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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, August 09, 1874, Image 3

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HIUST1AN t'llUHOIl-Etahtccntli stroot
butwecn V.vdilm:t')n and walnut.
I'rcno'J.iw every tlilnl ami foiirtfj Hunilny
Sunday school at :i p. tii.
I'raytr inocllnj; Wodnosday ovenlnit.
It II Tiumiiu:, l'ator.
.'ilLSlJYTKItlAN-Khjfata Mroel.
1'ruactilii,';, Uabballi at 101 a.m. and 7) p.m
I'rsyvr ucntt r, Wednesday at 7$ P. m.
1 ibbath .School, .1 p.m. J, M. Lansdon, Bo
lictiutundont. ltsv. 11. Tiiaykr, l'Mtor
i ICTlJODIdl'.-Cor. Klghtb and Walnut Hts.
"ruf.bln , Hibbath at 11 a.ta., and7 p. m
r.ivor uiiietitii'. Wednesday. 7t D.m.
tnbliatli Heliool, a. p.m. h. W. BUllwell,
vi jflutenduiit. Ukv. .1. h, waxlkk
1 aiUir.
lUillf'li OK TIIK ltEI)KKMKll(Kplco
t ii )
M r.un; prtyor. rtabbath 10) a. to,
Kvonlng prayora, 71 p.m.
-.tbbalti ki-Ih dl it a ni.
It'-' ' ii 1 iter
It IVTitt '1 I Itt Ki I ,u... t, and
vwiii,;i.in AVi.'nuo
I'ulilic scrvke, Sabbath ti-M an.l loj a.m.
v.: tier, 7 p.m.
ii f ttli School, 2 p.m.
vieo every day, 8 n.m.
I(KV. l J. O'llll.t.fiui . I'rlaat.
I' ,OSKI'U'rf CIlUltCJILHOormnn,) oof
i r of S alnut and Cross stroota.
aitsi, uvory aiuimn ni m o'clock a. m.
p r , 2 p.m.
Hi during week days, 8 o'clock a. m.
Ukv. (J. HorxMAN, l'rlost.
K iiiA.i l.t'TIIWlANClIUKOlI 18lh
tt't- t botwoon Washington Avenuo and
I riiobln ' Sunday morning at 10 o'clock.
.Sabbath School at '1 o'clock p. m.
ItitV. C. Dukkaciinik. 1'astor.
I IUN. Ilegular meeting second Monday
!i taintli at their room over Itockwell
.V ' j's boikstoro, Commercial arenuo.
ttikly 1'rayer woetlng, ""rlday,7i p.m. at
i,t tooni.
L, W. Hui.l-.tki.l. President.
CtlUllCll. Comer Hyuuinoro and Forty
tirst HtrcuU. l'reachlng gabbatb at 11
0 ( ioek h. tu. and li o'clock p. ni.
nt day School 1 o'clock p. ra.
Tin) uburcii In connected with the Illlnoli
Aclliuii, by tho Flxtt JlUtlonary Hap
f 1 1 burel. ol Cairo.
IlKV SotOMOM LltO.IAliD, l'Mtor.
1 Jlic-AN MKT1I0I)I8T. Fourteenth, bo
iv.een V.' alnut and Cdar.
'tntwOti, habbutli, 11 n.ni.
Vibata Hrhool, 1) p.iu.
Ct.VJt moon at it p.ni.
tbcntli .' trt.t., hr.tweon Walnut and Codar.
ibbatb. 11 and 3 p. ro.
IUV. N. Kicks, l'aitor.
Allril HUlOOlt. Cornsr Walnut
r-r t CJir HtrctU.
-' ''a'ij boo). ! a.m.
uirt lUrrickd
He.vfc.,SbbMh 11 a.m., 3p.m. A 71 p.m.
Ukv. Wm. Kxuir, Paitor.
.Jar, bettrotiu Mntb and TonUi His.
le ; rilnr Habbath, 10) a,m. and 7 J p.m.
I'riy t nicctlnK, V ednoiday trenUig.
I jlny, 1 nday ovenln.
fi) latb hrhool, 1J p.m. John Vanllaxtor
ant Mar) Mephctu, Superintendent).
fticv. T. J. HnoKKM, l'aitor.
EC (j.'Jl) UAl'TIST CHUHCH-Konrtoenth
-trest, bctwevn CVdar and Walnut. Tho
on.y lUpttst church recognized by the Aa
Mjr utton.
lerviCPi", Sabbath, 11 a.m. 3 p,m. and 7 p.m.
Kw..iACon HKADLicr. Elder.
'O COMMA.NDKltY, So. 13. Sutod
At. -Mv at the Avylum Matonir, Hall, flnt
:d ii'd Monday In each month.
.'ll( (JOUNCtL, No.21. Itofjular Convo
cr.'l ,,i atMavinlc Hall, the ocond Krlday
In t-k month.
.WIKO LliAl'TKH i.o. 71. Keirular Con
vocation at Matonlo Hall, on the third
TtiPsday ol every month,
,AlKO LODO"-:. Nil. 237 .t A. M lltiru
Ur Ouununlcatlom at Matonlc Uall, the
or' .d and fourth Mondayi of each month.
Xellowk' linll, In aiwi'i uuiidii.p, .er
Thursday cro:ilni; at B o'clock.
Oovornor John It. UeTerldi;c
llec rotary of State OeorKe U. Harlow.
Auditor of State C. E. Llpplccott.
Jtato Troaurer Cper lliitr.
Attorney (ienenl Jarnoi K. Kda!l.
Supt.rubllolnntnictlon Novrtoj Ilatoman
Senators Hlchrd J. Oclcdby and John A.
nepreMiitatlvo Eighteenth District Itacc
ltoprc!tcntatlvo In tho Wtli dUtrict.
ohn II. Oberly, Win. A, l.emma and Math-u-
J. In.icorc.
Henator for tho With dlitrlct. Jee.e Ware,
cincuiT couiiT.
Judc I). J. ltaker, of Alexander.
bUtu'it Attorney l'atrtck II. I'ope.
flerk H. S. Yocuui.
rtlieriff A. II. Ii
Wm. Martin Asi)uir and Tieaeurur.
Surveyor .John 1. llcly.
codntv counT.
. Jadjfo- F. liroM.
A.'ocltCii-.I. L. MrCrlte and S. Marchll
Ion. Clerk Jacob O. Lynch.
(rouer John II. OoKrman.
orncr Twelfth itreet and Wathlngton At
(bale of St. Louis,).
hi. ANICIIOOKH of ovorv doscrintlon done
with noattiesi and dlipatoh; All klnda of
ullus dona ftt short notice. Ulble, Music,
c airarlnoi and Periodical bound neat and
. r.n lnwnt nnxalbla rata.
f- nty work, euch as lteoords, Docket
Anv nelson Mitlerlnu Irom tho nbovo dll
ea-ci) in rcquasted to nddressDii. 1'lilCE, and
a trial bottle nt medlrlito will bo forwarded
by uxiiress.l-'KKici
Dr. l'rienUtt icRular pliystcluu, and
inndi' the treatment of
u study for yearn, and liu will wamtnt i
cure, by the uso of his remedy.
Do not fall to Bend to him (or trial bottle
I coti notliink't unit ho
uo matter of lmw lont? Htandlnu your caao
maybe, or now many omo rcmeuieaoiay
havn lalled, .... . , ....
ClrclllftM HUH lesximoniaia acuv mm.
07 WillUm Btraet. Hew Yotlt.
rablltuitlon Offle, Ballatlat BiUUig
WnatiltiKtoB ATeaae.
Tim liepillillc.in olrr ol .lr.xnmlcr
county nt hereby ic'ino-tod () meet t tlie
Court lloiic In Calm, In Ma" Outcii
lion, no
ti'imday, Aiursr rrru.iKTi,
at Hit hour ol B uVloeL I'. M.i lor the pur
po3 of ('hooting Twi'lvp l)el't;ate to
represent the routity of AbxnnitiT in llic
llciiiililican I'lMigro-intinl Cuiiveiiliou, to
be liild at Mound City, Augil-t 13, 1S7,
nnd to 'hooic TvvcUc Delexatei to llio He
publliMti llpprreiiliiihc Contention which
lialfolo l,n In M nt Mound Cllv, on All
U'l ISHi. (ICO. FI8IIi:it.
Chairman ItrptiMlcan Couiily Ccntrjl
Coiumllli'i', K-!Vtt
A Demoi r.itlc criiitorlal Convciitinn In
hiTeliy called to meet at (lolcnidu, llliuol",
on Hatuiduy, Auii.t 1Mb, 1n7l, The ob
ject ofthu vontkiitiou will lie to nomlnalo
nndldateii lor renntor uud luemberi ol the
lfKlnUturc to c rvc In the next Kflcral a
embly, and to con-lilt n to the bet means
for furtbeilli tlii wclfarcof the Democratic
party in ttiU illitrlct. The I1.11U of rciirc-
pelitnlion In tho ronventlon Hill be onu del
ei,'ite lor each one hundrsd otca cast for
Hon, S. H. Markh.ili In 1 1 ni I In county, and
Hod. cifo, W. Wall in the other counllen Ii
tho ditrlii, in the election lor lrT-2, and nn
additional candidate for rjch fraction over
lilt J" vote o cakt.
It In cnriuitly hoped tbnt Die cniinly com
mitted 111 iec theiievci-rlty of culling their
county tomciitlniia at :in early day to ap
point delt'Kato In the .Senatorial Conven
tion. C, W. WILKINSON.
Chairman Democratic Senatorial Commit.
tnenin District.
dune 'i?.it. ItTi.
lteiiibllcaii lonvcution lor tlicpiirpo-c
ofiioiuiiiatloK candidate lo leprccnt the
Filth DMilct In llic -talo l.e.ialnre, will
bo hcldat Mound Clly. llllnol;'oii Thur.
da. Augtntia. 1871, at II o'.loik, a. m.
The ratio ol representation will bn ono del-
sate for each 10) vote-, and one lor each
fractional ,V) vote- cat lor V. . (Irani mid
Henry WlUoti for ireidtiit ,-ir.l vice-
preIdent at ilie prethlential ; i n In
i'lie countIe will be entitled to the billow
ing representation :
Alexander, 12
.lackagti, Hi
1'iilon !i
Tho Ifeiiublican county Central Commit
tec In earh ol the counties compn-ln- the
dittnet are rcpeetlully rc'iueite.l to call
county conxentlMi-, and npitolnt delet-atc
torrprcMiit their eouiities In ald conten
tion. I(y order ol Committee.
Matthew J. I.vicimr,
"-f Chairnian.
Congressional Convention.
(CItillTKKXTII IH-Tltlun
A liepubllcau Convention tor t lie purpote
ol nominating a caudldatu to rcprcM'Ut tho
Eighteenth Colore. lon.il J Miriut of tho
state ol Illlnoli In Congrct., lit hereby called
to meet at Mound City, llltml, Thursday,
.Viigutt 13, 1S7I. The ratio ol representa
tion will bo one delcuato for each one hun
Ired votes, and one for each fractional titty
otes in each county, cast fi.r U. S. (irant
and Henry Wilson lir preldcnt and lce
president at tho proiilcntl.il elucllnn in
l;j. Thecouutica will be cnlltleil to the
following representation-:
C's. D'lst". Co'. D'lKts.
Itauuoiph, in .Incksmi. li
I'erry, ."i 1'nion, u
Wllliam-oii. i:i .lolin-oii, II
I'ope, 12 Mas-nc, 10
I'tilaskl, n Alexander, 12
Tho liepubllcau County Central Commit-
ec of each romity In the Klghteeiith Dis
trict are respectfully rciticstcd to cal
County Conventions, mid appoint delegates
to rcpre-ctil their counties in tin- Conven
tion. IJy order oi tho Congrolonal Central
Committee ol tho hllitccnlli Congre-slonal
I. c. WILLI?. K. IS. WAtiOONKi:.
Chairman, Seeietarv,
Metro poll-, Illlnoi,, Jul) ti, lrl.
Acorroiponduiit, writing from iiombay,
ays: " 011 uuvo all heard of tho rar
ities. They mo the .lows of Bombay.
Tboy aro u rncu tlfllt wss excluiled from
l'orsia hi the Jovvi have been Irom many
countrlei. Tboy hnvo very poculiiir no
tion! of life, tut tliuir cemutcry is moro
io?'.ilmr Htlll. It Is dlllerunt from all
otliora. We uiAdo n viiit to their ceme
tery, not knowing nl the timo that no ono
was admlllod. it ts h large traqi on tho
best part of Malober Hill. It ii very
yaluablo now, but it was purcbasod many
youri ngo. Wo mado application nt tho
gato for admitsiou, and were refufod
Wo Rpputiled to 11 young 1 aneo who ha
poiiod ti uu paistng uo was dressed
nilk, and very gentlemanly in ap
poaranco. lie tald that no Europnni
word ttdmlltod. wo told mm we
vera not Kurnpouns. but Amorlcans, Uo
said that bo wojld bo vory bappy to
obligo Americans, but could not, but did
onsent that wo should go up to tho road.
outMlo tho inner wall, nud hnvo n viow if
too city and bay. Tho sentinel took us
along tho wilding road, And a rupee
given to him a:ted liko a charm. It
uponod nil tuogntos una paesoa too poiico,
Thoro was no rurees in sight to stand in
our way, nnd wo entered tho prohibited
tnrlosures. Tho ground! uro mi r rounded
bv n wall twouty foot high, and hnvo bean
uoi for a great number of year by this
strango pooplo, Thoro uro no monuments
In ttio cemetery. Tiioro uro turoo round
towers, about ilfty tu sixty feet high.
On the top of tlicio towers there
is an I; 03 gruto. Tho dead are
brought to tho gnto nud dolivorcd to
the priests, and too friends depart. Tho
nrieiti preparo inocorpso. nnu lay it on
tho grnte, and it la devoured by tho vul
tures, and tho bones drop through thu
irrato into thncharnoMiouse below. Theie
towon or vaults nro called the 'Towers of
Sllena.' wo taw hundreds of vultures
sitting on thoso towers, nnd tho sentinel
told us that thov would tako all the ltesh
from a corpio in an hour. Wu aikod
whv theio tnwora ? Tho lentlnol. polntinc
to ono, said, 'l'araoo with plenty of
money put thoro:' to another, 'l'arnoo
with littlo monoy put there' Tho ten
llnel aald, when n corpse is placed on the
grate, the strlfo nnd nolao of tho vultures
ii fright fdl. nnd could bo hoard for a long
dlitance. Wo law thoio 'Towers of
6 lion a and do Dot csro to be any niarsr,1
TinnciinRniiTMES. -
iiLii.Ns ami iu:iuii:it.
ThefolloAlnKPocui was written by Mrs.J.
Webb, of Scotland, sixteen years ngo, on
tho 'occasion of Ilie appointment of Henry
Ward lleci'licr to lucttirn nt tlie ulekratlon
of lluni-' I'Wt'i anniversary, January, l8fl
I leirn llic taik has fu'n to you
To clo IliO bard o' Ayr Ills due i
Hut use blin vvcrl;
Hp kept swccl Charitv 111 lew,
i;vn lorlhuDe'll.'
Ill", few sina' fiit'ti yo nceil na Ifll ;
I 'oik .iy e'rc no o'er ood yourrci';
Hut He'll may care:
Oln yi''rr but halt as Liild at Jlab.
We'll atk liao Ilia ir.
Then illnnj seel; to find a Haw
Hut o'er his fau'l a mantle throw.
And leave the rcit
T lirn who msilemd tried tb bent
il km lb. f l.
v.- i.iry licin . . .u' wba cti tell
Wlm may tiela' ) . mule el'
Sumo lioly pivai in r
May tak' tho ctnUli up lor ahe
ra'il Harry Ileci'lier,
i tia'c
nae doubt vcM like to ken
a 'lis that tak's the auld ciulll pen
. ' . -inn i ii t iiiu
Tho knovvlede wad he Ilttlo worth
."in it my prime.
Hut when a lassie, yomiifnml fair,
I've wandered alt by bonula Ajr
Wl' heart some kIo,
L'er fate's stern inaudate sent me forth
Far o'er the -en.
"till, Scotia's hills and iv-otl.i's plains,
He r tmcts nd her poet's -Indus
To mil are dear
A desert iiliii' vvllhlii my heart
They claim a tesr.
micietv'h x.ti:nci:.
'J ho poet of tho Courier-lourual supplies
the lollovvlu;; drop to the Hood, of the
llcecher rhymel :
Clo-c the book, llcecher! jjullty or Innorcnt,
Trestle Is powerless, Uselulness lost.
To the Kreut verdict both virtue and sin as
sent. You mti-t be silent, whatever the cost.
A hand on votir clticnt lips shall eternally
Stllle theiruttcrai.ee rest like a pall,
You that have taii.-ht the world grandly, mi
pernallv. Matid but u type of the Adamite fall.
CIoc tho book, llcecher I crave!) and
(laze w upon you, berelt ol your fame,
ray hlr like youts houtd ne'er be
Viewed seotniully,
V.scn though they cover a hypocrite'
Men tiilsbt fonrlra you. judirln:: you hit-
manly ;
Hut Christ's choicn children are beings
hey mint be (iodllkc, they must be wo
man!) ,
Strong and yet gentle, and holy of heart.
Tho true cour-e to be pursued In certain
m'rgonclc Is thm suggested by the poet of
the New York (iraphlc :
N hen saintly preschers stoop to foljv,
Ami find, too late, their sins Ix traj ,
What charm can soothe toelr ;mclanaholy J
11 nai ait can wa-u ineir away !
The only art their guilt to cover.
'i o favo mcir iielng talKea about,
ls-not to hopo 'twill all blow over
nut simply 10 "-tep itovrn and out.
Ictiriiig From Uusiucss.
What the Colonel'H Luaiuess was no
body knew, nor did anybody caro, jiar-
tculariy. lie purchased for cash only,
ud ho never crumbled at the price oi
atiythiiiL' that he wanted : who could ask
more man tuat.'
Curious people occasionally wonder
how, when it had been fully two years
sinco tbo Colonel, with every one else,
baudotied JJuck Creek to tbo Lhtnc-e,
he managed to spend money ircely,aud
to lo-e conaidurublo at cards and bor.'o
races. In fact, the keeper ol that ono
of tlm two Challenge Hill saloons wbicb
the Colonel did not patrouizo was onco
heard to absent-mindedly wonder
wether the Colonel liad'nt a monoy mill
somewhere where bo turned out double
eagles and 'slugs' (the coast narno for
hlty dollar gold pieces.)
W hen 80 important a personage as a
barkeeper indulged publicly in an idea,
the inhabitants of Challenge Hill, like
good Culiforuians overywhorc.conaider
cd thetneclTCS duty bound to grave con-
tdcratioti, so lor a low day.- cur tu 111 in
dustrious professional gentlemen, who
won money of the Colonel, carefully
... t 1 ..f .1. - l. !..!. . . . . 1
woigucu fcumcui 1110 ungiucsi piccesnnu
tested tbetn with acids, and tasted
tbetn nnd tawed them in two, and re
tried thorn and melted them up nnd
had the lumps assayed.
J he result was a cotnplcto vindica
tion of the Colonel, and a o$ of con
Mdernblc custom to the indiscreet bar
U ho Colonel wes ns good-natured u
man as had ever neeo known nt Uhal-
enco Hill : but being mortal, tlio Col-
nolhad his occasional times of despon-
dcncy,one of them occured after a scrien
of races, in which be bad staked his all
on his own bay inaro Tipsio, and lost.
Looking roproachlully at Ins beloved
animal, ho tailed to heed tho aching
void ol His pockets, and drinking deep
ly ewcaring eloquently, and glaring
defiantly at all mankind, were equally
unproductive of coin.
Tho bovK at tho saloon sympathized
most feelingly with tuo Colonel ; they
wcro unceasing in thoir iuvitations to
;lriuk. aud thov ovon exhibited con
siderable Christian forbearance vvhon
tho Colonel savagely dissonted with
every ono who advanced auy propost.
tion, no matter now incontrovertible
Hut unappreciated sympathy crows
decidedly tiresomo to tho civer. nnd it
was with a fooling of relief that tho boys
saw tho Colonel strido out of tho sa
loon, mount Tipsio, nnd gallop furious
ly away.
Hiding on Horseback has always been
considered an oxcouent sort 01 oxor-
ciso ; and fast riding is universally ad
mitted to be ono ol tbo most lioalthtul
and delightful means of exhilaration in
tho world.
iiut wnen a man is so absorbed in
his exorcibo that ho will not stop to
speak to u menu ; and when Ins exlul
nration is socomploto that ho turns his
eyes irom well-meanini' thumbs point
ing siguiucniiiiy into uoorwny? through
which a man had often passed whilo
seeking bracing influences, it is but
natural that peoplo should oxpress
souio wonder.
Tho Colonol was well known at Tod
dy Flat, Jiono iianil, Blazers, Murder
er's Hur nnd sovoral other villagos
through which ho passcd.and as no 0110
liau ueen seen to proceed him, hotting
men wore soon oflering odds that tho
Colonel was running away from eomo
Strictlv sneaking, they were wroni.'.
but they won all tbo monoy tboy bad
been staked against them, fur within
half an hour's timo there passed over
the satno road an anxious-looking indi
vidual, who reined up in front of the
principal saloonjof each place nnd asked
it tho Colonol natl passed.
Had tho gallant Colonul known that
ho was followod, and b whom, thcro
would have been an extra election hold
at tho latter place very shortly after,
lor tho pursuer was tlie Constable ol
Challenge Hill, tititl lor Constables and
all other oflicrcs of tho law the Colonel
possessed hatred of untpeikalile iuton
On galloped tho Colonel, lollowtng
the Mugo i-.ad, which threaded the old
mining camp on Duck Cri.ok , but sml
denly ho turned abruptly out of th.
road, and urgod his horso tlmu Ji Id.
pines and brushes, wliicu gtcw Uucl'v
by tho road, whilo tho Constable gal
loped rapidly on to tlie next camp.
Theio'sooined to bo no path through
tho thicket into which tho Colonel had
turned, but Tipsic walked between the
trees and shrubs as if they wore the fami
liar objects of her own stablo-yard.
.Suddenly, a voico from tho hushes
'What's up?'
'Husincss that'rt what,' replied the
It's time.' replied the voice, nnd its
owner a beared six-footer emerged
from tbo bushes stroked Tipsio'o noso
with the freedom ot an old acquair.tan
. .. 11 1.
cc. 'Wu 11111 1 nau n tup ciuco iai
night, aud thar ain't a cracker or a
handlul of flour in the shanty. The
old gal go back on yer T
Yes, replied tho Colouel' ruciuur,
'lost ov'ry blasted race. "J'wasn t her
fault, bless her, she done Iter level best.
Kv'rybody to home .''
'i oti bet,' said the man. All uccn a
prayln' for yer to I urn up with the
socks, an' i-outcthin' with morn color
than spring water. 1 01110 on.
The mati led the way and TipMO and
tho Colonel followed, and tho trio sud
denly found themselves before a small
log hut, in irout ot which cai;tiirce
Bolemn, disconsolate individuals, who
looked appcaliugly at the Colonel.
'Mac'll tell yer how twar, loiter?.
taid tho Colonel, mcakly, while I
picket the mare.'
The toloncl was nbout uur a very
few moments, but when he returned
each of the four were nttired in pistols
aud knives, while Mac was distributing
somo dominoes', mado from a rather
dirty Hour bag.
' Taint so late ez an that, is 11 : in-
juired tho Colonel.
'Hotter bo an Hour aueau niau miss
this 'ere night,' said ono of the four.
I ain't been so thirsty sinco I come
round the Horn' in 'fiO, an we run
hurt of water. Somebody will get hurt,
if the' ain't any bitters on thc old con
cern they will, or my name ain't l'cr-
Hon', count on your chicken. foro
thev'ro hatched. Perky,' faid one of
shud bo too many lor uif
.Stiddy, stiddy, Cranks remonstra
ted the Colonel. 'Mobody ever gits
along ef they ,low 'onis-clve to bo
'Fact,' chimed in the smallest nud
thinnest man of tho party. I ho Liblo
savs somethin' mighty hot 'bout that.
I disrememberc7ackly how it goes; but
I've heerd Parson Huzzy ,down iu;.ilatne
nroach a rinniu' old .--ermou many a
time. Tho old man never thort what
r- 1 . "
a comfort them sermons wuz a goln' to
bo to a road agent though. I hat time
we stopped Slim Jhk s stago, an he
did'nt hev no moro manners than to
draw on mo, them tenuous wuz a per
fect blcssin' to mc tho thought of 'cm
cleared my head na quick as a oocktail-
A 11 "
'I don't want to dispute Logroller's
pious strain,' say tho Colonel ; 'but cz
it's Old lllack that's a drivin' to-day
in stid of. Slim Mike, an' nz Old Black
oilers makes his time, hedu't we hotter
vamose ?'
Tho door ot the shanty was hastily
uloscd aud tho men filed through tho
thicket until near the road, when they
marched rapidly on in parallel lino
with it. After about half an hour, Per
kins, who was leading, halted, and
wiped m perspiring uruw wuu 1113
shirt sleeve.
'Fur enough Irom homo now, said
lie. ''Taint no use hem a gentleman el
yer have to work too hard.'
'Safo enough, I reckon,' replied the
Colouel. 'We'll do tho usual ; I'll halt
em. Lotrrol or tend to tho driver,
Crank takes the hoot, an 51ao nnd Perk
takes right an' lclt. An', l know it's
tmiftli but enns'ulorin' how ovorlastintr
eternally hard up wo nro.L reckon we'll
havo to nsk contributions from tho la
dies.too.of titer's any adoard oh.boysV
'Beckon so,' replied Logrollor, with
a chucklo that teemed to inspire oven
his black domino with a merry twinkle.
What's tho ttso ot womou s rights of
they don't ever havo a elmuco ov"oxcr
cising 'otuV Ilovin' their pursesbor
rowed 'ud hhow 'em tho hull doctrino
in a bran now light.'
'Thoy.ro treacherous erittors, women
is.' remarked Cranks ; 'somo of 'em
miht putnknifo into u fuller whilo ho
wuz'pologiziu .
'Ev you're afraid ov 'em,' snid Per
kins, 'yon ken go back tin' elear up the
'Bomind mc of what tho Biblo sex,'
said Louroller; 'thor's a lion on tho
trail. I'll be hliawod up, sez tho lazy
galloot,' or words to that effect.'
'Come, conio, boys,' interposed the
Colonol, 'don't mix religion nu bizness,
'J hoy uon't mix uo moro than IlolJo
thar'a tbo crack ot old Blaok's whip 1
Pick yer bushes, quick I All jump
when I whiffle I
Kach man seoreted himself along tho
roadside. Tho Mago camo swinging
along handsomely ; thoso insido woro
Inughtiig heartily aobut soiuethlui;, anil
old Blaok was just giving a doliqato
touoh to tho flank ot tho leader, when
thn Colonol gave a shrill, quick whistle
and fivo mon sprang iutoltlie road.
Thu horses stopped us suddenly ns if
it were a matter ot common occurence
0!dBlnck-dropped-the reinr-crossed
his logs and stared into the sky.and pas
scngers all put out their heads with a
rapidity equaled only by that which
thoy withdrew them ns thoy paw tho
dominoes nnd revolvers of tho road
'.Scorns to bo sotnotliiug tho matter,
gentlemen,' said tho Colouel, blandly,
as ho opened tho door. 'Won't you
pleao get out? Don't trouble your
self lo draw, 'cos my friend hero got
his weapon cocked tin' his lingers is
rather nervous, Aiu'tgot a handker
chief, lmv yer V nkod he of tho lirst
passenger who descended Irom the
stage. Hey 7 Well, now, that's lucky.
Just put yer hands behind you, please,
so , that's it. And tho unfortunate
tin 11 was securely bound in nn instant.
1 he remaining pa'jengers were trea
ted n.ili similar courtesy, and tho Col
jtiul nnd his friends examined tho pock
ets of the captives. OldBlack remain
ed unmolested, for who ever heard of a
stngedriver having money?
'Boys,' said tho Colonel, calling his
brother agents aside and compairing ro
ceipts, '(ain't much of a haul; but
there's ono woman,an' she's old enough
to bo a toller's grandmother. Better let
her alone, eh?
'Bike enough she'll plan out moro'n
tho rest of them put together ; 'growled
Cranks, carefully testing tho thickness
of tlio case oTa gold watch, west like
the low-lived dcceiptfulness of somo
folks, to h fro nn old woman to carry
their money, so it'd bo safer. 3Iabbo
what she s got am t notlnn to somo
folk's that's got bosses thnt kin win 'cm
money nt races, hut'
Tho Colonel abruptly ended tho con
versation, aud npproachod tho stage.
No was very chivalrous hut Crank's
sarcastio reference to Tipsio needed
avenging, and as ho could not consist
ently with business urrnngomciits put
au end to Cranks, tho old lady would
havo to sutler.
'I beg your pardon, ma'am,' said the
Colonel, raising his hat politely with
otic hand, while he opened thu coach
donr with the other, we're tikiug up a
collection lor some deserving object.
Wo wuz a-goin' to make the geutlcmon
fork over tho hull amount, but cz thoy
hain't got enough, wo will lmv to both
er you.'
Tho old lady trembled, felt for her
pocketbook, and raised her veil. The
Colonel looked into her face, slammed
tho stage door, aud sitting down 011
tho hub of ono of tho whcels,starcd va
cantly iuto i-pace.
'Nothing?' queried Perkins in a whis
per, and with a face full of genuine
io yes,' said tho Colonel dreamily.
That is untie 'em, and let tho stage
go ahead,' ho continued, spriuging to
his feet. I'll hurry hack to tho cabin.'
And tho Colonel dashed into tho bust)
oi, aud left his followers so paralyzed
with astonishment, that Old Jllack
afterward remarked that 'of thero'ed
been anybody to hold the horses, he
could hev cleaned the hull crowd with
'"Tnc"rpassengors, now relieved of
their weapons, wcro unbound, ullowed
to enter tho stage, and the door was
slammed.upon which Old Black pioked
up his rcius as cooly as if he had lain
them down at a station whilo tho hor
ses wcro being changed, then ho crack
ed his whip and tho stage rolled off,
while tho Colonel's party hastened back
to their hut, fondly inspecting as they
went certain flasks they had obtained
while transacting their busiucss with
the occupants ot tho stage.
(ireatwas tho surprise of tho road
agents as they entered tho hut,for thcro
toood tho Colonel iu a clean whito shirt,
and in 11 suit of clothing mado up from
tho limited cpuro wardrobes of thu
other members of the gang.
But tho suspicious Cranks speedily
subordinated his wouder to his pru
dcuee, as laying on tho tablo a watch,
two pistols, a pocketbook and a heavy
puti-o, ho exclaimed:
Come, Uolonol,uizncss bcioro pleas
ure ; let s divide and scattor. J'tt auy
body should hear Mout it, an' find our
trans 111 our possession, thoy might '
'Divide voursclvesl' said tho Col-
onel, with abruptness nnd a great oath.
I don t want nono ol it.
'Colonel', said Perkins.rcmoving his
own domino, nud looking nuxiously in
to tho leader's, face, 'bo you sick ?
Hero's Kouio bully brandy 1 found in
0110 of tho passengcrs's pockets.
'I haiu t uotliiu , replied tho Col
onel with averted oyes. '1 111 goiu',
ana 1 m a reiinu 1 rout tuo uizuoss tor
over.' 'Ain't a-goin' to turn evidence?' cried
Cranks, grasping thu pistoi on the
.I'm a-goin' to make a lead mine of
you cf you don't tako that back!' roared
tho Colonel, witu, a bound, which
caused Crauks to drop tho pistol and
rotiro precipitately forward, npolizing
as ho went. ' I'm gom to tent to my
own bizucss, nu' that's enough to keep
any man bizzy. Somebody lend 1110 S.'iO
till I seo him agm.'
Porkius pressed tho money into tho !
Colonel s hand nnd within two minutes
tho Colonel was 011 Tipsie's back and
collopcd on 111 tho direction tho stago
had taken.
Ho overtook it, ho passed it, nud still
galloped on.
The peoplo at -Mud Gulf, knew the
Colonel well, nud mado it a rulo never
to bo astonished at anything ho did ; hut
they made it an exception to tho rulo
when tho Colonel canvassed tho prin
cipal bar-rooms for men who wishod to
purchase 11 liorco ; nnd when a gambler
who was flush, obtained Tipsio in ex.
ohaugo for twonty slugs only a thous
and dollars, whou tho Colouel had al
ways said that thoro wasn't gold etiough
on top of tho ground to buy her Mud
(lulf oxporienccd a decided sonsatjon.
Ono or two ontorprising porsous
speedily discovered that tho Colonol
was not In n communloativo mood ; so
ovory ono retired to his favorite saloon
nnd bot nccording to his own opinion
of the Colonel's motivos and uotions,
' But whon tho Colonol, after remain
ing in n harbor shop half nu hour.emer
'ged with his faoo oloan shaved and huir
neatly trimmed aud pirted, betting was
so wild, that a cool-headed uportiug
man spoedily-mado a fortnne by betting
against every theory that was advanced
Then tho Colonol mado n tour of tho
stores and fitted himself with n new
suit of clothes, carefully eschewing all
of the generous patterns nnd pronoun
ced colors so dear to tho average miner.
Ho bought a new hat,and put on a pair
of boots and pruued his finger-nails,
and stranger than nil, ho mildly de
clined all invitations to drink.
As tho Colonel stood in the door of
tho principal saloon, whero tho stage
always stopped, tho Challenge Hill cou
ntable was seen to approach the Colonel
aud lap him on tbo shoulder, upon
which all men who bet that tho Col
onel was dogding somebody claimed
tbo stakes; but thoso who stood near
the Colouel heard the constable say ;
'Colonol, I tako it nil back, nn( I
own up fair and square. When I seed
you get out of Challenge Hill, it cotno
to mo all of a sudden that you might
be in tho road agent business, so I fol
lowed you duty you know ; but when
I scod you soli Tipsic, I knowod I was
on tho wrong trail. I wouldn't sus
pect you now, if all tho Stato wuz rob
bed, and I'll givo you satisfaction any
way you want it1'
'It's nil right,' said tho Colonel,
with a smilo. Tho constable afterward
said that nobody had any ide 1 of how
tho Colonel smiled when his beard was
off. ,'fiive this fifty to Jim Porkius tho
first time you sec him. I'm Icavin'
tho State.'
Suddenly tho stago pulled up to tho
door with a crash, nnd tho uialo pas
sengers hurried into tuo saiooti in a
stato of utter indignation nnd impo-
Tho story of the robbery attracted
overybody, nnd during the excitement
tho Colonel slipped out quitly and
opened tho door of tho stage. Tho old
lady started and cried,
" HJoorgo 1"
And thu Colonul jumped into tho
stage and put his arms tenderly
around tho old lady, exclaiming,
".Mother I"
MoiiEitATio.v canuot havo the credit
of cbmbatting aud subduing ambition,
thoy nro ncvor found together. Mod
eration is tho languor and inuoicnce 01
tho soul, as ambition is its activity nnd
ardor. Hochcfaucauld.
Impatienck is a quality nudden,
eager, and insatiable, which grasps at
all, and admits ot no delay; scorning
tovait God's leisure, and attend hum
bly and dutifully upon the issues of his
wiso and just providence. Houth.
VlHTUEjis despotic; life, reputation,
every earthly good, must be surrender
ed at her voice. Tho law may seem
hard, but it is tho gttardtau of what it
commands ; and is tho only suro de
fense of happiness. Jano Porter.
TunitK is something cordial in a fat
man : evcrvbodv likes him, and ho likes
everybody. Food doos a lat man good ;
it olings to him ; it fructifies upon him.
Ho shells nobly out, nnd fills a gene
rous spaco in life. Henry Giles.
Nati iik has providedor the exigen
cy of privation by putting tho measuro
of our necessities far below tho measuro
of our wants. Our necessities aro to
our wants as FalstafTs penny-worth of
bread to his any quantity of sack.
TllEitx 'ih a tacrcdnesa in tears. They
aro tho mark ofweakucss, but of power.
They speak moro eloquently than thou
sand tongues. Thoy aro tho messen
gers of overwhelming grief, of deop
contrition, and of unspeakable love.
Washington Irving.
Am. animal aro moro happy than
man. Look, for iuataticc, on yonder
uss ; all allow him to bo uiisorablo jhis
ovils, howovor, nro not brought ou by
himself and his own fault '. ho feels
only thoso which nature has inflicted.
Wo, ou tho contrary, besidos our neces
sary ills, draw upon ourpolfus multi
tude of others. Mcnandcr.
Tiium: is no man so good, that
squares all his thoughts atib actions to
tho laws, that ho is not lauity enough
to deserve hauging ten times 111 his life
nay, and such a one, too, ns it were
great pity to make away nnd vcjy
unjust to punish. And such a ono tfioro
mav bo as ho has no way offended tho
laws, who nevertheless would not do-
serve tho character ot a virtouos man,
and that philosophy would justly con
demn to bo whinpod , so unequal and
perplexed is this relation. iMontaigno
Older and richer nations may sneer
nt tho novcrtv of tho American litera
ture, at tho poverty in her world of
letters, of meu of eminent gouius and
lcaruintr. who tower head and ghoul-
dors above their contemporaries ; but
that tho Americans nro a reading peo
plo. oven their most spiteful decriors
must acknowledge. ittiess in attcs
tatiou of this fact tho following stato-
monts: Within a period of thirty
davs. thcro wero sont throiiKh tho post'
oflico, 28207 books from Now York,
11,388 from Hiiladclphia, H&S'J Irom
Kostoii, nnd 781)5 from (Jhicago. In
four cities, through tho mail tilono,
thoro wcro Bent out to tho peoplo oi,
081 books in tho space of a month.
During tho samo period of timo, !)10,
!t!)0 transient nowspapcrs woro dis
patched from Now ork I'ostoffico,
2:t9,0fi(l from l'hiladolphm, 10.ri,0;i7
from Hoston. and 140,012 from Cluu
ago. When wo consider that tho great
bulk of printed matter is transported
to all points by express or us common
freight, thoso figures testify oloquontly
tu tho ititolliuenco of tho masses.
lU'ctlller nud M'IioIomiIq Doaler In
.Trt rfnon enn inn itirvrt lttii-r-trnr.ii
tr.t to .liroMnn.. and re".,",,,ii,,"?0p:
.el.. 1 tu m are not .trsimrt hrminSm
i v nV lnn, nna vital orsans ttsum
Slit 11 ur I mllsrclitiii. 11. Sn f-ni
Hi Hie K' . '.ffhi In; "HI--S0IW10 1HCTU.
liltlnea. . I.rii. latibin or tlm S'. n.oi, mi
Tnslolnlln .! i.tli, Hill s Attnrks, ra'pltatlon
ol the Henri. l uumma'Kin of tue l.tintr. 1'iuii in
tup rretotiuf ttio Kiunrjs, ami aliin a other
painful STnipt"ini. nr" r o iTpriffn or In icni
u. Dim ikmiio vu.i pr.ivo n uciicr RiiaratUc 3 c'
lis me i its than a iniEt'iy advertisement.
I'or I'Vtnnle fniutilnliti. in roumr nr Atif.
ririrrie.l or single, at tnc ,uwn ofwunianiim il, or
tin" turn of life, ttit -e 'J mile nttrricllspj ,y oilc
' i nu innueiHu mat improicmcni is soon tier
r-i'iu, .
I'nr liillninmrilorr nml Clit'oulr Illiru.
l:ii.llm ,., (K,m, luiiniia Uetmtirni nml I-.' r
liitu. in 1 . ttt. lliwFfr thn llHio.1. l.lcr Ki I
lics ..ml l i.eMrr. these tllttrts havn nu rim.il.
li t'i saro rs.iM-.V tr uinlnl IH.k
'I he) lire ii UMlllr tm cmltr H rll nn
ii Ttittte, ii.iMi".!iifE tii) liivrit if ti''ttn! ns -a
iwrrni niicnt In rtiicvinif riimrssn .n i.r in
ilainmatlon of tlie Uvcrulid Msi crjIOu.r -, oii'l
il IIiIkiim IH.c.ws.
s-'orNliin ItlariMra. Eruptions. Tuttci s.iU.
niH'Miii, i. ii. ti tles, piit, rimiiit. rnstu.M not s,
triiihi-lr. t.intr norm. Srall-llral. Srro I is,
i:rjf-ipiiis, licli. .vurrn. iiisrninratmnsofthi'M.in,
Humor ami Diseases orthor-kln nfwliatercrname
nr ii.ituir, ara Jilrnm.r iinir up nn.I oniric ' , t of
thu system la a short timo uy tho use ci t..i
.'riilriul TlinriMiniU privlolm Vivrnut
tiiTKtis the innt iv.miicrrtit invtttorant ttur. cicr
Hi.stiilriO'l tlio slnklmr ststein.
i:. ii. .tiri:o..t i.ii .v ro.
Irwrzlis ni it lieu. .Viris . ,sm I'r.im ivo. Cal.. A
cur i r Vnuiii.""H .,i t ( ,i it ron h's , X. Y
Mll.ll l. AI.I. lllSI (.Oil IS A llKAIXItS-
The "Modal for Progress.' '
At Vienna,; 1873.
The Highest Order ol "Medal j Awarded
at the Imposition.
1. A .New Invention thoroughly tested
nud e'e.ured ly Letters l'utent.
J. Mako m rKUFKCT Lock Stllcb, alike
on hotli sides, on all klndsot eoods,
.1. Ituut Light, fcinootli, Noiseless, and
ltnild buit combination ol quulitics.
4. uurainc Kims lor years wunoui re
pairs. ii. vv ill uo nil v.vruu'soi vv or k aim r army
StltclilBt! In a iiiUK-nnr manner.
) Is most calsly nminKed by tho opera
tor Length nt stftcb may be altered while
running, and maelilno can ho threaded with
out pas'lnff thread through holes.
7'Iclgn Simple, luh'cnlous, Klegant,
lormlnc tho slltch without thousoof Co'
AVIuel dears, Itotary Cams or Lever Arms.
Jins tno Automat!,; Drop Feed, vvlileli In
sures uniform length ofetltcti ntanyspeeud
lias our new Thread Controller, which fol
lows easy movement of needlo-bar and
provents Injury tu thread.
ti. Uon-truetlon most caretul and tin
Isbcd. It Is mautll'actutod by the most skill
Ail nn I experienced maeliiiulcs, at the cele
brated ItKMlNOTON AltMOltY, II.ION, N. V
Chicago Otllee, 2J.'i ; Slate fetrent.
2s ti-'Jtl-Vm
Vulcan Lion Work
C 0 M M K HO I A I j A V J4N U H,
Fokoks AND l'lPK KlTTINO,
Manutactureil ami reiatruil, I I
Special attention kIvcii to light .mil heavy
forcing, liouso, bridge, railroad and Jail work
and all work or a similar character.
Stcum nnd gas lilting in nil iu brauehus.
A full assortment ol Jlnrrin, Tasker .t Cd'i
rhlladoiphlivpipound ttttlngs. llrass goods
etc.. and iras tixtures nlwuv on hand.
At:ent ror Cameron a special btcam purar
and boiler feeder. Tho best manufactured.
Coil's patent syphon pumps, and Judsou'i
puteuv Kovernor and governor valvo.
The lollowlng ciikIiich, etc., for salo :
Tun steamboat engines, 1st inch bore ot
cylinder; live feet stroke, uiidlngoodordtii.
Ono stoutnbo.it shatt and crank; wrot Iron
Ono oiitfltio for holstlnc freight: 71X10.
Ono IOX'20 saw mill oiiglnv, with shaft aud
crank lor mtily or Bang sarv, second hand.
One now 7X12 engine; my own manufac
ture. Also, a second-hand stavo cutting ma
chine and jointer, nnd wareliouso hoisting;
mauhlnii, In i;ood order.
Kiifrinus uuil macuinoryui ait kiuusuougni
and sold
iisi mmuoipn
Colter State 5t.
Thtwott ntrtottatiiSptciatlit Of I As -tcr, la It
UtaUMntcrrillY.TU CUH6XI0 oml llli
ts tnulV or tr to.lboMlcu sr eltr . III
KwtvuisKtss,ruin,r.a ox thu facv,, xxittionia
eociirv. iviPAti'tn stauT. ios. or
liAsnoii rtm. tri.r c-utp. i ruA or
UICIC4I. UTMTtT.S.Ittsrtsu4 uttUtS-to lls
.s,uiaU( BBurr.srsl.a. tJl-pjlu
l.lU It.lr txiu, is" " ' "
icq! I . .Uu msI4 eo..ll I"-. tuWs ..r,ll M,
mMK.1 .ii.s4.is t s4.l -r . II- cs-w.
lo,-il4. .rfMsd ! r'; sr"!".."". Ue4. slfs
funs OssmHJ- nlV40laUs4.
Cures all kinds otpatns. Koriale by
II lie agent lor Alexander,
J'uliKkl, Union
161 oti wm.

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