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Pulillanll'in onico, lliillrtln llnlldltit:
Wiiatiltictmi Avfnno.
U. S. Sio. Pnn..Onr.i.vrn'8 nrricii. 1
CAtlto, April SI, lsM, 10:11 p.m. j
Harometcr 30:07.
Thermometer 40 degree.
Wind norili. velocity 8 mile! pfr liour.
AVotihor clou ly.
Maximum temperature lat 21 liours. at
4 ii. m., ti degrees.
.Minimum temperature, last 21 hours, at
tj n. in., 83 degree,
i'revalling wind last 21 hours, norlhoii'l,
Total nutnborof miles wliul travelled, List
21 hours, liJ.
Dav in NV. Hakxbtt. Obsener.
Fifty thousand ciiVTloprt Jut received at
tbiTlK-l.Lr.ii.VoiBf. I'
I.'ni clones nirnl-hed mid printed at tiio
JJri.tETi.N urrici: at $3 to fil per thousand
Rockwell A Co. have n beautiful lino of
initial letter and note p-.iper. nn I omjljpas
t luted and white.
C'.tpt. J. 31. l'hilllps win yesterday ulwud
ice-prnddent and a director of the l"lrt Nu
ll dial batik of Cairo.
Tin wcathor is mixed tlnss d ivs, with n
little more or winter temperature tliati I
pleasant at this sca-on or tlie year.
Ladles w:io are ta-tldloiu In tiio matter of
letter p.ip'r and cnvulopes should uall on
Rockwell .t Co., wlia luvejust received an
c!cgaut assortment.
Tue Ilurnctt fleam cooking vocl, tho
National American aud Epicure broiler?,
the Dudley spiral cate and door spring, nt
Uiilcy', 1GJ Washington aveuuc,. 1-21 lm.
Tlie place to buy wall paper and window
shades is No. Sfeventb street, opposite Win
Ur's block, where you can buy cheaper
than uny place la the city. 11. Am.i:. tt
V. 31. Ward Is now pttipsred to deliver tho
best ot sawed and spilt hickory wood to any
part of the city. Also all l;tn Hof wood and
coal always on hand. !)-2j tf.
Tho moiiiultoes, kuati, f.!s;. bii; and
bumblo bees, itrc coming, so prepare your
icir by covcilnj your window with wire
cloth from llalley'-; you can 'Icep without
ban. and diuo without lib".. -1-2 1 lm.
New stock and new Myles or wallpaper,
paints, oils, window gl.m, otc., etc , at U. V.
Mels1 new itore, Waitlilngtoii avenuo and
Uluvcnth ttreet. Call aud n-e .1 ho latest
styles la wall paper bcturc purcha!iiK ebc
svhvre. l-Pi-tt
Hlrd cage?, (lower bakct, wire cloth,
riddles, Mini screens, rake, hoes, hocU,
spades, sp-idlng and hay t'orkf, Mep aud ex
tension lacders, wojd (itnnpi and a general
apartment of tinware, utoves and hoiito fur
nlsUlu; fjodi, at llalleyV. Wil lm.
Tho Cairo correspondent ol llta fet. l.oul
Republican,' In hit report of the conviction
ot Green, for the murder ol berwod, f:ijs
that Qreeu was lound guilty and sen
lenced to statvVprbon lor a term ot d'hly
jur yian Just eiglily car- too lonsr. 31r
Ureeu wai l,o:ut up"' lor lour ycaiv.
Wc arc tho solo ag. nt for thu sale of Mil
son's pure cider lnegur, made on his tarm
nt Cobdon, Illiu put up In coincident
-Iztd package for r,my use, and every
package warranted pure.
1-13 tf. COITKV, I'ACK.t Co.,
Xo. 5"i Ohio Livec.
'lito gicai tragedian. Lawrence llurett,
will remain in Cairo lor two nights only.
'J hose of our citizen i who desiie to ee
"ilamlct" played by one ol ill., leading tra.
gedlans ol tho day, rhould be present on
Wednchd iy evening, April ;W. "ltced.ic,"
with Mr. llarrettas "KUloil Ciray," will lie
given on the ecold and :jV ulijtit or Mr.
Uarrctt'f fty lu this city.
Some of tho Seventh street property
owner are not pleaded with thu ordinance
requiring the cull, miction ot btlck i-Ido.
walks on seventh street between Wishing
tou avenue and Walnut street. Ono gentle
man with whom wo have com erred on tho
tubjcct.tays that hating but recently put
down a now plank walk, he will "Just be
d d If he will comply with the ordinance."
"Tho city may sell hliu nut," but he "won't
construct a brick Mdcwalk."
We clip the following item from the col
umn of the I'aducah Kcntucklau,' of yei
terdny morn ng :
Jlr liobiii-on, an old clllzen ot I'aducah,
and wiiuto IjiiMuum was ii imddler ut tiio
rouiiig mill, on Saturday lilr'lit was watch
ing by thu cuiic ol lil mother at his rcM
deuce on the corner of Locust and I'unuuc
see utrcels When the lire belli rang lie
tweeiiuuu and two o'clock, .Mr. Itobtntou
vu-pp U uul ot hitthoilic. Alter witm time
Ul mii OiArUy huaiui a nul.u in the back
juia.i ,ow u v.i.tul, iinil Uiluklni: lib lather
mjunjtar. fU.ii Ulin, tUo tiull cutuilus
wmewticro near the iit uliuulUcr bUle unli
lu ging lu the rignt shoul.lcr. Tha woim..,
a taouU a piuiul one, u not cou,ldurii
Thanking my many trie ldsand atronslor
ta: liberal support and confidence which 1
have onjoyc l in tho past, i hope In tti lu
ture they will bestow upon my ucces-orthc
mine generous treatment. Dr. Douglass I,
worthy and well imulitleu to attend to all tho
r fjuirements ot the dental art. I hall be
with him a lew week'., then I uin off ;ln.
A.il. Atm.
Jlr a. Anna Lang on Llghth-tn ei,liciwcii
Commercial and Wanhinglon aonue, lii
jutt opened out a stock or now and fadilon
ablu millinery gooiN. she has one hundreil
and fifty dillercnt stylosor hats aud buuuuu,
beside a largo anortnictH ol ribbons, flow,
era and notions of nil sorts, all o! hlc.'i wll
be lMJ at the lowest prices.
As warm weather is approaching the
laves ot ico cream will be gUJ to learn that
Mciirs, Haup it Clarkron hau-tltiej up and
rcturuieueu, in eieg-aut njie, tuurlce eronui
parlors, Their mummoth noda touiiun has
also been put In running order, aud tiothln;;
is warning about the establishment to muLr
thu pleasure and romiort or tli?lr;pairoiis
couple It
Notice is hcroby tlvcn, that tha annual
meeting of the stockholders of the Cairo
City Ferry company will ho held at the com
pany'a otllce, corner Sixth street and Ohio
levee in this city, on Monday, May r next
sit 10 o'clock a. in., for the purpose of elect
ing seven directors to servo the ensuing
year, and lor general budness,
Tuos. V. IIallidaV, Scu'y.
CJHIIO, Vlt; MrU 18 i3. H" did
Trains now leave Uuio and Mound City as
Leave Cairo. Lcivc Mound City.
7:15 a.m. 7tHla iti.
U 111. l:4.-i li.lil.
oiK.p.m. 0:U "
Clt.is. 0. W'OnP, O'n'l Ticket Ag't.
' X. W. V.
Ninr wood yard osi: square hast
I am now prepared tu Uirnlli all hinds ol
cord-wood on short notice. Stock always in
yard, realy for delivery without delay.
Ntwed or split wood to any length ordered.
II. ulii i.' m.toldiic facilities lor sawing, I ntu
enabled to supply t ite-wood wild ill.putcii.
Orders may be left at Hiistol .t SlIlivoU's,
d. 11. Phillips', .1. C. White's olliee, .1. II.
Mctoall's, oral tlic yard. F. It. .Mrxx.
ten VAi.rAiti.i: diehciion;-
lt. Tin voik should lm perfectly dry.
Snl. Use tho Averlll Clumlenl paint.
a I. Cot or knots and apwltli hell.tor'lZ'
-Hh. Ue t!ie Averlll Chemical paint.
."Hi. Prime with a co.it ot medium thick-
Ctli. IV the Aeritl Chemical paint.
Till. Let each coat dry before adding
Slli. Use the Averlll Chetnle d patnt.
Plli. ralntirfboutthNtlinr-or the year.
l'JIh. V-o tho Averlll Clicmleiil paint.
Jor alc, mixed ready fur uo In all eolor,
by .V. K. Way .t Co , Sixth street, between
Washington and (,'omnierc!:il avenue".
X. 11. Avoid all Ininiltatlono.
Tin-: vEori.12 vs. Huffman.
conclusion or TIIK kvidvxci: IN
Aiuii'MLNT or corssui.
TO w:
I'or-uant to adjoiirnmnnt, circuit court
met at 0 o'clock yotcrd.iy morning. The
attorneys being iiroont. tho enc oi tho jico-
pie v. Alfred Hilll'mau for tho murder of
Henry Tiibb, was resumed.
C. C. Thomas testillwl Known Huff
man for li or 13 yoars; knew Tubbs j 1
wna at Tubbs' Sunday morning, and also
nftor ho was shot; helped to put him In
the coffiln, nlso liolpol bury him ; 31 r. J
.Morris and I went to ecu if nnyono hud
shot hi tn ; wo found a placo on tho top of
the hill; behind n wliito walnut treo wo
saw whora it looked liko some body lind
kneeled down and taken sight; wo looked
and found torao bullet patching ;
in tiio ulrectton ot the tiouto wo
found innikt of boots or shoos; looked
us if somo ono had laid down bohirid tho
tree; have seen Uullman's gun, thu ImlN
ured In Jitifftnun's gun uro tho siiiuu sizo I
use 111 ny gun; did not loan Ilull'iuun my
loouldij loaned them to dohn Thoinpsoti
my tnonlds mado u soil of round ball; saw
tho bull taken from Tubbs' body; saw
ball "Wo'ley Iluilmun had, saidti have
been made with tiio samo moulds; looked
liko tho bill mado with my moulds; tho
full neck of tbo ball whs tnere; wn not
buttcrod; don't know what beoamo of my
moulds; couldn't find thorn; suppose
they could have been found; havo seen
the moulds since ; 3Ir. llod-o bought thu
gun and mould ; Imvo been changed since
I lot them go; don't know who changed
tha uioluds; I stepped tho distance bo-
iwcen tho homo and tin pbieo where thu
hot l suipood to havo been fired; it is
71 or 75 steps think thu gun owned by
Huffman would shoot 100 yards; would bo
a cle.ir sight between tho house and where
thu shot wns Ured ; it is a milo or upward
from tho grocery to where Tubbs was
Cross-examination Llvo somo 1 or 5
miles from whoro Tubbs was killed
Loaned my moulds to .1. Thompson!
caw tbo ball takuu from Tubbs' body; saw
tho ball V. Hollinati h:id; was 2 guns alike
in tho neighborhood; don't know whero
iieilman got tho bull or wl at moulds it
was run in; h.ivo soon my old mould lu
Ilarlllno's possession; moulds don't now
malio tho samo ball they did two year
ago; tho moulds luvo bocti changed; tho
ground at tho spat whero tho shot wn
tired was tho hi 'host higher than
tha (jato 15 or 20 feat tho highest; fair
view from tho treo to tlngato; mado tbo
oxHmination on Sunday before dinner ;
iliinl: Tubbs wasshotou Friday, died tho
hinu dny in tho ovening; post mortem
eiHMiUinUon was huld tho nuxt day ; had
raineil between Friday and Sunday; it
was no', much of a rain; just unough to
lay the dust; had ruined lighily at Tubbs'
house; it could be seen that there had been
somo ono thero; could not toll when
the tracks wero made; tha rain might liavu
had it tendency to obliterate ilia tracks;
wo wont to Huffman's asd 31 r. Huzlowood
asktd for thu bullet moulds; Alburt Huff
uiau wastheto; could not iind tho mold;
did not hear him say anything about
J. W. Darhan teUHod 1 am oen,min.
ted with illl'inin; 1 know Ttibb. In his
llfo time; was not nt Tubbs' l ouso before
ho was shot; was there tho day after tho
furaerai; think tho furnornl was en Sun.
dny: went up on tho hill to n white wal
nut tree, saw track nt if somo ono had laid
down behind tho trro; taw bullet patch
ing whi'.h v.as picked up e or lo fctt
from the trci; tho patching wn tlm famu
hh check thirling', there .was a nick in tho
tide of tbo patch as if torn in coming
from tho gin; did not tea Tubbs
shortly before tho ebootlng ; I wont to
Hull'man's houo when ha was arretted tho
nrst time; hoard innuirlns mado for tho
in lutds, I ut tboy could not bo found that
night; did not find the gun that night;
ssw thu gun at tha first trial; the shooting
was ior. on Friday, and I went to Tubbs
house on Kunday night.
Croti-examinol by Judge Allon Jacob
nartlino was nlmn; don't know whether
Ilartlino found Uiouur; the gun was at
the exitmu.niiuri the flr.t juy.
Resor, lUaUr testified I was not at
tig greevty, iut in tlu uscailuw making
linji hoard n gun shul, and saiJ I was
tiio keonott shot 1 ivt (loarJ,
and that I bollorcil Tubbs had suot
bis wife; hoard n woman screaming, nnd
said "bos a ho has thot her, sure; ' wo vent
to tho house; saw t'llll' JIazlowood nnd
Jorden there; Tubbs' clothes wero nil oil;
wo turned blm over and saw tho wound
In his back; Tubbs said, "Jlr. Ileatsr, I
hnVo a mortal wound nnd will havo to die;"
I said I hop d not; on Sunday 31r.
ThoiiiH, Mr. .Morris and myself tnaJo nn
examination, nnd found whero somo ono
l;nJ laid on tho ground; we saw the lm
prossiou of toes and knees behind n troe;
tho marks looked as if ttioy might havo
teen thero somo time; tho grass and
pennyroyal wns withered; thero wat
fair view from tho treo to the
house: I thought tho shot was flrod
at tbo house, could not tell how long bo
fore thu sbowor tho person had been be
hind tha troe; llaztowood and Jorden wero
at tho home; Tubbs did not say how ho
had been shot; could sco tho edgo of tho
door from tho troe; could not see tho full
door; thu place whoro wo wero cutting hay
was In plain vlow of thu wiillo walnut
Urois-e.amincd by .ludgo Allon Was
In thu Held working hay; think It was be
tween In and 11 o'eloc'.i when tho shot was
tired; think it was uusrer 11 o'clock; the
doctor h.id not come when 1 got to Tubbs'
house; liu came in about '.'0 miniitos; in tho
morning went to Tubbs' house and got a
cup to gut n drink; 3Irs. Tubbs was lying
rn tho bed; said sko hud tho headitchu'
it rained on Friday nfter tho shooting; it
was n "right smart'' shower; thero Was no
r.iin between that and Sunday.
Levi Jorden tcstlllod I know Huff
man; I was acquainted with Tubbs; 1 saw
Tubbs tho day lie was shot; ho camo to
my hou'fi and woko mo up, and said ho
wanted mo to tako my horses and go tip
to Charlie Dlilo's to gel his buggy llxed;
Wo started Ueloro day; coming back we
stopped; at l'. isch'i) grocery; Cliff Hor.Io-
wood, his son and several others wero at
tho grocery; wo all took a drink; Huffman
camo in and Tubbs began to nbuso him;
Huffman said hu Lad nothing ogalnsl
Tubbs, and went out ol tho grocery, and
started toward home; Tubbs followed
Huffman out of tho grocory; Jitsc.li took
ids gun nnd went ut tho road:
Tubbs wanted omo oysters, nnd
sent Scolt llazlewotd after 1'ascb; Hatch
would not romo. and Tubbs said ho would
go after him; ho went aud lt.isch camo
back with him; wo each got a box of oys-tor.-;
Tubbs got a boltlo of whiskey, and
wo all wont over to my house; Scott Ha-
zlowood and luubs rodo faster than we
did, when we got there Tubbs was lying
on tho bed; my wifo was getting dinner;
Tubbs sent ono of my little girls after bis
wife; tiia wilo could not come; iwi was
sick, but said sho would como as soon fi
ber head got better; Tubbs then left and
want over home; in :t Itttlo whilo wo hoard
iho shot; wo then heard somo ono coming
crying; wo went to tho door and Tubbs'
wifo cuius up and sail Tubbs hud shot
tiiiu;ui., -no evmiu'l )ver and run
fast; when wo got there wo found
Tubbs. sotting on tho ground, nnd saw
blood on his bauk and a hole in his shirt;
ho told us that ho hv.l shot himself; Wu
c.irrlui him homo into the houso; ho
seemed to bo in his right mind when wo
got to him ; wo sent for tho doctor ; it was
about 11 o'clock when shooting occurred;
I wasn't thero lung buforu tho doctor
came; tiio doctor was near at hand and
i-hiiiw iwn ; Tubbs lived about six hours
after ho was shot; Tubb lj.i.1 tt fitvl 111
his possession that day : it was n common
small live-barreled pistol; 1 did not di
amine, to seo how nuriy shots had been
shot out of it; wo lompared tho ball
taken Ironi lubbs' body and ono of tho
pistol balls; ball laker, from Tubbs' body
was largest; I saw a placo whoro some
body had laid down by tho sldo of a wal
nut treo; watn't with thu party that ar
rested Huffman; never heard Huffman
mal.u threats ngaiiitt Tubbs.
CroiS-uxamlned by .ludgo Allen It
was about 0 o'clock when wo got to tho
grocory; Tubbs troated Huffman pretty
rough; ho ordered Huffman to leave the
grocery; Ilutl'.iian 1-jft nnd Tubbs fol
lowed him to tho dump; it was about 10
o'clock when wo left the grocery; it is
nearly a niilo froiii Huffman's Iiojso to
my houso.
James llightowor tostifUd I board of
tho circuuiu'.aticos of Tubbs death; I wu)
not at tho grocory; I heard Huffuun say
that if over Tubbs tre.Hud him as ho li.iJ
troatod others, ho wuuii kill him if bu
had tu Waylay him; Huffman said that
Tubbs would mako Smithy spend bis
money for whLky when ho needed it for
his family.
Crosi-exHtiilncd by Judgo Allen
Huffman said ho would kill
any mm who might treat him In
that way ; he poko any one treating blm In
that way.
Alfred Cauble te'tltlcd Knew but litt'c
about Tubbs; had gone to dinner, nnd JuM
a wo set down Jorden' boy cams and ald
Tubb? had shot l lumdf; the next day 1 was
ummoiied to act a Juryman at tho liifjue.-t ;
wo examined about the place aud found
where ome one had been behind a treo ;
could see the knee nnd loe marks lu the
ground; we took the range, and ten or lit
ten teet otl' we found tho gun patch ; used
to know tho gun ; It would cut the patching;
wo or three yca'a ago I could tell thu balj
incil lu that gun ; mw the ball that iieilman
had. but don't know how the balls compared:
don't know much about the gun now ; did
know two or three year ago; the gun would
cut sortofa"swalloed cut'' in thu pntrhiii;,
Crosvcxaniliied by Judge Allen Tin rr
aro different causes for gun cutting tho
pitching; never saw a cttn that t ut patching
like this one; don't know whether the gim
hiil been bored .out hliio I knew it; the I
distance Irom where Tubbs was shot to
wherellurlni.u) lives, Is a little over three
quarto I of a mile,
John Thomp-ou tcstltlcd I wa prcscntat
tho hon'o after Tubbi was dead; aw ttsu
ground whero It was upposed tho man wlo
shot Tubbs had lad; I sold Huffman a gm
befora this murder took plait;
told him thu gun during tho winter !.
eccdliig the murder; the gun I noid lilinjviii
lu thu habit or cutting the patching; one
times It would cut t third of the padding
away, aud sometimes not so much; occadui.
ally It would set the patching on firs; ttc
patching found waicut in the same maimer
my tun would cut It; dltlvttnt t'uu at
patching very much alike; sold Hutfnian the
gun the winter before tho shooting was dono;
1 never heard Hulluuu make threats agaiust
Cioss-cxamlncd by Judge Allan-Havcn't
had the gun In my l"'1' ,,ut 0,100 sllco 1
sold It; guns sometime" cut patching nliko;
sometimes my gun would cut patching ono
way and sometime iiuo.her; looked at the
ground lor the ilrt lime on Saturday; I was
wa In Doii,fol.i when 1 hoard
ot Tubbs be ing -hot; It was in tho altcrnoon
when I heard of it; 1 llvo nbout two miles
Irom where Huffman does; passed Iluilman's
lhatd.iy on my w.iyl Dongola; my brother
Andrew v.i tWtll III "c pa"e oin leu
lectof th" door.
3lr. Tubl.-. wile of llctny TttWi, liMlllcd
Mr. Tuhl) rode up to the gato and was
shot; I was In bed lek when he was shot;
heard hint groan: the crack of the.gtm did
not scire mo much; the hoie wai hitched to
the fence and he W.n sitting on tho ground
by him.
Croi-cxanilned by Judgo Allcn-I was
not well that day; can't tell II Tubbs was on
the ground or on the horto when he wat
shot; had notllv-d there long; had my thing,
ther.', but did tut slay there much;
Tubbs came down tha night beroro ; I aked
hiin who had int him, or whether ho ill t It
hlm-ell ; herald lie did not do It hlliKctl;
there had been no other pUUl about the
holiie; had not had bold ol any for ncver.il
da),; had no pl-tol ill my hand lor ten days
previous to the shooting; did not get ;a pis
tol from John .Morgan ; can't tell.h iw long
bdoro tills 1 had -ecu .Morgan, but it might
have Ijlcii rs much as a week before ; 1 had
been down Irom Jackson county about lour
wcck; my husband and myself h id palled.
James 1'ilcu tcotllled saw Tubbs tho d,y
alter bu was nhot ( hu wan dead when I caw
Mm; never heard lliill'm.iu maku
any threats agaiti't Tuiib-: wa at tho gro
cery with them; lell before they dl ; can't
tell what time It was when I was at the gro
cery; tho grocery Is iibout one mile Irom
whero I live.
Alexander Thomp'oti tetltled-Knov
Huffman; knew Tubbs timing hh life-time
did not -co Tubbs alter he wa sho : I Into
heard Huffuun speak ol the shooting twice
iiieij It occurred; on one oeca-lon he wa
talklug to UenJ. it ; lien caid: "oit
killed 1'iibln, and 1 know II; but dou t blame
von " Huffman .iid: "You don't believe 1
killed l'tlbb-y" Hen Mild: Ye, 1 do.
Hillinuii replied. "Well, If I
did they didn't prove It on me." Hull'-
nrm wo, at my shop oltcn: on ono occasion
lie bad hl gun with him, and said ho had a
good gun : told Him 1 Knew mat, or no coiuu
not havo killed Tubbs nt tlie tllstaneo no um
bo said, "I believe nio-t people believe I
killed Tubbs." Told him that was tho gull-
ciallniprc--lon; ho poko ol tho trouble he
had had slnco the murder had oceiirred :
told blm not to let It trouble htm, to gut It
off his mind : aud that from what I could un
derstand Tubbs had troated blm wrong, and
s.ild that he ought to havo killed him at thu
time that morning at the gro
cery; ho ,ald ho -did not
h.tv o any thing to tlo It with;" knew of the
dispute, and asked him If It was done bclore
or alter John and Andrew Thompson pa-cd
lil mother's house; ho said it was done be
fore they jias-ed along on their way to Dan
gola, ami that hu had Just got home and
w.i, sittiitg on the porch when they went
by; kuow the gun aud htvu seen it shout;
don't knuw ubuilt thu patching.
Cross-examined I have never had any
tliliuulty with deluud.int; hau nothing
against him; never said ant thing tu that
shape agaiu-t lilin; some one told me that
111 in and .lake ll.irlllne hail bought a ipi.ut
of whiskey of ine; never -aid that I would
put him "whero tho dog" would not bllu
him"; can't recollect eviry thing I ever said
iiLMlust him; was a witue.,, against him be
Ion! Le grand Jury; had Iho conversation
with hi in near lladewood town;
he said ho was troubled about It;
heard him speak ol Ittvvleo; never had but
ono convet-allon with hliu: was not drunk
at the tluc tho conversation took placo:
no sr.,- not drouk that day ; don't recollect
of drinking with Huffman that day; know
Itea on Heater; can't recollect everything
that ha, been said about the ease can't say
tint I diil meet Reason Heater, but might
liuve met him ; don't recollect of hav lug any
such coincr-.itlou Willi Heater; can't recol.
leet tellinghlm any thing about It; have talked
to Heater about it, but don't recollect this
talk about it; saw Crawford llrady and .Mr.
White at ilrad)', house; did not tell them
that wo were both so drunk that it all
seemed like a dream; did not tell them I was
drunk; might have toll hliu I was drinking;
told him there wero thing, pa-cd I couldn't
recollect, don't recollect telling them It
seemed liko a dream; I was keeping a gro
cery in llazlowood last January; I may have
had a conversation with .1 Jim Heater about
this matter; It ha been talked about
so much I can't remember all
tint has been -aid: toll him
wu had been drinking, but did not say wo
Wiiv drunk; don't n member anything
about Haying anything of a dream; might
luvoaald it seemed lUu it dream; don't re
member ol tellii g anybody that It seemed
like a dream; told Huffuun Tubbshad lm-pu-ed
upon .lilin, and that he had ought to
line killed hliu that miming; said he had
nothing to do It with; said it was done be
fure Thompson and his brother
lu-cd, and that he had Just gi.t
home when they camo along bv the
house; don't .snow that I told Warren Dur-
1 1 t.-nu .lti.tl. t.0.1 liltn I ii'.w .1.1.. I It... !
uiiii.,.i?i, i.iim, i w.ki, ...... ....9 ...it.nui,
conversation occurred on tho road lu this
county ; think the conversation took place
In December; never to'd Warren Diitham
tint It seemed lite a dream.
Hy Llncgar Don t remember my comer-
sntlon with Heater; may havo talked with
Heater about it ; don't remember ol telling
lilin it H'cmed like a dream ; U bile told me
I knew nil about lliiltiiuu lilting Tubbs;
told him Huffman never said "I killed
him;" don't remember having any conversa
tion with John Heater; wo talked In his Held,
told him I understood that they vvrrn going
to talsu mo to Cairo to prove that I was
era?), mid that I had Iniuttcu many things
said about It; 1 wa, in tested for selling a
bottle of bitters to ; lliill'inann was a
witness before the justice of tho peace; 1 ap
pealed tho case to the circuit court; never
had anything against him; have not!)
lii.' ayalu-t hliu now.
I'l'e-tlmony coutinutd lo-inorrotv.l
J'nicB CtTinnN'T Oki'ick, 1
CAino, Tuoiday, April 21, 157J.
auMsn.vL i;kiiai;k.
Tho general inatkot Is quiet in nl Its
brat.Lhes, in somo for want of supply, and
In other lack of demand. Potatoes, apples
tncsl, ilour, and bran, are particularly
dull and prices nominal. Hay was Hut to.
dv, very Itttlo offerod nnd that not taken.
O.di holds firm nt 37c sacked nnd del.
'i'lii'Jtlrmneis Is occasioned by Iholr scare
ity and not on ticcount of any extra do
u.uci for them. Corn of all tiuds ii firm
nt an ndva.ico of 2 and 3s on mixed; nnd
lo on whlta. ihiyors mado very llltto
difTurcncn to-day between white nnd
Tho weather for n day or two pust lias
been cold nnd unseasonable. Tho rivers
nro falling fast. Frights unchanged.
Our reports of sales nro mado up from
actual transactions on 'Change, nnd may
bo rolled on as showing tho correct condi
tion of tho markot. A largo nmount of
Ijrnln nnd produce has boon sold ouD!do,
of which wo havo no report.
ISrCorrospondenU should boar In J
mind that ot,r quotatlins represent prices I
for round lots from flrt hnnd, unlc '
otherwise stated, nnd that lit filling small ,
ordurs highor pricai must bo pnid..3
FLOUR .Market llat. Xo demand
outsldo the Jobbing trade. Sales, & )0 bbl
in order lots f Cl().
HA Y-Oilct. No domnnd nt nil fir
any kind to-day. Wo noto sulcs of "J c:it
mixed del $10,
CORN Thero was considerable en
quiry this morning, and no supply,
l'rices havo advanced and closed tl nil to
day nt i'o for mixed; -18' wh I to In sacks.
D"T)o in bulk on track.
Salts: COO sacks mixed, sold catly,
!'; 1! cars whlta In burlaps do -tic;
2 curs white in bulk on track CSV; 2 cats j
mixed in burlaps del 17c; 2 cars wbito do I
1 "c nnd u cat mixed sold in order lots nt
lf?c. ' '
OA I S Finn at .Iff. Very littlo de
mand nnd light supply, I
WILKAT Sales 1 car white, slightly '
musty, In tacks, (sacks lo bo returned i. ;
CORN 31F.AL Vury dull. Mocks'
largo and no demand. Selling at t'Jfn ,
10 dul. Sales 100 bbM steoio dtledttl
10; 2U0 bbls do f 2.
1IUTTKR Unchanged; still very scarce
nnd in demand. .Sales woro 10 packages
choice :!5 10c; C tubs do 35c an 1 10 tubs
choico northern dOe.
OHIUKF.NS Supply fair, demand do-
I'fiees rang.) $.'5 .'0 to $ .
KCIGS 3larkot unsoltled nnd will
grow dull ns tho season advance. Sa!e
woro 2000 dozen I2je.
AITLES-Vcry dull. Full slock in
tint market, and quoted at $3 C0l accord
ing to quality.
l'OTATOLS Very dull. 3lrket ful
y 'upplied. Sales GO bbls cboico V. II.,
$2; 100 bbls 1. 11., in bad order at r.Oe to
$1 per bbl.
FRO VISIONS Firm and unchanged.
Stocks fair. Country hams nro in full sup
ply and hardly saleable. Quotations to-
day aro bacon shoulders packed 8c; clear
sides packoj 10 Jc; plain sugar cured hams
Kljc; plain country cured do l2Jc. Lird
in tiorcos TjHc; in keg 0lOc. Moss
pork per bbl f?17 00.
DRIED FRUIT-Very lltllo doing.
Dried poaches nrc quoted at MH
dried npplcs 5c.
HA3IS Suirar cured eanvased, in
lots ltloo.
R It K X IC V .V ST n A C O N-1 1 Iffj 1 2c .
SUGAR. Active and telling I'JJc for
coffuo A ; 1 ll IJc for crushud, powdored
and granulated.
TEAS. Imperial, 7501 '.'5; Ounpovv
der, 70l 25 ; Oolong black, 7o0jl ;
Young Hyson, $11 lo.
CHEESE. Ootid demand ; New York
factory ?i lb 1CJ017c.
S YRUI'S Tho domnnd Is fair for
choieo at OOc0?l " gal and Xcw Orleans
at 75080c.
I'LASTERlXCi IIAIR.-S.',c'! bushel.
LIME. tn lots SI I'o to 1 COfl bbl.
CE3IENT. At wholcala $20'.' 50 'tf
COAL OIL.-'Jog27c.
(iUNXlES.-Ro-sowod 2 huhil 13c;
3 bunhels 20c.
RURLAl'S.-liJ bushels corn, U or.
15e; do 10 oz 10:; -t buslmls Oat '-'Oc; o
bushels Sic; C bushids 22c.
StiAl'. Schacflur's German mottled
7je; Champaign soap, 7 Jc.
TALLOW, V lb 7c.
COFFEE Java soiling mSCco. ajc;
l.aguayra ji(.t)J0c; itio, prime to
cboico 21025c.
RROO.MS. Dull; common houso sell
at $1 CO; cboico and extra cboico $30
3 io ; steamboat ?J C0tj 0'),
i KLluil I Cotton, compressed, to
Now York, 85c; to Roston, $1. Un
compressed, to Now York, ?1 1 1; to ilos
ton $1.
RATES To iJow Orleans nnd Vicks
burg: l'otatoo;, apples, etc, dOc; pork
SI; pound freights 20c per cvvt; hav
f 7 60 por ton; wuiskey il li pur bbl.
TO 31E3U'HlS-Flour, oto 35c por Im
pound freights 17J por cvvt; hay 0 00 por
ton whiskey SOc per bid; pork 0c por
On UlKhthtlireet, blwt unt'oniiaoreislsnd Wtt
nx'ou Atenne, Is J,ti!y reciavio;
or tii
11 HlilS lull hue of
il rimmed sad natrimrned,!
i'iif::.cn ri.owijiw, itinmiNd, tkisimi.noh
of nil kind, Luces, etc., etc.
Strn. ,'letleii lias alan a larxe. asortment o
Taao) Articles, uch as
.STOIC Tl.iH. OifibAttH, Uf.'fintvSLtr.VI,
Au 1 all oiher articles tiriially found lo a
Mrs. Jlcdee, In addition to her stock ol
Fancy and .Millinery (Joode, has 11 lino and
Complete assortment of Cincinnati Custom
mado Ladles.' and Misses' ."hoes and Chll
droii' Hoots, Uiack and in Colors, Tlicso
aroacknowlcdged to bo tho finest and nest
ever lu tho market, nnd thl Is the ouiy
house the city that wakes thcta n specialty.
wholi:sali:;and retail
PR XJ jiSi
fir 1 LS mm S
rrS HBH ' n
s sum cm cure
V iIM sW.. ' - - --
a t ii i: n r. i m
NVf.DXkSDAS. Kvkxivo, Al'ittt. M.
In shake'peaic'j .Sublime Trajud) of
sjiipported bv bU own (ireat Company
The I'ovverful I'lav ,f
Re-erved -eats at llirtm:iu. One Dolla
Tlie sjj,) r reierved -euts to lOinmeiiee
Aplil25. l-21-iit.
- -
sJ. 0. HUJ3LS,
L'ate of St. I.ouis.
Comer Twellth 'treet and Commercial Ave
1II.ANIC HOOKS or every dcscilptlon done
with ue:itnes ami dispatch. All kind ol
ruling dono at sboit notice lllbles, .Mu-le.
Mugalnci and Periodicals bound neat and
at tbo lowest posblo rates.
County work, iieh a Ileeord, Dockets
I'ee Hooks, lllanks, etc., uiiidu a ipuelullty
lloxcs, rocket Rook", Enve lopes, etc
made to or.ler ll.-Ji tt
and ii):Ai.i::ta i:
Coiner 10th street and Commercial avenu
next door to tho llylaud saloon.
11-10 tf. CAIRO, ILLS.
I'.iauTii Htuket, Hktwek.v Waiunoto.
Adjolnlnir ltl'lrnlioimn it tut llnnnvN
Keep the best or Heel, Pork, Jlmton Veal. I
(.smb. baus.ixo.ete,. nd aro irenar.i, i ,
cltliona lu Iho mort accentahln niaoner.
l.Succcor to .Tamos K nation,)
f.:m. mKat.. I
lluys and slaughters only tho bct callle '
Iijks auc sheen, nnd l i,V,,,;i .i .r.?' !t 1
deinand for fresh n,Va tmm ZZSii
ten thotniud pounds. m0ii ,0 '
, i . j ..UicrnsiBLiv
ltiluil ami I'rc'M-'rijitiori
Comer Washlnu'ton Ave.
and Eighth sliecl.
Of ih.'iuiols and rahhil
lor Weak lungs.
I Oil hum: THROAT,
Prepared and oM
Nnd Dl-llif'ectant" for .Stable
honey iu:e."
"VOI'.NtJ AM I.I! I (.A.
Nnd "Universal Standard,"
ion Mil- llir NIsortMt Hunlo
to omooo
:iKlil- Mtlr tliu HiiiirSntt Haul
i Cincii.nsii, ,.. IudxI., Toll.,
Duntt, ClftfUnd, .Nlr K.1I,
iiunii( I'nisouitf, wnioRtoii.
Ilsltlmnri-, I'hllK.slitii, New Vnri:.
Huston a&J all puioti f.Ast,
S!ilul.li-, JidsstiIIs, Mn.tlmn.
jCros., hi. rul mad ll point Dorti.
Dm Is
Iwitlii r,
k!o tt. fioly .llirct ftiif n
JIK.uinlnxton, NbriDil.l,
y-dn'7-, . h-V.,kuk,
fion, yrtrixjn,
flobuau. Wlnlif l.ltr.
....I .11 .i . "
Elegnnt Drnwing Room Stooping CV
On nil Night Trains,
i Ilijvvu Check .nt 10 nil liaporlnnl points.
Kor tirkelf nnd tnfornitiD, ipply to I. O. K.K
I drp.it st tiro; oa honl tno Incut Btemr t.
twecii Columtjus and t'alro, and at m prlnclnt
rmlro I tlckrt nfflcm thraUKhout shr. outh.
V.'. P.JOIINsliN, (l-n'l e-i. Ait't, Chs-ao.
A. SIiTClitll, dn'l cup't. Ctiicano.
.1. JOHNSON, Ag't, Cairo.
On and nfter Monday, April 24tb, 1972
trains will run ns follows:
.voitTHKH.v uirtsioy.
iit ooisi roCTxrisT.
Mail. Express,
twoe Vlrslnia... :S'l a. m MSp.m.
' Hprlntl-ld. 0:O " 3:W "
,' Tn!,rTille IU 6 6. It
Arri at fan. 11.15 ' 4.1;
t sis iioisi) s0Tii,.r.
Express. Mall.
I.wiTe Psna I.inj a. m J 35 a. rn.
" Tatlornllr s.su 4 n
Arrive at Sprinu6fld..,8.n " ....8.0 "
Lfatn tfprmrfleid, a.6 " n 10
Arnront Vliicmia . " B.16
! 0 U T It K R N V I V I !) I O .V .
1UA1SS OI NCI (bCtlltlST,
I.earo Kdwood 5.30 a. m. 10.10 e.n
" flora 8.IS .II.SO "
Arrltn at Shaw-timi'ii ,ii 5 (,
I . NVll.TllltY, Vriiiirlcluf,
J ntiitaii
1 t jvery drsenptiaa,
I Steamboat Lumber,
I furnished on shortest notice.
Commercial avonue, botweon Tonth and
Eleventh streets
H. V. 1! II Y A X T
Near Twp.ty.ith Street,
Ohio Lkvih;,
1 All kinds of l.timber. Oak-, l'ophir, ( t.
press, Walnut, etc,, delivered in any part
; of the city tree of charge.
. KtM'atronago solicited, and satisfaction
! guaranteed. ' IMKitr.
Willi. HOWARD,
'lir atstilossisl Unnk Bollitlnsi,
gpw-ial 'entioa paid to orders Horn sisars
boat, am" r day

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