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Knight of 1'ytlilas, meet every Fri
day night nl halr-i.ut seven, in Odd
Fellows' Hall .Inn. II (Joshua,
Chancellor Commander.
AI.KXANDKH f .01)01!. NO. Ml.
Inilciicmli iit Order of OiM-Ktl-
: I .,vrir Tlitiraflftv tilirM
at half-nast seven, In their hall on
Commercial avenue, lietwHn nlxth and Seventh
stiu-IS. T J hMTll, N. U.
Jin OiM-FrlluttV Hull on I lie llnttuml tlilril
Iniu'lny In hitv month, ut liulf-at seven.
Juo. II. OllKllt.Y, O. 1.
A tAIIMI I.OfMJH. N0.2.I7.A.K. A A. M.
liolil rck'iil.ir communication luMa
JJ tonic Hull, corner Comnn rcl.il numii-
'ami KlKhtli utrwt, on lliu n-colid ati'l
Vlillh .Monday ofntrli month.
IMrlnli Nrliool.
The next term of llio Parish School o
tlio Ohurcli ol tlic Itcdcomcr will begin 01
MONDAY, ,Si:i'li:.M licit Mb, ami cor.
tlntic In rcstlon njlvi ii vrceko. I'ndcr tho
same supervision itml control n It w
lait term, tho .School will lie. coml'iclPil In
n similar minncr. At the bcxlntilhi; o( the
term a cWu will hu formed lor the t U ) y
of OeoloL-y.
Application for ailiiilrnlon itiutbj made
either to Jlrt. I'. A. Taylor, or tlici Kcc'.or
Tho juice of tuition will he only clijlit
dollars for the term of l.lcen week, pay-
Ciiaulks A. Oil.iiKliT, Kcetor
s-l Mm
lIIAi:.KHnl l.onl Herbert'.
IlnaellnllN nri'.verjr Description
To till- CilUens or 'nlro.
1 would Inform my nuny friend-, that I
uiii still In the auction htttlnesj, and ready
to attend to all hale that may oircr. My
long expcrlcnco In thli hulnci ntedi no
comment Hit no experiment on my part,
and parties entrusting goodi to my care
need not be afraid, at I aim no ''.iulb" or
novice In ths bulne.
Epectal attention given to real estate and
out-door eulee, as I havu ncvermljscd mak
ing a talc. 1). IlAiirMA.v, Auctioneer.
Corner Sixth r-trect nnd Coimucrd.il A v.
5jrX Bag stock envelopes at the Bcl
i.kti.n olllce, S3 23 per M.
.o .tlliliikc Aim ut It.
If you wish a food cigar go to Con per
thwalt A 1'hllllpi', 120 Commercial avenue.
A I'lnt- Ili-ilili-iK-e fur Kiile or Itml.
Corner Ilolhrook avenue and Twenty
fourth itrret. I-arfo yard and garden (t!
Ioti; plenty of fruit and shrubbery; ','ood
Hsble and carriage hotDc. Will tell on
very cay terras. The boit-o contain !cn
room. .1. li. Phillips.
'(I Kent,
A cottage on Thirteenth 'trcct, letveen
U'aUiiiigton avemte mid Walnut street.
fi-13-ll. Apply to Hit. Smith.
Inlrlililf llooni.
Tlirro large and ir ilenrablo fninlly
roomf, Irontliig onjjic Ohio, at the .St.
Charles Hotel, canbe had, with boird, at
very rcajonbl rate diirioi; the Summer
monthi. Abundance o' pure air and per
fect ventilation, T-10-tf.
More Itooni lor Iti nl.
Tho lower ftory of the hou'u occupIel
hy William Winter, the iirtM, on .Sixth
street. Knqultuof Win. Whiter or Dr.
Parker. .M us. . I ilia Davis.
(o nmt Mic !ler.
1-andloriU ol hotels and boardlnj; binges
wllltlndltU) their sdvnttsKC to call upon
Mr. Coleman, Laundrem, No Vi Kourih
ftrcet, betwewn Washington and Commer
cial avenue.. Hotel and hoardiiig-hotike
washing, 75ccntperdozcn. I'oi piecework
pricen are ai lollow: Sluslc thlrt a'ld col
ar, 10c; per dozen feOc; sock &c; two col
lars, 6c; two handkerchief, 5c; vciti UOc;
and all Kontlemen' wear, SOc. per
doen. I.adlei' drccc 25 to fiOc;
tklrt 10 to 2)c; drawers 10 to 10c; two
pair hose 6c; two collars 5 to 10c. Kor la
die' plain clothes il 00 per dozen; far la
dlesfino clothen, ?l 2-"i per dozen; done
dromptly, and promptly delivered. I'a
tronage nollclted.
! to I.oiilt llrlMTl' for I'll.Ni:
(iri'Ht llctliirtioii.
First-class room nnd hoard at the Ar
lington House, at 2.')5 per month.
Titos. II. Ki.us, Proprietor.
."Vol Ice of IlflllO III.
The well-known barber thop, corner
Kighth and Commercial, preided ov.-r by
tho popular artlut, (Icorgo Stelnhoune, has
removed one door north on Commercial, in
.ho (J rand Central Hotel. The now bhop Is
argo and eommodlou, and those wishing
for anything artUtic in the way of fashion
iblo hair cutting, smooth shave", etc., will
Jo well to call at tho tirand Central Ilarbcr
(hop. "Ul-ia-tf.
I'letiireiuuo Amerlea,
At tho llui.i.1'.! in' hlutlery 18 iniinbeK,
bnmiil In two voluinw. full "lit mor-
tocco; cost SH ; for Kilo nt $10.
taWXX Woodstock envelopes al tho
JIullktin olllce. S'J 00 per M.
The I'lilou lleiicvolcnt A-"oelnllon.
The union Ilonevolent Afsochtiou wishes
to Inform tho public tlmt it was orgau'zed
September Uth, lb74, and begs pardon for
co.nlnir out at such nlatodatc: but ow
ing to the hard times wo have been do
layed. Wo are now happy to announce
that we have been successful fo far, and
ready at any time for thu nccHiUnco of
members or petitions for tho 111111? Tims
of meeting, Friday before tho second Sat
urdtry in each month. Hull on Filth street,
botweeu Commercial and Washington av
enucs. H, Tuoclk, President,
P. Adams, Vice-President.
h. W. liAKEii, Secretary.
It In 1'nelciiM
to attempt to cleanse a stream whllo the
fountain Is Impure. Dyspepsia, complaints
or tue liver anil Kidney, eruptions of the
skin, scroluia, hoailnehcii, and all diseases
arising from Impure blood, are nt onco re-
raavedby Dr. Waiker'n California Vine
gar Bitters, the great and lufalllblo purltler
of tho blood, nnd renovator or the system
It has nover been known to fall, provided
tho patient bad not delayed using It until
the vitality of his system was too lar gone
7-lVd;wiw. ,
TUESDAY, AUOUST 17, 18715.
f.nrnl Weiither Report.
Caiho, li.r.. ,.UKUt V
Tim. Hah. ITmk. I Wind. Vki. Weatiikb
7am, ii-Mrm ' Tl' ' 's f 0 I Fair.
II ' '..i tin; , r i .. i "
i.l'JII. tl.llQ, p." i m. I "
THOMAS JONKS, SerKt. 8. 3., U. S. A.
1, . o. r.
Cairo Kiieaiiipiiienl, I. O. O. F., ineeU
U),M) cnvcloiK'g, all jrrade!" and jirlee.",
jut received at the IU'i.i.kti.v ob ofllce.
With the exception of one or two lilllo
Ihtlo encounter, Hiinduy wan 1111 tiniintinl
ly quiet day.
4'iiiinly t'ourt,
.lude IlriHSCoiiiiilcnced n term of the
Alexander County Court at the court
hou-c yesterday.
l-nlllliK Hnplilly.
'J he Ohio river Is falling very rapidly,
uml will soon he Millleleiitly low to iscr
mlt llie opening of the eewcrif.
Tho various places of worship, more
ipeelally the Church of the Itedeemer,
were attended hy large and appreciative
congregations on .Sunday evening.
To Ilt-Kln Operation.
The Lllx-ml Ilellglom Association, ve
are informed hy Dr. Urlgham, will com
mence their U'lial course of lectures, so
ciable?, etc., about the first of October.
I'nrM. I.otii,
Mr. Charles Kyle has accepted a posi
tion in .shipping clerk for the Kxcehior
Manufacturing company, of tjt. Louis,
nnd will leave to-morrow to enter upon
hU duties'.
I'ei-onnl Tain.
Deputy Sherif! .lohn Sheehaii Is at
jiresent devoting inot of his time to the
collection ol ierional taxes, which he de
clares Is not easy work hy any means in
thoi-e panicky time.
The lecture delivered by the Hev. Mr.
H. V. George, of-St. Louis, to the young
;ncn at the Presbyterian church on Sun
day evening, was lUtcned to by a good
audience, and is said to have been highly
Letter llentU.
Ten pound letterhead'', large size, Car-
lMe pajier, rated tuo cents higher than
any other paper ihed in Cairo for print
ing letter heads ordinary composition
only $1 CO per thousand at the Ilri.LKn.v
Job olllce.
Tylor l.llcrnry Morlety.
There will lnj a risuclnl in.-.:UnK ol thu
memlxTS of the Taylor Literary Society
at their rehear-al rooms, above Antrim's
clothing store, on Ohio Levee, thigeven
Inir at el"ht o'chK-k. A full attendance
of the members Is earnestly requested.
Very Hlrh.
Mr. Joseph K. Kendall, we are In
formed by UU physician, Dr. Ilrigham, Is
again very low. For two months Mr.
cndall has been siill'ering from an at
tack of.typhold dysenter', and, within
the past few days, has been falling so rap
idly Ins life is despaired of.
Twentieth Ntreet.
The jieople of Twcntlth street are still
greatly grieved by the terrible condition
of that thoroughfare, and hurl down
upon the heads of the city authorities re
proaches because of their neglect to make
nn eflbrt to improve it.
open-Air corn-en.
lor the Grand Open-Air Con-
cert to bo given by the Delta City Cornet
and, on the evening of August 25th,
can be had of Paul G. Scliuh, J. Burger,
Phil Saup, and Buder Bros. Tickets,
only cents. S-17-td
Monroe I'urrell.
The young boy, Monroe Purcell. who
was recently sent to the Insane asylum at
11nn, from this place, and who escaped
from tlmt institution one week ago yes
terday, is now in this city, and seems to
be endowed with na good judgment and
common sense as most boys.
Itemoveil Again.
Mayor Winter yesterday evening once
more removed Olllcer.s hltcainp and
Schuster from duty, but on what ground-
Is not yet known. The mayor has not
yet named their successors but it is sup
posed ho will do so at the next meeting
of the council.
A .Notice,
Mayor Winter a few days ago Issued
an order, setting forth his intention to
prosecute nil parties violating the city
ordinances by cutting grass from St.
Mary's Park without tho privilege of the
proper authorities, since t lie publica
tion of tho notice, 110 grass has been
taken from the grounds.
l'lcniure larty.
The steamer Arkansas Belle, Capt
Ben. Howard in command, arrived ut this
port on Sunday with a largo excursion
party from Mt. Vernon, and a string and
brass band on board. Tho excursionists
seemed to bo in an exceedingly high state
of good humor, and enjoying themselves
Mutt Hid the Nhnuiy.
Chief Police Williams yesterday noti
fied the owner of tho small frame house
house nt the corner of Twelfth strict and
Commercial avenue, that ho must clear
tho "shanty" of Its present occupants
n lot of negroes who make things lively
for tho surroudlng neighborhood. This
placo for months past has been a nui
sance, and should have been looked after
cru this. There are many other places of
like character In this city which are
equally as bad, it not worse, tlum this
den, that need the ntteutlon ot tho
Tho beautiful piece ol inci hnnlsin,
"Trinity Church," of which wc sjioke a
day or two ago, In now on exhibition nt
Robbing' Music Bazar, nnd can be seen
by nil who will call nt that establishment.
The excursion on the steamer Idlewlld,
which wits to have taken place next .Sat.
tirday evening, from this city to Hick
man, Kentucky, has been postponed by
the managers until one week from that
PftrUh Nrhool.
The Parochial school, which was ear
rlcd 011 so successfully by the Kev. Mr.
(Jllbcrt, Hector of the Church of the
Redeemer, ol this city, Iat Fall and
winter, will again bo opened under the
superlntendeiicy of Mr. Gilbert on the
sixth of next month.
Mr. A. J. Carle, of this city, has a
peach tree In his garden which yields
ome of the finest Irult we have ever
seen. AVe had the pleasure of eating
some of these jieachcs as large round
us a good sized apple the other day and
found their look were not deceptive
they were as sweet anil luclous as they
were handsome.
.1 Barrel of Whlvky.
There are men who get fighting mad
over a single glass of whisky, but In the
case of the two draymen who had the lit
tle dlllleulty on the levee yesterday morn
ing, It took a whole barrel to get
up u light. When they did get rightly
worked up, however, things were lively.
Dray pins, sticks, etc, were freely used,
but no one, fortunately, was eerlouly
The HnluhU Templar Eiennlon.
The Knights Templar up till last even
ing, had received no word from the
steamer Kekert, but are still living in
hoiK! that she will arrive here In time for
their contemplated excursion on Thurs
day night. In consideration of this event,
the excursion spoken of in the river col
umns of the llCLt.r.Ti.v, to k given on
the steamer Idlewlld, has been postponed
from next .Saturday until one week from
that time.
Concert and Hall.
It should not be forgotten that the Del
ta City Hand will give a concert nnd ball
at fccheer.s V ashlngtoii hall on the
"th lust. The members of their band
ire a clever, courteous lot of young gen
tlemen, who are ever willing and ready
to contribute to any demonstration wor
thy of notice, and now that they In return
ask a liberal patronage from the people
of Cairo, the people should conform to
their requests. A very pleasant time Is
assured nil who attend.
A -ramlly" Hone.
The proprietor of this establishment
declares he thought Iflmsclf extremely
"well fixed" when he became the posses
sor ofa horsetli.it would nrjiilctly along
with one person upon ills back. Hut
since yesterday morning, wheu hctwheld I
it. 11. Cunningham' Bob" coming up
Washington avenue with 110 U-s than
four urchins perched upon his
back, he has become sullen and nielan-
cuoiy, ami is now looking ior a norse
thnt will carry six girls without kicking
up a fu.".
-MUs Ida Harrell returned to her
home in this city from a visit to Chicago
yesterday afternoon.
Mr. X. Linton and family will leave
Cairo next Saturday forKvansvllIc, where
Mr. Linton proposes to permanently lo
-Mr. T. II. Brynell, a prominent gen
tleman of Denver, Colorado, who Is In
terested in n forty thousand dollar law
suit with the New Orleans, St. Louis &
Chicago railroad companv, was in the
city yesterday.
On the Track or Inrcndarlea.
Mr. Js. C. Perkins, u detective lrom
Ljackson, Tennessee, arrived hi this city
Sunday afternoon, in search of a couple
of house burners, who are suspected ol
being the parties who lately had .1 hand
In destroying by lire several business
houses In Jackson. Mr. Perkins ex
pected to find his men on board the
Grand Tower when she nrrlvcd In this
city, but he miscalculated, the men hav
ing taken auotlier route, lie is still on
the lookout for them, however, and Is
contldentof bringing his men to grief
before many days.
Sheriff Irvln received a dispatch 011
Sunday from Fulton, Kentucky, stating
that Hutchinson, who has caused tho of
ficers considerable trouble since he shot
Suttar, had been arrested hi that city, and
that he should come and take charge ot
him. Deputy Shcrill John Cain took the
train yesterday morning ior Fulton, nnd
wns expected to return with the prisoner
In charge this morning. It has been stir
mlscd for sonio time that Hutchinson
was In the neighborhood where he was
caught, but up to the time of his capture
he remained very quiet.
Itaa Hall.
The Painter and Defiance base ball
clubs hud another friendly coutest on the
grounds at Thirty-fourth street on Sun
day afternoon, and tho Defiance club
again proved themselves too much for
their adversaries. 1 he score at the close
of tho game stood Defiance 26, Painters
10, A game will bo played on Thursday
afternoon 011 the same grounds between
the Comet club and newly organized
nine, which promises to be rather Inter
esting, as the Comets are a llrst class
junior nine, with strong hands at every
point ,ln the Held. On next Sunday af
ternoon, the Panic club of Mound city
will play the Defiance club at tho Thirty
fourth street grounds. Game will be
called at two o'clock sharp.
Police Court.
Tho spirit of liveliness displayed ill
Judge Bross' police court yesterday has
not been equaled for some weeks. There)
were plenty of offenders, who were dealt
with as follows :
The tint victim to encounter Ills
Honor was one James Burns, who had
been taken In charge by Officer La Hue,
for ircltlne drunk. He plead iriillty to
the charge like man ho was truly
sorry, and wns fined two dollnrs and
costs. He had no money, nnd went to
jnll for two days, where lie will pay ior
his meals and lodging by working on the
The Judge then dealt out Justice to
four erring demireps, named Mary Scott,
Itachel JWHIInm?, Sarah Buchanan and
Small Smith. The charge preferred
against them was that of lolterlnst around
the street at night-time, for which Ills
Honor placed a line of fifteen dollars and
eo-ts opon each, after they had plead
guilty. They were marched oh" to the
lock-up to tho tune ot "Mulligan
Guards," where they will remain for
nineteen days.
Then came William St. Clair. Wil
liam had Imbibed so freely of benxlnc
that he became drunk, and while In this
state he was picked up by Officers Whlt
enmp nnd Schuster. He plead guilty,
when the Judge lined him two dollars nnd
costs, and gave him a berth In the eula
booe. Ho will also work for the bene
fit of the city.
Next we hayo Lucy Mack, Llz.le
Romans and Alice .lames, charged
with being Inmates of a house of 111
fume. "What do you say to the charge':"
said the Judge, "arc yon entity or not
guilty 'r "Guilty," replied the doves in
concert, and they were fined ten dollars
and coU each. They were escorted to
the lock-up by Olllcer La Hue, where
they will remain hi solemn conclave
until period of not less than twelve
days will have pased by.
The next and .last case that occu
pied the thno of the Judge was
that of one William Matsou, who
was arrested by Ofllcers La Hue and
Whltcamp, for frequenting houses ol Ill
repute, lie was adjudged guilty and
fined ten dollars and costs, which
amount was beyond his reach Ju-t nt that
time, and he therefore went to tho lock
up for two days. Ho will labor on the
Hotel Personal.
St. Charles :-S. W. Joyce, New
York ; F. M. Colltr, New Orleans ; Dr.
D. S. Johnson, Memphis ; S. K. North,
New York ; M. M. Locklieart, Xew Or
leans ; M. H. Moody, Boston ; John W.
Trcloor. New Orleans ; S. K. Humble,
Natchez, Miss.; J. M. Wynian, N. O.;
Geo. H. Pabast, Xew Orleans; F.dwin
Carlls. Metropolis; James Houc, Kv
ansville; Adam Fris, Kvansvillc; Capt.
G. J. Grammar, Kvansvillc ; M. K. Mc-
KHany, Cincinnati; J. J. Goodwin, Cave
In the Hock ; X. C. Perkins Jackson,
Teuii.; D. F. Cktk, St. Louis ; X. Plant.
Hickman, ivy.
Planters: Peter Grossman, Xew
York; J. Holland, Kentucky; W. W.
Pebbes, Arlington, Ky.; T. H. Davidson,
Jackson, Tenn.; F. K. Steiison, Xew
York; John M. Johnson. Charleston,
Mo.; S. Calleet, St. Louis; John McDor
mel, St. Louis; J. A. Monlen, Paducah;
.Martin calm, Xew York: K. M. Sharp.
snarpsviiie, Jnd.; Y. jr. Watson, Ken
tucky; Mrs. Williams and family, Ken
tucky; 11. 51, Watson, Shrejcnort, j.a.;
.iacoo iving, columbu, Ky.; T. II. Folk,
henuicny; u. v. Cates, Kentucky.
uranu uonirai : r.. 1.. Brenain-tn
Doncola; John Baldoch, Cliivt(.,ion
Mo.; Fred ray, hvansville; l'tnnv
Heed, Carmi; Capt. Hay, St. Louis; A.
C. Gadson, Mound City; A. C. Bartle
son, Villa Hidge ; F. II. Lombard, Don
gola; Miss Minnie Lombard, Dongola;
Belle Mlsenhamer, Dongola; Florence
Tlgnor, Dongola; Kmlly Williams, Don-
Delmonlco : O. P. Miller, Xew Or
leans; T. P. Williams, Canton, Miss.;
John E. Xewback, Evansvllle ; Thomas
Uleu and wife, Ash Hill, Mo. ; Jntncs
lrwln, Canton, Miss. ; W. Spooner, Cen
tralia; E. L. Bobbins, Canton, Miss. ; B.
It. Walker, Xew Orleans; T.H. Brynell,
Dewer, Colorado; Wm. Penny, Cape
Glrardeuu ; E. Cuhl, Dongola.
Caiko, III., Monday Evknino, 1
AuauHT 1C, 1875.
To-lay has marked a higher tempera
ture than any day during the past week.
The sun shone hot during the forenoon,
the afternoon was cloudy, and the day
closed threatening rain. Tho streets are
dry and dusty, and an occasional small
shower would not be objectionable.
Both rivers are falling steadily. The
Ohio was falling nt the rate ofa half an Inch
per hour to-day, and will fill at a much
faster rate to-morrow. Two or threu days
will permit the opening ot the sewers,
and another week will Hud the city
entirely clear of the rain-water that has
accumulated during the last lew weeks.
Husluess shows no Improvement. He
celpts are light in hay, com and ilour,
and the market Is bare. Xew oats are
plenty and almost uusalc-iblo on account
of bad condition. Choice No. 2isu,uotcd
at 50 to 55o in sacks. Old oats sell read
ily nt C5c, aud none in market. Meal Is
weaker; orders have tallen off. 1'ilccs
arc steady at S1820.
lluttcr is in fair demand and receipts of
choice find ready sale. Tho stock on
hand Is well cleaned out. Kggs arc In
steady demand at 12Je. Old hens are
active at S3 50 ; young chickens are dull
nt quotations. ..,.
IflrOur friends should bear In mind
that tho prices hero given urn usually Ior
aules from first hands hi round lots. In
illllng orders and for broken lots It is nec
essary to charge an advance over these
llocelpts have Increased to sonic cxlcti I
nnd the market Is easier. Stocks tiro still
small but orders run light, and transac
tlons arc all In a lobbing way. We note-
sales of 200 barrels in lots S3 D0S; 250
barrels $5 257 75; 200 barrels 57 25;
700 barrels city $0 SOS-SHAY.
There Is some demand for choice hay,
but none in market. We havo no sales
to report and can make uo prices.
There Is no choice In market to supply
even thu present small demand. Soft
and rejected corn seem to be plenty but
l hard lo plnce. Sales were 1 ear hi bulk
white rejected 011 track 72c; 100 sacks
white mixed delivered. SOc; 100 sacks
mixed delivered 70c.
There Is consldemble Inquiry for old
No. - to fill orders nnd none In the mar
ket. The new oats that arrives are gener
ally in bnd condition, nnd tlnd no buy
ers. Xo. 2 new In sacks Is quoted dull nt
K!a5c, nnd n feu hundred sacks
have been sold at still higher figures.
Sales were 215 acks choice new delivered
55c; 1 10 sacks choice new delivered 55c;
100 sacks old G5.
Country meal, although more plentiful.
Is weak and In little demand. City meal
continues to sell readily. We note sales
of 200 barrels city, $3 CO&l 05 ; 100 bar
rels country steam dried delivered, $.350 :
100 barrels city, S3 05.
The market Is firm at Inst week's quo
tations. We note wiles of 200 sacks do
llvercd, $20:1 ear hi tneks delivered,
$18 50.
The old stock Is generally worked oh",
and the supply Is very limited. Choice
is In good demand. Prices rule tho same
as Inst week. We note sales of too
pounds choice Northern, 232lc; 300
pounds choice southern Illinois, 22c; 500
pounds choice Northern, 21c; 10 tubs
choice Northern, 23c; 15 tubs medium
Northern, 21c; 5 tubs common Northern.
20o; 2 packages Southern Illinois, 22c;
500 pounds choice Northern, 23c; 3 buck
ets Southern Illinois, 2(V5,22c; I tubs
choice Northern, 23c.
All that arrive in good condition sell
readily at 12Jc. Not enough come In to
supply the demand. Sales were 100
dozen fresh, 12Jc; 200 dozen fresh, 12Je;
100 dozen fresh, 12Jc.
Young chickens mixed, large and
small, are slow sale. Choice selected
spring chickens -ell readily at $2.50, and
old htns are taken on nrrival nt $3.50.
Sales were 10 dozen young, $22.50; 20
dozen young $2.25(2.50; 5 coops old
hen, $3.50; 4 coops old lieu-, $3,50; 2
. . .. ... .
coop- old liens, i.(..iu; coops young-,
2.25T. 2.50.
The market Is moderately well sup
plied and sales are slow. Apples are
overstocked and almost unsaleable. Wc
note sales of 20 barrels apples $1 OOQjl 50;
20 barrels apples $' 0001 25 ; 15 barrels
$1 00; 10 boxes peaches 25o; 25 boxes
tomatoes 2530c ; 13 boxes choice ap
ples 35e ; 5 boxes pears 00c ; 5 boxes
peaches 75c.
The market rules quiet and steady.
Hams arc nlcntv and dull. Clear sides
and shoulders arc scarce and In demand
Sales were 1,000 pounds country hams
12c; 1,500 pounds dear sides 13Uc;
1,000 pounds shoulders OQlOJc,
I'orl I.Nt.
Steamer Jim Fik, I'aducah.
" Ark. Hello, Kvansvillc.
Julia, Vicksburg.
City Helena, St. Louis.
" tJraml Tower, MempliN.
iu. 1 1. farUer, Cincinnati.
Eddyville, Nashville.
" Juo. F. Tolle, St. Louis.
" Hello Shreveport. St. Louis.
" Ste. (Jenevleve, Vicksburg.
Tow-boat Fearless, Pittsburg.
" Shnpi-on Horner, New Orleans.
Lioness, St. Louis.
" N. J. Ulgley, New Orlean.
" Haven, St. LouN.
Wild Duck, St. Louis.
" Alice llrown, Louisville.
Propeller Alt'. Stevens. St. Louis.
Steamer Jim Fisk, Pnduenh.
" Ark. Belle, Evansvllle.
Eddyville, Nashville.
" Julia, St. Louis.
' City Helena, Vicksburg.
Grand Tower, St. Louis.
J. I). Parker, Memphis.
Juo. F. Tolle, New Orleans.
Belle Shreveport, New Orlcan.
Ste. Genevieve, St. Louis.
Tow-boat Fearless, St. Louis.
Lioness, St. Louis.
X. J. Blgley. Louisville.
Haven, Pomeroy.
Wil.l Duck, Pittsburg.
Alice Brown, St. Louis.
Simpson Horner, Louisville.
Propeller Alf. Stevens, Oblou river.
ItlVKK and wi:aiiu:ii.
The river last evening was 12 feet 0
Inches on tho gauge, having fallen 17 2-5
Inches during tho previous is hours. The
rate of decline Is Increasing every hour
and will be very rapid to-morrow. Storm
clouds passed around us yesterday, and
there was some prospect of a coining
storm last evening. Atmosphere close
nnd hot.
The Haven and Wild Duck have
gone up the Ohio with tows of ore.
The Alice Brown brought out 20
barges, four of which were left ut Padu
cah. The John F. Tolle and Belle of
Shreveport, being deeply laden, passed
down without lauding.
Tho Eddyville brought 18 tons
pig iron out of tho Cumberland for St.
Louis mid Cincinnati.
The J. D. Parker had n inngulllcciit
trip of freight and people tor Memphis,
nnd made some additions here. She will
be back Thursday morning at daylight
en route to Cincinnati.
Pilots Burnain and Duglass, of tho
John B. Maude, cauio out on tlio
City ot Helena to look on tho river.
They found It pretty ratty nt Kisknskln
and several other places.
At tho request of tho Knights Tern-
lar, Cnpt. Jack Grammar, who was iu
the city last Sabbnth, has postponed the
moonlight excursion ou the Idlewlld un
til one week from next Saturday.
The Shannon, duo from New Or-
minis, iins .h enwn nnti 2., neck pasen
gers, i00 Hales cotton tics, 200 barrels
oil, 225 bnlcs rags, 115 barrels molasses,
120 barrels tar, 20 bunches singles, 200
oaics bagging and 200 tons sundries.
l lie Dick Fulton No. 3 broke her
starboard wrist nnd rnn through herself,
throwing her pitman, plstonhead nnd the
whole bulnes overboard. Tho Alice
iirown helped the Fulton to land her tow
at Pnduenh. It consisted hi 5 coal boats,
12 barges and one rucl boat, nnd will no
doubt le brought out ay the Smoky City.
-Capt. tt. W. Dugnn's health U lm.
proving rapidly, nnd Davis says that, at
the table, "outsiders have no show."
Mr. Davis accompanied the Kekert to
Thebes on a sort ol plcaniro excursion,
anticipating n happy time, and In return
for the hoipitality of the Eekert proposed
to supply the crew with wild game, nshc
Is something of 11 Nltnrod. He writes
tlmt lie has been disappointed, and that
owing to Cnpt. Dugnn's wonderful nppe
tite, siipcilnihiced by 11 foot bath pre
scribed by Dr. Dunning, which by mis
take he took Inwardly, the crew of tho
Eekert mid the visitor, DavU, nre about
reduced to skeleton. Major Halllday,
hearing of thK was about to dispatch a
tug to bring Davis honi-, tvhen a letter
from Capt. Irwin Dugan was received
which put matters hi a different
light, lie say. : "Send for Davis; he ac
tually eats two hundred biscuit and
drinks two gallons of eolleu at a meal.
nnd we are much iifr.ild ho will do him
self serious Injury. He goes htinllnir
soniethnes, but seldom gets farther I
than 'up town,' where he
buys si couple of squirrels
which he claims to have killed. A boy
ctine In to-day while lie was at dinner
and demanded pay for that squirrel ho
had sold that 'ere man.'" Considering
the conflicting character of these reports,
the Major rightly concluded not to.Inter-
WJA1I Iltl-AllIMtNT, ItlVtl' lUl-OIIT,
AllgUst 1. lS'.V
KT. IS. T. IX.
Cairo I." l'j
l'ittl)UIK o o 11 11
Cincinnati 1 I 1 "i
ljiiisvlllc 7 !l 7
Nashville A s 7
St. Louis II 7 I I
HIicIIh of the Ocean.
Twcnty-tlvc barrels ea shells, suitable
lor garden-, bordering, Ac, for sale by
JM.V31. Twellth and Levee.
LoiiIn Ili-rliert hat PIKSK.NKK.
As I am harrasjcd to death from state'
incut lrom New lork, 1 am compelled to
sell my entire stock of Clothing at an Im
mense sacrifice. Ikk Wai.uki!,
7-10-tl. Corner Sixth and Ohio Levee
r"l)elieious rilscner Heer at Schoen
ineyer'.s nnricnliin.
Now is your time to secure uargitns at
S-T-Ut O. Havthoiin .fcCo's.
To Kent.
A cottage, Xo. .12 Tenth street, between
Wa'hlDgton and Walnut. Apply to Chas.
I.:i ne. t-7-tf
I'lLNKNKK-nt I.onla Her-
riS-XX Amber and White rag stock
envelopes at the Bullktin otllce, printed,
finafAll the go Pllsenerllcer. Scioev-
ineyer has It.
Wood mill fonl
Wood, $4 per cord 50 cents oil' for
cash. 'Big Muddy coal by the ear load ?.'l
per ton. All goods delivered.
C W. WllKEI.KU & CO.
Omen and Yaiid. Tenth street, be
tween Commercial and Washington ave
nues. S-lO-lm.
Cloth NhoPM.
Wo will closo out lot of Gentlemen'
Cloth Shoes, at very lowfljrurM.
O Havtiio.lv Si Co.
PILSENEK at Louis Herbert's.
For Nale.
A silver plated No. 0 Wilson Shuttle Sew
ing Machine, hard (piano) tlnlili, valued at
pa. Will be told at $20 discount, on good
terms, and ordered direct from the factory.
A No. 9 Wflsn Shuttle Sewing Machine
valued at $75. Will be sold at $15 discount
and orderod direct frr m the factory.
A i'JO Itcmlngtou Sewing Machlne-$30
off for cash. Suitable fur tailor or boot and
shoo manufacturer.
At a bargain, and ou good terms, a Howe
Sewinj; Machine May he seen at tho Com-
pan;" olllce, corner rwniu mri-ni -u-mcrclal.
"l'icturesiiuo America" 18 uumbcrs
bound in 2 volume, full gilt Morocco j
price, $10.
A stylo "E," "Clougb, Warren .t Co.'"
Parlor Organ, right from tho factory at De
troit. List price, $300. Will ho fold for
A new two-horo Oamhla wagon
For any of the above artielei, upply at
the 11U1.I.KTI.V olllce. K. A. IlUllNKTT.
, . i
jrGo to Schoenmeyer's and try his
Pllscner Beer; t 8-15-1 w
NtlllTtiejr Coiuc. '
Cowjierthwiilt & Phillips have Just r-
. , . 1 . At
ceiveu a iresu ioi oi i.u iioxu'c oauuugu
Clgaie. Tiythem. 8-11-lw.
CorrecUHl Dully Dy K. M. Stearnt, commlsslou
mtrcuani, aecreinry oi ui uuu xhnuu ui
Hour, according to grade
...$o my-js ou
uorn, luiieu, saraeii-
Corn, white, socked m .
Oats, mixed
uran, ler wjii........ m.
Meal, steam dried
nutter, choice Northern
llutu-r, choice Southern 111.
Kan, perdoxen .....
CUkkBtis, pwitown.......
IMrkeys, per doa... .....
Ai.uld. rhnlc. tier hart-el..
at aoisoo
71 oo
Apples, common, tier banal
I so
roiaiuvs, r iwifi..
Onions, per barrel...
ft &0
, , iTicr.
portion or Ihc amount Si? ."Z.TJ?'i
'."SH!. "Hf:iitttl br JantM
10 11 iiium tvtrmore and ,.7 .;:
n. iwrerir
he rtconler'a offlc; In and forl,SSI?'"
. in ine state or Illinois In book Uo mi
In theclly of Cairo, In sal.l county and s'a
book K of ilffd, on inure 63B. Ac. M, the in"
denfrned, aaM mortinutem, will on Saturday.
fhi f.irhth iUf i.f h..nl.. i i. .J.. '
r-., uii., ,1, uicuiucr 01 mt raruuir nr.r- i-
at 10 o'clock In iha fort-noon of thnt ilayiiniirr
and by virtue of the tsuwtr of Mltcnnulnxi i
an il mnn 1 1 . .... I.I I - t .
nlKheat bidder, for cash, nt the nfllce Imlidlof of
the trustees of the Cairn Cltyl'roiKrtyat the cor-
iiic triune 01 inc uiirn 1.117 rroiit ny ai me cor
ner of Waihinatoti arcane and Kifthtrtnttiitrert
in Midi city ofCalro, In Alexamlrr county ami
i r.ignir
I, li
-nieorilllnnlii.all the rlaht. title and Intercut
or Mid .im ji. iicrcrlr. or hit uoirai. In
: - "aiuTi a'li iicivi if 1 ill ill tvrijiitai it
niltolotmimliereil 13 flhlrternl and It four
.",'1. ''Jl??H Kimlieml 29 (twenty-nine) In
fhi'i t V'ufc .P' sTorillnif ' fa recorded plat
, mV.. 1 ""-, rl"1r"nnncM, 10 aiiiy iu
- , . 1 r. , "'-"uim 01 sain :
riniliUiiii or said Mortf ai(r.
.'J,.'.nl,l"t Aiimul H.th ,1173.
W I LI.I A SI A w vi ifMiv
'nil, i.nini, 1
Evansvllle, Cairo br.d Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Paducah, Shawncotown, Evans
viue, Liouitvnie, cinointi
and all way landlnga.
The unrivalled ilde-nlicel itcatnrr
II. 0. KoHtmi .... Mauler.
K11. II. Thomas...... ..Cli-rk.
ill leave KrantTlllle for Cairo every 3IONDAY
ami tiiui.aiiAi mi n'CIOCK It, III.
Leaves Cairo every TUKSUA Y and KIUDAY.at
The clfgont sUU-nrtul BU-omer
IIkm IIowAiin ....Muter.
Walteh II. I'exmnotom- Clerk.
Will leave Kvansvillc for Cairo every TUES
DAY and l-'KIUAY nt 4 o'clock p. m.
Will leave Calroevcry WEDNESDAY and SAT
UKDAY at 0 o'clock p.m.
The elf Kan t title-wheel tUnruer
J0115 Gorr ....
Mat. Williams..
, ...Matter
Leaver Kvantville for Cairo ctcrv WEDNES
DAY and SATtJItA I) Vnt 3 11. ra.
Leaves Cairo every iilL'USDAY and SUNDAY
at (1 p. Hi.
Each boat nukra close connection! at Cairo
Willi flrt-clat.i t teamen for M. JouU. Slem-
plii-anil New Orleans, nnd hI Kvanarille with
theE.AC.ll.il for all points North aud East,
and Willi the ImlsvUle Mall steamers lor all
iwluts. on the Uiivr Oliln, Rlvlnp through re
ceipts 011 Irvlithts aud passcngcra to all jiolnta
for further Information apply to
SOL. SILVKK, rassenger Agent.
J. M. Pilll.LII'S, A8 U.
Orlo U. J. (iUAMMEIl,
SuerinteiiiUiit ami Gvarral frelvht Ag-ent,
l'j-3--Jii.y. Evaasvillf Imllana.
Wholesale,' Retail and
aer Highest Cash Price paid for
Hogs and Cattle.
'Unqueatlonnblr tho beat aaatalai4
work of the kind lot the Warid."
The ever tncrcatlnK circulation ot this
excellent monthly proves Its continued
adaption to popular desires and needs. In
deed, when we think Into how many homes
It penetrates every month, we must con
sider It as one of tho educator as well as
entertainers of the public mind, for Its vatt
popularity has been won by no appeal to
stupid rrejudlces or depraved tastes. Bos
ton Globe.
The chaiacter which this Magazine pot
esses for variety.enterprtne.arUsUc wealth,
and literary culture thnt ha kept pace with,
If it has not led the times, should cause its
conductors to regard it with luttUUble com
placency. It also entitles them to a great
cialta upon the public gratitude. The
Magazine has done good and not evil all
the days of its life. Brooklyn Eagle.
Pottage free to subscribers la tho United
Harper's Magazine, one year....4 00
4 00 Includes prepayment of U, 8. post
age by the publlsliets.
Subscriptions to Harper's Hasaslae,
Weekly, or Bazar, to one address for one
year, 10 00 or two of Harper's periodi
cals, to one address for one year, 7 00;
postage free.
An extra copy ot either the Magazine,
Weekly or Bazar will be supplied gratis for
every club of fivo subscribers at 9 00 each,
In one remittance, or six copies lor 120 00,
without extra copyj postage fret.
Back numbers can be supplied at any
tl Ae'complete set of IIsrper Msgazfae,
now comprising to volumes, in neat clota
bindlnjr. will b nl by express, frets ht at
the ozpente of purchaser, for 2 25 per
volume. Single volumes, by mall, postpaid,
3 00. Cloth cases, for binding, U cento,
by mall, postpaid.
KjBTfiewspapari " copy ibis aa-
vertisemcnt without the express orders f
Harper it Brothers.
jr. o. TTriW,
lulletla BaUdlatT, Oomar TsroUUt MrMi
m Wtssrta Ivmu,
Cairo. ;
CfrCountr sad lUllroad Work a I
Dealer in- Ffttb Xe4ta
frr MPS
JV vmI.

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