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American Lancaster gazette. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1855-1860, July 12, 1855, Image 4

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- - - - . i ' "
From tho Phrenolijrlcal Jooral.J
Ftarvuoiosv in tlie Pulpit.
Ti U vp.rv hard for a raiuisterof tbe gos
pel, slandiiig before a promiscuous audi
Citizen of Luicaiter & poison bom tie Coca try
georci; 11. S.H1TU, . . . ,
rHIIKaUoimon of persons wanting clotliiiiir. 1s re
I siieelftilK called to lite ltnineusi'
i m r
V -.rliin r in lrulr infamous. PU". W
wn-kel: mid Chore tore Iikiii tutu nev
turb au iuuocitil iiud virtuous raiud
to.;'- ' ' . . . " "-
ll msy serve as a comfort to us in all Our
calamities and afflictions that ha that loses
any thing and gets wisdom by it,is a gainer
by tho loss. L'Ettrwngr.
Vila who thinks no man above him for his
virtue, nor any below him for his vice, can
never be obsequious or assuming in a wrong
place. TaUUr. v
V Tis the fancy, not the reason of things,
that makes us so uneasy. It is not the pWie
nor the cofatfiiiori.but the mind alone, that
can nvike auy body b.ippy or miserable.
L'Enlrawje. . . -
God and love aro everywhere; in llghtju
olors, in flowers, irt the beauty of man. in
tlieliappiiiessoraoimila.inllit human mind,
in thu fnJIns splieres, as the sun shinos on
all. alike vetdiif'-renily-, and is mii'isti.i ou
the ocean, sparkling in a dvwdrop.ruddy on
the ripe fruit, silver on the Btreain, many
oolorcd in the rainbow, and pule And trem
ulous in tha moon. . . , .
Avarico tho accumulation of wealth f.r
its own sake, brings, with it its own pun
ishment in tho drying up of every tie wi lb
whioh the charities of life are hound and
in the conversion of the heart intn a sub
stance "harder than the nether mill stone."
Music serves to make a borne pl'iiisant
by ensrasius many of its inmates in a de
lightful recreation, and thus dispelling the
sourness ami doom which frequently arise
from pcitiy disputes, from mortified vanity,
J rum ducontent and envy.
jtD'tojerw. p tints Lord John Russell
as the dove thntcanie back to the ark with
out an olive' leaf. Palmerston is looking
out of tho window; Puu.ili has Lord John
as a servant who has been absent on an er
. ran i ever to Ion ', and who has returned
with "noansver, ma'am."
eu.lt-. to deal with ili iVl 'lieir "iud, 1 I i'-"" !;''
a ...I t iHif itiwtrl liv.-g. It h a met in..Uoiy .l. ,.,,;.
n,..n Itniiw irss about Unit Will.'ll tMlnkmeitt, unil that no naa axon prnieipiea -
reus. llfltti'liluiiuurMtuuu
es ureeonetootle kept in sia-
i .:. ilia
ii the Very eli-nii-nt 'of ti.vir tiling,
i t '..u'll.iiu fUu in ihu world. 1
.1 irovurti mem. I at cuiiwaarc jns.ruu.uii. u ,unt ,t ki.ui wleaf "" "" i"-
1 1 Hill inniifulli .11 article, sold Itv It.olu. and It. ulll'l' l0 r.,...I.I.Si,-tii nurchaae ii:
TKtMlliiaUicineiiiioiiofUioii'Jblitta lhlr nt d
..:!.: -.7...... ,nl.i ..n.l.r.UO Ihu OulMB :l UltT Ol tf
turnii tUr .'l.w.k I.. lS.if U fr.emls ai..l U.l- puMIc
.u. ..li,i. r IiWjI l iilruulUKl III llu luiat.
7.,.i-.,1.i.l moil t!.,ii..VtfiiM wlii'l" mlii.uiice of I
the ItstlKsyiiro d.-triiiln' .. spare u- effurt tg
ijhlwr.. of auy leoriplioil j
.amoug the intelligent
Jr'M'jthor,' said Jomima Spy to lief
venerable maternal relative, 'Swn Flint
wanu ta come courting me to night.'
'Well, you jaie, whnt did you tell hira?
- 'OJ, I told him ha might uome, I want
e l .to see now Ihtfool would act!
The Mississippi. The Mississippi
getting to be quite a temperance stream
lo hasuot beou high this spring. And from
aoconnts received from Us source it is not
probable that there wiilbu mucluuf a"Jmic
tresh. rJaviation on tho Upper Missihb
ippi is precarious, and the prines of f'ruigbl
are very high, stenm-boatsare consinnt
ly getting aground, and much delay is die ,
consequence, , From Keokuk to .onurose,
there is a twwlve mile portage the water
otj tho rapids being exireineiy low. The
government has made au appropriation of
60,0'JO dollars to remove the rocks at these
rapiJs. . Bat it is feared that all (he mon
ey will be expended by the official in pros
pootion and expenHimnting, and that noth
ing of real utility will be accomplished.
It would be much better to let out the, job
to Mens. Mallifart, who so speedily remov
ed the rocks from New York harbor, and
who is now engaged up on the obstruction
in the $t. Lawvruuce. Ho would do the
work while tho officials are talking and
writing about it.
' -Tlie Mississippi is evidently falling.
Every year will witness a diminu ion of its
volume. This dimiiinution m:y not be
material in any single year, but in ten years
it will be marked. As tho country around
its BlUiients become cultivated, evapora
tion will taku plaee to a. grojiter oxlent. ami
as a result the Mississippi will eventually
become of very little comparative eousa-
quenae ns a commerci.il stream. But
substitute is at band railroads will . lake
its place. CUicugo Democrat.
' .: '.'Whose Ale It It."
.'Will you give mo a glass of nlu
ploase?' askoj a raiher seodyish looking
rjerson, Willi an old but- well brushed
uoat, and most luo shiny a hat.
v It "was produced by' the bar-tender
creaniius over the c.igu ot tlio turn
JTIiank ye' said the recipient, ns be
placed it to his lips. H iving binished it
at a ewallow, be smacked his lips, nml
said: 'That is very Gnu ale wry. Whose
is ii?'
'It is Ilirraan'salo,'
- 'Ah! Harmin'H.eh? Well,
other ahs of it.'
It was done; and holding it up to the
light and looking through it, the connois
seur sai I: 'Ton my word it is superb ale
' Mitjitrb! clear as M;deria. I mint have
some more of that. Give mo a mug of
The mti was furnished; but before pul
ling it to his lips the imbiber said: Vhoe
alo did you say this was?'
' 'IlarmanV repeated the' bar-tender."
Tlio mug was exhausted and also the
vocabulary of praise; ami it only remained
for the Appreciative gentleman to say, as
ho wiped his mouth and went toward the
door; 'Ilarman's ale, is it? I know liar
mm very well; I shall see him soon, and
nettle with Aim for two glassies and a linig
of this incomparable brew! Good roawn
.ing! 'ntvr.
A Sccn'b on tub Staob. Susan and
K'tfe Denin were Playing Romeo and Ju
liet at the Troy H. Y.j Museum, a few
evenings since, whan mime of their one
miua began lo hiss Kate. There was great
excitement, and angry exhibitions were
made between the partisans and opponents
of the actresses, when Kate, who was play
ing Juliet, burst into tears. This turned
the tide in her favor. At this iunoture
Susan came upon tho stage, and placing
her arm about her sister's waist, turned to
'tbe audience and exclaimed
"What has my sister done? Who
sav nnvthin? aorainst mv sister? f A v
'Nobody. That is so. Say what you
please in regard to me, but do not abuso
my aistor. ' Don!t cry, Katy--go on with
your pirL Nobody has anything to say
against you. , . ,
This happy melo-drnraatic addenda was
greeted with "three times thice," an, I with
a great effort Kate subdued kor emotions
and. continued her performance. JJulti
tnort bun.
iKOJi tn f LAiars. J lie latest news
from Fort Laramie is,, that the 8ioux In
diant aro decidedly . hostile. . Many rob
buries of stock, 4o., are reported. This
may be trne, but the report of men who
are anxious to bring on an Indian war that
they may famish supplies, goods, fco., to
the United Stales troops, is not milled to
tbe fullest credence.
ivmu. it i were o izu
i . I ..-I
men in my congregauou, K
vmiaiv of information . on. -stibieuta
connected wUb the daily business AtfaiW
f ii tv, upon questions of political cono
my, upon vniioo,s questions of commerce,
fuels concerning the structure of siijp,
iam en.'ines 1 c-ouW collect any ainoum.
of inforniaiion on all tbe6C, mid a thousand
other kindred subjects. But whea l, sk
them what is iniiUe f tummctt, theytau-
tellmc of a great v inamitaelory and ex'
tiiaiu to me the Wperaiion and Oftcbf 'it'll
the macliineiv in it: bui upon tho que
lion of the machinery of their owa minds,
ihv eniiriDi sav a word. In resrard to
.nmmPiciiil luaUers. thev know all' about
them: thev havo examined tbom, ' thei'
have ifouinaicd their ideas ou :thesi snb-
. . . i ...:'t MM.,...
leels. an l nave ciaiueij ineiii. invv uo
lieve themselves looe immonai creatures,
that ihev hare Uirobbiiur .'within them
. . ... i . i
sou t hat shu t Iivchs kfnzas wou nimscii
shall live: vet. when I ask tlu-m any ques
nun in regard lo'Hieir mwnnr nature uteir
only reply is, "1 dont know, I dont i now
l liev do not know wnai tneir reutvu m
j ... ....
thi'v da" not' know what Is the natnre ol
their muraipuuen; llicy do hot definitt'ly
understand the naiuio or oiperaiiou of any
one faeuliv of" theil-miiidtii. . "
A lley UUUerrUIIIU lllC DlUUre 01 IHU
of the earth:- lliev know what 'it is Ciipa-
ble of croilut iiiL'; they know Hie use oi
the dIow. and all the impKnieuU of agri
euliure: ihev know what to do with a
' . ... . . 1 1 i
olanl thai is not thriviujr. they are tmiiiui
. . ( i
lo lnmart. to it a Iresli me. aim make it
flourish. ,13ut if any plant, that ought to
prow in tlio mind is s'.uuted and !' d1
O . . ....
thrive, they cannot tell now to mKBe mat
trrow. .Tlii-v don't know what to do to
bring it forth.
It is difficult for a miusier of Hie gosp
to set forth tlie" truth intelligibly in respect
to its relation (o the human mind.., I think
it is nartlv because men have not been
curiou in rcitd tu tliei)iselvtsl aud partly
on account of the many bewildering syv
terns of menial philosophy that are. vogue
in our day. For if there wore none of
these sv.slems except the old schools of
metaphysical' philosophy, ,1 would defy
any man to obtain by means of tliom. any
elJar idixi about tlio soul, for at best they
are of liule more valuolhau so many cob
webs. Men mav stu Iv' them, however, if
lliev have a taste for them; .if a mau love
luiriu nnd discussion, let li'm take one of
the old metaphysical 'mental, philosphius,
and he will havo means of busying his
mind until ho grows , tired of such busi
ness. But if a ni:in wishes, to know practi
cally what ho. is made up ol, if a" man
wishes a ki.owjurtgo ol Human nature tor
dcfiiiiite practical . purposes, there is no
system which will, aid hira in acquiring
thai knowledge like tlie system oi i'ure
nolooy; not interpreted loo narrowly or
tee.nnicaii;, out in us reiauous io puymuiu
gy nnd the structure of the whole body.
. I . .. I ... I .........
Anil l mav :iv nera wiiai i n iki
. . .... i
said hetoic in the pulpit, that tlio views oi
tho human mind, as they arc revealed iy
I'liBKNoLoar, arc those views which have
undtrl.ived my whole ministry; and if I
havo had nny success in' bringing tho
truths of the gospel to bear practically up-
. , .. - :.. ,l...
mi l io minus or men, any snore in nm
igorous application of truiha to the wants
of the human soul, where they are mwt
unnded. 1 owa it to the clearness which I
have trained from this science. And 1
joiild not ask for Uic membefs of my fami'
ly, nor of a cliuivh, nny better prcpum
lion for religious inilooii niaiiiin. iiiaii to put
them in Dossessioil ot such a iiracuciil
knowledL'e of the human soul as is ylvcti
by I'linKNOLOoy,
I havo avoided the use of the noiuoncln
lure of Phrenology in the pulpit ns far as
possible, because I di I not wish to scni to
lie a mere teacher of a philosophical sys
loin, while 1 was a minister of iho truth as
it is In Chris'.: but 1 havo uow been so
long willi you, that I am justified iu malt
inir this statement. ''."''
I may say In .regard to the objections
sometimes urged against Phrenology, its
tendency to materialism and falalism, thai
tho sanio objections may bo made to any
other dysioni of mental philosophy. 1 tin
........ . . .. . i . i i
not lliinu thai siien objections neioiig to
Piireiiologv any niore than to any system
of intellectual sciciicn which' yott can pos
sibly construct. Men's more logical and
speculative reason will always strand them
upon the sands of t.ilalfsm or mateii.ilirili
and it is the practical sense, the conscious
noss of actual hberiy that redeem us from
i- belief of the one or the other. Ml
loetrine.1 dwell iii the h(ad, but never in
the hauJt.. . . .. .'. ' :
I ha .lY. liuii... i.nl, . moii'V will lia eliuerlulli refund- , i.,.,,,....l iauu of ksunln: uu lursu-iiat-b, tliat
Mil. ' A rmrtl;il Imt arrtv l : ,l.uv in rtrt. irroultir lll.l limi:iiw in mv iiui'mt iu.m
ra mi ik mmimmi am . . . ....... .. .. .
.i. .. in hl..winir and i.i'fKiir U:.t llit ia. lc in iua-
..rtl..ula. theTwlfh ttierarura ts avaiil nit
lnpfltkIi."l",lll1"u,, :ftor reiiiie tltctr
ontiro new slock, wlii. h it uow riivingiliillT.tlial t, look
Uiroupb Ihctr tiictuivt riuHijIimcnl will aaihfv tny
wbiit thoy wmii nne ia low pnoe4. itiutrskoek huicoii.
iu In part asfollowi ' . -
A nurtlal linl arrive. I
: rroclx mnd Dress Coats."
wLmr, mcvu, mo s. oun, uimih s Hi'"""'
NlmKla Mreasted Buinasa Cout.' .
uvuhiuiu Kxxtr, oxraxa iu, . torn, rw.
aunuii mum, rxjn,ina omv tirtw. i. '
" ' ' overcoat,'-.
Blilo uriij browii teiTiMi ciotii to OVERCOATS;
Black, Btii. Drown Oliva Uor.imhife K.rac) "o;
Bliw, blrli, Oray. inoicTaua ump, .
r ril'U .lo.ll. soiuc ci-rm Irtlllg, "l
aiok.BlJ Brown Clotli,,SUcrior, . S'li -l)rt
tmbroiUoic;d Cloib ijaca uiU Val'tn; C0A1 b.
CloalLS, . ."-
UiaVk ami Blfts CLOTH mmi Ertfa Fiu. . -XIUV
USOMStt yiLOr CLOXHi ; v ; ,
VustlBjlH. ..
Plain Blnolt SATIS, Fimrod filtK and SATIS;
mi " SI1.K; Fancy 61LK and KAT1N;
.jv v Vi.l.V'tTi . ... .
Fancy Volvui anil fiilit VAll VESTS.' "; r ,
' ' ' ' laulnUmis. ' "
iHaek aii'H F ino" Cofcrad I)0JK1SV-
" ; ; OAfdlMERKt
u 'unil B'.irknkln li . ,
P-m;ilro K-j" and Oxford Mlsnil .!!''
Hluok, Hlusaud Fuiicv Culoroil SATIiKTi . '
'. FKii-NOii und AMKiliC.VN COTTOXAUK.
-" Kui iihittliia;. tlocdi. -
sn.K, MKHISO, ALL WOO I, Rod.Oray and Wuitu
FI.A.l.Mil.. uii.l UUIIUJ rilKilCI.
TOU SHI I'M. A tit iiuuruntcail ill ull iutUnous. ...
HALF HOKE Oakuoy and Minilaud ool, Horliio,
Wlilt ann omy Latnni' ooi, Kiiguifu aim urnia,
Colton. While und Culowl. . .. .'...
tfLOVES. Hlack, Whito au.l C"l"r.'d IUd Olovcr,
Tliromi mik ann na.qiomaii ri-isii o.
l)rul Buck GLOVEr;.ui.d 0 AU.M'IETS. ,
CRAVATS Blavk KanfV Sl!n ami Silk Cravats.
STOCKS AMU TIES, uf all dJacrii.tioua tiuiioulblo
Hoys' and Cliildcrn's Clothing.
Black mill colorjd ClolU Fror!;
- u i. .i Sat-ks; .
' CaialnMre aiwl Tweed Procka and fiacka; '
Blark and Colored Overcoiiu; ' .. .
' Mottlsd. Grit) and Brown Wlilmoy OvorcoaU; .
Black. Bluo and Urown fiiotli JackeU.
VESTS Black Clotli. Black ai.d Fanry Kilk Vot: ,
To nl and Colored Cuiwlmcro do.
PAMTALOONS Black aud Fanny Colored Caaalmere
and DoaHn: -
6atlnot, TwooInnd CottnimoV; "
tliililren'a Black and Colored Ctolli RultM . .- .?
.i . . Jacket; '
. 4 Catawny aplamlld.
FURXISHtrtG GOODS Merino Sliirta," Cotton aud
Cotton Flannel )raw'JW
Mualin BlilrUi.Llneii Boscmu.CoUaracVW rijtbanditl
Cotton and VVool Hulflloso; Cawlinero GloVesj .,
Susp8iidor,11:iiidkrililori, Tiu-s nnd .
Laucnatcr, novouiocr io, icjt
pitsbtirarJun1ala:VaU)plle& Brail
CARPENTERS nnd 8iil!ilr'rill ploaai. r.MiCe
that tho nw ftrm of WHITE LATTA will unit
itonfl hut tho best Juniata NaiU. All Naila aold ui
wtll "A vimiiui'i. ".uii.oi'ij.uu imu, ..
350 Ko3 Nalla. f-pikaand Brad, .
' 'S5llBoj:ul'ilO.!(l?cl9ni410I4Cltvr,l'n. '
, itt;0 Roks Vt'm. Wood A Cu'a Puio White Lead,
1 Barrel Mnaeod Oil, . . , .
' ' a BnrreUof Pullr. ' . -
In addition tolheaboTe wcharn a rorj' lanroatni k f
Buililine Wrrfr of ovrj aiscrintinn. hicli will ii.
.,lilcli.iafortlianevor.-' ' WHITE LATTA.
Lancaster. April vy. UM. ;J . ' ,'
Ofifl ffl Armun.li...f ROLLED 1R0S,
3lH.IMMSO.UeudoHaniinerrd Irt.n,. ' ' '
I5IK! pounds Cant Stud, to 2 incu. .quarr
sr.fl do Eieli'h Blltor!ili l, '
.'. 48 do. .. iKjithle Shear . do-. ' . '.
'X.O do " fjoriiip.n " , dti ,
' at do ; fprltie ' do
. loun . do. Ainnrlrnn Blit 'tdo . '. ' '
In More nnd lor sale ul low inie iy
AlrilC9,ia3l. WSITR A lATTA.
7 t OH C4HI'ESiTF.IIt; - . .
TfcLANE troM.Cbl'j!. ami Gonsos. Bonch Plane.
B .Moulding and Biid,.VaU'!tandiaUUi. liul.hoti.and
Hand Axi6, tirond A Cboppliiir Axo.s. Urawiiig Knivnii
of all kinda. fctccl and Iron Houaret. Giiarvs and Trt
Squares all liiea, lnirovod RiiriUnx Mucbincs, Hand. I
raunei, idnuont mppnur. nto anu coiupaAd saws.
uroaa out ami Mill tan, tor tuu ny ,
Ajirll S'J, lii-k , llli c JV l.m l..
i h.ii,i, than ever before Ollcred In
I.uucutler. . , .
rf.s latclv nurcliaiicd from P. Bopeliln Intoreal Ii
I I il... Il,....xr L:ilne. and In addition to hi l.l
,7. ..u i .r.. .t.u.k. la unw dailr recoivlnir. direct from
ii.rt fuu'..rrMiA iaurtarj.a larzo tiur.lirwo ol
new gooJfi, w'.ii.'B will make hit duck of Hardware one
ufihs moat extentlxe to be found In litis market. Hn
fiicilltloator purciiuainit ami arraniteinuiiw uu
r....inrra. vl.U'li aro uouul tnany. will ouable hliu l
tau .....rhiLioiic!. nf Hardware, at foaifr aricea tlutn
m.iiotliirMiatlitlim.nt. The atteution of Farmiu.
and Mbu li.Bi.au iuvltad toUio oximorilliiacy Induce
mania now hold out telliom In tha tray of pront bar
kalll) rullv aananeu inn. ii me? inn,wi nun n ,, in
inireal ihat'wlll bo certain t call and examine tils frl
caabeioru nurchnaltiB elaewliBre. -By . close altantion
. .. i.,..t..n.. ...! 1. .......luiillw IrApiiitiir nm hand u full
and complete aaaortmoiitnnii the beat ifooda, he hopea
to tavure a larii ) ahuro .'f the palronagu of Ihu Farmery
aud Aii'ciianiraoi lue touui) .
April SiO, JP54. . 1 , .
A it flalrnrt front a roftonl Habbulli imiriiliiir aerinmi
U llvurod lay Mr. Hum-liur to a vcrj la s i emi!r.'i
tlun, niiorlua vorbntliu u) fliimugruplioij uuw nr.
piiiiilJii.'U. t
A IfouuL Prayer.. Tin lie. W. II
Milhiirn, Chiipluin to thell'iuse of Ropre
seutn'.ives lit the Intt liittinff of tho lute
( 1. iiu.i'Aja fit lit rt,t r.d ,.f li lii mMltM mi.il
the fullowing Hjipoul, which c6uld bo njijrp
pruiiply vi'iHiined elsewhere:
(Jh, L.oiai loibul Hint tuts li tl I Kim II be
profdiiftl by ict'iies of uoiifusioU Hiul via
unee; hut ihav evvrv member ttvoid sliniu
l itiiiHiul Intoxicating drinks, striving for
the liifsei vstion of pooJ oruur, the ui
ty of uebnto,"jind unity of foelniti. Mitv
they hnrtnnniiie for the tlespnlch of bust
ness which tho nntioi tins a right to do
niHiiu Hi ihuir liknJs, May lliy. irrrtus lul
low them through the scenos of coming
me. ii.-in them to bo wise, noble minded
and virtuous citizens of tlm republic? May
titcy nut lorfjot their lot is to advance the
interests of humanity. And .when llieir
uay on earth shall close, receive them lu
to Ihy everlasting Kingdom, thronuh the
merits of Jesui Christ nur Jlodeemer, ' A
men. '
.. t
Paste that ib PAST.-I)lssolve au oiinoe
of alum in a quart of wnrm water; when
eold, add as much flour as will m.tlio it the
tsontisteni'oof cream; then strew into' it as
much powdered rosin as will stand on n
shilling, and two or three (doves; boil it to
a consistence, min ing all the time. . ll will
keep for twelve months, and whou dry.may
be softened with water;
jfyDurine one of the Mav anniversa
ries, in New York, the following dialogue
was overheard between two boyi: 7
"I My, Jim, what' the meaning of so
many ministers beiiiR bore nil together?"
.. ''Why, "answered Jim. ioornfullv."theT
alnrpyimeeti hers once a year to exchange
sermoni wun men oT.nr.
J Doi. French Willow V.'apont,
4 a do common -ua
U do G ir Ton Cab .
" "' 6 do Squareand Round Clotli BaaVett,
" 1 : : 10 do Market Baiteia,opouand covM ' " '
, Willow (.'rallies, Ac
"' '' Rockinir Homaa and Whdol Barrow, '
: - Hat ClotUFiuaud Oraa M.iin,by .-' m
April 29. IHH. . WI1 ITU & LATTA.
AiTlli,Viccni:d. Hlurkaiuill.'allcllotv
On Auvilt. weigliluirfroni 100 to 223 iiouuda each
JU 15 Solid Boxed Vices. ' . -
. u. l'j pltira liiiicaaiiiuu a ouuuwa, '.
' 'Madge, llauiuieia, Borax, fcc. for aatebT'
April SO, IbM; WH1TU & LATTA.
' Farming Implemcnlti.
. On Dm. Caft Steel Pol 'd Hon. "
: U-u do S.naniUTiueEtecl Fork -50
do Ornan and Grain Scythwa,
S do WoB'ird'a Grain Crniilua,
30 do Pcylhu KnatUet.
" 50 do Hnynnd Grain Bukea.
4 do BrawblcSevlue.co..ehiMitihy
April 89, lfcM. , WIllTK & LATTA.
""K7EhvollM-oiih.'ir.it,uwlhiuh by our arronire-
W nieuta villi tlu uiiinufactnrora, we can ulfor al
their lull of nricei n un frioKiil aitaca.
, - imiKui pom t'cuowa, ; .. ,r ; .
ICO " Kimkes," '' i
-12J .. Hub. .- .ir''
. 73 " Hunt bout Shaft ,
100 ' Bum Bows. " '
Apriiaa.VJt. . . .WHITE. tV LATTA
" Bli." JOHN tOLU '
i -somkFiuno j
Tu mewt poarerfnl King on the face of tlx glua Jioal
ttixun wpriiiue, iu tlM uiri.u RebuMc. Tu '
ef in. cronmrl Tliultof Kiin aiait; mte roaluitKam-a
wlieaeoiniad Uiatof our Amrta aUu- i
Kuiop. au Klu-t employ Ibe wer TeaUd la tnelu to
hienu the rWlwa of aha rleh aud lonllj, and t radoc
to itralx iul?vy aud datfradalion tbe poor and dmirn-.
ieut. Our Amerrcan King goea forth with ertoal wllllwf
B to the lordlt mansion and humble cabin, nrJ.f aliUe
ie altuiiiii'iec rallcf and to Oder bcaltli and lai4ipia
W Ulv wi.jr auia wwi, wm ... -
1)11. JOHN UULL'ii
la the Trsru ttoauaa or jut 'oai.. and tbe ui-i-ait
b'.i li.it t ollered to utilkl.J butuauily; tothe aulloriiif
uiHUima, til Doctor oau say, rttlel la at vour eoiuaiaoia..
v..u ouir to una thla maitiual rKuti-dy. All thOMtt
rim atill auffor, and-wfil not accept the urouared ballu,
dwwrv not( Uw pity of thiiir niudii.. ,
ri.HI WOUUi-rilll meUIOIIiBi uurwg uiic. p....
It hnrodittllon, ltu car.iaa laiplaeaa to tlie Ileal la of
thiiuiuuiU, aujuiadelifiiacbaria to uiany whe Iteretufure
rirrdrd tc only an a painful and mlrable lliiKi.
10 tile wiuila Willi U Uuiuieuta, Kiubrucatlona, I'lihl
Kilk'ta, aud 1'aiu Extractor, and let minimis of jf'aJ
toiiKUea proclkuil tue nienta ui ww " ...
bi. ..r p..ln ii i. nrHiMrutlou cciuiDoavu aoliiU of Vvata.
blea and rooia,. iroduced by Aiucii.'a'a uwu rich and
beimteoua aoii. ... .' 's '
IVe wouiil aK tue I.ADIM, WHO are aiwnjii i-i.ni.Bi.
Juilifta of what ia and what la not a-Telnable fanilly unU.
aii. a, to do im a apecb.1 favor by glciuj the Kiu: vi I'aui
a iui;'. trial, and if aa'i-faciury. exurt tbfir iuttueiiee
In iu balialf. m ouitueud it, awak well and ollea of it,
and nee that It ia used by thiir alUieted ueijlibur. 'In
Ijulii are alwu.a eharluiom, ana wnen tney imiim hi
anll..iing frieuita tu ua mm really Taiuaow viuuuiuf,
thfT will on duiue an act of beucroleaca that luey cu
.ii k ..,.! ..( ifliU la a uowerfu! and truly marital
.teurady for all external dlaenae. aore, awellluga, burua,
&e., aud tor many uneruai wiiii.mii it. ........
Jet ll I perfectly ltai inleaa, and iucapabla or proilueinn
the loan Injurton elfecu lu tile most dollcate caaea or
the uakeat eiuiatitution. '
t. ia .iUlly liaeuaia to loiaiw tue oiu aim uiu
:ciu uf nuhluiUiiur to the public thouMalnla of eertln-
eatu of woudana rluruwd by tbi uiodloiue: 11 coal
but teeny ccui to try it; and lir. Hull itakca ula
t!lt.iru.-u ffiiutntltHi on tue aa.iai ot emu wh.. w
uinre IIiihi ueeiaillia turn.
tie ivoulil aK. navu jou me ..ueuniniisiu m uui.
ftierte are net iik-anaufc couipnniona, and we kuow that
yoo woiOd UU to diire them away a aovu a jmaaibl.
Eli'jti uae " , ... . . .
i " BOI.L'3 KISQ OF PAIN." - r..- '
Would you, be, eund alaioet Immediately, ef Bowel
Ooiupliiii, Oimiutcr . auiutunr i;omplalut, Ulmlcra .nor
bua, liinuip Colic, Ili ad Arlie, Tootll, or any other oh
or paiu, the remedy it sluip.a and tha eure cbruiu.
. . use tub eitittt utao or p.ain.. .
Wuulii you hare your Sore, Swelling, Culu, fluru,
rVatiU, Uruiaer, or an; other aouud Uua.od, we repMtt
lt, u iu - - i . i ' . ., .
Wnilii you be euru.l uf Scald Hl'tnl, Sillf Joliil. Sor
, i-i a"i
" . .. . I
!'. : hi hut rcaipua or Tbi aucoo. L
4 K. INFALLIBLE KEMEI fur acrofula, rtiag'
evll.Tiiftoiualiani, ooaiinate titanetfua ernptmna,
uiinplea or iuatulee ou tbe fuc. Wiiuiio. boil, chronic
note oyea, rtuc wonuur t'jttur.a.-ald.)ieail, enlnrireiiieut
tind-iriiii of tlm bono and Joluta, stubborn -ulcers; sr
nliitiile Uieoreera. louiuajro aiiiimt coiuruninia. ana Alt
itlaoasea artsiue troiu an injiuui ions ore nt mercury,
luiiirudeiiee in uio.or unpuriiy ot in Diooa
RutTiry nnd farrlitcre ninkcre '
VVTILL find. at the fftm llurilmitrt tr, onpi.alt
the Tdllminlam Ilium, one ofiholiirireatanit hot!
Utttfll S1U.K WI . rill.llHIIKa BTUl wjiiwii iu iiiu.
Conalntiii) iii part ill - '
100 Piece Knnmrd Puck nnd Ciinraiar
13 . fuiicy enifire.1 no.
50 t( nil Wool and union Pnniii&k
SO Hlilo rmtmt and V.iwinUil I.rntliur.
. Hraas and Silver Plalud Hand. Toji Prop, -Sliiiun
jolntis li'o,6iirli'ir. Axi'U. ln. '
Lancattor. April id, Itli . JoU.X tl'FlSGEB.
HOl'SE lU lI BKni ODPtlT.
TOHN EFFlSGEU would tnvlleih" altuntiun of Cor-
ectraiid Home Builder, to III lam uto'k of
lloue huildini; iiiuteriala. They will Hud cnunUnU;
inntiiinii uesi juiiikih ubiir. niiiMiF ..nn nun, ,
'Dm moat unproved Door Lock and Lal.lioa
Window tiliiss and r?h ol'iill de'
ConcUlln and Wood'a Pure Wttiio Lnul and Oil;
Onnrand Blind U I. shop Uli tr . Hull, elf.
Tiiiiae iilmiit biilldine. will be certain toanve mnni'V
by oxiiniliiliiTiiiy prlcea hjtutit pr.liaslii(uljjhur
April vu. ira . . . , , .
. ITIfi'Uunic'n Tool,
f-atTTTPit in nil trnilca nml ofthi? uinil uivrirovi'il make
J5llnt.h'jr'a Cnt Steel, Firmer and Siiiknf sGouiriu, 1 1, v,ir h id iua) trial, iaeual Lil
npear ami .laekaoii't unit auu nprinir mcui nana, .
lliiteh ii" Ooubluand HIiiRle PUuu trtiua, , . .
Ohio Tonl l.'oinimiiy Plain1,
Mnannaaud PInaloraTrowN,
Cnnpor'a llritwlna knives, ete.. Tor vd" i'.ciiiU)
April t"., 151.
lluur, Uhcuii, Halt, Salt, Tar, fordriire,
l'Hluii iluirnrf, Mono & W ootl. ,
en Wttrett, Ttibnccot Mnutfu, Cl. '
lfurt I)jo Mufti, fr'rulte, .o- -
liOIlN ilC.J Ac, ,
0 F. door wed of P.xchiiiiri Bunk of iMurlln A Co.
Al.iln aireet l.HllrllMur, Ohio, Itivlleatho uttoit.
lion nrihulliucltuoiiaol' I'.ilrllold ui.dmlJ.iiiiliiK .'"ilu
tlea,ti hleluilve alock ohl.aiul. He la prepared
tnacti frnui the chilii'H imiii in-tuu jronueuinira ton
thoiiaai.il.l.ill.ir.'. and lul Ithe tiitdorntoodtliutlieduii't
letnny huiian under anil him. 4 .
P. S, lluviira luki'ii tlie ahop iivuiu or tne otaikei'
lltiute, and an.-l,.'il it a ilh e v'rv varietyiil tfrncurlea,
Pr'.riaiuiia .Vc, ail urn lilch nill liunild m Ihe auuie
prii-i'a, ua llmau at hla MUii vlreut ahop. He would
ay to thu Karui.'ra that lu due aoiunm ho will bo pre
pared to aupply Ilu-in nllh all kind ol lake II. Ii.
. lirlnif ou jo.ir Dnnin or uiuiiey, nr on yeara credit
to ttioa i that ' th tn np,-n an iii-vnuut.
Luinnaler, Maruli it!, Ifoa-Bin lU, .-. .
Woll LU take thla opportunity to return Ib.'lrlliaiika
to Ihidr iitnncruiia friend fur tho tury llberur
painm-iire himilorore eloii,dcit to thuiii, innl
aaaure ilicui that nit pain ahull be Htinrud tu
tiiHinln the ftiitti.rltijr ri'putittiiiu nlrendy attain
ed, ami In oruVr to itieel tlio irreully iiieriMiaed
ioimiml at thori Kaliililishniui.t lor B-ioii and Mioua.
tlmy have In nil.liiloti Inlheirown iiiiiiiiifni'turluir.JMt re
eulved from thu Kn.it u very targe nd faaliloiiabluato.k,
oouatatinir tu part aa iimowi:
.. Mon'a Flno Calf, hlpauil eonrae Root,
Genu .at. t'r.lf Onitera and Tliw, ' J
. . Hiukln mid Monrno,
All kliulaof La.llua and Mlaae Boola, filtnoj, Kllppera
and (fullers . - .....
Alan, an iiaanrtin.int of the beat quality of C-litldrou't
fuiicy ond plain Mioea,
In addition tu theahuve wn nru eoiiataiillymnniifue
turiua; lai'irel), for atilo and nbo o onler, all kinda of
Hm. I innl :liiiilM,lin-U we have uu ll"altall.' in aiiylii,
will i'omuiie In price and ipiullt) with any atuck tn Ih t
Woetorh ceiintry. may 1H, IHA4 '
Tln-5lnto, Copper, Wire, Vc.
, Boxea 1C nnd 1 Y Tlu Plnt-J.. ' .-: . r.
i.liiare and li'O Piute iU
fin d Conner '
Sheelund Bur Zinc . ..
fclieot Iron and Wlrii, . . .
Copperaud Irou Kivlt..liy -.
Aprila'J Uil. ,. U1TB itATTAr
Xo Carriage and Bnw?f ?liftrr.
iTIPHlXCSund ATcla.liroaBiind Silver Bauilt. f-tuiui.
J5 Joint nnd Ton Propa.Ktuiiii'd Prill,Iiin k and Can
vnaa, Eiinmpd nnd Patent l,e!tttier,all doacrll linn Hanil
Linin;;, Nua and JWuleablt) Iron. utr. A itroat varlet)
Mother ooilsin that line, to lie had rln uipai th- (Jrcui
lluruicarr stortnt . Hit e c i..t i a.
Laiicanur, April 29, J.'M.
joiit-' xyosris,
coi1 ran.) tin &MiKs.-r-i!ti n wahf,-
. elf'!! reel HuH 0t posit t he 'i'iitlmu ftfe Jloutr. '
A G A I2i t;ikw.l"OJi:ira tu cilliiijr the ulteullon ofliia
cintumoic inul country n)trt!k;iiiU tfjiunill; U
taularjrftt stock uf Goiitim. Tin and SU'ViUlntu iiiann-
Citiuroi eviii lroulil iu Uiw im.i'kot. Iii t;ikeirri-iii
piiiiM to ke"ii ciuitHiitly on h;tinl a In tlcj vrirU'tj ol
ovnry tiling tli-ii cun pujiitily b twanlr.rt hi )U 1iiii,nntl
UuUur.1 iiliui-Jil" I Imt ffoui bin long vx..riiuv- in il.o .
Tin Hiul H.in'tIrn J5 itts
Ii.i n Ml Jr-Sui-Hl'.-fiVA fiiM .uHfiH t.on to nil w!m ihii;
fin -ir willi Ihuii wturt. Hi.vina 1riietii-.il k'M.mt
ij.Il.' uf thi' li'iiiii-jsa, his .i.-itK-lii'ita iii'ai Willi u
view to lir;rljii.t2 vt le 1111 iH'.snoitrnf.' . ,
ui('.utinii t Oi4.,t
Il-i tin kni.'i'l Pli hi fiiij'l.'V oT tti-i K.-t w-jrli-
iituit llial cnu b4 .K'r'.tl, mul ulni;ni ti:tvl);f on h.intl
luunuliii turn to
ortMr itnj iliiiic nini ycr) tiling njir:ill in lim.
MiuaT-MtJ ,l;l(j .iua ui l.i;r lorm un:in niij vi "Uurn
jo IkuI. i
All k'udM ol'Ktovt',
N ivtif tu tli-i liMiur of J;mr.i4.T wiu tliaru an ostn't-lijliui-MilUml
ki'il 011 IihihI lariror ami Hum- ru:n;U'li
Knortmrt if lovu:f nil ktiuU mwl veit'll-i.- Ill 1
hUo jiri i.tri)il wllh a laryi iiiinil r ul t.re tfsitr tilnl
for tho mcomni(Hlulloii of hli'Urtloitnri ktmjm on huml
nlarvMU.intity of b'ir llrick. nianul'nttuJtMt j)rdi-lj-
wlihu vlow l itiitlinff up Orat", Vf.
In flni itiiyiunl vrtliti i; n.Milcd in liUllna mm hn
MHMirud lv tfivlivir Itliii u mil. nmi ut in-ice 111 Tunion
ulilt' tiR rail ol'tiilneU In nny ..llmf o.t: hllnli titi lit ti
Hid Stul. Iiiuiiiiuch u Inn maiMit ntoik ii jcr.iutly
iitorMirUthlforiMri'Hiaulity, unlMy. rUty mul
i-U'iii'iiioss Ko foi'U roiitl.lfjit lli.it iorioii4 irittiig liim
n t-nil will goavtay highly .lnli-xhl.nl mul iunpl nutilieil-
ri ilii-i ktH'i rtjiirMaran oil naiiq
iilnrtroSlock of Nlrot Slv,
Throne, Niranilsiii,Soro Ui-out, l.mob.il(o, lottoror Uiuk
11 araa M:l IL Ii. I tu 11 lit. Ill U VI. t IllltlllUUn llW.bai, ill'ippew
lUitO u4id H oUier tfur.- vlwt diy rriiiiti.ii, w
Wr.,.1.1 vnii tiM rnrfdof Kiinr'n KvU. CanCfT. Tumort,
Kntprionn'. r nnv tliay of th Skin ca.i!'t by hupunr
lioa. titt'ii u tir. .loan imo ou-dAtv-iii. hiwihihij,
tii.il the Klnof Vain extrn.Uly, nothioif ouu be lour?
(Wrtaln tlma a npely and offtictuut curt..
' tftJ.fd.ii
T II E O 1 O It K T OKtli-.'!
fa Serr' Va Block, irlvcrn IAi Tallilm't 7au
aaaa..riir jniiii.
nASluatuetr.'d a larire and lieaitllftll nH&ort
uiont uf i:K.l)V MAUK fl.OTIIINO, lo
r. (In. r wllll arhoioe"li tlon of tVn., C"i
mtrttanil Vattinf. AUof whl.'h lia b-ion aelor-t-
ed with (treat care and with apeclul refereitee to U.u
wnutaand but of Uiiaeuinuiiiidly. a ,
Illalon; exerliiuve ill Ihia bri.neu of bittln, l a
aure irnrantee that iila alo.'k euibrneea the shuU-eat ami
boat variety, nnd Ula unr.-haao hnn been ina..e upon s.tcn
t.i r ma 111111110 rananlUlUie LOW h.ST PUXIULK PKJ
liKS. i ..... ,
The nubile are roaneclfully renueitinl to call and Ot
nnllne lilaaaaorluieut. He flu on hand a general u.
urtuieut uf
And I at nil llmoa prepared to ncenmmoital til olJ
friend. either wllh n excellent artlt le uf Rendy made
OI.HMi.p.nr tu MANUFAOTURR TO OltUKK, out of
the beat malarial and by inoat are'iniidlalied wurkmon.
any atjle of (rariiieiu. f u M, A.1UIWYJ, In the
beat anil mnl rniiiniiaiie nianuer. rieiacoiiuuent, in
IliU re)oct, Hint Ik eell Kve g inural aatltfaeiion,; a
.1 Ik ..u.i.vt .M.,t.a AuilirufA. n ipiiiiiiml vrl.il.'i,r . V
-. I.lneu I'mii, j.Vealinffe, . Huapondpr, .
Jlreaa do .is Paiiliiloonai . .Hosiery, .
Kaek d ' Cr "ta, I'nri iralilria, '
Cnrpet-luurs tnaretlier with all ntlier article u.ually
kept lu a OoiitUnann't Kuiiilahlnn i tore, and loanufae
lured in thu inn faahloHHlde alyloa. , ,. ,.
It haabeen nurchdaed of wull-ealnbllalieil bouae In
the ICaateru eitU, am) wilt h. ttwrrnitily to lie made of
Kond material and In a Jurnblo maimer.
He reapaclfully llivlle hit old cuatamer nnd other
ti call at hi new ealnblialitnenl, where he will at all
time be ready to wait upon them with noon anno at
Tin t.ewitT .-tf. .To lott hi proniite, li nake an
lamination ifhiaitock lit trade and tuiyrend qnal
Hy oriilamannrarture, . T. TONU. .
Lancaaler, May J.ISSI.
tltLSlUrtlMVIL ll CliCtUtH
, - AT Till'.
iifauy a. tii:iKi.r.i,
Oar Door KujI Y'llle't Bunk, Statk ii
, A.iia 4Trnel, .aiir.aaltr, OAi. (
REPPKCTPUIXY aullellallie'ntleiitlon of Ills frlninl.
and riialoinvr. and all liuit may want Ornceriea
and nlio will be so kind n Mislva him ueull, lmlli from
Hie l ilvuudiiiiiiiliy.liiiin aupurlnr ntul romplele atuck
of Ortiivrtim. Jual twcolved, eiubra.'iiiB In part Uto lul-
liiw Ilu' artli'liiri! .
JAVA nnd Rift COPPKK:' Yonnir. Ilyann,
.Sirn Ulaek and liunorinl I't'.AS: New Orleans Mmar,
- Kl ii 1 oaf, CrUHh'uil llll.l l'lllvi'rl.iMr, tll.'e, uuiuen
a'fi r'yruti. S. II. Nvrnn, S. II. Mnlaaae, N. Orleali
do., Onintrea, Lemon, Hnulaiia,. Klp. Priiln, Aliiinnil..
ri'i'iir.a, l'llborL.,! .ii'O iltannil lirar.il .ina.iirieu uwu
Dried TonKuiu mid Cinelnnati I'ured llama, lincllah
llulrv rh.'iai) and W. U. freiini do.,; Splou,l!iiiininoii,
riove, Nnlnieca, Mure, Alapliv. IVpiwr and tlliun'r,
Sal Sodn, tlr, Tartai1, Salu'rntwa.Slareh, Saltpeter, list.
I niriviii,.! In.llr.i. M.i.l.l.i-. Alum. elr. .ele.
Soup, Caudlea, Tuba, lliu kcls Hinoula, W lull Horda,
ltuaki't,et.,eti'. , .
A llniil.il .if I'lHiwInit Tiilin.-.'ii."iiKoSniol;ln;do. and
riifiiraj Wiuea and Walker' llitrtun Pule Ale, n sener
utstui'k nf Nnlloiia, Toya, and great itiiiny other arlli los.
May 1. IM. !' II. A.GUIlUl.lil.N.
" "7ti:.iioyAL. ; .
'' : dr. o.k7iaViv
AH ri'liHi. ed Iua rualdelicc and olllro to Ihft brlrk
biillilii.f riiruiiirlT ecruvled Ly iloltii Stullamltli,
i.,outh aula uf .Main itirect, nooni weal ni im
Krelder'a residence. - October I'.', SS
A8 removed hlanfllre nnd reurldouee to tlio bona
formerly oirupivd by Mr.SUult, a few iloorr.aai
Kailo Prliitliiff Orneo .where he will bo found at
all tlinu unluaaohannt on professional butili..,.
Laneasier, njuil 1',', W56--Cui5U.
UAVIJ.'OremoTed their Store 3 door
Weatofthu HoekiiiR Valley Pauk,
win-re they are now re.elviuj Ihoir
Spring StiicU f Boi"&4Uoe,
Whleh i-aunnl he excelled Hi price, beauty rf atyleand
workinanahlp. Wo are alao uleulitai inrlna UooUaml
Khnnain nrds'r an the alinrtoal notice. CWe ua a call
aud yon will aatlaf.- juuraelvealhalrHir aaleainan, Mr.
Crook, who ha aele'eted onr atoi k Kaat with gruut
rare, will dive undoubted aatiafii.tluii to Ladiea and
Getutemon w hn will Atvnr him lib n call. .
Lncutti)r,aprll iO.lfiJ JiJ - .. .
Thla mwllclne, wheu used aocordinf to direction, will
jure, without fuller- , -Ferofula.
, or King-' Ken, ' .
Cauccra, Krupliona . .
ef tha tikln. Kryainrlae, '
... Tuuiora, Cliroule Here Uvea, .. ,
ninewnrni or Tetlera, Seal.l Head,
ltheninailaul. Pain in th llonea or i ' ..
Joiiita. O'.d fern and Ulcera. iiiTi.lliiiir ef
the UlHii.l,SeillHI, lavepepsLa. Salt Hlieutfl, '
tdacmwauf the Kiilue). blaeaaeaiaiiifnmi th
Oae of Mereury, Loa iuf Appetite, Pain in tlie Sldu ami
Phoulden. Ueueral Ueblllly, Luntbiuro, Oimuha, tlolila,
rjirop.,.lauiidlce1-'iijiaeneaa, l!i-iiiicliltia,iVmkne-iof 111
Cbaat, Sere Thriwil , Pulmonary All.-otloni. ami all otlivr
iliuMwaltiidlutlovitidliceUiinauiiiptioii. Liter L'uiu.-
pliiliiia.KinaleIri..2iltarltliiuani t'uuililaiuta.l.oar
r?iilrlt, tfh k mid Nerrou Uekilach. Msht
bwi-iit Kxpo'iirri, or liunruduiieu in' Life, .'. .
t'lii'utiic C'oii.iliiutional llie.wea. and aa a
r'jiriiii-aiitlSuiuinar lrluk,aml tleiieril .
Tunli; i.ir tlm 5vi.feui. and a iti'i.tle , ,
v au l jiVniint. purnntive. it la
auuniier to liluo Link .'
and I'ongrcia M'.itur, ,t
Hali. or iiel.lUlI ' ' '
1'uir.tera. . - ....
h a rmr.rk-iMa fiet, that aitianK the hutiJraibi of
.iiiiinjiit iilni-ii'iaua who have examined the ruelie by
wiiirh llnli'a daranpnrilla i prepared, uet one h.u eon-.
d.iiliii.'.l ll. hut all approved If, and on tend it In the
1.1..1....1. lanui. tlniv iiliv.liilnna expren tlniuiai'lrea
aiiuuiriy In the belinf llmt il ia dwido.lly Ihu Lear prepa
r..iii..i nf S.uaiv.rilla ihat haa erer Iwii plueeil bal'ure the
pilliiic. Altlmiiull there at many phvslidi.ua who fuel a
rului'iaure le liarim tln-ir inuuea aiiiwinlcd to lluinnw
ui.'iill:i'inii iif any piirtleular ri'inii.ly, iiotwltharandiuit
lliur may approve of it iu the hitfliL-al dntree, there are
ollii ra who frankly yield tin Ir auppnrt in favor or
rruiniy whlell Uiey know ia capable of didlir o aiucll
aoud ill an nnlloUntciMlituuiiify. Aaau evliivuce, rwa.l tlte
fcilliiwluil li'oul eld and le..p.'etnble -phyaiidaiul, of Uifb
aiainliu lu tbe community iu which thuy iiret
n7tii(lH.onv lik the folio whu rtin.lfTi! miptrl(iimtii
tl coiimtfiiK " tliHwllkm-yof ItiiU'n Siwri'rilU. Vi-uui
lr. U I' Viuitlell. rmfuMur of Cliomtfirv In ih Umisvllli
Hf JkMl t'itlli'H ; I ioukud ovur tUv tut ol itttfrwUeiiM
coiiihiii.loliii llttl T" C'i'lupoiiiia KiLtruuul itiimriUi,
int liurit'no bKlt:ulm In miviinf tliut limy form Kfc
etmipoUHit. iiui oi llmt yruiufcttM mil iu clii-uui -lwrut!H(
to wiiwti it in HptflinihlH. L. I'- V A.N UKI.l,, M 1
, .llliKllltt, alMUBtJ, 1H ' -
t nut iJr. Tylt'a lhiif 'ntn by nppolutmtmt tu tlitf l'ti
lnvMlu Maiii: ItoKiiUiU. mtva of liuil n i.r.-i):in!lii :
I.ODIttTlLlt, Mnrcll 20, Ml. '
. I hiivHitx&mlMiti tlmpri'th'iitiuu tue t lia prO(-.i.i!iou of
Jul m Lioli'n l?iNip'.ri.l. utt'l t iM'lHive thu 4-uiuti,u:tiiitii tu,
1x9 uu rxrvlleiit uhj,ui)i wtMi caicmuttnt 10 immcti uu
ultcrmivii iiiiuii!vi"n on ilm n num. I Imvo ums.I u boiU
lu pulilii ft 'I prlviitn pmcflf, Hud think U th Ihu(
vtKlu f ttri.lMiH ucm iu nan, ( (v. "
'- KklttUt IMiyslctkn Louixvliiw lluim lkxnimV I
DeUer'lVutliuouy tlnn wnstTfrOlTorciJ lu favor of
.. any Jlk-iiUluc
- Ucv." K. AV. Sehon, Uct. K. Stevenson.
.', LuortVliiJI, JluyitVfU, 1411.
Wolinfo uwil Johtt HuU'it S.u'j4uparii!a, tui.t hnvu kivfii
It to Iw iwwt, Willi nmi- itinfm tloo Iij ni '
tMsiutioii lu uuiuK our luiiti. tuat r. i u i;a'i'- itiO
TiilimWa ineilicul coiiijouiit, anil onkiUa'uJ tu jiHiituc-
CMUI'U CHli Hnd 11WV4I UIMClt.lUllfcrlHXi HtlU II.:fHir
wtiuiil cUMHfuih Kuti wont vuiuiwit rt i""iuinuii.l ir iu lU
ttieud. " 'Wl.t!!.
(gbjnad) il. Sllih.ooM. .
' earneatle invite all von wnn are anlfi rlni! with
any of " tlia iila that Itualt la ln.lr io.:' to rial! uuylli-. .luiiu
llll.l . injlnil. Hint a. enp.V IU nun a run;.y .lu.irurfi
uuria) and tier liw auku uf humanity, we Imp nnw. a
aii.Kk. ludivldualnill m.t b fnlud uimbtllnf ui uxi. Ilull'a
tiarKi.iarllli. a TitlAL. iil'ler linlii.;.'. an. I iis-niiir lu. a liw
atuiM lime, that ll la iiiipO!.'ltini fur t-n lle.-uir tu pul.tlli
the u-iitii p.irLnf tlm iiiuulier i.l' .crti.n-uiva ui u....ail liiii
our. pulnilini.t bi hi Sl..raKp'rina. - l int- amount ef
teinltuniij' vimlutarily aliuivevud uu llr. litlli a aar.epinl.-v
firm vli kilunn and tlitluMili.n.l iii.livi,l..i.l. Imth in
oubliaaud private life, Una bu.u Urirfae.l.4iViiriviHiuuiiK.
iL" la. JOII.N I.UI.ii'a 1'rii.i-ip.ii .utl. y, wua. kia .Utu
act. Ili-al doer below Male, Le.'laviLLk. Kr.
'Koratileby : -. O. KAUKKMAS A 00.
Lau.nslor,Julj Jll.lPol. li. L. SLOUOM ot CO.
Thia vultiable uiedielno. wluch haa neeonio eetebrat
ed fer the number uf e tlraordieiirji curea elfeeled
Ihrotigh llaatfeney, has induced Uio proprietnrt nt the
unrent reqtinilof their fiieude, to offerittd thepublie,
which they do with lite uliiioatcoiiHdiiuce in itavirtue
and wonderful enniti Ve properties. Tbe folio wluir cor-
tilicutca, selected from a lare tiuuibertnre,how&ver,
.i .'iinirar lestininiiv tltut the mere word of the tironrie-
lors: and are all froui reutteniea well known iu their
liwullUet, ur.d of the liigUcat respectability, maney of
them now rel.nn in tne uty oi ttlciiuioiiu, urirlnla..
P. Boyilen, Eaip. of tlie Etchauiro Hotel, Richmond,
kiiowu every where, aava bo baa enu the .medicine
elUid r.aaERi BP..K18H aitTTi-aa adiniiiiatered In over a
liundred eaaca, in nearly all the diaeaaes for which ltu)
r.u'.ointueiiiled.wltlt thu mosiuatouiaiiitipiy srood retulta.
KDiayatl la thu moit extraordittury luoatcln bo Ua
uveriiuen. ,
Ann axn Pivea Orul ure I hercnr certlfyitriat
lor lltree jours I nnu Aga aun revor ot me inoat vio.
lent dea. rlption. t nail LVorai rnyaioiatis, tonic ouau
lit tea ol" tlaiuiuo. uiercury. and 1 believe all without
any permanent relief. At laat I tried carter' epauiah
uiixture, l .'u bottle of which effectually ettred me,
luid 1 am TiHpf y to any I have hnn neither ebilla or fever
ainco. I couatder iltiiu beat tonic iu thu world, and the
onlv medlciiHilbatliaa reached inV caao. J. LOKCrDEX.
He. van D.w. near Kichninnd, Virginia. - '
C. D. Luck-, Kaq., now in the city of Richmond, nnd
for nmnv yoari, iu Uio Pd:t 0fl1ce,lias shch cotifftlotice
in llieaUiiiihla(teir)cncy ot curtor putilah mlxtnroi,
lliat he en liuuitlit upward of all bottlua, w hich he liu
riven away to the ainkted. 'Mr. Luck aava he hat never
know iu,ni 1 whan taken accoruina to uirection.
Hr. Mlnire, a praclimnit myaiciun, ami rnnneriy. or
the airy hotel, In the city of Richmond, aoyt be una wil
neaaed lu a number of Inataneo the.ofTects of eurter'fl
aiuiiiish uitxturo which were most truly urprlaln(r. Ho
auyaln a caae nf conauinplioai, de)ndenl on the liver,
the rood encett wore wniiueiiiii inueiui.
Samuel M. Drinker, of tlie the llrm nf tlrlnterd- Mor
fia, Ki.Iimoud, waa cured of liver complaint of oitrlit
years atatidiiit?, by. tha uo ofjwo bottlea of carter1
apr.u.u litixtarei . ,
JrtlL rare aj arroj uru.- t 117 bi.iuir in iiw .licit
iiiinul Kupubllcan had a survnnt employed in Ihelr pre
room, cured of vlnlent acrof.ila. cnnihlin'l with rh.Mi
ni:itiiu. which untirelv eiaalded liim from work. Two
bottlea orcartHr'aspaniali mixture made it perfect euro
of hint, the Etlitori, lu a public nottco, any they .cheer-fullytui-iiniiiuMiiliWoiill
'ho aro iUV.itU'd tilft) iii dla
cnae uf the biord. ' ' ' "' ' '
- atill Mn.tkr rui-t 0 SM-ofai I una s ruiiiauio lioy
cured of tcrofuln bv carter apnnlah mlxtiire. 1 con
aidorit a valuable inedlclne. JAMES M. TAYLOR, '
Coiuluclor on Ihe K. r. at r. it. K.-itiiinionu, va.
s.ilt Uhetim of !ll Vaera ttandinff tared. Mr. John
Thompson, reddliirs in tlie city of Richmond, t cur
ed by tUrccboltlos ofcarti.,r'ajiiilsh luKture, of alt
rheum, which lie hail nonriy'.'ii ycnra.unn wim nniuru)
Phiaklansofthe cliy. could noteuror . Mr. Tlionipmn
la a well known merchant in Ihe city of Richmond, Vc,
'Hid his cnr3 la moat reninrKiiiiio.
Willniin A. Mrtllliewaof Hlthinoiid, Vlrprlnui, lind a
.ervant cured of SvphllK In lliu worat form, by car tor's
tpariah nil-hure. ' '' ' 1
. Richard K. Weatof Riilnnnml, was cured iifacfufula,
and what Pliratclun culled conllrnicil cuuaunildioii, by
three bultlesiil'ciiner'aapaiitah mliture. - "-
Edwin Durlou, cinninta.-iouer of tho rrnveinie, siiya
lie hasai'en 111" irnnd effett. of rarter'aapnuiah nil-tluru
iu a number or avpuiiiuc caaea. aiwauymi it a perie.i
...... 1 1... l....ll.l., ,lia:lki, - ' '
Vi'llllnin G.'Hiirwood ofSichiuonil, Vlrjrlula, cured of
old aorea and ulcers, which diauiiloil hlni 1 from walk lug.
Took 11 few liollleaiifciirlcr'atpniiNh niUturc. and wua
enabled to walk wltliouta cratcli, lit a auorl nine per
lUllllllUll, VIIIOW. . . , ,
Principal l)i)iola al M.Wnfn.f'los-; & c, No. 83 Mnld
cn Lano, New York. T. W. liyoll & "iia. So. I.lv'.Korth
id slroot, Pliiludelphia. Bjnnel aiid Boer, Ko..Ji.;5
Mnlu street. Hlcliniuiul. Vlrt-luui. ' N
Ami fi-raiilil liv KniirTmnn nml Tmncaater; K. K nib
Ruahvill ; K. if. Walker, V.'oal rln-hvillei Porter and
Welrnehi, l.ytliopolismnd Ilealerain Meiliclne every
wbero. ' . ,: rUje.1T, Jf54 ;ly.
TRIBUTION. The pmprlelera lake prcat .lcaT
ure tit ain..uiielnar t the ctlttena of th libien, luat ttf
coiieeuttutu'eaif Ihe frrcal aaltafectluu maldlealed l
tbe lickel-Uoldera of their lliatKruat Uintributiou. al.3
the man) thousand solicitations fraiin all part of tbd
country , n relation to wbuiber they Intend ajcttli.af
up another Histributlon of (ilfts for Iho people, Ib. y .
hawo,aftoru imiunnae uilay, been enabled ra olr
tnibelr thuuaaiids of patfuiis tbe following -rallial
Ida, totiKtitllcuiit, and unprecedented tiBlLLIAriT
SCHbME. to be distributed as toon at Ihe 3CUU.il
Ke-uuful koaravll'BS erf tlio lartTor. or Ohio are ills
triliutod anions; their Patron. The price of tbe n
(ravlnc la bui Oua Dollar, and sa parlor eroa-ueiit 14
unnnot be surpaaaed. -y
Reud attentively the followirijrlial 6f etitlful cad
coatly Giftawhlcb will be anUaliictorily ill.lriliuien bv
aeomniittee oiien.a.Mocteaane rroaa earl.Male wLei
tlielarpest-nunaenrorauiMk'ritera are obtained:
1 rAitm in 1 MriM nibormuiARA ein.ci"
1 do IS OHIO - S.tLrT
1 do'::-, r -do ' . ,.- J'-- ,tt"
.1 'Four-torv Dries Dwelling and lot, Ui tVT' .
1' lumbal. Ohio ..- l i-v. ; ,.f BeltO
1 . do do do. do 6,511
I Beautiful realdenc la the tow 1. of Mount t
Veruou ... 5,51V
'1 Two-biory Briek Bnildinr In OillHrethe ' M I?
1 Brick Cntlngo and JLotiu Coiumbua , 8,( t if
T do- f do .' do ' v S .ti"
1 Frame do do do . 6id
1 llandanuio Country BcsSdonic In ?cgo,"
Perr conntv, Ohio 1,5C8
i fiileiidid bulliln.J lot In Coluc4.nl, t ' -.'
tJ.tto , ,,. B.cro
10 do .;.:. do ;..' do' 8110 I5.UU
, l.Ull
;'' 2,5m
1 5,tUI
. , .. If
i.. TrlW
' 1 MO
.. 4,ltll
i 4,ttlr
- i.ivi'.ii t'owi'j.AiKi
IJH-tfttiu, JauH'licti, Chmvie or ' Kerrarf.Vcbitity
IH.r.ttarM of tlir K'ftHtU.
t Nf) nil dlaonaeaurialnt! from n . riiaorderaA T.lver Ar
l ltinntr.h'.aii.'h u conaiiiut.liin). inward pile, ftill
ue.Ja of I1I0O1I In lb,' lie;id, acluily of liii; atitniacli, nau
tea. hiuirt-huait. d'auat fur food.. fnHnein or woljrht In
tlie KtiiiiKiclt.auur erncliini.na. ainKir.x or nuucriHjf ai
ihe (.it ul ih.i atnliiai'li. auMintnin:: ot tii-i nt'an. iiurrieii
and ditlii'ult .n ..lliii..ir. Ilult'irineut the livurti choakluK
oranlficiitifiu sciiiMdiiina when lu a Kiiiff poatnre, ilhn-
noa nf vlaloti, imiaor wena ueiors ifieaifni, luveranu
4 do do Cleveland
i l Grand Action Piano (Chicker1i,g)
. 1 Gold Watch. act with HPiuiobda ,.
a Gold Watclies, at SlOai U
JO Rotewood pianos, at 9510.; ".. j :;v,
10 , do . do . t j(0
10 'do f do ' at 8M :'
-r. Gold Wak'bua, at 50 , '.. r .
ltO , do , nt ICO- ' ,' .
100 . do ' lit TS -r ' V ' ,
. 1011 i do I ... . j . 40' ,. , '. ..'
"TOO Silver "do . at " ,20 ' "
500 do do at' 15 ' 1 '' . '
.KM) Ludics'Gold Crcaal l'iu,nt $4 '
StO' do Hrocba Sliawla, ut tij V
SCO:,, do Silk Urea Patterns,. 830 '
50 0 Gold Pencil, at $3
KiOOO Gold Pens, wltii Silvor CoaCs, at M
SUPIO Gold I!iDgl,atl.5n0ill . ; j
J4 do at l.llu em h ' .
Every nurrtinserof the anlendld Inrr'e l.lihnr'.hin
Knirraviiit;, will roeuivo a CerlJUcnte of Mentoornhln '
etilltllaig tiiein to a chance In the above Hal of vnluu
1lu and costly Gift for Ihe- People.. Tbo Knrm-tnpa
can be sent by tnull (without bciug damaged.) to u..
nartofthe ennnlrv.' " "-
- TTPI'lrtit oaie First 8crvd.ril' ' "
Persons wishing lo net as Ajrentsfnr wa will rlcsld
aeud.a recotumendation alpiied by the l'uttnioster or
aorncotlifir influential and well known person in tke
place where they resiuo, . .,Vi ;vv
, To those person who have been artii:r;.ia Arents for
ut In our former DLitrlbiitlon, thlsla not requfied. "
, All or.lerewiih the money enclosed, free ufi ounce,
will muet with prompt nttenliiin. ..
1r-r' onler to prevent mittalrr, v&.nr .ni cttrft
trrnaiMhli.f rn.net tons trill pita. aa it ttoled in
inepreseucr r rae i'v.ttHOjter, and the amount tnter' '
an on ins wtttf out. t -;-,
. vve pruriay all onr letter, circular. Ac . ti nf
uirentaiindcorreapoiidunls, unil expott lheinto do Uio .
same Willi us. ,.J " '-. ,3
Airenta wanted In evcrv lown. whom we will
fltrnh.il wllh pnatera, eirenturs.acliediiloa, Instrnctlona,
v.t -., ,iiix)ii,it.uiiiiii.a. uur ninrc, or uv mull post i avl rl .
For further particulars see descriptive billa, c, or
ennulrn nt nWro, Ko. S. AVulciiifs lilnck,'rnwti Mrccl,
Coluiubna. Ohi... H1IRKKI Ldt CO., Proprietors
JOHK II. 8H.KFFER, Agent fur Lancaster.
Mnnli w, ihm 14 .. . v . . . ; . ... . . ,
; ; MAVAZJJl'' FKAKCArs.'''.' "-'
Fuiunyt!rocprios,4Dcciisu'art)f Ac, Ac,
f lEILX 6. tiARHF-KrnoS Ima becoiiio proprietor,
JL oy pur.ll'.iaj.of the Grucory Hiiro of H. ll.. Hunter
it Co., to wMi It lie IiukJiuH lidded it Inrire nhd sttporiliiu
variety of familo Oi-uco-i.H, now arriving mul to arrive
from t'iu. iunntl.und oilier iniirta. lu umkti.g bin pnr
iliaao he hsaliad ii view the acconiitindutlnn of iila
friuiidsaiidiliecrimatiigr luiblk, for all aawua. He
com iniiiiiti lli,iir munition, unions; oilier articles ut
price thalcaimot fnilro irivu antlafa.tlon. 1 - . -
CoNKUCT10SAi:iliborallkinds,fur fmniliu and
Vaudien, Tamiffnr.l Almnn(!l,l'Jtj;tiaIi Wafnala and
UrugiUnll Xtlls, Kira unil dale.., ... -
Jtlllrt, nm Ueluliuu rnr Jellies; Prtlfiefai Ac' ' "
OfPauillaGriuaTiealie wlllonlj' muutiun Phll.'povJ"
dere.lui.il crushed M'GAR, Xew Orleana do., TEAS,
Uio andJava COFFKE, Kl.ice, Midnases, Golden Kvr
up, French Cliiiciiliiie, Muajiroon Wnlpuls, Tomato
riitilip,uapliii(lid Intof t.'glith Diuro Chet.e, unil
other antcluaio nuincroitat.i put down hvre. '
Ni. I u. fui):ol, ,;li, Llipnm, Uruinl) fur Iho. sick aud
riilivuleaceiil, l itjnraS yeiir.a old, sinimkilijriiliil chuwilr
rOUM'Cu, Piw.dorpfitltlintforthe.SK)rlaMiii. ,
Ho will kcp on liaml a tarlct. r fmutu , fa-nls .4
en f Jnaua ol his ow n mnnufiii lure tor Ihe triid".
Not least, a l.irico ami lull areirliiienf of HnteKt ntr,
Hcrthcu eure, Pre ie toarrond Kn,'l,,lt Vltiisuarc, ul
an. H'Mdn marii T.lirJliu..fr. .
Hi liiijiea to obtain u fair a'uilr of Hie public favor
In hla now uinlertukii i;, and looks for IhJ aiprobalion
ii.iiiiii.'j.u xii ilia, I ten us. , nnviua: neen coinpelle.1
tj rcllni(ii'rali his former huinma.i:a injurious to betilih,
ltu will muke a fair trial irfihia, toaen If it will not frolit
hi tin ran, ns-well in. h!s heiiltli. If I'm exiMirliiicnt, (lo
ill pninin llic hii.id.d. ikiency of nerapiirtilinrr. yellow- E.hich lie will dovitte hi. undivided attention) doc-s but
I 1 fori
of tlio Kn
a . th rbllowlnaM -' - n
Swtn'a TmtlH, price (3; Hwan'a Mvinet, S1,J,
Lacatr, NeteruUr 9.1, IPS l-ila
puMPsi roMrsir pinoFsui -r
aTV H. ROCKKW aftuf an exrerlnc of fourteen'
J f t years in the inauufactiu'e of Pumpt, und a tho-
roiiira investnrnuon into tnt'ir oiiraqiiny, teeis coiu.
dent he can uow recemmoud bla . ' ''''"''..
. Superior rnuCjr'Wootl Piimp
kalielnii surpassed bynon maauftaetured In tills r-
(fl.in .11 couniry. Having oeesi lliorouiriy inatcu oy
In ottinat ettiietis in tnia aaa stajoininr connuoa,tuey
havo bosu unanimously pronounced superior to all
other and far iirnasain' tho Chain Pump In dura
blllly.i I 'wlU promptly attend to all order glven-ver-bally
or aont by mall. Person deairhi; an oxeellent
no auraui rump wilt please can, as icois const
dent that 1 ean render entire taliafactloo. Mono are
genuine except those mannfactuyed by th under
signed, ash lathetoleproprlotor. . .
Ilthnpotll. May 31, Utij-im D. II . HOCKEY.
rwVII'.iin.l -rai. tied reai.e.lfully advertlaea the pitli
lie (hat Uu bus on baud fursulu,ouruasoiutbloluriiia
For cash, aci'inj. ats usMirttncptof
' Frl'Hh und Well Selected Medicine.,
rorntirlalns every entile and ehemleal, derived from the
y.erlo.le.M.nrroltnd Animal Klnirdonts. und used In
Jlllnpathtr, ;irwruiaie, yr.leelie ami isutanir practice.
The usaorlinonl embrace at I Ihe Alkaloid. ,Htinoida
Aleoholitand Aoueone Kj.trmr.t9. Jt'f. re.
Ills stock of Surgical Innlruuieiita la of the bcstqunllty
A r'nll Stuck of Family faror.erte',
French and American l'erfiiiuery In trrcul virrtety.
Iliivuuu ami coinniiin li.'tritr, Chewinir und Sinnkliis
Tnlmrvo; beat qitHlily of Viuca, llrau.llea. ,Vc.,uative
and Iniporicd.fiirniiidicllinl uao; aim 11 sr Cider Vinegar,
Window Glue and filnaa Vare, tirixother with all the
popular puluiit iiieiliciuen,' end an oiulleas verlely of
odds ami a.' both oriitinientftl nnd naeful. '
Phyalciana preacrlpliouapiit up with greatctiro by a
coiiinetetitatid exberleuced dispenser.
. ai. a. aniuynK,
Oct.90,It,3i , A"e. 100,.1aia Srrrar.tnuca.ar.
. .OP,sv,'.'t '.
HAS jiiat received and nnsr opeiiliiR a (roneral
asaorluuinl of lilt V GOODS of every variety
usually found iu Dry Good lrude,eonalstliif In pari of
.', Calico, PriutA, I.owds JlHghm, "'
flrnwaan.l llleached Muallna: S.BiSt lOnuarSheetlugi
Black and Fancy Dress Silks; llolanoa; BiruKca;
Alpaceti. dnln and floured;
I.lnenauil Silk Ilnnilki'rchU'fa add Cravtilat ' '
Ilnnneiannd Rnunet Illbbou; Clnlhsand I nalmeros;
Hatlnetaand Flnnnela; Check, TlokUnra.aud .
Men Summer Hare of all kinds,
losether win a variety of other sronda for l.tdlea and
Gentlemen. All of which have beon purchaaed al
arery low prleet.Ai will be told equally low for CASH
or coijjf ritr pitnniinK Oa-li'.
Hi Klor will be found two door Wart of tho Fair
field County Savlnira Institute and 0 pnoalte Khscffer'a
f theallin an.,1 nv., l;r:in in Hie aide, back, child
llnillj. etc., anditen fliialuia of llftal, tiunuim Ml the He. h,
oli.tal.lilu:i2:iuil'!r 'liovil & KreiildepruaaiiinilfSpiclU,
)r. IIiM.iIrtiitt'.af'eli hiitti'tl firrmnh Hitters
Vl-cpur.'! bo J)r.- C. Jiwlfcai at tile rrtntin Jllctlitine
Store, .Vo. l-.H)4l-r'i Slrnel, P;.'iji, 1 . ,
Tliiiir pnwor nertlie aii.ive disease I nut' Cxcjli'il.
if eifiiilled, by any rtlln.r prepanttlun In tlio llnlirur
.-'tatnikti the curca attet,Ji many cases al'ur akllfui
iiliv.,it'li:iii nnd fulluil. ' '
Thoae Bitters urn wortltv tlio alli'ntinn nf Invalid;-'
la:..'a-iiicri?ri'iil virtun ill Uio ratillvnliuli of diaeiucs or
the l.iv.-r nnd icss-.-r irlniiiN.e..iircialnir lho'inri.il-S'.'arcll-
iutr powers iu tvoukuiwAanil eit.n'tiona ef the diguativo
nrtrans. tlicyuro, witlial, ajif-i-vertain and pl.Mtantit.
Read, nml lie cujivuicel P. le-aEi.n:, j.'ivcior,
Vt'nnalef, (Hiln, Dnt-emlier Slid, IH.H. !il: ! eluliRire
thisopairtnuiiy .if iiifornilliii voj of lliuFrent IkiuciII I
Inivo .leilved rrniu tli- nan ivf llr. IlnOuiiiNl'a ti'irnnin
llillers.. I have uaoil tliem for.liilli) nnd lever and dis
nrdore'd aloniach.iiii.rfouiiil relief in ev-.ry cas.j. They
are Ihu liu.t rciueily I ir ci;.or.K'rr.J etoinnch, 1 think, in
P, Folkv, lilonmflfM. Ohlrr. October , 1M3. snhli
"W llh feelluiranf ttraiitiide 1 laicu my pirn tn lul'nrui you
of tlio luciilculnhle beuelli I have derived r.niii the use
ol llnollauii'a German Hitler. 1 have used them fur
the Liver complaint, und take pleasure 1n rei oinlnenil
ittsr them o the Jiulilic ut tlie sufost and boat remedy
uuie lu u.eJV .
Tlio Killliiv of Ilu Wooeter llrmoevnt. May 0, 1H38,
ahIiI! i-ltiiniiud'aG..rinuii Blttur, -lliia invaluable me-
dtclue la dail. piiruiruillurcurusoUlie nniat remarkable
eharactnr. We do, mil annk of till ineillclne wltliuht
11 knowledge of its eilUit.y. as we havo tried ll in nur
family, and find 11 tnliu (tie only tiling liuedjd In li.'or
eoiuptaiiil or iryappi. ' - t .... -
ll.nt.V I'.i .uhk. I uullirldL-n. Ohio. Nnveinlier 17,
IftV?. uniilr I'Hv lhfi.il lierSons alto lltl I'll liai'ilvouY- Hiiof-
Uiinl' Gormuii Ultima, they aro. :onidrud an Jh vultia
ble remi'ily fordyaiK-paiii."
VTT'Vnti should hour ill junta that tnes'J niirtrr aro
a-itnr.i.v VK.ri.ie, in 'rnuy piiasmtsiiis nnvwiuia;
over mod uf the preparation rocommanduil for simi
lar illaein.ea. 1 1 ' ' .
Pr .nlu hv K.il.fTMl.in.A- CO.t 1'.. KlltU. KUS1VI IC It.
fl. 'Walker. Weal Ituahville: Purti'r Welraten, Lj tho-
pull, mid llealors In uiedlulne every where. . , .
uuceuiUjVi , irJ. u , :
. BY ITSO USTItr -WE -T lilt I VE
A JIK now receivlntrnf their old stnnd. a flno stock
of PA NCY and HVAP1K 1KV GOODS iu haa ever
wen offered In lliia lunrkel. ennatsliiig of every nrllclo
in Iho lrv Good line, toa-oihor with a Finn 'r of
hoots oni Slid, Oroerritl, Queen. tom e und OIoms
, nil of wlib h they are determined to sell as low
uaany house iu Fulrflcld count)', euliro ah stores mil
exceided, .' .
They b.-jr leave to lender thelrenrnest thank tn tho
clllaeiis of Uiiieasters and vicinity, for the very liberal
aliaro ol pntrouiute Iho have rucoiveu atiico iney navo
been In biiainesi, mid hope fur n continuain'O af Ihe
aamn, iiMtirlnir the public that no pains altnll be spared
on iii.iir iniri 10 irlvu entire mliafnciinn. Tho usual ar
UCICt.nl CiNlliir) pnimilW iii.u. iu u.vvuugu u.r uwu,.
Iiiuicaslur, warm si, lcat. , .. .
m. K.n,u,i.r.v"
TTASlit'l received hla PI'RIXG nud SVM.MF.R
Hotel, Lnncnater, Ohio.
May 4, 1SS3 3
nh of HAT8 Ci-OAPS al his old atnml, tnnteite tit
TalliMiiljio Home, Main Street. I.anrnttcr, Ohio. HI
Iwii haa been iciccn ii una euro ana omoruco
t" l'.vrry rnrtety of IliKx A: Cups, MWnt.
JUicludltiK hlt Heaver. Molaklu, Va. 1
andsl China und Pcdiil Straw and Leirhoro
HnUi Men, Boys and Children Palm Lonf.from K'4 to
HV;,. Alan Men mid Hoy's Furund 'ooi;Koauth tint,
Boys and ChHdrena Fancy Hals, which w ill bo aold ul
the' lowest pricaa. Lcchnru "at washed nnd bloachet1
al the shortcut notice. TTPDon'tfiireenhepliiee.
MayS,TM, j. ... .. , M. FJIAlLKTff '
Sttlgemen and all who linve aguod Horse,
i o ii u F n v;
EXXKTT OARRKTT'rt.'Vw'l1y remliii.
Ikal, kit I. ...-. aw si ntarawv t-.M
.Vtraflfiarfta 'ito nf l.aneante.r. where llO
la alwio oil hiiuu Ut treat crltinled' horses.
A ue.Yiicrlencc of usurlv 411 veitrs. and ulanv years of
that ttiiru unworin instruction mini aininen. vawnua
rv Surireon. enables hlin to cimuileitlly undiirtnkethe
moat diltlrnlt cases. . In 6HOE1NG Im bolds biraaelf
mi.iimiI to nono. t. ,
tit rcpuuvtion ra now spwen anowninai nor
eMe are sent lo him to be shod from moat nf the
ll II nelKliborlm: rltlcsand town. His Mioeinr Shop
v .iccniiimiHiaitniiaareso arsatiie una ho ckhuuii.ui
or delnv will ever occur. II K 5 KIT G A K 11 BTT. -
. Incastcar,AnsulS4,lf54 I'JniMI:- .. .
, - i llouk lliutlory, Lancnaiter, )bio.
la is n. uiio Kurort onnty
Olltces, Justices' Blank,
lloekets. Double and Slnffle
Entry Ledgers, Journals, Day
Rooks. Ate. &c. Alao. Book
Rinding of every description
done tu .a most autiafactory
All ordera.bT letter or other
' wise, nromutlv attended to.
" Order for Blndlnr can be left at rim Gaintta Ofnea
oral tha Bindery, no Main Straw!, tn the room forwir
ly occupied by Col. P. Van Trump, a a Law Office,
and nearly opposite Dr. Kreldor's residence.
December 14, 1154 It) J. Kt'SFF.l.L.
111 ml
I.lie will be able he trusts, to serve Hi J tilthllc ia
some iiIIht useful canarfff.' -
' Way J !i4. - FKI.ITt G. BARBESCMoS,
LrA.fCAS'J'fcH i MAC'mHTi'r?ll)rtY"
CI liKV.'W. la prepared tutiimlab all kinds of KTHAM
la", F.XG1XKS. upon shorl nollco and ui Cincinnati
anil t'ittshnrfr pricos. ' . '.i ' '
Ali i, nil I, in. Is of JIHI Gearlntr, Hnlslln fcrewrf,
Hitfiiliii'ii!troWa,'Jucli tcrews; Fuller' cieroa and
Cider Serein.
Will Bpinrileanf east Iran.or WfodgM. " ' '
, bales nml Drivers, eke, Ac. ,.
lie wlUnlM furnUli the HARK Kit WHRPl.' to ...it
auy ln-n.i of wuIumiihI with trttbirr I am or wn,M ahufl.
AlaottlO AIIMiSON W He F.I; 0 np aa ul.o. ltu
pia 'ni ou the Parker Wheel bus oxnirod and cffUM
iiiu!itl Ihoy con be had much dumper.
.Ilenl.u . contiiiiiusto milk UK VOL'S THKAPH1XO
MAf'HI.VKS, nnd keopsu lot .ontlaiilly ou hand; wur
ranleil Ihe heat in tihlo. . 1 1 .
All Mm above iirliclus will be hindo wild eapochif euro
and by the beat workmen, and will bowurrnnUid.
All kinds of r.'ntirlni; done niAui the Shortenl notice.
Heitljin keep .niiaiuntlf ou hand, ALL KIXIIS OP
CASTINGS, nautili) kept in a Foundry. He ba com- -plelcil
his front shop, So thntlliosu who icall can exam
ine bi work. . ' ..
The kmiwn qnnllly oflhownrk done at Ifcha rstiib
lisliiuent.f'ir nmuy years.ust,is the best ftunrranle that
In future, the subscriber will labor n desire the pat
ronnrcofllie public.' Iloinvltosoxunilnnlina. i
Lttiicualor, .Ma 10, lfol. G. HJSV0L,
, -, ,E!TIS'"11V.;.; . ,. :
GRURB httvluK relurned to Lancaster and intend
In'rcniuiu liiirniiiiieiitlv tn lliiscliv, hiicI ltavtusrre-
euivod iioururtiiiiislrotii uu oxpuriuueed iHintil. freru
ine city ur iew ork. a no tibial neii a kuowlc.1f;eof tho
birsines; tin w-respeclfiilly 'tenders his professional acr-,
vieeato ritiaeuaof Lnucastur und thu public iteiierully.
tie is prepared o perfurin ul! operattmnt upon -tho
Teeih, aticft lie Fxtractliifr,-Pliifriiie;; Filliiifr, rejrirlntias;
thuTiioth,truiitiiigpmiK' or duocasod Gum, desire.
ili Servua, rtiiuovinit Tartar, etc. '.
! A rtlllclatTeutlf Inaerted on Gold Plate front one to
full set; u!sn,AriiUclal Crowua seloa ba-althy rooia
withmit pain, so it to answer all lite jittrpdses of luaa
Ufatlon,. ,. .. v . ; :. . ' .J iv ..'-i .;, ..
Fverv otiernlinn In . llnnllatrv nsaeutlnl lo ,irti,rrn
and beiii'mry the Teeth, and plve litem a lionllhy bc-
tloiiAiiil improve lue roiitn,neiiiu Or rn.tcpetlonncil
ou moderiite torms, ltillcaln th city or eoinuv, 'will
-fo witilud on at their respective plncet M reaideuce. If
H no rouirosicov rtocnunrea madeor examination or
'couaultulinn at hla olllce. .' .' ;-
OFFICK On th Nortlieast nornc oTWid Pnblle
Suiiore, one door from Main atreot. .. ..
lincoator,S'ep1omborSH,ie54 91 " . '" '
CTA VK tumnvod tlieirClnthing KstnMlaliiuciil
f I to tlie Tathttndge Bloelt, jiret door Knit ot
M'i'4'7.a(rn' ci'M Sloes, where they arc open
tie a Inrire mul eteuaive assort uiont of SPRIG ANIL.
SUMMF.K GOODS, anil nru now maniifncturli.ir every
variety ot Sfrixp and Summer Ifsjr, which they will
sell n low.us the same iiiulity of foods and word cnu
unpurchased nt any other estiibllabmenL lit tho city
Their clottiliig is muniifiicttired under their own super
vision. and is enuscqueuliy superior lo Hint which la
biought from oilier plnces'k They havo also on hand, a
bepolifitl rarjefyo Cloth., Ctseimpree, 'ootinge-,A-e.t
wuicn tnoy are prepurcu io munninciiio to orncr. l uey
hav in UietrompUiy the best of Workmen and are at
alt tim6e prepared to make the beat Ills ii the latest
atvlea. Altthelrworh ielll beuarnnted'..' '
Iho tin hi to are. respeetfully sollciu-d to call and x-
amine lhelr3lock, and while Ihankfnl for the liberal
nattnuaee they- hav onjoyed, tboy assure tboir old cus;
uiniars and nil olliar that tlioy will labor to give rn
eriiratlsfnclloii both In tlie quallly and prico of their
goods and work. '' - i ril'Kl.VCtli dt TK0UT,
Louct atet. April, icel . , .,
HAS Just rucolvod from Philndelnlilnand NowYork,
UA I'S tnot na over coiuu io mis eiiy, oi me i
ft-tTraT iMi'iiovno sTtties, ombraclntT overyj
aP-ia vnrlct of shapes, eorts and lset cotlaist
"5 itnr of tha lute Siirlntt Style MOLE-SKIS
HAT, unsurpascd In Ohio for durability and Dueness.
Alao, Vonii.1 TOcn'av ITato oi all fclnd;
summer Hatsconslsthn of PANAMA; - .'. i
, Pudul nud China Straw t! ,.,., ,.' . ..
'' Braid l.KGHOIlNnad MASII.A; ' " '
Palm l-naP, Kossnth Uata.boA Pur and Wool; .
Fine Otter and While Bcavor, for Suminor,
' The I steal Soring Style Caaslracro Hntat -
All aui'tsitil lloyHdir Children' FiincyHats,
AH of which' will be sold on tbe most reaaona'jlo
terra, lower than ever beforot '. . ;
K. U. Couutry Merchant will do well by calllnand
exnmlnlnumy stock before purchasing elsewhere.
. Uncastor, april 26, 1855-50: ft. FmLillKGj
CAaniAax: shop.
f. c. dietz ; .
T RESPECTFULLY Inform tha cltl-
JLV aen of Falriwio county na...
ruoently put up anew uarrie" dim
istiauf iota iw t re r.taaliat,
Hnrdttmr Stan, Ctntro Allot, Lnneoeler Onto, viler,
ho wtll constantly keep on hand and manufacture
order every variety of vehicle In hi lino. .
TTPKepairlns; done oa trt aoHco, and kt
avffubld terms. II, MM-M
TT W T? T7

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