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Lessons of Youth
Youthful impressions aro lasting, especially
if they are forcibly applied, like mother's slipper
used to be.
Teach the chlldron that saving is a duty they
owe to themselves. Old age comes to all, ibut it's
often hard to make youth realize-it. Early formed
habits aro the lasting ones. The child taught to
realize the full value of a dollar is hotter equipped
than the one whose head is stuffed with knowledge
of a dozen dead languages. Our bank will help
your children to save. Open an account for them.
The Hillsboro Bank
Jan. 5, 1013.
Albert Cameron, of Caroll, visited
his parents here a few days last week.
Mrs. Ed. Shannon and children, of
Hillsboro, spent a few days last week j
with her parents, n. u. waits auu
Mrs. Fannie Spruance and son,
Elmer, spent from Wednesday until
Thursday with her sister, Mrs. Lewis
Cameron and family, of near New
Miss Flossie Watts visited her sis
ter, Mrs. Harry Boatman, of Fall
Creek, last week.
Don Carlisle, of Venice, spent a few
days last week with home folks.
Don Lucas entertained his Sunday
School Class last Wednesday evening
and delicious refreshments were served
and games and music were enjoyed.
Miss Mary Bell called on Miss Elva
Spruance Saturday evening.
Miss Faith Sams, of Carmel, took
ji ti, Mtoo TJnt-.H T.iipas Riinrlav
and attended church that night.
An oyster supper was given by the
K. of P's. last Thursday night for
their families and friends.
Miss Elva Spruance took dinner
with Miss Mary Bell, Sunday.
This community was greatly shocked
by the sudden death of Mrs. Jesse '
Spruance last Saturday afternoon. '
Thn funeral will be held at the house '
Tunsdav mornlne at nine o'clock,, in-'
terment at Greenfield
Harley Suiters will move to the Fen
ton Kesler property this week.
Jan 5 1914.
Mrs. Clarence Pence, of Hillsboro,
and Mary McKee spent one day last
week with Ed Pence and family.
Austlon Robinson and family enter-
tainea waner ramtii
. . ... n..iilnil
wife and son
and Lester Fawley,
dinner Friday.
wne ana son to
Ellis Wilkin and wife spent part of
last weeft in Cincinnati. '
Ed Chaney and family, Chas. Trop survive him. One child, Arthur, died
and family and Belle Roush and grand-. In infancy.
son spent last Tuesday with Robert' He spent the greater part of his
Hottle and family. married life in the vicinity of Saman-
Mrs KathrineWood entertained a'tha. He was a kind husband an in
number of friends Tuesday evening in dunt father and a good I ne ghbor.
SoTor of her son's birthday. I We sorrow because we shall miss him
"uuo ,, . . . . . . ana are sad and lonely, not because we
Josephine Wilkin spent the latter have no hope for we know that he has
part of the week with her grandmoth- to be wlth Christ which is far
er in nillsboro. , better
Alvin Lemon and wire were tne
guests of the former's parents, Friday.
Joe Barnett and wife visited Ed
Pence and family, Sunday.
Mrs Chas. Trop entertained a sur
prise party Wednesday evening in
honor of her brother, Chas. E. Jonte,
of Howe, Ind. t
Scott Robinson spent Friday in Cin
cinnati. Dave Pence, Irena Pulliam and
daughter. Claris, took dinner with
Aunt Mahala McKee and family, Fri-
Because jt contains no opiates, no lead, no poisonous drug. All other pile
medicines contain injurious narcotics and other poisons which causo consti
pation, perpetuate piles and Damage all who use them. E-Itu-Sa is a guar
anteed euro or $50 forfeit. The most reliable, druggists of Hillsboro sell
E-Ru-Sa, namely: W. R. Smith Co. Carrett & Ayres. P. H. Miller
"It is safe to buy at Baldwin's!"
in great variety and at prices to meet every purse
Anyone thinking of buying should by
all means see what WE have to offer
The Baldwin Compafiy
142 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
We hav some very Special Bargains in
used Pianos from $15 upwards
and Savings Co.
Mrs. Lewis Orebaugh, of Hillsboro,
vas tbe-guestof her son, Frank and'
family, Saturday.
Charlie Orebaugh and Gerald and
Ralph Pence visited the Chapman
scn00i( Friday,
Chas. Trop and family entertained
the following guests Sunday: Clyde
Trop and wife, of Hillsboro, Miss
Blanche Runk, of Mt. Auburn, John
B. Pence, wife, daughter and son, of
Tile Junction, and Stella Orebaugh
and son, Charles.
Chas. Jonte returned to Howe, Ind.,
today, after spending two weeks with
home folks.
The many friends of Aunt Rachel
Fawley were grieved to hear of her
death, which occured last Wednesday
night at the home of her son, Leonard,
near Martinsville. The minister of
the M. E. church at Martinsville, con
ducted the funeral at Mt. Zion Friday,
interment was made in the Mt. Zion
Dangers of a Cold
d0 vou know that of all the minor
ailments colds are by far the most
dangerous ? It is not the colds them
selves that you need to fear, but the
serious diseases that they so often lead
to. B or that reason every cold should
be gotten rid of with the least possible
delay. To accomplish this you will
find Chamberlain's Cough Kemedy of
great help to you. It loosens a cold,
relieves the lungs, aids expectoration
and enables the system to throw off
the cold. For sale by All Dealers.
William F. Chaney, son of Nathan
and Rachel Chaney was born Feb. 13,
, 1857, died November 29, 1913, in his
' 57th year.
I He was the seventh of twelve child
dren. Four sisters and one brother
are left t0 mourn th6lr los3
On December 24 1878, he was mar-
ried to Lizzie S. Morrow, who with
seven children and one grand childr
We desire to thank the neighbors
and friends who so kindly assisted us
during the illness and death of our
loved one. ,
Mns. Lizzie S. Chaney and Family.
In the midst of alarms from the Bal
kans, the fact that the city of Tlrnova,
the ancient capital, of Bulgaria, has
been almost completely destroyed by
an earthquaKe passed almost un
noticed. n
Jan. 5, 1914.
Joy Batngrover, of Mt. Orab, spent
Saturday and Sunday with his broth
er, Odra.
Wilbur J. Carr, who spent the past
two weeks with his parents, E L.
Carr and wife, has returned to his
home at Washington, D. O.
.Chamber Gray, wife and grandson
Vernon Marconett, were entertained
New Years by E. L. Carr and wife.
Edward Cochran and wife are en
tertaining a little girl at their home
since Jan. 2.
Mrs. T. T. Burris is sick.
Chas. Bohl and wife spent Thurs
day with her parents, C. A. Roberts
and wife.
Mrs. James Cochran, of Winchester,
is staying with her sister, Mrs. Ed.
ward Cochran.
Guy Winkle, of Cincinnati, is visit
ing relatives hero.
Cornelius Hicks, wife and son, New
ton, of Dayton, Joseph Haller and son,
Edison, Ell Martin and sons, Glen and
Warren, and Eliza Sauner,were enter
tained by Ira Shaw and wife, Thurs
Mrs. Wm. Custer, of Hollowtown,
spent Wednesday with her daughter,
Mrs. C. N. Fender.
James Donohoo and family spent
Sunday with O. L. Roler and family.
Edward Kay and wife spent s'everal
days last week with his brother,
Homer, at Chllllcothe.
K. L. Bennington spent Monday In
Robert Fawley, who spent the holi
days with his family at this place, re
turned to his work in Norwood Mon
day. Biliousness and Constipation
If you are ever troubled with bilious
ness or constipation you will be inter
ested in the statement or R. F. Erwin,
Peru, Ind. "A year ago last winter I
had an attack of indigestion followed
by biliousness and constipation. See
ing Chamberlain's Tablets soMiighly
recommended, I bought a bottle of
them and they helped me right away."
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-mmm m
"What is your boy's favorite branch
of study ?"
"I asked him yesterday. He said
'anthropology,1 " replied the patient
".Well, they don't teach that in his
"Well, maybe the reason he likes It
Is that he Isn't bothered by it."
Washington Star.
Mother Grays Sweet Powders for
Relieves Feverlshness, Bad Stom
ach, Teething Disorders, move and
regulate the Bowels and are a pleasant
remedy for Worms. Used by Mothers
for 24 years. They never fall At all
druggists. 25c. Sample FREE. Ad
dress, Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N.
Y. adv
Do you think you would be fright
ened In a battle?"
"I'm afraid so," replied Mr. Chug
tins. "Every time I heard a gunshot
I'd imagine one of my automobile tires
blew out." Washington Star.
Excellent for Stomach Trouble.
"Chamberlain's Tablets are just fine
for stomach trouble," writes Mrs. G.
C. Dunn, Arnold, Pa. "I was bothered
with this complaint for some time and
frequently had bilious attacks. Cham
berlaln's Tablets afforded me. great
relief from the first, and since taking
one bottle of them I feel like a differ
person." For sale by
All Deal
adv One of the features of the San Fran
cisco exposition will be the largest
searchlight in the world. It 1 to be
Installed on Mt. Tamalpals.
.'Ttirircirrr'iri. r. .- -.-. S" itL ?
Bell's Opera House, Tuesday, January 13, 1914?
From A Hillsboro Citizen.
Is your back lame and painful ?
Does It ache especially after exor
Is there a soreness in the kidney re
gion? These symptoms suggest weak kid
If so there is danger in delay,
Weak kidneys get weaker fast.
Give your trouble prompt attention.,
Doan's Kidney Pills are for weak
kidneys. '
Your neighbors use and recommend
Read this Hillsboro testimony.
S. Ravenscroft, N. High St., nills
boro, Ohio, says : "I have used Doan's
Kidney Pills for several years and
have always found them to be all that
Is claimed of them. Traveling seems
to have a bad effect on the kidneys,
which at times is very annoying. It
only takes a few doses of Doan's Kid
ney Pills to relieve the trouble."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. a3v
We are fastened to this world by
strong and lasting ties, but every sor
row cuts a cord and urges us to rise.
One "of the cords that bound us In
family was severed Wednesday morn
Ing when the life of Floyd Errol went
out with the rising sun.
He was the oldest son of Harry S
and Elizabeth Hill. He was born
near Pike Chapel September 3, 1891,
died December 17, 1913, aged 22 years,
3 months and 14 days.
'He grew to manhood in the neigh
borhood in which he was born. Dur
ing his illness he was remarkably pa
tient, never complained, never mur
mured, but appeared completely re
signed to the will of Him who does all
things well.
With God and the angels we must
leave him till In a hrlghter day we
shall meet him again.
'There Is no flock now ever watched and
But one dead lamb Is there :
There Is no fireside howso'er defended,
But has one vacant chair."
By the Great Specialist, Dr. Frank
lin Miles, Who Will Send His
New Book and a $2.50
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To prove the remarkable curative
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breath, piln in side, shoulder or arm,
oppression, irregular pulse, palpita
tion, smothering, puffing of ankles, or
dropsy, Dr. Miles will send free to
aflltcted persons a $2 50 treatment.
These treatment are "the result of
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plicate each case. So astonishing are
the results of his treatment that he
oilers all sick persons a two pound
Trial Treatment Free. His Book con
tains miny wonderful cures.
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Certainly nothing could be more
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allllcted persons should avail them
selves of this liberal offer, as they may
never have such an opportunity again
Delays are dangerous. No death
comes more suddenly than that from
heart disease
Send at once for his Book, Ex unln
atlon Chart, Opinion and FroeTrrat
in in. Describe your Disease Ait
dress Dr. Fiiiiklin Miles: Dept. HA.,
012 to 052 Main Street. Elkhart, Ind.
In New York City there are 13,000
tenements license 1 as factories.
Jiiiuary 5, 1914.
C. 12. Haller and wife returned to
their home at Lynchburg Saturday,
after spending the holidays with his
parents, Frank Haller and wife.
Mrs. Anna Laklns, of New Market,
was a recent visitor 6f her son, Mc
Mannls Eakins and family
Mrs. Ann Pence, of Shackelton, was
a guest of her sister, Mrs Eliza Pence,
last week
G. W. Shaffer tiid wife spent last
With their son, Herman and
wife, near Allensburg.
Mrs. Elza Wilkin and son, Gale,
were guests of her parents, Wm.
Stockwell and wife Sunday.
Jeff Fawley, Mrs. J. F. Vanzant and
Theodore Fawley, of Dayton, spent
Thursday and Friday with relatives
and friends here.
Miss Myrtle Roads, of Harrlsburg,
and Mrs. Clarence Roads, of Shackel
ton, spent Sunday with their grand
mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Miller.
Dr. Cropper was in Cincinnati on
business Monday.
Perry Lande6s, of Hillsboro, was a
pleasant visitor of his brother, N. P.
Landess, and wife and other relatives
and old friends here last week.
Robert Roush and family visited
Chas. Wiggins and wife at East Dan
ville Sunday.
W. W. Fawley and wife, of near
Prlcetown, were guests of C. E. Shaf
fer and wife Wednesday.
Mrs. Gertrude Roemer, of Cincin
nati, spent part of the holidays with
her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Knauer
and family.
Miss Frances Troth, of Lynchburg,
visited Mrs. Wm. Berry and family
part of last week.
Ehnont Donohoo and wife visited
his parents, Jas. Donohoo and wife, at
Prlcetown one day last week.
Rachel Fawley died at the home of
her son, Leonard Fawley, near Mar
tinsville, Wednesday December 31,
after suffering a stroke of paralysis.
Aunt Racliel, as she was familiarly
known by all, was almost 81 years of
axe and had been a resident of Harner
township all her life until a few
months ago when she was taken to
the home of her son, where her death
occurred. Funeral was held Friday
at the Mt. Zion Reformed Church
near here of which she had been a
member for many years and interment
made in the Mt. Zion cemetery.
The Christian and Reformed Sun
day School met on New Years Day to
reorganize for the coming year, the
Christian Church electing the follow
Ing officers : Oven Roush, Superin
tendent ; Roush Chaney, Secretarj ;
Omey Pence, Treasurer ; Mrs. Owen
Roush, Pianist ; Emanuel Roush,
Chorister. The olllcers for the Re
formed 3. S. were Hugh Stockwell,
Superintendent ; Gale Wilkin, Secre
trry ; Mrs Ella Cochran, Organist ;
and Lewis Pence, Chorister and Treas
urer. R. II. Hopkins died at the home of
his daughter, Mrs. Hiram Plielpps,
west of town Friday, after a lingering
illness. Funeral was held Saturday
afternoon and burial made in the
Barker cemetery at Prlcetown.
Labrador has an area of 200 000 square
miles, but the population is only 4000.
This nerve-racking disease is caused from
impure blood and uric acid poison. External
applications sometimes givo temporary re
lief but won't cure; the suro way to secure
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LYMAN BROWN, 68 Murray St.. Nw York. N.Y.
?roft$iosial Sri.
Both Phorm.ln Office and Rcildcncc
Office Short St., Opp. Court Beuie
Ulonn Big. HILLSBORO, C.
Home 'Phone 340. Bell 'Phone 14
HIIIkoro, Ohio.
OTrioi. In Holmes Building, North Hlra
Ori-xoi Bodhs: Bto u a, m J to and 8 to
8 p. m.
Both 'Phones In omce and Retldence,
For Your Flowers.
Funeral Directors & Embalmers
A Full Line of High Grade
rrompt Delhery. Courteous Treatment
Your Patronane Solicited
(Successors to J. C. Koch)
Otttceheer ot Trtctlctlferot
Home Phone J44
Teachers' Examination.
The Highland county Board of School Ex
aminers hereby gives notice that examina
tions of Applicants of Ccrliflcates will take
place In the Wastington School Building.
Hillsboro, on the Urst Saturday of every
Patterson examinations v, ill be held on the
third Saturday of April and on the third
Saturday of May
As nrescribed hr law. thp fpr fnr (Mpliira
J examinations will be 50 cents, while, for
Patterson examinations no fee Is charged
O. A. Teneii, SInkiDg Spring, Pres.
adv w. H. Vance. Hillsboro, Vice Pres
H. B Galmett, Lynchburg, See
Private Sale of Valuable Personal
Having decided to quit the road,
building business on account of my
other business taking all my time, I
will offer at private sale at my home
in Reesville, Ohio.jthe following per
sonal property :
1 Aurora Stone Crusher, 10x15, with
25 foot elevator, and all necessary ap
purtenances, 1 Revolving Screen,
3 Stone Hoppers and Loaders for
grading stone preparatory to building
water-bound macadam road,
1 24-lnch Hoist,
150 feet of 5 8 cable,
3 SteeliCars,
1000 feet of T-Rails,
2 Steam Drills.
All pipes and hammers necessary to
complete the above outfit.
1 8 h. p. International Famous Gas
line Engine, good as new,
1 4-lnch tubular Tump and 25 feet
of 4 Inch gasjpipe connected,
1 No. 3 Kelly DuplexJFeed Grinder,
good as new,
1 No. 1 Blrdsall Clover Huller,
Also 12 passenger Automobile, Stod
dard Dayton 1009 Roadster, all in good
1 BoardlngJCar, 8x18, equipped with
cook stove, cookingiutenslls and dish
es. The foregoing will be sold for cash
or negotiable paper or exchange for
property of equal value.
Said propertymust be closed out
within the next GO days.
Will be pleased to show prospective
purchasers the above property.
Phone, write or call on
T. N. Bkookbank,
(M5) Reesville, Ohio.
For Every Living- Thing: On The
Free ; a 500 page book on the treat
nent and care of "Every Living Thing
on the Farm ;" horses, cattle, dogs,
sheep, hogs and poultry, by Hum
phreys' "Vetlnary Specifics ; also a sta
ble chart for ready reference, to hang
up. Free by mail on application. Ad
dress Humphreys Homeo Med. Co,,
Corner Williams & Ann Sts., N.Y. adv

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