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BsjtMltaff Mmtlrr Krjr aatje.
Tint Hal Call ftlMSUtUanl Item
oerMte Oaaveattaa.
Thi Nations! Dmocrlic Committee, to
whom Is delegated the power of fixing the
time nd pUce of holding the Nation) Pen.
ocratlc :ovs)titton ol 1870, have appointed
Tuesday, the tivntjr-v'entu day of .lime
next, noon, the time, nnd aflcilrd St.
Louts stkf place of holding such roiurf.
tlon. Etch Stain will be entitled to a repfe-en-Utlon
equal to double the lumber id It
Baton and representatlvi lu tin' i''h
(Tee of the United Stale; and the lerrl
torjr of Colorado, w ho- nJinlilmi In July
a a Stale nill give it a vote In tliu next
electoral college, Is nlo luvlteil to send del
egate to the convention.
Democratic, Conservative, and other rill
zeni ol the United States Irrespective of
put political nioclatli), iledrln;,' to co
operate with tic Democratic party In It
present eflorU ind object", aio cordially In
vited to join Id .vending delegate to the
national convention. Co-operation la dc
xired from all ,cronii wbo would change
an admlaUtritlon that hat euftVreil the
pubHe credit to become and remain Inferior
to other and ,'o favored intlom ; bai per
mitted commerce to be taken away by for
elffe powcri; has Milled trade by unjust,
unequal aid pernicious lcgls'atlon; ha
Impoieduouiual taxation and rendcu-il it
most buraeniome ; hat changed growing
prosperity Into widespread m (To rim; and
want; has aquandered the publls moneys
recklessly and defiantly, and shamelessly
used the power that should have been skIU
to punish crime, to protect It.
For these ana other reason the national
Democratic party deem the public, danger
Imminent, and earnestly desirous of scour
lag to our country the blessings of an
economical, puro and fico government,
cordially Invite the co-operation of their
feuow-citlzcjisln the cllort to attain thl
ThomasA. Walker. Alabama.
8. It. Cockrill, Arltan-a-.
Frank McCapptn, Callforui.i.
William U. Barnum, Connecticut
Charles Ucastcn, Delaware.
Charles K. Dyke, florlda.
A. It. Lav-ton, Georgia.
Cyrus n McCormlck, HllnoK
Thomas Dwling, Indiana.
M. 31. Iiou. Iowa.
Isaac E. Kiton. Kansas.
Henry I. McHonry, KcutucKy.
Henry D. Ogdcn. .ouliina.
Ij. D. M. Sweat, Maine.
A. Leo Kno'.t, Maryland
William A. Moore. 3IUblgan.
William Lodiren, Minnesota.
.1. H. Sharps, Mississippi.
.Ino. O. l'rlest, Missouri.
Geo. L. Miller, Nebraska.
Ttaos. If. Wllllatas, Nevada.
M. V. It. Kdgcrly, New Hampshire.
Theo. F. UandofiiU, New Jersey.
X. W. Hansom, North Carolina.
John O. Thompson, Ohio.
1 ames K. Kollcy, Oregon.
James 1. Harr. l'cnnsylvanlii.
Nicholas VanSlyck, Mode Island.
Thoe. Y. Simons, South Carolina.
"William a. Date, Tennessee.
V. S. 8tockdalc. Tcxa.
B. U.Smalley, Vermont.
John Goode. Jr., Virginia.
John Blair Iloge. West Virginia.
George II. l'aul, Wisconsin.
Thomas M. Patterson. Colorado.
AUGUSTUS SC11EI.1,, New York,
FKXDRtCK O. l'ntNCX, M.issaehuetts,
Secretary National Democratic Com.
Washington. February 22. 187.
It is urged In Mr. llldgway's lnyor
that he "was born larc-footed in Egypt."
In the hope of Increasing his popularity
we add "and bare-headed and without
any trowaers."
A wonderlul baby, was
lr-inceuitoroi the l alro Sim were as
generous as be Is handsome, ho could im
agine it possible that an indifferently
good proof-reader could overlook the
substitution of an "a" lor an "o" lu the.
word postmaster.
It Is now reduced iiulto to a certainty
that Mr. J. C. Willis will 1m the JteptiL.lI
can nominee In this district for congress.
He is the man who Is to contemplate, the
comely proportions of Hartzell's back as
the two prance along the conga'aMonnl
race course. Stlffeucd up as Willis U, by
a ten years' confinement In a Federal of
fice, It is not to be expected that his race
will be a swift one.
Iv, as claimed by the Knt'lllinoisan, Iko
Clements ran a thousand votes ahead of
his ticket, the conclusion Is lrrcsUtablc
that be drew to that extent from the
Democratic party. As It Is not claimed
that Mr. Willis (who Is to be the ltcpub-
Hcan nominee) will receive any Demo
cratic support, the aforesaid thousand
will concentrate on Ilartzell, and swell
his 1,000 majority over Clements to 2,500
.over Willis.
Mayor Wixto, In his iecond annual
address, refers to the property holders of
Cairo who intend to resist the payment
of the railroad Interest tax, us an "clc.
tnent," and volunteer j the opinion that
the tax assessed tnuit be jiuld. The "tle-
tnent" embraces nluctccii-twcuticths of
all the property holders of Cairo, and
these nlneteen-twcntlclhsit'pa-iicut forty-
iiinc-iuuttin or nil the tuxablc property
nut they area set ol ninnies nuverthe-
ies. imy t-iioultl hart) asked the
Mayor's opinion before inaugurating their
movement. ! ailing to do so they now
And Uiemselrcs butting u none wall; or,
in other words resisting the payment of
a tax tltat must bo paid.
(.icneral Green fi. Jtaiiui Is entllKd to
not only the gratitude of the people o
Southeni Illinois, but their profound
sympathy. Before connecting himself
with ths Cairo and Vmceiiiics railroad lie
was In the enjoyment of a moderate for
tune. We now have the road, but the
general is comparatively pvuniles h.
The maimer lu wbkli he became in
volved on icmwu of tlio road is set lorth
In the application ho made lor au inUiuo
tlon to restrain the company and other
laUresbtd from RiugU rolling stock.
Soraettilng over tw years ago the geue'r.
al aodooe JoUa w. Mitchell becamesua
ties for tius cowpany on an appeal bond,
which, wirh Interest, amounts to$2(j,00u.
Mitchell waa a director and Kama' was
attorney lor thn company, and they in
curred this liability to save the tolling
Mock ft (MM .p1iii', Subsequently the
I toad ia?i'(l Into llir lmiul ol receivers,
ami by permission of tin? I. S. district
court, thi. rolltnjr stock was mortifnjreil
for $80,000 to build nil Incline nnd trans
fer arrangement nt Cairo. Tlio clilel
eastern erodltora of tlio company
promlm. to pioltct Messrs. llattut
and Mlkhill from the tccurlty debt,
but till" promNi! wa not observed, atul
they wi-ni compelli'd to pay It. Shortly
afterwards thu mtirtsiiKo for $$0,lXX) ma
tured, and tlti hnlih-M advertised the rol
llnrtiek enveri'd by It, fur Kile. les"r..
Itaiimaiid Mltehrll rnilllnj: Hint If tin'
alc took plfli'p. tlio lat shadow of prop
el ty on which tlii-y hail any claim, would
pas out of thi' h'jful iinelou or the
company, lliey petllloned tin- court toen
join the sale. The court iefued tlii'ln
llllicllon, and lln; piobablo cotiseiiUelice
Wtlitit. .Mesr. Itaiim and .Mllcliccll will
not recover from tin company a ."Initio
dollar. The court ruled the defendants
to answer on the I.'illi Instant; but as the
Injunction was n l'ii-ed the pulilin can
only conjcclure n to what l lelt to "an
No act that ha grown out or the man
agement of Hie Centennial exposition,
hasexelled filch universal condemnation
as tho order of the coinmis'doners that
the gates shall remain closed during Sun
day. I.otld nnd earni'st remonstrances
am heard not only lu all parts or Ameri
ca, but come to us from nearly all those
foreign lauds that propose a participa
tion in the great demonstration. And
not the Icat caruot in the protestations
against the enforcement of the order, nro
the leading ministers and priests of the
Christian faith. How u number of tho
lepre.-entatives or other countries have
denounced the order us a marked dls
couitesyto visitors Irons abroad ; how
the secular pi c.-s hafjlenounceil It, the pub
lic b, to foinc extent adviml; but as the
representatives ol'lhc different Christian
churches have spoken inoro recently, a
knowedgo of their earnest mid bold op
position is not so general.
First come the llaptMi-. The. itcv. H.
Ij. Magoou, of tlio 11 road street church,
New York, says :
"I am surprised thai on Mich an open
and dcba(cahlciucttin tlieio fhould be
so much iiarrow-inlmltd domathui.
Let every man follow his own feelings
and observe the Sabbath as he likes. I' or
my part, I do uot have to go into a
church to commune with my (iod. His
presence is manifest throughout nil na
lure. 1 here Is uioiu ol a sermon to me
in the r i i s 1 1 1 j r stream Ihaii in some
niiuty theological (lliiiilsltlon more di
vinity lu tliu 'Mien "rus than in the
white choker. Then, let all who desire
it. uo to the Centennial "rounds on Sun
day and enjoy the harmless dissipation
ot looking on nature in us beauty, art
lu its perfection, and by no means 1e
bigoted on a suhcct m which eve
bigot should be lilteral."
Dr. Ocorgo Thiirman, of the Society of
Friends, says :
"I would visit the exposition and pay
my fifty cents on' Sunday, tind consider
the day welt spent ami much lulorma
tlon gained in studying the mysterious
laws of science and Its powers as mani
fested in the worklug ot the machinery."
Dr. Cieorgc II. WelhU', of the (Jcriiian
Iteformcd church, said
That ho looked upon the exhibition as
a political thing that did not warrant any
criticisms from him as a minister of the
gospel. As to opening tt on Sunday, he
desired to say nothing mure than that he
saw uo sin In such a course. "Would I
visit It myself on Sundoy ? i would it 1
had time, which I have not ; the care of
my flock demands it all."
Archbishop Wood, of tho Catholic
church, who is the head of the Philadel
phia diocese, says :
The rich have the whole week for
nlcagttrc, hut the poor are confined to
Sunday. I don't see how It can be dese
crated ny sitnpiy assisting me working
clashes to study the, triumphs ot civiliza
tion aim euttcation."
Her. Dr. Furness, the eminent IJul-
tearlan divine, says:
"Most decidedly 1 would have the
f'rouuds open on Sunday. If a choice
md to be made between the opening ot
tho churches and the Centennial grounds
on Sunday, I should declare, emphati
cally, lu favor of the exposition. To work
upon tnoMiuuatn i am entirely opposed,
but something should bo done to make
the day enjoyable and happy. Instead of
solemn and dreary particularly to tho
laboring classes and citizens."
And yet, with this and countless like
appeals for open gates on Sunday, tho
bigotted, Illiberal and Intolerant com
missioners refine to rescind their order t
There were many who, taking the
matter at "first Hush," aggteed that the
commissioners believed themselves acting
in the Interest of good morals. Hut now,
since it Is plain that cud will not be sub.
served, tho number of persons Is not
small who not only believe, but openly
declare that the commissioners are nct
lug tor pay in the Interest of the I'liiladel
phla hotels.
The btralghtforward and apparently
truthful story of MWs Ada Sweet, tliu
Chicago pension agent, as detailed before
the house committed on treasury expenditure-',
show that aire: has held her posi
tion by tho grace of one lllakely, "a
ncwi-paper outcast," and II. 11. Camp
bell, tho .father-in-law of (Icncial Ilali
cock, who, in tliu most villainous manner
absorbed the entire lucomeot the agency,
and lelt MIm Swoct, after two yearn of
service, two thousand dollars lu debt,
lllakely was pen.ilon agent nnd resigned
lu Mls Sweet's favor, on the underatsind
lug that t-liu wiu to pay him euo ycarV
recclptx of the olllee over and above au
allowance tu her of $i,!00. Shu had
been lu olllei! but u tdioi t time, when hu
liiVotuud her thai hho mini jmy
oim uf "debts of honor," vi:
f2,10itii tiu aforesaid 11. II. Campbell.
This bum she paid. When lllakely turned
over the. funds ol the olllce,hu was $:,000
bhort. Theru was duo to tliu govern
mont f 10,000. lllakely turned over $37,
000, and tuked M Kweet, as u favor,
to receipt to liliu tor tho full S40.000, and
hu would Mil propirty lu St. Paul and
inaKo the deflcit giMxl, within rt few
days, and before tho government agent
came on his rounds of Inspection, iilakely
..unjiiiy never paiu tin i.uou, J(t i)ro
tented that It wag JIU8 Sweet's dctleit, am
not liU.
S. thou
Alter payluir this $3,000 MIm
:bt her hip-luess relations with
ItUkeh and Campbell wctc at. nn end,
and made u remark to that elKct to Mr.
Campbell. "I don't understand It so,"
replied the conscienceless scoundrel.
Itlnk-idv atlll oives 11102.000 .llld It Is
my understanding that you nre to pay
it." And holding their power to remove
her from office, In tcrroriim
over her bead, the helpless woman
paid this sum And now fully
realizing that Campbell and lllakely
would not only absorb the In t 01 me
oHIee. but involve her In financial ruin,
she went to Washington for ndvlce.
And tin1 "advice" she received was from
resident Orant. "II you make any
morn payments I will remove you from
olllee!" He didn't usuie the Ifflplos
woman that he would make the villain
lllakely and Campbell dlgorge; he
didn't promise her that he w ould expose
their rascality and bring them to punMi.
ment. Nothing of the kind ; but ho de
clared to her that Ifjthey succeeded In
blackmailing her again he'd visit bU
wrath upon her head, and drive her from
her olllee.
It remains now for the public, to do lor
iiinpbell and lllakely what the presi
dent Hceincil disinclined lo do to damn
nnd detest the scoundrels as long us they
disgrace the earth with their presence.
The second annual address ol .Mayor
Winter b not elegant n a piece ot com
position, but It embodl' facts and statis
tics that render It w orthy of preservation.
We gather Irom It the follow ing facts of
general Interest:
The total Interest bearing debt of the
cltv of Cairo Is $103,503 ."2, which Is
equivalent to !i:i per capita of our
voting population.
Tho maintenance of the city govern
ment during tho past fiscal year, cost
ll.SSii ll.'i. Total expenditures, includ
ing Interest on bonds, etc., $.VJ.820 9".
Kccclpts from all sources during the
year $00.1 Si 2(1.
Number of actual fires during theycar
21. I.os $20,001 r,:; insiiraco $13,300.
Six of Ihese fires weie eaiicd by the
htirrtlng of coal oil lamps.
Sidewalks built and repaired during the
year, 77,!iMt feel, or nearly littcen iniie-.
which embraces ncaily I ho cntlie yslem
of the city sidewalks.
In treating ol'llie e.pei'-ioI the city
government Ihc mayor throws out a
suggestion that is worthy ol an experi
mental test. It Is this: l!ccelpl. Irom
licenses, lines, etc.. amount, to il3,&'.is.
Ily reducing tho police force lo a chief
nnd two policemen, the salaries ol all
city officers would amount to only
$171 07 per mouth, or $3,W0 per year.
Thoe salaries paid, there would yet re
main in the trea-iiry;$10,2.,tS. Dispense
witlt the lite of gas and garbage carts,
and all repairs on streets and sidewalks
c.Nccpl such as might be made by the
chain vaiig.and (lie $10,2US would boa suf
llcicutsum for id I general purposes. The
pcoplo thus would be relieved ol all taxes
except such a levy as would bo necessary
to provide for the Interest on our bonded
debt ; and should the way he opci.cd for
a legal cseapu from that burden, (hero
would bo no occasion to levy one dollar
of tax for any purpose.
For one wc are entirely willing to
make the experiment. The tew incon
vcnlencles to which wo would be sub
Jectcd, would weigh nothing in the bal
ance against the enormous taxes under
which we arc nt present struggling; and
where is the citizen who would not bear
them with patience, when, through such
trlllln "tribulations" we could go up to
the paradise of au untaxed people.
The St. Louis Time.-, of a recent date,
In au article on the Cairo and Tennessee
river railroad, recommends it to the pco
pie and capitalists of St. I.ouls, and says
"Cairo will be unable to do much, If any
thing, toward building the road ; but It
Is expected that tho Interest of St. I.ouls
will Induce her capitalist to push the
work forward to completion.''
We hope St. I.ouls capitalists will push
this work forward to completion ; but
what have they donu in tlio past ? How
much assistance did they give to tho
Cairo ami St. I.ouls road, which has been
oftentimes more beucllt to St. I.ouls
than to Cairo, that subscribed $'00,000
towards building it V Nothing ! Abso
lutely nothing. Poor as they may think
Cairo to be, we would not bo surprised
if she would, in time, do
moro lor this road Into Kentucky
and Tennessee than St. I.ouls will. Cairo
hasraUed, or will raise, as "unable as
sho Is," SJ00.00 to pay for tho survey ol
tho road from Mayllcld to Cairo. It
there was "a great deal of capital lying
Idle here," as tho Tunti saya there Is in
St. I.ouls, this road would ho built with
out delay. We agree with the Time
that the road would bo ol great henelit to
St. I.ouls lu enabling them to "reach tho
cotton, tobacco and Iron regions of Ten
iiessce," and In giving them tliu "advant
age of tliu shortest line of narrow gauge
communication with (Icorgla and Ala
bama." Kvcry argument in favor of this road
lorni. i.ouls, applies wiin even htrougcr
force to Cairo, and all wo hope Is that Ht
I.ouls may take hold ol It in carne.it. If
she docs, it will bo more than she lues
ever done for any ciilerprl"o In this ill
tcction. We hope, but fear.
Ill I lie I'niie'n AliillviKC'llitiiiii.
'I'liomas llalley Aldrlch, In thu .May
Atlantic, thus descrlhes a "Visit to a Cer
tain Old (icutlciiiau:" Tlio monotonous
In mi of conversation ceased nhriintly, thu
two sections of the wide door I have men
tioned werti thrown open, ami thu Pone,
surrounded by his cardinals and a num
ber of foreign irlnces, entered. The oe
ciitiatiUol tho two long settees rose, and
then, as if they were automata worked
by the name tyrauulcal wire, sunk simul
taneously into an attitude of devotion.
Forun Instant I wan scluxl with u des
iierato desire not to kneel. There is some
thing in au American knee, when
It h rightly constructed, that
makes It mi awkward thing
to kneel before any man
born of womiiii. Perhaps1, It tliu choice
were lett one, either to prostrato ono's
tell before a certain person or to be shot,
one might make a point ot it and
to be shot, Hut Hud ivas not I lie nl-
erimtlvc In ihc inecnt case, If I had
failed to lollow tho Immemorial custom I
would not have had the honor of a fiisl
lade, but would Imvc been Ignninliiloii'ly
led away by one of thoc highly-colored
Swiss guards, and lu my dress suit,
would naye presented to tne general
stare the appearance of a pretentious
ace ol spades being wiped out by n gay
rlghtbowcr. Such u humiliation was not
to be thought ofl So, wishing Myself
safely back amid tin cruder civ
ilization ol the now world, and with
a mental protest, accompanied by a
lolty compassion for the weakness
and cowardice ol' human Mud, I slid soft
ly down with the rest of tho miserable
sinners. I was lu the very net, when I
was chilled to fhiMery marrow by catch
ing the sidelong gliuiie of mv benign old
gentleman placidly leaning back lu Ids
seat, his hands folded oer his welMllled
waistcoat, nnd the -anic benevolent
smile petrified on his eounti nance, Ik
was last asleep.
Immediately a tall. cadaverous person,
lu a scant nincrul gat incut, emerged from
somewhere, and touelu d the sleeper on
tho shoulder. The old gentleman un
closed his eyes slnwlv and with illlllculty,
and was so 'far from taking tin situation
that he made a gesture as if to shake
hands with the tail, cadaverous
person. Then It all Hashed Upon the
dear old boy, and he drooped to his
knees W illi so comical and dispalrlng au
air ol contrition that the pres
ence of 10,000 popes would not
havu prevented mo from laughing.
Another discomposing Incident oc
curred at this Juncture. Two removes
Ik'Iow me was ii smooth-faced Cermau of
g'gantie statue; he must havu been sl.
or seven Indies over six feet lu height,
hut so absurdly shoit bet ween the knee
cap nnd the ankle that as l.e knelt he
towered head and shoulders above us all.
resembling u great, overgrown school
boy, statullng up as straight as he could.
It was so he impressed one of his ghostly
attendants, who advanced quickly
toward him with the evident purpose of
requesting him to knee). Discovering
Ids error ju-t in time, tlio reverend rather
retreated much abashed.
All eyes were now turned toward tliu
pope anil his suit, nnd this trilling ep'
sode passed unnoticed save by two or
three iudivldiialt hi tlio immediate neigh
borhood who stucicdcd
their smiles, but did not
cacli oilier afterward.
vanccd lo the center of the upper end ol
UK! room, leaning ncaviiy on ins ivory
handled cane, the princess in black and
the cardinals in scarlet standing behind
ill rsi in pictnre.-quegroiips.llke the chorus
In au opera. Indeed, it was all like a
cene on tliu stage.
Willi li Mmll I 'I like ?
This Is ollen a serious ipicsliuti with
the invalid. Ho liuds the market llooded
with proprietary medicine.'', ecorc. of
winch are recommended as certain cures
for bis peculiar ailment. Hu reads the
papers, circulars, and almanacs, and
llnils each sustained ly pl.iusililc argu
ments setting lorth its virtues and spc-
itic action. 1'lie recommendations ate
a strong lor one ns iur anotner. inu
cures claimed tu havu been wrought by
one arc as wonderful as those claimed to
have been wrought by another, lu his
perplexity mid doubt, tho Miuercr is
sometimes led lo reject all.
Hut ll should be borne hi mind that
this condition of things Is ouu that cannot
be remedied, lu a laud where all are
free, the good the truly valuable mifet
come into competition with tliu vile and
wortlilcss.aud unlit he brought to public
notice by tho same Instrumentality,
which Is (ithertislnj. In such a case, per
haps the only absolute proof that u
remedy is what it claims to be, is to try
it. Tliu "test of a pudding is the eating
of It." "Prove ail things, hold fa'tthat
which is good." Is tho apostolic injunc
tion. There may, however, be stronger
presumptive evidence lu favor of one
remedy than there is in lavor ol another,
and tills fhould be allowed Its due weight.
A due regard to this may save a vast
amount ol experimenting and u useless
outlay of money. As a presumptive evi
dence in favor of Ur. Pierce's
Family -Medicines, tlio proprietor de
sires to say, that they are prepared by
a new and sclcntlllc process by which
tho virtues ot the crude plants and roots
are extracted without the ue of a parti
cle of alcohol. Not a particle of this dls-
troycr of our race enters Into the compo
sition of either his Golden Medical Dis
covery or Kayorite Prescription. Tills
consideration alone ought certainly to
rank- them high auovo the vile com
pounds saturated with alcohol, .Tamacia
rum, sour beer, or villager, w hich arc
everywhere offered for sale. Again, they
are ol uniform strength, and their vir
tues can never be impaired by age. They
are also made from fresh herbs and roots,
gathered In their appropriate season,
when they aro Hush with medicinal prop
erties. In support ot thcso claims, tho
following testimony Is ollercd:
Xkwaiik, X.J.
1J. V. Pikiick, M. D.:
Dear Slrt I havosolda great deal of
your uxcellent remedies, and I prefer to
sell them before others, because they give
good satisfaction to those who use them.
I hear such remarks as "Sago's Itcmcdv
completely cured me; it is a splendid
thing ;" or, "Plcrco's l)icovcry Is just
what 1 wanted ; I feel better than I
ever did." Ono of our celebrated singers
iics lt.lor .slieiiglliiuglicr voice, and says
"there Is nothing equals it;" mul so I
might givo semes of remarks eald about
your preparation'. A colored woman
was using your Discovery, and allcr tak
ing three bottles was completely cured.
She, being in tlio store, said lo me, "I
don't want no doctors 'round mo so long
as 1 can get tliu DNcovery : It beats all
your doctors." An so I might iro on.
nut, most rcsieeliully. yours.
Wholesale Grocers
Commission Merchants
57 Ohio Levee.
Commercial Friniing,
At the Ur. mi Olllee, Cairn, ItlltinK
Hum, l'lrlildlt,
Ni-fl, Vice 1'ivS't.
Wills, t'rtililcr.
I. Kerlli, Asst. mli'r
Corner Commercial Avo. and 8th Street,
OAino, XXj-CjS.
tll,t.'f l i il,a
F. Itrnn, Culrci. Win, Kliw, 'nliii.
I'. Nfll. t.'tilm. Win Willie. Ciilni.
A . Susnnkn, Citlro. It I.. IIIHIniHcy, t I mils.
T. lifter, i nlio II. Wrlls, ( iiIiii,
r II. Ilriiikmaii, M. I.oiih,
i lil'IK'lltl ItitlllllllK Ituxiiiits Hone,
t'$-l'i'liilii)'CKolil unit Imiiylit iMriif l ,:o,l
ll (lie SiitlitiM Hi i'irlllifllt. 'nlllftl(ilii lii'iili',
lint nil l"l: Oil'- iniiiiiptly utli'liiliit In.
City National Bank
W I' IIAI.I.IIIAV. Ppulib-nt.
A. II. SAKKlllll, C.nlilir.
WAI.TKK IIVNI.U1'. Amt'l (.'iiflikr.
I. I). WILLIAM!!. SlLI'lltN IIU),
A II. SAKKlllll
Exohnngo, Coin and United States
uonus uougnj ana oom.
DEPOSITS rccelvnl uml a gcncrnl balillnu
iiiuliif.ssilotiu. m
Enterprise Savings
A 11 HAKKOKIl, I'resliliiit
S Si. TAYI.UIt, viif rioHlilont
W. 11 Y&I.Ol', sic,vad't'rJairr.
W. llAIH LAY, ;ilA (lAI.ll.UKII,
M MOCKH.UTll, PA' tU Mlllll,
.). M. l'lllI.LIO.
LXTKlti:ST pnl't nn iltpuslu nt tlio rate nt
pi-rceiil ht milium, March 1st uml .st-phm
ht Int. lnti rcit nut vrlllnlruwn is lulilcl Ilium-tluti-ly
lo Ilic principal uf tliu iK'posltii, tlimby
livlnir thrill I'iniMjiiiel interest.
Unrriod Women nnd Children may
Deposit Monoy and no ono
olso can draw it.
I lirfm ervTV 1illMiriei4lit.iv lrnlnDH.ln. to .1 tl.tll.
2 - siitiinlny rTuiliun fur buvIiiks iItiosits only
rural) to u o'clock.
W. HYSLOP. Treasurer.
VAitu:rY sroiu:.
!Tew-York Store
QoodH Bold Vory Close
Corner 19th St. and Commercial Av.
OKFICi: ASH IIK5,I)i:.SCi:i I:IkIiIIi Mini,
lii'Uwill Wil'lilllliill ami ( iiHilnvli l.il Auntie,
wir uaiiio, ii.i.s,
Fashionable Barbor
Between WayhliiKton and Comrnnrclal
T. O. XXuol,
Ilullotin Butldinir, Cor. Twoinli Blreot
and Wauhlnevton Avonuo,
Cairo, Illinois
t3L'(iiiiilv uml Itullriiu.l Win k n Seiullv
Tin: ii avx r.i rviv.tr
Att i. iiutiiaiii uiii'i
T i iiiitauiiil in tlio l'nllf,
I lr n v H,'s,ill,-H -'imil. and Im
Wfl fl 11 T HiiMHt teniH us l.iiviw
I I .HI I I.JIIiiiiiiiol'aiiy otlicr iili-.i-1
LU JU11 Ur)'11" ,"l"c- Umiiiii
UVU V1 '-'lUmelnMiillii IIio.iik.
lisli anil I'oiriffii aiiKiUKi'S, wiin inviiiiom, At
torneys at l.nv, uml nllirr Nilk-litniH, i-mhtiuI1
wltli tliiisn wliu lime liiul llirn i um s lejii'ltil in
tlte Iiauila nl otlicr ulloriii yii. In ritT.tnl cmm h
mil' Iteii urc niUionulilc , uuil im itiiir?e isnuule
link-as Mruri' sni'i ixliil,
ll'Tiill Winila mil-
Ilt.Mllil us ;i MK.itfl
Sit nkildli anil ii
lull iliM'rliiliiiii nf
sviuir limntlnn,
Vii ivill make in
exiiiiilliiuioiiat the imlent olllee, ami II we till n V.
it lutf utnlik', will wail j mi iiaiiern ami mlrlu',
iiiul irnKciite our can-, Our (id will 1 In or
sllisaiy euses, $i.
Ill Oral or written In matters it'-
Kelt, Kx-CtimnilsHloiier ol' l'uteut,
Cleveland, llliiu O. II. Kelley, Ki,, Seo'v
Nulloiiul lirmiRu. I.niilsvllle, Uy. Coiiinioilor
llan'l A I n men, IJ. H. N., Wii.filiinton, 11. U,
CSeml Moiiip for our "(iulile lor oliliilli
iiiKi'att'nls," a liook of Ml inijiei.
Address i I.ihiU IliillKcr V '., Solid
tins iit'l'atvnts, WiisliinKlou, l '.
T 1
J. T. WARREN 8l CO.,
Importer nnd .lobbevsof
Foi'oicjn Fruits, American and English Pickles, Catsups, Saucos
Oiilllicil loinl. I'lsli, See, Is. (Jcrlllllll I'milllce.
Soup Stufl's, Comlimoiits, Flavoi-iny Extracts, etc., etc.,
Fancy Groceries in Endless Variety
Orders by Mail Promptly Attended In.
C4 and GO West Second Street, CINCINNATI.
iipr I tiM-tt-iitfiw
Wm. Glenn & Sons
Hcadquartci's for Groceries
4,000 Rio and Santos Coflec,
2,000 hhtls Now Orleans Sugar,
2,500 bbls N. Orloans Molasses,
1,500 bbls Whlto Roflnod Sugar,
1,000 bbls Yollow Refined Sugar,
300 bbls Louisiana Rico,
100 Tiorces Carolinr Rico,
500 h'fehs Groon and Bl'k Toa.
AM) Ollll.lt IMIOIU I.
IIH. '.n mul 7M Vln Mri'ft. ;i.V..O.
Commission Merchants
No. 100 Commoroial Avonu o
t'ulrit. Illliuii-..
Advaecos made on Consixuineut. Ab
stract ol Titles made, i.'uuveyances; and
rullcclWiln utlcmlcd tn.
j'lto.Mi'r Ki;.Mrn'A.NCi:i.
Auctinti isales Kery Saturday .Morning.
Blake A Go-
ll, alt r in
Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
vVall Pnpor, Window Qlasa, Win
dow Bhados, &c.
Always on ImiiO, Hie n'lebruteil llliiiiilnatiii
Broua' BulldiiiK,
Coruur Kluvunth Strrut unit Waihtnsr
ton Avnnua
i.iiiioit ii:ai.:iih-
Wholesale anil lUlall Dnlrrs In
Foreign and Domestic
No. 60 Ohio Lovoo,
MHSSUf. PMYTII A CO. have constiiitly
u Iuiku stock of tliu bent i;ihI In Ilie Inur
ket, ami KlvuesiMvial utteiitlon tollie liuluilv
runcli nl' tlm liiminivM
In I Ik- Uriiiul Olil
Which has stood tho tost of 40
Thoro is no soro it will not Ileal,
no LamonosH it will not Curo, no
Aoho, no Pnin, that Afllicts tho Hu
man body, or thu body of a Horso
or other Domcstio animal, that
doos not yiold to its magic touch.
A bottlo costing 25c, 50a. or 81
has often suvod tho lifo of a Human
Doing, tind Restored to Lifo and
Usofulnosa Many a Valuablo
St. Oharlcs Hotol,
Room and Board, 1st and 2d
Floors, $2,50 per Day.
Room uud Hoard, Hit Floor $2.00 Fur Day
SpocUl Rate by Week or Mouth.
A limited iiiunlier of very ileslralili! Ilunlly
rimiiu imiii lie ii fined ill mi-onalilo lule.i tur the
Miininer laonlhi.
'Hie,-)!. i;iiniens the luifrestanil lK't aiipolnt
ei I Ion. e In sioiitliern Illinois, awl U Hie leailuiK
hull I ill I .'ill n l .NotullhiliilnllliK' the "Hid
Itnek" leilniiloii in iriiTH, the tahle will, as
usual, lie llherally Miiilleil with lhnveryhe.it
of en rlhliillmt can tie. I'niiml in m.iiket.
rinelai'Ku bjuiilo looms for eoiiiim relal tra
ileis, on Kroiiml Hour, Ireeorclini'Ke.
IrTJ-AH liairpniuol Knests enuveyeil liinml lioin
the iiotvl without ehaiuii
.n:vi. TTWti.rox .too.,
l-hl-ll'. I'roinletuis.
33 1VC iixiia
Straw I FeltWorks
JO.t N. lllliNlrei'l, Nl. I.oiiIm, Mo.
I.iiuUiil- ethilillthliient i.l'lhe Went. llhK.M H.
INI' llVIMi. AhTKItlMI, uml all kliuU nl
.Milliners' Voikiloiieiioniilly, I'liiilcrlllockn
lor sale. l.'lini j,'es pahl on tiioiseii us. Si iul
l or I'lilei i-: ihVivliu
l'ho l'ooi'lo'H Roraody.
Tho Univcraul I'ainExt aotor.
Kotu : A nit for Panil'a Eitruot.
Tuku no otliur.
"Il.uri for I will slwuk of i xi-illi nt UiIiiks.
lultirlr to )lan or lliusts,
I I all, llriih-co.
SlnihiM, .'iiralns, Contu-
SillllS, lllsllH'UliODS.
rrni'llli'i'. Cuts, Iieera-
Uil or Inclteil Woiimls
k . , llli'i'illiiic or
If?, hiiltllnttofllhio,
V .Viw lllrril.ttiiil Illcnl
A' Ini; litiini or 'I'rrtli.
U Voiiilllniror llluoil ami
W lllooily lilsehamiii.
ll'tli'H - lllrulloK I'lies,
1 tl t li.l Piles, (Inhilllhlc )
i rMillin'lisl,aractie..Sii-
ulla, hwelleil Kan
llllelllliillli,lll, lthtllliin
I llcsiwrlllnxor.Sorcims,
l.Slllliii'iH or horeness,
I I.'IHiIkiko, IJillie Hack
Sri Tlirnal or (Jiiinsy,
j liillalitrrf Tonills.
Iliillierlii. Ilroiielil-
IN, AHllmin.
Sure or Intian.M Kyrs o
iCiitiirrh, Uucorrtiea,
I Dlarrhia, f)yntory
Sure .Miil', liiU.initil
' III ma t
'I'ltliifnl or too l'rofu
Milk l.vis. Ovarian Ills-
iu Atlll 'tumilM.
Klilncy l'oiiiliilut,
RFMFI"iV (imviil ami btraliiniry.
ntniLLii,,,,llimut, Rni, f-xc;irit.
tlon (it Infant, or
roil Adults
Vnrii-OM' Vein. Kn
PYTPRrlfll i UrirH or InllainMl Vrin.
CAItllllHl. iici-ns, OM bores, Inter
' nal t'lreratlnns
AM" JIiiIIm. Curliunelin. Tu-
ramiTiniriT, mors, Hot bwelUnir
INTEIINAL fnriiM ami Ilutilons, Uml
nl or 8,,re 'et
K'liiilliiKM.Itarneiaor Sa4
USE. llv dnlls,
I'elon or Whitlow, 1'roit-
nl l.liiibi or l'arts.
.li,ilti(i) Illlm. Insert
tfllni,-, Cliait llumla.
I'OMt'K TIIAI-r U lor sulehyml! I'lrnl
S'Iiixh IlrilKk'Isls.ali'l rrcoliiliie.nleil l,y
all Uruivi'tJi, 1'hyaieUus, uml efrj
Imily wliolmn i ter tuej II.
I'niiiilil-t contaliillDC lllatoryaml LVrs mall
iil fiii' on aiiliculion, If not found at your
,Vm Yurk anil I.oiiiIoh.
See Here.
Do you want Hook;,
(JanU. I'riiils. I'tioto-
Kniilis Why then tin you mule money on
awimllers h,sli-n, uml lo the oM lell.il.le
Imureot Hunter A t o. Kstaltlshcil In 1-on.
Wr Mii,ly all IikAm, all k'oisl? ami at hiwe.t
lain. "n.l lor some of then-. Trunk full of
t un, IV i How In win a .MtiYlheart, "e !
lioldrn Wheel Kotlilne teller, 4m-1 Hook of
l.oe I'tlvrs, Ue I HoxltiK Jtaile l:n.y, IV j
Mn rami's Masonry Kiieil, IM'tip, llliiilrali-l,
jhi ( How to write short huinl, V'c s llnw to
niuuean evmlnk' I'arty, ;cj DaiirliiK inane
i.asy, k'ci now iiaiuuiers will, .c ; Leap year
I arils,t,ourlslii)i( anls, rnrliine'lelllni: tanU,
I)r .Maklnir ( tints. I kliulii eacli III cam- only
1 e I (.'ouipllte Ticket lloylu, .V!; I heater
lletil's le tter Writer, !'-1 -Monitor of Kree
UMsunry, T'ks How to win nnd how to woo,
:! I 'Ihe Iiwn of I.me, !)c ) I-nlle' (iulile to
beauty, .me, Ac . Ac , Ac. Ileiniinlxr any or
all oflheabow. will he rent to oil prejialil on
ruelptol prlCA'. We lni-rt ami hunt up for
eii:iialil scarce iHioks. We make tl a Miuly
We wautjniir iiatroiinee. f-eii'l fur our circu
lars. II will puy you tu ileal with us lln nut
riik money Willi iwlmtlers hut teml at oure l,i
the "nhl reliables," Hunter A lo., HIiiMlate,
.s. ii. ;
save MONEYru'rc'a1;;
liiiy&t.i uorlli ofKmsIs for ll. Why notilo It.
'Iheiireat N.K. Dollar Mile,;i.J llroonilteM sln-et,
llmloii, is llrinly establlslusl, and lor Miirsli.is
sohl leally valualile kinhIs worth l .Vitola IIO
al a llml prhw of only one Hollar Wc are t n
ilumcil unit KCOiniuenilist by the best pairM
ami the leaillnj; UKrcliauts. Our vale U an lion
orahle bu,lne.s enterprln', wc ill sell pHuUut
le-illnin olherili'.ileis, In them times It pays
to sale money. We .ill Jewelry, elixir uml
plaleil waie, t'limswaie, cutlery, diy ami fancy
boils, groceries, tciis.colliis, spleen, ami lu fart
cicr.Whiut:. Iiiclmlln (,' tlepint hooks,
wliiili iitall ut oiieihillaruml llltyceuls to lour
ilollais, ami all for Jut oue ilollar. I here bun
tleki I, onler slip, or othirtilikerv Hue dull, r
serines any in tlclu on the Hat. ,e ( 11 1), let
yoll sec (foiiils buole piiylin;. (Her 'S,(IM pat
roiiH nllest Ihe Hipiiiulty of our Kreat sale. We
raiuiot slioany (ilea heieot'oiir biKlness, Our
IM of goods would fill this entile paper fend
at once forclreiil.iis and leciiiinirnilallous from
our patrons, toucan siuccaah. Willvoiido
It V If so, nddle.s at once 11 DllMlsTo.V A
I.O...V H , Dill, I, All SAI.H, III llroonilluldM,,
lliKtnn. .Miuh. flAJ)-S.H',.ini
Lock Hospital,
mul s'rimlillii
Nlieeln. cii.
I'lIKO, IIIIiioIm.
t'harleieil by the
State of Illinois
for the cxinesH
lliilueiliale nlnl
in an ciiaes ol piltatv, clironlc, ami iirliiaiyill-sea-es
In all their cnmpllentiit loimo. ll is wrll
known that Dr. .lauies baa stood at the head of
the prol'esrlon for the pait !u years. Alio and
eipirii'iiieini'iill liniioilitiit. Neiiilmil Wt'iili
nvv, nlht losses hy ilriauis, plinplrs on the
face, lust manhood, can poll(vely ho rnucd
Ladles wanlliiK the moat delicalc atti'litlmi. call
or write, I'leasiint liomi! for patients. A hook
for the million. MairhiKu liulile, wlilrh tells
jnu all nlmut theteUlseaseo wbo slisiilu marry
"Hhv not-lu cent to pay pnstuiat. "r Jauis
has.m rooms ami iai lor Vim see no one but
the duetor. (iilliu bourn, a.m. lo "iliii. Sun
ilays, lu o Vi, All biiHlnci-a stllr.lly conllilen
llal. 4-'.'s-dAW-ly.
Dealer in Fresh Meats
Botwoon Washlocrton nd OomntsircUl
Avenue, adjolninar Hsmuy'sj.
KKKI'8 for sU Usslwst lltff, I'ork, Mutton
Vtal, Ijunb, Sausagf, ao.. na Is pro
iiMad If aervo mmlllea In an acciiUhlo nintnier
The Hint and Cheapest,
At Ihc IIUI.IXI'IN omce, (.'alio, Ills

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