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Fayetteville observer. (Fayetteville, Tenn.) 1850-1966, June 10, 1852, Image 4

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:' : : I ! '
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; L
i -
i 1
5 !
t)t nrnur;
Vhy , should iiQti Tarpicrs ktiow
ijiore than' other folks? They i:er-
tuiuhT ouglt to, for they' have in this
tjountry more; to than others.
i 'jfhey have to make inore! use of the
powers or laws of nature than any
other folks; they have to use the el-
ciments for tools they are indeed
practical chemists, (w hether they are
ttware ol it or not.; lor tney nave 10
riiake use of the various substances
which nature gave to them they
have to combine, separate, : modify
and change j both simples and com
pounds. Ihcir farms 'arc at once
and j the sanje tim!e a laboratory and a
J. workshop, abd in 'proportion as they
operate' in s ack'u way as to allord the
tjcveral elenents of which the sub
dances an composed, and upcu
which thev are oiicrulimr, disunited
ojr ccmbineil, will be their success.
'fhby depecd upon the vegetable
Id for substance; their labor is
upon the plants of the
."I ;
should they not know
proper name and nature jof every
trt ?. herb a id plant? x 'TheyjJhave to
ijoi.tend wilh insects and animals;
why should
they not kijow their hah-
. ii i , , !
nd their natures as iwell or better
u any other, class! of people?
-.1 ... J . 1L. 11..
lv nave iimvoik uuvu iuu ciulii;
' ....
y'havc to put it in a
condition to
r a good crop; they h,
ive to chance
state of it and ada
A it to the
vanious purposes
crops wny
qhduld thby not know more resp
the i:
LLt'edients. of. their sosl
varioujs mineral or fksil subs
hey may find upon their
thcrs1 hums? ' And they
hale to 'di!
icern the fice of the sky,
watch Ihcfcnanccs ol ihd atmosphere.
rid recjuiite their movements in ac-
rdance Ivith the I enables of the
WL'.thcr, tdmperature,&!ij; why shoula
tliev not know as mucl:
or tnoTe oi
i the composition of
air or atmos-
i pliere, am
tho science i
of nieteorol-
tlgy tl:an Any jothtT piJopk-t They
must use iociS;or
nients ol la-
lor; they Liistjtalte
intiige of the
principles pi mec
md i the ap
i to practical
plication of mathbn
life. Is there any
gooJl reason why
they should not
as much or
lfeore than others
repeating science
j;nd natural philosophy? .In this
jdbuutry tliey have to contribute large
ly to the Support and
the government, and on them de
pends the election of rulers and law
makers why ishould they not un
derstand tlie fundamental principles
of national law1, political science: and
political economy?; Thc4 have to
administer to the sickness of animals
tinder their charge, heal their wounds
and restore health why should they
riot perfectly understand comparative
jyiatomy at least, and also , physiolo
gy and the symptoms and treatment
;i of diseases, as well iasi! others?' In-
I (leeJ. so wide is the : fidld of las la -
L hors; so numerous the' oljects with
,r which ho is connected; so vjuious the
. dicratios which he has to perform,
tie verily think that; ;i farrier oujjht
t be the most learned nan upon
' cjarth. .But can a man conquer ! or
make himself Ctmiliarfwi
tn every
fxienco .nnd every thing
i-jieans. Yet, nevertheless,
Jjavc his mind well-stored
By "no
he should
with the
''encral rrincinles of all thd
that he can be guided by ti
eni! vheu
it becomes necessary to be
more par-
tjcular, and to know, wheri he em
jioys a man davoted particularly ; to
aiiy: one branch, whether hp is com
Itcnt to the task, sud will pischarge
his duty to him with fidelity and
i.rccision. : Farmers learn fijom books
and newspapers as well asj
Iby ex-
perience, and should be th f
most in-
tcllisrcnt class that inhabit.
lie carth.
-A correspondeu
of the
Efolhir Newspaper says:;
"I do a small business ih raising
.itA limiting up garden
qeas, ana
last tall, a Year aero, as I 'wa.
oat some red pepper seeds in my
back yard, 1 threw the ! shkks and
, chatf promiscuously
I soon
i observed mv hchs. picking
up' and
shallowing them with grefi
'iliey soon commenced layi
tlfOUgh they hall . laid non
t avidity.
Ilhavefod them resrularlyl two 'or.
three timesa wcjek, since tlJen, with
vrud pepper, and they; have never yet
t!('pcd laying, i summer ci wiijter,
u6r spring or fall, except while h.itch
iriir iheir chickens: and I run con'fi-
I(!nt,'lrtm more tnan a year s expe
rience, that, by: this method, hens
in'av be made to1 lav the' Vean rouiiol
i. " . r t
How to Coos a Potato. -4 ash it
ivclli but let there be no - kraping
i I ,i
Ait the thickest end cut on a piece
iLicsizeof a sixpence. This istb(
safety valve through which the steam
escapes, and all rents s in the skin; are
thereby prevented, just as the valve
iswfiatsa rupture in thestea n-hoiler.
Belter to Work than to Beg.
Let no poor boy, after, reading the
follow ug interesting j (act, ever de
spair -of; making a respectable living.
A gentleman was; once walking
down one of the streets of Petersburg
when p. beggar loudly craved '& few
coppers for a night's lodging.' Tho
gentlctnan j looked earnestly at the
poor man, and inquired, ; j
Why' , do you not work? You
should be ashamed of begging.' 't j
'Ohj sir, I do not know where to
get employment.' I !
'Nonsense!' replied the gentleman
vou can work if you will. jNow list-i
en to inc. 1 1 was once a beggar like
you. A gentleman jgave me a crown
piece, and said to me, 'Work and do
not beg; God helps 'those who help
themselves.' I at once left Peters
burg, and got out of the Way of my
old companions. I remembered the
advice given me by my; mother bc:
fore she. died, and I bean to- pray
God to keep me from sin, and to give
me his; help day by ; day. I went
round to the houses in ihe country
places, and! with a part of my five
shillings' bought old 'leg's. These I
took to the1 paper mills and sold at
.. c.i ' ! i i .'; . I
.. r.i
a .luui. . ; it j
- 'I was willing to give a pfair piice
for the things Imought, and "did not
tr' to sell them for more than I be
lieved. they Were worth I determined
to be honest,' ai d God prospered me.
Sly purchases and profits became
larger and large and (now I have got
mpre than 1jen : thousand crown pieceis
that I can call my own. One great
thing that has contributed lo my suc
cess is this 1 1 have; kejpt from strong
drink and tlbacco.j : ,'
' As the gentleman poke, he took
nnf his nnrs;r ji'tk! r7iV'v f'rnm it :i
crown piece! and hajnding it to the as
tonished beggar, said: rJSow you have
the. same chance of gqtticg on in tho
world that I had. Go; and work, and
never let inie see you jbegging again!
If I db, I will hand you over -to the
! police.. : ;
.! 1 ears passed away. The gentle-
man had forgotten thej circumstance,
until, one day, w hen passing through
Petersburg,1 he entered a respectable
looking bookseller's shop, in order to
purchase some books that he wanted.
He had not been many minutes in
conversation with tlie bookseller,
before the latter, eagerly looking into
the face of his customer, inquired
'Sir, are not you the gentleman, who,!:
several years ago, gave) a five shilling
piece to a poor berrar at the end oi
the street?' !
1 'Yes, I remember it well.'
'Then, sir," this house, this well
stocked shop, are! the- fruits of that
five shilling piece'
Tf.-ivs of iratitude
ridded doWn
his 'cheeks as he indoduced the gen
tleman to his happy wife and chil
dren. ! He was regarded as their beni-
jcfictor.' When gathered round thfe
! tabic to partake of a cup of tea, thfe
bookseller j recounted, his history
from the above eve-ntfu day. ' It wafe
similar to Uiat of the w deome visitor.
By industry, honest;', and depeudj
ence upon God's help, he had risen
step1 by ' step,' from brying rags, to
selling papers and tract i in the street,
then i .keeping an old bobklrojtrafii
ultimately 5.to be the ov Der of one o
the best circulating libraries in the
place, j Before, the liappy party sep
arated the lame lamiiv bible was t:ir
ken down, out of wuifii a psalm o'f
thanksgiving was rcjidi land then all
bent joahdthe family altar. ; Yords
could not express the jfeojings of those
who formed, that grup For some
moments, "silence, in termingled with
subdued sobs, cvincejd !he gratitude
to the Almighty Disposer ! of all
events wl ich was ascending to heaven.
When they rose and badp each
other f irpweil, the bocjkseller said,
'Thank God, I have found youi? words
to be true. God helos - those who
help themselves, i It
is "be
ter to
work than to beg.
jLoGWOop. This is the worjd of a!
tree, a uativo of America, and which
attains; the' greatest perfection at
Ca'mpeacljy and in the West Indies.
Tlie treb gtxnys very liigh. Its seeds
art? known by the naaiej'of Jamaica
pepper or allspice. I Ilogwood is so
hcty as o sink in water; -it is hard,
compact, of a fine gtai!n, capable 1 of
Ikiiig polished, and scivrfcely su
fcllfi of decay. ! The cSaef use if lo
oQd isnir dying. Fpr,!this purpose
itsjuice, as it is cornmonly called,
m;iy be extracted by- debociiom with
water, j 'Alcohol extracts it more
readily and copiously! than wauer.
The color of its dyes is a fmb red,
incliniiisr a little to violet, or nurnle.
:cids turn it yellow; alkalies deepen
its color. Loirwood 6s uui artScle of
"reat comnierciiil importance. It is
imported in loirs, which are afier
wards chipped.
. i
on liiiiii and
A iizrd Case.
There is an odd old lei ow in
... . . i
Montrose,: Pennsylvania, as jve are
'credibly ".. informed,' who issome-
what addicted lo potations; anu
when lie"; takes them at all,
iie 'po-
tatcs' rather freely. Oncol on a
Saturday, lie had become cohsidei -
ablv inebriated, -i Sunday ton id him
as mellow
as Saturday left him
and in addjition to the. stock o
liey in ijin.L he felt a desire
die sanctuary. So to the 'i
o visit
house7! lie! went Parson U , a
worthy JulJ preacher, was instruct
nz a Bible-class. Old Tom walked
udsat down quite demurely in
a pew
He listened very attentive-
lv to the
questions and answers lor
a lew minutes; but, uemg iixioris
id show his knowledge of Scripture
and docjriHC, he stood up, leatw
on the front of the pew )ith l)(,li
hands, j 'Parson 13, said1 he, las
me some o' them hard qucs-shun.'
kUncle Tkprhns,' said the preacher,
with a solemn face, and in a drawl
ing tonej 'don't you knon' that you
are in the bonds of sin' and the
depths of iniquity?' lYcs, sir; qhd
the gall of bittensoss, too. Aks :nc
another ques-sliun!' j
Theiiil.r-fi the Bosion Post
says that :n newly invented dozen
Waded kiiifc has been made by a
Yankee ciitUfr, iliiciihasin addition
to its blaJes, a jcoik screw, a bod
kin, a hair: brush, njnd . a hoot-jack,
besides a season ticket to the theatre.
Sinitliers saytf hq
heard the niiii
uz make use of
ister t!io (Jther even
the follou i.ip; xjiresbion: Solomoh
mithers is
to know who
i i . ...i i.L
now vcr
f Solomoii
:l Furl her
vitJt'ie lie
iveil, ant
what he ivik jrooJ 1'orJ
A wi itj r ivrs the follow ins; in
e lo w vrs: l;S!ioilil you liiui it
Vice lo w
necessary, as you u
icloubtedly will,
many of you, to ch;
stisd our hus-
wands, you should.
K'ld nil tli is af
the soft cud of
ith d:c handler
fectionure dilty w ith
the broo:n,aud not wj
iockini: sneak:
12 of the
good qualities of women, says
"his w ifci
is the most even tempcrt'd
woman lie ever saw; siie s
i .
. CoLLi:
has since
world, w
upon 10 i
;e Exam i n a ti o n. B, w h b
made quite a noise in thb
jitc ai uiit'gr, was laiieu
1 . . II I! . !
ndero an xanunation m
Astronomy. On
emerging from
the orde; 1, one of his companion!
asked hi n how he got of, '-First
rate," sail B. "Tiny only r.skt.d
me two question?, and I answered
them both promptly and'corrcctly
W hat wfcre the questions: "Th
first was-pAYhat is a raral'axr'anc
lUld tin m 1 didnl know ! and th
second whs, 'Can vou calculate at)
eclipse?' Ro which I said no! 1
like to she anybody answer twk
questions move correctly than that!'
An Etllisli officer, Colonel A
Jling in a bta4 to New
lOiK, audi was extremely annoyed
by a free
petually shitting Haa'css him, out
the window, lie bore it pAtierMly
for some
tured to
tune, till at hist he yen
. . -
remonstrate, '.when
other said
I ".Why.
a poking
Colonel, I estimate yoirYq
(in at 'me that 1 do-4
Now, Pin
not coiner to swallow mv
own spiilll
p, not fjr no man.
sides, you
iieed not look so tli in
liglv. : Why, Tve prhc-
ticcd all my life, and c)ti!d squirt
Uirougli the eye of a needle with iut!
touching the steel, let alone sue l a!
gi eat spit-box as that there in
dow.'j j
j j.uoionei A. remained iranqu:! (or
gome timej alt lasi, his anger gut ipj
and he spat bang into his comp ni
fon's face, and exclaimed:
UI bee: you o thousand pardobsj
Squire, but Fvej not practiced
, i i
mucli as yoa have. No doubt,
the time wd reach New Yorw
shall-be las great a dabster as y
I The other rubbed his eye, apd
remained with mouth closed.
It has been decided by an emi
nent physician, that twcnlone
a female and tweniy-eight fori
male arc the proper-' ages fur t
earliest marriages, 'icuiig
of sixteen and eighteen dissqhi
from the decision of this eminent
doctor. Wonder if some of thorn
wouldn't add a few years to thrin
ages, instead of taking cfT, as is
common among old maids?
To Cure Deafness. Tell
man you're come to pay him monejy.
It lieats acoustic oil all Iwllorv.
Rail Road Excitement.
e are now rflctivma
from PiiilaJelihia land ISie
by idie Kail KoaId, one
ot the
iAacT I and ! nost bcauti
LI- bt
ck of
Goods. ihai has ever vet btew
to the
oitizens; b Lincoln. Thob desiring
to buy.
will certainly fiiid it to their inheres!
call at
i ulgbaui's old 8tHuJ, on the Nurth E
si ct r-
nerol the Public KJiiare, where tli
L ..I
y will
ium uoojs ol me Vui best o.cirJmr
the LATEST tTVLES, Ulld at llljtf LOWE
ApnIS. 1S52.
Extra Fine.
Chape, Sill
grttat varietj
, and Ltiage Shhwls: a
of Silks, 15
Laine, (ha
leys. Giusjliams,
Swisses, Averiaimj
le larlaians, an
liiin? else that can lie c alieql li.r may b
I Ready M
de Clothinsr.
--i WiiEN we
were in the East,
.its, Pants,
Sliiils, Shir
t Collars, Ac
, IS52.
0, Ipr thi Bee 11 ye!
Clothing Store
Denlt i's ia Foreign and Domestic
Goods, exclusively lor
ITS en Is Wear,
rcr-! Vji1 nnd inm
leu, one
af I li r.inr,r
i tfai and MOST DESIRABLE, blocks ui
Ucuucivcu s (voous, i hey havd ever
oil-.ied in plus mark'ii. Our tock coiifisis in
pail ot 'Black aiid j Fancy polored L'loih'
Cassunf n;3 and Do-'kiiis, ot Frciicli.'EiJ
"lisli. TJeltium, Uf-rinan, Italian, and fciotcu
iiiaiiulaciitie of the latest- jsiyles anr! be
make. Wo'.! and Un:or, Tweeds, Cussi
meres and
Uiillings at low prices forlyum
mer and boys' wear. Linen Drilling
t itne ii a:i
d CoUon
P.iiiialo his anJ
GjoiIs of all kinds
Vesiings in greaf
civ: ISatii
Siik, Grenadine, Limbrdnfeied
f, SUatite, Valencia, LiueuJ
spiles, (Jtktion, t oolfii, in plain a
d all
!ash:on.ih!e Mi Us and colors. - Clad
3 and
' Willi
Faney Silk iScails and Cr.vai.-; do
and Cotton of all the desirable t
qnaliiies. Pon'jee, iUtia'.tielJ's, ti
and Fri-niih iSAk and Liiien IVbet II ak
chiej; and tine plain and taney Stuckl
spns'ias., I Back and Fancy Colored
LliH'Ii. Liflc, 1
Thread, Cotton, Silk,
skin) V
and Bcilin Cllovts; Luiin and 5
H.ill - Hose; r r-eucit land Di
j.--p:-:!iifr ci an jua;iiies, lincluJui
j - . . . u . r . . . . .
i ol ieit and ol Indna Itubtitr jiuspende
j Hals, Caps, Boo s and biioes, V
Cauei, Ujdiiig Whips, Uiribreiias,
CioihJand! Tonth jBruslies; Pocket jJnivts
so'penpr IJaors and Itazor tjirops, llistols,
&.e. &.C.; and every thing ncpesary id com
piete a ueiitieman s warurolje.
The chdracter it our esUbliShment is so
well kiiowii.land so correcily ' apprecia
ed bv
a porttnvl a nigral and iiileiligeui j
lit we Ut jpin it alutobt supeiliui us to
Hate u;i'.u is nierus thus inur-h, ho
if' ever.
we vi' ii I iay: that our i?pnri Siock lif s not
its superiof in this jiace, both rs k gards
e,v.LiiY and price. We lare, then-lore".
prepared tu sell on as liberal lerms ai any
rf;liiar leuu esiaoii?niiient iti lite feiaie
ixH y i n iipou ouroiocK ol ieoils, as upon
our uuilortit uesire to .please, we leel uonh
di'.ntl of receiving the hward ol an ibcleased
shj.ire of iatronage, "
To 'Scott, Gray Co s come one and
W here Clothing Is lound i:i pleni
V e liave i:aijues, Frock, and Business tl'oats.
j rioiii(iiu dollar up ;o twt-uiy
We have Gloves and Socks.Ci avats &.S joeka,
,i'i:gether Willi Drawers and ShuisJsirs:
ine Pants land Ves.is, hut wha'.lis bes
e-'itill as chrap as din, sirs
TaiIorittg.As ha been noticed
a our
it be
Ciicu.aia and other ad ve'tisnueiud
rne in tntRd, that this branch ol
s is Mill 'prosperous ai.d fljwitigj
iu tts
it y iuipiovvd beauty; it being, th
t we
have at length acquired such pcrleciipu in
t!i- quTTiKM and rjisinoNixG an, that n
M one
reiuaios to dojihl that we could hide l
lohnnisoll Ricjiard HI, or fit lrom
ie de-
Ti in Thuinb who made the country
ou's, and drtw! iluiu ni witness his diannu-
tive person and varied cosiume tolGen
jai ki-ori, w ho" ded arims to bat lie aiid to
..: . A L. I :. ... I . ! i i i-
viuiory, . jiiiu wfre 11 reij'jireu, we Coiim m
Ir'Jni ihe fa i r modelings of Venu? de Afie Jici
anil. 'the Gretk S.'ave, to the vast ctifcsied
Ajiolio oi Beividere.
: Vour Iriends in haste,'
April 15,1552.
I ; ! ScUleUp!
fBlllE partnership formerly- exijiire
JL tweeny leucti est- Lserry in tns I'd
business having been dissolved eig
"iiiiinths siuceVjthe undersigned is comj
to jlose up ,411 outsianding matters due
Unit. Alt those desirioz to save cost
avail themselves of this, the last opportu
1 rirr'ei the necessity of incurnne cos
small amounts, .hut my bituation forces
coiJeciioa ojti all sums due the firm of Fn
& l'c-rry. jl hope all those indebted will
uu tiumediatelv without pving cost. ;
of French
l A, 11. BERRY
ok' icw
Pin ui
It. A. tilUY & CO.,
nLuj g "Have purchased the entire stock
f Good Of SH4NVL1N tt Gard-Lii-rf
her, and are now ofiermg the
same at unusually low prices for cash, or to
punctual dealers on the usual Mine. It has
become veryj common for Merchants to say
that they arelselling Goods for smaller profiis
than any otljer houe in town. Tins fe
will leave fo the public to decide. But we
wiil si y thial much all who wish to buy
Goods che. vp, give us a call, and examine
our p'rice. Thai ia the way to piove the
matter. " Feb. 2'3, 1852.
The Ladies
Bv CALLIJiO at Call! &'IUS- -n.
USM sell', can find all thai they Kp5
could desire, iu the way of Bon- sBrfr
mis, Parasol. Shoes, Ribbons, Laces, Edg
ings, lusertings. Capes, Collars, Cufis.ScarlSi.
Points, Veils Flowers, Wreaths, &c. &.c;
Fans. Hosiery, Gloves, &c. &.c; Mills. Frin
ges, TntuDiipgs, Buttons lor Dresses, Sic, &.C.
April S..IS32. 5 1
HAVE job received a large and desira
Wentock ol Wall Paper, and Border
ing, fire Screen9, and Window Biinds,
wkick ihey wiIIkII cheajLt 1
we pur-1
J which H
1 lib
i. 1 1
must 1
my. ' ' I
. on J
he I I
pay H I
L 17
uav to, iojz,
Dr. j. ik .siiKniixur""
OCT Of FicE Second dor from 111 nv'
Uoiol: i
April 0, 182 1 j .,
C. C. aicIUNNEYi L U . U. M UMLN,
liloi'iiiCH alljttv,
t'AvrrTEVU.L:j. wss.
(grOfice:, one dooriwrth of Ma.-Hum
r. tM-.t ,t . " '1
UOLUXS t Tllb.P.S5.V,C
ltccci ins and Forwarding
Also, Agents for Kaiiana 8ilt,
rg Keep coiiaiantly ou liund a! iIaboe
and well selected stock o Iry
Goods,. Groceries, liarduarc, Cut
lery, and IyeSiuff,; indigo, lader,
liee, lCiie'rf and all urticlea Uiually
kt pl lor iannly and j plantation supplies,
j Kttiiawa Salt wjll be furuished at
Nashville piices.' adding freight. Dealers
uumg luiianoaia will piease give; us a call
elore tnaking theK'puru-hasrs, beins deter
j iuiued to use every exertion u pieasej
I i IlOLMS! &. THilMiNflV
Tullahoma, April 'A lbo2 2,u ;
For Gentlemen. " !
Heady-Made Clothing, anil
every variety of Good i for Sum
mer Wear, .lor salle cheap by J
ccoDuicn, bcchakas &'be.veks.
April 15. ..
For Negroes. ! .
We have the best and cheap tit lot we
have ever had of
Heavy double sjled Crogans;
Best Twilled Blanket?; i
Ileal Negro Kerseys and other coirae
! tii'ods. I
m WILLEDj French Cloths; Mack and
J JL l'aucy Cassiuierts; biack Sa;ui,' fancy
jisilk and winter Veiling, Macinaw Blankets
jlat lowest rates nu tmsiake.
fi5.-pi. SO. .SHAPARD.
. : .
2000 yards heavy white Liosey;
flOOO. do tine; lo d. ;
j 1000 do siriped ut j.Iaid do ,
plUUO do Lrown Jeans.coaiseto extra fi;;
; 500 pans large alt Wool Sycks: .
SJOOO pounds Woo!; ) i :
'12000 do
Feathers. SUiAPA RD
ash tor Wool!
E will
raV. SOcKner nbuud in f:j'.3i
lor clean ijvasheil "Wool, or will give
inds or groceries at ilowesi tales f r n.
oi thwouth; .mougan &neil.
July 1S5 ' i . ;
Lace Goods, &c.
Emb") Mourning .leevrs;
NeedTe VVorked Cheiuizcl.cs;
Pans Trimmed Collais;
1.L. i 1 I Ik . .
vnue anu LiiacK L.;ice Uaps;
Twisted Silk Milts;
Thread Lace Edgings and Inscrting.-Jacont-t
do do .do
Swiss k B bt Ln"e do do
fept. -23. i ' '
1 Barter! EaHir!! Barter! !!
LAplES bring on your barter as last a?
yoa please; we wHi;av Iiteiicst iii.ii-
j.liet price, in goods at Cheap rales lol any
I n ttir.ii ii ni ' t t '"
Good heavy brown Jtans,
Coar.-e Wool Socks,
Feaiheis, Grnsens, Wi.ol, kc.SiC.
Jo v 29. 1S51.1 . !
To the Hoist Keeper.
We have any and every thing in
your line. Our ;lot of Glass War,? is
very line; together with a heavy stock
ll'jiie nsware, Casiinis lludwaie. Tin
War, Bed Tickings, Table Cloths, Doiucs
Give us a cailj
April 8, IS52. I i
Shoes and Boo-s.
j5l Lmjikji' kid, call jand kip Shoes
and Gaiters; ' !
Men's calf, goat and kip Shoes;
do tiu 4 and extra line call IJoot-;
' ilu waier jWool call and kip .do
do heavy kip and mud do
Coys' an-i Yourlis' Uu
Negro Drogans. extra article. ;
!. Come in! come in! and let oie jiiow you
what cau Ve had, at I Sil A I'A R'J'S
y Cheap Cash or Credit Otrier.
Always i
O.v hand Sugar, Coffee, Salt. Iron,
Castings, Siee!, Nails; log, filth, trace
halter, stay, breast and tongue Ch ul 01
stretchers; cross cut saws; hand, sledge and
stone Hammers. I can't lell all come and
see. . StlAl'AUU.
Hats. :
CATIN, Moleskin, Heaver, Brush, fn
KJ Mexican. Tampico.and Wool Hats.
Cloth and Fui Caps, j
j ,' 1 SHAPA11D.
Hardware and Cutlery;
Boots tid Wipes; ;
Hats, Caps and Botinel?;
! Leather and Tiri Ware;
Saddlery and Harness; .
Iron, N;tt!s and Steel;
Sugar, Coffee a ad S" a It;
Tinware and Castings; ;
Queenswaie ar.d Jewelry;
Books, Paper and Stationery;
Drugs, Oils and Paints; '
Basginz, Rope and Twine; j
Glassware and Stoneware. I
1 5SIMJ 1 li VV Jli in, aKJivvjrti. intuitu.
Sept. 23. :
njiWILLED French Cloihs;; Black and
X Fancy Cassimeres; Black Satin, Fancy
Silk, and Winter Vesiings, at small pro:-
April" 22.
-"FLOWS! i-
A isrjFEBioa article ol ITonr, at
ihe customary prices, bv
i l! U. A. GRAY &. CO.
N handj ai
N handj an assortrpent of Upper and
Jf Sole Leather cheap.'
May 13. R. A. GRAY & CO.
Ladies' Fine Dress Goods.
e fig'd Erocade SilkF;
do ! tlo , ; do Gro de Na,i do
jfefc-i 1 do ! , do Watered Poplins;
! U
I I :
do ! do
do ' . do
do I ' , do
do j do
do I ' do
do i do
do do
Fans Uaniazmes;
Turcj Salius;
New Style llobes;
Chanjeleon Lustres
Satin cheto Damask
5 Piaidf; &c. &c.
Snl 23.! : !
tH '.yn V jfoj ( ;4rfl frjftvT
- it'
IM tw lv1 A.'t'f v,'W((
yi li'.tr, .! j-,
'1 HU -, fi,4 J.vv - A
Wilt f l,'Jr.r i; tu. 'i f K .
mtcjU t :t h u , -W4K. ,,i tYf4,'
6f'i. t.luit Wa,t, i'v.ut,, (M$,
Urawilr.i, Lfukhtt, t'ttfunurt, A'viy ,f,J,
cfef, &5ra, XnnJfVf htt'U, I'tvh.r, hUt
Uad, i,c. ! ; Apf.M.I'' '!
Vindow Glass.
0t iilLfEoie b iuif.rrtJ j
tod Western mane fnom 7i'J ir,!
V.-'r .i-' iV.r nl. I - I. I
April 1-lyj J. M.Z1MCRMAX..
fDi 2(0 Kkos Fabnestuck's pure Lead
tof 15 bbls Linseed Oil;
totjeiner with a large supplj I XUrome
Green, Chrome Yellow. Spanish Drown, Ve
netian Red, Liiharge, Paint Urushes, Var
nishes, S.md l'aper. Glue, &c, for sale low
bf i J. M. ZLV4EUMAN.
April 1, IS.?2ly;
tolin Strings V-
Letter Taper;
,,i- r , c
Fooi's-cap Paper;
Wrapping . Uo
flanging do
Shaving !Soap;
Faiicy do
Shaving Brushes
AiSiee! I'eus;
rSiaie Pencrsi
Lead tlo '
; (Perfuniery,
I.vks, black, l!ue. retl:
; ,'Stc. kc. Ike, Sic
Wnh a large assortment of articles-selected
expressly lor the 'country trade,-for sale luv
April 1, ly
i 'i'ti: xaiai: ita:i:
iA lahgb iLot of tvery kind, from
SUctofl 5'J per ib., direct lrom the
Celebrated (.'anion Tea Compauti's
tsiaoiuiirueiit, iu packages frou; 4 to 1 Jb
b'lXes, ! J j ' . r. .
The attention cf, Country Merchant it
PARTicULAKLf iutiled lo this article, by the
v ho'esale agcut, :
April 1. j J. M. ZIMEUMAN.
" LLEY'S celeb hated Tain Extractor ,
JLJ'! lor Rums, Bi uists, Jtc;
Da. ley' celebrated jCTirc All, fur every kind
of injury to annua!;'
Bull's Sitrsapariila and j Yellow Dock; '
Rogers' Liverwort and Tar; .
Wisiar's Bilsaa of WiIJ Cherry;
Williams' Pu'iiiouic Balsam;
Gray's cilebiated i'lasur Ulcers, SoresAc
Jew David's do do I- do j; do
Judkins'; do Oiiiluient . dj !'
Spoh n's Head Ache illemedv;
Sruiih's Sugar Coated IMis; '
Peter's Anil Bilious Pills;
tloofland's ctrlebrated German Bitters, "for
I females;" j ' i
Thompson's Auodjne S; rup.for women and
I children;
Paris Southing Syn p "tor rhiljren teiLiog;"
Lutina Curdial lor Uenital diseases;
Mostar.g Liiiameni;
For sale at the proprietors' prices, Ly
. i Wholesale A:;ent, (
Sign if the Lion and Mortar, Juurktl .S'f.f
Apfifl. - NsHVIVLt, Tens.
Aoriii Side ol Public iurc, i
iVea-i Door to Planter's Bank,
I SAsavuxt:,1 te.n.
At 1 lil& house may be found one
ll t!kl HlXl).UMrsT linLa; t.f
s. . ' it.,
ollered 111 m;s City.aud tmbiaceS a
vaiiety ol
Eleganilj Decoraled French (hina,
Di.N.stK Sktts jiom f 100 to The
beaoty and variety ol styles now lor sale can
uol be surpassed. Des.-.eri and Tea bens.
very rich, lrom 2 to ;(.(). Chamber Sens.
irom j u JjlUU. Mauiel, Prlor, and other; V ll.itt. Caps, L u.f.ieii..,: :.: J; lit in
Oruaments, veiy rich and beauii.ul, lrom $5 sale of Merrhan !.ze g;uer j!iy, either at p:
10 per pair. China and GU?s Perlume vate nr. public s.e.' . j
Boiiles, China Sjiittoons richly decoiated.j Wilt hav rt'u!ir i.m 'ilv '-'stAi'i:-
Toy lea ad Diuner Setts, "& c. Glass ! lioij.and solicits Coiisig-kmns of I )' I- t in..
French and American Tumbltr?,)j Wnesi, : IVisburg ami Citi'.'iii!i .Mann 'r. j.r . ; m l
Gcrbiels. ; Cliauitiasiies. Decaiiier.! lhwU! !ci've undiiiJt J atteuiioii tu il bo :!.. as i n-
Cake land Buiter Stands. Lamp?. Candle
. 1
iiicksj .'iw.etnieat I Siands.. Wine Coolers,
W atei Buttles, cc. &.c, Buhemiau Giars, in
gieat varfely. ol the1 nchea ami intsi Leaiai-
tul colors and slyles. Terra Ciiita Ware
Pitchers, Flower Pots, Cigar Holders. Ash
Trays, &c. Biitarrnii Yares4Tij)riib!f rs.
Mugs, Goblets, Candlesticks, CVflee hud Tea
l'ut:, Cream . Pncheis, Sugar Bow!s Coliie
and Tea Urns, Laimps. S oous. Ladles, Cas
tors. Sic. Block' 111 Uaies Challiii Dish
es 0! air sizes. Coffee and Tea Urns, bond
l urcens, Coil'ee and J ea Setts. Silver Pla
ted and German Silver Table Spoons, JJui
tei Knifes. Sugar Tongs, &.c. Platedl Forks,
uunery lyory handled Jvmes and Furks.ol
a line article only; also in Sstts of ot piecee,
good and cheap. Japan Wares in gjreat variety-
Coffee and Tea Canisters,! Spue
Boxes, Lamps, Candlesticks, Waiters, Tea
I'rays, &.c. Jiarble?, an I a great virifety ol
Toys, suitable fur presenis. Looking Glasses
Punch Jugs. Lanterns. Ike. j
To Country Mertliaiu The Stock
or Wares offered lo the ret nter at this estab
lishment is unusually extensive and com
plete; will be sold on favorable terms lo the
irade. A call is foltciied. ICPThe best ol
packers are engaged; ai this houscd
! J , . I - A. II. HICKS,
j Nashville, Sept. 23, 1S51 ly '
SO. bill (llil Mnnhn-riti.l VI.;.I ...
ggg'jy 20 bbls live Wliisiiev;
. . . I ......u.i.nvi. i&JI9C1.
4U rois commoo rectiBed Whiskey;
20 bbls country - 'do j do
2 bbls Wild Cherry Brandy;
2 pipes ar.d 1 pipes line Cogniac Brandy;
li bbls Palo Cogoiac Brandt;
2 bbls Muscat Wine; .'I
4 bbls old Madeira and Brown Cherry Wine
101 bbls Pei'jierminl and Ciuuamon Cordials;'
10 boxes Brandy Cllerrieis;
20 boxes Claret Cordials) in store and for
u uuatj ifiii-ii .itrn luiik
saieriy 1. C. 1 1 EN LEV,
April 22 ly j j Nashviile, Tenn
Stewart! &! Owen,
Copper, Tia and Sheet Iron Ware,
Ploviie L,amrr &: Eroiher,
! Markel-Sl., Naihulle, Tenn.
Keep constantly ! on band all kinds
7 stoves; P,uior. Hall and Fluted
Stoves; Enameled! amlj Plain Mantel
Urates.- C7Joh Work solicited, ar d exe
cuted with neatness and despatch Feithers,
Beeswax, Pewter, and Old Capper taken io
exchange for work, i f : !
Fresh DrugsJ Medicines, etc.:
W CPired by late ainVula. a !arte ?i
audi tir-ti to tneirstoik cl Jleu-
A Irines, Paint, Gils, Pfftfume-
r. nrnisie, t aney Article, dr.,"
making h iruich larger and btrr jsortrd
iharj ttiey have ever before ofiVred.j Having
htfti purchased by one tl the firra i'nrer$iii
wiiit miir'.i ere and attention tu both crire
rl ''...l fi.,a;i! . ih v ar f.!f If. r IT. il,m ...
' A ' '.( lowest market rare?', and request oi Coun
i Hri ffjj ,ffrrhrtV a.j Phy9.c!ao parikularly.
r, p ttr'.nt iid cl . their siock. Ihey Lava
' 're'tf r?l"l
1 (Ji kJ. p'J' Whir Iifj
A) i f '. iiffH rvorei, SswC m boti'e?;
', in rtv r" .Mrcf?.,.y lo i u da
Z'f .'Si ( It lrt't-i' C;
i 'i it Wt 1 1; S'nrr'nt
71 V'a;..f , 4jai,r:t!;
. Mv a (j. !
l i . j. ' -. . Is ' r
t - t :ir,f .,ijijf;
'l ; iVp; .r ku l ti f.;er; j
7r, b'jx Gr.p'.wjVfa.-..! ln,peial Tea;
17 .Sp!!,-..! Vii.(;L;
WJ'I Rtiihio:., Ciat. Cu'j Cod
, IjfcrO.i;
l.COQlbi Roil BtiinM'.'.n-;
SCO ha'f liozci WiuJovv Gi is, a3'jrn4
. l.jO doz Siuokins tlc.-:; '
33 doz Mnson's K.VIi::.e;
; 00 gross Fancy P.i;"
l- bills Spirits Turje!i'it e;
515 lbs Eitract Lojwoo !. in ?ma!I bnxei;
PJU teams Letter nud Cap P.
low; i
'per, veiy
, CO tfoz Hair Brushes-..
ICO do Sh oe do single and in pniis;
o!K)do' Viufin Suing!.; j
Hi) do Fine Cc-nit-; j
70 boxes Shaving Soap;
PJO doz Toolh Brogues, assorted; j
Cv'-O gallons Winter Spertu O.i; !
721 do Tanner's t !;
liOdozon VV'l.ite '.Vah Brushes;
i? 04 Taylor's Sluv ii.g Conipjua ';
!. grnce i'eli;
21 .loz Bull's Snapant:n
1 OCOILs Veneiiin Red.
Sept. 27 ly ! 1 Nashville. Tenn.i
JJcdicIne (hel, &c.
3 dozen ?.!a!ioza;iv r.ij P,
Wood, and Muroivo -.HetiicaUO
IU'?tt, received ai.d tor sale low. ioi i.l'
these chests were made 1 our oi.ier t y 1I1
manufacturer. a::u c-i!p;j?e tne l:.tsi a 1
mi ul ver tliereJ 1 1 .s n.;,- k t . We t4Vtf
J il
them ol sizes suiUtble for p;:Uat:sn. lamtr
es. iiiiJ lur persttiia ir iVei.;'.;,r. !
VO dozen empty M':li;! :'-e i st ,;!.-; j
5 pans MedS Sj ioii.i.
EV.TN. BRO .V N k C' J. j
Sept. 23 1 y j " I N:i.hvi,.e. T,mi.
"TEUMIFCGE groo- M.-LaueV a:
T FahneStuCk's Veiiij.ioge, Uj L e u:
for sa'it by
Scp. 23.
t e!;n.
G.LD -FOL It Minces r- t-t
(i.i!d Foil .' s 4. C..and ll', ;e-. J
aud lor sale Dy j
Sept. 23. ' NasUfi
1 e I: n .
U.NUUN POiUKR. 11 d -.-. Loiil.
Irown IStoil'. m-qiarrs a:.il riiiK. 1.
superior quality . received and ior . t-y
kwi.. ui;.)w: is. 1 1.
Sept. 23.
Nshviie, Ter.'i.
UusintHs in 'i'tiikiiocii!
th 20.1i iusi..
I miod bsiii;
..i'v a i 1 tii 1 1 1 1 .-'i
. t
TiiI':ihobi:i, w
Wrorcrtfv. a 1.
mm ii oiiit-r aiin ,e as ti'.il
nuettuc uemaiills ol the a. i iiri:iJi:i .uii.iri .
and iiui'rjveiiieili-' t! tl:e t.tw 'It-wr,
. Mv ile:eii:ni)
lien it tu t.e rea!ir.n l':e
arrival 01 tae l ars, m i: ,n v.
1 .. i' v r. 1. .!
i r.; p,rp-..r. i
!CtERAL Jk50SISIt.NT; ii.u!
Ilurmsh thj tra
wti;i rv.rj il. isg 1. n
hue, on ihe Most j-iskkm.
TVi: !-. ,it . ivu -
, i.,r wn. e.
J G ItlZi'.A Rli.
j - -' - Ti
1 , AND. J. Dl'SiAS,
Auc.'iuii an-l CV:;;iif.:s.;.;i Mm!. m
W 1 1. OLRSA LF. D,- Go-n;
ousted to iny i.iir. i
liisiructio.'.s strict'' jcojnplied with, .1 r: . I
business promptly t .ec!ii"d.
Sepi. IG-ly AND. J. DI'N.' N.
12,003 rounds Feathers Wai-iiJ.
17IUlt vvhictl the tlluilbT utaikel rn-i' v. 1 . 1
at all limes be gven'in ZlarttMurr,
or in setiliement il ai-t iMinis. Ais, 4 wi?l.
GiltSCKs, nl Kcrsw.ll. om .une Itims.
March ;4. 12.' j Na-i.vi ie.
Wholesale ti'nd -Itetuil ' Dialers in
Poreibn ami Duui.'&!ic IJiinlv.arj
and (iutleyy, I run and Casting:
Market-Street, near J'ruad,
'' Nashville, ti:n:.-;
Have JCT RtcEtvEn. in J
lv" "V addition t. ir.eir lorn er U
larae stocis o I lia I'd Util e and f'ut- V
lery, k.C, fc'peais an) Ja ksiil's celebrated
Mili'X Cut, lljnj and Tenon aw. Farmer-,
and Morticing Cni6els. Tuii.ing Chisels ami
Gouges. Carpeutcrs' Adzes, llcre K.
Files, Ike. Apni 22, m
LockTrood DraMinj Knivt.
JUST RECEIVED a large lt i,f Locl.
wood's celebrned Drawing Kmv, anil
also Butcher's, Dickinson's. Dwihi's, ai.i'
Spears and Jackson's.
For l tv
April 22-3.li
N ihv:ile. 'IVnri
fa'Siee! Hoes.!
!Tt F.CEIVED a firse lot ot Vtisttici
JLV Hoc, ail sizes 10 which we iiiviu?
ine aiiennoi) ol ottoii ami 1 otiacc r.anu rs.
For sale by 110 RTON & -M A ( .'LY.
April 22 3m Nashvil.T. i.n'
Jo Carpenters.'-:
Tr57"E have in store a lew I'ianp, r-rucfa
H and Bit'.s, Cast Steel Aug'-ir
Graduate Twist A?urs. Lo ks 41 a!l k i; ic,
Steel Sq lares. Sic. Stc. which wejufe iiiiX'oui
lo dispose of at reas.jun Mo piiresj :
liOIMON & M.tcr.V.
April 22 3 a
N.i-v.i.e. Tenn
To LiacLV&i'ihs.! ;
If. hifK in slow AbuI". i?e. MorM
buJ Dies. Screr Plu'esU juel (.ul
lliiPS and Fdes, P.row4 L-el OW.,
Alwocil's Band ant!" ied" IU;iir.eis. and a
larre Ibl of IlillUI.IIl, ill!. fi r . O
refined Charcoal Iron. To ail W; which we
mviie J jur atientioti."'
1 ........ r? ... r"
tJUiiiV.' K ill IH n 1 ,
Apn 22 3m Nashville, lena
i i
t l
t i
'.1 .
- c
f H
si :
. 3
! I
'I 1 w
. 1.1-1 ! 'f';i-

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