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m'iOrnai, Cairo, hi., )
April 3, 10:11 p.tn
ssareButar,28:9U inchrs-
TtHMMtir, 57 degrees.
VMS, W. Velocity M miles ptr hour,
Wnlktr, clear.
teasptratare lor ImI 34 hours,
tataratura lor the last 24 houn,
FfeYaamag wild for iart 54 hours,
TtWHMkn of sallea trarslrd by wind
lUtt MM BOUrt, 24.
Ofcaemr Stcaal Service, U. 8. A.
offices 0 ; WAnn oiricnits, $2.
We are authorized ,lo announce Michael
J, Howley a a candidate, for rc-elcrtloii to
the oflre of City Cirri, nt the approaching
city election.
Editor Bulletin : You will iUac an
nouBce that I am n candidate for the office
of ctty cleric at the enduing charter election.
w' 25-3-lMd W.K.Hawkins.
JIb. EoiTon: iiy rnjuot of a number of
citlztna please announce my name n a run
Uldate for Uio office of City Treasurer at the
ensuing charter election.
Wood Hittkniioi'sk.
We arc authorized to announcotliat II
Watoon Webb it a candidate for re-election
to the office of city attorney ut the cii-ulns
charter election.
mm. JtBiTOB: uj request ot many
cHImbj, pit announce ma at a candl
date for the office of City Attorney, at
the easulag cBrtr election.
IIabiion II. Br.icK-.
lu Wilcox block, Washington arenue,
at the lowsst figures. 10 -1-3-lf.
Just received at Houpte' an invoice cf
toe spectacle and eye-glaiio.
5282 3-20-51
Mm. Bum hold Is prepared to u leach
Bad fbxss hats Bad bonnets in the most
appreTsd style, and In a manner to give
entire satisfaction. Call at her residence
oa rifteeath street between Welnnt and
Cedar. 230 3-15-tf.
The lamest stock of bird cages, toU
let sets, water coolers, bath tubs and a
geaaral stock of tinware stores ever of
fered ! Cairo may be found, cheaper than
the oaaapest, at C. W. Henderson's, No. j
10 Commercial avenue. 238 3-l-lm. j
Lost. A. black pocket book, containing
three tan dollar bills, eight ones and a two
dollar Bill 1b tha left side. Also a note
for 130 or $S6 against John Jones; a fifty
dollar Bote and several dollars in frec-
wuaaj currency, in an aooui jws. a re-
Ward of tea dollars to the tinder.
t Wat. Elliott.
Fob Bkmt. The brick house situated
comer Third street and Commercial ave
nue. The house has been put m good re
pair throughout and Is well arranged for
a hotel or bearding house, alio rooms to
rant on Third street, lnquiro of Wm.
MoHale, Mo. 6, Winter's block.
105 2-3.tf
Milk Waoon. I will commence run
ning a milk wagon on Monday morning
February 23. 1 will continue it all sum
mer, and respectfully solicit your patron
age. Milk will be delivered to any ono
in the city, daily saorning and evoning.
Orders may be given to the driver of the
wagon or left at my lea stand, No 81 Ohio
evee. UIOEflK loctw.
All person having claims against me
are requested to present them for pay
ment within the next ten days, as I shall
depart on the 10th intt. All persons in
debted to me are requested to make im
aadlaU payment. I can be found any
dJ between the hours ot 1 and 3 o'clock
at the Bl Charles hotel. U . Levy.
uatro, April 1, 1874. 2 4-l.ftt
Wsa. Balers wishes to inform the pub
lie that he has utt received a large stock
of Imported French calf and Morocco
Leather fresn Adolph Nickel, of Clncin
nail, direct Importers, and he can there
fore warrant all his work to be of not only
the Lest manufacture, but of tho very
best material. Any one who deMros lino
smmu, noes or Uaiters will find It to
thslr interest to call on Mr. Khlers at hi
shop, 20th street, and oxamino his stock
and stylss before ordering elsewhere.
203-3-1-1 in
Mrs. M. Swander has just tlllod
hsr store room with a Hue stock of
spring millinery and all kinds of fancy
goodaand notions, liar ready-trimmed
kats and bonnets turpats anything evor
brought to Cairo; the young and the old
lady, Ue bride and tho widow will find
aanoag them Jutt what the wants In the
way of a hat or bonnet. Mn. Uwander
has also brought a beautiful assortment or
flowers and trimmings, saah ribbons, col
lars, uadersleeves, eta, etc. The ladies
are especially invited to call and examine
goods and prices. All goods marked in
plats figures 17-1.5.1rn.
tecoe4and clothing, watches, jewelry.
ytaioisY c., bought and sold. Alto a lot
Brussels' carpet, furniture, its., for tale.
UytetiU Cairo and Vincennes railroad
dtjso. ri88-3-27-tfj M. Cot.se
The Wiek basinet house, No; &3 Ohio
mat), lately occupied by, H. Levy. Im-
asediateposssssioa given. Apply to
Bou Fabmbakeb,
61 Ohio Levee.
11 4-4-et
Tfcs) Meads of the Cairo Casino, who
wis to preseat at the ball oa Easter
MssssUy, ara kareby laformee that tickets
aat be) praeurad la Una, as there will be
aosa sold at the door. Ticket for sale by
F. Nbff,
Wt. Bbebwabt,
R. V. Bblzmbb,
Committee ot arrangements.
1 MfJNM!
"WEDNESDAY, AVR1L 8, 1871.
'mii iiYmim.'
Sotncbodr to tike from us a thousand bill
head?, kosu paper and finely printed, lor
ft I mi .
Ono thousand statements printed at Tiik
llt i.i.tTi.N office for .1..)0.
One thousand note head- printed at Till
IIullbtin nfllce fur 1. 00; two thousand lor
Oiiclliouiaud huidness card, line Bristol
board, priotcd at Tiik IIL'i.i.ktin office lor
from f 2..K) to f 1.00, according to size.
to-night nt the
A the-
There was a meeting of tho city couti-
cll.held last night. Only routine business
was traniacted.
Sheriff Irvim luft for New Madrid
last night to deliver the throo nogroti
lately arroited ly him at llockporl Ir
To ric iiKriATKD. A request to r
peat tho performance of tho Cbitunty
Corner and Cindorclla has boon complied
with, and we hope to ice tho Athencutn
crowded to-night.
Ui'RIuht 1'iano. Mr. Bobbins hna set
up another of thoio beautiful upright
pianos at Tabcr llro.'s jewelry store.
This splendid instrument will bo ottered
at a low price, for a day or two only.
Call and see it. 4-4-8-yt
fjlionsis ANN lloos. .Notico it hereby
give that on and after this date, all horses
and hogs found running at largo will bo
takon up and placed In the pound, and
delt with according to the provisions cf
the.ordinanccs. Wm. AIcHale,
City Marshall.
A StioocsTioK. We wish, in tho lan
guage of Dr. Casey, to make a suggestation
and make it In the form of an interroga
tory, addressed to nobody in particular:
''flow would Thistlewood pan out as a
candidate for alderman in tho second
ward, and how would C. N. Bradley fill
the bill in a race for the council in the
first ward ?"
Riiibonii. Tho greatost rush of tho
aeasonJ The flnost chanc-o ever offered
to the ladles of Cairo I Ribbons I Ribbons 1
Ten thousand yards of groa grain of all
widths and colors! Ten thousand yards
of oll-bolled ditto 1 Ten thousand yards
of fancy ribbons, all offered for TWKN-TY-FIVE
anl take your choice AT HANN Y'rf. tf
Jones. K. Jones, the well-known
shoe maker, hat Just received from New
York a flno stock of imparted leathers,
and hat put down his pricss to suit the
stringency of the financial times. lie
asks the public to call upon him, at his
shop on Commercial avenue, between
Tenth and Eleventh streets, and guaran
tees to all his cuttouort otitlro saliefac
tion. That Raiiy. Mr. V. 11. Corcoran lias
been tho happiest man in tho world since
Esstor Sundsy. Since that day ho liss held
the temperanco crusaders in contempt, be
cause on tb.tt dsy he became the father ol
his son Mlko, who weighed nine pounds
and a half, and In stature was twenty-two
Inches tho finest baby that was ever born.
Pat don't csre now whether school keeps
or not, but he does care for tho welfare of
Mike, lor wbosejtender feet he has already
ordorod a pair of now boots.
Thos. K. Sullivan, well-known to the
people of Cairo, having at different times
been employed as clerk in several of tho
principal drug stores of the city, has con
cluded to go Into business on hit own ac
count. He has rented Mr. Ilel.ner's
houto on Commercial Avanun lintwnn
Ninth and Tenth streets, and is fitting it
up in fine stylo. When completed it will
be ono of the handsomest eitabllshments
of tho kind In tho city. Mr. Bulllvan ex
poctt to opon hit store tome timo during
the lattor part of this week.
Gas Company Election. At tho an.
nual meeting of the ttock-holderi of the
Cairo City Uat Company, held yettorday,
the old Hoard of Directors were reflected,
aslollows: W. 1. Haliday, R U. Cun
ningham, S. S. Taylor, J. R. Farnum, A.
. Haflbrd, II. T. (Sorould, and II. W.
Webb, Mr. J. R. Farnum wm re-electod
Prosidont, and II. T. Ucrould still retains
tho position oi Superlntondont and Treas
urer. On and after this date the prlco of
gas will be $i.60 par thousand feel, but CO
cents per thoussud fsot will lie deducted
from all bills psid at thu Company's olllce
on or beforo the 5th of each, month.
dear UAvis. uur amiablo frlond of
tbo 'Sun' denounces us as a poot, but ho
does us great Injustice, If we are we do
not know it. It seems to us strango that
we should bo the target of such wilt as
I).; but to be mean D. doesn't mean ; ho it,
In fsct, a ono-horto team, who draws a
very little load over the world's uncertain
road. D. puts on very pious airs, and
makes the loudest kind of prayers; cries
to tbe skist with voice of thunder, until
the angelt turn in wonder, and whisper s
"That's the sunny Davis, may heaven
from his company tave us I" Thlt provet
that angels, too, are up to muff, and know
when of a good thing they have got
The Play Last Niuut. In another
place we have noticed in a general way the
performance at the Athenoum last night,
but It deserves more than a paining no.
tlce. We have never witnessed playt ran
dered with better effect by amateurs.;
The Chimney corner wat enacted very
ailllfuly indeed. Mr. Morris, at Peter
Probity, was really floe. Tboro wat In
hit acting a flavor of Cauldouk. We
have seen tbe character rendered many
times, but by no actor, with the exception
of Cauldock, bolter than Morrit acted it
last night Mrs. William P. Halllday,
ai Patty Probity, was oxccllcnt. Hor
acting wat almost faultless high prone
but woll detorvod. Miss Pitcher as
Gracy took tho audiance by surprise Slio
looked the character to Ufa, and actod it
with groat skill. Mr. Candee's Solomon
was unlquo a first class pioco of acting.
His conception of tho character was good
and ho managed very skillfully to bring
out all lit points. At host tho character
it tnesgor, but Mr. Csndso made all out of
it any porson could hnvo made.
Mr. M. Y. Gilbert as John, Mr.
Bobbins at Charles, and Mr. Wood, at
Siftor, alto earned applause In short tho
play was oxceoding woll performed.
Cindorella was porformod with spirit,
and glvo great delight to' the audience.
Mrs. William Winter makes a delicious
Cindorella. licautlful In person, her act-
lng was natural, and rccolvod and de
served frequent and loud applause. Mrs.
Stn'ord as Rosoleaf was excellent. Her
acting was charming. Mrs. Wardnor's
Carnation challenged nttontion, and
was a line rondition of tho
character. As tho Princo Mr. M.
F. Gilbert was llrst-rato. His
make up wat lino. Mrs. Candue, by hor
sprightly personation of Lndy Angolins,
proved horsolf possessed of niorotunn or
dinary histronlc ability. Indeed, all tlx
characters wore excellent, and tho audi
once ahowod their appreciation of tho
playing by frequent rounds of ap
plause. ,
By request, tho performance, will lo re
peated to-night.
Coming. Wo know wo shall nrnko
happy many a Chrittain's heart In Cairo
by impsrtingto our readers in tho utmost
confldonce, tho Important socret that our
old friond, Rev. D. ll.Turney, proposes
to soon return to this city and lecturo.
Tho portion of our community that wor
ship at tbo altar of tho Liberal Atiocia
tion, will read thlt announcement with
dismay. It fears Turney. Ho it a sledge
hammer of the gospel, and when ho dis
cends ha smashes Infidelity smashes it
Into vory tmall pieces. Mr. Turney hat
frequently assured us this is a fact, and
if ho docs not know no other person
does. Of this. we sro sure
Tiik Revival. Tho revival of roligion
in Cairo, not yot terminated, has been a
very remarkable ono. Sinners, old in in
iquity and who had boeir given up as sin
ful nuts no gospel hammer could over
crack, have yielded up thoir kornol and
become food for tbe table of tho Lord.
Young people, light as tho gostamor and
irivllous as vanity, to uso a pbraso inelegant
but exprosatvo, have "come to Limorick."
Old people, who bad learned to lovo them
telvos passing woll who had become cov
er od with tho most of soltlshnoss have
"learned to love another" and have shook
off tbelr selfish habiliments. An odor of
holinesi aeomt to porvadotho ontlro city
and those now pray who nover prayed
beforo while those who always prayed
now pray tho moro. Tho Methodist Epis
copal Church, under tho psstoragoof Roy.
Mr Waller, has had about ono hundred
and fifteen accessions, and is still pressing
forward upon tho hosts of Satan. Tho
Presbyterian church, Rev. Mr
Tbayor, pastor, has had eighty-soven ac
cessions, and its banner still Hosts advanc
ing upon tho foe. On last Sunday fifty
persona arose when tho pastor requested
those who desired to join tho army of the
saved to rlse.and forty of thorn wore receiv
ed upon a profession of faith. Tho tcono
wat affecting. So wa havo boen Informed.
Meotlngi oach night are still going on at
Mr, Thayer't church under dlroction of
tho recent converts who sootn to greatly
enjoy tho sensation of salvation. The
Christian church has alto recoived n largo
accession, nnd, we are informed, about
twonty aro to be received into tho Epis
copal fold whon Bithop Whitehouso ar
rives. Tho colored cburchos bayo also
bcon doing a land office business. Rev
Mr, Shores has bcon kept buty baptising
converts for several mouths. His church
is becomming vory numerous, all in des
pite of Logan Sleepor and his other ene
mies. UiuuiiAM'ji Talk. We havo in our
mind tho faintest of impreulont that Dr.
Ilngham Intended .Hint his Into lecturo
should havo somo wolght in tho religious
controversy now In progress in this city.
This improsiion hat boon created not so
much by what tho doctor said as by his
mannor or rather by the languago he
saw propor to uso. Wo havo for many
yoars appliud Ibis test to tho determina
tion of a doubt in our mind in rolatlon to
tbe charactor of any discourso upon rolig
ion made in our hearing ; If tho discourso
is rather weak to oasy to undorstand
that tho liitoner wondort why tbo proscher
laid anything, wo concludo it is thorough
ly orthodox; but If tbo discourso is ab
struso a bundle of unmeaning and not
undorstandablo expressions, wo concludo
that it is in tho interest of infidelity. Wo
may bo mlstakon, but that is tho way tho
thing struck us.
Wo appoal to our rosdors to baar us out
in this conclusion, and In maintaining
I. .l ... r .. r . ..
ik uiu u jnco u irowniug woriU
"Theuulverio," said tho doctor, "without
Intelligences so organized as torocoivo Im
pression! from modulations InHbo various
fluids surrounding us, would bo at ellent
at tho tomb and as dark at night." To
the loarned tbit may bo as cloar ut tho
light of day, but to us it favors of a donlal
of tho divinity of Christ and bad lltorary
taste. If It in neithor tbo ono nor tho
other we do not bositate to assort that
treason to the government lurkt In tho
wordt of tho unique tentonco, and that
itt author It not a ft iond or compulsory
education or of the colored man, This
must, wo think, bo patent to even tho cas
ual reador.
But if we are mistaken in all our sur
mises above slated, wo cannot bo success
fully contradicted when wo assort that to
say "colors aro morely wavolongtht lu the
Etheric rW' ia to use ono of the ttrongott
of the arguments of the disbelievers, A
believer has no doubt colors aro colors, and
a man must bo far gono In unboliof when
be can calmly nnd without great provoca
tion doclaro that colors are meroly wavo
lengths in tho Ktlierio or any other sea. It
s a well-known fact that tho Ethorlc Sea
is located in Connecticut, ono of thu
former homes of tho doctor, and wo can
not rotitt tho belief that, In making tho
asaortion that colors nro nothing but wave
lengths in this scs, ho desired tu obtain a
little unmoritcd glory for tbo Ethorlr,
just Jor thossko "auld Isng sync," and for
tho more important purposo of convincing
tho world that tho storioa of Jonah nnd
tho Jaw bono of an nis anil sj forth aro
false that tciunco rejects thorn, that
reason cries out against them, and that
tho only truo religion is to doubt doubt, lu
tho langango of Mr. Shakcapero, that tbo
Start aro tiro, and all that tort ol thlm;.
In absoluto despair we toss Dr. Brig- j
bam ovor to tho tender mercies of Rev.
Mr, Thayer. Ho alono can adequately
punish this uubolio vor. Tho crusher of
Denton is the only man who can hope to
tako up Brigham, and nnnihllat-j him
show' up hit modulations of tho vorious
Hut Ja surrounding us nnd spongo dry
liis Kthcric sea.
MENT. Although tho clouds nil day yosterday
looked as though thuy would on tho slight
est provocation dtop their garnerod sweet
ness down, thoy did not because, wo pre
sume, tho performance of "Cindoralla"
and tho "Chltnnoy Cornor," by tho Atna
turcs of Cairo, was to como oil' at tho
Athencum. Tho klndnost of tho clerk
of tho weathor, was duly appreciated by
mmiy of our people, and by eight o'clock
there was few omply teals in tbo Athcn
eum. Tho "Chimney Corner," gavo great sat
isfaction. Tho performance did better
than v,ell, and was rowarded by tho ap
plauso ol' tho audience.
Of Cinderilla, wo can only repent what
we said uftor its porformcra soma woeks
since, at the residonco of Mr. Galighor.
If anything, tho performance last even
ing cxcollod tho formor one, tho players
thowing greater familiarity with their
parts Tho ladies wo bolievo tho ladies
engineered tho affair doscrvo tho success,
pecuniary and othorwise, they meet with.
Go to tho Athenoum to-night.
The business of this court has fallon in
to decay. Since tho inauguration of tbo re
ligions revival and tho temperanco cru"
tado, very little business has boon done in
It. lirois looka dlsconsolato, and Bird aa
gloomy as Othollo when Iago closed his
eyo and inado hint jealous. Mclialo treads
through llross' spacious otlico like one
who treads alono somo bauquot hall desert
ed, whoso lights aro fled, whoso garlands
dead and all savo ho departed. Tho con
clusion of tbo last sontonca is original
with Davii of tho " Sun," who kindly con
sented that wo might uso it for this occa
sion only.
But as we were Haying t Business is
dull in tho police court. Vor instaure, ac
cording to all rulo, yosterday was a good
dsy for police biisinoss. It was a gloomy,
diiagrocablo day a day requiring stimu
lants. On such days drunkenness ceases
to bo a crimo and bocomoa a nocossity.
Even tbo devout, whon tbo clouds aro
black, and a drizzling rain Is falling, and
a chilly broezo is blowing, and everything
is gloomy, and they don't foel well any
bow, aro permitted to indulge in discre
tion, and sinnort aro ulwaya pardoned for
getting a little top heavy. But yosterday
nobody got drunk. Only a fow drinks
wore told in any saloon of tho city, and
they to transient people.
Joseph Font, in his sober sonses, used
abusive langusgu and wns fined $10. If
ho had an abusivo tonguo ho didn't have
money, and will remain in jail eight days.
Albort Andrews for stoaling goods val
uod at $20 was up on preliminary exam
ination. Ho was bound ovor in tho sum
of $1,000. Arrostcd by iMcIIalo.
Danlol Miller, a colored gentleman,
was up on the chargo of kooplng a gam
ing houso. Hold to bail in tho sum of
$.100. Daniel was taken in by tbo modost
but dutiful McNulty.
Tiik harbor shop ib uu .bo cornor of
Eighth stroot and Commercial avenue
where J. Goorgo Stionhouso with hla gen
tlonmnly assistants can bo found at any
hour of tho day or night, roadr to tootho
your foollugs with a smooth shavo, or cool
your tompor and head with a good sham
poo. It is a first-clasa shop, and you aro
sure of receiving first-clasa treatment.
Ladles' and children's hair cut or curled
aftor tho most approved stylos. 8-16-tf
at tho Athenoum to-night.
l'ort I.Uli
and denatures for ttio 21 hours ending ut 0
V, m. lant evculni: :
Sir. Gracey, Columbus
" Fisk, l'aducah
" Allegheny Bollo aud bgs, N. O.
" Grand Lako and bgs, N.O.
" Bismarck, New Orleans
" R. A. Babbago, Louitvillo
" Iron Mountain, l'aducah
" John Kllgour, Now Orlcant
" Atlantic and barges, St. Louis
Str. F. P. Gracoy, Columbus
" .1 amts Fish, Paducah
Alleghony Bullo and bgs, Pittsburg
Grand LakoNo 2 and bgs, Pittsburg
Bismarck, St, Louis
R. A. Babbago, Alton Slough
Iron Mountain, St. Louis
Boa Franklin, Mompbla
" John Kilgour, New Orloans
" Atlantic and bargos, Now Orloans
Tiik Rivers, Tho Ohio river is do
cliulog rapidly, tho fall yesterday amount
ing to nearly ton Incboi, It U generally
believed that the Ohio will maintain a
lair stage of water during this season.
Tho Mississippi is ulso falling vry fast.
- i
went and
it now tho
i. f akxiiaukh A: sos,
Tho St. Louis "Democrat,'' reports tho j
decline to bo ono foot in 21 hours.
Tho upper stream, however, aro still full (
and tbe lato rains, will in all probability l
keep thoui at a fair stage, llusincss is j
lookl.ig up a little, but is by no moans sat- '
isfactory. Tho woatber yettorday was '
neithor warm nor cold a aort of betwixt
and botweon kind of weather neither
pleasant nor unpleataot. ,
Mi.xckllan'Kjus. The Allegheny Belle '
lua throo empty barges Tho Grand '
Lake had empty coal boats ard a small
stern wheel boat In tow Tbo Little
Painter No. 2 has tho small trading boat
T. W. McFarlin in tr.w fur Paducah. She
has been in port since Sunday The
Atlantic is stipposod to have passed down
without landing with 3 freight and ice
barges and her fuel bott in tow The
Ben. Franklin has a very fair trip
for Memphis The John Kilgour has
mo John Kilgour has
00 deck passengers, and a
trip Tho R. A. Bab- j
75 cabin and ito
fair up stream
bsgo has 7 barges of) coal for Altcn
Slough Bud; Smalley, a wall-
kn)wn pilot, was married on last Sunday
night in this city, to Miss Louisa Anolto.
Bud has our good wishes for hit future
prosperity, aud may n multitudu of little
buds appear during tho course of future
Notick or Rkmovai. Col. Henry has
removed his Ilardwaro establishment
from No. 102 Commercial avenue, to
Reiser's now brick building, cornor of
Eighth street, whuro will bo found the
largost stock of stoves, tin waro, etc, In
tho city. Tbo Colonel wishes us to say
to his many frionda that ho will always
keep a keg of nails "on tap" and any
thing olso tbov may want in his lino.
0 A-2-r,t
Grand Benefit Concert
The Cairo Concordia
Friday Evening. April 10th
l'UOGIt.Ul.Mi:-P.U!T i:
1. The Sacnseilund-by BUer Concordia.
1. Wandtrllcd-by Scliumaii ',. hclilrlnger.
:i. l'lanu Solo-by Kctterer Mr. Urnls A.IIEcr.
1, Slt.Soni-by Keletl Mrt. I.ant.tn.
-. The I'urctt-by llacter toncctdla.
1. 'Mlow Have I lvcd Thee" by
Mothrln Concordia
2. Sempre iilut'amo by C'arafa Iluettc,
..,.. ......Mr. and Mri. Schletlnstr.
3. Sonatlne-hr (four liandi) Mrt. Lansdenand
Mr. llctfer.
1. Waiiln's-by II. Mllllard-Saprano
Solo.... ' Hr. r-chleilneer.
S. Scldosserllcd...by J. Juo Concordia,
riikii4 forsule nt Schuh's driic ktore, ami
lit till! UOOr OI III Stall. AllllllSIUII,' l-rmn.
ltcaci'Vfd scatf", ono dollar.
Boot & Shoe
Commercial Avenue.
Ilctwocn Tenth nud Klevcnlh Street-,
Is incparcd to fill orders without ilil.tv.
He lis a lino Htock ot iliinortt'd leather on
haud, lust recelvud floni .Now Voit, nnd has
nut down bit prices lo tho lowest notch.
HKSIUKNCK corner Ninth untl Walnut
Streets. OlUce corner SKth street and
Ohloleves. Otlico hours Irom 0 u. m., to
.am., anil Op. m
UooJ filendi, jy me attention.
And lory I'll reUtf,
T'ij tidl t( a cmiKntici, ; '
Nor a qufltlonytt of title,
Hut a plain, unjthiil.td itoiy,
Of a man Loth tooJ and Mr, '
Who-e amblllon wat true glory,
And whole eictllence wat rare.
A toa of latle, iliit yonlli at lie,
lilt liandt were rough and brown,
Andmlnh an.t fun l.eanu.l In hit rye
Of thlt youlli wlu ptutighiil the ground,
lie loved quite a til a country lait
A lait of heatiteotit mrln,
Who'e hrauty w.it tweet a new mown Kratt,
She wat a nittlc quern,
'I hit youth oni day, with htail u'tr run,
With lote at imre at mow,
Airayrd In l.lt Lett Lib and luck
Unto hit queen did C,
To her he p)le Inaecentt tweet
Of love and fliire Uhr,
lletaldhlt joy would I coniplel'
" t. il..., i . 1 1
h, .lohn, the said, I lote you well,
' And fain would he your dear, '
Hut .Uhn hut hut lohn, I hate to tfll
I cannot now I fear,
You tee, dear John your tun alnt Jiod
Vour clolhet arc out oftl)le,
And to walk with you, I never cm.lJ
Adown the old church aide.
If you'll get a tult at Farnhalert
The Mamouth Clothing Home
I'll Jo fully accept yon John
And he your beautiful "poue."
John, liko a tood sensiblo follow straight
purchased a suit of clothes of Faknmakf.k,
happiest man alive.
Yoi. that's so.
01 Ohio I.vto.
0i... a.1 O
Announce Unusual Attractins for their Spring Trade
't iii'.Ip n sncinlilv of llii.4 iL-nsrl
, .. 1 !, .
no Hesitancy in ,aayni nisi o ouor uiu
of Dre.s Goods over sliown in this city,
of prices that havo tendered our lioutoso popular.
G-uinet Black Silks.
Wcll-Lnowu nmi established brands' iu
Black goods, Dress cloths and Sui
Wo offer an dopant line of l,adio'H and (jent's hose, and Misses' and Ch
drcii'o Plain and Kancy tslriped hose, which will bo oold at uniformly lc
We proposo making a speciality of Ribbons, nnd having bought largely
.. .. nn, n'n ... nnn . ...
Wo continue, as hcrotoforo, to sell exclusively for cash, at our uuilor
prices. Wc Folicitja personal examination of our ftock and prices, nud tdm
tako plcasuro in showing our goods to all who may favor us with :i cull. '
Wo thank our friends and cusloiner.1 for their kind favors in the past. V
unlit-it .1 nnntinitaucn of the Kiine. .-iFSiiriti!' all that wo shall endeavor to maL
mutually advantageous. KTUAKT &, UIIOLSON.
Phil, H. Saup,
Washington Ave. Cor. 8th Street.
This is tho only olaco in tho (Jily
srican and French Candies. All I
mcrican an
oursel f.
Wholesale and
Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods,
Carpats. Mattings. Oil Cloths
Upliolsory Goods, Window
Wishes Iho public to bo inforr.ied that ho
any in too aouiueasi, anu luai n 11 neionaiuuu tu uii oc, urticiu ai prices lowor
lowost. Call on him and oxamino coods and prices, llo will sattsly " r.
. V '
Tit AIMl
fl L l .
nifii t. It is our steadv. and wc ha
i i t -.-I! .i.
man complete, varicu uuu biyii.hi mu
at tlio unusually low and uuiform ranjj
.tli,i'm MillHinra nmi I Mil niavnra z:
where thero is a 'General Ahsortmentoi (
ask is to call and examine them for
Retail Dealer in '
Slindcs, Damask, Corahui
has on hand a stock ot (roods as extendi,,.

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