe Dry Goods line, together with a Fine Stoek of
Boot and SAofs, Groceries fuecimvare and Gta-
wars, all oi whit-n inev are determined to soil as tow
as nny house lu Fairfield county, entire cash stores not
They beg lonve to tender their earnest thanks to the
citizens of Jdinctisters and vicinity, for the very liberal
share of patronage mey nave received sinco nicy have
been In business, aud hope for ft continuance ofthe
same, assuring the public thut no pntiis shall be spared
on tlielrpart 10 givw enure snusmcuon. ine usual ar
Ucles of conntry produce taken In exchange for Goods.
Utueasior, marenyi, ipo4.
TIIK undersigned would respectfully announce to
the citizens of Fairfield and adjoining counties,
tbat he desires to sell at private sale the Woolen
factory situated In the town oft llnvcnaport,
Fairfield county, Ohio. The machinery Is principally
does work equal to nny in the country, nnd has a large
run of custom. There Is connected with the Factory
Ma good and convenient Dwelling Honso,contaln
Ing four rooms, and also four finely situated lots.
The out buildings are numorous and convenient.
Person desirous of making a good bargain In this
kind of property, would do well to come and examlno
am premise. JONATHAN K, MIKSPE,
Hnveiisport, OuU.ber3, lf?54-"i
IKIBUTIllN. The proprietors take great pleas
ure In auiiounclMB-to Iheclllzensofthe L'nlon, lli.t lu
eonseo,uuncv of Uie Rreal aallsfacllon manifested hf
lite llrkel-ltolders of ihelr tlr.l rreat Dlslrlbutloit. and
the man) IhoUKiiid solicilaliui,. from all i,.rls of ihe
country. In relation to whether they Intend settlnsr
up another Distribution of Uirtal'ur the people, thev
have. utter an Immense oulla)-, been enabled fo ollnr
tolhoir Ihousandsof patrons the follow-tiiR valua
ble, iiiacnlnceiit, and unpreeedenlcd 11K 1 1.1,1 A NT
M'.HEMh, , to be dlslrlbiiu-d as soon as the J(:U,(.W
Beautiful tiiKravliiBsofth. CariToi. nf Ohio are dis
tributed aniuMit their Fuirous. The price uf llio En
KravliiR is but One Dollar, and as parloromaineul It
cannot be surpassed.
noau nitenureiy tno lollowlns; list of beautiful end
cosily Gilts, which will besatisluctorily distributed by
scoinuiillee often selected nue from each Mate hero
lueiuriress numner oi siioscriners are obtained:
I do IN OHIO B.(,00
1 da do , g unit
1 Kour-slory Brick Derolllngind Lot, In Co- 1
lurubui, Ohio . . 0.5CW
1 do dei do do OJIKI
1 r.eaulllul residence lu Iho town of Mount
Vernon g
1 Two-Mory Brick Bnlldlns; In Chllllcoliie Ut
1 Brick Collage and Lot in Columbus 3.01O
1 do do ... do a eisi
1 Framo do do do s,5tl
1 Handsome Country ltesldeuce In Bcro,
Ferry county, Ohio 1,500
4 Hpleiulid building lots In Columbus, at
" A S.CC0
l' do . do do fltO !5,W()
"o do . Cleveland B.r.r.ii
1 t.raiin -icuon nano (Chickeriiig's)
1 liold Watch, set with Diamonds
S Gold Walches.at J5(io c,.),
10 Kosewood Pianos, at f.100
10- do do nt 4110
10 do do at 3U0
SO Cold Watches, at 11.10
Da) do nl 100
100 do at 75
Inn do at 40
3iK) Silver do at so
, l,(ao
2, ri(0
3. U.0
4. ISO
i'U.W u
aim io do at 1.-.
H'OO Ladles' Gold Breast Pius,nt 4
atM) , do brotha Shawls, at $25 1
5t.il do Silk Dress Putt em., at fton
StHiO Gold Pencils, at a
111000 Gold Pons, wllh Silver .1
8IHXI0 Gold Hings,i l,.10each
ivie. uo al 1.1)0 each
Evry nurehnserof the snlrndlrf 1ma t i.i..
Knpraving, will receive a Certificate of Momberihli
entitling them to n cIimtica in ti. Mh.... u.. ......
jiTirjii Co mo Flrt Served.rj
Persons wlshlm? to act as Atrent.fnr , will .! ..
send a recoiuinendulion signed by Iho Postmaster or
some other Influential and well known person In the
l.I.tnn uhu.u ,tw... ..i-t.ln
to inose persons who have been actlngas Agents for
us In our former Distribution, this Is not required.
A 1 1 orders with the money enclosed, free of postage,
will meet with prompt attention.
lr"F"ii order to prretat tnistal tt, agrntt and othert
trannmittinf montu tout will please iaci it iraled in
the prrttnrti of the) Poltmatttr, and the amount enter
ed on the way bill.
W e prepay all our letters, circulars, die, to our
ngentsnmlcorrespondents, and expect them to do the
same with us.
JTrABonis wanted In every town, whom we will
runiisli with posters. circulars. schedules, Instructions,
tve, on application nt our olHce, nr bv mail post pultl.
ror further particulars see doscriptive bills, Ac., or
enijulre ut office, K0.s, Walcutt's Block, 'I'own ritrect,
Columbus, Ohio. BURNKLLdt CO., Proprietors
j'-ri.s n. ntinrr jait, Agent ror Lancaster.
March 8, 1H55-44
.1E1I.X G. BARBENCIION has become proprietor,
by purchase, of llio Grocery Store of H. B. litinter
Co., to which ho hnslllst added a lurire .ml .n.,r,l,...
variety of Family Orecerie; now arriving and lo arrive
from Cliiciniu'tl.iind other marts. In makinir his uur-
enase he lias hud in view the aecommodnliou of hi
friondsnnildlscrimatliig public, for all aensons. Hei
r,. ,, ,.,., (M . ,V1 ,.,;,"
co.M?hC110AARllljofuUklnds,for families and
Cantliee. Tnrmcrenla Altnond.. V.nn-lUh vnn .i.
Brniillan Nuts. Figs and dates.
Jrllict, nw Golallno for Jollies, Prunos.eVr.
(if Failllls Groceries he will onlv metilinn Pl.ll
dorod and crushed .SUGAR, Sow Orleans do., Tr.AS,
...... , u , i-.n, i u-rs, eiouisses, uoiiiun r.yr-
ip, rrenck Chocolate, Jviushronn Wulnuls, Tomato
t'nlsuu, a splendid lot of Huirlieh Diaru Phteir. mil
other arliclestoniimorous lo nut down hero.
Not to furiret,iilso, Lluunrs. Ilruniiv lor the slrk .ml
convalescent. rigurs5yonrs old, smoaklngand cliow ine
.i i.r '. ""' '-" iur iiiv .-purisiuan.
lie will koen on hand a variety or lai,.. t.i-n;.A
earf Japan of hisowii ninutifitcturu forlbe triulo.
Nol least, a lurgo and full assortment of Qcenvorr,
Earthen ware, French ware and y.luh Olanware, ul
so, H'ooden inure. Tub. Ituct. ett.Qe.
(-no nopes 10 oniiini a lair shairoriho public favor
In his new underlining, und looks for the itppml aiion
ami ptttronage of his friends. Having been compelled
lo relinquish hisformer business 11s injurious lo health,
ho will inukoaralrtria!ofthis,to sou ir it will not Croili
his purse, as well as his heallh. If Ine oxporlmeul, (in
I 111. UHUI, MIUU ll,1,j I.IM- Hill
succeed, ho will ho able ho trusts, lo serve the public in
which he will devote his undivided nlteniionjdoea not
i,uiiid uuiur linetlli cuoucltv.
May 31(31.
LAxcuTUtt hiaciiii-: riM..".ini-
pi DKVOLIs prepared to furnish all kinds ofSTI'A M
A"K-.KN(INKH.llnou short nuLtce ultd nl ('.li-ii.,i t
and t'illshiirg prices.
tiso. all kinds of Mill Gearing. Hoisting Screws,
Regulating Screws, Jack Scrows; Fuller's Keren s and
Cider Scrows.
Mill .Spindles of cast Iron or wrought.
Hnlesitnil Drivers, dte., die.
He will also furnish llio PARK F.K WIIKF.L lo suit
any head of water, nnd wiih oitherirnn or wood shaft.
Also the ATftiiVsoH WHF.KL fit upas above, 'ihe
patent en tho 1'nrker Wheel has uxpired and conse-
'liionuy tuey con ne nau much cheaper.
He also continues to miiko IIKVOL'S THRASHIN'G "
MACHI.NKS, und keeps a lot constantly on hand; war
ranted the best in Ohio.
All tho above articles will he made with especial euro
and hy thebeiC workmeu, and will bo warranted.
All kinds ol repitirmir done upon Ihe hhortest notice.
lie iilo keeps constantly on hand, ALL KINDS OF
CASTINGS, usually kejd In a Foundry. He has com
pleted his front slui, so that those who cull can o.xiim
ine his work. i
The known qnallty ofthe work dono at this estab
lishment for many yeara)pnsl,ls lite best iriturrantee that
In future. Iho subscriber will labor to desire tho pat
ronage of the public, lie invitosoxuininutioii.
Luncaster,.Ma) IU, 1MI. G. JJKVOL.
JGRUBB having retiirnod to Laiiensternnd Intends
, to remain permiincntly In this city, and having re
colvod InHruetionsfrom an experienced DenliKt from
the city of New York, und obtained a kiiowlt'dgrof the
business, now respectfully tenders his professional .ser
vicesto citizens of Lancaster nnd the public generally.
He Is prepared to perform nil operations upon tho
Tue th, such as Extracting, Pluglug, Filling, regulatinir
theTeotH,treatingflpungy or deceased Gums, destroy
lugNervoa, removing Tartar, etc.
AtlHU'inlTeeth inserted on Gold Plate from one to
full set: also Artillcisl Crowns seton healthy roots
without pain, suns to answer all the purposes tif mas.
Kvery oporrttron In Pontlslry essoutlnl to preserve
and beautify tho Teeth, and give them a honltby ac
tion, and Improve tho breath, health dtTasto, performed
on modorntu terms. Ladles in the city or county, will
bo waited on nt their respective plucesof residence, if
It be requested. No charges made or examination or
consultation at his oltlce.
OFl'ICK On the Northonst corner ofthe Public
Siiunre, one door from Main stroet.
Lancanter, Heptombor 5H, )t5 ai
f T A VE removed their Clothing Kstubllshment
0 fl. to the TaUmailffe Block, firet door Eael of
tt'hiteSc I.atta'e Hardware Store, whore they nre open
nn a larirn nnd extonsire assortment of SPRING AND
HUMMtilt GOODS, and are now manufacturing overy
variety at Sprint? and Summer It'ear, which they will
seltas low as the sumo quality of good and word can
be purchased at any other establish nient in tho city.
Their clothing Is innniifticturud uudorthoir own super
vision, ami is consequently superior to tnnt winch ts
hjought from other places. Thoy havo also on hnnd, a
beautiful narietoof Clothe. Caeeimeree. Veetingt tttt.
which they aro prcparod to mantifactun to order. They
have In lliolremploy tho best of workmen and are nl
all times prepnrod lo make tho best flts lu the latest
styles. Jllltheirworkwill be warranted..
Ihe public are respeclfnlly solicited to rnlland ex
amine thoirslock, nntl whllo thankful for the liberal
pationage they havo enjoyed, they assure their old cus
tomers and all others lhat they will labor to giro gen
eral satisfaction both lu tho quality and price nf theli
goods and work. KPKINGKR dt TROUT.
Loncastei .Aprll'd, 18S4 , , . ,:
GEV1IGE 8. EATON, itl. D., ' "
PiiVHicioiitx,OccLisT, ano ORTiioriDicit Scaoioa.
with a
AVINGorafrd psrmossaly In Chllllchothe, offers
nis professional services to an who are atflictod
any of the following: diseases or deforinttloa:
Amaurosis, Opthalmia. or Iiitlsmslion of the Eves
Grnmelar Uds; Watery Eyes; Cataracts, Specks and
Flems, effectually removed; Strabismus or Cross Kye,
cured Inja few seconds; Piasls; Club Fool; Hair Lip;
together with overy other operation belonging to th
operative Nurireou.
OFFICE-Waddle's Block- Hesldonee City House.
JirpNo charges for esnitlMlIn ,
Addresa Chllllcotho, Ohl May S.IR54-lr
tv T"
HE undersigned having purchased th Grisl
and flouring Milt noreioiore owned by Gen.
, Reynolds. deceased, would hereby Inform
llic public that it Is his purpose to make this Mill what
itsnoiim oe,tjrrist nun lortno accommoilatlon nr th
neighborhood In which It ts located. And havlne se
cured the servlcesof an experienced Miller, Ispropar-
eii,nsno oeuoves, to uo wor caicuiatoa to pieaso
and thoroforo solicits patronage.
Maya9,lB54. J. RADEBAGH.
(npiIE snbscrlhor has removed his esUbllshmont lain
1 his Now Rooms JVsrl Side Main Street, over Zint
trBieh, and hns fitted them nn In style unsurpassed
In the West. He hopes that the public will appreciate
his efforts to please and extend to him liberal patron
age. Every thing has been done lhat eould be done to
ensure success In ovory department ofthe art. and bis
plcturesennnol be surpassed. V. M.GR1SWQLD. i
N. B. Parsons wishlnglo learn the an wilt hsvc great
facilities for doing so here. "
Hours from 9 o'clock A. M. nntll 3 o'clock P. M.
Lancaster, November W. 16UJ US

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