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Coniiiiii,,cr85' Notice.
w. M Tbe undersigned having been ap
pointed by the Hon. Augustus W. Taylor, Judge
of Probate, commissioners to receive, examine
and adjust all claims of all penona against the
estate of Nathaniel O. Piatt, deceased. Notice
is, therefore, hereby given to all persons having
olaims against said estate, to exhibit the same
with tbe vouchers thereof, to the undersigned,
at the residence of Benjamin Lillie, Esq., in the
township of Wright, in said county of Ottawa,
within ix months from the 17th day of Jnne,
A. D., 18C2 (the time limited by said Court foi
that purpose), and, for the purpose of examin
ing and adjusting the claims aforesaid, the com
missioners will meet at the residence of the
aid Benjamin Lillie, on Saturday, the second
day of August, and Saturday, the twentieth day
of December next, at 1U o clock in too torenoon
of each of those days.
Dated. June 25. 1862. 4w 173
Administrator's Sale.
BY virtue of license and authority to me
granted, by the Probate Court of Ottawa
County, and State of Michigan, bearing date
April 7, 1862, I shall sell at publio auction, to
the highest bidder, at the premises, in the town-
hip of Crockery, in the county of Ottawa and
State aforesaid, on Saturday, tbe 7th day of
June next, at two o'clock in the afternoon, all
the right, title and interest, which John Trick,
now deceased, in his lifetime possessed in and to
the west half of the north-west quarter of sec
tion twenty-nino, (29) and the south-west quar
ter of the south-west quarter of section twenty,
(20) excepting from the last described premises
o much thereof as lies north of the Grand Riv
er Hoad, leaving about thirty-four acres, and
making, in all, one hundred and fourteen acres,
or thereabouts, all lying in town eight north
and range fifteen (15) west, in tbe county of
Ottawa and State aforesaid. Dated Crockery,
April 8, 1862. 162w7
Henry T. Young, Administrator
of the Estate of John Trick, deceased.
The above sale is postponed to Saturday the
30th day of August next, at two o'clock P. M.,
at tbe premises to be sold Dated June 7, 1862.
6w nl71 Henry T. Yovnq. Administrator,
l'rolialc Order.
STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Ottawa, ss:
At a session of the Probate Court for the Coun
ty of Ottawa, holdon at the Probato Office, in
the village of Grand Haven, on Monday, the
fourth dny of August, in the year one thou
sand eight hundred and sixty-two. Present,
Augustus W. Taylor, Judge of Probato. In
the matter of tho estate of Lewis L. Peck, de
ceased. ON reading and filing tho petition, duly ver
ified, of George Parks, administrator of
the estate of said deceased, proving for rea
sons therein set forth, that he maybe empowered
and licensed to soil certain real estate belonging
to the estato of said docoascd for the purpose
of paving legal claims agoinst the estate of said
deceased and the expenses of administering the
same. Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday, the
fifteenth day of September next, at two
o'clock In tho afternoon, be assigned for tho hear
ing of said petition, and that the heirs at law of
said deceased, ana all other porsons interested
in said estate, are required to appear at a session
os said Court, then to be holden at the Probate
Office, in the village of Grand Haven, and show
causo, if nny there be, why the prayer of the
petitioner should not bo granted. And it is
further ordered, that said petitioner give notice
to the persons interested in said estate, of the
pendency of said petition, and the hearing there
of, by causing a copy of this order to bo pub
lished in tho Grand Haven News, a newspaper
printed and circulating in said County of Otta
wa, four successive weeks previous to said day
of hearing. Augustus W. Taylor,
4w nlT9 Judgo of Probate.
Chancery Order.
STATE OF MICHIGAN, the Ninth Judicial
Circuit, in Chancery: Suit pending in the
Circuit Court, for the county of Ottawa, in
Chancery, at Grand Haven, on tho twenty
eighth day of June, A. D. 1862.
Jane DeWitt, Complainant,
Abraham DeWitt, Defendant.
IT satisfactorily appearing that the defendant,
Abraham DeWitt, is a non-resident of this
State, but is a resident of the United States, On
motion of Wm. II. Parks, Solicitor for Com
plainant, it is ordered that tho said defendant,
Abraham DeWitt, cause his appearance in this
cause to be entered within one hundred days
from the date of this order, and that in case of
his appearance he cause his answer to tho com
plainant's bill to be filed, and a copy thereof to
be served on the complainant's solicitor within
twentj days alter the service of a copy of said
bill and a notice of this order, and in default
thereof, that the said bill be taken as confessed
by the eaid defendant. And it is further order
ed that within twenty days the said complainant
cause notice of this order to be published in
the Grand Haven News, a newspaper printed,
published and circulating in the county of Otta
wa, and that the said publication be continued
in said paper at least once in each week, for six
weeks in succession, or that he cause a copy of
this order to be personally served on too said
defendant at least twenty days before tho tiino
above prescribed for his appearance
II. C. AKELEY, Circuit Court Commissioner
nl76 7w in nnd for Ottawa County, Mich.
(A true copy.) Elias G. Yocno, Register.
IIoivc Sewing Machines!
Established in 1815 Perfected in 1862.
T3 ECENT and important improvements bav
JLTV ing been put to this Machine renders it
now the most perfoct before the public ; and per
sons at a distance can order a machine with a
guarantee of its prompt and safe delivery, and
that they will be able to manage it to their en
tire satisfaction. No more breaking needles!
No more missing stitches 1 No trouble in mak
ing any garment, however delicate or heavy, on
the same Machine, either in cambric, cloth, or
leather; and for dress-makers, shirt makers,
tailors, hat-binders, shoe-binders, or gaiter-fitter,
as well as for every variety of family sew
ing, they have no superior, and will be sold at
a much less price than any other Machine capa
ble of doing the same range of work.
Send for descriptive catalogues of styles and
prices. A few responsible agents will be dealt
with liberally.
CHINES," 437 Broadway, N. Y. 180 ly
r-TYii, i.t
J. GAN0E, Master,
WILL run between Grand Haven and Grand
Rapids, loaving Grand Haven every Tues
day, Thursday and Saturday. Returning will
leave Grand Rapids evory Monday, Wednesday
and Friday, connecting with steamers for Chica
go. Milwaukee and other places.
JlLZf For Freight or Passage apply to the
cPtai- fnl64 6ra
T .A?!,m3 SHOES Ladies' Gaiters for six
XJ shillings; also a large lot of Shoes of every
description, equally as cheap. C, W. A S.'s
LACKSMITH'S Coal for sale, by
cutler, Warts A Ptemkaic.
Terms, ----- .Cash.
Dealer in
Of every description.
Carpenters and Coopers Tools,
Cuttlery, Iron, Nails, Spike, Glass,
rutty, Japan Mare, dc
Manufacturer of
Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Wares.
I also have on hand a large stock of
While Lend, Zinc Paint,
rircir 4 OAKUM,
All of which will bo sold CHEAP for
C A. S I-I!
Corner Washington & First Sts.
At the Kent County Premium
t I "UIE undersigned having a full and com
-A- plete set of the most linprovod Machinery
and a commodious shop, together with experi
ence in tho business, Is prepared to compete with
any establishment in Michigan, for tho manu
facturlng of
INCLrotXO D. kellet's celebrated f-atext
weatber moor
Which cannot be excelled in utility and beauty
He has received a Diploma at the
Four consecutive times, against all competition
MOULDINGS of every description fur
nished at reasonable rates. Any of the
above articles delivered in any part of the State.
Shop in the rear of Squires' Flouring Mill, Ca
nal Street, Urand Kapids. I). KULLEY.
Grand Rapids, April 10, 1802. n163 13
Manufacturer of
Wholesale and Retail,
Having a large establishment, and all the latest
improved machinery in full and suo
cessfull operation, I can assure far
mers and citizens of
That they can find nowhere as
Cheap or Superior Article
ALL, therofoio, who wish, either at wholesale
or retail, wagons of any description, of tho
very best material and make, can be furnished
on the most accommodating terms as above stat
ed, by calling at the large stone manufactory,
Grand Rapids, West Side, River street, a few
rods above Bridge Street Bridge.
Grand Rapids, May 15, 1861. nl20 tf
1662. SPRING STYLES ! X862.
Are now receiving their
Stock of
li a d i es D r c n n Goods
Cloaking, plain and striped, Embroideries,
Gloves, Hoop skirts, c.
S H .A. "W Oli S 1
New Styles and Patterns,
For Ladies', Misses and Children. Willow Toi
let stands and baskets of all descriptions
Bleached Sheetings
Of nil widths and qualities. Brown
Sheetings, heavy and lino.
Our STOCK comprises everything in the
Dry Goods Line
Which wo offer for
O A. S H ! !
At a very small advance above
April. 3, 1862.
ly nl57
BOILED Linseed Oil at on Dollar per gall.,
also a quantity of White Lead.
Cutler, Waiits A Stedsmax.
The Groverdt Baker
Making the LOCK or SHUTTLE stitoh j
alike on both sides, which are in every
way superior to those of other man
ufacturers. Also, the cele
With new improvements, just added
At the SUte Fain of
TT has gained ita wide-spread popularity, and
its innumerable sales throughout tnewonu,
from the following facts, which over 60,000 fam
Hies in the United (States alone, who use tnem,
are ready to endorse:
' 1. It makes tho onlv seam formed by a Sew-
1ns? Machine, in which each stitch is indepen
dently locked.and without dependence upon tne
other stitches for strength,
2. It makes the only seam that will admit of
the thread being cut at every fourth stitcb,witn-
out Injury to the scam in wear.
8. It is unnecessary to fasten the ends of seams
made by this machine. This is done by the ma
chine itself, without the use of the hand needle.
4. The 0 rover A Baker stitch is the only one
formed from two ordinary spools, and without
winding from the spool into a shuttle from three
to five times, for the under thread.
6. A seam thus formed is more elastio than
any other mado by a sewing machine, and is
consequently very valuable in all goods that aro
to be washed and stretched under the iron.
0. The machine Is adapted to all varieties of
fabrics, serving each equally well, and requiring
no adjustment for any kind of sewing, other
than the adaptation of needles and thread.
7. It is more easily kept In order than any oth
er machine, and need not bo taken apart to be
8. The machine sows common spool cotton,
silk and linen thread with equal facility.
9. Tho machine is so simple that an intelli
gent child of ten years can readily learn to opo
rate and kocp it in order.
10. By reason of its simplicity of construction
and ease of management, it is best adapted to
all tbe wants or tho family.
p&- Send for circular with euts of tho dif
ferent machines. Address
G rover A Barer S. M. Co., Detroit.
Tho public, in their eagcrnoss to supply them'
selves with sewing machines making the G ro
ver A Baker stitch, must not forget to purchase
them of the parties who alone are authorised to
soli them. AH purchasers and users of fraud u
lont machines of this class will be visited with
certain prosecution. Those who have already
been Induced to buy these fraudulent machines
can purchase a license for their use. before pros
ecution, on proper application. All machines
sewing from two spools, and in which only one
needle penetrates the cloth, and having a feod
which allows the material to be turned at will,
are Infringements. U rover AH akerb.M.Co.
495 Broadway, N. Y.
No. 210 Broadway, N. Y.
OLAIMS of all kinds against the General
Government, the State Government, the
City, or private parties, prosecuted at our own
risk and expense.
Against private parties we possess superior
facilities for collecting claims everywhere in the
United States and Canadas, relieving merchants,
assignees, bankers, and others, of the care and
Special attention given to old debts, hard ca
ses, divorces, wills, estates, etc.
Soldiers' pensions, pay and bounty secured
for them or thoir heirs. For that purpose, and
for prosecuting claims against the Government,
we have a branch office at Washington. .No
charge made unless claims are collected.
Information and opinions givon, and investi
gation made without charge, upon claims pro
posod to be placed in our hands.
For particulars, address
nlC6 ly No. 240 Broadway, New York.
To Consumptives.
THE Advertiser having been restored to
health in a few weeks by a very simple rem
edy, after having suffered several years with a
severe lung affection, and that dreaded disease,
Consumption is anxious to make known to his
fe'.low-sufforers t1ie moans of euro.
To all who desire it, be will send a copy of the
presciption usod (free of charge), with the direc
tions for preparing and using the same, which
they will find a sure cure for Consumption, Asth
ma, Bronchitis, Ao. The only object of the ad
vertiser in sending the prescription is to benefit
the afflicted, and spread information which he
conceives to be invaluable, and he hopes every
sufferer will try his remedy, as it will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing. Parties
wishing the pres?ription will please address
Rev. Edward A. Wilson, Williamsburg
n06 ly Kings County, New York.
Dental Notice.
DR. E. R. E. CARPENTER takes pleasure
in informing the citizens of Grand Haven,
and vicinity that he has returned to Grand Rap
ids and permanently re-opened his Dental office,
at the old place, corner of
rearl and Cahal Street, entrance on
Canal Street.
Dr. C. would intimate that he would be happy
to see all who require superior Dental work.
No inducements offered for second-class, low
price operations. Persons living at a distance
are requested to make engagements (in advance)
by letter or otherwise. Dr. C, would beg leave
to refer to the following gentlemen:
Wm. M. Ferrt, Galen Eastman,
M. L. Hopkins, E. P. Ferrt.
Grand Rapids, Nov. 14, 1860. n95 tf
HOWARD Association, Philadelphia. A be.
nevolent Inttitution eitabliehed by ipecial
endowment, for the relief of the tick and die
treated, afflicted with virulent and Chronic Die
court of the Sexual Organt.
Medical advice given gratis, by tho Acting
Valuable reports on Spermatorrhoea, and oth
er diseases of the sexual organs, and on the new
remedlos employed in the Dispensary, sent in
sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Two or
three stamp for postage acceptable.
Howard Association, No 2, S. Ninth Street,
Philadelphia, Pa. 126 ly
BURNING FLUID t Lamp Oil ! 1 Kerosene
Oil and Candles to be bad at C, W. A S.'s
Standard Machines,
No. 1, Shuttle Machine, formerly told
at vv, reaueea to $70.
No. 2, Shuttle Machine, formerly told
tu tiuv, reaueea to f 75,
Singer's Letter A Machine
IS the best machine in the world for Family
Sewing and Light Manufacturing purposes.
Frioe with nemmer ana c-eauuiuiiy ornament
ed! $50.
We would ask far our Letter A Machines, the
special attention of Vest Makers and Dress Ma
kers, and all those who want Machines for light
manufacturing purposes. They embody the prin
ciples of tbe manufacturing machines, making,
like them, the interlocked stitch, and are des
tined to be as celebrated for family sewing and
light manufacturing purposes as our manufactur
in (T macnines are tor uiKDumcvunug purposes.
There is no doubt as to the value or our ma
chines for manufacturing purposes, but it is only
of late that the publio began to learn that the
essential elements of a machine best adapted to
tho heaviest work, would also be the elements to
be embodied in a family machine. While as a
general thing, the sewing machine people are
candid enough to acknowlodge that our ma
chines are unequaled for manufacturing pur
poses, they are almost sure to assort, In tbe same
breath, that Singer's Letter A, or Family Ma
chines, are not as good as theirs. This is a
mere trick of the trade, and we confidently in
vite those interested in the subject to examine
for themselves, and see what our Letter A Fam
ily Machines, with all the recent improvements,
are capable of deing.
Tbe Nos. 1 and 2i Machines are or great ca
pacity and application for manufacturing pur
Our No. 3 Machines are especially adapted to
all kinds of light and heavy Leather Work, in
Carriage Trimming, Boot and bhoe Making,
Harness Making, etc., etc. They are of extra
sise, with an 'arm long enough to take under it
and stitch the largest sised dashes. There is
scarcely any part of a Trimmers' stitching that
cannot be better done with them than by band;
so, too, the saving of time and labor is very
great. The table of these machinos Is 24 Inch
es long. The large machines work as fast as
small ones.
We have always on hand, hemming gauges,
silk twist, linon and cotton thread on spools,
best machine oil in bottles, etc., etc.
We manufacture our own needles, and would
warn all persons using our machines not to buy
any others. There are needles sold of the most
Inferior quality, at higher prices than we charge
for the best A bad needle may render the
working of the best machine almost useless.
Our customers may rest assured that all our of
fices are furnished with the genuine article.
In case of small purchases, the money maybe
sent in postage stamps, or bank notes.
Correspondents will please write their names
distinctly. It is all important that we should,
in each caso, know tho Tost Office, County and
All persons requiring information about Sew
ing Machines, their sizes, prices, working capac
ities, and the best methods of purchasing, can
obtain it by sending to us, or any of our Branch
Offices for a copy of
I Which is a beautiful pictorial paper entirely do-
voted to the subject. It will bo sent gratis.
we have maue the above reduction in prices
with the view of beneuting tbe publio and our
selves. The publio have keen swindled by spu
rious machines mado in imitation of ours.
The metal in them, from the iron casting to the
smallest piece, is of poor quality. Their makers
have not the means to do their work well. It is
only by doing a great business, and having ex
tensive manufacturingcstublisbmonts, that good
machines can be made at moderate prices. The
best designed machines, badly made, are always
liable io get out of order, and are suro to cost
considerable trouble and money to keep them In
The qualities to be looked for in a Machine,
are certainty of correct action at all ratei of speed.
limplicity of com trust ion, great durability, and
raptdtty of operation, with the least labor.
Machines to combine these essential qualities,
must be made of tho bost metal and finished to
perfection. We have the ways and means, on a
grand scalo, to do this.
The purchasers of Machines, whoso daily
bread it may concern, will find that thoso having
the above qualities not only work well at rapid
as well as slow rates of speed, but last long in
the finest possible working order. Our ma
chines, as made by us, will earn more money
with loss labor than any others, whether in im
itation of ours or not. In fact, they are cheap
er than any other Machines as a gift.
jC3T Local Agents Wanted, j&g
458 Broadway, N. Y.
Detroit Office, 58 Woodward Avenue,
Morrill Block. nl57 ly
THE desideratum, so long sought, of a prac
tical good double thread Sewing Machine,
at low price, has at length been reached. These
are the only cheap Machines which work with
two threads, and form a really durablo and re
liable stitch.
It is considered the most simple and effective
yet Introduced. It forms a beautiful, strong and
elastio stitch, and will not rip though every
fourth stitch be cut. For simplicity of con
struction, ease of motion, strength and durabil
ity, it is not surpassed. It will sew the finest
Muslin, Cambrics, Cotton and Woolon Cloth
with equal facility. By its use, the tedious and
laborious work of family sewing is rendered a
pleasure and agreeable pastime.
It has an under feeder, the same as high priced
machines, which is a very important thing in
doing all kinds of work. It makes a seam that
will not rip or ravel, though every fourth stitch
be cut
It will hem, stitch, bind, tuok, fell, quilt and
embroider in the most superior manner. Tho
same Machine, by a mere exchange of spools,
can be adapted to all kinds of work.
The seam is as elastio as the most elastio fab
ric, so that it is free from all liability to break in
washing, ironing or wear. It runs rapidly and
makes the Wast noise, and takes the Double Lock
Stitch, same as Grover A Baker's Machine.
To a new operator it is the most easy to loarn
as it runs either way, and can be learned in thir
ty minutes. It is the most simply constructed,
easily learned, and less liable to derangement
We invite all who are in pursuit of an excel
lent machine, to examine this by all means.
Samples of work sent by mall when requested.
Machines sent to persons who nevor saw them
are operated upoa successfully after a few hours'
practice. Full printed instructions given with
each machine, and personal instruction to all
within reach.
N. B. The best Silk, Twist, Thread and Nee
dles on hand at all times.
i J3T Prices .'-fom Style, $30; Half
Case, $35; Ilemmer, 5.
158 O. W. GATES, Agent for Michigan,
Rooms, No. 198, Jefferson Avenue, Detroit.
GrttUa IsdieU lircsiv
Mrrineoo' large 1
letter paces for two
9 eeat sumps.
soclated Proprietors of the National D is pen
arr No. 107, Byoamore ureal, iinctnnau,
established Jan. 1, 1860, for tho cure of Private
Diseases. . .
Prof. Egbert Jackson, Dr. Robert Herbert ana
M. Eugene Velpeau. Thorough cures enectea
with almost incredible rapidity, of Gonorrhea,
Syphlllis, Gleet, Nocturnal Emissions or seir
abuse, Impotency, Stricture, Female Diseases,
7i- t i . I. .tinrf aitrv nonibla form
iiumut x.nifiivn.1 u - - - r
and variety of Sexular Disease, and at the same
time the general health or ine pauennmprvveu,
where any improvement in mat respect m
ed. .
Our Dispensary Circular, of 15 large 8 In. by
11 In. letter pages, with full and special written
reply, sent promptly, well sealed, to any address
for the amount of the postage, six cents I Eve
ry young man, whether
should have one. Also, a Circular Intended for
ladies only, nine large letter paces, for S ct.
stamps. The ' Mountain ef Light, or Medical
Protector," a new book of three hundred pages,
one hundred engravings, prise, in stamps or
money, only 50 cts. and one 3 cent stamp, or 3
for $1 and nine cents In stamps. This book la
fully described iu our Circular. It is by far the
most valuable and deeply interesting book on
the subjects treated of, now extant ; matters that
in former works were merely hinted at are her
fully explained j it contains also a full and ex
plicit key to all the secrots of marriage, love and
beauty never before
revealed by any book in the English language.
Dr. Jackson's Oriental Liniment, a great in
vigorator of genital organs eendfor Circular,
Dr. Jackson's Female Pills, tend for Cir
cular. Dr. Jackson may be seen at the Consulting
Rooms of the Dispensary, No. 167 Sycamore at.,
from 8 A. M. till 1 P. M and from 4 P. M. till
8 P. M. j at other heurs either Dr. Herbert or
M. Yelpeau, or both, will be in attendance.
Male patients, when desired, will be furnish,
ed with large, airy, comfortable rooms, suitable
board, and careful attendance, for the few days
ordinarily necessary to effcet a cure. Patients
do not see each other. The most ample guaran
ties of our ability and good faith promptly giv
on when desired. Fees as reasonable as the ve
ry highest modes of treatment known to modern
modical science, and a very long and varied ex
perience, will admit. P. O. Box, 430. Send
for Circular, and state your case pSf plainly
and fully, and you will receive the Circular and
our written reply by return mail. "1S We will
answer no Utter unless it contains six cents in
stamps. Medicine and Instructions sent prompt
ly and carefully to any part of tho world.
Dr. HERBERT, of the Society of Friends,
and member of our firm, is devoting his time
principally to tbe cure of this most distressing
complaint, and is meeting with unparalleled suc
He is aided by bis experience, in his foreign
travels, on a purely benevolent mission, whore
he became acquainted with an indigenous plant,
used exclusively in the cure of consumption by
the natives of the forest. The secret of bis re
cipe rests solely in his own bosom and would not
be imparted to another for any consideration.-
Dor full particulars send for a circular which
will be mailed for three cents or a stamp.
Address the firm of J. II, A Co., as below :
6m nlC'J Post Office Box 436.
(Dr. Churchill's Specific Remedy,)
"KHTERVOUS Dsbility, Scrofulu, Dyspepsia,
-A-N Bronchitis, Ao. This is the most wonder
ful curative agent known to medical science. It
has effected cures in every stage of Consumption
unparalleled in the history of Medicine. In Ner
vous Debility and Dyspepsia, the Hypophosphitei
may be regarded as an almost sovereign remedy.
The Ifypophotphitet have a two-fold and spe
cifio action on the one hand, increasing the
principlo which constitutes Nervous Energy; on
tho other, being the most powerful blood gene
rating agents known: They act with prompt
ness nnd certainty in all general morbid condi
tions, such as Chronic Bronchitis, Asthma,
Scrofula, Marasmus, Anemia,Femalecoroplaints,
Ac,, and all disorders of the Nervous or Blood
Systems. Their effect upon the tubercular con
dition is immediate all tho general symptoms
disappearing with a rapidity which is really mar
velous. They Increase the nervous or vital en
ergy, relieve Cough, check NightSweats, dimin
ish Expectoration, improve the Appetite, arrest
Diarrhoea, and promote refreshing sleep. A fair
trial is a certain cure. Winchester'! Genuine
Preparation of the Hypophites is tho only reli
able form of Dr. Churchill's Remedy, and is ap
proved by the Medical Profession generally.
Uee no other, or any remediei containtng Iron.
PRICES. In 7os. Bottles, $1; Bot
tles for $5. In 16oi. Bottles, $2 ; three for $5.
Circulars gratis. Sold by all respectable Drug
gist, and at the sole General Depot in the Uni
ted States, by J. Winchester,
86 John street, N. Y.
Spermatorrhea, or Seminal Weakness,
in either sex.
THIS is the only remedy for Sexual Dobill
ty, Impotency, Sterility, Ac, which has
the approval of tho medical profession. Its suc
cess hag been most extraordinary effecting cures
in cases whore all other methods of treatment
had failed. One to six boxes of the Spoeifio Pill
will permanently cure any case of Seminal
Weakness, or its resulting Impotency, however
aggravating, whether constitutional, or arising
from abuse or excess.
" I have used your Speo'fio Pill in many c.
scs of Spermatorrhea, and with the most perfect
success. J. M. Sandrrs, M. D.
" We believe It to be as near a SDOcific as any
medicine can be. We have cured many sever
cases with from six to ten doses.
Dr. B. Knim, Amer. Jour, of Med. Science.
"I have found them all that they could be de
sired. Thoir effect has been truly wonderful.
E. r. Dick ee, M. D."
" This is not a Homoeopathic remedy, nor
Is there any mercury combined with it
. PRICE: $1 per box; six boxes for $5, by
mail, pre-paid. For sale by all respectable
Druggists, and at the solo General Depot in the
United States, by J. Winchester,
nl46 ly 36 John street, New York.
SUGARS. We can and will beat the market
both in quality and price.
Cutler, warts A Stepoman.
"TT1IELD PEAS, Millet Seed, and Garden
-A- Seeds crenerallr. for salo at the New Seed

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